“Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 3) by Bradford Riley

Spring Equinox rises in Aquarius the Water Bearer 3574-5734Age of America 2 the mother aquarian pot Ludger Philips Russian-Slavonic  6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self

The Revelation of St John the Divine chapter 22

 15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

 16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.


PART 2 (CLICK LINK) evaluates the 5th age NOW, of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL

PART 1 (CLICK LINK) is the INTRODUCTION to the whole series

PART 4 (Is ready NOW but YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE IT ) evaluates the 7th Age of Budhi and Life-Spirit along with the Eighth Sphere

But why Novalis? Novalis, not that anyone should immediately comprehend where the first trickle of the Spirit-Self or Manas begins the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, where it first began to trickle in, would be like trying to discover the Source of the Nile. Novalis is the source of the first trickling in of the 6th Age, the Age of Manas or Spirit Selfhood.

This vast trickling down that starts with Novalis at the grave of Sophie von Kühn, becomes a torrent and a flood as it washed with tremendous force, and united with the stream of the Celts and Christian Rosenkreuz and the French Revolution and united with the strong Greek, Goethe, Aristotle and Alexander the Great, Pauline streams is what we have discussed over all in the inpouring of a massive gathering of souls from the spiritual world.

Since we have been invited to see Elijah, John the Baptist, Raphael the Painter, Novalis the Poet, and share in our discoveries of the source of the Nile of the in-pouring of the first trickle of the 6th Age, the Age of Aquarius starts with Novalis kneeling before the grave of Sophie von Kühn. Goethe is there, Novalis is there, Fichte of the I AM is there, Holderlin is there. But the intimate moment of the initiation of Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg is the gravesite summoning of Sophia Herself from the Stars. At that moment Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg was 25 years old and became the first student enrolled in the University of Sophia of the Stars.

The first trickle of Manas and Spirit-Selfhood and ANTHROSOPHIA trickled down into the hearts of humanity. This same individual, Novalis, was once the Archangel of the Hebrew People, who welcomed the Christ at the Baptism in the Jordan.  It is no small matter that Elijah/John the Baptist was already an Archangel force in a Human Incarnation. This same individual, who, as a child, played with young Jesus and was his boon companion when Elizabeth and Mary were two young mothers, and this same individual was the same that was beheaded through the Luciferic Salome Mysteries.

john the baptist salome lucien levy-dhurmerThe transformation of the Sentient Soul into Spirit Selfhood or Manas has to do with transformation of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries. Our hearts ‘good’ sense of love and sensuality, our wholesomeness is magically transformed and changed into the richness of Holy Spirit cognition. Our own beheading, from our indoctrination with materialism, awakens us to higher Spiritual Cognition, ANTHROSOPHIA THINKING and an active relation with what is poorly understood as Spirit-Selfhood and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Our sentient soul and our astral body, from childhood through adolescence to – I AMness learns the simplistic foundational rudiments of bonds, sister and brotherhood, generic mother and fatherhood, husband and spouse fidelity, along the way we also learn the secrets of courage and an inkling into the secrets of unconditional love. While our sentient soul and astral body slowly ripens, our hearts fresh clairvoyance begins to be replenished at the well of the I AM. At each stage of deeper replenishment our I AM learns to pass through more and more conscious layers of grief and gratefulness to the Father in Heaven. We learn to behead our preoccupation with materialism and awaken to the delights of the daughter of Sophia.

T.S. Eliot Little Gidding  – “You are here to kneel
Where prayer has been valid. And prayer is more
Than an order of words, the conscious occupation
Of the praying mind, or the sound of the voice praying.
And what the dead had no speech for, when living,
They can tell you, being dead: the communication
Of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”

Our Intellectual Soul works at the refining process of the heart and so does our Consciousness Soul. The Birth of Anthrosophia in the heart brings from grief to gratitude the higher revelation of Karma Cognition that has ripened and matured from our grief as sacrament at the Threshold of the Spiritual World.

Everyone bit by bit must experience the grief of Sentient Feelings for the love of family, the drawing together of lovers, from puppy love to the unconscious tie of karma which most marriages are. It is a great leap forward when we learn to identify new family members of soul and spirit, that go well beyond instinctive blood line relationships to Manas, conscious Karma Cognition.

Dawning awareness and recognition that rises above blood lines to deeply rooted karmic bonds (Karma Cognition study CLICK LINK)  run through our entire individual karmic history and are part of the very foundations of our  ‘ I AM’. Novalis, going way, way back to foundations of Abel and Cain, to John the Baptist and Raphael the painter stands as a powerful example of the karmic history of humanity.

In the 5th Age of Pisces (Part 1 and Part 2 click link) we have been re-experiencing  portions of our Egyptian Sentient Soul and the resurrection of ISIS Herself into the dawning of Sophia or Anthrosophia, the daughter of Sophia. Manas, the 6th Age brings towards us the transformation of the fundamental foundations of wholesome, goodness in our deepest heart; – to literal Heart Cognition of higher love. We begin to see goodness through the eyes of our transformed hearts into Manas or Spirit-Selfhood.

Instead of the 5th Age and ancient Egypt we now are called in the 6th Age to penetrate the Ancient Persian Foundations of Dualism. We develop a simultaneous Eye to See higher connections and a simultaneous power of thought that reconnects precise cognition from above to precise cognition in the material world of matter and spirit process. We gain the Dualism of a higher Eye that enhances and awakens our lower Eye that once ‘ saw through a glass darkly’ and was unable to pierce the murky depths of materialism. We can now do both, the two are united in the functioning force of the heart and the brain, the pineal and the pituitary.

The Hierarchies and their intimate relationships are reflected down into the depths of matter, karma and the tense polarity of Good and Evil. We begin to learn how to bring precise goodness of Soul, goodness of astral, goodness of unconditional love, goodness of courage, goodness of Spirit and goodness of etheric and I AM, down into the swirling matrix of matter. A whole new form of Love began to ray into the soul of Novalis.

Grief as sacrament of the I becomes Gratitude and precise, living awareness of who in the vast world of karma has given us everything we are. mineral plant animal humanHere, it is not a doubt, but a fact, that we recognize stone, plant, animals, HUMAN KARMA CLARITY who gave us our upbuilding soul experiences and those who have given us Truth through Time as THE MANNA and BREAD OF LIFE (CLICK LINK) that has sustained us through TIME.

We begin to see TIME as the immense opportunity for the unfolding flower of our Spirit-Selfhood. We begin to see that the whole universe has sacrificed itself so that our ‘ I AM ‘ might blossom. Wrenching, wringing, heart felt gratitude born on the sacramental altar of grief, as a higher transformation of love, is what our Heart Recognizes as Wholeness of Soul and Spirit, that is nourished, literally by the breath of Holy Spirit Gratitude.

It means very, very little to the unstudied, unschooled, unlearned and in that sense, American Education remains without the least comprehension of what is understood as the Luciferic Salome Mysteries.Salome and John the Baptist When approaching the 6th Age, the first trickle of the Age of Manas or Spirit-Selfhood, we arrive at the redemption of the Beheading of John the Baptist.

The transition from the old blood lines to the wholly new Archangel and Archai communities of the Risen Etheric Christ has been part of the job description of John the Baptist. The removal of all the old paradigms and traditions and bringing the New Archangel JOHN to hover over the embryonic community of the Disciples launches the new Sophia -Christ and Michael communities. The Archangel of the Celtic Folk Community, ( a full Tolkien Mystery) and the Archangel of the Greeks, Folk Soul of the Logos; and the higher fire initiation of Lazarus/John to Archai status for the Risen Etheric Christ, were running below the surface of history on the fast track, also waiting for Novalis to meet Goethe and Fichte.

The Beheading of John the Baptist equates with our acquiring an entirely new thinking process. We are led to follow the deep underground roots of the community of the Risen Etheric Christ. In the Great School of Michael the Archai and TIME SPIRIT of the age, we transform our Dead materialistic Thinking of SPACE into the Living Thinking of TIME and the revelation of the Karma of Humanity. Our first blush of the dawning arrival of these new mysteries of Sophia and Anthrosophia, arrives in the lap of Novalis at the grave of Sophie von Kuhn.

Right from the start, it is hard to understand the road-map that leads us through the mystery of Parsifal, Spirit-Self and further and deeper into John the Baptist, because we skipped, deleted literally, from any comprehensive interest in our higher schooling, anything whatever to do with the road-map that brings us to the dawning of Spirit-SelfhoodAge of America 2 Luciferic Salome Mysteries through our understanding of the Salome Mysteries of Lucifer.

If there was a specific sword that was retained, the sword that hacked the head off John the Baptist, was a holy relic that would bleed of it’s own when the stars and Earth brought Midsummer, at the Sun’s High Hour.

Our beheading and what comes after that beheading of all our old blood line misconceptions and sentimentality and our poisoned and false materialism, requires a complete change of heart, which is what stands behind the Beheading of John the Baptist. We follow the unusual and difficult trail that brings us into the Spirit-Selfhood attainment of Parsifal and the Grail (click link).

“In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, the knight Gawain is sent on a mission by a hermit who looks young, although he is 75 years old. The mission is to find the sword that John the Baptist was beheaded with, which he will need to enter the lands of the Fisher King. The sword belongs to a pagan king named Gurguran, who promises Gawain that he can have it if he will rescue the king’s son from a giant who has kidnapped him.”

The achievement of the Grail, in all of us, is the winning of newly illuminated Pure Thinking, in the skull or cup of the I AM that now shines with Sophia and the Holy Spirit as newly baptized Divine Thinking. Age of America 3 the Grail Cup illuminated thinking sphereWe begin to recognize ANTHROSOPHIA as the Archangel serving SOPHIA/ISIS and the schooling of our higher human thinking. And because of Novalis and because of Parsifal, there was a time in the 20th and 21st century that we could enroll in the university of Grail Sciences, that stretched from the Goetheanum out to Schools and communities of The Grail Sciences, over the whole face of the Earth.

Since John the Baptist offered the decapitation of all the old blood line laws perfected by the Hebrews, Egypt and ancient Initiation, an entirely new community of the ‘ I AM ‘  arose. John the Baptist moved on to help supervise the unfolding of this New Community of Christ sister and brotherhood that recognizes the karmic riddle, schooling and mystery of each human spirit path.

From these massive shifts and severing of old traditions to the new I AM we no longer have to put up with or see Ahrimanic Pornography trying to capture our attention with made for t.v. beheadings. We know what truly happens with our own voluntary relinquishing of Ahrimanic Propaganda and Fear Mongering. Our own comprehension of The Beheading of John the Baptist begins our own dissolution of the disease of materialism and the awakening of our True I AM goals.

Regaining the rhythmic dynamic of our Midsummer Stars and our Midwinter Stars, the solstices and regaining our inner sense of the Stars of the Spring Equinox, of which the Sun Rising in the Spring is part of the Great Clock of the Heavens; and our Autumn’s Equinox where Michael, reopens the Archangelic Portals to the Beings who unfold the Etheric and Astral Earth; our hearts begin to see what the Risen Etheric Christ flushes full with life. All of the Astral and Etheric Earth changes of the New Etheric Life of the Earth, arise in the Soul Calendar verses (click link).

T.S. Eliot – Burnt Norton  – “The dance along the artery
The circulation of the lymph
Are figured in the drift of stars
Ascend to summer in the tree
We move above the moving tree
In light upon the figured leaf
And hear upon the sodden floor
Below, the boarhound and the boar
Pursue their pattern as before
But reconciled among the stars.”

But we need to experience in our hearts the living revelation of why Sophia of the Stars approached Novalis and opened his heart first to announce the dawn of the age of Manas, Spirit-Self, the first rays trickling in from the 6th Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Water Bearer. So here is a missing piece of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries (Click Link), which 99% of 7 billion souls over the Earth have never come close to fathoming. But we should make an effort to fathom them now.

A Study in the Sharp Sting of the Sentient Soul transition to Spirit-Selfhood

The Luciferic curse of Herodias and the Salome Mysteries of John the Baptist (Detailed study of Parsifal Spirit-Selfhood or Manas Mysteries – click link)

Age of America 3 Salome Luciferic sentient soul mystery“Herodias is said to have laughed, when she bore the head of John the Baptist on the charger; thereupon the bloody head blew upon her, so that she has been ever since condemned to everlasting vagrancy; thus she became changed into the female Ahasuerus, a consort of the Wild Huntsman, of Hackelberg, i.e. pall-bearer, Wotan as God of the tempest and of the dead. This demoniacal alliance exists, in Wagner, between Kundry and the magician Klingsor, whose Gaelic counterpart bears the name Gwyddao12, i.e. Gwodan, Wotan. Just as the bloody head of the Gaelic form of [the] legend becomes, in the Grail- legend, the symbol of the suffering Saviour himself, i.e. the Grail, so, according to Wagner’s interpretation, did Kundry not mock the head of John the Baptist but the cross-bearing Christ himself; thereupon his glance struck her, and now, condemned to “accursed laughter”, she wanders through the world in despair to find the Saviour again, that he may through love redeem her from the curse. Thus she desires to do penance in good works, as in the service of the Grail; but the curse of her sin continually impels her anew to evil.”

The transformation of Sensuality to Unconditional Love, is certainly not an unconscious process. Neither is the transformation from Sentient Soul to Manas, Spirit-Self, merely some unconscious, unawareness of the power of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries.

To drive home the point we can define TEMPTATION and SENSUALITY and come right into the subtle transformation of how Persephone was Wed to the Dark Lord of Earthly Sensuality for 1/2 of her existence and the other half she could be refreshed in the Higher Devachan of the True Hierarchies. Immersion into the Sentient Soul and our 5 senses and rejuvenation and recovery into our 12 higher senses leads us from Sentient Soul collapse into matter to Spirit-Self, Manas, recovery of our Higher Selves.

This hint, that we are about to present, allows us to look into Merovingian and Persephone meeting with Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus in “Matrix Reloaded”. The Merovingian’s history is much deeper than his suave appearance. He is Pluto one of the gods of the underworld, wedded to Persephone. He is a well studied ancient Scientist of the ART of Seduction. He is the embodiment of the entanglement of sensuality that creates the foundation for our study of The Luciferic Salome Mysteries. A cosmic being, trapped in the region of the Matrix. Described by the Oracle as “one of the oldest of us,” the Merovingian came to the Matrix “long ago” with his wife, Persephone. Well that’s a big hint, for those who have ears to hear.

Historically, the Merovingian Dynasty was a succession of Frankish kings who ruled over parts of modern day France and Germany from the 5th to 8th centuries. So adopting the namesake of one of the Fallen Archangelic and Fallen Luciferic Gateway and Gatekeepers, to the Underworld Science of extreme Sensuality, clothed in the sibilant sounds of the seductive sorcery hidden in the French Language is telling. It is telling when ART and the WORD come together in the Science of the astral and etheric sub-sensible worlds.

Speech, the Word (click link for deeper study) and the Higher Mysteries above the Archangels of different countries, and above the bio-etheric regions, take the true student of Speech to the highest mysteries of the Zodiac. The highest tools and highest mysteries of the Zodiac are the Larynx kernel where the reproductive forces are charged with giving birth to the Sounds of Speech. Restored and resurrected Elemental Star Beings will proliferate from our Speech Organ. Future children of the Zodiac are being prepared in our Larynx Speech Center.

S Scorpio consonant EurythmyThese Higher Mysteries of the Word cast their reflection down into the pathological regions of the Etheric Double we studied in Part 2. So here is part of the take away of the SIBILANT SLITHERING SERPENT TONGUE FORWARD PLACEMENT of the ‘ S ‘ and the ‘ Th ‘ and the ‘ Z ‘ that Speech Science delivers.

When the Sibilants slide far, far too forward we find that the Double and the etheric Anima and Animus snakes into our Speech patterns. We also observe where the Etheric Body over steps it’s bounds and we encounter the normal male physical form overcome by it’s own female Etheric Double. It appears in our Speech and it drills down into physical expression, attitude and manifests in the frolicking fun of our flaming queen behavior. That is by definition, when our Etheric Double, in males, presses far too intensely against the psychic structure of our physical male framework.

We can easily grasp this Zodiacal Sound Gateway of sibilants. The Sounds of Speech are a higher manifestation than the different Archangel Language and Folk-Soul systems we are born into when we incarnate on Earth and learn our Mother Tongue. In every language and in every Etheric Body and in every Astral Body the SOUNDS OF SPEECH are revelations of the intimate forces lurking in the distortions or the wholeness held in balance by our human heart and soul.

“…we differentiate in man firstly his actions, insofar as by actions we understand everything which proceeds from any kind of activity connected with his hands; secondly, SPEECH; and thirdly, thoughts. Everything which in this sense he accomplishes with his hands brings about its karmic results in his next earthly existence. What we SPEAK concerns not only ourselves alone, but also a group of human beings having the same language, and this affects the karma of the group or race. In words lies a greater responsibility than in deeds alone: for with them we are preparing the configuration of a future race. What we think works on even into a new formation of our Earth.” Rudolf Steiner (click link)

Sensuality slides right into the Speech Patterns and is part of the Science of the Word. So here are a few classic, objective examples where the reality of “Those who have Ears to Hear” we see that the windows of the soul are not only our eyes, “Those who have Eyes to See” but also our ears. We may see into other souls through our Ears as well as our Eyes.

Example one, THE EXTREME SCHIZOPHRENIA OF THE DOUBLE of  ‘ Precious, my precious”  (CLICK LINK).  Example two – Worm tongue, where in the 6th Age, we are discussing and into the 7th Age, the moral character of our being will start to show up in our physical bodily form and it will not be hidden as it has been in the 5th Age. The drift over the boundaries of the Etheric and Physical are already preparing themselves in the examples we have noted. So our  coming moral imbalance or our strong dominating Luciferic or Ahrimanic or Asuric poison won’t be hidden, but rather manifest itself even down into our physical appearance. (CLICK LINK)

So the following hint of the seductive underbelly of the fabulous French Language of the Intellectual Soul appears in the fallen glory of Luciferic suavity in the Seductive Science of the character of Merovingian. These indications are part of Eurythmy and Psychology and the Devachan Mysteries of the Word. The fallen Black Magic can abuse these Word Beings. In future our Moral Balance and our Imbalances will produce actual forces and beings that the reproductive science of our Speech and Larynx will give birth to. In this case we are tracking part of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries that have remained undisclosed.

This strong hint, of updating our understanding of the transformation of Gawain and Parsifal, into Neo allows us to penetrate the region of addiction and the sensuality involved in our current entanglements with Media and our own personal Luciferic Salome Mysteries. We are presented, in the following example, with a modern update to the seductive science of sensuality and the Fall of Humanity coded into the sensuality of our astral/etheric double. Here we once more, in an updated reminder, witness the Fallen Devachan Lucifer School that lurks in all our own Sentient Soul cravings.

The character in the “Matrix Reloaded” known as Merovingian is a Klingsor, Pluto, Hades, Philip the Fair, Herod and are all distinct manifestations of a host of Fallen Devachan Entities who all have a long history in the Science of the Seduction of the Human Soul. The psychological profiles go from Priests who are attracted to little boys, to Politicians like Bill Clinton, to horrific snuff film nightmares. The study of these Entities and Human Beings who have adopted for themselves the sharp sensuality of the Intellectual Soul Archangel garments of seduction embodied in the French Language are types that are appearing stronger and stronger and arising everywhere and from every language.

What underlies the sensuality, sexuality of the archetype of Helen of Troy of the city of Paris, France and France Herself, the Anima-Double of France, is a taste, as silky seduction, the very slitheringly, smooth fallen aspects of Language and the Word that stings with intellect and sensuality. In the most intense study of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries we see that Merovingian, Philip the Fair, Herod and the very soul of Klingsor, are opponents of the Grail Knights. In this case, we will look at an example from “Matrix Reloaded” that meets an archetype, a Luciferic extreme composite.

Within the Fallen French Archangel language forces that murdered and were fascinated by the torture and interrogation, of salivating over the divinity of Joan of Arc, we see Luciferic Herod and even more intense Klingsor of Sicily, seducing the Grail Knights or, as setting the pattern, salaciously seeking John the Baptist as a toy and plaything for Herod’s daughter. What is disturbing but none the less true is the Black Magician Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314)  The prince was nicknamed the Fair (le Bel). (This ‘S’ sound gets us into the Eurythmy of Herod, of Klingsor and the sadism of Philip le Bel and the Devachan matrix gatekeeper, Merovingian).

“In 1306, Philip the Fair expelled the Jews from France and, in 1307, he annihilated the order of the Knights Templar. Philip was in debt to both groups and saw them as a “state within the state“.

His final year saw a scandal amongst the royal family, known as the Tour de Nesle Affair, during which the three daughters-in-law of Philip were accused of adultery. His three sons were successively kings of France, Louis X, Philip V, and Charles IV.”

Age of America 3 the horror the horror luciferic salome asuric mysteriesThe Luciferic Salome Mysteries are responsible for torture, murder and delight in crushing the noble forces of the future which manifested in the GOLD Brotherhood of global Trust and global economy that the Knights Templar Knighthood (Click Link) clung to in their organization. This powerful, premature incarnation of Christ Economy and Christ Courage was gleefully tortured on the rack, horrifically beyond imagination.

The French Philip le Bel excruciatingly savored breaking the psychological deep sub-structure of the Knights. These horrific sadistic delights that Philip the Fair sensually enjoyed, sunk their fangs into the future karmic cohesion of all those who were tortured beyond the limits of imagination. Why? Because an Asuric/Sorathian force in le Bel, a black magician, wished to rip the Christ Force out of existence and destroy any of it’s potent future potential by forcing under torture, the denial in the soul of the very reality of the Christ Being.Age of America 3 Adriana Koulias outstanding research

Enslavement by debt and massive global debt science that strangles entire countries, their Archangels and their people leads to the same horrors of global monsters that King Philip embodied. Yup, Philip the UNFAIR was already deeply in debt to the Templars from his war with the English and decided to seize upon disingenuous charges and invite the Templars for a meeting to discuss peaceful negotiations.

America has done this with the Native Americans and every despicable take over and inserting every despicable Dictator or Tyrant has followed a certain pattern of grotesque deception. Philip the INHUMAN began pressuring the Church to take action against the Order (Click Link)  of The Knights Templar, as a way of freeing himself from his debts.

How convenient since the Church back then and the World of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve today are nothing but Ahrimanic servants, as were the Church at the time of Philip the Monster vicious Luciferic servants. Now we can vividly comprehend the power of the current church of Materialism, Ahriman’s domain, and how from the time of the Church and the Church’s decadent Luciferic demise into demonic persecutions, we can see how the Luciferic has called forth in the West the Karma of the Ahrimanic. Corrupt insanity against the spirit and the higher spiritual world that the church was keeper of the faith, has called for the corrupt insanity of the lies of devastating occult materialism.Age of America 3 Luciferic-Asuric Philip gold and the human soul

“On Friday, October 13, 1307 (a date sometimes linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition) Philip ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase : “Dieu n’est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume” (free translation ” God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom”).”

The French intellectual soul has a nose for trendy, stinging gossip. Herod had such tingling excitement and we today salivate over the gossip and titillation but steer clear of any deeper Luciferic Salome Schooling. We like the tingling, ‘in the know’ snickering, snideness of watching reputations ruined through character assassination. Which means that new forms of torture, bondage, and enjoyment, that Klingsor and Philip the Fair pursued for the pleasure of preying on decadent human weakness and enjoying the torments have proliferated in current society into decadent astral perniciousness. We are all monsters in the making.

The Fallen French Language has a sensual taste and craving for lavish cuisine, perfect etheric blends of fine wines and for specific, Herod like fascination in the Seductive/Sensual Value of corrupting Initiates, as Neo is portrayed and as the Knights Templar order were and that Parsifal himself had to face, to overcome astral decadence in order to achieve Spirit-Self. John the Baptist at the critical Christ Event on Earth had also to recall that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

40 Then Elijah said, “Capture the prophets of Baal! Don’t let any of them run away!” The people captured all the prophets. Then Elijah led them down to the Kishon Valley, where he killed them.

Elijah slaying a prophet of Baal, Muhraqa

“We do invite that man—Elijah the prophet—to our seder every year. And to every Brit Milah (circumcision ceremony). Elijah is beloved in our folklore as the helper of the desperate. But the statue of him on top of Mount Carmel, the site of his greatest triumph, does not depict him as beloved or even lovable.

Age of America 3 Elijah the karma and destiny of John the Baptis“This is Elijah at his most zealous for G-d, fire in his eyes, a sword raised over his head, his foot on the shoulder of a man lying under him. This is Elijah triumphant over the prophets of Baal. This is Elijah who brought on a three year famine. This is Elijah who orchestrated a dramatic confrontation with 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah on this spot, and showed that G-d is more powerful than the most popular pagan god worshiped at the time. This is the Elijah who stood up against the warrior king Ahab and against his wife Jezebel.”

The full regalia and regiment of Sensual conniving Priests of Baal stood against ONE LONE PROPHET and Elijah had them killed, every last one. So the karma of Salome and Herod at the edge of the end of the ancient prophet Elijah’s career as guiding Archangel of the Hebrew people, reveals a magnificent Luciferic culmination of Jezebel. John the Baptist dies by the sword but takes the entire Christ Event Mystery of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries with him. To savor all the delicious weaknesses of initiates, Grail Seekers, Michael students and Neo, all our temptations and our failures are titillating to such Entities in the Fallen Devachan as Merovingian and especially the historical Klingsor of Sicily and Philip the Fair.

The same sizzling sensational center of the rumor mills of the world, the cheap gossip that flows through Hollywood trade and traffic, whose in and whose out, are part of the same sensual simmering life of the Luciferic fascination we have in a magic severed from moral foundations of the I AM and moral foundations of the world. We may recall in PART 2 our reference to Hannibal Lecter and fine wines and his exquisite love of cuisine, of his decadent taste for human flesh. Here, in the “Matrix Reloaded” Merovingian exists in one of the realms of the Fallen Devachan. In this hint we meet ancient Hades/Pluto and his wife, Persephone and the castrated black magician Klingsor.

Age of America 3 Pluto Klingsor and Persephone Matrix RevolutionIn the Fallen Devachan Region of the “Matrix Reloaded” we encounter an updated component in the Luciferic Salome Mysteries. With the added Bonus Points of watching how Persephone, a key component of the human soul Herself, suffers her eternal exile in the land of the fallen Sense System of the Lower Devachan. Our Media as a technological digital construct, is already a reduced replication and third cousin twice removed from the Higher Devachan of the real spiritual world.

Our sense world is where Persephone, our human soul, first succumbed and was drawn into intense sensual fascination. This is also part of the rich world of Etheric-Demeter, healthy, nutritional, Sun Drenched living love of the Etheric Life of the Earth.Age of America 3 Spring and Autumn Persephone and Demeter mysteries On the other side of the scale is the eroticism of the Luciferic Sciences of Klingsor and Merovingian, as presented in the following example. The Klingsor Science of Eroticism has brought down Initiates, the Grail Knights, Arthur and 99% of humanity. It is the refined sensuality of Merovingian. That is why we need to understand our relation to the John the Baptist and the Luciferic Salome Mysteries.

Our virtual worlds are where we today are drawn deeper down into the Matrix of Archetypes and Primal Mythic Beings that our cynical education doesn’t have the patience or the time to take seriously. These are stages in the downward steps we glibly intoxicate ourselves with. It is one thing to get a sense of the Real Beings around us and In us it is another thing altogether to expect, hunger and anticipate new erotic treats without awareness of cognitive consequences.

As OUR HUMAN SOUL, Persephone, dives into depths of incarnation and sensuality for 1/2 of her TIME Existence and the other 1/2 restored, returned and reunited to the Hierarchies of Sophia, the higher Devachan and the Etheric Demeter Mysteries. In the following hint we witness the updated component of the frustrated Mystery of Eleusis and Persephone’s marriage to Hades or Pluto.

The Sacred Drama of Eleusis’ by Eduard Schure, was based on the Persephone – Pluto Initiation Rituals at the mystery center known as Eleusis. Originally this Mystery-Drama was enacted at Eleusis every year – a true Taurus-Scorpio drama, mirroring the seasonal/nature cycle of death or withdrawal of the Etheric Life into the Earth and re-birth, and return of the Etheric Life in the Spring. Age of America 3 Persephone and PlutoSo we see that the cosmic polarity as a Mystery rite, disappearance of etheric-life into the Earth around All Souls Day, into the underworlds near the sign of Scorpio and the reappearance of the etheric-life from Hades in the Spring, around end of April/May is an Etheric Earth Seasonal Demeter/Sophia cosmic mystery.

It is another example of our Time Gateways and the Schooling we need to understand the Human Soul and the destiny of the Earth Herself. The Four Mystery Dramas performed at the Goetheanum, and around the world, are part of the new Christ Community Karma Mysteries preparing for the 6th Age. We need to understand the reunion of the Human Soul with the Divine Sophia mysteries of the Stars. The Mystery Dramas are a  “Cloud Atlas” Karma schooling of the New Grail Sciences of Initiation.

At the soul level with Persephone, with our sensual immersion into incarnation, where we meet again and again, our astral and physical encounter with the objective, Luciferic Salome Mysteries, in Persephone we had a Being who was sentenced to TIME SPENT in the underworlds and TIME SPENT with the Hierarchies of the Devachan.

Persephone, wife of Merovingian, is Meta-Mythically Married, karmically bound Matrix Mystery of the fallen aspects of the schooling of Higher unconditional Love. Every Sentient Soul has had to pass through the region of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries. With each incarnation we transit between the Higher Devachan of Spirit-Self and Life-Spirit and descend down into the world of the senses, Pluto’s realm. The Human Soul, embodied in Persephone, was a vivid part of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries.

Critical Update of the Luciferic Salome Mysteries (Click Link)

“Klingsor’s magic only reached the kingdom of Arthur in a diluted way, but elsewhere it was extremely potent. His base was Terre de Labur in Calabria. Klingsor was descended from Virgil of Naples, a powerful enchanter. From Italy he and his wife Iblis cast many a spell abroad, even though the magician was not really a whole man, but handicapped – castrated by a rival king who found him in bed with his wife. Klingsor then fled to Persia where he learned the arts of black magic. Because of the castration, he bore ill will to men and women alike. Thus the aged Arnive gravely told Gawain.

“In his high fortress in Sicily, Klingsor performed ingenious magic in imitation of the Gral, providing himself with all manner of precious things, and sustenance to last some thirty years. But in his weird adventures at Marvel Castle, Arnive said, Gawain had overridden these powers of enchantment. In fact, he had won the black magic from Klingsor and converted it, so that he was free of molestation and malice. Due to the valiant efforts of Gawain, many noble people could return to a normal life, no longer under the evil spells emanating from Castle Marvel.” (Click Link)

Rudolf Steiner and the Luciferic Salome Mysteries (Click Link)

“…a figure who glimmers across from the Middle Ages as a legendary being, but is well known to anyone acquainted with the nature of the Mysteries: a personality who was quite real in the middle of the Middle Ages, Klingsor, the Duke of Terra de Labur, a district we have to look for in what is now Southern Calabria. From there were carried out the incursions of the enemy of the Grail, especially over to Sicily. Even as to-day, if we tread Sicilian soil and have occult sight, we are aware of the Akashic after-effects of the great Empedocles still present in the atmosphere, so we can still perceive there the evil after-effects of Klingsor, who allied himself from his Duchy of Terra de Labur, across the Straits of Messina, with those enemies of the Grail who occupied the fastness known in occultism and in legend as Calot bobot.

“In the middle of the Middle Ages, Calot bobot in Sicily was the seat of the goddess called Iblis, the daughter of Eblis; and among all evil unions which have taken place within the Earth’s evolution between beings in whose souls there were occult forces, the one known to occultists as the worst of all was between Klingsor and Iblis, the daughter of Eblis. Iblis, by her very name, is characterized as being related to Eblis, and in Mohammedan tradition Eblis is the figure we call Lucifer. Iblis is a kind of feminine aspect of Eblis, the Mohammedan Lucifer, and with her the evil magician Klingsor united his own evil arts, through which in the Middle Ages he worked against the Grail. These things must needs find expression in pictures, but in pictures that correspond to realities; they cannot be expressed in abstract ideas. And the whole of the hostility to the Grail was enacted in that fastness of Iblis, “Calot bobot”, whither the remarkable Queen Sibylla had fled with her son William, in 1194, under the rulership of the Emperor Henry VI.

“Everything that was undertaken by a power hostile to the Grail, and whereby also Amfortas was wounded, is finally to be traced back to the alliance which Klingsor had contracted with the stronghold of Iblis, Calot bobot; and all the misery and suffering which we see embodied in the Grail legend through Amfortas is an expression of that pact. For this reason the soul must still be strongly armed even to-day when it comes into the neighborhood of those places from which can emanate all hostile influences related to the Mysteries of the Grail and the advancing evolution of humanity.”

Age of America 3 Transformation of the Sentient Soul into Spirit-Self BeautyRaphael the painter, transformed for humanity, parts of the fallen mysteries of Beauty, Sensuality and the Sentient Soul. The same individual who painted the Sistine Madonna and captured the first spiritual images of the vast School of Philosophers of the New Christ Mysteries in the School of Athens, restored innocence and Beauty to the Human Soul.

The young hippy who was called Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg Age of Americ 2 Novalis Hymns to the Nightreceives the first pristine, pure, primal kiss from the Divine Sophia of the Stars. The ancient days of waiting for the arrival of the Christ severed the head of the old gnarly prophet of the Old Testament. The new Archangel of the New Testament lit the path to the resurrection of Beauty and the conscious unconditional love in the Heart. Novalis lived the deed of the transformation of our Sentient Soul love to the higher love we encounter in the Higher Devachan of Spirit-Selfhood.

This Archangel of a human being who changed his name to Novalis upon his Initiation into the School of Sophia and the Stars is the source point from which the confluence of many streams of souls and the Michael School itself has gained Heart and Life and inspired the Woodstock Generation to become pupils of The Risen Etheric Christ.

The Sophia Novalis Initiation

“A wonderful vista of the future opens out before Novalis. He sees the Earth transfigured; he sees the present Earth in which the residue of ancient times is still contained, transformed into the Body of Christ; he sees the waters of the Earth permeated with Christ’s Blood, and he sees the solid rocks as Christ’s Flesh. He sees the body of the Earth gradually becoming the Body of Christ; he sees the Earth and Christ miraculously made one; he sees the Earth in future time as a great organism enshrining man, an organism whose soul is Christ.

“In this sense, and out of his deep insight into occult truths, Novalis speaks of Christ as the Son of Man. Just as in a certain sense men are the ‘Sons of the Gods’, that is to say of the ancient Gods who through untold millions of years have molded and shaped our planet, who have built the bodies in which we live and the ground upon which we move, so, by overcoming earthly things, man’s task is to build, through his own powers, an Earth that will be the body of the new God, the God of the future. And whereas the men of old looked back to the primeval Gods, yearning to be united with them in death, Novalis recognizes the God who in time to come will have as his body all that is best in us and that we can offer to Him. In Christ he sees the Being to whom humanity offers itself in order that this Being may have a body. He recognizes Christ as the ‘Son of Man’ in this higher, cosmological sense. He speaks of Christ as the ‘God of the future’.

Pure Spring Water. “Hymns to the Night”. Turning his attention to the full awakening of Sophia and the Stars, what type of knowledge, what type of striving and what type of yearning arises from the heart of this unique human being? This is not just any human being. This human being, after being beheaded in a Luciferic Salome Mystery unites himself, brings his spirit, which already was at Archangelic Human status, to the seed core of the group of disciples that Christ had gathered around Him.

Christ immediately summons the Spirit of John the Baptist to hover over and become the little SEED CORE Archangel that guides and weaves in the newly christened band of Disciples. John the Baptist Head Angel for the twelve disciples Ninetta SombartThe Sun Spirit, Christ, immediately, through Lazarus/John, the union of the TWO BECOMING ONE, begins infusing the ring, the ring and circle of disciples, with powerful newly arisen spirit forces.

The TWO BECOMING ONE, the Abel and the Cain mysteries, the Lazarus/John mysteries are the opposite of the dividing in TWAIN that now comes forth from the Ahrimanic Archai of the West. The dividing and severing of our union with the Higher Hierarchies, and our I AM and humanities I AM, plummets our physical, etheric, astral into a Human Group Soul controlled by Ahrimanic Western Science. Ahriman’s aim has been to split, divide, destroy and conquer civilization itself.

And as seen in PART 2, the majority of humanity gives way and falls down into the oblivion of the redesigned Ahrimanic GROUP SOUL. Ahriman serves up wonderful, magical, Devachan instincts and vivid lower nature and animal super capacities for the price of the Grail and the conscious schooling of the I AM. And Novalis awakens in an entirely new brilliance of Love and the Living I AM.

“Once when I was shedding bitter tears, when, dissolved in pain, my hope was melting away, and I stood alone by the barren mound which in its narrow dark bosom hid the vanished form of my life — lonely as never yet was lonely man, driven by anxiety unspeakable — powerless, and no longer anything but a conscious misery. — As there I looked about me for help, unable to go on or to turn back, and clung to the fleeting, extinguished life with an endless longing: — then, out of the blue distances — from the hills of my ancient bliss, came a shiver of twilight — and at once snapt the bond of birth — the chains of the Light. Away fled the glory of the world, and with it my mourning — the sadness flowed together into a new, unfathomable world — Thou, Night-inspiration, heavenly Slumber, didst come upon me — the region gently upheaved itself; over it hovered my unbound, newborn spirit. The mound became a cloud of dust — and through the cloud I saw the glorified face of my beloved. In her eyes eternity reposed — I laid hold of her hands, and the tears became a sparkling bond that could not be broken. Into the distance swept by, like a tempest, thousands of years. On her neck I welcomed the new life with ecstatic tears. It was the first, the only dream — and just since then I have held fast an eternal, unchangeable faith in the heaven of the Night, and its Light, the Beloved.”

To be an Archangel over a whole new Group of Human Beings, gathered by Christ, to become the Folk Spirit and New Language Archangel to design and craft a whole new language to describe divine mysteries, and hover over the newly awakened disciples is a job that John the Baptist accepted gladly. What an unusual job interview. At the Baptism in the Jordan, Christ is fully recognized as the new CEO on Earth for the Father in Heaven.

Christ baptism and Epiphany SombartThe Divine Heavenly Agencies recognize the Christ as the new CEO of Earth and John the Baptist acts as the transitional Archangel of the Hebrew Folk. Christ is only physically on the Earth for Three Years from the time of the Baptism to the Crucifixion (Click Link).

Briefly, let us touch upon a significant mystery. Elijah, John the Baptist was the actual Folk-Soul Archangel of the Hebrew people. We have several transitional Folk-Groups to consider. The Celts, the Greeks, the Hebrews. It is a great loss and a great changing of the guard to start again, at the office and standing of an Archangel and build an entirely new Folk-Soul component into humanity, The Christ Community of the I AM.

Which leaves us with very significant problems. What happened to the Hebrews and Jewish people? They certainly did not, in the majority, recognize, adhere to or embrace John the Baptist. Every opportunity is given to make this transition possible. That means that the entire Old and New Testaments try to show where the break occurred, and how the Hebrew People could learn something about the Archangel and Folk-Soul of their own, HOMEGROWN, chosen people motif. And there in lies the most bitter of problems.

The Hebrew people did not learn much of anything from the severe traditional, hoary rough robes of John the Baptist, as the rough, rugged, raw Archangel of the Hebrew people. The current Hebrew people consider us insane to place any significance on the power of John the Baptist. But when we do place immense significance on the destiny of John the Baptist and Elijah, we see the entire reinvigoration of how Archangels resurrect themselves and refresh humanity.

We may also see it in the Celtic Folk Spirit and in the Greek Folk Spirit. We can end our pity party for the State of Israel. Which means that the Archangels of these Folk-Groups were not retarded, only those who remain unconscious of how the Folk-Spirits of their very own Language Archangels and the roots of their very own genetic and bodily make-up have created a whole new influx of renewed Life for the Folk-Souls, only those human beings who comprehend these changes can carry their I AM into the future. And on that issue rests a whole multitude of European Union Group, The State of Israel and the demise of Greece complex issues that act as retardation to each I AM.

The new CEO of Earth gives John the Baptist the TIME authorization to prepare the vast streams of humanityAge of America 3 Strategy and Planning dept John the Baptist for Higher Schooling into the LAMB OF GOD. We are all in preparation for the marriage of Sophia of the Stars to the Lord of Time, Karma and Destiny on Earth, The Risen Etheric Christ.

John the Baptist was given the TIME TASK to prepare the way for the gathering of ever wider and wider ranges of human souls and spirit who long to develop with Christ the future strategies of raising human affairs through the heart of humanity. The heart has the most agile capacity of being the highest navigational vortex and central akashic instrument for reading the entire karmic Time library that knots itself in our hearts.

We will study the equation of the Heart shortly but our Hearts are the mathematical Instrument that connects each I AM to the Past – Present – and Future of our journey through the germinal development of the Earth into a New Cosmos. Our individual and unique Hearts hold the equation and is the Divine Tool that solves the mysteries of Art – Science and Religion and solves for us the misunderstood riddle of the Physics of Space and Time. (We are going to cover this mystery so stay frosty) In other words, our universities and our education fail to comprehend, address or include our Hearts as the navigational field tool for the exploration of the Stars.

The Akashic Records have always been known as the “hidden library” that can be read via the navigational TIME instrument of our human hearts. There in the constant pulse and river of Time Streaming, our hearts are following intimacies of TIME that we can detect and enter from not only our Past, our Present and our Future, but as St. John did on Patmos TIME SURF in the higher Devachan of the Earth, the Cosmos and the Life Tableau of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

T.S. Eliot – Burnt Norton  – “Yet the enchainment of past and future
Woven in the weakness of the changing body,
Protects mankind from heaven and damnation
Which flesh cannot endure.
Time past and time future
Allow but a little consciousness.
To be conscious is not to be in time
But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden,
The moment in the arbour where the rain beat,
The moment in the draughty church at smokefall
Be remembered; involved with past and future.
Only through time time is conquered.

This means that we may see the approaching Star School of Sophia and the grand University of THE LAMB OF GOD as part of the Inner and Outer mysteries of the universe. The HEART IS NOT A PUMP. It is a navigational TIME ORGAN.

We may rise to lofty vertical layers of Divine Spiritual Beings and experience the TIME LORDS at the foundations of our Zodiac. We may cross the vertical dimensions of Time and follow the trail backwards in Time or forwards into the future. Angel being and the human heartOur Hearts allow us to exist, navigate and experience the flowing streams running through the CROSS OF TIME.

The Cross of Time in the Four Chambered Human Heart, approaches in the 6th Age, the lofty FIFTH CHAMBER of the human heart. We come to a 5th Devachan revelation of the 5th Dimension of Time. We arrive at what Rod Serling intimated as “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man … a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.” When we are isolated as I AM’s in space our Hearts experience the ribbons and threads of the streaming thunder of  the new Devachan realities of karmic Time.

The Akashic Records linked to the streaming TIME ORGAN OF OUR HEARTS may be better understood in our technologically advanced world as our own recorded and imprinted astral Devachan internet or Universal Sophia of the Stars zodiacal face book page. There is a criteria and a training, not included in any Astronaut Training Manual, where we may access any information from our HEARTS FIFTH CHAMBER (click link).

The foundation and construction of the organ of the heart gives us the ability and the certified organ to approach the etheric reading of the TIME DOCUMENTS of the entire history of the Earth. The connecting currents and links to this vast historical and future communication system are in the active organ of every human heart and most certainly in our own human hearts. It is part of the awakening of Spirit-Selfhood or Manas.

The training needed to use this Akasha Time Stream that flows through all human hearts, is learning how to connect and exercise our own disciplined nightly Ruckshau.  Just before sleeping we learn to review and recall in images, sound, color, the intimate details of the days events in our mind’s eye (click link Looking at the Rushes of our Daily Karmic Stream). Slowly our in-box begins to fill with a new curious degree of higher intuitive awareness. Our in-box begins to get messages, slowly,  arriving with us, as we complete our journey in the Stars, as we are set to return to our etheric and physical bodies,just before we wake in the morning, slowly messages begin to arrive.

It takes TIME to develop the Physics Organ of the Human Heart.  It requires the discipline of exercising  in reverse recall, all the details of our day, just before falling asleep at night. It is here where we sort through and penetrate the deep streams of Time, Destiny and human karmic encounters that have flooded by us through the day and were lost to our conscious comprehension.

We take this TIME STAMPED BODY BY OUR I AM, of the EXPERIENCED DAY, and lift it up with us into our Astral Journey to the stars just before falling asleep. Gradually and through many years of training we learn to become True Time Travelers and True Astral students of the past – present – and future of Earth and our own Karmic Family.

So it was part of the strategic planning that Raphael the Painter used to recover and identify the unique I AM’s whose hearts and souls remain true LOGOS seekers. The wonderful Human Archangel assigned by Christ, in the I AM of Raphael the Painter, helped penetrate the inspirations that lived in the Folk-Spirit and Archangel of the Greek Soul.

When the I AM of John the Baptist wore the Incarnation guise of Raphael the Painter he gathered a confluence of great human souls who had contributed towards the Logos foundations of the Greek Archangel Spirit. That Archangel Spirit of the Greeks, Apollo, the Sun, sacrificed his position as Archangel of the Greeks and Christ accepted the Greek Archangel as EXOTERIC regent for the New Risen Christ Community.

Raphael the Painter combined the secrets of those who explored the Mystery of the LOGOS, who desired a Fresh Start, as they gathered again in the spiritual world after the Golgotha Christ Event. The great planning and gathering of the new schools of the Christ Mysteries can also be spotted in the School of Athens.Age of America Raphael School of AthensPlatonic and Aristotle Soul strivers that were gathering to the call of the fresh young and innocent Abel/Raphael the Painter, Archangel to the first Disciples, gathered around Christ (also the name STRIDER from Tolkien, brought the Celtic side of the new Christ Mysteries into vivid cultural focus). The Celtic Archangel renounced his further Folk-Soul duties and Christ Initiated the Celtic Folk-Spirit so that it became the guardian and guide of the gathering ESOTERIC Community of the Risen Etheric Christ.

So along with the Risen Etheric Christ, the Archai and Time Spirit Michael, the magnificent Archangel of Greek Intelligence and the mighty Archangel of the Celtic Folk Spirit, all have willingly aligned themselves with the humble Archangel of the Heart of the whole community of Christ. Age of America 3 John the Baptist Archangel over the DisciplesThe  ‘ I ‘ of John the Baptist, Raphael and Novalis was the designated preparer of the way for the New Christ Mysteries of the heart.

“…the voice of the Word of God, The Best Man to Christ the Bridegroom, the one who broke the curse of the barrenness of his mother, and loosed the tongue of his father, for it was not fitting for Zachary to remain silent when the Voice appeared. Nothing shall be called impossible for God for through The Holy Forerunner God is glorified, for the barren woman, well beyond the years of the ways of women, conceives and bears a son and God’s creation bows to Him by moving beyond its own limits to glorify Him, for when God wills it, the law of nature, which He Himself established, is abolished to offer unto Him an offering worthy of His Divine Nature to proclaim His glory to the nations.”

Large Karmic Streams of humanity were being gathered under the great zodiacal schooling of SOPHIA and THE LAMB OF GOD. These vast decisions, in vast groups of souls, were made with living and loving bonds from our experiences in the Schooling we shared in the higher Devachan. They reflected themselves on Earth, but on Earth we tend to forget the Kingdom of the Higher Devachan, which is also the realm of Spirit-Selfhood residency.

Infusing younger generations in the memory of what we forgot, had inspired Tolkien and he gladly accepted, along with the inspired circle of the INKLINGS, the task of planting the seed of the ancient lost wisdom of the Archangel of the Celts into a modern day generational mystery. Celtic Christian Rosenkreuz French Revolution Archangel of Esoteric Christianity hidden revelation of Lord of the RingsThe Archangel of the Celts joined the Christ Being and through Tolkien we reawakened the earthly courage and elixir of the ancient Celtic Stream that once covered all of Europe. It had a different and unique flavor that all of us had once remembered. It was shot through with New Life as we saw the massive mountains, the Earth’s core and the tie that binds the Ego to the FIRE core of the Earth in a Cain mystery of Celtic Revelation.

We have mentioned the Greek Archangel, who relinquished his Folk-Soul leadership over the current Greeks, to build for humanity a transitional resurrection of a true School of Apollo, the Sun and the Risen Etheric Christ. This School of the Exoteric Mysteries of Earth, Humanity and the Risen Etheric Christ Mysteries first appeared in the university of the WORD, the Goetheanum.

Corinthians 12 Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.

Spiritual Name of Paul, Professor Ernst Pauli

Three Streams of Christianity Face off with the Anti-Christ, one of those Streams is under the leadership of a Mysterious Professor Ernst Pauli.  Another stream forms from the Elder John Stream. Still another from the so called Peter stream. John calls upon the Peaceful Proposal of the Incarnate Anti-Christ to recognize something above his best seller book   The Open Way to Universal Prosperity and Peace.” 

What we are looking for in the Anti-Christ is updated in the presentation of PETER WEYLAND  (Click Link) in the year 2023. We certainly can’t say with certainty that a book may be the method of the Viral spreading Educational Revelations that will appear in this up and coming inspired Ahrimanic Incarnation, vividly depicted by Solviev. But, stylistically we can say that Peter Weyland sustains the ongoing Fixed Ahrimanic Intellectual Soul Paradigm, that the expectations of the world have for the unfolding Media/Intellectual and Scientific Super Star humanity will embrace as the Anti-Christ.

Professor Ernst Pauli always writes the Word Down, brings the Word into the formal  Ahrimanic/Christic arrangements. This is part of the Pauline stream of Exoteric Christianity of what once was The Apollo, Paul/Saul Damascus Event of the Revelation, in Aristotle Scientific Form, of the Risen Etheric Christ Event of the 20th and 21st century. In the Soloviev/Anti-Christ text, the John Stream, the Cain/Abel stream tests the arrogance of the Anti-Christ against the history of the Logos and the Apocalypse.

“For us the dearest thing of all in Christianity is Christ Himself—He alone, all is from Him, for we know that in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead in the flesh. From thee, sire, we are ready to accept every good thing, if only in thy generous hand we recognize the holy hand of Christ…here is our answer: ‘Confess now before us, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who came in the flesh, Who rose from the dead, and Who will come again. Confess Him, and we, with love will receive you as the true forerunner of His glorious coming.”

Solovyov’s Anti-Christ is not a totalitarian military leader and politician along the lines of Napoleon or Hitler or Pol Pot. Rather, he is an idealist who writes a book full of hope, “The Open Way to Universal Prosperity and Peace”. The book becomes a million (probably a billion) seller. Its author rises to prominence and becomes World Emperor. Solovyov depicts the Emperor as a man of the highest ethical standards”

From the Goetheanum the infusion of the lost science of the Pauline level of the Greek schooling of the LOGOS was brought solidly down onto Earth. From the Goetheanum the flavor, science and mighty pre-birth richness of a vast School in the Devachan we attended before we were born, was fashioned, and resurrected on Earth as a reality and not as a film, a fiction or fantasy.

The Goetheanum was given the solid foundation of Earth and the Logos in the living and historical realities behind every and all our studies and denials of the reality of Gods and the reality of Humanity. The facts at the foundations of a how the Gods participate with Earth and Humanity were raised to the clarity of a Science. The Risen Etheric Christ School that millions attended in the Devachan before we were born and the generations that followed carried with them the Spiritual Memory of the courage, wisdom and love that we all shared in that lofty Devachan School of Michael the Archai of TIME.

This was still not enough, more, another generational surge of inspiration needed to fire the memory of the School we attended before we incarnated was not only required but needed to kindle the spark that fades into oblivion on incarnating on Earth. Again, another series of inspirations raised under the Consciousness Soul of the English/American British Education of the lofty Shakespeare and King Arthur mysteries of the Consciousness Soul, managed to bring the schooling that we forgot from the Devachan.  Another lone soul, a Mother, a single Mother, flooded into another generation the mysteries of THE GOBLET OF FIRE.

