The Seed of Anthroposophy and the child AnthroSophia by Bradford Riley

The Impact of AnthroSophia, the child and offspring of Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ, has made contact and her impact was felt around the world. The Annunciation and birth of AnthroSophia Herself was recorded in the collective tales of Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily and the entire strength of the Mystery Dramas themselves. The link I will give you below allows us to track the subjective cultural imagination of the White Rabbit all the way to the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner.

In the link I offer below, to tracking and tracing the birth of AnthroSophia, allows us to pass through numerous cultural phenomena including that of The Wizard of OZ. In Dorothy, many subtle attributes of Initiation show how the Imagination of the Wizard of Oz was clearly part of the many clues that revealed the arrival and announcement of AnthroSophia, the daughter of Sophia in the Soul Life of Humanity.

Treating the Annunciation of the birth of AnthroSophia in an entirely new Imagination that stirred itself to the depths of our Humanity, allows us to explore the Objectivity of Imagination given by the Spiritual World. Some moms can feel their babies move as early as 13-16 weeks from the start of their last period. These first fetal movements are called quickening and are often described as flutters. Now in the vast membrane of the world, dear friends, the arrival of the child of Sophia was felt around the world. We are not making this up. The arrival of AnthroSophia and the stirring of AnthroSophia was felt by Goethe in The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily. But the Emergency Room and Temple Birth Mystery that prepared for the arrival of AnthroSophia was set in the 1st Goetheanum.

The Imagination of Sophia on the Earth, was brought into vivid focus and the Seed of the Word, the Creative Logos and the pregnancy and womb required for the birth of AnthroSophia, a Higher Being to be carried to term in each of our human souls, receptively and respectfully arrived and was placed consciously on the Earth with the 1st Goetheanum. Michael Himself acted as, and participated as a guardian at the birth on Earth of His sister, AnthroSophia. The Christ Word, the Logos Insemination, filled the Imagination of the Temple of Sophia, and all through the world the Objective Membrane of the Higher Imagination of Humanity, reverberated in thousands and thousands of receptive souls.

It was felt by Lewis Carroll, it was felt by George MacDonald, it was felt by Frank Baum ( Tree in German), the very membrane of the world was felt by Michael Ende. Her birth quickened to life around the world and Human Imagination reverberated with Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, The Princess and Curdie, The Neverending Story. By Tracking and collating such reverberations awakening in our world wide Human Imaginations, just as Astronomers report celestial movements in the Heavens, the powerful Imaginations of Novalis and Goethe awakened the Imagination for the Sophia Maternity Ward to be placed on the Earth. That Sophia Maternity Ward was the rare event of the Objective Spirit-Self humbly awakening to Sophia. That Maternity Ward where Sophia could recognize Herself, as in a mirror on the Earth, was the 1st Goetheanum.

Since Lazarus/John stood beneath the cross and escorted the Mother of Jesus to Ephesus, the long, long wait for the awakening of the Imagination of Sophia on the Earth, was seen by Goethe and brought into manifestation and quickening through the 1st Goetheanum. We have to understand more here. Goethe and Novalis bore in their Inner Soul Forces the potent Seed Sophia had given them in the Spiritual World. This tremendous Oocyte, Ovum and Zygote seed potential are part of the DUAL Fallopian tubes. Now Imagination and the deep workings of the Science of St.John reveals how St. John understood what Christ had laid upon him. St. John was tasked to understand everything pertaining to the Mystery of “This is your Mother”.

The Seed of the Higher Worlds and the History of the World, placed on Earth, at least in the wide cultural sphere of Humanity, two individuals who knew and recognized each other. Novalis recognized Goethe and Goethe recognized Novalis and like the Two Fallopian Tubes, each bore in themselves the Higher Power of Metamorphosis as an entirely new capacity awakening in humanity. It was a Sophia Oocyte seed, which, when cultivated, brought the Objective capacity of Imagination and Science into position for fertilization through the Logos. Anthroposophy, the purified milk of the Logos, that once flowed through the Dove and the Grail Imaginations, was the pure nutritional milk required to stir AnthroSophia into Life within our Human Soul experience.

‘If one approaches Spiritual Science with the right attitude, it can indeed become the very substance of life within a human being. However, let me stress emphatically that it can take on this function only gradually, little by little, because Spiritual Science is much like everything that grows and develops: first it must have a seed that keeps growing, and then by virtue of this growth it becomes ever more effective.” (RS the Study of the Seed and the Tree of Life)

Goethe knew he was in possession of this new, rather unusual capacity. Goethe pressed deeply into the Objectivity of Imagination in both Science and Art. Goethe went all the way to the reality of Higher Plant Metamorphosis and down into the depths of the shadow and our Human Double. Novalis had the elasticity of pure Objective Imagination that produces the first stirrings of Living AnthroSophia in our Human Soul. Novalis named this combination of both Objective Science and Objective Imagination the child of Sophia, “Little Fable”. It IS the child of Sophia, but how do we bring it to birth?

The 1st Goetheanum was the Maternity Ward for the Birth and education of how our own Humanity could now give Birth to a New Being who would stand as a full complement to Michael the Archai and Time Spirit. Michael and the awakening of AnthroSophia in every human soul are part of the Medical and practical revelations as to how the Creative Logos and Sophia Herself have fostered a New Child built upon the Science of Imagination integrated precisely with objective Goethean Science and our Moral Imaginations purified through Novalis. Together, with the fusion of these two pillars of our Humanity, The Representative of Humanity as the Creative Logos could stand as Protector in the Great Hall of the Maternity Ward with Sophia. There and from the fountain of the ever renewing wellsprings of Anthroposophy the 1st Goetheanum manifested and stirred to wakefulness the dual new hidden capacities of Objective Science and Objective Imagination awakening in Humanity.

We awaken our Objective Imagination by following and collating those hidden Devachan trails that lead us to the birthplace of AnthroSophia. The first quickenings and flutterings of the Birth of AnthroSophia through the Objective Imagination of the Spiritual Worlds, lands us dead center in the ER delivery chamber of the 1st Goetheanum. But that requires us to expand the journey of our thought life into the Objective world of Human Imagination at the Threshold and the Devachan Hopes, Plans and gifts of the Hierarchies, for our Higher Spiritual Awakening. Which means that, regardless of our sarcastic and subjective dispositions, the reality of the Open Mystery of Golgotha Itself, was now the Open Mystery of the Objective Birth of AnthroSophia.

Hundreds of thousands of cultural events that seem completely unrelated are all part of the Time Mysteries of the unfolding open revelations, happening across the world, in countless individual hearts and minds. It means that instead of looking at one or two subjective, yet brilliant Imaginations, we see that All these Imaginations have an Objective Insemination where, somewhere on Earth or in some human beings Imagination, a semi-pure Revelation of the Arrival of Sophia’s daughter was registered. The arrival of AnthroSophia, the inkling of Her arrival, where She shall thrive and Live in us, is in fact the Objective ground of Imagination and the full Love of the Logos Living in our Humanity.

The New Mysteries, most of us are really rather vague about the New Mysteries. The New Mysteries in their Highest Purity have been changed since Golgotha from having been hidden to stunningly Wide Open and Revealed. That is a cognitive problem that is very, very difficult for us to understand. How could it be that the Highest Mysteries of the Gods and Humanity could now be revealed and recognized openly? The Logos is Here Now on Earth and the New Mysteries are standing with the Logos, Here, Now, on Earth. Our job is to understand and reveal how the subjective separate creative cultural revelations have arisen, in TIME, and lift our participation with them to the Borderlands and Boundaries where Objective Imagination and Objective Science reveal the touchstone of how the Hierarchies and Higher Initiation awaken in our Humanity.

