From the Birth of America to Its Culmination in the 7th Age by Bradford Riley

The 4th part that has followed the whole series GRAPPLING WITH THE MONSTERS OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHE is now available. Please accept this invitation to the gateway of the lofty unfolding of the future of AMERICA. The following is a quote taken from the text.

“The Culmination of Earth actually brings us, our humanity to the brink of the Divine Forces of Love and Metamorphosis that Christ Himself carried during the 4th Age. The goal of the American Age, from the founding of America in the West, was to generate a new path to the illumination of the Christ Event and how humanity achieves in itself, by the 7th Age, the literal Risen Etheric Budhi forces that were revealed in the THREE YEARS Christ shared as a Human Being. By the 7th Age, THE AMERICAN AGE, many human beings will begin to manifest what the Christ revealed through His Resurrection.”

Our Journey together through the tumultuous 5th Age of Pisces – 6th Age of Aquarius – 7th Age of Capricorn actually reveals our Journey together to absorb the flowering of Humanity which is understood as The Coming American Age.

Each Human Being on the Earth will share, absorb and arise to become a portion and potent piece of the rich content of the coming American Age. The Journey to achieve the American Age must pass directly through future Ascension Mysteries of the Christ Being. THE CULMINATION – of the American Psyche (CLICK LINK), where instead of declaring as John F. Kennedy did at the Berlin Wall “Ich bin ein Berliner” (click link), rather everyone on Earth will have absorbed and passed through a higher metamorphosis to become revelations of precisely what the impulse of the founding of America and achieving the American Spirit was all about.

“Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was “civis Romanus sum”. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner”. JFK (click link)

ICH BIN will be the Bountiful CALL that echoes and resounds from the coming American Age. The immense Culmination and Journey to arrive at The American Age must literally rattle the foundations of the Earth and transform the Solar System itself. ALL of us will be required to literally unravel the knots that connect us to the rings of Saturn and tie us to The Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. All the buried seeds of the highest ideals of America are latent, entombed and wrapped in the Mystery of the West, and all that East – West – and Middle have sacrificed themselves for, brings us to the 4th part called by me, THE CULMINATION – of the American Psyche. (Click on Picture Below where you may OPEN the entire article for your private viewing if you so desire. It is over 150 pages of in depth study of AMERICA and ANTHROSOPHIA.)

We will as humanity, as our future unfolds, evolve an entirely new stream of Nutrition and Life. We will unfold an entirely New Method of Procreation. In this, the 4th Part of Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche, we arrive at an amazing Plateau of Earth Destiny and Human Evolution. It is advised that each person study Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, before embarking on THE CULMINATION.

None of our standard educational paradigms have prepared us to understand what Our Own Metamorphosis means for the whole of humanity, the elemental kingdoms tied to the core of the Earth, and to our individual Angels torn between the Hierarchies and the further Fall of Our Humanity to the Eighth Sphere. The outcome of The Culmination of the American Age must be lived through and understood in the vivid cognitive Life of our Higher I AM.

But of course, we also love those souls who wish to rush to the end of the tale, drink in THE CULMINATION in order to prepare themselves before they embark. Before traveling it is good to know what to pack and the places we shall visit on our travelocity itinerary. This is what an Omega/Alpha OR Alpha/Omega mystery is all about. Lazarus/John was raised from the dead in order to deliver just such a Report. (Click on CULMINATION or Click on the Picture above in order to go to the portal and OPEN the Adventure of Anthrosophia and the dawning of the 7th Age).

The Age of Capricorn is an immense from HERE TO ETERNITY study and beyond OR, a, [How to Manual] to Follow the Christ into the Future Ascension of our Earth and our Humanity. It is a legitimate desire to want to go to the END in order to understand THE BEGINNING. By clicking on the PICTURE ABOVE, and (when you are ready to explore that future and OPEN your own password to the document) you will come to a new understanding of the days of FUTURE – PAST.

If we know what to expect in the unfolding future events, The Event Horizons ahead of us, we can connect the dots of the present and prepare ourselves for the future. That is, if Science, The Michael School, The Sophia School and the Lamb of God can be integrated into the Goethean Metamorphosis of SEVEN mighty stages in the unfolding of the Higher Development of Humanity. Being somewhat prepared ahead, we can pluck up our faltering Cosmic Courage and steer a course for the Great Unraveling of the Stars.

I apologize to everyone for my need to write forward, send myself ahead of myself, in order to sort out for myself the labyrinth of my inadequate education. Each of us has to learn how to unravel the knots, and untangle the threads of TIME. Everyone I have ever known, have all seemed to understand things much more wisely than I. So please accept my apology. I have needed this map of the future far more than you know.

Each person ahead of me has helped me navigate through the maze of Nature and the Science of Metamorphosis. Each person I have met has helped me through SUB-NATURE, (an entirely new kingdom filled with future Nature). Each person we know, we owe an immense debt of gratitude to for participating with us in this great, great adventure to find America. Each of us will be required to learn how to unravel, re-member, reassemble, and extinguish ourselves with the precise Sacramental Science of the Holy Logos of Creation. We are all learning to get comfortable in the Higher School of Metamorphosis and it will TAKE TIME.

So After you Listen to AMERICA click this link – Part 4 – The Culmination and test if you are ready to awaken the Future of the American Age.

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