  1. The seven-year period that followed saw the death of her mother, divorce from her first husband and relative poverty until Rowling finished the first novel in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997.

Single human beings under single inspirations, under single focused tasks working for the streams of Higher Devachan Schooling, Tolkien, Rudolf Steiner and J.K. Rowling in “Harry Potter”, all volunteered for the hazardous Devachan Courage of keeping the DEVACHAN ALIVE in the flow of courage and imagination flowing through new generations and waves of souls incarnating on Earth.

Romans Chapter 13

11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

 12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

From early, from Novalis and Goethe and Fichte from the 19th to the 21st Century waves upon waves of souls incarnated to carry Devachan light streams down to Earth. Here the echo, the vitality of the school we attended in the Devachan, that were taught by the great spirits and head mistresses and head masters of the School of Chartres, were densified and delivered to keep the vivid Consciousness Soul goals alive in whole new generations descending from the Devachan into incarnation. In the Devachan our camaraderie and determination to come to Earth invigorated and filled with loving Courage for all those who were with us, ready to re-enter Earth’s Trials with newly kindled Devachan Light was thrilling. But we forget and need constant reminders to stay wake-full, alive and cognitively alert.

Replenishment of the higher service of Karma Science, Manas, Spirit-Selfhood and Awakening the higher Astral Body to the Mysteries of the Devachan.

“freed moreover from all the OBSTACLES OF SPACE AND TIME that here on earth lie like veils over these relationships of the soul. In Devachan, souls confront each other directly.”

“Existence in Devachan is not a kind of dreaming or sleeping but in all respects a conscious life. It is in Devachan that a human being develops the predispositions and impulses that enable the bond with those whom he loved to remain closer, in order that in a later incarnation he will find them again on earth. In many respects the purpose of incarnation on earth is to forge bonds of ever greater intimacy.

“Companionship in Devachan is, to say the least, as intimate as any life here on earth. Fellow feeling in Devachan is much more alert, much more intimate than it is on earth; one experiences another’s pain there as one’s own. On earth, greater or less personal prosperity is possible at the cost of others but in Devachan that is out of the question. There, the misfortune caused by someone to another human being in order to better himself, would reverberate upon him; nobody could prosper at the expense of another. Adjustment starts from Devachan. It is from there that the impulse is brought to make brotherliness a reality on the earth. A law that is a matter of course in Devachan is a task that has to be fulfilled on earth.

“A great deal more could be said about the connection between the spiritual world and the earth. You can now think exhaustively about this and be able to answer many questions yourselves about meeting and being together in Devachan with those we love.

Age of America Devachan study“It was said yesterday that when the human being in Devachan has developed his spiritual archetype, the impulse comes to him to descend again to the physical plane. To express it more or less abstractly, it is rather as if a thought matures and you feel an urge to turn it into deed. What is it that actually induces the soul to descend again into the physical world, that gives it the definite impulse to do this? During the kamaloka period, when the soul gradually rids itself of the urge to cling to physical life, it is continually receiving, in the experience it undergoes, impulses that kindle the will to sweep away hindrances to evolution. The soul itself experiences the pain and harm it has caused to others. In thus experiencing the pain of the other being, there arises in the soul the temporarily ineradicable impulse that reparation must be made for this. Thus, step by step the soul takes with it from kamaloka into Devachan the impulse to rectify its faults.”

That would be what Raphael, the painter, outlined in his strategic planning for the Christ Executive Officers in charge of opening the New Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ to Humanity. Opening the in-pouring of the higher Devachan into the Astral Body and I AM of humanity, is in the 6th Age, to vividly experience those that we dearly love trapped in the deathless detention center of Ahrimanic amnesia of the Soul and Spirit.

In the 6th Age our Heart Navigational and Devachan Sciences will reveal where, and who, are our most profound Karmic Connections. Gold Fish Humans in a glass cage. How have our loved ones been captivated, entranced, submerged into the numbness of a vast Ahrimanic Group Soul? Their ‘ I AM ‘ agonies and torment will resound and rip through the world of the HIGHER DEVACHAN. The Karma of the Earth, Love and Freedom will have been locked on Earth but in the Higher Devachan, agonizing suffering and separation will resound.

It was once stated by the Spirit of Achilles and heard by Odysseus when he crossed the threshold into the lower Devachan regions that it was better to be a beggar on Earth than a King in the world of the shades. Trapping humanity in the lower Devachan of the Earth, where numbness and amnesia are exchanged for Ahrimanic perks of super-animal atavistic capacities is an unworthy trade-off that is currently beyond our simplistic comprehension.

The ability of each ‘ I AM ‘ to offer in Freedom and in Love the unfolding of their own Hearts and the unfolding of their own Higher Intelligence replenishes the Earth Herself. We offer each other and humanity our higher Etheric rejuvenation. We need only comprehend, (which we fail to) how the Spirit-Self of Rudolf Steiner offered Bio-Dynamic Science and Agriculture freely for the renewal of the Earth. The laws of the Astral and ‘ I AM ‘, in the 6th Age, when the Sun Rises in the Spring from Aquarius will allow all of us to see what was once a Persian Mystery of Light and Ahura Mazdao.

But really, we gawk at Bio-Dynamic Agriculture and the Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner, but we fail to see the Science, Magic and Astral Holy Spirit Insights that allow the ETHERIC LIFE to return because of the in-pouring of Spirit-Self Science that Rudolf Steiner reconstituted through redeemed and lost Etheric life connections in organics, that had been scattered and lost in the old pages of the The Farmer’s Almanac. Monsanto takes the Etheric Life of the Earth and chokes the life out of it. The Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner and our Bio-Dynamic scientists and farmers are the frontier pioneers recovering Budhi and Life-Spirit for the future of the Earth Herself.

In the 7th Age, we will have all practiced Sacrifice – Grief – Renewal and Resurrection enough so that from our very own Etheric bodies we will produce Budhi, Life-Spirit and the Bread of Life, from the core of our ‘ I AM ‘. This negligible, dismissed ‘ I AM ‘ that is the core mystery of the Christ Impulse and the Michael School is left out in the cold and the rain with a so what and a whatever and a who cares? By the 7th Age our ‘ I AM ‘ will have freely penetrated our Etheric Bodies, been illuminated and baptized in the Higher Astral Devachan Worlds by our transformed Astral Bodies, and will do deeds of Freedom and Love directed by our magnificent ‘ I AM ‘.

Here we sit on our thumbs at the tail end of the 5th Age of Pisces, and look at John the Baptist, and look at the deeds of Christ on Earth, the miracles, signs and wonders of the Christ (CLICK LINK FOR 7TH AGE LIFE SPIRIT STUDIES) and we pay lip service, but in point of fact, Age of America zodiac of how humanity progress in the School of the Lamb of Godwe are enrolled in the School of THE LAMB OF GOD. It is a Zodiacal School that is part of the TIME MYSTERIES of the Human Heart and the Free ‘ I AM ‘.

We are in no position, presently, to appreciate either what catastrophe is coming or what training we must undergo to learn to transform and transubstantiate our Grief into Gold. It is beyond our comprehension that the Manichean Screams of agony from our Fellow Human Karma and our Fellow Human Beings, trapped in the Lower Devachan, under Ahrimanic Group Soul, global laws, will be like trying to walk through the Bliss of Heaven while in reality we are experiencing the shrieks of occult torture from Abu Ghraib. (Arabic: سجن أبو غريب‎ Sijn Abū Ghurayb; also Abu Ghuraib)

This is only one little part of the Manichean Schooling and the Manichean Mystery that the future 6th Age entails. Recovering imprisoned Human Spirits from the lower devachan and hearing their suffering and screams from the torture of amnesia and the suffocation of the ‘ I AM’ is beyond our present human comprehension. We will experience St. Francis shudders of heart wrenching compassion that will drill right down through our Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies. This compassion and willing to retrieve our Karmic Sisters and Brothers from horror will be the Cosmic Tension of the Manichean School of Good and Evil of the coming 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood.

Their and Our Higher Beings will be trapped in a sealed, drugged, perpetual agonizing dormancy. You get a taste of this dormancy in the first MATRIX. Light pours in from the Higher Devachan planes during the 6th Age and on Earth, while Ahriman has set up his prison camps of Group Soul equality, snipping the wings of the spirit, of the ‘ I AM ‘. Ahriman supplies a placebo Peace on Earth in an apparent gilded cage of a magnificent integrated technological revelation. A virtual advanced Devachan prison for Peace paid for by the devastation we caused in the 5th Age and the blessings of Ahriman in the 6th Age.

However in terms of our Sci-Fi imaginations, in the Lower Devachan of Ahriman, IN SPACE, no one can hear your screams. Because of the Astral in-pouring of the Holy Spirit to build the culture of compassion down to the roots of our physical and etheric bodies, we will begin the painful and PERILOUS retrieval of our karma and begin the most intense schooling in the secrets (Click Link) of the HARROWING OF HELL. Each of us, with a dozen missing parts of our Karma and the Earth’s Karma and our own Spirit Potential, will have to traverse lower devachan realms, where Ahriman holds captive humanity, and recover our Karmic sisters and brothers.

Spirit-Selfhood, the Holy Spirit, the tragedy of the Michael Community, relived in Dornach, and the tragedy of the pursuit by each of us of the Grand Celtic Rosicrucian Mystery of “Lord of the Rings” will face us in the dark Devachan Science of a full-blown Ahrimanic culture. It is a Global Culture that rips into the very heart of each human being.

And how could there be any more wonder and awe from our own hearts to comprehend and understand, that Sophia Herself, Sophia of the Stars, witnessed the grief of young Novalis at the grave-site of Sophie von Kühn. In the 6th Age Sophia and Anthrosophia Age of America 3 Sophia and the Starslights up the Higher Devachan Capacities of our germinal Angelic Astral Bodies and shows us the way to recover from the vast desolation of our Karma and recover the Karma of Earth and Humanity. It all hangs together in the MYSTERY OF TIME AND SPACE.

The vast Divine Being of the Stars, those abstract cold Stars above us, had watched over this intimate soul being, Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg. Sophia offered him the first drink of the Devachan Streams of the future Manas and Spirit-Selfhood flowing from the pure waters of the Stars. Here science and our Luciferic misinterpretation of the Stars as devoid – cartoonish and filled only with the precise equations of dead math, are returned to the human soul refreshed and reinvigorated as resurrected Holy Spirit Science of the Heart. And we can show the equation of the Heart that balances the entire vast School of the Constellations of the empty vacuum of Space. We’ve got it!

Is our empty, dead vast universe Ensouled? Can we understand that Beings of the vast Hierarchies wish to preserve and inspire our thinking to new greatness, cohesiveness in the School of Divine Intelligence?  The very TIME VALUE of the full I AM of John the Baptist and quality in the heart of Novalis were fully authorized by Sophia and fully shared by the Risen Etheric Christ. Everything in the TIME VALUE of the I AM of John the Baptist would awaken pure, pristine and true in the heart of Novalis. This same feeling for the Christ Heart of Things would also be reflected in the Missouri Born Consciousness Soul Poet of the I Am, T.S. Eliot (Click Link) More on that forthcoming.

We will examine the equations of Space in the balance of the equation centered in the Human Heart as we progress further. But for the moment the Riddle of The School of the Constellations, The marriage of the Lamb to the Divine Wisdom of Sophia sets Novalis into a framework of literally meeting Sophia of the Stars and Sophia of the Stars changing the entire foundations of abstract materialism and Space Exploration into an intimate meeting in the Human Heart. A Human Spirit that Sophia of the Stars and Christ had for long ages prepared. Novalis is a Being who had stood as THE BEST MAN, next to the Christ Being. Sophia honors that long relationship of TIME and INCARNATIONS in the service of The Wedding of Sophia to The Bridegroom of the Earth, Christ.

“His description does not sound very appealing, yet Jesus said of his older cousin, “among those born of women there has been none greater than John the Baptist.”

“Saint John the Baptist describes himself in the Gospel of Saint John, revealing his personal understanding of the mission entrusted to him. Age of America 3 john baptist greco “The one who has the bride is the bridegroom; the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and listens for him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom’s voice.  So this joy of mine has been made complete.”
“John is the friend of the bridegroom, while the bridegroom is Jesus Christ.  The joy of Saint John is found in the fulfillment of Jesus’ mission, in hearing the voice of Jesus.  As The Best Man at a Wedding rejoices seeing his friend ecstatic watching his bride approach the altar, so John the Baptist rejoices to see Jesus approach His people to fulfill the New Covenant.”

We do not yet, but will soon, understand that the equations we seek in the mysteries of Time and Space, that every university seeks, are literally tied to the Karmic core navigational organ of our Human Hearts. We do not yet, but will soon understand, that the secret dimensions inside the Human Heart, are loaded with the Karma Mysteries that are the answer to the riddle of Space and Time.

The vast Sophia Being that watches over the Zodiacal Embryonic Constellations where humanity is achieving and unfolding from the germinal Life Stream of the Earth, is a vast School of the Lamb. We cannot have the TIME VALUE of the I AM of John the Baptist reduced to the rubble of Stephen Hawking. We speculate and play with the Cartoons of Sci-Fi and sometimes we even imagine some Lord or Queen of the Universe.

We imagine the sending out of our human seed to populate the many potential planets in the EMPTY VOID of the cosmos.  We imagine flotillas of Super Fueled Hyper Drive fleets of ships built by the brotherhood and tamed economies and civilizations where the human spirit has done away with poverty, want, need and only under such a great humanitarian leap could we now confront Alien Empires, primitive and lofty beings in our exploration of this vast FINAL FRONTIER of Space.

Sophia keeps watch and is in preparation for the Great Wedding. She has vividly watched over the development of Earth, when she bent and whispered into the Heart of Novalis, the preparer of the Way. We do not yet, but will soon, understand that this mighty equation is locked in the spinning vortex of our Human Hearts. We do not yet, but will soon understand, how magnificent, moral, of value to the world, is the real estate we call the Human Heart. We’ve uncovered the mystery of TIME AND SPACE, sit tight, we’re coming to it.

TIME MANAGEMENT, time compression and the karma of humanity bring what to our attention? The Esoteric and the Exoteric leaders (click link) of the New Christ-Sophia mysteries, hear the call. We are truly being monitored and observed. Ahriman is an icy, rigid imitation of how the Hierarchies track human beings through Reincarnation and Time. Ahriman is gifted at tracking human beings in a completely grotesque disturbing deception by engaging the gears, the hard drives, the satellites and the destructive weaponry that annihilates the Freedom and Love that the Hierarchies, Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ offer each human soul.

Many Initiates observed carefully the awakening of Novalis with the touch of the Beautiful Lily. When would the Hour Come? Initiates from the Celts and the Esoteric Christ Mysteries of Christian Rosenkreuz and from the Michael Mysteries of the Greeks, Aristotle and Alexander the Great, the swelling numbers of souls, schooled in the CLOUD ATLAS Michael School, heard the clarion call. John in his Revelation Heard and saw the Devachan stream of TIME UNFOLDING because Lazarus and John were looking into their vast Karmic Alignment with the future of the Earth and the unfolding of Time.

The Mother Sophia and the Stars and the Heart of Humanity

John and Mary Sophia Christ from the Cross this is your mother(Click this Link to understand Manas, Spirit-Self of the 6th Age; Buddhi, Life-Spirit and the Bread of Life of the 7th Age.)

“The Gospel should therefore be read as follows: “Under the Cross stood the mother of Jesus, Sophia.” To this mother Jesus says: “Woman, behold thy son.” He Himself had transferred the Sophia that lived within him to the Disciple John; He transformed him into a son of Sophia and said: “Behold, thy mother.” “Henceforth you should recognize the divine wisdom as your mother and dedicate yourself to her alone.” John had recorded this divine wisdom; Sophia is embodied in the Gospel of St. John. Jesus had given him this wisdom, and he was authorized by Christ to transmit it to the world.”

25 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, ‘Dear woman, here is your son,’ 27 and to the disciple, ‘Here is your mother.’ From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.” (John 19:25-27)Age of America Sophia and John marriage of Sophia to Anthrosophia Chymical Wedding

THIS IS YOUR MOTHER. Novalis and Christian Rosenkreuz shared, THE TWAIN, Abel and Cain, their deeply intimate connection to both SOPHIA and the CHRIST BEING. The Esoteric Science of Sophia was given to Cain to develop and the very Heart of our deepest human soul forces where ART and the Science of the Soul meet in our most intimate Karma, was given for Abel to develop. The TWO became One and have worked together in the ongoing School of how our Human Hearts are the missing part to the Science of Matter, Time and Space.

When that Devachan vision dawned in the soul of Novalis, all our Human Hearts, whether in incarnation or in the spiritual world, felt the shudder that ran through the constellations of the Devachan, THE TIME IS AT HAND. A prep school for the vast sweeping together of the GATHERING of kindred souls seeking a whole new orientation to Spirit and Culture were given the GO signal, the incarnation signal to sweep into the mighty mix of Earth’s future impulses and secure education, science and art for the New Christ Mysteries. It is a very, very big deal to know who Novalis is (click link) and how he awakened with the first sips of nectar from the grief and reunion of Humanity with the Destiny of the Stars.

“Must the morning always return? Will the despotism of the earthly never cease? Unholy activity consumes the angel-visit of the Night. Will the time never come when Love’s hidden sacrifice shall burn eternally? To the Light a season was set; but everlasting and boundless is the dominion of the Night. — Endless is the duration of sleep. Holy Sleep — gladden not too seldom in this earthly day-labor, the devoted servant of the Night. Fools alone mistake thee, knowing nought of sleep but the shadow which, in the twilight of the real Night, thou pitifully castest over us. They feel thee not in the golden flood of the grapes — in the magic oil of the almond tree — and the brown juice of the poppy. They know not that it is thou who hauntest the bosom of the tender maiden, and makest a heaven of her lap — never suspect it is thou, opening the doors to Heaven, that steppest to meet them out of ancient stories, bearing the key to the dwellings of the blessed, silent messenger of secrets infinite.”

This is no easy matter to discover the source point of the dawning of the 6th Age. Our universities and educational systems will offer no such Columbus like revelations of the New Worlds. The fragmented history of Sophia has spun through the abstract history of religion (CLICK LINK HERE) but it is only recently in the 20th and 21st century that we can definitely pin-point the crossing point between our misunderstanding of Space and our failure to comprehend the secret Organ of Time situated in the human heart.

Space and Time have arrived at a kind of Crucifixion or at least, a crossing point, where the dynamic dimensions of the Human Heart must be placed in the SCALES OF BALANCE against the emptiness and infinite void of Space. Our universities built on materialism are DOA. Dead on Arrival. Disconnected, exiled and severed from the intimacy of ETERNAL TIME that runs through the human heart and answers the riddle of Dead Space with Living, Loving, consequential Time.

In Part 2 we weighed in on the ancient Egyptian Feather of Maat and the Scales of Time and Karma. We realized in Part 2 that Entities of the destructive Beings of the Threshold were put in service of the Pharmaceutical Corporations to rip apart the cohesion of the ‘ I AM ‘. In Part 2 we encountered how Christian Rosenkreuz of the Cain stream was made Guardian of the Threshold and also endured the weighing of how our HUMAN HEARTS stand as the weight in the balance of TIME AND HUMAN KARMA.

Christian Rosenkreuz carries an Archai level of the full imprint of the Christ Mysteries, and has been fully imprinted to carry the lofty MODEL of Humanity, all the way to ATMA or Spirit-Man. When we look at Michael and the mighty mystery of Michael the Archai of Time, we understand that the SCALES out of the Constellation of LIBRA, is not merely an Autumnal theory.

What we are about to grasp, via the HEART ORGAN is that the entire SCALES OF BALANCE of Time and Space, that Michael Holds for the entire Cosmos, or at least the TWELVE FOLD portal of our own zodiac is the School of the Lamb of God and the School of the Logos and the School of Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ. Yet these Scales of Balance go all the way back to Egypt.

Space and Time are part of the profound Michael Archai Zeitgeist- TIME Mysteries that have illuminated our 5th Age. We have some well honed serious Sci-Fi Space and Time issues to discuss, and we will get to those, as Rod Serling would have said, “That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

In that School, where the SCALES OF BALANCE holds the KARMA OF EARTH EVOLUTION, balanced against the majestic mystery of Space, our human hearts were always, since well before Egypt and through the entire Mystery of the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz and the most delicate devotion in the Heart of Novalis, our human hearts are the entire Balance that may be weighed against the entire hallucination we have created about Space. The ticking, Moral Timepiece of our Human Hearts are the gateway that resurrects and raises the Earth Herself and all it’s Life Forms into the Living School of Sophia.

Distorted Echoes of the Dawning of the 6th Age of Manas and the Holy Dove

Such adventures into discovering the source of the great song, THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, occurred from La Mama via Ellen Stewart and Tom O’Horgan. “HAIR” was created as an original idea by Gerome Ragni (Jerry) and James Rado (Jim). They collaborated on the story, text, characters, dialogue and lyrics beginning in late 1964, continuing over the years 1965, 1966 and 1967.

The Astor Place Theater, Great Jones Street and La Mama, landed me exactly at the Astor Place Theater almost directly across from THE NEW YORK SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL PUBLIC THEATER. I was able to stand at the Volcanic Center almost like Empedocles only lacking any comprehension of the vastness that was spreading over the world from such a potent force of the Stream of Sophia and the Stars.

No, I was clueless and too busy trying to survive in the boiling, bubbling, burbling LIFE STREAM that enveloped New York at that time. I was swallowed in, like Ishmael I was swirled into the vortex and the wake of this vast monster thrashing about in THE WATERS OF TIME. A true Moby Dick, an Osiris Rising and an Isis unveiled were well beyond my understanding.

Tom O’Horgan – LA MAMA and THE TRIBE

“We retreated from our firm intention, in response to an offer of a 6-week run for HAIR as the opening attraction at a new theater. The old Astor Library, gutted and under fresh construction, became The New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater, and the producer Joseph Papp chose HAIR to be the premiere presentation in his experimental space, the Anspacher Theater. (Papp had produced free Shakespeare in Central Park for years, but was now branching out, to embrace the excitement of the avant garde theater movement.) Quite a wonderful opportunity, we thought; if we couldn’t get HAIR on-Broadway, at least we could jump-start it downtown in the Joseph Papp spotlight of a new New York theater, in the East Village at that, where the play itself was set.

“Based on what we saw on the Public Theater and Cheetah stages, Jerry and I had rewritten the text, and, with Galt MacDermot , had added 13 new songs, expanding the score from 20 to 33 numbers. At first, Butler wanted to move the production from the Cheetah, as is, to a Broadway theater. But he soon found out how determined Jerry and I were. We wanted a new director whom we had chosen, Tom O’Horgan. We wanted casting to be done all over again.

“Working with Tom O’Horgan, and a new choreographer, Julie Arenal, and what was largely a new Tribe of Actors (six people from the off-Broadway production made it to Broadway.”

From  a more solid and secure perspective than the one I indicated just now, we may discover the dawning of the 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood and Manas, in what we have been prematurely or inspired to celebrate with the song, THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, in the following. We get down to the core revelation of the Age of Aquarius by applying ourselves and learning to see how the tale, a fairy tale recalled and collected by Goethe, called “The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily ” (Click Link) brought the entire culture of humanity into a vast rising up of the UNDERGROUND TEMPLE that is at the core of “The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily”.  This UNDERGROUND TEMPLEAge of America 2 Underground Temple rising may be likened to the rising and the stirring of the Great White Whale ‘ Moby Dick’ from the depths.

Deep in the depths Goethe caught sight of the Underground Temple and Rudolf Steiner brought up from the fathomless depths, the literal UNDERGROUND TEMPLE of the Sophia and Anthrosophia Mysteries of the Consciousness Soul. But Rudolf Steiner himself fleshes out and attains the region of Spirit-Self or Manas ahead of us. “Calling All Angels” Rudolf Steiner, Parsifal, Novalis are all living embodiment’s of the stage of higher development set for the 6th Age, the Age of Aquarius (3574-5734 a.d.). Many begin arriving from the Consciousness Soul to the higher gateway to Manas or Spirit-Self schooling and many millions more are on the way.

Through his attainment in the path of the Initiation of humanity, Rudolf Steiner attaches the mighty stream of incarnations of the Michael School into the rushing torrent of the Waters pouring through Earth and Humanity. Through the Underground Temple, the transformed Aristotle, Rudolf Steiner, one of the family of the Grail Initiates, whose karmic companion was Alexander the Great, Sigune of the Grail family, Gilgamesh, and the humble doctor incarnated as Ita Wegman, Steiner puts forth the powerful historical Karma map of The Mystery Dramas (click link). The Mystery Dramas are a precise Moral Imagination of “The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily.” Game on!!!!!

The transformation of the 6th Age of Manas and Spirit-Selfhood brings us to the dualism of the Persian Experience. This dualism of the 6th Age, of the split of the lower worlds, against the tension of our ‘  I AM ‘ incarnation secrets, our legitimate and designated karmic family and companions and our own germinal seed of a full TWELVE FOLD MYSTERY DRAMA of our conscious karmic family, is set to be blocked by Ahriman.

Our Karmic family connected to our own sister and brotherhood as our own germinal Mystery Drama, will be shattered and absorbed by Luciferic and Ahrimanic agendas on Earth. The in-pouring of the Waters from the Higher Devachan Fires that appeared at the Pentecost Event (click Link) will impact our semi-prepared astral bodies, thinking and heart capacities as new Conscious Karmic Understanding of what the Good means.

When we examine meticulously the FOUR MYSTERY DRAMAS that Rudolf Steiner fashioned, crafted and maintained, we discover DEVACHAN actions, DEVACHAN events, 6th Age of Spirit-Self experiences that shape the inner Soul-Dimensions of an interconnected Core Karmic Group. This Core Karmic Group had been active in the living reality of the karmic history and biography of Earth.

In the FOUR MYSTERY DRAMAS we have notes on the schooling, actions and regions of the spiritual world and earthly world where Spirit-Self, moves, lives, educates and transforms the very kernel of a karmic TWELVE-FOLD embryonic constellation of human beings that are a sample of those invited to the Wedding.

Gratefulness for our Karmic Constellations and the Reality of the Mystery Dramas

“When the initiate sits there surrounded by his soul-forces, he says to himself: These are one with me; they have led me through the development of the earth; the feet of this apostle enabled me to walk on along my path, the hands of that apostle gave me the power to work. … The Holy Supper is the expression of man’s fellowship with the TWELVE SOUL – FORCES.”

We are invited to the Wedding. We have our own tight constellation of souls that we must identify, retrieve, recover, and re-align. We have all wandered off the Reservation in our own ways. And in the 6th Age it will be these karmic clusters that will start painfully pin-wheeling into the higher Angelic Devachan dimensions of humanity in the School of the Lamb and getting ourselves prepared to come to the wedding of Sophia and the Stars.

The Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner gives our Devachan, 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood Schooling an impetus. The trials, tribulations, historical Cul-de-sac ( \ˈkəl(z)-, ˈkl(z)-, ˌkəl(z)-, ˌkl(z)-\ also cul–de–sacs \-ˌsaks, –ˈsaks\)  and wrong turns we took and wrong exits we took on the freeway are revealed in the vast psycho/spiritual framework of powerful personalities struggling to reorient themselves and their karmic compass, to their higher Karmic Work together. And my oh my, was the Goetheanum ever shaken to it’s core by suddenly having to face this enormous challenge.

The Goetheanum, well ahead, well in the forefront, well before the full coming 6th Age, was the announcer, as under the heading of John the Baptist, the Goetheanum was a forerunner of the coming 6th Age. Dornach’s Hill of Thorns, twisted and turned in massive thorny dilemmas. These massive thorny knots of karma are scattered over the whole world and the 6th Age will be enveloped by these dilemmas.

The Mystery Dramas are a big 6th Age, Manas, Spirit-Selfhood, Age of Aquarius, cliff notes study, of ‘how to recover from Devachan Disasters in our own intimate Karmic Communities. It was also part of the seed kernel of the Egyptian Mysteries of the 3rd Age of Taurus that surfaced up from the depths and arose like Moby Dick the Whale rose and antagonized the tyranny of Ahab. The Goetheanum Is/Was the rising, raising of the Underground Temple of a huge new Continent.

This vast New Continent of human Karmic Dimensions, revealing the massive problems awaiting the 5th Age of Pisces, breached the surface, reached the surface of history and caused immense repercussions felt in the shock waves of World Wars. The shock waves of this New Continent, breaching the surface, is reverberating into the very depths of the Earth and collapsing the false constructs we have surrounded ourselves with. Ahriman knows this and wants to be THE NEW WORLD ORDER master, that turns Karma and Humanity completely upside down and backward like Darwin did. Ahriman wants to plummet and sink this New Continent and reconstruct his own Replication of Peace on Earth.

“Whales such as sperm whales perform a breach by swimming vertically upwards from the depths, and heading straight out of the water. Others, such as the humpback whale, travel close to the surface and parallel to it, and then jerk upwards at full speed to perform a breach. In a typical breach, as performed by a humpback or right whale, the whale clears the water at an angle of about 30° to the horizontal. Around 90% of the body clears the water before the whale turns to land on its back or side.”

This massive Underground Temple, of the future Christ Sciences arose and first beached itself, consciously in Dornach, Switzerland. It anticipates the training and higher school of Spirit-Selfhood and our own schooling of our own karmic clusters coming towards us in the 6th Age of Aquarius (3574-5734 a.d.).

We wanted new lands, LAND HO, we got whole new lands, whole new continents of tangled human karma to sort out and get ready and prepare for the wedding. From the very first INTRO IN PART 1 of researching Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche, we studied Geographic Regions. We studied overshadowing Etheric/Ethnic bio-regional Archangel forces spread over the United States and the Western Hemisphere.

We have now revealed the new intent of the new geography of the hidden land mass of the new Columbus Explorers of the 6th Age. We just haven’t recognized our own Karma Groups as part of the New Lands, New Geography, New Continents, waiting for New Explorers. And Ahriman wants to get there before we wake up and halt us from realizing what these New Continents, New Capacities, New Explorers and New Lands are all about.

IT IS NOT ABOUT ALIEN LIFE FORMS IN OUTER SPACE. It is about uncovering the biographic, karmic and planetary mysteries in each human being. (click link) It is about the Angelic desire to turn and face each human being with our newly awakened Sophia Star Wisdom and explore them, love them and discover who we really are for each other. We must become our sisters and brothers keeper of their higher mysteries, because in that portal of initiation of interest in each other we find the new Science of Anthrosophia.

So as Parsifal set out with his first failure to understand the Grail or the Community of Spirit-Selfhood so shall we, in the majority, fail to understand the Stars, our Hearts or the meaning of the new Karmic Continents arising from the Earth. We have set out in the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul and the 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood, Manas and the Holy Spirit, without understanding the least part of the Ahrimanic or Luciferic Salome Mysteries, or the Asuric Mysteries which threaten to rip humanity apart.

And because we are genetically stubborn, traditional, dogma clinging cowards, we certainly refused to recognize the Risen Etheric Christ Sciences and the whole New Continents of the Christ arising before us to prepare humanity for the wedding. In fact our arrogance can’t stomach the terminology of Wedding, Sophia and the Stars, because our terminal materialism has our heads in a vice grip. We are brain frozen in Ahrimanic materialism.

So we will not be left off the hook when it comes to recovering our higher spiritual treasure and like Parsifal, living Parsifal’s of the 6th Age, it will be necessity for us to recover our Karmic Families. Rudolf Steiner tried to gather the family of Michael and the higher stream of human karma together in the 20th century and it was as daunting as any tale of Parsifal we could imagine.

There is a great, great difference between abstract mythology which we tend to dismiss and concrete laws of Space and Time. Christ lamented that He would have gathered His Fathers Karmic Family together, under his wing, as a mother Hen gathers her chicks, but humanity wouldn’t have it. So we can count on it, the 6th Age will not be made easy for any of us.

If we studied with a clear eye (CLICK LINK 1) “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart, we see that the main character suddenly sees clearly the effects on an entire town if George Bailey, the Moral Time Value of ONE solitary individual human being, had never incarnated and never had the freedom to weave his karma and his own I AM LOVE into the patterns of TIME .

Well the culture of Ahriman in the 6th Age is going to give us an opportunity to worship the virtues and the instinctual gifts that Ahriman will bestow on the detached Human Group Soul. It will be a magical Hive of Ordered and outlandish wonders. But the free I AM, free to offer itself or unfold it’s higher development out of love, will be considered a psychotic illness.

If there were no moral impulses of the I AM consciously generated from a human spirit, who was incarnated in one geographical region, an entire region and equally an entire karmic stream could suffer a Luciferic Corruption in the Space Time Continuum, in this instance (in this case George Bailey and Bedford Falls turns into POTTERSVILLE).

But we haven’t even considered alterations in the Space-Time Continuum of human Karma on Earth, if Ahrimanic Civilization dissolves the dimensions of Human Freedom and Love. Really? Really? This is exactly what we must call STAR STUBBORNNESS. The same powerful Geographical and at times Archangelic Regional Moral Value and equation and distortion of the Space-Time Continuum applies to the dimensions of influence given through the fact of the Incarnation, Love, Courage and Freedom in the I AM of Martin Luther King Jr.

The same Geographic and moral Archangelic and Angelic powers and equation of the Space-Time Continuum applies to the influence and incarnation of Gandhi, John Lennon, Dr. Maya Angelou, Chris Hedges, Ron Paul, Garrison Keillor,  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts , and thousands of martyrs, and friends and activists working consciously and unconsciously everyday for the higher value that lights the Free I AM at the core of our human spirit.

Ahriman wishes to freeze human development and lock the lower Devachan experiences of the animals and nature into a fixed playground within the paradigm of dead space and insert a replacement evolution without Freedom or Love in the Space-Time Continuum.

Paul Craig Roberts

“The American public needs to understand the consequences of Washington’s illegality and criminality. On the one hand it means that those subject to Washington’s aggression have to endure war crimes, but on the other hand it means a growing hatred for America. As Washington’s easy targets are used up, Washington engages countries that can reply to force with force.

“Unless the neoconservatives are ejected from the Obama regime and banned from inclusion in any future American government, mushroom clouds will go up over Washington, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago. The American mid-west, which hosts the ICBM silos, will become uninhabitable except by cockroaches.

“Americans, and the populations of the American puppet states, desperately need to understand that Washington is incapable of speaking the truth about anything. Washington is an evil force. Washington is Sauron. Washington is Satan.”

A Geographic Luciferic Town, called POTTERSVILLE (from Judas and the Potters field) is an alternate reality. Have we really ever examined the immense Artistic, Spiritual power of renaming Bedford Falls after the Ahrimanic Impersonation of Mr. Potter? Have we considered the vicious and vital initiation issues that Harry Potter faced? Harry Potter is marked by destiny to fight the encroachment and intrusions of Black Magicians turning the astral, etheric worlds into a POTTERSVILLE. Ahriman is written large in the character of Mr. Potter the Banker, loan shark, Caiaphas that causes the JUDAS MYSTERY (click link). Voldemort is already a highly skilled Black Magician.

Few attempt and few have put the pieces of the puzzle together. We have the opportunity to get this right, so we can weigh the dimensions of such a silly, dismissed, sentimental film called, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. The sentimentality and the stubbornness resides in us not in the courage and clarity of the revelation offered by Frank Capra.

We love, we have always settled back in our complacency and our lazy comprehension of Christianity by dismissing “It’s a Wonderful Life” by Frank Capra as a sentimental Christmas Reminder of our quaint forgotten humanity.Age of America Pottersville But then the new Harry Potter drags us into the confrontation of the Black Magicians Guild of Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces that were in germinal form in Bedford Falls.

We witness Harry Potter ripening and maturing into an initiate that confronts the Black Magician Monsters of the Psyche born from the seething, sordid grave of POTTERSVILLE. Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuric beings crave an opportunity to snatch portions of our I AM and from that devastation, plant their flag on the grave of humanity.

To test humanity the Ahrimanic, the Asuric and the Luciferic beings cannot help but create their own cosmic dead zone kingdoms. How real is evil? Very real! If there were no consequential evil there could be no mighty, mature and ripening Manichean Goodness arising in the 6th Age (click link).

(Matt. 27:7-10) – “And they counseled together and with the money bought the Potter’s Field as a burial place for strangers. 8 For this reason that field has been called the Field of Blood to this day. 9 Then that which was spoken through Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled, saying, “And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of the one whose price had been set by the sons of Israel; 10 and they gave them for the Potter’s Field, as the Lord directed me.”

The Novalis School of the moral greatness and goodness of humanity has revealed many varieties of film contemplations of alternate EARTH scenarios. Different mis-apprehensions of rips in the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. No, we are too conceited to connect our immoral and moral choices that we make unconsciously in our hearts with future rips in the fabric of Time. But, most assuredly this error, our conceit in not reckoning with the cosmic influence of Luciferic, Ahrimanic or Asuric influences, will come crashing in over our heads in the 6th Age. We will not only see, but know directly the reality of the Risen Etheric Christ Being with our own eyes.

The results from the failure of one moral human I AM, George Bailey, never having incarnated on Earth; or having been stymied and held at abeyance, his astral and etheric instrument and his physical bodily instrument bottled up and removed from any effectiveness of ever bringing to Earth what his Free Moral I AM might have offered the Heart of Earth, becomes a Devachan Science of TIME Distortion and disruption in the 6th Age.

Hometown, Heartland and the Geographic Effects of the Moral I AM changes the whole character and being of the town of Bedford Falls into a Luciferic Salome corrupt Eyesore. But Ahriman, Mr. Potter, Caiaphas, Dick Cheney and the crushing defeat of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL powers of the 5th Age of Pisces, delivers to us the stillborn world of a new Global Civilization. A veritable global geographic Monster dominated by an Ahrimanic Archai, having arisen out of the West will threaten the entire future of the Earth.

“As its been said, Voldemort may have been the biggest bad in the Harry Potter series, but Dolores Umridge was the most human evil – and thus the scariest. She represented everything wrong with people who are put in position of power and abuse it for their own personal gain. Umbridge discriminated against those creatures who were different, and was perfectly content to allow many individuals to suffer if it meant a smoother running system.

“We have all met an Umbridge in real life, and that’s honestly what makes her the most evil character in Harry Potter – the fact that she actually exists.”

Garrison Keillor has changed the whole flow of the heart in the Heartland of the U.S.A. Martin Luther King Jr. influenced the entire circulation of Moral Courage in every heart it touched, all the way up to the President of the United States and down to every bigoted, backward, evil etheric habit locked in small racists hearts and minds over the whole planet. Pockets of human prejudice, patriotic flag waving legions of misguided and misinformed humanity pepper the geography of polluted regions of the Earth. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had never incarnated? What if he had been prevented from bringing any of his higher gifts into the flow of human life and TIME?

Ahriman has made a science of killing out the potential of injecting any Moral Courage or Spirit Fire, in any developing child, that might ripen into a new rejuvenated and compassionate infusion that lifts and refines the circulation of our human hearts. Ahriman is good at stagnation, assassination, elimination, mean-spiritedness, Age of America deconstruction of the I AM rafael gomezbarros casa tomadashattering the cohesion of the I AM, our Astral Body, our nervous system with Pharmaceutical Demonical Entities (discussed in PART 2)  creating autism, sleep disorders, and freezing the Etheric Body so no light, and no thought and certainly no Love and no Freedom may enter his icy domain.

Bedford Falls,  Falls, and America Falls when Ahriman freezes out the unpredictable Love and Freedom that is the core of our I AM. But the insidiousness of it is that it arises, in the 6th Age, as an up thrusting force of the ancient Persian conflict between Ahura Mazdao and Ahriman. Just as Pyramid, Ponzi Scheming, Corporate Sterile Greedy, fallen Ahrimanic Archangel Entities arose in the 5th Age from the unconscious forces left over from ancient Egypt.

Our ability to choose what we sacrifice our hearts for is a mystery only Love holds dear. Not Ahriman. An Ahrimanic Civilization arises only from each of our singular betrayals. We selectively chose, cherry picked the lies of Ahriman and let them surround us. Our so called NSA, FBI, our Justice System, our militarized and weaponized police and the traitors who ruled us, our glorified War Mongers, Congress, Presidents and the complete sickness of Ahrimanic/Luciferic Washington D.C. were applauded and lauded by us. We led our children and the world into a cosmic trap because of our refusal to wrestle with our Consciousness Soul.

Therefore we collectively chose the elimination of the  ‘ I ‘ and pushed human civilization toward the Moral Suicide an Ahrimanic Archai offered as Peace. Divine Guidance returns the favor by letting our stubbornness become the very enslavement that pushes us into the Revelation of the 6th Age. Our stubbornness forced an awakening of our Higher Spiritual failures with an even higher spiritual clarity and intensity. We are given, in the 6th Age, the horror, the mercy and the grace of hearing the cry’s of humanity being torn from the Hierarchies. Out of necessity, in the 6th Age, we learn the science of shattering compassion.

In PART 2 we examined the obsessive compulsive infection, a highly potent Fallen Ahrimanic Angelic Being that infected J.Edgar Hoover. In PART 2 we examined the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD and the vicious Pharmaceutical attacks by Entities, unleashed at the threshold of our ‘good’ psychic cohesion. Instead of recognizing our DOUBLES with cultural and educational certainty, we fed the best parts of our children to dissolving Entities at the destructive threshold of consciousness.

We wanted nothing to do with Higher Consciousness, Higher Education or cultural and spiritual antidotes to destructive tendencies. Instead we offered our children to monsters and the monsters shattered the cohesion of the gifts our children brought from the spiritual world. Before they ever had a chance to feel the stirrings of their own Harry Potter, their own Astral gifts, or any knowledge of the anchor of the I AM, we blindly and willingly fed our children into the monsters maw and dissolved their spiritual treasures with the acid of Pharmaceutical Entities serving monsters. Oh really, Acid for saliva, Acid for blood? Oh you mean “Alien” meant look deeper into our star estrangement? Look deeper into our star delusions?

We could take the FBI apart for malicious intent and surveillance of the lie, every which way from Sunday. The FBI, CIA, NSA are not Grail Knights serving Truth. It looked good when we arrived on Earth seeking Justice and Truth and saw the signs noting INTEL and Covert INTEL and smart, snappy uniforms and weapons and Police authorization to become one of the proud Legion of Ahrimanic pet monkey’s. But they were founded on the School of Black Magicians and unholy Ahrimanic intents.

We love our poison, just as our politicians are well paid Ahrimanic/Luciferic and at times Asuric monsters. We couldn’t wait to throw off our simple Christianity for the clever conceit of cunning materialism. We let it all slip by and sink unmourned in our souls. In the 6th Age we get the Bill and we will be required to pay the karmic cost.

We knew of the Battles in Heaven before we incarnated and the Dividing of Humanity (click link to Part 1) and the School of the Cloud Atlas and The Michael Revelation, but we couldn’t recognize it on Earth so we made DOUBLE GUIDED DECISIONS based on the sick soup of our sour and bitter education. Already Ahriman was meddling in every home, school and pharmacy to change the Space-Time Continuum into POTTERSVILLE to suit his own demented brand of poison prison punch. We drank the Kool-Aid and offered our children ACID Entities, from big Pharma, that dissolve the cohesion of our children’s soul and spirits.

Martin Luther King Jr. and J. Edgar Hoover

“… a man that utters such words and who also has a considerable following would not appeal to the thug in charge of the FBI at the time, J. Edgar Hoover. So what did Mr. Hoover do? He sent a letter to Dr. King, pretending to be a black person and implied that he should kill himself. None of this is news, but until the New York Times released it yesterday, copies of this letter had always been partly redacted. We now have the uncensored version. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.38.49 PM

“Now ask yourself a question. Is the FBI any more ethical today than it was back then? I would argue certainly not. After all, it had a file on on tech prodigy Aaron Swartz, who was driven to suicide by the feds. Now imagine what the FBI could do to political dissidents in a world in which they have a backdoor into all your electronic devices, which is precisely what it wants.”

A gigantic fracture of civilization will be part of the human catastrophe of the 6th Age. It is part of the ancient Star Karma of the Constellation of the THE TWINS and will be part of the tearing apart of the I AM that is the revelation of the Christ Mysteries against the implementation of a full-on Ahrimanic civilization of the vast GROUP SOUL reduced to the equality of spoiled “selfie” human chattel.

The 6th Age is a massive inversion and turning outwards of what was, for Persian culture, the hidden powers of the Twins. Just as we described the reversal of the hidden forces of the Egyptian age in Taurus arising in the 5th Age of Pisces, we find the DUALISM of ancient Persia returning in an entirely new form. The Ancient Persian Dualism that existed between Ahrimanic Culture and the Living Sun culture of Ahura Mazdao which was below the surface, now rises in the 6th Age with a tearing apart of civilization between the Non – I and the I AM. Ahriman in the West brings the virtue of Fallen Devachan Delight into a transcendental homogenization and dilution of the I AM.

The coming 6th Age will be the literal imprisoning of humanity in the Golden Chains of Ahriman while humanity plummets into an Asuric, Ahrimanic, Luciferic playground built to herd and contain the Group Soul called ‘humans’. It will be an immense conflict of DUALISM that will be rooted in the staggering issue of the   ‘I’ and the ‘Non I.’

The living, loving memory of our incarnations will be absorbed, eradicated, erased and a huge I AM suppression, pharmaceutical solution that numbs the painful TIME VALUE of the I AM, which is the cause of a mass form of psychotic, Karmic -PTSD. The only thing that upsets the Ahrimanic boredom and Peace and Equality shared by all is the nagging nightmares, hallucinations and psychosis that the suppression of the memory of the I AM causes in the population. But these disturbances will be treated as a trade off for the accumulated past horrors of karma exploding below the surface of a numbed and complacent Ahrimanic answer to Civilization.

The entire Group Soul of Humanity becomes a natural resource and captivated CHANGELING, of the new civilization of Ahriman. Our hijacked humanity will feel contentment as a Group Being in the chains of Ahriman with no capacity to remember or recall our former karmic connections, loves and deepest spiritual relationships STAMPED BY TIME ITSELF. It will be psychotically painful with no conscious recall of all the powerful I AM events that shaped our souls and the people we loved through history. We won’t remember and Ahriman will call that Peace. Ahriman will provide a nice NUMBNESS where all humans are incubated and recycled through deathlessness, mixed and homogenized back into the Gene Pool of  the containment pond of the Group Soul.

Complexities of toil and suffering with our Earth

“…in overcoming the “curse” of the Father, that is, in overcoming pain, toil and death. It was hoped, for instance, to put an end to all pain through the forces of the “Air-Earth” (the third subterranean sphere), which kill feeling, and by applying the energy of the “Fruit-Earth’s” luxuriant growth, in conjunction with the “technical” forces of the “Fire-Earth,” to achieve freedom from all toil. And it was hoped that still deeper strata of the Earth’s Interior would give that terrestrial immortality which Rudolf Steiner calls “the Ahrimanic ideal of immortality” – which, actually, would be no immortality at all, but “deathlessness,” that is, an escape from the primal karmic necessity of death into a region whither this necessity does not extend.

“These intentions were active in the foundations of the Turanian civilization, and determined many of its details: for instance, the kind of communism extending even into family life, which was peculiar to the Turanian civilization. In this fact was expressed the “we-consciousness” of Turanianism; for instance, its inner bias towards the Interior of the Earth was shown in its hostility to agriculture. For if Man’s hand furrows the Earth with the plough and scatters seeds which are brought to growth and fruition by means of the warmth, light and rain of Heaven, he is carrying out a deed in conjunction with heaven, which stands in deepest contrast to the alliance with the Earth’s Interior.

“For this reason the great Zarathustra taught the small Iranian community which had gathered round him, agriculture, as a religious duty of Man.”

No need for entanglement in blood lines because Ahrimanic Science will have anesthetized the population as it has started to do in the current 5th Age (See PART 2). There will be pockets off the grid, way off the grid, where incarnations will still retain a normal, abnormal pattern and where failures to have the Ahrimanic etheric body, Ahrimanic astral body and the suppressed I AM adapt itself to the controlled incarnation sciences of Ahriman will be secreted out as failures.  (Click Link 2) the removed moral I AM “It’s A Wonderful Life.)

This is partly where we uncover the 6th Age where the Spring Sun rises in Aquarius 3574-5734 a cultural migration towards a Russian-Slavonic backward, considered retarded, safe haven of human communities that still retain the primitive I AM model of human development.

These retarded Bio-Dynamic Farmers, Manichean and I AM cast aways from Ahriman’s Titanic Global Grasp will be a tiny sliver of the population, unless of course we block Ahriman’s future intentions. And based on the 5th Age, when the Sun Rose in the Spring in Pisces, (See PART 2) the majority of humanity rejected the I AM in favor of relinquishing the struggle for conscious Spirit-Selfhood in the 6th Age, in the same manner that we relinquished the struggle for the value of our CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL in the 5th Age of Pisces.

Ahriman won? If Ahriman wins it will be because we let this full blown rising Ahrimanic Archai home grown out of the American West, prepare the way to rebuild the world in His Image. Ahriman has done immense preparation for his Incarnation in the West in a Human Being. We must mature enough to recognize the quiet, quaint, hidden preparations that brought TWO JESUS CHILDREN together. That brought Christ, the Master of the Logos into a human individuality and with hardly any historical validity altered the entire inner structure of the human I AM. Christ cleared the path for humanities striving to attain to the Zodiacal Heights of Creator Beings through the school of THE LAMB OF GOD. (Lamb of God Schooling in beginning of PART 2 see link)

Ahriman, on the other hand, has been deviously preparing in massive outward strides into technology, genetic manipulation, severing nature from the Sun with the bees and Monsanto. Brainwashing our humanity with Outer Space Materialism. Ahriman’s aim has been to sever us from nature and our human Etheric cohesiveness,  poison our Astral body away from the Hierarchies and shatter our I AM, through intensive attacks from enhanced pharmaceutical Entities of the threshold.

We can see immediately through the devilish MONSANTO corruptions of nature, carried over from the ancient Persian Turanian battle of severing humanity from the Sun Science of the Etheric Plant and Etheric Human logos. The Spiritual Scientific higher dimensional Devachan realm of Space and Etheric Sciences is an entire new world where TIME and the temporal mysteries unveil a living Space against the Dead Space Ahriman wished to preserve. The ancient battle wounds from the Persian Age of Gemini and the Twins revisits us out of the Aquarian Age.

Ahriman out of the West is attempting to alleviate and shatter the Civilization of the ‘ I AM ‘ and replace it with a duplicate, a false TWIN, a Devachan Deception and a Distortion in the Space-Time Continuum. And the horror of it is that we helped Ahriman achieve his goals in the West and we greedily and viciously served Ahriman, paving his road for him, because we refused to explore the Freedom and Love native to our immortal ‘ I AM.’Age of America 2 Twins

Gemini 5067-2907 B.C. Persian
Aquarius 3574-5734 A.D. Russian-Slavonic

Persian = Sentient or Astral body
6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self

Rudolf Steiner

“The Iranian identified this Power with Ahura Mazdao, and he said to himself: ‘Everything a man can do to ennoble the forces of Nature, to elevate them, can be done, if he will attach himself to Ahura Mazdao, to the power of Ormuzd. Ormuzd is an ascending stream. But if a man leaves Nature as she is, then everything becomes a wilderness and reverts to savagery. This comes from Ahriman.’ Add now the following mood developed in the Iranian regions: ‘To the north of us many people are going about; they are in the service of Ahriman. They are Ahriman’s people, who only roam about gathering what Nature offers them; they will not raise a hand towards the spiritualization of Nature. But we wish to unite ourselves with Ormuzd, Ahura Mazdao.’

So a duality was felt at that time to be rising in the world. Thus it was that the Iranians, the Zarathustra-men felt, and they expressed these feelings in laws or rules. They wished to arrange their life so that eternal law gave, in its expression, the impulse upwards. That was the external result of Zarathustrianism. Here we see the contrast between Iran and Turan.”