We have great difficulty getting our intellects to awaken and come to terms with our Consciousness Soul. We fail again and again to see the Beauty of how we are all awakening even in our very different and widely diverse Languages and Cultural experiences, awakening into a world of Objective Imagination tied directly to Objective Science.

The New Mysteries, the Open Mysteries of the Consciousness Soul gives us the global opportunity of witnessing the vast participation of the Hierarchies, our Angels, the Dead and entering the New Mysteries that are arising to meet us. AnthroSophia, the daughter of Sophia awakens our ability to integrate Objective Imagination with Objective Science. AnthroSophia, Dorothy or Alice gives us new elasticity, accuracy and mobility of soul and spirit.

AnthroSophia and the pure Logos was the binding duty and Love that led to the break up between Rudolf Steiner and Theosophy. There was no need for a break-up or division between Anthroposophy and Theosophy except for the condition of bearing the Logos Seed of Sophia, developing the nourishment on Earth to feed the Child of the Mysteries, the Archangel child, AnthroSophia, that was part of the exquisite and intricate PhiloSophia that was directly tied to the Hierarchies through Rudolf Steiner.

Rudolf Steiner was the most immediately available Initiate to midwife the birth and labor of the daughter of Sophia into the Human Soul Itself. The intimate union of Objective Science and Objective Imagination could launch both The Consciousness Soul and raise Humanity to Spirit-Selfhood. Rudolf Steiner as a Sophia, Christian Initiate, was the only Doctor on call, when Theosophy decided to channel massive lies as a substitute for the Objective Holy Spirit nutrition, required for the birth of AnthroSophia in human souls.

What happened is historically known, that Theosophy as a worldwide movement was about to betray, pollute and parade Krishnamurti as the 2nd coming of Christ. The actual Objective Logos, think and Imagine the Logos Word of Creation and the Divine Sophia offering humanity Her Child. AnthroSophia was to be fed on the purest milk of the Holy Spirit. But make no mistake, all of Humanity were involved in the Birth of AnthroSophia. The entire brainwashing and false Logos, lies and impurity of the entire deliberate corruption of the youth of Krishnamurti was in defiance of both the Logos of Christ and Sophia.

When we examine what Sophia required from a Christian Initiate, we come to what Sophia demanded, what Truth and the Holy Spirit demanded if an Initiate was to be given the responsibility as midwife for a literal child of the mysteries. AnthroSophia was the daughter of Sophia Herself. What demands were placed on an Initiate to deliver the purest Logos, advance PhiloSophia, and feed the child of Sophia with only the purest content of Truth and Holy Substance that was ever consolidated into a regular, daily dose of untainted Spiritual Nourishment? Many of us have never even considered the break with Theosophy and the birth of Anthroposophy that demanded from every human being that the purity of the Spiritual World, that the substance of Truth Itself must come from the purest fountain and purest Springs of Knowledge in order to build the bones and life pulse for the revelation and birth of the daughter of Sophia.

The pollution of the stream of nourishment for such a New Earth Changing Event, where Sophia would allow Her Daughter to grow in Human Souls, immediately affected Theosophy with the unfortunate, tragic manipulation of Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti disavowed the machinations of certain occult factions which had immediately set a low bar of betrayal that would have allowed the general striving of humanity to skip over Truth, the Logos, and the realities of the nourishment offered directly from an Objective, fully real Spiritual World.

The pollution and poisoning of the Logos Stream, against the purity that must feed AnthroSophia Herself as a child of the Mysteries, put Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy in a peculiar position. Poor Krishnamurti was presented as a warning to stand guard over the mysteries and do not let our poison infect, mis-direct and corrupt the birth and childhood of little AnthroSophia Herself by way of the Fallen Logos tangled Lies of adults.

“At age eight, Krishnamurti, a frail and dreamy child, lice-ridden and open-mouthed, was discovered on a beach in South India and proclaimed by leaders of the Theosophical Society to be the next World Teacher. With exacting expectations, the Theosophists initiated the “coming messiah” into the spirit worlds with which they claimed to have direct contact. In addition, they introduced him to the mannered informalities of international society. But at the age of twenty-nine, Krishnamurti rebelled.

“Refusing the role of the chosen one, he claimed that truth could not be approached by way of a teacher and that enlightenment rendered all belief systems equally and inherently useless. Helping others find their way in a pathless land became Krishnamurti’s avowed mission for the next seven decades.” (link)

In order to gain permission from Sophia Herself, to even begin to supply the nourishment that AnthroSophia would need to grow in a Human Soul, it could not be handed to anyone whose intention and unconscious motives or conscious motives were to poison the wellsprings of the Holy Spirit. The intention to pollute or poison the stream of the Holy Ghost or in any way poison the pure wellsprings of the deepest roots of PhiloSophia was a Sin against an actual innocent Archangelic Embryo that could come alive within any and all Adult Human Souls.

Initiation and stepping up to meet Higher Initiation and The Higher Worlds was gaining the permission and meeting the requirements set down in the deepest Foundation Stone of the World of the Living Akasha. The feeding and care of this new child of the mysteries required the absolute integrity of an Initiate and an intimate agreement with Sophia Herself. This Initiation purity could not yet arise from Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, alias, Lewis Carroll.

In the link that follows I track the superficial surface revelations of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of OZ by stating emphatically that Humanity, like any astronomer with an eye glued to the sky, any human soul who felt intuitions, inspirations and imaginations flowing through them, which every human experiences in various degrees of actual clarity or clumsiness, know that certain souls are capable of receiving higher intuitions and imaginations into our tangled subjective Thought Sphere. We track some of the imaginations that have led to the Birth of AnthroSophia (HERE AT THIS LINK) and we track as well a personality like Nietzsche who felt, as Lewis Carroll did as well, an event stirring in the depths of humanity. But like most of us, we have been unable with our broken souls to objectify our true sense of things without the proper tools.

The Birth of AnthroSophia and Her objective delivery in the ER hospital of the 1st Goetheanum by the Good Doctor who midwifed PhiloSophia into the birth chamber for the daughter of Sophia, AnthroSophia was an objective Mystery Event that took place in the delivery room built for Sophia Herself. The 1st Goetheanum was that precise delivery room.

The 1st Goetheanum was an IMAGINATION offered up from Humanity, in order to meet Sophia Herself at the Threshold. AnthroSophia is a caliber of Archangel that can now arise in every human soul along with her brother, Michael. Each Human Soul can find the origin of AnthroSophia, in the objectivity of Human Evolution. It requires a certain training and clarity that opens the nutrition streams to the Higher Worlds. We begin to come towards our own Angels. We awaken the Karma and intimate understandings of each of our Human Destinies. AnthroSophia Herself prepares as a New Refreshed Archangelic embryonic capacity, to guide us to the Higher Worlds. We learn to ripen in ourselves, Freedom and Love, which is the gift our Humanity brings upwards as the bounty and fruits of true Earth Evolution and Human Destiny.

So the historical stream of AnthroSophia arriving on the Earth, had to pass through one of the Initiates. It also passed through Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, and was announced with giddy gobbly-gook that AnthroSophia, the daughter of Sophia had arrived. Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of OZ and hundreds of distortions and Film Imaginations, including The Neverending Story and hundreds of attempts to impersonate the Queen of the Universe and the Queen Mother of the Stars, that Objectively was encountered in the Mystery of Lazarus/John, rippled through Humanity. Objective Imagination resonates with Humanity down to the deepest core of our Being, where we encounter the Holy Spirit.

We have continued our immense cultural abuses of robbing the virginity of innocence and disrupting  the development of childhood Imagination. We have accelerated the robbing of the purity of puberty in our bones and above all else, attempting to deceive the Logos itself by deliberately poisoning Truth and Cognition that flows as the pure milk of cognition required, in fact, to nurture the reality of the Objective Holy Spirit.

