Texas Aggies, Athletes and the Phantom Horse by Bradford Riley


“If I’m a Heisman voter I’m riding the dark horse wearing number 2 from Texas A&M to the finish line.”

Aggies JM 1a

“That evening the slave came in and Aeson took the child from the arms of the mournful-eyed mother and put him in the slave’s arms. Aggie ringAlso he gave him a horn and a ring with a great ruby in it and mystic images engraved on its gold.”

“No heroes were ever better trained than those whose childhood and youth had been spent with Chiron the king-centaur. He made them more swift of foot than any other of the children of men. He made them stronger and more ready with the spear and bow. Jason was trained by Chiron as Heracles just before him had been trained, and as Achilles was to be trained afterward.

“Moreover, Chiron taught him the knowledge of the stars and the wisdom that had to do with the ways of the gods.”

“When he had reached his full height and had shown himself swift in the hunt and strong with the spear and bow, Chiron told him that the time had come when he should go back to the world of men and make his name famous by the doing of great deeds.”

“Half human, half horse, Chiron embodies the best of two worlds. While possessing the stamina and the speed of a horse, he also has the skills of a warrior and the mind of a true scholar. He is also renowned for his skills as a surgeon and a healer. Chiron has an extremely long lifespan and seems to have a regenerative ability that allows him to recover from most injuries.”

“He had for a friend one who was the wisest of all creatures Chiron the centaur; Chiron who was half man and half horse; Chiron who had lived and was yet to live measureless years. Chiron had fostered Heracles, and it might be that he would not refuse to foster Jason, Aeson’s child.”

Rudolf Steiner

Aggies and the ancient vision of the Centaur

“All human beings bear within them another far wiser being — the centaur. But in spite of his wisdom, this centaur is equipped with all the wild instincts of the animals.”

We learn a great deal when we reflect upon the hallowed halls of all that was given to educate us. We are educated partly because we desire to learn something. We are attracted to Universities for diverse reasons. Some are practical, some are traditional. Sometimes our family’s have all attended certain Universities and we are obliged and willing to continue the tradition in ourselves. After all, we base our choices on the University we desire to attend sometimes on the example of the character of our elders, our parents and what we consider, by their own testimony, the discipline and traditions that have given them character, loyalty, location, Texan styled honor, Texan styled tradition or those who finally recognize, at long last, that there ain’t no other anyways but Texan.

Texas A&M 1

The choice of a certain type of teacher and a certain type of education has continued on through thousands of years. We are going to open a consideration into a manifestation of a modern moment in Educational Clairvoyance that unlocks a window into the source of Athletics and Sports which are worshiped at every University.

The problem with what we worship at the stadiums and the sports competitions, that we have made into our own virtual religion, supersedes the calm, quaint wholesome gatherings at Sunday Church. For most Texans it is School- Team- God -Country. There is not even any argument that everyone is most alive, most focused, most attentive, most vividly engaged, praying to God for a win for the home team, on bended knee, or on the other hand, praying to God for our opponents defeat.

At vast Stadiums or the Hometown stadiums where we have been trained to put our hearts and souls into passionate support, it is our loyalty, our vitality, our families, communities, our schools and our teams that elicit from us the most intense, massive group identity, unified passion. Actual Spiritual Vision of what stands behind certain Athletic individuals and certain moments has been missing from what we have sought as the Spiritual Reality behind Athletic participation.

Respect and Protect your unit,
Respect and Protect the Corp,
Respect and Protect God,
Respect and Protect your country.

We are about to raise the bar of Spiritual and objective perception of the mystery of Athletics and Sports that no one has ever revealed. What are the intimate, objective connections between, the magnificent, astonishing revelation of astonishingly gifted Athletes and the religious perception and revelation of what we know a Human Being Is?

The bridge between our longing to justify our emotional investment in THE GAME; and the missing religious and educational insights that are our intrinsic justification as to why Sports have such a heightened sense of meaning for us, has never been explored the way we are about to explore the subject. So saddle up. There are a thousand mundane reasons why we love the game but there are very few reasons that can awaken in our souls, once more, the true foundations of the religion of Athletic Insight.

There certainly is objective recognition in The Heisman Trophy. Aggies Johnny HeismanGranted, we are able to dissect the performance of our chosen Athletes with precise statistics and living, video documentation, with such micro-intensity, that we may see and affirm, beyond a doubt, that such and such an Athlete is gifted. A gifted year, a gifted season, an inspired game and a gifted Athlete register on our highly attentive, religious, fanatical and loyal worship of our favored and selected schools and teams.