A very powerful Ahrimanic designed Race is forming under our American Ahrimanic Archai of the West. Again and again we have said, that is NOT the struggling Good Archai of the West, it is the rising Shadow that we love more than the Freedom and Love our American Nation was founded upon.

As the 6th Age comes forward toward us, all incarnations over the whole Earth will be subject to an absorption into a magical culture of highly defined and integrated human double capacities. And the Immortal Struggling Good Archai of vast America will be tortured into submission and suffocation down into the deep, deep layers of the Inner Earth.Age of America 2 twin 1aA Group Soul of Humanity, a dark TWIN, a Non -I will replace the ‘ I AM ‘. Instead of the core source of each individual I AM given the opportunity on Earth to navigate our little individual development, via conscious thinking, conscious feeling and conscious willing to consciously elaborate the higher germinal seed forces of our Spirit-Self, our Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man or better said Atma, we get the culture of the Non – I. That, dear friends is the challenging Karma facing the 6th Age.

‘I’ and the ‘Non I.’

“Novalis encountered Fichte. All Jena was at that time teeming with excitement about Fichte’s work. Schelling said that “The philosophy of Fichte was like lightning; it appeared only for a moment but it kindled a fire that will burn for ever.” The very title of his book,Sonnenklarer Bericht an das grössere Publikum über das eigentliche Wesen der neuesten Philosophie. Ein Versuch die Leser zum Verstehen zu zwingen — gives us a glimpse into the intimate workings of his mind and heart. In his Fragments, Novalis makes frequent reference to Fichte, for example: “It is possible that Fichte is the inventor of an entirely new mode of thinking for which language has not yet found a name.” “Fichte’s demand for simultaneous thought, action and observation is the ideal of philosophizing; if I fulfill this demand, I begin to realize the ideal.” “According to Fichte, ‘I am’ is the result of the universe. In order to state ‘I am,’ I must presuppose the whole universe; vice versa, the absolute statement of the ‘I am’ is at the same time the statement of the universe.”

“Fichte had dared, as no thinker before had done, to take the Ego as the starting-point of his philosophical investigations. To him, all being and development of the universe were the result of an interplay between the ‘I’ and the ‘Non I.’ In the process of investigation, the latter thinned down into a more and more shadow-like existence, since all reality was identical with activity and activity belonged solely to the Ego.

“Fichte was of significance in the life of Novalis because he not only brought a new richness into his being but touched a chord which was the innermost essence of his mind and Spirit: Fichte awakened Novalis to the realization of the depths of the Ego and of the all-transforming, sovereign power of the moral impulse. In the Fragments, we read: “The system of morality must become one with the system of Nature. We must become magicians in order to be truly moral. The more moral we are, the more we are in harmony with God, the more united to God. Only through the moral sense does God become audible to us. The moral sense is the sense of existence — not affected from without — the sense of union, of the highest harmony, of a life freely chosen and yet within fellowship; it is true sense of divination.” And again: “The moral sense is a sense of the absolute creative power, the generative freedom, the infinite personality, the singular divinity within us.”

“The application of the moral sense to all research, all science, was a subject ever-present in the mind of Novalis. He spoke of the “moralization of the universe” in anticipation of the knowledge in which the wall between the moral world and the laws of Nature is broken down and they are recognized as one — as indeed the wall is cleft when an act of cognition pierces the veil of the sense-world. Only when the outer world is permeated by the moral sense will man be enabled to enter into the intimate understanding of Nature which must arise if he is to experience the earth with her living creatures not as a place of exile, but as a familiar homeland. All human life is the pursuit of an ever-increasing interpenetration of the Spirit within and without. “The individual soul must be understood as being in harmony with the cosmic soul.”

We are already running into intense restrictions on thought, education, pharmaceuticals and already introducing destructive threshold entities into the vital construction and sacredness of our Etheric Bodies, our Astral Bodies and our I AM. Oblivion and suffocation of our True Karma with the Stars is deeply rooted and connected to our true Conscious Karmic recognition of who we owe and what we owe to each other in clear Free and unobstructed conscious Love and destiny.

The dualism of a global culture that would hijack human consciousness and usurp what humanity can do in Freedom and Love for the Earth and our vivid companions who have shared our hearts through history will be an agonizing trial, not unlike waking up on Earth and discovering like George Bailey that Human warm hearted, Freedom Loving Civilization vanished.

The Central Mystery of TIME AND SPACE

There is an equation that is the very essence of the universe we live in. Without this equation being answered earnestly, we shall suffer our entire human race and all the forces of nature on Earth to be crucified in DEAD SPACE. This is the big issue of the 6th Age and certainly the hopes of the Consciousness Soul in this our 5th Age (Part 2 click Link).

Now for those of us who have participated and earnestly sought the deepest riddles of TIME AND SPACE, we were led scientifically to a powerful Dualism, a Persian Riddle that can only be solved by us, NOW and painfully through the coming 6th age. Briefly we shall elaborate as close as we can the precise riddle everyone must encounter NOW.

It is not sappy silliness to present the Vast Constructs of Outer Space on the scales of the equation of the definitive construction of the HEART in the human breast. But right away we see that the sterile fiction and math of Space Travel has collected around itself some interesting restrictions on the speed of light, the content of light, the quantum mechanics of Space and Time. It has long been assumed that the overlap between quantum theory, which governs the behavior of the very small, and general relativity, which deals with how planets and stars warp space-time on cosmic scales, lies way beyond experimental reach—perhaps only within the center of black holes.

So we can look at THREE EXAMPLES of earnestly seeking A spacial solution, to the Inner Equation of the vastness of the human spirit. The equation of how the immortal I AM fits into the universe and how Dead Space theories like Stephen Hawking’s are all about the conflict of the “Non – I and the true I AM” that we are the universes own implanted Divine Seed is the great riddle. In fact it is the Immortal reality of the I AM in us that IS the germinal seed forces of the mystery of our own vast embryonic TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS.

This is where the Death of Space meets the Resurrection of Time. The three OUTER SPACE examples we can admire, to some degree, are “2001 A Space Odyssey”; “Contact”; and “Interstellar”. The earnest power of attempting to balance the equations between the constructs of Space and the constructs of Time brings us to the revelation of how HUMAN KARMA and TIME are situated within the laws of Space. Human civilization and ALL of our education comes down to the conflicts of the “I and the Non – I.”

If we remove the micro-mechanism of the human heart, and just for the sake of focusing on the vivid reality of the 6th Age, we understand the spinning gyroscopic FOUR CHAMBERED HUMAN HEART as a highly refined, lofty TIME COMPASS, navigational PAST – PRESENT -FUTURE time mechanism, (But our human hearts are truly fitted within our organic SOPHIA TIME BODY with all the relevant answers to our abstract longing to discover the hidden meaning behind DEAD SPACE.) Our human hearts are the answer to the cosmic riddle of TIME and SPACE and we will get as near to the riddle of Time and Space as we have ever come in the history of physics and the magicians of the GOOD, right now.

“As far as Interstellar is concerned, love is a literal potent physical concept, strong enough to bend the elaborate cosmic architecture of wormholes and black holes and far-flung star systems.”

Love is not only a potent physical concept that exists as a Matrix Force within the human heart, each human heart and the equation where Love and Freedom determine the WEIGHT of Time against the vast emptiness of Space has been torn out of our Education and sentenced to sentimental silliness in the frolicking falsity of our education. Everyone has been after sincerely trying to discover the system that off-sets the vast complex void of the Stars and Empty Infinite Space. What is the relation between the microcosm of quantum theory and the vast macrocosm general Relativity theories? Obviously something is missing and it is highly obvious what that something is.

Our hearts initially form outside of our tiny embryonic selves. The thing that angers and calls forth the wrath of science is bringing the bridge of Outer Space into the Time Organ of the Human Heart. Well the heart is not a pump and that literally causes apoplectic stroke in materialists. The absolute unforgivable sin in the religion of Materialism and Physics is to draw a concrete connection between the Time Organ of our human hearts and the infinite dimensions of Space.

Our hearts form initially outside our tiny embryo.  And what we are saying and what we shall stand up for is first the Heart is not a pump.Age of America 3 A little piece of my heart brought from time into space

Second it has been the subject of profound awareness that as we incarnate from the Stars we take a fragment of a piece of the Karma of the World with us back into Space. It becomes the entire dynamic structural system of our Etheric Body. Our individual Etheric Bodies are literal ticking TIME BODIES as our own tiny portions of the karma of infinite space. Infinite vast space is relative to the vast intimacy we share in time.

Within this Etheric Force we bring with us from the other side of Space Theory, our Hearts and our Etheric Bodies carry a concrete fragment of the Karma of humanity. We bring with us to the Earth, down into specific regions of space, down into specific regions of geography, into specific regions of Archangelic activity,  our portions of untransmuted, un-transubstantiated cosmic karma. We bring the etheric/ethnic capacities of the Archangelic Communities of our own Language and thought to life within us. For a moment this bulging content of the Heart appears outside us, as the substantial riddle we have carried into Space from the vast Eternity and School of Sophia and the Lamb of God. (Higher Schooling of Lamb of God at beginning of Part 2)

Our arrogance cannot permit a contemplation of what it meant when the Heart of the Logos, the Heart of the Christ stopped on Earth and according to the process of Transfiguration, Sweating of blood, we cannot comprehend that having a certain Being who is about to reboot the system of the Stars themselves, impregnated the Seed of our Earth with the full Karma of the Stars. We have the unmitigated arrogance to imagine that when the Heart of Christ stopped, the Stars themselves were jolted and Earth was jolted and rebooted. The Etheric Time Organ of the Logos, the Logos of the Laws of Space were joined in the Macrocosmic Heart of the Christ at Golgotha. Ahrimanic Science will not permit our comprehension of the dimensions of the organ of the human heart.

You see we cannot, in Ahrimanic Educational Science consider the event of Golgotha, as a sweeping and shattering change that reverberated through the Earth and went right through the Starry Region where we as humanity hail from.

“Thou that didst lie dead in the sepulchre hast come down unto us living and at thy death all creation quaked and all the stars were shaken…”

We examined the above in the Harrowing of Hell (part 2), when the ancients tried to grasp the magnitude of the Christ Being. Our arrogance will not allow such a revelation to be linked to our hearts. Let us, for the sake of defying The Da Vinci Code, put ourselves in the reverberating ETHERIC HEART that is recognized by Mary Magdalene walking outside and in the vicinity of the Tomb where the body, the dead body, of the gigantic LOGOS had completed HIS MISSION.

Age of America 3 The scent, the tone and the Heart of the Risen Etheric ChristJohn 12:1-8 Six days before the Passover, Jesus arrived at Bethany where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. 2 Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. 3 Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. 4 But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, 5 “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.” 6 He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it. 7 “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “ It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. 8 You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”

What happens in the SENTIENT SOUL of Mary Magdalene and all SENTIENT SOUL and astral/etheric events is that unconditional love, transcendent, selfless, instinctual love literally merges with the heart forces of those throwing themselves into the highest capacities of the Soul, without reflection. With Passion. It is clear to the eye of the soul that this deep instinctive longing for unconditional Sentient Soul/Spirit-Self bridge arises with utter Emotional Clairvoyance, when Mary Magdalene detects the Heart of Christ in her immediate vicinity. This has nothing to do with the sad efforts popularized by The Da Vinci Code.

I could remind you of what most of us have experienced literally, from the astral devotion of our own pets. In our family dogs there is this unconditional, instinctual, sentience. My own experiences of how my Border Collie, if my heart was moved by some Word I heard, or by some tragedy of a friend, or when my heart exactly stirred in a certain rhythmic SYMPATHY, towards the true etheric/astral relation of tears, without hesitation, without calling, without conscious reflection, the sentient/animal, unconditional TONE of my heart, was so tuned to my dogs heart, that he magically arrived to see if he could be of assistance. Dogs have been known to find their masters graves and mourn.

So what we are precisely saying in regard to Mary Magdalene and how, the now Etheric Heart of the Christ, resonated in Sympathetic Tone in Mary Magdalene’s heart, reveals how the Tone of the Risen Etheric Christ Being, was alive in the neighboring Etheric World, still beating. Still alive. And still in resonation with the heart of Mary Magdalene. Now this is part of the precise science of the actual Astral/Etheric bridge to Spirit-Self and Manas. The Mystery of Grief and Gratitude that can never be faked resonates as part of the Core of TIME ITSELF.

Age of America 3 the I AM and the human heart Kristina KaineWe have avoided examining the higher Devachan astral/etheric capacities and currents that will reveal to us, in the future, the location, the vision, and the revelation of the Risen Etheric Christ. Our question and our crisis is, what is it that we love unconditionally? Do we have any idea what runs through the Sympathetic Heart field of those who have been schooling themselves, as true lovers? True Lovers, well, how do we recover our virgin and CONSCIOUS sympathy, compassion and passion, in a conscious understanding of how our Astral Bodies operate in our awakened Spirit-Self? Sentient-Soul heart transparency to the edge of Spirit-Self clairvoyance is in every sentence of the heart fervor described in every nuance of Mary Magdalene.

Well how do our hearts learn to feel the sympathetic beating of the vast Etheric HEART of the Risen Etheric Christ Being? The Stars were shaken when the physical Heart of the Christ Being stopped and the Etheric Heart continued. Mary Magdalene located that SMELL, that scent, that region of cosmic Sympathy and cosmic compassion, the Aura, that Etheric Reality of what her Sentient Soul recognized as the Highest experience of Unconditional Love she had ever encountered. Hardly a valid witness for Ahrimanic Science. We can discount her testimony entirely.

Did the enormous LOGOS HEART, Angelic in dimensions, cease to exist? We have proof that the Astral Body is able to detect the unconditional Love of it’s master. Every pet knows that secret, every lover thinks they know the secret, but Ahrimanic Science rebukes Mary Magadalene while the Christ Sciences celebrate the Eternal Knot of Cognition that is tied in the science of every Human Heart.

What was it that was still reverberating in that vicinity? Did the LOGOS HEART resuscitate itself?Age of America 3 Awakening of the Heart of the Risen Etheric Christ Or was the identity and tone of the Risen Etheric Christ now an Etheric fact of the Earth herself? Is there now a beating ETHERIC HEART OF THE EARTH pulsing through every strata of the Etheric Life of the Earth and humanity?

This was the sensitive CONTACT that Mary Magdalene’s heart beat had identified in pure, higher, raw, sympathy with the Heart of the Christ and she recognized it with a sudden clairvoyant shock, still beating and still alive and still the UNCONDITIONAL BEACON of the highest LOVE humanity had ever experienced.

Oh yes, where were we? The Embryonic Knot of the Heart, our little hands and our faces clutch at our little glowing hearts as the most precious possession of our divine journey back into incarnation. We have in our Hearts a Divine fragment of the precious universe that the Divine Beings have given us to cultivate like the most precious Seed of the Earth Herself. We press our tiny faces and our little arms into the magnificent gift and eventually we pull it inside us and we become one with our Etheric/Karmic TIME treasure SOPHIA has given us.

“As we begin to take form, the blood finds its way into the body, flowing up to the top or head end of the tiny embryo, where it pauses and then flows back down. It is here, at the head end, that the heart begins to form. In the fourth week after conception, as the nervous system grows up and around it, the heart folds into the more central location we associate as its proper place. It remains a (CLICK LINK) major fulcrum for development and being for the rest of our lives.

Age of America 3HeartEmbryoDrawingWeb“In the little embryo, the face grows directly on the heart. The arms start as little buds on either side of the heart, growing around it, as if already in embrace. Throughout our lives, our faces and arms express our hearts, and connect us with other people.”

“The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”

Carl Sagan, Contact

Ellie Arroway: Dad, do you think there’s people on other planets?
Ted Arroway: I don’t know, Sparks. But I guess I’d say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space.

In “2001 A Space Odyssey” we uncover the bridge Kubrick makes to Embryology and Reincarnation out of the Stars. That from the Stars the mystery of the smallest stirrings in the womb of a new Star Being, are formed in and from the vast complexities of the Stars, before they are shrunk and turned into the systems equations of TIME within the womb.

It is supremely important that we get our heads out of the sand we have stuck them in. Our hearts are the very first thing formed in the Embryo system. Age of America 3 Reincarnation 2001 Embryology and AstrosophyThis Embryonic system has shrunk itself from what appears on the outside, to us, of the vast equation and apparent physics theories of Space. But our human hearts are the first organ that forms itself, and locks into itself the interior Organ of Time that bulges up inside of Space as that which is the KNOT, the I AM knot that ties human karmic Time to Space.

In “Contact” we cross a threshold of Time Barriers by not going anywhere, not leaving the Earth, not taking our big powerful pop-guns and launching us into the vacuum of Space, but rather creating the conditions of Magnetic/Etheric resonance surrounding the region of the Heart, Jodie Foster is launched into a TIME GATEWAY.Age of America 3 TIME Pulse CONTACT heart resonance launch A pulse in Time is amplified and reproduced with launch sequence intensity. Our little heartbeats in time, are the concrete factors that launch the Heart Organ into infinite slicing of Time down to dimensions of intuitions that Angels experience.

In other words a second, a minute, 18 minutes, a single fall into Gravity’s Rainbow might seem like 18 hours of recorded time but was just a matter of seconds. In other words the power and equations of THREE RINGS spinning and creating a magnetic/field or reproducing on a physical scale an intense amplification of the what the Heart produces normally, Age of America 3 Magnetic Field of the Heartallows Jodie Foster through the TIME BARRIER and TIME PORTAL of the heart as the riddle that offsets the equation of Space. (Click Link) For a blink of an Eye, for the blink of the Pineal Gland Cognition Eye in the field of amplified Heart Magnetic Resonance, the character Ellie Arroway, as in TIME’S ARROW, breaks into the Time Barrier. There is a Sound Barrier and Light Speed, Warp Drive barrier of the speed of light, but our Heart’s ARE where Time opens up vaster dimensions than we could ever imagine in Space.

Let’s look at those who laid the ground work. Firstly there is no way we can avoid weighing of the Heart with the feather of Maat. (This refers to Part 2 – CLICK LINK) But up till now that was hardly considered specific and indicative science that opens out into higher Devachan worlds where Time and Space meet.

We enter the interior Geometry of the flow of the Heart with the discoveries of Frank Chester (CLICK LINK). Frank Chester discovers a 7 sided spinning Geometric Cathedral Flow Form operative in the oscillation and spinning I AM – Blood forces in our human Hearts.Sophia study These 7 pillars of Sophia account for the dimension of Past – Present and Future Akashic Time streams that can be detected in the heart flow.

Frank Chester discovers a verifiable geometry flowing in the TIME ORGAN of the heart. This fluid geometry in the heart rises into the realm where Buckminster Fuller thought outward architecture should evolve. Frank Chester (click link) discovers the inner flowing Geometry of the Architecture of the Universe and Time in the ever moving streams and threads running through our hearts.

The inversion from the Spiritual World, Higher Devachan of the Starry Model where the Hierarchies live, to the tiny human embryo with it’s forming heart, is a deep Space conversion and inversion of Time and Space into the intimacy of each human heart. Age of America 3 Balance of Earth SPACE and othe side balance of human heart TIMEWe arrive on the other side of the gateway through birth. The Physics of the operation has only been approached outwardly in abstract models. When we look at the models we see, vividly, biologically, Angelically, the entire zodiac of our 12 constellations inverted into the tiny human Embryo, fetus, womb and human heart. (Click Link)

Once thrown back into Space we have built up through our education the observational skills to see our problem, but we have a hard time coping with the truth. The issue is show me, prove it. The Show Me State of Missouri, of Mark Twain and Harry Truman and T.S. Eliot and the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (part 1 CLICK LINK), Show Me! Is the mental stubbornness attributed to Missouri’s U.S. Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver and the hopes placed by Thomas Jefferson in Lewis and Clark in 1803. What we have been discussing in the entire Research Document on America is the faith Thomas Jefferson and Founding Fathers had in the Heroic Destiny of America.

So on this side of the Sense World we have cluttered the science of civilization with Math that literally blinds our eyes. We actually know as in “2001 A Space Odyssey” that David Bowman Age of America 3 Space and Karmagoes somewhere that doesn’t exist. In “Interstellar” again, with very meticulous models of Math and Time Displacement on display, we have tried to visualize, conceptualize how Gateways exist between Higher Worlds and our journey into flesh and incarnation.

We know the Stars have something to do with it. We pass out of the Gateway, supposedly at Death and re-enter what we call our Starry Home, the place of Sophia and the Hierarchies of the Stars and the lofty School of the Lamb of God.Age of America 3 Show me the inversion the hierarchies use Are those active Angelic and Higher Beings superior in math, physics, matter, and the laws of Time than our best minds on Earth?

This is what throws people into fits and rages. When we know the Heart is not a Pump. When we can rethink the model and literally SEE and Spiritually See, the tiny germinal seed planted by the Hierarchies in the fragile and humble human Embryo we see, GET THIS, we see the entire Real Estate of the TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS reproduced in the tiniest human form. embryo and stars Steiner CosmosophyThis leap that is there to see is reviled, dismissed, scorned and rebuked in every University or with every Doctor who prescribes to the doctrine of one sided materialism.

This is Novalis Science, Grail Science, Spiritual Science and the Registered Trademark of the portion of Sophia and the Stars that humanity hails from (part 2), is also part of the precise equation we are looking for in Space and Time. This science is part of the Time Mysteries that Christopher Nolan, in much of his cutting edge work has tried to work out. This is the nose bleed lofty paradoxes of the universe that Kip Thorne and ten thousand specialists, writers, poets, artists, mathematicians, astronomers have tried to describe and attempted to approach.

Oh boy do they get scared and furious when our and their efforts reveal the link and loop that connects a vast system of Space to the already designed intimacies of a Reincarnation and Embryology TRANSIT SYSTEM. This already designed fabric of Time and Space really scorches the roots resistance, refusal, repulsion that our human soul clings to in the throws of passionate, complex denial.

This Supreme Other Factor is described in “Contact”, “2001 A Space Odyssey” and in “Interstellar” it appears as THEY. THEY, THEM, those others? Look, They, Them, those others are what WE WILL BE. That is the entire mystery of THE SCHOOL OF SOPHIA AND THE LAMB OF GOD. Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick and Carl Sagan all reluctantly resorted to, which we admire in the West, Higher Beings. Higher Beings who designed and grew and were us, in our future. Higher Beings, ahead of the immediate problems we place in everyone’s path, by our stubborn refusal and rejection of beings of Higher Capacity than us. The rejection and or resolutions of science are always skipping over the Reincarnation Transit System already designed directly into our Organic Birth portal and our Death Gateway. Science always retreats from the higher schooling of the Christ Event. (EXAMPLE CLICK LINK)

ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (ETI)Age of America 3 carl sagan

Carl “Sagan originally wanted to use black holes as the aliens’ space transit system, but soon realized any travelers would be stretched and crushed into oblivion. So he settled for intergalactic artificial wormholes.

“Near the end of both the novel and film version of Contact, we learn that the Universe is not empty of life beyond Earth. Indeed, the aliens Ellie encounter tell her how they are restructuring major portions of the Cosmos to keep it from succumbing to entropy. For example, the radiation spewing from the center of the Milky Way galaxy is due to one of their current projects. Apparently ETI of equally high capabilities are conducting similar “save the neighborhood” activities in their own galaxies. And let us not forget the mysterious super aliens who built the wormhole transit system and perhaps the entire Universe and left messages of conscious intent in various mathematics.

“Apparently the ETI who made the wormhole transit system disappeared a long, long time ago, possibly into another universe. Age of America 3 transit system Time and Space bridge pointsI guess they found a way to bridge the gulf between universes. Of course our Universe is a very big place and they could well be in a really distant part of it which even the ETI Ellie makes contact with have not yet explored. One hundred billion galaxies in an area roughly thirteen billion light years across is nothing to sneeze at.

“…take Ellie’s journey through the wormhole to meet the ETI who sent the Message and the blueprints for the Machine. In the novel, she traveled with four other selected individuals, all interesting characters and representatives of various human cultures in their own right. Just as in the film, they wound up on an idyllic beach, where Ellie encountered an alien in the image of her deceased father, Ted Arroway.

“However, their conversation in the novel was far more rich and fulfilling. All the effort, time, and money spent on the Machine and making contact felt much more purposeful. The ETI representative showed Ellie how they were literally reworking the Universe to keep it from expanding into oblivion. Celestial engineering efforts over one-half billion light years away were clearly visible to astronomers on Earth. Both sources did have the ETI declare that they were not the builders of the wormhole transit system, Age of America 3 wormhole transit systembut the novel went on to say that the beings who made the tunnels also created the entire Universe and left its inhabitants messages in the very fabric of nature. These messages could be found deep within mathematical concepts such as pi.”

Who built THE TRANSIT SYSTEM? What is the purpose of the Embryonic Womb of our TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS? What is the School of Sophia and the LAMB OF GOD? (Click link for answer)

“You must realize that in speaking of these cosmic processes, we are not speaking of physical or etheric bodies but of beings in-dwelling the several heavenly bodies. When we speak of man in terms of Spiritual Science we say that the whole man — and we think of man only in this sense — is a seven-fold being, consisting of physical body, etheric body, astral body, ego, spirit-self, life-spirit, spirit-man. His development is not yet complete but will be when his sevenfold being has fully developed. But in the great cosmic All there are beings other than man, beings of a different nature. There are, for example, beings in the cosmos of whom we cannot say that, like man, they have the physical body as one of their members. There are beings of whom we must speak differently. The members of which man is composed can be enumerated as follows:

7. Spirit-Man
6. Life-Spirit
5. Spirit-Self
4. Ego
3. Astral Body
2. Etheric Body
1. Physical Body

“Now there are beings whose lowest member is the etheric body; they too are sevenfold, having an eighth member, higher than spirit-man. We begin to enumerate thus: etheric body, astral body, and so forth, finishing with a member above our spirit-man (Atma). There are other beings whose lowest member is the astral body; above spirit-man they have an eighth and yet a ninth member. Again there are beings whose lowest member is the ‘I,’ the ego, and who therefore have not a physical nor an etheric nor an astral body in our sense but whose Ego streams outwards without the three sheaths. They are therefore beings who send forth ‘Egos’ in all directions. These Beings have an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth member; they are described in the Apocalypse as beings who are “full of eyes”. Then there are beings in whom spirit-self (Manas) is the lowest member. They have yet an eleventh member. And finally there are beings whose lowest member is the life-spirit and who have yet a twelfth member. You must therefore think of beings who, just as man’s lowest member is a physical body, have life-spirit (Budhi) as their lowest member and above, a highest member best designated by the number 12. These are most sublime beings, far transcending everything that man is able to conceive. How is it possible to form any kind of idea of these most wonderful, most sublime beings?”

Thanks to Christopher Nolan “Interstellar”, Carl Sagan in “Contact” and Stanley Kubrick in “2001 A Space Odyssey” we have, as humanity, pooling our resources and our intelligence, we attempted to leap across the barriers of Space and Time into the streaming Akashic Mysteries of 5th Dimensional Time. The Above bridge of Rudolf Steiner to Nolan, Kubrick and Sagan IS the shattering step forward we outlined in the beginning of PART 2, the School of Sophia and the Lamb of God.

In America we followed Rod Serling into the Consciousness Soul as it was stated in the very beginning of these essays on Monsters of the American Psyche. This is where the Laws and the Foundational structure of our own Human Hearts, the TRANSIT SYSTEM OF REINCARNATION AND KARMA that our Angels and Divine Hierarchies use, is a contained Zodiacal Training Ground. A Cosmic Nursery. An Etheric Green House of the Stars where the Astral Fruits of our Incarnations are returned as Etheric biographical, biological Life Systems to the Earth. (Click link for deeper study)

We are in a cosmic Star Nursery that is in the process of growing a whole new unique crop of Divine Beings from the scruffy, rebellious, angry malcontent human beings who despise being prisoners in God’s Nursery. Humans, humanity, we hate discovering the leash, the chain that keeps us evolving under Higher Laws and Paradigms. Our rebelliousness and our Freedom and Love are part of our uniqueness.

That is why we refuse to bring the WONDER of our HEARTS together with our materialistic Science and the Science of our Angelic and Archangelic companions. We hate it! We abhor it! We deny it with every fiber of our being. We refuse to include it in our hearts and in our brains. We certainly are not going to allow that a Divine Being of the magnitude of THE LAMB OF GOD, walked the Earth with a human heart and blew the gateways of space open to the stars by conquering death. Ahriman would not allow that to be taught in our universities.

We reject medically and materialistically and religiously that our own embryology, our insignificant little beating, Time Equation of the rhythms of our Pulse and our Breathing which are, by law, by equation, by fact, by incarnation LOCKED TOGETHER (Dr. Rudolf Steiner on the EQUATION of the HEART), nightly, daily, and for the full length of every human life, LOCKED into the equation of 25, 920 years of the Sun’s spiral journey through designated, measured and precise law of the Constellations we Live In. This equation is locked into every human heart. The human heart and lung are key to the equation of Space and Time. Aggies Sports mysteries and the Lung

That means that the discussion and research we are considering, where we mark the Spring Equinox time value of the 5th Age of Pisces and the Consciousness Soul; the 6th Age of Aquarius, Spirit-Self and Manas; the 7th Age of Capricorn and Life-Spirit, Buddhi and the Bread of Life are LOCKED into the equation of our Hearts and our Lungs on Earth. (Study Lung and Heart Link)

We are part of a vast Higher School of Learning in a unique stellar system and there are many such nurseries already in progress. It enrages us that the entire school of humanity MUST TOGETHER, individually of course, DEVELOP OUR I AM’S and out of our Freedom and our Love, lift the entire Karma of the Earth to it’s next phase of development. We cannot abide knowing that there are HIGHER BEINGS beside us in the universe who have locked us into Freedom, Love, and CHOICE. As if we have no choice in the matter.

We see, that Rod Serling’s Consciousness Soul work where he attempted to describe “… a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man … a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity” is beginning to take shape and come into focus. And part of us are enraged by the lack of transparency. Oh really? How about, who gives the right for these Divine Beings to toss us into their experiment of creating a Divine Being with Freedom, Love and Choice? We are being torn to pieces down here. What transparency? We are forced to grow in a Garden we never made and in a School where the upper class members snicker behind their wings and laugh out-loud at our blundering theories.

Wings and Shoulder blades, just what does that mean? It means that the region of our future Cosmic Heart is surrounded by shoulder blades. Age of America 3 enclosed wing structure of the heart as future brain JakegarnOh and what does that mean? It means that once we develop our Hearts as a Cosmic Organ, we gradually develop the lawful listening and balance of what the ancients considered Angelic Wings. Nonsense.

Sorry but the vast region of Past – Present – Future that the Angelic Community already sustains, with the design codes of the Stars, are part of the math and music spheres. Their so called Wings experience all the delicate nuances of the riddles of the heart, that influence each of us, only theirs touch and travel in the tones of the planets and the Stars (see link). It is only right here where we begin to understand the full impact of Tone Eurythmy and Speech Eurythmy. Now that is remarkable.

The Music of the Spheres are reflected in matter in the relationships of our Chemical and Atomic tables of matter, which higher worlds move through like we move or swim through water. Each Star and each Planet contributes and each plant on Earth is an Etheric Temporal Time Being. Each plant, animal and on the higher dimensional and Devachan structure of Space, humanity has embarked on the higher dimensional Initiation of the Hierarchies.

In Part 2, at the beginning, there is a big discussion about beings who have already advanced to higher Devachan and higher Dimensonal Zodiacal status. These vast stages of higher development are part of humanities path. As an example we know that there are Beings whose lowest member maybe the Astral Body or Spirit-Self. There are lofty Beings that were discussed that have as their lowest member an I AM or an ego. Our lowest member, the housing and skeletal physical form that contains our functioning Etheric Time Body, our functioning starry astral body and is designed to launch the higher forces of our I AM is a self-enclosed fully operative divine being. Later we will have to elaborate the Higher Etheric Sciences that encompass dimensional beings.

Part of the training in our Etheric body has to do with Eurythmy and the math and Music of the Spheres ( CLICK LINK) hidden in our human forms and another part investigating the laws of Tone and Plant Etheric Time study of Bio-dynamic Life Sciences. The very substance of space and time, of manifest levity in etheric space from the periphery and manifest gravity in the point and center where matter disappears are part of our new Eurythmy studies (this is Eurythmy Science 201) .

The chemical music, that is mingled and mixed in each human being, our bones as tone, bequeathed from the starry zodiac and the highly advanced Etheric Time Sciences in our human hearts are precise new frontiers. We are each of us the astute and individual measure of the Stars and Planets Locked in the package of a Divine Human Form.

The Persian culture fought for developing farming, cultivation, wheat, vineyards, Bread and Wine against the Turanian denial that such Sun Bright Etheric laws of Life and the Logos had any relevancy. The Turanians like Ahrimanic America believed only in plundering, raiding, and raping regions, cultures and Archangels and countries over the Earth.

So Rudolf Steiner has followed Zarathustra and pushed ahead into the Etheric Sciences of the Logos. Zarathustra from Persia once prepared for Ahura Mazdao, the influx of a Super Sun Being into physical manifestation. This bridge from the Hierarchies to humanity succeeded and appeared with Christ at Golgotha. Rudolf Steiner picked up the trail of the deed of Zarathustra/Jesus and pioneered the sciences that reveal the laws of the Risen Etheric Christ. Turanian Iran vs Zarathustrian Iran is the same as Monsanto vs Bio-Dynamics and Sophia Sciences against Ahrimanic materialism. Turanian Iran vs Zarathustrian Iran is the same as a NON – I AM culture of Ahriman against the I AM culture of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Age of America 3 undeveloped wing structures for the future organ of our hearts as AngelsOur own Angels are well above the physics we use with our brains. The Angelic Kingdoms, with already lofty hearts, Cosmic Hearts, use their mid-region, their cosmic hearts, as navigational instruments, like we use our arms, hands and Brains in physical space. We use our sense of balance in music, in Tone, in Chemical/Symphonic relationships that are the very essence of Chemistry and Science. The Music of the Spheres are literally vibrating in the sub-atomic elements of matter.

Our entire human form, our collarbones and shoulder blades attempt to contain the vast sphere of the forming higher organ of our Hearts. We find the lawful patterns of time in music, chemistry, matter and every beat of our hearts. In Eurythmy we find these living patterns and circle, leap, run, touch tones swirling in space.

With our arms and legs we swim, dance, jump, row, throw, catch or, like our embryo, we cherish the gift of our hearts and enfold and embrace our loved ones in our arms. B Consonant Virgo Eurythmy(In the Eurythmy forms of EMBRACE, with love we lightly lift our Karmic burdens) The Angelic and Starry community use the Star and Planet frequencies, speech, tone and thought, as their light speed and intimate Transit System.

What we call our stunted, stubby shoulder blades, in the Angelic Kingdoms, are already organs that taste, touch, and tangibly trouble the waters of the Astral/Etheric Starry worlds and move through vast regions of the higher and lower Devachan realms which we have determined and convinced ourselves of as empty, insignificant Space. Eurythmy is our human kindergarten for intense study of the Angelic schooling of the Music of the Spheres, Zodiacal Revelation of the Consonants and Embryonically giving birth to the new Larynx Mysteries.

Age of America 3 shoulder bladesSuppose, as in the Celtic, Greek and Hebrew Archangels that those who still cling to the traditions and dogmas of their former glory are also trained and taught to refuse and rebuke, refute and resist humanities future. The Church has done this in the past, ingrained it into our thought habits and our current Church of materialistic science has taken up the cause. In the new revelations of Science, like the old dogmas of the Church, we have retained the habit of refusing, and denying the higher unfolding of the future of humanity. Here the precise equation and complimentary color of Lucifer calls forth Ahriman. Falsity of religion calls forth falsity of belief in the lies of science.

Suppose along with Institutes and Schools that fail to hear, understand or raise their intuitions towards the future, we rather prefer to cling to the new kingdom of Ahrimanic Science of materialism that rejects the School of the Hierarchies as demeaning, but inserts rather the Non- I AM? Our tantrums at being treated like little children when everyone can see we are clever, cunning and conniving creatures, insults us. We won’t play the Hierarchies Game, we quit.

Our universities, our public educational systems and our religious life has continued and maintained the traditions of denying either our Angels or our Archangels or our Archai’s that help us unlock the new VIRGIN FORCES OF OUR ETHERIC BODIES. What Etheric Bodies? The Heart is a mechanical pump. Do you hear me? As long as we say it is a pump and merely one of the mechanisms in the working parts of the human machine, we don’t have to deal with the vast TIME STREAMING that is constantly moving through the human heart.

The Heart moves on a rhythm LOCKED into the cosmos, our cosmos, our zodiac. But the blood moves too fast, nobody can read all the data streams running through our human hearts. Can they? Oh no? We cling to a locked circle of negative etheric inbred habits no less destructive than hill-billy inbreeding. We applaud, honor, reward all our own self-decreed mental retardation and we put our money where our retardation does the most good. Our denials.

Our rejection and our refusals to be dragged along by the cosmos is truly Promethean. Truly Vampiric. The Hierarchies, in every university training, can take a flying leap. The struggling and fallen sub-sensible beings are far more attractive, rebellious and like us than those lofty beings who have given us Choice, Freedom and Love.  Screw the cosmos.

In other words as a mass of human beings, the Ahrimanic Archai shaping Materialism into an instrument, rejects any form of solid, new, astonishing revelations awaiting humanity. Then we shall be trained to deny our own uplifting and potent future. With an Ahrimanic Archai as our guide we want nothing to do with Archangels, Folk-Souls, Bio-Regional etheric Language and bodily gesture and thought nuances. We crave the familiarity of our habitual etheric prejudices.That means we reject our own Angels and adopt for ourselves Fallen Ahrimanic Angels or shadows who feed off our denials, hatred and long festering prejudices. Oh we like that Sit-Com.

We want nothing to do with a Good Archai struggling in the West against a massive, deliberate, unstoppable Ahrimanic Archai. We won’t have to worry about karma or consequences because instead we flat out refuse the challenge of creating an entirely new breed of Divine Being that has as their foundation Freedom and Love. We are on the verge of getting what our anger has desired. An Ahrimanic Archai Being will incarnate in a human form in the West, and through centuries of preparation manifest a counterfeit, Non – I AM civilization. And it will be the Bastard child of the failed experiment of Freedom and Love that the Divine Hierarchies sought to nurture.

Serling, Nolan, Novalis, Sagan, Kubrick and thousands of other artists, scientists, poets, teachers, professors, directors, have all, from different ranks, different directions, different orientations to their incarnations, have all sought to raise the stubborn curtain of the Consciousness Soul into the Science that links material science to Spiritual Science. And the inbreeding of our materialism continues to throw fits, refuses, starts wars, tortures the truth out of people and will not conceive that humanity is in a School of Higher Beings.

It is our conceit, our stubborn arrogance, our traditions, our literal mental materialistic inbreeding that bucks like a horse, revolts and refuses like a mule, to connect the dots. Age of America 3 humanity is a Midsummer MuleThere is no doubt, no doubt what so ever that the occult picture of Humanity is Bottom, an Ass, a mule that appears surrounded by the flowing etheric/elemental life of the Spirit in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

William Dieterle, original name Wilhelm Dieterle (born July 15, 1893, Ludwigshafen,Germany—died December 8, 1972 was mentioned in Part 2 when we discussed THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER.  Along with Frank Capra, whom we included in Part 1 of America, during the Rise of the Etheric Christ, around 1933 and as far as the eye can see into the Future as St. John saw and recorded.

William Dieterle offered one of the finest depictions of the Etheric/Astral fields of Midsummer, in his collaboration and direction of a “Midsummer Nights Dream”. The Earth, nature, and specific Geographic Regions were once riddled with Elemental Beings.Midsummer Nights Dream and Bottom These Spirtus Loci appear also in “Pan’s Labyrinth” which we examined in Part 1,  when we looked at the difference between the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere’s vision into the fabric of Nature Mysteries.

To bring to the United States the underpinnings of the Bio-Dynamic, Earth elemental activity (Click Link) that Shakespeare playfully unfolded in his seasonal celebration of Midsummer, caused quite a stir. Nobody wants to watch this masterpiece all the way through, it gives away too many secrets of nature.

Monsanto and Ahriman hate these ARTISTIC, Consciousness Soul, Risen Etheric Christ celebrations of vision into the depths of Nature and the occult mule-like thinking of smart ass human beings. Dieterle’s and Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a little mini Sophia and the Star Beings celebration of the mystery of Midsummer and how human thinking remains blind and dumb to the workings of local, regional, bio-regional and starry elemental beings in our environment. Bottom’s Up!

Humanities position, (and this was part of the INTRO of Part 1 ) – the Ass has a peculiar mathematical ratio of blood to body weight of 23/1. It is recorded very clearly that Christ, on Palm Sunday road on one ASS while tugging along behind Him the stubborn baby Foal of our ever present, epidemic Show Me State skepticism.Christ on palm sunday with baby colt of ass as well Christ drags along behind the big Macrocosm, the new microcosm of the Foal of the Ass. Us.

This picture from “Midsummer Night’s Dream” is without a doubt an Occult Picture of the stubborn physical Human Being. This Hee-Haw, donkey squawk, was used as clearly as a bell in “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  St. Francis correctly referred to his ailing physical body as BROTHER ASS. We just can’t cope with all the wonderful people in the world who explored the Heart and Art, the body and the Soul that makes the great and magnificent mystery that is the HUMAN BEING.

Age of America 23 to 1 ratio of cell division Earth axis and the donkeyYou see what happens when the cell divides and the chromosomes divide when the cell splits to form another cell? The Cell grows to 46 chromosomes and divides itself so that it lawfully retains 23 Chromosomes. The Ass and the Foal of the Ass both have a 23/1 ratio of body weight to blood. There it sits, the Logos Christ, the Macrocosmic I AM, dragging along behind it, the stubborn Earth kernel, seed of the future Macrocosm, us. It is the stellar science of the 23 degree axis tilt of the Earth Herself in alignment with Vega and the North Star. The Christ just simply demonstrated it.

But that is not all. Here the Bridegroom rides to the Wedding. Really, it was all Hosanna and Hi De Hi De Ho. The pagans were up for the Party. Hosanna in the Highest, palms strewn, paving the way for the Bridegroom King. And the King is bringing, tagging along behind Him is the Foal. The very gift of the Earth and Creation to be brought before the Bride Sophia as the revelation of the chromosome treasures of humanity and Earth coming of AGE. The great future kernel of magnificent creation, our own Earth, tethered to the LOGOS. Christ, riding like a King, coming Home to his waiting Bride.

“An essential part of any coronation in Israel was an ass on which the King would ride to the crowning ceremony. This tradition commenced at least when Solomon rode to the River Gihon on the king’s mule to be crowned in opposition to Adonijah (1 Kings 1.33, 38), for the mule was the regular royal means of transport (2 Samuel 13.29), and to the Jews was seen as a noble creature. Later it became the sign by which the coming King would be identified as he entered Jerusalem in lowliness, on an asses colt, presumably in the process of approaching the Temple where he would be presented before God (Zechariah 9.9).”The Father at Golgotha

Well, we are, it appears, childishly unaware of what a Crucifixion on the Cross of TIME and SPACE entails. Here is the Lamb of God at the Cornation. Should we trust such a humiliating and humbling experience? Coronation and crowning as King of Earth’s Higher Being, by the Father no less, the greatest of the Hierarchies, is quite an honor.

But wait, this HOSANNA isn’t the frolicking festival of exuberant joy and elation it appears to be. What does the Bridegroom gain and what gifts does the Bridegroom bring to his Bride? To us small fry’s Earth seems a pretty big gift. In MEN IN BLACK an entire galaxy, ORION’S BELT, is preserved in an amulet tied around a cat’s neck. (CLICK LINK) The Earth and humanity is the jewel in the crown of the Hierarchies. The lesson of the LAMB OF GOD is profoundly real.

This Coronation of the King is our future mystery and we are the future that dislikes teaching astonishment, humility and wonder. It psychologically disturbs us to the core that we completely misunderstand all the manifold wonders of the stars and how the stars at Midsummer make BOTTOM, the divine wonder of creation, the laughing stock of the elemental beings. How could we have built edifices of education around such a misconstrued reality?

Now Bottom that Stubborn Mule in Midsummer Night’s Dream, has a HEAD on him of an Ass. Age of America 3 Spiritual Beings and stubborn human thinkingSuppose at Midsummer we cut off the Head of John the Baptist? In the 6th Age of Aquarius THE BEST MAN, has been preparing for massive new influxes of whole new Karmic Streams. We have had from the 20th through the 21st centuries souls pouring in who have shifted from rigid dogmatic traditions, to the new Spirit-Self and Fiery transformed Astral in-pouring of the Holy Spirit. They bring with them the revitalized, and resurrected thinking capacities arising from new mysteries of the Karmic Heart and tandem thinking clarity of an entirely New Brain. We spot checked his progress through Raphael the painter and Novalis the Poet, the Michael Community, and the vast ancient Celtic Community of the Archangel of the Celtic people, Christian Rosenkreuz.

When John the Baptist is beheaded Christ creates for John the Baptist a whole New Community which is the New Foal, the new cosmic embryo of the Earth Itself. Elijah had cut his teeth and made his bones as the Folk-Soul of the Hebrew People. John the Baptist, Salome, Midsummer Nagy JuditBecause of his perseverance and his full recognition of the New Christ Being, the Lamb, who holds the guidance of the New Cosmic Metamorphosis of humanity, Christ gives John the Baptist a vast promotion. Raphael and Novalis begin collecting vast Karmic Groups of Humanity together under the sign of the highest zodiacal schooling ever fathomed. The School of Sophia and the Stars and the Higher evolution of humanity into the Schooling of the Lambs of God. This is an indigestible and repulsive thought for materialists.

What is a stubborn mule? What blocks the future of John the Baptist-Raphael-Novalis Archangelic guidance that leads to the coming 6th Age? Stagnation. Plain and simple comprehensive rejection of Elijah. If those who claim to know the secrets of Elijah, were to actually know the secrets of Elijah, then instead of waiting for Elijah to bring wrath to our oppressors, we would OPEN THE DOOR, to Novalis.

We would gladly OPEN THE DOOR to the mysteries of John the Baptist and in this way we would lift a massive Karmic curse, that indeed John the Baptist paid in full for the stubborn retardation of the Hebrew people. That curse of Captain Ahab and the priests of Baal opens the Adventure “Moby Dick”. In John the Baptist we are dealing with a very old soul. But with Novalis, we are dealing with the OPEN DOOR to a new Earth.

“Elijah denounced Ahab as a murderer because of the stoning of Naboth, which Jezebel, had instigated. Elijah told Ahab that dogs would lick his blood outside of the city, just as they had licked the blood of Naboth. He also told Ahab that none of his male heirs would survive and that Jezebel would be torn apart by the dogs of Jezreel (1 Kings 21:17-24).”

The war between the jagged rift of the Old World and the OPEN DOOR to a New Earth is perilous. Entrenched stubborn, mule-like traditions have encased the New World in cement. Our Science, our Art, our Religion refuses to acknowledge the active and real Hierarchies and it certainly has refused to comprehend the Archangelic status of Elijah and the laws that govern the immense higher development of human beings who already, before us, are working on Angelic and Archangelic transformations and transforming the future of humanity and the Earth itself. Age of America 3 Elijah, Novalis, John the Baptist, RaphaelWe stopped listening to the Real Actual Knocks upon the door of our human future. Instead we cling to a Religion and a Science of rigid denial.

“After the conclusion of the Seder’s Grace After Meals, there is a universally accepted custom to pour a cup of wine (the “Cup of Elijah”), open the front door of the home, and recite several verses (mostly from Psalms) wherein we beseech G‑d to pour His wrath upon our persecutors and oppressors.

“According to tradition, at this moment our homes are graced by the presence of Elijah the prophet.”

Christopher Nolan (interesting name structure) has had the burning inclination to fathom the mysteries of Devachan Displacement, Dream and Time Synchronicity, Coincidence, and playing in the universe with the puzzle of what connects the Past, the Present and the Future in each heart beat. Carl Jung got down and dirty with precise Synchronicity occult observations. Jung made it easier for us to grasp immediate, ever present TIME CLUES. And our problem arises when we take up those clues and follow Rudolf Steiner out further than Jung, Nolan, Kubrick, Sagan, Serling or Chris Carter. We discover the TRANSIT SYSTEM that links Outer Space, our planetary system and the vast system of Stars and Galaxies of the Cosmic Nursuries of Sophia and the School of the Lamb and how to become a SUN BEING, an Elohim.

So far, on the shoulder of giants, Christopher Nolan has come very, very close, to the core mystery of Space and Time. Christopher Nolan, like everyone of us on Earth, has had a burning desire to unravel the riddles of how Outer Space is tied to intimate TIME. Nolan has some Devachan kinkiness that not only intrigues him but intrigues all of us.

Nolan in “Interstellar” finds himself looking through a Devachan Window into the streaming mysteries of Time that make up the reality of the structure of our human hearts.Age of America 3 Interstellar in the Library of the Heart past present future So we have to thank heavens for the multitude of seekers over the Earth, who have sincerely wrestled with Time Inversion and Conversion into Space. People similar to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin May 1, 1881 – April 10, 1955, Jung, and of course Einstein.

Ahrimanic Science does not want to let the cat out of the bag. If the education of humanity on Earth grasped that each human heart is part of the Transit System where TIME and SPACE are folded into the structure of our heart, there would be something warm, stirring and intimate about the parts played by each of us in the unfolding of the future. The Earth and each human being, stone, plant, animal, water, fire, air and earth are part of a giant refined Embryo that we are all working on together.

Ahrimanic Science prefers to keep Stephen Hawking, wormholes, black holes and Outer Space Stars and the kiddie cartoons of Exploring the void of Space within the paradigm of the sterile pride of our materialistic master equations. Age of America 3 Future SelfIn “Interstellar” a THEY, of the future Higher Beings of Humanity plant this portal and gateway near Saturn. That is important in itself to consider and we consider it most intensively HERE (click Link).

Saturn and Time

“In Christopher Nolan’s latest epic, Matthew Mcconaughey and crew are tasked with finding a new Earth. There isn’t any planet within our solar system that can sustain human life, so humanity must look elsewhere – to another galaxy. To get there by normal means would take hundreds of thousands of years, but there’s a shortcut orbiting SATURN. Someone has put the end of a wormhole there, and we’ve already sent people through it.”

Read dear friends, read. Matthew Mconaughy and crew are tasked with finding A NEW EARTH. What exactly is a New Earth? We say Novalis was tasked with finding and working with a NEW EARTH. Novalis is too old a soul, too wise a soul to mistake the meaning of a NEW EARTH. But in the majority we cannot stop ourselves from educating children and adults about what we think a NEW WORLD and a NEW EARTH looks like. There it is, there is the NUIT of it. The Egyptian Nuit of it. What constitutes a New Earth?

Age of America 2 Nut and the Starry CanopyAlright, we are entering the ZONE of stubborn, insistent, spoiled, star incredulity. And we won’t have it any other way. We don’t care if he was Elijah, John the Baptist or even if he was the brother of Cain himself. A New Earth is and must be born from the Moral Education and expansion of the Heart of Humanity. A New Earth can only solidly, legitimately, lawfully and morally be resurrected from the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Humanity. It will be what we infuse as LOVE back into the massive seed kernel that we call the Earth. That Love, that Science of the Soul and Spirit is the only thing that will lift a New Earth as an offering back to the Divine Beings who took a risk on us. And those same Divine Beings offer us the schooling of Sophia and the Stars and gave us the greatest Cosmic Teacher, the Risen Etheric Christ to tutor us in the curriculum of The Lamb of God Angel Academy (Angel Academy 101 CLICK LINK).

The stature and miracle of the Christ is our future. Where did Christ go after the events of Golgotha? He went as the Instructor of what in the above link, reveals as the new direction and Higher Schooling of THE NEW EARTH MYSTERIES. Christ outlined the curriculum for how humanity is to attain Angelhood.