The Seed of AnthroSophia Herself must be recovered and won by the Higher I AM in us. AnthroSophia Herself will not grow properly within the I AM without the new infusions of the Holy Spirit it requires to awaken it. But first we are required to recognize with the elasticity of our Imaginations how our I AM learns to move through the Rhythms of Time and how culture moves through Objective Imaginations. The Rhythms of Objective Time are part of the key New Mysteries of The Foundation Stone.

Within the following two links, first I follow the Rhythm pattern of Time that brings us to the very Pulse of the Risen Etheric Christ Living in TIME Itself (1st Link Click Here). In the second link I penetrate into the certainty of The Foundation Stone that was planted in the earliest Origins of Humanity. We are invited through Spiritual Science to grasp the Ancient Origins of The Foundation Stone laid in our Hearts as a seed in our earliest Origins. How do we build a Foundation Stone and When was the 1st Foundation Stone planted in the Heart of Humanity and precisely Who has activated and awakened this Foundation Stone ahead of us? (2nd Link The Foundation Stone).

The Goetheanum did not fail and Rudolf Steiner did not fail in his great act of Love to introduce under the protection of Michael and the Logos, the prime revelation of the Age of Pisces. That Anthroposophy would be the most stable and pure diet that brought Objective Science and Objective Imagination out into the Open Mysteries of the 20th and 21st Centuries, shook the Stars themselves. The pure stream of Higher Nutritional Milk of the Word saturated Spiritual Science in medicine, agriculture, education, Life after Death, the true contours and construct of the Higher Worlds, Incarnation, Birth, and Time, how Time and Space, the Stars and the Origins of Humanity are tied to the Hierarchies, were offered up to the daughter of Sophia.

Every Human Art, History, Tale, film script, drama, comedy, every single inspiration from Science or Religion in any corner of humanity and human history are solidly based on the Akasha. Any distortion is only a distortion because only a fragment of inspiration or imagination was triggered. Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science places all of Humanity firmly on the foundations of an Objective Cosmos both in structure and in True Imaginations. On these firm nutritional and Holy Spirit Foundations every human being can awaken AnthroSophia, the daughter of Sophia and the solid Logos of Creation as solid tools of the Soul and Spirit.

As a graduate of the Michael School of the Goetheanum I was plopped in the very middle of the creative impulses of New York City at the very height of all New forces of Imagination that were unleashed out of the West. All those inspired, who had arrived together from an Objective Spiritual World were filled with enthusiasm for what they remembered as the coming of a New Earth. A massive wave flowing through many generations, lit by the fuse of Sophia and the Objective Open Mysteries of the Christ Event, infused completely new impulses into the Arts that could flow back and rejuvenate the parched and depleted Spirit and Soul of Humanity.

So to observe two things as intimately as possible in terms of Schooling and Human destiny let me proceed. Albert Poland adored, as much of America had adored Judy Garland. Albert knew the personality of Judy Garland on Earth. The rest of us learned to love what Dorothy represented to the striving of our human souls and spirits. Albert Poland and a whole generation of souls, including myself, as we all had incarnated and found ourselves in the brewing, bustling cauldron of creativity in NYC also experienced Alice in Wonderland through Grace Slick and Dorothy through The Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland. Albert Poland helped produce a play I was in that originated at La Mama. I have known Albert Poland ever since 1969. As a fact, we know that Judy Garland is in the Spiritual World.

She didn’t have an easy time of it on Earth. But like Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland represented a certain Higher Work of Imagination and she had big shoes to fill, Red Ruby Slippers indeed.

Cultural figures unprepared for Initiation or chosen as examples for us, to teach us about Initiation were such Archai Initiations that engaged the entire Nation. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy revealed an entire sub-text of reality hidden behind the office of Potus. In the Arts, certain talented human beings are worshipped as box office idols with all the fallen idolatry of stunted and deformed Angels.

These are all examples of Krishnamurti superstar plagiarism where egotism is tempted to pretend and imitate Initiation. Actual Initiation Realities are built into the West and into the Three branches of Government of the West. But 99% of humanity cannot fathom a Three stage comprehension of Angel, Archangel or Archai clarity through our thinking and through the Founding of the United States of America Herself. The reason people side step The Mystery Dramas are because they represent the objective science of Initiation as facts showing our actual encounters with the Spiritual World and the clash of our shadows in the depths of our souls.

We may speak objectively about vast Archangelic Groups that are scattered in the different Etheric and Ethnic accents and regions over the United States. We may speak objectively that the office of POTUS, created in the United States, was designed out of the intelligence and instinct of the intuitions of Higher Initiation and common sense that inspired the Founding Fathers. The office of POTUS sets a high, nearly unreachable bar of Initiation that rises to Leadership of a Nation and becomes for a Term of Office, the very shattering shadow of an Archai, Time Spirit Mystery occupying the White House.

Above an Angel, above an Archangel, the office of POTUS falls under the shadow of an Archai Initiation Time Slot, Time Initiation. The daily Pulse of a Nation, the so called Leader or Dictator of the Free World evokes and calls forth ambitious, unconscious hungers for raw Power and Prestige and as of old, attracts the egotistic ancient Egyptian Pharaoh instinct and the ancient Roman Caesar arrogance of certain personalities. Such an Initiation that Martin Luther King Jr. (Archangel and Folk Group) or Robert Kennedy and John Lennon (Angel confrontations) often surprises humanity, and we are suddenly shaken that there is an actual Spiritual World and we are all in the middle of what appears to be Great Good beyond our wildest Imaginations and while struggling with a great evil.

Across the street from the Astor Place theater on Lafayette St in New York City, was the Public Theater that produced the smash hit, “Hair” which revealed an echo from out of the Spiritual World, a lasting echo of This so called Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is not yet here, we are still in the age of Pisces, but certainly the dawning of what in the Age of Aquarius under the Cosmic Best Man, Raphael, John the Baptist aka, Novalis, was a solid key for encountering in ourselves the actual Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. And the Forerunner of the Age of Aquarius was the arrival of AnthroSophia at the Mystery Center for Michael studies in Dornach Switzerland.

The seed of Anthroposophy brought to Humanity, through an entirely New Being suited to grow and guide us to the wisdom of Sophia of the Stars Herself, our Mother. That New Being ready to awaken on the Boundaries and Borderland of our Objective Imagination is a Higher Being offered to Humanity, through the Open Mysteries inaugurated by the Christ Event on Golgotha. In our Human Souls that Being is AnthroSophia. This is the great future step that Christ had assigned to Lazarus/John. Lazarus/John was tasked by Christ to present the great Mysteries of our Mother Sophia. And that vast Starry Cohesion of the Sophia Being, which we meet in the Devachan world called Heaven, had instructed Her Son, Lazarus/John to unveil and awaken the birth pangs of AnthroSophia in Humanity.

Much, much more could be shared as to how Lazarus/John absorbed, learned, endured and awakened the titanic forces of Metamorphosis, birth and development a Human Soul undergoes to be able to grasp Sophia Herself. Part of that Immense quest for Initiation and awakening the Objective reality of becoming a Living Foundation Stone, which Lazarus/John endured, ahead of the rest of us, is where Objective Science meets Sophia Science. Understanding and restoring to our Human Soul faculties, The Objective Science out of which All of our Humanity are made, you know that phrase the mafia uses, well Imagine that phrase taken to the objective heights of the New Sciences of Sophia. We are all MADE Human Beings. To Trek out into the Objective Science of Sophia and Lazarus/John (CLICK THIS LINK).

