“Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 2) by Bradford Riley


“The single stars composing the Zodiacal constellations around that ancient Saturn were scarcely to be distinguished from each other. They glittered only very faintly, like beams of light streaming out from Saturn. The best way to picture this is to think of ancient Saturn encircled by beams of light, just as our earth is encircled by a Zodiac. And in the course of Earth-evolution itself these light-masses developed into the present star clusters comprised in the Zodiac. So that the Zodiac — to use an abstract expression — has differentiated out of that original ocean of flame.”

Age of America sophia of the stars Ludger Philips leo

“Glory to the queen of the world, to the great prophet of the holier worlds, to the guardian of blissful love!” Novalis (the awakened I AM) “Hymns to the Night”

(Part 1) of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE (Intro to entire 3 part study CLICK LINK HERE – complete)

This is (Part 2) of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE (Detailed study of 5th Age of Pisces American Perspective –  Consciousness Soul) Completed

(Part 3) of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE ( Study of the 6th Age of Aquarius and Spirit-Self and 7th Age of Capricorn – LIFE-SPIRIT) Nearly Complete

“Some of the most dramatic revolutions in the history of science have been those that have overturned previous conceptions of our own place in nature. The effect is something like that of coming suddenly to a high vantage point—at once exciting and terrifying, as a familiar view of our surroundings is revealed to be a limited and self-centered perspective on a larger but more impersonal reality. Age of America part 2 Times ArrowIn physics the most dramatic example is the Copernican revolution, with its overthrow of the geocentric view of the universe. In biology it is Darwinism, with its implications for the place of humanity in nature. These two examples are linked in the more gradual but almost equally revolutionary discovery of cosmological time (and hence of the insignificance of human history on the cosmological scale).” Huw Price is ARC Federation Fellow in the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney.   Time’s Arrow and Archimedes’ Point  ©Oxford University Press, 1996. HTML ©Huw Price, 1996.

An enormous gap in our educational comprehension omits the intimacy and immensity of our study of TIME. An entire branch of professional learning dedicated to the study of Time, completely and utterly misses the point of Living Time.  We are each and everyone of us intimate to Time, we are children of biological, biographical and cosmic time. We are all children of big bad Kronos, which stretches us karmically out to Saturn. (Study of Saturn CLICK LINK)

KRONOS (or Cronus) was theTitan god of time and the ages, especially time where regarded as destructive and all-devouring. He ruled the cosmos during the so-called Golden Age, after castrating and deposing his father Ouranos (the Sky).

We have shown in part 1 that all of us, everyone of us, are incarnated within a vast giant, a moving timepiece, that extends out further than Saturn into the Rising, the stupendous rising of chapters, that each of us shall write into the book of human history. The rising of the Zodiacal signs that carry the Star Mark, that reveals an entirely new Star Chapter that comes with the rising constellation of each new Spring Equinox was celebrated with awe and majesty in the Egyptian Age.

Egyptian Hymn to the Sun

Homage to thee, O Ra, at thy tremendous rising!
Thou risest! Thou shinest! The heavens are rolled aside!
Thou art the King of Gods, Thou art the All-Comprising
From thee we come, in thee are deified.
Thy priests go forth at dawn; they wash their heart with laughter;
Divine winds move in music across thy golden strings
At sunset they embrace thee, as every cloudy rafter
Flames with reflected color from thy wings.
Thou sailest over the zenith, and thy heart rejoices
Thy Morning Boat and Evening Boat with fair winds meet together;Overshadowed by the Etheric Christ Ninetta Sombart
Before thy face the goddess Maat exalts her fateful Feather,
And at thy name the halls of ANU ring with voices.
O Thou Perfect! Thou Eternal! Thou Only One!
Great Hawk that fliest with the Flying Sun!
Between  the Turquoise Sycamores that risest, young for ever,
Thine image flashing on the bright celestial river.
Thy rays are on all faces; Thou art inscrutable.
Age after age thy life renews its eager prime.
Time whirls its dust beneath thee; Thou art immutable,
Maker of Time, thyself beyond all Time.
Thou passest through the portals that close behind the night,
Gladdening the souls of them that lay in sorrow.
The True of Word, the Quiet Heart, arise to drink thy light;
Thou art To-day and Yesterday; Thou art Tomorrow!
Homage to thee, O RA, who wakest life from slumber!
Thou risest! Thou shinest! Thy radiant face appears!
Millions of years have passed, – we cannot count their number, –
Millions of years shall come. Thou art above the Years!

In this the Fifth Age, the Age of Pisces the Fishes we have done everything in our power to dampen down, suppress and extinguish the mighty trumpet call from the Six Elohim of the Sun as it rises as a beacon in a New Constellation, with new Time Codes and new Karmic Opportunities.

Just imagine what is taught to every person incarnated on Earth as quoted above by Huw Price. “(The insignificance of human history on the cosmological scale).” The insignificance of human history, the speck of dust in the cosmic scheme of things, the irrelevance of each spiritual human being who has incarnated, is relegated to insignificance. The Christ Event, in the vast scheme of things, just a pathetic blip. The study of Time and how the West and major universities in the world approach Time is a study in Star Stupidity.

We have correctly advanced our understanding of Time to the realm of SOPHIA/ISIS star wisdom. Which, as we studied in part 1, no matter where we turn with the overwhelming stunted star stupidity offered by the decadent universities of the far west, the vivid reality of our vast incarnational star journey’s and how we find each other again, embodied in the flow of Time, is not only omitted but destroyed in the West. We can look back through time and trace the track and trail of those we have loved in the past of human history and be absolutely surprised to see these same spirits that we loved once long ago, appear before us, again, in immediate time.

In Spiritual Science and the Michael School our accurate, historical and spiritual biographies through time and the karmic knots we have tied in the past and the karmic weaving we are bound to in the future can be measured, are the very indicators of the laws of Time, and will be measured.

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Our progress and regress will be measured by each other and we will be ” Our Brothers and our Sisters Keepers”. Which gives the term, she or he is a keeper an entirely different meaning which we will become deeply aware of. This form of Time Measurement will be and is the most advanced research and most efficient research of Time we may ever undertake. Because the very laws of Time are absolutely intimate to the karma of every individual.

Advanced in Depth Study of Time by Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

“We know of the sons of life or the angels, and we know that they went through their human stage on ancient Moon. We know of the spirits of fire or the archangels, that went through their human stage on the old Sun condition of the earth, and we also know of the primeval forces, who went through their human stage on ancient Saturn. These beings are in advance of man in their cosmic evolution. If we were to study them today we would find that they are beings of a much more spiritual nature than man. Therefore they live in higher-worlds. But in regard to the particular things we have been mentioning today, their situation is totally different from man’s. In spiritual matters they conform absolutely to the cosmic rhythm. An angel would not think in such a disordered way as man, for the simple reason that his thought process is regulated by the cosmic powers which guide him. It is right out of the question for a being like an angel not to think in harmony with the great spiritual processes of the cosmos. The laws of logic for the angels are written in the universal harmony.Age of America Angelic Hierarches Dante Paradisio They need no textbooks. Man needs textbooks because he has brought his inner thought processes into disorder. He no longer knows how to take guidance from the great script of the stars. Angels know the course of the cosmos, and the course of their thought corresponds with the ordered rhythm.”

Keepers of Time and Keepers of our revelations, heart shattering revelations of who and how our karmic companions rose with us, fell with us, must be, out of Karmic necessity, redeemed by us, or all of us will fail, will become more and more an acute and painful revelation of Time. Time will stand there before us in the living person of our children, our friends,Mothers and Fathers, our wives, husbands and siblings, and those we thought were perfect strangers, with nothing to do with us, will be shatteringly revealed as part of our own deep wounds, stitches and our own scars we carved into Times membrane. We will experience the ripping and tearing and the revelation of the damage we caused our own karmic companions and how we wounded the future of the world with our betrayals.

Therefore to begin to understand the end of the 5th Age and the beginning of the 6th age we are faced with becoming Keepers of our true companions, brothers and sisters and karmic groups that literally reveal before our senses, the literal secrets, holiness and suffering of Time. So now, instead of abstract materialism offering us superficial degrees and careers in studying and suppressing the literal science of Time, we shall be faced with the literal laws of Time in our own beings. And this will be no abstract nonsense that is taught, suppressed and strangled daily by the kings and queens, the professors of physics and materialism (Click Link). We will experience with each other the literal pain of knowing and understanding the suffering of Time. We will learn to become the Keepers of Each Other (Fire end of Part 1 CLICK LINK), holding in our hearts the entire history of humanity in each of our beloved friends.

“In metahistory the closest to the human being are the beings of the third Hierarchy: Angels, Archangels, Archai (spirits of Personality). Working in sub-history are their negative counterparts: the retarded Angels (Luciferic beings), the retarded Archangels (Ahrimanic beings) and the retarded spirits of Personality (Asuric beings).”

We are all living on borrowed time. The entire Divine Beings and the Sub-Divine Beings of the world have sacrificed and offered us portions of Time. The Risen Etheric Christ has given us, and bought us some Time. The adversary powers we discussed in part 1 are trying to make up for lost time on the backs of the karma of humanity. In the swirling currents of Earth Time, Beings are using the unconscious tempo of humanity and our shadow instincts and our unconscious will forces to give primal Beings the sustenance to regain what they failed to achieve in long stretches of cosmic history before Time began.

“Thus the cultural-historical process represents in reality the totality of three parallel streams of development. One of them takes on a spatio-temporal character. Above it flows, providing it with impulse and inspiration, the stream of metahistory. Working within it are the beings of the Divine hierarchies. Below the earthly current of history flows a stream for which there is no name. Let us call it the sub-historical stream (concrete example of Sub-Historical Time Stream CLICK LINK). In it work those being of the third Hierarchy who remained behind in their development. Within the earthly cultural-historical process they pursue exclusively their own aims and thus represent an immense danger for the human being.” (Click Link)Age of America human history cosmic history subhistory

Humanity are Time Bearers. We are all wedded biologically, biographically, and Karmically to the CROSS OF TIME. While incarnated we have the freedom in our destinies to learn to protect a margin of cosmic-moral and human-moral forces. With a mature understanding of TIME we may bring our loved ones and our karma through the turbulence’s of Time.

As we progress with Part 2 we shall take brief weather snapshots of the perfect Storm of the latter part of the 5th Age of Pisces we are currently in. There are no doubts that we are all called upon to defend humanity, defend our children and like mariners, steer a course for the high destiny of our human and divine future.

In this battle on the open seas of Pisces and in the midst of the rhythms and sub-patterns of Cultural History, we are all faced with meeting the intrusions and sub-sensible attacks from Beings who would devour and annul our sacred Time Together. It is our undefended subsensible underbellies that Ahriman and America have falsely projected outwardly, manufactured outwardly, as a fear of THEM, external fabricated, illusionary terrorists that really are our own growing DOPPELGANGERS. The terrorists arise from our own inner betrayals of ourselves and mistaking our growing shadows as Ahriman’s propaganda, Orwellian power to constantly produce external enemies to be feared.

The greatest crime in this our 5th Age is our crucial failure to apprehend for ourselves knowledge of the reflection of our own shadows. Our failure to use the capacities latent in our Consciousness Soul to connect our deeds and mediate our attractions, our desires, our seductions to power, our addictions, murder by virtue of patriotic delusion, crimes against humanity, are all merely brushed aside by our convenient lack of education into true Orwellian insights.

America and the United States have bred a criminal breed who call themselves leaders. We have voted, elected and blindly followed a path of propaganda and War Criminal gloating. Our failure to use the mirror of our consciousness to apprehend and contain our shadows has driven us into the arms and tentacles of the MONSTERS lurking in the depths of our own American Depravity.

We are faced with the challenge to meet, consciously, Beings in ourselves who would wreck havoc and calamity against our humanity. Instead we fabricated, manufactured, covertly funded and created enemies in order to hide from ourselves the hidden reality of the world. The leaders we elected have colluded with devising False Flag events, manufactured charades of terrorists and have deliberately created pandemics to retain and bulge the coffers of Ahrimanic power. And because of our current storms and turbulence’s in Earth’s Time Being, we are, every one of us, challenged to not remain deluded unconscious Time Bearers, immoral and unconscious Time Citizens and completely disinterested Time Students.

Sounding by the Knots of Human Destiny

Sounding” derives from the Old English sund

On the Mississippi River in the 1850s, the leadsmen also used old-fashioned words for some of the numbers; for example instead of “two” they would say “twain”. Thus when the depth was two fathoms, they would call “by the mark twain!”. The American writer Mark Twain, a former river pilot, likely took his pen name from this cry. Originally, the verb plumb only meant “to measure the depth of water.” These days, if you “plumb the depths” of something, you go in deep for knowledge and experience: your Heidegger seminar may plumb the depths of German Existentialism like Jacques Cousteau plumbed the depths of the ocean.

And as students of the West we certainly should monitor and measure the plumb-line, how we SOUND the depths of our psyche’s with Speech, Eurythmy and the human WORD. In the Michael School we gather forces of cognition and Intelligence to journey to the heights of the Spiritual Destiny of Humanity; OR plumb the depths where the MONSTERS INCUBATING IN OUR AMERICAN PSYCHE’S DWELL. We learn to encounter the Dwellers on the Threshold.

Humanity and the Unfolding Revelation of TIME (One may only gasp CLICK LINK)

“Something rather remarkable comes to light when we compare planetary existence with zodiacal existence. The occultist makes use of two words to indicate the difference between them. He says: Everything that is contained in the Zodiac is under the sign of “Duration”; everything that is comprised within planetary existence is under the sign of “Time.” You can get an idea of what this means if you remember that not even the farthest reaches of the mind can conceive of changes having taken place in the Zodiac. Each single planet may have undergone considerable change through long and greatly differing periods of evolution; the forces working in the Zodiac remain, relatively speaking, fixed and permanent.Age of America time piece of planets zodiac of duration These concepts can, in any case, be only relative. The only difference in these changes of which we can conceive is in respect of the speed. Changes in the Zodiac take place slowly; changes in the planetary world and even in the existence of a fixed star take place rapidly — in comparison, that is to say, with what happens in the Zodiac. — The difference is always relative, only relative. As far as human thinking is concerned, we can say that planetary existence belongs to the sphere of the Finite, whereas Zodiacal existence belongs to the sphere of Infinitude. This, as already said, must be taken in the relative sense, but for the present it is sufficiently accurate.”

The placement and position, the very LOGOS, out of which we as humanity were made, the immense group we call The Tenth Hierarchy, which includes every human being on Earth must unfold and will unfold itself toward the sacred mysteries that we call the stars. We are part of a vast family of Beings. Presently we love to wallow in calling everything God, but to come to a full comprehension of how we shall unfold and become Divine is a vivid journey, which we are only at the beginning of.

In part 1 we measured our current American Folk Soul relation to the phase of moral and spiritual development we are currently in, The Consciousness Soul. The Consciousness Soul is fully part of our current 5th Age where Pisces led the way under the rising of the Spring Equinox and which will carry all of our human experiences and our karma through the awkward, jagged, uneven crisis strewn complexities we all are experiencing. We are all vividly embedded in this region of learning the lessons of the Consciousness Soul. The 6th Age will lead us to Spirit-Self or Manas and the 7th Age to Budhi or our Life Spirit. These hard lesson plans are irrevocable.

Luke 13:34

Age of America Christ protecting tenth hierarchy humanity33“Nevertheless I must journey on today and tomorrow and the next day; for it cannot be that a prophet would perish outside of Jerusalem. 34“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not have it!35“Behold, your house is left to you desolate;

The purpose of the Divine plan of Sophia and the Stars will draw us all slowly and painfully towards deeper and deeper transformations that the Risen Etheric Christ has already anchored into humanities upward development. But for what and why, and what purpose is this little seed germ of Earth and all of our karma and loved ones subjected to the painful lessons of Freedom, of Immortality, of the Science of the Stars, of the revelation of the planetary worlds and the Constellations for?

Spiritual Science  Leading Michael Thoughts (Click Link)

“The life of all this earthly realm becomes clear and transparent when we feel at its foundation the germ of a new Universe. Every single plant and stone appears in a new light to the soul of man when he becomes aware that each of these creations is contributing by its life or by its form to this great fact: that the Earth in its unity is an embryo — the seed of a macrocosm newly rising into life.”

Novalis and Rudolf Steiner – From Part 1

“…the sparkling, ever-tranquil stone, the thoughtful, imbibing plant, and the wild, burning multiform beast inhales it; but more than all, the lordly stranger with the sense-filled eyes, the swaying walk, and the sweetly closed, melodious lips.”

What are the vast lessons of Time about? They are in every aspect about the path humanity must take to become Angels. What are above the Angels, the Archangels and the Archai? And just as importantly for our studies, what lies below the realm of the Hierarchies?

Age of America the higher revelation of the stars

The Path to Sophia and the wisdom of the Stars (CAge of America crucified on cross of time cross hairs cosmic lamb Grunewald Isenheimlick Link)

In part 1 it was Elijah the prophet that led the inner vision of Melville into weaving secrets of the subconscious mysteries of America and The United States. (Click Link)

It is a vivid awakening towards our investment in the deepest spiritual elevation we can attain, when we encounter a great work of literature and see a revelation of human karma and TIME. We are able to grasp in our I AM how a struggling poet, writer, artist, encapsulates a fragment of one of the Riddles of the Spiritual World. In Part 1 we saw how Melville, Twain, T.S. Eliot, and so many others unfolded specific Riddles of the American Soul.

Herman Melville brought from the spiritual world and the Michael School, the Living Intuition of Elijah, the immense prophet who shared his childhood with the two Jesus boys and literally, through his incarnation as John the Baptist, witnessed the entrance of Christ at the Baptism. John the Baptist stood as the official greeter and designated witness to Christ’s arrival on Earth.

In Elijah, in John the Baptist, in the painter Raphael, in the poet Novalis we have before us an example of precise TIME. We may measure the pulse of TIME itself by locating the I AM of Elijah. The very reality of Time and the movement of TIME’s Mysteries are tied to our growing ability to recognize EACH OTHER. We are the very riddles and meaning of Time and history.

In Spiritual Science schooling, locating on the Maps of Time, He who is the designated TIME KEEPER of the ongoing revelation of the Christ Being through TIME is something to shout about. John the Baptist continually lights the path ahead, points the way towards the Christ Revelation through Time. And so in the 4th Age, the 5th Age, the coming 6th Age He who lights the path to ever higher revelations of the Christ Mystery is literally tied by destiny to the Risen Etheric Christ and our own Earthly human history. And we shall be tasked to locate EACH OTHER and recognize EACH OTHER in the ongoing revelation of karmic time.

Just like Homer calling to his muse, calling for guidance in his thinking from his own Angel, saying, “Sing O Muse of Achilles”, Melville called upon the prophet Elijah to illuminate part of the greater mysteries of the depths of America. Melville had seen before his birth, in the Michael Imaginations, how the ancient riddle of ancient Egypt was planted as the seed of Resurrection in America. The Sarcophagus was the spiritual seed of ancient Egypt, that was sunk into the depths of the American Soul. It was awakening this mystery that saved Ishmael and will certainly save us.

Melville, America and Osiris – Isis Sophia

Moby Dick“Many things which appeared in the Egyptian wisdom must be repeated in a different form during the fifth post-Atlantean age. We must learn more and more to contemplate, upon a spiritual-scientific basis, the Mysteries of the Egyptian priests in a form which is suited to our own age, in the light of Christianity. For the Egyptians, Osiris was a kind of representative of the Christ Who had not yet appeared.”

“When we look out into this cosmos and see the stars moving only according to mathematical lines, then we see the grave of the world’s spiritual essence; for the divine Sophia, the successor of Isis, is dead.

“We must give form to this legend, for it sets forth the truth of our times  (CLICK LINK). We must speak of the dead and lost Isis, the divine Sophia, even as the ancient Egyptians spoke of the dead and lost Osiris. We must set out in search of the dead body of the new Isis, the dead body of the divine Sophia, with a force which, although we cannot yet rightly understand it, is nevertheless in us — with the force of the Christ, with the force of the new Osiris. We must approach luciferic science and seek there the coffin of Isis; in other words we must find in that which natural science gives us something which stimulates us inwardly toward Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition.

“This brings to us the help of Christ within — Christ, Who remains hidden in darkness if we do not illuminate Him with divine wisdom. Armed with this force of the Christ, with the new Osiris, we must set out in search of Isis, the new Isis. Lucifer does not cut Isis in pieces, as Ahriman-Typhon did with Osiris; on the contrary, Isis is spread out, in her true shape, in the beauty of the whole universe. Isis shines out of the cosmos in an aura of many shining colors. We must learn to understand Isis when we look out into the cosmos;”

Melville had experienced the mighty Imaginations that Illuminated the Michael School, as did we all, before he and we incarnated. He who rose from the Grave, He who defied the coffin and the tomb like Jonah, is alive and roaming in the depths of the sea. He who with reconstructed, reconstituted Etheric Life, burst forth from the Tomb, was the seed image that Melville saw bursting forth from the depths of the American Folk Soul.

The potent forces of Resurrection and etheric levity, against our current Ahrimanic policies of Pre-Emptive vengeance that manifested in the psychopath profile of Ahab, allowed Ishmael to survive the catastrophe of a tyrant. Pre-Emptive Global Dominance are the policies of many of our recent U.S. Presidents. They are all well dressed Ahabs, Ahrimanic marionettes doing the preparations for Ahriman’s incarnation in the West.

That is how a quiet, poverty stricken writer, reveals one of the great revelations of Heaven stirring in the depths of the American Soul. That is how Melville became a prophet of the American Psyche, a classic read by literally millions. That is also how each of us are led to encounter the unfathomable depths of spiritual wisdom through the intuitions we brought with us from the Spiritual and Starry worlds, before we incarnated.

Each of us carry our own karmic narratives that are tales as rich and powerful as Melville’s tale of Ishmael. Our job is to raise each human biography, each destiny, and awaken inwardly the science of human biography as a religious witness to each other, equal to John the Baptist’s witnessing of the journey of Christ through Time. By carrying, awakening the individual karmic tales and sagas of our souls and spirits we learn to read the Angelic designs, tragedies, victories and unrelenting sorrows and joys of our fellow sisters and brothers. In this way we carry each other through TIME.

Age of America Novalis Sergei O. ProkofieffIn part 1 we witnessed, what no other schooling can unveil. We witnessed the progression of TIME in the value of four human incarnations. Elijah, John the Baptist, Raphael and Novalis (Click Link). Now we look at the LAMB OF GOD, as part of the Crucifixion of Time and the absolute revelation of what it literally, spiritually and vividly means to become STAR BEINGS and graduate from Time Beings to Eternal Star Beings. And there is the LAMB OF GOD, and there is the Grail Cup and there is the Blood of the Lamb and there is the mighty spirit of the 6th Age, Elijah/John the Baptist aligned with His finger pointing to the upward ascent of our shared karma and human evolution together.

Rudolf Steiner

Led Zeppelin – Our Journey to the Lamb of God and Sophia “Stairway to Heaven”

Age of America stairway to heaven Wm Blake“Just as man receives life into himself, so does this Being radiate life through the whole of our universe. This is the Being Who has the power to make the great sacrifice and Who is inscribed in the Zodiac as the Being Who for the sake of our world offers Himself in sacrifice. Just as man strives upwards into the Zodiac, so does this Being send us His sacrificial gift from Aries — which is related to Him as Libra is related to man. And just as man turns his ego upwards to Libra, so does this Being radiate His very Self over our sphere in sacrifice. This Being is called the “Mystical Lamb,” for Lamb and Aries are the same; therefore the description ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ or ‘Ram’ is given to Christ. Christ belongs to the cosmos as a whole. His I, his Ego, reaches to Aries and thus He becomes Himself the “Great Sacrifice,” is related with the whole of mankind and in a certain sense the beings and forces present on the earth are His creations. The configuration of forces is such that He could become the Creator of these beings in the constellation of Aries, or the Lamb. The designation “Sacrificial Lamb” or “Mystical Lamb” is drawn from the heavens themselves.”

Part 1

“We didn’t mark it on our calenders and look to the sky and the Spring Constellation of the Ram and marvel to ourselves that the culminating mystery of the age of the Ram, out of the Constellation of Aries, was that the Lamb of God was crucified on the hill of skulls, on Golgotha.”

In the future measurement of Time our KARMIC GROUPS (study in Karmic Groups) will find each other again and again. Our reconciliations and our shattering plummets out of the great dimensions of Karmic Time Knots, where we are severed from the intimacy of Karmic Time, will be catastrophically, emotionally, psychotically tragic. Reincarnation WachsmuthRight now, past the middle of the 5th Age, where the Spring Clock of the Sun still today rises in THE FISHES, each person we meet is not only a Super Real Time Riddle, our children, our parents, how we traveled through the stars at our previous deaths and how we arrived in Time through our births,(Click Link) those star journeys are livingly vivid Time Riddles. Those star experiences and the time spent in the heavens are Time studies that reveal the secrets of our human biography and intimate Karmic gifts, sacrifices or scars we have made on the body of Time itself.

When we look upon a person, a child, an older human being before us, we do not see the Etheric Revelation of Time’s Biography. We do not immediately feel the troughs and powerful impacts of the karmic events that have shaped the human being before us. Our interest in everyone who crosses our paths gradually reveals to our souls the invisible etheric revelation of TIME.

We learn to become the Angelic Keepers of each other because we learned to share, and see the powerful forces of DESTINY that are the invisible WRITTEN WORDS of the Risen Etheric Christ. We have been unable to see the Risen Etheric Christ before us, because we have not learned to read with loving compassion the language written on the invisible Etheric Membrane of the body of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Sensitivity to the Risen Body of the Etheric Christ. The Spiritual Reality of the Etheric Membrane of Time Matthew 25:40

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Our face to face meetings with those we love are not accidental Time Riddles. Rather they are the most accurate, profound, moving, stunning revelations of Time we will ever know and the remainder of the 5th Age and way, way into the 6th age and beyond the 7th age, we, as humanity, will be religiously in charge of revealing to each other the recognition of knowing who our most intimate Time Companions were, are and will be.

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.”
— Sonmi

And our Time Riddles of our most intimate human karma will be some of our most shattering revelations of Time we have ever experienced. These revelations, tragedies, horrors and crucifixions on the cross of time will follow us all the way to the end of the so called American Age.

We used in part 1 the giant Timepiece of the Constellations as a distinct consequential measurement of the literal march of humanity through time. It is an empirical diversion  to evaluate time without the profound and intimate revelation of  humanity as Time Bearers, TIME BANDITS (click link) and Time Citizens. Common place materialistic education fails to see the invisible biography we each carry through time. Our hearts are literal resonating time gyroscopes, karmic compass nodes where the higher intelligence of our Angels dwell. Our hearts are a navigational compass where the past, the present and the future intersect.

The Fifth Chamber of the Heart

Forces of the soul, hidden nature mysteries,Karma threads and streams, imprinted forces in the ethers, a refined record and reading library of emotions, thoughts, impressions, higher beings, deeds, imprinted in the sensitive akashic ethers of the eternal records of each human incarnation, meet at the crossroads of the human heart.

The magnetic and electrical field of our hearts reveal a vast field of star forces, karma and Angelic Intuitions developing as our future brains. Our human brains, where universities train students to kill their own hearts, are much weaker electrical and magnetic fields. (Click Link Heart study Revelations) Michael School research and Spiritual Science have the most advanced and intimate Time Studies in the world.

In part 2 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche we will outline and highlight some of the next three phases in the vast unfolding of Time. We will look into the unfolding of the remainder of the 5th Age of Pisces, the 6th Age of Aquarius and the 7th Age where the Sun rises in Capricorn which shall bring the culmination of Earth Evolution and what we have termed THE AMERICAN AGE.

 Spring Equinox Pisces 1414-3574 NOW Age of America Pisces Ludger Philips

Present = Spiritual or Consciousness Soul

The Heroic Destiny of America (Click Link)

Michael School historian and Eurythmist Terry Boardman

“Most educated Americans of that time, as John O’Sullivan and Hermann Melville declared, would have claimed their republic as the model of individual freedom, of universal enfranchisement….. the ark of the liberties of the world. This, they felt, was America ‘s ‘high destiny’, its ‘express dispensation’. Many in the New Age movement have claimed that the USA was founded by ‘Aquarian’ or ‘Rosicrucian’ initiates as just such a philadelphic model for humanity. But we should ask ourselves rather, whether the USA was not intended to bear a cross of its own in the burden of bearing the presence of Ahriman. Living in America as Ahriman has prepared his incarnation and then experiencing that incarnation in the future when it occurs – this is what has made and will make the people of the USA   – of all ethnicities and colours – heroic. More than any other nation, they have to deal with the most powerful forces of evil, the most powerful manifestation of the Lie….. Since 1776, Americans have told themselves and the world repeatedly that their country is formed by their individualistic and freedom-loving character, but this was largely a dream, more or less conscious, which they brought with them from a painful past in Europe, hoping to realise the dream in the opportunity offered in the great open land over the ocean. But in the 20th century, and especially since 1945 and the Trinity Test (the official name given to the first test explosion of the A-bomb near Alamogordo, New Mexico) that culminated on 16 July that year, more and more people in America and abroad have become aware of something else in the American character that stems not from the old thoughts of Europe and Asia but rises up, as it were, from below, from the land itself, especially in the West, where the subterranean magnetism is strongest:”

 “We are called upon to become co-workers in the unfolding revelation of the Risen Etheric Christ. In so doing we assist the ripening and maturity of this abnormal, stunted Super-Power, our own American Archai, who needs our blessing to secure it’s higher development within the evolution of the gods themselves.Risen Christ on the Etheric Ocean 5th 6th 7th ages David Newbatt We are called upon to educate and befriend our vast American Archai so that it and we achieve our highest goals for humanity and the Earth.” (Part 1)

Thar She Blows

“There she blows,” was sung out from the mast-head. “Where away?” demanded the captain. “Three points off the lee bow, sir.” “Raise up your wheel. Steady!” “Steady, sir.” “Mast-head ahoy! Do you see that whale now?” “Ay ay, sir! A shoal of Sperm Whales! There she blows! There she breaches!” “Sing out! sing out every time!” “Ay Ay, sir! There she blows! there- there- thar she blows -bowes -bo-o-os!” “How far off?” “Two miles and a half.” “Thunder and lightning! so near! Call all hands.”

In Part 1 we uncovered a FIRE mystery that has embittered and entangled the United States and consequently every nuclear nation on Earth in a cosmic Earthly trap. An immense heroic sacrifice is required of America and the American Soul and Spirit. It is truly the most heroic struggle that the moral courage of humanity can face in this the 5th Age.

A gigantic shadow being, that is forming in the West, is preparing a place for itself. It is a big, vast wild space, AMERICA, filled with unconscious urges, flimsy humanism, and a tattered and depleted conscience. It is precisely the wrong moment to be so depleted, to be so uneducated over the realities of TIME, and the substance and depth of our Consciousness Soul.

As big and vast as the Western Hemisphere is, and as big and vast as the United States is, everything can be reduced to our Double, our Shadow our own doppelganger and our Higher Being. The same powerful, stunted Archai that is struggling for the Good in the U.S. is also subject to a massive, growing, overwhelming Shadow.

This Shadow in the West, is the growing power of the full Doppelganger, the challenging TWIN, of the Good and great Archai of the American spirit, that is slowly being strangled, depleted and destroyed, by the powerful growing Shadow Archai of arising Ahrimanic power.

We each carry our own shadow, our doppelganger and our own struggling abnormal American Archai was destined to absorb the TITANIC SHADOW of the full incarnation of an Ahrimanic Archai Being, into a prepared human destiny in the West. In the case of the West, Ahriman has been casting ahead of it’s human incorporation, it has been throwing it’s enormous shadow ahead of and in preparation for the coming incarnation of Ahriman himself. And that is a very, very big deal.

Lincoln the Magnetic Double of the West – The Divided Land – a prophecy of the coming Devachan Twins

“…in 1860 as the U.S. presidential election results were rolling in, Abraham Lincoln reported seeing two versions of himself in the reflection of a long piece of glass – one version’s face much paler than the other. After sharing this encounter with his wife, she supposedly predicted that the image of the doppelganger signified that Abraham would be elected to a second term as president but that he would not survive the second term.” Carl Sandburg (1954). “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie years and the war years”Age of America 2 premonition of the divided West

The word ‘doppelganger’ is a combination of two German words -‘doppel’ meaning double, and ‘ganger’ meaning goer (also interpreted as walker). Together they mean ‘double walker’, a ghostly copy of a living person. We each have our own shadows. We have our own National Shadow the so called effigy and unconscious dictator rooted in our own souls called Uncle Sam.

“Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth shortly after beginning his second term in office.Queen Elizabeth I is another person who had seen their doppelganger shortly before death. She entered her bedroom to see herself laying on the bed. She was pale and sickly. Soon after this event she fell ill and died in that same bed.”

The law of the Astral Double, our Twin, that attaches itself just before our births and was once commanded to leave just before our deaths is now at war with the last vestiges of our inherited moral human construction. The agenda in the vast West is to redesign the configuration and attachment of our doubles on Earth so that longevity, hyper level animal instincts, Gold Cohesion of the higher Sun, is broken and diverted and the astral entities that haunt the Threshold of Human Consciousness take command of the human soul. This is the rough ride ahead through the future of the unfolding of America and we are all on a collision course headed into the vortex of trading our Higher Humanity for our Fallen Doubles super intelligent instincts.

The GOOD designated struggling Archai of America has been selected to have an enormously powerful Ahrimanic Shadow Archai incorporate itself into a human personality in the West. The Confederate Battle that split the country in TWAIN, foreshadowed the event of the creation of a vast Ahrimanic Race that arises out of the West, that will mark the end of stagnant human civilization and goodness as we knew it and mark the dawn of an advanced overwhelming power of the new race of the human Double.

Everyday and in every political choice that we make with our unconscious, disastrously unaware manipulated politics,  we serve the aims of our growing global Ahrimanic Doppelganger. This shadow, the ancient SETH like TWIN to Osiris, has chosen America and the great potential of the American Soul to hone, whet, grind, strop and sharpen us into a powerful spiritual blade for the work of Good or Evil. A two edged sword is what the choice of Good and the choice of Evil are. We have inherited, incarnated and taken up a United States and American destiny in order to face an Ahrimanic Archai Being whose TIME HAS COME.

The Cultic Event of 9/11

“Ahrimanic powers prepare the evolution of mankind in such a way that it can fall a prey to Ahriman when he appears in human form within Western civilization — hardly then to be called ‘civilization’ in our sense — as once Lucifer appeared in human form in China, as once Christ appeared in human form in Asia Minor. It is of no avail to give oneself illusions today about these things. Ahriman will appear in human form and the only question is, how he will find humanity prepared. Will his preparations have secured for him as followers the whole of mankind that today calls itself civilized, or will he find a humanity that can offer resistance.”  Rudolf Steiner

Because we as U.S. Citizens remain unaware of the snares of lofty Beings we carry around with us, in devastatingly cunning individual astral-devachan shadow forms, we remain unconscious, unaware, uneducated and fooled into lending our support to a massive global Ahrimanic Archai Being, spawned from the West, who is currently in the latter part of the 5th Age, devouring whole countries, languages, Archangels and people in it’s Ahrimanic pre-emptive, global, snarling maw.

“The United States of America hides a vast seed bed of morally unsound, Genetic, Military, Social, Viral and Spiritual deeds and events that will take root, grow and become the most severe challenges already in this our Fifth Age; a more refined evil coming in the future Sixth Age; and the potent and devastating finale, the crescendo of the vast cosmic, musical symphony of humanity, the 7th Age, shall bring to a culmination all that America was and has become, during these three specific periods. These three specific star periods, The Age of Pisces, The Age of Aquarius and The Age of Capricorn , will bring to a culmination point, what is called THE AMERICAN AGE.” (Part 1)

The dividing in TWAIN of our humanity has begun. The coming Ahrimanic Race of magnetically grafting our Double onto the human embryo is approaching fast. The flimsy and tattered conscience and intimidated feeble I Am will be overwhelmed by the surge of our instinctual human GROUP SOUL shadow.

We will witness and experience the tandem and electro-magnetic Tesla invasion of our doppelganger twin. Our feeble human conscience will be overwhelmed because in the 5th Age, (Right Now) we failed to develop cognitive defenses against Lies, hypocrisy, and our favored featured pathetic media and political psychopaths. We just wandered blindly through these intimate transitions and feigned ignorance because it was convenient . Our conscience remained deactivated, dulled and unused and our I AM, with all the opportunities of the world, constantly chose lies over any effort to feel the uncomfortable edges of truth. Enthusiasm and interest in the true contours of human conscience is all that it takes.

By using the mighty magnetic Spine, the electro-magnetic Earth spine that runs from the far North Rockies down to the Southern tail bone tip of the South American Andes a dominating Tesla technology will merge a kind of genetic, embryonic Siamese Twin synapse consolidation of our human double to our astral and etheric structure. Age of America dark brotherhoods of the western doppelgangerIn the Western Hemisphere we are being primed and geographically prepared for the coming of a vast Earth Magnetic, TWIN COMMINGLING and Double-Devachan instinctual accelerator. It shall be devised from the AC/DC matter-anti-matter of the constellation of the TWINS. We shall discuss this a little more later.

Terry Boardman

“A certain quarter”, said Rudolf Steiner, “wishes to remove the impulse of the Mystery of Golgotha by bringing in another impulse from the West, a kind of Antichrist. More than anything else, that quarter will strive to make use of electricity, especially the earth’s magnetism to spread effects all over the earth….It will be an American secret to use the earth’s magnetism in its duality, the northern and southern magnetism, in order to send controlling forces across the whole earth, forces that work spiritually….If Europeans remain blind to the power of such geographical forces, their continent “would become Greece to the US Rome; European culture would be extinguished.”

Positive and negative magnetic poles are strongly operating in each of us. Age of America Tesla coil and Tesla Devachan wi-fiA cohesive Auric Field dominates the brain and heart, and the human spine of each human being. Each human being is a powerful Devachan current accelerator based on the same principle of the magnetic poles of the Earth.

The secret of the Anima and Animus, our own TWIN cohesion, that is our Etheric Body, that is intimately tied to our physical body, is the opposite polarity to our physical sexual selves. While a whole range of sexual confusion, which we shall iterate later is connected to this occult reversal of our individual magnetism, the levitating forces of our Etheric Body against the gravity and density forces of our physical body, invites a whole range of identity confusion, false drives, false instincts and a ghostly play of our own shadows on the walls of our consciousness.Age of America twin etheric forces of Anima and Animus In the wild interplay of these sub-terrestrial instincts there is a Gemini Region of dual occult magnetic currents. We shall explore some of the areas where these occult forces en-flamed, as in Flaming crossed the live wires of our sexual orientations a little later.

Tapping into the Negative and Positive magnetic fields of the Earth Herself, using the vast Spine of the Mountain Ridges from Alaska down to the Southern tail bone of South America, with intersecting vector points, transmission towers, all along the great spine of the Earth would, in advanced Tesla technology, connect every Human Double on the Earth and the entire effortless linking of every brain of the Earth, to a central Ahrimanic Hive.Age of America Pan American Highway along magnetic western hemisphere mountains

The issue of the future Ahrimanic race, is the binding of the double to the human being. If the doppelganger can be magnetically drawn up from Initiation Science and fused to each embryo, to each birth, which will be the intent of Ahriman in the West, each person would become their own Devachan, subjective Wi-Fi Tesla Tower. Each person would be commingled with the power of their occult doppelganger.

David Adams

“Another factor concerns the especially strong American presence of the human Double, an Ahrimanic astral being with no ego that lives below consciousness awareness within every incarnated human being from just before birth until just before death.” Part 1

Rudolf Steiner

“Those concerned to present an Anti-Christ as the real Christ will try also to make use of something that works through the most material forces, but in this very way can work spiritually. Above all they will strive to make use of electricity and earth-magnetism in order to produce effects all over the world. I have shown you how earth-forces rise up into what I have called the human Double, the Doppelgänger. This secret will be opened up. An American secret will be to make use of earth-magnetism, with its north-south duality, and by this means to send over the earth guiding forces which will have spiritual effects.

Age of America Florian Sydow Western Hemisphere human double“Look at the magnetic chart of the earth and compare it with what I am now saying. Observe where the magnetic needle deviates to East and West and where it does not deviate. I can give only hints about all this. From a certain direction in the heavens, spiritual beings are continually active, and they have only to be put into the service of the earth, and — because these beings working in from the cosmos can mediate the secret of the earth’s magnetism — it will be possible for egotistic groups to get behind this secret and to accomplish a great deal in connection with gold, health and the prolongation of life. It will be necessary for them only to pluck up their faltering courage — and in certain circles that will be done readily enough!” – The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge (Click Link)Age of America Gemini and Sagittarius

Fallen Astral Devachan and the Mystery of the TWINS

“Quantum Entanglement” which is basically a fancy name for “instantaneous information travel.”  First scientists took single photons and split them into separate “twin” particles with identical properties.  Then they fired both particles away from each other in opposite directions through specially designed fiber-optic chambers.  At the end of these long pathways, the twin particles were forced to choose between two random but exactly identical routes.  Curiously, without fail, in every trial the particles made precisely the same choices and traveled the same paths.  Classical physics has always assumed that separate particles have no communication with one another, but quantum physics has now proven that assumption erroneous.”

“There is a kind of magnetic tide, and outflow and back-flow of magnetic energy between the sun and earth, the turning points of which are at noon and midnight.”

Age of America twins gemini 2 Florian Sydow

“The beneficial effects of travel are partially due to the change of the etheric and astral influences connected with each place and district. Ocean, mountain, forest or waterfall each has its own special type of life, astral and etheric as well as visible, and, therefore its own special set of impressions and influences. Many of the unseen entities are pouring out vitality, and in any case the vibrations which they radiate, awaken unaccustomed portions of men’s Etheric Doubles, and of their astral and mental bodies, the effect being like that of exercising muscles which are not ordinarily called into activity, somewhat tiring at the time, yet distinctly healthy and desirable in the long run. Such amusements as rowing for example, or swimming, especially in the sea, are of especial value, for the reasons named.

“There is a basis of truth in the tradition that it is strengthening to sleep under a pine tree with the head to the north, for the magnetic currents flowing over the surface of the earth, by steady gentle pressure, gradually comb out the entanglements and strengthen the particles both of the astral body and of the Etheric Double, and thus give rest and calm. The radiations of the pine tree make the man sensitive to the magnetic currents, and, in addition, the tree is constantly throwing off vitality in that special condition in which it is easiest for man to absorb it.

“There is a kind of magnetic tide, and outflow and back-flow of magnetic energy between the sun and earth, the turning points of which are at noon and midnight.

“The great etheric currents which are constantly sweeping over the surface of the earth from pole to pole possess a volume which makes their power as irresistible as that of the rising tide, and there are methods by which this stupendous force may be safely utilized, though unskillful attempts to control it would be fraught with danger. It is also possible to use the tremendous force of etheric pressure.

“In addition, by changing matter from a grosser to a subtler kind the vast store of potential energy which lies dormant may be liberated and utilized, somewhat as latent heat-energy may be liberated by a change of condition of visible matter.

“A reversal of the above process enables one to change matter from the etheric to the solid condition, and thus to produce a materialization phenomenon.

“The reason why a physical object, after being reduced to the etheric condition, can afterwards be restored to its former shape, is that the elemental essence is retained in the same shape, and when the will-force is removed the essence acts as a mould which the solidifying particles re-aggregate. If however, a solid object be raised to a gaseous condition by heat, the elemental essence which informed the object would be dissipated, not because the essence itself can be affected by heat, but because when its temporary body is destroyed as a solid, it pours back into the great reservoir of such essence, much as a man’s higher principles, though entirely unaffected by heat and cold, are yet forced out of a physical body when the latter is destroyed by fire.

“When a man becomes etherically sensitive, in addition to sight, in most cases a corresponding change would at the same time take place in the other senses. Thus it is claimed by astrologers that planetary influences, by expanding or congesting the etheric atmosphere, make the conditions for meditation respectively more or less favorable.”

Embryology and the Double

“In the cell, even in the ordinary organic cell, the chemical cohesiveness is not stronger than in an ordinarily complicated chemical compound; on the contrary, the chemical affinities become most chaotic in the fertilized germ-cell. The fertilized germ-cell is chaos in relation to what is material, chaos that disintegrates, chaos that really disintegrates. Into this disintegrating chaos pours what I have described to you as the human being, which was formed as I just described (lilac). What is actually physical is then formed, not through the germ itself but through the processes taking place in the mother’s body between the embryo and the environment. What descends from the spiritual world is thus actually placed into the emptiness and is only then permeated with mineral substance. What we have described here is, as you may see, an absolutely transparent process.”

“Another factor concerns the especially strong American presence of the human Double, an Ahrimanic astral being with no ego that lives below consciousness awareness within every incarnated human being from just before birth until just before death. Although the Double had the originally beneficial task to help us as spiritual beings to harden and adapt to the earthly world, today the Double is completely penetrated by Ahriman and works to make dense the human body and to bind human beings to the lower powers of the earth.

“The Double subconsciously opens human beings to those elemental earth forces to which it is intimately related, attempting to make human beings into materialistically-oriented beings not led by their own egos but guided from outside by Ahrimanic powers. In the depths of human souls, the Double acquires ever greater power over the unconscious life of human will, binding souls with powers that derive entirely from the earth itself— rigidifying forces of mechanization and subnature (especially gravity, electricity, and magnetism). Indeed, Steiner stated that in America those sub-earthly magnetic forces that connect the human being more closely with the Double rise up most strongly. These forces are connected with the fact that on the American continents, most of the mountain ranges run in a north-south direction.” David Adams (google) Riddle of America

“…the results of a twin-photon experiment in Switzerland. Nicolas Gisin et al (University of Geneva, CH) reported that a pair of twin photons split and sent along two diverging paths, when arriving at terminals seven miles apart, exhibit the phenomenon of quantum “entanglement”. The gist of it is that the detection of one of the photons effectively causes the collapse of the spectrum of its wave-function solutions to a single solution, and this collapse instantaneously causes the collapse of the possible quantum states of the other photon, in this case seven miles away.

“The melodramatic notion (purveyed by the press) is that information has somehow traveled from one photon to the other at a speed greater than the speed of light, with the result that great canons of thought are thereby destroyed. In 1997 University of Geneva physicist Nicolas Gisin sent two entangled photons zooming along optical fibers until they were seven miles apart.

“One photon then hit a two-way mirror where it had a choice: either bounce off or go through. Detectors recorded what it randomly did. But whatever action it took, its entangled twin always performed the complementary action. The communication between the two happened at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light. It seems that quantum news travels instantaneously, limited by no external constraints—not even the speed of light. Since then, other researchers have duplicated and refined Gisin’s work.”

Tied to our TWIN, our opposites,Age of America 2 the twin the Neo and Mr. Smith’s, our enhanced double would change and suppress the old model and culture of our human form and by the 6th Age begin replacing it with our enhanced Ahrimanic Double. The flip side of the coin, the reversal of the entire system of Humanity. The Reversal of the higher Host for the lower instinctual fallen devachan host. Neo lost and Mr. Smith won?? (CLICK LINK)

The building of the Magnetic Reversed sub-sensible Fallen Devachan Rainbow bridge where the gigantic Earth Dragon of the Rockies and Andes bind the Electro-Magnetic sub-sensible Fallen Kingdoms of Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic shadow Doubles to the 9th, 8th, 7th and 6th layers of the INNER EARTH will be the technological wonder of the 6th Age.

Bifrost Bridge and Judy Garland

According to Norse Legend, the sacred Rainbow Bridge called Bifrost connects Midgard (the realm of humankind) with Asgard (the realm of the Gods). Also known as Asabru (“Bridge of Gods”), BifrostAge of America Bifrost Bridge was magically constructed from fire, water and air…whose quivering and changing hues it has retained.


Ahrimanic Sciences will crave to build a Gateway bridge to expand their underworld empire and anchor it to their own fallen kingdoms. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), formerly the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) Large Hadron Collider is one of the early embryonic Earth Magnetic womb duplicators.

The reversed, negative, underworld grid and pipeline system that is the opposite of the higher Devachan Bridge has been built on the foundations of our gratification for Materialism and sugar-coated replacements of human ideals. Human ideals, instincts, desires, astral and etheric habits have been funneled down into the underworld gateway of candy coated fantasy full of gloating avarice, unhealthiness and forfeiting our higher cognitive discernment, education and spiritual cohesion for glossy, intoxicating and deceptive consumerism.

Age of America reversed rainbow down to depths of materialismIn other words the building of a subsensible Media Dominated Bridge to the lair of the Asuric, Ahrimanic and the sensually Luciferic underworlds is part of the Agenda of the Ahrimanic Sciences. With this Bridge, Ahrimanic Sciences will seek to control the birth and death forces, extend the instinctual forces of life into a vast unconscious planetary sense system for the infusion and enhancement of the domination of our Human Double, our Twin.

It is critically important that every human being make a concerted effort to think what the ‘ I AM ‘ allows us, as our own Spiritual Property. Super Powers, Super Clairvoyant Animal capacities, funneled through designed, not elaborated or earned from within the karma of our ‘ I AM ‘ but, Super X-Women and X-Men or combinations and genetic aberrations will NOT be gifts, as Ahriman and a deadly delusional humanity will convince themselves they are.

The Revelation of the Balanced and Full ‘ I AM ‘ is a path of Initiation to the wholeness of the heart of humanity raised to the humility of a Divine Being. It is then that we may choose for ourselves how to serve the Heavens and how to sacrifice for others. Each of our ‘ I AM ‘ potentials are greater than the sum of the parts. And the greatest gift of Love is the gift of allowing each human ‘ I AM ‘ to discover for itself how it shall encompass and unfold it’s own inner gifts and it’s own inner karma. Ahriman might try to eliminate our weaknesses but under the wise guidance of the Hierarchies, we know we have chosen our weaknesses to reveal the secrets of the lessons we desired to learn in the spiritual world and transform those very weaknesses into strengths of soul and spirit.

Ahriman may experiment and set from outside, and code specialized Animalic Cosmic forces, through the human base genetic model. Here the great mystery of the Ahrimanic Race and Human Group Soul will lie directly to humanity and the Hierarchies, Why shouldn’t Everyone have the same strengths, the same capacities? Why shouldn’t Everyone be able to satisfy their desires? The great Lie, is that ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Specialized genetic modifications and mutations will not be gifts from the unfolding ‘ I AM ‘ nor will the ‘ I AM ‘ be allowed to re-negotiate it’s karma with the Stars and the Hierarchies. Instead Ahrimanic Sciences will channel currents of specialized cosmic forces and over ride the I AM and it’s PATH OF INITIATION. Ahriman will lock the doors on Karma, Love and Freedom.

The coming Ahrimanic Race planned for the West will attempt to prevent the human soul from escaping via death, the stars and reincarnation to the Hierarchies. GOLD is a significant Sun force for the cohesion of the Soul and Spirit. There is material Gold which is craved for by the Double as fallen life of the Sun and a Spiritual Gold which has the highest transmutation and transubstantiation of matter into Spirit.

Ahrimanic Sciences will attempt to control the early Embryological phases of human development where the initial link-up occurs with our own matched magnetic Double, our Twin. This match-up occurs at the birth Gateway. The Birth and Death fusion and release of the Double when we near death have been part of the work load of Entities. Entities which we will discuss later. These Entities have become the greatest danger to humanity.

Ahrimanic Sciences will attempt to cut out the truth about the stars and replace it with materialistic cartoon science fiction. The aim of Ahrimanic Sciences is to cut out the after life altogether so that the REAL Spiritual World of Karmic, Moral and Social higher development of humanity and the Earth’s mission is extinguished.

On Earth, Science will learn to become connoisseurs or expert oenophiles who keep vintage etheric flasks and bottles of the finest Etheric, Astral and I AM infusions, like fine wines. Ahriman relishes and covets, covets (Click Link) the higher host of human beings as bread for his fallen horde. These robbed and stolen Etheric, Astral and I Am forces are part of his private collection. Ahriman holds copies and copyrights to all the shattered malignant monsters Earth has corrupted. And Ahriman/Mephistopheles captured booty was brilliantly depicted, in moth and butterfly tormented and screaming fragments of the human soul in the film THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER.

The Devil & Daniel Webster was William Dieterle’s inspired film and it remains the classic it always was and always will be. Proving that Citizen Kane wasn’t the only cinematic marvel to appear in 1941 in America. The film, book, story, play is a sturdy, stylish rendition of Benet’s original narrative, beginning when a luckless farmer (James Craig) strikes a Faustian Bargain with the devil incarnate Mr. Scratch (Walter Huston at his devious best). Mephistopheles stalks the Age of America 2 Devil and Daniel Webster New Hampshireregion of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Known as ole Scratch which was an Etheric Language slang imprint that meant No Cash, Money, “ain’t got no scratch”.

For short term gain the entire House and Senate and most of our recent Presidents have traded America Herself for the short term gain of financial prosperity and political immunity. We are currently in a period of American History that is riddled with traitors, liars, deceivers, psychopaths and war criminals.

The New England Farmer in Benet’s story is caught trading his soul for seven years of prosperity. During which he grows corrupted, despised, and regretful of his mistake which is hard to observe today in the massive cynicism of corrupt political, corporate and consumer materialism. When human beings in our Senate, our Presidents, our teachers, bosses and our parents all strive to have no conscience and consider themselves successful if they become mere pawns and marionette’s for Ahriman/Mepthistopheles, conscience has been siphoned off. And the disease spreads and our humanity and our civilization and the history of human civilization is devoured and the spirit is put on the endangered species list. Our duplicity, hypocrisy and mendacity has enveloped and swallowed our education so we lead our children down into the depths of nightmare because they follow our cowardly example.

To Scratch’s/Mephistopheles chagrin, legendary orator Daniel Webster (Edward Arnold) intervenes with a triumphant defense of the AMERICAN SPIRIT. It is done with Michael Magnificence of the True Spirit of the struggling American Archai those of us incarnated in the West are engaged in. And why was such a presentation Michaelic? Because the story, script and film had the courage to show the Moral Dimensions where humanity stands between the Hierarchies of Good and the sub-sensible Monsters of the American Psyche.

The Devil and Daniel Webster

Mr. Scratch:” Captain Kidd – he killed men for gold. Simon Girty, the renegade – he burned men for gold. Governor Dale – he broke men on the wheel. Asa, the Black Monk – he choked them to death. Floyd Ireson and Stede Bonnet, the fiendish butchers. Walter Butler, King of the Massacre. Big and Little Harp, robbers and murderers. Teach, the Cutthroat. Morton, the vicious lawyer… and General Benedict Arnold. You remember him, no doubt.”

Daniel Webster: “A jury of the damned…”

The Michael battle for the American Soul and Spirit (Click Link)

“First there was Faust, in all its forms, the story of a man who sells his soul to the Devil, trading eternal peace in the afterlife for material gains in this world. The first printed version of the legend of Faust was a chapbook published in 1587. The story was reworked and borrowed from frequently, and there were at least a dozen other “Faustbooks” in that era.

“The early Faust chapbook circulated from northern Germany to England, where in 1592 an English translation was published. Playwright Christopher Marlowe used that as the basis for his play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, first published around 1604.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s early 19th century version of the story, a cross between a play and a long poem (known as a “closet drama,” meaning a dramatic work meant to be read, not performed), extended the simple morality tale by bringing in elements from Christian, medieval, Roman, Greek, and eastern poetry, philosophy and literature. In this version, Faust isn’t merely a greedy man eager for money; he is a scholar seeking the true essence of life, and his bargain gains him knowledge, as well as satisfaction of his more base desires. The legend obsessed Goethe throughout his life. He worked on it for nearly sixty years, and the final version, published after his death in 1832, is recognized as one of Germany’s great literary works.

“The first American take on the tale was “The Devil and Tom Walker,” a short story by Washington Irving first published in 1824, about a man who sells his soul to the Devil for wealth.

“Irving’s story was taken up by Stephen Vincent Benet, winner of the 1929 Pulitzer Prize for John Brown’s Body, a book-length narrative poem about the Civil War.Age of America 2 Mephisto of New England Benet made his hero a poor New England farmer and added the element of having his legal case be argued by historical figure Daniel Webster before an underworld court. In creating his fable, Benet drew on the New England legends that had grown up around Webster even more than historical accounts of the man. The story appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1938 and won an O. Henry Award. It was the first of three stories Benet wrote around this time using Webster as a central character. The work added much to his reputation as one of the best known and most respected authors of the time. It was praised for its use of distinctly American humor and folksiness (notably in its decidedly homegrown devil), blending New England vernacular with broad literary references and styles.”

All the Monsters in history including Caiaphas, Dick Cheney, Woodrow Wilson (Click Link) and a long list of Presidents and Ahrimanic henchmen were all in service to the Agenda of the growing shadow of the Ahrimanic Archai.

Rudolf Steiner

“…things are part of the Initiation-science which must gradually come within the ken of humanity, although on account of the kind of education that has now been current for centuries in the civilized world, men shrink from such truths. The caricatured figure of Lucifer and Ahriman — the medieval devil — is constantly before their minds and they have been allowed to grow up in this philistine atmosphere for so long that even to-day they shudder at the thought of approaching treasures of wisdom that are intimately and deeply connected with evolution. It is much pleasanter to say: “If I protect myself from the devil, if I give myself to Christ with the simple-heartedness of a child, I shall be blessed, and my soul will find salvation.” — But in its deep foundations, human life is by no means such a simple matter. And it is essential for the future of human evolution that these things we are now discussing shall not be withheld from mankind.”

As the 20th century dawned the battle for THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS sought to lay hold of the Money and root instincts of the vast western Double. It was a great victory of the Dark Brotherhoods of the West to gain Woodrow Wilson and the future potential of incorporating the depths of the shadows of the entire American System of Democracy in the deception of our electoral process.

It became the aim of Dark Brotherhoods operating in the West to create elite THINK TANKS and elite member clubs of leadership, pre-chosen. The aim was to target for the future the most reliable Wilson styled unconscious Presidents and steer the vast sociopath and egotistical shadows they possessed, as replication of the entire Landmass of The United States. It easily morphed into a tyrannical demonically possessed psychopath on the same model as Ahab the captain of the Pequod. Uncle Sam possessed the Power of an entire new continent, at the level of a common human Archai. A corporate manager for Bankers and War Mongers. The new Egyptian Pharaoh, ruling CEO of the over all Ahrimanic affairs for the Western Hemisphere.

Age of America 2 Monster formed of the American PsycheFrom such a rulership and by such occult manipulation The United States could foster an entire stock of Presidents who did the will of Deception and Prestige, Pomp and Ritual as to be the crowned Archai puppet Kings. The new Popes of Power of the empires of the Western world.

America needed a Pompous icon and Pope to look up to and sustain the occult traditions of the appearances of power. Empty left over relics of the dead habit of Authority Figures would cloud the vision of true Archai’s, true Archangels and certainly would cloud the vision of awakening to the Rise of the Risen Etheric Christ. In other words the entire weight of the Pomp and Ritual of the Presidency would be anchored in the unconscious region of the easily manipulated occult Double. This was the desire of Dark Brotherhoods of the West and this is what has transpired for the AMERICAN FOLK SPIRIT we described in Part 1.

Notes on the insanity of Woodrow Wilson

“The entire 20th Century was a giant mistake.

“And that you can put the blame for this monumental error squarely on Thomas Woodrow Wilson——-a megalomaniacal madman who was the very worst President in American history……..well, except for the last two.

“His unforgiveable error was to put the United States into the Great War for utterly no good reason of national interest. The European war posed not an iota of threat to the safety and security of the citizens of Lincoln NE, or Worcester MA or Sacramento CA. In that respect, Wilson’s putative defense of “freedom of the seas” and the rights of neutrals was an empty shibboleth; his call to make the world safe for democracy, a preposterous pipe dream.

“Actually, his thinly veiled reason for plunging the US into the cauldron of the Great War was to obtain a seat at the peace conference table——so that he could remake the world in response to god’s calling.

“But this was a world about which he was blatantly ignorant; a task for which he was temperamentally unsuited; and an utter chimera based on 14 points that were so abstractly devoid of substance as to constitute mental play dough.

“Or, as his alter-ego and sycophant, Colonel House, put it:  Intervention positioned Wilson to play “The noblest part that has ever come to the son of man”.  America thus plunged into Europe’s carnage, and forevermore shed its century-long Republican tradition of anti-militarism and non-intervention in the quarrels of the Old World.

“Needless to say, there was absolutely nothing noble that came of Wilson’s intervention. It led to a peace of vengeful victors, triumphant nationalists and avaricious imperialists—-when the war would have otherwise ended in a bedraggled peace of mutually exhausted bankrupts and discredited war parties on both sides.

“By so altering the course of history, Wilson’s war bankrupted Europe and midwifed 20thcentury totalitarianism in Russia and Germany.

“These developments, in turn, eventually led to the Great Depression, the Welfare State and Keynesian economics, World War II, the holocaust, the Cold War, the permanent Warfare State and its military-industrial complex.

“They also spawned Nixon’s 1971 destruction of sound money, Reagan’s failure to tame Big Government and Greenspan’s destructive cult of monetary central planning.

“So, too, flowed the Bush’s wars of intervention and occupation,  their fatal blow to the failed states in the lands of Islam foolishly created by the imperialist map-makers at Versailles and the resulting endless waves of blowback and terrorism now afflicting the world.

“And not the least of the ills begotten in Wilson’s war is the modern rogue regime of central bank money printing, and the Bernanke-Yellen plague of bubble economics which never stops showering the 1% with the monumental windfalls from central bank enabled speculation.”

Ahriman had sent ahead, solidifying his shadow, all his prophets, they cast his shadow ahead and infected our entire American Culture. We were stealthily diverted from creating any deeper educational foundation that might bring our I AM, from childhood to university degree, to a clear comprehension of an objective observation and study of  our DOPPELGANGERS. In the West we needed a true educational and objective monitoring of our Doubles. We need it RIGHT NOW. We are all trapped in the perfect storm of Ahrimanic Culture.

Surveillance and the Deception of our Shadows

“…traditional constraints of every sort should no longer apply, including the very idea of privacy; that a blanket of secrecy about the acts of government in this pursuit is for the greater good; and that, to be fully protected and safe, the citizenry must be plunged into ignorance of what the national security state actually does in its name, and so on. It’s a distinctly Manichaean religion in its view of the world. Its god is, more or less literally, an eye in the sky. And of course, as with many institutionalized religions, much of its energy goes into self-preservation and the maintenance or bolstering of a comfortable lifestyle for its warrior “priests.”

The birth dates of Hitler and J.Edgar Hoover, both have to do with THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS. April 20, in 1889, Adolf Hitler was born and John Edgar Hoover was born January 1, 1895, they were 6 years apart. However, when you look closely at the problem of THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS (click link), you find that J.Edgar HooverAge of America 2 Brown Shirts Winston Smith J.E. Hoover managed to establish an internal spy, snoop, G-Man and Junior G-Men, Government agency which has morphed into the vast complex of Spy Systems and Ahrimanic systems of procuring, gathering and controlling the dirty laundry on Americans and their Doubles. Hoover created an empire of Ahrimanic oversight, disguised as law enforcement.


We need to be vividly clear about how America, the United States, has become the most advanced and deceptive harvester and cultivator of shattered Astral, Etheric, and I AM occult by products ever seen on Earth. In part 1 we were introduced into the educational unfolding of Schools of Black Magicians. When we comprehend the science of what is termed a Black Magician we realized in part 1 that we had to understand the schools of Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras to see how a school of monsters develop into “THE HORROR – THE HORROR”. To be vividly clear about the United States of America or anywhere in the world where Black Magicians are trained, we must be clear that the aim of the Science of Black Magicians is to harvest for their own power the shattered fragments of the Astral, Etheric, and I AM substance that the “GOOD” Hierarchies have placed as THE BREAD OF LIFE in the kernel of each human being.

The science of harvesting through the subtle destruction of our Etheric bodies, our Astral bodies and our I AM, through Pharmaceutical Companies, Monsanto and Dow, are corporations designed to shatter nature and the human cohesion of our own Spirit nature. Through our addictive pleasure in the use of torture and the corruption and shattering of the cohesion of naive and healthy American Innocence, the United States of America has become the spawning ground of grotesque monsters. Through our pornographic, overt attraction to torture, sadism, and bondage, we began a schooling that starts with the poisoning of our Luciferic sensuality and the so called Sentient Soul region.

America has graduated through politics, War Criminality, Pharmaceutical black magic and psychological Asuric and Sorathian methodologies to medically shattering the linkages and couplings that hold together the Astral nervous system, the Etheric immune, endocrine and lymphatic system and the Group Soul of the standard working I AM. Not the initiated and conscious I AM but the base standard that supposedly raises us above the animal, our little ego.

Ahriman wants to corral this Group Soul and keep it bottled up as pleasure, food and sustenance for his fallen horde of Ahrimanic Angelic Beings.Age of America 2 homunculus Ahriman will exploit the powerful instinctual gifts of the HUMAN DOUBLE. In exchange our Human Species, termed the Self, the general functioning group soul called our EGOITY or our little strutting, easily manipulated earthly personalities will feel the overwhelming rush that the infusion of our Literal Doubles will bring to our imprisoned and happy egoity.

The difference between the Nazis and the United States, is that Hoover managed to stay in the mix of Presidents for 6 Presidents. America was the super-prize of the Ahrimanic Beings and Nazism a kindergarten and prep-school as well as a vendetta CULTIC EVENT Ahriman staged, precisely on the 72nd birthday year of Rudolf Steiner. (click link)

On the night of Feb. 27, 1933 the Reichstag building was set on fire. At the urging of Hitler, Hindenburg responded the next day by issuing an emergency decree “for the Protection of the people and the State,” which stated: “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

But more importantly it was the moment of the Rise of the revelation of the Risen Etheric Christ in the Etheric TIME STUDIES gathered around the year 1933. It is a monumental lesson to behold. The world sees the rise of a monster who steals the headlines of the world, all eyes are directed, manipulated and aimed at the rise of a most efficient monster. But we utterly failed to see the eclipse, collapse and implosion of the Good Archangel of German people.

An entire Archangel, filled with capacities, joys,culture, Art, Poetry, science, the entire Michael Revelation was first given in the German Language Archangel, and Ahrimanic Beings chose to dismantle IT first. Such an internal reversal of humanity, in such a high cultural and Archangel model, that contained the secret of how Mephistopheles would win the battle against Faust, set an example to other Archangels that Ahriman could lay waste to any civilization it chose, no matter how gifted. This evisceration is now being repeated against our own American Archai. The methodical school of strategic Ahrimanic dismantling and eviscerating Archangel Beings and cultures is now being deployed as a tactic through out the world.

Humanity was directed to embrace the headlines of a monster rising to power with a 99% ratio of defining the United States and Britain as Good. The standard of heroic and Good, and patriotic and War Hero became a fixed icon in the American Folk Soul. No second guesses, Evil was over there, not in us. It was outside of us. We branded ourselves as good because the first wave of Ahrimanic Powers appeared as an organized force, over there in another country.

Goodness is not an assumption that any Archangel or any country, like the United States can assume. Each human being is subject to ruthless attacks, betrayals and in right royal fact, Mephistopheles is active in every human being. But wishy-washy, faint hearted assumptions are precisely what Ahriman/Mephistopheles counted on in the lofty integrity of the German Archangel. The vast Ahrimanic Archai of the West counts even more so on the gullibility of the American Heart land to assume it is Good, Patriotic and Exceptional over all the other types of Countries and all the other types of Archangels. Dismantling Archangels and eviscerating entire Countries is an Ahrimanic Science that not one individual human being is immune to. But the United States rests on it’s grand assumption of Exceptional Goodness, which doesn’t exist.


ISIS; here in Part 1 and Part 2 we are examining the depths of ISIS/SOPHIA as a concrete part of the American Soul life. But from the other side we have quickly inserted into our thought matrix, a full preemptive attack by Luciferic and Ahrimanic hosts, to brand the name ISIS itself as bad. ISIS has become fixed in the Media Demonology as the external enemy, BAD.

The entire charade of the ISIS brand name is a psyop co-opting of the brand name ISIS to re-route the meaning of Egypt, re-route the subconscious of the American Psyche, to avoid the Orwellian tag-line ISIS, because it has been layered over with the thick goo of full tilt Ahrimanic Propaganda.

Psyops took over, for decades, the brand name of Nazis. War movies, constant reminders of the heroism of Americans fighting a well disciplined world class War Machine – deteriorated into a psyops brand name which invoked a knee jerk response to Flag Waving Patriotism and immediately blocked any further thinking into the subject matter. Nazis bad, John Wayne good over and over and over again in a thousand variations. And this assumption of American Exceptionalism has hardened itself into a devastatingly destructive habit of soul.

Psyops branding, are psychological operations aimed at the absolute easily manipulated stagnant swamp of American Patriotism. Age of America 2 Norman RockwellReflexive, knee jerk, blind patriotism obliterates any critical thinking in the American Soul Life. The Third Reich was very good at Image and Efficiency, and etheric hyper gestures. Gestures of the habits locked into the repetitive motion of our Etheric Body with the arm extended out like a stiff flag pole, or when U.S. education had our hands over our hearts in the Pledge of Allegiance (click Link). I grew up as a child, standing every morning in our classrooms facing the Flag and for a special treat, a song which was lots of fun to sing was those CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONG. America made a charming impression on my Etheric Body, my habit body, and helped form my love for my country.

Not in the foreground of propaganda and Patriotism, the Risen Etheric Christ transcends and has little to do with narrow dimensions of false patriotism. In the background, deeper than patriotism itself, stirring and rising from the depths of the actual Threshold where human beings die in war and where human beings are born from the Spiritual World into the realm of Earth, the Risen Etheric Christ was active. Behind the War out of the much deeper regions of Life, The Risen Etheric Christ converged in 1933 against the massive growing force, of externalized sound and pictures and film and mind bending thrilling Psychological Theater popping out eyeballs and spilling brains all over our popcorn. Triumph of the Will (German: Triumph des Willens) is a 1935 propaganda film directed, produced, edited and co-written by Leni Riefenstahl. It chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more than 700,000 Nazi supporters. America learned the technique of our use of PSYOPS from masters.

What about the INNER RISING OF THE ETHERIC CHRIST in 1933 against the vividly stirring rise of Film, of Image, of the machines of War, the War Heroes, the battlefield carnage, which we call now, collateral damage? Christ in the Etheric worldBack then the vivid imagery of LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO OUR BOYS our women and our men, in the air, on the ground, with stirring songs sung in every U.S. elementary school gave us our NATIONALISM. The assumption of the Good sank ever deeper and deeper and the questioning of anything, anything at all disappeared behind a well trained reflex of false patriotic bluster. America has brought this science of propaganda and manipulation now to the word ISIS and hidden meaning of Egypt fogging over the Star Wisdom arising in Sophia.

So when we define Ahrimanic, Asuric, Luciferic corruptions of Goodness we find WORDS that become entombed, buried alive in the subconscious, imprisoned Star Beings of the Word. We find automatic, thoughtless responses connected to Flag Waving Patriotism, as the same etheric and astral gestures that became national habits in Germany have become the same automated responses, thoughtless reflexes in the Media of the American Psyche. America Is Exceptional everyone else in the world is wrong.

Ask Not what your country can do for you rather in it’s higher meaning we should rather,  “Ask not what our abnormal and struggling Archai in the United States can do for us, but rather ask what we can do to Help our struggling, good American Archai of the West to not be overwhelmed by the Ahrimanic immoral corruption that is spreading from the United States out into every Archangel in the global community.”

President George W. Bush, in an address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001 said, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Benito Mussolini declared in speeches across fascist Italy: “O con noi o contro di noi”—You’re either with us or against us.

Towards the end of Joseph Heller‘s Catch-22, Colonels Korn and Cathcart equate fighting for their country with fighting for the benefit of the two of them. Korn tells the protagonist Yossarian: “You’re either for us or against your country. It’s as simple as that.” A reviewer of Catch-22 found this “flawless” logical indulgence by the commanding colonels to be comparable to Heller’s parody of Charles Erwin Wilson‘s statement, often paraphrased as, “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country

  • In Act III of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Deputy Governor John Danforth states, “But you must understand, sir, that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there is no road between.”

  • Stephen Colbert has parodied the sentence on several occasions, for instance with “Either you are for the war [in Iraq] or you hate America” and “George W. Bush: great president or the greatest president?”, after which he usually adds “It’s that simple!”

The Rise of the INNER ETHERIC CHRIST IN 1933 had a lot to contend with. But the Risen Etheric Christ was not an external triumph of the will, which is where the host, in the region of the will, where the Fall of the Ahrimanic Spirits of Darkness found leverage, a base in the Intellectual Soul and gained access to a significant BEACH HEAD and occupation to steer intelligence deeper into materialism. The Etheric Christ holds the Threshold open to the Hierarchies through the gate of the I Am and the heart. Our Consciousness Soul builds upwards and outwards reabsorbing the wisdom of Heaven like a sponge and sharing our knowledge with all of humanity. That is the joy of the Etheric Christ in the Consciousness Soul of Humanity.

Yes the murdered, the dead, yes they would all meet the Rise of the Etheric Christ as they crossed the threshold of death. Christ was not advertised and when He was as in “Johnny Got His Gun” (click link) He, the Christ, was blacklisted. Weapons, stealth, death, technological war machinery and outright lies such as ISIS are now created for a duel purpose. Firstly America will fail to comprehend the Sophia/Isis Revelation that we as America are squatting on like cannibals with bones stuck between our noses and tattoos obliterating our pristine Divine Brand, which was made by the Stars themselves. We will examine this Brand that is imprinted in our bodies, as our human forms, as fully carrying the Brand Sophia later.

It is sufficient to say that the Threshold of Birth and Death has been illuminated by the compassionate Rising of the Etheric Christ. The important realities of Life are what we vividly experience at the Threshold points. Our Angels, the Archangels of our countries, and the Archai Time Spirits work with Christ now at the threshold. The assigned human Guardian of the Threshold along with Michael the Archai are not figments of propaganda that we fool ourselves with day in and day out. The Risen Etheric Christ converged and intersected at the Threshold just at the moment where human spiritual reality transcends all our narrow propaganda and pet political beliefs. Religion and the Science of the Risen Etheric Christ stand before the human soul where it cannot be hidden.

Age of America 2 manufactured enemies and invented terroristsJust as America has created for itself, it’s own enemy ISIS. It is truly a BASTARD CHILD OF FALSE PATRIOTISM. ISIS is it’s own black ops budget of Blackwater central casting Army of paid mercenary actors, complete with uniforms, hoods, so we don’t see the faces of the military mercenaries we hired. We make them look dangerous with pick-up trucks, desert camo and machine guns mounted. We filmed ISIS with their fashion statement black hoods, black pirate flags, all Hollywood designed, certified bovine propaganda. Now Ahriman is in the nest of the U.S. as the patriotic deception of THE GOOD, living off the residuals of deception from FALSE WAR MONGERING and generational brainwashing.

Just another Ahrimanic Orwellian PSYOPS for the terminally blind (Click Link)

“Following the September 2014 launching of the “we are the underdog” strategy, we heard highly unusual stories like ISIS bragging on social media about their success, ISIS making promotional videos involving the murder of non-supporters, ISIS somehow recruiting members all the way on the other side of the world, even ISIS printing their own money. By the end of 2014 there was almost nothing that ISIS had not accomplished.

“By the turn of the new year (2015) the ISIS branding was secure and by January the U.S. Government announced the creation of a secret new “Task Force” to deal with ISIS. Details of this task force would be held a secret. The only thing we knew for sure was that it would require a lot of money $$$ to operate, that it would combine the efforts of the other NATO (pro-ISIS) countries, and that its location would be somewhere in the Middle East or South East Asia, smack in the middle of the region of the world where the U.S. has been illegally meddling in for years in its quest to run the world.”

The West learned a great deal from Nazism. It rose as a counter distraction to the rise of the great goodness of the Risen Etheric Christ in 1933. The death, destruction, destitution, and the blueprints and designers of darkness are like cats on a hot tin roof when it comes to keeping the secret of the Rise of the Etheric Christ away from the human soul. Feeble world thinking has remained submerged and wrapped in the coiled shadow of the visible murder, wars, weapons, and patriotic excuses everyone makes to rip the heart and destiny threads of humanity to pieces. And indeed, there Rises on the horizon of consciousness the Risen Etheric Christ, Age of America 2 Rita de Cassia Countenance of Christwhile humanity continues to tear each other to pieces like dogs.

The Science of Time Studies and the Deeds of Humanity (CLICK LINK)

“All the actions of earlier generations, all the impulses with their combined activity, poured into the stream of historic evolution, have a life cycle of thirty-three years. Then comes its Easter time, the time of resurrection. When was the seed planted whose Easter time was experienced by man in 1914 and after? It was planted thirty-three years before.

Christmas Winter Solstice“Connections that reach over intervals of thirty-three years are essential for an understanding of the time rhythms of historic evolution, and a time must come when people in the holy time that begins with Christmas Eve will say to themselves, “What I do now will continue to work on, but will arise as outer fact or deed (not in a personal but in a historic sense) only after thirty-three years. Furthermore, I can understand what is happening now in the events of the outer world only by looking back across the thirty-three years of time needed for its fulfillment.”

Ahrimanic Fallen Spirits of Darkness rushed to fill the vacuum, and WW I and WW II were Cultic Vendettas against Michael the Archai and Time Spirit of our current age. The contrast between Light and Darkness, the contrast between the darkest deeds of humanity and the historical revelation of the Rise of the Etheric Christ in humanity, reveal a Manichean pressure of Light shining into the Darkness.Waldorf Michael and Dragon  Seeds of magnificent light arise from the pressing in of painful darkness. The rare, vivid light and the rush of generosity and brotherhood that Charlie Chaplin correctly depicted in his “The Great Dictator” (click link) revealed precisely how seeds of Light and Living Humanity arise from the Manichean pressure of Darkness.