The Etheric Worlds and the Astral Worlds of the Stars interface with every single human experience of our past Karma with the Earth. Our present, immediate TIME vortex events and our daily impacts, where our Love and our Freedom bind our lives to Time, and future events, are tied to our past and our present TIME EVENTS. Oh but we forgot human beings are insignificant, irrelevant little gnats and dust in the vast scheme of things.

We find that HUMANITY Itself answers the riddle of Space by literally carrying the KARMA UNFOLDING OF THE EARTH, upwards, through the lofty School of the Lamb. The tapestry of the entire unfolding of the Earth is LOCKED and LOADED in what we imprint and what in the past has been imprinted in our hearts. Who will lift the tonnage of the Earth to it’s next development? Every piece of the fragmented shattered or uplifted and renewed science of the Earth, will pass through the Love in the hearts of humanity. That is the only way we are going to get a NEW EARTH no matter how much we whine and throw fits and insist on educating our children in our own self-proclaimed star redundancy.

Initiation Science meets the Physics of Space, at the literal intersection of the human heart. All of humanity, we owe all of humanity, for their efforts, lives, sacrifices, struggles to wrestle with a truth that angers and enrages the church, our scientists, our universities and all the entrenched materialists by the tens of millions. Ahriman and Lucifer have been forced by our own manipulative stubborn cunning to serve the higher Initiation Tension of the 5th and 6th Age.

It is all part of the webbing and TIME field of our hearts (click link). It is mathematical, it is spread over all the hearts of everyone on the Earth and in each and every heart the entire Future of the Earth and the Karma which we all must carry for the Earth is woven in the flowing mystery of each human heart.

Rudolf Steiner 

“Thus we come to a remarkable picture, the picture of the human heart, with its interiorising character, its synthesis of everything that works from outside into our bodies. Outside in the world there is an analysis, a scattering, of all that is gathered together in the heart (See Diagram 17). You come here to an important conception that might be expressed thus: You look out into the world, face the horizon and ask: — What is in these outer surroundings? What works inwards from the periphery? Where can I find something in myself that is akin to it? If I look into my own heart. I find, as it were, the inverted heaven, the polar opposite.

“On the one hand you have the periphery, the point extended to infinity, on the other you have the heart, which is the infinite circle concentrated to a point. The whole world is within our heart. To use an illustration, perhaps one that is somewhat crude: — Picture to yourselves man standing looking on into the infinite expanses of the world; perhaps standing on a high hill, looking out and around. And suppose that the tiniest dwarf imaginable is put in the human heart. Try to realize that what the dwarf sees within the heart is the complete inverted image of the universe, contracted and synthesized. This is perhaps purely a picture, a kind of imagination. But if rightly conceived and taken up, it can work as an orderly regulative picture, a regulative principle, that is able to guide us, and to help us rightly to combine our isolated attainments of knowledge.”

“But let’s go deeper. Mcconaughey was in Interstellar and Contact, both of which used wormholes for travel, and both of which used the theories of physicist Kip Thorne (Carl Sagan asked Thorne for advice when writing the book on how to make some scientific sense out of it). In True Detective, Mcconaughey apparently describes the ending to Interstellar.”

Age of America 3 Chart of Interstellar central heart core and outer spaceIf we are sincere, which obviously dismisses so many, many millions of people who, if you don’t say Jesus in every other sentence and if you say science fiction they reprimand you and resort to retreating to the safety of I DON’T HAVE TO THINK. Besides it is all TOO COMPLICATED for little ole me, as attitude. But of course they may think Matthew Mcconaughey is sexy, sometimes sexy, so only on that basis would they be willing to lower themselves to the rest of striving humanity and consider the relation of “Contact” and “Interstellar” as Spiritual clues that open a window into the deepest mysteries of the Human Heart. (Check this out from “Contact”)

We are stuck in the rut of either childish astral sentimentality, just selfish, silly HallMark Greeting Card sentient soul nonsense of the human heart, or we are in the Intellectual Ice Zone, where the equations, the programs, the IT science, stock market and Virtual World Games and bits and bytes of computer code, relegates our human hearts to INSIGNIFICANCE IN THE COSMIC SCHEME OF THINGS.

The clever, progressive educational view places the human being as haphazard ape and monkey metamorphosis with no superior quantum physics or gigantic spacial cosmic studies that could ever be answered by a simple PUMPING MECHANISM, taught everywhere as the Human Heart. The Heart is not a pump! It is the precise answer to the riddle of the equation we are seeking of space.Age of America 3 Folding of the Heart Embryo study and Folding Space into heart

Our Embryology reveals that secret of folded Space tied in the knot of the human heart. (No narration so turn volume off and watch how Space and Time are folded in the Human Heart) Our hearts are the internally bound knot of the streams of the Etheric Reality of Time (click link), reduced to the streaming Akashic patterns that run through the blood geometry of our Hearts. Ah, but within those streaming time patterns of Past – Present – Future Time Events are the Locked and Loaded Karmic real estate that are designed into every human incarnation.

If we miss this, if we fail to examine this immense Embryological Revelation at the Core of the Human Heart, as a revelation of the KARMA SCIENCES, Age of America 3 transit system heart folded timehow Space and Time are folded into our Human Hearts, we shall have missed one of the greatest Revelations of the 20th Century. This is the MOMENT, we have Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner, at the very culmination of his incarnation, bringing at long last, how the Karma Lectures reveal some of the very 1st objective lifting of the Karma of the Earth to it’s New Jupiter Home in the distant future. This is the prime mystery of the coming 6th Age.

These final Karma Lectures are the 6th Age Spirit-Self, Manas mysteries of exactly how Space and Time are tied together. This was Rudolf Steiner’s self-proclaimed mission and desire to achieve on Earth. With the embryological model and the comprehension of TIME STREAMING, TIME SURFING, through the organ of our human hearts, we are in the midst of the TRANSIT SYSTEM of REINCARNATION (turn down volume, no narration, just WATCH how Time and Space are folded into the Matrix of the Human Heart) This revelation by Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner has been sought by literally everyone and is part of the Dodecahedron Foundation Stone Mysteries of every Human Heart. Ex Deo Nascimur. This moment of research and comprehension is not something you want to skip over.

The issue of our beheading and the issue of Grail Sciences has at the core of it the TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES in the design of our brains. Which as we know from Brother Ass – “Bottom”, our brains are not used properly, at least I know mine wasn’t used properly. We have to admit that one of the Riddles of Time would be what was Aristotle thrusting, upwards, into his brain? We have to ask the question of how the Will-Forces thrust themselves upwards into the specialized features of Aristotle’s Brain. If we really had an interest in the potential of human intelligence we would want to know, what happened to the special capacities Aristotle used for his thinking?

To answer this conundrum, if we even cared to answer this conundrum we would have to examine how Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner looked under the hood of each super charged THINKER, including our good buddy Nietzsche. In these essays I mostly travel along the Arts and Sciences path. In the Arts and Sciences we find precise philosophical conundrums that Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner roars like a lion through every philosopher in his vicinity. We find that all our pet beliefs, our pragmatism, our nihilism and our absurd Calvinism is surgically dissected. (HERE IS THE CHAPTER AND VERSE).

Removing the obstacles before the unlimited vista of the Immortal I AM (Click Link)

“The conscious ability to find a light in the inner life of thought that could illumine the last questions of existence has reached the zero point. In pragmatism, the development of modern philosophy falls shortest of what the spirit of this development really demands: that man may find himself as a thinking and self-conscious ego in the depths of the world in which this ego feels itself as deeply connected with the wellspring of existence as the Greek truth-seeker did through his perceived thought. That the spirit of modern times demands this becomes especially clear through pragmatism. It places man in the focal point of his world picture. In man, it was to be seen how reality rules in existence. Thus, the chief question was directed toward the element in which the self-conscious ego rests. But the power of thought was not sufficient to carry light into this element. Thought remained behind in the upper layers of the soul when the ego wanted to take the path into its own depth.”

We never ever conceived of the experience of meeting Aristotle today. How would Aristotle pierce our thought world today? How would Aristotle look upon a degree in philosophy today? You think this is laughable, I suggest you meet Aristotle feel the living forces that pulse in the penetration, honesty and depth of TRUE PHILOSOPHY. Not our candy coated, limp and cowardly retreat from the Spiritual Core of the Human Being.

We never conceived or believed we could ever meet Aristotle today and find out what powered his thinking. We never ever believed that Elijah went on to become John the Baptist. There are a whole set of NEVER EVER BELIEVED that are at the root cause of what we tried to chain and manacle Aristotle with. I can tell you, Aristotle wanted no manacles or Limits to Thinking, placed by bureaucratic pencil pushing, canonical, ex cathedra, inhuman institutes of learning to rain on his parade.

Are there limits to Knowledge? We have made extensive, vast, immense efforts to manacle and chain our human brains to reject the achievement of The Grail, where the Heart of Angelic Star Thinking rises into the Dodecahedron of our TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES. This Soul Cage and Soul prison is what education from cradle to grave has become. Grail science florian sydowHowever our hearts are part of the vast system of Angelic Thinking. The achievement of The Grail in us is to merge our NEW EARTH and our NEW THINKING, that floods the core of Novalis at the grave of Sophie von Kühn, by our lifting the TWELVE FOLD DODECAHEDRON of our Hearts, up into our Twelve Cranial Nerve, thinking of our brains. That is our own voluntary decapitation of our own materialism and our own limits to knowledge. The peril of all this Dodechedron and Cranial Nerve deception has dragged Oppenheimer and all of us, HERE.

So it is really a quandary. We can build a bridge to the religion and science of the human heart. We can use the bridge of Space and Outer Space and comprehend an inversion transit system that arises in the incarnation of the embryo from out of the physics of the universe.Age of America 3 Inversion of the Cosmic Heart to Human Heart as Etheric and Karmic reality Out of the lofty spiritual physics of the higher worlds, Ex deo nascimur the physical human being is born. Out of the invisible physics and laws of our hometown Zodiac, each little embryo travels through a Star Gate to come to Earth.

What about the other Galaxies and Worlds? Well there is an eternal model and our vast, infinitesimal Zodiac is our little Embryonic System, in which we, insignificant human beings, seek admission to the great School of the Stars. We could build our education and our sincerity on the basis of knowing that the answer to infinite space is the infinite magnitude of the secret dimensions of the Human Heart.

The glaringly obvious Embryonic Knot of the Human Heart

“First, almost all the weird physics that you saw in Interstellar are based on theory and math alone. We have no physical evidence that wormholes actually exist or that anything can/could travel through them. We’ve never actually seen a black hole, and you would almost certainly die while falling into one. In short, a lot of the science in Interstellar is likely either pure speculation, impossible, or fatal.

“We do have math behind us, however. Theoretically, if you could create and manipulate wormholes, for example, you could make a time machine.Age of Americ Interstellar equations

“But more importantly for the ending of Interstellar, certain solutions to Einstein’s equations of general relativity allow for what are called “closed time-like curves” – closed loops of time and space itself. Entering a closed time-like curve tomorrow means you could end up at today.”

Wormholes!  The most advanced system of the Sun Beings, the entire 7 Elohim, (part 1) and as already outlined, the Brand Name, the Registered Trademark of our human body anatomy and skeletal framework is our Zodiac (part 2) . Our Human Hearts are the Knot of the Sun tied in the human breast and it is not a wormhole. The Heart, especially the awakening of our Manas of our transformed sentimentality and astral body, our Spirit-Self arising in the coming 6th Age opens the Space Time Star Gate of the advanced Science of the higher Devachan, the region of the Virgin of the higher Astral world.

When that gate is opened, as we are discussing, the higher organ in our hearts unfolds the gigantic field of interconnections between our Past karma, our Present and our Future. The real estate in our hearts open both the immediate vicinity of our Planetary and Zodiacal family and how Our Sun is nestled in the spiral weaving (CLICK LINK) through TIME and the Constellations.

This immense Egyptian Homage to Ra (part 2), the Hexagonal 6 Elohim of the Sun’s Life, Logos and our human design, gives rise and opens the intimate details of the Karma Science of all those around us. The Sun’s spiral journey and our own intimate karmic conjunctions, trines, squares and retrogrades are part of the intimate mystery of each of our human destinies.

This Western and Egyptian Mystery of the advanced science of Karma and the Stars we were able to follow in the hidden Karma that runs through some of the secrets of the West. It can be vividly encountered in the study of THE SOUL’S AWAKENING, the Egyptian Scene. To unravel the riddle of the Stars and the 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood and the Devachan mysteries of the heart we must connect widely diverse departments of learning, like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, the Karma Science of “The Tempest”, the Devachan revelation offered by “Interstellar” to the germinal seed of the 6th Age, Manas study of recovering each and everyone of those connected to our human KARMIC GROUPS.

What is our navigation, what is our orientation to the hierarchies? How do we navigate the vast Groups and Constellations of our Karmic Alignments? Do we direct our Nav Control and orientation like little well trained astronauts, with all sorts of docking and landing data and computer systems guiding us down to the Moon or Mars or docking at a convenient gas station, space station parked in orbit between Jupiter and Saturn? We find our orientations partly in the pornography of deep materialism. We find our navigation and orientation to our karma groups, our space stations and data communication satellites orbiting our consciousness by dismissing our childish toys.

THIS IS A COMPLETE CHORAL SYMPHONIC ARRANGEMENT OF INCREDIBLE BEAUTY (Click Link and play and listen to a composition by David Lang)

“I remembered this famous line from Saint Paul:

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

“That is the King James version. Of course, this line wasn’t originally in English. Paul was born a Jew in what is now Turkey, he worshipped in Hebrew and he spoke Greek. This famous Christian line must have gone on an interesting journey to get to King James, and to us.

“For my text I compiled all the differing translations into English that I could find, I cut them up into phrases and I alphabetized them, creating a kind of catalog of its meaning, as it changes from translation to translation.

“when we were children” was premiered by the Irish Chamber Choir, conducted by Paul Hillier, and received its American premiere at the Carlsbad Festival, sung by Sacra/Profana and conducted by Krishan Oberoi.

We find our orientation and navigation by the realities of what we love and by the hard earned callouses of truth knocking us upside of the head. But we have to account for our stubborn insistence in hard core Luciferic Pornography as an orbital attraction, burn out and decay; our orbital attraction to techno/psychic Ahrimanic materialism that seems to imitate spirit processes; and our burning lusts for power and the occult infatuation with Asuric secrets of sadism and devouring whole karmic hearts, ripped from the Sun, are navigation and orientations and alignments that attach us to different Groups.

In the 6th Age, we find that instead of infatuation with Outer Space and the external stars as an abstraction we are confronted and challenged with the dawning awakening of our own unique Inner Constellations as an answer from the Stars themselves. Sophia and the Stars 1We have to ask ourselves what inner tectonic shift in our cultural and human perception would lift the veil and force the awakening and illumination from within, of our higher astral, devachan and human constellations? What devastation would blot out the stars and trigger the dawn of our inner orientations, our navigation and our awakening to our own karmic constellations?

In the dawning, first glimpses of the 6th Age of Manas and Spirit-Self, we become aware of our own unique KARMIC GROUPS as sparkling inner constellations rising from lifting the veil from within our own human hearts. Indeed a higher Star Gate, a higher Devachan perception of both intense love and an intense quest for the missing parts of our karma to become whole urge us. There arises a vast polar shift in consciousness, in the 6th Age, where the wholeness of the Earth and the restoration and recovery of those we are bound to reveal the great mystery. Only if we carry each other forward will the Earth be lifted to it’s new potential.

The Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner were a kind of window into the future of how seedlings of some of our TWELVE KARMIC INDIVIDUALS, in some of our karmic groups, get recovered and tracked through history and through harrowing of the Devachan Regions, recovering these working groups for the future of the Earth. That is part of how and why our human biographies, when we finally show an actual interest in those around us, will unveil immense secrets of our past and immense potentials we will share together in recovering the future of the Earth.

“Interstellar” externalizes the plot of finding a New Earth. Not only will we raise Earth to a New Earth but we will, in detail, in biographical Religious-Science raise each other. We must raise each other to raise the Earth. “Interstellar” places the equations of the human heart and the ancient akashic streaming of TIME that runs through every human heart as an Outer Space adventure to discover a New Earth. But these two vastly different paradigms, our human anatomy and the heart is not a pump AND our external search for wormholes and bridges to other universes through the equations of Gravity and Time, must and can only be answered in the Knot that ties together both Space and Time through the Transit System of Reincarnation, the embryo and our human hearts.

Love is Science, and Vice Versa

“Love is the one thing that transcends time and space” is something that Anne Hathaway says in Interstellar. It’s a nice thought, and it’s also the thing that explains everything that happens in Interstellar. Hathaway gives her “love” monologue when she’s explaining why the Endurance should go to Edmunds’ world instead of Mann’s world. Hathaway’s character, Brand, happens to be in love with Wolf Edmunds, and her gut tells her that the mission should follow her heart and go to his world, even though Dr. Mann has been broadcasting that his (much closer) world is perfect for human life.

Interstellar“Brand is, it turns out, completely correct to throw aside all her years of scientific training on a love-hunch. Dr. Mann has been lying: A victim of Space Madness, he was only broadcasting good results so that someone would come save him. At the end of Interstellar, Brand arrives on Edmunds’ world, which is a much better than the other worlds visited by the Endurance. (The first world they visit is a planet covered by a one-foot-deep ocean and skyscraper-sized waves; the second world they visit is Hoth, basically.)

“And Love appears to be the main reason why, when Cooper falls into the black hole, the fifth dimensional beings put him directly in contact with the person he loves most in the universe: His daughter. (The fifth dimensional beings do not put him in contact with Tom, his useless son, because Mr. Mxyzptlk doesn’t give a f— about Casey Affleck.) In fact, you could argue that Cooper’s love for his daughter is what makes him special; we’re told early in the movie that none of the other astronauts sent through the wormhole had any family, and certainly no attachments as strong as Cooper’s attachment to his daughter.

“Essentially, Interstellar’s time travel is from The Terminator and its astrophysics are from The Fifth Element, where it turns out that the fifth element is love. I’m being silly but not really: As far as Interstellar is concerned, love is a literal potent physical concept, strong enough to bend the elaborate cosmic architecture of wormholes and black holes and far-flung star systems.”

 New Earth and New Cosmogony of the West

Our American failure to awaken in our universities a solid science of  cosmogony, cosmology or embryology  is spiritually catastrophic to the Mission of America and the goal of The Age of America. (Part 1)

Why are we contentious, rebellious, blustering rebels when it comes to linking embryology and the folding of Time inside the knot of our Human Hearts?  This question can now be answered via the New Cosmogony of the West. When such a mystery of how the sun spirals through apparent space and leads the entire flock of our planetary system through the spiral, swirls of vast space, this science, which is not the model of dead rotation of our planets around the Sun, but the Sun Itself spiraling in a cosmic/galactic pattern, (CLICK LINK) we can easily understand how Christ, the Logos of the Sun, rides upon the Ass with the 23 chromosome structure, pulling behind him the Foal of the Ass.

Foals are amusing, awkward, (CLICK LINK) youthful and jerky LIVING IMAGINATIONS when dragged along behind anything. Our young Earth is frisky, rebellious and hardly ready to settle down. The occult picture of a King riding an Ass to a coronation revealed vast, earthy, physical and living realities behind the Sun Chariot of the Logos. Little donkey foals haven’t adapted their footing and are not sure at all they want to be dragged along to anywhere. They are fun to watch. Our dynamic Earth, specifically, and our little unfinished solar system, is being pulled along by the lofty Sun Being who is far more experienced at hauling heavy loads through TIME ITSELF.

So the role of the lemniscate of the Sun and the role of the Risen Etheric Christ on the Earth has brought us to a change in the Copernican System. It amounts to an enormous re-calibration of the Earth. What we are faced with, is that the Christ literally exited the Sun Sphere to make his residence and anchor point with the Inner Kingdom of the Human Spirit. The Hierarchies lost the Christ Being, their tragedy is Earth’s glorification. It does not, by any means indicate or send us reeling into some abstract theory of  ” whose driving the Sun Itself if Christ is in the back seat with the kids?” What is cruise control in relation to the math of our Solar System and the unfolding journey we continue to take through the Milky Way Galaxy? More importantly, is there a vast Logic to the unfolding of Time, the embryology and structure of the heart and the Transit System designed by the Hierarchies?

“…if we would comprehend the true place of the Christ principle within our Earth evolution, if we would clearly see why the Antichrist will in the future be regarded more highly in many respects than the Christ Himself. The Antichrist will perhaps be found to be more clever, possessed of more genius than the Christ; he will win a powerful following; but spiritual scientists should be prepared in advance, so as not to be deceived by what has now been characterized. More than all else it will be necessary to be firmly established in the good principles of spiritual science, in order not to he deceived in this realm.” Rudolf Steiner

That which sits at the center of our human hearts is the very core design of EARTH EVOLUTION. This core design is the central development of the I AM, on Earth. Steiner points out very clearly that indeed there are coming and there will be tag alongs, hitch-hikers, hijackers who will insert themselves into human beings and propel and accelerate forces, seemingly way above the humility of the CHRIST BEING. But the shattering facts are that we as humanity have only recently on Earth got our little microcosmic germinal I AM. The grave difference is that CHRIST, for only 3 years on Earth, as the Macrocosmic Sun I AM, merged the entire core power of the I AM with the germinal I AM we human beings are developing.

THE MACROCOSMIC CHRIST I AM merged itself with Earth. So when in the 6th cultural Age the first initial schooling of a preliminary Angelic inspiration flows into the I AM, we will have time to integrate this immense capacity into our humble I AM. When in the 7th cultural Age we penetrate even deeper into our Etheric and Life Body, we will be able to direct this advanced germinal etheric force from the central core of our I AM. The Christ, Sun Logos, brought to Earth the precise schooling and foundational gratitude required to enter the step by step unfolding, the stable integration, of the future I AM school of CREATOR BEINGS.

“Does the Anti-Christ know that he is not the Christ?” (CLICK LINK) The very remedy lies in its opposing point: “Do men know that they are indeed the Christ?”, for should they come to know this well then all of the glamor of the Anti-Christ would fall away as but dust and filth, for imitation may well be a flattery, but with no proper substance within it, it is but a dangerous deception.

“Yes he knows that he is not our Christ; he well knows what it is that he is not. He has not the stretch of joy that spreads the stars. He is irritated by the rosy aureole of the morning and the playfulness which extends the etheric fields. He is even dubious about love’s freedoms making it ever stronger, for he is not compelled in the way of men; his strength builds upon itself, working to an invert law, one which the souls of Man could not survive upon.

“The Anti-Christ holds to a false-glamor in everything – appearance is everything! (Remember that.) This is why we begin in the example of the hearts – look and look again, and then look to the hidden as well! For in the Anti-Christ he is singular, singular in level and in placement, for he would not want men to delve into inner truth, he would rather that they are caught in the fancies and seductions of the material world alone, and by such it can happen that they shall deny their Christ within and thereby deny Him also.

“He isolates and then attacks. When men cease to commune with other like souls, they leave themselves also. Christ brings us to Him, and to our knowledge of our own selves through others. Selflessness in this true sense (not selflessness for gain of a greater ego superimposed upon our own) is there that we shall have the support of each other’s Christ qualities as well – those which will lead us into manhood fully pronounced and glorious, one to be defended and to be guarded as the most precious gift of Him as well as of self….and to know God.”

Earth Evolution itself is riddled with Beings higher than humanity, clamoring to hitch a ride and lodge themselves in portions of the systems structure that is in advance of the Earth I AM. These beings are enticing and seductive because they are far more glitzy, brilliant, inspired and inventive when ever they latch onto the future undeveloped capacities inherent in our psychic structure. And of course it is the duty of humanity to have a working knowledge of what comprises the higher structure of ourselves and the higher structure of parasitical beings who crave to use humanities higher psychic systems to advance their own unfinished development. Humanity must be schooled in the virtue, vices and categories of lofty beings that mingle and menace or leap over conscious moral cosmic pacing. There are lofty beings that could care less about Love, Compassion and the Karma involved with steady I AM development.

Once the Earth Evolution, I AM core is secured and stable, every other stage of development can be filled with ALL that the Christ bequeaths to the conscious and awakened human I AM. Christ not only has given away vast gifts to human beings like Paul, St. John, John the Baptist, but the vast and powerful Etheric Body of the Earth and humanity is part of His body. The lofty Astral Fire of the Pentecost, as Spirit-Self language and sister and brotherhood, all this and more is offered at a pace that Christ has locked into the full unfolding of humanities TIME BODY.

So there is no doubt that lofty beings are going to interfere, insinuate themselves and incorporate themselves as sizzling stray Archai level, Archangel level, Angel level – fast paced, inspired, Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric underdogs. We will have to decide in ourselves, as human beings, whether we hold the middle ground of our humanity or forfeit our human future for the ploys and strategies of short-cuts, imprisoning and absolute mis-direction and abuse of what can be clearly defined as the unfolding of the I AM and the future of Earth, Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution. In other words other beings of a lofty nature will want to eat us for lunch.

But what tremendous shock wave to the heavens occurred by having the Christ gradually descend down through the Hierarchies, from the Sun, down to the lowly, humble, conditions of Earth? The Sun Logos eased the anxiety of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchies as He descended, but still, let’s be absolutely clear, the Logos was taking a big risk. Because, it was in FREEDOM, there was no guarantee that a Being such as Christ, coupled and uniting with humanity, could reset the entire Etheric Earthly System.

It was a long, long descent and it precisely measures the mid-point of Earth Evolution 333 a.d. The Logos as the vital Sun Being knew what the Laws of Time and the cycles of Time were, in order to raise a new crop of divine beings. We discussed in PART 1 that Christ placed the ASTRAL CRISIS of humanity very near to 333 a.d.  What had to be accomplished on Golgotha needed to be in motion and operational by 333 a.d.

We have had ample time to understand what it means to be on the clock. However as pointed out in PART 1, we weren’t mature enough yet to measure how deeply our ASTRAL BODY and our human culture might sink and be swallowed into the abyss. saturn through vulcan evolutionary phasesEarth could be and still may be a failed attempt. The Sun Logos knew the Time it would take for humanity to carry Earth Herself to it’s next higher destination and metamorphosis. So there was a reverberating sorrow as Christ descended and left each higher realm, and left his position as a Sun Being to enter the lowly Kingdom of Humanity. None of the Hierarchies knew how this would turn out.

So there is a valid TIME MEASUREMENT and TIME EQUIVALENCY and TIME RELEVANCY and an entirely new orientation to the way the Knot of Time is tied into the folds of Space and Time in our human hearts. In the arriving 6th Age we are entering a region of New American Cosmogony. We are coming up slowly, in the West, on the REINCARNATION TRANSIT SYSTEM of the stars.

We are approaching the mystery of Embryology and Cosmogony where we bring the secrets of Time and Space that are folded into the embryological revelation of our hearts, into clarity. Our hearts developing Etheric Fifth Chamber begins awakening, with us, the stunning vistas of a New Earth and how we will elevate and en-soul this New Earth. Entirely new frontiers dawn for us on the unexplored regions of our shared Devachan and Earthly Karma Mysteries. It is our realization that it will not be through wormholes or highly designed warp drive space ships that we find a New Earth. We may very well trash this planet, like rebellious, angry Donkeys, as Christ leveled St. Paul.

The Mule and our Human Brains

“And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.”

Acts 22:10
And I said, What shall I do, Lord? And the Lord said unto me, Arise, and go into Damascus; and there it shall be told thee of all things which are appointed for thee to do.

Acts 26:14
And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

Age of America 3 Saul to Paul Damascus Iris SullivanChrist get’s in Saul’s face because of his contentious stubbornness. Saul was a zealous Pharisee about the same age and a contemporary in manhood of Christ/Jesus. Bam-Zap, the well schooled and stubborn Saul was out to kill, arrest, torture, or crush the rabble rousers who banded together with this False Prophet. Saul was all about Mule-headedness and the letter of the Law of the Prophets. Therefore at the time of Saul and Christ, mules and oxen were goaded or had sharp prongs and sticks prick bite into their hind sections, their Bottoms, if they got too stubborn to move. A very hefty animal lesson was handed to Saul.

But by this time, Christ had already been crucified. Saul got the shock of his life, when the already eliminated two-bit prophet, flashes with stupendous inner brightness and literally speaks and yanks the little choleric Saul,P Virgo consonant Eurythmy (while Paul meant short, stout and choleric, if we take the Eurythmy form of  ‘ P ‘ instead of the  ‘ S ‘ of Saul, we see the  ‘ P ‘ as a circular sphere of Light around the head) off his HIGH HORSE.

Saul had stoned, killed and attacked the little band of Disciples. Christ singled Saul out, there was a great Logos Initiate hidden in there that wouldn’t listen to reason with his fixed earthly brain. The only way Saul would come to his higher senses is if his stubborn reasonable senses were presented with an unshakable esoteric reality. Saul’s locked reasoning and stubborn denials had to be kicked in the head with an undeniable, irrefutable burst of brilliant esoteric illumination.

This Beheading of Paul, giving him new illumination, giving him a John the Baptist dispensation, also placed a massive guilt and an enormous motivation to understand why the Logos, which Saul was fanatically devoted to, wasn’t recognized. The established mystery schools did not recognize the humble Sun Chariot, Sun Being, Christ, who landed in their midst. Age of America 3 Beheading of PaulSo, no matter how arrogant we are, Saul helped murder, crucify and crush the Christ Impulse on Earth. That Karma is so unbearably real and so dynamically motivating, that the crisis of conscience that Paul experienced literally changed his Initiate Arrogance into awesome humility. Instead of recognizing with his highly schooled intelligence, the radiant Christ, he acted with will and arrogance as an assassin and henchman against the Living Word.

When you are face to face and I to I with the Risen Etheric Christ and He calls you out, you may justifiably understand that you now willingly carry a vast portion of the entire weight of the Karma of Disbelief and Denial as part of your own re-hab and recovery. Age of America 3 Christ I enters Paul's IWhich means that Paul was karmically picked out of the crowd, hand picked by Christ. Understanding human freedom and human error in the highest regions of thought and conscience, a pivot between esoteric and exoteric higher development, became sealed and stamped into the soul of Paul.

Wormholes, Black Holes and the Disappearance of our Earth.

Steiner and the Consequential Science of Black Holes

“But after a certain time that human being will have to leave the earth, to forsake it, because it will not have anything more to give him, and will afford him no more possibilities of development. Now you might perhaps imagine that our earth would become a sort of deserted rubbish-heap when man had left it; you might compare it to a town which had been deserted by its entire population. You know what such a town looks like after a short time; it gradually turns into a mound of earth. We get an adequate idea of this in seeing towns which have been given over to nature. But it will not be so in the future of the earth.”

INTERSTELLAR, from Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

INTERSTELLAR, from Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Before Stephen Hawking and Einstein, before Christopher Nolan and Carl Sagan there is a place where all of us together are wrestling with the same paradigm of how does this creation thing actually work? We bring with us into our incarnations, wondrous riddles and magnificent questions. We incarnate in the framework of materialism so we deftly use materialism to shape for our perception, reflected back to us, how does Space and Time work?

Now given that we all come from the same Spiritual World of the Stars and we all come from the same Devachan vastness of our Zodiac and planetary system, which makes what we strive for all curiously equal when we get right down to consider it. How can we accurately connect the dots? Everyone is striving to connect the dots. There is no doubt that this question occupies the cutting edge of Materialistic Science and the cutting edge of Spiritual Science. It is Biblical as well as Interstellar. It covers both birth and death and what comes after death and how we arrive again on Earth after disappearing. Where in fact did we disappear to and what method of transit do we use to come back? We are by design and construction ALL, are given a ROUND TRIP ticket if we carry an I AM.

We look through our microscopes at cell, embryo, fetus, sperm and ovum. There is something before us that is immensely tiny that causes the wonder of what appears to us as a consequential revelation of an unfolding human life. When we arrive down on this little squirrely ball called Earth, we look up to the immense vastness of the riddle of the Stars. It is overwhelming. We are stunned and amazed. But the two vast fields of operation are consequentially connected. Age of America 3 time displacement and InterstellarThe Stars certainly look vast, beyond our comprehension, but then when we go down like ALICE into the cellular cohesion, cellular intelligence, the tiny Embryonic Zodiac system, we cannot see, we seem to lose the consequential connection. Both are extremes and both are vast wonders. Both are consequentially connected.

St. John put us way ahead of schedule, on the map, out into the vastness of the Astral Devachan reaches of TIME. That Revelation is an indigestible knot that confounds us. Materialism deals with all the same paradigms and all the same riddles of St. John but places mechanical, historical, fictional, space theories and Space Technology, that cannot be otherwise than all our attempts to answer the consequential riddle of TIME AND SPACE. So let us take apart our Planetary System and part of the riddles that baffle us and bridge both Spiritual Science and Material Science. “Interstellar” provides a tremendous opportunity to bring Spiritual Science and Materialistic Science into sync.

“But when man shall have left the earth, what will have happened to all his past creations on earth, through all the hundreds and thousands of years that are past?” (click link)

It is utterly remarkable, astonishing to experience how literal Karmic Time, Karmic Relationships, the very substance and meaning of Love is tied in a pretty bow of Time and Space (CLICK LINK) and tied directly into each human heart. The cruel cold cosmos isn’t so at all. Lawful, precise, yes. But this cosmos arranges the Time Field of our Incarnations so that we actually reconnect to those we loved and we incarnate in patterns together. The Physics, the math of the arrangements of re-encountering each other, babies in far flung reaches of the Earth, designed to grow toward each other and find each other, are all part of an immense heart felt Cosmic Transit System.

But in actual Science we bring a portion, a piece of the giant Time Equation of the Stars with us into incarnation. Our lawful, heartbeat and lung, in-out breathing pattern on Earth, is consequentially tied to the law inherent in the stars of 25,920 years, (Click Link).

Our heart beats, lungs and Rhythmic Etheric TIME BODY are locked and loaded with Star reality and consequential law. And we get all this in the package of what our I AM carries into incarnation. We bring the past -present-and future of the Earth,Age of America 3 cosmic tote traveler bag tied in a tidy bow, tied in a tidy travel bag, (CLICK LINK) tied in a tiny time knot, as a gift from the stars, locked directly into our heart beats.

But according to “Interstellar” 5th dimensional beings include love, time and Karma in the streaming patterns of our human hearts. They appear as Synchronistic Events, Time Events where we use the matter, laws, the form of Earth Herself and our lives. We use up the Starry Incarnation Wisdom supplied by Higher Beings. Love is the Transit System that sustains the transformation of matter into spirit. We are designed to gather together exactly what will survive and is stronger than any black hole or any inaccurate irrelevancy tacked onto the treasures we are, all and everyone, harvesting and gathering from Earth and Humanity.

That is the Möbius Strip of why billions and billions are incarnated on the Earth. It isn’t overpopulation, it is a vast harvesting potential of acquiring Earth’s wisdom and transforming Earth into Love. It isn’t screaming global catastrophe it is joyous possibility of taking the best of human hope, human love and human compassion through the portal of the transformation of our hearts. While there is still TIME.Age of America 3 transforming Matter and Earth into Love

Spiritual Science and the Transubstantiation of Matter Itself (Click Link)

“We are now disregarding that which man takes with him away from the earth, we are considering the earth itself. We see that, in fact, a planet grows always smaller in the course of its development. It contracts. That is the destiny of the substance of planets; but it is not all, that is only something which the physical eye and physical instruments can observe in the planets. There is a further development of the material substance — beyond that point.

“Let us now consider this further development of matter, and with this I am touching on what I said will perhaps be impossible for you to understand with the comprehension of the present day. It is a fact that the earth is continually contracting, hence matter tends towards the center from all sides. And now I say — be it understood consciously, not only fully conscious of the law of the conservation of force, but also fully conscious of facts known to every occultist — I say: Matter draws together more and more towards a center, and the strange thing is that in that center matter disappears.

“Imagine that you have a piece of something which contracts more and more towards its center. In its center it disappears. It does not get pushed over to its other side, it absolutely disappears into nothing in its own central point! So that you can imagine to yourselves that, as the material parts contract towards the center, the whole of the earth will some day disappear in that central point. But this is not all: in the same measure in which it disappears in the central point, it reappears again in the circumference. Out there in space it is coming back again. At one point in space matter disappears and emerges again at another. Out there it is coming forth anew. The substance disappears in one place and from outside it returns again. But it returns in such a way that it brings back with it all that the beings who have worked on the planets have imprinted on its substance; naturally not in its present form, but in a form which this transformation has given to it.”

In the School of the Lamb of God it is a technical, spiritual, scientific and mathematical region of advanced clairvoyance. Souls incarnating on Earth have sought the materialistic clairvoyance of math and physics and how there are 4th dimensional beings, 5th dimensional beings, 6th dimensional beings which in the beginning of Part 2, we examined what the lofty School of the Lamb and Sophia of the Stars consisted of.

The lofty School of the Lamb and Star Nursery of Sophia consists of our search for the answers to what Time and Space are and how do we approach, get to understand and comprehend Beings who are Creator Beings and who also are just like us. Now that means that our mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, our poets, directors, professors, and our religions are all seeking the exact same thing. The thing that we are seeking is how to answer the riddle of the higher dimensions.

Let us reiterate, review and repeat again what everyone who is a lawful member of humanity must come to recognize. 90% of our education has flunked this simple quiz so, even if we think we understand it, it must be repeated at every grade level.

Rudolf Steiner and Dimensional Beings

“When we speak of man in terms of Spiritual Science we say that the whole man — and we think of man only in this sense — is a seven-fold being, consisting of physical body, etheric body, astral body, ego, spirit-self, life-spirit, spirit-man. His development is not yet complete but will be when his sevenfold being has fully developed. But in the great cosmic All there are beings other than man, beings of a different nature. There are, for example, beings in the cosmos of whom we cannot say that, like man, they have the physical body as one of their members. There are beings of whom we must speak differently. The members of which man is composed can be enumerated as follows:

7. Spirit-Man
6. Life-Spirit
5. Spirit-Self
4. Ego
3. Astral Body
2. Etheric Body
1. Physical Body

Age of America 3 spirit self life spirit and spirt man“Now there are beings whose lowest member is the etheric body; they too are sevenfold, having an eighth member, higher than spirit-man. We begin to enumerate thus: etheric body, astral body, and so forth, finishing with a member above our spirit-man (Atma). There are other beings whose lowest member is the astral body; above spirit-man they have an eighth and yet a ninth member. Again there are beings whose lowest member is the ‘I,’ the ego, and who therefore have not a physical nor an etheric nor an astral body in our sense but whose Ego streams outwards without the three sheaths. They are therefore beings who send forth ‘Egos’ in all directions. These Beings have an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth member; they are described in the Apocalypse as beings who are “full of eyes”. Then there are beings in whom spirit-self (Manas) is the lowest member. They have yet an eleventh member. And finally there are beings whose lowest member is the life-spirit and who have yet a twelfth member. You must therefore think of beings who, just as man’s lowest member is a physical body, have life-spirit (Budhi) as their lowest member and above, a highest member best designated by the number 12. These are most sublime beings, far transcending everything that man is able to conceive. How is it possible to form any kind of idea of these most wonderful, most sublime beings?”

And when we try to cope with the vaster problems of higher dimensional beings, we tend to lose our hearts in the equation. Our universities tangle us in knots because there are already operative super forces of resistance which stubbornly refuse to track the logic inherent in the unfolding of the human model we own, up to the higher model of Divine Spiritual Beings we will attain to in the future.

We end up, not with a comprehension of what an enormous, lofty Being would look like and appear if it walked amongst humanity, say as an Ahrimanic Archai in a human form (Click Link) or say, a literal Sun Being whose higher dimensional, developed capacities will only be attained by us in the distant future. But we end up with an impersonal sketch of dimensional theories that indicate a lofty validity. (Click Link)

We enter math and dimensional capacities that obviously our physical bodies could not survive if we slam ourselves into wormholes. We had to go out in Space and see what that was like, test it’s values, it’s potentials, that’s what we do. But we have been for some time, during the 20th and 21st century, on the verge of comprehending a Higher Dimensional Schooling. We’re still trying to get our heads around it. From Rod Serling to Einstein to Tesla and Spiritual Science we are all questing for the same ideal.

But what we have been unable to reconcile is that the Egyptians understood this equation of the higher Devachan in The Feather of Maat. We have been unable to reconcile humanities and our Earth’s humble but holy position within the Zodiacal Nursery. In just a moment we will examine the intimacy of the history of our Solar System and why we are so frustrated and so rebellious.

Wrestling with dimensional theory vs higher dimensional fact

Through the wormhole, Mcconaughey, aka Cooper, finds lies, time dilation, and disaster, which all lead up to a desperate Hail Mary pass – a fall into a black hole known as Gargantua to gather the data humanity needs to solve the gravitational equations that constrain us to Earth. But instead of getting spaghettified upon entry, when Cooper enters the black hole he finds himself in a 5th-dimensional realm, able to send messages to his daughter in the past. These messages let Cooper’s daughter solve the gravity equations and uplift humanity from the dying Earth. Cooper is eventually released from the black hole and recaptured somewhere near Saturn. Humanity has been saved.

“Interstellar” – “Supernova” – Zodiacal Embryology and the Cosmic Nursery

From “Supernova” at 48 minutes into the film SWEETIE is the on-board computer.

Analysis of the bomb
Fantastic growing hypercube (only up to 7 dimensions)
SWEETIE: I’ve updated my analysis of the unknown object. Computing atomic mass to quantum weight suggests the presence of extra-dimensional isotopic matter.
KAELA (medical officer): Extra-dimensional?
SWEETIE: Yes. The isotopic matter appears to be ninth-dimensional in nature.
KAELA: Define ninth-dimensional matter.
SWEETIE: While mathematics can demonstrate the existence of this matter, I’m afraid human language lacks any vocabulary to describe it.
KAELA: The object is made of this extra-dimensional material?
SWEETIE: No. The object is a three-dimensional shell encasing the ninth-dimensional matter.
KAELA: What’s the function of the container?|
SWEETIE: Dispersal of contents.
KAELA: Specify type of dispersal.
SWEETIE: Omni-directional.
KAELA: Describe effect of ninth-dimensional material upon a third-dimensional universe? SWEETIE: Spontaneous creation of new three-dimensional matter.
KAELA:It’s a bomb.
SWEETIE: Yes.Age of America 3 9th dimensional artifact Super Nova

So for the sake of intelligence and Spiritual Science research we understand that we are a Three Dimensional I AM, that houses, in us, the powerful potential of a 9th dimensional being. The on-board computer called SWEETIE describes it like this, “three-dimensional shell encasing the ninth-dimensional matter.”

Our problems and our paradigms and our educations block our paths, right at this juncture. Lofty Beings, ahead of us, are in the immense School of Cosmic Creator Beings. We cannot easily stomach the logic of this. That we as humanity house, what we are aiming at in this series of essays, that we as humanity have uncultivated, un-examined, Divine kernels of higher seed forces already planted in us that will take us into lofty regions of Devachan math, Inner planetary and Zodiacal frontiers that will make our materialism look like children’s games.

Nick Thomas was an electrical engineer in the RAF for 20 years before embarking on research into projective geometry. He became Chair and General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. The author of Science Between Space and Counterspace and The Battle for the Etheric Realm. He died in 2015.Age of America 3 Nick Thomas spacial clairvoyance

“Our human intuitions suggest that we need a broader-based science which can encompass phenomena currently excluded, such as human consciousness, qualities and values. In this groundbreaking book, Nick Thomas presents a wider view of science using the theory of ‘counterspace’. Counterspace exists alongside space as we know it, and was first proposed by Rudolf Steiner, and developed by the Cambridge mathematician George Adams (click link). Through its startling lens, key aspects of our world – such as gravity, time, light and colour, as well as the stars, the solar system, and the classical elements – can be viewed and understood in dynamically new ways.”

“Let us now picture the vision of Christ, as it will appear to the first fore-runners during the next 2,500 years, and as it appeared to Paul on the way to Damascus. Man will ascend to a cognition of the spiritual world and will see the physical world permeated by a new ‘country,’ or new realm. Man’s physical environment will present a totally different aspect in the course of the next 2,500 years, through the addition of an etheric realm, which indeed is already here now, but which he will learn to perceive.” Rudolf Steiner

When I was a child, I thought as a Child but when we ascended to become Human Beings and discovered like Tesla, layers upon layers of higher forces untapped, we started to think differently. We can readily understand that materialism has just recently come to the frontiers, where Spiritual Science must offer a higher revelation of the new continents and new worlds, new frontiers of Etheric Space, Counter-Space and vast Devachan Dimensions where our lofty Creator Ancestors are evolving ahead of us.

It is here, NOW, where Spiritual Science and Material Science, together re-assess our true nature and the true Inner Construct of the Star Nursery we are growing into. Like children we constantly want to fit our tiny baby feet into those enormous adult footwear.Age of America 3 the Star Nursery of Sophia We never tire in ART and SCIENCE of putting on the big hats, coats and capes of our elders.

Let’s make it simple. The Sixth age is the age of Manas and Spirit-Selfhood. Vast inner changes in our thinking, our stubborn thinking has to be willingly, spiritually beheaded. And in the 6th Age there arrive wholly new forces, higher Angelic Paradigms which we meet. Taking the above reference that Rudolf Steiner gives, “Then there are beings in whom spirit-self (Manas) is the lowest member.” Let us keep a cool scientific head on our shoulders.

Rudolf Steiner (click link)

spirit-man, life-spirit, spirit-self, conscioousness soul, intellectual S, Sentient“When the entire astral body has been purified and strengthened by the special forces of the ego, it becomes Manas or Spirit-Self. When the ether or life-body has been thoroughly worked over and strengthened by the force of the ego, it becomes Budhi, or Life-Spirit. When the physical body has been fully overcome and conquered by the ego, it becomes Atman or Spirit-Man. “

In the examination of the 6th Age, which we are presently examining, we come to Cosmic Manas, Cosmic Spirit-Self, which are legitimate portions of what our purified Astral Body is. This Manas, purified Astral Body arises from the transformation of our Sentient Soul, where ancient Persia was beginning. This Manas or Spirit-Self attainment is the key phase of development of the 6th Age.

We have discussed Parsifal as an individual who achieved this Dove Initiation into the Holy Spirit. If we say Grail, we have to say that the Dove Initiation of the purified Astral Body, brings a human being who achieves this purification into the realm of the Virgin Sophia. We have considered this purification of the astral body as part of the Salome mysteries of Lucifer and how our astral body functions. In Parsifal we have an individual who we can safely say was THE SON OF A WIDOW.

This SON OF A WIDOW represented a person who had undergone an Isis Initiation. For Isis was widowed and The Youth of Nain was the Son of a Widow. Age of America 3 Son of the Widow Youth of Nain adolescent comaDuring his Astral phase, as an adolescent, The Youth of Nain went into a coma. Christ came along and recognized that the Youth of Nain had experienced an Isis Egyptian Initiation event that had impacted his astral body and sentient soul. Christ came along and planted the seed in The Youth of Nain, that restored the cohesion of his astral and sentient soul. So for several incarnations, this Initiate remained, literally and figuratively THE SON OF THE WIDOW, which was the designated term of someone who awakens from Isis to Sophia.

That same individual who Christ planted the seed for the lofty Spirit-Self, Manichean impulse, deep in The Youth of Nain was also incarnated as Parsifal. Parsifal’s mother was a widow. Parsifal once more incarnated with the spiritual designation as the Son of the Widow. Parsifal’s mother’s name was Herzeleide (Heart’s Sorrow).

When we examine both the karma of Parsifal and the Karma of his mother Herzeleide we arrive at some rather remarkable insights that take us from the wounded Fisher King to the Holder of the Higher Grail achievement of Spirit-Self and new Manas Thinking that is told in the Parsifal tale. Parsifal achieving this moment, from the historical point of reference of the meeting of Christ and the Youth of Nain, places for astute observation one of the lofty deeds that Christ planted in the STREAM OF TIME AND HUMAN KARMA.

Following the destiny of John the Baptist, Judas, Paul, Peter (an agonized and wounded Fisher King) and the rising and surfacing, Youth of Nain, breaching the surface of history like a giant hidden whale that secretly swam under the current of human history are remarkable TIME TRACKING EVENTS. Parsifal and the Fisher King John Stolfo 2003Parsifal, like Novalis are immense hidden secrets that suddenly, quietly and intimately surface, bewilderingly, in history, TIME AND LEGEND. And so will our own histories, our own marks on the membrane of TIME, shatter and astonish us. In the 6th Age human biography as a science of love and karma will be the quickening food for our Spirit-Self.

The legend of Parsifal surfaces from the deed of Christ and the Son of the Widow back in TIME, when Christ paused over the comatose adolescent that Christ recognized as the dormant Astral Body, a young adolescent astral body from a previous Egyptian Isis Initiation event. Christ stepped in and planted the SEED IN THE TIME MEMBRANE of the Youth of Nain so that the potent transformation of the Isis/Egyptian Astral Body, into the purified and awakened Manichean Spirit-Self Impulse would carry the Cosmic Stamp of the Christ into the future of the 6th Age. The Cosmic Physician with Higher Dimensional Manas/Sophia skills, walked through the garden of unique human I AM’s as the most skilled Gardner the world has ever witnessed.

The achievement of the Dove Wisdom, the descent of the Dove and the Grail holds the cup of how our brain is transformed as we approach the 6th Age.  The Higher Dimensional Being of the Christ had already given a taste of the New Spirit-Self, preview at the event of the Pentecost (click link). The TONGUES OF FLAME will be part of the Spirit-Self and Manas higher Astral Fire Mysteries.

The Dove is the illumination of the so called Holy Spirit of higher Thinking, that is able to receive inspired Star and Karmic thinking from the lofty realm of the Virgin Sophia. There-by the compassion and the structure within the organ of our human hearts, and higher capacities triggered in our brains will become integrated and quickened. Pineal and Pituitary glands will start to fire up inside us. We each will start to experience KNOWING THINGS, like Tongues of flame.

We begin to understand that our Hearts contain a piece of the folded Space/Time Continuum in the vast Star configurations of our most intimate Human Karma. We will hunger to recover those lost pieces of the great puzzle of our Karmic Groups. We carry a part and portion of the Stars folded away in our human hearts. Our hearts are neither mechanical pumps nor Stephen Hawking wormholes. However much of our most intimate karmic bonds, as a constellation of people we love, can be swallowed into a real abyss.

Rudolf Steiner (click Link)

“It is the task of our age to work Manas or Spirit-Self by degrees into what had previously been received unconsciously. The human being must, as it were, develop Manas within himself by means of all the forces he has acquired by virtue of possessing a physical, an ether and an astral body, a sentient, an intellectual and a consciousness soul; by means of all the forces which these various members can give him, he must develop Manas and also, although in a very small degree, the germ of a Life-Spirit or Budhi.”

Because we do not even begin to take seriously HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, because we have not developed a framework that includes HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS we cannot fathom what a Being is like who has as their lowest body Cosmic Manas or Divine Spirit-Self as their lowest member.

The Angel Community, the Kingdom of the Angelic Beings have as their lowest member, an Etheric Body. The entire plant kingdom on Earth with all the mathematical geometry of the stars in each flower, fruit, seed design are part of the lowest devotional prayers and classroom advanced physics studies of how the MANAS of the starry world gets woven into concrete Etheric Life or Budhi.

In each plant we see the FORM DRAWINGS of the Etheric Geometry and higher physics of the star world, presented as graduate and master-crafts-womanship from the university of the lofty Angelic Kingdom whose lowest body resembles our Etheric Body. In the 6th Age humanity will just begin entering this advanced Astral and Spirit-Self realm while the Angels have already peppered the Earth with advanced star and Etheric Geometry, homeopathy through every bush, shrub, weed, flower and fruit of all the medicinal, distinct star virtues where human etheric, astral and physical remedies were potency fitted to the structure of the ailments and remedies of their human children.