Further, each of us, who have been given the seed of Anthroposophy have a new measure of responsibility if we become conscious of it. It is our job to recognize what remarkable events have transpired since the Rise of the Etheric Christ from 1933. I pick up some of the scattered pieces of this 1933 Mystery in the following link.

In the following link, we are invited to verify the stunning awakening of the Love Generation and the source and origin of it’s powerful creative mixing and merging of Imagination Itself. It is our job to understand what has poured new life into Culture and recognize the events that occur behind the threshold of the Spiritual World and connect ourselves to the 20th and 21st century consciously. At least that is one of the tasks of the Michael School itself.

Tracking the birth of ANTHROSOPHIA in the far West. Recognizing the Symptoms:  (click this Link to awaken the dormant seed of AnthroSophia hidden in the West)

“Based on Goethe’s Fairy Tale of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily published in 1795 Steiner literally lifted up the Underground Temple where Sophia had hidden her daughter AnthroSophia.

“Humanity was pregnant with Sophia’s child, from the union between Christ and Sophia of the Stars. Little AnthroSophia lay in the swaddling wraps of the living Language of the Logos of the World. Her Annunciation, birth and life depends on the solid nutritional stream of Manas – Buddhi – and Atma of the living Logos of the WORD that streams down deeply and nourishes the roots of the Soul and Spirit Sheath in each and every human being.

“Suddenly through the world, The Time was at Hand. The trimesters (Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution; Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma) the progressions and the contractions of the world itself, the birth pangs of delivering an entirely new child from the Union of Divine Spiritual Beings was at our doorsteps by 1924. The Risen Etheric Christ began re-appearing at the Threshold of the Spiritual World by 1933, preparing the coming generations, preparing the Starry Configurations for the future incarnations that would carry the birth and awakening of the future child of Imagination and Inspiration that could be nursed to life in each human soul.

“This child was the result of the long incubation and gestation that resulted from the marriage between The Risen Etheric Christ, the Logos, and Sophia Herself. As a result of this Union, AnthroSophia could now be conceived in every Human Soul and brought forth through the Imagination and Inspiration of the Logos Itself.

“The announcement of the insemination and pregnancy of Sophia Herself, in the Temple of the Word, in the 20th century, in the ER Delivery Room of the 1st Goetheanum, reproduced in artistic splendor, with the Cupolas and the pillars, the Imagination on Earth, designed to accommodate Sophia and the birth of Her Child AnthroSophia. The contractions and birth pangs through the 1st Goetheanum revealed the swelling and coming forth of the awakening into consciousness, of the Underground Temple that was announced by Goethe in 1795.” (Encountering AnthroSophia  CLICK LINK)

Our Humanity is stirred, like ripples in a pond, like sound waves, how tone forms and ripples with universal occult reception, as Music as Math and most importantly are the laws out of which all Human Imaginations themselves flow and ripple through all of Humanity. They leave Objective traces of Objective events that many merely dismiss without understanding how Imaginations break through and penetrate into Artists, Scientists, and Religious common cultural streams.

The foundational law of how we recognize how objective Imaginations impacts individuals is a matter of standing on the Akasha of the History that is alive and and Unfolding continuously through the Hearts of Humanity. Everyone on Earth, Humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy, we are all endowed with certain common gifts and deep incarnation traits. The so called Akasha (click link) of the precise history and unfolding events that ripple through Time and the Apocalypse are the precise Nourishment and Nutrition that is required to feed and awaken the daughter of Sophia in each human soul. But Objective mobility and accurate cognition are best when they function together. (RS Link)

Learning to read Time and Imagination and understanding the Objectivity of Imagination as a new higher organ of perception that Humanity carries as an endowment, can only be cultivated under the elasticity and objectivity of Moral Imagination. This process of Moral Imagination and Freedom is precisely what The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity offered the Middle Sphere. The West, the East and the Middle sphere of the entire Earth each have their gifts. And we in the West must also make our contributions to the objectivity of Cultural Moral Imagination.

Part of the work of learning to be elastic and see through the Objectivity of Imaginations and collate them, and clarify them, builds the higher organs we need to nourish the birth of AnthroSophia Herself in every Human Soul. And there are hazards to being custodians of such a treasure that so easily becomes diverted into subjective trivia. Every Human Soul now has The Freedom to fail to awaken the Objective treasures of Sophia Herself. That does not mean that we lose the joyful sense of how each of our human hearts dance with delight when different Human Beings express in their own ways how they have been deeply awakened in their own Imaginations.

It is our Love of Seeing and recognizing each and every beautiful nuance of something as remarkable and as Real and as hard to express as The Being of AnthroSophia arising in the Soul Sphere of every Human Being. When we learn to Love and to see Sophia, and the objectivity of celebrating the gift of the exuberance of Her beloved daughter in all the Arts and Sciences, our hearts celebrate an entirely New Dimension of Living, Unfolding, Awakening Divine Wisdom.

This remarkable New Wisdom comes to light in each and every individual human being. Each and every child is bringing their own remembrance from the Great Heavenly Sophia Sciences and these remembrances require the objectivity and training of the Love of Elasticity and the mobility we encounter in many Fairy Tales. Because the Science of Sophia and Heaven Itself fills every bucket of wonder in every human soul with the same kind of Love and Dignity as we experience in Objective Logos Reality.

We as Logos Bearers, must always see and hear with our Objective Hearts tuned to the mobility and unique gifts that each soul brings from our shared Home in the Spiritual World. Therefore we become aware of discovering who, why and for what powerful Higher Wisdom we are drawn together with each other. We gain the ability through recognition of each other to become TIME TRAVELERS.  We all bring with us, we ALL arise and have come from the Same Divine Heavenly Science of Sophia Herself. Christ had given Lazarus/John a difficult task indeed, “Take Care of Our Mother who Art in Heaven”.

Our awakening to Sophia through the joy of the wisdom and love that Her daughter reveals with us and through us allows Humanity to approach the Laws and Mysteries of Time and the Objectivity and devotion of St.John.

St. John and the joyful child of Sophia carries the freshness and liveliness of the Spiritual World and rejuvenates and brings this Spiritual content back into the world with new invigoration. Anyone who studies Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science is filled with wonder at the freshness flowing from the founts of Higher Reality and back into our constantly awakening cognition. Through Little AnthroSophia new Life flows back into all that grows and sprouts and awakens in every Human Soul and Spirit.

“We cannot have the fruit without the seed. What we develop today as the fruit of the anthroposophical world view can make our hearts happy and warm our capacity to love. Yet nobody can enjoy this fruit of our spiritual scientific world view without the seed, that is without spiritual scientific knowledge itself.” (RS study of the seed click link)

Please feel free to participate in the further adventures of AnthroSophia. Click the following link and follow the Love Generation and Millennials and the X-Generation into the unfolding future of the vast Ascension Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ. Become a participant and schooled Time Traveller in awakening Objective Science with the tools of Objective Imagination.  (“Threshold Entities and Problems of Initiation” – Click Link)


Actual Work, very hard work, on the Seed Forces of Goethean Science and the Objective Birth of Higher Imagination.