We become voracious, fanatical fans to our school teams but this does not lead us to the objective foundation of the miracle of what makes an Athlete of supreme skills shine for us with objective clarity. Athletes arise and shine for us and we recognize them and immortalize them but we have never been given the opportunity to merge our recognition with solid clairvoyant observation.

We can now give a sample of modern objective clairvoyance and Athletic Observation and put the pieces of a puzzle together that has been missing from our education and our observations since the loss of objective clairvoyance and the rise of Institutionalized Western University Education.

“He makes an 8-yard run up the middle a work of art”

“This was the artistic principle in earlier times; the artist portrayed what the clairvoyant described to him or what he himself had seen. Artists were often initiates. It is said that Homer was a blind seer, but that means that he was clairvoyant. He could look back into the Akashic Record. Homer, the blind seer, was seeing much more in the spiritual sense than were the other Greeks. Thus, the centaur was once an actual human form.” Rudolf Steiner, Egyptian Myths and Mysteries, Lecture 7

We need to comprehend the greatest ongoing mystery behind all Athletic skill and reconnect in our hearts and souls to what the ancients saw and observed and were inspired by, but which we have lost the ability to see and understand. We sometimes have to be in the right place at the right moment to catch a glimpse of what the ancients saw clearly in their spiritual sight, which they knew clearly and precisely the connections to the spiritual forces of education, which we have lost altogether in the subjective celebration of our modern Teams and Players.

It isn’t that we don’t understand a Star Athlete when we see one, it is rather that we have never reopened the portal that existed in the ancient past that has allowed us to recognize the ancient Greek Heroes as the Greeks saw them. We have lost vivid enhanced knowledge and replaced it with a derogatory disdain for what we consider and are falsely educated to believe, as useless, meaningless MYTH. If it says Myth, it translates as fantasy and can be dismissed by our rational intelligence.

Our intellects reject fantasy, but here lies a severe problem. In the highly gifted Athletic Individual we can look through that individual clearly and consciously and see the working forces that identify for our cognition and perception, the reality that is no longer Myth but rather the missing Science we have lost, of the religious and spiritual comprehension that shines brightly, inspiring and invigorating what we recognize and all agree, is a truly gifted Athlete.

We now have an opportunity to raise our vision and our educational insights to the lofty level that once shone forth from ancient Greek Civilization.

“A gymnasium is a type of school of secondary education in parts of Europe. The word “γυμνασιον” (gymnasion) was used in Ancient Greece, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men.”

In other words what was alive back then, in the field of sports, of heroes, of skills on the battlefield or playing field, arose for the ancient Greek, from the skill sets of heroes that were once historical individuals. Achilles, Ulysses and the seer of ancient Greece, Homer had reported an accurate historic event. The ancient city of Troy and the battle on the shore and the Trojan Horse, were not myths, as we would like to believe but rather solid historical human beings that the Blind Bard Homer was able to vividly see.

In history we have to give full credit to Heinrich Schliemann, (Click Link) who through his childhood savored every line of the Iliad and the Odyssey of the great clairvoyant and historical novel of the foundation of Greek Civilization. He managed to retain in his soul the power of the vision that had inspired his youth with such passion, so much so that he directed his entire adult will and resources, maps, money and intellect to locating the exact spot where Troy could be found.

The Seven Layers of the cities of Troy were found by Heinrich Schliemann and what everyone dismissed as myth, was now historical fact  (Click link for further study) . The founding of all the mysteries of Western Culture, all that we are taught about the ancient Heroes of the past Greek Civilization, which we happily discard as bogus myth, wasn’t myth at all but the plumb line of the depths of the last vestige of ancient clairvoyance that rayed forth from the Blind Seer Homer.

Schliemann had a particular distinct birth imprint that higher education acknowledges. It is a curious and highly spiritual mark that appears in some individuals. This mark has appeared in Joan of Arc and Johannes Kepler and Heinrich Schliemann. This much we know about certain astonishing souls. That January 6th, the birth date of  Joan of Arc, Johannes Kepler and Heinrich Schliemann, is when, at the end of what is dismissed by our education, as nonsense, the Twelve Holy Nights that end on January Sixth, are exceptional days. Exceptional forces are given in the final Embryonic stages of development, during the Holy Nights, for certain individuals.