Rare human beings with Light that arise from overwhelming global darkness have been demonstrated in the example of many individuals who have sought their destiny in America. But it behooves us to pay attention to where the tie between J. Edgar Hoover’s destiny with the United States and the outstanding fascination and obsessive interest Hoover had with Hitler. They were both fallen brothers in the new Ahrimanic Army of the Double.

Both Hoover and Hitler streamed down to Earth and helped to establish on Earth the new citadels, behavior patterns, police states, and germinal kingdoms of creeping consequential Ahrimanic fascism. Hoover rode in on the shadow of the Rise of the Etheric Christ and both Hoover and Hitler were fiercely overshadowed by Ahrimanic beings tossed out of the Spiritual World by Michael the Archai in his victory battle in 1879.

The F.B.I. was created in 1935. from 1935-1972 when Hoover finally ended his reign, at least SIX PRESIDENTS were Age of America 2 J.E. Hoovertrained in covert Ahrimanic duplicity, hypocrisy and lies. Hoover insinuated himself under the skin of the American Psyche and helped shape the hypocrisy of leadership and government of the United States. Under Hoover’s reign, Presidents were tormented and trained to be leaders in the legion of liars. He had secret files on everybody and trained politicians to use information in the most Ahrimanic/Luciferic manipulation that the School of the Double could bestow. Until it got better and more insidious with our NSA.

After 1972 the clown parade of Ahrimanic/Luciferic Presidents like Clinton and George W and Obama, all had public personas wrapped in Luciferic slick Willy lies.Age of America 2 Ahriman's Clowns Dick Cheney was the minder and Ahrimanic puppet master to simpleton George W and Cheney took the baton and out Hoovered, Hoover for deadly dark deception.

George H. W. Bush was an amazing CIA twisted sister of demented, tall sweet talkin’ Texas styled killing machine. All the Presidents after 1972, with the crazy blip of Jimmy Carter, most of them warp into certifiable Manchurian Candidates, psychopaths and Ahrimanic marionette’s and pawns to power. The Wilson Experiment of incorporating and controlling the Ahrimanic Double of a President became a science of manipulating occult streams of power and propaganda.

(Just a note on George H. W.)   –   Bush had moved to HOUSTON, Texas. His wife was, of course, BARBARA. His oil company was ZAPATA Off Shore Co. (which he named after a communist Mexican revolutionary who would invade towns and murder every man, woman and child. Bush also named an earlier oil company after Zapata, a questionable choice for a hero). The code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion was Operation ZAPATA! A former high-ranking Pentagon official, Col. Fletcher Prouty, was the man who secured two Navy ships for the operation. He has told of seeing the two ships repainted to non-Navy colors for the invasion. The ships were given the new names HOUSTON and BARBARA! Of course, maybe the names were just coincidences, but Bush was living in Houston with Barbara and running Zapata in 1961 during the planning of the invasion. The name “Operation Zapata” was top secret and known only to a very few.

J. F. K.  ASSASSINATION the TWELVE ARRESTS made in Dealey Plaza the day John F. Kennedy was murdered. “I told him I knew of TWELVE ARRESTS…”

The man Vaughn arrested was coming from the Dal-Tex Building across from the Texas School Book Depository. The only thing which Vaughn knew about him was that he was an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas.

Age of America 2 Hoover and Bush G.H.W. organized the hit on JFK“Do you think it’s possible that another oil man from Houston just happened to be in that corner of Dealey Plaza? I hope you think it’s possible. Because, as unlikely as it seems, if you think it was possible, then certainly Bush would have been reasonable in thinking that, as he was being arrested, there were other independent oil operators in the crowd who witnessed his arrest. You see, Bush spoke to a group of oil men in Dallas the night before the assassination*2. If it were possible that some of them were in Dealey Plaza, he would need to be terrified of the possibility that some of them might actually have seen the arrest, and would have been able to identify him as the object of that arrest.

“No wonder, then, that Bush freaked out, and made this stupid incriminating phone call to the FBI. Even if it showed that he was not in Houston, or in the Caribbean, but in Dallas, at least it suggested that he was not in police custody for the murder of the President, in Dealey Plaza.”

Prescott Bush Born: May 15, 1895 , grandpa of Dubya, the whole Bush Dynasty, holds some of the United States most nightmarish covert decapitations and assassinations (Click Link).  George Herbert Walker out does his famous daddy Prescott Bush who helped fund the Nazis. The Bush Dynasty hated the whole Kennedy Dynasty with a passion. Age of America George dynasty 1The shattering division between a Luciferic idealism that brightened the United States during the Kennedy Era, was set to become the Kennedy Dynasty and legacy, which would have reigned over the Inspired Sixties generation.

Enormous Incarnation and Spiritual star planning and preparation had gone into this echo, remake, redo of the FRENCH REVOLUTION via Saint-Germain (click link).  A massive surge and influx of spiritual idealism, heart poetry, troubadour magic, was deliberately planned, and we were all part of that plan, to impede and counter act the rise of the Ahrimanic Shadow that was known in occult circles and in the Michael School as a storm front that might easily overwhelm the West. That Inspired Luciferic/Christic sixties generation was part of the heart child of one of the greatest Initiates of the Earth, Christian Rosenkreuz.

Using the cultural power from the stars, an enormous tide of incarnations was set to track back to Earth. A huge Tidal Wave of interconnected Karma was on the way back to incarnation. Now for the benefit of higher Spiritual Science Schooling, we are looking at a vast cultural cluster of interconnected karmic groups. Alexander the Great and Aristotle also had a vast interconnected karmic – cultural web.

However if we examine Christian Rosenkreuz carefully we also find that the selected Esoteric Guardian of the Christ Mysteries was once a Folk-Soul of the Celtic people (Click Link for deeper study). St. Germain weaves in and out of the French Revolution that all of Europe anticipated, as the first hope of the European Union. The French Revolution appears to fizzle and  fail badly. But how do vast Cultural Karmic Groups change the future patterns of struggling humanity?Threefold structure of a healthy global humanity Florian Sydow

But here we arrive at how great Karmic – Cultural Groups are guided by enormous Initiate wisdom to bring their karma together on Earth and advance together in brother and sisterhood. This vast shared kernel of Spiritual and Cultural idealism is the very substance that filled the souls of all those who hungered, longed for and desired a THREEFOLD social and economic structure. A Threefold Human Community modeled from the East, Europe and the West. Initiates were preparing for a THREEFOLD SOCIAL ORDERING and it was St. Germain, alias Lazarus, St. John, and the immortal Christian Rosenkreuz who sought LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITÉ, FRATERNITÉ.

Which outwardly failed and whole generations that had been incarnated in Europe crossed the threshold with an enormous Age of America 2 St. Germain Lazarus Christian Rosenkreuz the master of the violet flame Ludger Philipsquestion in their souls. How can Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood or Fraternity be incorporated in a THREEFOLD WORLD SYSTEM? In part 1 we understood that the mission of the West was a true COSMOGONY; that the mission of the East revealed a disposition towards selfless ALTRUISM and brotherhood and that Middle Europe had the mission of HUMAN FREEDOM and the revelation of the I AM.

This dynamic tidal force of powerful interconnected Cultural Karmic Groups sought for transformation in the stars. We were all in the Spiritual World, in the realm of Sophia and the Stars at the midnight hour. We find each other in the Star World of Sophia again, before we incarnate, and vow to each other to find each other on Earth again when we incarnate. Which makes the film, “Made in Heaven” (Click Link) a brilliant sketch.

This sketch of “Made in Heaven” gives a rough outline of the forces of all the in-flooding of millions of souls, who are all woven together by lofty Karmic Intuition and a Karmic -Cultural wave of human heart progress, who called themselves Baby Boomers. In other words after the horrific conclusion of WW II – A new dawn, a new opportunity and a longed for spiritual potential and window was briefly opened for a whole vast cultural – Karmic SURGE of souls to arrive on Earth with a totally new impulse.

To be consistent with the vast Celtic Esoteric Archangel, the one chosen by Christ to become the Esoteric Guide for the Christ Impulse on Earth, we have to contend with the assassinations in the West, including John Lennon and Hoover’s hatred of Martin Luther King Jr.

Once more Ahrimanic forces out of the West flex their claws to choke the life out of the vast cultural and karmic Groups scattered and confused on Earth. And the summation, crystallization and Cosmic Echo of the Celtic Archai’s lofty Mission was resurrected in Tolkien’s magnificent Imagination of what humanity is up against, what beings directly oppose the higher unfolding of humanity. The Celtic Folk of the French Revolution, and the Greek Folk Soul of Aristotle and Alexander the Great worked to consolidate and focus humanity for the struggles we shall face in the future.

This massive star generation overshadowed by an Egyptian Scarab or Sun dung beetle, was to find each other through the transformation of the Beatles into the WOODSTOCK GENERATION. The four chambers of the heart was to experience the fifth chamber of future human intuition. The Fab-Four pulsed with a four-fold musical, heart steeped in normal human goodness.

When we discuss in Spiritual Science circles, (Click Link) “Shakespeare’s Flowering of the Spirit” (read it sooner rather than later) and the Celtic Cultural British Isles where the Consciousness Soul was born, we must look at the flowering, the first new buds of the blossom of the Consciousness Soul as the impulse arising from The Beatles. Not a single star, not a single personality, no tyrant, but a visible cooperation between FOUR MUSICIANS, revealed the GREATER FIFTH, the Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart and the entire body of work, music and experimentation of the Love Generation.

It was an enormous stride forward for the shattered hopes of the French Revolution. The great Initiates prepared in advance, working with Sophia and the Karmic Streams, the lofty Alexander the Great and Aristotle Group Karma and the lofty Celtic, Esoteric Christianity and Exoteric Christianity, all sought incarnation together in the hopes of carrying the Divine Transformation into the future. The Egyptian Scarab, THE BEATLES, unleashed the power of the joy of working together for the HIGHER BROTHER AND SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY. What happens when people change philosophy to music and work together in the region of the heart zone, where math and music arise?

Maximilien Robespierre and George Danton shared both provincial origins and a comfortable middle class background. England is the home where the Consciousness Soul with Shakespeare, Hamlet, Bacon, Darwin and the English Language took root and spread through out the world. It is also the birth place of the Beatles.

Suppose we could imagine the conflict of Robespierre and Danton resolved in the different dispositions of John Lennon and Paul McCartney? Suppose the Revolution of Love and Brotherhood could karmically be resolved through music and resolving psychic and karmic differences on a higher plain? A new Fifth Chamber of the Heart. A sort of Devachan resolution to karmic differences through working together on the Fifth, the music that opens The Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart to social brotherhood.

Nor shall we forget or exclude the premature impulse of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the hippie commune, long hair, Luciferic, clothing optional community. Just supposing a deeper understanding of the consolidated karmic question of Archangels, brought from the spiritual world through The French Revolution, brought back down to Earth a dynamic, consolidated stride forward. We are talking about the Archangel Human Beings whom Christ Initiated Himself to carry the Esoteric and Exoteric substance of Christianity forward.

You see we discuss the dawning of a New Ahrimanic Race of humanity, but before that monster was formed, Christ Initiated two specific vast Archangelic Group Leaders, humans who were ready to pursue an Archangelic Human Initiation path in the service of the Christ Impulse. In other words the Christ/Michael impulse builds or begins building an entire new humanity. Both the Greek Archangel and the Celtic Archangel sacrificed their cultural individual missions to serve the Christ Impulse on Earth and bring it right down into the very formation of body -soul – and spirit.

Supposing massive plans were underway to incorporate the vast cultural globalism and weaving cultural impulses through cosmopolitanism of Alexander the Great and Aristotle, the joining together of the Celtic and the Greek Folk-Souls, all seeking for service in the new Christ Impulse? We would do well to consider the underpinnings of the Michael Stream to include the Esoteric Celtic Archangel and the Exoteric Greek Archangel selected by Christ to represent Michael Sun Christianity. (These factors are considered here CLICK LINK)

These mysteries were brought down down to Earth through the incarnations of souls bearing the New Christic/Luciferic Love and Peace Revolution of a combined Exoteric and Esoteric entirely refashioned form of Brotherhood and Christianity on Earth. It was a combined experiment designed, planned, agreed upon by all of us and carried by The Guardian of the Threshold, Christian Rosenkreuz and carried into the fray of WW I by his partner in the Christ Mysteries, Rudolf Steiner.

“Khepri was connected with the scarab beetle (kheprer), because the scarab rolls balls of dung across the ground, an act that the Egyptians saw as a symbol of the forces that move the sun across the sky.Age of America 2 Ankh Sun Beetle and Beatles Egyptian Consciousness Soul Khepri was thus a solar deity. Young dung beetles, having been laid as eggs within the dung ball, emerge from it fully formed. Therefore, Khepri also represented creation and rebirth, and he was specifically connected with the rising sun and the mythical creation of the world. The Egyptians connected his name with the Egyptian language verb kheper, meaning “develop” or “come into being”.[1] Kheper, or (Xeper) is a transcription of an ancient Egyptian word meaning to come into being, to change, to occur, to happen, to exist, to bring about…”

These massive cultural variables in the turbulence of the waves of Time and generations after the 1950’s, after the Dawning of the Nuclear Age, were prime concerns for the Fallen Spirits of Darkness and their empire. Brotherhood and free expression, Freedom of Speech, of Protests, would lock up and cripple the full Ahrimanic unfolding agenda Ahrimanic Groups had planned for the United States.

This Luciferic Hippie Festival of Brotherhood and Peace Age of America 2 Luciferic Christic Rishis inspirationhad to be shattered in order for Ahriman to regain his momentum and prepare for his Incarnation in the West. So when we look at the critical confrontation between the Bush Dynasty and the assassination and murder of Three of the Kennedy’s, John F, Robert and John, John Jr. we are looking directly into the secrets of George H.W.

“…this phone call demonstrates, clearly, that George Bush, was on duty that day.

“He was staying at the Dallas Sheraton because his duty assignment was in Dallas. His phone call to the FBI cannot have been random. This James Parrott worked for Bush as a sign-painter; he was not an assassin; this phone call is not what it purports to be; Bush was fulfilling some obscure under-cover function in making this call. So the phone call has to be seen as part of his CIA assignment; which was clearly connected to the assassination. This memo then establishes that Bush was in the Dallas area, and on duty; and that his duty assignment was connected to the assassination. And if his men were in Dallas shooting the President, as they were, he was certainly on duty supervising them. If he were not supposed to be supervising them, his bosses would have assigned him to be at his home office in Houston, Texas; or on his oil rigs in the Caribbean.”

Bush shattered the Luciferic Love Generation, and inserted the stream of Ahrimanic family line of George Herbert Walker, George W. and in the big dream, Jeb. The United States was to serve Ahriman’s Intentions and Michael, Christian Rosenkreuz and Peace, Brotherhood and Love, BY WHATEVER MEANS, was to be diluted, diverted and shattered into a million little corporate jingles, movie and sitcom sound bytes, Super Bowl creative hooks for addicting junkie consumerism. To promote and serve consumer materialism all the left overs from the Fantastic Freak Generation of Love were set to be used like bacon in bear traps. That is why we discussed the evolution of THE BEATLES IN PART 1.

Hoover was sent down from the spiritual world in an insinuated guise. Hoover studied Hitler’s organized surveillance tactics like a younger brother worships an older brother. Hoover supervised and trained no less than 6 Presidents in the rules of keeping files, records and surveillance on all influential people who could shape the American Conscience. There were, F. Roosevelt 1933-45, Truman 1945-53, Eisenhower 1953-61, Kennedy 1961-63, Johnson 1963-69, & Nixon 1969 until J.E. Hoover’s death in 1972. And than a long list of current Presidents that finally have turned insatiable War Criminality into the joy of the American Spirit in murdering millions. Hoover and Hitler had a lot in common. They both were prepared by Ahriman in retaliation against Michael the Archai and countenance of the Spiritual Sun.

Hoover and the monsters of the American Psyche


“Each manifestation of Sorath occurs not only in one year but in a kind of window of time around it. Steiner always associated the destruction of the Templars with the second manifestation of Sorath’s activity in 1332, but the Templars were in fact destroyed not in 1332 but some 25 years earlier, between 1307 and 1314. It is interesting, however, to map this 25-year periodicity (1307-1332) with a similar 25-year periodicity prior to the third manifestation of Sorath’s activity in 1998 – thus, the period 1973-1998.Nylias Mihaly Michael twelve Holy Nights SAGittarius If the Sorathic activity does not end with the years 1332 and 1998 but occurs around them, ‘how far around’ them does it occur? Steiner’s indication for the 14th century would seem to suggest a period of at least 25 years prior to the exact center of the Sorathic activity: 1307-1332. We can therefore imagine that there was a similar 25-year period on the other side of the central exact date, which would take us to 1357. We can imagine here an impulse fading in to a peak and then fading out again. If there is anything to such thoughts, we would  expect that this 50 year period would be especially marked by severe crises. What do we find?

“These events in the 7th and 14th centuries when Sorath manifested its activity were major turning points in history. If we map a similar window of time onto our present era, then we get a 50-year period of Sorath’s activity over the years 1973-1998-2023, rising from the early 1970’s to a peak around 1998 and then fading again towards 2023. It is not difficult to recognize that thus far, as we have approached and entered this 21st century, this period too has been one of exceptional crisis for humanity.

The other Cultic Event staged by Ahriman at the dawn of the 21st century was the collapse of THREE TOWERING SKYSCRAPERS in New York City (Click Link) and a full coup d’état of the United States. Ahriman took hold of his mission to control the nursling school of Black Magicians on his roster and accelerate the force of the gigantic Shadow of Sorath over the world.

We are all, over the entire globe, in preparation for Ahriman’s Incarnation in the West. We are all witness to the Inquisitional legalization of torture, sadism and the return of human Knight Templar extermination. We were witness to the demonic corruption of the Church when Lucifer forces ruled religion and we are witness to the demonic corruption of America and the political system of the Ahrimanic United States in the person of Dick Cheney and his preparer, J. Edgar Hoover. The chain of undercurrent command and successors to the Political Puppets of the United States, runs from Hoover out to the Sorathian Surge well beyond 2023. So how do the delinquents who imagine they understand TIME delude themselves and delude our children?

And it was J.Edgar Hoover who slipped through, from the Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, who was sent in to prepare the way and to shatter the objective educational model of how our human DOUBLE is pedagogically active in every human being. He helped shatter the specific objective educational factors we should have grasped in howAge of America Electrical currents, magnetic field Ahrimanic Western Hemisphere our human double is simply more powerful in the Western Landmass and the magnetic geography of the United States.

Hoover was sent in to divert human thinking and education from gaining insight into the workings of The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness. Hoover was sent to ‘prepare the way’ up to 1972, for the coming of another wave of strong Sorathian attacks. Pity none of us have been allowed to study the deeper mysteries of history and TIME. Hoover popularized James Cagney, prohibition and crime. He prepared the way and passed the Baton of propaganda to the wave of Sorathian torture mongers collected around Dick Cheney.


“Harry Haller, in Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf (1927), learns from the “Treatise on the Steppenwolf.” This treatise informs Harry that men have an inborn need to regard the self as a unit:

“And if ever the suspicion of their manifold being dawns upon men of unusual powers and of unusually delicate perceptions, so that, as all genius must, they break through the illusion of the unity of the personality and perceive that the self is made up of a bundle of selves, they have only to say so and at once the majority puts them under lock and key, calls science to aid, establishes schizomania and protects humanity from the necessity of hearing the cry of truth from the lips of these unfortunate persons.

“The split personality doppelgänger is also found in the work of another famous Scottish writer – James Hogg with The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.”  Some doppelganger stories feature the doppelganger that is already within us and a part of us, a second self awaiting opportunity to metamorphose into a separate being.

Age of America 2 double study in Zanoni B. LyttonZANONI remains as an Initiate Encounter with the Occult Forces of our entangled subconscious Doppelganger. (Click Link for further study.)

“…the stereotypical doppelganger as originally conceived by Jean Paul Richter in the late eighteenth century for his novel Siebenkas (1796-97). Unlike Golyadkin Sr. and Golyadkin Jr. in Dostoevsky’s The Double (1864), or Schwendy and Habeland in E.T.A. Hoffman’s “The Doubles” (1821), Arctor/Fred is a psychological rather than physical double; he is a split-personality, a second-self reminiscent of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886). Of his book Stevenson wrote, in his essay “A Chapter on Dreams” (1888), that he “had long been trying to write a story…to find a body, a vehicle, for that strong sense of man’s double being which must at times come in upon and overwhelm the mind of every thinking creature.” Age of America 2 designing the doubleThus it is that the dignified Dr. Jekyll, impeccable in respectability, immaculate of reputation, seeks relief for his repressed instincts in the guise of another identity. His transformation into Mr. Hyde is deliberate and depends, initially at least, on the drugs which he has concocted. As Dr. Jekyll states in the written note he leaves before he kills himself, “man is not truly one, but truly two. I say two, because the state of my own knowledge does not pass beyond that point…I learned to recognize the thorough and primitive duality of man.”

Age of America 2 HooverWhat we are looking at with J. Edgar Hoover was a curious male who had a complex obsessive compulsive disorder of his highly uncontrolled shadow. J. Edgar Hoover is a study in Hypochondria where any description or mention of any disease would immediately bring on psychosomatic symptoms of that disease crawling up the astral body of Hoover. The susceptibility to destructive or disease patterns by mere suggestion, by rumor, by instant hypnotic suggestibility, a thought or description in a newspaper, a mere fly, “…he became demented on seeing an un-swatted fly, his insistence that agents not step on his SHADOW”.

J. Edgar Hoover was an Obsessive Compulsive Hand Washer like most manic compulsives. Just think of the study of the disjointed Double integration in the personality of Jack Nicholson in  (“AS GOOD AS IT GETS” click link). But John Edgar shared most of his obsessive compulsive behavior traits and anomalies with another study in the infestation and coupling of the Human Double. The case of Howard Hughes.

Well over 5 million U.S. cases of the Doppelganger overcoming the foundations of the Human Soul (Click Link)

Both the brilliance of what the intruding Double does to a human personality and the wild unruly, unreasonable, etheric and astral distortions of how the Doppelganger warps the mirror of the soul and saturates our etheric and astral body and seeps in and overwhelms the personality, the little SELF, appeared in both Hughes and Hoover. (Howard Hughes OCD “THE AVIATOR”) The Self becomes a distorted mirror,Age of America 2 distorted mirror a warped reflection, a dominating pathology if the I Am is not trained to account for this Being who intrudes upon us.

Howard Hughes and Hoover had phobias and built in defenses against having the outside world discover their hidden and secret selves.(Click Link commingling signs and symptoms of the invasion of the human double) In J.Edgar Hoover the super surveillance state arose from the super tension between how Hoover snuck into the darkness of everyone elses shadows, while perfecting the tense surveillance of his own life long shadow. He used his power as keeper of Presidential Secrets to lay the foundations of the entire lying and deceptive forces, now blossoming forth, of our New Law Enforcement, and our total corruption of the once magnificent Justice system of the United States. Hoover had the assignment to lay the occult and social foundation for diverting our national attention from our objective recognition of our all pervasive shadow companion.

Everyone knew that the FBI should have been founded on the concrete grasp of our lower nature, our Doubles, where crime, serial killers, Asuric horror, of  ‘snuff ‘ films, where our impulses and instincts bring us directly into contact with extreme Fallen Entities. It is all very nice that Jung wasn’t fully able to pin-point the reality of the full terrain of sub-sensible Entities. It is wonderful that the majestic Joseph Campbell was an exquisite mythologist. The riddle of our own subversive Entities and our own shadows as real factors were quietly edited out of our education. These vast Entities make up part of the entire deleted reality of our psyche’s. What kind of personality disorder manifested itself in Hitchcock’s “Pyscho”?

Norman Bates:
Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.

Humanity is under the mandate of the Twelve Step Program designed by Sophia Herself.  Our entire human forms stand before us as the Artistic Expression of the Zodiac.Nut and Isis Sophia We all carry the Starry Sophia Brand in our upright human skeletal system. We are surrounded by corporate brand names, registered trademarks, product placement, but to recognize the distinct brand name of the Stars and Sophia in our human forms remains deliberately out of reach and tossed in the bin marked do not open until it is too late. We will discuss the Brand Name and the assembly line structure of the human form from the factory of the Star Queen Sophia, as a replication of the Zodiac, later.

Joni Mitchell and an entire generation literally hungered to say that we are the artistic expression and children of the Divine Sophia of the Stars.(Click Link) It was on the tip of the Love Generations Tongue, it hung around like a thick vapor to merge our unconscious longing for myth and science into a Spiritual Vision of Humanity. There are Angels and the Hierarchies and there is humanity in a concrete School of TIME. There is the shattering of our psyche into a million pieces and the possibility attaining in the distant future the conscious cohesion of our Divinity.

All this should have been part of the healthy foundational education and mission of humanity. Waldorf Education prepares the soul to arrive at the New Science of the Spirit. The sitcom of our never ending cycle of our infatuation with crime and the criminal mind pay for the manufacturing of our external enemies and funds our intoxication for more elaborate destructive weaponry.Age of America 2 glut of military destruction outweighs goodness Only the deluded who drank the Kool-Aid cannot see the insanity of our Military Budget that overwhelms any goodness that could arise in the United States. So now we can understand that it is ourselves that create the pressure of a growing evil, and that evil entities must co-exist with goodness and goodness must gain the strength to confront our own simplistic delusions.

We have created our own split in humanity. If redemptive goodness is to arise the whole field of humanity must be covered in the manure of evil. From such manure frail human courage can push forth out of the darkness and grow like a frail rose into the light. How can the American and Global Culture allow itself to be covered over with such evil? And that is the horrific Manichean Riddle of the unleashing of The Monsters of the American Psyche, it all comes from within us and foreshadows the dividing of humanity. Because we are terrified to look and study this dividing of humanity was outlined in Part 1.

Denial is a river in Egypt. Denial and our broken record John Wayne patriotic militarism, with a failure to be alert enough in soul to know when the United States became an Ahrimanic weapon of mass destruction is all the result of stubborn materialistic brainwashing. “And I dreamed I saw the bombers Riding shotgun in the sky And they were turning into butterflies Above our nation” The Love Generation saw the beast, opposed the War Machinery and the fruits of such efforts were that a generation after Hoover attempted to correct the dumbed down soft fascism of the current FBI, a new investigative intelligence of the Consciousness Soul arose in THE X – FILES (Click Link).

Age of America 2 Rod SerlingRod Serling with his Twilight Zone, Chris Carter of the X-Files and Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad are part of the exoteric sharpened clarity of telling tales of the complexity of the American Egregore, our collective Group Soul Imagination. These tales of the Consciousness Soul and our rational Intelligence and Intellects confronting Entities and Beings near the threshold of human consciousness are considered entertainment.kinopoisk.ru But all of these authors, directors, writers and all of us draw off the fountain, the deep well of the Esoteric foundations of humanity.

The Prophets and the Prophecies (Simon and Garfunkel – (Click Link)

It cannot be otherwise for no matter where we turn we are faced with the riddles of existence encountered and understood by St. John, Rudolf Steiner, and the Artists of the Novalis Initiation Schools. Every human being is subject to our roaming intuitions and speculations that lay at the foundation where the actual Beings that populate the deep regions of the American Psyche, dwell.

The Human Double and Entities encountered at birth

“A golem is a creature made out of clay into which life has been injected by magical means. The Hebrew word golem means something incomplete or unfinished, as in the verse (Psalms 139:16) referring to the human embryo: “Thine eyes did see mine unfinished substance (golmi).”Age of America 2 Golem

“In the year 1808, Jakob Grimm, of fairy-tale fame, wrote: “After saying certain prayers and observing certain fast days, the Polish Jews make the figure of a man from clay or mud, and when they pronounce the divine name over him, he must come to life. He cannot speak, but he understands fairly well what is said or commanded. They call him Golem and use him as a servant to do all sorts of housework.” This kind of legend evidently enjoyed a wide circulation.”

“The legend of the golem has also suffered from a too-literal interpretation. Probably the most well known version of the golem story is Gustav Meyrink’s classic expressionistic novel The Golem, published in 1915. Several film versions of the golem story have been made; the best-known is probably Paul Wegener’s 1920 version. In the first film to deal with the theme, Otto Rippert’s 1916 Homunculus, a scientist creates an artificial man and endows him with more than human powers. Age of America 2 Lachman Rudolf SteinerWhen this superman discovers his true origin—that he is not human at all and can never feel love—he reacts violently and inaugurates a reign of terror that leads to his destruction. This notion of a lack, of something missing, also haunts homunculi in future storytelling.”  Gary Lachman  “Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to His Life and Work

Perversity finds perversity and a study in crime, privacy and the hidden secrets of every human being became for Hoover his seat of Power. Hoover’s legacy has left us with a deeply rooted national shadow that has grown to monstrous global proportions. Hoover’s need to suppress his own shadow and hold power over everyone elses doppelganger helped prepare the way for the Incarnation of Ahriman in the West.

Twilight Zone and the Double (Click Link)

“Hoover found his niche in life as a “hunter of men,” served under 10 presidents over a period of five decades, creating what Eleanor Roosevelt characterized as an American Gestapo.”


There are also many things we can do to reduce our Digital Shadows

Trace My Shadow

“Trace My Shadow” is an interactive visualization designed to help you learn in detail about the effects of using online services and devices.

The surveillance program PRISM by the US secret service NSA has reminded us that all of our activities online may be monitored without giving us the chance to understand whether we really are targeted or what the purpose of this monitoring is. Information is being collected about us all but we have little understanding about how it is being used.

Select what device you are using – a computer that has a Microsoft operating system, an Android mobile phone – and then what you are using it for: Google services, Facebook, or online banking. You will then be able to see how each device and each activity leaves its traces. For example, let’s say you are using a mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card to create and use a Facebook account. Trace My Shadow will list 26 separate traces about yourself that are stored on different servers – that you don’t have access to. This tool allows us to know what the traces are, and also whether we can do anything to minimize the digital shadow they cast.

The Ahrimanic Leaders and Ahrimanic Scientists will gather the crumbs and fragments from the Age of the Fishes, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Capricorn, in imitation of how Christ gathered the crumbs and the fishes and began feeding the Five Thousand for the future of the 5th Age. Ahriman makes shattered humanity the bread and sacrament for his hungry hordes.

The Ahrimanic, Luciferic and Asuric schools become oenophile connoisseurs of the quality of the shattered contents of souls and spirits. The Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric elite become the new scientific connoisseurs who collect from the wreckage of humanity the potent forces of Etheric, Astral and I AM imprisoned and captured vintage Merlot and Cabernet’s. We can learn a great deal from fairy tales.

The Soul Cages

Age of America 2 humanity absorbed by our doppelganger“At first Jack thought that there wasn’t much of a difference between houses in the ocean and houses on the land. At least that is what he thought, until he came to Coomara’s “Curiosity Room”. The room was littered with lobsterpots.

“Jack inquired about the pots in the room. Coomara explained that they were “soul cages”. When sailors drowned at sea, their souls would sink to the bottom. The souls did not survive well underwater, so they’d take refuge in Coomara’s lobster traps.”

Our sweet Fairy Tales contain strange insights. The insight from Soul Cages reminded me of “Awakenings” — with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams and the curious destiny of Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin Copies and collections of vintage aged Initiates etheric, astral or fragments of their I AM’s stored in amber, human butterflies captured by old Scratch in ornate Chinese boxes or after-death, captured Soul and Spirit Beings caught in SOUL CAGES made a curious impression on me.

In “Princess Bride” the height of Luciferic Hollywood sucks every icon and image of America we cherished, the very soul and substance of a person, is bought out and sold on the auction bloc of cinematic slavery, a figmentation, fragmentation and Pixelization of the tiny particles of what materialism and the magnetic/electronic double craves and covets, in it’s appetite in devouring the remnants of the human soul, bundled into one Demonic Contract. (“The Congress” CLICK LINK)

One of the most effective ways to draw sharks in for capture and research is chumming. Chopped up meat to catch sharks. Devachan fallen replications butchered and sold. (Click Link) how Art was butchered and sold. But creating a fan cult that collects and worships the shattered  fragments of the human soul and spirit in one incarnation and chaining the astral devachan After Image of the etheric gesture, voice and movement to a dead image, is part of capturing the squirming human soul. Like pinning dried and departed butterflies on a collectors board. (Click Link)

Hannibal Lecter: “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.” (Click Link)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz/Syrah, Pinot noir, Red Zinfandel, sherry and port are all red wine varietals. Malbec, a red wine, is smooth, coming from France and Argentina. Meritage is a fancy word for blending of any two or more wines (i.e. Merlot and Cabernet). Shiraz (Australia) and Syrah (France) are the same variety and are usually spicy or peppery, which is influenced by the amount of rain in the area and the dirt the grapes grow in. Chianti is similarly medium-bodied, but can definitely range in fullness. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot grigio, White Zinfandel, Riesling and Moscato are all varieties of white. Riesling is sweet, but Moscato is sweetest.

The Human Being under the domination of Ahrimanic Sciences coming in the future, would be the sustenance for enhanced, heightened, cunning parasites designed to use humanity to raise the Fallen Kingdom of Darkness that Michael cast down to Earth in his battle in Heaven.

The Magnetic Center force where the double is enhanced at Embryo level into a dominating role in the brain and heart system Age of America 2 the double and the twinsas an active, controlling doppel, a powerful twin, a shadow being using the advanced service orders from a highly evolved Tesla technology, would be designed to serve the agenda of THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS.

“Tesla was an extraordinary, intuitive, creative genius who, among a great deal else, invented alternating current (which powers the the modern world) and radio (for which Marconi is often falsely given credit).

“Contemporary biographers of Tesla have deemed him “the father of physics”, “the man who invented the twentieth century”, and “the patron saint of modern electricity”.

“Much of his life’s work was about providing for the world free (i.e. zero-cost) energy, which Tesla envisaged would be broadcast wirelessly through the air or through the Earth itself with no need for powerlines – but despite years of trying, he never obtained the funding to achieve this, one of his dreams.

“It has long since been rumored that he invented or developed a significant number of electrical and electronic devices which were decades ahead of their time and would have been of special interest to US military and intelligence circles. Around 300 patents were issued to Tesla in 25 countries, many of them major and far-reaching in concept.

His many technological discoveries were certain to have drawn the attention of those hungry for world domination and superiority.

“By and large, Tesla’s inventions and his career were excluded from our history books because his inventions and patents were stolen and then weaponized.

“It was never intended for us to learn about the suppression of Tesla’s advanced scientific discoveries, nor about those who profited from their theft—the orchestrators of the master plan.

Tesla’s TowerAge of America 2 Wi-Fi towers for Free Electricity over the entire Earth

“When Morgan discovered that the tower would transmit free electricity and radio waves, he cancelled the project and had the tower dismantled, then sold for scrap. Morgan was not about to allow Americans to receive free electricity, television and radio.

“Tesla was devastated when he received the news, but continued on with his new inventions.”

“Following Tesla’s death the United States Office of Alien Property, under the instructions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, confiscated all of Tesla’s papers and property. This was an interesting maneuver considering that Tesla was a United States citizen.”

Entertainment vs Initiation and cohesion of the Heart as well as the brain, reveals what happens when the Brain and the higher devachan become detached from the human heart. Age of America 2 heart and brain split twin doubleThis cohesion of the I AM in the core of the Hollow Human Soul, is not only The Philosophy of Freedom, it is also the Representative of Humanity vs Laocoön and his Sons. Ahriman despises the reality that our hearts, our love, our karmic core of being is the central organ of our conscience, compassion and courage.

If from pre-birth at the embryological doorway, humanity, from prior to cradle and held prisoner in the devachan even after death, each of us born in the coming Ahrimanic Race would never know that we were prisoners. Drugs would have to be administered to counteract the psychotic reactions that now appear like Autism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Psychosis. History and Civilization would be revamped. The advanced Devachan mapping of the brain and the nervous system along with destructive advanced pharmaceuticals would deliver an entirely new human culture. But those violent psychotic karma-consequential disturbances would have already been anticipated by big Pharma and would be gladly administered, even prior to birth, so that the Ahrimanic Race can ride rough shod over the Incarnation and Sophia Mysteries.

The Double would dominate and celebrate magnificent strides in technology, as we do today. A probable global peace as the shadow of the Arhrimanic Archai overtook every Archangel, language and country would be celebrated after the violent, virulent conflicts and global catastrophes. Ahriman in the guise of a great, great Spirit of Vision and fairness to all, a lofty humanitarian, who finally used science for peace would more than certainly be embraced. After such manipulated and designed global catastrophes our acceptance of the conditions of a culture designed by holding the higher I AM, under Ahrimanic House Arrest would be humanities trade-off.

Age of America 2 the secret of birth initiation and resurrectionThe trade off to Ahrimanically Designed plenitude and splendor would be the elimination of the conscience and moral inner I Am, that controls for itself it’s own higher initiation. Our higher evolution into The Stars and Sophia Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ cohesion would be shifted from Inside to Outside. Instead of the Birth from the Stars and Sophia we would be born under the gifted Ahrimanic Group Soul that despises the Initiation of the I.

As we sought our Karmic Groups on Earth, from before birth, within The Hierarchies, Sophia Star Wisdom and the guidance of Christ, would be ripped from the soul through the agencies of Ahrimanic Science. Cradle to Grave, Cradle to Grave Ahrimanic Science seeks from before conception and before Cradle to Beyond the Threshold of Death, to retain the Group Soul of the Ahrimanic Empire in a locked and imprisoned state. Both just before birth to long after death the Ahrimanic Sciences would prevent humanity from achieving on Earth Conscious Karmic transformation or conscious karmic cohesion and recognition of karma redemption. Ahrimanic forces would prevent humanity from working on the future karma of the Earth. The I AM would be unable to break free from the Earthly Tomb Ahriman has sealed it in.

Instead of Christ, the Ahrimanic Archai of the West would take full credit for Peace on Earth and lock the door and seal the tomb against the I AM of humanity ever rolling away the stone of scientific materialism. Behind that sealed door is the vivid revelation of the Risen Etheric Christ Mystery. The Tomb of the Human Heart would be sealed and the unfathomable riches of the heart, the mysteries of the Threshold and the Hierarchies would be shut tighter than any Roman Guards restless slumber. The Devachan and the threshold of birth and death would be guarded by the fallen Arch Beings of Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuras.

Presuming that Ahriman succeeds in building his kingdom around the myth of the abducted Human Changeling, the karma kidnapping and actual hijacking of actual Human Spiritual Beings, humanity and their Free I AM would be enslaved and not know it. The New Ahrimanic Race spawned from the West will devour the living Etheric, Astral and residual I AM spiritual substance and insert a replacement, a more cunning, brilliant and empty human race. Our children, under the future Ahrimanic Sciences would be bound and enslaved in the new elemental kingdoms of Ahriman’s race of  The Changelings.

The great dragon that brought numerous fallen stars (Astral Ahrimanic Angel Beings) down to Earth, fell into human heads and Ahrimanic Science rose from the West and restored their exiled Kingdom. The stars of heaven?Age of America space hallucinations To comprehend our star stupidity, is to imagine a massive Sci-Fi UFO (MARS ATTACKS) fleet of advanced aliens in battle array clustered around the perimeter of the Earth and knocking out our satellite and communication systems (INDEPENDENCE DAY).

Rather, (and I appreciate science fiction cartoons as much as any fan of Sci-Fi) but it is occult misdirection, occult diversion, so that instead of knowing that the STARRY WORLD has just been swept clean of some of the more vicious Angelic predators, who had served a purpose at the Thresholds of Birth and Death, we tell ourselves it is all flowery and sweet up in the Heavens. Not really and we shall discover these Threshold Beings sentenced to a term down on Earth a little later.

It was Michael’s battle in the Heavens that ushered in new strengths and new maturity for human thinking, but with a consequential cost. We are happily brainwashed to willingly equate St. John’s horrific Dragon Horde tossed to Earth with our convenient gibberish about alien beings.

After all, from our regimented thinking there is no After Life in the Starry Worlds or Astral Devachan regions of the Soul and Spirit, only empty measureless space. And we spend our time longing for other Worlds like ours. Just think of what “Like Ours” implies. It means that we shall not trespass in our education the law, there shall be no denial or defaming of the god of materialism.

Ahriman “Like Ours” means that Ahrimanic entities have taken possession of Humanities INTELLECTUAL SOUL REGION. Age of America 2 Ahriman's ideal of humanityThe Intellectual Soul possesses the peculiar attribute of not having to recapitulate ANYTHING. (Click Link for detailed study) Our Intellectual Soul developed in the Fourth Age, the age of the Ram. Aries is destined to be the pivot that stays the same as rational intelligence in the service of materialism. The Intellectual Soul Region is the territory, where the habitation, bivouac and encampment for Ahrimanic Beings is most satisfying for their strategic operations.  It is the most conducive for the swarm of icy cold Intelligence that are the nature of Fallen Ahrimanic Beings.

Rudolf Steiner

“What Buddha accomplished had to be carried into the intellectual- or mind-soul. This soul, through its position between the sentient soul and the consciousness- or spiritual-soul, possesses the peculiar attribute of not having to recapitulate anything. The Old Indian epoch will be repeated in the seventh, the Old Persian in the sixth, the Egyptian in our own; but just as the fourth epoch stands alone, apart from the others, so does the intellectual- or mind-soul. The forces necessary for our intellectual faculties which only appear in the spiritual-soul, could not be developed in the intellectual soul; although these were only to appear later, they had to be laid down in germ and stimulated at an earlier period. In other words: the impulse for logical thinking had to be given before the Buddha gave the impulse for Conscience. Conscience was to be organised into man in the fourth epoch; conscious, pure thinking was to develop in the consciousness- or spiritual-soul in the fifth epoch, but had to be laid down in the third epoch of civilization, as the germ for what we are evolving now.”

We are trained from birth in the West that there are no higher worlds filled with magnificent Beings. The heavens must be just like us, now, today and carry the same INTELLECTUAL SOUL garbage that we have all been trained to carry. Beings from other worlds must use technology just like we do and certainly must not have developed any higher capacities that both our Angels and we possess. Consciousness would remain frozen at the Intellectual Soul and never evolve the current CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL of the current 5th Age of Pisces we are in.

Today, instead of our true Consciousness Soul, our politics and propaganda clutches the infected regions of our Intellectual Soul and reigns supreme as the propaganda of dense Star Stupidity and severe Ahrimanic restrictions on human thinking. The higher fire and facts of St. John are previews of the higher Astral Devachan Intelligence where St. John truly witnessed the unfolding immense Science of Time and the vast unfolding activity of the Ever-Present Christ Being.

So as we study the Western Hemisphere, as we did in part 1 we also studied the departure of the Moon from the Pacific Ocean. The departure of the Moon that orbits our Earth occurred very early in the history of the Earth. It left the Ring of Fire where mighty Inner Earth Mysteries, Fire Mysteries connected to the moral forces of both the living and the dead, still disrupt and disturb the Earth with volcanic and deep Earth shock waves.Age of America wound of the Moon exit ring of fire

We discussed in Part 1 that Hollywood sits on strands of numerous fault lines, like strings of a guitar, that vibrate through California. These fault lines and the forces of Hollywood, sit at the bridge where the Moon Left the Earth. The whole mystery of the Pacific Ring of Fire releases Kamaloca Earth/Moon disturbances into the geographic, astral and devachan bridge that runs, with highly sensitive psychic force out of California. But also by occult and geographic knots tied in the West, the bridge to the old kamaloca clairvoyance of how the dead are living in the moral forces of the future of the Earth, seem to erupt with distinct devachan oracularness from atavistic Hollywood. The whole Ring of Fire rounding from the bottom of the South American Andes to Japan, are all part of the sensitive wounds left by the occult departure of the Moon.

What is Hollywood and the Ring of Fire? It is an empty Eye Socket.

The Graeae were three women who shared a single eye among them. The Digital Eye serving three fallen soul forces is part of the advanced science of cinematography. So, when one of the Graeae were about to give the eye to one of the others, Perseus grabbed it and blackmailed them to aid him in getting the head of Medusa.

Age of America 2 todd schorr hydra big screen AmericaNow in dealing with the Hydra Headed or the abstract atavistic clairvoyance of the West, one must be clear that Medusa was a beautiful young lady once in the service of the gods as priestess for Athena.  A Hollywood starlet. Athena, however, is our pure Logos Science of the Spirit that sprang out of the head of Zeus. Athena was a Warrior Class who kept Cosmic Thinking alive, defended the Laws of the Logos as a Michael Intel Warrior.

So when Medusa betrayed that purity of cosmic thinking, or when humanity distorts and lies about the Logos and Cosmic thinking, Athena can get pretty downright vicious.We shall look at just how vicious and protective of the Logos Athena can be, when we enter the EIGHTH SPHERE.

In Hollywood we have had the domination of the single eye of the fallen forces of the human soul, the wild inspirations of the three blind soul forces of the Graeae whose empty eye sockets must borrow one single eye for the three soul hags to become an atavistic camera. (Click Link Keanu Reeves documentary “Side by Side”) Age of America 2 single eye atavism and hollywoodWithout the higher Logos of Cosmic Thinking, with the betrayal of Cosmic Thinking and the Hierarchies, we get thousands of strands of serpentine fiber optics, streaming from the Digital Streaming Lunar Eye that scans the untransformed nightmares of the blind hags of the Graeae. The Graeae channeled through their single camera Eye all the wild mythic visions and subconscious nightmares out to our own Big screen T.V.’s.Hollywood Medusa And without either the sciences of Anthrosophia or the discipline of Athena, Ahriman can make a whole race of pulsating Devachan atavistic Medussa’s sprout from the heads of his new breed of human beings. Spiritual Hallucinations for everyone will be part of the religion of Ahriman.

Now as to the question of Kamaloca and the realm of the recently departed, it is the Ring of Fire that is the wound left by the departure of the Moon. The 6th layer of the Inner Earth is connected with the Volcanic Forces of Fire that the dead pass through on their way to the Moon Beings. Hollywood and the Ring of Fire is a sensitive geographic portal that can be richly studied if we take Athena and Cosmic Intelligence seriously. (READ AND STUDY THIS LINK) Which means that we understand the departure of the Moon and Digital and Celluloid stream of the Kamaloca and the Ancient Moon Beings.

Age of America 2 magnetic fields of the EarthAnd this magnetic mountain ridged spine of the Embryo of the vast Earth has a magnetic super conductor built into it. The giant spine, and the ring of fire of the rumpled Mountain Ranges, are not only extremely sensitive devachan streams of clairvoyance sent up through the Earth, but also the eye-sore and eye-socket of Hollywood geographically attracts, magnetically attracts writers, directors, artists of all sorts, to feel the oddity of Kamaloca streaming beneath their feet. (Click Link R.I.P.D.)

The dead and the living, immoral and moral forces, the shattered fragments of the past and the tortured nightmares of the future still stream along the magnetic wound where our visible Moon exited our Earth. Atavistically such creations in film, like “The Pacific Rim” are asking questions that the Graeae cannot answer.

Somehow part of that sensitivity to the vast Kamaloca Moon Beings who create the catharsis devachan pictures for the world of the departed that stirs in the wound along the geographic Ring of fire, ends up attracting all kinds of artists to the tar pits of Hollywood.

We have to consider how the magnetic Dragon’s Tail of the spine of the Earth plays a significant part in the future Ahrimanic Race forming technoloy of the Western Hemisphere. We have to consider the Ahrimanic Opening of the fallen Devachan Gates of the underworlds through the manipulation of the magnetic Earth directly into the instinctual, atavistic Human Double.

Age of America 2 north south magnetic mountain TESLA

Revelation 12:4

“Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. 4And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the Age of America Fall of the spirits of Darkness Stars in Heaven Sophia star wisdomdragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child. 5And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.…”

How do you know what our American Imaginations are saying accords with higher Devachan Science and The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness? How do we define the HYDRA tendency? Chop off one head and another grows back? Depose one Ahrimanic leader and another takes it’s place? Well here are a couple of clues.

“…we learn that Zola was responsible for designing the algorithm used by Project Insight to determine which people to target for preemptive assassination.  Unbeknownst to many of the Project’s supporters, the algorithm would serve Hydra’s goals by killing political and military leaders, superpowered individuals, and many others…Age of America 2 Hydra 1

“When we meet Dr. Zola in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Click Link) he had become one with his computer network, infusing his mind into the circuitry. He had become pure rational thought. Since I believe Dr. Zola lost all of his humanity as a Nazi, I found this incident as redundant, although his manifestation as a computer program was an excellent metaphor for his inhumanity.

“What these people evidently needed from Dr. Zola, was not only the mental capability to create an algorithm to profile every person on the planet but the vacuous conscience of a Nazi doctor who never had to face a war-crime tribunal. His algorithm would not only target the right people, it would be cold, calculated, and without mercy.

Alexander Pierce

[Robert Redford was made for this role from Three Days of the Condor to 1/2 dozen super smart deep throat warnings that the U.S. Government is a certifiable Monster. This is what the U.S. and NSA wants, to become an arm of Ahrimanic Nazism, soft fascism in preparation for the Incarnation globally of Ahriman] Age of America 2 not a stupid American

“All Pierce wanted was peace on earth for 7 billion people, in exchange for one third of one percent of the population. That is all. In medical terms, it is laser hair removal. As the miniscule means to such a glorious end, it is easy to see how Hydra persuaded so many people to stand behind Project Insight, to set the targets, and even pull the trigger.

In any genocide, giving the horrific act a proper name that followers can rally around is very important. Hitler called the Holocaust the final solution; other names for mass murders have included cleansing, purging, and even a great leap forward. Such was the case with Project Insight. Calling it Insight made it feel pragmatic and enlightened.”

What we are dealing with are sizzling fallen, dry ice burning and devastating Ahrimanic Archangelic Entities of the Threshold that were tossed out of the heavenly and starry worlds and entered receptive human heads, infected and  burrowed into the human Intellectual Soul and used their human hosts as it’s food, it’s new carapace. Picture it carefully. Suppose a human dies, there is a tunnel and we exit to a spiritual world.

Michael 5Suppose Christian Rosenkreuz, Christ and Michael decide to take over the duties of THE THRESHOLD? Christian Rosenkreuz becomes The Guardian of the Threshold. A swarm of super clever threshold beings, destructive beings used by the Hierarchies at one time, are now out of a job, out of date and tossed out on the street. These Threshold Entities still exist. We’re very sorry if with Hydra and The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness you remain unable to see how American Imaginations, cartoons, trivialize some of the deepest mysteries of humanity. But we are led to believe it is all cartoon fantasy. It is rather the broken mirror of Cosmic Intelligence distorted through the lens of the Graeae and Ahrimanic materialism.

But the exiled and fallen DESTRUCTIVE THRESHOLD ENTITIES see a portal where they can live and remain the destructive forces that they were trained to be. They see not only employment but life and in a desperate fight for survival, one and only one option remains. These beings see that the Human Intellectual Soul, where Robert Redford had played some of his sharpest roles, is a gateway to rebuild their destructive Life and tasks and retain a position in the cosmic order of things. They aim for humanity and through humanity become destructive beings of the Threshold that obstruct our attaining the wisdom of the Consciousness Soul.

Now we may ask, if the Holy Ghost and the Host of the Bread of Life are part of the good, can the entire Human Being also serve the nourishment and become the Bread, the Wine and the Host for these Ahrimanic and Fallen Beings? (Click Link) The Twilight episode HOW TO SERVE MAN.

The Human Host and the Reversal of Goodness

“I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life — ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.”

We shall discuss the intimate destructive work of these Fallen Threshold Beings a little later, but for us it is sufficient enough to know that some of our most cherished psychopaths, the easily diagnosed, HOLLOW SOULS that we discussed in part 1, will be the germinal seeds of ever more devastating conscious Black Magicians. They will feed off the shattered fragments of our I AM, our Astral bodies from our fragmented and shattered nervous systems. Our once healthy immune systems and etheric bodies will be used as nourishment and food sources for Fallen Ahrimanic, Asuric and Luciferic Beings.

The reversed Sacrament of the Host is to have Fallen Parasitical Beings, not Paradisaical Beings, Parasitical Beings come to feast on the shattered fragments of our humanity. Humanity becomes the desperate survival meal and sacrament for the survival of sub-sensible entities. This is the Reversed Sacrament, the reverse in behavior of everything that once was sacred Goodness in human behavior. We are learning to love the reverse of human goodness, sanity, and compassion. These Parasitical Beings are the true terrorists that have insinuated themselves into our Intellectual Soul and disguised their agenda in us exactly because we have stagnated ourselves at the level of materialistic rationalism.

These Entities overcome our own fellow human beings, that we failed to protect or detect in our political, medical and social environment. The invasion of these Fallen Entities using innocent children and their etheric forces as the host, using humanities astral and I AM shattered substance and forces as their host will devastate humanity and awaken such powerful Karma Perception that humanity will be forced to find the GOOD. Humanity in the 6th Age and the 7th age will be forced to find, awaken from our own spiritual agony the powers of The Bread of Life, The Budhi forces, the Life-Spirit in order to redeem what we enabled but refused to detect during the 5th Age.

To arrive at the core theme of THE LAMB OF GOD we come to a place where both the Demons and the Hierarchies intersect. Where the Revelation and the Apocalypse intimately intersect with the core of what reveals to us all a Good Being from an Evil Being. The Lamb the Age of the Ram and the Manichean battle Florian SydowThe Evil Being’s cannot deny and in fact thrive on the Goodness at the core of the Human Spirit. This core is how we identify the deep seat of the higher forces of the cosmos in the core of our human soul. It is how we even faintly comprehend the overwhelming Imagination of the future metamorphosis of ourselves into Creator Beings.

By the coming 6th Age we will have horrifically understood the Ahrimanic trap that sought to enslave the veritable essence of the Time Value of Human Beings that are set in the foundations of the world as the laws of Karma and Reincarnation. By the 7th Age our own sacrifice against the Black Magicians we have fostered will give humanity the Etheric and Life-Spirit forces that Christ manifested in His miracles and His signs and wonders.

Humanity will by then have understood and developed enough to sacrifice our divinity to foster the unfolding of creation and build together an entirely new transformation of the Earth into the Jupiter Evolution. By the 7th Age we will have evolved the Godhead and Divinity in the core of our beings and take up our role as future Angels. Upward mobility and the School of the Hierarchies is now in the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul our Freshman Initiation period into the Sorority and Fraternity of Sophia and the Heavenly Hierarchies.

We are in the place where both the depths of the Earth and the un-redeemed Demons of the Earth meet the Holiest forces that are the foundation of our human spirits. It is this which we have contemplated with our study of Sophia, the Stars and the Lamb of God. It was presented in it’s pristine purity, it’s tension between the pit of Hell, the deepest Asuric and Sorathian Schooling of Evil, against the background of St. John and the deepest Grandeur of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

TIME AND THE STARS THEMSELVES STOPPED for the heartbeat of Christ at the Golgotha moment in the 4th Age of the Ram. Yes really. There was a moment of Cosmic and Earth Arrhythmia at Golgotha. What gigantic expansion of the FIFTH CHAMBER OF THE HUMAN HEART SCIENCE arises, when we understand the stopping of the Heart of Christ on Golgotha? But instead of departing Earth, the entire system of the Earth was rebooted in a twinkling of the moment when the full thrust of death was conquered by Christ.

Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a tool we have to assess the heart rate and rhythm. This test can often detect heart disease, heart attack, an enlarged heart, or abnormal heart rhythms that may cause heart failure. What happened when the fortified Fifth Chamber of the Heart of Christ devoured death? Friends, dear beloved friends when we dare speak about the coming 6th Age of SPIRIT SELFHOOD, we are discussing what both Parsifal and Rudolf Steiner and a whole host of Beings, Buddha, St. Francis included, achieved. We hint at the Holy Grail of SPIRIT SELFHOOD. Can we even imagine the shock that shot through the Earth, through the realms of the Angels and the elemental beings of the Earth? The Celtic People, the Druids felt immediately the events that shook Golgotha. That is a true Geographic Revelation, that at Golgotha, in Mexico, in the far West and from the Celts in Europe the entire Earth felt the changes immediately at Golgotha when Christ Heart conquered death.

Spirit Selfhood is above the Consciousness Soul. Just as in the Pentecost Mysteries of Mary and the disciples overshadowed by Living Flames above their heads, astral devachan LIVING FORCES OF THE HEART OF THE CHRIST started pouring in it’s newest capacities into revitalized humanity. In the 6th Age this revitalized Spirit Selfhood that transcends language and connects us to the Living Heart of the Risen Etheric Christ will expand our own hearts to the FIFTH CHAMBER of human compassion, goodness and the serious reality of Karma Perception. So well we may ask ourselves, what happened when the physical Heart of the Christ Being stopped?Age of America 2 the Heart beat of Christ B. Whatley

“Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour…. Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the spirit. And, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks were split; and the graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints that slept were raised, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and into the holy city, and appeared unto many. Now, when the centurion, and they that were with him watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God” – (Matthew 27:45-54).

Writes Alfred Edersheim in The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah:

“And now a shudder ran through Nature, as its Sun had set. We dare not do more than follow the rapid outlines of the Evangelistic narrative. As the first token, it records the rending of the Temple-Veil in two from the top downward to the bottom; as the second, the quaking of the earth, the rending of the rocks and the opening of the graves.., while the rending of the Veil is recorded first, as being the most significant token to Israel, it may have been connected with the earthquake, although this alone might scarcely account for the tearing of so heavy a Veil from the top to the bottom. Even the latter circumstance has its significance. That some great catastrophe, betokening the impending destruction of the Temple, had occurred in the Sanctuary about this very time, is confirmed by not less than four mutually independent testimonies: those of Tacitus, of Josephus, of the Talmud, and of earliest Christian tradition. The most important of these are, of course, the Talmud and Josephus. The latter speaks of the mysterious extinction of the middle and chief light in the Golden Candlestick, forty years before the destruction of the Temple; and both he and the Talmud refer to a supernatural opening by themselves of the great Temple-gates that had been previously closed, which was regarded as a portent of the coming destruction of the Temple”

The Temple Veils were 60 feet long, 30 feet wide, and the thickness of the palm of a man’s hand, wrought in 72 squares. They were so heavy that we are told 300 priests were needed to manipulate each one. The Veil being rent from top to bottom was such a terrible portent because it indicated that God’s Own Hand had torn it in two, His Presence thus deserting and leaving that Holy Place.

Literature, film, the future and the past, the lessons of the schools of the Angels, Archangels, Archai and the whole magnificence of the zodiac, the stars and our solar system, all intersected on THE CROSS AND CRUCIFIXION OF TIME. To transcend TIME we are destined to be crucified on the CROSS OF TIME. To become Lambs of god and follow the upward direction of Initiation into the Angelic borderland of Spirit Selfhood, we shall ourselves face living time and dead time. To follow the trail of Time back through history and experience other human beings in our karma from the past and how they shall appear in the future will allow us to be true TIME TRAVELERS.

The entire mystery of The Lamb of God, lofty Sophia path of Star Development and Star Initiation unfolding of the future of humanity, through the 5th Age, the 6th Age, and the 7th Age of Earth Evolution leaves us stunned by the intuition of the Novalis and John the Baptist schools of revelation. Penetrating down to the core of our Being we meet once more the Lamb of God at the core of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (CLICK LINK).

When we penetrate the moral foundations of the universe, and here we are not being simplistic or naive, when we penetrate the moral foundations of the human spirit, Art and Science intersect at the crossroads of the Heights of Heaven and the Depths of Hell. What becomes of the most cunning of Black Magicians?

Their Holiest Sacrament, their sustenance and bread is the fallen flesh, the fallen etheric body, the fallen astral body and the fallen and shattered I AM of humanity. In other words the crumbs from the table of the Hierarchies feed the Demons. We are that sustenance. The tragedy is that Human Beings have been seduced into the legion of feasting off the shattered substance of the Divine in Humanity.

The Fallen Spirits of Darkness were cast away by Michael and the Hierarchies. They are being used by the gods to intensify and boost the higher evolution of humanity by comprehending the ranks of desperate beings who wish to rise and have the opportunity that humanity has NOW. Humanity has been given an opportunity, to see the gods, know the depths and choose to embrace what has existed as the School of lofty Spiritual preparation and Cosmic Development. And this lofty School of Sophia and Christ and THE LAMB OF GOD is not star stupidity. It is not cartoon science fiction. It is not the pathetic and narrow TIME THEORIES we pride ourselves in. This is where the Consciousness Soul and the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth now meet in the human heart.

The Asuras and The Lambs of God

                         Later, listen, I’ll –   Age of America 2 St John the Baptist; Nicolas REGNIER 1610

                                     DR. LECTER
                         I’ll listen now. After your father’s
murder, you were orphaned. You were
ten years old. You went to live with
cousins, on a sheep and horse ranch
in Montana. And – ?

  Age of America 2 Montana rockies clarice and the double             She turns from him. He presses closer, gripping the bars.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         Not “just,” Clarice. What set you
off? You started what time?

                         Early. Still dark.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         Then something woke you. What? Did
you dream…? What was it?

               IN FLASHBACK

The 10-year old Clarice sits up abruptly in her bed,
frightened. She is in a Montana ranch house; it almost dawn.
Strange, fearful shadows on her ceiling and walls… a window,
partly fogged by the cold; eerie brightness outside.

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         I heard a strange sound…

                                     DR. LECTER (V.O.)
                         What was it?

               THE CHILD RISES
crosses to the window in her nightgown, rubs the glass.

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         I didn’t know. I went to look…


Shadowy men, ranch hands, are moving in and out of a nearby
barn, carrying mysterious bundles. The mens’ breath is
steaming… A refrigerated truck idles nearby, its engine
adding more steam. A strange, almost surrealistic scene…

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         Screaming! Some kind of – screaming.
Like a child’s voice…

               THE LITTLE GIRL

is terrified; she covers her ears.

                                     DR. LECTER (V.O.)
                         What did you do?

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         Got dressed without turning on the
light. I went downstairs… outside…

               THE LITTLE GIRL

in her winter coat, slips noiselessly towards the open barn
door. She ducks into the shadows to avoid a ranch hand, who
passes her with a squirming bundle of some kind. He goes
into the barn, and she edges after him reluctantly.

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         I crept up to the barn… I was so
scared to look inside – but I had

               THE LITTLE GIRL’S POV

as the open doorway LOOMS CLOSER… Bright lights inside,
straw bales, the edges of stalls, then moving figures…

                                     DR. LECTER (V.O.)
                         And what did you see, Clarice?

      Age of America 2 silence of the lambs         A SQUIRMING LAMB

is held down on a table by two ranch hands.

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         Lambs. The lambs were screaming…

A third cowboy stretches out the lamb’s neck, raises a bloody
knife. Just as he’s about to slice its throat –


staring into the distance, shaken, still trembling from the
child’s shock. We see Dr. Lecter, over her shoulder, studying
her intently.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         They were slaughtering the spring

                         Yes…! They were screaming.  Age of America lamb 1

                                     DR. LECTER
                         So you ran away…

                         No. First I tried to free them… I
opened the gate of their pen – but
they wouldn’t run. They just stood
there, confused. They wouldn’t run…

                                     DR. LECTER
                         But you could. You did.

                         I took one lamb. And I ran away, as
fast as I could…

               IN FLASHBACK

a vast Montana plain, and crossing this, a tiny figure – the
little Clarice, holding a lamb in her arms.

                                     DR. LECTER (V.O.)
                         Where were you going?

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         I don’t know. I had no food or water.
It was very cold. I thought – if I
can even save just one… but he got
so heavy. So heavy…

The tiny figure stops, and after a few moments sinks to the
ground, hunched over in dispair.

                                     CLARICE (V.O.)
                         I didn’t get more than a few miles
before the sheriff’s car found me.
The rancher was so angry he sent me
to live at the Lutheran orphanage in
Bozeman. I never saw the ranch

                                     DR. LECTER (V.O.)
                         But what became of your lamb?
(no response)

               BACK TO SCENE

as the adult Clarice turns, staring into his feverish eyes.
She shakes her head, unwilling – or unable – to say more.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         You still wake up sometimes, don’t
you? Wake up in the dark, with the
lambs screaming?


                                     DR. LECTER
                         Do you think if you saved Catherine,
you could make them stop…? Do you
think, if Catherine lives, you won’t
wake up in the dark, ever again, to
the screaming of the lambs? Do you…?

                         Yes! I don’t know…! I don’t know.

                                     DR. LECTER
                              (a pause; then, oddly
at peace)
Thank you, Clarice.

                              (a whisper)
Tell me his name, Dr. Lecter.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         Dr. Chilton… I believe you know
each other?

               NEW ANGLE

as Clarice turns, startled, and the fuming Chilton seizes
her elbow. Pembry and Boyle are beside him, looking grim.

                         Out. Let’s go.

                         Sorry, ma’a m – we’ve got orders to
have you put on a place.

Clarice struggles, pulling free of them for a moment.

                                     DR. LECTER
                         Brave Clarice. Will you let me know
if ever the lambs stop screaming?

                              (moving closer to the
Yes. I’ll tell you.

[Click to Review Film Clip]

It was the demons who absolutely affirmed that the LAMB OF GOD, the CHRIST, was before them. In Matthew it says “Gadarenes” while in Mark and Luke it says “Gerasenes. They were cannibals and Hannibal, like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy and hundreds of others, are Gerasenes.

The craving demonic hunger that Hannibal Lecter corners Clarice with, his devouring intense Black Magician, Asuric, psychic personality can only be satiated by the LAMB OF GOD or Human Beings who have understood THE LAMB OF GOD in the psychological core of their being. For the Asuric and Sorathian ravenous monsters of the Psyche the rabid hunger for the Bread of Life is a destructive Power in the captivating magnetic density at the cunning core of deepest and deadliest Spirits of Darkness. That is if we take our Christianity seriously.

Age of America 2 Clarice silence of the lambs“First, there is the literal interpretation. Lambs are beautiful, innocent and helpless, needing a caretaker for nurturing, impotent against the slaughterer. Starling tried to intervene on their behalf, and failed.

“Next, there is Starling as the lamb—beautiful, innocent and helpless—walking through a world full of evil, with men like Hannibal and Buffalo Bill waiting to slaughter her. Can she survive? Who will nurture and  protect her? Ironically, it is  slaughterer—Hannibal—who is also in part her protector here, although ultimately she must overcome her fears and protect herself. Her “fear” is the fear of failure, which leads to self doubt; she overcomes it by following her instincts and succeeding where her fellow agents fail.

“At another level, Starling is the caretaker of helpless human sheep. It is her job to protect them from the wolves and slaughterers, and the price for failure is death. The man she hunts is Buffalo Bill, a man named for an animal killer and who skins his victims.

“And yet another level: she was a ten-year-old girl when this happened, unable to comprehend what drove men to perform such horrors. She is still seeking to understand the perpetrators of evil, because maybe if she can understand the men who slaughter lambs she will understand the world. Such are the irrational motivations of children, who want to believe in justness and righteousness, who want to believe in what is good even after being subjected to what is not. And if she could just understand why men kill lambs, maybe she’d understand why they kill each other, why one of them killed her father.

“In psychological terms the weight of all this is enormous–Starling’s ability to save the lambs determines her own survival. One of the reasons her character is believable–when it could have been laughable–is this psychological underpinning and the drive it provides her. When she confronts Hannibal repeatedly we understand it is from a desperation to survive, not simply to solve a crime.”

“However, God knew limited human beings could not make sufficient atonement, for humanity’s offense to God was infinite, so God sent his only Son to become the sacrifice of the everlasting covenant. In Christian theology, this sacrifice replaced the insufficient animal sacrifice of the Old Covenant; Christ the “Lamb of God” replaced the lambs’ sacrifice of the ancient Korban Todah”

Nemo Resideo  –  “No One Left Behind”

The Archai are TIME BEINGS. Presently the Zeitgeist, the Archai of the current 5th Age we are in happens to be Michael who holds the rank of Archai or Time Spirit. But let us define the encapsulation of what the Time Beings, the Archai bring to the table for our human experience. For humanity to have the experience of death, and in that experience a full life Tableau (click link) of our personal karmic journey and the biography that we had on Earth, shown to us in remarkable MORAL clarity and vividness, reveals a magnificent panoramic Life Tableau (click link).

Michael Archai time spirit West Window Goetheanum Александра СергееваThese TIME DOCUMENTS that each of us experience after our deaths, are written in the warm moral FIRE of the Devachan. It is a fiery moral summation of another chapter we have written with our hearts and we have inscribed it into the fiery Cosmic Ether. It remains as the weight of our Karma and part of the moral destiny of the Earth.

In Egypt this was once vividly depicted in the scales of balance as the Feather of Maat (click link). Our lives are inscribed in the imperishable germinating seed force of our unfolding immortal spirits. What was known then and has been rediscovered and recovered today, were that Threshold Entities shattered and devoured all that fell as unpassable and unable to rise to the higher forming of the karma of the soul as it rose to enter the STARS. Each of us, upon death, review this imperishable record and it fades away, like invisible ink. It passes into the Karma of the Earth which is not only our future Karma but it is the actual weight and reality of Earth’s History and Earth’s future.

However since Christ left the Spiritual World and entered Earthly Humanity, His accomplished life on Earth left an imperishable record that never fades away, ever. It remains as the radiant Garment of the Risen Christ. It is an imperishable record that remains ever present as part of the Christ mysteries and the Lord of Human Karma. The Logos, the Christ, the resurrected Osiris of Egypt, brought into Earth Existence the lofty Devachan Imagination and Etheric Seal of the Book which St. John was able to read for the first time.

“I am He who is clothed with the body of flesh yet in whom flames the spirit of the eternal Gods. I am the Lord of Life. I am triumphant over Death, and whosoever partaketh with me shall with me arise. I am the manifester in Matter of Those whose abode is the Invisible. I am the purified. I stand upon the Universe. I am it’s Reconciler with the eternal Gods. I am the Perfector of Matter, and without me the Universe is not.”

The fiery flame of our LIFE TABLEAU is a gift of the TIME SPIRITS, the Archai. Don’t say the Archai have no role in our human destiny on Earth. Our lives on Earth, everyone is stamped with the fiery seal of the divine notary, the etheric imprimatur, heavenly endorsement. Our birth into the Starry Worlds is stamped by precisely what starry configurations were there when we left Earth. It is a magnificent moment when we are once more born in heaven. Our lives are Time Stamped so we may pick up the thread of our lives, where we left off, and may find a suitable star configuration to enable us to continue writing the living chapters of our future incarnations together.

“…the Hall of Ma’at, was the weighing of the heart ceremony. The feather of Ma’at was placed on the opposite side of the scale from the spiritual heart of the deceased. The spiritual heart was called the ‘Ib’, the source of good and evil. (The physical heart was called the haty). If the scale balanced, the deceased was allowed to go on to the afterlife. If not, the ‘Ib’ was given to Ammit to devour and the remaining parts of the soul were believed to become restless forever – this was called “to die a second time”.

Ammit, Threshold Entities of destruction, have been sent down to Earth and brought into the service of Pharmaceutical corporations. These destructive Threshold Entities are responsible now for shattering the cohesion of our astral bodies, our etheric bodies and our I AM. These destructive Threshold Entities are now employed by Corporations to not only shatter human cohesion but poison the very foundations of nature and matter.

It is an imperishable record of higher seed fire that we witness, as the moral revelation of our lives immediately upon our deaths. Professionally, spiritually and medically we call this experience of the Archai, given to humanity in it’s encapsulated vision, in it’s summary as the property of the biographical revelation of our existence as TIME PARTICIPANTS, we call this experience an NDE or (Near Death Experience) or our life tableau.

St. John in his Revelation and the Apocalypse was shown the entire TIME UNFOLDING of the Earth and the panorama of Christ’s massive Cosmic TABLEAU and Time Revelation of His own Alpha-Omega TIME BODY. Not only does the Christ Tableau not perish or dissolve into the ethers, the very Gospels themselves were all part of that immense imperishable record of the destiny of Christ on Earth. His dense Etheric and Astral Devachan Life Tableau is a gift left for humanity to explore and discover for themselves. The difference between the Christ and our lives, is that His massive infusion into Earth does not dissolve into the ethers as our human destinies do after death. The deeds of Christ are gathered in the imperishable higher Devachan and Spiritual Worlds, where the permanent records of Cosmic Evolution are stored. St. John and humanity may still read these higher Revelations for themselves because they have become the permanent property of Earth and humanity.

If you wonder why St. John and his Revelation survives with inexhaustible depth, strength, potency and COSMIC INTELLIGENCE, we could look into Part 1 of our essay. We examined in Part 1 how St. John was prepared by the FIRE SPIRITS, to see and read the Devachan Script of the Heavens that was imperishable. (Click Link) It is important for us to grasp what an Imperishable Initiate is and the path of our own journey to the Imperishable region of the Stars.

Christian Rosenkreuz and the planetary weights of the Moral forces of the Cosmos. OR – The Guardian of the Threshold and the Feather of Maat. (Click Link for study in ART) of  Die Chymische Hochzeit” des Christian Rosenkreuz”

“Good lack! hast thou also submitted thy self to the yoke, I imagined thou wouldst have made thy self very smug,” with which words she caused my eyes to run over. After which she commanded we should be unbound, and coupled together and placed in a station where we might well behold the scales. “For,” said she, “it may yet fare better with them, than the presumptuous, who yet stand here at liberty.” Mean time the scales which were intirely of gold were hung up in the midst of the hall.Age of America the Scales Bettina Muller There was also a little table covered with red velvet, and seven weights placed thereon. First of all stood a pretty great one, next four little ones; lastly, two great ones severally. And these weights in proportion to their bulk were so heavy, that no man can believe or comprehend it. But each of the harnessed men had together with a naked sword a strong rope. These she distributed according to the number; of weights into seven bands and out of every band chose one for their proper weight; and then again sprung up into her high throne. Now as soon as she had made her reverence, with a very shrill tone she began thus to speak:

“Who int’ a painters room does go

And nothing does of painting know,

Yet does in prating thereof, pride it;

Shall be of all the world derided.

Who into th’ artists order goes,

And “hereunto was never chose;

Yet with pretence of skill does pride it;

Shall be of all the world derided.

Who at a wedding does appear,

And yet was ner’e intended there;

Yet does in coming highly pride it;

Shall be of all the world derided.

Who now into this scale ascends,

The weights not proving his fast friends,

And that it bounces so does ride it;

Shall be of all the world derided.”Age of America 2 Christian Rosenkreuz 1

“As soon as the Virgin had done speaking, one of the Pages commanded each one to place himself according to his order, and one after another to step in: which one of the emperors made no scruple of, but first of all bowed himself a little towards the Virgin, and afterwards in all his stately attire went up: whereupon each captain laid in his weight; which (to the wonder of all) he stood out. But the last was too heavy for him, so that forth he must, and that with much anguish that (as it seemed to me) the Virgin her self had pity on him, who also beckoned to her people to hold their peace, yet was the good emperor bound and delivered over to the sixth band. Next him again came forth another emperor, who steps hautily into the scale, and having a great thick book under his gown, he imagined not to fail. But being scarce able to abide the third weight, and being unmercifully flung down, and his book in that affrightment flipping from him, all the soldiers began to laugh, and he was delivered up bound to the third band. Thus it went also with some others of the emperors who were all shamefully laughed at and captived.”

The aim of the fallen Asuric Beings are to erase the Karmic and Higher I AM and sever the TIME THREADS of our individual pasts, our present and our future I AM developments. The Asuric Beings crave to feed on the imperishable substance of the immortal I AM. Ahriman and the culture and coming race of Ahriman rigidifies and consolidates, freezes if you will, Human Intelligence in it’s current, INTELLECTUAL SOUL, constructs.

But the Asuric Beings, like Hannibal Lecter is becoming, are attempting to remove their I AM’s from the vast Archai Beings, removing their human Christic Conscience and by cosmic law, opposing The Lord Of Karma and setting themselves against humanity. The fallen Asuric forces like Lecter begin devouring the I AM as their food. A higher, vicious animal cunning, with inverted magical forces of Fallen Beings, make their habitation in what was once the I Am of a human being. It becomes a counter point and center for devastation and destruction. We detect these stirrings in the breeding and becoming of T.S. Eliot’s HOLLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

The erasing of the I AM, the removing, severing and devouring the I AM from the past, the present and the future tosses the spiritual substance of the I AM into ” THE HORROR – THE HORROR”. That horror is the waste and lethal dumping ground of THE EIGHTH SPHERE.

Today we have Hazardous Waste Dumps, lethal, poisonous zones, corrupt beyond redemption. The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository are catastrophic last ditch efforts to bury, hide, and fund humanities absolute destructive, matter corrupting, Ahrimanic stockpiles. But the EIGHTH SPHERE is the waste repository of the shattered astral, etheric and I AM forces that were once our own human companions and loved ones.

But friends, our I AM is a TIME BEING. In each of our sisters and brothers we carry the entire web of all of our most intimate Karma. The entire Karma of the Earth and humanity is held together by the Love We Share. It is a masterful Christian Rosenkreuz inspired equation that the (Click Link) LOVE WE TAKE IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE WE MAKE. These words and experiences were repackaged and brought to us in the 5th Age from the Rishis, through the raising of Lazarus, to St. John and the Initiated Guardian of the Age, the Imperishable Initiate Christian Rosenkreuz.

We shall see precisely how we unravel the entire Evolution of the Earth in the future as we examine the 7th Age later in this work. Through the Karmic weaving and tapestry of everyone of our beloved human sisters and brothers, we shall lift the entire Karmic Web and the whole Earth as we approach the 7th Age. And we shall not want to even consider leaving one of our loved ones behind.

This is the striving and the seeking and the agony of that one lost lamb, the karmic piece of the puzzle that was ripped from our human hearts that cannot be replaced. Anyone of us that has fallen and been absorbed into Ahriman’s domain will have their own human forces shattered and chained to our Doubles. It is a piece of our Humanity, a piece of the entire Love of the Earth, that none of us can afford to lose.

The Asuric Beings eat and devour the I AM as their food. The horrific deception of Ahriman is the absorption of Human Intelligence, enhancing and feeding our human intelligence to the children of Ahriman, our Doubles, and storing the devoured substance, our loved ones, who we have loved and spiritually evolved with together on Earth. Part of our Moral Education into the Hierarchies is our not allowing portions of the vast TIME VALUE OF THE IMMORTAL I AM, of the spirits of those we love, to become shattered, severed, and ripped from the script of the World. Our vivid agony will be in experiencing how the remains, our loved ones astral, our loved ones etheric corpses, were sent to the EIGHTH SPHERE.