Our extreme antipathy in even considering the reality of a lofty being, a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, literally prevents our education from looking in the direction where we can find such a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, whose lowest body certainly may not even be a physical, etheric, astral, or I AM, but whose lowest body is an already developed Cosmic Manas body. We have immense trouble considering a Being directly connected with us, our Angel, whose lowest body is an Etheric Body. We have trouble in digesting, accepting and integrating ourselves into the lofty School of Creator Beings.

What we attain with achieving or approaching human Spirit-Self or Manas is only the first rudimentary toe hold into the School of Angel/Human. This is only a dim reflection of the full permeation and illumination that arises as a planetary force, a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL force in a Being whose lowest body is Cosmic Manas, or the fully operative forces of the Holy Spirit. If we transform our human thinking and awaken the first rudiments of Manas and Spirit-Self in us, we gain a literal glowing AURA around our heads, Age of America 3 Halo Astral purification to Spirit-Selfhoodwhich in terms of actual Sainthood, actual achievement of being a Grail Initiate, is the first glow of Sophia of the Stars, the Virgin awakening of the higher Astral Devachan forces that Angels already swim in. There develops a literal HALO, ring around our heads as the first glimmerings of illuminated thinking.

So friends, in order to even get the lofty HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING of the Christ situated into a human frame, Christ, whose lowest member was already Cosmic Manas or the lowest member was a Cosmic Body of Law, of the Stars, of the lofty physics of human Karma, the LOGOS ITSELF, a human being had to arrive at a stage where the purified Higher Being could literally receive a COSMIC HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, whose lowest body was already Cosmic Manas.

So the obstacles in the path of considering the scaffolding, structural system realities of what human beings are, already obstructs our approach. Our education has created impossible roadblocks to overcome. We are faced with the impossible. We are faced with looking at the Science Fiction of higher dimensional beings. Most people cannot approach that problem or cannot even begin to translate ‘higher dimensional beings’ into THE LITERAL THREE YEARS THAT CHRIST WAS ON THE EARTH.

Sainthood and the initial approach to what faulty religious opinion deems a saint, with a transformed astral body, IS; and what the actual, scientific determination of a transformed astral body, IS, when and if, any human beings have transformed and awakened their higher astral body, IS clouded in political-religious papacy and nonsense. Equally nonsensical and obstructing our vision is what an Angel IS and who, if any human beings have actually achieved such preliminary Angelic status? Right away, an Angel’s lowest spiritual structure IS their Etheric body. They don’t have a physical body so they don’t have to worry about squeezing through wormholes with clumsy space suits. But our Manas or Spirit-Self only just begins to approach what our Angels have nearly completed.

Science flees from religion, religion flees from science. Midsummer presents us with an Ass and John the Baptist’s beheading. Science Fiction gives us hints at HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, but insists that we keep our plot systems anchored in Warp Drive, Star Wars, space theories. Age of America 3 Education and the floorplan of Earth Evolution and the HierarchiesLook I know how complicated our little scattered bouquet of science, art, religion, like a tangled disarranged clump of meadow flowers seems. All such wayward tangents are literally and deeply connected.

Everyone of these widely scattered histories, Wagner’s Parsifal to Interstellar, to Wormholes and the folded quickening of Time and Space in the human heart and embryology, to uncharted depths of deep, immense space, with their infinite vast galaxies, everything is linked and locked in the vast school we are in. Everyone of the lofty beings around us has gone through their human phases like we are doing now.

From Autism to magnetic Astral Halo’s, to our personal karmic history and unique human data, we exist in an all inclusive Logical System that must include the structure and scaffolding of fully developed and partially developed dimensional beings. Not one of us, not any of us, can drink the vastness of the universe in one gulp. It is impossible and in most cases education has already given up, imploded and fled to childish paradigms that are completely ridiculous materialistic myths.

When we clear the debris and obstructions away, we see a vast array of human beings who have already attained this initial Manas or early illumination of purified Astral Thinking.Age of America 3 Astral Spirit Selfhood Halo B. Reale We can see and rely on the science foundation of how the human being is constructed with a physical body, a vast Etheric Rhythmic system and endocrine system, an Astral, TWELVE CRANIAL NERVE, cosmic Grail Cup and a Conscious super force of the penetrating I AM.

There are many human beings who have already achieved a break through into Manas or Spirit-Self, but only the rudimentary beginnings of higher Angelic Thinking and Consciousness. But we have located on the map a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING whose lowest body was a fully developed Cosmic Sophia, absolute Grail, absolute lofty, already achieved Angel Being, who could only arrive and enter humanity on the basis of a human being attaining a purified Star Consciousness. That Star Consciousness that we shall attain more and more of in the 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood, was attained by Jesus/Zarathustra and offered as a residency for the Christ Being for THREE YEARS ON EARTH.

Rudolf Steiner (click link)

“Woman, behold thy son.” He himself had transferred the Sophia that lived within him to the Disciple John; he transformed him into a son of Sophia and said: “Behold, thy mother.” “Henceforth you should recognize the divine wisdom as your mother and dedicate yourself to her alone.” John had recorded this divine wisdom; Sophia is embodied in the Gospel of St. John. Jesus had given him this wisdom, and he was authorized by Christ to transmit it to the world.”

Sophia Constellations and the Age of America Florian SydowThis Cosmic Manas that was Christ’s lowest Cosmic body was the full SOPHIA. St. John not only is authorized to carry the Cosmic Manas of the Christ but it is his teacher, his ever reawakening cosmic task to carry Sophia to humanity.

“So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, ‘Lord, and what about this man?’ Jesus said to him, ‘If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!’ Therefore this saying went out among the brethren that that disciple would not die; Yet Jesus did not say to him that he would not die, but only, ‘If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you?'” (John 21:18-23).

Because the gift that Christ gives St. John is so stupendous, everyone recognizes that in Revelation and the Gospel of St. John we are dealing with a Devachan Higher Body, given to St. John, that literally illuminates the Immortal School of the Logos and the Lamb and is the eternal stream of the Grail, the Dove, the Holy Spirit and the transformed THINKING, the school of Sophia itself. Basically we can only begin to fathom what happened to St. John if we attempt to understand both Manas and Budhi FROM HERE.

Christ gives this Schooling of Sophia to John. John is the Eagle and Esoteric guide on Earth for the Christ Being. And from this it turns out that no matter in what direction we turn to face the stars, no matter how we want to describe the fiction of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, each piece and each portion and each part contains a fragment of Sophia Star Wisdom and it must contain a dash, a pinch of diluted St. John.

Just for our reference if we take the higher Budhi or transformed Etheric Body as an emancipated living thing, we arrive in The Guardians of the Galaxy with ” I AM GROOT”. Age of America 3 transformation of the Etheric body In the Guardians of the Galaxy animal, plant, stone and human play an enormous part together. Even the part of the Stone or 9th dimensional matter that is part of the creative force of the universe is a certain sphere or orb protected primal piece of immortality. We could call it a God Particle that is sought by The Guardians of the Galaxy. But where we tickle the idea of a granule of matter that has been so refined as to be a Cosmic God Particle we would need to comprehend how matter disappears. Well what would be the definition of a God Particle?

Transformation of Matter and the God Particle advanced Spiritual Physics (Click Link)

“So that you can imagine to yourselves that, as the material parts contract towards the center, the whole of the earth will some day disappear in that central point. But this is not all: in the same measure in which it disappears in the central point, it reappears again in the circumference. Out there in space it is coming back again. At one point in space matter disappears and emerges again at another. Out there it is coming forth anew. The substance disappears in one place and from outside it returns again. But it returns in such a way that it brings back with it all that the beings who have worked on the planets have imprinted on its substance; naturally not in its present form, but in a form which this transformation has given to it.

But ” I AM GROOT” is pure emancipated Etheric Being or Budhi imagination. We as yet, cannot suddenly produce Etheric Life, restorative Etheric Forces out of ourselves, but “I AM GROOT” finds brotherhood, camaraderie and Love as it’s core Gift. We are stymied because with a Higher Dimensional Being, the Christ Being, stepped in and acted as a restorative Etheric Life Force and we are obliged to see in the I AM and in GROOT, a fragment off the TREE OF LIFE itself. This Restorative Etheric Budhi or Life-Spirit force will be our task, way, way down the road in the 7th Age. The Angels directly above us have not even yet completed this task. How do we make the Roses grow on the dead framework of the Cross of Time?Age of America 3 How to grow Higher Spiritual Organs growing out of the physical form

We could embrace the steady magical magnificence of how Logical and REAL the higher school of humanity is. But there sits our built in problem. You and I balk and reject, just like Peter did, the excruciating suffering of Christ on the Cross. We should and we do. But then here is our most overwhelming problem. The day long, the 24 hour torture of the Christ, and Christ rebuking Peter, means something grotesque and abhorrent.

We have to consider how Christ drained the last drops of what we consider LIFE, out of the body of Jesus. Down to the last atom of matter, down through to the bones. Christ Consciously, as the Cosmic I AM, took matter, life, cellular and atomic cohesion, down to the Roots of Matter, what we consider Matter and the cohesion of a Human Being on Earth, Christ took this transformation into the science of transubstantiation all the way through the INVERSION PROCESS, to the other side and came out the other side, consciously.

Why would we crush into powder and pin such a Caterpillar of the Sun to the excruciating Cross? Would such rigidity on the Cross assist Christ to focus every power of His Higher Dimensional strengths into the full transformation of Matter into Spirit? Age of America The Great Transformation of the Earth to Spirit ManSt. Peter and I can still hardly fathom what Christ meant when he rebuked Peter (study rebuke here). The things of flesh and the things of Spirit, where, down in the core COSMIC TONE of matter and creation, the primal COSMIC PHANTOM OF THE EARTH lay hidden.

To lift that hidden treasure, Christ, as a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING knew how to ferret out the secret of the Earth Herself, because Christ knew the path of Science we would have to take to conquer matter. And that Science of the School of matter remains locked out of every university, except Spiritual Science and the Michael School.

Our present, puny INTELLECTUAL SOUL forces cannot compete with the LOVE, determination, Will required to squeeze and press out our PHANTOM SPIRIT OF FORM, designed by the gods, from our poor lonely skeleton. St. Peter and I can’t bear to hear the screams of agony and shivering loneliness of the obsolete and abandoned skeleton Earth gave to us. It’s shrieks are unbearable.

Our LOVE and our I AM, not one single I AM anywhere on Earth has had the Conscious Love to redeem the ancient Skeleton from behind the sealed doors of Ancient Saturn Evolution. Redeem the Pawn Ticket and trade in the Skeleton we own in the physical world for the Cosmic and Zodiacal Miracle of The Phantom Body. The Inversion of this type of penetration into the Core of Matter has only been done ONCE, so far on Earth. Only once. Quantum Physics are LEGO child’s toys by comparison.

Why would such a Higher Dimensional Being submit Himself to such humiliation and physical desecration while wearing a Lofty Human Form, which He, HIMSELF helped create? What horror on one hand and what transformation is possible on the other side? The slumber of the Caterpillar in it’s cocoon is a kind of death. But the most bitter dregs of being pinned to a Cross to embrace down to the roots our most bitter ties to matter and our physical body, squeezes, compresses, the Cosmic Phantom Body out of our bones. Squeezing and pressing the PHANTOM BODY out of our bones, with full consciousness and the absolute highest forces of the I AM remains incomprehensible to us.

None of any, of anything at all in our university education, up to now, has prepared any of us for the logical metamorphosis of how we attain knowledge of how we grow the capacities in ourselves to become Higher Dimensional Beings. Humanity has been unable to abide, fathom or grasp what we have been discussing as the transformation of our astral and sentient experiences into a stage of development called Manas or Spirit-Self. Which means we as humanity are only just beginning that phase in the early dawning of some of those who have already arrived at the near threshold of the 6th Age. The Angels are almost all the way through it above us working on their Budhi phase. We are a long, long way from even vaguely comprehending WHAT AN ETHERIC BODY IS.

In the 7th Age we will be laying the foundation for Life-Spirit, the transformation of our Etheric Bodies into Budhi, those will only be the beginning of the slow, slow unraveling of the spiritual techniques required in order for us to detach the roots of matter and karma and, heave together, raise and weigh anchor and pull Earth Herself through the Eye of the Needle.Age of America 3 What Anchors matter behind the Isis-Sophia Veil We encounter here THE VEIL OF ISIS. We encounter the lifting of the Veil of Matter and Sophia. Who has extracted the COSMIC PHANTOM BODY from the skeletal bones of matter, designed from the Ancient Saturn Evolution of Earth? Who has lifted the Anchor that tied us to the deeps of the Earth? But more importantly, how is this lifting the Anchor done?

But it is indisputable that humanity is reluctant to define, categorize and stand by, and stand up for secrets of the deep inner construction of ourselves with our already built in potential to become Higher Dimensional Beings. We also have refused to consider that the Inner and Outer universe, both Space, Time and our Human Blueprints, are really set within a logical framework of Higher Dimensional Schooling and reality.

This ATMA, Spirit-Man question, is way, way, past the End of Earth Evolution, up the road to what we know of as Jupiter Evolution, Venus Evolution and Vulcan Evolution. The cosmic immortal skeletal framework was set by the initial Zodiacal Beings(opening Part 2) in the Ancient Saturn Evolution of the Earth. But in the most advanced Science of Matter ever given so far on Earth, we find some of the answers to these immense riddles in the most exquisite lectures ever heard on Earth. This exquisite series of lectures unlocks the door to Ancient Saturn and paves the way to understanding ATMA or Spirit-Man. The mobile, elastic, naked meaning of Earth Evolution Itself has everything to do with the PHANTOM BODY (CLICK LINK).

Gethsemane and Squeezing THE PHANTOM BODY from the SKELETON

“It came to pass that one man, who was the bearer of the Christ, had gone through such a death that after three days the specifically mortal part of the physical body had to disappear, and out of the grave there rose the body which is the force-bearer of the physical, material parts. The body that was really intended for man by the Rulers of Saturn, Sun, and Moon — the pure Phantom of the physical body with all the attributes of the physical body — this it was that rose out of the grave. So was given the possibility of that spiritual genealogy of which we have spoken.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)Phantom and the physical body

Drinking the Cup of Earth to it’s dregs, the very last atom, molecule of matter, drained, pressed and squeezed from the bones, allowed this lofty HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, The Christ, to restore the ancient SPIRIT FORM that will be, can be, but won’t be easy to attain, that was originally built into our Human Forms when the foundations for humanity were laid in the early development of our cosmos. The early development of our Cosmos has nothing to do with the Big-Bang theory. Rather it has to do with the higher human capacity we misuse in the cliché (a trite, stereotyped expression) – YOU CAN’T SQUEEZE BLOOD FROM A ROCK.

The riddle of the Earth itself first appeared in the Zarathustrian Age of Ahura Mazdao from the Iranian/Persian phrase “You can’t squeeze blood from a rock”. Cultivating the Earth, plowing, growing, clearing the paths and learning the Sun Mysteries of the wheat, the Bread, the grape, the vine and the blood were where Zarathustra first anchored the Sun Mysteries to the future of Christ. Christ squeezed the blood from the marrow of the bones to retrieve and extract from the skeleton THE PHANTOM BODY. This is the highest science of matter that ever appeared and took form on the Earth.

From Jesus to Christ

“If we look back to the beginning of our Earth-existence, we can say that the hosts from the ranks of the higher Hierarchies who had prepared the physical human body in its own proper Form during the Saturn, Sun and Moon periods, up to the Earth period, had from the outset placed this Phantom within the Earth evolution. In fact the Phantom, which cannot be seen with the physical eye, was what was first there of the physical body of man. It is a transparent body of force.”

The cold hard stones were exactly what brought Ahura Mazdao down into the Baptism when Zarathustra incarnated and worked deeply into the Luke Jesus. Zarathustra/Jesus worked upwards to lay the ground work for the RESIDENCY OF THE CHRIST ON EARTH by lifting the Spirit-Self forces of Jesus to a level where Christ could make CONTACT. This was part of the Iranian/Turanian mysteries that today form The Risen Etheric Christ Mysteries of Matter and Science against the Ahrimanic mysteries of blunt materialism.

Goethean Science, look deeply dear friends. If we truly follow the human being’s development we isolate the Iranian Persian mystery of how sun and seed, and flower and fruit arise as, develop out of the good Earth. The Good Earth and the science of Agriculture and Goethean Science tracks and traces the choice Ahura Mazdao, TAO chose to display the unfolding of the Plant in Humanity. We see that Christ not only meets the human seed of Jesus at the Baptism, but through this meeting of the upward effort of humanity flowering, the entire meaning of Earth and Humanity, breaks open the seed husk and produces the first intended Goethean Science of the Flowering of the Spirit and the meaning of Earth Itself through the higher pollination that produces Spirit Man. Goethean Science tracks the development through Zarathustra to the Risen Etheric Christ. It is the complete Goethean Science and meaning of the first born fruit of the Earth.

Out of the Science of the ground of our physical body, etheric body, astral body, I AM, our SPIRIT-SELF, our Life-Spirit and our Spirit-Man we may track unimpeded a full Goethean Science of Logic that completes itself in the pollination process of Christ at the Baptism which fertilizes the New Seed of the Entire Meaning of Earth Evolution. The scaffolding and Science of our organic human and spiritual system, every human being on Earth’s design codes, were designed to fulfill a Flowering of the Spirit. It is logical, precise and true and was missed and ignored by materialism. This is what the Earth was meant to produce and meant to achieve and this is what completes the entire organic human process of the Sprouting and Flowering of Earth Evolution.

To attempt what is impossible to imagine for materialism is to extract the PHANTOM BODY, the Form Body, hidden in the secret forces of matter and the Earth, that was bound to the secrets of the skeleton, the rock. Age of America 3 skeletal companion Our bone born skeletons are wed to the foundations, the origins, of the design codes of Human I AM carriers. It was through the strength of the Christ, a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, that the deepest secret of the cold hard stones where death and life were tied to gravity and the spacial forces of the Earth, that Christ gave the example of the science of matter and ATMA or Spirit-Man.

But shattering for us to know is that our 5th Age is the Consciousness Soul and it is during this period of the Consciousness Soul we prepare ourselves to fathom how the densest forces of matter and the physical body are transformed. Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, gene codes, matter are all Consciousness Soul attempts to penetrate the densest Spiritual Form we carry around with us.

OSTEOLOGY and the Cosmic Origins of the Skeleton

Skeletal and what retains the human formWhy do we carry around with us such a dense condensation of compressed spiritual physics? It will not go through wormholes or Black Holes, nor can we take the dense designed bone-matter with us into the spiritual world. Warp Drive, Matter Systems and Beam me up Scottie requires a dissolution and deconstruction of bone, stone, muscle, nerve, blood and brain and a re-resolution and re-habitation of an I AM. And that on the presumption that our Consciousness is suspended during this process and instantly alert, cognitive and aware having defied material, and matter laws. Since we are in the School of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, we have to sober up and realize the absolute immersion constriction it requires to transform the Skeleton and recover consciously the Cosmic Phantom Body.

9For we know partially and we prophesy partially,10but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.11When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things.12At present we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then face to face. At present I know partially; then I shall know fully, as I am fully known.

Why is everyone issued one of these precise plaster of Paris-cast models of the inherent dynamics of the Eurythmy of the Zodiac as our Anchor and the price we pay to be part of the Star Mysteries of Sophia? Why do we study the Cosmic Eurythmy Gestures and the entire Etheric Signatures printed into the Dynamic PHANTOM BODY, if not to learn the language of THE PHANTOM RESURRECTION BODY, that Christ released from Earth? Is it a new sign language? Can we learn the language and gesture of our Cosmic Family? Who should teach us this NEW ALPHABET OF THE STARS, if not Aristotle who mastered the TEN CATEGORIES of logic? Now we are in a new school, the school of Sophia and the Lamb.

That is one of the tasks of the Consciousness Soul, in the Time and Age of the Consciousness Soul which is NOW. In the Consciousness Soul we planted the seed and lay the ground work for the future Atma, Spirit-Man sciences. In Part 1 we linked the Consciousness Soul to the transformation of the Physical Body.

In 1662 it was recorded in Giovanni Torriano’s Second Alphabet:

“To go about to fetch bloud out of stones, viz. to attempt what is impossible.”

This be what Gollum sings precious!
The cold hard lands
they bites our hands,
they gnaws our feet.
The rocks and stones
are like old bones
all bear of meat.
But stream and pool
is wet and cool:
so nice for feet!

Our skeletal framework (Click Link) has a system of cosmic, zodiacal forces built into it. This Primal Phantom Body was built into the very beginnings of humanity when the Evolution of Saturn, Sun, and Moon were unfolding. Christ took every particle of the dense construction of our physical human body, down to the dregs of dust, matter and death, and pressed THE PHANTOM BODY out of the dense skeletal bones, all the way through to the other side of the inversion point of matter and Earth. Behind the densest, deepest, descent into matter, our present Earth Evolution, Christ with Conscious Cosmic Love, Pressed, Squeezed the germinal seed of the Cosmic Creator Beings, out of the dense Human Skeleton. This was the primal secret of Ancient Saturn Evolution. No human being has yet accomplished such a feat.

Age of America 3 skeletal and phantom formWe could call it the Dancing Eurythmic Christ Being. That the restoration, freeing up of the dynamic Zodiacal skeleton, at a very high cost, restored the perfect nobility and mobility of all the cosmic forces that once ringed Saturn (opening quote of Part 2).

This Zodiac and Solar System Nursery now rings Earth and our Sun. We are numerically, etherically and astrally tied into a specific rhythmic cycle to TIME. zodiac and astral tierkreisA Grand Collaboration of TWELVE immense Constellations, Star Colonies, collected themselves together to create something entirely new. Their combined efforts locked in as an artistic gift, the zodiacal cohesion of the skeleton. Christ freed up and unlocked the Cosmic Zodiacal PHANTOM and gave dance an entirely new Science Foundation. Who was elected to teach this New Language of the Stars?

It is the Science of the Osteology of the Word,  the Science of Zodiacal and Musical laws that trains us slowly and methodically to unlock the PHANTOM BODY, of the Resurrected Cosmic Atma mysteries. This is literally part of what the Art and Science of Eurythmy is all about. Christ already unlocked the young Phantom, released the Dynamic Zodiacal Naked Phantom, as the youngest dancer of the Cosmos. The First Born of the Earth.

Finally for Earth, out pops the original pristine, divine restoration of the immortal vehicle, the deathless vehicle of THE PHANTOM BODY that was designed by the Hierarchies Themselves when humanity was first conceived. It is delivered as the first baby of Earth from the Immortal School of the Lamb of God. Death will never again infect it. A great Star Dancer, a Cosmic Eurythmist, has been hidden in the humble and painful mysteries of our Skeletal  and Osteology Design.


“The Garden of Gethsemene is located at the foot of the Mount of Olives. In Hebrew the word Gethsemane means “olive press.” I wanted to paint the ironic gravity of Jesus’ night of prayer In the Garden of crushing. I painted his body in the shape of an olive. He was pressed hard and his sweat like great drops of blood spilled to the ground.”  grace carol bomer

Age of America 3 In the Garden artist bomerg

There is no Beam Me Aboard or passage through Wormholes or spaceships built for Warp, Light Speed Drive while carrying our bony skeleton with us. Transformation of matter into Spirit is not a childish game, it is literally part of our Higher Dimensional Schooling. And before we can get to that kind of transformation and transubstantiation of Matter-Physics- and Love we must live with and face some of the immediate contradictions and preparations. Humanity must endure the Labor Pains of our own immortality.

We have to hold in our hearts, magnified beyond any imagined human endurance, the utter state of forlorn ABANDONMENT that the vehicle of our physical skeletons will endure. A crushing agonized bereft isolation grips the soul when the full realization comes that this treasured, obedient work-horse, Planted as the Original Star Seed in the ancient warmth of Saturn, our abused physical body, will not get us through the EYE OF THE NEEDLE or through a Black Hole.

Our Physical Body cries out in desperation, why has thou forsaken and left this empty vessel of the physical body orphaned by the Hierarchies? Age of America 3 skeletal abandoned Earth cosmic formThere are crushing revelations ahead of us, in order to begin to fathom the alienation and agony experienced by the COSMIC I AM, the Christ as He extracted consciously the most ancient Phantom Form Body from His very bones. 

T.S. Eliot

(Part three “Burnt Norton”)

“Descend lower, descend only
Into the world of perpetual solitude,
World not world, but that which is not world,
Internal darkness, deprivation
And destitution of all property,
Desiccation of the world of sense,
Evacuation of the world of fancy,
Inoperancy of the world of spirit;
This is the one way, and the other
Is the same, not in movement
But abstention from movement; while the world moves
In appetency, on its metalled ways
Of time past and time future.”

Reaching the densest portion of Earth Evolution is an accurate model when we consider Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun and Ancient Moon, we find in the natural cosmic progression that Earth Evolution is the densest point. Such distinct considerations, which we shall touch upon up the road, are necessary because of our linear, false, Darwinian models. There in the development of the density of the skeleton at the mid-point of Earth Evolution we can look in two directions. If we go further backwards in time in Earth Evolution we witness that the Human Being did not have a solid skeletal system. This only developed as brain casing as the pineal gland receded from where it once shone as an eye above the Etheric framework of the head. Humanity had a far more watery cohesion in the past (Click Study Link).

The denser structure of our human upright skeletal system was based on the primal design codes of THE PHANTOM BODY of Ancient Saturn. By the time Earth Evolution arrived, our Human Species had advanced design systems in place that allowed for the carriage of the upright I AM, with our pineal and pituitary glands encased in a self-enclosed Grail Cup. Skeletal imitations and designer knock-offs based on the lofty Phantom Model of Humanity, arrived on the scene in Animal and skeletal models. These were dynamic ahrimanic sketches and copies based on the Divine Design of the Phantom Body which we carry as our upright skeletal system. Ahrimanic Science likes the Sci-Fi and A.I. (artificial intelligence) duplication and imitations of the I AM system developed by the gods.

The Resurrection is no Ahrimanic duplication and cheap copy of the immortal systems of Humanity. What Christ did, was take the densest moment in Earth Evolution, bring the I AM of the Gods that we have also operative in us, and lawfully unlocked the riddle of death and released the Cosmic Spirit-Man from captivity and enchantment that was hidden in the magnificent form of the skeleton. Therefore, from the densest point in the Vast Evolution of Humanity, we are, as I AM carriers, each and every one of us, are set to Consciously through our I AM, become full Angels in the Jupiter Evolution and Archangels in the future Venus Evolution. The School of the Stars that we are in requires each of us to acquire the future Phantom Body of Spirit-Man, Atma, that Christ recovered at the densest moment of the design plan laid out by the Hierarchies.

In the 6th Age of Aquarius, when the Sun Rises in the Spring in the Waterwoman, we will have to face Love and Selflessness in the tearing apart and division of humanity, THE PARTING OF THE WAYS (see part 1). Age of America 3 6th Age AquariusThe loss and betrayal of our loved ones and their recovery and the New Cosmic Forces we must acquire, in detail, to restore and recoup the grotesque HARROWING OF HELL (Click Link),Harrowing of Hell that it will take to get us and our loved ones pointed in the direction of THE LOFTY SCHOOL OF THE LAMB, will force us to find New Spiritual capacities.

Stage upon stage we will learn how to unravel the Earth Itself, but by blessed reason itself, it will only occur through the excruciating heart of humanity starting with the stirring Light Infusion from the Age of Spirit-Self. Only at the end of the Vast Divine Journey from Saturn – Earth – to Venus Evolution will we finally attain what the Christ wrung from the skeleton He carried to Golgotha, Spirit-Man or Atma.

Spirit-Self awakens the Mother Load of Compassion as Cognition. We become Karmically and Astrally aware of who our loved ones and companions are. We get a perspective on Earth, her creatures and our humanity that will force open a 5th Chamber in our Human Hearts. A good portion of us and our human family will be kidnapped, suspended and occultly imprisoned.

It is part of an intimate sadness with the loss of anyone, Robin Williams was such an interesting loss. Everyday we have our most intimate loved ones becoming the side of the equation that will force the other side of the equation of humanity, to retrieve them from a cosmic trap. Spirit-Self will break our hearts by opening them to tremendous Conscious tidal forces. Love will start working within each heart like it never has worked since the time of Christ.

This retrieval, paradoxical recovery process, will be essential and foundational for Manas and Spirit-Self to take root in Love. It is paradoxical beyond imagining that our own loved ones will be the strength we need to sacrifice ourselves. Our loved ones will be the tragic gift that stirs the forces of our deepest love and awakens our Earthly Schooling of Spirit-Self. We start our Manichean Schooling as we arrive at the 6th Age.

The pressure of turning evil to good comes from the nature of our own love and karma. That which is in our humanity is that which also becomes the power of love and transformation in our own higher schooling. This humbling, in our Astral, Sentient Souls will be our entrance examines into the preliminary training of Spirit-Self and Angelic selflessness.

But vastly up ahead, in the Holy School of Sophia and the Lamb there, way in the future, that which was already prepared by the Christ Being, we will learn meticulously and slowly to salvage all our loved ones, animal, plant and stone and carry this Courage and Love beyond the grave of the Earth.

This is the preliminary Manichean issue which is coming to us in the 6th Age, that is way, way, way ahead of us. We will be in training, laying a firm foundation in our I AM, so that with LOVE and FREEDOM we can follow matter all the way out past the inversion point. That is beyond the FIRST ORIGINS, beyond Ancient Saturn, where, so far, only the Christ has gone. The inversion point where matter becomes conscious spirit is truly where NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE.

These are the shattering facts, and it appears we are no closer than PETER was to comprehending the mysteries of physics or matter. Because in order to take the Entire Earth Evolution over into the Jupiter Evolution, each of us are going to have to learn how to dismantle our physical world, transmute, translate and transubstantiate every particle of Wisdom of the Earth and how to appreciate fully the benefit of each I AM who can pass through the EYE OF THE NEEDLE. On the other side is the distant Jupiter Evolution. But right now, neither our science, our physics or our human strengths are up to the challenge. And this pisses our feeble brains right off the rails.

All, any and bits and pieces of everything, including the raising of Lazarus, must all be borrowed from the LIVING BODY of Cosmic Manas or Sophia that was given to St. John to nurture, protect and offered as a Living Portion of the Christ’s Cosmic Manas. Peter Quill, The Soul of America in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” was abducted from Earth. His family, his memories, his very soul lives in the literal music memories he holds of Earth. Peter Quill’s funkadelia remains in him as the heart of the mood of Earth and his humanity.

It is James Kirk and Peter Quill’s remaining karmic treasure that is the signature of the Good American Archai Being. The funkadelia and music Quill guards with his life, stands for us all. It is part of the curious comedic feeling of wholeness that radiates from Simon and Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, the Beatles and is the substance, the Archetype of Intimacy that Christian Rosenkreuz maintains, so that we may get through the devastating trials ahead. That is what the future AMERICAN AGE good Archai is mixing into the general melting pot of humanity. Peter Quill with his American Heartland ‘awe shucks’ special ingredient, that makes brotherhood and courage fun are part of the Great-Good, humorous vast Archai of the Best of the American Folk Spirit.

We have a physical body that is not going to go through wormholes. But we have a TIME BODY, an Etheric Body, which is a Temporal Time body in sync with the star patterns of the structure of our current SUN. As human beings, we are being dragged along by the mighty Sun in our crib and playpen, our kindergarten LIVING EMBRYO, our Earth. Age of America 3 The Nursery

Earth as an Embryo? Who is right? Firstly from Part 1 we have the magnificent research of  S. Eva Nessenius. Earth Geography and seething Life itself presented as an immense Seed Bed of the future unfolding. Her book, “Evolution and Geological Planet Formation” dives into the foundation of Life Itself.

In typical shopping mall map slang and slap-stick with a big, big kernel of truth in it, WE ARE HERE in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Who got it right? As we have indicated, Novalis and Rudolf Steiner and thousands of other Bio-Dynamic Scientists, mathematicians and St. John himself. Everyone wants to get it right. We are all faced with the same riddle. And the only question is, do we want to be inside the riddle or do we hope, pray, insist and stubbornly adhere to sentencing ourselves to be exempt and outside the precincts of the riddle?

Suppose we have consistently chosen to remain stubbornly outside of the riddle? Nietzsche had a full confrontation of his own I AM with Ahriman. Nietzsche became ill, which was a saving grace for his pathological confrontation with a full Ahrimanic Being who took possession of Nietzsche’s highly developed thought/will. But Nietzsche was a fiery striver, a fighter for spiritual truth, which as he approached one of the biggest truths he confronted and temporarily lost the battle. But his fiery inquisitive spirit had to be safeguarded by mental illness. Ahriman got the best of Nietzsche that time, but his I AM was saved by mental illness. Nietzsche’s I AM will live to fight another day.

Orwell went down there where Nietzsche went and felt the icy blasts of Ahrimanic Intelligence. Silly people think it is just a mere philosophical nihilistic standpoint, which doesn’t mean anything. It appears cool to stand in the dark brooding of violent, cold, hard facts that reek of torture, doom and Gothic or techo nightmare. Play acting. Childishness. Ahriman is a real Being and neither Nietzsche nor Orwell were as silly and childish as our current crop of WHO CARES. Steiner not only met Nietzsche but wrote profoundly of his heroic struggle. That Ahriman entered as an author has opened up a vast political and spiritual chasm. Only the useless think there is nothing behind the curtain of nihilism.

If we take a type of Asuric possession, like Hannibal Lecter represents, we have what we are getting at in sentencing ourselves to remain outside the cosmic riddle, that our human I AM is truly an integral, inner part of.  Defining a Black Magician: Black Magiciansa black magician IS to be brilliantly inspired by a lofty demonic being and embrace consciously your inner psychopath as it dispenses it’s gifts of ice cold precise cunning, subsensible intellectual clairvoyance, as a force of stinging, spider like efficiency projected from the Eighth Sphere, IS also to be filled with rabid super instincts that are fused to intelligence. Which IS, part of the school of the conscious defiance of the riddle of the cosmos. Voldemort IS also part of our cultural psycho-spiritual profiles of a Black Magician, that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire toy with. Not all of us will be as lucky as Nietzsche, as conscious as Orwell or as blessed as Lazarus, the Youth of Nain, Mary Magdalene or Saul.

But what this entails in the long run, of placing ourselves consistently against the Goodness and Greatness of the universe is an entire Ahrimanic Race. NOW, even right this moment, a race of human beings who thoughtlessly, habitually and consistently sided with the status quo, will get exactly what they wanted. Their entire human form will take on the complacency of an entire RACE FORMING FORCE, shaped by deactivated, un-motivated , rejected and unused moral courage. In Part 1 we examined what type of willing imprisonment of our higher potentials entails.

Rudolf Steiner (click link)

“Let us be conscious of this in all humility: The time will come when in these human beings the Spirit will reveal its own power to form the physiognomy, — to shape the whole form of man. Such a thing has never yet been revealed in the history of the world. Hitherto the physiognomies of men have been formed on the basis of their nationality, out of the Physical.”

We may well walk around with a haughty, spoiled entitlement for the God of Materialism. But the God of Materialism will be authorized to create a New Race of degenerating, imprisoned humanity. Those who lack the dynamic moral training and moral fire and enthusiasm, who cannot work up even an interest in what are the goals and meaning of incarnation in this vast universe will wear their own demise.Ahriman 2050 back up computer and brain Courage and hope were consistently rejected when offered, scoffed at, spat upon so many times that the Higher Dimensions of our Spiritual Seed kernels in ourselves remained stubbornly self-complacent and dormant. So it was taken away, or it could be taken away. Another Being confiscated what we refused to ignite in our selves. So the striving of awakening these higher questions and seeking higher answers to our human riddles, has consequences. Devastating tragic consequences which in Part 1 we described as THE PARTING OF THE WAYS.

Is it infinite, immense, stunning DEAD SPACE we want or finding our place in the vast wisdom of a Star Nursery which hides the literal miracle of all unexplained signs and wonders and the Science of our intimate construction as Beings? Do we think that quantum physics and the transformation of matter, Earth, and the human entity has nothing to do with transubstantiation and the slow savoring of Death which Christ took with Him to the other side? Is massive Love and Compassion part of the equation of Star Beings or not? Does our brand name and Zodiacal demographic zip-code and mailing address place us in THE TRIBE of Isis/Sophia and her vast School of the Lamb? Is Janis Joplin correct? Do we bring a little “Piece of the Heart” of the Galaxy, a piece of the Karmic Physics of each other down into each of our incarnations?

Yes we can all rejoice in our crib, nest, homey in the hood of our own geographic region. We can rejoice in our own slang and Language Archangel,  and we can choose to make contact with our own Angels or destroy our Angels.Relation between Ahriman and the Higher Human spirit, Risen Christ In the Star Community, of Divine Spiritual Beings we are not the lowest rung. Stones, plants, animals, each complex system, larger, integrated and more interesting, filled with Devachan Mysteries and we, with our human physical, etheric, astral and I AM, core system are connected directly to the TIME BODY of our local Zodiacal and planetary reference point. We are in the system both from before birth to after death. Ahriman’s job is to take a whole portion of our loved ones out of the system.

Beings with their lowest member as Spirit-Self would carry the advanced force of reality and the stars like we carry our physical bodies as little strutting personalities. Such a being with already super-advanced Devachan Dimensional Development attached to it is far more complex than we want to imagine. Christ holds the Macrocosmic I AM to our undeveloped microcosmic I AM. For THREE YEARS on Earth the epitome of the Human/Cosmic I AM deposited signs and wonders which I AM’s may do in the future.

But the danger Will Robinson is that there are vast, complex Beings, surrounding Earth Development who will over-ride HUMAN and use Earth Development to nest inside the Psyche of Humanity and use our human construction, which is the same as HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS and accelerate, possess and infuse lofty, unhinged skills in their hosts.Psyche in the Underworld If the core I AM of the Human Being is easily out maneuvered, vast schools of accelerated black magicians will infest portions of Manas, Astral and Budhi and will high speed rev, race and abuse the level equipoise of the steady human development that Christ offers. Earth will be taken out of humanities hands and forfeited, abnegated, handed over and over-run by Lower and Higher Beings.

Christ as a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING is a Real character, a Real Being we may approach and Christ is not like ‘Q’ in Star Trek (click link). “Q” is the Joker in the deck, the fool that Bob Dylan, Hendrix and Shakespeare made into the riddle of existence we struggle with. (Click Link) But science and sincerity forces humanity to confront some very disturbing issues it is true. We need the profile of various Beings. We need to comprehend the strata and dimensions of our Psychic/Human Structure and we need a Deep appraisal of the destiny of the Christ Being. There are Beings much loftier and wiser, dimensional Beings which require every branch of our human intelligence to expand enough to grasp. Otherwise it is all a big joke.

Rudolf Steiner and Grasping Higher Dimensional Beings

Steiner, “…continues his lifelong project of demonstrating that our objective, everyday thinking is the lowest rung of a ladder that reaches up to literally infinite heights.”

“We must become alive and mobile-not by moving from one point in space to another, but rather by passing from one dimension to another. This is difficult for the modern consciousness. Hence even the most well-meaning people — well-meaning for the conception of spiritual things — have tried to escape from Space by transcending the three dimensions. They come to a fourth dimension. They pass from the three-dimensional to the four-dimensional. So long as we remain within the mathematical domain, the thoughts which we arrive at in this way are quite in order. It is all perfectly correct. But it is no longer correct when we relate it to the reality. For the peculiar thing is, that when we think the fourth dimension in its reality, it eliminates the third. Through the fourth dimension the third dimension vanishes. Moreover, through the fifth dimension the second vanishes, and through the sixth the first vanishes, and we arrive at length at the point.

“When we pass in reality from the third to the fourth dimension, we come into the Spiritual. We eliminate the dimensions one by one, we do not add them, and in this way we enter more and more into the Spiritual.

“Through such ideas we gain a deeper insight too into the human form and figure. For a more artistic way of feeling is it not rather crude how we generally observe a human being, as he places himself with his three dimensions into the world? That after all is not the only thing. Even in ordinary life we have a feeling for the essential symmetry between the left and right halves of the body. And when we thus comprise the human being in his central plane, we are already led beyond the three dimensions. We pass into the plane itself. And only thereafter do we gain a clear conception of the one dimension in which he grows. Artistically we do already make use of this transition, from three to two and on to one dimension. If we cultivated more intensely this artistic perception of the human form, we should find more easily the transition to the soul’s life. For you would never be able to feel a being, unsymmetrically formed, as a being of united and harmonious Feeling.Age of America 3 The Higher School of Sophia and the Stars

“Look at the star-fish. It has not this symmetrical form. It has five rays. Of course you can pass it by without any inner feeling. But if you perceive it feelingly, you could never say that the star-fish has a united feeling-life. The star-fish cannot possibly relate a right-hand to a left-hand side, or grasp a right-hand with a left-hand member. The star-fish must continually relate the one ray to one or two or three, or even to all four remaining rays. What we know as Feeling cannot live in the star-fish at all.

“I beg you to follow me along this intimate line of thought. What we know as Feeling comes from the right and from the left, and finds itself at rest in the middle. We go through the world by placing ourselves with our Feeling restfully into the world. The star-fish cannot do so. Whatever the star-fish has, as influence of the world upon itself, it cannot relate it symmetrically to another side. It can only relate it to one, or two, or to the third or fourth ray.Age of America 3 dimensional beings star fish study But the first influence will always be more powerful. Thus the star-fish has no Feeling-life at rest within itself. When, as it were, it turns its attention to the one side, then by the whole arrangement of its form it will experience: ‘You are raying out in that direction, thither you are sending forth a ray.’ The star-fish has no restfulness in feeling. It has the feeling of shooting forth out of itself. It feels itself as raying forth in the world.

“If you develop your feelings in a more intimate way, you will be able to experience this even as you contemplate the star-fish. Observing the end-point of any one ray and relating it to the creature as a whole, in your imagination the star-fish will begin to move in the direction of this ray, as it were a streaming, wandering light. And so it is with all the other animals which are not symmetrically built, which have no real access of symmetry.

“If man would only enter into this more intimate way of Feeling — instead of giving himself up entirely to the intellectual, merely because in the course of time he had to become an intellectual being, — then indeed he would find his way far more intimately into the world.

“It is so also in a certain sense for the plant world, and for all things that surround us. True self-knowledge takes us ever farther and farther into the inwardness of things.”

Autism and the Waters approaching, glimmerings of our future SPIRIT-SELF

What we are missing in our comprehension of autistic children, such as Temple Grandin and a series that apparently was pulled off the air called “TOUCH”. Let me just say something here about (autism click link) “Touch” and lofty Devachan capacities that literally overwhelm the child. It is clear and I bring this clarity to the subject matter of TOUCH, when we examine that by merely touching the garments, touching the hem of the CHRIST BEING as He walked through a crowd, immediately brought in an entire karmic field of intense Etheric Dimensions of Being into the consciousness of Christ. (Click Link) Christ immediately knew, felt and could calmly sort out what our autistic children are overwhelmed by.Age of America 3 Autism premature Spirit-Self Christ is touched


“The Danny Glover [professor] character is interesting,” says Sutherland. “He believes that we have misdiagnosed a group of people that actually are at a much more advanced form of communication, but because we don’t understand it we’ve diagnosed them with what we can best understand.”

“That exploration of what autism is and could be was born of the fact that [series co-creator] Kring has a son who lives with the condition; as such, he’s taking care to see that Touch‘s fictional aspects are founded in scientific fact.”

Let’s get this clear, because we just walk away from wisdom like we walk away from THINKING. Autistic children don’t like to be ‘touched’, there are proximity barriers, proximity alerts, that bring into relation vast fields of painful, Etheric and Astral fields of disorientation. What vast higher capacities disorientate and jolt and re-calibrate the astral forces of our children? (click link) They are impacted by an enormous field of overwhelming higher forces latent in the astral body of humanity. By the time we get deep into the 6th Age, our proximity parameters will confront our perceptions with vast Karmic Fields by mere proximity and TOUCH.

Eurythmy and Autism (Example click link)

We obviously need to examine the reality of how the Christ Being could immediately handle the Etheric Dimensions and the Astral and Devachan intrusion of some person in the crowd who suddenly touched HIM (Click study link). We obviously need to stop and look at this. What Etheric Streaming forces surrounded the Christ Being? What dimensional and observational forces suddenly intruded upon HIM?

“As humans, we have a bio-magnetic field around our physical body that is otherwise known as our auric field. This field is our personal signature of our energetic vibration. It is also the storehouse for energy that one would want to give during daily interactions with others. If one’s auric field is weak, not only are they susceptible to picking up foreign energy from others, but also they have less energy to give and the rate of depletion of energy is high.

“A healthy looking auric field looks like a smooth, egg shape energy, which extends 2-3 feet in every direction outside the body. Someone who is experiencing a sense of fearfulness or a sense of separation from everyone will have an auric field that tends to be contracted and close to their body, like a foot away. On the other hand, if someone hasn’t fully anchored their consciousness into their body, tends to feel spaced out and not in the present moment, then it is likely that their auric field extends anywhere from 5-20 feet.”

The Christ on Earth had a living field of forces that extended well beyond our normal human dimensions. Meaning that the Cosmic I AM, out of which our own personal I am has been designed, was already dealing with HIGHER DIMENSIONAL fields we may call Manas, lofty cosmic Spirit-Selfhood and Budhi or Life-Spirit capacities.Age of America 3 Cosmic Manas and Christ field of authorized karmic dimensions

In other words, our I am is capable, in the distant future, to alter Space/Time Karmic Patterns that exist as facts on the physical plane. Doctors are Physicians as well but in future we shall all be Physicians.To have such a Higher Dimensional Being, who could alter Karma patterns, humbly walking around on Earth, would have made any undeveloped human I am have seizures, overwhelmed by instant autism, recoil from being touched, and flee from crowds.

In Part 2 we examined the complex intrusion of our shadows in Howard Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover as well as millions of others who suffer from Phobias and blind spots where our I AM has avoided penetrating with heightened interest. Objective interest and insights into phenomena, all ranges of phenomena, are part of the Consciousness Soul.

But as the Spirit-Self, the 6th Age comes closer and closer our failure to bring Conscious Insights into all the details of our subjective Etheric, Astral and I AM systems create blind spots and pockets that become psychic black holes, astral storms un-tempered and un-modified by our objective reasoning developed from our Consciousness Soul. These of necessity accumulate and become Entity gateways, OR potentials for higher Spirit-Self Revelations. If we were suddenly impacted with certain higher astral and etheric perceptions, in our consideration of the unfolding of Spirit -Self we would be subject to radical and acute PHOBIAS.

Christ walking in a crowd and deeply experiencing immediate karma distortions, streams of lofty Cosmic I AM BALANCE flooded through the CHRIST BEING.Age of America 3 higher dimensional being I AM capacity for balance It is Singularly one of the most unique capacities of the I AM, Cause and Effect and Balance. Problem and Solution, Precept and Concept, I and Not -I. Christ as the model of our own I AM immediately experiences His Cosmic I AM balance certain imbalances. It is one of the primal forces of our own I AM and it was in a heightened and magnified manifestation in each step the Christ took in His THREE YEARS ON EARTH. Age of America 3 Balance I AM lord of KarmaStreams of Balance, Libra, the Scales, literally flowed through Him and out from Him. He was immediately susceptible to experiencing how readjusted Karmic Patterns and Human intimate connections were in complex patterns moving around us all the time.

The Consciousness Soul was tasked and is tasked with finding objective relationships with all the phenomena of LIFE. Ahrimanic Education stops short, falls short of awakening objective insights into the widest regions of Life, Life after death, and the Higher Spirit-Self forces that are beginning to swirl in and through the astral bodies of our children and our general humanity. So in the unfolding phase of Spirit-Self that we approach with the coming 6th Age we must consider Autism and an enormous range of unconscious Phobias and disturbances that must arise. The 6th Age lifts us into entirely new Astral and Nervous System capacities which Ahrimanic Science hopes to neutralize with imprisoning Pharmaceutical Intrusions.

Every kind of Phobia can be diagnosed by Ahrimanic Science which creates the very problems arising from our materialistic failure to pierce Objective Consciousness Soul insights into our higher faculties. Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. Aphenphosmphobia- Fear of being touched. (Haphephobia).Apeirophobia- Fear of infinity.  Astrophobia- Fear of stars or celestial space.

Thomas Aquinas had one of the early diagnosed Phobias AUTOMATONOPHOBIA . There was something about artificial beings that Aristotle who reincarnated with the intent of taking Humanity to the Hierarchies via the redemption and introduction of Aristotle to aspects of Thinking and the Being of the Christ that deeply disturbed the I AM of Aquinas. We can ponder how Aristotle was sifted and re-awakened by the intense scrutiny of Thomas Aquinas but if we do that we come upon one of the strange mysteries of Reincarnation.

Albertus Magnus was said to have had a robot that could move and greet visitors with the salutation Salve! (‘How are you!’). Thomas Aquinas, his pupil at the time, is reported to have attacked and broken the gregarious android when he came across it unexpectedly in the night.

Artificial Intelligence and the striving for the central state of BALANCE and the highest regions of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE were of major interest, depth of I AM interest, in the mysteries that reveal the science of TIME that ran between the I AM of Aristotle and the I AM of Thomas Aquinas.

These two Life’s Works were no arbitrary coincidence, rather it was like a literal snail who drags his former Shell along with him organically while creating an entirely new future potential. It also, for our more advanced study in reincarnation, shows something of the solidity of the Egyptian Memory (Click Person of Interest) and mummification process.

In other words, from Ancient Egypt, to Greece, to the Middle Ages something was being built in TIME that would eventually blossom into the Science of the Hierarchies. Michael the Archai was making damn good use of the gifts of Aristotle. So Thomas Aquinas had a mild Phobia, he had Automatonophobia- Fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues – anything that falsely represents a sentient being was pivotal if Aristotle were to find his way and find his footing through the Eye of the Needle beyond the THINKING ORGANIZATION that creates the Halo and radiance around those who attain Spirit-Selfhood. Cohesion of the I AM of Thomas Aquinas created the Holy Vessel for the future Spirit-Selfhood Sciences.Age of America 3 the I AM of AristotleTo have Aristotle stand face to face with the Christ Being requires us to revere the quality of thinking that carried Aristotle all the way to the School of Sophia and the Stars. University Education hasn’t the respect and awe that TIME and the study of the most noble contributions to our study of TIME can reveal about the warm revelation of Aristotle.

What would we have given, to be so curious about the qualities of Aristotle that we would have asked our Angels to guide us to where we could learn even more? Was Aristotle an example of the most honest, sincere seekers with a self-contained detailed THOUGHT GESTURE AND I AM STRUCTURE that we would gladly welcome the wish to encounter again in some future incarnation? Would Aristotle’s intrinsic I AM unravel riddles about the Cosmos and the Universe and the I AM that he himself craved to understand with the force of the passion for knowledge that all of us shared?

Would so many of us, and so many dried university Professors, would all of us love to encounter the Living Force and I AM of Aristotle, that drive, that desire, which represented all our own deepest drives and desires? Would we anticipate with holy ardor the shock of unexpected stunning revelations which only the New Aristotle could divulge to us? How does each I AM change through TIME? And what part of the sacred I AM allows us to recognize each other again in TIME? And when in the 6th Age this becomes the Science of Brotherhood, the science of the Harrowing of Hell and the Devachan Science of Sentient/Spirit-Selfhood will our eyes open to the depths of Shattering Love?

But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”

Luke 8:40-49

[40] Now when Jesus returned, a crowd welcomed him, for they were all expecting him. [41] Then a man named Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, came and fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with him to come to his house [42] because his only daughter, a girl of about twelve, was dying.

Age of America 3 Touch Time and the Balance of the Cosmic I AMAs Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him. [43] And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her. [44] She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.

[45] “Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.”