The most vivid insight into these Twelve Holy Nights, in which Kepler, Joan of Arc and Schliemann share, is the curious ancient Norwegian tale of  Olaf Åsteson. Heinrich Schliemann was born on January 6th, 1822 and shattered the myth of ancient Troy and established the historical fact of Homer’s ancient vision and account of the events and heroes of Troy. (CLICK LINK)

“Already as a little boy Heinrich Schliemann was obsessed by the idea that Homer had given an account of true history in his great epic poems – the Iliad and the Odyssey, and that Troy had really existed. He did all to find this famous place. And he achieved one of the greatest sensations of archaeology: The discovery of Troy and Mycenae. His firm trust in Homer was the foundation for his discovery of Troy. Because of the descriptions in the Iliad and the Odyssey Schliemann was convinced that the hill Hissarlik must be identical with Troy – and he was right!”

The thread of ancient clairvoyance slowly deteriorated and dissolved until, Johnny Manziel, quarterback for Texas A&M, in the year of our Lord, 2012 A.D. flashed across our sight. What was spiritually known back then, about the highest level of achievement of ancient Athletes and Warriors was now back in plain view. Aggies helmets of troy ancient GreeceSuddenly in the football season of 2012 a vision of Sports and Spiritual Education returned once more to living reality that has been hidden behind our admiration and devotion to Athletic ability.

We are looking now, into a mystery of Athletic Spirituality that has been buried like Troy under mounds of rubble. You have to be in the right place at the right time to uncover one of the richest insights into the mystery of Athletics and it was the 2012 football season of Texas A&M that helped reopen one of the most hidden spiritual mysteries of humanity.

This significant opportunity of objective perception, which lifts our most ancient insights into the present of the 21st century, requires all of us, everyone of us, to be in the right place at the right moment. Jonathan Paul Manziel (born December 6, 1992), also known by his nickname, Johnny Football, is an American footballquarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. His significant 19th year, 18.6 to 19 year old moment (SEE LINK) has allowed our lost ancient vision to reawaken and catch up to our absolutely new 21st century clairvoyance.

This moment of being in the right place at the right time, doesn’t just apply to Johnny Manziel. Manziel’s sports videography, his boyhood biography and his performance on the field just happened to fall within my own studies, so that indeed I was in the right frame of mind, with the right insights to see an event that has powerful objective implications for the future of Education.

The event we all shared in 2012 sent time ripples out from the shared illumination and recognition that we all saw and recognized with our own eyes as Johnny Manziel coming alive as an Athletic Marvel. Time ripples were felt and experienced that swept deep into the ancient past and far, far, forward into the future of anatomy, physiology and the Spiritual Revelation of Sports and Athletes.

Aggies time wave window into ancient visionWas there a new breed of Super-Quarterback breaking out? Did a time wave of ancient Athletic inspiration SHINE through for an instant? Were some able to see backwards in time and catch a glimpse, for an instant, of the ancient mystery of Sports and Athletics?

Some indeed caught a glimpse of the ancient inspiration of Chiron surfacing again, calling it the age of the Super-Quarterback but their instant inspiration was wrecked on the rocks of the speed of our intellects and the rip-tide of the flow of INFO and INTEL and an avalanche of a heaping plateful of instant gratification meatballs in the form of intellect and statistics. Our own devouring intellects prevent the mind from lifting our spiritual vision and holding that vision for anything longer than the next statistical micro-burst.

Athletic Super-Cell outbreaks and surges of  new Super Athletes, sometimes comes in waves. “Johnny Football did not lasso a twister and ride it. Anyone who’s watched the way he wreaked havoc on defenses and, sure, on the sensibilities of Heisman voters, understands the tale cannot be true.” Manziel was one of the astonishing twisters arising from a newly generated super-cell of Centaur and Chiron in-pouring, inspirations.

A completely different layer of reality comes to the surface when we catch a glimpse of the Etheric Centaur behind athletes, abilities and instincts that we could glimpse in the performance on the field by Johnny Manziel. But something was cresting, some wisdom from the ancient world was cresting and a surge, a time wave of insight and ability and skills were arising in how we quantify instinct, intelligence and inspiration in a new breed of arising Athletes.

Like the Sun-light glancing off the smooth sheen of a lance-tip, some commentators caught a glimpse of the rising of the ancient dawn of the Spirit of the Athlete. We catch this glimpse and know what it means or we tend to bury our insights under a barrage of statistical commentator giddiness which can be repeated, rehashed, re-fried and regurgitated but with no miracle and no awakening or recovery of the towering inspiration that stands as the hidden mystery behind Athletic Astonishment.