Portions of those we loved, ripped away and forced to haunt for an eternity, to be the food for the corpse of the cosmos that was truly “left behind.” is not something we would wish on any creature. That is what is happening now and being prepared in this, the end of the 5th Age. It is the time of the stirrings of the future evolutionary forces of THE LAMB OF GOD in us and the building of the Demonic Bridge to the Underworlds of THE EIGHTH SPHERE.

Once the full Ahrimanic Group Soul is unleashed out of the technology of the West, a new race of human beings, dominated by subjective addictions of our doppelgangers will replace civilization and karmic history with the dawning of a new Ahrimanic Era. The Ahrimanic Race will impose limitations and restrictions, outright strangulation on the objective moral forces that once lived in all human beings. Human Civilization will have been eclipsed and Karma and Reincarnation buried in the Group Soul of an elaborate globally imposed Ahrimanic Race.

A Devachan developed Ahrimanic double are not only GAME THEORIES, these studies in the Doppelganger are preparations for the development of the over all Ahrimanic surrender of the future and germinal higher development of our human psyche. Humanity will be impressed and empowered by the fallen astral entities and our Ahrimanic TWINS, whose intent will be to take over the Devachan instincts, capacities and intelligence of what was once HUMAN in us. (CLICK IMPORTANT LINK) Those moral forces in the I AM, connected to the Hierarchies and our Angels will be psychologically, pharmaceutically, and embryonically compromised.Age of America Twins and the Double

Our Humanity devoured by our Fallen Devachan Twins

“As doppelgangers that behave autonomously, that is, independent of the users they were modeled after, become increasingly present in new forms of media, scholars in the field need to leverage traditional psychological theories to understand how humans may be affected by the seemingly bizarre concept of being confronted by a virtual version of one’s self.”

The shadow instincts of all the deeply Fallen subsenible beings will be channeled by Ahriman and become the new “healthy” sub-sensible, fallen Devachan instincts, that will be used to dispense, disperse and design technology to suit our new magical powers. Each person will become a subjective Devachan transmitter and receiver, her own, Wi-Fi Tesla coil and tower tuned into whatever subsensible deities give us the greatest sense of addiction and pleasure.Age of America university of Ahriman studies in the Double It will create an intimate magnetic connection to a vast Ahrimanic Earth Brain, inspired, not by the cultural higher striving of humanity and the relics of our Civilization, but rather a new civilization formed by the intention, editing and control of the Ahrimanic Archai Being that has incorporated itself into a human being of the West.  (“TRANSCENDENCE” FILM CLICK LINK)

And we will rejoice because the flush of new instincts and powers will be offered from cradle to grave, by merely choosing to ignore, reject and deny the true Science of the I AM and the laws of Sophia and the Stars. It’s that simple.

Serving the Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (click link)

“…in the fifth stage of earth evolution, work now done by the gods will again become work to be done by humanity. We are only in the early stages of the technological, industrial and commercial activities which proceed under the influence of the elemental spirits of birth and death. This influence and its effects will be increasingly more radical. Until now, the elemental spirits of birth and death have been guided by the gods and their influence has been limited to the coming into being and passing away of humans at the physical level. But the civilization of our own and future ages has to be such that these spirits can be active in technology, industry, commerce, and so on.

“There is also another, quite specific, aspect to this. As I have said, these elemental spirits are the enemies of human welfare and want to destroy it. We have to see things straight and not have any illusions concerning the radical nature of this. Civilization must progress in the fields of technology, industry and commerce. But by its very nature such a civilization cannot serve the well-being of humanity in the physical world; it can only prove destructive to the human weal.”

The Global Net, the global venomous evolving spider Web, is now where Ahrimanic, Luciferic and Asuric forces assail the undefended human soul. It is where Michael Intelligence now stands guard over the future. It is a very slender period of time. The Michael mission will last till about 2250 A.D. We have a slender period of time to put up a cognitive fight against the full thrust of the onslaught of Ahrimanic Intelligence, which is the exact opposite of Michael’s in-streaming Cosmic Intelligence.

Mighty Multi-National Corporations, vast Corporate and Global monsters disguised as Ahrimanic Corporate Entities, vast deadly pirate ships and fleets of vessels above the sky as Cloud Data systems, satellite systems, SKYNET systems,  and hidden below the waves, nuclear arsenals enough to destroy the planet 3 times over, Pandemic labs of disease ready bio-wapons, Pharmaceutical monsters injected into children and adults alike, Monsanto nature devastating corruptors of the Sun Blessed Etheric nutritional stream of human nourishment have been abducted and taken over by Monsters of the American Psyche.

These global Ahrimanic Corporations and Entities, including the vast, gluttonous United States Military Budgets, bases, and covert terrorist funding and weapons have the agenda to hunt, track and set traps for humanity. Ahriman’s agenda against Michael and Humanity is to confiscate vast portions of the magnetic Devachan of the Earth, shatter the etheric, astral and I Am cohesion of every incarnating human being and feed it to the Army of the Dead and the Fallen Spirits of Darkness. This vast contingency of exiled entities are regrouping under the banner of the Incarnation of Ahriman in the West. The tension and antagonism between Michael the Archai and Zeitgeist of our entire Earth and Ahrimanic, Luciferic and Asuric beings is tangible.

We are under exquisite attack, bombardment and splintering and dividing and tearing apart by the Ahrimanic Corporate Media Moguls, vividly portrayed in Paddy Chayefsky brilliant Michael and American Battle Cry,“NETWORK” which was one of the mighty Michael sword thrusts of light, sent right to the heart of Ahriman’s great and growing media shadow.

Another American Novalis School warrior, struggling, frustrated Michael School Artist of the Word, Paddy Chayefsky blazed a trail of fire that illuminated the throne and footstool of global Corporatocracy /ˌkɔrpərəˈtɒkrəsi. Are these vast Multi-Nationals, with incomes larger than Archangelic countries and their citizens combined, ENTITIES? Can these new super-powers, baptized in Ahriman’s cold heartlessness have rights the same as human beings have rights?

Sub-human Entities, Artificial Personhood and the 14th Amendment

“When corporations were first invented, the very idea was to create a fictional “person” that could be recognized by law and exist in perpetuity. Writing in the 1700s, the British jurist William Blackstone explained that “it has been found necessary, when it is for the advantage of the public” to “constitute artificial persons, who may maintain a perpetual succession, and enjoy a kind of legal immortality. These artificial persons are called … corporations.”

Paddy Chayefsky’s  “Network”

	Valhalla, Mr. Beale, please sit
	down --

He leads HOWARD down the steps to the floor level,
himself ascends again to the small stage and the podium.
HOWARD sits in one of the 200 odd seats.  JENSEN pushes
a button, and the enormous drapes slowly fall, slicing
away layers of light until the vast room is utterly
dark.  Then, the little pinspots at each of the desks,
including the one behind which HOWARD is seated, pop on,
creating a miniature Milky Way effect.  A shaft of white
LIGHT shoots out from the rear of the room, spotting
JENSEN on the podium, a sun of its own little galaxy.
Behind him, the shadowed white of the lecture screen.
JENSEN suddenly wheels to his audience of one and roars

	You have meddled with the primal
	forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I
	won't have it, is that clear?!  You
	think you have merely stopped a
	business deal -- that is not the
	case!  The Arabs have taken billions
	of dollars out of this country, and
	now they must put it back.  It is
	ebb and flow, tidal gravity, it is
	ecological balance!  You are an old
	man who thinks in terms of nations
	and peoples.  There are no nations!
	There are no peoples!  There are no
	Russians.  There are no Arabs!
	There are no third worlds!  There is
	no West!  There is only one holistic
	system of systems, one vast and
	immane, interwoven, interacting,
	multi-variate, multi-national
	dominion of dollars! petro-dollars,
	electro-dollars, multi-dollars!,
	Reichmarks, rubles, rin, pounds and
	shekels!  It is the international
	system of currency that determines
	the totality of life on this planet!
	That is the natural order of things
	today!  That is the atomic,
	subatomic and galactic structure of
	things today!  And you have meddled
	with the primal forces of nature,
	and you will atone!  Am I getting
	through to you, Mr. Beale?
	You get up on your little twenty-
	one inch screen, and howl about
	America and democracy.  There is no
	America.  There is no democracy.
	There is only IBM and ITT and A T
	and T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide
	and Exxon.  Those are the nations of
	the world today.  What do you think
	the Russians talk about in their
	councils of state -- Karl Marx?
	They pull out their linear
	programming charts, statistical
	decision theories and minimax
	solutions and compute the price-cost
	probabilities of their transactions
	and investments just like we do.  We
	no longer live in a world of nations
	and ideologies, Mr. Beale.  The
	world is a college of corporations,
	inexorably deter- mined by the
	immutable by-laws of business.  The
	world is a business, Mr. Beale!  It
	has been since man crawled out of
	the slime, and our children, Mr.
	Beale, will live to see that perfect
	world in which there is no war and
	famine, oppression and brutality --
	one vast and ecumenical holding

	company, for whom all men will work
	to serve a common profit, in which
	all men will hold a share of stock,
	all necessities provided, all
	anxieties tranquilized, all boredom
	amused.  And I have chosen you to
	preach this evangel, Mr. Beale.

		(humble whisper)
	Why me?

	Because you're on television, dummy.
	Sixty million people watch you
	every night of the week, Monday
	through Friday. (CLICK LINK FOR FILM CLIP)

The Cultic Luciferic and Ahrimanic Priests of Materialism

The 5th Age’s fall into Presstitutes, Media whoredom highly paid Luciferic and Ahrimanic marionettes primed to deliver what the prompter scrolls is the priest craft of soft fascism, lies delivered with a smile and propaganda are served up as consumer entertainment.

Then don't leave me!

	It's too late, Diana!  There's
	nothing left in you that I can live
	with!  You're one of Howard's
	humanoids, and, if I stay with you,
	I'll be destroyed!  Like Howard
	Beale was destroyed!  Like Laureen
	Hobbs was destroyed!  Like
	everything you and the institution
	of television touch is destroyed!
	You are television incarnate, Diana,
	indifferent to suffering,
	insensitive to joy.  All of life is
	reduced to the common rubble of
	banality.  War, murder, death are
	all the same to you as bottles of
	beer.  The daily business of life is
	a corrupt comedy.  You even shatter
	the sensations of time and space
	into split-seconds and instant
	replays.  You are madness, Diana,
	virulent madness, and everything you
	touch dies with you.  Well, not me!
	Not while I can still feel pleasure
	and pain and love! (CLICK LINK FOR PERFORMANCE)

Asked to give a toast before the prestigious New York Press Club in 1880, John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff at the New York Sun, made this candid confession [it’s worth noting that Swinton was called “The Dean of His Profession” by other newsmen, who admired him greatly]:

” There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

“If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

It is this three prong attack of Ahrimanic Lies, Sensual Luciferic selfishness of materialism and the Asuric deconstruction of the human I in the Consciousness Soul that is capsizing, collapsing and devouring our human culture, the Archangels of every country, and worst of all, suffocating the Angels of our children and our own higher selves.

A hostile takeover can be accomplished through inserting an overwhelming ignorant, stupid debasement of divine wisdom as Ahriman has succeeded in doing; OR humanity awakens, resists Ahrimanic Deception with a full, fresh and invigorating frontier fight for Michael Intelligence with the courage to fight for our Angels and for Cosmic IntelligenceIris Sullivan Michael and place Ahriman under strict house arrest. (Part 1)

Michael Intelligence, and the birth of Anthroposophia in our human intelligence, awakens in ourselves, our objective relation to the hierarchies and to the sub-sensible beings that feed on our unconscious instincts.The Heroism of America and the Western Hemisphere has placed the entire world in a powerful and vulnerable position. Awaken or slide into a future severed from the hierarchies and severed from awakening our I AM and falling into an Ahrimanic Group Soul. Our human freedom allows us to consciously defend ourselves against the impelling and overwhelming TIME determination, Time Pre-destination of an Ahrimanic Archai shadow being, fully incarnating, in a human physical being in the West. Whose Time Has Come.

The Perfect 5th Age of Pisces Info/Propaganda STORM

“The times we live in are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an “invisible government.” It is the government. It rules directly without fear of contradiction, and its principal aim is the conquest of us: our sense of the world, our ability to separate truth from lies.

“The information age is actually a media age. We have war by media; censorship by media; demonology by media; retribution by media; diversion by media – a surreal assembly line of obedient clichés and false assumptions.”

The Three Pronged Attack. The Perfect Massive Media Storm

age of America storm of Ahriman Lucifer and Asuras perfect stormThis is the overwhelming perfect storm that has been building in the 5th Age. We are now in the Storm Zone of Ahriman, Lucifer and Asuras, who are seeking every weak point in our will, our feelings and our thoughts. We are all being pelted, wracked, riveted, contorted, rammed, crammed and crushed by wave after wave of Media shards, splinters, shrapnel and deliberate poison pill false information.

It is an overwhelming storm evoked by super-subsenible entities storming the gates of our American and Global consciousness. All the weak points in our knowledge, our faith and arrogant reasoning have been thrown into the Storm of subsenible media lies and the faint, hardly registered background whisper of Michael, our Angels and cosmic intelligence.

Defining the riveting Devachan Imagination that now overwhelms and strangles the last breath out of humanity, we need conscious clairvoyance that reveals the uncontrolled sinister lies and forces strangling our children, their education, our moral justice, medicine, media, Hollywood, Washington and every street and every State and every Country in the world.

Age of America Perfect Storm Misunderstanding by ennibambaniIt is all one and the same startling IMAGINATION that defines the battle we are engaged in for conscious intelligence and conscious clairvoyance against what we have relied on as our unconscious, unexplored morass of noxious Lies, Pandemics and Instincts. The whole contents of the ripped open box of Pandora has rushed out. It threatens to suffocate all higher striving of humanity, replace Human Civilization with an Ahrimanic Replicant. Our unexplored unconscious, sub-conscious, sub-strata of our divine forces now entrap us, destroy, poison and crush our so called civilization. Suffocating our children for generations to come.

It is a Devachan Astral Picture that has reappeared many times since the dawning of Western Civilization. But now we have names for these menacing forces. We see the Asuric, Ahrimanic, Luciferic beings, coiling with mighty subsensible forces around our ankles, our throats, and swallowing us after crushing every vertical support in our bodies. We are being reduced to mangled mush, the very form and substance of the Divine squeezed out of us.

Laocoön Group is one of the most powerful and perfect snapshots of Western Civilization being overcome and strangled by chaos. It is the PERFECT STORM, replete with a stinging poisonous attack on all our senses, on our TWELVE SENSES, on our FIVE SENSES. Our unconscious instincts, uncoiled, unraveled fierce fangs stinging into the depths of our Souls, our Spirits and our exclusive reliance on our physical materialism. We are ALL bar none, trapped in the most perfect clairvoyant storm of our instincts eating our humanity.  (Italian: Gruppo del Laocoonte)

It is this overwhelming Storm with high waves and small craft warnings culminating at the end of the 5th Age of Pisces that now assails everyone over the Earth. It is a media, it is watery subsensible Devachan storm waves of the age of Pisces, disturbed, all the way down to the depths of the Earth. The news and media over the Earth have become Ahriman’s John the Baptists. Their blood soaked fingers point downward instead of upward to the Hierarchies.

To Deceive Yourself with manufactured LIES

The source of Deadly injury to Soul and Spirit and it’s repercussions is our ability to Deceive ourselves. The 5th Age is in a massive storm that obliterates thinking and vision from all sides of the compass. In the Luke Gospel it tells us that if we lie to these our own children, which we have done and do daily, it is a massive crime. But to be real about the unfolding forces of our growing Astral Body, our growing and ripening Etheric Body, and the little seed of our immortality in our own ‘ I ‘ structure, we see that we are harming ourselves and our own literal children by walking unprotected in a storm we have refused to comprehend. We are not only guilty we are massively, educationally, and politically DECEIVED. (CLICK LINK)

We are creating our own karmic Millstones around our necks when we beg the spiritual world around us, I was innocent, I didn’t know. Yes we were like little children and we celebrated our ignorance our denial and our lies, and wouldn’t allow for the Science of the Human Spirit, the Lamb of God and the Christ Event to become mature social principles.

(Luke 17:1-4) Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. 2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. 3 So watch yourselves. “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. 4 If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.”

” It is one thing to deceive others and there are also times when that is the only sane course of action but… to deceive yourself… that is a grave and terminal form of self injury. Age of America 2 Perfect Storm 1It also guarantees that you will not be able to see where you are going. It also pretty much implies that you will confuse where you think you are going with where you are actually headed. It would be as if you read a map wrong and were not able to read it correctly. It is as if your compass were compromised and your gyroscope unstable. It would be like sailing by the stars when you know nothing about the stars. It’s bad enough when you do this to yourself but… most unfortunately, in some numbers of cases, you take a great many more people with you.

“You can see the latter happening all over the planet these days. You can see large numbers of people taken in by bent personalities. At one point Kim Kardashian had more friends or likes or whatever than any other person on Assfacebook. The Beliebers number in the millions. Even Ballpoint Annie Frank would have been a Belieber, according to the Beliebster. There are also many millions of Lady Gag Me’s appropriately named, ‘Little Monsters’. There are millions and millions bowing down to some collective version of god and they will kill or defame you in a heartsbeat if you run afoul of them. There are millions of doomed and deceived soldiers in search of manhood; plunder and females, an education… they will certainly be getting an education. This is one of the biggest selling points that lead to a person agreeing to an intensive period of dehumanization resulting in the opportunity to express the absence of their humanity against people they know nothing about “Les Visible

The spreading shadow agenda of Ahriman is everywhere on display as it congeals itself and unseals itself, ahead of it’s full incarnation,  human incorporation, in the West. During the last part of the 5th Age, we are given tremendous moral opportunities to transmute the grotesque lies of Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuras.

The storm fronts are upon us. They are already here raging against our children at the end of this, our current 5th Age. We are given the task to steer our small crafts, our tiny I AM vessels through the turbulent storm currents and vortexes, tidal mob opinions,  Lies, selfish five second sound byte stardom self-conceit and extreme mental illness, insanity and the psychopaths we have elected as our so called leaders, who serve only themselves, Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuric Beings.

Laocoön and the Risen Etheric Christ

The most ancient Devachan Imagination of Laocoön and His Sons has been released and shattered by the CHRIST IMAGINATION. The dawning power of the Intellectual Soul in the 4th Age, the age that remains the same, is subject to full attacks by Ahrimanic Materialism. Humanity without a compass, without the Science of Etheric, Physical, Astral and I AM is caught and twisted in the death throes of everything we are enduring right up to this very moment in the 5th Age of Pisces, when we should already be advancing into the new revelations of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.

But these menacing powers don’t want us to advance to a new compass heading for Sophia and the Stars in the era of our conscious explorations of the region of our Consciousness Soul. Ahrimanic Beings force our perceptions and our technology into ever escalating exuberant joy and intoxication in our ever uncoiling display of our technological hubris and self arrogance.

What kind of gaps and lacking interest, lacking any understanding of vast educational spans of time, where what has caused such rifts, so that  people remain merely at Sentient Soul subservience to subjective emotionalism, why do we remain transfixed at our current Personality State of Intellect at the Crucifixion of Time? How are we caught, how are we transfixed by mere materialism so that our god possesses us, bent on murdering, and enslaving our entire spirit – soul – and body until all life is sucked out of our humanity?

People are scattered, at least 7 billion people are scattered, twisted, torn to pieces, poisoned and strangled by the release of Ahriman, Lucifer, and the Asuras, like serpentine pit-bulls that are tearing our Human Cohesion to shreds. We are in the 5th Age of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL and it is extremely dangerous to remain uneducated.Rep of humanity

Our Consciousness Soul Christ Imagination entails the renewed and re-energized science of what comprises our physical, etheric, astral and I AM. This stupendous Consciousness Soul Imagination, carved into the soul of humanity, revealed the stirring undercurrent of the Pauline Revelation of the science of the I AM of Humanity.

In it’s resiliency, the Group, The Representative of Humanity, reveals how the I AM, FREES THE HUMAN SOUL AND SPIRIT from the massive serpentine strangulation that is now enveloping our children, and releasing an ever widening cascade of Ahrimanic nightmare and imprisonment over the face of the Earth.

The Laocoön Imagination (Italian: Gruppo del Laocoonte)  is what will happen to each and every human being if we fail to grasp and attain New CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL insights in the Christ Event. The Christ Imagination overcomes the Ahrimanic, Asuric and Luciferic force fields that are now hunting down the unprepared, unwilling and unconscious.

“The group of Laocoon displays the moribund body in a motif unheard of up to this time. The dying body reveals the withdrawal of the etheric or formative forces, the disappearance or the death of the typos. Yet this death of the typos is portrayed in a genuinely Hellenic manner, in a threefold way: the father in the center, the sons to the left and right. The three types of soul force -”  F R E D E R I C K  H I E B E L

“We find this situation depicted in another Greek sculpture, the death struggle of Laocoön. We can understand this sculpture if we fill ourselves with the understanding that it depicts a situation that is the opposite of what happened to Niobe. The physical and etheric bodies are being destroyed from outside and are struggling with the “I” and astral body, which are being forced out. We can see this phenomenon in the very shape of Laocoön’s mouth and face and the position of his arms and fingers.” Rudolf Steiner

“Laocoon’s death is the last event in the gathering shadows surrounding Atlantis and in the decline of that clairvoyance which was based on the blood-ties of the family. Not only the priest, Laocoon, but also his offspring, the stream of inherited blood-ties, had to be destroyed before the dawn of the new age of man.”  F R E D E R I C K  H I E B E L

After the Palladium had been carried away, Laocoon, the priest of Troy, had to die with his two sons. His death represented the overcoming of sacerdotalism by the intellect. The myth describing the death of Laocoon and his sons emphasized the extinction of clairvoyance based on family-ties on which the culture of Ilium was founded.

“…the group of Laocoon. With the statue of the dying priest of Troy we return to the beginning of Greek history. When, at the fall of Troy, the clairvoyant wisdom of the priesthood was overcome by the serpent of the intellect, Laocoon died.” THE GOSPEL OF HELLAS The Mission of Ancient Greece and The Advent of Christ by F R E D E R I C K  H I E B E L

Our job is to pre-emptively pierce the Agenda of the Ahrimanic Archai growing in the West. By bringing the conscious science of Spiritual Science and the Michael School to rejuvenate our depleted conscience. We create a new, conscious objective moral force, in our thinking which gives us  a Michael Shield of the SunAge of America 2 Michael cognition shield against the hail of spears and terrors tossed, spun and whipped into a frenzy by the storm of media we are caught in. We gradually gain the I AM cognitive muscle to antidote and counter act the lies, deceptions, and turn the Monsters of the American Psyche from the path of destruction in ourselves and our loved ones.

Our ability to awaken our Consciousness Soul and wrestle consciously with the true structure of the human being, the Earth and the Stars is the only thing that will antidote the stupendous rise of the Shadow Archai that now engulfs the Good Archai of our very own United States of America.

Keeping up with the Jones. Addiction is called a Jones.Welcome to Jonestown. “The slang term jones, meaning an addiction to drugs, is said to have originated among addicts who lived in Great Jones Alley, off Great Jones Street, between Broadway and Lafayette Street.”

Age of America Guyana

While attending the Goetheanum in 1978, off the Grid and deep in Switzerland, away from our United States Archai, while intensely studying the Archangels, the hierarchies, and the deepest mysteries of the Art of Speech and Drama and the Mystery Dramas (click link), an horrific headline ripped across the international and global front pages. Some 1000 U.S. citizens had been lured to Guyana and were forced to commit suicide or were murdered in a place named JONESTOWN.

The international photos of the scene in Guyana and the complicated comprehension of just what type of nightmarish torture training centers and CIA black operations were afoot in that region of the Western Hemisphere of America, brought me face to face again, with the Monsters of the American Psyche.

Ziggy and the Black Magicians

“The direct orders to cover up the cause of death came from the top levels of the American government. Zbigniew Brezezinsky delegated to Robert Pastor, and he in turn ordered Lt. Col. Gordon Sumner to strip the bodies of identity.[226] Pastor is now Deputy Director of the CIA.[227] One can only wonder how many others tied to the Jonestown operation were similarly promoted.”

Suicide and Cyanide were what was screamed by the Press. The question that arose was, who was the Black Magician that could gather some 1000 U.S. Citizens and have them drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid? Well that was the cover story. But Cyanide has absolutely concrete effects on anybody who takes cyanide.

“There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the “involuntary” functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. Age of America 2 Cyanide RictusThe facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called “cyanide rictus.”[30] All these telling signs were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.”

The issue of Black Magicians really is less about Jim Jones and more about America and Zbigniew Brezezinski. Full Press Global Dominance using the methods of Pre-Emptive military Shock and Awe, American Terrorism in an organized NATO, U.S. U.N. monopoly to serve the agenda of the incarnation of Ahriman, was Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski (/ˈzbɪɡniɛv brəˈʒɪnski/ zbig-niev brə-zhin-skee  hidden revelation in his master work, “The Grand Chessboard”. Global Dominance for the Ahrimanic sustaining of the INTELLECTUAL SOUL freezes Roman Imperialism into a permanent cyanide rictus grin of American haughtiness.

“The former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981 and top foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama, Brzezinski wrote that US policy should be “unapologetic” in perpetuating “America’s own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer still.” (Click Link)

Zbigniew Brzezinski spent some of his earliest years understudying Ahrimanic Schooling and Ahrimanic methodology with the rise of the Nazis. From 1936 to 1938, Tadeusz Brzeziński was posted to the Soviet Union during Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge.

In other words young impressionable Brzezinski had first hand practical lessons in deception, demonology and world domination. He had a front row seat in the early experimentation of perfecting the methodology of Ahrimanic fascism. How does one prepare a conducive atmosphere over the Earth for the incarnation of a being whose very life is icy, sterile, cosmic intelligence? Earlier in this essay we brought forward that it was also the precise first glimmering dawn of the historical moment when the Risen Etheric Christ once more broke like a warm inner dawn through the soul of the world.

The brightest, freshest, most intimate etheric light and inner experiences that the human soul could attain – also called forth the darkest shadows forming in the souls of humanity. Christ’s magnificent inner awakening in human hearts and the dark scurrying of Ahrimanic exiled cockroaches were sent as a raging force; and on the otherside where war claimed so many lives, a calming, tender awakening of the Risen Etheric Christ. It stands to reason that as the horrors and terrors have grown in this, the end of the 5th Age, where living through our incarnations on Earth is fraught with whole new dangers to the I AM, the Astral body and Etheric body of nature and humanity, inner help comes from the deepest regions of the spiritual world.

It was the dawning period of Ahrimanic Beings swarming down into Earth and into the souls of humanity. It is fast becoming a Black Magicians wet dream. Bodies, minds, children’s astral bodies through distorted vaccines and the shattering of humanities immune system, our etheric bodies and madness, torture and psychopaths hunting down and shattering the cohesion of the I AM Age of America 2 unraveling of cohesionare all open season while Goodness takes a holiday.

Like J. Edgar Hoover and Dick Cheney, with Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski it was a study in what to do and what not to do in developing, coaxing and training the Ahrimanic Shadow in the West, to gradually arise unnoticed.

New villains had swarmed down into new evils that were taking shape in the souls of humanity. A mighty surge of outright Ahrimanic/Sorathian intention had a 1998 date with Earthly Destiny. 25 years before 1998 and 25 years after 1998, with 1998 dead center on the Sorathian target zone brought the AHRIMANIC CULTIC EVENT OF THE 21st CENTURY, the attacks on the World Trade and Pentagon in a full Ahrimanic coup d’état. 

Creating soft Western Ahrimanic fascism with dark occult undertones,  seamlessly controlling the mass Global Media and acting behind the scenes by creating the ruse of debate, democracy, freedom, with massive security systems in place, able to put millions to sleep while keeping the masses preoccupied with HOLLOW SOUL nonsense is what a whole host of good Black Magicians could learn to rekindle from the two previous Sorath incursions. The entire global media was primed and prepared to be the mouthpiece for Lies, Torture, War Mongering and the Psychopaths we call our leaders.

In Guyana and all through South America and Mexico, brace yourselves, there have been and still are schools of Ahrimanic and Asuric operations that literally have the aim of taking hold, of controlling, murdered, tortured, suicided souls, in vast numbers. These are part of the geographic mysteries of the Western Hemisphere and the ancient Mexican and Toltec seers battle for confiscating the unused portions of etheric life, astral forces and weakened I AM forces and controlling the future of the living dead. We approached this Western Hemisphere mystery in Part 1.

Brace yourself, that these captured and mortified human souls become the booty and unwilling captives of beings on the other-side of the Threshold is a ghastly truth. The unused etheric forces of human beings whose lives were sucked into the black hole of madness, egolessness, shattering of their astral bodies through vaccines, through massive pharmaceutical deceptions that disrupt memory (Click Link)   –   force the human soul, unprepared, into the destructive elemental beings of the Threshold. These divine life-forces that are squandered, distorted and displaced,  and forced into medical lethargy, make it easy for our human vessels to be manipulated and shattered.

Egypt Ammit and the ENTITIES of the Threshold

Age of America 2 destructive Elemental beings of the ThresholdHer name, is generally translated as “Devourer”, but could also be the chilling “Bone Eater”, and she was known as “Devourer of millions” leading to the suggestion that the god Am-heh was one of her aspects.

“If people get to know more about the essential nature of these elemental spirits of birth and death and do so in full consciousness, they come to know powers which are inimical to life in the physical world.

“Anyone with more or less normal feelings, even today, will be shaken to learn the truth that in order to bring about birth and death in the physical world, the divine spirits who guide world destinies have to use elemental spirits who actually are the enemies of everything human beings seek and desire for their welfare and well-being here in the physical world. Age of America 2 Ammit destructive entities of the thresholdIf everything was done just to suit the wishes of human beings — to be comfortable in this physical world, be fit and well as we go to sleep and wake up again and go about our work — if all spirits were of a kind to see to it that we have such a comfortable life, birth and death could not be. To bring about birth and death the gods need ENTITIES (CLICK LINK) whose minds and whole way of looking at the world give them the urge to destroy and lay waste to everything which provides for the welfare of human beings here in the physical world.

“We have to get used to the idea that the world is not made as people would really like it to be and that there exists the element which in the Egyptian Mysteries was known as ‘iron necessity’. As part of this iron necessity, entities hostile to the physical world are used by the gods to bring about birth and death for human beings.”

The fallen lower Devachan and the fallen higher Devachan, the addicted astral and the stolen portions of the Etheric Body can be used and abused both while living and after our deaths. These occult addictions make it easier for victims to become servants of demonic entities in Ahriman’s growing Army of the Dead.

Now how on Earth could that be part of the Intelligence Operations of Ahriman’s Central Intelligence Agency? What do Rendition and Torture schools teach their pupils? How could the United States be a party to intense water boarding, literal Knight Templar rejuvenation of Inquisitional Torture Schools and new pharmacological invasions of our deeper astral and I AM orientations?

The renewal of the School of Sorath and the impotent failure of Humanity

“Anyone in President George W. Bush’s position would have declared that the Geneva Conventions, which are supposed to protect prisoners of war from mistreatment, don’t cover prisoners taken in the “war on terror.” Anyone would have told the pundits on “Meet the Press,” as Vice President Dick Cheney did less than a week after 9/11, that the attacks meant we would now have to work “the dark side.” Anyone in CIA Director George Tenet’s shoes would have agreed with Cheney when he said that “a lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion, using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies.”

“And any attorney in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel would naturally have written the “torture memos” that John Yoo and Jay Bybee created in 2002, in which they sought to provide legal cover for the CIA’s torture practices by redefining torture itself more or less out of existence. For some act to count as “severe physical suffering” and therefore as torture, they wrote, the pain inflicted would have to be of a sort “ordinarily associated with a… serious physical condition, such as death, organ failure, or serious impairment of bodily functions.”

“Wouldn’t anyone do what these men did, if they, too, were frightened out of their wits? Actually, no. In fact, the sad, ugly story of the U.S. response to the criminal acts of 9/11 is brightened by a number of people who have displayed genuine courage in saying no to and turning their backs on torture. Their choices prove that Bush, Cheney, & Co. could have said no as well.

“Though you’d never know it here, no level of fear in public officials makes acts of torture (or the support of such acts) any less criminal or more defensible before the law. It’s remarkably uncomplicated, actually. Torture violates U.S. and international law, and those responsible deserve to be prosecuted both for what they did and to prevent the same thing from happening the next time people in power are afraid.”

Sorath torture schools under the U.S, brings to the surface a whole wedge of manifest fallen human beings to the surface, like scum. From the bottom of the lower Asuric and Ahrimanic schools thrust back into incarnation, a whole set of Monsters of the American Psyche crawled out from under their rocks and were gladly received into the political leadership of highly developed psychopaths. What human impotency to not brings these maniacs to trial.

Sorath’s Political appointee’s, (Incarnation by Design and a School of Black Magicians).

“In November 2006, the German government received a complaint seeking the prosecution of Alberto Gonzales, then-Attorney General and former White House Counsel, for alleged war crimes.[15] Co-defendants included: Geoffrey D. Miller,Donald H. Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Stephen Cambone, Ricardo S. Sanchez, Walter Wojdakowski, Thomas M. Pappas,Barbara Fast, Marc Warren, John Yoo, William J. Haynes, II, David Addington, and Jay Bybee, top political appointees who participated in making policy about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques for CIA and DOD.

“On 14 November 2006, the German attorney Wolfgang Kaleck filed the complaint with the German Federal Attorney General (Generalbundesanwalt) against Miller for his complicity in torture and other crimes against humanity at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Kaleck was acting on behalf of 11 victims of torture and other human rights abuses, as well as about 30 human rights activists and organizations who are co-plaintiffs.”

By manufacturing and using newly designed torture drugs, psychotic drugs Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) we have, with intent (Click Link), opened the floodgates to the destructive Elemental Beings that haunt the threshold of the human psyche, our astral bodies, I AM and etheric bodies. Age of America shattering cohesionNot only is this torture by intent but serves the actual appetites of these destructive fallen entities trained to shatter the bonds of the cohesive reality of the human soul and spirit.

Mefloquine is also known by its brand name Lariam. It was researched by the US Army in the 1970s and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration in 1989. Since its introduction, it has been directly linked to serious adverse effects, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, confusion, hallucinations, bizarre dreams, nausea, vomiting, sores and homicidal and suicidal thoughts. It belongs to a class of drugs known as quinolines, which were part of a 1956 human experiment study to investigate “toxic cerebral states,” as part of the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control program.

Our Descent into Hell

The Harrowing of Hell is no myth. It is a task of an awakened humanity. By the 6th Age human beings will be working with Spirit-Selfhood, Manas and will be trained to retrieve human karma from the grip of Ahriman and the Black Magicians on the other side of the Threshold. Human spirits will be called upon to retrieve the karma of friends, family, and victims from the clutches of conscious black magicians and it will be no laughing matter. This will not be a Disney movie.

Max Fleischer differed from Disney.  The Underworld that Max Fleischer conceived, where power and seduction revealed the hidden dimensions of the Monsters lurking, ready to devour and destroy our innocence, were from the street, on the hood, in the impulses that all of our Doubles collectively share and get unconsciously snared by. (Click Link)

“The Fleischer brothers’ creation was a sexy woman in the form of a cartoon character. Gary Morris recalled her appearance in Bright Lights Film Journal, “Betty is best remembered for her red-hot jazz baby persona. With a head like a giant peanut, vast mascara’d eyes, too-kissable lips, baby-doll voice (courtesy of singer Mae Questel), flattened marcelled hair, and mere threads of a dress exposing miles of hot flesh, she was the perfect celluloid sex toy.”Age of America 2 Boop

A far cry from the wholesome characters being created at the Disney Studios, Betty Boop not only appeared sexy but acted the part. She was often shown undressing and kissing clowns, cats, and other creatures. While other cartoons of the time were focusing on the charming lives of adorable animals, the Fleischers had Betty running around in her slinky costumes, living the life of a provocative young woman. The general trend in movies and cartoons was more respectable, and Betty Boop was bucking this trend.”

SOUTH PARK (click link) has it’s own generational version of the Harrowing of Hell and the Underworlds. And there is of course the human soul in SPAWN (click link) chained to Hell and damnation for being a pay-rolled CIA assassin. His karma after death forces him to serve and become a murderous demon for his dark and damning deeds done while he was incarnated on Earth.

“Thou that didst lie dead in the sepulchre hast come down unto us living and at thy death all creation quaked and all the stars were shaken and thou hast become free among the dead and dost rout our legions. Who art thou that settest free the prisoners that are held bound by original sin and restorest them into their former liberty?” (Click Link)

In SPAWN once more the age old battle between Michael and the powerful Lords of the sub-sensible kingdoms are sketched. In cartoon special effects the hidden occult forces that our human souls tangle with, mostly all unknowingly and all unconsciously, gets us into the underworld depths of  Black Magicians and the seemingly slender and far too few White Magicians. Age of America 2 harrowing of hellCulture continues to carry shelf life of ever evolving new dazzling products of ever deeper Devachan Imaginations that exist beyond the threshold of precise cognition. Taste and Training in cognition vary.

“This event is the supposed descent of Christ–following his crucifixion– into Limbo, when he rescued and brought to heaven (“harrowing” implies a sort of violent abduction) his “ancestors” from the Hebrew Bible. Virgil supplies an eye-witness account, from his partially informed perspective, in Inferno 4.52-63. Since, according to Dante’s reckoning, Christ’s earthly life spanned thirty-four years, the harrowing can be dated to 34 C.E. Only suggested in the Bible, the story of Christ’s post-mortem journey to hell appears in apocrypha–books related to but not included in the Bible–such as the Gospel of Nicodemus. So prominent was this story in the popular and theological imaginations that it was proclaimed as church dogma in 1215 and 1274. Dante’s version of the harrowing, as we see from repeated allusions to the event during the protagonist’s journey, emphasizes the power–in both physical and psychological terms–of Christ’s raid on hell.” (Click Link)

But the redemption of our loved ones from the grip of actual karmic imprisonment, the HARROWING OF HELL will arise from how we learn to use the new forces of Christ Cognition in our Souls  (CLICK LINK). That the objective forces of our transformed astral and transformed etheric bodies through the very conscious compassion of SEEING and KNOWING will be part of the agony of GOODNESS. This will be acute awareness and shared agony of knowing intimately the rule, that if another suffers, our very spirits will experience others suffering reverberating as an astral devachan tone.

Shattering Karmic Realities of the coming 6th and 7th Age

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner 3 David Newbatt“In preparation for future planetary embodiments of the Earth, a time must come in earthly evolution when it will be impossible for one individual to enjoy things on the Earth at the expense of another. As in a plant the single leaf or petal feels itself a member of the whole and shares — pictorially speaking — in the weal and woe of the whole plant, so must a future come for the planet Earth when one human being will not want to enjoy happiness at the expense of the whole, but man will feel a member of mankind. And it will be the true spiritual counterpart of this when we shall learn to prepare the physical body even for one another.

“We are in fact emerging from the epoch when each of us had so to speak, his own continuation to himself as to the physical body. In the new epoch that is now beginning — brought on by the present leadership of Michael — we shall work at the spirit-seeds of the physical bodies of men in such a way that one works for another. Moreover, as our incarnations of the Earth go on, this will lead even further. For in thus working for one another in the spirit, we shall prepare for a yet later time, to tell the character of which will sound completely strange and paradoxical, yet it is true. For in that more distant future, human souls even while on Earth will be able to go across into the bodies of those to whom they have done some special hurt and to receive the other soul into their own body. That will be when the Earth herself will have passed into quite new conditions. Yet it is also being prepared for by the actual and impending change of which I have been telling, and which is coming about in the spiritual world through the leadership of Michael.”


“The master of those who know” (Inf. 4.131). So respected and well known was Aristotle in the Middle Ages that this phrase is enough to identify him as the one upon whom other prominent philosophers in Limbo– including Socrates and Plato–look with honor. Dante elsewhere follows medieval tradition by referring to Aristotle simply as “the Philosopher,” with no need of additional information. Aristotle’s authorityAge of America 2 Aristotle and st. P in the Middle Ages owes to the fact that almost all his works were translated into Latin (from their original Greek and / or from Arabic) in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. By contrast, only one work by Plato–the Timaeus–was available in Latin translation (partial at that) in Dante’s day. A student of Plato’s, tutor to Alexander the Great, and founder of his own philosophical school, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) wrote highly influential works on an astonishing range of subjects, including the physical universe, biology, politics, rhetoric, logic, natural philosophy, metaphysics, and ethics. Next to the Bible, he was the most important authority for two of Dante’s favorite Christian thinkers, Albert the Great and his student Thomas Aquinas, both of whom strove to validate the role of reason and to sharpen its relationship to faith. The influence of Aristotelian thought on Dante is perhaps most apparent in the content of a philosophical work (Convivio), the argumentation of a political treatise (De Monarchia), and the moral structure of hell (Inferno).

Like a violin string we will vibrate in sympathy, while objectively and horrifically observing the karmic causes. The secret revealed will be the karmic causes and the karmic cures required as payment for the very gifts we will in future attain. These will be part of the 6th Age gifts of the Holy Risen Etheric Christ.

In an estimated 5% of people taking these drugs, which are freely prescribed to children and adolescents, a condition known as “akasthisia,” occurs. This is a build up of electrical impulses that causes the brain to disassociate, causing the victim to erupt in sudden, extreme violence, often: murder, mass murder, suicide, arson and more. Characteristics of SSRI violence include hallucinations, and amnesia so powerful that all memory of the event is absent, in those who survive. –  (CLICK LINK)

age of america 2 destroying our childrenIn hundreds of thousands of incidents it has been our very own loved ones who addicted the victims, enabled the lies, insisted on blindly taking vaccines, assisted in spreading the propaganda of Ahrimanic Culture to cause the astral gifts of our children to be shattered by autism and their astral bodies and their gifts from the spiritual world, imploded.

Devastating attacks of shattering the human astral body by 2025

“…in a special panel discussion about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she declared, “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.” She noted that the side effects of autism closely mimic those of glyphosate toxicity, and presented data showing a remarkably consistent correlation between the use of Roundup on crops (and the creation of Roundup-ready GMO crop seeds) with rising rates of autism. Children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate, including zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorder.

“A fellow panelist reported that after Dr. Seneff’s presentation, “All of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely because they now had serious misgivings about serving their kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are nearly all genetically modified and thus tainted with Roundup and its glyphosate.”

Dr. Seneff noted the ubiquity of glyphosate’s use. Because it is used on corn and soy, all soft drinks and candies sweetened with corn syrup and all chips and cereals that contain soy fillers have small amounts of glyphosate in them, as do our beef and poultry since cattle and chicken are fed GMO corn or soy. Wheat is often sprayed with Roundup just prior to being harvested, which means that all non-organic bread and wheat products would also be sources of glyphosate toxicity. The amount of glyphosate in each product may not be large, but the cumulative effect (especially with as much processed food as Americans eat) could be devastating. A recent study shows that pregnant women living near farms where pesticides are applied have a 60% increased risk of children having an autism spectrum disorder.”

And all through the 6th and 7th age, human beings will be forced to recover the devastation that we ourselves have inflicted on our very children by being uninterested, ignorant finger puppets to Ahriman’s assaults on the nervous system and astral bodies of our children. We are guilty today of devastating our children’s astral bodies that shatter the cohesion of the I to be able to direct impulses and command impulses through our etheric and physical bodies.

Our karma and our tragedies will not, as now, be easily covered over by our ignorant hypocrisy. We will know our karma and where our errors in judgement wrecked havoc. We will be tormented and  by sacrificing ourselves we will relearn the lessons we skipped over. We will be the payment required to release our loved ones from the shattering devastation that we caused in the karmic cohesion of the world. The damage we have done hypnotically and unconsciously we will have to reverse and recover through our own (CLICK LINK) Conscious Schooling of the Harrowing of Hell.

Torture pharmaceuticals are part of the arsenal being used to unlock key aspects of our astral, etheric, and I AM hidden codes. There are back-doors, trap-doors for computer hackers but there are pharmaceutical back-doors, that have the vicious intent to decode the entire human enigma and unlock the prison doors of subsensible MONSTERS IN THE AMERICAN PSYCHE.

The Corporate Pharmaceutical Employment of demonic Entities at the Threshold

Rudolf Steiner

“So we are looking at a world that is immediately next to our own, a world that day by day, hour by hour, has to do with our own world, for the processes of birth and death happen every day and every hour here on earth. The moment human beings cross the threshold to the other world they enter into a sphere where entities live and are active whose whole conduct, views and desires are destructive for ordinary physical human life. If this had been made known to people outside the Mysteries before now, if people had been given an idea of these entities, the following would inevitably have happened. If people who are quite unable to deal with their instincts and drives, with their passions, had known that destructive entities were present around them all the time, they would have used the powers of those destructive entities. They would not have used them the way the gods do in birth and death, however, but within the realm of physical life. If people had felt the desire to be destructive in some sphere or other, they would have had ample opportunity to make these entities serve them, for it is easy to make them serve us. This truth was kept hidden to protect ordinary life from the destructive elemental spirits of birth and death.”

Age of America 2 Asuric fall of the spirits of darkness 1The cosmic structure of the human biological, chemical, genetic, and viral coding opens vast doorways into unconscious devachan astral regions where our nervous system and our endocrine system and specifically our Pituitary and Pineal glands function as regulating fluctuating barometers for input-output Initiation gateways and Thresholds. Decoding, hacking the back-door of our human astral body, etheric body and I Am cohesion, that unconsciously controls our central and automatic nervous system, our perceptions and thinking, have been part of the malicious intent of the Ahrimanic branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. These specifically developed astral, etheric, and I AM torture pharmaceuticals drag the drugged human being into the snares of vast armies of destructive elemental beings who stand guard at the Threshold where death and birth interact.

Age of America geography studiesCyanide, because of it’s relation to Gold, tends to shatter the Golden Cohesion of the Soul and Spirit. The central nervous system both the voluntary and involuntary nervous system are shattered and the commands of the I AM are yanked out by the roots.

Psychiatric drugs, especially SSRIs, (CLICK LINK) serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox, the ever popular Dampener of the Double, Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and all the ghastly torture drugs used at Guantanamo,  Abu Ghraib, Diego Garcia, Camp Bucca, Camp Cropper, Bagram Air Base, Guyana CIA outposts, these occult threshold drugs, where the elemental beings of the Dwellers of the Threshold shatter the cohesion of the I, astral and nervous system are a new army of Monsters in service to the United States of America.

Such torture, hallucinatory, memory shattering drugs like Lariam have been used by Asuric, Ahrimanic and Sorathian psychiatrists paid by enabling U.S. citizens to supervise and create the conditions of torture by developing conscious evil methods designed to shatter the cohesion of the I AM.

[גֹּ֫לֶם] noun [masculine] embryo (Late Hebrew גּוֺלֶם, Aramaic גּוֺלְמָא, unfinished vessel), גָּלְמִי רָאוּ עֵינֶיךָ Psalm 139:16 mine imperfect substance (RV) did thine eyes see.

Entities in the service of etheric construction and Entities in the service of decomposition and deconstruction. Insights held from the 19th century.

“The Etheric Double is actually built in advance for the incoming Ego, by an elemental which is the joint thought-form of the four Devas, each of whom presides over one of the four etheric sub-planes of physical matter. The primary business of this building elemental is to construct the etheric mould into which the physical particles of the new baby-body are to be built.

“The form and colour of this elemental vary in different cases. At first it accurately expresses in shape and size the infant body it has to build; clairvoyants sometimes see this doll-like figure hovering about, and afterwards within, the body of the mother, and have occasionally mistaken it for the soul of the coming baby instead of the mould of its physical body.

“As soon as the fetus has grown to the size of the mould, and is ready for birth, the form of the next stage at which it has to aim is unfolded, the size, shape and condition of the body as it is to be, so far as the work of the elemental is concerned, at the time when it proposes to leave it. After the elemental has retired, all further growth of the body is under the control of the Ego himself.

“In both these cases the elemental uses itself as the mould. Its colours largely represent the qualities required in the body it has to build, and its form is also usually that destined for it. As soon as its work is done, there is no power left to hold together its particles and the elemental disintegrates.

“In determining the quality of etheric matter to be used in building the etheric body, we have two things to consider: first, the type of matter, regarded from the point of view of the seven Rays or vertical divisions, and secondly, the quality of matter, regarded from the point of view of its coarseness or fineness, or horizontal divisions.The former, the ray-type, is determined by the physical permanent atom, which has the type and subtype impressed upon it. The latter is determined by the past karma of the man, the building elemental being is charged with the production of the type of physical body suited to the man’s requirements. The elemental, in fact, consists of that portion of the  karma of the individual which is to express itself in the physical body. On the selection made by the building elemental depends, for example, whether the body will be naturally clever or stupid, placid or irritable, energetic or lethargic, sensitive or unresponsive.The potentialities of heredity are latent in the maternal ovum and the paternal spermatozoon, and from these the elemental makes his selection according to the requirements of the case.

“Although the elemental in charge of the body from the first, the Ego only comes into contact with his future habitation later, some time before physical birth. If the characteristics the elemental has to impose are few in number, it is able to withdraw early and leave the Ego in full control of the body. Where however, much time is required to develop the limitations needed, the elemental may retain its position until the body is seven years old.

“Etheric matter for the infant body is taken from the body of the mother; hence the importance of the latter supplying her body with only the purest materials. Unless the elemental is charged with some special development in the way of features, such as unusual beauty or the reverse, the principal agency at work in this direction will be the thoughts of the mother and the thought-forms which float around her.

“The new astral body comes into connection with the Etheric Double at a very early stage, and exercises а considerable influence over its formation, the mental body also working through it upon the nervous organisation.

“We have previously seen that, under certain conditions, the Etheric Double may be separated from the dense body, though it is always connected with it by a thread or cord of etheric matter. At death the double finally withdraws from the dense body and may be seen as a violet mist, gradually condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person and attached to the dense body by a glistening thread. This thread or magnetic cord is snapped at the moment of death.

“As the buddhic life-web, accompanied by Prana, disentangles itself from dense physical matter at death, it draws itself together in the heart round the permanent atom. The atom, web and Prana then rise along the secondary Sushumna-nadю into the third ventricle of the brain, thence to the point of junction of the parietal and occipital sutures, and finally out of the body. The life-web remains enshrouding the physical permanent atom, in the causal body, until the time comes for a new physical body to be built.

“The withdrawal of the Etheric Double, and with it of course Prana, destroys the integral unity of the physical body, thus leaving it merely as a collection of independent cells. The Life of the separate cells themselves continues, as evidenced by the well known fact that hairs and fingernails on a corpse will sometimes continue to grow.

“The moment the Etheric Double withdraws, and consequently Prana ceases to circulate, the lower lives, i.e., the cells, run rampant and begin to break down the hitherto definitely organised body. The body is thus never more alive than when it is dead: but it is alive in its units, and dead in its totality.

“When the double finally quits the dense body, it does not go far away but usually floats over it. In this condition it is known as the wraith, and sometimes appears to those with whom it is closely bound up as a cloudy figure, very dully conscious and speechless. Unless disturbed by tumultuous distress or violent emotion, the state of consciousness is dreamy and peaceful.

“It is during the withdrawal of the double, as well as afterwards, that the whole of the man’s past life passes swiftly in review before the Ego, every forgotten nook and corner of the memory yielding up its secrets, picture by picture, event by event. In these few seconds the Ego lives over again his whole life, seeing his successes and failures, loves and hatreds: he perceives the predominant tendency of the whole, and the ruling thought of the life asserts itself, marking the region in which the chief part of the post-mortem life will be spent. At death Prana gathers everything together and, withdrawing from the body, hands everything onward to the Knower, who is the receptacle of all.

“This stage is usually followed by a brief period of peaceful unconsciousness, due to the withdrawal of the etheric matter and its entanglement with the astral body, thus preventing the man from functioning either in the physical or the astral world. Some men shake themselves free from the etheric envelope in a few moments; others rest within it for hours, days, or even weeks, though usually the process does not take longer than a few hours.

“As the days pass, the higher principles gradually disengage themselves from the double, and the latter then becomes in its turn an etheric corpse, which remains near the dense one, both disintegrating together. These etheric wraiths are often seen in churchyards, sometimes as violet or bluish-white mists or lights, but often presenting an unpleasant appearance as they pass through various stages of decomposition.

“One of the great advantages of cremation is that by destroying the dense body, the etheric body also loses its nidus and so rapidly disintegrates.

“If a man is so misguided as to wish to cling to the physical life, and even to his own corpse, the preservation of the dead body, either by burial or embalming, offers a distinct temptation to him to do so, and immensely facilitates his unfortunate purpose.Age of America 2 Cremation Cremation entirely prevents any attempt at partial and unnatural temporary reunion of the principles. In addition, there are certain unpleasant forms of black magic, fortunately rare in Western countries at least, which make use of the decaying physical body; the etheric body of a dead person may also be similarly used in a variety of ways. All of these possibilities are avoided by the wholesome practice of cremation. It is quite impossible for a dead person to feel the effects of the fire on his discarded body, for, so long as it is а death, the astral and etheric matter have been completely separated from the dense physical.

“Although it is quite impossible for a dead person to get back entirely into his dead body, yet, in the case of one who knows nothing beyond purely physical life and is crazy with fear at being entirely cut off from it, it is possible for him, in his frantic effort to keep in touch with physical life, to get hold of the etheric matter of the discarded body and drag it about with him. This may be the cause of considerable suffering, entirely unnecessary, and easily avoided by the practice of cremation.

“In the case of people who cling desperately to physical existence, the astral body cannot altogether separate from the etheric, and they awaken still surrounded by etheric matter. The condition is very unpleasant, as such a person would be shut out from the astral world by the shell of etheric matter, and at the same time the loss of physical sense organs prevents him from coming fully in touch with earth life. Consequently he drifts about, lonely and dumb and terrified, in a thick and gloomy fog, unable to hold intercourse with either plane.

“In process of time the etheric shell wears out, in spite of his struggles, though usually not until after he has suffered intensely. Kindly people among the dead, and others, endeavor to help the class of person described, but seldom with success.

Detailed study of spawning destructive and constructive Elemental Beings (CLICK LINK)

“Sometimes a person in this condition may endeavor to get in touch once again with the physical plane through a medium, though usually the medium’s and spirit guides sternly forbid them access, knowing that the medium runs the risk of being obsessed or maddened. Occasionally an unconscious medium  (usually a sensitive young girl) may be seized upon, but the attempt can be successful only if the girl’s Ego has weakened her hold on her vehicles by indulging in undesirable thoughts and passions. Occasionally also a human soul wandering in this grey world may succeed in partially obsessing an animal, those most commonly seized upon being the less developed  (cattle, sheep or swine, though cats and dogs or monkeys may also be used in this way.This appears to be the modern, i.e.., Fifth Race, substitute for the awful life of the vampire, found in Fourth Race peoples.) Once entangled with an animal, it is possible to disentangle oneself only gradually and by considerable effort, extending probably for many days. Freedom usually comes only at the death of the animal, and even then there remains an astral entanglement to shake off.”

The Ruination of the Archangels and Folk-Spirits over the Earth, infected by the Ahrimanic Archai Rising in the West

These Sorathian and Asuric Schools of torture have been outsourced to more than willing countries who have whole hosts of demonic human beings willing to learn more and more about the techniques of torture and how to gain occult power over their drugged and murdered victims. Which means that entire Archangel Countries have been infected by U.S. and Israel trained Monsters of the Ahrimanic American Psyche. The giant Ahrimanic Shadow Archai rising in the West is intent on devouring entire regions, entire countries and forcing the Archangels and the decimation of the people under those Archangels to serve the demonic Shadow of the West.

The Imagination that Tolkien presented in his “Lord of the Rings” and the subsequent Middle Earth replications of the Good Etheric Elemental Beings of Elves and Dwarfs, and the secret Tolkien unveils of how tortured Elves were turned into demonic Orcs, their entire divine systems compromised and controlled, the noble turned to demonic, were free Imaginations presented as preparations of vision for much needed human courage. (Click Link)

54 countries have aided in post-9/11 extraordinary torture renditions: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Eurythmy and the Enslavement of WORD BEINGS

“Enhanced interrogation techniques” for torture. “Extraordinary rendition” for kidnapping. “Collateral damage” for the death of innocents (often children) in combat operations. Guantanamo Bay as a “detention camp” for “detainees” rather than a prison (or concentration) camp for prisoners.  Even the “global war on terror” was rebranded in 2009 as “overseas contingency operation,” as if one can deny the deadly realities of war simply by changing the name.

“George Orwell warned us about the political uses of language in his famous essay from 1946.  We ignore his warning at our peril.  Cloaking violent, even murderous actions in banal language may make a few functionaries sleep easier at night.  But they should make the rest of us profoundly uncomfortable.

“Banal language facilitates and helps to actuate the banality of evil. As Vaclav Havel noted in his essay “A Word About Words” (1989), “The point is that all important events in the real world–whether admirable or monstrous–always have their prologue in the realm of words.”

“The more we invoke euphemisms to cloak harsh realities, the more we ensure that harshness will endure; indeed, that it will grow harsher, more pernicious. Even worse: that it will become banal, even “normal.”

“Torture is torture.  Kidnapping is kidnapping.  Dead infants are dead infants.  War is war.  And extermination is extermination.

“Employing euphemisms is not just an exercise in banality of language; it’s often a betrayal of humanity.”

The Archangel cultural Spirits of various Countries around the world are being literally infected and destroyed by a bully Ahrimanic Being preparing for it’s human embodiment in the West. In preparation, the entire world, all the cultures, languages and Archangels over the Earth in regions around the world are being absorbed, eviscerated and drawn into Ahriman’s vast global WEB.

In Asuric and Sorathian torture centers where etheric rhythms are thrown into complete disorder, aggravated, turning night into day, turning inwardness into psychotic madness, these are sanctioned and government approved methods and teachings of The Monsters of the American Psyche.

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) (Click Link) The School of the Americas was in Panama until it moved to Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia, in 1984

Age of America 2 Torture training schools for the world“America’s recent wars have been fought based on a doctrine tested throughout the Western Hemisphere in the second half of the 20th century and taught at the controversial School of the Americas. It may have changed its name to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC CLICK LINK), and added a patina of human rights training, but a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig, as the 2009 coup in Honduras led by alumni of the school shows.

“Since its founding in 1946, the School of the Americas has trained tens of thousands of police and military personnel in Latin America and the Caribbean. Not by coincidence, its graduates were involved in some of the worst atrocities of the 20th century – from filling the ranks of Haiti’s brutal Tonton Macoutes to training the founders of Mexico’s paramilitary narco-cartel Los Zetas. It’s no exaggeration to say that the School of the Americas has painted an entire region in blood.”

los desaparecidos

The disappeared ones were people who were considered to be a political or ideological threat to the military junta.[4] The Argentine military justified torture to obtain intelligence Age of America 2 Argentinaand saw the disappearances as a way to curb political dissidence.[4]Whenever the female captives were pregnant, their children were stolen away right after giving birth, while they themselves remained detained. It is estimated that 500 young children and infants were given to families with close ties to the military to be raised.[5] Eventually, many of the captives were heavily drugged and loaded onto aircraft, from which they were thrown alive while in flight over the Atlantic Ocean in the so-called “death flights” or (vuelos de la muerte), so as to leave no trace of their death.[6] Without any dead bodies, the government could easily deny any knowledge of their whereabouts and any accusations that they had been killed.

According to O Globo, the National Truth Commission (CNV) report documents how more than 300 members of the Brazilian military spent time at the Age of America 2 BrazilSchool of the Americas, run out of Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia. While there, attendees “had theoretical and practical lessons on torture, which would later be replicated in Brazil.”

Dan Mitrione did not introduce the practice of torturing political prisoners to Uruguay. It had been perpetrated by the police at times from at least the early 1960s. However, in a surprising interview given to a leading Brazilian newspaper in 1970, the former Uruguayan Chief of Police Intelligence, Alejandro Otero, declared that US advisers, and in particular Mitrione, had instituted torture as a more routine measure; to the means of inflicting pain, they had added scientific refinement; and to that a psychology to create despair…

Escuadrón de la Muerte

Dan Mitrione had built a soundproofed room in the cellar of his house in Montevideo. In this room he assembled selected Uruguayan police officers to observe a demonstration of torture techniques. Another observer was Manuel Hevia Cosculluela, a Cuban who was with the CIA and worked with Mitrione. Hevia later wrote that the course began with a description of the human anatomy and nervous system …

Soon things turned unpleasant. As subjects for the first testing they took beggars, known in Uruguay as bichicomes, from the outskirts of Montevideo, as well as a woman apparently from the frontier area with Brazil. There was no interrogation, only a demonstration of the effects of different voltages on the different parts of the human body, as well as demonstrating the use of a drug which induces vomiting – I don’t know why or what for – and another chemical substance. The four of them died.

In his book Hevia does not say specifically what Mitrione’s direct part in all this was, but he later publicly stated that the OPS chief “personally tortured four beggars to death with electric shocks”.

About half a year later, 31 July 1970 to be exact, Dan Mitrione was kidnapped by the Tupamaros. They did not torture him. They demanded the release of some 150 prisoners in exchange for him. With the determined backing of the Nixon administration, the Uruguayan government refused. On 10 August, Mitrione’s dead body was found on the back seat of a stolen car. He had turned 50 on his fifth day as a prisoner.

Back in Mitrione’s home town of Richmond, Indiana,Age of America 2 Indiana Secretary of State William Rogers and President Nixon’s son-in-law David Eisenhower attended the funeral for Mitrione, the city’s former police chief. Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis came to town to stage a benefit show for Mitrione’s family.

And White House spokesman, Ron Ziegler, solemnly stated that “Mr. Mitrione’s devoted service to the cause of peaceful progress in an orderly world will remain as an example for free men everywhere.”

“A perfect man,” his widow said.

“A great humanitarian,” said his daughter Linda.

Guatemala was one of the first countries where people were disappeared as a generalized practice of terror against a civilian population. Forced disappearance was widely practiced by the government of Guatemala during the 36-year Guatemalan Civil War. An estimated 40,000 to 50,000 individuals were disappeared by the Guatemalan military and security forces between 1954 and 1996. The tactic of disappearance first saw widespread use in Guatemala during the mid-1960s,Age of America 2 Guatemala as government repression became widespread when the military adopted harsher counterinsurgency measures. The first documented case of forced disappearance by the government in Guatemala occurred in March 1966, when thirty PGT associates were kidnapped, tortured and killed by the security forces; their bodies were put in sacks and dumped at sea from helicopters. This was one of the first major instances of forced disappearance in Latin American history.[22] When law students at the University of San Carlos used legal measures (such as habeas corpus petitions) to require the government to present the detainees at court, some of the students were “disappeared” in turn.[23]

Torture report reveals American Sadism

“The global ‘war on terror,’ conceived by the Israelis and launched by their American lackeys shortly after the false-flag attacks of 9/11, is nothing short of a cruel hoax on the world. The sadists and megalomaniacs who have executed this comical ruse may well evade justice in this lifetime, but history will record their foul deeds so that future generations will rightly view them as the monstrous villains that they have proven to be.”

The vast American Ahrimanic Archai of the West has been preparing the weapons of docility and the rise of his fallen horde, that suffered THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS (Click Link) when Michael removed them from Heaven and tossed them into human heads on Earth. Houston we have a problem.

Raising this fallen horde of ego-less astral and Devachan beings who live in our enhanced unconscious instincts of an ever denser Americanized Ahrimanic Double and their innate capacity to act as destructive Threshold Entities is called the Army of the Dead. These elemental furies serve the destructive forces, the shattering, decimating forces that come with disintegration and psychic death. These elemental agents of death now swarm all through humanity. We train and pay for our fellow human beings to become Threshold Torture collaborators with Ahriman, Lucifer and the Asuras. And each of us has contributed our share to the demise of humanity.

We fund these Monsters of the American Psyche with our tax dollars. Our Corporations, commerce, pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, Dow and thousands of other paid for Fort Detrick styled Ahrimanic pandemic bio-plague weapons labs, are where elemental forces of death are given maps, orders, chemically coded directions and guidance by humanity and invited IN to murder, kill, infect and shatter the hidden GOLD of human integrity.Age of America Maryland Ft. Detrick

We considered it a blessing that our children had a ready-made fast Pharma solution, a pill, an injection so we wouldn’t have to wrestle with our stupidity and ignorance regarding our shadows, our children’s shadows or the Professionally Trained Monsters of the American Psyche, who, like us, failed, flunked and refused the knowledge that would have prepared us for the shams of Ahriman and the intensity of our growing geographic, devouring doubles.

Fort Detrick is located in Frederick, Maryland, the third fastest growing county in Maryland. Fort Detrick is located approximately one hours drive from Washington D.C. metro area and Baltimore, Maryland.

Rudolf Steiner referred to the harnessing of these massively destructive elemental beings of the threshold as parts of our commerce, industry, technology in this the latter part of our 5th Age. It is how we invest our money in the destructive etheric destroying, astral poisoning, ego suppressing, I AM shattering and genetic physical desecration as well as paid assassinations, global genocide of entire countries,  regions, Archangels, language guardian spirits, that accelerate Ahriman’s redesigning humanity in his image. It is that big and we have remained unconsciously stupefied in the West.

That means the integrity of the I AM, the integrity of our Etheric Bodies; the integrity of our Astral Bodies and the physical and chemical passwords and gateways that get these destructive elemental furies INSIDE US are part of the school of Ahriman’s big PHARMA.

Once the terrorists are INSIDE US we have been thoroughly trained to believe that terrorists are outside us. No, our leaders are certifiable Psychopaths but we have been brainwashed to think they are the normal, good, freedom loving patriotic Americans that we imagine ourselves to be.

From Part 1

Think of the Pharmaceutical black magic industries that create drugs that invade the astral body, cripple it, addict it, poison it, and become part of our vast Multi-National Corporate Conglomeration that serves the Whore of Babylon enterprises of DuPont, Monsanto Inc and the global plague of unnatural genetically modified seeds.These are all maps, studies and vast human collaborations amassing immense contributions to the over all system of knowledge known as the working system of the spiritual faculty of the un-mapped region of our Consciousness Soul. Otherwise intimated by Rod Serling as his very own explorations of the TWILIGHT ZONE in service of the American psyche.

Ahrimanic schooling has brought money, vast government contracts, and hosts of Elemental Entities and furies to the back door of human consciousness. Knock! Knock! We have opened the door unconsciously to the vast abyss of the objective realities of the occult science of the Threshold. Naturally there are very many who knew exactly what they were doing and what power they would gain over the masses by using BREAK-IN techniques to the back-door and come in under the floor, in the cellar of the basement of the unguarded subconscious of the uneducated American Psyche.

But the masses are neither schooled or prepared for the shock of the shattering effects that have caused proliferation and spread of autism. Oh, but our epidemic of autism isn’t even the most tragic, and any parent or teacher like myself who have taught autistic children  have come to realize that there are deeper psychotic Threshold Pharmaceutical Nightmares that are daily deliberately applied to hosts of human guinea pigs. Weakening the I AM and finding the keys that unlock the controls of the psychic system that is the riddle of the Human Form, will be used to bind the double and overshadow the I Am.

Insomnia and epidemic Sleep Disorders

“Nowadays, many patients are given medications for insomnia without being told that they are in fact receiving very dangerous antipsychotic drugs. This can happen with any antipsychotic but most frequently occurs with Seroquel, Abilify and Zyprexa. The patient is unwittingly exposed to all the hazards of antipsychotic drugs.

“Benzodiazepine (benzos), commonly prescribed as anti-anxiety drugs and sleep aids, deteriorate memory and other mental capacities. Human studies demonstrate that they frequently lead to atrophy and dementia after longer-term exposure. After withdrawal, individuals exposed to these drugs also experience multiple persisting problems including memory and cognitive dysfunction, emotional instability, anxiety, insomnia and muscular and neurological discomforts.

“Mostly because of severely worsened anxiety and insomnia,many cannot stop taking them and become permanently dependent. This frequently happens after only six weeks of exposure. Any benzo can be prescribed as a sleep aid, but Dalmane, Doral, Halcion, ProSom and Restoril are marketed for that purpose.

“Non-benzo” sleep aids, such as Ambien, Intermezzo, Lunesta and Sonata, pose similar problems to the benzos, including memory and other mental problems, dependence and painful withdrawal. They can cause many abnormal mental states and behaviors, including dangerous sleepwalking.”

We have led our children into the arms of these destructive beings. Our school administrators, teachers and boards have enabled monsters to approach our children. Swept by popular mob opinion our authorities have betrayed us, our medical doctors have bought the lie and sold it to us. Our Democracy is really just MOBOCRACY. Our leaders didn’t feel the need for truth when their pockets could be lined by big bribes from Big Pharma just by offering the bodies and souls of their constituents.

Short term gain, Power and Image, play the Ahrimanic Marionette game for the short term, and because of the cynical corruption America lives by, we grabbed for ourselves the quick-fix, one life to live American Exceptionalism. But America is only heroic in the long term, of many lives ahead and many incarnations to come. Souls who would seek a destiny with America crave to learn of Her magnificent mysteries. Our leaders and political HOLLOW HUMAN BEINGS are visionless, valueless, sterilized, sanitized distortions and corruptions of The American Spirit. Hollow Human Beings were discussed with profound esoteric depth in Part 1.

The demented enormity of the Military Industrial Pie Chart of Military Contracts and Tax Payer funded, or frauded, printed trillions spread around and hawked by expensive Lobbyists serving gigantic Corporate Entities disguised as Personhoods, dwarfed the rotten foundations of our human intelligence. Our ignorant leaders that serve plate after plate of placation have confidently offered us the ability to numb our consciousness to the grotesque invasion of destructive threshold elemental beings, who have taken our astral bodies, our etheric bodies and our I AM hostage without our knowledge or inner conscious consent.

“Any reasonably sane person knows that the international banks are; since corporations now have personhood, psychopaths. Any reasonably sane person knows that pharmaceutical companies are easily as bad and far more widespread in their malignant badness that the gold mining industry.” Les Visible

We have let others determine what the limits to knowledge are in an age when we should be morally expanding the vast perimeters of human knowledge beyond the Threshold of Birth and Death by exploring the depth of our Consciousness Soul. We have given our scientists the funding and secret government slush funds to design our cultural demise. We have glibly and thoughtlessly introduced our astral, etheric and ego to the science of shattering our children’s spiritual cohesion. Well done America. Well done United States of America.

We have belligerently denied the human composition of astral-nervous system; etheric-endocrine and lymphatic system, and I AM karma and cognition system in the blood and heart, but we have given our full permission to experiment, shatter, disrupt, destroy and decimate that which gives each human being their Divine Cohesion of Soul and Spirit.

There will be no Europe, there will be no Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Gaza, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand. Every Archangel Being, every good Archangel of every region over the entire globe has already been infected. Both in the Western Hemisphere in all the regions where the Archangels of the Canadians dwell and down through South America, each Language Guiding Spirit, each Governing Body of the populace have been beaten into submission, corrupted and bought by the vast growing Monster, the Ahrimanic Archai of the West.

This Ahrimanic Archai of the West devours the interior conscience and inner substance, and leaves the carapace, the bio-regional accents, music, art, but all this that was once the proud forces of Civilizations of Nations, each with vast groups of Archangel Beings giving their regions Spirit, Soul, herbs, food, climate, Language and Intelligence, poets, histories and heroic human destinies will be absorbed into the Ahrimanic Archai Monster forming in the West.

The voice from the Archangel of VenezuelaAge of America 2 Venezuela and under a Michael Inspiration approached the U.N. All the other paid for puppets and pimps of countries never had the courage to call out the methods of the Monsters of the American Psyche with such clarity and audacity. There was a moment of sanity and shock because someone finally said what was in everyone’s deepest hearts. Did the American Folk Soul grasp it? Or did the liars, the marionettes, the flag waving blind and the paid for propaganda police stomp Hugo Chávez like a raging guest trapped in the grand ball room of Edgar Allan Poe’s “THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH” ?

Hugo Chávez lifted the veil momentarily on the deceitful shadow monster that has gained such malignancy in the United States. Chávez called it right, when he said, “The government of the United States doesn’t want peace. It wants to exploit its system of exploitation, of pillage, of hegemony through war. It wants peace. But what’s happening in Iraq? What happened in Lebanon? In Palestine? What’s happening? What’s happened over the last 100 years in Latin America and in the world? And now threatening Venezuela — new threats against Venezuela, against Iran?”Age of America 2 Brave Chavez

Ahrimanic powers love the hundred year rejuvenating rampage of false history, false memory and failure to learn from a history that swept by us unconsciously. It was WW I, a gurgling black hole in our memories that now comes up to haunt us a 100 years on. It was from 1914 to 1918 to 2014 and 2018, so called Spanish Flu developed from Fort Riley in the United States. It had nothing to do with Spain, it was a bio-plague weapon incubated in the United States that killed some 20 million. Ebola has been enhanced at Tulane University into a bio-weapon for future Ahrimanic discretionary use and it has the potential to thin the entire population of the Earth.

The 100 year bridge and repetition cycle is how Ahriman uses the tool of our unconscious memory forces. Ebola and Lab designed bio-weapons have been resurrected by Ahriman. WW III is ghoulishly grinning at the erased minds of a new generation that has drifted down stream from truth, history and common sense. If humanity remains unconscious of the swirling TIME nightmares and scars Ahriman has induced, introduced and clawed into human history, humanity will be condemned to repeat and recycle the endless loop of lies we were too cowardly to recognize and consciously reject. Ahriman and the many headed hydras keep popping up with these same god awful nightmares in ever more stale, dire and destructive forms while each new generation is dazzled with delusions.

Insanity Alfred Hitchcock and the American Psyche

“Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious American and world intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, and this is one of his most recent books, ‘Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States. ‘” [Holds up book, waves it in front of General Assembly.] “It’s an excellent book to help us understand what has been happening in the world throughout the 20th century, and what’s happening now, and the greatest threat looming over our planet.

“The hegemonic pretensions of the American empire are placing at risk the very survival of the human species. We continue to warn you about this danger and we appeal to the people of the United States and the world to halt this threat, which is like a sword hanging over our heads. I had considered reading from this book, but, for the sake of time,” [flips through the pages, which are numerous] “I will just leave it as a recommendation.

“It reads easily, it is a very good book, I’m sure Madame [President] you are familiar with it. It appears in English, in Russian, in Arabic, in German. I think that the first people who should read this book are our brothers and sisters in the United States, because their threat is right in their own house.

“The devil is right at home. The devil, the devil himself, is right in the house.

“And the devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the devil came here. Right here.” [crosses himself] “And it smells of sulfur still today.

“Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world.

Age of America 2 the U.N. and Mephistopheles“I think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday’s statement made by the president of the United States. As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums, to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world.

“An Alfred Hitchcock movie could use it as a scenario. I would even propose a title: “The Devil’s Recipe.”

“As Chomsky says here, clearly and in depth, the American empire is doing all it can to consolidate its system of domination. And we cannot allow them to do that. We cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated.

“The world parent’s statement — cynical, hypocritical, full of this imperial hypocrisy from the need they have to control everything.

“They say they want to impose a democratic model. But that’s their democratic model. It’s the false democracy of elites, and, I would say, a very original democracy that’s imposed by weapons and bombs and firing weapons.

“What a strange democracy. Aristotle might not recognize it or others who are at the root of democracy.

“What type of democracy do you impose with marines and bombs?

“The president of the United States, yesterday, said to us, right here, in this room, and I’m quoting, “Anywhere you look, you hear extremists telling you can escape from poverty and recover your dignity through violence, terror and martyrdom.”

“Wherever he looks, he sees extremists. And you, my brother — he looks at your color, and he says, oh, there’s an extremist. Evo Morales, the worthy president of Bolivia, looks like an extremist to him.

“The imperialists see extremists everywhere. It’s not that we are extremists. It’s that the world is waking up. It’s waking up all over. And people are standing up.

“I have the feeling, dear world dictator, that you are going to live the rest of your days as a nightmare because the rest of us are standing up, all those who are rising up against American imperialism, who are shouting for equality, for respect, for the sovereignty of nations.

“Yes, you can call us extremists, but we are rising up against the empire, against the model of domination.

“The president then — and this he said himself, he said: “I have come to speak directly to the populations in the Middle East, to tell them that my country wants peace.”

“That’s true. If we walk in the streets of the Bronx, if we walk around New York, Washington, San Diego, in any city, San Antonio, San Francisco, and we ask individuals, the citizens of the United States, what does this country want? Does it want peace? They’ll say yes.

“But the government doesn’t want peace. The government of the United States doesn’t want peace. It wants to exploit its system of exploitation, of pillage, of hegemony through war.”

It is obvious that the Monsters of the American Psyche, propelled by the compression and intensity of the coming Incarnation of Ahriman in the West will resort to murdering whole countries if they dare, dare speak to the Monsters of the American Psyche and call them by their designated names. The United Nations is a mass hive of deception, power and betrayal. It was disguised as the Great League of Nations that Woodrow Wilson, under the abstract Doppelganger of his captured soul, knew – knew that such a club of abstract, weightless goodness, like his own, would be easy pickings for bribery, manipulation and an outright war criminal haven and training ground for Ahrimanic U.S. prestige and power mongering.

Murdering and discovering in all quarters of the world any individuals who may have had any lingering higher spiritual striving, could be caught and murdered in any part of the world while they were still young. Ahriman’s robbery of our Earth Incarnation, our relation to the Archangels of our own countries, our conscious relation to our Angels or the Risen Etheric Christ, could be ripped out, plucked out, like plucking out eyes that might open one day to the spiritual world. Ahriman in the West has had the mission to pluck out those eyes and those incarnations that might have risen up and awakened from their incarnations.