“We must be able to wait for the inner experiences. (How the Seed awoke and developed RS Click Link)
“About this “being able to wait” I have already spoken. It was in the year 1889 — I tell about this in the Story of My Life — that the inner spiritual construction of Goethe’s “The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily” first came before my mind’s eye. And it was then, for the first time, that the perception as it were of a greater, wider connection than appears in the Fairy Tale itself presented itself to me. But I also knew at that time: I cannot yet make of this connection what I shall some day be able to make of it. And so what the Fairy Tale revealed to me at that time simply remained lying in the soul.
“Then, seven years later, in the year 1896, it welled up again, but still not in such a way that it could be properly shaped; and again, about 1903, seven years later. Even then, although it came with great definition and many connections, it could not yet receive its right form. Seven years later again, when I conceived my first Mystery Play, The Portal of Initiation — then only did the Fairy Tale reappear, transformed in such a way that it could be shaped and molded plastically.
“Such things, therefore, demand a real waiting, a time for ripening. We must bring our own experiences into relation with that which exists out there in the world. At a moment when only the seed of a plant is present, we obviously cannot have the plant. The seed must be brought into the right conditions for growth, and we must wait until the blossom, and finally the fruit, come out of the seed. And so it must be with the experiences through which we pass. We cannot take the line of being thrilled by an experience, simply because it happens to be there, and then forgetting it. The person who only wants his experiences when they are actually present will be doing little toward ultimate observation of the spiritual world. We must be able to wait. We must be able to let the experiences ripen within the soul.” (Spiritual Work on the Seed Click Link)


“In “The Wizard of Oz” we have a marvelous example of the soul (Dorothy) journeying into the spiritual world with her three companions, referred to by Rudolf Steiner as “soul forces” – Thinking, Feeling and Willing. She meets the Guardian of the Threshold and has to confront her “shadow self” and defeat it’s murderous power over her. In doing so, she transforms her soul forces. Obviously, the Scarecrow could already Think, the Tin Man could Feel and the Cowardly Lion could overcome his fear for the sake of someone he loved. What was needed was the development of spiritual consciousness through deeds of love. The Guardian of the Threshold loses his fearsome nature and becomes a kind guide and the Guardian Angel (Glinda the good witch) is able to raise Dorothy’s consciousness of her own spiritual power in thought.

“Really, the whole of Rudolf Steiner’s book, “Knowledge of the Higher World and Its Attainment” which outlines the way to healthy clairvoyant consciousness is miniaturized in “The Wizard of Oz”.

“I doubt that L. Frank Baum was familiar with Steiner’s work, but he reached into the microcosm of his own heart, which is the doorway to the macrocosm of the spiritual world and found there the same truths about the spiritual nature of the human being and his or her journey of self discovery. ” (Check Link HERE our friend Christine Natalie)


Anthroposophy and the seminal demise of Theosophy

“Our constant endeavor is to deepen, to widen, and to gather from every side, knowledge that can shed light on the Christ Idea. Yet outside our field of work, by talking round an abstract concept, people allege that we speak of the Christ as the “Second Logos.” In the Theosophical Society, conscience ought to be too sharp to permit such allegations. So long as sheer misrepresentation of other people’s views is possible, the Theosophical Movement cannot be said to have reached any particularly high level, and while this sort of thing goes on it is futile to boast about freedom of opinion in the Society. This is an empty phrase as long as people allow themselves to spread false ideas of the views held by others

“Certainly there must be freedom to spread every shade of opinion — but not freedom to misrepresent the views of others! Spiritual conscience must be sharpened in this respect; otherwise all feeling for truth would in the end be driven out of the Theosophical Movement and then it would not be possible to cultivate the true spiritual Movement within the framework of the “Theosophical Movement.” These things must not be glossed over but taken really seriously.

“Certainly, there may be fewer publications if the aim is to print only those things which are founded upon genuine, reliable knowledge. But after all, what harm will be done if there is less printing? What does it matter if less is said, so long as what is said is true and in accordance with reality? It was recently stated in periodicals abroad that the Christ is spoken of by us as the “Second Logos” and that we are said to be cultivating a “narrow” Theosophy, suitable for Germany but not for any other country; we are said to be cultivating a “narrow” Theosophy, whereas a really “broad” Theosophical Movement is being conducted from a certain center in Leipzig of which you have heard.

“When things of this kind are to be read, it can only be concluded that there does not exist in the Theosophical Movement the sharpness of conscience that is the prerequisite of a spiritual movement. And if we lack this sharpness of conscience, if we do not feel the most intense responsibility to the holiest truth, we shall make no progress on any other path. These things have had to be said. And within the Theosophical Movement it will above all be necessary to have eyes for the quality of love and compassion.

“If we conceive the Christ Impulse to be the down-pouring of that spiritual power which was kept back in the ancient Lemurian time in order to flow into evolution during the fourth post-Atlantean epoch at the point marked by the Baptism in the Jordan, reaching its culmination in the Mystery of Golgotha — then it is clear that He Who is known as the “Christ” was not, even at that time, incarnated, in the ordinary sense, in a physical human being.

“We know what complicated processes were connected with the man “Jesus of Nazareth” in order that for three years of his life the Christ Impulse might live within him. We are therefore able to understand that for three years the Christ Impulse lived on the Earth in the three sheaths of a human being, but we realize too that even at that time the Christ Impulse was not “incarnated” on the Earth in the ordinary sense but that He “pervaded” the body of the Being “Jesus of Nazareth.” This must be understood when it is said that it is not possible to speak of a “return” of Christ, but only of an Impulse which was present once, during the time of the events in Palestine beginning with the Baptism in the Jordan, when there remained only the physical body, the ether-body, and the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth; within these sheaths the Christ was then present on the very soil of the Earth.

“From that time Christ has been united with the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth and can there be found by souls who are willing to receive Him. From that time onward — and only from that time onward — He has been present in the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth. The great turn given to Earth evolution lies in the fact that from that time forward there was a power in the Earth which it did not previously contain.” (RS Link)


By Jeanne M. House  (Click Link for this remarkable and detailed analysis of Initiation patterns)  THE WIZARD OF OZ AND THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT

The “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” made its debut in American literature in 1900. This fairy tale of a strong and adventurous heroine appeared at a time when women were finding their voices after being repressed by the domination of patriarchy. It marked a new era for the feminine principle to be retrieved from our psyche and integrated back into the culture. The late 1800’s and early 1900’s was also a time when the subject of the occult was flourishing in New York City, through the Theosophy Society. This was also a new era for revelations and wisdom that originated in ancient mystery schools, to now be revealed to the masses, (albeit the language was still somewhat cryptic).

“Having said that, L. Frank Baum had a story to tell. And oh, what a story it was! It is a story that pertains to each and every one of us. Though it may appear to be a simple fairy tale, it is laden with symbols from the most ancient occult societies and mystery schools. And unlike the fairy tales of its day, his child heroine was not a meek and mild victim but one who transforms from a dependent people-pleaser to one who gains an indomitable spirit and courageous attitude, while pioneering new trails in order to find Home.

“In my last paper I covered some psychological principles while discussing the journey through Oz, especially the transformational events that helped Dorothy become more integrated. I demonstrated that the road to Oz was actually a road to psychological integration. Now I would like to take this a step further and attempt to demonstrate that the road to Oz is also a path to enlightenment.

“Few people trace the moral and symbolic meaning in a story. This story-teller, Frank Baum, may not have had a deep understanding of the ancient symbolism embedded in his own work. It is possible that he meant just to tell a charming tale, but because he was associated with a major esoteric school of his time, the Theosophical Society, I would gather that he was either over-shadowed by angelic-like beings or that he had passed several initiations himself, in order to write such a tale as this.

“Like all enduring myths, (a story with meaning attached to it, other than what it seems at first), we shall find not only the literal story of a person, but parallel imagery of moral principles. For example, the myth of Hercules can be read from a mere historical perspective or it could be interpreted as a “living myth” of a true spiritual power, a mirror of heroism, and a present and living aid against our foes both inner and outer. I believe that Hercules is still alive today in the magnanimous spirit of the Lion that Baum writes about.