“…a quarterback with a throwing motion better suited for a javelin than a pigskin, simply used his superior athletic skills to lead his team to the national title.

On that November night in 2006 Tim Tebow was 19 years old

(CLICK LINK) Spiritual Facts of the 19 year old Phenomena 

“Keep in mind the five previous Heisman-winning quarterbacks before Tebow — Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, White, Carson Palmer and Eric Crouch — averaged 3,237 yards of total offense and 34 touchdowns on 453 plays. The five since — if you include Manziel — are averaging nearly 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns more per season.”

“The stats are impressive. The only other quarterback with 200-plus rushing and passing yards in a bowl game was Vince Young in the 2006 Rose Bowl. But it’s watching Manziel that’s so much fun. He makes an 8-yard run up the middle a work of art, zigzagging his way around defenders who go to grasp him and come up with air. He darts in and out of holes, makes tacklers miss by quickly shifting gears and directions before they can figure out what’s happening.”

“I don’t know why it took me so long to see it before, but my sudden realization was eye-opening. It was as if I could see into college football’s future. Just as Tebow stepped onto the college football stage fully formed in legend, a Paul Bunyan-esque otherworldly nature characterizing his every step, so too has Johnny Manziel. There’s a Haley’s Comet quality to both men, an eye-opening and startling nature about their emergence. Most stars, especially at the quarterback position, take time to step into the limelight. Not Tebow or Manziel.”

My wife is a loyal Aggie, so I had the opportunity of being immersed in the 2012 football season, like everyone else on the planet, where the miracle of Johnny Manziel slowly coalesced before our eyes. However my university training was in Europe, at a university known as The Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.  My wife is a highly successful Aggie, loyal and proud with the usual, rather noble character traits I attribute to the rituals and camaraderie of Aggieland.

My university was the very first Agricultural Science systems in the world to recover the insights of the Organic Science of matter, before anyone had even reported it missing. The Goetheanum is known for it’s Biodynamic Agricultural Courses through out the world. It is also the origin of the largest private School system in the world, known as Waldorf Education. But sadly, though I grew up in Illinois and played football in Ohio, and live in Texas, there were no football teams in Switzerland where I attended school. Waldorf Education is not known for it’s massive sports programs. However the educational depth that allowed my insights and studies to see through the Johnny Manziel phenomena put my vision in exactly the right spot at the right moment.

My school teaches us to observe students with very intensified, cognitive interest. So Johnny Manziel, his passing performances, his foot work, speed, agility were, as anyone could see, plainly real.Missouri v Texas A&M I reproduced in my mind’s eye part of my training in football and part of my training in Greek Gymnastics at my school in Switzerland. There were very clear stages of development in the Greek Gymnastics, but they culminated in the discus and throwing a javelin or spear. So watching the arc and passage of the passes of how Johnny Manziel threw his passes, I could vividly see what is known as CHIRON OR KHEIRON, (Johnny Manziel in action. The magnificent Centaur behind the spirit , the etheric mystery behind the physical Athlete – Click link).

Everything that the ancient vision and our lost clairvoyance had understood as the inspiration of the Centaur – Chiron – through the training of Warcraft, CJP108041hunting, in both the javelin and the snap of the football and the snap and focus of the hunted target are all rooted in the higher forces of  ‘ super intelligent higher-instincts’  of flight or fight that is the science of the animal and the science of the instincts and capacities of the animal realm. The dynamic aim, that is involved in the Spear and firing the football to a designated moving target, while all of ones capacities are also in motion, in seconds, in fakes and eluding capture or being tackled and still finding that target, echoed everything in how the Greeks vividly experienced themselves without a satellite network or HD big screen T.V or a local Sports Bar. But the ancient Greeks were able to see something spiritually behind those instincts that we have medically and spiritually lost sight of.

Aggies throwing 1

Johnny Manziel brought sight, arm, and baseball instincts and insights with him into his Super-Quarterback skills sets. The art of pitching and throwing a baseball and the bio-mechanic habits that enter as distinct habits of body memory and etheric lymphatic and muscle memory grow with us as our bodies develop from childhood,Aggies Johnny baseball to youth to fixed habits of our adult gait, posture, stance till they become the signatures of our unique personalities.