Ahriman could reach out his sinister arm to jungles or cities and discover, destroy by poisoning, by assassination, by bombs, by disappearing any human spiritual beings who still carried the higher worlds in them, who may have carried the ideals of humanity in us, with us and for us, could easily be crushed by Ahrimanic Powers swarming over the Western Hemisphere. The World Health Organization helped spread the West’s death and destruction in disguise of humanitarian concerns. Just like the CDC serves the propaganda Arm of deadly vaccine deception.

Right now, the last part of the 5th Age, we could resist and refute the Ahrimanic Archai of the West, from devouring every Archangel Being and country and Language in the world, by keeping our vast, free Library of Humanity open and free. The internet was one of the greatest gifts since the once famed Library of Alexandria. But such a Global Library of Humanity is not good enough for our Ahrimanic Archai in the West. Ahriman in the West not only wants to own the information of everyone on the planet, but bestow, or give a psychic body, stolen from humanity as a vast Global Ahrimanic Human Group Soul.

It is desolation of the Fire Archangels, (Click Link) Fire that Hollows Souls. We will be left with an empty carapace shell of what was once civilization and culture that revealed human striving and greatness from every land. All this will be emptied, destroyed, and the inner content has already been terminally infected in every country. Archangels will fall, our countries will all lose their Individuality. Civilization as we knew it and failed to appreciate it, will be radically transformed by the end of the 5th Age and beginning of the 6th Age.

AUSTERITY, what an Orwellian control word. AUSTERITY, is a safe word, a nullifier (to deprive (something) of value or effectiveness; make futile or of no consequence), a mollification, a safe word, AUSTERITY, used by Dominatrix psychopaths whose origins lay in the formation of The Federal Reserve of the United States and the demented deprivation of reason in the shell of what was left of Woodrow Wilson’s fall into madness.Age of America 2 Woodrow Wilson

AUSTERITY is an IMF, (International Monetary Fund) debauched bastard child of one of the MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE, formed when Woodrow Wilson went mad in the office (click link) of the Presidency of the United States. AUSTERITY is pure Ahrimanic/Orwell language sterilization for enslavement, butchery and the viral infection of an Archangel Spirit, a Living Country that had a soul and spirit. It is the poisoning of her people, neutered, suffocated and worst of all, the bribed leaders become nothing more than HOLLOW VESSELS AND AUTOMATONS OF AHRIMAN.

It won’t just be an NSA wet Dream, but rather a mastering of every channel of fallen Devachan capacities, given without effort. In other words, everything that we claimed of the Christ, not I but Christ in me, how our hearts and feelings and thoughts can approach Christ will be subject to a Cosmic form of Identity Theft. We have already lost the compass of discernment between high moral forces, the spiritual foundations of matter, and human immortality, so we won’t balk and cringe when Ahriman dispenses his huge Global Gift.

Ahriman will have given us the gifts of knowledge, of peace, of equality, of health by locking out the Hierarchies and making his own Kingdom the ruling Hierarchy. By having suffocated, and decimated every individual Archangel and Country in the World, we paid the price of admission into Ahriman’s global Community. (Click Link, Death of the Fire Archangels of Each country on Earth)

Uncertainty, Unclarity, Unknown milestones in our destinies, Cultural Confessions of an American Soul in the void of the ‘I’.  Novalis and The Disciples of Saïs

“When a century had elapsed after the death of Novalis, the seed of his heritage began to germinate and grow. Rudolf Steiner once said: “What is given now as anthroposophical spirituality lived in Novalis.” As the Disciples at Saïs sought Isis, so Novalis had set out in search of the veiled Goddess. When the mysteries of the Night had revealed themselves to him, Cosmic Wisdom — the Divine Sophia — began to pour into him and make him her own. All his life was spent in reaching out for clearer and clearer visions of Anthropos — the TRUE MAN. In very truth Anthroposophia weaves and lives in the work of Novalis.

“Not only were the starry expanses and prophetic vistas of a new humanity, radiant with divine love, beginning to be as familiar to Novalis as an old home — nay, the Eternal Virgin, the Cosmic Soul began to beckon to him from where She is veiled, where She works and weaves in the realms of Nature. In The Disciples at Saïs, Novalis tells of the manifold ways pursued by those who seek Her — the veiled Isis. “All things lead me back into myself …I rejoice in the wonderful collections and figures in the study halls; it seems to me as though they were only symbols, veils, decorations, enshrouding a Divine Being; and this is ever in my thoughts. I do not seek for them, but I often seek in them. It is as though they might show me the path to a place, where, slumbering, lies the Virgin for whom my spirit yearns.”

These are my confessions. I confess that I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1949. I confess that my destiny, the un-illuminated Light on my Path first marked my birth with the murder of my mother in Chicago when I was three. I was brought up by absolutely sane and stable step parents, my Great Uncle. They took on the Herculean task of adopting me as their son. Let’s be clear right off, there wasn’t much money to go around back then. My great Uncle was an Architect and Contractor, Irish and smoked a pipe, designed our house, which was out in the country, on a lake between McHenry and Fox Lake Illinois.

All of this journey of mine was a stumbling, fumbling, lack of foreknowledge, no signs of higher intelligence or capacities stirred or were visible to me or anyone else who knew me. In fact through grade school I was considered a disruptive, undisciplined slow learner who spent many hours with his nose to the wall in the hallways, standing, being guarded by hall monitors, until I could behave myself and join the other students.

I am adding this Confession because of our previous discussion in tracing GREAT JONES STREET and JONESTOWN and the geographic location of LA Mama in New York and the Astor Place Theater. Age of America 2 East Village, Great Jones West Village ManhattanThe epicenter of vast cultural impulses erupting from the concentrated mass of creativity created a vortex below 14th street in an area we see marked as East Village, Greenwich Village and West Village. Age of America 2 Fillmore EastIt extended down to Houston street and included Great Jones street, Fillmore East and La MaMa on East 4th street.

I somehow arrived on my unaware, unplanned Novalis journey, in New York city around my 18th and 19th year. To even become aware of such a work as The Disciples at Saïs  or to be able to approach an inkling of Novalis was well beyond the scope of any of my education. It was not included in the cultural milieu of my limited experience of 18 1/2 years on Earth. They certainly didn’t teach Novalis in my elementary or High School.

My Higher Self, unbeknownst and unconsciously to my little fledgling me, placed my germinal tiny ego in the middle of the Experimental Theater Vortex that was then exploding into volcanic life. Most of the shattering new impulses overcoming the conservative, narrow minded 1950’s exploded from the narrow band of streets, between 14th street and Houston street.

Diving into the Volcano

Empedocles is the subject of Friedrich Holderlin’s play Tod des Empedokles (Death of Empedocles), two versions of which were written between the years 1798 and 1800. A third version was made public in 1826.

Nietzsche planned to write a drama on the model of Hölderlin’s several drafts of the Death of Empedocles. Nietzsche’s project follows Hölderlin’s, composing several drafts which he does not bring to fruition. In a section titled, “The Philosophers of the Tragic Age revealed, the world as tragedy”, Nietzsche sketches “The tragic human being,” outlining three acts of his plan for the “death” of Empedocles; the parallel with Zarathustra, even at this early stage, is patent. Both Empedocles and Zarathustra are compared with the divine and both are simultaneously absorbed with mortality.

Now it is a fact that Holderlin, Fichte and Novalis all had dinner together. It is a fact that Holderlin was working on the impulse of diving into the Volcano, which in fact Empedokles did leap into Mt. Etna and merge himself with the elements of earth, water, air and fire.

In his History of Western Philosophy, Bertrand Russell quotes an unnamed poet on the subject – “Great Empedocles, that ardent soul, Leapt into Etna, and was roasted whole.”[52] In 2006, a massive underwater volcano off the coast of Sicily was named Empedocles.

Now this Fire element is what was discussed in Part 1 as the Salamander Fire Spirits. To study the strange events of all of those who dove head first, into the Volcano, is to become aware of all those magnificent and daring individuals who headed straight for the Higher Alchemy of the Heart of the Universe and brought to culture a leap forward in the realm of Heart and Soul that has been the inspiration of the World for Decades. (Click Link Nietzsche and Holderlin Volcano of mixing and Alchemizing Culture) The chains of matter and spirit, the bonding and alchemy of fire, air, water, earth, Etheric Body, Astral Body, I AM and our Anima and Animus, everything that seemed so fixed and immobile , fixed attitudes, fixed taboos, fixed values, fixed ideas, fixed morals, were all changed because so many were allowed to jump into the Volcano and re-mix culture.

So, in point of fact, the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459, originally published in German in 1616 and in English in 1690 reveals the Alchemical secrets of how our Spirits, our Souls and our Karmic and Physical bodily Incarnations can be used to spice up creation.

In other words the entire generation, a wave of Karmic Groups, including the Celts and those who hungered for The French Revolution, and the resurrected Gospel of the Celts in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” shook things up. In other words a continuing stream of both the Archangelic host and Folk-Soul of the Celts, who volunteered to serve the ESOTERIC CHRIST BEING MYSTERIES and the great Greek Folk-Soul and Archangelic host, under Aristotle and Alexander the Great, whose Archangelic Leadership volunteered to serve the EXOTERIC MYSTERIES OF THE CHRIST gathered their vast Karma Streams together.

The mixing, mingling, mangling and miracle of this vital Alchemy as it hit the traditions and fixed values that were strangling humanity was a mighty Volcanic eruption of absolutely new creativity, vision, and potentials that shattered old thought forms and old traditions and fixed religious dogmas.

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (click link). This anonymous text appeared in 1616 in Strasbourg, Germany as the third pamphlet of an order called Fraternity of the Rose Cross. It was Johannes Valentinus Andreae, a.k.a. Johannes Valentinus Andreä or Johann Valentin Andreae, a German theologian, who claimed to be the author of the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz. Let us not make light of who sometimes hovers over us and with a pure inspiration from the higher Devachan. Were not Tolkien and The Beatles also hovered over by the beneficent forces of human culture and higher inspiration? The more conscious our hearts, our I AM, the more can the higher beings of the higher worlds cultivate a relationship to our humanity.

None of us can do this alone. Each and every human being is part of the Love of the Earth. No, we mean to put this more concretely because we can’t squirm and wiggle our way out of this. Each of us are pieces of an important vast spiritual puzzle. The very Earth Herself will not achieve Her goal without the immortal pieces and fragments of each of us undergoing a vast Alchymical Change in our nature.

There are appropriate volcanic eruptions where vital commingling of creative forces, that means literally, human beings gathered with such different Temperaments as to carry Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and all FOUR, etheric, astral and I AM forces into the mix. Now that is what was happening, not only in N.Y.C. but everywhere, The Beatles, Woodstock, were all part of a grand experiment. The experiment was the rich Volcanic, unimpeded mixing of lofty spiritual inspiration down into the churning melting pot of the Volcanic eruption of unprecedented creative freedom. Now this is the polar opposite of meddling with the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth in a vicious Ahrimanic use of evil and stirring the unconscious with instincts into radioactive thermal nuclear destruction. i.e. Dr. Strangelove.

Empedocles was the mixing of Love and Wisdom as a higher intent. This is very different but similar to the temptation offered by Lucifer of the Christ to throw Himself, cast himself from a high place, let’s say the rim of a volcano, into the UNCONSCIOUSNESS OF INSTINCTS. Christ was to follow the I AM and carry the I AM from the heights to the depths and be conscious. We are still subject to the constant temptation to cast ourselves from a high place into the swirling instincts of the unconsciousness and that was the predominate impulse of most of those who managed to change earthly sensual culture into the divine path of higher initiation science.

Ahriman’s science temptation is taking stones and changing matter into bread. Not strengthening Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man to bring Spirit into the transformation of matter. But rather Ahriman will take matter, say cloning or Monsanto chemical combinations of matter, of pandemic lab science and dig in the chaos of matter instead of harnessing the riches of the conscious human soul and spirit to recover the etheric, astral, and resurrect and revitalize karma itself through the acts of the loving compassion of the I AM.

The Karma that all and each have shared, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, teacher, boss, child, animal, plant, stone and Angel are the threads and links that shall lift the Earth Herself to a new metamorphosis. We will be tasked, without question, to recognize and recover all those we have shattered with our lies. And we will know for certain that the harm to the least of these has brought fatal harm on the whole progress of humanity.

To discover what is inside our hearts, what we carried into our incarnations is excruciating. I trembled with uncertainty, poverty, and flirted with disaster at every turn because I had no clue, no map, no clear traditional path that I followed, nor would I have wanted to follow any traditional path.

I had no passion for Nietzsche, Novalis, Holderlin, Empedocles or Faust, I had never even heard of them by 18 1/2. The terror of merging ourselves, mingling ourselves with entirely new elements and combinations of culture did not allow for fixed ideas, or fixed traditional 1950’s  attitudes. Our spirits were called, were invited and TIME AND INCARNATION presented an over all opportunity to dive into the Volcano and see how our own spirit’s would change our understanding of matter itself. Most importantly, I wouldn’t have understood the theory of destiny and the Higher I AM even if it had bit me.

Vietnam was raging on one side of the abyss and I was gloriously, in a complete uncharted adventure, beyond anything even imagined by my parents or my cousins, grandparents or our relatives experience. I was on my own, terrified and loving every moment of the novelty that people I met no longer looked at the memory shell of a boy, who was not considered very bright. No one knew anybody really, yet it was a slice of TIME in which everyone was fascinated with everyone. I was a Stranger in a Strange Land in N.Y.C. around 1969.

Tools of soul and spirit to understand The Devachan Buddha on Mars – Siddhartha a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse – Yoda a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas

Stranger in a Strange Land was a publishing phenomenon. It came out in 1961 and it didn’t just sell to science fiction readers, it sold widely to everyone, even people who didn’t normally read at all. People claim it was one of the things that founded the counter-culture of the sixties in the U.S. It’s Heinlein’s best known book and it has been in print continuously ever since first publication. Sitting reading it in the metro the other day, a total stranger assured me that it was a good book. It was a zeitgeist book that captured imaginations.”

The entire Alchemy of the transformation of Mars forces was hidden in the secret lines of Civil Disobedience (1849) an essay by Henry David Thoreau. The massive transformation of Mars, (but wait what does this mean, the transformation of Mars?) Thoreau’s essay on Civil Disobedience and Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi all worked directly with a Manichean transformation of violent Mars energies, eye for an eye, to nonviolence through etheric courage to be attacked by dogs, beaten with clubs, have gangs of degraded moral degenerates act as a mob and have militarized (Mars Enforced) police brutalizations of tasering, sprayed, pierced with hi-frequency sound that causes cerebral disruptions, all these things are the old forces of Mars, marshaled against change.Mars forces to Mercury forces 1st Earth evolution 2nd phase Mercury Florian Sydow

Since we have wrestled with the Sophia forces of the Stars, we here come upon one of the most vital mysteries of the planets and the future of the Earth. The transformation within the Earth, within every impulse of the Earth, the transformation from Mars to Buddha and Mercury forces of healing, streaming through the Earth. As an example of exploring the Devachan Impulse of the Planets, so far I can offer THIS STUDY (click link). The specific aspects of Star and Planet ignorance, of Space Exploration and the reality of how Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi took up a task in the Mars Devachan to change the forces of Mars into Healing must be saved for a later date. But with the above we have supplied the clues that have showered down into the cultural transformation that has to do with Christian Rosenkreuz and the Great Buddha.

Is it better to be prematurely clever, bright, capable, an over-achiever, a type A, focused, and the apple of your parent’s eye? Or did it serve the preservation of the depth of my striving by having to take the long, long road, where it took me years to even see the difference between my failures and my successes?

It was no picnic feeling so inept and out of place. That is a good term for someone like me or anyone on the path, out of place. New York and the lower East Side was a gathering spot for a whole Tribe of people who felt out of place. My murdered mother was named Virginia or her nick name was Ginger for the color of her hair. The Virgin, since I was born under the sign of Virgo, the Virgin, and brought up in a sincere and normal household, I had clear memories of my mother, who vanished. I was gifted to be a kind of karmic orphan.  I felt placed in a disposition of wandering, an unknown seeker, (cliché alert) “Like a Rolling Stone with no direction home” (Do Click Link) and I had a clean karmic slate with everyone. In the background I had the feeling of the presence and mystery of this vanished mother.

There was never any father connected to me. My great Uncle just took up the shaken karma of his young niece,my mother, and by 10 years of age, I was officially adopted. That is what was done in those days. So, my incarnation had this friendly ghost mother, named Virginia and I was a Virgo and now we have the makings of a disposition and an outcast, which I had no idea would bring me to The Disciples at Saïs and connect me to my unconscious, unaware, roots to some ancient Egyptian link to Novalis and America.

“Die Lehrlinge zu Sais” by Novalis

“Would that I could tell you whither; I myself do not know; yonder dwells the mother of all things, the veiled virgin. Towards her do tend all the stirrings of my soul. Farewell.” He tore himself free and set forth. His parents lamented and shed tears; Rosebud remained in her chamber and wept bitterly. Hyacinth made his way as best he could through valleys and wilds, across mountains and rivers, towards the mysterious regions of the earth. Everywhere and of everyone—men and beasts, rocks and trees—he inquired after the goddess Isis. Some of them laughed, some of them were silent; nowhere was an answer forthcoming.”

It would make sense, to someone who understood these things, that LA MaMa Etc (click link) on East 4th St. in New York City would be a place to discover the Mother, Isis/Sophia.Age of America 2 If only it were that obvious to an untutored, stumbling 18 1/2 year old. The term clueless wasn’t even in use yet. There are great perils steering blind. The map of our souls and spirits, what we incarnated with, are in there, but when we say Perilous, well the open seas, no less than an Ismael or Parsifal, or a nobody at all – “A Complete Unknown ” – at 18 1/2 -(Click Link Mystery of 18 1/2)  I was an orphan adrift with no schooling in divine navigation. Who is privileged to get such schooling? Nobody I grew up with.

By stumbling circumstance, from outside of Chicago, with a very young ghost mother assisting my blundering steps, I got into New York, into a generation of creativity, directors, writers, producers, actors, lunatics, cultural icons, and the faltering starting point of my own foolish Parsifal journey to the doors of Isis/Sophia.

“La MaMa moved several more times and took up residence in its original and current space on East 4th Street in 1969. In 1974, the company acquired a second space, The Annex, down the street. In November 2009, on Age of America 2 Ellen Stewart LaMaMa the Motherthe occasion of Stewart’s 90th birthday, The Annex was officially renamed the Ellen Stewart Theater.

“Theater spokesman Sam Rudy said Stewart was instrumental in introducing to American audiences some of the world’s most influential artists, including Andrei Serban, Tom O’Horgan, Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, Harvey Fierstein, Maria Irene Fornes, Tom Eyen, Jean Claude van Itallie and countless others.

Yes, around 1969, Ellen Stewart looked something like this. Sam Shepard and I were about the same age. Sam was just brilliant, holding a kind of America Folk-Soul Voice of the West, kind of gritty playwright image that was absolutely producible. I arrived completely inexperienced, auditioning for Tom Eyen Age of America 2 Tom Eyen directorand exactly because I had absolutely no theater baggage, was naive, with a highly acceptable physique and above all it was all that remained of the innocent standard 2 dimensional Mid-West type, Tom Eyen felt that I could represent that innocence that everyone arrives with in New York. It was clear that in time everyone slowly loses, becomes jaded, or both trades losses or moments of winning or struggles with our demons to become a personality, an Artist, or a fallen idol to be adored in New York.

Earning ones bones, reputation, style, voice and stardom in New York was vividly celebrated in all the wrecks that littered the streets and all the names in lights on the Marquees. La MaMa was a launching pad for a whole host of struggling Experimental Theater giants that shaped B’way, sub-culture, Off B’way and Off-Off B’way. Now that was a gold mine to stumble upon. And stumble blindly into this TRIBE is exactly what happened for me.

Tom Eyen’s own Innocence, his own purity is what he saw in me and by his giving me authorization to enter the TRIBE, I was accepted, because I was sincerely pure and sincerely inexperienced and had a stage mid-west, Heartland look and sensuality that Tom could sell and everyone in the audience identified with. I was invited into this exclusive club of an entire generation of Artists through Tom’s amazingly strange and wonderful plays. I was invited into the Tribe on the image of America’s Innocent Fool.

Instead of a female ingénue I was a male ingénue, that could stand bare chested, reflecting completely all the innocence of the forgotten Mid-West American Psyche to balance the kaleidoscope of characters that peopled the boiling pot of lower Manhattan and topped, nightly in Midnight Shows, any kind of bizzaro that Federico Fellini could imagine.

It was beyond my limited wits to know what an amazing gift was handed to me. To be accepted, have a role, be a part of a Tribe, a family from which the entire new world of the Arts was erupting with volcanic force, breaking all the laws of conservative thinking, three act play construction, drawing room comedy stiffness, sitcom snarking, off-off Shakespeare sur-realism, mythic, ritualistic, Initiatory, demonic, Homo-Erotic, gay, straight, revolutionary, International, Cosmopolitan, genius, and madness of an insane asylum, plum shocking, Theater as a path of Initiation.

 the Ankh – symbol of life combination of the male and female symbols of Osiris (the cross) and Isis (the oval) respectively, and therefore signifies the union of heaven and earth.

Age of America 2 Time Magazine Arts 1969 70 BradfordAnd since I was an authentic innocent aspect of all of those that ever had arrived in New York, clueless and were turned inside out and upside down through their ambitions, I was featured in TIME MAGAZINE, when one of Tom’s Shows was catapulted by the New York Times into a successful run in an Off-B’way theater.

I was in a cast which had all types but all were various degrees of corruption and innocence, all dressed in absolute white, with a pure, no set, white stage and which called for the veneer of innocence. In a time of cultural innocence, Tom called it, THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN. There I was somewhere in 1969/70, shown in Time Magazine with my little leather hippie Egyptian ANKH. Which I loved wearing as my symbol, but I couldn’t precisely explain to you why I was attracted, wore, slept in, showered and performed always with my little Egyptian ANKH on.

by Tom Eyen

Unpublished libretto of the legendary musical that introduced Bette Midler to the New York stage.Age of America Egyptian Ankh 1

 The Corporate Logo and Patent of Sophia and the Human Form

“Man is the higher Sense of our planet, the star which connects it with the upper world, the eye which it turns towards Heaven.” And again: “Man is a sun, his senses are the planets.” “There is only one temple in the world and this is the human body. Nothing is holier than his sublime form. Bowing before men is an act of homage to this revelation in the flesh. One touches heaven when one touches the body of man.”  Novalis

Recovering the Brand Name of the Starry Sophia Mysteries impressed in our human forms will not be easy as the future comes toward us. We might cherish The Brand Name of SophiaAge of America Sophia Seed of the stars more if we saw in the make and model, the vintage secret of the Stars already imprinted and embodied with all the power of the constellations, which we are going to absorb, encompass and grow towards, already present in each child (click link). A vintage vehicle designed with the most advanced comprehension of how to launch a Time Travel vessel that not only uncoils step by step into a fully operative Divine Spiritual Being, but is allowed to go back to the origins of the universe and trace the intimate footsteps of all our Karmic Companions through actual history. This vehicle is what every BACK TO THE FUTURE is about.

Each human being carries The Sophia Star Brand. Within this vast complicated seed of the Stars, is a treasure trove that we may unravel to find our way home.Age of America 2 Star Brand Sophia Of course this has nothing to do with arbitrary Darwinism. The Human Form under Divine tutelage, is dismissed by universities that still celebrate arbitrary Darwinism. (Click Link)

Our human forms are germinating seed forms of the Constellations, Divine Sophia Seeds. We each carry the full constellations, the full zodiac from Aries at our heads to Pisces at our feet as the brand name of the Tenth Hierarchy. We are Sophia Star Seeds.

We have all been gifted with the preserved and fixed skeletal framework that represents in our physical forms, not only our karma, but we carry the fully authorized, registered trademark and brand name of Sophia and Zodiacal Constellations we hail from. We were born from this significant region of the vast starry worlds.

Our physical bodies reveal the map, the body star map of Sophia which directs the gaze of any Star Citizen to the region in the stars where Humans come from. We are Time Stamped, registered, copyrighted and carry the trade mark and brand name of Sophia, Tenth Hierarchy I carriers.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We are full bearers and licensed carriers of the Twelve Constellations that were designed from this region of the vast Starry World. In other words we are Humans Beings with all the bells and whistles, etheric, astral, I AM and are seated like a gemstone in the vessel, the star vessel that tells other star beings, exactly where we hail from.
We each carry the operating, imprinted  Divine Germinal Seed force of the Constellations. It is indisputable. (Click Link)

Novalis Part 1

“but more than all, the lordly stranger with the sense-filled eyes, the swaying walk, and the sweetly closed, melodious lips. Like a king over earthly nature, it rouses every force to countless transformations, binds and unbinds innumerable alliances, hangs its heavenly form around every earthly substance. Its presence alone reveals the marvelous splendor of the kingdoms of the world.”  Novalis – Hymns to the Night translated by George MacDonald

Age of America twin etheric forces of Anima and Animus

Emerging from the cultural vortex of Ron Link, Candy Darling whose life and times can be viewed on NETFLIX, of the strange production values of John Vaccaro and The Playhouse of the Ridiculous, Michael Arian, Jackie Curtis my friend Lamar Alford, my friend Albert Poland, Robert Patrick, the playwright of “Kennedy’s Children”, the singer Amanda Lear who I met in Europe, were all part of the Revolution Arising out of GREAT JONES STREET.Age of America 2 Astor and Great Jones

Great Jones Street, 4th Street, Astor Place where a TRUE JONES ADDICTION could be attained. An addiction to massive hallucinations, experimentation and sexual identity confusion were all part of the ANIMA AND ANIMUS THRESHOLD OF THE ETHERIC WORLD that a lively generation plunged into, not head or feet first but sex orientation Etheric Body Mirror confusion, first. What was the riddle of our physical and sexual identities?

It was also the place where the Chelsea movie house, that had opened as the Elgin in 1942, was designed by Simon Zelnik in elegant Art Moderne style sat 600. It was a gathering place for late night reveries along with late 2 and 3 a.m. breakfasts at The Brasserie way uptown on 53rd Street.

The Elgin was located on Eighth Avenue, at 19th Street. Later, the Elgin screened Spanish-language films, and still later, revival and cult films. The Elgin ended its movie house days as an adult theater. However, even as an adult theater, midnight movies, including “El Topo”, “Pink Flamingos”, and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, continued to be screened. Community pressure forced the Elgin to close in 1978.

In terms of Great Jones Street, and the tie between East Village and the West Village, the tie between our etheric double and the confusion of the sexes in transvestites, cross dressers, and magnificent creative flamboyance, this location, was for a certain time, the volcanic Mt. Etna center of the transformation of Art in the United States.

 “Charles Ludlam and John Vaccaro. Both won Special Citation Obie Awards in 1970 (for the ’69-70 season) – Ludlam for the Ridiculous Theatrical Company and John Vaccaro for the Theatre of the Ridiculous. By that time however, Vaccaro was directing plays at La Mama including productions of Cockstrong (starring Warhol star Jackie Curtis) in June 1969 and March 1970 and a production of Son of Cockstrong in February 1970.”

Great Jones Street and the Jonestown Black Magicians seduction and inducement to cut ties and isolate a group of souls, to be able to lure and chain souls into Dark Occult circles of despair, so that even the lingering dead are engulfed, could also be starkly observed in the form of the Theater of Addiction, Heroin, drug addicts, who gathered themselves down by Great Jones Street and were swallowed by the Volcanic suction into the abyss.

This Abyss where we travel in the culture of America and the United States has given us a visceral sense of the Perilous Journey. Ishmael certainly felt the visceral sense of his encounter with “Moby Dick”. While it is important to maintain a Forest Gump, Parsifal innocence, blinding oneself to reality does not allow one to perceive in our environment the Pornography of Ahriman, the pornography of the Asuras and Lucifer and the catastrophic pornography of Sorath.

We are drowning in the most violent sadistic pornography ever thrust upon children and younger generations. To be induced and trained to think false thoughts about the Stars that we are journeying towards, to teach our children to cling to pharmaceutical Entities that open gateways to horrific psychic monsters means the Abyss is open and the Heavens are closed tight.

The categories of Ahrimanic Pornography, Asuric pornography in the subtle sensual eroticism of sitting before the news media and titillated by absolute LIES, until our brains think it is all mere entertainment and amusement, is psychic illness. Entraining ourselves to permit the butchering, beheading and torture of human beings, while watching in our anesthetized sordid soup of prejudice and brainwashed complacency is learning to gloat over astral and etheric pornography of the Spirit. We complacently wallow in our demise.

The erotic Luciferic/Asuric sensuality of playful dominatrix torture for the elite and famous and spreading the infection to the youngest and the oldest, the poorest and the richest shatters any comprehension of the Sacredness of each I AM and each soul we encounter.Sophia and the Stars What is their mystery? What have they brought from the Stars? What is Isis/Sophia unveiled? What is the sacred biography and karma that is hidden behind the human being before our gaze? What is the mystery of our meeting together on Earth? What are the secrets that draw all humanity through the ripening and maturity of the Stars? These questions don’t ripple the waters of our shallow narcissism. What is the karma that hides itself in the human form before us? Did we know and long to meet each other before Birth? Were we thrilled with expectation before we incarnated and has frigidity and lack of interest numbed our inquisitive intuition?

Companies like Monsanto that rot and annihilate the human immune system are Corporate Ahrimanic Pornographers. The pornography of psychiatrists, doctors, pharmacists and bio-labs that work on shattering the cohesion of our astral bodies into autism, shattering the etheric nourishment of our sleep rhythms and using the forces of our Luciferic Double, our Ahrimanic Double and our Asuric double to addict the soul to medical, psychological, scientific and materialistic torture, are all tearing at the fabric and foundations of NEVER AGAIN BEHOLD THE HUMAN SPIRIT.

Even teachers serve the pornography of education when convenient, conventional lies become right answers for government funded programs. Prostitutes for Education and Presstitutes who are professional media whores are as common as manicured lifeless grass. War Criminals and Ahrimanic political marionettes are our guides and heroes and Luciferic Personalities, celebrities and cliché’s reflect back to us our worship of trivial drivel.

We have learned to love and worship the pornography of the Soul, the Spirit and the Body. We have not given two cents worth of cognitive effort to define, hold in place, our little petty selfish sensual craving for flirtations, and dabblings in our lavish enjoyment of our own Luciferic “selfie” Pornography. We cannot recognize or name any of our deluded Patriotic Ahrimanic/Corporate war pornography because we gave ourselves permission to assume American Exceptionalism.  We have no moral resistance or cognitive tools to identify and combat our Sadistic attraction to I AM pornography and the destruction of the interior of our I by the Asuras.Desperation the gnashing of teeth and the Risen Etheric Christ

Chris Hedges (Click Link)

“Pornography,” Robert Jensen writes, “is what the end of the world looks like.”

The income of the global porn industry is estimated at $96 billion, with the United States market worth about $13 billion. There are, Dines writes, “420 million Internet porn pages, 4.2 million porn Web sites, and 68 million search engine requests for porn daily.” [To see excerpts from Dines’ book, click here.]

I met Gail Dines, one of the most important radicals in the country, in a small cafe in Boston on Tuesday. She is the author of “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality” and a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College. Dines, along with a handful of others including Jensen, fearlessly decry a culture that is as depraved as Caligula’s Rome.

“The porn industry has hijacked the sexuality of an entire culture and is laying waste to a whole generation of boys,” she warned. “And when you lay waste to a generation of boys, you lay waste to a generation of girls.”

“When you fight porn you fight global capitalism,” she said. “The venture capitalists, the banks, the credit card companies are all in this feeding chain. This is why you never see anti-porn stories. The media is implicated. It is financially in bed with these companies. Porn is part of this. Porn tells us we have nothing left as human beings—boundaries, integrity, desire, creativity and authenticity…  Porn is woven into the corporate destruction of intimacy and connectedness, and this includes connectedness to the earth.”

We don’t know what Hollow Human Beings mean, or what awaits our children as we Hollow them into empty replications of human cartoons. The infectious aberrations of the distortions, debauchery of our doubles through our cardboard education and our visceral and vital attraction to sit-com sensual debasement and torture drives the economies of the world and human civilization to overthrow, rip apart and destroy the true I AM. And we frankly don’t care. We don’t know what the I AM does or what it means and we have never really cared to do the work to find or hear the I AM in ourselves, our children or our fellow human beings. The I AM for us is a phantasm not the foundation from which we may ascend to the Starry revelation of Sophia and Initiation Path of the Risen Etheric Christ.

INTRO to (Part 1) Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche ( CLICK LINK)

THIS HAS BEEN (Part 2) Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche (5th Age of Pisces America and the Consciousness Soul)

(Part 3) Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche (6th Age of Aquarius study in Spirit-Self AND 7th Age of Capricorn study in Life-Spirit) nearly completed.


Something sweet and wonderful about KENTUCKY. There is one person missing from the fabled Fab Four but there is no question that we still may see the FOUR CHAMBERED HEART and still smile at the warm human goodness. (CLICK LINK)


America was an unfettered Intuitive Light House of Freedom, requiring no sober, stiff, Traditions and Habits and Formalities. Patriotism, is spontaneous intuition and the American Memory and an American Tragedy, that we lost or the Spiritual World pulled Robin Williams glowing spirituality from us. The Language of the Consciousness Soul and the hidden acceleration hidden in the English/Americanized elemental Sylph startling Intuitions of Mercury, quick as living, spontaneous light, resides in the American Folk Spirit. The English Language is a unique vehicle for Sylph inspired Mercurial Intuition that leaps over conventions into the shimmering light core of the scintillating science of the American Spirit. Robin carried that Spirit in America with him over the threshold. SALUTE AMERICA CLICK LINK. 


AMERICA. The highways, the turn-pikes, the back-roads and the by-ways, the free ways and once upon a time in our youth, my youth, we could hitch-hike across this magnificent Land from coast to coast. And that joy in American Innocence is still there, because THESE ARTISTS, and these souls and so many of us who incarnated in the West truly, lived, loved, hold dear and still admire what America has given us. SIMON AND GARFUNKEL AND AMERICA (CLICK LINK)

“Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 1) by Bradford Riley

“One important aspect indicated by Rudolf Steiner is that Sophia is a cosmic being, whose nature embraces the whole cosmos. Thus, when we contemplate a map of the galaxy we gain insights into Sophia, who holds the blueprint for creation.”

Lazarus last supper age of the fishes

Novalis Hymns to the Night

“BEFORE all the wondrous shows of the widespread space around him, what living, sentient thing loves not the all-joyous light, with its colors, its rays and undulations, its gentle omnipresence in the form of the wakening Day? The giant-world of the unresting constellations Zodiac Ernest Procter 1886 to 1935inhales it as the innermost soul of life, and floats dancing in its azure flood; the sparkling, ever-tranquil stone, the thoughtful, imbibing plant, and the wild, burning multiform beast inhales it; but more than all, the lordly stranger with the sense-filled eyes, the swaying walk, and the sweetly closed, melodious lips. Like a king over earthly nature, it rouses every force to countless transformations, binds and unbinds innumerable alliances, hangs its heavenly form around every earthly substance. Its presence alone reveals the marvelous splendor of the kingdoms of the world.”  Novalis – Hymns to the Night translated by George MacDonald

This is part 1 the INTRO

Part 2 (click Link) evaluates our CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL from the 5th Age of our American Perspective

Part 3 evaluates SPIRIT-SELF, Manas and challenges of the 6th Age

Hitching a ride in the age of Pisces, and riding along without even an interest under which constellation our entire experiential age, our entire world is dominated by, is a typical bored passenger psychosis, a typical tired tourist apathy and indifference of the soul. No matter how many snapshots and photo ops we may takeage of America hampster wheel incarnation and the zodiac we still all ride within the hamster wheel of time like clueless mice in a cage. “Big wheel, keep on turning Proud Mary, keep on burning rolling, rolling, rolling…”  (Click Link)

We are riding along, and we can raise the ante on both Rod Serling and Stephen King because they are part of the vast American legacy of our Fifth Age, The age of Pisces the Fishes. And the Fifth Age entails the Science of Imagination and the threshold of mapping out the future of our higher human consciousness.

However it is the Science of Magical Idealism and the Science of Spiritual Science and the Michael School founded by Novalis, Goethe and Rudolf Steiner that may read the accurate writing of the Stars, the great Clock of the Heavens and the Cosmic Time Panorama left by St. John in his adoration of Sophia, Queen of the Starry Worlds.

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

We verge, tiptoe and dance on the threshold of the unknown vastness of Rod Serling’s the THE FIFTH. In the geographic far West we call this place of Atavism, of sublimated American Clairvoyance and atavistic Twilight Zone Research, Hollywood. We are traveling in a very specific Space and Time, with the specific character, hazards and magic that the Constellation of Pisces offers us. It is reflected, glistening and sparkling on the rippling waters of the etheric and astral worlds of our lower devachan.

What do we mean by the lower Devachan? Pertinent to our study we can show two interconnected examples of the curiosity of the Monsters of the American Psyche that we must grapple with from now on into the future, past the Sixth Epoch. The most important measure of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE is our ability, the literature and imaginative ability of our writers and authors, to comprehend what we are seeing with our eyes and our slumbering wits and sleeping consciousness. In comparative studies, most alert souls, would recognize the similarities between two examples of two Devachan assassins who already serve the Asuras (link).

In the course of our examination of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche we will draw an occult map of The United States. We will define certain regional mysteries in the geographic structure of The United States. We will unveil, we will draw open the curtain and unveil where, GEOGRAPHICALLY, some of the Monsters that demonize the United States of America, dwell.  We will understand the geographic location of Luciferic pockets of absolute soul corruption and addiction; We will locate and understand geographically pockets of absolute Ahrimanic desolation and corruption; and we will understand where and at what location the Asuric forces and the doorways to Asuric forces were cracked open and surged forth to spiritually corrupt and compromise all material existence on the Earth.

(Rudolf Steiner March 22, 1909)

“Lucifer’s influence in the Sentient Soul which has come into being through the transformation of the astral body; Ahriman’s effect upon the Intellectual Soul, which came about through the transformation of the etheric body; the influence of the Asuras is described as extend­ing into the human Consciousness Soul and the ego, whose activities in man are based on transformation of the physical body.

“The effects of Ahriman are connected with the mirroring of the lower Devachan, that of the Asuras with the mirroring of the higher Devachan in the physical world. Here, we have a second criterion indicating that in the case of the Asuras, we are dealing with an independent realm of beings within the adver­sary powers.”  HANS-WERNER SCHROEDER

As in Tolkien with Middle Earth, in real time, these monsters have infected the occult landscape of the Geography of the United States and polluted it with ghosts, demons and occult Devachan Assassins. So here are two examples of Asuric Devachan assassins pulled up out of the Dramatic Insights into the Science of Imagination native to the American Psyche.Age of America twin devachan demons The first example that mirrors the second example is from the Matrix Series. There are two twin demonic Devachan Asuric Assassins who engage the Matrix Gang while they attempt to protect the Key Maker.  (Click Link Twin Devachan Demonic Assassins).

The other example of the Twin Assassins comes from the early episodes of “Breaking Bad”. Hank, the brother in law to Walter, is shot and nearly killed by the two twin assassins from the cartels located in the South Western Region of the United States. These two assassins are modified versions of absolute merciless evil that have also arisen out of the strange mystical spirituality of the South West Region of the United States that Carlos Castaneda explored in his works. The mirrored example of these Devachan Assassins from the Matrix are  – Tuco’s cousins from “Breaking Bad”  (CLICK LINK Tuco’s Cousins).Age of America Breaking Bad Tuco's cousins

The Matrix Series gives a pure dose, a Devachan dose, of the imaginative cognition of two Demonic Assassins (CLICK EXAMPLE 2). And following up, homegrown, out of the cartels of the South West Region of the United States, where the dark occult forces of Carlos Castaneda picked up the merciless thread of the lower Asuric forces, without conscience, with no moral centricity, save the centricity of Evil in the Core of the Earth Mysteries, which we as humanity are now obliged to face. (Example 2 of human demonically possessed human beings).

Devachan Astral Dream Assassin themes

“A few months before Freddy Krueger began stalking the sleep of American teens in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and almost three decades before Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Joseph Ruben’s Dreamscape used the world of dreams as a battleground. Where A Nightmare on Elm Street subverted the slasher genre and Inception was an inverted heist movie, Dreamscape was a sci-fi thriller in which the very future of the planet was at stake. Very loosely based on a treatment author Roger Zelazny wrote of his novel The Dream Master (1966), Dreamscape touched on an issue very much in people’s minds at the time. With fears of the possibility of nuclear Armageddon at their height, Ruben’s movie posited a scenario in which a trained dream-assassin would murder the president in his sleep, thus killing him in real life and halting his plans to bring nuclear proliferation to a halt.”

The Big Clock is a precise Cultural and Spiritual Time Piece out of which our own daily lives and our biographies MUST share the time-piece of the stars, for the Big Clock moves 1 degree every 72 years which is the average length of one biographical human life span. Age of America sophia clockWhichever constellation dominates the time of the Spring Equinox, writes the over all outline and tale of humanity into the script of every incarnation during a period of literal time, an approximate period of 2,160 years, which is marked by the laws of Sophia Herself.

“The Earth is not a perfect sphere due to the gravitational attraction of the Sun and Moon on the equatorial bulge of the Earth which causes the rotation of the Earth to wobble on its axis like a fast spinning top. This unique motion results in the precession of the equinoxes. Over a period of one year, when the Sun returns to the vernal equinox, it is fifty seconds of arc behind its last position, equal to about one degree of arc every seventy-two years. It completes a retrograde circle of the twelve constellations in approximately 26,000 years. This journey in time is known as the Great Year. A cosmic month is approximately 2160 years, the approximate time it takes for the vernal point to move through one constellation. The constellation through which the vernal point is moving has a strong influence over the age and history of the world.”

Every human being has several incarnations as either a woman or a man within the giant experiential script of the 2,160 years it takes to write another chapter in the great Divine Book. St. John read this book and all of us, including St. John must live the great Divine Chapters, and write our own poems and progress (or regress) into the script of the great Book. This is something that Novalis was fully aware of.

O Me! O Life!” by Walt Whitman

That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

Spiritual Science is the School of Novalis and Sophia known as Anthrosophia. The laws of Sophia and the Stars are deeply etched into each and everyone of our own Etheric Bodies be they male or female and Shakespeare accurately recorded how a psychopath thinks as she or he impacts the walls of Time having imploded their incarnations into karmic catastrophe.

“To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage…”

We once had old upright Grandfather Clocks that had swinging pendulums that were like the visual pulse of time, like an inverted metronome. A pacemaker ticker mirrored our own rapid pulse – against the vast divine pulse of the Great Grand Father clock of the heavens, the Big Ben of the seasons, the 12 months, the 12 hours,  and the 12 AGES which bring our incarnations continuously through the vast cultural and spiritual changes we record as human history. Age of America Sophia Grandmother clockWe might rather, like Novalis, tend to honor the Great Grand Mother Clock of Sophia. The wise Grand Mother of the Stars, who along with St. John, Novalis and the precise science of Spiritual Science look to the daughter of Sophia growing in the Soul of humanity, named ANTHROSOPHIA. This daughter of Sophia, slowly growing in each human soul, is the birth of the higher intelligence of the human I AM who looks up to the great wisdom of vast Cosmo-Sophia.

So each of us are very much immersed, engaged and submerged into the character of this, our own, current, Piscean Age. And each of us carry with us like a comets tail, our own personal karmic legacy and karmic history where we have TOUCHED DOWN into incarnation. Along with the 12 AGES on the Great Clock of the Heavens, we also, may NOW, through Spiritual Science and the Novalis School of Michael, focus our attention on the individual Karmic History of each unique I AM.age of America pisces 2 Naput Muveszeti Akademia Gizella

Time becomes far less abstract and human beings awaken our most heightened spiritual interest when we learn to FISH OUT of the stream of time the intimacies of our unique karmic contributions. When we learn to see how America has a vast Archai Fire Spirit, sub-normal Spirit of Personality three stages above our human development, struggling to bring the grotesque combinations of Archangels, Angels and our individual human ‘I’ developments into a higher consistency, we must gasp. The melting-pot is all jumbled together and mixed with our moral contradictions and the ragged rips in the spiritual and materialistic conditions of The United States of America.

The United States Archai Spirit, once an Archangel of the Egyptian People, incomplete, unfinished, imprisoned occultly in the Fiery Furnace in the core of our Earth, has come forth as the significantly challenged guiding Fire Spirit of America. Those primal planetary Fire Beings that first forged the first appearance of our human I AM,  arose from the ancient Saturn Evolution. The vast American Archai, our stunted, unfinished Super Power, now struggles to atone for Egypt and attain the mission of humanity, and the Earth Herself, which is Love.

Enormous planet forces locked in the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth (click Link) had imprisoned this Egyptian Archangel Being, and only through the birth out of the Fiery Core has this Archangel graduated to become the tormented, incomplete Archai of America Herself.

“These layers represents even earlier stages of planetary evolution (Old Saturn) and contains retarded powers from still higher hierarchies (archai or spirits of personality / time spirits).”

To peer into the core of a fiery Spirit of Personality, a planetary force of Being that now is wedded to the destiny of the American Soul, makes us gasp. All the deepest, darkest mysteries of human evolution, where Cain murdered his brother Abel, where Set overthrew Osiris now torment the unfolding super-power of this young unformed, abnormal Archai, which we call America.

Osiris “…left Isis to rule Egypt when he decided to spread his rule around the world. He returned only after civilizing the entire earth. He found that Isis ruled wisely and his kingdom was still in perfect order. However, it was at this point that his brother, Set, began plotting against him. There are many stories of how Osiris was killed. The most common is that Set held an extravagant banquet and invited Osiris. After the festivities were over, Set produced a magnificent coffin and offered it as a gift to whomever it fitted best. Of course, it had been built for Osiris’s form and when he got in it, Set shut the lid and threw it in the Nile river.

“Set took Osiris’s place as king while the grieving Isis searched for Osiris’s remains. She found the body in a far away place called Byblos, brought it back to Egypt, and hid it in the marsh. Set found it, unfortunately, and tore the body in pieces, throwing them again into the river. Isis collected all the pieces except the genitals, which had been eaten by fish.”

A little later we shall come upon the tale of “Moby Dick” and reconnect to the prophet Elijah. We can hardly imagine, provided we haven’t had training in the Science of Imagination, that hiding the Egyptian tale of Osiris in the unfathomable depths of our American Unconscious, is really an ART form that schools human intuition, vividly, under the School of Novalis and John the Baptist. Before Darwin even got his research upside down and backwards to the Evolution of Humanity, Melville had already fathomed, charted and mapped the unconscious regions where Osiris and Egypt survived in the sperm and genitals of the Age of the Fishes. Melville was already there in the Science of Novalis and the Michael School.

“Cetology” reminds the reader that Melville came before Darwin

“There are a lot of different whales. The biggest is the sperm whale. Sperm whales are not only big, but dangerous. They are commercially valuable because they have the best oil and some white waxy crap in their brains called spermaceti that gets used in all sorts of ointments and cosmetics.  Moby Dick is a sperm whale.”

But how does an Archangel get the awkward promotion to the rank of abnormal, stunted Archai over the vast regions of the Geographic United States of America? There are three things we might hold fast in our consciousness. One – an interesting overlay of Spirit and Geography that places the central river of the Nile (that flowed NORTH with etheric arterial potent spirituality) and the central river of Mark Twain’s Mississippi, (which flows SOUTH) as a kind of etheric central artery.  A giant geographic over laid memory system in America that resembles, in part, the kind of central mystery of Egypt and the big bad Nile River that the ancient Egyptians considered their core cultural mystery.  “Sirius was a very important star to the ancient Egyptians, who called it the Star of Isis or the Nile Star. About 5,000 years ago, the helical rising of Sirius occurred earlier, around June 25.” Age of America Sophia Nut and Isis-SophiaTwo – comparing the failed, crude and materialistic cosmology and striving for star wisdom of the United States, compared to – the powerful Devachan vision, mapping the journey of souls after death into the stars, with the magnificent and beneficent wisdom and blessing of Nut, who represented the vast Mothering forces of the starry Cosmos, and the cultural support to the ancient Isis Mysteries. To which, today, the Sophia Mysteries of the School of Novalis have been slowly rising again from the far West to take the place of the ancient Isis Mysteries of Egypt. Three – That the Archangel’s regeneration and resurrection to Fire Spirit, abnormal Archai, and stunted Spirit of Form, lay in the mystery of THE FISHES, Pisces and the rise of the vast American continent in the age of the Fishes, in the Far West.

Mark Twain rode the American Folk Soul, reflected the American Folk substance, the way Egyptians might have used the Nile for commerce, gambling and riverboat escapades. The untapped shadow, the double, the region that was awakened with the discovery of America brought the active concrete SHADOW into real time. The rise of the former Egyptian age did not have to deal with consequences, the conscious consequences of our human SHADOWS. The current struggle of the abnormal, stunted Archai that sends it’s vast tentacles through the entire population of the United States, must now deal with the stunted shadow that was left undealt with in Egypt.

The American Doppelganger

“For a long time before the beginning of the development of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. Europe had to be protected from the influence of the Western world. This is the significant historical arrangement that was cultivated by wisdom-filled world powers. Europe had to be protected for a long time from all these influences; and it could not have been protected if the European world had not been completely shut off from America in the centuries before the fifteenth century.”

The discovery of America in the Age of Pisces, the Fifth Age, awaited the dawning of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL. The discovery of America, where the mystery of the Shadow and the human doppelganger had now to become fully conscious also required the Archangel of the Egyptian people to face the consequences and occult powers that are the real forces of the Moral Developments that both humanity and Gods must live with.

“In the depths of human souls, the Double acquires ever greater power over the unconscious life of human will, binding souls with powers that derive entirely from the earth itself— rigidifying forces of mechanization and subnature (especially gravity, electricity, and magnetism). Indeed, Steiner stated that in America those sub-earthly magnetic forces that connect the human being more closely with the Double rise up most strongly. These forces are connected with the fact that on the American continents, most of the mountain ranges run in a north-south direction.

A promotion and a new assignment that placed the Moral Maturity of the American People in the service of an abnormal Fire Archai, Spirit of Personality, was now required payment for the Egyptian Age. A Super-Power would either grow into a mighty nation of black magicians by the 7th Age, THE AGE OF AMERICA or the souls of the human beings of the United States would break through to a New Cosmology, a New Christology, a New Cosmogony and grow inwardly to become Sophia’s Wedding Guests, dressed in White Garments and purified with clear Etheric Goodness, wrought from moral courage and conscious spiritual development.

I give you a riddle. We shall solve this riddle together ‘we shall meet this tormented abnormal Archai and premature Spirit of Form through the birth of Manhattan’. I’ll give you a clue, this is not a cliché. This is not a trite or overused expression or idea. It is a fact that requires the occult mystery of Language and the Word. It is also a fact that the decadence of the Egyptian Age has carried a huge cultural price tag that The United States of America must pay for the karma of the decadent Egyptian Age. It is the mystery of the WORD on which all things rest. Age of America issues of Egypt 1Final Sticker Shock of the human cost we shall pay makes us gasp. If we knew that the crowning culmination of the final gasps of Earth Evolution ends with the epitaph and epistle of the Apocalypse pointing to THE AMERICAN AGE, we would quiver with caution as to what we are planting as deeds into the final phases of this the Piscean Age.

We must gasp, for we may compare our own American Fire Spirit to the Archai of the Sun, Michael, and the Michael School parameters of higher human spiritual development against the background of the jagged, juggling of the vast continent and Beings that are the collective we all understand as the American Soul. We shall introduce ourselves to this mighty sub-normal Archai, forged as a Fire Spirit from the very primal beginnings of the creation of humanity, who must carry the occult damage of the once grand mystery of the Egyptian Age.

We will learn to understand the geographic regions of the United States that are colored by literal Archangel Beings, two stages above humanity. These Archangel Beings give the different regional Speech dialects,  colloquial  modulations and accents the flavors and pulse of the very Soul of the different Geographic Regions of the United States. We can clearly zero in on Etheric Identity markers in the use of vowels and consonants, gestures, styles of dress, mannerisms of different Archangel Regions. These mannerisms, gestures and Speech Patterns arise organically and naturally from the etheric body of the different regions and are woven into the etheric body and astral nuances of persons influenced and associated with those regions. It is within immediate hearing of any voice or group of voices that we can identify strong Archangelic, Geographic and etheric influences that have formed the roots, character and souls of specific groups and colored the expressions of individuals.

As an example we can take the film”Fargo” itself and how it represents a slice of such an Archangelic Regioinal Soul flavor and behavior experience which Rod Serling correctly designated as what  “lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.” It is how the School of Spiritual Science can define the middle ground where, naive and warm hearted, the American Soul of humanity dwells on the threshold between the depths of evil and the heights of wisdom.

The American Heartland is a repository, was a repository for the once easy to define Good. The occult vision of the Heartland was captured concretely HERE – (CLICK LINK). This was the Initiation we are all undergoing at the THRESHOLD. (Study this short clip carefully CLICK LINK) This was the nature of our dwelling place in America and is known in the Novalis School as the region of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.

Frank Capra and the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL

The name “Capra”, notes Capra’s biographer Joseph McBride, represents his family’s closeness to the land, and means “she-goat”.[4] He notes that the English word “capricious” derives from it…”

American Age – Sea-Goat, Capricorn 5733 – 7893 AD

Although It’s a Wonderful Life is his best-known film, Friedman notes that it was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) which most represented the “Capra myth.” That film expressed Capra’s patriotism more than any others, and “presented the individual working within the democratic system to overcome rampant political corruption.”[2]

The film, however, became Capra’s most controversial. In his research before filming, he was able to stand close to President Roosevelt during a press conference after the recent acts of war by Germany in Europe. Capra recalls his fears:

And panic hit me. Japan was slicing up the colossus of China piece by piece. Nazi panzers had rolled into Austria and Czechoslovakia; their thunder echoed over Europe. England and France shuddered. The Russian bear growled ominously in the Kremlin. The black cloud of war hung over the chancelleries of the world. Official Washington from the President down, was in the process of making hard, torturing decisions. “And here was I, in the process of making a satire about government officials; … Wasn’t this the most untimely time for me to make a film about Washington?”[17]

When the filming was completed, the studio sent preview copies to Washington. Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. ambassador to the UK, wrote to Columbia head Harry Cohn, “Please do not play this picture in Europe.”[2] Politicians were concerned about the potential negative impact the film might have on the morale of our allies, as World War II had begun. Kennedy wrote to president Roosevelt that “in foreign countries this film must inevitably strengthen the mistaken impression that the United States is full of graft, corruption and lawlessness.”[18] Many studio heads agreed nor did they want negative feelings about Hollywood to be instilled in political leaders.[19]

Nonetheless, Capra’s vision of the film’s significance was clear:

The more uncertain are the people of the world, the more their hard-won freedoms are scattered and lost in the winds of chance, the more they need a ringing statement of America’s democratic ideals. The soul of our film would be anchored in Lincoln. Our Jefferson Smith would be a young Abe Lincoln, tailored to the rail-splitter’s simplicity, compassion, ideals, humor, and unswerving moral courage under pressure.[20]

Capra pleaded with Cohn to allow the film to go into distribution and remembers the intensity of their decision making:

Harry Cohn paced the floor, as stunned as Abraham must have been when the Lord asked him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac.[21]

Cohn and Capra chose to ignore the negative publicity and demands, and released the film as planned. It was later nominated for 11 Academy Awards, only winning one (for Best Original Story) partly because of the number of major pictures that were nominated that year, including The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.[13] Hollywood columnist Louella Parsons called it a “smash patriotic hit” and most critics agreed, seeing that audiences left the theaters with “an enthusiasm for democracy” and “in a glow of patriotism.”[18]

The significance of the film’s message was established further in France, shortly after World War II began. When the French public were asked to select which film they wanted to see most, having been told by the Vichy government that soon no more American films would be allowed in France, the overwhelming majority chose it over all others. To a France, soon to be invaded and occupied by Nazi forces, the film most expressed the “perseverance of democracy and the American way.”[2]

Our humanity is set to be challenged from now on, into the future times, with coming to meet in ourselves and in our individual karma the Monsters of the American Psyche. If the Heartland is to survive Ahriman’s crushing consolidations and advanced genetic, psychic and pharmaceutical modifications that will be imposed as humanity, all humanity are herded toward “The Singularity”(Click Link IF you wish to walk richly through Noam Chomsky’s POV it is lengthy and rich), of the merging of our psychic and social melding of technology with our Astral, and Etheric and even the corruption of our ‘I’, the Heartland must find the courage to gain insight into the wisdom and vision of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.

Garrison Keillor, planted firmly in the Geographic Heartland represents what we once called the GOOD. The Good, which the Shepherds heard the Angels Sing to  MEN OF GOOD WILL and which inspired Frank Capra, also is and was invested in Keillor’s spirit.  We find in the same region of Fargo North Dakota and under the same Archangelic Region, that Garrison Keillor, as one of the many Initiates of the Heartland, we find the literal geographic region of the Prairie States, known to United States audiences as  “A Prairie Home Companion”.
Age of America map Prairie States

In terms of the American Soul substance we can find the complete fictional opposite of Garrison Keillor in the brilliant American Soul and psyche explorations of Stephen King. The geographic region of the Prairie States, have a particular regional accent and character that is very, very different than the Archangelic region of the American South West. We can see this clearly and it is indisputable in terms of understanding the Etheric Character of the different geographic regions of the United States.

“Lake Wobegon” are the episodic chapters of the limited and naive central mystery of watered down Lutheran American Goodness who remain too shy, too backward, and too misinformed to come to terms with the sub-normal Archai, Fire Spirit of Personality, that dominates the foundations of the American Psyche. Stephen King sometimes comes much closer in his sketches and writings than anything imagined in “Lake Wobegon”.

Watered down goodness alone cannot appreciate the human wholeness that radiates from Michael the Archai and Time Spirit of our Age who stands firmly next to the Risen Etheric Christ Being. These Powers and Beings scare the timid, shy and cowardly Christian into shrinking into the shadows cast by the rigid traditions of goodness.

“In earlier times it was sufficient to speak to people about the super-sensible world in the way in which the religious faiths (click link) still want to speak. Today this will no longer do. Today people often get themselves into difficulties precisely because they wish to promote eternal bliss in an egoistic way through the religious faiths.”

And we need vast human pockets of new erupting and conscious goodness, arising all through the Heart of America. We need our Goodness raised gradually to the heights of spiritual courage and THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL. We need Lake Wobegon and Stephen King and the Schooling of Novalis and Spiritual Science to penetrate the vast dark mysteries of America.

These Monsters of the American Psyche that we can identify clearly, erupt from the unrecognized shadow and black hole in the central core of the human ‘I’. The human being, as an immortal participant in the unfolding of Divine Evolution, as a member of THE TENTH HIERARCHY, one level below the Angel Kingdom, we are required to monitor, contain and confront our shadows.

As Rod Serling, Rudolf Steiner,  Novalis, Goethe, St. John and Nietzsche demanded, we are destined to encounter and study everything that lies at the pit of humanities fears, to the height of humanities wisdom. This is indeed the region of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL that must be explored and encountered NOW. The Consciousness Soul is our overall lesson plan, that meets every human being over the face of the Earth who are incarnated now under the vast zodiacal time frame of THE FISHES.

Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts

“184. This makes it urgent for man to find in conscious experience a knowledge of the Spirit, wherein he will rise as high above Nature as in his sub-natural technical activities he sinks beneath her. He will thus create within him the inner strength not to go under.”

“…the possibility of finding a true relationship to the Ahrimanic civilization has escaped man. He must find the strength, the inner force of knowledge, in order not to be overcome by Ahriman in this technical civilization. He must understand Sub-Nature for what it really is. This he can only do if he rises, in spiritual knowledge, at least as far into extra-earthly Super-Nature as he has descended, in technical Sciences, into Sub-Nature. The age requires a knowledge transcending Nature, because in its inner life it must come to grips with a life-content which has sunk far beneath Nature — a life-content whose influence is perilous. Needless to say, there can be no question here of advocating a return to earlier states of civilization. The point is that man shall find the way to bring the conditions of modern civilization into their true relationship-to himself and to the Cosmos.”

The pit of humanities fears and the Monsters from the depths of the American Psyche are running renegade operations, torture centers, Rendition Schools over the globe, where impure Asuric and Sorathian Evil schools train souls to embrace the region where the Monsters of the American Psyche and the Global Psyche dwell. But the United States is a festering breeding ground for the incubation of these global monsters.

This devastation that we must face as we penetrate deeper and deeper into the psychic structure of humanity requires, mandates the School of Spiritual Science, to midwife our human spiritual development through and over the Threshold where actual Powers, and Beings dwell side by side with humanity.

It is strictly because our universities, our education, our religious naivety, our psychology have all failed miserably to advance towards the challenge that Novalis, Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, St. John and Rod Serling presented us with, that we find ourselves on a real journey to the HEART OF DARKNESS.

Art and Imagination, the Risen Etheric Christ and Michael, have stood steadfastly beside humanity. Novalis presented the Science of the Poet with the richness of a Painter and the accuracy and vision of a Prophet to the treasures of Spiritual Science. The Fifth Age, The Sixth Age and the Seventh Age will bring to a culmination vast impulses that lay submerged, awaiting the dawning of our CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.

We as humanity are required to plunge into the depths of the Divine Workshop in the deep dark cellars where the ancient Gods dwell in order to follow the path of the Christ Being. Our human education on Earth, bar none, no one is excluded, is to learn to see into the workings of the hierarchies of the heights to balance our plunge into the depths. Our moral integrity must rise to the challenge of holding our higher humanity intact through the next three Ages ahead and it must start now in The Fifth Age, the Age of Pisces.

The Descent of the Human Spirit into the Heart of Darkness (click link)

Age of America the Horror of the Sorathian depths

In the film, shortly before Colonel Kurtz dies, he recites part of T. S. Eliot‘s poem “The Hollow Men“. Not only is Kurtz in the novel characterized as “hollow at the core”, the poem is preceded in printed editions by the epigraph “Mistah Kurtz – he dead”, a quotation from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

In addition, two books seen opened on Kurtz’s desk in the film are From Ritual to Romance by Jessie Weston and The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer, the two books that Eliot cited as the chief sources and inspiration for his poem “The Waste Land“. Eliot’s original epigraph for “The Waste Land” was this passage from Heart of Darkness, which ends with Kurtz’s final words:[12]

Did he live his life again in every detail of desire, temptation, and surrender during that supreme moment of complete knowledge? He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision, – he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath –

“The horror! The horror!”
Colonel Kurtz is based on the character of a nineteenth-century ivory trader, also called Kurtz, from the novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Briefly let us cast our eye over the great State of Missouri. At least three major incarnations of three distinct individuals who give three spiritual points of view (POV) of the I AM and the Consciousness Soul of America arise from the geographic region in the United States, known to us as Missouri.

“I see the path of progress for modern man in his occupation with his own self, with his inner being, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner.” T.S. Eliot

(Dec. 26th, 1959, in the context of contrasting Goethe’s scientific consciousness and that employed in atomic research. An extract from a longer quotation cited in: Colin Wilson. “Beyond the Occult,” Caxton Editions: London, 2002 (pg. 335f.)

Thomas Stearns Eliot OM (Sep. 26th, 1888–Jan. 4th, 1965) was an essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic and “one of the twentieth century’s major poets.” [1] Born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, he moved to the United Kingdom in 1914 (at age 25) and was naturalized as a British subject in 1927 at age 39.

Age of America MissouriT.S. Eliot, Mark Twain and Harry Truman, all out of Missouri, set the stage for the Asuric, Ahrimanic and Sorathian Monsters of the American Psyche to rise up out of the depths of our Consciousness Soul and confront us all with their unrecognized horror. It only becomes the science of literature and part of the science of humanity when we become conscious of the shadows in the depths of our Consciousness Soul.

T.S. Eliot in his “The Hollow Men reveal the true Black Hole in the psyche where the I AM and Consciousness Soul dwell. Eliot reveals the pathways by which the Asuras gain entrance and slowly begin devouring the rich center of the immortal I AM buried deep in the uncharted regions of our Consciousness Soul.

Mark Twain in his “Mysterious Stranger” (CLICK LINK), long before the Rolling Stones drew their prophetic and powerful “Sympathy for the Devil” into a portrait of Ahriman, (not Lucifer), Twain had captured the rising Ahrimanic shadow Being. It was the Ahrimanic Beings Age of America Mark Twainin each of us that were fore-shadowed by Missouri born Mark Twain in his Consciousness Soul gift to the United States, “The Mysterious Stranger”(Click Link). Here the pedigree of Ahriman/Mephistopheles and the true shadow of the American Psyche, a mini-potent portrait raised it’s icy features before our eyes. Goethe’s “Faust”, and “The Mysterious Stranger”(click link) by Twain managed to isolate for our astute study the ancient adversary of Divine Intelligence, Ahriman.

This monster of “The Singularity” (Intense Research CLICK LINK) of the merging of the Divine forces of the Psyche of Humanity with computerized intelligence is aimed at strangling and suffocating the higher potential of human spiritual development in the tangled knots of Ahrimanic, icy efficiency.

Rudolf Steiner’s statue where Ahriman and Christ are depicted, along with Lucifer, reveal that Ahrimanic forces claw, clutch and grab at human intelligence like a demonic feeding frenzy, that ties humanity, and humanities Spiritual and Soul forces into binding technological, Age of America in Bondagecomputerized, chains, knots, and the pornography of psychic torture and spiritual dominatrix humiliation. Unconscious desires for the enslavement of our human spirits and massive Bondage cravings and hungers are being driven by Ahriman and the Asuras.

In the carved statue of “The Representative of Humanity” we see Ahriman below the Christ Being, tied in knots. But Ahriman in the West and in all Western university education has been breaking through the shimmering surface ripples of human intelligence, stirring beneath the waters of The Age of  Pisces and creating pornographic, erotic, cravings to be bound, imprisoned, and repeatedly tortured. Why? Because “The Singularity” that merges the human psyche with fallen Devachan Technology, will enchain, enmesh and infect the psyche of humanity with such overwhelming enhancements of refined evil, that the future Spiritual Unfolding of every human spirit will be sucked under into Ahriman’s dominating sphere of imprisoning human freedom, human intelligence, human compassion and human love within a web of coldly efficient spidery venom that will suck out, numb and eviscerate all higher human spiritual potential. (Which leads over to Part 2 of the Destiny and Future of the Age of America)

While T.S. Eliot described the state of human “Hollow Men” where the Consciousness Soul in us, women and men, had just begun to rise into the unmapped and uncharted region of the Devachan, we became vividly aware of what ‘I’-less human beings are like. Ahriman longs to fill that vacuum of SELF with sterile, icy intelligence. And they have!!!

The Asuras, who take pleasure in sadistic pain, torture and Bondage, wish to expedite the complete extinguishing of the I AM, after they have infected and parasitically fed off the I Am, turn over and offer the juicy immortal and poisoned I AM as food for the chromosome and matter corrupting anti-Sun, Sorathian Beings. The Sorathian Beings, the demonic shadow of the all embracing, life giving Sun, command the three different categories of sub-sensible beings. The Sorathian category and contingency of beings dwelling in the depths of the American Psyche, slime and slither in the immortal corruption and wreckage of the I AM. These awful beings of “horror-horror” that are the heart of darkness, directly oppose the aims of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

The World Abyss of the I and the Horror of Hollowness

“Christ submerged into the personality of Jesus; Jesus, borne aloft by the Christ force, became Jesus Christ. The Doctor pointed to the cross of two-fold suffering, to the agonies in both relations: Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. Before ‘its union with the Logos, the personality of Jesus experienced the black-hole of the world within the center of his “I,” his ego; the world abyss of the I, a concept commensurate with that of the Copernican universe. Jesus prior to the baptism — an “It,” . over which the Ahriman-emptied universe is torn asunder. So — under the double cross of “Jesus Christ” — while the “Christ,” Who in freedom had left the realm of spirit-light in order to be drawn into the narrow hole of personality, had to endure the horror and pain of an incomparable constriction, beside which any form of insanity would be — a nothing. He had to endure this torture so as to become “Christ Jesus,” so that He could live within Jesus.”  Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner by Andrei Belyi

President Harry Truman from Missouri and Oppenheimer plunged the United States and the globe into the Sorathian genetic corruption of literally poisoning matter. Chromosome and cellular matter, Life, Etheric Life and The Living Bread of Life, (click link) Life Spirit forces in matter, where the Sun Being and the Resurrected Christ could transubstantiate divine forces through matter, were breached. Light was raped and holy mater, matter and Light itself, was corrupted by an Anti-Grail technological assault team and hit squad.

True Assassins of the Sun were deployed to the South West Region of the United States with the gruesome task to rip open the gateway to lower Sorathian forces. Sorathian forces that oppose the gift of the Risen Etheric Christ Sun Being. Christ, who had through Golgotha, resurrected Fallen Matter to renewed etheric Life now had to contend with multitudes of domed cathedrals and nuclear reactors over the face of the Earth, and those that worshiped the destruction of matter, Light and Love.

The Novalis School of Schöne Wissenschaften

Rudolf Steiner, Novalis, Goethe, the Transcendentalists (including Hawthorne, Longfellow, Melville, Emerson, Thoreau) and the Inklings (that including Owen Barfield, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams), poets, songwriters and explorers of the new realm of the Consciousness SoulAge of America Goetheanum Statue were all gathered under the spirit of Novalis. Rudolf Steiner and the Michael School has invited all our artists, writers, poets to –  (including the Christ/Lucifer Woodstock generation) to – (Steiner) “…-what in France is called ‘belles-lettres.’ I don’t know whether the expression is still used. No? What a pity! In Germany they spoke of ‘Schöne Wissenschaften’ up to the nineteenth century, and then the term lapsed. The ‘beautiful sciences’, sciences which brought beauty into human knowledge, aesthetics, art.” R.S.

Three Missourians that are included in the dawning science of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL AGE and all linked together through the illustrious state of Missouri brought to us preliminary and devastating insights into the work of Ahriman, the work of the Asuras and the first rift of the influx and tidal waves of Sorathian light devouring monsters.

Speech and the imprint in the etheric body of Instant Etheric Geographic Identification

Age of America Etheric-Archangelic bio-regionalism diversity language colorings“Which spiritual beings are especially active in America, and what is their nature? It is important to remember that, wherever an individuality incarnates on Earth, whether he/she is born in that location or moves there, two factors play an important role. One factor concerns the etheric geography of that location; the second factor is centered upon the mystery of the Double.”

Our Angels have placed us in Northern Regions where specific Archangelic influences color the character, SPEECH (Click Link etheric visible coloring of Archangel substance) and living etheric substance of our human soul. Our Angels have placed us in South Western regions of The United States where specific regional Archangelic influences color the character, speech and living etheric substance of our human souls.human and his relation to the hierarchies angel archangel archae 1 Our Angels have placed us in the North East, The East, the South East, The Deep South, where specific Archangelic influences have colored our character, our SPEECH (Click Link regional Etheric soul colorings) and the living etheric substances that flow through our souls. Our Angels have placed us in the West, the North West, Alaska, Hawaii, and the desert West where specific Archangelic influences color the character, speech and living etheric substances of our human souls.

Behind each of you stands his Angel,
Softly laying his hands on your head.
This Angel gives you the strength that you need.
Above your heads sweeps the circle of the Archangels.
They carry from one to the other what each has to give to the other.
They unite their souls, thereby you get the courage you need.
In the movements they make as they weave from one to the other
They form a chalice.
The light of wisdom is given us by the sublime beings of the Archai.
They do not clothe themselves into a circle
But coming from eternal beginnings, manifest themselves
And vanish again into the eternal distances.
They reach this space only in the form of a drop of light
Which fills for a moment the chalice
Formed by the movement of the Archangels.

(The Founding Verse of the First Waldorf School in Stuttgart (1919) by Rudolf Steiner)

We carry the karma of America around with us to all parts of the world. The future of our humanity and the future of the world, all hang in the balance of how we penetrate with our Spirits and our Consciousness Soul down to the heart of our darkness. The character and conditions of our incarnations will be shaped by the Goodness, Greatness and Courage we create from now until the 7th Age, when the culmination of THE AGE OF AMERICA completes itself.

The vernal point where the Sun “crosses” the Earth’s equator gradually cycles through the constellations. Taking 25,920 years to complete each cycle taking approximately 2,160 years to pass through each Sign. Our Earth’s “wobble” was known to the ancients, who divided the Great Year into twelve Ages or aeons, each of approximately 2,160 years in length. Thus we get the Age of Aries, the Age of Pisces, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Capricorn.

Currently the Age of Pisces is the coloring and water we are drenched in, soaked in, swimming in. It is the mandatory learning, without exception, for every single human being incarnated in this, the Fifth Age. Pisces Fifth cultural Age Kovacs Gyorgyne Iren coupleEveryone into the pool. At every university, with every earned degree we are boxed in, immersed and drowned in the pool of massive materialistic indoctrination. Vast systems and fragments of, Intellectual lack of cohesion, have opened the gates for immoral, isolated, special branches of specialized concentrated, one sided, career opportunities, severed from the whole integrated map of the Cosmos and severed from the moral roots of origins that WE the Tenth Hierarchy, carry.

We have failed to guide, map and outline the terrain, even if we have attempted in our explorations to map the bottom of all of the vast oceans, their deep trenches, and locate the lost ships, like the Titanic in its deep grave. The map of our human Genome;  Our maps, photos, studies of the heavens, including the arch priest of materialism sitting in Newton’s chair of science, Stephen Hawking; Our maps of Black Holes and the Big Bang of the Starry Heavens; Our maps of the Atomic Table and our fall into Nuclear Nightmare with Oppenheimer and President Harry Truman; Our maps of the Periodic Table of the Elements and how whole family and karmic groups become literal fallen Black Hole systems as in “Breaking Bad” and how karmic destruction works when in search for the perfect astral blue Meth.

Think of the Pharmaceutical black magic industries that create drugs that invade the astral body, cripple it, addict it, poison it, and become part of our vast Multi-National Corporate Conglomeration that serves the Whore of Babylon enterprises of DuPont, Monsanto Inc and the global plague of unnatural genetically modified seeds.These are all maps, studies and vast human collaborations amassing immense contributions to the over all system of knowledge known as the working system of the spiritual faculty of the un-mapped region of our Consciousness Soul. Otherwise intimated by Rod Serling as his very own explorations of the TWILIGHT ZONE in service of the American psyche.

However the map of the terrain of the moral and spiritual journey and soul-scape of the Soul and Spirit of America, the United States, is as vitally important and precise as were the expeditions of Lewis and Clark.

“We are only seeing the surface of things, for the most part. Behind the scenes, vast forces are jockeying for position and behind those forces is something even more vast and incomprehensible. Given the enormous reach of time that stretches from end to bending end, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the conditioned minds, of those engaged in the processes, to grasp what the meaning of it is.” Les Visible

We are set to chart an outline that leads us through the Giant Clock, all the way to the 7th Age, where Capricorn will rise in the Spring and the Age of America will have come to fulfillment. 7 Millennium Ages and AmericaThe Age of America will have come to fulfillment by what we have planted in the soil of Science, technology, genetics and the advanced development of human spirituality in this the Fifth Age.

Rudolf Steiner 

America and the Science of Cosmogony 

“Anglo-American civilization is conquering the world. But, in conquering the world, it will need to absorb what the conquered parts of the world have to give — the impulse to Freedom, the impulse to Altruism; for in itself it has only the impulse to Cosmogony. Indeed, Anglo-American civilization owes its success to a Cosmogonic Impulse. It owes it to the circumstance, that people are able to think in world-thoughts.

“These are the three things which are acting within our civilization as forces of decline and fall: — Lack of a cosmogony, lack of a sound foundation of freedom, lack of an altruistic sense. But without a cosmogony, do you see, there is no real science, or system of knowledge. Then there is no real knowledge — then all knowledge ultimately becomes a mere game, in which the worlds and the civilizations of man are toys.”

Our American failure to awaken in our universities a solid science of  cosmogony, cosmology or embryology  is spiritually catastrophic to the Mission of America and the goal of The Age of America. Our grotesque, ham-handed loping along, never asking, never showing interest, or never feeling connected to the science of the cycles of Time has stagnated and choked the entire progress of humanity.

Dumbfounded,  we arrogantly don’t care that in the previous age of the Ram, when the Spring Constellation rose in the hard horned skull of the Ram and Christ was crucified on the hill of the skull, and it was the Age of the quest for the Golden Fleece, we were never taught to reorder our thinking into the science of the vast perspectives of Living Time. We hardly gave Michelangelo (see link) the credit

Age of America Moses Ram Hornsof defining Moses with Rams Horns because of the culmination of the constellation of Ram rising in the Spring.

We didn’t mark it on our calenders and look to the sky and the Spring Constellation of the Ram and marvel to ourselves that the culminating mystery of the age of the Ram, out of the Constellation of Aries,  was that the Lamb of God was crucified on the hill of skulls, on Golgotha. The place of the skull Golgotha by Verna SmithIt never entered our common education that the achievement of THE GOLDEN FLEECE was the perfect Incarnation Science of Jesus (Click Link) that brought about the Earthly gift of the Golden Sun Drenched Risen Etheric Christ. age of america Ram Golden Fleece ProsserThe age of the Ram brought the achievement of Golden gift of Spirit-Man, Atma, the Risen Etheric Christ, into our own human Earth evolution.

The Egyptian Age arose when the Spring Equinox rose in the constellation of Taurus. Language Arts, the Devachan where the Egyptian Sciences tracked the journey of Pharaohs after their deaths were part of the details of the Egyptian Age.