“I also mentioned in my last paper that what was needed was a new way of seeing or “seeing symbolically.” So, continuing on that theme, I would like to take this journey a bit deeper and actually use the symbols to reveal the more hidden and latent esoteric principles of the story. Symbols are tools for our imagination, they act as doorways to our unconscious. According to Robert A. Johnson in his book, Inner Work, Inner work is the art of learning the symbolic language of the unconscious. The unconscious is a much larger realm than most of us realize. It is one that has a complete life of its own. It is an enormous ‘field of energy,’ and this constant stream of energy flows through our imaginations. So, our imagination is an organ of communication. It is an image-forming faculty. It does not make anything up. It converts the pre-existing symbols into meaning.

“The images in fairy tales are symbols and when we experience these images, we are also directly experiencing the inner parts of ourselves that are clothed in the images. Jung called these symbols, primordial archetypes. Jung also describes archetypes as blueprints or predispositions that we are all born with and also the fact that they have a dynamic aspect. His theory is that in order to be healthy, we must keep the conscious and the unconscious in dynamic balance.

“Joseph Campbell further supported this notion by describing the task at hand as ‘our adequacy as individuals to relate to the wealth of images and meanings in a creative and life-enhancing way.’ Our goal then is to bring the many parts of us into the one main story that we are living today. Our myths are alive and dynamic! So the road to Oz is the road to Self-knowledge.

“When Dorothy first lands in Oz she is told to begin at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road. Here we will see that we all must build our consciousness moment-to-moment, because in our psyche it is our work or direct experiencing, not just our ideas that builds consciousness. So let us begin to see how Dorothy builds her consciousness brick by brick. One of the first major symbols to appear in desolate black and white Kansas was a Rainbow. Judy Garland’s song, “Somewhere over the rainbow,” suggests that dreams may come true in a land beyond the rainbow, where birds fly freely and ‘clouds are far behind me.’ This denotes that the sun is behind the storm clouds of doubt and confusion. The rainbow emanates an uplifting desire of hope and renewal.

“This rainbow also is a bridge from Kansas to Oz, a bountiful land of brilliant colors. It creates a climate of playful receptivity, which is the domain of the feminine. Each color of the rainbow carries with it specific vibrations and trigger different emotions and reactions. For the Theosophists, the seven rays of the rainbow would correlate with the seven paths of service that each one must master before he is to ascend the earth plane. The number eight represents a secret ray. And when you add the four elements of which we will discuss further in the paper, we get the number twelve, which represents our twelve planets that govern many of our moods and behaviors.

“In the book, Art and Symbols, by James Wasserman, he writes that the number seven represents the microcosm and the macrocosm, and expresses the relationship between God and humanity. There are seven steps of initiation in which we have to journey in order to return to God. The Theosophists also had a system where each one of the rays correlated with each of the seven chakras or energy centers in the human body. Each chakra has a special function and frequency marked by the number of petals it has. These petals determine the flow of energies of God to man. And they govern the God-Virtues that may be amplified within the seven chakras: God-Love, in the Heart, God-Power in the Throat, (in the authority of the Word), God Vision in the 3rd Eye, God-Wisdom in the Crown, God-Peace in the solar Plexus, God-Freedom in the Seat-of-the-Soul and God-Purity in the Base of the Spine.

“In his book, Healing Fiction, James Hillman describes that these symbols and images are not fictitious but actual guides to our deepest core of being and that by allowing these images to guide us we are healed. He implies that it is in the fiction itself, that we are healed. This means then, when Dorothy is imagining a rainbow, it is actually living through her. Our story is living us. Up until this time, Dorothy cannot find meaning in a seemingly barren world and just as she needs more meaning, a rainbow appears. If she follows its cue, she may find out why she is here and what is the meaning of her life.

“The rainbow is the herald of Dorothy’s mission. A Greek archetype that underlies Dorothy’s predispositions is the goddess IRIS. She is made of black and white and everything in between and she knows the necessity of all. She is a guide and a herald conversant in matters practical as well as spiritual. She journeys between dimensions shedding color and understanding in her wake. Traveling by the arc of her rainbow, she bridges the two worlds of b & w and color, knowing the necessity for both. Seven iridescent rays provide her bridge and she is fluent in the vibration of each. The rainbow is the great mediator between the conscious, earth plane and the unconscious plane of heaven.

“In the book, Queen of Heaven, John Ruskin discusses how in ancient myths, Harpies were “sisters of the rainbow.” They are the spirit of vain desires and the spirit of wasted energy. So this rainbow could also represent her path of the right use of energy. We all need to give up vain desires and empty hopes that are merely self-serving. And if you notice that when Dorothy does meet the three characters in the story, they were pretty self-absorbed and not very happy. It was only when they united for a larger purpose that energy was galvanized for the ultimate Victory!

“Since she spoke of the bluebird of happiness, she will not only act as the messenger of the gods, but she will show others how to go through their own initiations with joy. Birds denote height and loftiness of spirit. Morya from the Agni Yoga Society says, “It is better to enter a task with joy than with depression. When joy keeps its glow even under the most difficult circumstances, we are filled with impregnable strength. Joy generates power! Joy is a special wisdom. Truly, joy must be recognized and realized. In sadness people become blind and lose their faith.” The Inner Life Book I, #231.

“The next big symbol is the tornado. In Mythic Imagination, on page 14, Jung said, “Man must not dissolve in a whirl of warring possibilities and tendencies imposed upon him by the unconscious, but must become the unity that embraces all.” Morya continues to say, “Churning is a symbol of cosmogony. It is the symbol of a great action. It is the correlation between the microcosm and the Macrocosm. On the physical plane, spiral rotation is the basis of accumulation of substance and thought. From the summits down to chaos, space, is intensified by the spirals of consciousness. Thought spirally transforms itself into substance, permeating all cosmos. One must understand and accept the transformation of thought into substance, for thought is inexhaustible.”

“What is really happening is that the ages pile up habits that lead to petrification of thinking. Just like when wood or shells petrify, some for millions of years. Our old myths or notions about our selves and the world, petrify if we don’t continue to transform them. It appears that the barren experience of Kansas, signifying the barren experience of Dorothy, is about to fall away as a new archetype is coming into her view. Dorothy’s cosmic mission is to bring back a larger myth for her society. This myth is full of color and hope of a new world-view, or a return to the paradise that she lost when she became an orphan.

“What is required then, is a shift in consciousness. Emotions such as feelings of lack or depression need a purification of consciousness. It has been said that ‘thoughts are things,” meaning that what you pay attention to you become. So what is needed is a dissolution of a lower consciousness, so that a new, higher thought can emerge.

“In Swamplands of the Soul, by James Hollis, says on page 74, that desuetude as the dispirited kingdom. What is the difference between spirit and soul? If soul loses the purposiveness of life, then spirit is the energy, the eros of the journey. When we are depressed, we may say we are dispirited; we have lost the energy for the traversing the swamplands. Listless, joyless, adrift in anomie; who has not dwelt in such an arid place from time to time and sometimes for years? Etymologically, the word desuetude means to grow out of the habit of using. We track our dreams in order to find where this missing energy is and where it wants to go. The soul, according to medieval physiology, is moist and when it is dry we suffer airidity of the spirit, a wasteland of the psyche. To give up one’s uniqueness or to sacrifice the personal journey, is to wound the soul.

“In the book Illuminations II, on page 361, Morya says, “A man depressed by circumstances, becomes immobile and dull. Dullness LIKE RUST corrodes a portion of the fundamental substance. Sympathy draws men’s energy downwards. When we sympathize with someone, we prevent others from learning their lessons in life that intend to teach them and we get pulled down into their misery. Sympathy is delusion but compassion means understanding.”