But in the elasticity of childhood and youth our invisible mentoring, the factors inside our developing childhood imitation and imagination, our attraction to various athletic archetypes, the ancient Archetypes of throwing, of dodging, of eluding, of aiming, of nailing IT, sliding, tumbling, and the classic Greek forces that are in the foundation of our bodily structures, all rest on the mystery of the Centaur that is the invisible part of all our visible skills sets.Aggies arm spear BASEBALL javelin football

The Greeks experienced the ancient heroes and their Athletes vividly and inwardly as actual dynamic spiritual etheric memory and sight. Which is how the instant RE-PLAY, the recorded film, slowed to frame by frame, stifles or awakens in us the latent forces of Spiritual vision.What happens when actual spiritual vision reawakens in conjunction and in union with our enthusiasm, awe and wonder, and the added gift of observing in slow-mo and in vivid replay an Athletes or our teams movements?

In Spiritual Vision, we are trained to review and relive moments through inner vision and we have full control of those memory events but because it is an actual spiritual and precise field of inner observation, we can catch flashes of exactly what stands behind great Athletes. The ancient Greek experienced with far more vividness than we do today, the shining inspirations behind the vision of what truly stands behind every great hero, athlete and warrior. So yes, our frame by frame instant replay can stifle or enhance our wonder and awe and thereby awaken or numb our actual spiritual vision. The opportunity was once more given to re-awaken the power of ancient inner vision at the dawning of the Johnny Manziel phenomena  that was just appearing in the 2012 AGGIE football season. There it was for an INSTANT!

There was something more profound behind the Tale of Troy and there is something more profound behind every single human being who feels called to Athletic Excellence. What that profound reality is reveals a mystery of etheric and clairvoyant anatomy that is well above our current level of pedestrian educational and medical parameters. We shall look directly into this Etheric and Physical anatomy of each human being a little later, but I guarantee you that you have never, in your entire educational evolution, ever seen the transposition and the transformation of the higher development of the lungs, the way it appeared to the ancient Greeks.

The ancient Greeks relived in their etheric mirroring capacity, which was much more vital, strong, healthy and alive in the ancient past, relived the tales of the ancient heroes and could SEE and KNEW as they saw, that they could vividly identify the inspiration and mentoring of the mightyAggies Chiron and the Etheric Centaur Giuseppe Maria Crespi Centaur – Chiron, behind the super animal instincts and intelligence of their most cherished Athletes and Warriors.

“What myth does for you is point beyond the phenomenal field toward the transcendent. A mythic figure is like a compass with one leg in the field of time and the other in the eternal. The image of a god may look like a human or animal form, but it’s reference is transcendent of that.”  Joseph Campbell

What is behind instincts and skills that all sports enthusiasts relish?  The hunter, the Athlete, the Sports Person, the Warrior doesn’t necessarily believe in much, but they do respect what they see and witness as Intelligent Instincts that appear in Athletes and hunters, warriors and the trained skills of martial arts. But the inspiration and reality for these skills sets could be seen, literally and spiritually seen, recalled by Homer and the ancient Greeks and we are about to see them arise again before our eyes.

Today we have the heroic canned music, the videos and the power of the stadiums, the fans, the commentators, but we have long since lost any connection to what the ancient Greeks once saw, illuminated behind their heroes. It was no myth. It was true etheric vision and memory that the Greeks saw. And with hardly any effort on our parts, (okay a little effort) all of us, could see this Youthful ability once again arise in Johnny Manziel. ( Click Link and WATCH Spiritual Instincts of the Phantom Horse on the field with Manziel and the ancient Centaur).

I knew that the archetype of such Athletic ability I was seeing in the phenomena of Johnny Manziel  (it could be any Athlete on any team, anywhere, or any scout who is in a position to observe Athletes and most assuredly those recognized former Heisman trophy winners – there is an objective shine and skill set that is visible physically and spiritually) the archetype of that skill set appears under the guidance of the Centaur. Well that was my first inner perception.

My second perception, regarding Johnny Manziel was the word ZIEL as in the German” mit Dem Ziel” which translates into “with the aim or intention”. Goal, Target, Aim, Intention and the other part of his last name, ManZIEL (Click Link), was the HUMAN BEING OR MAN who targets. I was trained to look into the Word and into the name we carry through life, as revealing interesting clues.

The third clue made me inquire as to his birthday and his age. I was slightly shocked to see that he was born under the Centaur or Sagittarius.Aggies Centaur star constellation His age was significantly 19 and I have had an intense study of how the rhythm pattern in every human biography, everyone without exception, every 18.6 years through our entire lifetimes, our entire biographies, from our nineteenth, to our thirty-eighth, to our fifty-seventh, and to our seventy-sixth year, we encounter, we literally have a job performance review, literally and spiritually, in every human biography, our literal guiding Angel returns every 19 years, to review how we are doing with our intentions that we brought with us into incarnation. (SEE LINK)

Johnny Manziel was not only born with the star Rigil Kentaurus shimmering in his childhood etheric body, he also brought with him from out of the constellations, his mentoring teacher, Chiron to guide him.