[46] But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”

So we have to picture this Higher Dimensional Being able to plant Time Seeds and Time Deeds into the lower astral TIME BODY of the YOUTH OF NAIN. Raise Lazarus, open the eyes of Paul; have Thomas feel the place of the wounds; startle Mary Magdalene; Appear as friendly flames of Fire over each human head, activating Spirit-Self capacities. We are required to see the flat plain of the horizontal FIVE SENSES, over whelmed by a Higher Dimensional Being with fully operative, dynamically directed TWELVE SENSES. We have to see how a blind human being, from birth, can have their physical and etheric system adjusted by a Super Dimensional Being.

Age of America Higher Dimensional Being authorized Time and SpaceThis is where people don’t want to go, so we invent cute aliens or Star Trek’s  “Q” or other Beings in the universe at different levels of development than we are at present. All very interesting and also our own human coping mechanism given in the gift of IMAGINATION. Every one of these adaptations and sci-fi constructs arise from the Higher Dimensional Beings that we are most definitely part of.

So if Christ raises Lazarus, Christ sees an enormous opportunity to give to Lazarus the preliminary Cosmic Manas, with a touch of Budhi or eternal Life-Spirit and say, “Sophia Star Laws and Star Intelligence is your Mother now”. Christ would add in the footnote,Rose Cross Meditation black cross 7 roses (Cosmic Manas will allow Lazarus to penetrate the lawful Higher Devachan regions of the Astral and Star School of Sophia). This allows the Christ I AM to lawfully penetrate the TIME BODY, the ETHERIC BODY, the ASTRAL BODY and awaken, re-direct or change the course of Karma, destiny, Etheric Life and the Astral Life all the way down to the physical body. And this gift, this gift is grasped in the Michael School as absolute intervention that has been duly noted as one of the higher Christian Rosenkreuz capacities. Obviously that makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t studied Lazarus and the destiny of John.

But you see we become repelled with the strongest possible inner forces, because the Christ didn’t meddle with the I AM core of St. Paul or St. John or the Youth of Nain, but awoke future forces, Damascus forces, that were already apparent, not to you or I but the Christ Being could see the vast foundations of who Lazarus truly was and why Lazarus, (who is the author of the John Gospel and Revelation) was the legitimate heir and ripest candidate for humbly beginning the School of Cosmic Manas and Esoteric Christianity.

The School of Sophia and our higher Devachan Manas, the Age of Spirit-Self is an early Bodhisttva, preparatory recovery program to lift, to start to learn to lift the heavy load of Earth Herself. This cannot be done by creating artificial appendages that skip over the I AM and the higher Astral construction of human beings. We have a built-in rudimentary and elemental repulsion to anything, any religion or any dogma that interferes with the core of our being.

Ah, were that truly so. It ain’t so. We not only have selective hearing, we have selective memory as well. We, rightfully, stubbornly choose whom and what we like, what we allow to influence us, even if what we like and embrace is both pathologically subjective, illogical as SPOCK would say, and thoroughly against the higher interest of our humanity and our I AM. Christ came into our house, into our neighborhood, a place which is our own home and displaced the established dogmas, turned Time and Karma on it’s head and forced us to wear Catholic School uniforms and embrace a vast higher community of Beings. It was our right to Crucify the Intruder. That is why Alien Beings are off limits here on Earth. Christ was a classic meddling Higher Dimensional Being who interfered with the already fixed traditions of Time, Space and Death that we had firmly established on Earth. The smarter we think we are the stronger becomes our rage and repulsion.

It is a completely silly comparison I am about to make, but if after all that Gandalf had been through with the core of the FIRE SPIRITS, in the core of the Earth, as an already achieved Archangel and Folk-Spirit of the Celtic folk, that he was ready to graduate to a Higher DIMENSIONAL BEING STATUS,  is primitively and an approximation of what Christ recognized in the physical death of Lazarus.

Christ calling Lazarus Larry YoungThe Lazarus I AM was ready for a Higher Manas, Sophia and Cosmic Manas gift. So the Christ Being gave Lazarus HIS COSMIC MANAS and the results of this immortal FIRE INFUSION, caused John to be exiled to Patmos, after caring for Mary at Ephesus.

Christ did not interfere with the I AM of Lazarus, but Christ as an authorized HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, as the central moral force of the Zodiac Itself, from which our I am is modeled, was morally authorized by the FATHER BEINGS, and the fact that HE is the COSMIC I AM, to lawfully introduce and integrate the first principals of the Higher Development of the School of the Lamb to those ready and ripe enough in humanity to receive it.

The Core of the I AM and the heart of Freedom

“Christ acted through a deed, and when this deed spread through the world, He was not any more physically present. This is the great difference between the Christ and the other great founders of religions. This difference is not at all understood as yet, but is essential. You can follow all the teachings of Christianity, all that is preached as Christianity, and you can find it all in other religious systems. This cannot be denied. You can say: ‘All the essential part of Christian teaching is included in other teachings.’ But has Christianity been operative in the contents of its teaching? He who at first did what was most essential towards spreading the essence of Christianity, did he rely on its teaching?

Risen Christ Statue of Representative of Humanity Goetheanum“Look at the Apostle Paul! Was he transformed from a Saul to a Paul by what is written in the Gospels? He persecuted the followers of Christ Jesus. He persecuted them until He who died on the Cross appeared to him from the clouds, until he, Paul, had his own personal occult experience of the fact that Christ lived. It was the effect of that death, the result of that deed, which gave the impulse to Paul, this was the cause of it all.

“Other religious systems act through their teachings, and their teachings are the same as in Christianity, but the essential thing in Christianity is not the teaching, but what happened, the deed. And this deed is such that it does not act upon man except when man makes up his mind to let it act upon him, that is, when it can be joined to the absolutely free character of his ‘Ego.’ For it is not sufficient that the Christ should be present in the man’s astral body, He must be present in his ‘EGO,’ if He is to be really understood. And the Ego must decide in complete freedom, voluntarily, to receive the Christ.

“This it is with which we are concerned, this is the point. Just because of this, the human Ego, when it unites with the Christ, receives into itself a reality, a divine force which is not a mere teaching. Therefore it can be asserted a hundred times that the teachings of Christianity are to be found in other religions, but this is not the question; the fact is that the essential thing in Christianity is the deed which can become one’s own possession only through free will, through a voluntary ascent into the higher worlds. Man takes the Christ-force into himself, because he voluntarily receives it, and no one can receive it who does not do so voluntarily. This has only been made possible for man because he has become human upon earth, because he was called to grow into man on earth.”

In this, our 3rd essay of examining the progression from our current 5th Age of Pisces to the coming 6th Age of the Waterbearer, when the Sun shall rise in the Spring, in Aquarius, Age of America 3 6th Age of Aquariuswe examined briefly, and you may look back on what Novalis thought of Fichte. Fichte was presenting the I AM problems and Novalis took note of it. Novalis recognized Fichte and his impulse. Novalis, Fichte and Holderlin had dinner together. But in Fichte we have the stimulation of the I AM and it stirs in the depths of Novalis. Americans love to read Nietzsche for the dark brooding tragedy of nihilism but Fichte and “The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity” by Steiner apparently aren’t dangerous or brooding enough.

The issue of the Freedom of the I AM, the core of our Being to choose to recognize, in Freedom, a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING and in that recognition, look into the Place – Time – Impulse – Deed and qualities of that HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING is mostly above and beyond our Attention Span Deficit desire for distraction. Mostly, we cannot accept looking through the lens of a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING and equating that directly to gifts and attributes of the Christ Being. Why should we? There are far more interesting Beings nosing around humanity, why would anyone explore the unknown country of the I AM?

We have shown, generally that most of us wouldn’t be interested in the Cosmic I AM that walked the Earth for THREE YEARS with us. Mainly because there are hundreds of other Entities and Beings, and Higher Dimensional Beings that are more than ready to over-ride our undeveloped Consciousness Soul, over-ride our undeveloped and dormant Spirit-Self and over-ride the Budhi forces of our undeveloped  “I AM GROOT.” Plus there are seductive, pleasurable and convenient human beings who make a far more immediate appeal to our attention.

When we finally take an interest in our I AM, which is the humble nuclear core of our immortality, we discover the hidden country of the I AM. The hidden outline, scaffolding, structure of the plateaus’ and foothills of the lofty nine-fold structure of the human being is a hidden vessel and vehicle as well. It is designed for Devachan potential to explore the vast regions of the other Families of Sophia, the other Star Colonies, outside of our Zodiacal Embryo. We have hardly even begun to explore the complexities, potentials, that lay hidden in our complex construction. The power source and Core of our own vessel reveals the potent Love and Freedom force and factoring that is situated in the very core of the I AM.  It is the I AM alone, when we discover it, which allows us the Freedom to become Conscious Immortal Star Beings.

How would we rank Aristotle or Paul or Rudolf Steiner in relation to the I AM? I can tell you that Fichte was a part of it. I can tell you that Christian Rosenkreuz counted on Rudolf Steiner to do what Paul, the son of Apollo, could do, would do and did. What is missing is that the solid foundations of the Science that Aristotle prepared and the Science of the Spiritual World, with the human I AM dead center within it, and the Hierarchies that Rudolf Steiner researched with diligence, was truly inspired by Novalis, Goethe, Fichte, CR and He who grounded Ahura Mazdao in the body of Jesus.

Fichte and the Depth of the I AM in Johannine Christianity (WORTHWHILE CLICK LINK)

There are, in the insignificant daily routines of any one of our incarnations, afforded opportunities to meet, pass by and encounter many different people in the Time Streaming Events of our lives. The Consciousness Soul period of the 5th Age of Pisces allowed humanity to connect to far flung intimate connections over the whole planet. It became the rarest thing to never venture outside of a small village or town. In the Consciousness Soul we were afforded the opportunity to become global citizens. We could easily say like Saul Goodman, the dodgy criminal lawyer in the excellent Breaking Bad, “Let’s just say I know a guy, who knows a guy – who knows another guy”.

Which means that Initiates make an effort to find each other, help each other and be a stimulus to each other, but leave each other free, because by the nature of their I AM they will appreciate and bring to the light details that an Aristotle, St. Paul, St. John, Zarathustra and Rudolf Steiner would all mutually recognize.Steiner facing Risen Etheric Christ Who would be capable of making a facial recognition, stand eye to eye and create a portrait of a Higher Dimensional Being?

It would not be easy, or even possible for many of us to see into the Being of the Cosmic I AM and have His features, captured, extracted from the reverberating dimensions of the Etheric Worlds and sucked into dense Space. To have the artistic clarity, sincerity and audacity to capture and hold for humanity to witness, the reverberating BEING OF THE RISEN ETHERIC CHRIST who moves through the Etheric Worlds of Earth even now, would be a living testimony to the hopes of human cognition. (LINK EMIL BOCK precise picturing of Etheric Christ) [The Rhythm of the Christian Year, pp. 16-17] The will-forces become an EYE to see the Risen Etheric Christ.

We cannot easily acknowledge or permit our recognition to give validity to super-sensible cognition used in this manner without having had the rigorous Higher Dimensional Training required. And we can’t accept that most of us don’t have a HIGHER EDUCATION that includes OBJECTIVE SUPER-SENSIBLE COGNITION. We consider ourselves smart, intellectually bright, cunning with an above average intelligence and holding exceptional honors in our various endeavors. But we haven’t yet even come close to embracing the GREAT SCHOOL OF HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS that we are in.

So in our humble walks of life, in the quiet slumber where the astral body is fully awake, or as with Steiner, taking a train to Vienna, he met a man who knew a man that would have a profound influence on his life. Steiner met Felix Koguzki on a train. We find ourselves on the Earth at say, 18 or 19 years old (click link). Things happen on Earth that cannot happen after death. We meet someone, who knows someone or we have a ten minute conversation with a stranger and our entire world changes. We discussed this in Part 1 as the Ancient Mariner syndrome.

You may meet the Carpathian Master Jesus, you may meet Christian Rosenkreuz. We cross paths on Earth and in our Time Spent on Earth we may never know who was great, quiet and hidden. But we leap out of our seats to get an autograph, a picture taken with some superficial ‘flavor of the moment’ media superstar. We’ve all met dozens of these on our travels on Earth. Our Time on Earth is designed with star rhythms and human biography. We pay not one fiddle of attention to the patterns of human biography. (Click Link)

The Christ’s Time on Earth in a physical body, which was for only THREE YEARS, the deeds done, the people permanently changed, the very core of Earth Destiny Awakened, were literally buried by history.  His biography and our biographies include all the same starry patterns and rhythms (click link). TIME AND DESTINY on Earth is where each and every I AM is given absolutely NEW OPPORTUNITIES. And we may smirk about that, but it is well above petty comprehension.

And there are such people around us all the time. Some are visible and some don’t need to be physically visible who are there. Age of America Interstellar Library past present future poltergeistCooper in “Interstellar” is trapped in the Akashic Library of his daughter like a seance ghost knocking books off the shelves while he is suspended in Akashic Time. Cooper wanted to save the Earth, perhaps even find a New Earth and was caught in a higher TIME DIMENSION, unprepared, without the developed higher faculties that are required, trying to link-up to his daughter in the past. It was a bold attempt by Christopher Nolan to redefine the term Ghost.

In an operative HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING, say for instance Christ making direct contact with St. Paul, would certainly allow the Initiate St. Paul to develop the future capacities to see what he saw when the Risen Christ spoke directly to him. To apprehend and hold for a moment The Risen Etheric Christ, to see and be seen is an enormous TIME DISPENSATION. Risen Etheric Christ portraitTo make a physical, three dimensional portrait and bust of enormous Beings, to hold the image of The Risen Etheric Christ, the portrait of Ahriman and the portrait of Lucifer, using higher capacities of spirit initiation, allows us to ponder cognitive clarity as a manifestation of higher initiation.

But it is uncommon to recognize an Initiate working for the Cosmic I AM, the Christ, who has had vivid Close Encounters and has earned the ability to outline, sculpt, shape in Space what was apprehended in precise spiritual cognition. We can count six or seven face to face encounters that occurred through the disciples themselves, including Mary Magdalene’s encounter. It requires a more than passing interest in St. Paul, Aristotle, St. John, Goethe and Novalis to experience the Aristotelian discipline and schooling it takes to explore and lay the foundations for the Science of Higher Dimensional Beings. It would be very hard to find someone who can describe the I AM in all it’s humble vulnerability and all it’s cosmic magnitude. Near impossible.

It is one thing to Grapple with the Monsters of the American Psyche, to recognize a mafia don and show respect, it is altogether another thing to recognize an Initiate who doesn’t ever have to reveal her/his identity, resume or biography. It is absolutely another thing altogether for Education, Intelligence, Culture, Math, Medicine, Embryology, Astronomy and Physics to stand and face a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING. It certainly didn’t and doesn’t appear in a nice easy to digest package, I mean no alien space ship abducts you. There is no “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL”. No “klaatu barada nikto” (Click Link). Our subjective egotism always tends to get in the wayBut we all suspect correctly that there are HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS.

Now let us place the current problem of Autistic Children in the context of highly complex Etheric, Astral and Devachan awakenings, devastatingly intruding and massively disorientating Astral Events based on intense fields of intimate astral proximity. It is one thing to gradually gain KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS and learn to order the intangible multi-dimensional fields of Higher Astral Devachan and Budhi fields; it is altogether a different matter to be prematurely subjected, impacted by streams, rip-tides and overwhelming astral and etheric currents which the child or the I AM of a human being cannot, has not been trained to sort out.Age of America premature autistic field of forces foreshadowing spirit-self

Certain Pharmaceutical Entities shatter, unlock and open these gateways, establishing leaks, premature eyes, in the astral and etheric membrane of that which invisibly surrounds the human being. Yes by and large we blundered in and caused these deviations and disorientations in our children through vaccines. But what is triggered and what has been triggered by our blundering intrusions and meddling with vaccines and ENTITIES (see Part 2) in the pharmaceutical markets has forced a premature, higher dimensional capacity to impact with tremendous force, our children’s astral and etheric systems.

Jake and the Fourth Dimension

Patterns, orders of things, etheric precise stability rituals, are etheric frameworks that the austistic child requires to even hold onto the stability of what we take for granted as incarnation normality. The Autistic Child is subject to an already, premature expanse into lofty regions of math, of savant number systems, RAINMAN, with Dustin Hoffman, rolling Devachan Thunder impacts which require institutional psychiatric monitoring. Such a cancelled series “TOUCH” were exploring regions of NEW DEVACHAN CAPACITIES, intruding into our children and our culture in a mass, crude, pharmaceutical invasion of ENTITIES into our children’s psychic cohesion. Premature ‘Eyes’ into the higher devachan worlds is part of the disorientating inflow stretching the astral bodies of children with autism. If we mature and grow into these higher modalities of astral capacities consciously, and not chaotically, it requires us to come to terms with higher dimensions and devachan ‘Eyes’ that are starting to form in our unconscious epidemic disguised as autism. (Autism and Music click link)

How do we TOUCH the Christ Events?  (See and Watch DEAD ZONE)

“…the movie itself is all about Johnny’s struggles to come to terms with his new life, a new life which includes a frightening power to see into the past and future of those whom he physically TOUCHES.”

Things drift before our eyes and we don’t make the connections. What Higher Capacities are impacting our autistic children? What Higher Capacities does Stephen King sometimes TOUCH upon (CLICK LINK)? Well the evaluation of proximity, TOUCH and the events surrounding Christ on Earth, must and are literally rattling around in our brains. We retreat and recoil from examining them, but Spiritual Science logically examines the states of Higher Consciousness and stages of Higher Development that will come upon us as the 6th Age approaches. These are facts not fantasies.

We have had to say, for our own good, that these things we are presenting are repugnant, dangerous, perilous and irreconcilable. What happens appropriately is that events hit an individual and suddenly an astonishing, often tragic intersection of circumstances, briefly and suddenly awaken us. Paul at Damascus got a pretty hefty shock to his system which entails Spiritual Catharsis or Initiation.

But what is truly dangerous is not reckoning with our repulsion. With suddenly seeing our own horror and what fear and darkness we hide and what resides beneath our inner beings. Age of America 2 worship of the demons of tortureThe grotesque horror, the extreme force, by which our minds recoil, gives us an instant taste of the true psychotic dangers lurking within us. That is a big, big unrecognized problem.

These very preliminary thoughts, which are just words, when considered concretely, scientifically, and religiously represent the very nightmares of Power, of Religious abuse, of the creation of Scientific monstrosities. Political tyrants and maniacs can be so furious about the infringement into what they thought was their EGO reign of ONE LIFE TO LEAD ravenousness, that we can be seized by a horror and terror that is literal occult rage. That potent, intense occult road rage, when it bursts forth from within us is the very foundation of THE HORROR – THE HORROR (See Part 1). These are the raging demons we refused to tame. By considering the deepest events of the Soul and Spirit on Earth we can be utterly shattered by our denials, our terrors, our fears and overwhelmed above and beyond anything we have known in philosophy, psychology, exorcism or political science. We can be possessed with an Elemental Fury.

The Dead Zone (click link) is all about this sudden intrusion of higher dimensional faculties that are latent in EVERY HUMAN BEING. And these capacities are part of normal human spiritual development that we insist on denying. These faculties will force their appearance in us and through us.

Distortions we gladly entertain, but seeing the clear parallels to the Christ Being, nah, we’d rather not. No thanks, I’ll pass. These parallels and undercurrent intuitions are everywhere and in everything we seek. And Ahrimanic Beings want to make sure these forces remain outside of the precincts of our common sense. In other words, as higher faculties intrude, appear and arise, Ahrimanic Beings will medicate, control and suppress them. (But use them for manipulation in secret)

It is one thing to piddle around and avoid the layer of observation that relates to what our children and we are unable as yet to handle and what the Christ Being Observed. These higher rung of capacities are coming, in-streaming whether we like it or not or are prepared to be honest about them or not. Vaccines aided and abetted intrusional future forces to impact our children unprepared. We and Entities did this.

Rudolf Steiner

“What, then, is the significance of Spiritual Science or Anthroposophy in the life of the present day, in addition to all that has been said? Through Anthroposophy we become able to use in the right way the organ that will be developed in human beings of the future, the organ for the remembering of former lives on Earth. In our present incarnation we must inscribe in the Akasha-substance the knowledge we acquire in order that in our next incarnation we may be able to use this organ — which is developing in man whether he wishes it or not. In the future there will be men who are able to use this organ for remembering past lives, and others who are not able. Certain illnesses will appear in the latter, owing to the presence in their physical bodies of an organ which they are unable to use. To have an organ and be unable to use it gives rise to nervous diseases in a very definite form, and those that will be caused in cases of this kind will be far worse than any yet known to man.” (CLICK LINK)

What we may observe from the events of such a Lofty Being, as the Christ, who walked with humanity, and held a clear handle on vast higher faculties of Devachan and Astral regions, and could move and influence vast regions of Life and the Etheric worlds, gives us goofy, fundamental, dogmatic religious timidity. It also spins us around and makes us sick to our stomach. Our Consciousness Soul must enter the Eye of the Storm.

There is a science of the HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING of humanity, and regardless of religion and the god of materialism, that science applies to us and to the Christ Being and the Hierarchies. It also makes us scientifically recoil from the clear cut physics structures operative in our Astral and Etheric and I AM systems. Our materialistic stable foundations are shaken to their roots. We need the precise scaffolding that give us Spirit-Self attributes, Life-Spirit and in the far, far future, Atma or Spirit-Man faculties. (Click Link) Super Man/Woman can wait till we all get a bit more grounded in ourselves.

We know, beyond a doubt that Spirit-Self and Life-Spirit or Budhi advanced human capacities were operative in the Christ Being and it was merely a matter of proximity and TOUCH, where the tangible identity, karmic field, cosmic history and Time Dilation were immediate impressions. These immediate impressions literally impacted, from OUTSIDE, the immense field of observations, connections, immediate geographic streaming that IS the ordered LOGOS, and COSMIC I AM that the Christ carried in His Aura while on the Earth for THREE YEARS.

We are hard pressed to examine this Budhi and higher cognitive Spirit-Self clarity of the Christ – HERE (click link). With an epidemic of autism we have already been forced to leap into these future Astral and Etheric consciousness capacities, unprepared. All we have to show for it is a T-Shirt “I had Autism Before Spirit-Self was Cool”. These crude, cartoonish takes, on literal Higher Dimensional leaps, are actually realities and stages of Higher Initiation that are trampled on in the mob rush for Big Pharma and psycho-babble simplifications. (Crude Example) We rarely ever want to deal with redefining normal. Normal are full attributes of a SEVENFOLD BEING we carry. Ahriman wants to shrink and conceal what is human, Lucifer wants to inflate and expand what is human and Christ offers Central Cosmic Stability and BALANCE, an equipoise to the foundations of our humanity.

A lofty being, whose lowest member was MANAS, fully developed plateau of cosmic Spirit-Self, couldn’t incarnate as a little human baby. Such a Being, and here is where our maturity crashes into our repulsion, had to have an already developed human being who had arrived at the borders of Spirit-Self.Baptism of John Ninetta Sombart A human being had to have reached a certain plateau of development in order to effectively bring a lofty higher dimensional Being into the I AM or sheath of a human being. Maturity? Well we have to squirm a bit and reset a few items that were very justified for a certain period of time. No baby, no child could have received a Being of such magnitude that Cosmic Spirit-Self was it’s lowest member.

Maturity arises in the School of Sophia and the Lamb of God when we begin critically assessing the powerful construction of our physical bodies, our etheric bodies, our astral bodies that are all highly complex designed fields, standard issue for every member of the Tenth Hierarchy. Standard issue of all those who have been given the opportunity of carrying a germinal I AM.

When we start with all that we refuse to know about our Etheric Body, that we refuse to know about reincarnation and Time wrapped up as a gift in our hearts, our TRANSIT SYSTEM, and what we carry upwards with us after death, as the Astral Fruit of our Incarnations; and what the difference is between our strutting ego and personality and the emancipated, immortality of our I AM, running in TIME with Earth and our Zodiacal and Planetary family, we come to recognize that a human child could not receive a Being of the magnitude of Cosmic Manas.

Humanity, specifically THE TWO JESUS CHILDREN, and specifically Zarathustra/Jesus had to prepare the reception of the Chirst. Where did you do your residency? Are you a qualified physician? Did Christ do His active residency as a professional Higher Dimensional Being in a small district of Earth?

Did Christ effectively act as an unpaid physician, unapproved by the authorities and the law of the Pharisee’s and Doctors of Hebrew Science? Had Christ recognized candidates for advanced treatment, who were capable of becoming future physicians of the soul, spirit and physical body? Did Christ recognize karmic ailments? Did Christ in His Residency in the tiny district of Palestine effectively transform medical treatment to conform with our Etheric body, our Astral body, our I AM, our Spirit-Self, our Life-Spirit and our Spirit-Man potentials?Age of America 3 Residency on Earth as Physician


:  a period of advanced medical training and education that normally follows graduation from medical school and licensing to practice medicine and that consists of supervised practice of a specialty in a hospital and in its outpatient department.

Which also meant that the I AM of Jesus/Zarathustra, the Nathan Jesus, voluntarily left the advanced base of Spirit-Self he had prepared, in order to make room for the Christ to actively pursue His Earthly Residency. The Christ entered His Residency at the biographical, numerical TIME MOMENT of Saturn, at the Baptism when Jesus reached his 30th year.

“Maybe we’ve spent too long trying to figure all this out with theory. Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.” ~ Amelia Brand

Let’s return before we conclude this 6th Age, Spirit-Self study, to reading how Christopher Nolan opens the window to Akashic Time Streams locked in the Heart. Since the majority of humanity are too preoccupied to pay attention to how “Interstellar” blunders, stumbles and presents us with the riddle of Akashic Time Streams swirling in the Folded Fields of Each of our Hearts, we have to pause the tape.

When Space and Time are folded in the Heart (Click Link), how do we arrive at an approximation that encompasses the bands of TIME that are running like rapid rivers through our human hearts? How do we slow them up? How do we read them? Do we enter into absolutely New Dimensions of our Being? Can we locate the Karma of Humanity and our specific portion of the voice, the action, the imprinted Akashic Ether Memory that rolls back beyond ancient Egypt in the past and flies forwards into future karmic compensations and reconciliations in the future?

Yes that is exactly what THE KARMA LECTURES by Rudolf Steiner are about. But by physics and psychology we’re no longer in Kansas we have together walked out there with Christopher Nolan and with Rudolf Steiner out into a deep Embryological Mystery that arises in the New Human Heart. We certainly have discovered one of the major secrets of the 6th Age. Approximately how does such a place of streaming Akashic Time Streams Look that are folded into our human hearts?Age of America 3 the Torque of Time and Karma Streams in the Human Heart

Since none of us are acutely aware of what Akashic Time Streams are, how Earth, each human being has imprinted themselves into the Akashic substance or, as we generally don’t care and don’t pay much attention we certainly wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ending of “Interstellar” nor could we find the framework of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS and ourselves who are all growing toward the sensitive reading of the Akashic Time Streams running through each of our human hearts. It amounts to paying attention or not paying attention.

Reading the Akashic Time Streams

“Before Cooper departs on his mission to the wormhole, Murph tells him that she has decoded more morse code communicated via her magic bookshelf by Mr. Mxyzptlk. The message reads: “STAY.” Cooper assures Murph that ghosts aren’t real, even if fifth dimensional beings are definitely real, and leaves.

Interstellar happens. Then, on the far end of the galaxy, Cooper goes into the black hole Gargantua. Once he is inside this black hole, Cooper finds himself in a “tesseract,” which is essentially the back side of his daughter’s bookcase. But it’s the back side of every single moment in time that his daughter’s bookcase has ever existed. Cooper is told by helpful robot buddy Tars that Mr. Mxyzptlk built this magical Infinite Bookshelf, so that Cooper could communicate with his daughter at the start of the movie. Cooper: “I was the ghost all along!”

“The first thing that Cooper communicates to his daughter is the coordinates of the NASA space station—which means that the plot of Interstellar is a closed-circle time loop…

“While he’s inside of the Tesseract, Cooper also has an epiphany. The fifth dimensional beings are not aliens; the fifth dimensional beings are humans from the far, far, far future, who have evolved beyond the limits of the third dimension. These far future humans are now helping to create themselves by giving humanity the wormhole to a new galaxy.”

Age of America 3 inside the Akashic Time Streams of the Heart 1 Interstellar

Rudolf Steiner on the Heart (See Link)

“…suppose that the tiniest dwarf imaginable is put in the human heart. Try to realize that what the dwarf sees within the heart is the complete inverted image of the universe, contracted and synthesized. This is perhaps purely a picture, a kind of imagination. But if rightly conceived and taken up, it can work as an orderly regulative picture, a regulative principle, that is able to guide us…”

A higher dimensional Tesseract and reading the infinite streams of the Akashic Library of the STREAMS OF TIME running through the higher dimension of the human heart is where “Interstellar” and Spiritual Science meet presently.Interstellar the Cross of Time We can see a CROSS an INTERSECTION where SPACE and TIME INTERSECT.

When we consider the ROSE CROSS, which takes a considerable amount of TIME to practice, we are looking at the exercise of the ROSE CROSS as an Initiation invitation towards our future, that we plant now. How does our Higher Being Recover and Resurrect us?

In the future we may get the strength of will to re-awaken SEVEN HIGHER FIELDS OF FORCES that appear growing from the Dead Wood of the Cross. In the future, the distant future, to give developed forces of our own to those who need it, will be a real transaction. This REAL TRANSACTION is part of how we conceive the Rose Cross meditation.

It also gives us a hint into something which is truly humbling, truly humbling. The future ability to lay down our lives and literally re-grow portions of ourselves, not physically, or genetically. Although we may chase regrowing limbs and pieces of flesh, that is not what is implied here. What is implied is what SYSTEMS RESTORATION of our higher beings can be amplified by entering the SPIRIT-SELF Schooling we have been discussing here.

Here is a Rose, I give it to you. Age of America 3 Rose Replenishment sacrifice and regrowing higher forces through the I AMI plucked it from my own Garden. But I have the ability to grow New Roses. To offer pieces and parts of ourselves the way the Cosmic Manas, the Cosmic Sophia, the Cosmic Spirit-Self, that the Christ had as part of His own Being, is an INVITATION an acceptance letter to the Great School of Sophia and the Holy Ghost. It is our invitation to the Wedding.

Christ gave His Own Cosmic Sophia, the highest Manas of Sophia and the Word to St. John to cultivate for humanity on Earth. This was a Graduate Gift of His very own Starry Sophia, Holy Spirit, Love Science that permeates the Star Colonies and Star Citizens, which is also the preliminary schooling required to enter the objective Graduate and Masters program of Higher Dimensional Beings. The 6th Age of Spirit-Selfhood begins that process.

The ROSE CROSS is an unexpected miracle from the Curriculum Studies of Christian Rosenkreuz. It’s materialistic shadow is regrowing and immortality of the flesh, literally over-riding the I AM and asking Ahriman to turn stones into bread.

John 10: Verses 11 to 18

17 The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

Therefore a future, powerful force of Will/Spirit accumulates over TIME with the ROSE CROSS and human Initiation on THE CROSS OF TIME AND SPACE.

We have in Part 1 and here discussed the NEW EXPLORERS that are developing the capacities and insights to start to explore the vast School of Sophia and the Higher Dimensional Beings that are our ancestors.

Our steps into the deeper regions of Higher Spiritual Beings who helped launch our Earth System in the Nursery of the Star forces of Sophia, intimately require developing and understanding higher regions of human consciousness. Often these initial bursts of higher consciousness, overwhelm human beings. We have been looking at the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul; the 6th Age of our Spirit-Self; and finally for this research, the 7th Age where we begin some work on Life-Spirit or Budhi higher development.

The future can break-in on the present in sometimes a most disturbing manner. A steady conscious schooling and preparation, given the wild, wild frontiers of experimentation, science, pharmaceutical intrusions and the already malicious attacks from various entities, opens all of humanity and our children to distortions, dis-orientations and distractions. Welcome to the Wild-Wild-West!!! Nothing like the smell of Freedom and crashing the karmic Time Vehicle on the curves of the universe.

In “Interstellar” we brush the walls of Time, pretend ourselves into a Tesseract, wormhole, and find ourselves in the streaming time dimension of the Akashic Heart,Interstellar higher dimensional akashic time streaming akashic records of time that has been known for as long as Earth has had Higher Schools of Initiation. What was rare, was to have it pictured for a moment, however inaccurate it is, the rarity was that someone attempted to imagine how it might look and how it might work.

But that does bring us into the higher metamorphosis of our Hearts. Embryology, as actual Quantum Physics,  squeezing the higher values of Time into an intimate Sun Organ, an eye into the streaming TIME LAWS of past karma – present human relationships and our FREEDOM to change future events are part of our SPIRIT-SELF, 6th Age, advanced karmic relationships studies. Posing that question, “What if George Bailey had never been born?” What if the Beatles had never been born? Forces that shape TIME, what if Zarathustra had never been born as the Matthew Jesus child? What if Herod had succeeded in his “Slaughter of the Innocents” by murdering the TWO JESUS CHILDREN? Momentous Revelations of TIME, are what each of us are.

A vast Transit System from a Spiritual World with lofty Higher Beings funneled down into three dimensional space and into the tiniest folds of our human hearts are the new quantum physics. embryo and stars Steiner CosmosophyWhen we fully grasp the fetus and Embryo in the shape of the reduced picture of the Zodiac we are startled to find that when we seek to penetrate the fully developed, hardened adult skeleton, we have before us the Cosmic Seed of the Phantom that was planted in Ancient Saturn. By relinquishing our skeleton we know death. Equally in our study of the mysteries of Space and Time, we find captured in the region of our HEARTS and the vast circulation of our I AM blood system, the hidden mysteries of TIME and KARMA.

Yes, we have FOUR CHAMBERS OF OUR HUMAN HEARTS, with a developing  FIFTH CHAMBER in the making. We get this TESSERACT Cube, Cross, inside-out effect that reverberates in the folded TIME CONSTRUCT of our human four chambered hearts.Age of America 3 Four Chambered Heart inversion of Time and Karma ( CLICK LINK COMPARE) The Cross of Time and an attempt to fathom a 5th dimension wrapped inside the folds of our four chambered hearts, appears for a brief moment. But we are not supposed to make the intimate connections to human physiology, embryology and the complex mysteries of Time and Space.

Our universities and professors constantly shatter crystal clear insights against the brick wall of materialism. You’re left with shattered fragments of disconnected divinity, with clarity, purpose and common sense,  all shattered in shards on the floor. Here’s your degree, you passed the exams and can now be a blind materialist.

But our opaque density, generally refuses and resists, literally balks at our equating such advanced mathematical theories with the vast dimensions and designs folded in our human hearts or the lofty, advanced capacities of Angels, of Archangels and Archai.  We constantly find ourselves at a loss in trying to define HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS.

Age of America 3 A little piece of my heart brought from time into spaceWe find ourselves trying to awaken in an advanced School of Star studies yet unable to grasp our own embryological TRANSIT SYSTEM. The Design of Interstellar and the Design of the folded dimensions of TIME in our human hearts are part of the same staggering REAL TRANSIT SYSTEM. (CLICK LINK COMPARE) Steiner was correct, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Time Travel and Embryology are all tied together.

The formation of HUMAN FREEDOM and LOVE as a gift from Earth Evolution is decidedly a Cosmic as well as a Human problem. Human Freedom and Love are built into the absolute structure and design of our Solar System. We have tried to get our heads around the asteroid belt, a destroyed planet, and the function and meaning of our tiny Solar System. This cosmology and tale includes most everything and everybody.

Unless we arrive at the central carrier force of the I AM in our little corner of the cosmos, ‘ it would seem like a tremendous waste of Space’. It would seem, by looking out at the vast Starry Systems that we should underestimate or overestimate the potentials we all experience in HUMAN FREEDOM and LOVE. Materialism and insincerity prevent us from approaching the reasoning woven in the tale behind our little corner of the Stars. How will you explain to Stephen Hawking and NASA, that we’re tiny seeds in the nursery of Sophia, where our own specific Zodiacal Guardians agreed to take on, inaugurate a new brand of creation?

As already stated through all that we have presented as research so far, it is an abhorrent, deeply rooted rage ravaged reality of denial to certify and clarify the DESTINY OF HUMANITY in this tiny Star Colony. It is unacceptable for us to soberly consider the foundations of Human Freedom, the realty of our Solar System and HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS as part of the real estate and kit and kaboodle of our ‘little place’ in what we have come to consider as INFINITE SPACE.

Light years, Time Travel, Akashic time streams, our answer by the majority, by our university gurus, like Stephen Hawking, tends to conform to our current brain patterns, brain dogmas, religious dogmas, NASA dogmas that have stuck to us like wing ripping torments of sticky flypaper. So let us define how our Solar System was actually formed with the aid of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS and how we were gifted with Evil in our foundations, with the lofty expectations of the possibility of representing FREEDOM and LOVE as an entirely new brand and branch of Divine Creator Beings.

How Human Freedom and Love transcends Angelic Obedience (beginning of Part 2 Angel vs Human standpoint) to the very highest Beings who serve THE GODHEAD, is part of the tale of our Astronomy, our Physics, our Quantum Mechanics, our Sci-Fi fantasies, our studies in orbital and planetary laws and the very foundations of The Transit System of true Occult Embryology. But why would Aristotle, Christopher Nolon, Einstein, St. John, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan, Rod Serling, and a thousand other storytellers, sci-fi writers and film makers be passionately interested in how FREEDOM and LOVE are part of the birth-right of the story of Earth? Because it IS.


“Thus in Man, we have a member of the Hierarchies who, as we see, is very distinct from the other members. We see that man’s position is different from that of the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, the Spirits of Wisdom, of Motion and of Form, and different too from the Spirits of Personality, from the Fire Spirits the Archangels and from some of the Angels. He can say to himself, looking into the future: ‘I am called on to search in my own inmost depths, for that which gives me the impulse for my actions — I do not receive it from gazing on the Godhead like the Seraphim, but from the innermost depth of my own being.’”

We are stuck in delusional materialistic myths of how our Solar System evolved. Looking down upon Stone, Plants, Animals, we can testify and clearly comprehend that neither the animals, the plants or the stones, can claim to have been given a skeletal and PHANTOM BODY, that is hidden in the upright skeletal system humanity owns. (We shall look directly at the INSECT kingdom in the 4th part where we explore the 7th Age) What has been beyond our obvious considerations are the THREE PREVIOUS CONDITIONS OF EARTH, prior to our current Earth.

Fourfold Human system Florian SydowHuman Beings had this PHANTOM BODY, planted into it at the very foundations of creation. That is why on our present Earth we can say clearly that Humanity was designed ahead of the animals, plants and stones because we bear within us a Form Force PHANTOM BODY, that was hidden in the very bones of our upright skeletal systems.

In the very beginning of Part 2, the very first lines, it was understood that as Ancient Saturn first formed, ringed round it, were the vast Community of the Star Colonies of the Constellations. These TWELVE Colonies of Stars each contributed, from their own Beings, offered from their own Beings, TWELVE ATTRIBUTES that would be the germinating TWELVE-FOLD Phantom Body and Spiritual blueprint that would allow an entire New Genesis, an entirely new co-operative collaboration that would launch the first Immortal Model and vehicle for, US. Age of America 3 Ancient Saturn skeleton and Phantom bodyIt was a dawning celebration that TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS joined together to contribute and bestow the foundations for a New Genesis that we are obliged to carry to completion. Part of that process finds us with a dense framework on Earth, called our skeleton. We are designed to carry that TWELVE FOLD CONSTRUCT to the revelation of Spirit-Man. Through the unfolding of our I AM we shall eventually extract from the skeleton the lofty germinal vehicle of the Immortal Phantom Body.

So our materialistic myths cannot account for the difference and the similarities from the capacities of animals, from the capacities of plants and the capacities of stones. These differences are in precisely FOUR STEPS and FOUR phases, FOUR sweeping gigantic previous evolution’s of our current Earth. Sorry to burst our bubble, but in the School of Sophia and the Stars there will be a full SEVEN PHASES, we are at the FOURTH.Age of America 3 Saturn - Sun - Moon - Earth Matryoshka of stone, plant, animal, and I AMOur teaching and our university studies require an upgrade that determines what nature has as observable attributes. The humble stone, the etheric, lymphatic plant, the astral, nervous system species type animal and the I AM bearing human being which are here simply presented in MATRYOSHKA models.

Where Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon and our current Earth Phase has collected before our eyes, various phases and levels of development in nature that are consolidated in the Human Being, we can start with US in Ancient Saturn at the far right in the above Matryoshka models. We were in the original plan. (Click Saturn study second 1/2) We are in the Fourth and we will be DIVINE CREATOR BEINGS by the Seventh, moving in the above Matryoshka model from our right to our left.

old saturn, sun, moon and Earth Evolution of the I AMEarth, our current position in the nursery of our Solar System and our Zodiac is currently, while we go to the moon, travel in space, communicate by satellite, build our cities and are eaten alive by Lofty Beings who presume we are lunch meat they can abuse, has gone through THREE PREVIOUS PHASES and stages of development. We may see those stages of development above from left to right. In each stage, Humanity gained an entirely new capacity.

That is exactly why materialistic science is becoming progressively obsolete and will become dangerous and useless. Regardless of whether we like it or not, this tiny nursery of our Solar System in the Star Family, our Earth and US will go through SEVEN IMMENSE COSMIC PHASES, LESSONS AND MIRACLES. Materialistic Science has failed to grasp that there are THREE COMPLETE stages and phases below Humanity that are trailing behind, incomplete, but sharing the journey that was started with the inauguration and creation of Humanity.

Below our feet are mineral, plant and animal joiners.They are part of the residue it took to craft and create us. Because the orbit of Saturn is part of every human biography, and Saturn marks the periphery where the Genesis of Humanity, where our inception was inaugurated, we can clearly name the first genesis Ancient Saturn Evolution.

It is name specific and includes concretely the defining gifts we still receive from Saturn when we incarnate. These are facts that cannot be dismissed. Even the structure of our Vowels goes out to Saturn in the vowel ‘ UH ‘ but there are no vowels or human biographical TIME PATTERNS locked into Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. On Ancient Saturn, the genesis of humanity were all imbued with a grotesque cosmic riddle. We were being primed and prepared to be saddled with, FREEDOM, LOVE and were given the foundational super-model (the cosmic seed planted in Ancient Saturn) our Zodiacal PHANTOM BODY.

Neptune – Uranus – Pluto

“Beings who are active within the whole expanse of our planetary system are developing further, so also are the Beings outside our system, those who are sending in their influence from surrounding spaces. As some of the surrounding Beings withdrew, so did also some of the Beings who were outside in universal spaces; some of these also withdrew; and as Jupiter contracted, something was also withdrawn by the Beings who retired, something which had nothing to do with our evolution at all, but which along with the withdrawing Beings formed first Uranus, and then Neptune during the Mars development. The names of Uranus and Neptune were, of course, not chosen to suit the subjects in the way the Ancients chose names; although in the name Uranus some meaning still is left; it was given when people still had some feeling for the meaning of names; therefore, all that lies outside our circle was generically called Uranus.

Age of America 3 Asteroid Uranus, Neptune, Saturn Jupiter Mars division“Thus we see that the two planets which our astronomers of the present day consider as having the same significance as the other planets stand on a totally different footing, and fundamentally speaking have nothing to do with the creation of our world; they represent those worlds which have come into existence because Beings who, during the Saturn period, still had something to do with us, have withdrawn and have found their places of habitation outside our world. We shall gather other facts from this, for instance, that those planets have retrograding moons, and so on.”

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program with some Astronomical History of the Origins of Freedom and Evil, within our Solar System. We have at our disposal numerous studies where the Hierarchies, who made humanity, are intruding into our materialistic absurdities. Materialism is obsolete and absurd and in over it’s depths, when it comes to defining the Big Bang, our Solar System and the constellations.

From John Milton in Paradise Lost, to John “Constantine”, with Keanu Reeves, who jumps the Threshold in a John the Baptist water initiation of the 6th Age HARROWING OF HELL; The outstanding  Kate Bush in the music video “Lily” invokes the FOUR ARCHANGELS (CLICK LINK)  and the FOUR SEASONS; to the INDIGO GIRLS AND REINCARNATION (Click Link); to “Prophecy” with Christopher Walken; to Paul Bettany playing Michael the Archangel in the film “Legion”; to “Dogma” with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon; to John Travolta playing the Archangel Michael, in “Michael” to embattled Hierarchies of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael,Uriel representing hierarchies, all the way down to Old Scratch, Goethe’s Mephistopheles in “Ghost Rider” with Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles, to Johnny Blaze’s FLAMING, FIERY SKELETON with Nicolas Cage, a dare devil motorcyclist. Along the way we witness smatterings and fallacies thrown together as a beggars brunch from the trash dump of human consciousness.

The plethora of Miltonian and Faustian themes pollute reality from Hemisphere to Hemisphere from West to East and from South to North, from pole to pole. And there is a kernel of truth here and there, (like the true meaning behind the FLAMING SKELETON, is merely tossed in the air with no designation as part of ANCIENT SATURN gifts to the human spirit). Legitimate educational comprehension that ties together the creation of our Solar System, the various participants in our Solar Family and the need for EVIL to be planted in us, and where the skeleton and death come into the picture, might as well be presented by drunks in a drunk tank for what passes for knowledge at our universities.

Our little Star Nursery is designed to grow Divine Beings, HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, capable of FREEDOM and LOVE.  There is a reasonable explanation that St. John, Aristotle, St. Paul, Novalis, Einstein, Tesla, the Logos Himself, the Christ, our Angels and every human child and every human being can live with. But it is a disturbing tale. It is a tale that satisfies and justifies all of our rebellions and misgivings and short circuits all our current brain limitations. It must and does turn our misguided education on it’s head.

It is Astronomical, it is Cosmological, it is Quantum Atomic structure, it is Embryological, it is Time and Space, it is Sci-Fi thrillers and it is the nature of our curse. It is the absolute science of the PHANTOM IMMORTAL BODY,that Christ retrieved by plunging past the primal origins of the skeleton, to the original Zodiacal Mobile Super Structure, hidden behind the mystery of our death skeleton. Christ penetrated behind Time and Space to the original designers and design codes of THE PHANTOM BODY planted in the first initial phases of our birth, described clearly in the very first sentences of PART 2.

In the very first sentences of PART 2, we launched into the origins of our Zodiac and the Star School of Sophia and it wasn’t expected that we would make any effort to comprehend the introduction to PART 2. No one is expected to rethink our entire view of the cosmos in order to include the Immortal PHANTOM BODY, implanted three evolution’s of the Earth ago.

We stubbornly refuse to readjust and re-adapt our rusty, dogma clogged university and religious empty tombs of obsolete, depleted materialism, willingly. We have to be cockroaches to so stubbornly cling to obsolete thinking. We just don’t have the courage, depth or tyranny to fire all those who staunchly disagree with any mention of a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL SCIENCE of matter and The Risen Etheric Christ Being. Each of us are required to decide and choose when we are ready. But the accumulating debt and the payment grows as we mortgage our future, into a mind bending consolidation of overwhelmingly pent-up evil. It is a culture of debt we continue to pile on our future incarnations. This has no other alternative but to become splendidly MANICHEAN.

Anticipating the coming 6th Age of Spirit-Self and the future Angel Condition of humanity in the Jupiter Evolution of the the Earth. (Rudolf Steiner click link)

manicheanism christine-gruwez“…there existed for instance in the Middle Ages the sect of the Manicheans. The secret of the Manicheans was that they realized that in the future there would be two groups of human beings, the good and the bad. In the Fifth Round there will no longer be a mineral kingdom, but instead a kingdom of evil. The Manicheans knew this. They therefore made it their task already then so to educate people that later they might become educators of the evil men. Again and again a deeper profundity is seen in the sect of the Manicheans.” (Also see Youth of Nain/Parsifal HERE)

So Freedom and Refusal, so far so good. But these essays are presenting vast Beings who are HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS that are woven into The Beings of the Planets. Higher Dimensional Beings that have appeared as Lucifer in ancient China, as The Christ, the literal Sun Logos, in Jerusalem, and Ahriman as an Archai Being in the West. We have discussed Entities, and Planetary Saturn Beings who have the awesome task to inscribe relentless, precise engravings of human Karma on the Walls of Time. There are Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars Beings, many we haven’t yet described.

Obsolete Materialism and THE SCHOOL OF HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS (click link Rudolf Steiner)

“…the Planetary Spirits — the Dhyan-Chohanic beings who earlier reached the stage which human beings will only attain much later. They stand at the stage that will only be reached by man in the Sixth and Seventh Rounds. A Planetary Spirit is engaged with others in creative work on certain aspects of planetary evolution.
“At present man is active on the physical, astral, and devachanic planes. Everything is activity. Now what significance have the Planetary Spirits for man in any particular situation? The activity which is at present being carried out by man was carried out by the Planetary Spirits during previous stages of evolution, during previous planetary conditions. What they then absorbed they now have within them as wisdom. This enables them to become the teachers of the next planetary epoch.”

But in considering a non-big bang theory and gaining a precise insight into what Saturn marks in it’s orbit, what Jupiter marks in it’s orbit and what Mars marks in it’s orbit, as considered from our mundane standpoint as, the outer planets or the outer limits, we have to approach several different adjustments to the fixed ideas we hold of the planets themselves. Firstly the so called Ancient Saturn Evolution, where we were given the first PHANTOM BODY framework laid into our foundations by vast Creator BeingsAge of America 3 Saturn first Embryo Warmth perimeter Ancient Saturn spacial field prior to Ancient Sun – is marked by the actual current orbit of Saturn and the job of the Saturn Beings themselves who reside within that orbital field and dimension.

Now that was easy, but when the next shrinking and renewing phase occurs, it is called Ancient Sun Evolution. That is where our Etheric Bodies, Nature of plants and the Sun’s streaming of living life currents that feed every stone, plant animal and human being on the Earth, well the periphery of the Ancient Sun Evolution, which designed our Etheric Bodies and the Etheric Life of the Earth, is marked by the current orbit of Jupiter.Age of America 3 Ancient Sun Evolution Jupiter, prior to Ancient Moon where Mars orbit is

Jupiter’s orbit and Jupiter Beings and human Beings who are inspired by Jupiter Beings are nursed and inspired by Jupiter Beings to become magnanimous, open hearted, humanitarian Sun Beings. Wisdom and generosity of Spirit is a preliminary schooling taught by Jupiter Beings. And that Jupiter Orbit and it’s Beings help train human beings to become Sun Beings. Therefore after Ancient Saturn Evolution shrunk to the Sun Evolution, it shrank to the margin of where Jupiter the Planet now orbits the Earth.

Obsolete Materialism and Devachan Planetary Beings

“The Jupiter sphere and its Beings are experienced when in the process of self-observation one looks back with the insight of Initiation over the period between the forty-ninth and fifty-sixth years of life — and then obliterates the pictures. The vista of the Jupiter sphere may be a shattering experience, for the Beings of Jupiter are utterly different from human beings. Think of a quality which is sometimes more and sometimes less in evidence, namely the quality of wisdom. Men insist that they are wise … but what a struggle it is for them to acquire wisdom! The tiniest fragment of wisdom in any field is difficult to attain and demands inner effort. Nothing of the kind is necessary for the Jupiter Beings. Wisdom is an integral part of their very nature — I cannot say it is ‘born’ in them, for the Jupiter Beings do not come into existence through an embryo as men do on Earth.”

Who would want to rethink such things? Well such things have to be rethought if we are to understand where our FREEDOM and where EVIL was brought into the symmetric operating system of our Planetary Community. Now try, and it is impossible, but try to move from the orbit of Jupiter to the orbit of disturbing, rumbling Mars. Age of America 3 Ancient Moon Evolution shrinks to Mars Orbit, prior to EarthSince we are not in the business of arbitrary, abstract designations of planetary names by calling some distant planet, Betty named after your aunt Betty, we are rather re-discovering literal chapters of our Cosmic History.

What we are establishing, via Aristotle and Rudolf Steiner is how Freedom and Love have come about in our little community of Earth. Which requires us to locate the Solar System and planetary moment when Evil was introduced and humanity was sent hurdling toward the intersection of Freedom and Love. They don’t teach these things in your Philosophy course.