“When Dorothy encounters the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin man, she assisted each one of them but did not take on each of their responsibilities. She invited them to come along with her on her journey so that they too can find what they were searching for- a heart, a brain and the nerve. What she did do was renew their sense of play. In the book, Mere Creatures, by Elliot Gosse, on page 10, he says, play is in fact, widespread among animals. He claims that ‘living myth knows no distinction between play and seriousness.’ Johan Huizinga in Homo Ludens, traced all man’s important cultural manifestations to a ‘sense of play.’ He believed that the ‘play attitude’ must have been present before human culture or human speech existed, and is hence the ground on which personification or imagination work. D.W. Winnicott, a child therapist said that playing is a bridge between inner and outer reality and that, ‘ It is in playing and only in playing that the individual is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is in only being creative that the individual discovers the self.’

“Dorothy did just that when she first arrived in Oz. After she said, “Toto, I have a feeling that we aren’t in Kansas anymore,” she just went right along with the reverie of the munchkins. Dorothy’s house, (representing her self), lands in Oz. As she walks out of her house she is now exploring areas outside of her everyday thinking, where previously she had remained a stranger to these thoughts. Here she encounters the munchkins. Jung referred to these “little people” as our inner complexes that scurry into the bush the moment one’s attention is turned towards them. The complexes have their own bodies and their own will.

“Then comes the good witch of the North, (later we will discuss the wicked witches). Glinda represents Dorothy’s Higher Self. She acts as a guide but does not intervene until Dorothy has done all she can first to overcome. When catapulted into turmoil, unexpected assistance comes her way. Dorothy is blessed with divine protection and guidance.

“Then she is given a pair of shoes that she must use to walk the steps of her initiations. She is told to begin at the beginning. The Eastern sages would see this as a way of balancing karma from past lives. Karma means action or deed and the law of karma is cause and effect or ‘what comes around, goes around.’ The Hindu’s believe that you can actually change your karma through the principles of effective karma management. The principle is that how you live in this life will create the karma you will face in future lives and the way you lived in past lives determines your life in the present.

“The goal then, is to refine the way we act and react in this life. In working through the trying times of our lives, our primary powers are willpower,(represented by the Lion), devotion, (represented by the Tin man), and understanding, (represented by the Scarecrow). According to Satguru Bodhinatha Velanswami, in his article on Karma Management, Oct-2002, in Hinduism Today, says that karma can be mitigated through specific actions performed by the individual. He also said that,“It is easy to study the law of karma and appreciate it philosophically, but to realize it, to apply it to everything that happens to you, to understand the workings of it as the day goes by, requires the ability to which you must AWAKEN.” So, the journey for Dorothy is a journey of AWAKENING.

“Now starts the journey. The road starts with a spiral and is the color yellow for wisdom. It is a wisdom journey and it is round, which reminds me of the largest portion of the tornado, not the eye of it but the end of it. Jung believed that the round shape of the mandala represents wholeness. The image that comes to mind for me is the round table with the Holy Grail in the middle of it at King Arthur’s court. The circular table represents the universe and the Holy Grail is the key to salvation. Just like Dorothy, while she stands in the middle of the spiral she is representing the Grail. She is the key to her own salvation.

“According to Erickson, the spiral is a symbol of the evolving self, portraying the way people move beyond and then return to certain core issues as they develop. As you go up the spiral you return to the same issues again and again. (This reminds me of the tornado image.) As you go up, they are at more refined levels of experiences. Familiar difficulties occur, but at higher level on the spiral. So, at times we are embedded in psychological issues during a developmental stage and when we progress on the spiral we get new tasks and challenges. So it is accumulative. The myths we create evolve through a succession of changes from infancy to old age. He saw our development as a succession of predictable psycho-social crises. The hard-earned mythic lessons accumulated during one stage of development are important to the next level of development.

“The ancients believed that energy, physical and spiritual, flowed in spiral form. According to A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot, a spiral can be found in three main forms: expanding as in (nebula), contracting like the (whirlwind), and ossified like the (snails shell). In the first case it is an active sun-symbol, in the second and third cases, it is a negative moon symbol. Going back to ancient traditions, the creative spiral rising clockwise is attributed to Pallas Athena, and the destructive spiral like the whirlwind, which twirls around to the left, is an attribute of Poseidon. Lastly, the spiral is associated with the idea of dance, intended to induce the state of ecstacy and to enable man to escape from the material world and enter the beyond through the hole symbolized by the mystic Centre.

“This mystic center is HOME. There is ‘no place like home,” because we have all of the answers we need inside of each one of us. The journey to Oz is about finding our own Center and then living authentically from that Center. We embark upon the Victory Spiral of our lives by letting Pallas Athena be our guide for finding our own Truth deep within our being. The Greeks used the term “know thyself.” Carl Jung devised a way to find thy Self by teaching us a way of exploring our inner dimensions and uncovering the many layers of our being that would ultimately lead us to the fusion with our higher Self. He called this path individuation.

“According to Hillman in Healing Fiction, there seems to be no single way of knowing thyself. So for him it was time to begin to synthesize. In the book, Personal Mythology, The Psychology of Your Evolving Self, David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner pointed out that our goal is to work with the maze of inevitable conflicts between the myths that are merging and the myths of the past and your effectiveness and sense of integration will increase. The periods of crisis of faith courage and identity may be treated as calls for renewal in our current mythology.

“Since we are not the author of the play of our psyche, we need psychic objectivity or what Jung called the objective psyche. This requires us to witness psychic objects such as obstacles, tensions, obsessions, intrusions, as a way and means to our road to integration or our journey HOME. The Greek philosopher Empedocles, talked about the two qualities of love and strife as the way of providing the necessary “heat” in order to propel us to our victory. This is all part of our “inner work.”

“If you remember, when Dorothy encountered all three of the major characters of Oz, she found limp intelligence, (Scarecrow), immobilized feelings, (Tin man), and unsure wildness ‘that precedes confidence’, (Lion). All of these characters were not able to tap into the ‘fire of their own Spirit’ until Dorothy came along with a one-pointed goal to get to the Emerald City of Truth on the yellow road of wisdom. This not only galvanized them but her friendliness gave them trust and her ability to express justified anger gave them courage. These were the key qualities that liberated the forces within her of which her helpers represented. So you see, it is not a one-way relationship.

“We are all connected with Nature and It is connected to us. Feinstein and Krippner says that all myths are primarily spiritual because they all stem from one Primal Myth-the I AM (THAT I AM). This is the original Myth from which all myths stem from. All myths are like branches from this One trunk. Since Dorothy was an orphan, she was a prime candidate for starting her search for the elusive treasure of union with a “lost paradise” or this One myth, that eluded her in real life. The myth of the orphan was just a sub-myth if you will of a greater myth now emerging in her life. Joseph Campbell describes one of the components of our personal myths as a longing to know one’s part in the vast wonder and mystery of the cosmos.

“One way to embark upon this search is to cultivate our “Inner Shaman.” Shamans provide a model for guiding the western minds back to their primal roots. Just like the shamans of old, Dorothy is participating in an inner rite of transformation. Like the shamans, she is guided by an animal figure, her dog, Toto. In Chinese astrology, the sign of the “dog” is loyal and represents harmony and balance. The earth dog is especially loyal and serves as one who holds everything together. It is interesting that Toto means “everything and always.”

“The impetus and guidance for her success, is sparked by her devotion to Toto—or her strong instinctive responses to life’s circumstances. She protects Toto on two occasions and then he protects her. He plays a crucial part in each stage of Dorothy’s quest. Like Dorothy, he is small and fearful, but he insists on asserting himself. As a non-verbal animal he stands for her uncivilized part of herself who exposes the illusions and vulnerabilities of the coercive authority and propels the conforming child into adventures and actions that her social conscious would not consider or approve.