Johnny Manziel is a true Archetype, an echo of an ancient Greek Mystery, a vivid shining Athlete that has come out of the constellation of Alpha Centauri, guided by ancient Chiron, the King of the Centaurs.

He carries for us the very Phenomena of the Phantom Horse (which inspires and overshadows all of Texas myth and legend). Johnny Manziel was born under the sign of the riddle of Chiron. We could witness the very agility and dynamic athletic skills that once inspired and moved the ancient Greeks, while observing Johnny Manziel in the chaos and clarity of the eye of the storm.

When blind Homer told of Troy and painted a portrait of the mentor of heroes, the Greeks did not need statistics and commentator confirmations. The ancient Greeks literally saw spiritually the Great Chiron breathing through the Living Word as they listened to the Initiate Bard Homer. The meter of the ancient Greek Hexameter was designed to sustain the pulse and breath of the Speaker and to fill his lungs with Etheric Life and Soul (Click Link) . Homer through his Hexameter and recitation was able to evoke the etheric and clairvoyant vision of everything that stood just behind and in the solid substance of the ancient heroes.

Athletic Pulse and Breath

“In our human speaking and breathing, there are two distinct and vital rhythms, we can easily detect in ourselves: breathing and pulse. You can not specify their exact relation to each other, because we are talking about a living creature, but a healthy person takes between 16 and 19 breaths per minute. During the same period, the pulse beats about 70 strokes. The ratio is thus that the pulse beats about 4 strokes in 1 breath.” To attain etheric spiritual sight, as we set our breathing and pulse to the rhythm of the hexameter structure a remarkable thing happens. It was here, within the hexameter, where I learned how Sports, Greek gymnastics, Speech and the Living Word, within our breathing, our heart-beats and our anatomy opened a vast inner doorway.

“If we now enter man’s inner nature, we find something set against the external world-configuration: a marvelous harmony between the breath rhythm and blood rhythm. The rhythm of breathing — a normal human being breathes eighteen times per minute — is transferred to man’s nerves, becomes motion. Physiology knows very little about this process. The rhythm of breathing is contained, in a delicate psycho-spiritual manner, in the nerve system.

“As for the blood rhythm, it originates in the metabolic system. In a normal adult, four pulse beats correspond to one breath rhythm; seventy-two pulse beats per minute. What lives in the blood, that is, the ego, (Click Link) the sun-like nature in man, plays upon the breathing system and,through it, upon the nervous system. If one looks into the human eye, one finds there some extremely fine ramifications of blood vessels. Here the blood pulsation meets the currents of the visual nerve spread through the eye. A marvelously artistic process takes place when the blood circulation plays upon a visual nerve that moves four times more slowly.

“Now look at the spinal cord, its nerves extending in all directions, observe the blood vessels, and become aware of an inward playing of the whole sun-implanted blood system upon the earth-given nervous system. The Greeks with their artistic natures were aware of this interrelation. Aggies lung eye and breathing Apollonian Logos laws chiron achilles harpThey saw the sun-like in man, the playing of the blood system upon the nervous system, as the God Apollo; and the spinal cord with its wonderful ramification of strings, upon which the sun principle plays, as Apollo’s lyre.

“Just as we meet architecture, sculpture, the art of costuming and painting when we approach man from the external world, so we meet music, rhythm, beat, when we approach the inner man and trace the marvelous artistic forming and stirring which take place between blood and nerve system.

“Compared to external music, that performed between blood and nerve system in the human organism is of far greater sublimity. And when it is metamorphosed into poetry, one can feel how, in the word, this inward music is again released outward. Take the Greek hexameter with its initial three long syllables followed by a caesura, and how the blood places the four syllable lengths into the breath. To scan the first half of an hexameter line properly is to indicate how our blood meets, impinges on, the nervous system.”