The Egyptians literally supplied the IMAGE and physical reality of a Barge, a Boat to be used as a vessel and vehicle for the dead to journey their way  back into the stars. The hieroglyphic picture arts of the Devachan, the foundations of language and the vivid links that connect our FIFTH AGE OF PISCES to the Egyptian THIRD AGE are laced in the language of Images and Imaginations moving in the fluidity of our infatuation with film and cinema and the location of Hollywood on the powerful, shifting-fluidity, of the fault lines and fissures of the West Coast of The United States.Age of America map 2

The projected vast imagination from the Egyptian Age reveals a Pyramid Scheme of power that was once a great divine mystery in Egypt, which has become today in this our Fifth Age, merely the Corporate Common Denominator of every materialistic multi-national dynastic empire whose CEO and President merely reign over Pyramid Schemed Empires across the globe. This Pyramid scheme has surfaced from the ghosts of ancient Egypt. Our Pyramid schemes have been stripped of Egypt’s profound understanding of the journey our souls take after death, back into the world of the Stars.

“A pharaoh is a supreme ancient Egyptian ruler. Pharaohism follows the same principles of totalitarianism, where the sole ruler has absolute power and control. Henry Ford also, according to J.P. Morgan, “resembled Seti I, the father of the great Ramses and the best-preserved mummy to have been unearthed from the necropolis of Thebes in the Valley of the Kings (Doctorow 143).”

We do not reveal in our universities and our educational history that Age of America Spring Equinox rose in the sign of the Bull Sun Discwhen the Sun Rose in the Spring under the sign of Taurus, when the clock of the Stars and the incarnation lessons of Babylon,Summaria, Egypt and the deep journey of language that was crafted from the STARS, the foundations of the WORD (click Link) were, during the Egyptian era when the Sun Rose in the Spring under the Sign of Taurus, it was the Time of learning the Devachan Mysteries of THE WORD.

In this our Fifth Age,  Osiris genitals, procreative cosmic forces devoured by The Fishes, have arisen under the Super-Power we fondly call The United States of America. Deadly, occult, Egyptian karma of Archangels and Archai run undercurrent, like the Great White Whale swimming deeply under our current Piscean AGE.

How the coffin and the mystery of the sarcophagus, the mystery of how the ancient Egyptian culture explored the hidden and veiled secrets of the Devachan and Life after death, now swirl under the surface of our unfathomed collective group soul of our own collective American unconsciousness .

The dark brother to Osiris, Set, dominates the cosmology of the United States and the western science of the stars. Immortality and life after death are choked to death in their cribs and still born in the medical sciences of the United States of America. Monstrous falsity is taught at every university. The living reality of how humanity and the stars are integrated in our pre-embryological developments (click link) are suffocated and strangled so that they do not awaken in our Consciousness Soul.

Absolute Ahrimanic lies and distortions are trumpeted far and wide as Set/Ahrimanic dogmas of doomed and darkened materialism. The only way you will ever get a degree or diploma out of United States Universities, is to surrender to the immense avalanche of propaganda and extortion that materialism has placed as a price-tag for achieving spiritual decapitation. We are surrounded by vast occult Perilous Pyramid Schemes, swirling like ancient Egyptian ghosts and devachan demons in the subconscious of the American Psyche clearly hidden in plain sight.

“Henry Ford pays a lunch visit to J.P. Morgan in his elegant home on Madison Avenue. They tour the library, and sit in front of the fire. Ford makes an anti- Semitic comment. They begin discussing Ford’s assembly line principles, and soon their conversation shifts to the subject of religion. J.P. Morgan asks Ford about his religious beliefs, but Ford hesitates to answer. Morgan gives Ford a tour of his collection of ancient Egyptian and Greek artifacts, expressing his belief that science has been a “devilish conspiracy to destroy our apprehension of reality.” Morgan invites Ford to join him on a trip to Egypt. Although the idea of reincarnation fascinates Ford, he only has interest in it to the extent that he feels it explains his genius; he assumes he has lived more times than others, and thus has the engineering know-how which has brought him such success. Ford declines the invitation to the trip, but Morgan will go alone anyway. However, after their discussion about Egypt and reincarnation, they found “the most secret and exclusive club in America, The Pyramid, of which they were the only members.”

Call me Ishmael is the Piscean Age Parsifal that all of us in the Piscean Age are required to emulate. (CLICK LINK) It was Ishmael floating on the coffin from the unresolved mysteries of the Egyptian Age of the Sarcophaguof Osiris Age of America Egypt sarcaphagus and coffin for Ishmaelthat set the tone and terror that currently grips our Fifth Age and will terrorize our Sixth Age and come to devastating fruition in the Seventh Age.

“Queegqueg, one of the harpooners, suddenly decides he is going to die and has a coffin made which he decorates with carvings based on his own extensively tattooed body. When the ship sinks, this still-unused coffin floats to the surface enabling the only survivor, Ishmael, to remain afloat until rescued by the ship which is just coming into view on the horizon.”

It is our un-awakened Consciousness Soul that must learn to read the star maps written in the language of our Imaginations. Art and Spiritual Intuitions work deeply on our subconscious until they are brought to the surface and made conscious. The Michael School sorts out the vast complexities of where the Spiritual World has entwined with the subconscious regions of the so called Jungian Unconscious realms.

Spiritual Science students are part of the new explorers who map the still unexplored regions of the world. These are the new frontiers, not our distorted materialistic cosmology that creates an intriguing cartoon of the explorations of deep space. It is rather the deep uncharted recesses of the roots of all of our collective human spirits that Spiritual Science and the Novalis school recognizes as the dawning discoveries of the vast uncharted regions of our Consciousness Soul.

In this our Fifth Age, The Age of Pisces and The Consciousness Soul, we are required to learn to confront, define and map the regions that mark “the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge” and track and outline the course of the occult birth of ever more PERILOUS meglomaniacal psychopaths. For these shall arise and perilously unfold their powers in the future ages yet to come.

The unfathomable depths of our unfathomable lack of Consciousness Soul education in the United States of America, in the very age of the true CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL, provides the rest of humanity with a Golden Opportunity that only The Michael School can deliver. Melville’s Moby Dick still surpasses the sales and reading of the Bible in the whole world wide market.

In our Michael School studies (CLICK LINK) of Novalis, John the Baptist and the foundations of Spiritual Science, we are able to see in Melville’s “Moby Dick” how Elijah the prophet sets the entire tone of the tale that Melville created for America and the Age of America. (CLICK LINK Elijah, John the Baptist and the Science of Imagination) The American Age will fall into the trap of tyrannical dictators of the Will Forces aimed at the Incarnation of a full Ahrimanic Possession that was foreshadowed in Captain Ahab. Age of America Elijah Cain and Abel and Lazarus Sciences Florian SydowThe Michael School and the School of Spiritual Science embody the unfolding Cultural Science of Elijah the prophet, Novalis and the revelation of St. John (IMPORTANT LINK).

“The first, and very framing, prophecy of the story occurs directly after Ishmael and Queequeg have signed on the Pequod, when they meet Elijah. After learning that Ishmael and Queequeg have already signed aboard the Pequod, Elijah declares, “what’s to be, will be; and then again, perhaps it won’t be, after all…Some sailors or other must go with him, I suppose…God pity ’em!” (126). Elijah seems to predict the fate of the Pequod. Declaring that God should pity the sailors who board the ship is to say that something terrible should befall the voyage. Elijah makes a prophecy, thereby predicting fate.”

Ahab and the black magic of BAAL (CLICK LINK) are confronted by Elijah and the very depth of the Magical Idealism of the Science of the Michael School, formed by Novalis, Goethe, Rudolf Steiner and hundreds of thousands who work diligently daily in defense and exploration of the Spirit of humanity are part of concrete educational impulses of The School of Spiritual Science and the Consciousness Soul.

Our current universities and educational institutes follow the model of Ahrimanic matriculation, accreditation, certification to the letter of the law and dominate through association the indoctrination of materialism against the comprehension and logic of the Spirit. Our current convoluted circumstances of the United States of America are tied to the megalomaniacal psychopaths who have pledged their undying allegiance to Israel and the black magicians of BAAL. Melville got it right. Humanity in the Constellation of Pisces Konstantin Kalinovich- UkraineThe profile of the Incarnation of Ahriman and the portrait of Ahab as captain of the ill-fated Pequod is in truth part of the Spiritual Science of the Michael School of the Novalis/Elijah mystery of The United States of America. Melville had been part of the Michael School before he incarnated as Herman Melville. He brought with him a deep, deep vision of the character, portrait and the fatality of how the MONSTERS SPAWNED FROM THE AMERICAN PSYCHE arise.

Just as the Age of the Fishes that we are in now reveals a fish in an upward and a fish in a downward direction.

The Age of Pisces and the Tragedy of Karma

” – the destiny that works itself out between anthroposophists and non-anthroposophists, — casts its waves even into the worlds of the Angeloi. It leads to a parting of the Spirits, even in the world of the Angeloi. The Angel who accompanies the anthroposophist to his next incarnations learns to find his way still more deeply into the spiritual kingdoms than he could do before, while the Angel who belongs to the other man — to the one who cannot enter, — descends. It is in the destiny of the Angeloi that we first perceive how this great separation is taking place. To this, my dear friends, I would now direct your hearts. It is happening now, that the comparatively single and uniform kingdom of the Angeloi is being turned into a twofold kingdom of Angeloi, a kingdom of Angeloi with an upward tendency into the higher worlds, and with a downward tendency into lower worlds.

“While the Michael community is being formed here upon earth, we can behold above it the ascending and the descending Angeloi. Looking more deeply into the world today, one can perpetually observe these streams, which are such as to stir the heart to its foundations.”

We are now experiencing how family, friends, colleagues and our Angels are being either sucked down into the darkness and the deeds we do, such as Monsanto GM seeds that will plant evil into the strata and foundations of nature from this the Fifth Age, the Age of Pisces, seeds of human catastrophe will be planted into the vast soil of the future.

Piscean AgeWhat we do now under the Age of the Fishes will reverberate and have vast repercussions on into the far distant future of the Manicheanism of the Sixth age, when the Sun rises in Aquarius in the Spring. And as reincarnating human spirits we will be there when the MOON rejoins the Earth in the far distant age, the 7th Age, when the Sun Rises in Spring from the constellation of Capricorn.

Rudolf Steiner

“Now we must ask: What causes such utterly different conditions on earth? This is connected with the progression of the spring equinox. About 800 years before Christ the sun in spring entered the constellation of Aries, of the Ram. Every year at the vernal point it shifts a little. Because of this the conditions on the earth are always slightly changing. Eight hundred years before Christ the sun stood in the constellation of Aries. Earlier it stood in the constellation of Taurus, still earlier in Gemini and still earlier in Cancer. Now already for some hundreds of years it rises in the constellation of Pisces. After this comes Aquarius. The advance of civilizations is also connected with the progression of the sun from one constellation to the other.Wirbel Cancer Spiral in, new point of evolution, spiral out

“At the time when the sun rose in the constellation of Cancer the ancient Vedic culture of the Indians, the culture of the Rishis reached its highest point. The Rishis, those still half-divine beings, were the teachers of men. The Atlantean civilisation had met its destruction; a new impulse broke in. In occultism this is called a ‘vortex’ (wirbel). This is also why, in the age in which the sun stood in the constellation of Cancer, the sign was made in this way:

“Cancer signifies a breaking in of something new, a ‘vortex’ (a double spiral).

“The second cultural epoch is named the constellation of the Twins. At that time the dual nature of the world was understood, the opposing forces of the world, Ormuzd and Ahriman, Good and Evil. Thus the Persians also speak of the Twins.

“The third cultural epoch is that of the Sumerians in Asia Minor and of the Egyptians. The constellation of the Bull corresponds to this epoch. This is why in Asia the Bull was venerated and in Egypt, Apis. At that time in Babylon and Assyria the Sumerian language was the language of wisdom. Then the Bull fell into decadence and the Ram came into the ascendant. The first indication of this is the Saga of the Golden Fleece.

“The fourth culture is that of the Ram, or Lamb; Christ stands in the sign of the Ram, or Lamb; hence he calls himself the Lamb of God.

As fifth culture the external materialistic civilisation follows, in the constellation of the Fishes. Pisces Age, Fifth Evil and division of humanityThis developed principally from the 12th century on-wards and reached its climax about the year 1800. This is the culture of the Fifth sub-race, the present time.

“In the constellation of the Water-Man in the future, the new Christianity will be proclaimed. ‘Water-Man’ is also the one who will bring it, he who has already been here: John the Baptist. Later he will again be the forerunner of Christ, when the Sixth, the spiritual sub-race will be founded.”

In this our Fifth Age we are planting psychopath, genetic and immoral seeds that will reverberate into the far distant future AND/OR we are slowly also learning how to harvest supersensible food from the gardens of our very own Angels. We are all on the clock and the clock can be read with clarity.

In this study from the American West, and in specific the continent of the United States of America we will find our orientation to some of the vast forces that are at play under the surface of our continent.

We are on a vast journey together and without a doubt we may mark the trail of our journey into the future of America with richer and clearer markings than Lewis and Clark had made. In the Lewis and Clark expedition it was called ‘perilous’.

Rudolf Steiner (click Link) “This [WE] can only do if [WE] rise, in spiritual knowledge, at least as far into extra-earthly Super-Nature as [WE HAVE] descended, in technical Sciences, into Sub-Nature. The age requires a knowledge transcending Nature, because in its inner life it must come to grips with a life-content which has sunk far beneath Nature — a life-content whose influence is perilous.”

But meeting and exploring the Spiritual, Moral, Regional Beings, supersensible and subsensible beings that make up the map and soul-scape of the United States of America is equally perilous.

“The Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American expedition to cross what is now the western portion of the United States, departing in May, 1804 from St. Louis on theMississippi River, making their way westward through the continental divide to the Pacific coast.

“The expedition was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson shortly after theLouisiana Purchase in 1803, consisting of a select group of U.S. Army volunteers under the command of Captain Meriwether Lewis and his close friend Second Lieutenant William Clark. Their perilous journey lasted from May 1804 to September 1806. The primary objective was to explore and map the newly acquired territory, find a practical route across the Western half of the continent, and establish an American presence in this territory before Britain and other European powers tried to claim it.

“The campaign’s secondary objectives were scientific and economic: to study the area’s plants, animal life, and geography, and establish trade with local Indian tribes. With maps, sketches and journals in hand, the expedition returned to St. Louis to report their findings to Jefferson.”

Age of America Lewis and Clark 1a

“The French émigré, Jean de Crèvecoeur, popularized the idea that America was a “melting pot” and that Americans constituted a new race. The settlers of North America entered a land free from a preexisting dominating folk soul, where new social ideals could be established.6 The three western nations that played the most significant role in the colonization of North America also represented the three soul types spoken about by Rudolf Steiner:  The Etheric Geography of North America by David Mitchell (search RIDDLE OF AMERICA pdf file)

The Spanish — representing the Sentient Soul, settled in Mexico, as well as the American South and West. They brought horses, established ranches, and nourished a rich family life. Their initial interest was the earth, in collecting gold.

The French — representing the Intellectual Soul, settled in the North and explored the Midwest, opening up the continent’s interior as trappers and hunters. Their initial interest was in the animals. They collected fur for fashion apparel.

The English — representing the Consciousness Soul, settled along the East Coast and gave to the new nation form, government, and commerce. Their initial concern was with the plant realm. They planted seeds and established farms.”

Perilous because The United States of America hides a vast seed bed of morally unsound, Genetic, Military, Social, Viral and Spiritual deeds and events that will take root, grow and become the most severe challenges already in this our Fifth Age; a more refined evil coming in the future Sixth Age; and the potent and devastating finale, the crescendo of the vast cosmic, musical symphony of humanity, the 7th Age, shall bring to a culmination all that America was and has become, during these three specific periods. These three specific star periods, The Age of Pisces, The Age of Aquarius and The Age of Capricorn , will bring to a culmination point, what is called THE AMERICAN AGE.

The 7th Age, the Age when the Sun will rise in Capricorn in the Spring, is when all our chickens come home to roost. Of course under the earth, in caves, the night craving bats also live in their roosts. But wonderful and terrible things that we are executing and doing right now, will come to fruition in THE AGE OF AMERICA. Our job, like Lewis and Clark, is to map some of the coming attractions using a far more advanced foundational science than is allowed in our current university curriculums.

Coming Attractions, Age of America Coming Attractionspreviews and the precise Time on the Big Clock of the stars, is extremely accurate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what TIME IT IS and what Time it will be. We have the big clocks for a reason. We have the big TWELVE on the big board and the big Ferris Wheel of Time for a reason. We know how we got suspended in the infinite, at the top of the Ferris Wheel looking down on the small objects, people, cars, below that it is all a matter of Divine Perspective. But not all of it that we see from the top of the Ferris Wheel has sunk into our sense of Consciousness Soul Perspective.

Spiritual Science in the 21st Century: Transforming Evil, Meeting the Other and Awakening to the Global Initiation of Humanity (Click Link)

Age of America recommended reading material

“Anthroposophy speaks about the SEVENTH cultural epoch, after the Russian, as being the American epoch. This will be the end of the post-atlantean age. This will be the most materialistic, preposterous, occult downfall, of this whole age. And this great downfall is named after America. In this epoch, all those dark forces will reach ultimate concentration and influence. For the non-spiritualized part of humanity, those connected to the dark and retarded forces, will come to full-flower in the SEVENTH epoch. In the sixth post-atlantean epoch, begins the real work of the transformation of evil into good, under the leadership of Mani. So here we have some perspectives on the future.”  Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon (Author)

Cultural Age/ Dates/ Civilization

Cancer 7227-5067 Indian
Gemini 5067-2907 Persian
Taurus 2907-747 B.C.E. Chaldo-Egyptian
Aries 747-1414 C.E. Greco-Roman
Pisces 1414-3574 European
Aquarius 3574-5734 Russian-Slavonic
Capricorn 5734-7894 American

The Brilliant Logic Behind the Vast Clock of the Zodiac

Atlantis = Physical body
Indian = Etheric body
Persian = Sentient or Astral body
Chaldo-Egyptian = Sentient Soul
Greco-Roman = Intellectual or Mind Soul
Present = Spiritual or Consciousness Soul
6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self
7th Cultural Era = Buddhi or Life Spirit
After Catastrophe = Atma or Spirit Man

Our Consciousness Soul is tasked with and has the abilities now, to redeem ancient Isis and NUT star wisdom, and transform the fallen cosmology of the current stunted star stupidity operative in the WEST and update it to the Christology and star wisdom of Sophia. To those who revere Stephen Hawking as a saint and are happy in the groove of arbitrary materialism and the poisoning of our minds with utter craven, insensitive nonsense, you will not soon be heading into anything that even resembles the upward thrust of our Angels.

The current Ahrimanic Cosmology of the West have never placed the advancement and unfolding of HUMANITY itself, in conjunction with the evolution written into the entire Zodiac as a real part of EDUCATIONAL COMING ATTRACTIONS. What the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth have to do with the learning curve of the mighty constellations has been ripped from the curriculum’s in all our universities. A complete dumbfounded gap of intelligence has been deliberately wedged in, to block any information as to how humanity is on a progressive learning curve that coincides with the unfolding patterns of the rhythmic ticking clock of the enormous star studded constellations.

“The Equal Age Theory purports that each of the 12 Great Ages last the same amount of time: about 2,160 years. This figure is based on 1/12th of the time for the precession of the equinox to make a complete cycle of about 26,000 years. This theory is in contrast with those who believe that great ages are irregular and that some great ages may last longer than others depending on the real estate they occupy along the ecliptic. For instance, Pisces takes up more room along the ecliptic than Aquarius, so some believe that the Age of Pisces should last hundreds of years longer than the Age of Aquarius.”

For approximately the next 1560 years we shall complete our journey through the constellation of Pisces. We shall have time to digest Consciousness Soul paradigms and higher intelligence. Currently the constellations are beginning to feel the approach of Sophia Star Wisdom. The magnificent Divine Star wisdom of Sophia is the cosmic bride of the Christ Being. The Risen Etheric Christ tied the knot that binds humanity to the progressive unfolding of our immortality, at Golgotha. The higher educational unfolding of our grand human drama is directly linked to the binding of Christ to the unfolding of the future of Earth and Humanity. The Grand Wedding of the Bride, Sophia, to the Bridegroom, the Risen Etheric Christ, is all part of the COMING ATTRACTIONS.

6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self
7th Cultural Era = Buddhi or Life Spirit
After Catastrophe = Atma or Spirit Man

Age of America White purified Spirit Selfhood 6th epoch Manicheanism

These COMING ATTRACTIONS are approaching in three potent stages. These three potent stages of the wedding of the Bride Sophia to the Risen Etheric Christ are the key mystery of how we as humanity are to arrive as Wedding Guests all along the way to the 7th Age. The 7th Age is when the Spring Equinox rises in the constellation of Capricorn. These three phases of our future bring to the whole Earth Evolution the culmination known as the AGE OF AMERICA.

In the Science of Novalis/St. John we can trace distinctly the vast swirling of Osiris and Egypt, Elijah and the Black Magic of the priests of BAAL in the tale spun by Herman Melville, “Moby Dick” and the White Whale.

The Novalis School of the Archangels in the University of Sophia

“We have to look in the Far East for that stream of peoples whose Archangel was the first one to attain the rank of a Spirit of the Age. It was that stream of peoples who formed the ruling class of that land and laid the foundations of the first post-Atlantean civilization after their Archangel had become the Spirit of the Age, after he had been promoted to the first Spirit of the Age or Archai of the post-Atlantean age of civilization. Now this Spirit of the Age guided the primal sacred culture of India and made it the leading one in the first post-Atlantean age of civilization. The other peoples of Asia who were gradually developing, were for a long time under the guidance merely of Archangels.

“Those peoples of Europe who had remained behind when the migration from West to East took place, were also under the guidance of Archangels for a long time after the Archangel of India had risen to the rank of an Archai and then acted through intuition upon those Great Teachers of India, the Holy Rishis, who because they were aided by this exalted and important Spirit were able to fulfill their high mission in the manner already described. This Spirit of the Age worked on for a long time, whilst the people lying to the north of ancient India were still under the guidance of the Archangel. When the Spirit of the Age of India had fulfilled his mission, he was promoted to the guidance of the entire evolution of post-Atlantean humanity.”

‘The Saptarishi (from saptarṣi, a Sanskrit dvigu meaning “seven sages”) are the seven rishis who are extolled at many places in the Vedas and Hindu literature.Age of America the White Whale 

The White Whale reveals the Resurrected wisdom of Osiris and Isis hidden in the unfathomed depths of American psyche in the age of the FISHES. The White Whale and the hunt for the White Whale is how the American Psyche learned to plunge into the depths of global Spiritual Cosmology.

The Beatles  (click link) themselves were unconsciously led to the massive mature Archai Being that had been promoted from India to guide the entire sweep of the evolution of Post-Atlantean Humanity. The  entire wisdom of the Holy Rishis was transplanted in the human being we have tracked through time, from the raising of Lazarus to the initiation of Christian Rosenkreuz. Christian Rosenkreuz carries the entire wisdom of the Holy Rishis within his higher human spiritual bodies.

How do we know we are headed for a Wedding of the vast Sophia Wisdom to the Risen Etheric Christ?  There are four profound clues that place the dawning of the Age of the Consciousness Soul as a preparation for the Wedding. We shall be the Wedding guests. However, as the research we have presented so far reveals, this is no easy journey. It is perilous and fraught with dangers as the Rising Super-Power of the United States wrests itself free of the Ahrimanic Materialism we have succumbed to.

Wedding Guests and the Garments of the Wedding Guests are all about THE COMING ATTRACTIONS. No one is going to walk into this Wedding without having Resurrected Sophia/Isis, as ANTHROSOPHIA, in our inner being, as the objective transformed forces of our human knowledge that appears radiant and shining at the fulfillment and culmination of the 7th Age, THE AMERICAN AGE. Sophia and her child AnthrosophiaANTHROPOSOPHIA, THE CHILD OF SOPHIA, has to be awakened to be a member of the Wedding Guests contingency.

Which means that no one is getting into the Wedding without having passed through Manas – Buddhi – and Atma. No one is getting into the Wedding as Wedding guests without struggling through to SPIRIT-SELF; LIFE-SPIRIT; and SPIRIT MAN. Which means we had better learn about what these COMING ATTRACTIONS (click link) are.

First Clue

1 Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying, 2″The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. 3 He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come.

4 Then he sent some more servants and said, ‘Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’

5 But they paid no attention and went off–one to his field, another to his business. 6 The rest seized his servants, mistreated them, and killed them. 7 The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

8 Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. 9 Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’ 10 So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.

11 But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes.12 ‘Friend,’ he asked, ‘how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ The man was speechless. 13Age of America Wedding Garments Then the king told the attendants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

14 “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

Second Clue (click Link)

“On an evening before Easter Day, I sat at a table, and having (as my custom was) in my humble prayer sufficiently conversed with my Creator, and considered many great mysteries (whereof the Father of Lights his Majesty had shown me not a few) and being now ready to prepare in my heart, together with my dear Paschal Lamb, a small, unleavened, undefiled cake; all of a sudden arose so horrible a tempest, that I imagined no other but that through its mighty force, the hill on which my little house was founded would fly into pieces.

“But inasmuch as this, and the like from the Devil (who had done me many a spite) was no new thing to me, I took courage, and persisted in my meditation, till somebody in an unusual manner touched me on the back; whereupon I was so hugely terrified, that I dared hardly look about me; yet I showed myself as cheerful as (in such occurrences) human frailty would permit.

“Now the same thing still twitching me several times by the coat, I looked back, and behold it was a fair and glorious lady, whose garments were all sky-coloured, and curiously (like Heaven) bespangled with golden stars; in her right hand she bore a trumpet of beaten gold, on which a Name was engraved which I could well read but am as yet forbidden to reveal it. In her left hand she had a great bundle of letters of all languages, which she (as I afterwards understood) was to carry to all countries. She also had large and beautiful wings, full of eyes throughout, with which she could mount aloft, and fly swifter than any eagle.

“I might perhaps have been able to take further notice of her, but because she stayed so little time with me, and terror and amazement still possessed me, I had to be content. For as soon as I turned about, she turned her letters over and over, and at length drew out a small one, which with great reverence she laid down upon the table, and without giving one word, departed from me. But in her mounting upward, she gave so mighty a blast on her gallant trumpet, that the whole hill echoed from it, and for a full quarter of an hour after, I could hardly hear my own words.

“In so unlooked for an adventure I was at a loss, how either to advise or to assist my poor self, and therefore fell upon my knees and besought my Creator to permit nothing contrary to my eternal happiness to befall me. Whereupon with fear and trembling, I went to the letter, which was now so heavy, that had it been mere gold it could hardly have been so weighty. Now as I was diligently viewing it, I found a little seal, on which a curious cross with this inscription, IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, was engraved.

“Now as soon as I espied this sign I was the more comforted, as not being ignorant that such a seal was little acceptable, and much less useful, to the Devil. Whereupon I tenderly opened the letter, and within it, in an azure field, in golden letters, found the following verses written.

“This day, todayAge of America Invite to the Wedding Christian Rosenkreuz
Is the Royal Wedding day.
For this thou wast born
And chosen of God for joy
Thou mayest go to the mountain
Whereon three temples stand,
And see there this affair.
Keep watch
Inspect thyself
And shouldst thou not bathe thoroughly
The Wedding may work thy bane.
Bane comes to him who faileth here
Let him beware who is too light.”

Third Clue (Click Link)

I pass, like night, from land to land;
I have strange power of speech;
That moment that his face I see,
I know the man that must hear me:
To him my tale I teach.
What loud uproar bursts from that door!
The wedding-guests are there:
But in the garden-bower the bride
And bride-maids singing are:
And hark the little vesper bell,
Which biddeth me to prayer!
Age of America Ancient Mariner Stops a Wedding Guest
O Wedding-Guest (click link)! this soul hath been
Alone on a wide wide sea:
So lonely ’twas, that God himself
Scarce seemèd there to be.
O sweeter than the marriage-feast,
‘Tis sweeter far to me,
To walk together to the kirk
With a goodly company!

Fourth Clue – Spiritual Science Schooling and Christian Rosenkreuz (click link)

“When Christian Rosenkreutz awakes he knows that he is allowed to make the journey and he arrays himself in his wedding garment. This is a white linen coat (we are reminded of the wedding garment of the guests in the parable). He wears a red stole crosswise, as a priest wears his.”

America misinterprets, confounds and falsifies GOODNESS, depth, mercy, compassion. It starts in our pulpits and our churches and our group soul congregational mind numbing. We go to church because we have been duped into believing this is an easy cake-walk, just believe in the Child Jesus, quote scripture and ask everyone you meet, “have you been saved?”. It doesn’t work like that in real life or in the real understanding and comprehension of the scriptures.

Of the Four Clues above, Christians find themselves too cowardly to go beyond clue # 1.  Goody, goody two shoes, all frozen in the fallacies of dead traditions and morally on lock down in the cement death armor of Biblical dogma, Christians cannot conceive of the Spirt-Selfhood transformation, penetration and illumination of the depths of our astral bodies that will clarify and cleanse us with renewed Angelic Thinking from now past the 6th Age.

The Wedding Guests must plunge down to the depths and awaken the Sophia in us. The objective forces of all humanity and all science and all love, that is every human beings ANTHROSOPHIA,  is the wisdom, right and possession of the spiritual essence of the daughter of Sophia Herself. ANTHROSOPHIA is the hidden possession of each human soul who carries an I AM. This platform of Spiritual Intelligence and the Consciousness Soul will draw toward us the higher phase of Spirit-Selfhood that rises with the coming of the 6th Age. Upon the foundation of ANTHROSOPHIA we will build Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Age of America study of SophiaUpon the foundations of ANTHROSOPHIA we may build Manas, Buddhi and Atma through the Fifth – Sixth – and Seventh age. It is the awakening of the central core of the cognitive conscious moral substance by which the laws of the whole universe are built. This is the cornerstone and The Foundation Stone (Click Link) of the wise. This was part of Psalm 118 and what we discover here:

Mark 12:10
And have you not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected
has become the head of the corner:

Isaiah 28:16
So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a
tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who
trusts will never be dismayed.”

Yet it is the law, it is unarguable, it is immense, we all must find ourselves on the journey through the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh Age and so far we are completely clueless of the stages and the phases through which we must endure and develop. We are being measured on the big clock of the world and we will be required to awaken our higher selves along the great learning curve of the COMING ATTRACTIONS, without exception.

Adriana Koulias 

“This being that was intimately seen by the Greeks as Sophia and by Dante as Lady Philosophy was unveiled by Rudolf Steiner in our times as Anthroposophia.”Age of America Star Wisdom Sophia and higher John Initiation Sciences

“The loftiness of the Cosmic Sophia, precluded her direct descent into the soul of humanity, this meant that another being had to take up the task of being the mediator of this wisdom to man. Who was this being?

“Rudolf Steiner first spoke about this being’s place in our times, some months before the laying of the foundation stone for the first Goetheanum. In his inaugural lecture at the First General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in 1913[3] he told Anthroposophists that they were to think of ‘Anthroposophia’ as a living being, a being with an evolution and a biography.[4] In a different lecture[5] he indicated that Anthroposophia was an invisible human being, whose destiny and path had followed that of humanity, only in an accelerated way. We were asked to come to a relationship with this being, to go to her with all our questions, our hopes and our fears that we, as Anthroposophists were to do nothing before consulting with this being.

“But who was this illusive being, what was her nature and what have been and continue to be her tasks?

“Rudolf Steiner gave us indications that in the beginning, Anthroposophia had the nature of an Archangelic being; that she was of the same substance as Michael and ‘developed in accordance not with earthly laws but with the laws of the Sun[6]. This suggests that Anthroposophia was possessed of the nature of an archangel…”

Clue # 2 brings us to the dawn of the Consciousness Soul Age and the mission of the Consciousness Soul, to prepare for the Wedding we shall be invited to. Clue # 3 reveals some of the real nightmares and trials of the path of Initiation. The Ancient Mariner of the Pisces Age is magnetically, in terms of SPEECH AND THE WORD and in terms of the Devachan Sciences of Magnetism, Electricity and Laser and Nuclear fallen light, possessed of a Sixth Epoch Initiation empowerment.

The Ancient Mariner has an occult compass and navigational cosmic magnet connected to the powers of Speech, the Angelic laws of karma and destiny, that draws him to souls who never even imagined in their wildest dreams that on a certain day, unforeseen, their entire world would literally change because of a startling unplanned meeting.

He went like one that hath been stunned,
And is of sense forlorn :
A sadder and a wiser man,
He rose the morrow morn.

Age of America the shock of the Initiation PathAll superficiality would drain out of their souls and Horror-true Horror and facts would alter forever the fixed certainty of their goals to highest trivial pursuits and enticements to materialistic fantasies of bliss.

Clue #4, if you are lucky, has brought you here, to the schooling of Spiritual Science and the awakening to the Sophia and Novalis science studies of awakening ANTHROSOPHIA consciously. The science of learning to unlock the Coming Attractions that everyone, without exception will be challenged to attain, Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. And if all the above clues have been for naught we may have the left overs if that is what you desire. Here are what the left overs are like.  (click link).

The COMING ATTRACTIONS have everything to do with a reuniting of Isis and Osiris. The key to Clue # 4 and the foundations of Spiritual Schooling – has been roughly outlined by Rudolf Steiner for your convenience HERE, (Click Link).  The COMING ATTRACTIONS are all about our wresting from ancient SET/(current Ahriman) a resurrected Cosmology and from the far West a Cosmogony that is fit for the unfolding of the higher spiritual potentials of humanity. Starting in the FIFTH AGE, this current Age of Pisces we must wrest from our cold Ahrimanic intellects, that view the cosmos as a void unrelated BIG BANG THEORY,  we must win for ourselves and humanity a new, vivid and ensouled Cosmos, that once illuminated all of the ancient Egyptian culture.


In the first phase of the approach, Sophia/Star Wisdom begins to radiate and return, refreshed and reinvigorated to the awakening of our Consciousness Soul. New and resurrected Zodiacal wisdom that was lost to us since the Egyptian Age of Isis and Osiris starts stirring with inner invigorated life.

The Consciousness Soul and the approach of Sophia/Isis star wisdom (click Link)

“Just as the eye is the expression for the power of sight, so to the Egyptian the Sun was the eye of Osiris, the embodiment of the Spirit of the Sun. All this had been experienced at one time by the soul of Copernicus, and it was the unconscious memory of it that impelled him to renew, in a form possible to a materialistic age, this ancient idea of Osiris, which at that time had been entirely spiritual. When humanity had sunk more deeply within the physical plane, this idea confronts us again in its materialistic form, as the Copernican theory.

“The Egyptians possessed the spiritual conception and it was the world-karma of Copernicus to retain a memory of such conceptions, and this conjured forth that “combination of bearings” that led to his theory of the solar system. The case was similar with Kepler, who, in his three laws, presented the movement of the planets round the sun in a much more comprehensive way; however abstract they may appear to us, they were the result of a most profound conception. A striking fact in connection with this highly gifted being is contained in a passage written by himself and which fills us with awe when we read it. Kepler writes: “I have thought deeply upon the Solar System. It has revealed to me its secrets; I will carry over the sacred ceremonial vessels of the Egyptians into the modern world.”

In the second phase of Sophia’s approach, the entire Elohim, the six Elohim of the Sun and radiant Michael Wisdom begin to redefine the outer and inner appearance and features of human beings based solely on their spiritual content (CLICK LINK). This is the reverse engineering of what Ahrimanic materialism intends.

Age of America Sophia studiesOur inner spiritual contents are in preparation, as we elaborate our Consciousness Soul foundations, to outwardly redesign the appearance of our human features based on the cohesion of our inner spiritual content. Ahriman will attempt to control, modify and standarize a new caste system and impose outer genetic locks on all human beings hidden spiritual potentials. This is one of Ahriman’s powerful imperatives and is vividly outlined in SOMNI 451 (click link). This 6th and 7th age paradigm shift from Ahriman to higher Michael Sun Forming Power is part of the so called Wedding Guest Mysteries. (Click Link)

We are challenged in The United States of America and by the backward Super-Power, abnormal, sub-normal unfolding development of the ancient Archangel from Egypt that dynamically hovers over the United States of America, like a cock-eyed, twitchy, nerve impaired, uncoordinated mother hen, trying to hatch a deformed Sun Egg of human spiritual beings. This crazy Mother Hen is now an arising Archai that will over come it’s Parkinson like tremors and seek the wholeness of an Archai in the higher service of the developments of cosmic evolution.

The Education of the American Folk-Soul and The Christ Impulse

“But this Spirit of the Age of our fifth post-Atlantean age of civilization worked in a very unique manner. He had to make a kind of compromise with one of the old Spirits of the Age who worked before the Christian-impulse, viz., the Egyptian Spirit of the Age, who, as we have heard, had in a certain respect risen to the rank of a Spirit of Form. Thus it comes about that our fifth post-Atlantean age of civilization, in which we now are, is really ruled by a Spirit of the Age who is in a certain way very much under the influence and impulses of the old Egyptian civilization, and of a Spirit of Form who is only at quite an elementary stage.

“That caused the many rifts and divisions in our age. Our Spirit of the Age in the fifth post-Atlantean age of civilization is striving in a certain respect to raise himself up to spiritual heights and to raise the fourth post-Atlantean age of civilization to a higher stage. But that includes the materialistic tendency and inclination, and according as the various Archangels, the various Folk-souls, have greater or less inclination towards this materialistic tendency, does a more or less materialistic people arise under the guidance of this Spirit of the Age of the fifth post-Atlantean age of civilization, and the people itself gives a more or less materialistic shade to the Spirit of the Age. On the other hand an idealistic people is one which gives the Spirit of the Age a shade which is in the direction of Idealism.”

Presently this distorted Archai is using humanity to achieve it’s maturity in the future 7th Age.  We, who partake of the culture of the United States of America are challenged to resist consciously the Ahrimanic redesigning of humanity. We, who partake of the cultural and spiritual development of the United States of America, are called upon to assist this awkward Archai/ potential Spirit of Form, in aligning itself with the highest goals of Earth Evolution and the Tenth Hierarchy. Our Ahrimanic, cloning, genetics and patented gene code sciences will interfere, disrupt and de-rail humanities alignment with Sophia and the starry Incarnation Sciences. The 5th, 6th, and 7th ages will give birth to catastrophic nightmares and monsters if we fail to regain Sophia and Incarnation star wisdom, starting right this very day. By lifting this buried wisdom into our Consciousness Soul we prepare ourselves to learn the science of Angels. In discovering our moral depths and recovering our conscious courage we earn the right to become Wedding Guests.

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

“Luciferic beings enliven our egohood. Quite exciting. Ahrimanic beings develop this group, national egotism. More than exciting! Now the Archai, those beings who did not attain egohood on Old Saturn, also called the Asuras, are tempting the ego on cosmic proportions today. The Asuras were kept away from us for a time. The Luciferic beings were the first to approach us, because they are the smallest. So God said, let humans first be tempted by the Luciferic beings, give them the individual ego. But don’t tempt them with the Ahrimanic Archangels. Then came a time, when human beings were strong enough, when the Ahrimanic Archangels could intervene. When it was not enough to have just individual egotism, the Archangels joined the play.

Only in the last century, when the time of their captivity ran out, could this last group join in. The American Indians knew about them. These are the Titans bound to the Earth. These are backward Archai beings from Saturn and beyond. They are huge beings. They are cosmic, terrible, horrific monsters. These are the High Tor beings. And they can definitely take an Archangel and twist him into a salamander, no problem. They are beings that can destroy planets. When we speak about atomic energy, the capacity for destruction and corruption on such titanic scales, this is beyond group egotism. This is a planetary egotism.”

Each of our individual Angels are presently in a horrific conflict in the foundations of the whole of global human karma, with all of us who have chosen to reject the imperative of awakening of our Consciousness Soul. And on the other-side of the equation stands our resolve to awaken our higher spiritual forces against the decadent genetic drag-down of the chaotic/corporate rape of the human genome.

We are called upon to become co-workers in the unfolding revelation of the Risen Etheric Christ. In so doing we assist the ripening and maturity of this abnormal, stunted Super-Power, our own American Archai, who needs our blessing to secure it’s higher development within the evolution of the gods themselves. We are called upon to educate and befriend our vast American Archai so that it and we achieve our highest goals for humanity and the Earth.

Spiritual Geography and laying the foundations for Part 2 of GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE

The third phase of Sophia’s approach to the Consciousness Soul of humanity, is that her daughter, Anthrosophia, residing within humanity, will experience the event of the return of the Moon, that had separated from the Earth in early geological time.

The third phase brings Sophia within the closeness, and nearness of the Moon. All of nature and all of humanity will feel the titanic tug of the Elohim, the 7th Elohim known to humanity as Yahweh, Jehovah or DIANA of EPHESUS, who had resided in and with the hidden science of the Moon. Cruel Yahweh or biological Mistress of the Moon, Diana of Ephesus, was Queen and law giver over all earthly heredity, gestation, and reproduction lineages of Kings and Pharaohs. All of the ancient warring, contested and now, the utterly depleted current blood lines are the last vestiges of the wreckage of a now defunct Lunar Majesty.

What do we know about the Monsters of the American Psyche? We know that such vampire reemerging of clinging to decadent, debauched and black magic blood lines,   True Blood 2008 logo.svg(Click Link) and all other vampire sagas, are the cravings, hungers and longings for all that once ruled over all kingdoms of the Earth. Decadent earthly science now salivates to create aberrations in the human DNA, fostered no longer by the ancient wisdom of Luna, but sought and funded by human militaristic opportunism that wishes to rob the treasure troves of the ancient Elohim of the Moon. The lofty wisdom of an ancient Elohim is now transitioning to a criminal hostile take over by the Monsters of the American Psyche, psychotic, ahrimanic, asuric,  laboratories of bloodthirsty genetic scientists now working under the paymaster and dominatrix known as the Whore of Babylon (SEE LINK).

Definition of ‘Hostile Takeover’

The acquisition of one, older, ancient and traditional company (called the target company) this being the ancient Moon Elohim who had guarded and guided the distribution of karma, talents and abilities, is currently being assaulted, attacked, raped and taken over by another being, who has had insider cosmic trader information and further more, hidden occult information. The only reason, as investors, we blindly walk into a cosmic trap, is because we have insidiously kept our university education and research under Ahriman’s claw of the Wolves of Wall Street. Ahriman knows full well that the ancient Moon Elohim is handing her/his reign over to humans (called the acquirer).

Now this hostile take over is currently being accomplished, not by coming to an agreement with the target company’s management (comprehending consciously the position and role of the Moon in the market place of human heredity, karma, destiny and the genetic protection of humanity), but rather by going directly to the company’s shareholders, (Ahrimanically possessed human beings) who unconsciously prefer and instill into it’s human agents a desperate desire for tyrannical control and administration of what was once  the domain of Cosmic Intelligence.

The Tenth Hierarchy must suffer the fall of our own human goals and our higher potential position of maintaining conscious alignment with Cosmic Intelligence because Ahriman entwined and twisted in our humanity blocked all human education into the divine system of cosmic intelligence. Management, leadership, corporations, political demonic agendas, murder, bribery and scandal were used by Ahriman in order to insert new management of cosmic intelligence with strict Ahrimanic agendas and goals.

Through our self-glorified and self proclaimed ignorance of humanities noble position in the hierarchies, our deepened and immense star wisdom, incarnation sciences and etheric sciences, Ahriman has been allowed to corrupt human intelligence and gain approval from human beings themselves, for the acquisition of the genome and the hostile take over of the vast system of Luna enterprises.

A hostile takeover can be accomplished through inserting an overwhelming ignorant, stupid debasement of divine wisdom as Ahriman has succeeded in doing; OR humanity awakens, resists Ahrimanic Deception with a full, fresh and invigorating frontier fight for Michael Intelligence with the courage to fight for our Angels and for Cosmic Intelligence and place Ahriman under strict house arrest.

So many horrific assaults on Cosmic Intelligence by Ahrimanic humanity, reveals that we, as humanity, have been unprepared to confront our ignorance, or our failures in education. We will gladly fall down and worship Ahriman over Christ as Ahriman has used Identity Theft on a cosmic scale to replace the Risen Etheric Christ with Ahriman’s icy deceptions and materialistic idolatry. In our education, our medical sciences, in our militarism, our societal and political ploys, Ahriman has out gunned, out maneuvered, out matched and infected masses of humanity with ideals of literally fallen, decayed and grotesque materialistic lies. Direct attacks against divine Cosmic Intelligence has put Ahriman in human hearts, large and in charge, of the hostile take over of every branch and brand of human endeavor including the genetic sciences offered as a wise and free gift to humanity.

Humanity has failed to comprehend any of the wise and free gifts offered by the Divine Spiritual Worlds. Nickola Tesla’s free gifts were confiscated by military and corporate powers of greed. The vast Etheric Sciences of the Risen Etheric Christ were abused by the Churches. Starry wisdom has been betrayed into heroic explorer cartoons. The I AM of humanity, of each individual I AM is a tangled psychological wriggling snake pit of confused instinct, motives and vague unconscious realms that defy astral, etheric laws. The scaffolding of the laws of childhood development are arbitrary Ahrimanic constructs of failed informational cramming a suitcase and stuffing a mind with unrelated abstract items that will be unusable on the journey that the human soul takes through life (CLICK EDUCATIONAL CUL-DE-SAC) . The amazing Divine Gifts for the Tenth Hierarchy can be given, but Ahriman has the majority of humanity in a head-lock.

It was the Moon who had volunteered to separate from the other SIX ELOHIM of the Sun in order to set the correct calibration and regulation of Form, Matter and living etheric distribution of human talents and nature’s gifts. This lawful calibration held in check by the mathematical distance the Moon maintained between the Sun Elohim and the Earth, regulated all genetic life on Earth. If the Moon moved closer gigantic forms would overwhelm LIFE. If the Moon moved further away, forms would shrink. But there is an inner reality to the Moon Beings and their Divine Timing as to when the Moon is once more called back to rejoin the Earth. That timing is clearly set at the end of the 7th Age, the Age of America.

The powerful Moon, that we continue to blaspheme as nothing but a slag heap tossed from the Earth in it’s early evolution, was actually the hidden regulator of the precision of all former genetic integration in the planning of human incarnation and in the numerical, cellular patterns of the gestation cycles of animals, insects, tides, plants and female menstrual cycles.

Earth Geology and the Expulsion of the Moon

John Davy, O.B.E., M.A. (1927-1984), was co-director of Emerson College, Forest Row, England, and had particular responsibility for the foundation year program, a requirement for the Waldorf teacher training. He was also an international lecturer and chairman of the Anthroposophical Society of Great Britain. After studying zoology at Cambridge, he became science editor of the Observer in London. He was awarded the O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth II for his achievements in writing on science.
This article was first published in “The Golden Blade”, London, 1957.

“If one looks at a cliff face containing convoluted layers of rock which seem to have been twisted about like plasticine, it becomes almost impossible to believe, as orthodox geology would have it, that ordinary hard rock was slowly bent into such shapes simply by enormous pressures. It is much easier, for the naïve observer at least, to imagine a time when the rocks had a more toffee-like consistency, and the whole surface of the earth was far more active and flexible3.

“The strata known as Carboniferous, Permian, and Triassic belong to the middle part of the Lemurian epoch. During this period, according to Rudolf Steiner, an extremely important event occurred – the separation of the moon from the earth. In the part of the earth where the Pacific Ocean now is,Age of America Moon Expulsion a kind of infolding of the earth’s crust occurred, and a separate planetary body was formed, which was then ejected to become what is now the moon. Into this body were concentrated all those substances and forces which had tended to make the solidification and hardening processes of the earth go on too fast. The departure of the moon left a huge ‘wound’ in the earth, and many of the geological revolutions of the period were caused by the whole earth’s crust trying to ‘grow’ over from the western pole of the earth, in order to ‘heal’ this wound. The whole Pacific basin is today surrounded by mountain ridges which provide evidence of this process, and the constant volcanic activity and colossal chasms which still exist in the floor of the Pacific show that the wound is still not healed.4

“Through the steady precipitation from the thick colloidal atmosphere, a hot watery earth surface, with islands of denser material floating in it, gradually formed. The core of dense fiery material was constantly breaking through the very thin crust. The atmosphere itself was still extremely heavily laden with water, but was thinning slowly all the time.

“The swampy regions of the tropics today are a kind of echo of conditions during the final part of the Lemurian epoch, after the departure of the moon. But one must imagine everything mineral in a more plastic state, temperatures higher, the air still much thicker, and volcanic activity, often on a tremendous scale, going on all the time. Above all, one must remember that all matter was still far more intimately woven through with spiritual forces. The Lemurian epoch ended when the Lemurian continent – roughly on the site of the present Indian Ocean – was destroyed by a fiery volcanic catastrophe, and the principal scene of evolution, as far as mankind was concerned, became Atlantis, where the Atlantic Ocean now is.”

Without the Regulation and Coordination of the 7th Elohim of the Moon the full achievement of the human form, the maintaining of the form that lawfully gave Jesus/Zarathustra the foundations of heredity and the capacity to bring our human mortality into alignment with Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man, the Christ Event on Earth could not have taken place.

And here is the devastating meaning of the future karma of humanity. That once the Fifth Age, the Age of Pisces shattered the Moon Lock, the entire fallen and mis-directed black magic of genetic manipulation and the map of the genome and our interference into the foundations of Repro-Technology, shattered Jehovah’s, Jahve, Jahweh, Jahwe (ˈjɑːveɪ, ˈjɑːweɪ) realm and assaulted, raped the once holy precincts of Mater herself. Ahriman is hungering to become humanities new Alma Mater. We bow and worship at the cold fiction of the university of Ahriman.

We began mixing and mangling, mismanaging and manipulating seeds, cells, plants, animal/plants, animal/human, insect/human, plant/insect, immoral, illogical and Corporate Patented distortions, Chimera and monsters. Nature was raped by trained scientists who fornicated with matter and were taught to disregard the magnificent divine integration of the higher and lower spiritual/material cellular and formative substance that allows each human to carry the potential of the Divine. The Ahrimanic sciences of the Fifth Post-Atlantean Age rejected the divine in humanity, down to the foundations of cellular and genetic materialism and refused to maintain lawful, moral-protective arrangements that had been safeguarded since the destruction of Atlantis.

The Pharmaceutical monopolies, global multi-national corporations tore into the once stable fabric of humanity with an avarice scent for blood and for profits. Universities and Corporations became one and the same and directed a straight and narrow path lit by Ahrimanic Science directly to the doorstep of the neon blinking sign that announced, welcome to Whore of Babylon Enterprises (CLICK LINK)  cosmically known as Arachne International for graduate study and admission to the exclusive domain of the fallen and rejected corpse of the cosmos, of the NASTROND (click Link) known as the EIGHTH SPHERE. MORE ON THAT IN PART 2.

“But there will be another hall on Nastrond, the shore of corpses. That place in the underworld will be as vile as it is vast; all its doors will face north. Its walls and roof will be made of wattled snakes, their heads facing inward, blowing so much poison that it runs in rivers through the hall. Oath breakers and murderers and philanderers will wade through those rivers. Nidhogg, too, will outlive the fire and the flood and under Yggdrasill he will suck blood from the bodies of the dead.”

The 7th Elohim of the Moon had completed her mission within nature and the human cellular structure that produced the Risen Etheric Christ and Atma or Spirit-Man for the benefit of Earth evolution.  Mission accomplished through the agency of wise humanity before the explosion of the nihilism and cynicism of the military industrial complex of Ahriman. As in ancient Atlantis before the catastrophe and the reason for the catastrophe of the sinking of Atlantis, humanity once more resorted to creating aberrations and abominations out of the mix of nature’s magic numbers. We will review some of these aberrations in part 2.

In this the Fifth Age, the Age of Pisces we have once more broken the contract that we held with the RAINBOW and the great Pythagorean Harmonies of Matter and Light and have in the majority rejected the Spiritual structure of the higher human being and the vast consequential history and tragedy it had taken to arrive at the quintessential Christ Event at the mid-point of Earth evolution.These are part of the rising insights of all those who carry a healthy Consciousness Soul.

The Christ event and the Christ Sciences reveal one of the most monumental moments of the physics laws of the adjustment of PARITY, of Earth and humanities equilibrium that literally defines the historic incision of why and when the Christ event took place. The pivotal balance of the Christ event, occurring when it did, against the background of ancient Atlantis before Christ and the pivotal balance for humanity and the Science of the development of the Earth, after A.D. hinges on the event of Golgotha. Humanity achieved Parity at the mid-point of Earth Evolution at 333 A.D.  But what exactly was achieved for the PARITY POINT by the Christ Event, that was locked in and fixed by 333 A.D.?

That is a question that reveals the unprecedented ignorance at the very heart of every flawed university and science degree that has been handed down to every student and every teacher that must abide by the Ahrimanic treachery in every aspect of our education. What the Christ knew about Earth Evolution and what humanity pretends to know shatters our arrogance in one fell swoop. The issue of the achievement of dangerous PARITY in Earth Evolution is completely unknown to the educational establishments because they have not included any, nada, nothing, of the Christ Sciences within their curriculum’s.

“Before the year 333, the greater part of the astral body had been active essentially in the upper human being and its smaller part in the lower body of the human being… In the year 333, the two parts became EQUAL. This was the critical situation 333 years after the coming of Christ, and since then the upper part of the astral body has been continuously decreasing….  If all human forces after the year 333 had remained as they were, men on Earth would have become weaker and weaker, increasingly powerless. And earthly life would have come to an end through this complete decadence of mankind.”  The Evolution of Consciousness by Rudolf Steiner

Because we have all been diverted from comprehending the Christ Sciences as part of human education we couldn’t possibly have known that the Astral Body had reached PARITY in the vicinity of 333 A.D. We have never been asked to study the construction of the human being, with it’s etheric, astral and I AM structure.  We could never have guessed that the entire equilibrium of Earth Evolution and the survival of humanity depended on the Christ Event, to help guide our human astral bodies, as our human astral bodies were set, (Egyptian SET) to plunge, down into the depths of sub-level Earth Sciences and down into the Monsters that dwell in the depths of the American Psyche.Charting the path of Christ and Sorath Florian SydowThe plunge point, down into the depths of the sub-earthly mysteries occurred just past the mid-point of Earth Evolution in 333 A.D. This pivotal PARITY POINT of teetering on the brink was reached for all of humanity at about 333 A.D. From that point on the temptations of our astral body would be unprotected as we plunged into the depths of humanities uncharted soul and spiritual regions.

There is no course study in the vast insights of the Christ Sciences and why the Christ Event needed to be completed before, and accomplished, spread and in movement before the year 333 A.D and before 666 A.D. because there are no Christ Sciences in Ahriman’s domain of university education. We may only acquire Christ Sciences through the University of Spiritual Science and the global Michael and Novalis school of the awakening of Anthrosophia in the human soul.

The devastating materialistic damage the Fifth Age of Pisces shall cause on, into, and towards the Sixth Age and the final Seventh Age will be part of the unbearable nightmares and horror that the AGE OF AMERICA will engender. The Bride is coming and the wisdom of the stars announces her dawning arrival.

“This point in time of Sophia’s entrance into the local part of our galaxy coincides with the founding of the United States of America in 1776. There is a very deep connection here between these two events, which it is not possible to go into now because it is too complex. However, it can be said that there is a relationship between the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the descent of Sophia to unite with our cosmos –   …Sophia at the portal of the Stars the living world of Sophia

” The coming of Sophia was revealed to John on the island of Patmos over 1900 years ago when the Ascended Christ showed him the unfolding of the future of evolution. In the middle of this unfolding, in this series of visions that he received and wrote down in Revelations, in Chapter 12 he suddenly beheld Sophia appearing. John was seeing into the future. He was seeing a certain moment in time. He saw that Divine Sophia was going to appear on the world stage.

“We can ask the question: When was this, or is it still to come in the future? The answer is that the appearance of Sophia onto the world stage is happening in stages. The first stage has to do with Sophia coming into our cosmos represented by the realm of the zodiac, symbolized by the twelve stars around her head. The second stage has to do with Sophia coming into our solar system and connecting with the Sun. This is why John saw her in vision “clothed with the Sun”. In the third stage he beheld her with the Moon under her feet.”

Cosmogony and Cosmosophy

Rudolf Steiner – “In the age of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL, with the full unfolding of self-consciousness, we have grown accustomed to focus our attention on the spatial magnitude of the Universe, and to look on the Earth as a speck of dust, insignificant compared to the great universe of physical space. Hence it will seem strange, to begin with, when spiritual vision unfolds the true cosmic significance of this alleged ‘particle of dust.”  (In the Michael Letters-Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts- with his last breath he called for a Cosmogony)

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,
to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

The advanced Geography studies and Science of the human soul, the Cosmogony and Cosmology Sciences, embryology and Cosmosophy studies, that reveal the mystery of the unfolding reality of Earth, are just beginning to dawn in the United States. The United States and the far West have a mission within the healthy (click link) Threefold Structure of the World. The gift and capacity of the West is to identify, present and unveil an advanced Cosmogony of the origins of the Earth and the genetic structure of the human being.

The New Cosmogony Science

4. Findings from the planet-embryo – morphological and genetic traces

“Before, in the Precambrian global ecosystem many Prokaryotes are able to perform  horizontal gen-transfer. All genetic information from the gen-pool can be combined and collected in stem-cells of the planet-embryo. Endosymbiosis is an important step developing Eukaryotes with a cell-nucleus conserving huge amounts of DNA. Endosymbiosis, multicellularity, development of ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm, the forming of heads and segmentation are important steps in higher development. Coelenterates are on a stage comparable to a gastrula, Cephalopods to the neurula. Non-segmented animal phyla like Molluscs develop many kinds of organs in the central part of their body which can be functionally considered as a head containing the centre of their nervous system. The segmented animals develop out of nonsegmented ones keeping the centre of their nervous system at the cranial end…..

Age of America Western Cosmogony Science study material“….Vertebrate-embryos start the development of the head with a primordial embryonic spherical form. Humans conserved the primordial spherical shape throughout their entire evolutionary development, only disappearing on adult apes and adult early humans. Children of apes have round heads as the primordial shape.

“Only a small part of the DNA is used in the lifetime of an organism. The rest never gets expressed for various reasons. A genome is an assemblage of possible characteristics partially not getting realized. Characteristics can be reactivated appearing as atavism or in the course of higher development. The term “biological species” is defined as entirety of individuals able to have common descendants. As the worldwide colonies of prokaryotes can exchange and collect genetic information by horizontal gen-transfer, the planet-embryo is identical with the hypothetical common ancestor of all living beings. Cell-nuclei contain the complete genome for the whole individual. Therefore there were cells in the planet-embryo containing information to build the shape of an embryonic head. In some early phase of planetformation silicium can have been a carrier of information…”

It is common understanding that the dumbing-down of what amounts to a university degree, or having the vaguest understanding of what the true mission of the West is, in regards to global higher education, is completely lost on the majority of ‘educated’ U.S. citizens. In fact all we have before us is a shark tank and bloody bear-pit of political egotism masquerading as ‘intelligent’ people. The price-tag to fund a university education where our children will be “dumbed-down”, assimilated and have their divine intelligence squandered is an arrogant, egotistical competition. Parents have been trained to pay and to play the high stakes game of job opportunity linked to higher education (CLICK LINK educational black-hole, cul-de-sac) . The Ahrimanic forces outsourced all the jobs that spoiled Ken and Barbie were supposed to get. The Ahrimanic forces manipulated and deliberately crashed global economy so that a third world, leveling of all jobs allows spoiled Barbie and Kens from the U.S. to become stars of the Service Industries and have their parents and themselves saddled with an enormous debt load for a non-education. Cosmogony and Cosmosophy and the incarnation of the human spirit means zip in higher education so this quote has some validity.

“The primary reason so many people are stupid has to do with the state of the world in the time zone it is occupying, like Paleolithic, Jurassic, Mesozoic. This period would probably be called Dumbassic, Retardian, Cluelessiferous or some such.” Les Visible (Smoking Mirrors)

Overcoming the Ahrimanic blockades , the armed and arrayed battalions of status-quo propaganda, armed to the teeth, prevents students from coming to the confidence bearing human spiritual comprehension of how the Earth and how each human Embryo were designed. The secrets of how our origins are keyed, whether we appreciate it or not, to the position of how the Earth sits as an entity within the cosmos, how it spins, the degrees of its axis and the number of 23 chromosomes in our DNA, has been catastrophically obliterated, buried and eviscerated out of education.

Etheric cellular genetic codesThese realities make the Earth a Living Being. Each human being who incarnates within the Earth must obey the laws of how 23 degrees of the Axis of the Earth, the Sun’s shift off the equator above by 23 degrees and below the equator at 23 degrees, make these realities an extremely consequential revelation.

Such an educational revelation reveals how the cell, the human cell divides and splits itself when 46 chromosomes are achieved. The cell divides at 46 and starts the process again with 23 chromosomes.Age of America 23 This continues until the Template and Blueprint of the human form and the incarnating design codes of the individual human spirit have stamped their 3D printing into the recesses of the womb. At least that is how it had been done for thousands of years.

The numerical fields of cellular development and the position of the Earth between Vega and the North Star (see link) have been an invisible writing, etching and etheric sketch and design needle that creates the magnetic fields of the Earth as well as the genetic and cellular script of all Life, and all genetic codes that are the SIGNATURE value of the Cell and the Earth Herself.

We live in the vastness of the Starry Heavens before birth. We live in the Law of the Heavens and Devachan planetary and star worlds before we incarnate. We shrink and are shrunk to cellular size, and in this case, the work room of the cell with 46/23 ratio corresponds directly to Vega and the North Star. We’re right at home either within the Cell or the starry gateway mysteries of why the Earth spins in the cosmic family. Both are our home and we bring this wonder with us, this certainty above us, as a child. On Earth we discover the meaning of uncertainty and from the heavens we bring with us the substance of joyful spiritual certainty.

The axis and spin of the Earth are also the needle point that stitches and inserts the codes used for the division of the cell. The incarnating individual human spirit is a collaboration between the Template of the Stars and the Cell and genetic codes. The lab of the cell and the lab of the Stars are part of Cosmogony and Cosmosophy that should be the gift of revelation from the Greatness of the Schools of the Far West.

The Last Days of Rudolf Steiner’s Life    “…THE EARTH IN ITS UNITY IS AN EMBRYO — the seed of a macrocosm newly rising into life.”

The Geography of the Earth and of the United States mirrors as well, both the mysteries of the human form embryonically and the mysteries and numerical values of the Earth Herself (Cosmogony Study).  Each human being, each fetus and fully upright human form is clearly and without exception designed on the Template of the Constellations. (Cosmosophy Study)

So we are required to bring to birth a Cosmogony which sustains the vast Starry Origins and design intentions of the Immortality invested in each human I AM. This would be one of the base supports of the foundation stone of Paul’s New Kingdom and one of the three great Foundation Stones upon which the pillars of The Tenth Hierarchy could rest.

This would be a potent addition to the mystery of Peter and Pauline Christianity.We are given the opportunity to become Co-workers in the community of The Tenth Hierarchy and work directly with the mission of the Risen Etheric Christ Sciences. Cosmogony can be brought as an educational, universal and divine gift from out of the higher strivings of the Novalis School of the “Beautiful Sciences”, the ‘Schöne Wissenschaftenof the awakening far West.

The Three Kings brought gifts to the child Christ but the East, the West and the Middle of the Globe, where human spirits dwell, were intended to produce their unique offerings for the benefit of humanity and the unfolding wisdom of The Tenth Hierarchy. The depth, intent and meaning of Steiner’s efforts HERE (CLICK LINK) were to stir and inspire humanity to awaken and offer our THREEFOLD GIFTS before the great Logos and Risen Etheric Christ. The West has the mission in the world to present a Living Picture of both the origins, mathematical clarity and spiritual veracity of the Earth and how the birth of each human being within the Earth Sphere and our genetic unfolding, is the very revelation and meaning of the Earth Herself.

Some secrets of the Moral Geography of the United States can now be added to the explorations made in THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL age of Pisces towards the Novalis School of Spiritual Science and the Cosmogony Sciences of the West.

Geographic Anomalies in the Soul Regions of the United States

To build on Jung’s idea of a country’s spiritus loci, every culture could also be said to have at least one dominant archetypal energy at its core which “permeates everything.” It can be sensed in the language; in the land; in the music; in the mythology; and in its past and current history. As such, each culture offers a special gift to the whole of human existence and to the evolution of humankind – a special gift that is offered by almost no other culture and which is often determined, in part, by the land itself.

Dense regions of Perilous Geographic Mysteries  “…every great locality has its own pure daimon [presiding spirit], and is conveyed at last into perfected life.” D.H. Lawrence

Rudolf Steiner

“When the Initiate of the Middle Ages wanted to present in picture form what he had to learn in order to permeate with the new wisdom the part of his soul that had remained living, he spoke of the Castle of the Holy Grail and of the new wisdom — which is in fact the “Grail” — that flows out from it. And when he wanted to indicate that which is hostile to this new wisdom, he pointed to another domain, the domain wherein dwelt all the beings and forces which had made it their task to gain access to the part of the body that had become dead, and to the part of the human soul that had become unconscious. This domain, into which were justly transferred (“justly” is here used in an occult sense) all the successors of the evil spiritual beings of earlier times who had preserved the worst forces of oriental magic (not the best forces, which also had remained) — the domain which was the most vicious and hostile to the Grail was Castle Merveil, the gathering-place of all the forces which attack man in this part of his body and soul and have undergone a karmic fate such as has been indicated. Spiritual wisdom can be carried anywhere to-day, because we have reached a transition stage leading towards the Sixth Epoch and these things are no longer tied to particular localities, but in the Middle Ages it had to be sought in certain definite places, as I have shown in my book, The Spiritual Guidance of Man and of Mankind. Hence when in earlier times it was said that one had to travel to a particular neighbourhood in order to receive a certain teaching, this was not meant in any figurative sense. In our own time it must be said that wisdom has less of a local character; for we are living in a time of transition from life in space and time into more spiritual forms of time.”

Assassins of the Sun

Light was raped and holy mater, matter and Light itself, was corrupted by an Anti-Grail technological assault team and hit squad. True Assassins of the Sun were deployedAge of America Trinity 1 to the South West Region of the United States with the gruesome task to rip open the gateway to lower Sorathian forces.

The resulting fireball that scorched the desert formed a depressed crater 800 yards in diameter, glazed with a light olive green, glass-like substance where the sand had melted and solidified again. The following excerpt is from Time Magazine, Sept. 17, 1945: “Seen from the air, the crater itself seems (looks like)Age of America crater trinitite a lake of green Jade shaped like a splashy star, and set in a sere disc of burnt vegetation half a mile wide. From close up the lake is a glistening encrustation of blue-green glass 2,400 feet in diameter, formed when the molten soil solidified in air.” Chemical tests have confirmed that it is nearly pure melted silica with traces of Olivine, Feldspar, and other minerals which comprise the desert sand. The crater was buried for security reasons not long after the explosion and, as a result, Trinitite has remained relatively difficult to obtain.

Trinitite (click link), a new formation in the silica and crystal structures of the Earth is named after THE TRINITY. However it is the lower trinity, the Trinity of Beings known as Asuras – Ahriman – Lucifer.
Age of America fall of the I AM Trinitite is composed of all the decayed Light and Matter mysteries of fallen nuclear radioactivity and poisoned, deformed light. The fallen mysteries of Magnetism as a product of decayed light, of electricity, as fallen, decayed aspects of light, formed a new crystalline contract in the mineral structure of the Earth known as TRINITITE. The Sorathian under-lords and opponents of the Sun Being Christ, forged their TRINITITE Silica contract, with vengeance, down into the atomic table of elements.

When Spiritual Science reveals calcite crystal substance formed from the pineal gland (Click Link) secretions and how the Christ Being forged the contract of Spirit-Man, Atma, the quintessence of human evolution that comes about after the 7th Age and on, saturn to vulcan 1forward and beyond into the Venus and Vulcan development of humanity, we would be well advised to make this startling comparison part of our Consciousness Soul education. The entire meaning of Earth Evolution was the Deed of Love that fashioned from within the human being, the divine anchor point of Spirit-Man.

This crystalline element was formed out of the higher forces dormant in the human I AM.  This anchor point of the calcite crystal formation  was part of the cast off substance wrought from the courage and LOVE of the Risen Etheric Christ’s pineal development. The anchor point of Spirit-Man in Earth Evolution (STUDY LINK) was wrought by an entirely different type of human FIRE FORCE. The crystalline pineal development of Christ from the events of Golgotha, were forged out of the fire of Atma, of Spirit-Man, from the Hierarchies from whence humanity have it’s origins. That crystalline pineal substance was radiated from the forces of the Risen Etheric Christ and built on the foundations of our human physical, etheric, astral, I AM, Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit; and Spirit-Man. And this Trinity and this comparison and this FIRE SUBSTANCE should be reviewed over and over again. (LINK)

The Age of Americium

“Existing americium is concentratedAge of America Electron shell 095 americium in the areas used for the atmospheric nuclear weapons tests conducted between 1945 and 1980, as well as at the sites of nuclear incidents, such as the Chernobyl disaster. For example, the analysis of the debris at the testing site of the 1st U.S. hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike,, revealed high concentrations of various actinides including americium; due to military secrecy, this result was published only in 1956. Trinitite, the glassy residue left on the desert floor near Alamogordo, New Mexico, after the plutonium-based Trinity nuclear bomb test on 16 July 1945, contains traces of americium-241. Elevated levels of americium were also detected at the crash site of a US B-52 bomber, which carried four hydrogen bombs, in 1968 in Greenland.”

From Trinity New MexicoAge of America the Triad, exactly like the THREE CROSSES ON GOLGOTHA’S HILL, an anti-grail, scientific, technological assault team, Assassins of the Sun collected themselves in the Southwest region of the United States and with much heroic, historical fan-fare and the launching of physicists and top-secret research departments funded by the United States government, universities of future black magicians and Light Assassins devoted their lives to the revelation of matters demons. Christ opposing SorathThat is the Trinity of Asuras, Ahriman and Lucifer were once more released from the Earth and given a vast educational platform for the destruction of matter and the corruption and degradation of Light. The absolute opposite of what Grail Sciences strive for.

Now these sudden shifts in the scales of balance have forced THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL and the United States of America to awaken rather abruptly from our slumbers. Humanity caught off-guard, is challenged to experience the full force of the new cognition of the monsters we have awakened and the moral pivot and axis of Michael Cognition and Michael Courage it takes to hold the balance of Spiritual Cognition, against the onslaught of the renewed thrust from the underworlds.

Chthonic underworlds which we have now fused together as a disguised university study, an elite language of matter and star substance, that was forged in the blast zone, and melded together in the new elements known as TRINITITE and AMERICIUM. Chthonic Underworld Science aberrations have now hypnotized students into imagining an exotic world of formed particle physics that go down ever deeper and deeper into abstract layers of materialism and reach far, far out into the distant reaches of space.

Adriana Koulias 

“This wound, this unconsciousness has opened up the human being to the sub-ethers – the fallen etheric forces that relate to Lucifer, Ahriman and Asuras working on behalf of their supreme counter ego Sorath. This counter grail stream works in such a way today that it rises up via the etheric body – through the limbs – into the human soul and that is why evil today seems to be so individualised and without sense (because it occurs below the level of the consciousness in the will). For this reason it is not necessary anymore for it to come from ‘outside’ through ideology and programs and indoctrination. It comes from within the human being through the will.”

This standardized anti-grail university corruption and demonization of matter, places electricity, magnetism and nuclear glorification as glorious and worthy causes with an “An olive-wreath” crown for succeeding in the true aim of higher education in service of our Ahrimanic Brand Name. A mighty masters degree for excellence of achievement in the professional career determining path of the science of abstract materialism. In reality the scientific materialism of this Fifth Epoch, Age of Pisces, in germinal form, has created a future school of black magicians and genetic scientists that will catastrophically implode, divide and rip apart humanity from now and on into the 6th Age when the Spring Sun rises in Aquarius and the 7th Age when the Spring Sun rises in Capricorn.

The two Initiates who had a justified right to stand in the midst of the swirling forces of Chthonic underworld were Christian Rosenkreuz and Nikola Tesla. Our immoral education has been accelerated and our moral ethical education partially hijacked. Certainly the free energy that Nikola Tesla (Below global Wi-Fi use over night and day) offered humanityAge of America Tesla free Wi-Fi and Bill Gates and the world has been hijacked by the absolute monsters who have grown out of the United States in this Fifth Age of Pisces. The vast Military Industrial Complex of the Super-Power, subnormal Archai of the United States and the failed Intelligence and Morality of humanity, to consciously and clearly face the Etheric Christ event as a Science, has ripped open an ever widening abyss in human consciousness. This abyss continues to widen and continues to challenge The Tenth Hierarchy, us, humanity, to use this abrupt opportunity to lift our vision and SEE THROUGH the depths of matter to the Spiritual Beings behind matter and the Earth.

Novalis – Hymns to the Night

“Like a king over earthly nature, it rouses every force to countless transformations, binds and unbinds innumerable alliances, hangs its heavenly form around every earthly substance.”

Age of America Breaking Bad Table YenChih Lin 1a

The results of the occult devastation of the New Mexico region of the United States has brought the Artists who are able to SEE with imaginative clairvoyance, to a doorway and one of the gateways that lead to the abyss of where the Monsters of the American Psyche have breached the wall.

For those who can see, an attempt was made to describe the process of an ever expanding moral sink-hole, a karma devouring Black Hole, that devours entire karmic streams. It appears in a specific geographic location of the American Southwest.age of America breaking bad map 1 It appears within the outline, aftermath and geography of the location of the  first Sorathian Mystery of the Anti-Sun.  All humanity have been forced prematurely  into the shattering karma of vast planetary beings.

“The history of the Jornada is in itself quite fascinating, since it was given its name by the early Spanish colonists of New Mexico. The Jornada was a short cut on the Camino Real, the King’s Highway that linked old Mexico to Santa Fe, the capitol of New Mexico. It is also interesting to note that in the late 16th century, the Spanish considered New Mexico to include most of North America west of the Mississippi!”Age of America  Aztec Aztlan influence

The Assassins of the Sun prematurely, under vast Global-planetary-Fire egotism, under pressure of historical, catastrophic and contrived, even manipulated global events, wrought by the darkest monsters in the depths of the Earth, humanity, and the United States felt compelled by unknown forces beyond them, to seize the unconscious lie of matter.  Science had an opportunity of shaking the concepts of matter to it’s core. Ahrimanic, Asuric and strategic forces and powers never before seen on Earth were within reach. The minds that had the most intimate understanding of abstract materialism ever in the history of the aims of Sorath, were assembled together for a truly anti-grail, ancient mythic and apocalyptic moment.

It was feasible, possible, doable and would establish, greater than Darwin ever could, the foundation for Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics  “THE GOD PARTICLE” and give Ahrimanic Doubles the legitimate ploy of an acceptable vocation as a black magician for advanced theoretical materialism. This anti-grail quest would legitimize the materialistic core of the heart of darkness and give humanity sterile and immoral permission to embark on expeditions into the depths of matters core.  It was a vast conspiracy from the depths of the Earth to get humanity to unlock prematurely the imprisoned planetary Titans and the Ahrimanic Archai level regents, who hold command over vast armies of global human Doubles.

The Human Double and the Army of Darkness

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

“Now these twice-retarded archangels have double the power of angels. These fallen archangels also want to make up their ego evolution through us.Age of America recommended reading material

“Here we are not just the petty, selfish, I am that I am, living through my daily life, crushing individual competitors on my way to bliss, which are the normal gifts of intervening luciferic angels. Here comes something totally different. Here you find those great individuals who are leaders of nations, corporations, and soccer teams. For these great ones, they have a fallen archangel working through them. Their selfishness of party, nation, corporation, not merely an individual one. In these groups you find the fire spirits working, trying to go through their human stage, in which they failed on Old Sun. To allow fallen archangels to express their ego through us, it must be done through a group, through group egotism. Through this group egotism, the fallen archangel can gain, for the first time, a strong enough sense of self. The individual sense of self, that we experience, is nothing to these beings. These fire spirits need a corporation, an institute, a state.”

There was no legitimate cognitive reality left in the fully depleted religious life, so materialistic science had free reign, becoming the new church and the new god to bow down and worship. As Goethe, Mark Twain and T.S. Elliot had warned, we let the Ahrimanic, Luciferic and Asuric Doubles out of their captivity. We built them a church at every university and we funded and applauded our moral nihilism.

These released parasites, invisibly fed off the energies and intellects of their host subjects.  Super Power Multi-National corporations with vast Pyramid Systems, CEO’s overseeing economies larger than the economies of major countries, were easy marks because they had zero bottom-line self-reflective moral objectivity. Ahrimanic Archangelic beings found human egotism, in stadiums, sports teams and flag waving nationalism a double-blind against the human soul suspecting that they were being subtly possessed. And so the United States unleashed, prematurely, and slightly ahead of an awakening of vivid Christ Science cognition, vast infestations of bio-regional, occult and geographical pockets, where Ahrimanic, Asuric and Luciferic Doubles, gained strength from our unconscious American soul junkyard.

At that point in time, in the Southwest the Michael School and the Novalis School were not fully available to counteract the onslaught of Ahrimanic forces into the human double. Age of America MADIt was the rise of the army of the Orcs but with splendid, well paid university professors popping up everywhere. It was MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction), holding the globe as hostage in an Ahrimanic Archai infestation and power grab. It was retaliation from the realm of fallen Angelic Beings that Michael had booted out which caused the direct result of the rise on Earth of THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS into a glorious season of immoral Ahrimanic proliferation. 

It was the story of Walt, the good man, the scientist, the founder of a billion dollar company called GRAY MATTER, that he sold prematurely for a mere 5,000 dollars (30 pieces of silver) to become a high-school teacher and get cancer for all his genius. His son, his family, his wife, his love, all smashed, flattened by finding himself left behind and out of the loop of the billions of dollars of profit that were generated from his own seminal ideas.

And his Ahrimanic Double festers, gnaws and eventually rises up and begins devouring whole regions. He nicknames himself, his street handle becomes HEISENBERG.  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle was at least one of the most honest and mystic messages of how quantum theory and quantum mechanics are clearly and spiritually tied to the properties of human thought.