“On page 91, in the book, Mere Creatures, A Study of Modern Fantasy Tales for Children, Elliott Gose gives a comment from Max Luthi, “Man is in contact with nature, which accepts his assistance and in turn comes to his aid. But like Toto, the helping animal can also embody unconscious forces within.” He continues to say, “Helpful animals are ‘symbolic figures’ that embody and represent the instinctive forces of our nature, as distinguished from the higher human qualities of intellect, reason and power.”

“On page 113 of The Mythic Imagination, Your Quest for Meaning Through Personal Mythology, Stephen Larsen says that animals are inner sources of instinctive power within the psyche. He recommends that we work like a Shaman by dialoguing with the animals and finding out what they need. Dorothy did this quite naturally. Then he gives us a tool of an animal totem pole. There are seven animals on the ‘chakra’ totem pole. If you encounter an animal that is limited in some way or injured, this meant that this chakra was not functioning properly. Here we discover a personal ecology within our self.

“So, for Dorothy, it looks like she is having trouble with her, 4th, 5th and 6th chakras, which are represented by the, the Tin man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. Her 4th chakra is her ability to demonstrate Divine Love, or Love without attachment. Her 5th chakra represents her ability to communicate her inner Truth. Her 6th chakra has to do with her ability to visualize her divine destiny and then have the courage to take actions towards that end. While in Kansas, Dorothy transformed her three lower chakras, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras. In the first chakra, she had wed the material to the spiritual by creating the rainbow in order to journey back and forth between her conscious mind and her unconscious mind. She mastered her 2nd chakra by being true to her Self and taking a journey away from the Kansas consciousness. Now she is finding the balance between meekness and righteous indignation in her 3rd chakra. As Dorothy was able to free up the stagnate energy from these chakras, she became a more integrated person. She also became more empowered and was able to express her real inclinations. The more she does this, the more assistance she receives from the universe. This is how we create our lives. We acknowledge our inner-Truth, but we also have the courage to challenge error when we see it. This is true Self-empowerment.

“Larsen continues to say on page 185 of The Mythic Imagination, “If the inner rite of transformation is satisfactorily completed, there is a renewal of the unitive principle, and a higher version of internal harmony comes to reign.” Now this internal harmony is important, in that it allows Dorothy to have access to more energy to utilize on this path to the One, primal myth, that we will now call HOME. You see this One myth is where all the energy comes from anyway.

“Dorothy is embarking a “new” hero or heroine’s journey, which is unique in that it requires both individual ingenuity and collaborative effort of all the characters. A new paradigm is emerging in our society where we are not just individual heroes and heroine’s like the last century. We are now experiencing both a personal path and having a collective experience by tapping into the One primal myth. It is just not a solitary myth of a solitary hero anymore.

“On page 41 of the book Art and Symbols, Wasserman describes the initiation process, “A common thread in the initiatic experience is the descent into a dark and fearful underworld. Here, the only protection is the strength of faith and commitment to duty and higher purpose, whose agency will protect the candidate through deadly trials that lie ahead. These trials often take the shape of battles with overwhelming enemies and to prevail the initiate will have to battle to near exhaustion. In the land of the trial, the candidate is likely to meet helpers or guides who bring wisdom to his assistance. These may be in the form of animals who speak and direct him to the next stages or spirits who provide missing keys to various riddles.

“The final reward—in fact, the real secret—is the knowledge of the inner strength that the candidate was challenged to call forth within himself, including the now-tested awareness that intuitive certainty of the mission, was a true inspiration. His survival was proof that the journey was necessary. The strength of the conviction lasts a lifetime.” What one can do, all can do. This is the principle of the Great White Brotherhood mentioned in the Theosophical Society. They are way-showers, who have gone before us.

“These are the ‘spirits’ who are providing answers to the riddles we face today. The Lion, the Tin man and the Scarecrow represent the principles of faith, hope and charity. By using these principles we are getting the assistance from the ‘spirits’ while on our journey HOME. For instance, Archangel Michael represents faith and so does the mythological hero Hercules. Archangel Jophial represents Hope and Archangel Chamuel represents Love. These are all qualities of God.

“These three principles also go back to the Ancient of Days. What marked the beginning of a spiritual initiation process were groups of three, which were also used as a narrative device in medieval literature in Ireland and Wales, they appear moments before critical or dramatic events took place.

“The triune principle also represent the powers of the Trinity –the Father, (the Divine Mind of God), the Love of the Son, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. The Chaldean Oracles, by G.R.S. Mead says on page 95, “Enter into the true worships paradise where virtuewisdom and good rule are met together.” It also says, on page 66, “The oracle speaks of the sun possessing a three-powered rule.” On page 89 and 90, it says that later, according to Platonic commentators, that they were the chief ruling principles of the sensible world.

“The three-powered rule also showed up in the three parts of the transformation of a prevailing myth. Eric Erickson says that our evolving myth circles out of our prevailing myth and at some point it becomes a counter myth until the new myth is assimilated. He describes the new mythic image as being full of richer fiber and greater subtlety as we continue each stage of our life.

“And lastly, Georg Hegel developed the theory of the interplay of three elements when he describes thought processes and all historical change. Every thesis generates its opposite, or antithesis, and the interplay of the two produce synthesis, which transcends them both. The emerging synthesis becomes a new thesis and the whole cycle starts over.

“So, Power (the will to Be) is the thesis, or the Lion and Wisdom, is the antithesis, or the scarecrow and Love is the synthesis, or the Tin Man. This synthesis of divine attributes reveals that Love, Wisdom and Power are in reality One indivisible/undivided Whole, which can never be divided. This is not all, the Cosmic White Fire of the Universal Mother, (symbolized by Dorothy), now enters. Born out of the unity of the Divine Triad, the Luminous One steps out of the union to become the opposite or antithesis or the divine polarity of the thesis of the Trinity. Out of this union there is produced the synthesis of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Mother. She manifests the feminine nature of the world of form. Each part is a Self-expression of the Whole, by the union of the Law of the One, then the Three, girded by the Fourth, the Blessed Mother,” says, Saint Germain, on page 313, in the book Saint Germain on Alchemy.

“In Oz, the number three represents the qualities of love, hope and light, but the number four represented the elements and the way in which we process these qualities. The elements of each of the characters are as follows: Dorothy represents earth; the Tin man represents water; the Scarecrow represents air and the Lion represents fire. In the book, The Masters and the Path, Purucker illustrates that the four elements are the basis of our lower bodies. He continues to say that we must get our emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies under control. So the goal of initiation is to purify our lower vehicles so that the Holy Spirit can function perfectly through these vehicles when He wishes to do so. For the Theosophists, our four lower bodies are our etheric or memory body, (Lion) our mental body, (Scarecrow) our astral or emotional body (Tin man) and our physical body (Dorothy). We use these bodies as a way of qualifying the pure energy of the universe. If any one of these bodies are clogged up with negativity, than the Light of the Holy Spirit cannot flow in that area. That area would become stagnate. So, the goal is to clean and purify these bodies.

“In the Wizard of Oz, we find that our heroine Dorothy is experiencing a spiritual alchemy. Only instead of using metal, she is transforming her own lead thoughts and feelings into the gold of a more Self-empowered, individual who is demonstrating her mastery of her emotional, physical, spiritual and mental worlds.

“In the Greek religion we find, four subordinate elemental forces, (earth, waters, fire, and air), under One governing Lord of all things. Dorothy is learning to govern the elemental forces within her. Now the Greeks also said that four elemental forces have four spiritual powers living in them and commanding them. And the living powers of them are Demeter, Poseidon, Apollo and Athena. Each of these is a descendent from or changed from more ancient and therefore more mystic deity. Elements then, are qualities embodied by spirits. Our goal then is to transmute the base or lead qualities of today into more the noble or gold qualities of these spirits of by-gone days.”

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