Yes we can go to a gym and work out but I found a powerful work-out ritual for our lungs and our hearts that makes use of the Word and the Spirit that meets and intersects with our lungs. I happened to have also been a long distance runner in high school where I first learned about the highest Zen of breathing, running and pulse. It is there, as any true Athlete will tell you. We arrive at a kind of spiritual ‘high’ a ‘runners high (Study This Link)’, that etherically renews our energy via a mighty pattern of pulse and breath, where we sense we could run forever without tiring. When I was taught to penetrate the hexameter and regulate my pulse and breathing, I entered a kind of Zen-Yoga, ‘runners-high’. And once there one discovers that the images behind the Iliad and the Odyssey come back vividly alive within our etheric vision.

Once in the hexameter pattern and breathing, spiritual vision, Word portrayal and Imagination, start to shimmer before our inner vision and we are vividly carried into the very experience that the ancient Greeks understood, about Pulse-Breath-Lung and Super flashes of vision, when they listened to the blind Bard Homer.

The experience of the blind bard Homer was a pay-grade higher than our experience of the blind bard Stevie Wonder. The instant replays and Slo-Mo’s rippled out in waves from the etheric super-cell and vortex that Homer created. A glorious floating  tableau of vision came alive in, enveloped and was seen and shared by everyone who felt the pulse of combined Word painting, Breath and etheric picture forming power under the open sky. The Temple, the stars, the gods were at their fingertips and for a moment they lived in true Etheric Memory and true Etheric vision.


From the Iliad

Book I

Sing, O daughter of heaven, – of Peleus’ son, of Achilles,

Him whose terrible wrath – brought thousand woes on Achaio,

Many a stalwart soul did it hurl – untimely to Hades,

Souls of the heroes of old: – and their bones lay strewn on the sea-sands,

Prey to the vulture and dog. – Yet was Zeus fulfilling a purpose;

Since that far-off day, when – in hot strife parted asunder

Atreus’ sceptered son, and the – chos’n of heaven, Achilles.

Say then, which of the Gods – bid arise up battle between them?

We can recognize in Johnny Manziel and his youthful sports abilities, his birth within the region of the shadow of the Phantom Horse that runs through all that ties the etheric forces of the wild West to the etheric vision of the ancient Greeks. Texas – The Phantom Horse – the ancient Greeks and finally we were all witnesses to the validity of Johnny Manziel’s Heisman virtuosity,Aggies Spear and running pass as one of the shining new breed of Super-Quarterbacks.

If ever we could SEE the results of Chiron the Centaur in a human form, it presented itself most clearly for those who had eyes to see it, in the performance and Athletic abilities of Johnny Manziel. Each of us are given a primal Etheric Phantom Centaur which we are, everyone of us, required to tame, break, bronco ride and bring into the service of our highest human skills. It is part of the Mystery of the Phantom Horse.

“RIGIL KENTAURUS (Alpha Centauri) with PROXIMA CENTAURI (Alpha Cen C). Among the most famed stars of the entire sky, surely rival in renown to Sirius and Polaris even though not visible to much of the world’s population, is the “foot of the Centaur,” Rigil Kentaurus, “Rigil Kent,” the first star of Centaurus, probably much better known as Alpha Centauri or just Alpha Cen. Its fame, indeed that it is the third brightest star in the sky (after Sirius and Canopus), lies not in its extreme characteristics but in its geometry, as it is the closest star to the Sun, lying a mere 4.32 light years away, the distance known to 0.4 percent.

“Placed well down in the southern hemisphere, in fact the most southerly of naked eye stars, it cannot be seen above about 30 degrees north latitude, and College Station and Texas A&M lie at 30 degrees latitude .Alpha Centauri is located very far to the south on the sky’s dome. Most North Americans never see it. The cut-off latitude is about 29 degrees north, and anyone north of that is out of luck. In the U.S. the line passes near Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida. So it is that Texans and the Southern Region (the SEC click link) is still powerfully influenced by THE PHANTOM HORSE, the CENTAUR and star forces of Alpha Centauri.”

And then the living reality of the Centaur opened the doorway to exactly what I was witnessing, enjoying, celebrating and astonished by, as I observed with immense warm enthusiasm the stunning performances on the field by Johnny Manziel. There it was, the vivid reality of the Archer, known as Chiron that was vitally illuminated in the living Etheric Body of Johnny Manziel Aggies Chiron the Centaur and training Achillesand every other Athletic miracle we are privileged to openly celebrate.

We don’t normally have the trail of etheric vision and the lost science of Athletics merge into one specific instance. It kind of depends on the right conditions and the right moment where our education and our insights come together in concise warm wonder of the soul. It also helped that my wife was an Aggie and I had attended a school that provided deeper insights into such simple things.