Age of America nuclear Heisenberg 1aHeisenberg was the handle, name for the key nuclear scientist who prevented the Nazis from getting and using the Atomic Bomb first, (because the strategic cunning of the monsters of the abyss) had cunningly maneuvered vast, immense and naive United States of America, into placing the doorway to hell, in the Southwest Region, opening the Geographic Gateway to the underworld. The actual historical relationship between Heisenberg and Danish physicist Niels Bohr can be studied at (THIS LINK).

Our present, puny human ideals, are out-gunned, out-matched and we are ignorant of the massive entities that are now toying with our unconscious humanity. War mongers bring us peace. Orwell captured and entered the underworld Age of America Inner life of the Earth Paul O'Leary and numerous authorswhere deep in the 8th layer of the Inner Earth (Click Link) and in the reversal layer of the Inner Earth, Orwell revealed how all human ideals are now reversed, catastrophic, Ahrimanic, Asuric and Luciferic corruptions of divine human ideals.

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

… [L]anguage that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs, “servicing the target” for bombing, making the truth less unpleasant, without denying its nature. It may also be deployed as intentional ambiguity, or reversal of meaning (for example, naming a state of war “peace”). In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth, producing a communication bypass.

Orwell explored this region and brought back insights into the deep kingdoms of the Earth. We don’t study like this.(CLICK LINK FOR STUDY) We don’t think clearly as to where Orwell went and how did he comprehend the divisive, reversal of all spiritual and true ideals into their poisonous opposites. We refuse to teach this in our universities, explore it, map it and counter-act it or anti-dote it for the benefit of the future of our children. We like being hood-winked slaves and teaching watered down junk so our children also learn to enjoy being the pets to vast karma shattering beings.

To these vast, cruel, underworld entities, we are merely doormats to wipe human blood and viral contamination off their hooves and claws. These are no longer little cartoon Mephistopheles or card-board cut outs, these are operative demonic beings. These beings are growing for themselves and with our naive tax payer funding and our deluded permissions, growing a crop of demented black magicians and feeding their little pet mice, bits of greed and power and morsels of pleasure and materialism, so that we remain unaware, and continue to wander in our well-educated, clueless cosmos.

But the wonderful diploma in the coming 6th Age and the 7th Age, coming up on our event horizon, will be the planting of THE NEW RULES of the black magicians guild, which entails, with our help, sealing off and walling up the hierarchies of heaven and controlling all excarnation and incarnation of human spirits. Talk about Border Guards! Their vast goal is to control all psychic and spiritual systems. Their goal is to manipulate and control all, of the fallen Devachan Kingdoms, and develop their own sub-realm hierarchies who long to become rulers of the 8th Sphere, simply by using humanity as their bait.

The Ahrimanic Double in Walt rises unconsciously and slowly devours Walt from the inside and we see, up close and personal, the catastrophic moral demise of another Oppenheimer.  It is a vivid example of a self-styled implosion, of moral suicide and spiritual suicide. Those elite members of the Assassins of the Sun, through their cultural and moral emptiness, were seduced to commit cosmic and planetary murder and destruction. These martyrs were enablers that pushed-up the time table of humanity, accelerated our confrontation with the abyss, and forced the immature moral reserves of humanity, to awaken to Michael’s battle in the realm of sub-nature.

Age of America breaking bad a

We are pathetic babies without any educational or moral maturity when we isolate the concept of a Black Hole out in space, as the matter swallowing, Sun and planet swallowing, gorge of invisible gravitational density. Rather the mature grasp of understanding how the Father in “Breaking Bad”, Walter, living in the region of Trinity New Mexico, (a simply brilliant artistic/spiritual template) becomes a revelation of the all consuming Black Hole, where the entire family unit, their Angels, and the entire karmic development of families are devoured, swallowed into the gravitational abyss, of a swirling karmic nightmare. Whole chunks of Starry Citizenry sucked into the abyss because we refused to explore, comprehend and awaken in ourselves the vast dimensions of the region of THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL.

Parting of the Paths and the Dividing of Ways In the Age of Pisces

“For after all, there can be no question but that they who in this time of great decisions do not find their way to the Spirit, will suffer harm in their soul-life for the next incarnation. Great as their qualities may be, they will suffer harm. And when we see how through their karma a number of human beings today have the inner impulse to spirituality while others cannot come near to it, — when we behold this contrast — our karmic living-together with such as I have here described should find a deep response within our souls. It should touch us and move us with a sense of tragedy. Until it does so, we shall never come to terms with our own karma. For if we sum up all that I have said of Michaelism, (if I may now so call it) then we shall find: the Michaelites are indeed taken hold of in their souls by a power that is seeking to work from the Spiritual into the full human being, even down into the Physical. I described it yesterday as follows. I said: these human beings will put aside the element of race, — the element which, from natural foundations of existence, gives the human being such or such a stamp. If a man is taken hold of by the Spirit in this earthly incarnation inasmuch as he now becomes an anthroposophist he is thereby prepared in future to become a man no longer distinguished by such external features but distinguished rather by what he was in the present incarnation. Let us be conscious of this in all humility: The time will come when in these human beings the Spirit will reveal its own power to form the physiognomy, — to shape the whole form of man.

“Such a thing has never yet been revealed in the history of the world. Hitherto the physiognomies of men have been formed on the basis of their nationality, out of the Physical. Today we can still tell by the physiognomy of men, where they hail from, — especially when they are young, when the cares of life or the joys and divine enthusiasms of life have not yet left their mark. But in the time to come there will be human beings by whose physiognomy and features alone one will be able to tell what they were in their past incarnation. One will know that in their past incarnation they penetrated to the things of the Spirit. Then will the others stand beside them, and what will their karma then signify? It will have cast aside the ordinary karmic affinities.

“My dear friends, in this respect he above all who knows how to take life in real earnest will tell you: One has been karmically united, or is still karmically united, with many who cannot find their way into this spirituality. And however many a kinship may still be left in life, one feels a more or less deep estrangement, a justified estrangement. The karmic connection, as it would work itself out in ordinary life, falls away; it goes. But it remains for something different. I would put it in this way: — From the one who stands outside in the field of materialism to the one who stands in the field of spirituality, nothing else will remain of karma; but this one thing will remain, that he must see him. He will become attentive to him. We can look to a time in the future, when those who in the course of the 20th century are coming ever more into the things of the Spirit, will stand side by side with others who were karmically united with them in the former life on earth. In that future time the karmic affinities, the karmic relationships, will make themselves felt far less. But of all the karmic relationships this will have remained: Those who are standing in the field of materialism will have to see and witness those who stand in the field of spirituality. Those who were materialists today will in the future have to look continually upon those who came to the things of the Spirit. This will have been left of karma.

“Once again a shattering, a deeply moving act, my dear friends. And to what end? Truly it lies in a far-reaching Divine cosmic plan. For how will the materialists of today let anything be proved to them? By having it before their eyes — by being able to touch it with their hands. Those who stand in the field of materialism will be able to see with their eyes and touch with their hands those with whom they once were karmically united, perceiving in their physiognomy, in their whole expression, what the Spirit really is, for it will have become creative in outer form and feature. In such human beings it will thus be proved, visibly for the eyes of man, what the Spirit is as a creative power in the world. And it will be part of the karma of anthroposophists to demonstrate, for those who stand in the field of materialism today, that the Spirit truly is, and proves itself in man himself, through the wise councils of the Gods.”

Each human being, child, relative, in “Breaking Bad”, each incarnating starry being who carries their karma into incarnation may be swallowed whole and their Angels sent down into the harrowing horror of Karmic Devastation. We see that the Geographic Region where the first Sorathian strike cracked the cosmic egg-shell that opened the gates to the subterranean, trapped and imprisoned Monsters in the depths of the American Psyche occurred.  “Breaking Bad” reveals the repercussions into the double and shadows of each of us, that now eat away at each unconscious, unaware family and individual over the whole Geographic map of the United States.

Of course the beauty of “Breaking Bad” is that there are deliberately no signposts or extreme red-flags that announce the DOUBLE, our doppelganger or our Shadows. Because in point of fact, the moral education of the infantile and pathetic American and U.S. family never have had an education into the DOUBLE, the Ahrimanic shadow, that clings, invades and infests every human being. There are no moral or educational manuals, except KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS, and various film and movie studies that concretely address the Geographic Double of a specific region, which just happens, in the case of “Breaking Bad” to be the region where the Nuclear Age breached the depths of the underworld.  Well if you are a Michael School and Novalis School participant, “Breaking Bad” is very instructive.

Nagual and the Shadow mysteries of the Western Hemisphere

Patrick White (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

“You want the virtues of your noble enemy?
Slay yourself and eat your own heart.
This is your nagual, your tulpa, your mirage,
your nightmare, your doppelganger,
your reflective familiar, your shadow
holographically projected in 3D by the pineal gland
of your third eye tattooed on the skin of a black hole
that is neither an ignominious exit through the grave
or the celebrated entrance into a secret garden,
and it can’t be any more empowered than you are,
and there are no walls to walk through
if it wasn’t you that built them to keep the poor
from vaulting them to steal your apricots
like the hungry ghosts that haunt
the orchards of your abandoned thoughts.

“Savage homeopathy, perhaps, a holy war
of starmaps torn out like pages of sacred text
against the leaves who think they’re responsible
for keeping the whole tree they both spring from intact.”

Torn from the beneficent Etheric Sun, in the Southwest Region there were human sacrifices and a school of black magicians training for the future. They tore the beneficent elemental kingdoms of the geographic region out of their sanctuaries and hiding places, enslaved them and turned them into distorted vicious shadows. This school of black magicians were set in the Southwest region, and by demonic human sacrifice put the Carlos Castaneda Cloak over the Nagual Initiates of the Double.

In “The Fire From Within,” we find the following statement concerning the Toltec tradition, and in particular the mastery of awareness:

“In this case the action at hand was, naturally, the elucidation of the mastery of awareness. Don Juan understood the mastery of awareness as being the modern-day version of an extremely old tradition, which he called the tradition of the ancient Toltec seers.”

Don Juan, Castaneda’s teacher, and a true nagal of this Toltec tradition goes on to clarify: “Ages before the Spaniards came to Mexico,” he said, “there were extraordinary Toltec seers, men capable of inconceivable deeds. They were the last link in a chain of knowledge that extended over thousands of years.”

Castaneda then continues; “Don Juan explained then that his use of the term “Toltec” did not correspond to what I understood it to mean. To me it meant a culture, the Toltec Empire. To him, the term “Toltec” meant “man of knowledge.”

“He said that in the time he was referring to, centuries or perhaps even millennia before the Spanish Conquest, all such men of knowledge lived within a vast geographical area, north and south of the valley of Mexico…” Age of America Paula Giese regional influence 1

Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere complex Geographic mysteries evolved two different tangents. One tangent, learned to tame and co-exist with the geographic elemental beings. In the Eastern Hemisphere geographic and local elemental beings and spirits of Flora, Fauna, Foliage, Springs, Mountains, oceans intermingled with human beings. Herbs, cures, medicinal insights, etheric and astral entities were explored, welcomed, integrated and understood. And these vast Eastern Hemisphere, folk, regional and geographic encounters and awakenings were part of the mysteries of penetrating into matter and recovering the science of the spirit.

“In those delicious times, when deities and demigods appeared familiarly on earth, mingling with its inhabitants as friend with friend,–when nymphs, satyrs, and the whole train of classic faith or fable hardly took pains to hide themselves in the primeval woods,–at that auspicious period the lineage of Monte Beni had its rise. Its progenitor was a being not altogether human, yet partaking so largely of the gentlest human qualities, as to be neither awful nor shocking to the imagination. A sylvan creature, native among the woods, had loved a mortal maiden, and–perhaps by kindness, and the subtile courtesies which love might teach to his simplicity, or possibly by a ruder wooing–had won her to his haunts. In due time he gained her womanly affection; and, making their bridal bower, for aught we know, in the hollow of a great tree, the pair spent a happy wedded life in that ancient neighborhood where now stood Donatello’s tower.”

In the core tale of “The Marble Faun” by Nathaniel Hawthorne (CLICK LINK study chapters 26 and 27) we encounter a relationship between the Nymph of a pure spring and an etheric elemental Faun, that hints at precisely how the landscape, the springs, waters, flora and fauna devolved once humanity staggered into the deadly desert of our dried out intellect. To study chapters 26-27 of “The Marble Faun” prepares us to investigate how our United States massive Fire-Folk Archai/Spirit of form, evolved from it’s captivity as a Salamander Spirit. One has to comprehend the esoteric forces of Etheric Geography from both the standpoints of the Eastern Hemisphere and those of the Western Hemisphere.

The ancient Etheric Geography of the Earth, includes “Pan’s Labyrinth” (study link here)

Eastern Hemisphere and Middle Europe or Middle Earth of the Celtic worlds of the vast elemental kingdoms, etheric and astral beings that populated the regions and were documented before Roman Rationalism reduced spiritual clairvoyance to the grotesque Pharaoh’s of Caesarhood and the abstract puppets and Idols of materialism were all part of the Etheric Geography of Europe.

“The important book [the Novum Organum] which gave Bacon of Verulam’s doctrine of the idols to the fifth post-Atlantean epoch inaugurated this way of looking at the world; it is the classic source. And such a book shows us how the very thing that, from a certain point of view, must be resisted, nevertheless can make its appearance in the world in accordance with the rightful cosmic plan. The fifth post-Atlantean epoch had to develop materialism. Therefore the programme for materialism had to be introduced from out of the spiritual world. And the first stage of the programme of materialism is contained in the doctrine of the idols, which did away with the old Aristotelian doctrine that words refer to categories which have real significance.”

Science got “PLAYED”, higher education got “PUNKED” we were set-up. Ahriman and our Western university education were designed to serve the hunger and craving humanity had for the materialism of the Fifth Age of Pisces. That is indeed world karma, but it is only within the I AM of the CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL that we can check our fall into the abyss.  Ahriman used Francis Bacon (see link) and nailed us to inductive reasoning, while Bacon’s intuitive reasoning was mysteriously dumped. We lost the etheric and rejoiced in the Physical World, Yeah team!  Bacon’s inductive reasoning became the new song that supports the slant-wise, Ahrimanic Soul of Science. Ahriman rejoiced in the Idols of materialism formed from Bacon’s New Atlantis of the West.

All around him, in the desert,
saguaro dream like green giants

In the Western Hemisphere, for the last 8,000 years the Saguaro, tall, reversed etheric suits, have been standing like the last vestiges of an Etheric Sun Army.  Mars thorns of the I AM, reversed, pointing outward, all that makes the I AM have thorns, why we study the Rose and why the Rose has thorns and why we internally see the Burning Bush of the I AM that Moses saw.  Painful, protecting spikes and spindling spines of porcupines, character traits of the introverted, defended fortress where our I AM dwells, is characteristic. Lying in the lonely desert wastes, the Saguaro, the tall ghostly empty suits of armor were the dwelling places of the ancient Initiates of the Sun. These tall Etheric Elemental mannequins, majestic etheric sentinels left behind, are remnants that were torn from the Etheric Sun, from a massive battle fought in the far West, between White and Black magicians over the future fate of the Western Hemisphere. The ancient School of the Assassins of the Sun once flourished and infected the elemental topography of the Toltec Mysteries of the Western Hemisphere.

1. The part of the globe west of the Atlantic, including North and South America, their islands, and the surrounding waters and in potent particularity, the Spinal Cosmogony of the Mountains and Ridges, the Rockies and the Andes that run from the top of the North to the tail and tip of the South. These are the loaded Magnetic Earth Currents that fuel the Etheric Geographic Doubles of those who incarnate in the Western Hemisphere.
2. Or, to protect those who prefer unconscious half-truths, the half of the earth traversed in passing westward from the prime meridian to 180° longitude.

Rudolf Steiner and the battle for the Western Hemisphere

“As a result, the power of these mysteries was thereby broken so far as the fourth post-Atlantean epoch was concerned. It was subsequently revived, however, and history tells of the fate suffered by numerous Europeans who went to America after the discovery of that continent. Many Europeans met their death at the hands of Mexican priest-initiates who bound them to scaffold-like structures and cut out their stomachs with expert skill. This is a matter of historical knowledge, and it was an aftermath of what I have been describing to you.

“By these means the ahrimanic impulse was inculcated into the etheric nature of the Western world. As I have said, this impulse in the fourth epoch was broken as a result of the crucifixion of the great initiated black magician by the deed of Vitzliputzli. Nevertheless, so much force remained that a further attack could have been made upon the fifth epoch, having as its aim so to mechanize the earth that the resulting culture would not only have culminated in a mass of purely mechanical contrivances but would have made human beings themselves into such pure homunculi that their egos would have departed.”

What our normal studies in Geography fail to reveal about the historical horrors that polluted, infected and deliberately saturated vast pockets of the American Southwest Region, makes us gasp. A tremendous battle ensued between White and Black magicians over the Gateway to the Sorathian, Asuric and Ahrimanic forces that literally injected the overwhelming power of the HUMAN DOUBLE into the magnetic sub-continent of human etheric incarnations arriving in the far West. The lower magnetic field of the double was so powerfully enhanced, that it distorted and prepared the semi-devastated elemental worlds, the flora and fauna of the West, prepared the Topography for the malignant cruelty and frenzy of all our incoming human doubles. Nagual shadows, our vivid doppelgangers attach themselves to every incarnating human birth in the West.

All births in the Western Hemisphere are subject to the intense attachment of a magnetic double. Rather than study this phenomena carefully, the Pharmaceutical Industries in conjunction with the Military Industrial Dementia began mass producing  Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. These are known as SSRI’s. If young people found themselves, and most do, struggling with an intangible obstructing force that was operating below, in the sub-spheres of human consciousness, well johnny on the spot, if you want to kill without conscience and suffer for future incarnations by having PTSD future nightmarish flashes, the military and the pharmaceutical companies have just the thing for you. (click link)

This psychotic throwing off the higher I AM forces, throwing in the gutter any Consciousness Soul Super Cognition, allowed Ahriman to develop a whole host of pharmaceutical enhancements that made torture even more gruesome. The pharmaceuticals that Ahriman developed gave the massive army of our human double’s, struggling for their parasitical psychotic lives, an edge.  Western Science have given Ahrimanic – Luciferic – and Asuric entities an opportunity to thrive below the surface of our consciousness. Oh, if that wasn’t enough, false-flag terrorist attacks were blamed on the mentally deranged “loan gunman” hyped straw man, Oswald, delusional, fabricated by black ops and swallowed whole by the pimped media of the WEST.

The fascism of the Military Industrial Dementia and the Pharmaceutical Industries joined forces to produce young, insane patsies that were schooled and trained in “CLOCK WORK ORANGE” clinics. Doctors who took oaths to help humanity were enlisted to serve actually possessed, military approved, torturing maniacs. These are MONSTERS. U.S. Ahrimanic fascism, could always find a scapegoat, a patsy and a punk for what ARE, merely ahrimanic tools who have been dispossessed of their humanity.

This tenderizing and preparing humanity for an Ahrimanic Incarnation requires that we become comfortable with MONSTERS. Shaping political, military and law enforcement staged terrorist shows, to provoke and pepper the ground for martial law and shock the naive into forfeiting and forking over weapons of self-defense, is an old ploy. Ahrimanic Beings are here to  intimidate and cower the public, they are sent out to the world with malicious intent. Because of the current state of this Western Super-Power we are enabling and partaking in a MONSTER CELEBRATION and communion with our fallen Ahrimanic Genius. We have been entrusted rather, to Temper and Prove that we are truer and stronger in spirit than our formidable shadows. We have been entrusted with our Freedom to stand up for the divine in our fellow human sisters and brothers.

David Adams

“…summarize some spiritual scientific background information from Rudolf Steiner that is related in Carl Stegmann’s helpful book, “The Other America.” Stegmann depicts a tragic inner battle being fought within the unconscious soul depths of America: between the possibility of humanity being chained to the earth and its true longing for the spirit, ultimately between the Michael-Christ forces of spiritualized heart thinking and the Ahrimanic forces that would direct human beings one-sidedly toward the earth through materialistic thinking and willing. Age of America Stegmann Other America

“Stegmann describes a number of factors that, more than in other regions of the world, work to connect American humanity more strongly with the forces of the earth below. In general, the metabolic-will nature of the human being, the psychosomatic aspect within which Americans tend by nature to live most strongly, is more closely connected with the physical organism and, thereby, with its earthly surroundings. The impulse of the pre-Christian Ahrimanic mystery center among the ancient Aztecs, as described by Steiner, has united with the elemental forces of the western world and even today rises up out of the subsensible inner depths of the earth in America. Another factor concerns the especially strong American presence of the human Double, an Ahrimanic astral being with no ego that lives below consciousness awareness within every incarnated human being from just before birth until just before death. Although the Double had the originally beneficial task to help us as spiritual beings to harden and adapt to the earthly world, today the Double is completely penetrated by Ahriman and works to make dense the human body and to bind human beings to the lower powers of the earth.

“The Double subconsciously opens human beings to those elemental earth forces to which it is intimately related, attempting to make human beings into materialistically-oriented beings not led by their own egos but guided from outside by Ahrimanic powers. In the depths of human souls, the Double acquires ever greater power over the unconscious life of human will, binding souls with powers that derive entirely from the earth itself— rigidifying forces of mechanization and subnature (especially gravity, electricity, and magnetism). Indeed, Steiner stated that in America those sub-earthly magnetic forces that connect the human being more closely with the Double
rise up most strongly. These forces are connected with the fact that on the American continents, most of the mountain ranges run in a north-south direction.” David Adams (google) Riddle of America

Age of America Spanish Aztec Steiner Mexican Mysteries

Few people have captured this mighty mystery in such a distinct occult picture, or hinted at it as Quentin Tarantino or the artist Rick Romanowski have. Together along with Stegmann, Steiner, Adams,  Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon and hundreds of Spiritual Science students of the west, brought the intuition of the subsensible forces hidden beneath the etheric geography of the deep South West Region of the American Western Hemisphere. If we in the West refuse to bring curriculum studies of our Geographic Double, we literally cripple the courage and the cognitive potential of university students to comprehend the political and nightmarish forces that fuel the Super Power Monster we call the United States of America. And the ramifications into the unfolding future epochs of humanity will be catastrophic.

Rudolf Steiner and Anti-Grail Mystery Centers

“…the domain which was the most vicious and hostile to the Grail was Castle Merveil, the gathering-place of all the forces which attack man in this part of his body and soul and have undergone a karmic fate such as has been indicated.”

In the middle ages there were regions, places, where etheric and astral entities and forces, choked, inhabited, invested a locality and a region with a kind of poison. This poison is that which seeks to infect the dead parts of the human soul and possess and inhabit them. This is why Rudolf Steiner discussed Castle Merveil. These polluted regions of temptation, with the exact potent intent that Castle Merveil had, that seduced, infected the dead parts of the human psyche and inhabited them, were anti-grail mystery centers. In the Far West, in the United States, pockets of seduction, fallen mysteries of Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras can be found thriving in certain geographic locations.

Age of America Castle Merveil Disney World

Walt Disney went to Europe and took away hundreds of  Grimm’s Fairy Tales and brought them back to the United States in a changed, but interesting form. How the United States digested the wisdom of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and changed the Michael Impulse to Mickey Mouse or Mighty Mouse was part of Disney’s showmanship, sharp business acumen, American ingenuity and Luciferic genius. Production Line, mass saturation, distribution and marketing of Childhood, marketing of fluid, celluloid hyper-hysteric, kinetic astral imagery inundated the floors and foundations of the delicate buds of imagination. It came at you, every Saturday morning with no effort. Disney and Edison had helped unleash part of the New Atlantean Flood. It came in an evolving, torrential downpour which we now SURF. We have become skilled surfers who have learned to swim in the fluid media that has flooded and inundated our senses.

What was wedged and lodged into critical layers of  the Imagination that arise as delicate buds and etheric forces of childhood suffered a kind of atrophy. Nothing resembles so clearly the American Folk-Spirit as our collective sense of humor, combined with a stinging materialistic realism.

The first honorary mention for Socratic, profound, and deep swells of stinging American irony and U.S. humor is held with distinction by George Carlin. NEWS and the realism of the Intellect, the sur-realism and our love of the inept lie of materialistic deceptions, are nobly corrected “Daily” and confronted by Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert try to antidote our imprisoned intellects against the full thrust of Ahrimanic political assaults.

But as far as Inner Cartoon elasticity, Robin Williams channeled hyper-etheric mobility and etheric elasticity through his being, to the point of Rehab. He refused to have portions of his soul be murdered or put to death. They were in there and he could dig them out and show them. The result of cartoon infusions and injections allows us to pedagogically witness astral meteor showers impact and take immediate form in cartoon etheric comedic expressionism via Robin Williams performance ART. Robin Williams, when he was jacked and juiced could be compared to the Sprung Sonnet form of Gerard Manley Hopkins. (CLICK LINK). Williams and Hopkins leaped over restrictive forms of rigid behaviorism. That is a healthy and beneficial Lucferic trait.

Injected into our United States and global world MEDIA the active, living, loving and joyful etheric imaginations of western childhoods, were overwhelmingly turned into the sour harvesting fields of cynical skepticism. Because a form of Jujutsu in the soul must be practiced against the dead etheric cartoon corpses that arise and turn into Ahrimanic zombies from the un-deadened U.S. graveyard of our unconsciousness. The subconscious terrain of the Monsters of the American Psyche can rise up into a ferocious force and Rod Serling and Twilight Zone the Movie were correct in their diagnosis. (SEE LINK)  But we have failed in our education to grasp with spiritual clarity the sub-human animation of the corpses of dis-incarnate cartoons and their effects on the unused portions of our psyche.

The moral hypocrisy of Luciferic sensual fires that sent the innocent Michael warrior, Joan of Arc, through her higher Salamander Initiation, trial by fire reveals the hypocrisy of Luciferic Priests, who from the intense dogmas of the church promoted insanity as Christian doctrine. (FIRE, Luciferic Temptations disguised as Sensual Fire DISNEY CLIP, (see link). The portrayal of the operatic hypocrisy of the Luciferic insanity of the Church has been captured brilliantly but with no clarity as to a distinct Luciferic attack on the soul. And this hypocrisy of Luciferic Possession exists as strongly today in our United States and American fundamentalist churches as it did back in the time of the trial and the burning of  Joan of Arc. The problem for us is our immaturity. We fail over and over again to clearly identify Luciferic repulsion and entanglement in power and sensuality as part of Lucifer’s temptations as opposed to Ahrimanic or Asuric possessions of our enhanced human doppelganger.

But wait! Surely the fact that America was introduced, ‘en masse’ to outstanding Fairy Tales of Central Europe and the East must count in Uncle Walt’s favor? It is an astonishing revelation of the difference between how the U.S. digested Etheric vision and nourishment for the foundations of childhood and how Europe digested it. In America we highly appreciate the Luciferic Schools of Initiation, enjoy them, but also validate and investigate the Etheric Christ mysteries. Age of America Disney and MickeyThank you Walt Disney.The Consciousness Soul is tasked with appreciating the many Initiation Schools. We are looking presently at part of the Luciferic Mysteries of America.

To the American Soul-Substance and our American pragmatism, Etheric vision, the true Science of the Novalis School and the science of imagination, were just a game, a trivial toy, a distraction. It was no more living than the dead cartoons lying as Imagination’s Corpses in the basements of our childhood. The Media flood that was unleashed in the Western Hemisphere, in the Age of Pisces was an addictive layering in, sealing over, cementing over, entombing of all our literal elastic, mobile Childhood etheric dexterity. This dexterity, allowed to ripen with the Soul-Breathing that is built into Waldorf Education, allows our human souls to grow, what we need as adults, a healthy, mature and organically grounded, living tool for Moral Imagination. This Moral Imagination is the very essence of the Novalis and Goethe School Moral Fantasia, Moralischen Phantasie or Magical Idealism.

Die Esoterik der moralischen Phantasie

Age of America Moral Imagination philosophy of freedomGünter Röschert

Der Begriff der moralischen Phantasie ist der Fachwelt, soweit sie ihn überhaupt wahrgenommen hat, rätselhaft geblieben, und auch mit der praktischen Verwirklichung steht es nicht zum besten. Was ist das Wesen der moralischen Phantasie? Hat sie, als Fähigkeit betrachtet, eine esoterische Seite, und wenn ja, worin besteht diese? Die Ausführungen in diesem Buch enthalten erhellende Gesichtspunkte für die Wertung der moralischen Phantasie in einer Sammlung von Aufsätzen:
Die Entwicklung der moralischen Phantasie in Rudolf Steiners Philosophie der Freiheit
Die Vertiefung der moralischen Phantasie im Vortragswerk Rudolf Steiners
Die Perspektiven der moralischen Phantasie für die Zukunft
Der Papst und die Aufklärung
Die Esoterik der moralischen Phantasie
Der ethische Individualismus als Ideal
Lebensweg und Geistesschulung – Von der initiatorischen Lebensführung

Disney bequeathed, through the very nature of the Western Hemisphere and through our unique American-Doppelganger -Corporate Franchise Disney- handed over to America and the World, a superficial brand-name and counterfeit replication of what was once a potent and sacramental Rosicrucian Mystery. The difference that we are drawing pertains only to our collective Luciferic Double. We are drawing a tight cognitive circle around the etheric forces that surround the clarity of the Risen Etheric Christ and contrasting it to our happy-go-lucky counterfeit Luciferic impressions.

That which is impressed, like wax, into our Etheric bodies can take Luciferic, Ahrimanic, Asuric or Risen Etheric Christ concreteness. In other words the Novalis School understands the critical difference and enjoys the difference between the real living forces that operate in our souls versus cartoon copies. This is part and parcel to the schooling of the Consciousness Soul that we comprehend clearly Luciferic Initiation Schools.

Childhood and The Fairy Tale Mood

“Rudolf Steiner has explained how the true European fairy tales spread by the minstrels from about the eighth to the thirteenth centuries originated, in fact, with the Rosicrucians (or, better said, their immediate ancestors) “It is a superficial view to believe that such tales can be invented by human fancy,” he says. “The old tales which give expression to the spiritual secrets of the world came into being because those who composed them gave ear to others who were able to impart the spiritual secrets.” David Adams (google) Riddle of America.

Disney did indeed plunder the European schools of Grimm, Novalis, Goethe, that were rich with Moral Imagination and Magical Idealism. (CLICK LINK) What makes the American Luciferic Double so slippery, is its over all immaturity, our over all immaturity in every domain, and our critical failure to consciously carry the limberness of Childhood Imagination into the maturity of concrete Moral Imaginations.

The invasion by Disney into the Luciferic Castle Marveil, helped to distort the region where the treasure of the Living Etheric substance of Childhood had remained as fountain and reservoir for human innocence. Yes, and thanks to Uncle Walt, we got to experience some of these astonishing Rosicrucian parables and germinal seeds of future Etheric vision. In these tales the seeds of our collective etheric treasures, The Snow White of the Soul and Spirit, the SEVEN planetary dwarfs,  were meant to be planted into the reality of our higher human education. Then, like Jack and the Bean Stalk, we would be nourished in our etheric bodies and rooted to the Earth but would be able to rise up, with Moral Imagination, to the lofty Beings of the spiritual world where the giants truly dwell.

Disney met the reverberating spirit of Goetheanism in Europe and robbedAge of America Sorcerers Apprentice Goethe with Disney’s version of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. The epic tale of how Mass Production of either printing money by the trillions from the Federal Reserve or over producing and flooding markets with products, advertising and corporations that cannot survive without the bargains and close out sales of mass generic products from Pharmaceutical Corporations, Dow, Dupont, GE, Monsanto to pathetic and useless trash that litters world garbage dumps. Like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” corporations must churn out profits, profits and more profits. Proliferation, proliferation and more proliferation.

Disney brought to children everywhere the wiggly, wobbliness of the elasticity of Etheric Cartoon mobility. This etheric elasticity, resurrection, recovery from any manner of violence and injury, etheric invincibleness was inculcated by repetition and repeating over and over again, the instant recovery and immortal elasticity of cartoon beings. (Click Link)

Yet this Etheric Elasticity was not a toy and plaything but one of the chief treasures of Childhood. This ripened and mature Etheric Elasticity is one of the core secrets of the Moral Immensity of the Golgotha Event ( Study Link-Thetis-Peleus and the Etheric Christ.) The science of the Resurrection, the double and Etheric Geography itself are part of the very secrets in the core of our human etheric body.

Walt Disney was very extravagant and the United States very receptive to Castle Merveil. Any trip to Orlando or Disney World is a commercial Black Hole for devouring, destroying and demeaning the human etheric life of childhood and turning it into a Luciferic, acid bath of the etheric life of the soul. (For Instance CLICK LINK)

The embodiment of the esoteric mystery of Cartoon Life was aptly presented in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” there we meet the Black Magician behind the legacy of Disney. (CLICK LINK) We might also give an honorable mention to “MonkeyBone” a near-death-experience for out-of-the-body fans of Kama Loca.

The Luciferic Double

“Most of our imagination of the spiritual dimension is Luciferic fluff and figments, not least today. He always tried to hide his hideousness from us and made the best out of his appearance and what he had left from Eden of glare and fancy. And so, in time, our own vague memory of the spiritual world became unrealistic and embellished too, and the egoistic tendency we learned from Lucifer flattered us completely and caught us in illusion and false reflections of Lucifer’s reflection, even if we had got the gift with us from Eden to tell right from wrong. Could not help it, could we – always this gloss over, because the show must go on.”

In our Etheric Geography studies we find that certain regions of the United States lead to escape passageways for the splintered aspects of how each human shadow, double, doppelganger, Nagual, is absorbed into, grafted onto and attaches itself to our Etheric and Astral bodies.In other words there are distinct regions of the United States where the intense fallen forces of our Luciferic Double, our Ahrimanic double and our Asuric Doubles, can be finally trained to become the grotesque magicians and servants to full fledged Sorathian Evil.

The United States, being so new, actually has places, specific locations where initiation and contagion of further enhancements of how the various layers of our Double can be infected and focused for powerful food substance, for beings of the Asuras, Ahrimanic beings and Luciferic beings, can feed off the desires, thoughts and will impulses produced by the instinctive, unreflective and compassless chaos that is the raw substance of the American Folk.

“There is only one place on earth that can beat the Disney World to kitsch and tack – Las Vegas. That does not make this unashamedly plastic creation any less fascinating. The sheer audacity of building a make-believe world in the middle of a parched desert is admirable.Age of America Las Vegas Luciferic studies 1a A 10-mile-long street of casinos create enough cashflow to provide two-odd million people with a livelihood in the place that under normal circumstances could sustain just a bunch of lizards and an odd armadillo. Estimated 22 million flock here every year in hope of quick riches or a celebrity glimpse: singers and performers too tired to go on tour end up giving shows in Las Vegas. For many it is the only way they can afford to see the (fake) Eiffel Tower, (fake) Venice or the (fake) pyramids.”

Addiction and pockets where geographic locations attract human flies to a vast theme park that truly is, precisely, as an occult moral imagination, a Venus Flytrap (CLICK LINK) for the soul and spirit, is how we may rightly define the Luciferic Mystery Center of Las Vegas. The astral stench, is something we don’t smell externally when we come to the glitter, glamour and the Luciferic Occult, astral-placebo, but our already infected astral body already knows and is attracted by the astral stench. Our job in the Consciousness Soul is to define, appreciate and marvel at certain unique Mystery Center Locations.

Age of America NevadaIt is indeed a rarity and an opportunity, for any conscious human being on the path to spiritual training, who wishes to study a specific Luciferic Mystery Center, located in a specific geographic region of the United States, to visit Las Vegas. We still retain the privilege of an unobstructed study of the addictive forces of Lucifer as the Venus Fly Trap for astral insinuation and infestation at the Mystery Center of Las Vegas.

We may at any time, book a passage to a Mystery Center.  We have been too ignorant to grasp that Mystery Centers of various kinds are right under our noses and in plain sight. That is if we had the guts, the clarity and the observational skills to saturate our schooling and cognition with a True Luciferic, up and running, operative Mystery Center. Providing that we knew what we were looking at, we could apprehend vividly astral parasites and the vivid unconscious immersion of herds of unconscious human beings, shuffling around and becoming the food of Luciferic astral beings feeding and feasting on the unconscious portions and dead stinking regions of our decaying astral bodies. We could study intensely how humanity has made our foaming, frothing desires into a decadent Science catering to the lunch habits of Luciferic Fallen Beings.

Las Vegas is a true Mystery Center for the study of fallen Luciferic and infected beings. Human beings are the meal, we are the cuisine on the menu and we are what’s for dinner for whole hosts of fallen astral beings who have collected themselves around the altars that humanity built for the worship of corrupt astral infections, diseases and hungers.  All forms of future addictive behavior can get their start here. It is not the only place but it is a massive occult portal where humans, having arisen to their full-blown and bloated unconscious, ripeness and willingness to be consumed arrive by the bus loads.

These ripened, degenerate, decaying astral corruptions smell like delicious food to astral entities that of course, the deadened portions of the human spirit, the stinking, decaying forces of astral, etheric, and I AM forces that are unused, un-illuminated, unaware, uneducated and unexplored, come flowing in from all points of the globe. The Venus Fly Trap stench of decay and the human beings own stench of decay draw vast human masses of the unconscious conglomerations of decaying food stuffs to the sacrificial feeding frenzy of pernicious, rabidly infectious demons. Here they feast and here we may take our Initiation insights to a demonic altar and study intensely how Luciferic Entities insinuate themselves into humanity.

History, humanities immense pathway through time, have regurgitated upwards, The Pyramids of Egypt, The Renaissance Art and magnificent achievements of humanity, through the in-pouring glory of the Renaissance, new and wondrous achievements, were all based on real spiritual human beings and their victories and tragedies in the immense flow of time.

The Eiffel Tower is the emblem of Paris. Paris who abducted Helen and for whom the Trojan War was fought, is the absolute foundation of Western Civilization (Click Link). The tale of Hector, Achilles, Paris, Aeneas and the founding of Rome, hinge and pivot on Paris and Helen. Because of Helen and Paris, humanity chose Aphrodite over Hera and Athena that set the stage for the evolution of the human soul. Love triumphed over Athena (thinking) or Hera (power). Venus, Aphrodite, Love, Freya celebrated by humanity as GOOD FRIDAY, the day of Venus, is where LOVE TRIUMPHED over death. And Vegas is a Venus fly-trap, Luciferic Initiation location, formed of empty historical monuments, up-chucked from the bowels of a decimated and vacuous humanity.

PARIS LAS VEGAS READY TO OPENThe Eiffel Tower, where Nazi Germany, in another sweep of time, invaded, occupied and took over and marched through Paris and the image of the Eiffel Tower, was another, vivid, sweeping catastrophe, for both the living and all those that died on “Saving Private Ryan” battle fields. The Risen Etheric Christ, within these immense catastrophes of humanity, rose and became visible in his Etheric Form in 1933.

The hidden horrors that were faced, the catastrophic disruptions of destinies on Earth were absorbed, behind the Threshold, by the Risen Etheric Christ. From such moments in history the most amazing tale of love, “Casablanca” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, recalled massive historical tragedies, courage and heroism and monstrous acts of War, Murder, Torture and destruction, saw human beings turn into beasts and human beings heroically standing against the onslaught of horror, of raw horror!

“Visitors can always move to Egypt without any trouble. A 30-storey onyx-colored pyramid marks the entrance to Hotel Luxor, named after the ancient city of Luxor in Egypt, known for its temples.Age of America Egypt as a cartoon carapace Inside the pyramid, the Luxor casino resort unfolds the Egyptian grandeur in all its glory. A museum houses King Tut’s tomb and treasure. It is a historically accurate reproduction of the original burial chamber and has been painstakingly recreated by leading Egyptologists, specializing in pyramids and tombs.”

It is the most incredible part of the entrapment of a pure Pagan Luciferic modern Mystery center like Las Vegas that literally vomits upward onto the desert sands, an engorged, emptied and devoured, decimated history of humanity and leaves a shell, a carapace, an empty cartoon effigy of the immense sacrifices undertaken by humanity. Here the idols of history and the valueless-ness of human karma are celebrated at the casinos, where the unconscious roulette wheel reduces human life and human destiny to a crap shoot.

Lucifer and Las Vegas are not even the worst of the demon altars that have sprung from the geography of the United States. But here we must become still, reverent and whisper. Here we come, and we are in the midst of discovering the path of Jesus and the solemnity of despair. Age of America Fifth Gospel Adriana KouliasWe are near, hovering, delicately close to the comprehension of THE FIFTH GOSPEL.

We are in sublime, dangerous, and as we have indicated, PERILOUS PLACES. If we stay on the path of Initiation we repeat, recollect, reawaken the journey Jesus took. The privilege of passing along a path of intimate observation, under the protection of the FIFTH GOSPEL, designed for humanity, to uphold us through the darkest times, we bow reverently, as we are in the proximity, of the holiest of holy sorrows.

It is a bitter truth that we gain insight into Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric mystery centers because we choose to discover the depth of the Risen Etheric Christ Schooling. The Risen Etheric Christ Schooling has mystery centers and the other beings fully engaged in Earth Evolution, along with humanity also have pockets, portals and places where they thrive and dwell. Luke Gospel 9:58  “Foxes have dens, and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.” Our human hearts are the location of the Mystery Center for the Risen Etheric Christ schooling.

Which brings us to one of the holiest, sacred and most profound Mysteries of The Tenth Hierarchy. Heart wrenching reverence as an antidote and contrast to Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic sanctuaries confront us in a whisper that reaches down into the core of our hearts. In the Consciousness Soul, it is all about conscious spiritual comprehension. We are now intimately sharing an Initiation Event in the heart of Jesus.


 “I have to testify that when the priest was enacting the rites of the cult at many a heathen altar and Jesus of Nazareth witnessed the whole act of worship, he saw that numbers of demonic beings were attracted to the spot. He discovered that many idols worshiped by the people were, in reality, images not of the good spiritual Beings of the higher Hierarchies but of demonic powers. He also perceived that many a time these demonic powers passed over into the believers participating in these rites. For reasons easy to understand, these things have not found their way into the other Gospels. And indeed it is only now, within our spiritual Movement, that such things can be disclosed, because it is only in our time that the human soul is ripe enough to understand the deep and overwhelming experiences which came to Jesus of Nazareth while he was still a young man.

“These journeyings continued on through his twentieth, twenty-second, twenty-fourth years. It was always with feelings of bitter sorrow that he witnessed the power wielded by the demons — by the demons issuing as it were from Lucifer and Ahriman — that he witnessed how the heathen peoples had in many respects actually come to the point of taking the demons for gods, even of having in their idols the images of wild, demonic powers which, attracted by these images and rites, entered into the people while they prayed, and obsessed them. Many bitter experiences fell to the lot of Jesus of Nazareth. And these experiences led up to a certain culmination.”

The United States, arising as it has, after the events of Golgotha, under the Age of Pisces, in the war zone of the Western Hemisphere, is now challenged to re-live and re-experience everything, in gigantic geographic dimensions, of the hidden mysteries of the journey humanity must make to consciously reawaken, and stir into life an entirely new Christology. The United States is destined to fathom and plummet down into the depths of the Earth and repeat the trials of initiation and the paths that the Christ took to become the Super-Power of Love in the Earth.

This awesome PERILOUS journey forces us to confront the character, personality and genesis of the Being, the Super-Power we worship currently, that truly, step by step, must drag the burden of unconscious America, kicking and screaming, towards the goal of Initiation Science. Burdened with our deformities and faults, our courage and our compassion, a new fledgling Archai, unfinished Spirit of Form, must bring our reluctant American Psyche to the awful price and perilous cost of the mysteries of human immortality.

Our American Folk-Spirit has until the end of the 7th Age, The Age of America, to instruct humanity in the shattering moral lessons of how Good triumphs over Evil. Therefore the Archai/Spirit of Form that has been given the task of guiding America, and the regional Archangels overshadowing the different etheric regions of America, must awaken titanic catastrophic underworld dimensions in order to transform humanity and the Earth into co-workers in the School of Love. Good luck to you if you think this journey we are going on is some sort of flag-waving cake-walk to Golgotha under the protection of baby-Jesus. America is destined to become all too familiar with Asuric, Ahrimanic, Luciferic Beings and their gruesome temptations while comprehending unfathomable, disturbing and shattering Esoteric Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Humanity is called upon to consciously identify the tempters of the I AM, the tempters of the Etheric body and the Tempters of the Astral body and know what LOVE knows. Therefore the Western Hemisphere is riddled with regions of horribly polluted and infected occult forces and beings. Therefore from now, through the Sixth Cultural Epoch and the culminating 7th Age of America, humanity is set to plunge into the most hidden mysteries of the School of the Etheric Christ.

It is a perilous journey that presents our I Am with shattering, unprecedented challenges. We will be defined by these challenges. We will either fall into the snares of possession and formidable evil in our etheric, our astral and our I AM, or we will struggle valiantly towards a Risen Etheric Christ Schooling that masters the Luciferic schools, the Ahrimanic Schools and the Asuric Schools. THESE ARE OUR PRESENT AND COMING ATTRACTIONS.

Manna (Hebrew: מָ‏ן‎) or Manna wa Salwa Arabic: مَنّ‎, Kurdish: gezo, Persian: ترنجبين

Archaically spelled manna, is the name of a food that God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert

Matthew 4:4    And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” 4But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.'”

Deuteronomy 8:2-3, “And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no. And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.”

Age of America Iroquois Nation 1st Consciousness Soul model in the WestThe Six Native American Nations called the place Mannahatta. It meant to the Native Americans, a point of land surrounded by rushing, tempestuous, demonic waters.

Leonard Bernstein

New York, New York —
A hell of a town,
The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.
The People ride in a hole in the ground.
New York, New York —
It’s a hell of a town.

Manhattan women are dressed in silks and satins,
Or so the fella’s say,
There’s just one thing that’s important in Manhattan,
When you’ve got just one day.
Gotta pick up a date — maybe seven or eight
On your way.
In just one day.

Frank Sinatra

New York…New York
I want to wake up, in a city that never sleeps
And find I’m A number one, top of the list
King of the hill, A number one….

These little town blues, are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York..New York New York!!!


“I am sure, now, of these men—authorities: they came much in contact with chiefs of the Six Nations—there were five of them first, then another asked permission to come in—hence the name, Six Nations. Mannahatta meant to these, a point of land surrounded by rushing, tempestuous, demonic waters: it is so I have used it—and shall continue.”

Lenapehoking is a term for the lands historically inhabited by the Native American people known as the Lenape  in what is now the Northeastern United States. Today, some Native Americans not limited to the Lenape or Delaware tribes live in the Northeast Corridor or Eastern Seaboard. Many of them arrived in the 1920s to 1960s from the Iroquois Confederacy. They were employed as skyscraper construction workers. They had been nicknamed the “Mohawks”. They played an important role in building the skyline of Philadelphia and New York City.

In the dialect of Lenape: manahachtanienk(“place of general inebriation”), manahatouh (“place where timber is procured for bows and arrows”)  Manhattan is derived from Manna-hata, a Dutch version of a Lenape place name. The name Manhattan derives from the word Manna-hata, as written in the 1609 logbook of Robert Juet.

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

“…there was a different element among the Native Americans on the East coast, because of the Iroquois confederacy. This confederacy resulted from a strong impulse of spiritualization in the ninth to tenth centuries, and by the fifteenth century it had developed into a six-nation confederacy. This was a transformation of consciousness preparing for the confrontation with the white man, preparing for the coming of the European. The Iroquois confederacy was highly modern. They already had the consciousness soul in an inner way.”

The Assassins of the Sun gathered themselves under the Ahrimanic signature of MANNA. One of the three grueling temptations in the desert was Ahriman’s challenge to Christ to turn stones, metals, minerals into bread or Manna. The definition of Manna was raised by Christ to that which nourishes the human soul and spirit through the Living Word. That living WORD, maybe Art, it may be prayer, it may be a conversation that fully replenishes the heart and spirit. It certainly may be Eurythmy. It may be the silence of the Bio-Dynamic farmer. Spiritual Nourishment trumps Ahriman’s fast food industry.

Mannahatta is the East Coast geographic island center for Ahrimanic Mysteries for the training of the sterility of the intellect needed to order murder, chaos, poverty, robbery, bribery and hostile take overs of spiritual and geographic wealth through the channels of global international finance. We have followed, spot point checks, in the United States, of various geographic locations where open wounds at various locations reveal portals where enhanced Luciferic, Asuric and Ahrimanic forces can swarm and swirl around unaware human beings.

In these specific locations souls become accustomed to a kind of poison, a kind of climate, atmosphere and degradation of the soul that gradually becomes the norm. The U.S. educational system is too immature to consider Mystery Centers where Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric entities can infiltrate and enter easily into unaware human impulses. And that is the whole point. The whole point is never to study and apprehend the very mysteries, in their details, that the Christ faced concretely in the desert. If we study them consciously we can stand up to them in our inner being.

The MANHATTAN PROJECT was a top secret Ahrimanic enterprise that covered Canada, Chicago, New Mexico, Washington D.C. It spread it’s cunning virus over the globe and through every major university. The name it adopted to cloak itself was the very icy challenge that Ahriman flung at Christ during the Temptation in the Desert.

The MANHATTAN PROJECT took place at more than 30 sites across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The MANHATTAN PROJECT was Ahriman’s attempt to make all of humanity criminals and guilty of horrific crimes and spit in the face of Christ for his faint and feeble response to the charge of TURNING STONES INTO BREAD.

The Spirit is not nourished by Bread alone, it is only 1/4 of the equation. As time progresses and humanity develops further the equation shifts more and more to the Spiritual Uplifting forces of conscious nourishment. Humanity gains the capacities to discover for themselves more and more etheric nourishment, devachan streams of light-ethers and develops Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. This is why this Fifth Age and the Discovery of America has been critical. From now on humanity is on a path to develop these higher forces of the human soul that are truly HIGHER MANNA.  From now to the culmination of the 7th Age we’re gonna be dancing with very big Beings our education failed to warn us about.

The other-side of the equation, gross materialism, allows an opportunity for Ahriman’s deception and aptitude for taking matter and changing it into falsified poisoned light and glorified global citadels of nuclear energy and power, an opportunity. Ahriman creates a dependency and vulnerability in every human soul that keeps the hives of bustling humanity humming his tune. Ahriman is ecstatic, if such an icy-cold Archai and ancient master of the cold, cunning of cosmic intelligence, could feel joy, but he can’t.

Ahriman’s true joy would be in wasting vast human energies on making, testing, more and more efficient instruments for instant incineration, torture and nuclear death. Vast riches poured down the drain of human fear of annihilation is nourishment for Ahrimanic Beings. Ahriman liked the MANHATTAN assault on MANNA. Ahriman loved the living association of TRINITY NEW MEXICO to the sub-sensible attack he has been waging on the Higher Trinity. Ahriman’s gnarly trinity, don’t like each other one bit. They have completely different aims and goals. Yet they require each other, the trinity of Lucifer, and the Asuras, along with Ahriman are bound together with the human soul. Ahriman calls Trinity and The Manhattan Project honest advertisement and a vital competitive-cosmic market share in owning and enslaving humanity.

Well, east coast girls are hip
I really dig the styles they wear.
And the Southern girls
with the way they talk,
they knock me out when I’m down there.

The midwest farmers’ daughters
really make me feel all right.
And the northern girls
with the way they kiss,
they keep their boyfriends warm at night

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

“Where materialized spirit has been captured by the Earth-forces, where human consciousness is fixed to the physical materialistic level, this is where the spirits of the depths have done their work. If you look at this place, Manhattan, this place of the depths, you will see the evil spirits that I described here. They are the keepers of jewels, precious stones and metals. They are transforming spirit into metals and so on. This is the accumulation of wealth. They take universal, free, cosmic energy from the stars, from the planets, from the universal ether, and they are continuously condensing it into jewels, money, gold and silver. Metals are condensed star forces and spirits. Ahrimanic beings condense them and accumulate the universal spirit and transform it into Mammon. They are the Mammon beings. This is capital. Mammon is the evil god of the future; he is the inspiration for the whole monetary system. This ahrimanic spirit works within gold. Age of America recommended reading materialMammon is the greatest adversary of Michael in this particular Michaelic age and Mammon’s place is here. It is through Mammon’s work that universal spirituality is transformed and condensed into metal, and is accumulated as capital.

“The uniting of these forces into a World Trade Center is something that is really taking place globally. Many centers around the globe have been built by the inspiration of Mammon. There are world trade centers in Israel and in Asia who are serving the same network, doing the same work. So the gospel is spreading, it’s not only in the U.S.  If you go out into the rest of the world, you’ll see that they practice the same art of transforming spirit into matter and binding human consciousness to metal. But this originates in Manhattan. This is the secret of Manhattan, and this is what the High Tor legend is all about. So if we want to penetrate into this empty space left from the destruction of the Twin Towers with consciousness, we can study this legend and see what became of the FIRE SPIRIT.”

Manhattan is filled with swirling ART – Music, Drama, films, dance, it is a hive and hub of massive influences to sustain 10 million people. So it is unfair to say that Manhattan is the hub of highly developed Ahrimanic global financial machinations only. It is unfair to view these massive spires rising skyward as powerful spikes of power that Ahrimanic forces thrust from below upwards, to the sky. There is so much magnificent Art that act as antidotes to cold Ahrimanic Greed that one would have to admit that there is a fusion and combustion intensity between Lucifer and Ahriman constantly surging through all souls in Manhattan.

Between fashion, theater, film schools, concerts, opera, dance and the bustle and jostle of mixing so many wonderful and different people going uptown, downtown,  cross town, and the different character and Soul of those who live on the East Side compared to those who live on the West Side, one can define the regions on a CROSS or by the dense and specific accents. Tight, compressed and compact regions all mixed and mingled in the most People Centered swirl of exuberant life one could imagine.

The precision of North -South streets and East -West streets, the rich, poor, the young, the hookers, the cabs, buses and underground rumble of subways, makes for a constant stirring  potpourri of magnificent opportunities for germinating, raw destiny events, to occur. Age of America 5 boroughs 1Five Boroughs all clashing together in a feisty fiesta of daily foaming froth in all four seasons makes Manhattan a vortex of human and Angelic, human and Luciferic, human and Ahrimanic, human and Asuric and most importantly human to human intense, in your face, exchanges. And New Yorker’s don’t mince words.

I had an Anthroposophical Arts Center down just below Canal Street, near the World Trade Center. An Anthroposophical doctor and her husband, a saxophone player, bravely opened up shop, in a loft, in lower Manhattan. I joined as Art, Theater and Speech therapy coordinator. I would sometimes commute from Spring Valley and sometimes stay up on the sixth floor loft, at the Arts Center in my sleeping bag.

While struggling to pay the bills I drove a yellow-cab in Manhattan and tooled around the 5 Boroughs by night, for a whole year and by day for a whole year. I would commute back to Spring Valley over the Tappan Zee bridge and through Ramapo and onto Rockland county. This commute went on for several years, through snow, fog, rain and beautiful summers. I would sometimes teach Speech to Teachers at a Waldorf School, give actors Speech and Drama lessons all over Manhattan and direct, rehearse and conduct classes downtown at our Arts center called THE MANHATTAN HEALING ARTS CENTER.

Age of America Manhattan Healing Arts CenterThe Manhattan Healing Arts Center was on the sixth floor at 386 Broadway, below Canal Street. I conducted study groups on Occult Science an Outline in a conference room that Dean Witter provided for us to use at the World Trade Center South Tower. I was sorry to say that I had only about 25 to 30 people involved and some of them worked at the World Trade Center and would come by to see the Anthro Doctor or have classes with me on their lunch hours.

If our little ARTS CENTER was locked or occupied, we could take our study groups and meet at the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center and wait for an employee/anthro student, to get off work and give us access to a comfortable, corporate, beautiful Dean Witter conference room.  Our study groups were always after hours in the financial district. Dean Witter’s headquarters had been in 2 World Trade Center (South Tower) occupying floors 59 through 74.

At times I would park my cab at a special cab stand at the bottom of the WTC, take out the meter, and take those elevators, which we had to change at certain floors, to grab another elevator to go to the top. The swish of the express elevator and the different sound of the local elevators made a powerful impression on me.

Both the Dean Witter conference room and the top of the WTC restaurant had amazing, stunning views looking North over the city. Manhattan, as a mystery center, presented itself to me in the grit, bustle and struggle for survival, that was constantly interspersed with specific uncanny coincidences, as a potent destiny hub.

My Angel seemed to know my location and my location varied from darkness, danger, wrong place – wrong time, with sometimes an Ahrimanic tangible threat to the more Luciferic spontaneous strange fares that just happened to hop into my cab. Dungeons, meat markets, addicts, kind people, crazy people, business people, artists tossed me hither and thither through dark dens, flashy bars and restaurants to towering corporate businesses.

In other words, in the vast population and circumscribed movement of the karma wheel of daily life, there could be read, remarkable and intimate patterns that literally swirled around me and found me, no matter how many millions of people there were. These strange patterns happened to me and has happened to everyone who has ever lived in Manhattan. Just ask Woody Allen. While terribly alone I also felt incredibly close to the daily workings of my Angel. For without my Angel I have no idea what might have happened. Manhattan taught me how to read the clues arising and disappearing daily in the unpredictable, predictable, incalculable, calculable-ness.

A band of mountains that rise nearly one thousand feet along the northwestern margin of the Newark Basin in New York and New Jersey are called the Ramapo Mountains.age of america Ramapo fault line The Ramapo fault runs 70 miles northeast from Morris County, through Ramsey and Suffern and the Hudson Highlands, to Bear Mountain, N.Y. It follows the Ramapo River through the Ramapo Mountains and is actually a “braid of faults,” or a system of cracks. Along this line — to the point where Routes 17 and 287 now converge — fierce quakes exploded daily and the Earth’s crust split open to welcome the Atlantic Ocean 200 million years ago.

In New York, the 125th Street fault begins just south of the George Washington Bridge on the Hudson and heads through Harlem, then south across Central Park and the upper East Side, across the East River, and under Queens. Visible at the surface, Ramapo Fault that borders the western Newark Basin presents an obvious if not unlikely threat, already having a record of modern seismic activity.

Which brings us to one of the most startling occult connections to the Ahrimanic side of the Mystery Center known as Manna-Hatta. Part of the mystery of how the fragmented, severed island of Manna-Hatta arose brings us to the sub-sensible elemental kingdoms. As an aside, we can re-review how Nathaniel Hawthorne described a nymph and elemental Water Spirit of a pure Spring, in his marvelous tale of the “Marble Faun”.

The subtle mystery of wineries and specific regions where the region, the water, the grape and the wine call forth Earth rich elemental associations and histories of the land and water are intimately woven in Hawthorne’s “Marble Faun”. Napa is a cultivators geographic revelation of how the West received sprigs and shoots and developed a resurrected science of an infinite variety of elemental tastes and textures, brought to the West, transforming ancient traditions, working with new elemental beings, into a western organic-science of elemental-geographic cooperation.

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture in the West and over the whole world has become a secret redemptive ingredient in the new elemental cultivation of New Wines. Bio-Dynamics is a secret unspoken infusion among growers, having to do with certain wines and the re-enlivening of the soils. In fact we are positively in the center of how Water is changed into Wine and how the grape and the blood of the Christ, not only flows etherically through the Earth but the pure Olive Oil, olive orchards, where such profound Christ Events swirled through the elemental kingdoms, from the Garden of Gethsemane which meant Oil Press to –  This is my Body, This is my Blood transubstantiation.

The garden of Gethsemane, near the foot of the Mount of Olives, is named in the New Testament as the place where Jesus went with his disciples to pray the night before he was crucified. The garden, about 1200 square meters in area, was well known to the disciples as it is close to the natural route from the Temple to the summit of the Mount of Olives and the ridge leading to Bethany.The name in Hebrew means “oil press”. Oil is still pressed from the fruit of eight ancient and gnarled olive trees that give the garden a timeless character.

In the forming of Manna-Hatta we have to do with a SALAMANDER Fire Spirit that was from the lofty Archangelic community of Beings. It is called The Ramapo Salamander (click link) but, but, and here we must be startled by what we discover. This Salamander Fire Spirit, was enchained as an Elemental Salamander by Ahrimanic Beings. The Ahrimanic Beings of Volcanoes, of Forges, of the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth, had got themselves a lofty Archangelic Being, above humanity and compressed, imprisoned and corrupted it with Ahrimanic intensity. That is part of the profound origins of the mystery of the geographic location known as Manna-Hatta. But that is not the end of the story. The legend of “High Tor” (click link) inflames the entire Geographic Manifest Destiny of the Super Power of the United States.

The sixth layer of the Inner Earth and the volcanic forces of the Ahrimanic Fire Spirits struck Manna-Hatta in the very core of the Financial District. Incineration, cremation and the forge of metals and the core fire spirits of the sixth layer of the inner Earth were evoked and opened a fissure to release the horrific horde of demonic fire spirits that were enchained in the core of the Earth. And this is where the gruesome ignorance of America, or the United States, invited catastrophe to the central mystery of Manna-Hatta (CLICK LINK).

The temperature at the core of “the pile,” is near 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to fire officials, who add that the fires are too deep for firefighters to get to. “This is how it’s been since day one…and this is six weeks later. As we get closer to the center of this it gets hotter and hotter – it’s probably 1500 degrees.” “Out on the rubble it’s still, I believe, 1,100 degrees. The guys boots just melt within a few hours.”

In perfect conditions the maximum temperature that can be reached by hydrocarbons such as jet fuel burning in air is 1520° F (825° C). When the World Trade Center collapsed the deeply buried fires would have been deprived of oxygen and their temperatures would have significantly decreased.

Age of America Core Ahrimanic Fire DemonsWhy was the temperature at the core of “the pile” nearly 500° F hotter than the maximum burning temperature of jet fuel a full seven days after the collapses? There were no infernos in either of the twin towers before they collapsed, so what caused the hot spots deep in their wreckage?

Molten steel did not exist in the WTC buildings prior to the collapses, but…Molten steel was found “three, four, and five weeks later, when the rubble was being removed [from WTCs 1 & 2],” Loizeaux said. He said molten steel was also found at 7 WTC, which collapsed mysteriously in the late afternoon.

For 6 months after 9/11 the pit of the World Trade Center buildings 1,2 and 7 were filled with molten, smoldering metal, that had been melted from the iron girders, and support beams of the World Trade Center skyscrapers. 6 months the steel continued to melt and drip. Millions of gallons of water were pumped into the molten sea, but still the steel girders dripped red hot.

There is simply no way to wiggle around the facts. In all 3 buildings THERMITE CHARGES were set long before any planes hit those buildings. Which places the Monsters of the American Psyche as our own collective national guilt, for this event was staged by our own government. There are no other alternatives.

“Underground fires raged for months. O’Toole remembers in February [2002] seeing a crane lift a steel beam vertically from deep within the catacombs of Ground Zero. “It was dripping from the molten steel,” he said.” [Philadelphia Inquirer]

A high intensity, molten metal sea made of the ashes of bodies, computers, office furniture, walls, windows, doors, parts of planes, wires, steel and concrete burned with nearly the heat of the sun. It was a feasting and release of the Salamander Spirits, the Ahrimanic Salamander spirits at the central core and mystery of Manna-Hatta.

Startling it is to discover that for all the lies we swallow, we cannot fathom that at the core of the World Trade Center was a smoldering molten sea that burned for nearly 6 months after the collapse of the Towers (CLICK LINK). We have to accommodate and  tolerate the density of the mental delinquency of brainwashed humanity that could possibly imagine that these molten fires, that melted steel and iron, were caused by Jet Plane fuel. What a grotesque calamity of consciousness was carefully engineered to suspend any further examination into the depths of a truly occult event. The only excuse we can fall back upon is that there is a complete failure to lift our intelligence to the true meaning of Fire Beings.

Here we are in the United States creating massive Fire, Sorathian, destructive global nuclear events and poisoning the entire world with deformity of etheric life, DNA and chromsome decimation of whole regions and populations over the whole Earth, but we cannot understand the Fire of the Spirit Man and the Etheric Christ vs the Fires of demonic Sorathian and Ahrimanic beings from the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth.

It is disappointing to remind people that St. John was Boiled in Oil and this boiling fire and the vicious Salamander Fire Spirits, used against St. John, boiling in a cauldron, did not harm St. John. In fact Domitian, the emperor of Rome, was so frustrated with the Fire Spirits, that all he could do, after attempting to murder and melt the flesh and bone off St. John, was to exile Lazarus/John as far away as possible.

Age of America John boiled in Oil Calvaert 1This is part of a Spirit-Man mystery that, as we might say, how thin skinned and how sensitive St. John must have been made to experience fully the Apocalypse and Revelation of the higher astral devachan and Christ mysteries in the giant panorama of Revelation. This boiling in oil was just one stage in the unfolding revelation of the Initiation that appears in Christian Rosenkreuz.


“The fifth room was set open to us, whither we got too after the former manner, and tendered our service. In this room a bath was prepared for our bird, which was so coloured with a fine white powder, that it had the appearance of mere milk. Now it was at first cool when the bird was set into it. He was mighty well pleased with it, drinking of it, and pleasantly sporting in it. But after it began to heat by reason of the lamps that were placed under it, we had enough to do to keep him in the bath. We therefore claps a cover on the kettle, and suffered him to thrust his head out through a hole, till he had in this sort lost all his feathers in this bath, and was as smooth as a newborn child…”

To be a Knight of the Golden Stone, to be the chosen candidate for directing the education of humanity toward Immortality is a journey we are all embarking on. What happens in such an Initiation event when your entire outer skin is licked clean by Salamander Spirits of Fire?ijohnth001p1 You are taken from the frying pan into the fire, and the Christ Being supervised the cleansing of St. John in the fire to prepare him to absorb the loftiest Revelation humanity has ever received.

Now this breath of the Spirit-Man Fire is very different and follows a completely different path than the demonic fire spirits from our nuclear breeder reactors and the incineration and cremation of human beings in furious burning white phosphorus – ”  the U.S. government indiscriminately rained white chemical fire down on the Iraqi city and melted women and children to death”. White phosphorus that melts our skin off, or the horrific fires that penetrate our bone marrow and cause birth defects and deformities through our use of Depleted Uranium weaponry and shells are grotesque abominations of Ahrimanic intents channeled through well dressed suited monsters. These are monsters.

The Fire Beings of the risen Etheric Christ had a whole regiment of unfolding stages of Initiation destined for St. John. Being boiled in oil, without harm, reveals an entire higher realm of Spiritual-Fire that Christ wished to reveal to humanity. Age of America stephan-lochner-ca-1410-1451 St. JohnChrist chose Lazarus/John, that is the duel union of the Novalis/Rosenkreuz study that is flowing under the Super-Power Being of America that we have been studying in this essay. If Lazarus/John was unharmed by the Boiling Oil, as a real event, this Fire was deflected, so that it could be used, the Fire Beings could be used by higher beings for a later Initiation Event in the 13th Century.

Through the united Initiation forces of Novalis and Christian Rosenkreuz, humanity may find the way to Love as a higher spiritual fire. America will be tasked to claw their way to immortality or, and without a doubt, find the deep forces that awaken and stir human love and immortality from the depths of our beings.

The pressure is being created in America to find the Spirit-Man fire that will unlock, transubstantiate and release matter, and release our higher Initiation into immortality. It is also part of the higher schooling presented in the Novalis/Rosenkreuz schooling of Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. In other words that baptism by fire and those transformed and transubstantiated devachan fire mysteries of higher birth were literally used for the Birth of Christian Rosenkreuz in the 13th century.

 “…a “College“ of twelve wise men came together. All the spiritual knowledge of the world and its secrets then existing was gathered into this College — distributed as it were in different sections. By means of certain occult processes there had been transmitted to seven of these twelve wise men, the wisdom that had passed over from Atlantis into the holy Rishis.” (Click Link)

Earlier in this study, we glanced at why the Beatles expanded their consciousness and went East to India. What enormous generational changes were wrought in the far west, are all but forgotten. But their expansion and very lively inner development was passed on creatively to countless impulses in music, Woodstock for instance, to science, to expansion of psychology and literature, education, were all enhanced by the fact that the Beatles went to India and brought something back to the West.

However we can only comprehend the depth and meaning of the FAB FOUR Companions, by comprehending what the infusion brought and why it had to be brought. “When the Spirit of the Age of India had fulfilled his mission, he was promoted to the guidance of the entire evolution of post-Atlantean humanity.” Those germinal impulses and the discovery of America in the Fifth Age is set to unfold for centuries to come and immortality, Spirit-Man is the ultimate pressure facing us in the 6th Age and the 7th Age. Age of America Fab Four Companions BeatlesThat means the germinal impulse of music and creativity was fueled by the power of the New Holy Rishis, mighty Archai Initiation, of Christian Rosenkreuz himself. Christian Rosenkreuz has fused into his being the entire Holy Rishis, the full TWELVE STREAMS of the Christ Being’s mighty impulse into the core of his very being. Christian Rosenkreuz is a living, walking Immortal amongst us.

It is good to have the higher Salamander Spirits as our human friends and companions.  In Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology, I examine the Sylph Spirit we all have in training with us. Hawthorne illuminates the Nymph and Undine mystery of the Water Spirits for us in Chapters 26 and 27 of his wonderful Novalis Schooling work, “The Marble Faun”. I attempted early on to wrestle, several different times with the destiny of the gnomes and dwarfs of silicon and our ‘chip- techno culture’ mineral-mythic mysteries.

Now we may look into the sub-strata of the TRUE elemental beings and discuss the nature of wonderful, helpful, profound Salamander Fire Spirits or demonic, Sorathian and Ahrimanized fire demons. We know that the fire demons source is part of the Sixth Layer of the inner Earth. There these bound and enmeshed core of Titanic-Balrog fire demons bred at Breeder Reactors over the surface of the Earth are part of the assassins of the sun demon legion that are assaulting humanity in this FIFTH AGE, under the constellation of Pisces.

But let us back up a bit. There in the core of the World Trade Center collapse and catastrophe we have certified Thermite Fire Demon catalyzers that any Forge or Metal Smithy would have been amazed by. Even if the Smithies at the Forge were all trained in Fire Spirit handling and elemental ethnicity by the dwarves of the Earth. 7 metals influencesThese mysteries of the Forge go all the way back to Cain and the establishment of metallurgy and the sciences that have to do with the planets and the sun. Age of America Crucible Forge and Fire Core John StolfoThe Gold of the Sun, the Silver of the Moon, the Copper of Venus, the lead of Saturn, the liquidity of Mercury, and the Iron of Mars, the tin and zinc of Jupiter,needed specific forge training. You can’t have the Tolkien story of the forged Ring of Power without the mystery of the Volcanic, demonic, Fire-Spirits of the Earth. Down in the Sixth layer of the Inner Earth were the Cain mysteries of the Forge.

“Tears of the Salamander by Peter Dickinson

“None of your ancestors, for many generations, since first we came out of Persia and settled on the mountain, had known it. I myself underwent much labor and danger to search it out. I traveled to the farthest East, to the Island of Fire, and there I found the last of those who speak that ancient tongue, and to gain their trust I underwent the Ordeal of Fire, so that they should teach me the chant, and other long-forgotten secrets…Age of America salamander mysteries Peter Dickinson

“They are, in fact, in the sacred language of the Old Persian priests, who worshipped the sun . They used the chant to invoke certain powers that emanate from the sun. The ignorant call them demons, but they are in fact Angels of Fire, such as were seen walking with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar.”

(click link) THE SALAMANDER:  byElizabeth Oakes Smith, a well-known author and a colleague of Ralph Waldo Emerson

“It had been the custom to put out the flames of the furnace once in seven years, for a tradition existed that more than a thousand years ago, amid the Hartz mountains, a terrible creature…

“We find this tradition of the Salamander current amongst the workmen of
furnaces, and always from some cause or other the forges are put out at
intervals. We are told the superstition has been made the subject of more
than one story, none of which have ever come under our own observation.

“…had arisen in the flames, which, possessed of a wild and mischievous spirit, pursued the workmen till he clasped them in his arms, entirely consuming the parts which he touched; walking through them, as it were, leaving upon each side the scattered fragments of their bodies. A creature of such malice and so terrible was at length transfixed by a thunderbolt, and now may be seen upon one of the mountains, writhing in flames whenever a thunder storm passes over the country.

“Since which time the men were unwilling to labor unless the fire was extinguished the seventh year, for they feared some evil might come of it. But Hugo would not listen to the appeals of his people, and now as the night wore on they moved sullenly to and fro, doing his bidding, but with unwilling minds, for the seventh year had arrived, and yet the master bade them feed the furnace. So, as we have said, the men did unwilling service, and talked freely of the pride and perversity of Hugo.

“I have heard smiths tell strange tales about monsters that appear from an over-heated furnace. But I am weak of head, as you say, Peter, and Hugo our master is full of book learning, and despises the wisdom of poor unlearned bodies like us. But what a man’s fathers have seen and told to their children, to my mind is next to the book of truth in which is hid the secret of our salvation.”

Age of America Salamander Archangel fire spirit“My lady dreamed that a bad spirit had obtained a shape upon God’s blessed earth, through the willful pride of her husband, and she awoke, crying, ‘ Woe, woe, woe!’ and bade me come hither. I pray thee look yonder, and behold.” Hugo laughed lightly, and said, “My lady is wont to have pleasanter dreams; methinks they do her husband small praise to-night;” and he took the hand of Margery, and would have led her forth, but her lips grew white, and she pointed to the furnace.

“Hugo and all the men looked that way; and from the mouth thereof half stepped forth what might have seemed a slender flame, but for the intense eyes that cast themselves upon every side. It drew in again, and as it turned itself about, a long, limber tail lay upon the hearth, and then was lost in the flame.

“Beshrew me,” cried Hugo, “but it is a brave beast, and I warrant me will give a new temper to the steel that shall glow beside him. Methinks the brand of Hugo will be one likely to be remembered.”

Present = Spiritual or Consciousness Soul
6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self
7th Cultural Era = Buddhi or Life Spirit
After Catastrophe = Atma or Spirit Man

From now till end of the Fifth Age and with a certainty, as we all straggle along, through the Sixth Age we shall be dominated by a kind of intense Fire Mystery. This fire of the I AM, shall presently and into the future kindle a Holy Ghost fire that has to do with the full intake, inbreathing of living Spiritual wisdom. This wisdom can be approached through many different channels and pathways. However the signature of approaching this Fifth Age and into the Sixth Age will have before us, facing us, challenging us and enlightening us, a new kind of higher fire.

1 And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

In the Sixth age, as the Sun rises in the Spring from the constellation of Aquarius, on the big clock of the stars, the Novalis/John the Baptist mystery will also begin making itself more apparent. The fire we are digesting now, that which we are wrestling with in terms of a higher schooling of the soul and spirit, will be called more and more into an active, individual, Manichean reality. And that which we are absorbing and awakening to now, becomes as our incarnations progress, far more vivid personal and alive in each of us. We must intimately share the pain of our humanity as the literal key to awakening the enormous Fire Furnace of the Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart. Our intimate individual empathy, built on the substance of overwhelming, heart breaking compassion, will be inescapable.

Through these vivid experiences, where we will begin to see the choices in our most intimate karma, revealing in our physiognomy and written on our faces,  those shaping forces that the dark magicians of materialism have succeeded in Ahrimanically imprinting by controlling the genetic and formative forces from cradle to grave, we will have our hearts torn apart.

John the Baptist, the Archangel that once hovered over the Hebrew people, who met, witnessed and played as a child with Jesus, he who stood at the transition from Jesus/Zarathustra, to THE CHRIST BEING, Novalis the poet, Raphael the painter, will arise once more and reveal a new curative path of FIRE that comes from the I AM. A new Baptism by the higher I AM will reshape us all in the forge of Initiation.

Each of us will feel Manichean Christianity in the overwhelming cauldron of the compassion of our hearts by having to face the rifts and shatterings of our karma, of those we loved beyond death. We will feel the vital school of Manichean sacrifice, for our loved ones,  in an overwhelming individual, fire of love, to offer ourselves as Bread and offer ourselves as the fiery blood that heals the karmic divisions all the way down to the etheric/genetic tearing apart. Novalis experienced this with the death of Christiane Wilhelmine Sophie von Kühn (March 17, 1782 – March 19, 1797. We will ,of necessity, experience the depths that the Christ experienced and it will teach us the Fire of Love in a wholly new astral/etheric cohesion of the Science of Love.

Luke 3:16-17 – John answered, saying unto [them] all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:

We have the awakening of astral and Holy Ghost fires beginning to penetrate our consciousness, our thinking and our hearts in the 5th Age. These forces gain strength in the 6th age, as they penetrate slowly down into the etheric forces, that restore, and reverse the terrible, compelling powers that made us accomplices in Ahrimanic goals. And through this FIRE from our I AM, we will be trained to bring these higher forces into our etheric bodies and strengthen our Etheric Bodies from within our higher spiritual developments, wrought from great tragedies and confrontations that shall yet come to pass.

And purified astral forces of the White Garments for the wedding, soul and spirit purifications, enhanced and awakened, and with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, through courageous acts of compassion, sacrifice and redemption, whole new forms of penetrating Love will become known. Including new powers of the WORD itself.

By the end of the 7th Age, when the Sun rises in the Spring in the Constellation of Capricorn, from a massively changed humanity and a massively cataclysmic Earth perspective, gradually and with great resistance, the Fiery Secrets of Spirit-Man, Fire Spirit Salamander Agnishvattaa New Heaven and a New Jupiter Evolution of the Earth will have arisen and taken us beyond the heart wrenching lessons gleaned and garnered from the fading majesty of Earth Evolution.

Spirit-Self and awakening dormant faculties and capacities of The Grail in us, will re-kindle and transform the dead un-used portions of our soul life. These regions are presently subjected to demonic infestations and spider broods of fallen beings, all clamoring for the Spirit that humanity is endowed with. As Angelic understudies we will have to go in and clean house, purge our beings of these soul leeching parasites.