So far, we got our PHANTOM BODY from the ancient Embryo of Earth, Ancient Saturn. We got our Etheric Body from the Ancient Sun Evolution. Saturn Evolution was inverted and shrunk to the orbit where Jupiter now runs, in order to supply the Human Embryo with an Etheric Body. Ancient Sun Evolution shrinks and inverts itself so that the Embryo of Humanity can develop a starry Astral Body construct, nervous system and TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES.

That entire immense Metahistory of how our Astral Body was formed by our Angels, marks the orbital line of MARS and has been termed Ancient Moon Evolution. The steering wheel we call Intelligence is what our I AM uses to establish Freedom and Karma, choice and driving or flying skills as well as Karma Navigation, biography and conscious Destiny events, that we have been offered by our current Long, Long Evolutionary Event, which we all know as EARTH EVOLUTION. The densest in the Series, the mid-point of Earth and our slow, slow comprehension and ascent, into Spirit-Self, prepares us to become Angels and gather the dense wisdom of Earth and carry it to the future Jupiter Evolution.

The Angels did all the work for us in stabilizing the Star positions, planets and constellations into an infused inverted Human Nervous System which was integrated with our Spines our Skeletal System and coordinated with micro-structure of our brains. We didn’t create the Astral Body and we didn’t devise our Ordered Nervous system, the Angelic Kingdom in their Human Phase, designed and created our Astral Bodies during the Ancient Moon Phase.

Age of America 3 Nervous System, Astral body Angel design Star systemNeither did Darwin or any of us create our own Etheric Systems, our lymphatic system which fits onto our Skeletal Phantom Body. That was created for us in The Ancient Sun Evolution. We weren’t aware or awake when our Phantom Body from Ancient Saturn Evolution, hidden in our bones, was agonizingly coaxed, enticed and pressed from the body of Jesus of Nazareth on Golgotha.

We didn’t and certainly Darwin (Click Link) didn’t create or describe what was hidden and waiting for us to discover there. These things are beyond the scope of any university on Earth except the University of Spiritual Science. Nor have we ever faced the shattering humble gratitude that We Are Here Now only through the efforts of Higher Dimensional Beings wrestling with the stupendous forces of Intelligent Design (Click Link). True Intelligent Design, the real Intelligent Design of the Hierarchies themselves places us now, currently, into the earliest level of the entrance exams of our enrollment and preliminary qualifications of raising ourselves to the lofty schooling of the Hierarchies. Known as the Cosmic School of Sophia and the Stars.

We are going through our HUMAN PHASE. When the Angelic Worlds went through their Human Phase on Ancient Moon Evolution, they organized a nervous system and brain network that matches the billions of star systems we see with our telescopes. When the Archangels went through their Human Phase, like us, they created the Etheric, Life Streaming, Sun replenished world that we see in our Seasons, our plants, our nature, of migrations from butterflies to birds, to fish under the sea.

Etheric Life, Sun Life of the Ancient Sun Evolution was formed, our Etheric bodies were formed, as was our Phantom Body, both were stable and formed, prior to the incision, where our Angels were impacted with the first titanic storms of injected evil. Before the shattering impact of Evil hit the Angel community, our own Etheric bodies were already established, formed and lawfully imbued with Sun woven, Etheric Richness provided by the wisdom and precision of the LOGOS itself.

The Archangels went through their Human Phase on Ancient Sun Evolution. We had nothing to do with that wisdom it was all done for us. Our hearts and our lungs and our immune systems were built from cosmic rhythms and patterns that we now see in the movement of the Sun itself in precise seasonal relationships to our Earth. (Study reference)

When the Archai were in their Human Phase, during the Ancient Saturn Evolution, the foundations for our Phantom Body were created. Age of America 3 Phantom Earth SkeletonOn Earth this became the framework for our Zodiacal Outline, fixed and anchored to the framework of our skeletal system. We have to relinquish this skeleton at death, give it back to the Earth, but Christ went right through the skeleton to the hidden secret of Ancient Saturn Evolution. Christ released for humanity the hidden Phantom Body. Christ released, recovered the immortal cosmic vessel designed from the Ancient Saturn Evolution and delivered it to Earth, or recovered it for Earth residents. The dense shadow we carry as our upright skeletal anchor and framework are otherwise gripped by, retained by the Earth as DEATH.

This Zodiacal Shadow in the form of our skeletal system, we each own, anchors and holds, locks in place, pointed in an upright commanding position, is the core of our immortal seed, the hidden mystery of our Atma or Spirit-Man. Before our Etheric measurement of Time and our comprehension of Human Karma, vast immeasurable periods of METAHISTORY were established, long before our Earth emerged as the platform for our own, current, Human Phase. Higher Dimensional Beings had already done the work, laid the foundations for the hopeful unfolding of a whole new class of Higher Beings. Free Human Spiritual Beings. Us.

Humanity was designed to produce FREEDOM and LOVE, as a new product that transcends OBEDIENCE to the Divine Will. Humanity was given EVIL as it’s counterpoint. We are the Deciders. We can decide to step into Evolution as Grateful Beings who did nothing to deserve our invitation, did nothing to own the magnificent capacities that we are so damned proud of, did nothing to have this incredible Earth Experience handed to us. We can learn some respect for our forebears our ancestors who did the hard work and established our Solar System. We can Decide to opt out of this excruciating TRAINING PERIOD, rebel and gravitate downwards with other ungrateful отказник or refuseniks and see what’s behind door number EIGHT. What is Detention like in THE EIGHTH SPHERE?

The Memory of Evil and the picture of our Solar System between Mars and Jupiter

“Thus we see that, because those ‘Mights’ were given certain orders, men first received the possibility of reaching their goal by their own strength, a thing which even the highest Seraphim cannot do of themselves. This is very essential. The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones cannot do otherwise than follow the immediate impulses given them by the Godhead. The Dominions of the second threefold hierarchy, too, cannot do otherwise. A certain number of the Mights were ordered to oppose, so that those Mights also, who, as it were, threw themselves into the way of development, could not do otherwise than follow the orders of the Godhead. In what is called the ‘origin of evil’ they could but perform the will of the Godhead who, by means of evil, wishes to develop more powerful good. Now let us descend to those Beings we call the Powers or Spirits of Form. They also could not have come to this of themselves. They could not have grown wicked of themselves, nor could the Spirits of Personality, nor could the Spirits of Fire. For, when these were men on the [ANCIENT SUN EVOLUTION] – Sun, the Mights had not yet been ordered to oppose, there was as yet no possibility of becoming wicked. Age of America 3 Solar System Historical Formation and structureThe first who had the possibility of becoming evil were the Angels, for this could only happen after the development of the Moon [ANCIENT MOON EVOLUTION]. There, from the Sun to the Moon, The Fight in Heaven took place.”

What has been called The Ancient Moon Phase marks where the location of the Asteroid Belt and the Devachan orbit of Mars is in our Solar System. Our entire study of Spirit-Self in this essay is slowly lifting up to consciousness what the Angelic Kingdom planted in us as orientation of thinking and Free Steering Ability, a steering wheel for our I AM to function and learn to drive in the great School of Sophia.

Age of America 3 Phantom Vehicle Ancient Saturn Phantom BodySpaceships, like cars are mere replications of the Egyptian KA,  a vehicle designed by the collaboration of the Constellations that allows Humans to hold an upright Skeletal and lofty-hidden PHANTOM BODY, as our vehicle.

Our I AM, unlike some of the Angelic Community has the shattering possibility of Freedom and Love. Beings long before us had to go through the torment of an entire turbulent evolution themselves in order to plant into the foundations of humanity the ordered functioning of the Planets, the Stars, the constellations and the loftier insights into the School of Sophia. Oh brother/sister this is St. John and every Sci-Fi plot we could ever attempt to imagine.

The Ancient Moon Evolution is marked not only by the boundary and orbit of Mars, but the very name of Mars represents the disturbing point where Evil was first allowed to disturb the Human Astral body. Evil was permitted, before we were fully formed, evil was deliberately let loose into our human developments so that we as humanity would have FREEDOM. All this can be found, from an external astronomical POV, written in our current Solar System. The big bang, Stephen Hawking, nor Darwin can help us here. We literally stand upon an abyss of our ignorance.

And you see, we see and strive to arrive at Mars, and land on Mars. You see that Interstellar uses Saturn as wormhole gateway. Mars, the orbit of Mars marks the point of conclusion of The Ancient Moon Evolution, where unbeknownst to us, we were given the organized and disruptive power in our Astral Body. It was planted within the design of our nervous system that a firm decision was installed by the highest divine beings, that with the creation of HUMANITY, we would be FREE TO DECIDE.

We carry the seed of both Freedom and Evil which was laid down into the formative functional foundation of our being. You want to know what FREEDOM is? Where did it come from? Who played this cruel joke on us? Why are we different? You want to know the Mystery behind the FREEDOM we might call the AMERICAN AGE? What was America truly founded upon? You want to know what our degree in Philosophy or Political Science is worth? You want to know what FREEDOM is? Aristotle, St. John, Novalis, St. Paul and Zarathustra, and Nietzsche in THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA and THE ANTI-CHRIST and GOD IS DEAD, all arrived right at this perplexing conundrum. This is real science.

Why are We not automatically immune to Evil ? 

“Thus we have sketched the origin of our solar system and have asked ourselves: What position has man towards those Beings of the higher Hierarchies who, fundamentally speaking, were his human forefathers? Six winged SeraphimWe can begin with the highest, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Thrones, and in describing them, get a good idea of man. If we could rise beyond the Seraphim, we should get into the realm of the Divine Trinity. What is it then that the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones have in particular, that is different from all the other beings in the world? They have what is called ‘the direct sight of GOD.’

I interrupt Steiner here to draw an extreme spotlight on the way the question of Being is posed. In Part 2 Hannibal Lecter gives Agent Starling a lesson in GREEK THOUGHT. (CLICK LINK) It was Covets. Aristotle is GREEK THOUGHT.  Aristotle’s Categories (Ita Wegman’s Outline). Notice the precise question above, the way Rudolf Steiner places it. What is the unique aspect? What is different? What makes these Beings different? What are Their precise qualities? Aristotle at his finest, and yet why don’t we notice such marvels?

Steiner continues:

“That which man has to seek for slowly and gradually, throughout his development, is theirs from the beginning of all time. We men say, that we must start from our modern standpoint to acquire ever greater powers of knowledge, of will, etc.; thus we shall rise ever nearer and nearer to the Godhead, Divinity will become ever more present to us. We say to ourselves: We are developing upwards, towards something which is still veiled from us, towards the Godhead. This is the difference between the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones and men, that since the beginning of our development these highest Beings have enjoyed the direct sight of the Godhead, have been in the near presence of the Divine Trinity. That whereunto men have to evolve has been theirs from the very beginning.”

In Part 1 it was our effort to gain some comprehension of the class mates in the school of Higher Dimensional Beings that are working through us. We sketched, incompletely, attributes of the schools of Ahriman, attributes of the schools of Lucifer, attributes of the schools of the Asuras. All along the way we have tried to formulate what the pattern and structure of Higher Dimensional Beings are. We have marked where the Stars have given us upgrades and promptings to ‘move along’ from our Consciousness Soul, to our Spirit-Self and to our Life-Spirit and on-wards and upwards through what has been called the future AMERICAN AGE.

When we study the curriculum of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL STAR BEINGS, the class ahead of us, our Angels, and the class ahead of the Angels – the Archangels – we are faced with a most daunting educational dilemma. The curriculum for humanity is part of a Star Schooling which such a Master as Aristotle and such a Master as St. John or Novalis and so many of our fellow explorers from Sci-Fi writers – to Saints, who already have an organized Astral Halo, as a fact, a Star Curriculum actually exists.

To those of us who absolutely reject the very idea that a curriculum of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS within our Solar System and within our Zodiacal System can be outlined, documented and observed; there, never the less, there IS a curriculum. Whether we like it or not. This curriculum of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS can be verified, documented and observed whether we appreciate it or not or whether we reject it or not. We’re the Deciders.

Our Solar System and It’s Curriculum Vitae

“We therefore see, my dear friends, how in fact the World development does not simply repeat itself, but that new things enter. For a human stage such as is lived by men at present was never met with before, not with the Angels, nor the Archangels, nor the Spirit of Personality. Man had a completely new mission to fulfill in the world, the mission we have just characterized. For the sake of this mission he has descended into the world of the earth. And the Christ came into the world as a free Helper for him, not as a God acting from above, but as a first-born among many.”

It is a tremendous, exuberant opportunity to know, at this juncture in TIME, that there is a curriculum, there is a rhyme and reason to the impossible vastness of TIME AND SPACE. The Outline of this Curriculum really took shape and solid form and appeared for us, rejuvenated, refreshed and enlivened in our Consciousness Soul era.

So does it matter if we remain fixed in Intellectual Soul, obsolete dogmas of materialism? It is damn clear that 90% of humanity hasn’t pursued and hasn’t taken up the curriculum of the Consciousness Soul nor will a vast majority ever find their way out of labyrinth of Ahrimanic cultural materialism. However, to be precise, the first Curriculum of the Stars appeared and was outlined by Dionysius the Areopagite Bishop of Athens because of St. Paul.

Science-Art-Religion, The School of the Hierarchies, the School of St. John and Cosmic-Spirit-Self, The School of Sophia and the Lamb. (CLICK LINK)

“Instruction about the Gods was first systematized by Dionysius the Areopagite, the pupil of the apostle Paul. It was however not written down until the 6th century. This is why scholars deny the existence of Dionysius the Areopagite and speak about the writings of the Pseudo-Dionysius, as though it was in the 6th century that old traditions were first put together. The truth of the matter can only be substantiated by reading in the Akashic Chronicle. The Akashic Chronicle does however teach that Dionysius actually lived in Athens, that he was initiated by Paul and was commissioned by him to lay the foundation of the teaching about the higher spiritual beings and to impart this knowledge to special initiates.

“At that time certain lofty teachings were never written down but only communicated as tradition by word of mouth. The teaching about the Gods was also given in this way by Dionysius to his pupils, who then passed it on further. These pupils in direct succession were intentionally called Dionysius, so that the last of these, who wrote down this teaching, was one of those who was given this name.

“This teaching about the Gods, as given by Dionysius, encompasses three times three ranks of divine beings. The three highest are: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones. The next degree: Dominions, Mights, Powers. The third degree: Primal Beginnings, Archangels, Angels.”In the Bible the words ‘In the Beginning’ often occur. They refer to the Primal Beginnings, or Archai. ‘In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’ This means: The God of the Beginnings, who stands at this stage, created heaven and earth. It was one of the Archai belonging to the Third Rank of the Hierarchies.

“Above the Seraphim stand divine beings whose nature is so exalted that the human power of understanding is not able to comprehend them. After the Third Rank follows the Fourth Hierarchy: Man, as the tenth in the entire sequence.

The names of the Hierarchies do not refer to individuals but to certain stages of consciousness of the great universe, and the beings move from one stage to another. Eliphas Levi perceived this clearly and laid stress on the fact that with these names one has to do with stages of development, with Hierarchies.”  (Rudolf Steiner CLICK LINK)

Neither Science nor Religion, in the current climate of human education wishes to step up to the plate. That is to consider honestly and clearly that we are not the product of a Big-Bang and we newbies in the Universe, don’t have a direct hot-line to God. The Popes and Priests don’t have one no matter how much we fawn over their costumes.

Age of America 3 Astral reorganization of thought receiving ManasThe literal mathematical HALO, around the head and Aura of a person who is beginning to arrive at ordered Divine Thinking, SPIRIT-SELFHOOD, remains mere theory in the Church. It is rather a Science of the Astral body. That Science of the Astral Body that we would call a Saint, is part of our entrance exams into the School of the Hierarchies.

These are the preliminary signs and wonders of the 6th Age of Spirit-Self. We will no longer have need of any Church to name Saints, most everyone will be pressed hard to achieve An Organized Halo of Spiritual Radiance that will stream forces of Goodness and Love through human karma. We have to KNOW by now that something dreadful will have produced a counter-force against Human Goodness which will awaken the very strengths of Spirit-Self. This is a Manichean Riddle.

Everyone of anyone of us who suddenly awaken and recognize the School of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS doesn’t need a Church or the present permission of university Materialism, to approach Spirit-Self. We are free to BE our own I AM and free to develop the depth of LOVE that only the I AM can suffer. It is only from our I AM that we can begin generating and kindling the LOVE and FREEDOM required to redeem our loved ones and carry creation upwards with us.

In other words the Science of Matter is actually our inward power of LOVE to lift each person and each portion of Earth, stone, plant and animal to a new level. Only the I AM in us can do that heavy lifting. Each I AM is an ATLAS that bears the burden of the Karma of Earth and Humanity.

Age of America 3 Speech and the Human WordWhen the Heart and the billions of synapse in our brains, which are designed by our Angels to carry the Starry Constellations down into our Thinking and the Word, and our Deeds, faces us with the support system of our own ATLAS, we see for ourselves part of the secrets of the Phantom System of the WORD.

We come face to face with the reality that our Human Speech, the Word, and our Deeds, the skeletal design we carry, reveals to us that Speech, Thought and Deeds are the germinal foundations of Spirit-Self, Budhi and Spirit-Man.Age of America 3 Atlas and the Human Word We support and create the future unfolding of the Cosmos through our Speech, the Science of the Word, our Thoughts and our Deeds. It is within our skeletal system that we see how ATLAS itself supports the WORD made flesh. Speech itself arises on the shoulders of ATLAS.

We might consider that it was a Herculean task to Outline the support systems of the Constellations, the lofty School of Sophia and The Lamb. In the entire body of Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy we witness a Hercules in vivid action supporting and lifting vast portions of Creation. Alright, in order to carry the Earth Evolution on the shoulders of THE WORD and THOUGHT, and DEED, we are all going to be challenged to lift our portions of the Karma of Humanity and the Karma of the Earth Herself.

We each of us will be each an ATLAS, a Hercules, who lifts and sustains portions of the vast Constellations. Hercules at one point steps in for Atlas on the 11th labor of the TWELVE LABORS of Hercules.

In Part 2 we discussed Howard Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover. What we know about Howard Hughes is that his etheric body was one of those who tested planes, hi-speed, sound barrier flight, ahead of the Jet Age. He had a passion for nosing himself into future Event Horizons of Etheric and Physical body separation.

Hughes flew rapidly through Sun marked Etheric and spacial TIME ZONES. Hughes tore holes in his Etheric body, developing rapid displacement that reveal the symptoms of OCD, in our Etheric Body and in the warps of the Time Distortions projected from our Human Double (Click Link). Our internal perception of well-being becomes skewed, un-hinged, our internal mirrroring becomes warped. Howard Hughes psyche’s cohesion fragmented, stretched, like rubber or ripped like a stretched plastic bag.

Space travel and the cohesion between our Etheric and Physical body as well as our core Psyche will certainly not fare well by going through Wormholes. And Howard Hughes, had a premature TIME displacement, TIME smudge, where the Sun Rhythm of his Etheric body, his Etheric Mirroring became out of sync with the cohesion of his psyche. And his Herculean striving and Imagination struck Hughes, off-center. As in autism and phobias Hughe’s astral body projected sharply into his cowering Etheric body. Truly Entities were everywhere and Hughe’s fled from his self and also refused to be TOUCHED.

Hughe’s designed the largest, lift-off Aircraft called HERCULES .The H-4 Hercules, or “Spruce Goose” was a flying boat, designed to carry up to 750 troops or two M4 Sherman tanks. The war ended before the plane could be put into service, but Hughes’ persistence and insistence on perfection saw the project to completion. Because of restrictions on aluminum availability, the plane was built with wood. The plywood and resin bonding process used was one of the first adaptations of composite technology. This lead to the “Spruce Goose” moniker, which Hughes hated.”

“Daedalus conceived to escape from the Labyrinth with Icarus from Crete by constructing wings and then flying to safety. He built the wings from feathers and wax, and before the two set off he warned Icarus not to fly too low lest his wings touch the waves and get wet, and not too high lest the sun melt the wax. But the young Icarus, overwhelmed by the thrill of flying, did not heed his father’s warning, and flew too close to the sun whereupon the wax in his wings melted and he fell into the sea. Daedalus escaped to Sicily and Icarus’ body was carried ashore by the current to an island then without a name. Heracles came across the body and recognized it, giving it burial where today there still stands a small rock promontory jutting out into the Aegean Sea, and naming the island and the sea around it after the fallen Icarus.”

The issue is our Etheric Body, Icarus and Howard Hughes. What happens with the Space of our Double, negative space, when our Astral body and Etheric body go out of sync? The issue with Howard Hughes was an Icarus/Daedalus stretching, the way heat shrivels plastic, stretches rubber, so our Time Body, our Etheric Body, not only suffers from Jet Lag, but abuse of the principle ripping high speed travel has long term effects on our Etheric Body. Ask any Stewardess or Pilot. A whole new set of karmic and etheric work related hazards, revealed some of the results in Howard Hughes and the intrusion of his double as extreme OCD conditions.

Everything that we discussed in the opening of Part 2 and the Entire School of THE LAMB OF GOD reveals a Schooling of HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS that gradually pass through loftier and loftier developments. Truly, truly, truly Hercules Twelve Labors takes on entirely new depth and meaning.

The entire School of the Lamb reveals a TWELVE STEP PROGRAM and curriculum. As Artists, both Wagner and Stanley Kubrick delivered TWELVE great works of Art as part of their incarnation elaboration. Tolkien took TWELVE YEARS, a full orbit once around the Sun of the planet Jupiter, to complete The Lord of the Rings. In Part 2 we recognized that HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, one by one and stage by stage, conquer and outgrow lower phases and acquire ever loftier capacities. Christ as a HIGHER DIMENSONAL BEING offered His Own Cosmic Manas, His Own Holy Spirit, His Own Starry Sophia Logos body to St. John. St. John was authorized to build into Humanity, the foundations of the Lofty School of Sophia and prepare for Manas or Spirit-Self.

We have directed our interest towards how Christ gave St. John His own Cosmic Sophia or Starry Manas Body because we as humanity are in the densest region of the Fourth Stage of Earth Development. We are saddled with a dense skeletal system full of Wisdom. Age of America 3 skeletal Phantom Design, Ancient Saturn Evolution and Zodiacal ART cohesion of human formWisdom that confronts us as one of the locked and sealed doors of Death. Christ as a Higher Dimensional Being pressed with His Lofty Cosmic I AM, with His Love, He compressed and enticed from the densest region of matter, the Immortal Phantom Body from the Holy work Horse of our human skeleton.

Atlas the Constellations and our Speech abilities

“Prometheus told Hercules the secret to getting the apples. He would have to send Atlas after them, instead of going himself. Atlas hated holding up the sky and the earth [Our Twelve Constellations and Seven Evolution’s of the Earth] so much that he would agree to the task of fetching the apples, in order to pass his burden over to Hercules. Everything happened as Prometheus had predicted, and Atlas went to get the apples while Hercules was stuck in Atlas’s place, with the weight of the world literally on his shoulders.

“When Atlas returned with the golden apples, he told Hercules he would take them to Eurystheus himself, and asked Hercules to stay there and hold the heavy load for the rest of time. Hercules slyly agreed, but asked Atlas whether he could take it back again, just for a moment, while the hero put some soft padding on his shoulders to help him bear the weight of the sky and the earth. Atlas put the apples on the ground, and lifted the burden onto his own shoulders. And so Hercules picked up the apples and quickly ran off, carrying them back, uneventfully, to Eurystheus.”

In the School of the Word, we certainly do enter into intercourse with Higher Dimensional Beings. In our Thoughts, our Deeds and our Words we make use of the Planetary Capacities of the upper region of the TWELVE SENSES. Along with so many errors in our university curriculum’s our TWELVE SENSES are part of the undiscovered country. Eurythmy and world gesturesRetrieving the Apples, hidden in the Etheric WORD, for Eurystheus, is really our new found ability to look at the Consonantal/Constellational structure of the WORD that is, buried deep in the skeleton and in the WORD, Etheric Living Nutritional Life. Each Consonant a Sun-Won Apple, won for the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul. We begin a Schooling of what Christ Won from the Zodiacal Revelation of the Phantom Body of future Spirit-Man. From Eurythmy (Click Link) we begin eating with our will, the future Budhi Etheric Life forces that awaken the future capacities of Spirit-Man.

Our Astronomy and Physics, as well as our Physiology and Anatomy studies are in the process of being upgraded to encompass the vast regions of the HIGHER HIERARCHIES. Our Thoughts, our Speech and our Deeds reshape, literally, the Earth, and fertilize slumbering intuitions, that will literally, change and alter the intentions of the Group Soul Ahriman is shaping for the future.Age of America 3 Christ human karma and Atlas Hercules myth

Secrets of the WORD, secrets of ATLAS

“…let us look at the whole universe, to begin with in its physical aspect: Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars, the Milky Way and so on. Behind it stands a great intuitive Spirit. It is the same Spirit that manifests in our actions; he also stands behind the whole universe. Christianity calls him the Father. Because he is so little known he is also called the Unknown God, and in theosophical literature the First Logos.
“Behind everything living stands the Spirit of Imagination. It is the same Spirit who is also working in our speech; this is why the Christian religion calls Him the Word. Here something quite exact and actual is meant. This Spirit who stands behind everything living is still working today in our speech, in each of our words, and is therefore rightly called ‘the Word’; another designation is: The Son, or Christ. He is the Spirit who lives as Imagination in everything that has life.” Rudolf Steiner (click link)

The generative power of the WORD will either antidote Ahriman’s massive developing amnesia of the I AM or surrounding our feeble ‘ i am ‘ with brilliant technology, as psychic tools, will so weaken the central core of each I AM that we will of necessity develop an addictive co-dependency on the External Support Systems of a full-on Ahrimanic Culture. You see we have to ask ourselves, what is cold and what is hot? Will Ahrimanic culture, create a culture that is morally cool because it is disassociated from the inner moral fire of the I AM?

FIRE in the I AM, and firing up our TWELVE SENSE SYSTEM, and bringing our super-charged Love, as sacrifice, each human being will find it in their I AM to restore wholeness to our shattered karmic companions. That means John the Baptist or the Best Man who tends and nurtures the ongoing Christ Impulse, will foreshadow and inspire the 6th Age, the Age of Manas and Spirit-Self with baptism by I AM cognitive FIRE.

Luke 3:15-18. “The people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ. John answered them all, “I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand to clear his threshing floor and to gather the wheat into his barn, but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

As in The Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner, with each Group of TWELVE (click link), Age of America 2 Discovering our Karmic Circle, meeting our Angelswe find in the 6th Age parts of the core constellation of our own shattered and scattered Karmic Groups and Companions. We restore each other to wholeness, objectivity, and celebrate what each I AM brings into the equation of TIME. Will it be an iron blanket of cold moral complacency, advanced brilliant technology, which stands instead of the I AM?

Peace and all moral dilemmas resolved, in a Pharmaceutical, Technological neutering of the I AM is really part of the germinal NSA/Winston Smith – Orwell and Nietzsche prophecy. Ahrimanic culture will be a cool, cold, operative culture, a massive decisive Group Soul over the Earth, devoid, condemned and illegal to Fire up the I AM for the I AM was accused of the danger of being the destroyer of humanity not the Savior.Age of America 3 Manas Holy Ghost and Spirit fire 6th Age

But the Fire of the 6th Age will rush in during these crucial constrictions of the inner forces of humanity, just at the height of Ahriman’s song of Peace and Prosperity for all. Peace, of course, on a global scale for the Non-I conformity to the rule of the law set by the New standards of the brilliant Race of Ahriman. The decision to lock out that Fire of the budding force of the true I AM will be Ahriman’s deception of Peace on Earth. We looked at this FIRE at the very end of Part 1.

Notes on The Sixth Age, The Russian-Slavonic Age, the Age of Spirit-Self and Manas 3574-5734

Age of America charting ahrimanBecause of this imposed, technological and pharmaceutical Peace on Earth, the 6th Age, noted with a Russian-Slavonic quality where the SOPHIA (Click Link) was honored in the Russian-Slavonic qualities of the Soul, out of the past, will have a quality all it’s own in the future.

“Numerous churches are dedicated to St. Sophia, particularly in Russia, and she appears in many icons. The icon in the cathedral at Novgorod is one of the best known. The Russian Orthodox liturgy for the feast of the Assumption of Mary, August 15, includes a reference to an icon of Sophia: “Let us behold the miraculous icon of the Wisdom of God… I dare to sing in praise of the Patroness of the World, the most innocent Bride and Virgin…Sophia, the Wisdom of God.” Jakob Böhme’s work influenced the Russian philosopher and poet Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov (1853–1900). Solovyov had three visions of Sophia, the first during Mass on Ascension Day, when he was nine years old. A poem he wrote many years later recalled the experience:

Blue all around. Blue within my soul.
Blue pierced with shafts of gold.
In your hand a flower from other realms.
You stood with radiant smile,
Nodded to me and hidden in the mist.

“Whereas the Pistis Sophia linked Sophia with Mary Magdalene, the language of Solovyov’s poem links her to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Solovyov’s second encounter with Sophia was in the British Museum. As before, he saw her in blue and gold. “Her face shone before me. But Her face alone. And that instant was a long happiness.” The third was in the Egyptian desert, where he awoke from sleep “To a scent of roses from air and earth… I saw all and all was one. One alone in the image of female beauty.”60 Solovyov’s sensitive poetry blended his devotion to Sophia with romantic yearnings of unrequited love, and again we can see connections with the troubadours and Dante’s Beatrice.”

In the future a wholesome recovery of the Land by Bio-Dynamic Star Initiates, by various streams of humanity, where Ahriman’s techniques fail to take root, will be pockets of isolated Michael Cultural Oasis.

Brought on by the failures and aborted attempts by Ahrimanic culture to control and contain certain procedures for incarnation, an exiled community, an I AM receptive race will awkwardly arise. Age of America 3 St. John and the School of FireThose will have the courage and the Camaraderie of Fire discussed in the end of Part 1.

Oasis vs Ahriman’s Psychic Gulag

“The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

“A whole national literature remained there, cast into oblivion not only without a grave, but without even underclothes, naked, with a number tagged on to its toe. Russian literature did not cease for a moment, but from the outside it appeared a WASTELAND! “

The qualities of Courage, well specific Russian Folk qualities that experience Land and Soul with rich Sophia Feelings that, usually when push comes to shove The Russian Folk-Soul bear qualities like those of the Native American. There is inherent an Earthy readiness to sense real camaraderie filled with a kind of Warmth that had developed over a thousand years of experiencing bitter cold winters, and humble joy at simple things.

Let us take the quality of Warmth of Soul and the actual capacities that harsh, brutal Winters give the human Soul. No, it isn’t a theory, it is a fact that the heart and blood circulation of loving deep snows, or finding joy and warmth in the flow and replenishment of the Heart, well in the Russian the Liver (click link), for instance, Vodka played a certain role unconsciously. But if we take North Dakota, Minnesota, Canada, Maine, Michigan, my own incarnation in Northern Illinois, I know what Ego/Heart forces are strengthened in the Winter Wonderland, of bundling up, of barren snow covered fields, of trudging  through deep snows up to your waist and drifts even higher, of outdoor work against the cold, ice skating, sledding, playing powerfully, working strongly and inhaling Sunsets as Etheric Nourishment with our eyes, our hearts and the intimacy of our blood circulation, ALL THIS invigorates and roots itself deep in the depths of the I AM as the Etherization of Blood (click link).

Sons of Fire — the Agnishvattas and the Tangible Risen Etheric Christ

“For many thousands of years Oriental mysticism has spoken of this moment in time, and since the coming of Gautama Buddha it has spoken especially strongly about that future condition when the earth will be bathed in a “moral-ether-atmosphere.” Ever since the time of the ancient Rishis it was the great hope of Oriental mysticism that this moral impulse would come to the earth from Vishva-Karman or, as Zarathustra proclaimed, from Ahura Mazdao. Oriental mysticism thus foresaw that this moral impulse, this moral atmosphere, would come to the earth from the being we call the Christ. It was upon Him, upon Christ, that the hopes of Oriental mysticism were set.

“Oriental mystics were able to picture the consequences of that event but not the actual form it would take. They could picture that within a period of 5,000 years after the great Buddha achieved Enlightenment, pure Akashic forms, bathed in fire, lit by the sun, would appear in the wake of one Who could not be recognized through Oriental mysticism. A wonderful picture in very truth: that something would come to make it possible for the Sons of Fire and of Light to move about the moral atmosphere of the earth, not in physically embodied form but as pure Akashic forms within the earth’s moral atmosphere. Five thousand years after Gautama Buddha’s Enlightenment, so it was said, the teacher will also be there to make known to human beings what these wonderful forms are, these pure forms of Fire and Light. This teacher — the Maitreya Buddha — will appear 3,000 years after our time and will be able to teach people about the Christ impulse.

“Oriental mysticism thus unites with the Christian knowledge of the West to form a beautiful unity. It will also be disclosed that he who will appear 3,000 years after our time as the Maitreya Buddha will have incarnated again and again on the earth as a Bodhisattva, as the successor of Gautama Buddha. One of his incarnations was that of Jeshu ben Pandira, who lived a hundred years before the beginning of our era. The being who incarnated in Jeshu ben Pandira is the same one who will one day become the Maitreya Buddha and who from century to century returns ever and again in a body of flesh, not yet as Buddha himself but as Bodhisattva. Even in our age there proceeds from him who later will be the Maitreya Buddha the most significant teachings concerning the Christ being and the Sons of Fire — the Agnishvattas — of Indian mysticism.”

Earth wonder, Earth fire, Earth Holiness spreads all through the healthy Etheric Body and the joy of that rugged and resistant force, which the circulation of our blood and the fire of the I AM confronts, a new kind of cold. Moral and Ethical Coolness. The Russian Soul forces were used to this and built up a resistance to moral coldness. When the chips are down there is a certain latent, dormant fiery strength, in the Russian Soul, able to recognize the true Heart and carry the courage of true Brotherhood, that still lingers in the fiery core of the Russian Folk. This quality of Soul will be part of the basis for Manas and the 6th Age Michael Race of Spirit-Self.

When we contemplate the Russian-Slavonic Age of the in-pouring of the higher FIRE OF THE I AM we can comprehend that sense of Fire, that sense of Warmth, that the coming 6th Age of Manas, our Spirit-Self, awakens in us. That Manas Fire comes coursing through our blood and fires up our Intelligence and illuminates and eddies and swirls around our pineal gland. An intense Etherization of the Blood will stream through the 6th Age as an interplay between our Pineal gland and our hearts. The flow will be part of the Higher Devachan Schooling as the dawning Fire of our Higher I AM.

The 6th Age and the Etherization of the blood

“In the region of the heart there is a continual transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance that streams upward toward the head and flows glimmeringly around the pineal gland. This process, the etherization of the blood, can be shown in the human being throughout his waking life.” (note Pineal Neuropsychology)

Russian’s were notorious drinkers and had built into their system, stronger Jupiter Organ Liver forces, Etheric Sun forces of replenishment and vital strong Sun-blood, Etherization of the Blood, with invigorating, light surging, renewal forces. The Russian Soul, like the Native American and African American had a stronger Etheric Tolerance, understanding and compassion for Greatness of suffering, that exists as the nuclear core in each Human Heart. That Heart/Etheric strength and greatness will be the challenge of the 6th Age. But the Etherization of the Blood into Light and Etheric Fire from the Spirit will be the in-streaming lightening of the 6th Age.

Two currents of ether

“Rudolf Steiner described an important aspect of this process in his lecture on the etherization of the blood. There he speaks of two etheric streams that rise from the heart to the head, in order to connect the human being with the surrounding spiritual world.

“The first stream consists of etherized human blood. In it the “intellectual element” rises from below upwards.
The second stream consists of the etherized blood of the Christ that flows, since the Mystery of Golgotha, in every human heart.

“At first these two streams flow parallel to each other. But their coming together is the crucial precondition for beholding the etheric Christ. And how do they come together? Rudolf Steiner gives a surprising answer: the coming together happens when human beings are willing to take the new understanding of Christ up into the soul, and to bring it to life in themselves. In other words, it takes place through the study of the science of the mind-and-spirit,* a study which activates not only the head, but above all the heart, as a new organ for attaining knowledge.

The future

“The etheric revelation of the Christ will unfold over some three thousand years, starting from the 20th century. It is, however, part of a still greater context. This includes two future and still higher revelations of the Christ:

  “His appearance in the astral body in lower Devachan,
  and still later a great revelation of His I being in the higher spiritual world.

“Consider that, according to the above-mentioned book, the environment of the “other self” (higher I) is the spiritual world, and the environment of the true I is the higher spiritual world; elsewhere Rudolf Steiner spoke of them as lower and higher Devachan. From this we can see a direct relationship between the two future revelations of the Christ and the higher I and true I of the human being, just as the Christ’s present appearance is connected with the spiritualization of the earthly I.

“From the foregoing it is clear how the evolution of the human I—as the purpose of the Earth—and the ever-higher revelations of the Christ are inextricably linked. To take this into our I consciousness and to further cultivate it in our soul—this is already the beginning of the path which can lead the human being of today to the Christ.” | Sergei O. Prokofiev

There was an Etheric/Angelic intimate joy, in the Russian Soul, in the revelations of actual Human Destiny Events. With the Russian Soul they took it to Heart, and through it, that intrinsic experience of real suffering, real injustice, one became sister and brother companions for Life from the core of the heart. It was an experience that was much more real, profound, Earthy and religiously natural for the Russian Soul. The Russian Soul developed the embryonic sense of Human sister and brotherhood through their love of Sophia and created Churches that bulged with Etheric and Astral Life. Russian Churches and buildings honored the future forces that were rich, round, seeds awaiting the Sophia Time.

The 6th Age and the plentiful, etheric and Life Seeds of Starry Sophia

” These domes are called “heads” (глава) or “poppy heads” (маковица, маковка). Sometimes crosses have a crescent-like shape at the bottom so that the shape resembles an anchor, which symbolizes hope for salvation. It is known that in the early history of Russian Church, the domes of churches followed the typical Byzantine flat-dome style. Helmet-shaped domes of pre-Mongolian Russian were replaced with onion-shaped domes. They say that such shapes appeared since they allow snow to slide down and not to sustain on top.”

The Russian Type of experience connects to the intimacy of the Earth in the opposite way that Ahriman would homogenize the gifts of our Spiritual Life. Spirit-Self and the Russian Age embraces, learns to feel the immense intimacies of the Etheric Earth. In order to feel Her suffering, Experiencing the Earth’s Love of Humanity and in precise Etheric and Astral deepening and preparation, intimate awareness comes to the Russian-Slavonic Cultural Age.

We become aware in the 6th Age that in order to Lift the Earth, we have to carry the karmic warmth of each other. The Earth and the Higher Astral Devachan of Sophia will let humanity and the Michael Race know in no uncertain terms that Ahriman in the West has entombed a vast number of I AM’s. These missing I AM sisters and brothers must be accounted for or Earth will not achieve Her goals.

Preemptive designing of an Ahrimanic Race intended to Lock-Out the Coming FIRE of the 6th Age of Manas

“Man will transform the earth in so far as he feels with ever-increasing strength that morality is an essential part of the earth. In the future, to be immoral will be possible only for people who receive immoral help, who are goaded in this direction, who are possessed by evil demons, by Ahrimanic, Asuric powers, and who strive for this possession.

Sophia and the 12 stars spinal serpents“This is the future condition of the earth: there will be a sufficient number of people who increasingly teach morality and at the same time offer a moral foundation, but there will also be those who by their own free decision surrender themselves to the evil powers and thus enable an excess of evil to be pitted against a good humanity. Nobody will be forced to do this; it will lie in the free will of each individual.” Rudolf Steiner (click link)

In other words, not only is the Risen Etheric Christ connected to the Etheric Earth, but in the 6th Age, entirely new experiences of the Etheric Earth and the Etheric Christ within the Karma of each of us, will be powerful awakening forces. Harsh Winters awakened the Fires that give the Etheric Heart and the circulation of the blood an entirely New Baptized relation to the intimacies of the Etheric Earth. The Soul Calendar verses enhanced to the 10th power, reveal vivid experiences that the Russian or Native American used to know instinctively. In the 6th Age these experiences will not be theoretical feelings but conscious cognitive experiences with every breath we take and every step we make.

Touch in the Etheric and Astral, what the Earth experiences when humanity is conscious of the Etheric and what the Earth experiences when we are disconnected from the Earth Herself, will be conscious pain and LIFE, in our human hearts. If a whole portion of the karma of humanity are in a happy, unconscious Gulag of the Soul and Spirit, cut off from the Hierarchies and cut off from the Etheric Earth, that will be a painful and powerful reality. If our brothers and sisters are held in the candy store, on the bad, bad pirate ship Lolly-Pop, held in the Prison-Yard of THE BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN Gulag FOR THE NON-I AM , they will surely become food for the Adversary powers. Dinner is served.

An entire chunk of humanity, celebrating their happy Peace under the Pharmaceutical imprisonment and confiscation of humanities fallen, Lower Devachan astral capacities, will not recognize the loss and slow shriveling atrophy of their I AM.  There will be no need for FIRE FROM THE I AM, because Ahriman has given the gift of IT IS WHAT IT IS.

The I AM will be cut off from that warm living FIRE of the Etheric Earth, which once circulated through the Russian Soul unconsciously. But Ahriman’s Race of the Non-I AM will be locked and secured from the great Fire of the Soul and Spirit that challenges and courses through the New Michael Race of the Sixth Age. Pieces of ourselves will have been ripped from the Earth’s Karmic cohesion and our Love will force us to try to recover all those fragments of our selves. Truly, truly then we will understand why Christ gathered again the fragments of the Bread and the Fishes.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

“One day Dostoevsky threw out the enigmatic remark: “Beauty will save the world”. What sort of a statement is that? For a long time I considered it mere words. How could that be possible? When in bloodthirsty history did beauty ever save anyone from anything? Ennobled, uplifted, yes – but whom has it saved?

“There is, however, a certain peculiarity in the essence of beauty, a peculiarity in the status of art: namely, the convincingness of a true work of art is completely irrefutable and it forces even an opposing heart to surrender. It is possible to compose an outwardly smooth and elegant political speech, a headstrong article, a social program, or a philosophical system on the basis of both a mistake and a lie. What is hidden, what distorted, will not immediately become obvious.

“Then a contradictory speech, article, program, a differently constructed philosophy rallies in opposition – and all just as elegant and smooth, and once again it works. Which is why such things are both trusted and mistrusted.

“In vain to reiterate what does not reach the heart.

But a work of art bears within itself its own verification: conceptions which are devised or stretched do not stand being portrayed in images, they all come crashing down, appear sickly and pale, convince no one. But those works of art which have scooped up the truth and presented it to us as a living force – they take hold of us, compel us, and nobody ever, not even in ages to come, will appear to refute them.

Three soul forces and Maria mystery dramasSo perhaps that ancient trinity of Truth, Goodness and Beauty is not simply an empty, faded formula as we thought in the days of our self-confident, materialistic youth? If the tops of these three trees converge, as the scholars maintained, but the too blatant, too direct stems of Truth and Goodness are crushed, cut down, not allowed through – then perhaps the fantastic, unpredictable, unexpected stems of Beauty will push through and soar TO THAT VERY SAME PLACE, and in so doing will fulfil the work of all three?

“In that case Dostoevsky’s remark, “Beauty will save the world”, was not a careless phrase but a prophecy? After all HE was granted to see much, a man of fantastic illumination.”

And in that case art, literature might really be able to help the world today?

It is the small insight which, over the years, I have succeeded in gaining into this matter that I shall attempt to lay before you here today.”

Vladimir Solov’ev:

Even in chains we ourselves must complete
That circle which the gods have mapped out for us

Age of America 3 School of Sophia Divine Humanity Solovyov“I have climbed not three or four makeshift steps, but hundreds and even thousands of them; unyielding, precipitous, frozen steps, leading out of the darkness and cold where it was my fate to survive, while others – perhaps with a greater gift and stronger than I – have perished. Of them, I myself met but a few on the Archipelago of GULAG1, shattered into its fractionary multitude of islands; and beneath the millstone of shadowing and mistrust I did not talk to them all, of some I only heard, of others still I only guessed. Those who fell into that abyss already bearing a literary name are at least known, but how many were never recognized, never once mentioned in public? And virtually no one managed to return. A whole national literature remained there, cast into oblivion not only without a grave, but without even underclothes, naked, with a number tagged on to its toe. Russian literature did not cease for a moment, but from the outside it appeared a wasteland! Where a peaceful forest could have grown, there remained, after all the felling, two or three trees overlooked by chance.

“And as I stand here today, accompanied by the shadows of the fallen, with bowed head allowing others who were worthy before to pass ahead of me to this place, as I stand here, how am I to divine and to express what THEY would have wished to say?

Age of America 3 Vladimir Solovyov“This obligation has long weighed upon us, and we have understood it. In the words of Vladimir Solov’ev:

Even in chains we ourselves must complete
That circle which the gods have mapped out for us

“Solovyov leaned toward Gnosticism in regarding Sophia (Click Link) as the feminine complement of the masculine Logos. Together, he believed, they comprised the overshadowing cosmic Christ.” The Sophia of the Higher Dimensional Being of the Christ, Christ’s Manas or Spirit-Self is the law abiding Word, the LOGOS of the Science of both Nature and the unfolding of the Human Spirit in TIME. Christ gave his Manas to Lazarus/John for safe keeping. St. John was to be the guardian of the Sophia Mysteries on Earth. The graduate school of those seeking to enter the lofty School of the Lamb and the Star School of Sophia/Isis were directed to the Devachan, Lofty Astral Body of the Manas of the entire unfolding dimensions of Humanity.

The 6th Age, the future of the Russian -Slavic, Age of Aquarius, Manas Development, brought Sergei Olegovich Prokofieff to the Core Research Center of Michael and Sophia in Dornach, Switzerland. Great Russians along with, Dostoevsky,  Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov and his perceptive and prophetic Outline of the Anti-Christ, also called S.O.Prokofiev to Dornach, and the Academy of Sophia Sciences.

Sergei O. Prokofiev tied and bundled vast tracts of Rudolf Steiner research on Russia, Sophia, the Etheric Christ into a computer science of annotations, bibliography and notations and elaborations equivalent to creating, concentrated study material for the 21st century, with an attention to detail only surpassed by scholars of medieval Scholasticism.

The term scholasticism, a word invented by sixteenth-century humanist critics, has long been used to describe the dominant intellectual movement of the Middle Ages. The humanists used the term to attack the verbose style and arid intellectualism they perceived to be the defining features of medieval intellectuals. But Sergei O. Prokofiev in the context of Karma, brought a great strength with his highly detailed and copious celebration of notes and footnotes, bundling whole wide spread-out details, into dazzlingly detailed annotations on Sophia and the awesome magnitude and immensity of Rudolf Steiner’s contributions to Humanity.

It was a wonderful and strange experience. It was as if a century of Scholars packed themselves into a consolidated instant of a computerized DIGITAL MONASTERY. Whole schools of monasteries and monks were brought down to how many Angels can stand on the head of a needle. Whole monasteries, in the past, would have been hard pressed, busy as buzzing bees, caught in terrible traffic jams of type setting gnomes, just to do what Thomas Aquinas did in detail for Aristotle. But Sergei O. Prokofiev harnessed the hard-drives, translators and spell-checkers of ten thousand gnomes, to serve Rudolf Steiner.

Sergei O. Prokofiev brought a surge of renewal world wide, to renewed interest in Anthroposophy. The Scholastic capacities manifested in Thomas Aquinas and in Averroes, who kept Aristotle alive and secured his future, with new tools of the 20th Century Sergei O. Prokofiev, employed an army of gnomes in a private PC digital monastery of gigabytes devoted to Rudolf Steiner. It was Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (1126—1198) and his influential commentaries and unique interpretations on Aristotle that revived Western scholarly interest in ancient Greek philosophy, whose works for the most part had been neglected since the sixth century.

Age of America 3 the Russian 6th Age and Russian SoulSergei O. Prokofiev brought his Russian Folk-Soul vision and capacities to detail, document, data deluge, with 21st century upgraded computer efficiency, ALL the gargantuan spread-out lectures and research of the Initiate and Scientist, Rudolf Steiner. Prokofiev was prolific. Prokofiev devoted himself to consolidating and recovering the Christmas Conference of the Global Community of Spirit-Self which was part of the immense Russian-Slavic Revelations.

Prokofiev cultivated, prepared and focused his attention on The New Seed of Manas planted by Rudolf Steiner with the revelation of the Hierarchies and our joy, intimacy and participation with them in the long awaited, NEW SCHOOL OF THE HIERARCHIES. That School was part of the Christmas Conference and invited humanity through Steiner’s FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION, into the lofty School of the Hierarchies. The Time was at HandCome on UP, they’re waiting on us.

Sergei Olegovich Prokofieff (16 January 1954 – 26 July 2014) was a Russian anthroposophist. He was the grandson of the composer Sergei Prokofiev and his first wife Lina Prokofiev, and the son of Oleg Prokofiev and his first wife Sofia Korovina. Born in Moscow, he studied fine arts and painting at the Moscow School of Art. He encountered anthroposophy in his youth, and soon made the decision to devote his life to it.

Prokofieff, who published as Sergei O. Prokofieff, wrote his first book, Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries while living in Soviet Russia. The book was first published in German in 1982 and in English translation in 1986. After the fall of communism, he was a co-founder of the Anthroposophical Society in Russia. At Easter 2001, he became a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, Switzerland.

Most of us haven’t hardly got our heads around how and why we are directed to proceed from Consciousness Soul wide angle lens of the entire vastness and consolidation of Human data, information and cosmic structure of the I AM, as part of our curriculum of the 5th Age. In the 6th Age the entire Manas flows directly into the I AM, or at least as much as we can handle. In the 6th Age true grief and gratitude brings the Pituitary and Pineal Fires into a vivid realization that each piece and portion of those we love, who have given us so much through TIME and the vast Mystery of the Earth cannot be taken into the future without each human being discovering the true meaning of Matter -Love-and Light.

The flaming super-power of the Fire of Transubstantiation must arise from the New I AM mysteries of the Earth. The Ship will sink with all hands if all hands fail to learn the lessons of Sacrifice, GIVING, and each carrying the weight of Atlas, as much as we are able. The FIRE will arise in the HUMAN HEART. So the 6th Age brings each individual into the Pentecost Flame and from all our age long destructive denials, Karmic Grief triggers and awakens our individual Karmic willingness to Sacrifice and lift our loved ones.

Frustratingly, that Lesson plan, locks Love into the Human Heart, Soul and Spirit and we each become aware of the travail and Gratitude we owe the Earth. The 6th Age poses an Educational Frustrating individual revelation of Time and our Crucifixion and Awakening in the Higher Devachan of Time and Space.

After the 6th Age, when we finally get to the 7th Age, where we learn the method of Restoration, Etheric and Life-Spirit secrets of building a New, repairing, sacrificing and giving others our Lives to repair our loved ones damaged lives, will be some of the first sprinkling of Angel deeds, Angel -Like acts of Etheric field studies of renewable giving. If we are going to get our Earth Evolution to it’s next phase, we will learn how to give our own Etheric Life to others. To lay down our own Etheric Life for the re-consolidation and restructuring and cohesion of Loved Ones is the lesson of Greater Love hath no Human Being.

These far-flung Oasis of New Michael Culture, by Ahrimanic cultural standards, will of course be considered outside the Norm and unable to merge with the brilliant birth gifts and birth rights that a full Ahrimanic culture controls. Peace on Earth with a strong Non-I AM emphasis, cooled down and away from Free moral intuition will predominate the captivity of many of our loved ones.

The rejects from Ahrimanic Peace on Earth will begin receiving the new FIRE of the higher Manas. And most of these Devachan Fire streams will awaken, vivid hidden Manichean Karmic discrepancies which shall call forth Love, Courage and Sacrifice in the core of the I AM. The Manichean School of Spirit-Self and the I AM will have powerful challenges from now till the very end of the 7th Age.