These new FIRE MYSTERIES OF THE I AM, have appeared here and there. We are in the Fifth Age and the Man from Room Five (Click Link), which is the title of the Rosicrucian mystery of Roman numeral ‘ V of this the AGE OF PISCES THE FISHES’. It is the man from room ‘V’ that goes through a FIRE INITIATION event born from the tragedy of Evil fighting against Good. This event foreshadows our own I AM awakening. I have mentioned that Stephen King often attempted to tackle very lofty esoteric themes. In Stephen King’s “Fire Starter” an anomaly of raw salamander inspiration and intensity emanates from a little girl. What happens if a lofty Archangelic Fire Spirit overshadowed an innocent but morally advanced child? That is why the gracious wisdom of heaven have required human beings to go through a ripening in their human souls to gain the conscious insights into these mysteries. We should be grateful for all the efforts of those who have given us some slender opportunities to explore these riddles before we are thrust into them blindly.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am, and how fortunate it has been for my destiny to meet, share and carry in my soul the works and efforts of those in the Michael School and the Novalis School for ‘Schöne Wissenschaften’. The works of my colleagues saturate and illuminate the efforts of this research document. Without them I could not have intensified and compressed some of my own insights.To gain a broader and more intimate picture of aspects in this document it is warmly advised, and with great affection for our shared higher education, that those books and those links that have been indicated here, should be explored with great joy, courage and wonder of the soul and spirit. I have felt uplifted and rejoiced in my heart as I explored and celebrated the wealth of their immense spiritual contributions to my stumbling steps. May the future striving spirits take our feeble efforts and lift us further and deeper tomorrow than we have attempted today. It is you and our children and ourselves as we incarnate in the future that will harvest the benefit of raising and expanding our Consciousness Soul vision to the schooling of Spirit-Selfhood and beyond. May the Christ go with us all.

LINK OVER TO PART 2 Consciousness Soul 5th Age – American Perspective -THANK-YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.


If we study John the Baptist, we also begin to study something of the immersion the human soul takes into and through the threshold of the etheric/astral worlds. John the Baptist represented a WATER/Aquarius mystery. So if we wanted to see how a pupil of John the Baptist, Elijah, Raphael and Novalis and part of the the distant future of the Novalis School – The SIXTH EPOCH or Sixth Age Manichean impulse might appear – we could look at the film “CONSTANTINE”.

Firstly it is curious that “Constantine” was made at all.  Secondly, some star name attached to the movie have Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Tilda Swinton. (Swinton has a child in a Waldorf School). But the themes are much to do with the John the Baptist Water Initiation of the future Aquarius Age, when the Sun Rises in the Spring, in Aquarius. Gold as the Christ Impulse and THE SPEAR OF DESTINY (which I examine briefly here) which is associated with the wound of Amfortas of the Grail, are fairly extensive and liberal constructs, ahead of the Manichean Age of the transformation of Evil. So “Constantine” is most definitely an Aquarian/John the Baptist premature and awkward foreshadowing of a kind of Manichean Impulse. It’s worth a look if you are brave.


Brian Gray, Program Director of the Foundations in Anthroposophical Studies’ at Rudolf Steiner College, explains the complexity of death and reincarnation and the stages of life after death and the preparations of the spirit for the next life. (click link) This is so transparent, so Logos Imbued, that we shall and should take all the fiery sensationalism out of CONSTANTINE and study this simple tape over and over again until we understand or begin to sense how death operates and how do our higher bodies integrate themselves. Everyone in America needs to calmly and cleanly regain objective clarity and THIS CLIP is very good.


Hebraic names were Hananiah (חֲנַנְיָה), Mishael (מִישָׁאֵל) and Azariah (עֲזַרְיָה) 

AGNISHVATTAS, Fire Spirits and Archai

Age of America fire spirit, Archai3 King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, sixty cubits high and six cubits wide,[a] and set it up on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon. 2 He then summoned the satraps,prefects, governors, advisers, treasurers, judges, magistrates and all the other provincial officials to come to the dedication of the image he had set up. 3 So the satraps, prefects, governors, advisers, treasurers, judges, magistrates and all the other provincial officials assembled for the dedication of the image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up, and they stood before it.

4 Then the herald loudly proclaimed, “Nations and peoples of every language, this is what you are commanded to do: 5 As soon as you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, you must fall down and worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up. 6 Whoever does not fall down and worship will immediately be thrown into a blazing furnace.”

7 Therefore, as soon as they heard the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp and all kinds of music, all the nations and peoples of every language fell down and worshiped the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up.

8 At this time some astrologers[b] came forward and denounced the Jews. 9 They said to King Nebuchadnezzar, “May the king live forever! 10 Your Majesty has issued a decree that everyone who hears the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music must fall down and worship the image of gold, 11 and that whoever does not fall down and worship will be thrown into a blazing furnace. 12 But there are some Jews whom you have set over the affairs of the province of Babylon—Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego—who pay no attention to you, Your Majesty. They neither serve your gods nor worship the image of gold you have set up.”

13 Furious with rage, Nebuchadnezzar summoned Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. So these men were brought before the king, 14 and Nebuchadnezzar said to them, “Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, that you do not serve my gods or worship the image of gold I have set up? 15 Now when you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, if you are ready to fall down and worship the image I made, very good. But if you do not worship it, you will be thrown immediately into a blazing furnace. Then what god will be able to rescue you from my hand?”

16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[c] from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

19 Then Nebuchadnezzar was furious with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and his attitude toward them changed. He ordered the furnace heated seven times hotter than usual 20 and commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to tie up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and throw them into the blazing furnace. 21 So these men, wearing their robes, trousers, turbans and other clothes, were bound and thrown into the blazing furnace.22 The king’s command was so urgent and the furnace so hot that the flames of the fire killed the soldiers who took up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, 23 and these three men, firmly tied, fell into the blazing furnace.

24 Then King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement and asked his advisers, “Weren’t there three men that we tied up and threw into the fire?”

They replied, “Certainly, Your Majesty.”

25 He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”Age of America Agnishvatta Fire Spirits

26 Nebuchadnezzar then approached the opening of the blazing furnace and shouted, “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, servants of the Most High God, come out! Come here!”

So Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fire, 27 and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.

28 Then Nebuchadnezzar said, “Praise be to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who has sent his angel and rescued his servants! They trusted in him and defied the king’s command and were willing to give up their lives rather than serve or worship any god except their own God. 29 Therefore I decree that the people of any nation or language who say anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be cut into pieces and their houses be turned into piles of rubble, for no other god can save in this way.”

30 Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the province of Babylon.


Creating a visible fire salamander spiral, does not have the requisite heat, after image and molten intensity for a true Salamander Spirit. But, the spiral is more like what we do by hand stirring bio-dynamic preps in clockwise and counterclockwise spin and vortex to invest and request the elemental community, via the vortex and inverted tornado invocation. CLICK LINK


Study in Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego by Louis Armstrong. Gold and the Fire Beings in the EXOTERIC context. (CLICK LINK)

Texas Aggies, Athletes and the Phantom Horse by Bradford Riley


“If I’m a Heisman voter I’m riding the dark horse wearing number 2 from Texas A&M to the finish line.”

Aggies JM 1a

“That evening the slave came in and Aeson took the child from the arms of the mournful-eyed mother and put him in the slave’s arms. Aggie ringAlso he gave him a horn and a ring with a great ruby in it and mystic images engraved on its gold.”

“No heroes were ever better trained than those whose childhood and youth had been spent with Chiron the king-centaur. He made them more swift of foot than any other of the children of men. He made them stronger and more ready with the spear and bow. Jason was trained by Chiron as Heracles just before him had been trained, and as Achilles was to be trained afterward.

“Moreover, Chiron taught him the knowledge of the stars and the wisdom that had to do with the ways of the gods.”

“When he had reached his full height and had shown himself swift in the hunt and strong with the spear and bow, Chiron told him that the time had come when he should go back to the world of men and make his name famous by the doing of great deeds.”

“Half human, half horse, Chiron embodies the best of two worlds. While possessing the stamina and the speed of a horse, he also has the skills of a warrior and the mind of a true scholar. He is also renowned for his skills as a surgeon and a healer. Chiron has an extremely long lifespan and seems to have a regenerative ability that allows him to recover from most injuries.”

“He had for a friend one who was the wisest of all creatures Chiron the centaur; Chiron who was half man and half horse; Chiron who had lived and was yet to live measureless years. Chiron had fostered Heracles, and it might be that he would not refuse to foster Jason, Aeson’s child.”

Rudolf Steiner

Aggies and the ancient vision of the Centaur

“All human beings bear within them another far wiser being — the centaur. But in spite of his wisdom, this centaur is equipped with all the wild instincts of the animals.”

We learn a great deal when we reflect upon the hallowed halls of all that was given to educate us. We are educated partly because we desire to learn something. We are attracted to Universities for diverse reasons. Some are practical, some are traditional. Sometimes our family’s have all attended certain Universities and we are obliged and willing to continue the tradition in ourselves. After all, we base our choices on the University we desire to attend sometimes on the example of the character of our elders, our parents and what we consider, by their own testimony, the discipline and traditions that have given them character, loyalty, location, Texan styled honor, Texan styled tradition or those who finally recognize, at long last, that there ain’t no other anyways but Texan.

Texas A&M 1

The choice of a certain type of teacher and a certain type of education has continued on through thousands of years. We are going to open a consideration into a manifestation of a modern moment in Educational Clairvoyance that unlocks a window into the source of Athletics and Sports which are worshiped at every University.

The problem with what we worship at the stadiums and the sports competitions, that we have made into our own virtual religion, supersedes the calm, quaint wholesome gatherings at Sunday Church. For most Texans it is School- Team- God -Country. There is not even any argument that everyone is most alive, most focused, most attentive, most vividly engaged, praying to God for a win for the home team, on bended knee, or on the other hand, praying to God for our opponents defeat.

At vast Stadiums or the Hometown stadiums where we have been trained to put our hearts and souls into passionate support, it is our loyalty, our vitality, our families, communities, our schools and our teams that elicit from us the most intense, massive group identity, unified passion. Actual Spiritual Vision of what stands behind certain Athletic individuals and certain moments has been missing from what we have sought as the Spiritual Reality behind Athletic participation.

Respect and Protect your unit,
Respect and Protect the Corp,
Respect and Protect God,
Respect and Protect your country.

We are about to raise the bar of Spiritual and objective perception of the mystery of Athletics and Sports that no one has ever revealed. What are the intimate, objective connections between, the magnificent, astonishing revelation of astonishingly gifted Athletes and the religious perception and revelation of what we know a Human Being Is?

The bridge between our longing to justify our emotional investment in THE GAME; and the missing religious and educational insights that are our intrinsic justification as to why Sports have such a heightened sense of meaning for us, has never been explored the way we are about to explore the subject. So saddle up. There are a thousand mundane reasons why we love the game but there are very few reasons that can awaken in our souls, once more, the true foundations of the religion of Athletic Insight.

There certainly is objective recognition in The Heisman Trophy. Aggies Johnny HeismanGranted, we are able to dissect the performance of our chosen Athletes with precise statistics and living, video documentation, with such micro-intensity, that we may see and affirm, beyond a doubt, that such and such an Athlete is gifted. A gifted year, a gifted season, an inspired game and a gifted Athlete register on our highly attentive, religious, fanatical and loyal worship of our favored and selected schools and teams.

We become voracious, fanatical fans to our school teams but this does not lead us to the objective foundation of the miracle of what makes an Athlete of supreme skills shine for us with objective clarity. Athletes arise and shine for us and we recognize them and immortalize them but we have never been given the opportunity to merge our recognition with solid clairvoyant observation.

We can now give a sample of modern objective clairvoyance and Athletic Observation and put the pieces of a puzzle together that has been missing from our education and our observations since the loss of objective clairvoyance and the rise of Institutionalized Western University Education.

“He makes an 8-yard run up the middle a work of art”

“This was the artistic principle in earlier times; the artist portrayed what the clairvoyant described to him or what he himself had seen. Artists were often initiates. It is said that Homer was a blind seer, but that means that he was clairvoyant. He could look back into the Akashic Record. Homer, the blind seer, was seeing much more in the spiritual sense than were the other Greeks. Thus, the centaur was once an actual human form.” Rudolf Steiner, Egyptian Myths and Mysteries, Lecture 7

We need to comprehend the greatest ongoing mystery behind all Athletic skill and reconnect in our hearts and souls to what the ancients saw and observed and were inspired by, but which we have lost the ability to see and understand. We sometimes have to be in the right place at the right moment to catch a glimpse of what the ancients saw clearly in their spiritual sight, which they knew clearly and precisely the connections to the spiritual forces of education, which we have lost altogether in the subjective celebration of our modern Teams and Players.

It isn’t that we don’t understand a Star Athlete when we see one, it is rather that we have never reopened the portal that existed in the ancient past that has allowed us to recognize the ancient Greek Heroes as the Greeks saw them. We have lost vivid enhanced knowledge and replaced it with a derogatory disdain for what we consider and are falsely educated to believe, as useless, meaningless MYTH. If it says Myth, it translates as fantasy and can be dismissed by our rational intelligence.

Our intellects reject fantasy, but here lies a severe problem. In the highly gifted Athletic Individual we can look through that individual clearly and consciously and see the working forces that identify for our cognition and perception, the reality that is no longer Myth but rather the missing Science we have lost, of the religious and spiritual comprehension that shines brightly, inspiring and invigorating what we recognize and all agree, is a truly gifted Athlete.

We now have an opportunity to raise our vision and our educational insights to the lofty level that once shone forth from ancient Greek Civilization.

“A gymnasium is a type of school of secondary education in parts of Europe. The word “γυμνασιον” (gymnasion) was used in Ancient Greece, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men.”

In other words what was alive back then, in the field of sports, of heroes, of skills on the battlefield or playing field, arose for the ancient Greek, from the skill sets of heroes that were once historical individuals. Achilles, Ulysses and the seer of ancient Greece, Homer had reported an accurate historic event. The ancient city of Troy and the battle on the shore and the Trojan Horse, were not myths, as we would like to believe but rather solid historical human beings that the Blind Bard Homer was able to vividly see.

In history we have to give full credit to Heinrich Schliemann, (Click Link) who through his childhood savored every line of the Iliad and the Odyssey of the great clairvoyant and historical novel of the foundation of Greek Civilization. He managed to retain in his soul the power of the vision that had inspired his youth with such passion, so much so that he directed his entire adult will and resources, maps, money and intellect to locating the exact spot where Troy could be found.

The Seven Layers of the cities of Troy were found by Heinrich Schliemann and what everyone dismissed as myth, was now historical fact  (Click link for further study) . The founding of all the mysteries of Western Culture, all that we are taught about the ancient Heroes of the past Greek Civilization, which we happily discard as bogus myth, wasn’t myth at all but the plumb line of the depths of the last vestige of ancient clairvoyance that rayed forth from the Blind Seer Homer.

Schliemann had a particular distinct birth imprint that higher education acknowledges. It is a curious and highly spiritual mark that appears in some individuals. This mark has appeared in Joan of Arc and Johannes Kepler and Heinrich Schliemann. This much we know about certain astonishing souls. That January 6th, the birth date of  Joan of Arc, Johannes Kepler and Heinrich Schliemann, is when, at the end of what is dismissed by our education, as nonsense, the Twelve Holy Nights that end on January Sixth, are exceptional days. Exceptional forces are given in the final Embryonic stages of development, during the Holy Nights, for certain individuals.

The most vivid insight into these Twelve Holy Nights, in which Kepler, Joan of Arc and Schliemann share, is the curious ancient Norwegian tale of  Olaf Åsteson. Heinrich Schliemann was born on January 6th, 1822 and shattered the myth of ancient Troy and established the historical fact of Homer’s ancient vision and account of the events and heroes of Troy. (CLICK LINK)

“Already as a little boy Heinrich Schliemann was obsessed by the idea that Homer had given an account of true history in his great epic poems – the Iliad and the Odyssey, and that Troy had really existed. He did all to find this famous place. And he achieved one of the greatest sensations of archaeology: The discovery of Troy and Mycenae. His firm trust in Homer was the foundation for his discovery of Troy. Because of the descriptions in the Iliad and the Odyssey Schliemann was convinced that the hill Hissarlik must be identical with Troy – and he was right!”

The thread of ancient clairvoyance slowly deteriorated and dissolved until, Johnny Manziel, quarterback for Texas A&M, in the year of our Lord, 2012 A.D. flashed across our sight. What was spiritually known back then, about the highest level of achievement of ancient Athletes and Warriors was now back in plain view. Aggies helmets of troy ancient GreeceSuddenly in the football season of 2012 a vision of Sports and Spiritual Education returned once more to living reality that has been hidden behind our admiration and devotion to Athletic ability.

We are looking now, into a mystery of Athletic Spirituality that has been buried like Troy under mounds of rubble. You have to be in the right place at the right time to uncover one of the richest insights into the mystery of Athletics and it was the 2012 football season of Texas A&M that helped reopen one of the most hidden spiritual mysteries of humanity.

This significant opportunity of objective perception, which lifts our most ancient insights into the present of the 21st century, requires all of us, everyone of us, to be in the right place at the right moment. Jonathan Paul Manziel (born December 6, 1992), also known by his nickname, Johnny Football, is an American footballquarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. His significant 19th year, 18.6 to 19 year old moment (SEE LINK) has allowed our lost ancient vision to reawaken and catch up to our absolutely new 21st century clairvoyance.

This moment of being in the right place at the right time, doesn’t just apply to Johnny Manziel. Manziel’s sports videography, his boyhood biography and his performance on the field just happened to fall within my own studies, so that indeed I was in the right frame of mind, with the right insights to see an event that has powerful objective implications for the future of Education.

The event we all shared in 2012 sent time ripples out from the shared illumination and recognition that we all saw and recognized with our own eyes as Johnny Manziel coming alive as an Athletic Marvel. Time ripples were felt and experienced that swept deep into the ancient past and far, far, forward into the future of anatomy, physiology and the Spiritual Revelation of Sports and Athletes.

Aggies time wave window into ancient visionWas there a new breed of Super-Quarterback breaking out? Did a time wave of ancient Athletic inspiration SHINE through for an instant? Were some able to see backwards in time and catch a glimpse, for an instant, of the ancient mystery of Sports and Athletics?

Some indeed caught a glimpse of the ancient inspiration of Chiron surfacing again, calling it the age of the Super-Quarterback but their instant inspiration was wrecked on the rocks of the speed of our intellects and the rip-tide of the flow of INFO and INTEL and an avalanche of a heaping plateful of instant gratification meatballs in the form of intellect and statistics. Our own devouring intellects prevent the mind from lifting our spiritual vision and holding that vision for anything longer than the next statistical micro-burst.

Athletic Super-Cell outbreaks and surges of  new Super Athletes, sometimes comes in waves. “Johnny Football did not lasso a twister and ride it. Anyone who’s watched the way he wreaked havoc on defenses and, sure, on the sensibilities of Heisman voters, understands the tale cannot be true.” Manziel was one of the astonishing twisters arising from a newly generated super-cell of Centaur and Chiron in-pouring, inspirations.

A completely different layer of reality comes to the surface when we catch a glimpse of the Etheric Centaur behind athletes, abilities and instincts that we could glimpse in the performance on the field by Johnny Manziel. But something was cresting, some wisdom from the ancient world was cresting and a surge, a time wave of insight and ability and skills were arising in how we quantify instinct, intelligence and inspiration in a new breed of arising Athletes.

Like the Sun-light glancing off the smooth sheen of a lance-tip, some commentators caught a glimpse of the rising of the ancient dawn of the Spirit of the Athlete. We catch this glimpse and know what it means or we tend to bury our insights under a barrage of statistical commentator giddiness which can be repeated, rehashed, re-fried and regurgitated but with no miracle and no awakening or recovery of the towering inspiration that stands as the hidden mystery behind Athletic Astonishment.

“…a quarterback with a throwing motion better suited for a javelin than a pigskin, simply used his superior athletic skills to lead his team to the national title.

On that November night in 2006 Tim Tebow was 19 years old

(CLICK LINK) Spiritual Facts of the 19 year old Phenomena 

“Keep in mind the five previous Heisman-winning quarterbacks before Tebow — Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, White, Carson Palmer and Eric Crouch — averaged 3,237 yards of total offense and 34 touchdowns on 453 plays. The five since — if you include Manziel — are averaging nearly 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns more per season.”

“The stats are impressive. The only other quarterback with 200-plus rushing and passing yards in a bowl game was Vince Young in the 2006 Rose Bowl. But it’s watching Manziel that’s so much fun. He makes an 8-yard run up the middle a work of art, zigzagging his way around defenders who go to grasp him and come up with air. He darts in and out of holes, makes tacklers miss by quickly shifting gears and directions before they can figure out what’s happening.”

“I don’t know why it took me so long to see it before, but my sudden realization was eye-opening. It was as if I could see into college football’s future. Just as Tebow stepped onto the college football stage fully formed in legend, a Paul Bunyan-esque otherworldly nature characterizing his every step, so too has Johnny Manziel. There’s a Haley’s Comet quality to both men, an eye-opening and startling nature about their emergence. Most stars, especially at the quarterback position, take time to step into the limelight. Not Tebow or Manziel.”

My wife is a loyal Aggie, so I had the opportunity of being immersed in the 2012 football season, like everyone else on the planet, where the miracle of Johnny Manziel slowly coalesced before our eyes. However my university training was in Europe, at a university known as The Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.  My wife is a highly successful Aggie, loyal and proud with the usual, rather noble character traits I attribute to the rituals and camaraderie of Aggieland.

My university was the very first Agricultural Science systems in the world to recover the insights of the Organic Science of matter, before anyone had even reported it missing. The Goetheanum is known for it’s Biodynamic Agricultural Courses through out the world. It is also the origin of the largest private School system in the world, known as Waldorf Education. But sadly, though I grew up in Illinois and played football in Ohio, and live in Texas, there were no football teams in Switzerland where I attended school. Waldorf Education is not known for it’s massive sports programs. However the educational depth that allowed my insights and studies to see through the Johnny Manziel phenomena put my vision in exactly the right spot at the right moment.

My school teaches us to observe students with very intensified, cognitive interest. So Johnny Manziel, his passing performances, his foot work, speed, agility were, as anyone could see, plainly real.Missouri v Texas A&M I reproduced in my mind’s eye part of my training in football and part of my training in Greek Gymnastics at my school in Switzerland. There were very clear stages of development in the Greek Gymnastics, but they culminated in the discus and throwing a javelin or spear. So watching the arc and passage of the passes of how Johnny Manziel threw his passes, I could vividly see what is known as CHIRON OR KHEIRON, (Johnny Manziel in action. The magnificent Centaur behind the spirit , the etheric mystery behind the physical Athlete – Click link).

Everything that the ancient vision and our lost clairvoyance had understood as the inspiration of the Centaur – Chiron – through the training of Warcraft, CJP108041hunting, in both the javelin and the snap of the football and the snap and focus of the hunted target are all rooted in the higher forces of  ‘ super intelligent higher-instincts’  of flight or fight that is the science of the animal and the science of the instincts and capacities of the animal realm. The dynamic aim, that is involved in the Spear and firing the football to a designated moving target, while all of ones capacities are also in motion, in seconds, in fakes and eluding capture or being tackled and still finding that target, echoed everything in how the Greeks vividly experienced themselves without a satellite network or HD big screen T.V or a local Sports Bar. But the ancient Greeks were able to see something spiritually behind those instincts that we have medically and spiritually lost sight of.

Aggies throwing 1

Johnny Manziel brought sight, arm, and baseball instincts and insights with him into his Super-Quarterback skills sets. The art of pitching and throwing a baseball and the bio-mechanic habits that enter as distinct habits of body memory and etheric lymphatic and muscle memory grow with us as our bodies develop from childhood,Aggies Johnny baseball to youth to fixed habits of our adult gait, posture, stance till they become the signatures of our unique personalities.

But in the elasticity of childhood and youth our invisible mentoring, the factors inside our developing childhood imitation and imagination, our attraction to various athletic archetypes, the ancient Archetypes of throwing, of dodging, of eluding, of aiming, of nailing IT, sliding, tumbling, and the classic Greek forces that are in the foundation of our bodily structures, all rest on the mystery of the Centaur that is the invisible part of all our visible skills sets.Aggies arm spear BASEBALL javelin football

The Greeks experienced the ancient heroes and their Athletes vividly and inwardly as actual dynamic spiritual etheric memory and sight. Which is how the instant RE-PLAY, the recorded film, slowed to frame by frame, stifles or awakens in us the latent forces of Spiritual vision.What happens when actual spiritual vision reawakens in conjunction and in union with our enthusiasm, awe and wonder, and the added gift of observing in slow-mo and in vivid replay an Athletes or our teams movements?

In Spiritual Vision, we are trained to review and relive moments through inner vision and we have full control of those memory events but because it is an actual spiritual and precise field of inner observation, we can catch flashes of exactly what stands behind great Athletes. The ancient Greek experienced with far more vividness than we do today, the shining inspirations behind the vision of what truly stands behind every great hero, athlete and warrior. So yes, our frame by frame instant replay can stifle or enhance our wonder and awe and thereby awaken or numb our actual spiritual vision. The opportunity was once more given to re-awaken the power of ancient inner vision at the dawning of the Johnny Manziel phenomena  that was just appearing in the 2012 AGGIE football season. There it was for an INSTANT!

There was something more profound behind the Tale of Troy and there is something more profound behind every single human being who feels called to Athletic Excellence. What that profound reality is reveals a mystery of etheric and clairvoyant anatomy that is well above our current level of pedestrian educational and medical parameters. We shall look directly into this Etheric and Physical anatomy of each human being a little later, but I guarantee you that you have never, in your entire educational evolution, ever seen the transposition and the transformation of the higher development of the lungs, the way it appeared to the ancient Greeks.

The ancient Greeks relived in their etheric mirroring capacity, which was much more vital, strong, healthy and alive in the ancient past, relived the tales of the ancient heroes and could SEE and KNEW as they saw, that they could vividly identify the inspiration and mentoring of the mightyAggies Chiron and the Etheric Centaur Giuseppe Maria Crespi Centaur – Chiron, behind the super animal instincts and intelligence of their most cherished Athletes and Warriors.

“What myth does for you is point beyond the phenomenal field toward the transcendent. A mythic figure is like a compass with one leg in the field of time and the other in the eternal. The image of a god may look like a human or animal form, but it’s reference is transcendent of that.”  Joseph Campbell

What is behind instincts and skills that all sports enthusiasts relish?  The hunter, the Athlete, the Sports Person, the Warrior doesn’t necessarily believe in much, but they do respect what they see and witness as Intelligent Instincts that appear in Athletes and hunters, warriors and the trained skills of martial arts. But the inspiration and reality for these skills sets could be seen, literally and spiritually seen, recalled by Homer and the ancient Greeks and we are about to see them arise again before our eyes.

Today we have the heroic canned music, the videos and the power of the stadiums, the fans, the commentators, but we have long since lost any connection to what the ancient Greeks once saw, illuminated behind their heroes. It was no myth. It was true etheric vision and memory that the Greeks saw. And with hardly any effort on our parts, (okay a little effort) all of us, could see this Youthful ability once again arise in Johnny Manziel. ( Click Link and WATCH Spiritual Instincts of the Phantom Horse on the field with Manziel and the ancient Centaur).

I knew that the archetype of such Athletic ability I was seeing in the phenomena of Johnny Manziel  (it could be any Athlete on any team, anywhere, or any scout who is in a position to observe Athletes and most assuredly those recognized former Heisman trophy winners – there is an objective shine and skill set that is visible physically and spiritually) the archetype of that skill set appears under the guidance of the Centaur. Well that was my first inner perception.

My second perception, regarding Johnny Manziel was the word ZIEL as in the German” mit Dem Ziel” which translates into “with the aim or intention”. Goal, Target, Aim, Intention and the other part of his last name, ManZIEL (Click Link), was the HUMAN BEING OR MAN who targets. I was trained to look into the Word and into the name we carry through life, as revealing interesting clues.

The third clue made me inquire as to his birthday and his age. I was slightly shocked to see that he was born under the Centaur or Sagittarius.Aggies Centaur star constellation His age was significantly 19 and I have had an intense study of how the rhythm pattern in every human biography, everyone without exception, every 18.6 years through our entire lifetimes, our entire biographies, from our nineteenth, to our thirty-eighth, to our fifty-seventh, and to our seventy-sixth year, we encounter, we literally have a job performance review, literally and spiritually, in every human biography, our literal guiding Angel returns every 19 years, to review how we are doing with our intentions that we brought with us into incarnation. (SEE LINK)

Johnny Manziel was not only born with the star Rigil Kentaurus shimmering in his childhood etheric body, he also brought with him from out of the constellations, his mentoring teacher, Chiron to guide him.

Johnny Manziel is a true Archetype, an echo of an ancient Greek Mystery, a vivid shining Athlete that has come out of the constellation of Alpha Centauri, guided by ancient Chiron, the King of the Centaurs.

He carries for us the very Phenomena of the Phantom Horse (which inspires and overshadows all of Texas myth and legend). Johnny Manziel was born under the sign of the riddle of Chiron. We could witness the very agility and dynamic athletic skills that once inspired and moved the ancient Greeks, while observing Johnny Manziel in the chaos and clarity of the eye of the storm.

When blind Homer told of Troy and painted a portrait of the mentor of heroes, the Greeks did not need statistics and commentator confirmations. The ancient Greeks literally saw spiritually the Great Chiron breathing through the Living Word as they listened to the Initiate Bard Homer. The meter of the ancient Greek Hexameter was designed to sustain the pulse and breath of the Speaker and to fill his lungs with Etheric Life and Soul (Click Link) . Homer through his Hexameter and recitation was able to evoke the etheric and clairvoyant vision of everything that stood just behind and in the solid substance of the ancient heroes.

Athletic Pulse and Breath

“In our human speaking and breathing, there are two distinct and vital rhythms, we can easily detect in ourselves: breathing and pulse. You can not specify their exact relation to each other, because we are talking about a living creature, but a healthy person takes between 16 and 19 breaths per minute. During the same period, the pulse beats about 70 strokes. The ratio is thus that the pulse beats about 4 strokes in 1 breath.” To attain etheric spiritual sight, as we set our breathing and pulse to the rhythm of the hexameter structure a remarkable thing happens. It was here, within the hexameter, where I learned how Sports, Greek gymnastics, Speech and the Living Word, within our breathing, our heart-beats and our anatomy opened a vast inner doorway.

“If we now enter man’s inner nature, we find something set against the external world-configuration: a marvelous harmony between the breath rhythm and blood rhythm. The rhythm of breathing — a normal human being breathes eighteen times per minute — is transferred to man’s nerves, becomes motion. Physiology knows very little about this process. The rhythm of breathing is contained, in a delicate psycho-spiritual manner, in the nerve system.

“As for the blood rhythm, it originates in the metabolic system. In a normal adult, four pulse beats correspond to one breath rhythm; seventy-two pulse beats per minute. What lives in the blood, that is, the ego, (Click Link) the sun-like nature in man, plays upon the breathing system and,through it, upon the nervous system. If one looks into the human eye, one finds there some extremely fine ramifications of blood vessels. Here the blood pulsation meets the currents of the visual nerve spread through the eye. A marvelously artistic process takes place when the blood circulation plays upon a visual nerve that moves four times more slowly.

“Now look at the spinal cord, its nerves extending in all directions, observe the blood vessels, and become aware of an inward playing of the whole sun-implanted blood system upon the earth-given nervous system. The Greeks with their artistic natures were aware of this interrelation. Aggies lung eye and breathing Apollonian Logos laws chiron achilles harpThey saw the sun-like in man, the playing of the blood system upon the nervous system, as the God Apollo; and the spinal cord with its wonderful ramification of strings, upon which the sun principle plays, as Apollo’s lyre.

“Just as we meet architecture, sculpture, the art of costuming and painting when we approach man from the external world, so we meet music, rhythm, beat, when we approach the inner man and trace the marvelous artistic forming and stirring which take place between blood and nerve system.

“Compared to external music, that performed between blood and nerve system in the human organism is of far greater sublimity. And when it is metamorphosed into poetry, one can feel how, in the word, this inward music is again released outward. Take the Greek hexameter with its initial three long syllables followed by a caesura, and how the blood places the four syllable lengths into the breath. To scan the first half of an hexameter line properly is to indicate how our blood meets, impinges on, the nervous system.”

Yes we can go to a gym and work out but I found a powerful work-out ritual for our lungs and our hearts that makes use of the Word and the Spirit that meets and intersects with our lungs. I happened to have also been a long distance runner in high school where I first learned about the highest Zen of breathing, running and pulse. It is there, as any true Athlete will tell you. We arrive at a kind of spiritual ‘high’ a ‘runners high (Study This Link)’, that etherically renews our energy via a mighty pattern of pulse and breath, where we sense we could run forever without tiring. When I was taught to penetrate the hexameter and regulate my pulse and breathing, I entered a kind of Zen-Yoga, ‘runners-high’. And once there one discovers that the images behind the Iliad and the Odyssey come back vividly alive within our etheric vision.

Once in the hexameter pattern and breathing, spiritual vision, Word portrayal and Imagination, start to shimmer before our inner vision and we are vividly carried into the very experience that the ancient Greeks understood, about Pulse-Breath-Lung and Super flashes of vision, when they listened to the blind Bard Homer.

The experience of the blind bard Homer was a pay-grade higher than our experience of the blind bard Stevie Wonder. The instant replays and Slo-Mo’s rippled out in waves from the etheric super-cell and vortex that Homer created. A glorious floating  tableau of vision came alive in, enveloped and was seen and shared by everyone who felt the pulse of combined Word painting, Breath and etheric picture forming power under the open sky. The Temple, the stars, the gods were at their fingertips and for a moment they lived in true Etheric Memory and true Etheric vision.


From the Iliad

Book I

Sing, O daughter of heaven, – of Peleus’ son, of Achilles,

Him whose terrible wrath – brought thousand woes on Achaio,

Many a stalwart soul did it hurl – untimely to Hades,

Souls of the heroes of old: – and their bones lay strewn on the sea-sands,

Prey to the vulture and dog. – Yet was Zeus fulfilling a purpose;

Since that far-off day, when – in hot strife parted asunder

Atreus’ sceptered son, and the – chos’n of heaven, Achilles.

Say then, which of the Gods – bid arise up battle between them?

We can recognize in Johnny Manziel and his youthful sports abilities, his birth within the region of the shadow of the Phantom Horse that runs through all that ties the etheric forces of the wild West to the etheric vision of the ancient Greeks. Texas – The Phantom Horse – the ancient Greeks and finally we were all witnesses to the validity of Johnny Manziel’s Heisman virtuosity,Aggies Spear and running pass as one of the shining new breed of Super-Quarterbacks.

If ever we could SEE the results of Chiron the Centaur in a human form, it presented itself most clearly for those who had eyes to see it, in the performance and Athletic abilities of Johnny Manziel. Each of us are given a primal Etheric Phantom Centaur which we are, everyone of us, required to tame, break, bronco ride and bring into the service of our highest human skills. It is part of the Mystery of the Phantom Horse.

“RIGIL KENTAURUS (Alpha Centauri) with PROXIMA CENTAURI (Alpha Cen C). Among the most famed stars of the entire sky, surely rival in renown to Sirius and Polaris even though not visible to much of the world’s population, is the “foot of the Centaur,” Rigil Kentaurus, “Rigil Kent,” the first star of Centaurus, probably much better known as Alpha Centauri or just Alpha Cen. Its fame, indeed that it is the third brightest star in the sky (after Sirius and Canopus), lies not in its extreme characteristics but in its geometry, as it is the closest star to the Sun, lying a mere 4.32 light years away, the distance known to 0.4 percent.

“Placed well down in the southern hemisphere, in fact the most southerly of naked eye stars, it cannot be seen above about 30 degrees north latitude, and College Station and Texas A&M lie at 30 degrees latitude .Alpha Centauri is located very far to the south on the sky’s dome. Most North Americans never see it. The cut-off latitude is about 29 degrees north, and anyone north of that is out of luck. In the U.S. the line passes near Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida. So it is that Texans and the Southern Region (the SEC click link) is still powerfully influenced by THE PHANTOM HORSE, the CENTAUR and star forces of Alpha Centauri.”

And then the living reality of the Centaur opened the doorway to exactly what I was witnessing, enjoying, celebrating and astonished by, as I observed with immense warm enthusiasm the stunning performances on the field by Johnny Manziel. There it was, the vivid reality of the Archer, known as Chiron that was vitally illuminated in the living Etheric Body of Johnny Manziel Aggies Chiron the Centaur and training Achillesand every other Athletic miracle we are privileged to openly celebrate.

We don’t normally have the trail of etheric vision and the lost science of Athletics merge into one specific instance. It kind of depends on the right conditions and the right moment where our education and our insights come together in concise warm wonder of the soul. It also helped that my wife was an Aggie and I had attended a school that provided deeper insights into such simple things.

I mean, I am hardly a football fan, my wife has grown up with football her entire life. I had no cluttered fields of emotion either way. To me the Aggies were unique because I went to Kyle field so many times, but mostly because of the Spirit of the Aggies that I saw in my wife’s spiritual character. I shared with interest, how the loyal fans, game after game, where undaunted the Aggies always almost nearly coalesced. I was suddenly objectively surprised to see a real, actual phenomena of the soul and spirit, suddenly shining forth and radiating out, with no egotistical coach or control freak who pounced on the unpredictable instant decisions, inspired and common sense and skilled decisions, the Higher Animal Instincts on the field of the hunt and the laws of the game, that moved within the dynamic instincts of Johnny Football.

We all watched for arrogance, pride, egotism, but he continued to shine and have inspired, instinctive, spiritualized Athletics flood forth onto the field where ever the Aggies played.  Of course he appeared in a real Texas warm hearted country song because Texans honor football, horses, cattle and pick-up trucks as a kind of religion (SEE LINK Country Western Johnny Manziel Country Boy).

What flows through our skills sets as inspiration are in fact spiritual forces that we bring with us into life. Our invisible Etheric Bodies are the guide and comforter, the inspiration and artistic symmetry of just what we can do with our physical, bodily instrument. We praise god but the god of great Athletes arises from the starry genius of the Centaur that each of us carries in our etheric bodies. I just happened to be in the right condition at the right moment where my trained thinking had an opportunity to observe a significant and powerful spiritual event, if only I could hold onto the Time Portal that had opened up long enough to comprehend the mystery.


Etheric Mentor behind the mystery of proficient Athletes.

“The Kentauros was a great teacher who mentored many of the great heroes of myth including Jason, Peleus, Asklepios,Aristaios and Akhilleus. Eventually, however, he passed away from the earth, after accidentally being wounded by Herakles with an arrow coated in Hydra-venom. The wound was incurable, and unbearably painfall, so Kheiron voluntarily relinquished his immortality and died. However, instead of being consigned to Haides, he was given a place amongst the stars by Zeus as the constellation Saggitarius or Centaurus.

“Kheiron’s name was derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir), which also meant “skilled with the hands.” The name was also closely associated in myth with kheirourgosor surgeon. Aggies Arnold Bocklin horse shoes and the phantom horseIn Athenian vase painting Kheiron was depicted with the full-body of a man, from head to foot, clothed in chiton and boots, with a horse-body attached to the human rump.”

“Chiron was honored by all, something uncommon in Greek mythology, so it was ironic that his demise came accidentally when he was grazed by a poisoned arrow shot by his friend Hercules. Because he was immortal the magic poison caused him endless, debilitating torment but could not kill him. From this Chiron is recognized as the original wounded healer, an archetype central to the work of therapists, counselors, prophets, and shaman.

“Hercules eventually secured a divine bargain in which Chiron’s immortality was forfeit to secure the liberation of Prometheus, who was more-or-less Chiron’s cousin, thereby granting Chiron his wish to die and consigning his spirit to the underworld. Yet even that was not to last as his universal esteem led his half-brother Zeus to intervene one last time by raising him to the celestial realm in the form of the constellation Sagittarius (sagitta is Latin for “arrow”), thereby restoring to him an immortality of sorts. In this way Chiron ultimately found his cure beyond death and, in both myth and astrology, he lies as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Ancient Art of Mentoring, Coaching and Developing Athletic Marvels

“While Chiron appears throughout Greek mythology to raise and mentor those destined to be gods and heroes we don’t know much about his personality or educational philosophy. As this is a book about learning these are the things we are most interested in: just how does one learn to be a mythical hero? Luckily Odysseus asked this same question of Achilles when he met him later in his life, and this is what he answered:

“Then he taught me to go with him through pathless deserts, dragging me on with mighty stride, and to laugh at sight of the wild beasts, nor tremble at the shattering of rocks by rushing torrents or at the silence of the lonely forest. Already at that time weapons were in my hand and quivers on my shoulders, the love of steel grew apace within me, and my skin was hardened by much sun and frost; nor were my limbs weakened by soft couches, but I shared the hard rock with my master’s mighty frame.

“Scarce had my youth turned the wheel of twice six years, when already he made me outpace the swift hinds and Lapith steeds and running overtake the flung dart; often Chiron himself, while yet he was swift of foot, chased me at full gallop with headlong speed o’er the plains, and when I was exhausted by roaming over the meads he praised me joyously and hoisted me upon his back. Often too in the first freezing of the streams he would bid me go upon them with light step nor break the ice.

“These were my boyhood’s glories . . . Never would he suffer me to follow unwarlike does through the pathless glens of Ossa, or lay low timid lynxes with my spear, but only to drive angry bears from their resting-places, and boars with lightning thrust; or if anywhere a mighty tiger lurked or a lioness with her cubs in some secret lair upon the mountain-side, he himself, seated in his vast cave, awaited my exploits, if perchance I should return bespattered with dark blood; nor did he admit me to his embrace before he had scanned my weapons.

“And already I was being prepared for the armed tumults of neighboring folk, and no fashion of savage warfare passed me by . . . Scarce could I recount all my doings, successful though they were; now he instructs me to climb and grasp the airy mountain-peak, with what stride to run upon the level, how to catch flung stones in mimic battle on my shielded arm, to pass through burning houses, and to check flying four-horse teams on foot.

“Spercheus, I remember, was flowing with rapid current, fed full with constant rains and melted snows and carrying on its flood boulders and living trees, when the sent me in, there where the waves rolled fiercest, and bade me stand against them and hurl back the swelling billows that he himself could scarce have borne, though he stood to face them with so many a limb. I stove to stand, but the violence of the stream and the dizzy panic of the broad spate forced me to give ground; he loomed o’er me from above and fiercely threatened, and flung taunts to shame me. Nor did I depart till he gave me word, so far did the lofty love of fame constrain me, and my toils were not too hard with such a witness.

“For to fling the Oebalian quoit far out of sight into the clouds, or to practice the holds of the sleek-wrestling bout, and to scatter blows with the boxing-gloves were sport and rest to me: nor labored I more therein than when I struck with my quill the sounding strings, or told the wondrous fame of heroes of old.

“Also did he teach me of juices and the grasses that succor disease, what remedy will staunch to fast a flow of blood, what will lull to sleep, what will close gaping wounds; what plague should be checked with a knife, what will yield to herbs; and he implanted deep within my heart the precepts of divine justice, whereby he was wont to give revered laws to the tribes that dwell on Pelion, and tame his own twy-formed folk [the Kentauroi]. So much do I remember, friends, of the training of my earliest years, and sweet is their remembrance.”

from Achilleid book 2. p.96ff (Latin Epic ca. 1st century AD), by Pablius Papinius Statius

By remaining ecstatically, intoxicated with the external trappings of fame and the familiar and common paradigm of Sports Intelligence, we remain imprisoned within very limited parameters of vision.The Johnny Manziel phenomena in 2012 offered all of us the opportunity to awaken both the ancient wisdom and religion that truly represents Sports, Athletes and Heroes and rebuild a bridge to Spiritual Forces and Ethics that have stood behind Sports for thousands of years.

In other words by witnessing together the fresh and startling phenomena of Johnny Heisman, Johnny football, we were all startled and brought to a deeper revelation. That revelation is the actual hidden mystery behind our infatuation and hunger for participating with Athletic Spirituality.

Johnny Heisman certainly brought religion back to the Aggies. So how do we recover the vitality of religion and celebrate what stands behind every human being and every Athlete?  How do we recover the lost vision of the Stars and Western Cosmology (click link), along with the resurrection of the vitality of how religion is supposed to inspire us, revitalize our insights into the vivid Divine Reality of breathing into our lungs the breath of the Risen Etheric Christ Being?  It simply requires breaking with our old habits of thought and gently introducing richer, stronger, clearer insights that neither coach, nor priest, nor university has yet offered us.


‘God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.’ ~ R.B. Cunninghame Graham

We make vane, empty idols of the Athletes we worship because we fail to See behind them the deeper mysteries that are part of all of our human physical forms. An absolute Etheric fact, the foundation of our physical life itself, with both sexes,  that inspires such astonishing prowess and skills,Franz von Stuck, Amazone - Franz von Stuck / Amazon - Franz von Stuck, Amazone so that we are all able to witness and celebrate Sports and Athletes together, is in truth part of our own invisible Etheric Centaur, our own Phantom Horse.

We all carry this invisible, mirroring, inward Etheric Centaur, our Phantom Horse, in each of our Etheric bodies. It is the underlying mirroring and imitation force that expands and grows with us from our childhoods.

No matter where we were educated or at what university we have received our degrees, no one, not ever, has actually offered us a window into the inspiration of the Etheric Body and the underlying forces that make-up the secret of our physical athletic abilities, The Phantom Horse. Until now. Until the ancient window to Greek Inspiration and the Age of Chiron swung open again for our 21st century vision.

We can’t cross over into the higher mystery behind Athletics without passing through a profound medical revelation that towers above the insights of all the Professors, Teachers, Coaches, Ministers and Priests we have ever encountered in our lives. Nothing like this has ever been part of our education, that is, until Johnny Football cracked open our inner vision to the Centaur and the Etheric Phantom Horse.

‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.’ ~ Winston Churchill

The science of the rotation of the Earth, and the rhythm patterns of every breath and pulse beat that humanity relies upon is imprinted in the configuration and mathematical gestation cycle of the HORSE. There fore the PHANTOM HORSE is left in the unconscious realm. We live in the western mythology of the Horse, but long before the West donned cowboy hats, spurs, chaps, jeans (Click Link Cowboy gear) ancient Greek culture had already understood part of the deeper meaning of the HORSE. The deeper meaning of the horse, THE PHANTOM HORSE and the etheric system and hidden, esoteric secrets of how the horse and the human spirit are related, were all profoundly understood by the ancient anatomical science of the Greeks. The Greeks incorporated the hidden mystery of the horse, the Earth Sciences, and the human etheric body in the living science of Chiron the Centaur.

Since we have 12 months in a year, 52 weeks in a year and roughly 365 days in a year, we are fastidiously, genetically, and spiritually dominated by a remarkable piece of mathematics intimately connected to the Earth. So the problem with the Science of Anatomy and the foundations of Physiology is our lack of ability to connect the profound laws of the science of the Earth with the profound structure of the human being. We deliberately deny our own built in wisdom.

The ancient Greek still had the ability to see the connections in things, but we don’t. We prevent ourselves through our own disconnected education from reawakening the deeper anatomical mysteries hidden in the human being. To have a complete education we must understand the connection between things. Our failures to see the connections between things removes the spiritual forces that verify the hidden science that connects our human life to the whole vivid life of the cosmos. And we prefer to remain disconnected. We don’t want to know that there is a hidden secret behind the physiology and the perfection of the human Athletic ideal.

The average mare has a pregnancy of about 335 days, but normal pregnancies occasionally last over 365 days. The gestation period of the horse is approximately 11 months but can range from 315-340 days in ponies and 320-360 days in the horse. It is not unusual for the gestation period to extend well over 365 days. Watch your calendar. Pregnancy lasts around 340 days, + or – 30 days. Your mare may foal in 310 days or as long as 370 days. Variation of the gestation period in the individual foaling mare is important as it relates to length of pregnancy and other aspects of foaling. Mares may change their foaling habits from one year to the next. The “normal” length of gestation is 340 days; however, this is an average and there are documented cases of “normal” pregnancies ranging from 315 to 365 days. The time it takes for an object to orbit around another object is called its orbital period. Earth completes its orbital period around the sun every 365 days. The further away a planet is from the sun, the longer its orbital period. The planet Neptune, for example, takes almost 165 years to orbit the sun.

Expanding our education, the very things that are left out of our education are the very things that transform good Horse Sense into actual, vital Etheric wisdom. So here are a few things that are missing. The gestation cycle of Elephants are directly linked to the time it takes for the planet Mars to orbit once around the Sun. Therefore the Elephant carries the signature of the planet Mars when it walks the Earth. Therefore the behavior of the Elephant on Earth has much to do with the undercurrent reality of Mars. Just as the gestation cycle of the Horse and the Intelligence of the Horse is the very epitome of the wisdom of the Earth. The very living Etheric signature of the Earth is written into the substance and reality of the Horse. This is plain horse sense, science and spiritual physiology which is bound up with the study of our own Etheric Body, our own invisible Phantom Horse. We carry our own Phantom Horse with us unconsciously so that we remain unaware of exactly why the Horse plays such a powerful part in the mythology of the West.

1. How many days does it take Mars to orbit the sun?
2. What is the gestation period of an African elephant (in months)?

1. It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the sun, the gestation cycle of an Elephant. (365 days for earth to orbit the sun is the gestation cycle of the Horse).

2. The gestation period of an African elephant is 22 months 660 to 780 days is the length of time it takes Mars to orbit once around the Sun. (9 months is the human gestation period connected to Venus. The figure of 260 days is significant for various reasons. It closely matches the period of human gestation, or the completion of nine full-moon cycles ).

The complete gestation cycle of the Bee Community is based on the development of the Worker, Queen and Drone. The full development of the gestation cycle of the Bees are tied directly to the fact that the Sun, our Sun, rotates once, the Sun’s rotation takes 25 to 27 Earth days, the length of time of one Sun-Day. So it takes one Sun-Day, one complete rotation of the Sun is equal to 25 to 27 Earth days. It takes one Sun-Day rotation to complete the development of all the various Bee stages. Queen-Worker-Drone.

Rabbits take from 28 to 35 days to gestate and grow so that we know that the quick cycle of the Moon is rather directly linked to the Rabbit reproduction cycles. Duck, Geese, Turkey’s run on a Lunar hatching cycle of approximately 28 days. But the egg hatching of both Birds and Bees tend to require the Sun forces, and the 27 Earth days rotation amounts to ONE day for the life of our Sun.

Therefore when we approach the secret patterns and rhythms that make up Life and Etheric Wisdom, we come to the secret of the Horse. The laws that are imprinted into the invisible patterns of how we train ourselves to become magnificent Athletes, are revealed in the fact that at the foundation of our patterns and behavior we are SET, just like the horse is SET, into the Etheric patterns of Earth.

These Apollo laws, are the very laws of the Sun, the Logos, when we say Physiology, we are saying Physio-LOGOS, the laws of Apollo are written deeply into foundations of the human being. And as human beings we are running these rhythms unconsciously in and through us because we have within us THE PHANTOM HORSE that rules over all the blueprints and design codes that we must have to be physical human beings.These intimate, hidden design codes of the Horse, our lungs, our breathing and our pulse were understood by the Greeks as Apollonian wisdom.

Laws of the Etheric Life of the Sun, musical, guitar, lyre and Pythagorean, planetary and mathematical harmonies that Orpheus knew of are alive all through nature. These Etheric/Apollonian laws are the foundation for all of our physical life.

“Apollon’s seven-stringed lyre and golden quill led many a lovely strain. To Zeus a prelude, then sang they first divine Thetis, and Peleus.”

That is why the Centaur and Chiron taught the great heroes and Athletes about musical rhythms and harmonies,
Aggies Spear and football the Zen of Running, The Zen of throwing, running, leaping, wrestling, discus and spear for the Greeks, allowed the Athlete to rise to maximum strength, velocity and ability within the laws of gravity, levity, dynamic circumference and targeted Ziel, linear goals.

Johnny Manziel was a prime Apollonian example of the school of Chiron and the Phantom Horse. Athletes reveal in their actions a thrilling balance between Apollo and Chiron, between our quick, vivid, wild instincts and the framework of laws that hold our breathing, pulse and Athletic skills at maximum overdrive.  (Johnny Manziel CONFLICTS BETWEEN INSTINCTS AND ATHLETIC PERFECTION – click link) The human being exceeds the Horse but shares it’s gifts. Let’s find out just what Apollonian Laws are fully anchored in every human being.


Howdy is the universal Aggie greeting, and for such a small word, it speaks volumes. It says, “Welcome to Aggieland, friend.”

Aggies howdy Texas greeting

Rudolf Steiner

“Man could not be given a consciousness which is, on the one hand, strong and able to see through the cosmic rhythm, and on the other hand, uncontrolled and full of wild instincts. But the centaur’s animal nature — is tamed and conquered in the next incarnation, during his passage through the world of cosmic rhythms between death and a new birth. The foundation of our lung-system in the present incarnation appears as our physical head, although this is dulled down to an understanding limited to the senses, and what lies at the basis of our lung-system appears as an entire human being whose wild instincts are tamed in the next incarnation. The centaur of this incarnation is, in the next incarnation, the human being endowed with sense perception.Aggies athlete lungs brain coordination

“Now you will be able to grasp something else: — You will understand why I said that, during man’ s existence between death and a new birth, the animal realm is his lowest realm and that he must conquer its forces. What must he do? In what work must he be engaged between two incarnations? He must fulfill the task of transforming the centaur, the animal in him, into a human form for the next incarnation. This work requires a real knowledge embracing the impulses of the whole animal realm; in the age of Chiron, men possessed this knowledge atavistically, in a weaker form. Although the knowledge of Chiron is a knowledge weakened by this incarnation, it is of the same kind. Now you see the connection. You see why man needs this lower realm between death and a new birth; he must master it; he needs it because he must transform the centaur into a human being.”

“Let us imagine the physical organization of the headAggies left and right brain and the physical organization of the lung; from the universe come cosmic impulses that express themselves rhythmically in the movements of the lungs. Through our lungs we are related with the entire universe, and the entire universe works at our etheric body. When we pass through the portal of death, we lay aside the etheric body. We enter that which is active in our lung-system, and this is connected with the entire universe. Aggies lungsThis accounts for the surprising consonance to be found in the rhythm of human life and the rhythm of breathing.

“I have already explained that when we calculate the number of breaths we draw in one day, we obtain 25,920 breaths a day, by taking as the basis 18 breaths a minute (hence 18 x 60 x 24). Man breathes in and breathes out; this constitutes his rhythm, his smallest rhythm to start with. Then there is another rhythm in life, as I have already explained before — namely, that every morning when we awake we breathe into our physical system, as it were, our soul being, the astral body and the ego, and we breathe them out again when we fall asleep. We do this during our whole life. Let us take an average length of life — then we can make the following calculation: — We breathe in and breathe out our own being 365 times a year; if we take 71 years as the average length of human life, we obtain 25,915. you see, more or less the same number. (Life differs according to the single human being.) We find that in the life between birth and death we breathe in and out 25,920 times what we call our real self.

Aggies Sports mysteries and the Lung“Thus we may say; — There is the same relationship between ourselves and the world to which we belong as there is between the breath we draw in and the elements around. During our life we live in the same rhythm in which we live during our day through our breathing.

“Again, if we take our life — let us say, approximately 71 years, and if we consider this life as a cosmic day (we will call a human life a cosmic day), we obtain a cosmic year by multiplying this by 365. The result is 25,920 (again, approximately one year). In this length of time, in 25,920 years, the sun returns to the same constellation of the Zodiac. If the sun is in Aries in a certain year, it will rise again in Aries after 25,920 years. In the course of 25,920 years the sun moves around the entire Zodiac. Thus, when an entire human life is breathed out into the cosmos, this is a cosmic breath, which is in exactly the same relationship with the cosmic course of the sun around the Zodiac as one breath in one day in life.

“Here we have deep inner order of laws! Everything is built up on rhythm. We breathe in a threefold way, or at least we are placed into the breathing process in a threefold way. First, we breathe through our lungs in the elementary region; this rhythm is contained in the number 25,920. Then we breathe within the entire solar system, by taking sunrise and sunset as parallel to our falling asleep and awaking; through our life we breathe in a rhythm that is again contained in the number 25,920. Finally, the cosmos breathes us in and out, again in a rhythm determined by the number 25,920 — the sun’s course around the Zodiac.

“Thus we stand within the whole visible universe; at its foundation lies the invisible universe. When we pass through the portal of death we enter this invisible universe. Rhythmical life is the life that lies at the foundation of our feelings. We enter the rhythmical life of the universe in the time between death and a new birth. This rhythmical life lies behind the carpet woven by our senses, as the life that determines our etheric life. If we would have a clairvoyant consciousness, we would see this cosmic rhythm that is, as it were, a rhythmical, surging cosmic ocean of an astral kind.

[How football, stadiums and Athletic skills developed during the historical period from 1840 to 1879 is part of the Mystery of the Centaur which I will discuss below]

“…event which took place in the autumn of 1879. Now we can only lift the outer veil of this mystery; but even this outer veil is one of the most important pieces of knowledge concerning man. It is indeed a head that we bear within us as the head of a second man; it is a head, but also a body belongs to this head, and this body is, at first, the body of an animal. Thus we bear within us a second human being. This second human being possesses a properly formed head, but attached to it, the body of an animal — a real centaur. The centaur is a truth, an etheric truth.

“It is important to bear in mind that a relatively great wisdom is active in this being — a wisdom connected with the entire cosmic rhythm. The head belonging to this centaur sees the cosmic rhythm in which it is embedded, Chiron Kheiron and Akhilleus Archeology Naples Italyalso during the existence between death and a new birth. It is the cosmic rhythm that has been shown in a threefold way, also in numbers — the rhythm on which many secrets of the universe are based. This head is much wiser than our physical head. All human beings bear within them another far wiser being — the centaur. But in spite of his wisdom, this centaur is equipped with all the wild instincts of the animals.

“Now you will understand the wisdom of the guiding forces of the universe. Man could not be given a consciousness which is, on the one hand, strong and able to see through the cosmic rhythm, and on the other hand, uncontrolled and full of wild instincts. But the centaur’s animal nature — please connect this with what I have told you in other lectures dealing with this subject from another point of view — is tamed and conquered in the next incarnation, during his passage through the world of cosmic rhythms between death and a new birth. The foundation of our lung-system in the present incarnation Aggies lungs brain halvesappears as our physical headAggies lung and brain functions, although this is dulled down to an understanding limited to the senses, and what lies at the basis of our lung-system appears as an entire human being whose wild instincts are tamed in the next incarnation. The centaur of this incarnation is, in the next incarnation, the human being endowed with sense perception.

“Now you will be able to grasp something else: — You will understand why I said that, during man’ s existence between death and a new birth, the animal realm is his lowest realm and that he must conquer its forces. What must he do? In what work must he be engaged between two incarnations? He must fulfill the task of transforming the centaur, the animal in him, into a human form for the next incarnation. This work requires a real knowledge embracing the impulses of the whole animal realm; in the age of Chiron, men possessed this knowledge atavistically, in a weaker form. Although the knowledge of Chiron is a knowledge weakened by this incarnation, it is of the same kind. Now you see the connection. You see why man needs this lower realm between death and a new birth; he must master it; he needs it because he must transform the centaur into a human being.”

Texas A & M founded in 1876

Aggies original 1876

“Father of American Football”

Walter Chauncey Camp (April 7, 1859 – March 14, 1925) was an American football player, coach, and sports writer known as the “Father of American Football”. By the age of 33, twelve years after graduating from Yale, Walter Camp had already become known as the “Father of Football”. In a column in the popular magazine Harper’s Weekly, sports columnist Caspar Whitney had applied the nickname; the sobriquet was appropriate because, by 1892, Camp had almost single-handedly fashioned the game of modern American football.

English Rugby rules at the time required a tackled player, when the ball was “fairly held”, to put the ball down immediately for scrummage. Camp proposed at the US College Football 1880 rules convention that the contested scrummage be replaced with a “line of scrimmage” where the team with the ball started with uncontested possession. This change effectively created the evolution of the modern game of American football from its rugby football origins. Walter Camp is credited with innovations such as the snap-back from center, the system of downs, and the points system, as well as the introduction of the now-standard offensive arrangement of players; a seven-man offensive line and a four-man backfield consisting of a quarterback, two halfbacks, and a fullback.

Why isn’t it appropriate to have TWELVE PLAYERS on the field? What is the mythology of the TWELFTH MAN? Dana X. Bible was originator of the TWELFTH MAN TRADITION. Curious as to what the X stood for, well it stood for Xenophon (431 bc-?355 bc) M, Greek, MILITARY:
Aggies Xenophon general, HISTORY: historian; Greek general and historian; a disciple of Socrates. His other works include Hellenica, a history of Greece, and the Memorabilia, Apology, and Symposium, which contain recollections of Socrates.

Was Xenophon a student of the PHANTOM HORSE and Chiron? Well the title of one of his works tells us, yes he was. Xenophon wrote On Horsemanship; On Hunting“.  The Phantom Horse and Chiron the trainer of Athletes,
Warriors and Hunters goes way back into ancient Greek MythologyThe TWELFTH MAN TRADITION (Click Link) runs out from Dana X. Bible all the way back to ancient Greek Civilization.

In all the works on my blog I have charted and tabulated the age of 33. Numbers are very curious and the TWELFTH MAN TRADITION adds an invisible quantity to the 11 man backfield that the 33 year old FATHER OF FOOTBALL, Walter Chauncey Camp inaugurated. Firstly the age of 33 is shared by incidents and personalities of immense interest to us.Aggies Truman 33rd degree Mason

Harry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. Truman was also a 33rd degree Mason. Most Law Enforcement and military have the Masons 33 degree hidden criteria as the background for our modern as well as our more ancient human ethical behavior.

Christ was crucified at 33 and we know that Christ is the father of the the full 12 man program. “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”, was on the air for 33 years. But hardly is there a more curious name, DANA X. BIBLE, Dana Xenophon Bible (October 8, 1891 – January 19, 1980) father of the tradition of the TWELFTH MAN.Aggies Dana X. Bible (1934)

Football’s ELEVEN MAN offense set-up was founded by Walter Chauncey Camp and based on the numbers of 7 and 4, which are remarkable numbers that I deal with in most of my blogs. Twelve, Seven, Four are powerful number relationships. But to have a holy tradition of THE TWELFTH MAN, linked to the name BIBLE, DANA X. BIBLE and actualized by Texas A&M tradition, reveals a curious persistence in our human behavior to gravitate to the number TWELVE.

I have analyzed TWELVE in my evaluation of JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (CLICK LINK) and in an intense study on the Dramatic Arts and Sciences (SEE LINK). I also examine the deepest Biblical insights into the TWELVE DISCIPLES and focus a spotlight into the key destiny of the twelfth disciple and truly uncover a shattering TWELFTH MAN mystery (CLICK LINK) that has never been offered by any of our universities. So a man by the name of Bible initiated one of the most sacred traditions in Texas A&M history.

A great many things, seen and unseen were happening from 1840 through 1879 and beyond. Troy was rediscovered and excavations of the ancient city of Troy were begun in1870 with the discoveries of Heinrich Schliemann. The micro-lab for the mock battles, strategies, and intense magnifying lens for Athletes to shine forth under the proud sun of the god of combat, and football was brought into a highly controlled and efficiently designed system of THE GAME by Walter Camp.

Homer had lit with visions torch the ancient rays of Michael the Archangel of the ancient Greeks to the current battle won by Michael our current guiding ZeitGeist and Time Spirit.Archangel__St__Michael__by_CharlieCo Michael who rayed forth from the voice of the  Blind Seer Homer the sacred foundations of the history of Western Civilization around 750 B.C. shines forth for us anew as the Time Spirit, the Zeitgeist till 2234. The Spirits of the ancient Athletes that Homer saw, who possessed the Etheric body, which we all possess of the ancient wise Centaur Chiron once more begins to awaken the ancient knowledge of Physiology, Anatomy and the resurrected sciences of the hidden etheric body, the Second Being in us.

The most intense and intensive event was a shift in Education and Spiritual Insight that was won for humanity through the War in Heaven. Michael’s battle has won, for us, during this current period the remarkable resurrection of the vision, from the previous Michael Age that shone from the Greek period,  and renewed and resurrected shines forth once more from 1879 to 2234. (CLICK LINK) Vast insights into education and the human being that have been hidden since long before Homer and long before Greece had lost it’s spiritual heritage, have begun to come back to us in mighty flashes of insight. Rare moments arise in our education today when we can regain and recapture vivid and profound experiences that were once understood by humanity. This is such a moment.

“Since the last third of the nineteenth century, means and ways were given whereby that which occult schools have kept back (in an unjustified way, in many cases) becomes obsolete. This is connected with the event that I mentioned to you — the event which took place in the autumn of 1879. Now we can only lift the outer veil of this mystery; but even this outer veil is one of the most important pieces of knowledge concerning man.”

The ancient Greek was much closer to the vivid Anatomy and Imagination of the Living Anatomical laws and cosmic forces which they knew were deeply imprinted into the  heroes, Hercules,Peleus, Jason, Achilles. Every Greek child was filled with the living Etheric Pictures of actual Beings that had taught, inspired and revealed themselves through mighty heroic deeds and great Athletic skills.  And those skills were part of the ancient Greek Gymnastics, which every Greek child learned as the foundation of human-hood and the keys that invoked the inspiration of the gods themselves, that they might come alive and shine through our human form.

Advanced Anatomy the Lungs and the Brain

Aggies anatomy and physiology of the Science of Chiron the Centaur

Johnny Manziel in the 2012 football season at Texas A&M offered the opportunity to lift the veil, and reopen an ancient pathway to The Science of the AGE OF CHIRON. The ancient Greeks in the Age of Chiron couched the highest Anatomical and Physiological mysteries of the human being, in educational stories about the gods and the ancient Greek Heroes. Johnny Manziel offered an opportunity to restore the ancient science of the Etheric body of the human being, the Centaur, into current 21st century insights.

From the Texas A&M football season of 2012 A.D. a vivid glint of light shot through, like a mirror that catches a glance of sunlight, it glinted across space and time to our hearts and minds. It was a sharp spiritual light, that reflected off the bright, shimmering Etheric Body of Johnny Manziel just at the moment when we all saw something brilliant flash before our gazes.

It was magnificent, effervescent and astonishing.The glint reflected it’s powerful sheen across centuries of time, back to the Age of Chiron. For an instant the most ancient wonder from the Age of Chiron, that had burned so brightly before 2012 B.C.  – flashed for an instant through Johnny Manziel’s etheric body in 2012 A.D.   (The lens of spiritual vision and history CLICK LINK)  Ancient Greek sciences, long before Homer, knew of the operative science of Anatomy and Physiology that included the mighty Cosmic Reality of The Phantom Horse, the Apollonian sun-bright mystery of the merging of our own Etheric Centaur with the Divine science of our pulse and and our lungs.

Is it possible for such a spiritual flash to light across the centuries? Well 2012 was a unique year. However I have repeated many times that we had to be in the right place at the right moment to catch such a glint inwardly. Even to the point of having our own Etheric body, our own thought life be receptive enough to catch the shining reflection that shot across centuries of Time, lit by Apollo and the Sun-Bright forces of the Logos. In other words, it isn’t merely external sights, astronomical external events, but vivid spiritual history itself that can suddenly light up within any receptive human etheric body.

We all saw it and there was a powerful Sun Event that did arise for all of us in the year 2012. (CLICK LINK)  But we had to be in the right condition and the right sensitivity to be able to apprehend it. The inner phenomena of Johnny Manziel, his own Etheric Brightness, had opened a brief window into the ancient shining revelation of Chiron, The Age of Chiron and the ancient Science of the Centaur that had been lost and obscured since Blind Homer had last recorded it. It reappeared for a brief instant, shining with spiritual brightness that is reserved only for profound inner spiritual events, it shone through the bright glint of Johnny Manziel’s etheric body. And that, that is what we hunger for in any given season and in any given sport, to be able to literally celebrate, witness and apprehend a clairvoyant moment exactly the way the Greeks had experienced it and under the brilliant illumination of SEEING what the Blind Bard and seer Homer could vividly and inwardly see.

The ancient Greeks couched their sciences in mythic tales. But because of the different soul condition of the ancient Greeks these lost fables and tales, and fragments were once a magnificent public education system that included both the Divine Spiritual forces and the physical, material miracle of the manifestation of heroes, warriors and Athletes.

The ancient Greek understood, through Chiron, the invisible teacher of the Etheric body, what the purpose, health and Athletic ability meant to the physical and to the spiritual laws of the universe. Each Greek child, adult and student when they went to sleep at night, the living force of these myths came alive. And that cohesive, magnificent, poetic and brilliant structure was the foundation of Western Civilization long before decadent Rome came on the scene.

The Horse has the gestation cycle of the Earth herself. So the Horse represents the Lungs, and pulse of the Earth for the Horse carries the 365 day cycle of gestation. The Earth and the Horse are one. But it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the unconscious mathematical system anchored in our lungs and pulse, matches in mighty, miniature form, the entire pulse of the Cosmic System we are embedded in. Our lungs and our hearts carry Apollo’s laws. We are deeply imprinted with the Divine System that we carry in our Physiology and our Anatomy. These imprinted, etheric laws, are the literal rules of the Logos and no human being incarnates without them. We as humanity, with our Anatomy are embedded and imprinted, indeed each of us carries in our rhythms of heart and lung a mighty cosmic being that is epitomized in the solid and magnificent, visible Horse.

Our cowboy traditions in the West are certainly anchored in something vast, mystical and magnificent but they come from an ancient science that we would prefer to remain dormant and un-examined. We have had no desire to understand the Horse as a living Etheric/Physical Earth creature that carries the full Zen of a Cosmic Runner’s High and lives as Lung, hoof and pounding pulse of the mission of Earth Herself. We treasure the Kentucky Derby and Horse rearing, breeding, breaking, busting, herding and horse races, but the solid science that places our pulse and our heart-beats into sync with the laws of the cosmos, with the laws once worshiped as Apollo or Apollonian, Logos and cosmic laws, we dismiss. So we take the frill and fable of the West but have rejected the Anatomy, Physiology and Science of the Age of Chiron.

The Anatomy and Physiology of Apollo, music, math and all the laws of the Logos reveal an invisible structural body, known as the Etheric Body, which is given to each of us as preparation for our incarnations on the Earth. The science of the Age of Chiron and the science of the Risen Etheric Christ, both reveal a powerful Sun Structured Etheric Body, the Logos of Anatomy and Physiology which is held together by our etheric body. At issue is this, is it tenable that the Risen Etheric Body of the Christ Being is capable of shining with such Sun Bright Force that we could see it inwardly, reflected off our own etheric bodies?  The Greeks saw it and Homer saw it, only they called it Apollo, but St. Paul called it the Risen Etheric Christ which blinded St. Paul in the same manner that Blind Homer could see. Is there such a powerful inner light?

Our lymphatic system is the physical representation of our etheric body; our nervous system is the physical representation of our astral body; and our blood system and all of the secrets in our blood and our hearts (Study of the Human Heart Click Link) are the physical representation of the I AM, the blood identity field of the immortal human being. All that we study are the Physical body parts, but we refuse to see the cosmic forces and the invisible powers that are woven into our Physical forms.

Which brings us to the advanced comparative contemplation of the metamorphosis and transformed, trans-positioning of the form of our Brains and the form of our Lungs. We have a SECOND BEING within us, the lawful and potent rhythmic system, Lung and Pulse and drives and instincts, that appear sometimes transfigured in Athletes, Jason, Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, Peleus were all students of Chiron.

Our entire human etheric body, the un-mentioned and un-acknowledged source of the wisdom of our Etheric bodies were all gathered together, when the foundation for the striving of Western Civilization was planted deeply into the cosmic structure of every human Etheric body on the planet. We know this powerful etheric body illuminated the inner sight of Homer the blind poet. We also know that this powerful etheric body flashed into instant revelation in St. Paul. In fact we know very well that the inner illumination was so bright, that it temporarily overcame the external apparatus of vision in St. Paul. It is firmly established that our Etheric Body, the ancient Centaur, after all St. Paul was knocked off his horse by the shock of the inner light that illuminated him, even the horse felt it, our own Divine Etheric bodies are the doorways to the inner vision of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

The Foundation of our Western Civilization and the foundation of each of our Etheric Structural Systems were, in every detail, celebrated at the wedding of heaven and earth between Thetis and Peleus at the great cave of Chiron, where all the Divine Beings attended. The Divine Beings, the Gods, attended by invitation from Chiron, to the wedding of the deepest structural mysteries of the Etheric Bodies of all and every single member of humanity.

The entire structure, striving and force of Western Civilization and source for the inspiration of our Sports Heroes, Warriors, Heisman trophy winners, everything, from Homer and the Trojan War to ancient Greece and the decadent offshoot of Rome Herself all the way up to Johnny Manziel’s etheric body, all of these powerful cosmic impulses of how Reincarnation and Karma work (CLICK LINK), were all met at the wedding of Thetis and Peleus. Here our flaws, our jealousies, our gifts, our immense skills our divine Pythagorean wisdom, the Logos and the laws of the planets were all bound-up and woven together in the wisdom and functioning of the Second Being we have in us, the Phantom Horse.

“According to classical mythology, the wedding of Thetis and Peleus was celebrated on Mount Pelion outside the cave of Chiron and attended by the deities: there they celebrated the marriage with feasting. Apollo played the lyre and the Muses sang, Pindar claimed. At the wedding Chiron gave Peleus an ashen spear that had been polished by Athene and had a blade forged by Hephaestus, and Poseidon gave him the immortal horses,Balius and Xanthus  (our immortal human lungs). Eris , the goddess of discord, had not been invited, however. In spite, she threw a golden apple into the midst of the goddesses that was to be awarded only “to the fairest.”Aggies Marriage of Etheric Body gifts Peleus and Thetis Peter Paul Rubens

Our human Etheric Bodies Woven with Divine Forces, Hosted by Chiron, descends from the Spiritual World with every unique gift offered by the Gods themselves

Colluthus, Rape of Helen 14 ff (trans. Mair) (Greek poetry C5th to 6th A.D.) :

“Among the high-peaked hills of the Haimonians, the marriage song of Peleus [and Thetis] was being sung while, at the bidding of Zeus, Ganymede poured the wine. And all the race of gods hasted to do honour to the white-armed bride [Thetis], own sister of Amphitrite:

Zeus from Olympos and Poseidon from the sea. Out of the land of Melisseus, from fragrant Helikon,

Apollon came leading the clear-voiced choir of the Mousai. On either side, fluttering with golden locks, the unshorn cluster of his hair was buffeted by the west wind. And after him followed Hera, sister of Zeus; nor did the queen of harmony herself, even Aphrodite, loiter in coming to the groves of the Kentauros [Kheiron]. Came also Peitho (Persuasion), having fashioned a bridal wreath, carrying the quiver of archer Eros. And Athene put off her mighty helmet from her brow and followed to the marriage, albeit of marriage she was untaught. Nor did Leto’s daughter Artemis, sister of Apollon, disdain to come, goddess of the wilds though she was. And iron Ares, even as, helmetless nor lifting warlike spear, he comes into the house of Hephaistos, in such wise without breastplate and without whetted sword danced smilingly.

But Eris (Strife) did Kheiron leave unhonoured: Kheiron did not regard her and Peleus heeded her not . . .
And Eris (Strife) overcome by the pangs of angry jealousy, Aggies making of the etheric bodywandered in search of a way to disturb the banquet of the gods . . .
And now she bethought her of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Thence Eris took the fruit that should be the harbinger of war, even the apple, and devised the scheme of signal woes.

Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses. Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Kypris [Aphrodite], as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes (Loves). But Hera would not give it up and Athena would not yield.”

Wisdom, Power and Beauty – Athena-Hera and Aphrodite, and in our human system, our three systems of Thinking-Willing and Feeling, our profound education into Cosmic Science, Political Power and Artistic beauty all clashed together into what Homer clearly described in the Iliad and the Odyssey, as the tale of the Trojan War, all centered around a Horse.  A Horse.

Aggies Placebo false Phantom HorseThe Trojan Horse contrasted with Chiron and our real Phantom Horse, loaded with all the gifts of our human Etheric bodies, was brilliantly captured by the Symbol of a Wooden Horse. The fake, phony materialistic, mechanical,  rusted out machine worship, that dishonors our Etheric bodies, worshiped by one and all on the phony altar, bowing before an empty anatomy science is what we are taught. (Heart studies are seriously wrong LINK)   We are taught that the Heart is a pump. (Click Link)

We are taught incomplete nonsense because we dare not attempt to understand Reincarnation and Karma and how our Living Etheric Bodies are loaded with Divine forces. We dare not admit to ourselves that our materialistic science has long since replaced the Science of Chiron.  We dare not consider the treachery of our own educational Wooden Horse, our placebo, replication, we are forced to worship, against the model of our actual Living and Divine Etheric systems. St. Paul had his entire Etheric Body flash into vivid illumination, so bright it shone that he was unable to see for three days. Homer’s strong etheric body was able to see vividly all the ancient treasures that the gods had built into our Etheric Bodies. Christ blew the doors off the tomb, from the potent reconstruction of His Invisible Etheric body, so that He walked away from the tomb and could reconstruct Himself  at will, from his Risen Etheric Body, so that people could touch Him.

These three systems woven into our Etheric Bodies are part of the cosmic system we understand as Nerves and Sense system; Metabolic System; and Rhythmic system; woven together in the threefold symmetry of the very pissed off Divine Beings of Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. All of the details of our Etheric Divine system were wed and woven together and hosted by the wedding of Peleus and Thetis in the Cave of Chiron the Centaur.

The slippery, liquid shape shifter, elastic mirroring capacity of the Etheric Body IS THETIS. That defines Thetis. A potent, elastic, mirroring shape metamorphosing, impossible to catch, is the raw ingredient of the Spiritual quality of our Etheric forces. It had to be anchored down to the physical body type of the hero Peleus who was also mentored by Chiron.

Now this profound Etheric Body that resulted in the birth of Achilles reveals a stupendous set of insights. Firstly, the marriage of Thetis and Peleus reveal a gathering of Divine Beings who imprint into the Etheric substance the Prototype of every human Etheric body. Secondly, Achilles, who carries the Spear that Chiron had given Peleus, that was polished by Athena, the representative of the Divine THOUGHT forces, and was fashioned by the magic craftsmanship of Hephaestus, reappears powerfully through history. We will cover this topic at the very end. The Spear of Destiny is one of the mighty tools that follow down throughout human development.

Thirdly, that force that everyone receives in our newly minted Etheric Bodies as we approach a NEW INCARNATION, is dynamically  riddled with the karma that we each carry with us into our incarnations. It is individually stamped by the Stars that we carry and bring with us into incarnation (SEE LINK). Therefore all of the gods, realize, as a prototype, what the destiny of Achilles will be. This is not fate for us, but rather we carry in our Etheric Bodies the gift of our individual Destinies as the full force of our individual Etheric Bodies.

Now the FOURTH FACTOR, is the most astonishing. The entire shape shifting forces of the mobile, elastic Etheric Body of a Divine Being, the Christ, chooses to enter humanity and enter the model of the highest developed Etheric Body and Astral Body ever transformed, in the Jesus destiny (CLICK LINK). Christ is born for the Earth and the Etheric Life of Earth with the potent and Divinely impregnated Etheric Sun Forces that only Christ could offer humanity. Christ than reveals Himself, after His earthly body has been obliterated, as the Risen Shape Shifting Cosmic Being who now stands as the Lord of Karma. We have to only recall that Christ appeared in several different solid forms, Road to Emmaus; on the Shore with Peter and John; Before Mary Magdalene; Before Thomas. Thomas touching the solid manifestation of the Risen Etheric ChristChrist represents the absolute completion of everything that the Ancient Greeks understood as Chiron and the Marriage of Thetis and Peleus. The Risen Etheric Christ in our current reality is a very, very big deal. This was the greatest, heroic and Athletic feat ever accomplished in the history of humanity.

And Fifth, we have to marvel at the profound Sciences, couched in old Greek Wisdom, that Initiates and Seers were able to so deeply penetrate, down into the mysteries of Human Anatomy and the Science of the Etheric, that the science of  the Age of Chiron, handed down to posterity the super-charged invincible mystery of how the elastic shape-shifter, mothering and watery forces of the Lymphatic system of our Etheric Bodies, THETIS, were offered to the mighty Apollonian Logos of Love, the Christ. We have to marvel at an ancient system of thinking that cosmically dwarfs our current meager pedestrian fumblings with the study of human anatomy.

The resurrection of the Science of Chiron and the Wedding of Peleus and Thetis, which was the celebration of the making of the gift of our cosmic Etheric Bodies, has resurrected in the Science of Reincarnation and how our individual Etheric Karmic forces are woven into our Virgin Etheric Bodies when ever we prepare ourselves to Reincarnate. (Etheric Body Science and Reincarnation, CLICK LINK)

Now that means that in our Anatomy studies where we discuss the transposition of different systems in our anatomy, we understand, as an example, the position in our Anatomy of our Fallopian and Eustachian systems. I cover the Anatomical secrets of the Fallopian and Eustachian systems and how they appear in the upper and lower physiology of females and males in (this link). The mirroring and division of the etheric models of our Etheric Bodies, female and male, reveal something profound again that is completely unknown to the study of  Anatomy.

Opposite to the Centaur in the Stars, and again I mean directly opposite in the stars, is Gemini. Gemini and the Etheric body we carry as the Centaur are deeply connected. Gemini, exactly on the opposite side of the zodiac as the Centaur or Sagittarius doesn’t mean squat to us.  But it is a primary consideration in the function of our understanding the mirroring and polarity forces operative in human Anatomy. The fact that every human being is built on the Template of the Zodiac and is woven and tightly knit with the forces of Zodiac in our rib-cage, our lungs, our eyes, our ears, our two magnificent arms and legs that help define the dynamic perfection of some of our most treasured Athletes, we remain clueless as to where these design fields and forces have come from.

“In the same way, our ego is diffused in the blood that flows throughout our two lungs, two sides of our brain, two kidneys, two ovaries/testicles and all other “twoness” that have been captured in a living process by Gemini. The space within our ribs and skin is an inner-thought world where the sounds and tones of speech are not merely audible to us, but freely resound as an inner word, portending the possibility of moral development coming to realization in new “seed”. (Anatomical secrets see link)

The great transposition and transformation of our Brain System and our Lung System brings us into the secrets of the Etheric Body and the Science that once existed in The Age of Chiron. The transformation of all the forces that our Etheric life takes, in fact, the work of how each human etheric body is transformed in the breathing out – as we enter into incarnation towards the Earth and the breathing in process – as we re-enter the Cosmic System that rules in the vital Precession of the Equinoxes, imprints into the Law of our Lungs, the Pulse of our Hearts, and the Capacity of our Brains, two distinct beings.
Aggies Anatomy lungs Chiron brain, heart as future pineal and Human brain twin organsChiron and our Human consciousness.

Our lungs and heart as a Rhythmic System represent a future brain. ( Current validation click link) The Heart would develop the forces that would appear side by side in the future as our Pineal gland in our Brain, nerve and human sense system. In other words from one incarnation to another, the advance of our Hearts development, our Lungs and Pulse transform and metamorphose into our Brain and Pineal glands. The two halves of our brain structure reflect the immortal wisdom of our lungs. The two horses, Balius and Xanthus, metamorphose into the breathing in and out of Percepts and Concepts in the two halves of our brain. The intuitions we develop from our hearts become higher organs of perception in our future incarnations.

We carry with us TWO BEINGS. The cosmic forces of Chiron and our Etheric Bodies and our Human Brain and Sense system. They transform themselves in tandem between one incarnation and the next. The light that once shone in our hearts is transformed to the intuitive light that illuminates our pineal glands. Our ability to see connections and unravel the hidden value of invisible concepts and both visible and invisible percepts and our most intimate I AM cognitive thinking arises only from our metamorphosed heart and lungs. (SEE LINK FOR FURTHER STUDY).

The theory of the cosmic horse rules in the very roots of the WORD, Equine Equinox Experience.Yet it is the very laws of the stars, the formal Apollonian and Logos rhythm of our Sun through the heavens that trigger the Anatomical miracles, polarities, harmonies and literal transformation and metamorphosis of our Lungs and our Brains that are unfortunately lost to our modern materialistic science.

Therefore, by merely burying ourselves in the glitz, glitter and fanfare of ESPN, we cover our vision under an avalanche of statistical impediments, accouterments, palaver and rigmarole so that there is no possible way to see the Shining Spirit behind our most cherished Athletic Myths and legends. We have lost the ancient science of Chiron and we have lost the vision of the Etheric Second Human Being that paces with us, all through our human destiny on Earth. We not only lose the gifts of Homer, but we also inhibit the gifts of St. Paul, we lose the Divine in the Human Being and we fail to see the spirit behind our most cherished athletes.

“…that part of human nature that can perceive reality and has not attained the required maturity in one incarnation, but must be weakened in order to become man in the next incarnation. The centaur, of whom I spoke to you, who is to be found beneath the threshold of consciousness, would be able to perceive truth and reality, but the centaur cannot as yet perceive.

What we perceive is not a reality! But man can let himself be determined by that part of his being which is no longer, or is not yet, a centaur; then his actions will be those of a free being. The secret of our freedom is intimately connected with the taming of our centaur-nature. This centaur-nature is contained in us in such a way that it is chained and fettered, so that we may not perceive the reality of the centaur, but only the Maya.”

Prometheus, Chiron, St. Paul and The Etheric Christ

Having just fallen off his rearing horse, Saint Paul lies prostrate on the ground. His closed eyes hint at the blindness that struck him the moment that the Risen Etheric Christ appeared.

Aggies the horse and St. Paul

Saul is not reclining, as in other paintings on the subject, but utterly prostrate, shattered, humbled to the very ground, all his strength gone, his sword thrown down. Struck blind, he needed to undergo the death of the senses in order to see the new supernatural light.

And our problem is Chiron and how the most intense prophet of Chrisitanity was riding a Horse. The moment Chiron had waited untold Centuries for, where Horse and Rider and the Second Being in us were jolted into the Conscious Revelation of the Etheric Body, had arrived. The Horse and the Rider, the conscious human being, were both catapulted into the central mystery of the Etheric Vision of the Risen Etheric Christ.Aggies the mystical phantom horse of St. Paul  s. bernardelli

It must have been a special moment for the Horse, for it certainly was one of the most powerful historical moments where the Age of Chiron crashed into the Greek thinking of Paul. And in that moment a magnificent riddle was born. But this riddle of the Ancient Science of Chiron and the Greeks, points to who St. Paul has recently been. But I may not yet speak of that riddle.

Rather we are required to dwell on the bright inward illumination that shattered Saul into Paul. That an inner Etheric Light, a Consciousness that spoke in that Light, the literal Logos who had crafted the Etheric Body of Humanity, the Etheric body of Horses so that the Horse Etheric matched the Earth Etheric body. The Sun Logos that had crafted the Etheric body of the animals, the etheric life of all the plants and had even given the crystals and precious stones their unique character and receptivity to Light. This was the Light and Love of the world that is sensible and visible in the Etheric Body of humanity. That was the good news.

Prometheus, like Amfortas and Telephus, had a wound that would not heal. As punishment for Prometheus giving fire to man, Zeus had him chained up in the Caucasian mountains. Every day, an eagle came to Prometheus and bit him in the liver, which grew again every night. In his Prometheus trilogy, of which only Prometheus Bound has survived, Aeschylus developed him into the creator and saviour of mankind. Although he gave them fire, Prometheus took away their knowledge of the future. In the next part of the trilogy, Prometheus Unbound, Zeus allowed Prometheus to be freed. Heracles shot the eagle and freed the titan from his chains.

Every human being, bar none, is a wounded hero. Prometheus is an immortal and we as humanity are immortal, in the fact that we reincarnate through time and we carry our immortal individualities through the Spiritual World, through laws of the stars, and back into matter, the womb and the compressed forces of our New Virgin Etheric Bodies, with us.(Reincarnation Laws Click Link) We are wounded and we carry around with us the forces of death.

Rudolf Steiner

“Anyone who approaches the Mysteries to-day must. feel that he is confronting himself in such a way that he will strive after the virtues of Parsifal, while knowing that — because of the modern conditions already described and because he is a man of modern times — he is in fact someone else also, the wounded Amfortas. A man of our time carries within him this double nature — aspiring Parsifal, wounded Amfortas. That is what his self-knowledge must lead him to feel. Then from this recognition will flow the forces which out of duality must make a unity, and so should bring man a little further on in the course of world-evolution. In our Intellectual Soul, in the depths of our inner life, there must be a meeting between Amfortas, wounded in body and soul, and Parsifal, whose task is to cultivate the Consciousness Soul. And it is entirely true to say that in order to gain freedom for himself, a man must go through the “wounding” of Amfortas and become acquainted with the Amfortas within himself, so that he may also come to know Parsifal.”

Well not only the forces of death but seduction. All of us carry a disintegrating shadow that eats away at our earthly physical bodies. The character of the wounded King or wounded Queen, the character of Anfortas or sometimes spelled Amfortas, the Fisher King, is one of the most mystical parts of the Parsifal saga. It hinges the entire Mystery of the Holy Grail on the recovery of the Spear. So this Spear or Lance is a truly significant part of the puzzle of Chiron and the marriage of Thetis and Peleus. The Spear holds one of the deepest secrets of our etheric bodies. (click link)

“Hercules eventually secured a divine bargain in which Chiron’s immortality was forfeit to secure the liberation of Prometheus, who was more-or-less Chiron’s cousin, thereby granting Chiron his wish to die and consigning his spirit to the underworld. Yet even that was not to last as his universal esteem led his half-brother Zeus to intervene one last time by raising him to the celestial realm in the form of the constellation Sagittarius (sagitta is Latin for “arrow”), thereby restoring to him an immortality of sorts. In this way Chiron ultimately found his cure beyond death and, in both myth and astrology, he lies as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Amfortas, the sick, eternally dying, agonizing death and the immortality, and pain of immortality in our mortal frames, is exactly what Prometheus and Chiron so agonizingly experienced. It is exactly what the Grail King Amfortas suffered by being in constant proximity to the immortality forces of the Holy Grail.

So the wounded Queen or the wounded King is our eternal riddle. We may review that eternal riddle, that applies to everyone in the flesh here (CLICK LINK). The solution to that riddle has to do with our Etheric Bodies, our Larynx, and our sexuality. In all the polarities of the study of anatomy and our physiology sciences, our Speech forces, the HUMAN and COSMIC WORD, play a key role in the Spear and the HOLY LANCE OF LOVE.

But as we shall soon see, the most important, undiscovered, unexplored, advanced study of our etheric body and the Etheric Body of the Risen Etheric Christ has exactly to do with the polarity of the Carbon Dioxide inhalation of plants and the Oxygen exhalation of the etheric world of vegetation. This is a polarity, like the many we have studied, that is without a doubt one of the most advanced revelations of humanity.

“Plants are living things and their metabolism constantly ‘burns’ food using Oxygen and producing CO2, they do this all the time, day and night. However, during the day plant is bombarded by photons (i.e. light). The light allows the plant to photosynthesize, turning CO2 and water into Hydrocarbons for food and releasing Oxygen. The amount of Oxygen produced is surplus to its metabolic requirements and is therefore released into the atmosphere. At night photosynthesis closes down because there is no light so the plant consumes oxygen and releases CO2 like animals.”

We have studied the human lung, the breathing of the Earth, the Horse as a magnificent representative of the Earth Herself. We have studied the rhythms of our pulse, our heart beats and our lungs and how meshed and merged we are to the entire cosmic system in each of our breaths. Now we find that the world of vegetation and plant life also breaths, the Earth Herself, in all her etheric vegetation and the laws of breathing does something, that in the plant is always virginal and without sexuality.

So in effect the entire vegetation of the Earth is like a giant breathing horse. And the plant world for the moment gives humanity oxygen and we give the plants carbon dioxide or CO2. This is a commonplace mystery that has immense, stupendous, ramifications. For it leads us into the most purified regions of the Etheric Body of the Risen Etheric Christ, as a functional force that could reproduce itself without Sex.

The word parthenogenesis comes from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin“. Parthenogenesis arises as a perfected study, in the Etheric Body, of the Risen Etheric Christ Being. It is one thing to be crucified and a whole other stage of human development where from the power of our etheric bodies, (female for physical males; and male etheric bodies for physical females) we gain such purity and strength that we overcome death, that exists in our physical bodies. Our anima and animus, our etheric bodies become freed of sexual differences and sexual confusion.

Throwing the Spear, throwing a football or baseball, is an intermediary FORCE of dynamics which literally calls forth cosmic forces into our Etheric Bodies. Intermediary between what and what? Between our Speech forces, our Larynx and our reproductive or sexual forces. In most Sports we are glued unconsciously to the spectator sport of  peripheral participation, visual celebration, of human beings alchemizing before our eyes, Sexuality into Speech, WORD and Spiritual forces. These are the laws of polarity and the laws of the construction of our Etheric Bodies that open the gateways to the secrets of HUMAN SPEECH. Unconscious observation of Sports is our own Trojan Horse, our own religious substitute for failing to make the effort to consciously comprehend, IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD.

“When a boy reaches puberty, his body begins making lots of testosterone. The testosterone causes his larynx to grow and his vocal cords to get longer and thicker. Vocal cords are thin muscles that stretch across the larynx like rubber bands.

What Makes a Voice?

“Before you reach puberty, your larynx is pretty small and your vocal cords are kind of small and thin. That’s why your voice is higher than an adult’s. As you go through puberty, the larynx gets bigger and the vocal cords lengthen and thicken, so your voice gets deeper. As your body adjusts to this changing equipment, your voice may “crack” or “break.” But this process lasts only a few months. Once the larynx is finished growing, your voice won’t make those unpredictable, funny noises anymore.

What About Eve’s Apple?

“Not only do older guys and men sound different from boys, but you can also see the difference in their necks. When the larynx grows bigger, it tilts to a different angle and part of it sticks out inside the neck. You can see it at the front of the throat. This is known as the Adam’s apple.

“For girls, the larynx also grows bigger but not as much as in boys, so you can’t see it through a girl’s skin. There is no “Eve’s apple” in a woman’s neck.”

“At the wedding Chiron gave Peleus an ashen spear that had been polished by Athene and had a blade forged by Hepphaestus”

In 1849 Wagner sketched his own drama on the subject of Achilles (WWV 81). It was probably while reading about this hero of the Trojan War, that Wagner encountered the story of Achilles and Telephus (Τελεϕος).

Achilles and Telephus

Telephus, son of Heracles and Auge, was a king in Asia Minor. After nearly making the same mistake as Oedipus, of marrying his own mother, Telephus married a daughter of King Priam. As an ally of the Trojans, his kingdom was attacked by the Greeks (or Achaeans) and in the fighting, Telephus was wounded in the thigh by the spear of Achilles. After the Greeks had withdrawn, Telephus’ wound would not heal.

The Greeks had no leader who could show them the way to Troy. But Telephus, because his wound was unhealed, and [the oracle of] Apollo had told him that he would be cured when the one who wounded him should turn physician, came from Mysia to Argos, clad in rags, and begged the help of Achilles, promising to show the course to steer for Troy. So Achilles healed him by scraping off the rust of his Pelian spear. Accordingly, on being healed, Telephus showed the course to steer, and the accuracy of his information was confirmed by Calchas by means of his own art of divination.

Frazer notes that the spear was the famous one which Chiron the Centaur had bestowed on Peleus, the father of Achilles. The shaft was cut from an ash-tree on Mount Pelion, and none of the Greeks at Troy, except Achilles, could wield it. The healing of Telephus’s wound by Achilles was the subject of a play by Sophocles, called The Assembly of the Achaeans, and one by Euripides called Telephus. Aristophanes ridiculed the rags and tatters in which Telephus appeared on the stage in Euripides’s play. The cure of a wound by an application to it of rust from the weapon which inflicted the hurt is not to be explained, as Pliny supposed, by any medicinal property inherent in rust as such, else the rust from any weapon would serve the purpose. It is clearly a folklore remedy based on the principle of sympathetic magic.

It is almost certainly the myth of Achilles and Telephus to which Goethe refers in his poem Torquato Tasso:

open quotesThe poet tells us of a spear which yet Might cure the wound that it itself had dealt If friendly hand were but to place it there.close quotes

“Someday perhaps, the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Aug. 28th, 1749 – Mar. 22th, 1832)

Rudolf Steiner

“Behold the flower chalice which receives the ray of the sun, the sun calls forth the pure productive forces which slumber in the plant and hence the sun’s ray was called the “holy lance of love.” Look now at man; he stands higher than the plant, he has the same organs within him, but all that the plant harbors in itself, perfectly pure and chaste, is in him steeped in lust and impure desire. The future of human evolution consists in this: man will again be chaste and pure, and speak forth his likeness into the world through another organ which will be the transformed organ of generation. Chaste and pure without desire, without passion, man’s generative organ will be; and as the calyx of the blossom turns upward to the holy love lance, it will turn to the spiritual ray of wisdom, and fructified by this will bring forth its own image. This organ will be the larynx.”

Our Etheric bodies are destined to become stronger and stronger with an inner purity and light that shall reverse or transmute the dominating power of our physical bodies, which carry the seed of death within them. Prometheus suffered from this seed of death, Chiron suffered from it and Christ, the Solar Word, penetrated so deeply into the human Etheric Body, that Christ could reproduce Himself and regained for humanity the absolute purity of conscious parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis comes from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin“. Parthenogenesis arises as a perfected study, in the Etheric Body, of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

So our puberty and our change of voice, centers around the organ of our Larynx. Our reproductive organs are a polarity to our Speech organs. Our genitals and our sexuality are going to shift, gradually and slowly. The massive confused powers of sexuality that dominate our Anima and Animus,  which is to say, every Etheric Body, everyone has the opposite Etheric body as that of our Physical, sexual identities. Every Etheric Body anima and animus carry the complete opposite image we see in the mirror.

How do we explain the origin, the root cause of stronger and weaker etheric forces in each of our individual structures?  Well we do know how to explain the reality better than any psychologist, but since we are referring to Prometheus, who had a hand in crafting our Etheric body systems, which is carried in our individual karma, sexual identity or confusion is dominated by the strengths and weaknesses in our Etheric selves.

Aesop, Fables 517 (from Phaedrus 4.16) :
“Someone asked Aesop why lesbians and effeminates had been created, and old Aesop explained, ‘The answer lies once again with Prometheus, the original creator of our common clay. All day long, Prometheus had been separately shaping those natural members which modesty conceals beneath our clothes, and when he was about to apply these private parts to the appropriate bodies Liber [Dionysos] unexpectedly invited him to dinner. Prometheus came home late, unsteady on his feet and with a good deal of heavenly nectar flowing through his veins. With his wits half asleep in a drunken haze he stuck the female genitalia on male bodies and male members on the ladies.”

When we finally work through the dis-harmonies in our Etheric identity, we come to the realization that each person is both a complete, FEMALE and MALE, a complete I AM.  The clarity, purity and harmony of INNER and OUTER, of hidden etheric cosmic system and visible physical sexual identity brings us to sister and brotherhood.

Each human spirit will find an inviolable respect for each unique individual I AM. It will be hundreds of years before we arrive at this Virgin parthenogenetic harmony between our etheric and physical selves. Parthenogenesis defines the advanced ability of Christ to manifest from the strength of his Etheric Body, into female or male forms. And this is confirmed in the science of the Risen Etheric Christ by the XX and XY, female/male chromsome structure in males. Our parthenogenetic model of a VIRGIN, transformed and Holy Force of Reproduction, shall slowly gain power and strength the more our Etheric Bodies learn to penetrate beyond death’s door and unlock the higher anatomy and physiology sciences of the Risen Etheric Christ.

In our Larynx and Speech, our WORD and Eurythmy forces, we have the greatest affirmation ever presented of the reality of the John Gospel.  In this study, on the Aggies, Johnny Manziel and Chiron we have penetrated into only one aspect of one particular dominating Consonant. K Sagitarius Consonant Eurythmy  ”   K  ”      This Consonant and all of our consonants in every language, carry, through our Larynx and the Consonants we utter, the seed of the entire Zodiac. Nesting in our Larynx is the entire Zodiacal Seed which we have inherited as part of our anatomy and etheric body system.  As a graduate of the Goetheanum in Switzerland I had the privilege of studying some of the secrets connected with the future forces that lay in Speech. I have done intense etheric linguistic studies into the structure of language. You may find some of my studies on Language and Speech HERE (Click Link).

The consonant that has the KICK of a horse, the cock of a gun, the Kick of a football, that captures in our bodily dynamics the ‘K’ of Kheiron, the star RIGIL KENTAURUS, the force of a cannon; the muscular dexterity and lightening force that existed in the staggering impact of Cassius Clay’s punches, Kick boxing, Karate, King-Kong, crash, crunch, crush, and just before the boom, the invisible dynamic, before the boom, is KA-boom, allows us to look deeply into the one place in the zodiac of Speech Sounds and Eurythmy, where we find the ancient force of Chiron.

Ka the earliest study of the Etheric Body

Aggies Egyptian Ka arm, chest, lungs, spear Etheric bodyThe KA was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the KA left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a “Potter’s wheel” (zodiac) and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies. Depending on the region, Egyptians believed that “Heket” was the creator of each person’s KA, breathing it into them at the instant of their birth as the part of their soul that made them be alive. This resembles the concept of “Spirit”  in other religions.

The Egyptians also believed that the KA was sustained through food and drink. For this reason food and drink offerings were presented to the dead, although it was the kau within the offerings that was consumed, not the physical aspect. The KA was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate KA as double.

The constellation of Johnny Manziel.

Aggies constellation

Johnny ManzielIn Johnny Manziel, in his 19th year, at the moment when the Angel of every human being celebrates the arrival  of our 19th year on Earth, Johnny’s Angel torched like a mighty Promethean spark. Every Angel makes many attempts, numerous attempts to rouse and awaken us. We generally remain unconscious of these attempts made by our Angels. However the powerful and bright Etheric Light that overshadowed, or illuminated Johnny Manziel from within, lit up, for a bright season, everyone’s inward spiritual eyes.

In this moment, when a human being is NINETEEN and suddenly in the spotlight of the world, just when the gateway to the Angelic World is most brilliant, Johnny Manziel burst forth, and all his etheric forces were vividly illuminated. Every NINETEEN YEARS all our stars line up in such a way that not only do our own Angelic Beings that guide and nurture each of us, become most intimate for us, but at that precise moment Johnny Manziel entered his 19th year.

In 2012, the stars, Manziel’s etheric body, the national spotlight and millions of eyewitnesses observed, or could have observed and in some cases did observe, Chiron, the Centaur and mentor of heroes shining with brilliant etheric illumination through Johnny Football. The Angel Being that helped build the Etheric body of Johnny Manziel, rayed forth with such dexterity, agility and lightness of foot, that the whole western world was amazed at what we saw.

The difference between our unconsciously celebrating our football enthusiasm and our conscious ability to approach the mystery of our own Angels, our own Etheric Body and awakening and becoming conscious of St. Paul, the Phantom Horse, Chiron, our own Centaurs, and the reality of the Risen Etheric Christ Being, is the difference between the fog of unknowing and the shattering truth of awakening. The Angel of Johnny Manziel gave us all a wake up call. It flashed through our big screen t.v.s; our Sports bars; our stadiums; and rippled through the exclusive club of Sports Commentators and surged and flowed through the souls of Athletes everywhere.

Angelic revelations, synchronization of magnificent human and spiritual events will not be repeated in exactly the same way again. Heraclitus said: “You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.” That is what makes the St. Paul event so unique or the one time event of the Resurrection, so overwhelming.

It was 2012 and the Angel of Johnny Manziel flared out, if Angels could shout, we certainly all heard the powerful, reverberating shout of a magnificent 19 year old. Aggies Winged CentaurYes, the bright and youthful forces of our Angels will continue to illuminate and shine for most souls during their 19th year and for each and everyone of us, through our thirty-eighth, fifty-seventh, and seventy-sixth year, every 19 years through our entire earthly biographies. (CLICK LINK FOR BIOGRAPHY SAMPLES)

It will be fascinating to watch the future career of Johnny Manziel unfold before our eyes. The Security and Exchange Commission is also the SEC, however for Johnny Manziel the SEC could be classified as the South Equatorial Current of the Stars of the Southern Hemisphere, where the Centaur, Chiron, casts it’s shadow over the SEC, the SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE. Texas A&M itself is located on the rim of the reverse side of the bowl of the stars of the Southern Hemisphere. There is no question that Johnny Manziel brought the Stars of Alpha Centauri, Rigel Kent, one of the brightest stars in the southern constellation of Centaurus into the SEC, SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE. Whether his star and his fame continues to burn so brightly that we rename the constellation Alpha Centauri, JOHNNY FOOTBALL, in honor of his Angel and his mentor Chiron, is, as of this writing, unknown.

Has the University of Texas at Austin anything comparable to THIS?  HERE IS WHAT U.T. had to offer CLICK LINK


The riddle of each of our Etheric Bodies, both female and male, which carries the signature of our immortality in it, is also a riddle of what Carl Jung described as the opposite of our physical sex, our visible sexual identification, Jung rightly observed that we carry an Anima and Animus invisible and powerful Female etheric if we are physical malesAggies female and male anima and animus Centaur etheric form 1 and a Male etheric if we are physical females (CLICK LINK)  . All of the science that was once part of the ancient Greeks have slowly been rising upwards again with renewed clarity in the science of Anatomy, Psychology and Physiology. The  spark that Blind Homer caught from the ancient previous Michael Period of ancient Greece around 750 B.C. now rays forth in the renewed Michael Age that has dawned since 1879.  The Anima-Animus and the Archer forces of Sagittarius see CLIP – (Click Link) are part of the resurrection of ancient wisdom that once existed but was trampled into dust by materialism.


The resurrection of Greek Mythology, THE TWELVE OLYMPIAN GODS OF THE GREEKS, the esoteric secret of how Chiron, the human Etheric body replaces Prometheus, the giver of Fire, and Freedom, that which runs as immortality in the warmth of our blood, has been transferred to the hidden human Etheric body that is carried by CHIRON.  Alcoholism affects the human liver. Prometheus had his liver gnawed upon by an Eagle. However the human liver is an organ of Jupiter because the human liver follows the same renewal of the blood every 12 hours, as the renewal of human spirituality in Jupiter that runs on the orbit of Jupiter around the Sun every 12 years.  I discuss some of the secrets of Jupiter at this link (Click Link).  The resurrection of the science of Jupiter and how the next generations are relearning the mythology of the ancient Greeks appears in entirely new and updated formats such as this – (CLICK LINK).


There’s the Ovidian question: how much of man is animalia, how much of man is human, what makes us—all of us—human.

The horse, then, with its strength and resilience, becomes the perfect symbol for such survival. The title poem approaches this horse/ human comparison most intimately–when the horse and the rider “untwine,” the rider needs to run on its own two feet.

It ain't easy in Texas

“Two legs took my trot.
And I, freed of my horse-self
who lay dead to the greening world,

“ran through the clover. On two legs

ran and ran –”

Vievee Francis

Vievee Francis – “Horse in the Dark” is largely autobiographical and recounts Francis’ childhood years in Texas. The family moved a great deal, from west to east Texas, but always in isolated rural areas. Her book has the feel of dirt, grit, animals, heat, and toughness. Some of the poems are written in traditional styles, others are brief prose poems while others are modernist. Francis makes frequent reference to classical mythology, especially to Ovid and myths involving human-animal transformation.”


A spiritual friend to Chiron, my spiritual brother Allen Pittman, works directly into the mysteries of Athletes, Martial Arts, and the deepest etheric mysteries of our bodies.Aggies Winged Centaur Wisdom of the Body is the comprehensive Physical Training Method developed by Allen Pittman to increase your skill in any other physical training you do. It is also a complete method in itself.  I happen to know Allen Pittman. He is one of the few trainers whose training and methods go all the way back to ancient Chiron. THIS IS HIS SITE, and the above is his Logo.


We have unfathomable mysteries all around us. Suppose we played a human being with Super Powers. Now just let this sink into our souls. We don’t let much sink into our souls, but we really should take into account certain things which we rarely do. Christopher Reeve went into cardiac arrest on October 9, 2004. He went into a coma the following day and passed away on October 10, 2004. He had been paralyzed since May, 1995 following an equestrian accident.  He was thrown from his horse and broke his neck.
He spent months of therapy training himself to breathe without the aid of a respirator. Reeve, who was 42 and had enjoyed a prolific screen and stage career, was thrown from his horse and landed on his head during the second of three trial events in an equestrian competition.

The UberMensch is THE SUPERMAN. Super Man and “X-Men” with Super powers came out of Friedrich Nietzsche. The Übermensch (German for “Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman, Super-human”; is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

“Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman–a rope over an abyss…What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: what can be loved in man is that he is an overture…”

Nietzsche, with his Übermensch, Clark Kent and SuperMan are staggering concepts. The American version of Nietzsche’s philosophy, is down right cartoonish. The actual destructive force of the Übermensch that was adopted by Nazi Germany was anything but cartoonish.

Immortality and the Superman principal has been worn by George Reeves, who apparently committed suicide and Christopher Reeves who died after being thrown from a HORSE. Immortality and the HorseWhich calls into focus our study of the Pauline Revelation and the Superman, the NEW ADAM that Paul met in his Etheric, Astral and most importantly, met consciously in his I AM, in the being and reality of the Risen Etheric Christ. Prometheus, Chiron, Amfortas (The Fisher King) of Grail legend and our own wounds that go all the way down to insanity, as was the case with Nietzsche, are caused by our flippant arrogance, as we snicker about Paul, Horses, Chiron, Greek myths, and the Etheric Christ. While Nietzsche went insane, his insanity was a form of possession of soul faculties that has become common place today, everywhere.

Silly, naive students in the U.S. have no idea that Nietzsche brought forth such a powerful Anti-Christ attack, that we know, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something ELSE – OTHER, other than human, was actually writing the works of Nietzsche. We have shown how Prometheus, Chiron, our structural Etheric Body and Thetis reveal the sublime revelation on the Earth of the Resurrection and the Risen Etheric Christ as a fact.  The OTHER-Being, who manifested in directly in Nietzsche’s writings, we know as Ahriman. Ahriman and Ahrimanic possession along with Ahriman authors, liars, and destructive psychopaths, now roam freely everywhere and in every soul on the planet. Ahriman certainly wants a Superman to arise, but not from the legitimate ripening of the moral and etheric forces in humanity.

“The Risen Etheric Christ in our current reality is a very, very big deal. This was the greatest, heroic and Athletic feat ever accomplished in the history of humanity.”

“…the Christ Spirit clothed Himself with an etheric body condensed, one might say, to physical visibility. So the risen Christ was enveloped in an etheric body condensed to physical visibility; and thus He went about and appeared to those to whom He could appear. He was not visible to everyone, because it was actually only a condensed etheric body which the Christ bore after the resurrection;”  (click link)


Setting the record straight.  Who gets credit for Troy besides ancient blind seer Homer? Well there is a back story and the back story, for the few who are interested, (CLICK LINK).   Also this link might work. (LINK)    Aggies addendum

The Dramatic Arts, Film and the Destiny of Humanity (part 1) by Bradford Riley

100 Years of Eurythmy

Part ONE took up the Introduction to Eurythmy with an emphasis on the CONSONANTS. (CLICK LINK)

Part TWO-A took up a study in SATURN and Western Cosmology (Part TWO-A Completed click this link)

Part TWO–B of the Vowels (not completed)

Part THREE- This is – “Dramatic Arts, Film and the Destiny of Humanity” (part 1)

(part 2) of the Dramatic Arts (not completed)

“After every incarnation a new page is added to the Book of Life”  Rudolf Steiner 

Drama and Reincarnation

Three  harmonious film directors, Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer

“Cloud Atlas” gives basic insights
into the workings of reincarnation
and karma. Here’s to hoping
that the next Wachowski
cinematic endeavor is a series
of films titled “Rudolf Steiner’s
Mystery Dramas.” (click link)

“So he keeps going, and ultimately he meets her again in the far future, and he gets to really, really change.  He gets to change perspective.  He becomes this new being who sees the moral consequences of things.”

“Cloud Atlas” Reincarnation and “The Mystery Dramas” by Rudolf Steiner

“The weaving essence of the light streams forth
Through depths of space to fill the world with life;
Love’s grace doth warm the centuries of time
To call forth revelation of all worlds.”

Living Imagination that covers “six story-lines, spanning five centuries.”

An enormous Stride forward for Humanity – (Click Review of Film Here)

“Reincarnation and karma. These two words have grown rapidly more popular in the last 50 years as humanity expands its understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Rudolf Steiner wrote four plays in 1910–1913 that he called “mystery dramas,” which are similar to David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas.” Steiner was a Western seer who founded the now hugely popular international Waldorf education system, as well as the (literally) groundbreaking biodynamic agriculture movement that purports to work in harmony with elemental beings (such as fairies) existing in the “etheric” dimension. The difference is that Steiner was clairvoyant. (Clairvoyance has been proven scientifically valid.) He was, therefore, able to follow all these actual, existing characters through the so-called Akashic Record in other dimensions and personally witness their various incarnations. In other words, it’s the real deal. That subject matter is probably not yet ready for prime time. However, we’re getting close; from the directors who brought us the game-changing film “The Matrix” comes another paradigm shifter—the powerful “Cloud Atlas.”

“Cloud Atlas” explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present, and the future”

“Thou wilt give humanity the possibility of Dramatic Art!”

The Nature and Origin of the Arts

A lecture by
Rudolf Steiner
Berlin, October 28, 1909

“Moreover, thou wilt be able to compass something that could never be represented by any outward physical event. Thy messengers will be the skalds and the poets of all the ages. They will put into their epics the compact history of human epochs, and thou wilt be able to lend a magic life upon the stage…” through cinema, film, screenwriting, novels, plays, poetry humanity shall  “…..behold and hear the things that human creatures all the world over speak about when they have had a dim inner intimation of realities that can be experienced in THE WORLD OF IMAGINATION.

Art Itself, in the human soul, hears amid the chorus of human voices the utterances sung by the noblest among us, representing our conjectures about matters upon which we are in no wise informed by IMAGINATION, but which we let pour out of the innermost depths of our souls – as a Beacon for Mankind.  DRAMATIC ARTS, “…. hears the voice of the poet who has apprehended the majesty of the experience that can come into the human soul out of  THE IMAGINATIVE WORLD.”

The spirit of  DRAMATIC ARTS  understands now that she must act as the savior of what upon earth is half frozen knowledge; she understands that she must warm it and permeate it with her own nature, especially with her ART nature, and that she must recount the memories of her dreams during the night to humanities half frozen knowledge. The Spirit of Dramatic Arts observes how that which was half congealed can thaw into life again with the speed of the wind, so soon as knowledge accepts in the form of perception that which is brought to it in the form of revelation.

David Mitchell author “Cloud Atlas”

“I think words operate like musical notes that the eyeball hears. That is at the root of why writers take these micro decisions about maybe and perhaps, which after all mean the same thing…. I think it’s because of this: You get to know the tastes or musical tastes of words themselves, and this informs your choice, whether you use them or not.”

Drama and the unveiling of higher capacities developing in humanity can be tracked rigorously and flash points can be highlighted. “Cloud Atlas” is such a flash-point and Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas are a flash-point.Our human intuition and our ability to artistically capture living intuitions and give them a Tenth Hierarchy referral, home, stage, incorporation, and range of reference from our human past, our human present and our human future has infinite possibilities.

Rudolf Steiner “In these twelve men who came together to perform a special mission, the twelve different streams in the spiritual development of mankind were represented. The fact that all true religions and all true philosophies belong to twelve basic types is in itself a mystery. Buddhism, Brahmanism, Vedanta philosophy, materialism, or whatever it be — all of them can be traced to the twelve basic types; it is only a matter of setting to work with precision and accuracy. And so all the different streams of man’s spiritual life —Twelve philosophical zodical standpoints of philsophy the religions, the philosophies and conceptions of the world spread over the Earth — were united in that “College” of the Twelve.”

“…TWELVE musical meditations are based on the TWELVE tones of the chromatic music scale, and incorporate the pure healing harmonics of harp, Australian didjeridu, voice overtones, and Tibetan bowls, all instruments used by ancient cultures in healing.Each of these TWELVE tones correlate with specific physical conditions, organs of the body, emotional states.

“The frequency range that one can hear depends upon the size of one’s eardrum. Music and Color or tone zodiac lawsThose people with larger eardrums hear lower frequencies than those with smaller eardrums. Those people with smaller eardrums hear higher frequencies than those with larger eardrums. Most men have a lower hearing range while most women have a higher hearing range.

“Music was not invented. Music was discovered. It is more than just the human ear’s recognition of coinciding pulses. It is literally mathematics as sensed by the ear. Music is confined to a series of pitches in the sound range of the human ear. These same pitches exist in the octaves below sound, the octaves between sound and visible light, the octave of visible light, and the octaves above visible light. If frequencies sensed by the pineal gland or any other biological sensing mechanism can affect the hypothalamus, then other octaves such as those of sound and light, working through our ears and eyes, can also affect it. So music was discovered by humankind, probably due to its noted effect upon the emotions.”

We want to set the tone of our explorations of Drama and the future of Humanity with several sharp examples. We want to penetrate the region of karmic intuitions attempted with the book and film ” Cloud Atlas” (click link). The future of The Dramatic Arts revolves around the reality and the ability of the Tenth Hierarchy to show how interconnected groups of human beings who have incarnated out of a living spiritual world in order to find each other, fulfill each other, complete each other, carry each other and awaken each other on Earth, how we are all seeking to unfold a new Karmic Organ of perception.

Film crews, scripts, grips, costume designers, writers, actors, directors, make-up, stylists, set designers, catering staff,  stage-hands, producers, dancers, choreographers, special effects,  stunt people, ALL OVER THE WORLD, like gypsies or old pirate crews, all those and many more gather together under contract agreements to unravel a mystery of plot, dynamics, intimate interpretations, performances, discussed and hashed out, scripted, story-boarded, staged, rehearsed, blocked, all these wayward clusters and groups consolidate for brief intense periods, like a Roman Army, like Spartans, up at dawn, till late, late into the evening, they march forward into the realms of IMAGINATION and the laws and design codes of Human Relationships.

The unstated mystery of this intense form of uprooted living reveals hundreds of thousands of souls bent and focused, no less than Vincent van Gogh himself, and his vast human tragedy, are all profoundly swept into the true nature of the ARTS. The Dramatic Arts are a schooling that awakens the dormant organs of karmic perception.

“Cloud Atlas” (CLICK LINK) starts with a tight cluster of karmic souls gathered together, not only on an island, but within one of those obscure microcosms of humanity, on a ship together. How this microcosm projects out over time into the field of human karma, from such a small cluster of souls, captured in a journal, is the beginning of a great voyage. CLOUD ATLASIt could have been Charles Darwin’s five-year voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle which launched the distortion of how humans arose from apes (CLICK LINK). Those journals and that voyage utterly changed the perception of the world and education as we know it.

“Cloud Atlas” brings about one of the first cinematic attempts to juggle the complexities of a vast Karmic Group, incarnating through time that skips like a stone thrown across the Etheric waters of the vast tableau of human destiny. It is a spiral cinematic unfolding, focused on intense knots and intense moments in the karmic history of a group of Souls. This spiral law was distinctly designed into “Cloud Atlas” by Lana and Andy Wachowski and their brilliant co-director,Tom Tykwer.

Rudolf Steiner -The Seven Great Mysteries- “Karma is the law of cause and effect in the spiritual world; it represents the spiral process of evolution.

Cause and effect, Karma and Catharsis in the human soul is the very essence of Aristotle’s law of the Dramatic Arts. Human moral catharsis and the schooling of humanities intimate awakening to the spiritual world around us, is written into the script of each human beings destiny. Catharsis is the primal law of Drama and it is intimate to the word CATHARI. Later I shall examine the relationship between the prime directive of The Dramatic Arts, Catharis, and the nature of the Cathari. (prime directive- is the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution which are bound by the laws of karma)

In “Cloud Atlas” the critical driving theme is not the usual destruction of humanity, or a linear plot. What drives the plot is the unusual moral and karmic laws of Reincarnation and Karma within a specific set of individuals incarnating through history. Their earthly moral and dramatic choices, their moral developments, drive the plot through spiral karmic loops of the Earth’s, humanities and the fall of civilization’s future developments. Nothing like it has ever been attempted in Cinema or film history.

Mitchell’s book is not a simple read, with its interlocking stories and a multitude of characters, distributed across centuries and continents. Each story line has a different central character: Adam Ewing, a young American who sails home after a visit to an island in the South Pacific, in the mid-nineteenth century; Robert Frobisher, a feckless but talented Englishman, who becomes the amanuensis to a genius composer in Flanders, in the nineteen-thirties; Luisa Rey, a gossip-rag journalist who rakes the muck of the energy industry in nineteen-seventies California; Timothy Cavendish, a vanity-press publisher who finds himself held captive in a nursing home in present-day England; Sonmi~451, a genetically modified clone who gains her humanity in a futuristic Korea, ravaged by consumerism; and Zachry, a Pacific Islander who struggles to survive in the even more distant future, after “the Fall,” which seems to have endangered the planet and eradicated much of humankind. These characters are connected by an intricate network of leitmotifs—a  COMET –shaped birthmark crops up frequently…”

Mark Twain was born with Halley’s Comet and predicted his own death coinciding precisely with the return of Halley’s comet as it swung by again on it’s 75 year cycle.  Rudolf Steiner also presented a theory where he proposed that comets are the living representation of higher spiritual entities to whom it is assigned the cosmic tasks of purification, catharsis and adjustment.

Comets were the cyanide laced Ahrimanic marauders, renegades. Orbits, Suns, galaxies, planets, Moons, all conform to very objective mathematical fields, we can say there is a status quo for Constellations, Planets and these directly impact Life and Form on Earth. Comets refuse to conform to the order of upbuilding living cosmic systems. They follow their own law and we find the Cyanide of Comets and the Gold of the earth and in the Human Soul, as well as the cyanide that fractures the cohesion of the soul and spirit, used on Death Row, Gas Chambers and instant death for Spies, linked to the Alchemical core force of Gold in the Human Soul.

“Acquaintance with these Beings who draw their past after them like a spiritual comet’s tail, has a shattering effect.” Rudolf Steiner Karma and Reincarnation Studies (click Link)

Lana and Andy Wachowski have moved together through film history and individual creativity like comets. Comets are the “nomads” of the universe which capture the lost souls and direct them back to a place of reassessment, purification and, perhaps, recycling. The star laws of reincarnation, and the earth laws of human destiny, are part of the Science of Karma and Destiny that is the highest mission of the Dramatic Arts.

“Cloud Atlas” represents an artistic skeleton key to the Karma of Charles Darwin, his former incarnation as Tariq in 711 to the Transcendent System of Karma Cognition that is part of Spiritual Science and The Dramatic Arts. The classic foundations of  the narrative tale of the Pequod, Queequeg and “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville , a voyage of Initiation and a microcosm of our human search for the Titanic powers that shape the universe below the waves of consciousness,  are raised to the transcendent level of the Philosophy and Science of human Karma in a “Cloud Atlas”. And we find Cinema and Humanity unprepared for such a leap.

A leap of great courage by three directors working harmoniously together, unheard of, an harmonious triad of constructive intents, a spiritual trinity who ask themselves over and over and ask us, what is Karma and Destiny really about?  These three directors carry humanity, philosophy and the science of film making into the virgin territory of Karma Cognition and The Dramatic Arts.  Three  harmonious film directors, Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer along with the writing of David Mitchell take unwilling humanity to an entirely new threshold of The Dramatic Arts and Sciences. Move over Shakespeare and “The Tempest”!!!!

“Sonmi was a human like you’n me? I’d never thinked so nor’d Abbess ever speaked such loonsomeness, nay, Sonmi’d been birthed by a god o’ Smart named Darwin…”

It is this Science of Human Karma and Human Destiny which towers above the overwhelming delusion that shaped human cognition, education and materialism through Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory.  Moby Dick and the Pequod, “Cloud Atlas” and  the H.M.S. Beagle turn the wheel of the titanic forces that shape cultural Imagination and the Science of Karma Cognition. All three of these shattering moments of Art – Literature – Science and Imagination, all began with a voyage, a ship and a moment seized, held fast and examined as, magnificent karmic sequences, moving through Time.

Film, stage, novels are all primed and ready to reveal the passionate and powerful fields of Time where each human individual and each Karmic Group of Individuals have vividly, tragically, heroically incarnated in the sequence of Time. There are karmic sequential laws, there is the law of entering a real Spiritual World after death, what stars and time features marked our deaths and from the vast divine system of the stars, a new course, a new destination, a new life is plotted out (CLICK LINK FOR PRECISE STUDY) and the very stars that marked our death sequences are transformed and bring us to the stars that mark our birth entry, back into Space. We plan our destinies to meet and recoup the progress of the souls we have been connected with for hundreds of sequences of Earth History.

Rudolf Steiner

“What I want to do is to give you a picture of certain historic connections, presenting it in such a way that at every point some light is shed on the workings of karma.”

The highest mission of the Dramatic Arts and potential forming of the organ of intimate Karma Cognition arises clearly from how a “CLOUD ATLAS”  takes shape.  Rudolf Steiner continues –  (THE SCIENCE OF KARMA COGNITION CLICK LINK)  “…events do not take the form in which they reveal themselves in external history. The really significant streams run their course beneath the surface of ordinary history and in these streams the individualities of the men who have worked in one epoch appear again, born into communities speaking an entirely different language, with altogether different tendencies of thought, yet working still with the same fundamental impulse. In an earlier epoch they may have accomplished something splendid, because the trend of events was with them, while in a later they may have had to bring it into the world in face of great hindrances and obstructions. Such individuals are obliged to content themselves with much that seems trivial in comparison with the mighty achievements of their earlier lives; but for all that, what they carry over from one epoch into another is the same in respect of the fundamental trend and attitude of soul. We do not always recognize what is thus carried over because we are too prone to imagine that a later earthly life must resemble an earlier one. There are people who think that a musician must come again as a musician, a philosopher as a philosopher, a gardener as a gardener, and so forth. By no means is it so. The forces that are carried over from one incarnation into another lie on far deeper levels of the life of soul…”

…… “The aim of the Arabians in their campaigns was most certainly not that of mere slaughter; no, their aim was really the spread of Arabism. Their tasks were connected with culture. And what a Tarik had carried into Spain at the beginning of the 8th century, he now bears with him through the gate of death, experiencing how as far as external history is concerned it runs dry in Western Europe. And he appears again in the 19th century, bringing Arabism to expression in modern form, as Charles Darwin.

….”Read Darwin’s writings again with perception sharpened by what has been said and you will feel: Darwin writes about things which Tarik might have been able to see on his way to Europe! — In such details you will perceive how the one life reaches over into the next.”

“Cloud Atlas” could have been Darwin’s journals, but instead, and thankfully so, we are about to go tracking the story below the story of which the vast story of humanity is really all about. Instead of Darwinism, what we gain from “Cloud Atlas” is some of the first awakenings to the dormant organ of Karma Cognition as the highest schooling of The Dramatic Arts.

Reincarnation – Casting – Characters and the Dramatic Arts

Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK) – “….we are too prone to imagine that a later earthly life must resemble an earlier one. There are people who think that a musician must come again as a musician, a philosopher as a philosopher, a gardener as a gardener, and so forth. By no means is it so. The forces that are carried over from one incarnation into another lie on far deeper levels of the life of soul…”

Referring to Halle Berry in “Cloud Atlas”(Click Link)  and Reincarnation, costume, casting and story coherence,  “Lana  (Wachowskis) picked up the story, saying, “She would only ever get to be a slave or a servant, and she said it was an interesting thing to her because as an actor, and acting is always about transcending to some degree, she’s always been segregated.  History remains segregated to actors.  They can’t… they’re not allowed, they’re banned, whites only for certain roles.  And this movie, which is about transcending convention and transcending boundaries, allowed her just in the physical choice of giving her this part to transcend and claim a part of history through that transcendence that had always been denied to her.”

“My other favorite film so far this year, “Holy Motors,” is about the way performers slip in and out of identities and how they transform themselves, and how it feels like this is a discussion worth having right now as technology allows us to redefine ourselves through online identities and avatars and we are discussing things like outliving our bodies by downloading our personalities, separating soul from form.”

Each of our karmic histories and each of our karmic stories are woven into the great tapestry of human history. It is Artistic, it is subtle and above all each of our stories are ripped from the heart of the great story of the journey of the Tenth Hierarchy. The many parts we play in the unfolding of our human destinies are part of the intimate fabric of how our own ‘ I AM’ played it’s part through all the chapters of all the many lives we lived and shared together through time.

“Cloud Atlas” presents  “… a plot of MORAL OR KARMIC PROGRESSION, so that Mr. Hanks, the lead, goes from being the movie’s worst character, a doctor trying to poison the 19th-century notary, to its best, the futuristic goatherd, Zachry, who saves humanity, or what remains of it. Mr. Grant, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction, starting out bad as a racist missionary in the 19th-century story and winding up worse as a slobbering cannibal in the post-apocalyptic one. Some actors even play members of the opposite sex.”

“Cloud Atlas” begins a journey that awakens the hidden mystery behind THE DRAMATIC ARTS AND SCIENCES. This schooling in understanding the Science of Human relationships, of Karmic Groups and how we incarnate together over time and what lessons we discover on our journey’s together, is part of the science of Karma and Reincarnation. The schooling that awakens this dormant organ of Karma Cognition is none other than THE DRAMATIC ARTS.

Karmic Groups of TWELVE

In the Science of the Dramatic Arts and in Spiritual Science, – “We look back at earlier incarnations of man of races and civilizations, as well as of the earth itself. We build up within ourselves an idea of what will happen in the future i.e. time. And we shall always see our way if we judge of evolution in time from a framework built up by means of the number seven.  On the other hand the number TWELVE is a clue for all things that co-exist in space. Science which at the same time was wisdom was always conscious of this. It said: ‘ It is possible to find the right way by connecting the spatial relationship of everything that occurs upon the earth with TWELVE permanent points in space – the TWELVE signs of the Zodiac in the cosmos!’

“These are the TWELVE basic points with which everything in space is connected. zodiac twelve karma systemsThis declaration was not an arbitrary yield of human thinking; but the power of thought in those early times had learned from reality and so ascertained the fact that space was best understood when it was divided into TWELVE constituent parts, thus making the number TWELVE a clue for all spatial relations. But where the question of changes came in, that is to say in the time element, the seven planets were given as a clue by a still older science. Seven is here the clue.”   Rudolf Steiner “The East in the Light of the West” Chapter 9

In our previous study of Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology (CLICK LINK)  we opened a small window into the Egyptian Mysteries of the “Soul’s Awakening” from the Four Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner. We also examined some of the more hidden secrets of “The Tempest” by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, in his “The Tempest”, resets the Karma of TWELVE  characters, a cast of TWELVE, by using a recapitulation of a Jupiter Planetary orbital rhythm based on 12 years. In “The Tempest” , one of the first conscious teaching tools of the higher mission of The Dramatic Arts, revealed the hidden reality of how Karma and Cosmology, how clusters and karmic circles can be changed and altered by a conscious higher moral perception of synchronicity and the workings and patterns of human destiny.

Similarities of how isolated case studies, under a magnifying glass of human spiritual relationships, appear in the realism of “Cloud Atlas” or in the pure IMAGINATION of “The Tempest”, brings us clearly, if we have developed a certain depth of insight, right into the hidden mysteries of karma dynamics. This study is going to give us clues into how we may open the door into the dawning experimentation of tracking the mystery of Karma Cognition, Karmic Groups and awakening an inkling of the deeds of the Lord of Karma, who rules over the highest mysteries of The Dramatic Arts.

The Lord of Karma is the writer and director that brings human destinies together, in a location, in a future time, and we shall show in this essay how those future times of meeting are foreshadowed and projected back into our human souls. We shall study one of the deepest mysteries of The Lord of Karma and the science of The Dramatic Arts.

Through “The Tempest” we learn that a very specific Karmic Group all incarnated together in blood lines and heredity in Italy and an Initiate, Prospero, who was well schooled in the esoteric sciences, the intimate woven pattern of connections out of the stars that brought a cluster of souls together in a specific region where destiny could be studied with intensity, find themselves in a catastrophe of unique betrayals.

Politics and leadership vs Esoteric Sciences create a family feud which requires Manichean efforts of forgiveness. Evil instincts in the political and economic sphere of fortunes and kingdoms vs Conscious perception of Karmic events and how to heal Karmic wounds caused by human betrayals of goodness, requires, in The Dramatic Sciences, an over all starry wisdom and appreciation of how to use the stars and planets to the benefit of humanity.

However it cannot be more severely brought to our human Tenth Hierarchy attention, that Black Lodges also use the conscious power of the stars and incarnation clusters of human beings to consolidate intense conscious evil out of the political and Ahrimanic sphere. (CLICK LINK FOR VIVID STUDY)

The examples of machinations into the karmic manipulations, and assassination of key figures who could do great good for humanity, who were murdered and today are still murdered, poisoned and assisted by black lodge agents to suicide because they are or were agents of good, is keyed and triggered by THINK TANKS who also use the starry regions and starry planetary forces.

Black Lodge groups and Black Lodge directed clusters also incarnate and miss-use and abuse the higher Star Forces in human destiny to consciously dismantle, re-direct and destroy the future paths that goodness could take. It is not even the least bit difficult to see how the extermination of JFK-RFK-JFK jr. were the work of Black Lodges to exterminate an entire direction, root and branch, of potential goodness and idealism and re-direct that path of goodness, through the elimination of the actual incarnation, through the murder of key human individualities, with the intent to divert human goodness into the darkest channels of global deception and degradation.

Therefore a Manichean battle of conscious good vs conscious evil IS, as they say, IN THE HOUSE. I shall connect to this Manichean thread later on. (In depth study link Adriana Koulias here)

A Precise Course Study in the History of the Dramatic Arts

Rudolf Steiner on the History of Dramatic Art (CLICK LINK)  –  “Art emerges from the spiritual, its original source of knowledge. Spiritual vision withdraws more and more in proportion as the sense-world commands ever-wider attention, thereby stimulating the development of the ego. Human consciousness follows the course of world evolution and so has to make the journey from the spiritual world to the world of the ego and the senses. If man were to study the world of the senses only through the eyes of external science, he would come to understand it only intellectually in scientific terms. But in place of clairvoyance, when this passes away, he is granted IMAGINATION, which creates for him a kind of shadowy reflection of what he can no longer perceive. IMAGINATION has had to follow the same path as man, entering eventually into his self-awareness, as with Dante. But the threads that link humanity to the spiritual world can never break, not even when art descends into the isolation of the human ego. Man takes IMAGINATION with him on his way;”

“Thy messengers will be the skalds and the poets of all the ages”

“Prospero makes a rather strange claim in this act (ACT V), that is brought up nowhere else in the play; he echoes Medea’s claim in the Metamorphoses that he can call up dead men from their graves, which seems to be included merely to further identify Prospero with the figure of Medea. Sycorax, the witch whom Prospero takes every opportunity to disparage but whom he resembles in his use of force, manipulative use of his magic, and past history, is actually based upon Ovid’s portrayal of Medea; and, the relation between Prospero and Sycorax/Medea becomes more apparent in Prospero’s speech, based upon the words of Medea.

“Prospero’s speech, is very much reminiscent of one of Medea’s speeches in the Metamorphoses: both speeches run roughly “ye elves Šby whose aid I have bedimmedŠ, called forthŠ,given fire, and rifted,” and Shakespeare’s language is too similar to Ovid’s in its syntax, commanding and formal tone, and implications to be merely incidental.”

JUPITER and the Transformation of Human Destiny

In the Vowel ‘UH’ – SATURN – a study in Western Cosmology (CLICK LINK)  we researched Saturn. We now bring Jupiter into the focus of our considerations.  Jupiter is the Vowel Sound ‘O ‘.

O Jupiter Vowel EurythmyJupiter runs in a rhythm and orbital pattern of approximately 12 years as it sings it’s song around the Sun. In education we have these TWELVE YEARS from 1st grade to 12th grade, compressed, as our zone and time sphere for reawakening and reintegrating the history of our karma, education and planting the seeds of history and catching up with our current cultural TIME, currently under the ZeitGeist Archae Michael, three stages above humanity.

In those short TWELVE YEARS we are given a Zeus like recapitulation and reintroduction to the history of events we have each and everyone of us participated in, in the past history of the karma of humanity. In those TWELVE YEARS we gain a faint insight into the inner ‘ INTUITION’ of the unique gifts and talents we brought with us into incarnation.

In those TWELVE EDUCATIONAL YEARS all of us who start the journey, say from 1st grade, we all enter at a precise moment where Jupiter is positioned and by the end of those Twelve Years, we have all of us completed an entire Jupiter cycle that spiraled down deep into the core of all that is under the surfaceWaldorf 12 year Jupiter 1st through 12th, stirring dynamic points of inner gifts we have from the past that now sling-shot us forwards into the future. Hopefully we find our unique key and gift, which requires our heightened sense of intuition to navigate through the life lessons that will be thrown at us in the process of self discovery.

That entire beneficent Jupiter period, if we are lucky, gets us back into finding ourselves and finding our karmic path and eventually finding and meeting the people who are part of our karmic Group. “The Tempest” was an excellent example of astral, planetary physics using the dynamic of Jupiter and Jupiter’s TWELVE YEAR rhythm to transform and readjust a karmic event.

Why Western Cosmology Sciences fall so far short of the mark is because our human thinking fails to put together certain precise connections. In “The Tempest” Prospero performs a deed which is higher and more powerful than the magnificent programming and technology we use in Space Exploration. Prospero uses a SLING SHOT event, a pattern of conscious karmic coincidence to transform a negative karmic spiral into a positive, transformed and restored karmic loop. What we term retrograde events are in actual potential recapitulation events with potent potential for transformation. We must learn to look at forces of the Planets themselves with higher intuition or we will never overcome DEAD COSMOLOGY.

Gravitational Slingshot

Interplanetary space probes often make use of the “gravitational slingshot” effect to propel them to high velocities. For example, Voyager 2 performed a close flyby of Saturn on the 27th of August in 1981, which had the effect of slinging it toward its flyby of Uranus on the 30th of January in 1986. Since gravity is a conservative force, it may seem strange that an object can achieve a net gain in speed due to a close encounter with a large gravitating mass. We might imagine that the speed it gains while approaching the planet would be lost when receding from the planet. However, this is not the case, as we can see from simple consideration of the kinetic energy and momentum, which shows how a planet can transfer kinetic energy to the spacecraft.

The Jupiter Sling Shot and the conscious transformation of karmic clusters

“Hail, many-colored messenger, that ne’er

Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter;”

CERES High’st queen of state,
Great Juno, comes; I know her by her gait.

Juno  was a daughter of Saturn and sister (but also the wife) of the chief god Jupiter. In order to intersect with Jupiter and change the negative aspects of karma into positive aspects of karma through IMAGINATION, the feminine side of Jupiter, his wife, is brought in to help sway Jupiter to resolve the future and happiness of two souls meant to be karmically united.

Juno was the mother of Mars and Vulcan. Connecting Mars the War god to the future of humanity and the distant Vulcan evolution – we have to pass through, TODAY, the current devastation of global economy. Juno was the patron goddess of Rome and the Roman empire. As Juno Moneta , where the term MONEY comes from, Juno guarded over the finances of the empire and had a temple on the Arx (one of two Capitoline hills), close to the Royal Mint.

In other words printing money from our current false Ahrimanic Federal ReserveJuno Goddess of Money 1 and the deviations from the path of Goodness and throwing human karma into deliberate disorder is not what Juno the wife of Jupiter was meant to become. The wife of Jupiter has now become the significant Whore of Babylon serving commerce and congress. Every underhanded purveyor of lies and betrayals of the Tenth Hierarchy can now have congress with Juno. Science has learned to fornicate the false values and genetic codes of the plants, animals and humans. Human beings have corrupted the use of finances and corrupted the beneficent forces of Zeus. Human wisdom, have since Shakespeare’s time, darkened and corrupted Mars, War, Money and Matter Herself.

Another theme, along with Manicheanism is the deliberate disruption of karmic paths and through human manipulation, throwing human Karma into massive disorder (Click Link get Netflix and study whole T.V. series “TOUCH” CLICK LINK) . This is another branch of Karma Cognition and part of the Lord of Karma’s powerful Imaginations that literally project into actual human beings, an After Image, a polar image, of a future event, that will adjust the present event.  We have made MONEY and War and big Pharma into the massive Imagination of a WHORE for Ahrimanic Corporatocracy and further weighed down humanity under Saturn with newly invented catastrophic karma and sadism that presses humanity deeper into Manichean territory.

Rudolf Steiner

“It is a thing of untold significance that has already happened and is happening more and more: the Angel of the one human being, of the one human soul who was karmically connected with another human soul, did not go on with the Angel of that other soul. Of two human souls karmically united with one another, the one Angel remained with Michael while the other went down to earth. What was bound to happen as a result? In the time between the founding of Christianity and the age of the Consciousness Soul, which was signaled above all by the 9th century and the year 869 A.D., the KARMA OF HUMAN BEINGS CAME INTO DISORDER (Study This Link). This is to pronounce one of the deepest and most important words that can possibly be uttered with regard to the modern history of mankind. DISORDER CAME INTO THE KARMA OF PRESENT-DAY HUMANITY. In the following lives on earth the experiences of men were no longer all of them rightly coordinated with their karma. This is the chaotic element in the history of recent times. This has brought into the history of recent times more and more social chaos, chaos of civilization; and the disorder that has come into human karma can find no end. For a split has taken place in the Hierarchy of Angeloi belonging to Michael.”

Prospero and all of us who wish to Prosper are faced with the enormous task of bringing some sort of order back into human karma. (Unique Human Beings are being sent into Incarnation to bring Order back into Human Karma (Click Link) “Touch” T.V. series) Human Destiny sits as a complete dynamic and planetary functioning field of forces, as separate and yet part of Nature.

Stephen E. Usher

“An important thread in the theme of the Cosmic Intelligence is the relation of beings who bear karma to the Christ Being, who now works in the atmosphere of the earth in the form of an angel, the Etheric Christ. This Etheric Christ is the Lord of Karma [21, Oct. 7, 1911]. For the karmic will — inherent in each being that bears karma — to come about means that the beings in question come into a proper relation with the Lord of Karma. The set of relationships between the Lord of Karma and each set of people who have karma to work through is a subset of the Cosmic Intelligence.

Rudolf Steiner explained that as a result of the ahrimanic influences on the Cosmic Intelligence, karma has come into disorder. The ahrimanized angels refuse to carry out their duties in connection with karma. These duties can be described thus: when karma between two human beings requires adjustment, the angels of the two people must first meet and arrange the details. The Lord of Karma oversees the arrangements so the karma is worked out in the way most beneficial to the human community. The ahrimanized angels refuse to follow the will of the karma — the will inherent in the human beings with whom they are connected — and thus fail to guide the karma on its true path.”

Nature appears to run independently, stone, plant, and animal, stars, weather and what appears to be life, runs independently under HUMAN DESTINY. Nature is the footstool, but the diagnostic science of destiny sits as a layer of powerful forces that rides nature like cowboy’s ride horses.4 horsemen Rosenkrantz

Our miss-use and abuse of the cosmic forces of Human Destiny have been projected back to humanity through the vivid Imagination of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Humanity gained insight into powerful forces above nature and rode our human destiny to destruction. More on that later, but it is clear that to be Prosperous, Prospero is going to have to re-set what human destiny has forced into disorder. Prospero will attempt to bring his daughter’s destiny from disorder back into order.


The hour’s now come;

The very minute bids thee ope thine ear;

Obey, and be attentive. Canst thou remember

A time before we came unto this cell?

I do not think thou canst, for then thou wast not

Out three years old.


Certainly, sir, I can.

Pros. By what? by any other house or person?

Of any thing the image tell me that

Hath kept with thy remembrance.


’Tis far off,

And rather like a dream than an assurance

That my remembrance warrants. Had I not

Four or five women once that tended me?

Pros. Thou hadst, and more, Miranda. But how istempest prospero and miranda

That this lives in thy mind? What seest thou else

In the dark backward and abysm of time?

If thou remember’st ought ere thou camest here,

How thou camest here thou mayst.


But that I do not.

Pros. Twelve year since, Miranda, twelve year since,

Thy father was the Duke of Milan, and

A prince of power.


Know thus far forth.

By accident most strange, bountiful Fortune,

Now my dear lady, hath mine enemies

Brought to this shore; and by my prescience

I find my zenith doth depend upon

A most auspicious star, whose influence

If now I court not, but omit, my fortunes

Will ever after droop.

The Science of Karma Cognition developed through the Dramatic Arts

Rudolf Steiner

“If, in the near future, in four times TWELVE HUMAN BEINGS, the Michael Thought becomes fully alive — four times TWELVE HUMAN BEINGS, that is, who are recognized not by themselves but by the Leadership of the Goetheanum in Dornach — if in four times TWELVE HUMAN BEINGS, leaders arise having the mood of soul that belongs to the Michael festival, then we can look up to the light that through the Michael stream and the Michael activity will be shed abroad in the future among mankind.”Etheric Christ and our human I dragon forces Max Wolffhugel

Springing from Powers of the Sun,
Radiant Spirit-powers, blessing all Worlds!
For Michael’s garment of rays
Ye are predestined by Thought Divine.

He, the Christ-messenger, revealeth in you —
Bearing mankind aloft — the sacred Will of Worlds.
Ye, the radiant Beings of Aether-Worlds,
Bear the Christ-Word to Man.

Thus shall the Heralds of Christ appear
To the thirstily waiting souls,
To whom your Word of Light shines forth
In cosmic age of Spirit-Man.

Ye, the disciples of Spirit-Knowledge,

Take Michael’s Wisdom beckoning,

Take the Word of Love of the Will of Worlds

Into your soul’s aspiring, a c t i v e l y !

Playing on a vaster Time Field than Shakespeare used, by using the real physics of Time and our current Time Spirit regent, the Archae Michael,  a series of so called “Mystery Dramas” were written that track TWELVE INDIVIDUALS, interwoven and interconnected who have moved through Time and Incarnations together. It remains one of the most advanced Dramatic Models of  the interplay between astral karmic physics and Earthly human destiny ever presented. TWELVE Spiritual stand-points, 4-Groups of Twelve are needed desperately who recognize each other over the Earth; Each human being has TWELVE SENSES not merely five.

The Riddle of Conscious Karma Cognition

“You have been joined by destiny
together to unfold the powers
which are to serve the good in active work.
And while you journey on the path of soul,
wisdom itself will teach you
that the highest goal can be achieved
when souls will give each other spirit certainty,
will join themselves in faithfulness
for the healing of the world.
The spirit’s guidance has united you in knowledge;
so now unite yourselves for spirit work.
The rulers of this realm bestow on you,
through me, these words of strength:

Light’s weaving essence radiates
from person to personzodiac and individual human 12 part sense system
to fill the world with truth.
Love’s blessing gives its warmth
to souls through souls
to work and weave the bliss of all the worlds.
And messengers of spirit
join human works of blessing
with purposes of worlds.
And when those who find themselves in others
join with each other
the light of spirit radiates through warmth of soul.

The inconceivable Science of Shakespeare, how he managed a ‘gravitational sling-shot’ event using the forces of Jupiter and reading the incidence of Synchronicity and Jungian Coincidence into advanced karma perception and cognition and advanced psychology, is all in the difference between white and black magic. Darkened, anti-human and Evil Psychology methodology used and developed everywhere today has everything to do with the WORD and fallen Ahrimanic-Luciferic sciences Shakespeare opposed, called SYCORAX (Click Link).

Today and far into the future we will be engaged in a Manichean battle of education, pharmaceuticals, torture and Ahrimanic intrusions, so devilish and so devastating, that seeks to grab our offspring, our children, before they are even born, and twist them into Sci-Ops SYCORAX products suited only for mass cultural insanity and perversion. Karma schooling and Karma cognition are critical and every effort in the Dramatic Arts that strides forwards into the frontiers of  Moral Imagination, is a step forward in the Science of Karma Cognition and a step forwards into the depths of vision of the Lord of Karma.

The Transformation of Evil and the Manichean Mystery of the Future

In “Cloud Atlas” and in most of the Wachowski Brands, “The Matrix” and “V for Vendetta” we deal with some of the first powerful and astonishing revelations of a kind of Manichean Warrior Initiation into courage. (Click This Link for Manichean Initiation Into a Christo Morimur cry for blessing for the soul)  We are going to need this courage and the Wachowski Siblings are correct in the package they offer it in. In “Cloud Atlas” one of the most difficult projected attacks against humanity, that is forming today, is the mystery of genetic cloning and the human I AM.

The human I AM, as Ahrimanic Science progresses, as Ahriman Himself Incarnates (Click Link), the aim is to sever the I AM from the Spiritual World, bring disorder into the karma of civilization so that it no longer even resembles civilization and bring retaliation by the fallen Ahrimanic angels, with the intent to drag down the rest of the Angelic Community. The degeneracy of Ahrimanic Sciences are likely to continue to meddle with genetic manipulation and cloning and thereby fracture the forces of the Angelic Kingdom even further into the future.

The Dramatic Arts has the distinct mission to stir humanity into action. Our education and university training, medical and scientific efforts, all coated over with the thick goo of militaristic fallen fascist agendas, will very likely sink humanity into the snares of the worst catastrophe of the Fifth Epoch of Ahrimanic social Evil ever imagined. Reincarnation WachsmuthAhrimanic intents, are  hell-bent on severing humanity from the upper sphere of Incarnation. Ahriman intends to distort and shatter The Laws of Reincarnation. The Dramatic Arts and Spiritual Science are the narrowest of bridges over this frightful abyss.

There is a map, a “Cloud Atlas” that most of us, including the intimate karma of David Mitchell, of the Wachowski siblings, myself, also born out of Chicago (I will track our Karma and our specific “Cloud Atlas”  road-map out of Chicago later in the essay) and the entire School of Spiritual Science known as the Michael School, all planned our road-trip to Earthly life with the “Cloud Atlas”, supplied by a pre-birth gathering of a huge karmic school that took place in the Spiritual World.

What we might achieve with our freedom and our destinies on Earth, were part of a mighty panorama, a “Cloud Atlas” in which millions of souls are participating. Recognizing ourselves on Earth and cherishing our intentions and works is to gain the capacity to become fully conscious of the “Cloud Atlas” School we attended together before we all decided to incarnate. I will address this magnificent theme, of how the Risen Etheric Christ rose into the Clouds and a “Cloud Atlas”, an incarnation map of millions of souls are now the working strategies of humanity, the Archae Michael and the Lord of Karma. (more on that later)

Ahriman intends to create a placebo spiritual world, a virtual-world of Astral forces robbed from the Fallen Devachan (Click Link). Ahriman intends to fabricate a wholly disconnected Nature Nutrition from the laws of nature and create a controlled Etheric and Destiny tag and tracking technology, sometimes called RFID chips. But those are kiddie toys compared to the meddling into Cloning and homogenizing the I AM of each human spiritual being into faceless functioning ahrimanically controlled sentient life form. A carbon based I AM, emptied of individual soul identity, easily controlled from pre-birth to the end of the Fabricants life is what the Manichean of TODAY faces.

Numbed and amazingly naive, except for those Artists, Film Makers, Novelists and profound Philosophers, who get it, every inch of our defeat and our daily compromising our humanity, our dignity, the very foundations of THE TENTH HIERARCHY, which we are, will incrementally shatter the stars, further decimate the Angelic Community of THE NINTH HIERARCHY and enslave humanity in a nightmare severed from the Spiritual World and severed from the cohesion of our own I AM. Unless we start fighting back NOW.

“…an enormous red dragon…His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth…the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth,and his angels with him” (Revelation 12:3-9).

It is through this Manichean moment, where a manufactured, “Fabricated” clone awakens as an I AM that Sonmi-451 defeats the Ahrimanic forces. The smothered, fabricated, depleted empty vessel of Darwin’s worst nightmare, the thing that Ahriman had locked down and eradicated,  eviscerated, our humanity, reduced to mulched flesh and a delicious foamy malt called soap.Cloud Atlas Humanity, cloned and mass produced and living  in mass confinement human factory farming global operations, where humans were treated in the efficient Darwinian end game as cattle and poultry farms treat livestock for fast food hamburgers and quick chicken where bones, eggs, shells, are mulched and repackaged as nourishment is envisioned. In this diabolical, demonic future, the I AM, awakens in a clone (Click Link), in Sonmi-451 and precipitates the fall of the dominating Ahrimanic culture.

The Fabricant

The “Cloud Atlas” story focuses on a genetically-engineered “fabricant” clone named Sonmi~451 who is one of millions raised in an artificial “wombtank,” destined to serve from birth. Such fabricants do practically every kind of manual or service labor, work as soldiers and prostitutes, and even act as “living doll” toys for “pureblood” kids in the futuristic society of Nea So Copros — an ultra-corporate version of a unified Korea that has grown to include much of Asia.

We are on our way to get to this Ahrimanic nightmare incrementally, day by day. It is dawning before our very eyes. When Sonmi-451 awakens Ahriman’s Earthly Ruler-ship finally collapses, caves in on itself. Humanity has been nearly eradicated in the process.

To prevent the stages that are without a doubt going to bring these things to fruition, the full thrust of Manichean Christianity must come to the aide of a slumbering, sickened society. The Dramatic Arts knows this, sees this and is aware of the type of courage needed NOW to deflect what is undoubtedly coming towards us and is nearly upon us.

Raising up of the Son of the Widow – The Youth of Nain – and the future of Manicheanism

“In his lectures on the Gospel of St. Luke, Rudolf Steiner speaks about this ” Raising from the Dead “, as it is related in St. Luke, Chapter 7, verses 11 -17. Rudolf Steiner Characterizes it as a very special form of Initiation: an Initiation, namely, in which the forces awakened in the soul do not become active at once, and in which there is no consciousness, as yet, of the change which has taken place. The effects of the accomplished spiritual awakening repose within the soul like a seed, and reach full development only in the next incarnation. In this Initiation of the Widow of Nain’s Son, Christ prepared something for future Ages – so Rudolf Steiner explains to us. He awakened, in this case, an individuality “would bring to mankind, in accordance with its further evolution, and in an entirely objective way, something for which human beings will be ripe only in the future”. What we read concerning the awakening of the Widow of Nain’s Son, arose anew as a powerful Teacher of religion, and that in this way in a later age, a new Teacher of Christianity could arise, endowed with the power which had been implanted at that earlier time in his soul.” Adelheid v. Sybel-Petersen 1935

Which brings us to a brand new re-framing of the new Joan of Arcs under Michael the Archae and the unfolding Manichean Mystery. It is THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (Click Link) starring Noomi Rapace that brings us into the current issues of sadism, abuse, savvy computer technology, well schooled, disciplined, with enormous anti-social I AM wisdom, an outcast, the new Anti-Heroine or Hero is the new real deal.

A new Manichean Identity emerged as a type, a type that appears to reject all the old conservative visual identity markers that make people THINK, assume, they are all safe amidst homogenized happy political consumers. Or are they? So a new rejected TYPE of Manichean Dramatic Character was created, whose complex intelligence, cunning and human courage can take the power back from the bankers, reverse the sadistic rapers and seducers and make them into the quivering cowards that they absolutely are.

The New Manichean Warrior overcomes all Identity limitations, passport and legal Matrix’s of power, travel, and can change their whole temperament and dress and assume a new identity if it suits their purpose. The New Manichean can handle the roar of an intense high-powered bike, move like a high-speed lightening bolt through every layer of culture. The New Manichean can go unobserved or dismissed, marginalized but retains their innate integrity, ethical courageous content and independence, to what all appearances seems the epitome of a Loki-like intensified Luciferic force bottled in a highly carbonated Manichean disguise. The New Manichean has fully, flatly rejected everything phony or laced with hypocrisy or at least appears to see right through it.Noomi Rapace Steiner School student

The entire edifice of abstract cultural lies are rejected, yet The New Manichean turns the weapons of Ahrimanic abuse back, spiritually reverses those forces and puts them r