Ahriman’s intent is to wither, diminish and weaken the Core Fire of the I AM through moral and spiritual atrophy, through lack of use, simply by giving cradle to grave coverage of brilliant External and Technical Support from OUTSIDE to that which in us should become the unique Fire of the I AM from INSIDE.Age of Ahriman Universal Coverage from Cradle to Grave Christ ignites the Core Fire System of the I AM. Without that I AM, taking the I AM out of the equation, out of the Cosmic Developmental Program, Ahriman hopes to lame and nullify the powerful capacities the I AM must acquire, as inner strengths, during the 5th and 6th Age. Instead of abnegating and making the true I AM extinct, atrophied and lamed, Christ, as the Cosmic I AM ARISES FROM WITHIN, as fiery far flung support to the unfolding Manichean realities of selfless cognition, Freedom, Sacrifice and Love.

Each I AM is unique, quirky and bears gifts that only through that I AM can that portion of the Karma of the Earth and that portion of the Higher Schooling of Higher Dimensional Beings, be illuminated, supported, lifted and carried. Age of America 3 lift carry place eurythmy rodsWhen we understand Eurythmy and penetrating the deepest realities of Earth Evolution, we gain a keen respect for LIFT – CARRY – PLACE. Our humanity, like ATLAS, like HERCULES, will be required to LIFT – CARRY and PLACE the entirety of Earth towards it’s next phase of Evolution.

Therefore as the 6th Age of Spirit-Self progresses, we learn amongst our sisters and brothers what the New School of Bodhisattvas are. What the New School of Bodhisattvas reveal,  in terms of selfish decapitation and eclipse of the I or selfless awakening of the new Manas Fire of the I.

Christ is the Helper of each I AM and the sustainer of our approach to the inner fire of the School of the Higher Hierarchies. Christ is a fact of the Spirit, a fact of Matter, a fact of the intimate Karma of each human being, and a wholesome, healthy fact of the Hierarchies. Penetrating and igniting SPIRIT-FIRE, to quench the thirst the Earth has for it’s own spiritual transformation, must slowly in the 6th and 7th Ages arise from the I AM in the core of each human being. That is simply the only way LOVE can be carried over through the next development of Humanity. Christ is a Higher Dimensional Being and great Teacher of the singular power of the I AM of Love and Freedom on the galactic scale. Christ penetrated beyond the skeletal system down into the deepest, densest region of constricted Earth Evolution. If the stones could speak!

Age of America 3 Christ becomes the Living power of Love in matter

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” Luke 19:40

Because through the Time and Transit System we have discussed, hidden in our human hearts, we know we each carry a portion of the Stars and each of our Loved Ones carry a portion of us in them. We are each holding and each responsible for a vast portion of the pawn shop ticket that redeems the Higher Value of the Karma of the Earth. Nothing could have happened on Earth, at all, NADA, without each other. Evil and injustice calls forth Justice and the Good, ignorance calls forth Understanding, tragedy calls forth Love and Wisdom. These are the awful Manichean Riddles Christ saw when He crossed paths on Earth with the Youth of Nain.

The true value of the I AM is true GOLD OF THE SUN. So what beings hunger, crave and attempt to rule the world by setting the value of EXTERNAL GOLD above the value of INNER GOLD of the Spiritual Fire of the I AM?Age of America 3 Ahriman's Pawn shop gold of the I AM redeemed Portions and pieces of our Astral bodies, our Etheric bodies, our I AM have been put in the Pawn Shop of Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic Entities.

We have each left portions and pieces of ourselves at the Pawn Shop of Ahriman and in the 6th Age our HIGHER I AM will be engaged in recovering our loved ones. They have pieces of us and we carry pieces of each other. Modifications in the astral, etheric, physical systems Ahriman CultureWithout the Incarnation of George Bailey, Rachel Corrie, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, St. Paul, Novalis , Nietzsche, George Orwell, each and everyone of us who prospered in the culture of the I AM would have portions of ourselves lost.

Ahriman wants, for a full Season of Humanity, to atrophy, lame and nullify the fiery forces of Love and Sacrifice potent in each I AM. This only creates a more powerful Manichean sense of loss. Everyone of us will be engaged in the New Mystery Dramas that wracked and contorted the first dawning awakening of the New Michael Race gathering, we witnessed in the dawning of Anthroposophy on Earth. Now and through the 6th Age Love Itself will be called forth to shatter the impenetrable walls of Ahriman’s Occult Imprisonment of our loved ones.

During the 6th Age we shall learn how to be Hercules an ATLAS and true Saints with an illuminated HALO dancing around our THOUGHT LIFE, which will be the confirmation that NEW LIFE is swirling into the recesses of the 6th Age of Spirit-Self. We will all be Saints and suffer the same intensity that Saints have suffered. Symptoms of Autism where brain and early erupting of Spirit-Self and Manas triggers savant and genius distortions, foreshadow the coming fireworks. It will be a Pineal and Pituitary inner fire works display. We will celebrate our struggle of gaining Pineal and Pituitary Freedom as a new revelation of the Fourth of July.

The New Fireworks will not be appreciated by Ahrimanic Materialism for the Group Soul of Ahriman will have already anticipated the disruptions of the astral body and pharmaceutically sought control and containment so that the I AM does not receive the benefits of the coming Spirit-Self from cradle to grave. By skipping the I AM, the Ahrimanic Race will offer vast Fallen Astral and Devachan ease.

I AM FIRE of Love, compassion and individual sacrifice will no longer ever be necessary. A group Ahrimanic Culture will be accepted as the Provider of New Pharmaceutical and Technical Revelations. The I AM will Atrophy and become irrelevant.  The coming AMERICAN AGE Revelation has magnificently positive as well as disturbingly negative impacts on THE AGE OF AMERICA. What hangs in the balance is the recovery of the I AM or falling before the brilliant culture of the Non-I AM.

We didn’t want the I AM. We never understood it’s value. We assumed it was the cause of Wars and Evil and we refused to consider immense adversary powers who coveted conquering vast regions of the Hierarchies by suffocating and kidnapping the Hierarchies little Human I AM seedlings. Immense Adversary Powers could feed off the retarded, cocooned and atrophied I AM and use US to regain their missed and failed status.

In turn we wanted someone to provide for us, turn stones into bread for us. We wanted Peace and Passivity without the sacrifice of recovering our moral I AM from the lofty School of the Hierarchies. Age of America 3 Ancient Saturn and the Naked Youth-Zenos-Frudakis-Philadelphia-Pennsylvania-USA-We didn’t want the School of the Stars or Sophia or the potent power of Higher Dimensional Beings able, like Christ, to help us penetrate beyond the densest matter of our skeletons, to the recovery of our own pristine, primal, Zodiacal Immortal Phantom Body. We can SEE the THREE PREVIOUS stages of Ancient Saturn, Sun, Moon Evolutions, and during the densest Fourth Evolution, Our Earth Evolution, from the highly formed, solid skeleton, OUT POPS the virgin ecstatic, Naked, newbie, our Phantom Body.

It makes it’s first elastic appearance, shy, threatened and alone, just after Gethsemane. It is shyly following the Christ as they are about to arrest Him. The Phantom that Christ had won from dense Earth and Ancient Saturn, as He sweated blood down through the marrow of His bones, was the Fire Force of THE COSMIC I AM OF CHRIST, it was something we are beyond clueless about. It was the Agnishvattas, the very FIRE FATHERS, that Christ awoke and let pass through His skeleton. The Fire Fathers, Agnishvattas, literally can make Living Copies and absolutely Immortal Reproductions. (Immortal Copies last part of THIS LINK)

Christ delivered this FIRE COPY of Spirit-Man to Earth as promised. Christ with a fully Conscious Higher Dimensional Cosmic I AM, dwelling in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, passes through to the other-side of the universe, through the other side of matter itself to bring the Primal Divine Phantom Form to birth on Earth. A scientific act by a Higher Dimensional Being.

Long before our Solar System itself had refined us, given us the Structure of our Magnificent Vowels, planted in each human body the Etheric and planetary Time System of our Hearts, our Livers, our Spleen, our Gall, our Seven inner time organs and pieces and our Rainbow and our palate of Tastes – It was our Phantom Body that was the primal Artistic Revelation, planted as a Seed Germ in our Ancient Saturn Evolution, by the Constellations themselves. We as humanity cannot go back further without the help of the hierarchies, because beyond that germinal point of Ancient Saturn we didn’t exist. THERE WAS NO BIG BANG.

Age of America 3 Seven Pillars of Sophia the Earth and the School of the Lamb Florian SydowBut the Christ as one of the Gods, absolutely existed. Christ brought back from the future, the Alpha and Omega, the Saturn through to the future Vulcan Evolution, Christ brought into TIME the shy, mobile and elastic immortal Phantom Body, pristine and ready for us, to try on, as Creator Beings, when we finally arrive at Spirit-Man.

“The clothing of the young man in Mark 14:51-52 and in 16:5 should be understood against this background. The young man in Gethsemane, according to Mark, is dressed in a linen cloth. How important this was to the author is clear from the fact that he repeats the reference in the following description of how the young man, having fled naked, left behind. This focus on the clothes is not merely a report of an event, but is also an indication of the significance of the event. In a Jewish context nakedness would be regarded as a shameful state. Mark is implying that the young man, eager to follow Jesus after others fail him, also falls into shame. His leaving behind his clothes is stressed also by the ensuing and explicit reference to his nakedness.”

The desire we had for a political/spiritual leader who would do for us, turn stones into bread for us, icy Ahrimanic Intelligence could do. Would do, has done and will do, roger that. Ahriman is an old, ancient icy monster that has haunted the cosmic regions of efficient Cosmic Intelligence without heart since long before humanity came on the scene.

If humanity was to have Freedom and an efficient functioning brain, Ahriman, as cold and efficient as an Alien Being with cyanide for blood, was called forth by the Creator Beings to ripen the Minds of humanity. In the contract of giving Ahriman seductive opportunity to present human beings as an efficient machine, a mockery of Love and Freedom, severed from the Moral Forces of the Sophia House of the Word, Ahriman is doing his job. Earth Evolution Florian SydowHe has his opportunity to challenge the Gods Themselves, or it wouldn’t be fair, Ahriman, Man as a Cold Calculating Automaton of the Cosmos,  faces-off against the Moral Wisdom planted in the seed core of the Human Heart. Christ is a game changer.

Humanity desired to have a New Ahrimanic Race with all the perks and candy coated solutions served up to us because we didn’t want to have to deal with the suffering and the conflicts and with winning our own insights, and stirring up the higher forces of our I AM. We didn’t really understand the Christ Event and it didn’t appeal to our LOVE OF EASE. We didn’t want Peace as a Conscious Choice of Conscious Love awakened in our own I AM. We wanted the numbness and brilliance of a world where the culture of the Non-I AM let us off the hook to become ELOI (Click Link).

The Coup de gras of Ahriman to prevent the Awakening of the I AM of Manas

The ELOI are the result of the pampered Persian Turanian split in humanity that reflects the Non-I AM culture of the Coming, prepared and pampered Ahrimanic Group Soul.  Angra/Aŋra Mainyu vs Ahura-Mazdao; Ahriman vs The Logos was once a Gemini Mystery of Ancient Persia. It arises near the end of the 5th Age and beginning of the 6th Age as the Coup de gras of spoiling and removing any need, reason or incentive for the existence of an I AM.

6th Age of the race of the Ahrimanic Archai and the race of the Michael Archai SPLITTING THE TWINS

“There existed also tales, if not myths, of the birth of wonderful TWINS. Zoroaster, who propounded belief in one supreme god, yet wanted to explain the existence of evil—a fact of life—as a consequence of free choice. The myth of the TWIN SPIRITS is a model he set for the choice every person is called upon to make. It can not be doubted that both are sons of Ahura Mazdā, since they are explicitly said to be TWINS, and we learn from Y. 47.2-3 that Ahura Mazdā is the father of one of them. Before choosing, neither of them was wicked. There is therefore nothing shocking in Angra Mainyu’s being a son of Ahura Mazdā, and there is no need to resort to the improbable solution that Zoroaster was speaking figuratively.

“The fight between the two spirits for the possession of xᵛarənah is recounted in Yt.19.46ff.; in Y. 57.17 and elsewhere the two of them are said to have created the world. But the Vendidad, in its first chapter, gives a different picture; here it is Ahura Mazdā’s creation, not Spənta Mainyu’s, which is challenged by Angra Mainyu’s counter-creation. To the creation of each of the sixteen countries by Ahura Mazdā, Angra Mainyu replies by creating some evil being, illness, scourge, or vice.”

The Ahrimanic Race of the Non-I AM vs The Michael Race of the I AM finally meet at the cross-roads of the Crucifixion of Time. The Michael Race presents the possibility of igniting the INNER I AM and fueling the potential of developing a Higher conscious Pineal Eye linked directly to Earthly Intelligence. A Moral Cosmic ability arises in the 6th Age of Spirit-Self and Manas that can see clearly into the Hierarchies and also see clearly into the depths of matter and the Karma of Humanity. The Persian Age of the TWINS and the Aquarian 6th Age of the Waters of Life come to a culminating confrontation in the Earthly Halls of TIME.

Gemini and the Twins from Ancient Persia comes roaring back in the 6th Age, the Age of Aquarius as the culture of Ahriman and the Non-I AM vs the culture of Michael and the I AM. It unfolds into two distinct rivers of incarnational streams. Age of America 3 Gemini and the twin emancipation of doubleAll along the way, the Non-I AM appealed to us more than the Science of the I AM. We craved for someone or some Being to make decisions for us, dominate us, become a Political /Spiritual savior.

Our secret wishes for Christianity were that baby Jesus saved us all and we didn’t have to do anymore thinking. TWO JESUS CHILDREN? As spoiled little humans we didn’t like the reality of reincarnation and that our beloved Jesus did not just Pop Out of the Cereal Box or was our very own precious Cracker Jack prize. We didn’t like the Gift of Knowing the True History of the Christ Event. We just wanted our own cuddly delusions of Baby Jesus to affirm to us, that we are all instantly saved.

We didn’t like tracking how the ancient Zarathustra incarnated as the Matthew Jesus child. We didn’t like to consider the efforts Zarathustra had made in ancient Persia/Iran to lift himself towards Ahura-Mazdao. We certainly haven’t felt a burning desire to understand the stage of Spirit-Self, Manas and the Bodhisattva level of achievement it took for Zarathustra to create the space and spiritual tools needed for THE MACROCOSMIC LOGOS, the Christ to step through the narrow gate marked, HUMANITY. Maybe we thought Buddha did it all for us, maybe we thought Allah did it all for us. What we wanted was to avoid thinking and awakening for ourselves and SEEING. Freedom and Love IS the CHRIST EVENT.

We secretly craved the Non- I AM culture that Ahriman offered without the painful reevaluations of Science -Art -Religion that struggling for Michael thoughts, seemed to require. We honestly believed that if there was anything important to learn about the Spiritual World, we could wait till we were dead and arrived at Heaven’s Gate. Then we would see, know, understand everything. We were the deciders and that is what we decided. One life to live, enter heaven and know everything. Age of America 3 ahrimanic brainAhriman promised a longer, and longer shelf-life on Earth, and he would supply all the wisdom we ever needed or wanted it would be part of the package deal of his great gifts to humanity. His Coup de gras is capturing and disabling the precious I AM that the Higher Dimensional Beings implanted in humanity.

In the 6th Age Ahriman’s brilliant, technologically superior race devolves, meaning that the freshness and novelty of Peace On Earth, without the interfering I AM, secured by the Ahrimanic Archai Sciences from Cradle to Grave, is finally handed to humanity on a platterAge of America 3 TIME and biography. Whole streams of incarnations are funneled into this Ahrimanic System from exactly the stagnation of the I AM. The profound rejection and refusal to explore and awaken the deeper treasures of our I AM because we insist that we should remain infants, unable to assess for ourselves our Angels Work in Our Astral Body, or ever in our wildest dreams comprehend how a Higher Dimensional Being endowed with the FIRE FATHERS primal Spirit-Man could release from our skeletons the hidden riddle of Death.

Over the long run of TIME, a consistent pattern of choosing, of the THREE TEMPTATIONS, choosing the Non-I AM of Ahrimanic Civilization against the I AM of Michael Civilization arises as TWO DEFINITE STREAMS. Which confirms the problem of the link between the Ahura-Mazdao of the coming Iranian/Persian mystery of the Christ Being that appeared in the Gemini culture of the Twins. In the 6th Age of Aquarius, TIME HAS MOVED ON, the deciders have decided and settled for elaborating a brilliant Ahrimanic Race, ruled and designed in such a way that elimination of illness, control of death, supplying a placebo of immortality and a mockery of reincarnation would be tied directly to the fallen, brilliant Devachan instincts of our Shadows. Our hyper-designed Doubles would be inserted and take the place of our I AM.

The results have a TWOFOLD outcome. Two distinct Races start developing on Earth. A descending Race, where all inner higher capacities are forfeited for the prize of Non- I AM Peace On Earth. From outside, not from inside the I AM, Ahriman has brilliantly and generously lifted the burden of striving by offering what appears to be unlimited LIFE and more abundantly. Age of America 2 duplicating the doubleThe snag is degeneracy. The I AM Cognitive Fire dissipates. The I AM languishes and Atrophies, which have been Ahriman’s own well designed plans all along for the Coup de gras of Icy Cosmic Atrocity. The Ahrimanic Race that devolves, over generations, slowly degenerates to something more like Morlocks than Eloi.  Becoming Eloi or degenerate Morlocks are not part of the goals of the Michael I AM race.

What did IRAN have to do with the Political Ahrimanic Henchmen of Washington? What was the purpose of lunging towards Russia again and again? What was the meaning of scooping up whole countries, whole regions, decimating and dumping vast Archangels over the Earth into the maw of the Ahrimanic Archai rising so monstrously out of the West? What is the pretty playhouse of the Gulag of the Non-I AM? What were the preparations for with the full invasion of Pharmaceutical Astral, Etheric Entities injected into unsuspecting humanity? What was Ahriman preparing in the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul that comes to fulfillment and culminates in the 6th Age of Manas that proclaims GIVE HUMANITY EVERY TOY AND TECHNICAL TOOL OF THE PSYCHE MONEY CAN BUY? Answer: The Coup de gras of the I AM. The prize was the unignited, unawakend I AM.

Without the use of unfolding the future capacities out of the I AM, degeneracy eventually takes over from the initial chip, cell, clone, engineered and Celebration of Peace on Earth with our new gifts of Ahrimanically designed Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies. Ahriman, while we refused to LOOK, does a complete reverse Prometheus confiscation of the design codes of human replication, which he steals from the Hierarchies.Age of America 3 Cosmic Michael Intelligence or Ahrimanic Intelligence Instead of Fire and the I AM he brings cool dumbed down moral complacency. His long awaited Kingdom, makes the dense Earth of NOW, into the primal Buck stops here Utopia we all craved for. Ahriman opens his cosmic goody bag and reveals brilliant, hither to unfathomed technology as new cradle to grave spirituality for all. This severing and loss of I AM seed core forces has a TWOFOLD, 6th Age hazard built into it.

Atrophy and degeneracy in the longer run of Time is one definite result of forfeiting and abnegating the progressive School of the Hierarchies of Sophia and the School of The Lamb. Degeneracy of the Non-I AM leads to Goats, but we will get to that in the 7th Age. The other result is that an intense Manichean Nightmare arises, when we realize that the entire Karma of the Earth is in jeopardy. Our Loved Ones have been mis-led by their own refusals to think and discern. An immense cultural challenge arises to recover the I AM of our loved ones, because without the I AM, engaged, Earth becomes more and more consequentially tragic. He’s Not Heavy He’s my Brother. And on the other hand, the Manichean Suffering of our captured loved ones forces the true I AM to reach a higher Devachan understanding of grief.

A Twin, Twofold, Titanic Anchor to the Earth of a Race sinking and taking the entire Earth with all our karma with it into the abyss, gradually reveals the ancient face and designs of our Angra Mainyu, an Ancient Being of Icy Cosmic Intelligence, a Monster relic, an Archai master left over from the earliest primal beginnings, before Ancient Saturn Evolution. By not GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS laid into our foundations our Loved Ones are tortured and eaten slowly changing their astral, etheric and I AM’s into atrophied party favors for Luciferic, Asuric and Ahrimanic consumption. The riddle of consumer and consumption is finally out in the open. The Cosmic Monster of Intelligence is out of the closet. The Ancient cosmic cat is out of the bag.

Being slowly swallowed up is one part of the unforeseen consequences of the decisions of all of us who decided.Age of America remaking man And with our decision comes the opposite strength from within us to sacrifice ourselves for our sisters and brothers, above our own I AM safety and well being, to recover the flip side of the astral, etheric and I AM. To recover Manas, Budhi and Atma and bring our I AM to fruition.

A New Manichean, Spirit-Self understanding arises that each part of each detail of the Karma of the Entire Earth and our own Karmic Groups are irreplaceable treasures. Age of America 3 Manas spirit-self recovering karmic groupsIn the 6th Age we learn directly why Christ Sacrificed the painful shrinking of his Lofty Sun Being into a narrow Human Form. In the 6th Age the Lord of Karma teaches us the mystery of the transformation and transubstantiation of the Earth itself. We realize that what we consider someone else’s problem is our problem. That which the least of these are suffering is part of the suffering of the entire travail of the Earth and her future. A Manichean crisis, long predicted, surrounds us all in the 6th Age.

The Manicheans are supposed to have taught that a Good and an Evil are part of the natural order and have always been in conflict with one another, this having been determined for them by the Creation. Here there is a glimmer of the Order’s real task, but distorted to the point of nonsense. The individual members of the Order were specially trained for their great work. The Order knew that some day there will be men in whose karma there is no longer any evil, but that there will also be a race evil by nature, among whom all kinds of evil will be developed to a higher degree than in the most savage animals, for they will practice evil consciously, exquisitely, with the aid of highly developed intellects. Even now the Manichean Order is training its members so that they may be able to transform evil in later generations.

“The extreme difficulty of the task is that these evil races will not be like bad children in whom there is goodness which can be brought out by precept and example. The members of the Manichean Order are already learning how to transform quite radically those who by nature are wholly evil. And then the transformed evil will become a quite special good. The power to effect this change will bring about a condition of moral holiness on Earth. But this can be achieved only if the evil has first come into existence ; then the power needed to overcome the evil will yield a power that can reach the heights of holiness. A field has to be treated with manure and the manure has to ferment in the soil ; similarly, humanity needs the manure of evil in order to attain to the highest holiness. And herein lies the mission of evil. A man’s muscles get strong by use ; and equally, if good is to rise to the heights of holiness, it must first overcome the evil which opposes it. The task of evil is to promote the ascent of man.”

The effect of our I AM being cut off from the Hierarchies and presented with Astral bounty and Group Soul experience, designed for political correctness of ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL, is that we embraced and submerged ourselves into the Culture of Ahriman. We renounced the stirring awakening of the deep fires of the I AM in favor of all the Ahrimanic Race supplied for us. It would all be given from cradle to grave without any need for effort or understanding our actual human position within the Hierarchies. Age of America 2 birth to death the weight of our destinyIt was embarrassing to know that we as Humanity were tender saplings in a gigantic School of the Hierarchies. We settled for the Non-I AM because the Core I AM required cognitive, compassionate and subtle discoveries that illuminated the Hierarchies above and the Destiny of Earth beneath our feet.

To drop like a stone to the bottom of the sea is to truly, truly consider how an infected and compromised humanity would atrophy it’s higher forces. The inauguration of Eurythmy in 1912 and the Titanic sinking to the bottom of the sea in 1912 were two, shattering, historical events.

“The time will come — and it may not be far off — when quite different tendencies will come up at a congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. ‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and — you can be quite sure of it — a medicine will be found for this. At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug.”  Rudolf Steiner

Age of America 3 Torments of the awakening I AM“Just consider, in ancient Greece the whole body was filled with the whole soul, and they were in agreement. Today this is not the case, for the bodies are partly empty. I am not saying anything derogatory about empty heads; they will stay empty (Hollow) as part of evolution. In reality, however, nothing stays empty (Hollow) in this world. The heads are merely empty (Hollow) of something which was destined to fill them at another time. Nothing is ever completely empty (Hollow).

“With the human soul withdrawing more and more from the body, the body is increasingly in danger of being filled with something else. And if human beings are not prepared to take up impulses which can only come from spiritual knowledge, the body will be filled with demonic powers. Humanity is facing a destiny where the body may be filled with ahrimanic demonic powers. So we have to add to what I said yesterday about future development: there will be people in future who are Tom, Dick and Harry in ordinary life, which is something determined by social circumstances, but their bodies will be empty (Hollow) to such an extent that a powerful ahrimanic spirit can live in them. One will be meeting ahrimanic demons. Human beings will not be what they appear to be. The individual person will be deep down inside, and outwardly one will get a totally different picture.”
Age of America 3 T.S. EliotFrom the very beginnings of our time on Earth our skulls and skeletons densified. Our Pineals receded from being a Higher Eye, which was an organ that extended out well above us as an Etheric Organ of sight, to the Pineal Eye in the brain casing that Sees Thought. The Pineal and Pituitary, for all of humanity, receded slowly into our skulls and were closed off from Ancient Clairvoyance. Pyramid and Pineal and PituitaryThe contracting of the human I to a point of pure individual reason and by our own efforts, tutored by Cosmic Spirit -Self and Manas, we train our own I AM to rise once more, taking creation consciously with us. Our craniums and our skulls gave each of us the Individual I AM of grounded Intellect. Our Consciousness Soul stirred to Life the great secrets of the I AM. Our Spirit-Self arrived to ignite the illuminated seeds we uncovered in exploring the country of our Consciousness Soul. In the 6th Age the Devachan Sophia Fire pours down into our compassion, our Love, our Freedom and organizes and ignites our Halo, our Astral Body.

The Sixth Age of the Holy Ghost and FIREspirit selfhood our angel and the dove by iris sullivan

T. S. Eliot’s Little Gidding IV

“The dove descending breaks the air
With flame of incandescent terror
Of which the tongues declare
The one discharge from sin and error.
The only hope, or else despair
Lies in the choice of pyre of pyre-
To be redeemed from fire by fire.

“Who then devised the torment? Love.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove.
We only live, only suspire
Consumed by either fire or fire.”

In the 6th and 7th Age we will consciously arise and once more outgrow our craniums. In the 6th and 7th Age an in-pouring of FIRE will give us an accurate eye pointing into the depths of the Earth and the secrets of matter and an Upper Eye into the accurate workings of the Hierarchies. And that is how the Gemini duality of ancient Persia becomes the working Astral and Devachan fireworks that illuminates each human Spirit. That is how the 6th Age of Manas and Spirit-Self begins lighting the FIRE  (Click Link) from the core of our I AM. That is how I AM FIRE will slowly illuminate every nook and cranny of our brains with the Love streaming forth from our own Hearts Core.

Ahriman loved to pace humanity with a premature Nuclear Revelation. Like Monsanto, a Nuclear Earth does not transubstantiate matter from the Higher Core of the ignited Human I AM. Ahriman took the opportunity we gave him and challenged the I AM of humanity. The less our Human I rejected immoral enticements from Ahriman, like Nuclear Annihilation, global vaccines that shatter the cohesion of our children’s incarnations and their Astral Bodies, the more we propelled the agenda of Ahriman to wrap the Human I AM in a cushioned, comfortable cocoon of Spidery Atrophy. Ahriman’s narcotic Spidery numbness brings a slow Coup de gras to the potent power of the I AM.

Ahriman is one of the Old Monsters of the Galaxy. Ice cold Intelligence before Our Skeletal and Etheric Bodies were blessed by the Sun Logos, the Ancient Sun Evolution and before our Immortal Design was planted in the Ancient Saturn Evolution. We arrive well after the Primal Archai Regents of the old Cosmos, along with Michael, divided up the body of the Intelligence of the Solar System, and made their preparations in the human I AM against Icy Ahriman’s slow freezing brilliance. Humanity was anticipated as bearers of Cosmic Freedom and Love. We were designed by the Gods to carry the Love and Freedom of the Immortal I AM beyond Ahriman’s Icy Domain. We merely have to inwardly decide which outcome we want for our loved ones.

Our brains which are the Dish, the Cup of the Stars, are supported by ATLAS and the NEW POWERS OF THE WORD.Age of America 3 Atlas and the Word It was there all the time, our vast enclosed skull, with our Pineal and Pituitary will start to light up within it’s CUP and an organized Spiritual Radiance will shine round the heads of those who learn to lift Karma and Creation off it’s hinges. Age of America 3 Spirit-Self and future generationsThat can only be done by reconnecting Earthly wisdom to Sophia wisdom.

In a literal influx of the Holy Spirit FIRE, we will have an accurate Eye into the depths of matter and karma below and an active upper Eye above, fully streaming with Sophia inspiration. Love will supercharge us from above and from below as we gain a conscious hold of Spirit Wisdom. The Sophia of St. John will be our common schooling and both our heads and our hearts will glow with a new Spirit-Fire.

Do yourself a favor Dig Deeper

If any Being comes forth and says, don’t worry, you don’t have to lift anything, Technology will lift it for us, dig deeper. Technology will give us easily the Astral multiplicity and Virtual world dignity so called higher beings have, if that is implied, dig deeper. It doesn’t have to come from the core of our I AM, we can lift all the burdens of suffering and do it without the need for the I AM, dig deeper. Because the I AM is not wise enough, strong enough or good enough, only sterile technology can do the heavy lifting of the future creation of the Earth. If that is implied, dig deeper.

Technology can give you a razor sharp, borrowed, astral body. Technology can supply a healing Lymphatic Body for all of humanity. Technology can improve our physical body and give it long, long renewable years. Do yourself a service and dig deeper. Technology can lift the burden of immortality and give Consciousness a link to eternal PERSONALITY and SELF, dig deeper. If humanity doesn’t dig deeper we will miss the fulfillment of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man.  Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuras will have stepped in and crushed and confiscated our humanity and our unique Class in the great School of the Hierarchies, will have failed.

Manichean Courage and the Transformation of Mars

Curriculum of the Stars sounds like some tacky sitcom, game show. But just a minute, all our Freedom and all our deciding between good and evil had to do with the disturbance we received in our Astral Bodies during what we have studied as ANCIENT MOON EVOLUTION, when our own Angels were in their Human Phase.

We are now in the very center of the origin of Freedom, the PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM itself and the origin of Evil that entire universities have never, ever, attributed to events written in the history of our Solar System. We locate this disturbance in the Curriculum Vitae of our Solar System and we locate the historical events in the history of our Solar System where the philosophy of EVIL was first injected into us, when we locate the orbit of Mars.

First Appearance of The Curriculum Vitae of Sophia and the Stars

“When the holy Apostle Paul preached at the place on the Hill of Ares (Acts 17:16-34), Dionysius accepted his salvific proclamation and became a Christian. For three years St Dionysius remained a companion of the holy Apostle Paul in preaching the Word of God. Later on, the Apostle Paul selected him as bishop of the city of Athens.”

Mars and the mark where our Human Freedom, the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity met Aristotle’s categories, incidentally took place on MARS HILL. Hold that in our thoughts for a moment, MARS HILL. The first seed of the Curriculum of Higher Dimensional Beings and meaning of Freedom first germinated from The Hill of Ares.

The curriculum for HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, including the newest branch office, our EARTH, opened it’s doors for business and brought forth a whole new batch of botched STAR SEEDS. Human Beings were ambushed while our Angels were struggling with giving humanity a brain and nervous system. The Holy Trinity and The Straw Man from the Wizard of Oz. (Click Link)

Age of America 3 scarecrow straw incomprehensible higher evolutionMARS in our Solar System is where our Angels had to deal with some of the roughest, renegade rebels in their Human Phase on Ancient Moon Evolution, while we, not yet human beings, were in the humble, rambunctious condition of animals. That immense Time Period for the Angels, where the mark of our MARS orbit is, was where our Angels fought the battle of disobedience and obedience. It was a big battle and our unformed human astral bodies were caught right in the middle of it. Our Solar System shows the results of the tear and rips of the battle.

The curriculum of some of the graduate students in the new school of higher dimensional beings, allows us NOW to repair some of the damage that MARS continues to cost humanity. Graduate students from Earth’s higher curriculum, the New Bodhisattva Schools of the Higher Manas of the 6th Age of Spirit-Self were sent to the MARS DEVACHAN to create outposts of healing and training to disarm external Mars violence.

By reversing the External habits of violence, War mongering and War Criminal unconscious instincts, Conscious Manichean Courage was instilled and re-directed inwardly. There-by Outposts in the violent region of the Mars Devachan were established to provide humanity with tools for peace.

The Higher Curriculum of Humanity and Earth have turned a corner from dense Mars disturbances in the blood, where IRON and Michael Courage arise, to compassion, the quickening of Love and Intuition, so that the forces of Mars are consciously turned toward the uplifting powers of Mercury, higher consciousness and healing.

Buddha and St.Francis were sent by Christian Rosenkreuz to mitigate the MARS disturbances that continue to rush through human instincts from the disturbed region of the MARS DEVACHAN.Stigmata Michael the Archai and St. Francis Yes how is that achieved? Well because we refuse to embrace the higher curriculum studies, our  graduate and masters programs that reveal Bodhisattva and Buddha developments, we are stuck in the quagmire of Earthly Intellect. But Buddha was not stuck, Buddha and St. Francis are part of what we have been discussing with the stage of development termed,  Spirit-Selfhood and Sainthood.

On Earth we have the luxury of the intellect to turn our backs on the curriculum of training ourselves towards our schooling together with Higher Dimensional Beings. But in our Life after Death we encounter the Raw Rage of violent Mars Beings. We ourselves were thoroughly tainted, even while incarnated on Earth, with the aggression of murderous Mars violence. We brought with us, to Earth, from our sojourn through the Mars Devachan, violent, raw instincts.

Ahriman, knowing these changes in Mars, stepped up it’s hunger for violence. Ahriman has insisted on maintaining the instincts of War Lust that rages under the surface of Cultural Ignorance. Ahriman doesn’t want humanity to dissolve it’s War Mongering instincts, rather Ahriman has found ways to sterilize murder. Ahriman has enjoyed leaving our murderous war instincts vitally unconscious, intact and untransformed by our higher compassion. Ahriman mustered Financial Terrorism, sterile drone death deliverers, information as blatant lies and devised and planned deceptions of terrorism, Presidential and Congressional blackmail, pandemic murder as well staged acts of terrorism, vaccine penetrating astral attacks and disruption of the cohesion of the astral and etheric bodies of our children. Ahriman devoured full Archangel Countries and Regions and absorbed them in acts of Ahrimanic Archai homogenization of Folk-Spirits and Languages. Finally the Coup de gras, the numbing, imprisoning and rendering insignificant the fiery core of the I AM itself.

The Coup de gras for Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuras is a Spider-Like numbing and embalming our I AM, in a drugged and inoculated coma. The volatility, vibrancy and Freedom of the I AM to consciously and morally re-direct inner instincts away from violence, is one of the potent forces of the I AM.  Through Mars, Speech and the Word our Love is directed to inner certainty, inner courage, compassion, and conscious understanding.  Non-violence is part of the great work of the I AM.

Ahriman develops a method aimed at sterilizing the I AM, severing the I AM from the Hierarchies, re-directing the higher Holy Spirit Fire Inspirations arriving in the 6th Age and claim them all for his own brilliant Technological advances and Inventions. By harnessing the entire entombed Group Soul of Humanity to serve whatever agenda Ahriman requires, he provided Peace on Earth.

By technically numbing with outer technological splendor vast entertaining Devachan Regions, Ahriman offered vast Astral and exotic appeal and seduction for every human desire imaginable. Through the 5th and 6th age, through our Consciousness Soul and our Spirit-Self we have been challenged by our very own shadows to apprehend the difference between Seduction and Sacrifice. Space, Time and an icy Dead universe of the Stars was there to be conquered, without any need for cosmic and spiritual discernment and without any need for a Higher Dimensional Schooling.

By apparently supplying from prior to birth to well past death, a 360 degree plug-in to the world, the I AM was diminished, weakened and withered for there was no use for an I AM if everything Good was supplied for each Being. In the long run, it was the disenfranchisement, extinguishing and numbing of the I AM in a spidery cocoon and feeding sack, that allowed the Asuras, Lucifer and Ahriman to nullify much of The Tenth Hierarchy class of Sophia.

We know that after death we pass through the MARS DEVACHAN SPHERE, and we meet whole communities and monasteries in the Mars Devachan dedicated to preparing our return incarnations towards Earth by turning violence into inward courage and non-violence. We are bringing this pacification of violence back with us into incarnation as new Mercurial courage, compassion and quickness of heart and mind.

It was at the end of Part 2 we discussed Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Siddharthathe 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse and the transition we are making from the first half of blood soaked Earth Evolution, through the striving of MARS – SPEECH and THOUGHT, to the second half of Earth Evolution devoted to Mercury, healing, compassion and recovering the forces of LOVE from the wounds of Karma.

Heinlein told the story of Valentine Michael Smith a human raised on Mars. Such a Stranger in a Strange Land fit the undercurrent experiences of all of those in humanity who incarnated on Earth and felt out of place. Our Time in the Spiritual World before our births was a preparation and many remembered as we passed through the MARS period after death, that both Buddha and St. Francis and entire settlements in the MARS DEVACHAN were bringing to Earth what Henry David Thoreau described as new peaceful CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.Age of America 3 Mars to Mercury transformation of Evil Manicheanism

This new MARS transformation into healing and Mercury forces were felt by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rachel Corrie and tens of thousands of martyrs who stood against violence, war and injustice. The origin of the change of those forces were part of our very own MARS experiences that we shared together in the MARS DEVACHAN prior to our return incarnationsAge of America 3 Mars and Rachel Corrie. The fact is that we have literal pictures of our Earth taken from Mars. But we have much more than that we have literal schooling from Buddha and St. Francis from sanctuaries established in the Mars Devachan where we all, ALL of us must pass through that rough region of the cosmos before we incarnate, in the flesh, back to Earth.

Sci-Fi did not know exactly how to accommodate the enormous Initiate and Bodhisattva, the Great Buddha, that had positioned Himself, not in Nirvana, but in the Sphere of Mars, in order to antidote the violent forces that still surge through the Mars Region. The best sci-fi could come up with was YODA, and the TWELVE INITIATES of the Jedi council.

“The High Council was a group of TWELVE wise and powerful Jedi Masters who were elected to guide the Order as well as to serve as an advisory body for the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.”

The Jedi and Yoda are part of a vague intuition that indeed something happened in the Solar System which is staggering. But Buddha or Yoda was the best they could come up with. Spiritual Science knows something much more overwhelming that is part of curriculum studies of the great Starry School of Sophia and our future Higher Dimensional training academy. None of these Beings will be found with our five senses alone.

War Criminals and the Transformation of Aggression (Rudolf Steiner CLICK LINK)

Buddha transferred his work to Mars in the year 1604. And on Mars he performed a deed similar to that performed by Christ on the Earth in the Mystery of Golgotha. Christian Rosenkreutz had known what the work of Buddha on Mars would signify for the whole Cosmos, what his teachings of Nirvana, of liberation from the Earth would signify on Mars. The teaching of Nirvana was unsuited to a form of culture directed primarily to practical life. Buddha’s pupil, Francis of Assisi, was an example of the fact that this teaching produces in its adepts complete remoteness from the world and its affairs. But the content of Buddhism which was not adapted to the practical life of man between birth and death was of high importance for the soul between death and a new birth.

“Christian Rosenkreutz realized that for a certain purification needed on Mars, the teachings of Buddha were pre-eminently suitable. The Christ Being, the Essence of Divine Love, had once come down to the Earth to a people in many respects alien, and in the seventeenth century, Buddha, the Prince of Peace, went to Mars — the planet of war and conflict — to execute his mission there.

“The souls on Mars were warlike, torn with strife. Thus Buddha performed a deed of sacrifice similar to the deed performed in the Mystery of Golgotha by the Bearer of the Essence of Divine Love. To dwell on Mars as Buddha was a deed of sacrifice offered to the Cosmos. He was as it were the lamb offered up in sacrifice on Mars and to accept this environment of strife was for him a kind of crucifixion. Buddha performed this deed on Mars in the service of Christian Rosenkreutz. Thus do the great Beings who guide the world work together, not only on the Earth but from one planet to another.”

Valentine Michael Smith may have represented our humanness on Mars, but our human in Ahriman’s Kingdom was represented by Winston Smith and penned by George Orwell. Here we begin to see what is behind vague intuitions and remembrances, similar to what Herman Melville brought as a vague intuition through Ahab and the destiny of America. If you want to penetrate behind the veil and take a shocking look into Ahriman’s Kingdom, just go to the near end of this link (Click Link). There you find Ahriman’s sleazy opinion of humanity examined by Rudolf Steiner in his Mystery Dramas.

We have not reckoned that the curriculum studies of our Solar System extends out to the hot-spot, the crisis point, where we as humanity were impacted and embroiled during the creation of our Astral Bodies with the turbulent forces of Freedom, Love, Evil and Disobedience. Disturbed and recorded in the groove of Mars.

These orbital fields are great geometric grooves like the Great Song of the Cosmos cut into the vinyl of an old long playing record. Vinyl as in Old School. The spiral track cut into a phonograph record for the stylus to follow. The needle or stylus of our I AM where we are enabled to hear the Music of the Spheres and review the old tracks or cuts of the mighty Album of our Solar System.

long, narrow cut or indentation in a surface, obsolete Dutch groeve, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German gruoba pit, Old Norse grof.  A track, A distinct selection from an audio or video recording, usually containing an individual work or part of a larger-work: the title track of an album.  Age of America Side 2To follow the undulations in the groove of a phonograph record used by a needle to catch the subtle tone vibrations caught in the vinyl of the grooves.

The Ancient Saturn Album; The Ancient Sun Album; and the Ancient Moon Album. The great grooves of Akashic, etheric, astral and Hierarchy activities and recordings of the history and forming of our Solar System can still be heard in LP album of the Making of Humanity. The recording and struggles of the Archai. The recording and struggles of the Archangels. The struggles of our own Angels. 

Ages Equinoxes planets rulingWe are now past the mid-point in the LP, studio recording of Earth Evolution with it’s different tracks, during the Age of Cancer, the Age of the Twins, the Age of the Bull, Age of the Ram, the Age of the Fishes, the Age of Aquarius, the age of Capricorn. The Needle of the Sun’s Eye rose in the Spring Equinox in completely New Constellations and gave us the experience of completely New Incarnations.

Age of America part 2 Florian SydowThe Progression of the Sun through the Constellations are the recordings, deeds, actions on Earth and in the Karma of Humanity, during the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Age of our Human adventure/journey on Earth. Play it Baby! Play it! It’s a Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop-hope of the Flower child pride, of Rock and Roll to Beethoven, Mozart, Sitars and Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice” (Click Link). With Soul Sacrifice we needed no dress code, no permission from universities, no permission from the Church or politicians, it was pure divine inspiration loaded with the Hopes of The Fifth Age and the Revelations of the Sixth Age of Brotherhood. Everyone is a Divine undiscovered talent developing gifts we never dreamed of before. It was and IS up to us.

Mars is an incision, just before shrinking to tiny Earth proper, Mars marks the contracted region of The Ancient Moon Evolution, just prior to Earth. So we can see, in the Solar System, like grooves in a record, the incisions and the new cuts, of the different tracks that brought us to Earth and the song of humanity.

Eighth sphere separation and unfolding evolution of EarthThe incision and groove cut into the record of our Solar System, when our Etheric Sun Body, our immune body and Natures receptivity to Light, plants and the laws of Etheric nutrition were integrated in a vast healing system of the Logos, there we find the orbit of Jupiter. When we look upon the orbit of Jupiter we are remembering The Ancient Sun Evolution. By noting the orbit of Saturn, which marks the contraction and incision of Ancient Saturn Evolution, in the formation of our Solar System, we fathom the Zodiacal Gift, offered to the Archai of Saturn, our PHANTOM BODY.

Christ at Gethsemane and Golgotha, as a Higher Dimensional Being passed through the dense skeleton to the Makers and Creators of the Cosmic Model of the deathless PHANTOM BODY. Christ on Earth brought the Immortal Digital Copy of the Agnishvattas, the FIRE FATHERS, and burned a COPY, burned the Immortal Copies of the Highest goal of ALL of our Human Evolution. Fire Spirit Salamander AgnishvattaChrist retrieved and burned a copy of the Model Cosmic Immortal Form of THE PHANTOM BODY. Christ retrieved this Deathless vehicle of the Gods through the future FIRE OF SPIRIT-MAN. Christ was the first born to ever achieve Atma or Spirit-Man. It is the gift we are to attain as we learn to pass from Spirit-Self, to Angelhood, from Budhi to Archangel and from Spirit-Man to Archai.

This gift, this path, this schooling Christ bequeathed to Earth and Humanity. And it is without a doubt the deepest Science of the Solar System and the deepest treasure of the transformation of matter that has ever arisen for the benefit of the human kingdom.

There in the curriculum vitae of the Solar System we see where the fracture and disruption occurred, where the recording and track of the orbit of Mars, still resounds, with the stunning dissonance of the insertion of Freedom and Love into an entirely New Model of the Divine Hierarchies. But what was not told was that we have human beings already at outposts in those regions of the Solar System, mending the wounds and, starting with MARS, civilizing our Solar System. I had already examined how Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens had encountered SATURN BEINGS – HERE (click link).

If the opportunity dawns in the Soul, that Science and the Akashic legends in each of our Hearts awakens it will be because Greater Love Hath No Human Being than to hold our sisters and brothers in the depths of our hearts. We KNOW, we see the history of St. John, the awakening of Manas, the gift of the Cosmic Sophia of the Christ to St. John and the gift of Manas Spirit Fire into the astral body of humanity. Age of America 3 Novalis Manas St. John Sophia Christ Sophia AstralWe will owe our awakening to the suffering that an Ahrimanic Race has sacrificed itself to sink into the abyss. Everyone is on board Earth as the Titanic tilts, the entire psychic, elemental worlds and the Kingdom of Angels and Humans feel the slow smothering descent heading for the abyss, and this will Fire up the Spirit-Self as never since Zarathustra, Christ, St. John, Novalis and Parsifal. We will all experience this Moral Fire and Moral alteration in the 6th Age.

‘I say to everyone, He lives,
The Risen One is He;
For He is hovering in our midst,
There evermore to be.

I say to all, and everyone
Repeats it to his friend,
That’ Heaven’s new Kingdom soon will come
And nevermore have end.

With sense new we now behold
The world as Fatherland;
We drink new life in joy untold
That flows forth from his hand.

And now the fear of death is driven
Below the deepest sea;
To everyone the power is given to view his destiny.

The darksome way that He has trod
Leads unto heaven on high,
And only to those who hear His word
Shall come the Father nigh.

No longer does one need to mourn
When someone’s eyes are closed,
The grief of parting is reborn
As sweetness juxtaposed.

And now will every godly deed
With fresher beauty glow,
And wondrously forth from this seed
Will heavenly blossoms grow.

He lives, and shares His company
Though all support has ceased!
And thus for us this day shall be
A world renewing feast.’



To lift the tip of the tantalizing accelerations of the 6th Age of Manas and Spirit-Self and make a short trip to ATMA and Spirit-Man all the way beyond VENUS and VULCAN evolution it is suggested you sit down somewhere and watch Luc Besson’s “LUCY”. I have grown very fond of Luc Besson. “LUCY” CLICK LINK.


The Historian TERRY BOARDMAN is a colleague of ours in the Michael School. His detailed history of the Consciousness Soul history of the 5th Age and the ramped up striding toward the 6th Age of Spirit-Self and Manas provides us with a mini-review of Part 2 of our studies and a quick glimpse into the future of the 6th Age of the coming Water Bearer HERE CLICK LINK.  Terry Boardman has books and detailed research which can be hugely helpful in comprehending the links between the 5th Age and our coming 6th Age. Boardman’s Blog is HERE.  I have never met him yet in person but his thoughts resonate in the Devachan where the thoughts of Spiritual Science are the Life Blood of a New Community.


How do we verify a Devachan Courage linked to the Ancient Archangel of the Celtic Folk? A tale untold that Christ tapped Lazarus to carry the Esoteric lineage of Christ is concretely connected to the more ancient Celtic Folk Spirit. This untold tale of a kind of Devachan inspires Tolkien to recall and inspires him to raise an echo of the Devachan Imagination of the missing Celtic Earthiness that Christ recognized in the Esoteric Carrier and Teacher of the Christ Community. Christ gave Lazarus the assignment to carry the Manas to humanity. We look more deeply upon the incarnation gifts of Tolkien when we recognize how his incarnation time-line also carries all the way to 1973 and well beyond into the 21st Century. CLICK HEREJRR TOLKIEN ‘1892-1973’. After the Michael Victory of 1879 streams of souls with tremendous gifts struggled to carry those gifts from the spiritual world and through their Earthly Biography.


This FIFTH DIMENSION that we have been discussing through the whole of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS becomes apparent in Physics when it comes to the Music of the Spheres and literal Beings created out of Classic Musical Compositions. How will Matter Itself be changed by humanity into Love and a New Cosmos? Here is part of the science of the future Chemical Composition of Love in an entirely New Humanized Cosmos. (CLICK LINK).


Eurythmy and the relation of Autism to the isolated ( i am) and the stabilizing forces of the Higher Self against the jagged rips in the Etheric and Astral is a very clear clinical study in THIS EXAMPLE CLICK LINK.


The mystery of the HEART/Sophia and the Glands, D. Gabriel takes us inside the TWELVE-FOLD CATHEDRAL we each own. This is Esoteric Anatomy and Medical  Spiritual Science. (CLICK LINK).


Our Etheric Time Body, when we are children we bring with us the compressed Etheric Time Body, which is very wise as it first incarnates. As we get older our Etheric Body starts to get younger. Time is slightly in reverse to what we imagine as physical aging. Therefore we see with this link that a Child carries the entire wisdom of these essays encapsulated. (CLICK LINK).


Sometimes we have to be a bit patient, we need a little patience. In this video clip, what happens reveals the reality behind the fact that the Heart is a New Brain Organ. This is very interesting for us. From a very loose perspective but with interesting subtle connections to the SCHOOL OF SOPHIA AND THE STARS,(CLICK LINK) this little 27 minute clip is as specific, and vivid as it also vague and intangible. Problems in removing karmic blockages and barriers and what those barriers are in terms of the Soul are hinted at. However there are 6th Age Spirit-Self and Manas kernels in their discussion which is surprisingly refreshing. Just relax and be patient. (CLICK LINK)


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  3. Daniel Gotz said,

    November 14, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Riley, I’m astonished about the length of this post you wrote. I indeed wish to read it all, but I’m going to do it slowly. I have been watching your blog for a while, and I really love the relations you make of anthroposophy with popular culture and other esoteric schools.

    Could you please consider writing something about the everlasting tension in middle-east and the current situation involving Syria, Russia, and principally ISIS? I’m really struggling to apprehend how something like this could be happening in a time where the conscious soul should be so much more developed… Where is the Christ impulse? What is this opposite force so intense that is able to brainwash and recruit so many young people to kill themselves in name of what kind of dogma?

    Thank you for all your writings. From a brazilian anthroposophic psychologist.

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  8. Robert Allen Pittman said,

    November 16, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    knowing brevity is not your strong suite and drama is your wet suit I am as usual highly impressed with your searing sense of color and tone…the map is well illustrated with wonderful “there be monsters” engraved heavily as of old! perhaps too much for many and in a distracted age perhaps even impossible your work still remains passible as The Misty Mountains. Those of use who walk the borders always appreciate a rest to see Bombadil and recall things have changed since Vainomainen. The emphasis on synthesis and Assemblidge point of Novalis – bless him- and the hearty encouragement that we are surrounded by omens even unto our “Atomic Playmates” is refreshing…travel on…all Blessings! Michael Scotus

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