I mean, I am hardly a football fan, my wife has grown up with football her entire life. I had no cluttered fields of emotion either way. To me the Aggies were unique because I went to Kyle field so many times, but mostly because of the Spirit of the Aggies that I saw in my wife’s spiritual character. I shared with interest, how the loyal fans, game after game, where undaunted the Aggies always almost nearly coalesced. I was suddenly objectively surprised to see a real, actual phenomena of the soul and spirit, suddenly shining forth and radiating out, with no egotistical coach or control freak who pounced on the unpredictable instant decisions, inspired and common sense and skilled decisions, the Higher Animal Instincts on the field of the hunt and the laws of the game, that moved within the dynamic instincts of Johnny Football.

We all watched for arrogance, pride, egotism, but he continued to shine and have inspired, instinctive, spiritualized Athletics flood forth onto the field where ever the Aggies played.  Of course he appeared in a real Texas warm hearted country song because Texans honor football, horses, cattle and pick-up trucks as a kind of religion (SEE LINK Country Western Johnny Manziel Country Boy).

What flows through our skills sets as inspiration are in fact spiritual forces that we bring with us into life. Our invisible Etheric Bodies are the guide and comforter, the inspiration and artistic symmetry of just what we can do with our physical, bodily instrument. We praise god but the god of great Athletes arises from the starry genius of the Centaur that each of us carries in our etheric bodies. I just happened to be in the right condition at the right moment where my trained thinking had an opportunity to observe a significant and powerful spiritual event, if only I could hold onto the Time Portal that had opened up long enough to comprehend the mystery.


Etheric Mentor behind the mystery of proficient Athletes.

“The Kentauros was a great teacher who mentored many of the great heroes of myth including Jason, Peleus, Asklepios,Aristaios and Akhilleus. Eventually, however, he passed away from the earth, after accidentally being wounded by Herakles with an arrow coated in Hydra-venom. The wound was incurable, and unbearably painfall, so Kheiron voluntarily relinquished his immortality and died. However, instead of being consigned to Haides, he was given a place amongst the stars by Zeus as the constellation Saggitarius or Centaurus.

“Kheiron’s name was derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir), which also meant “skilled with the hands.” The name was also closely associated in myth with kheirourgosor surgeon. Aggies Arnold Bocklin horse shoes and the phantom horseIn Athenian vase painting Kheiron was depicted with the full-body of a man, from head to foot, clothed in chiton and boots, with a horse-body attached to the human rump.”

“Chiron was honored by all, something uncommon in Greek mythology, so it was ironic that his demise came accidentally when he was grazed by a poisoned arrow shot by his friend Hercules. Because he was immortal the magic poison caused him endless, debilitating torment but could not kill him. From this Chiron is recognized as the original wounded healer, an archetype central to the work of therapists, counselors, prophets, and shaman.

“Hercules eventually secured a divine bargain in which Chiron’s immortality was forfeit to secure the liberation of Prometheus, who was more-or-less Chiron’s cousin, thereby granting Chiron his wish to die and consigning his spirit to the underworld. Yet even that was not to last as his universal esteem led his half-brother Zeus to intervene one last time by raising him to the celestial realm in the form of the constellation Sagittarius (sagitta is Latin for “arrow”), thereby restoring to him an immortality of sorts. In this way Chiron ultimately found his cure beyond death and, in both myth and astrology, he lies as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Ancient Art of Mentoring, Coaching and Developing Athletic Marvels

“While Chiron appears throughout Greek mythology to raise and mentor those destined to be gods and heroes we don’t know much about his personality or educational philosophy. As this is a book about learning these are the things we are most interested in: just how does one learn to be a mythical hero? Luckily Odysseus asked this same question of Achilles when he met him later in his life, and this is what he answered:

“Then he taught me to go with him through pathless deserts, dragging me on with mighty stride, and to laugh at sight of the wild beasts, nor tremble at the shattering of rocks by rushing torrents or at the silence of the lonely forest. Already at that time weapons were in my hand and quivers on my shoulders, the love of steel grew apace within me, and my skin was hardened by much sun and frost; nor were my limbs weakened by soft couches, but I shared the hard rock with my master’s mighty frame.

“Scarce had my youth turned the wheel of twice six years, when already he made me outpace the swift hinds and Lapith steeds and running overtake the flung dart; often Chiron himself, while yet he was swift of foot, chased me at full gallop with headlong speed o’er the plains, and when I was exhausted by roaming over the meads he praised me joyously and hoisted me upon his back. Often too in the first freezing of the streams he would bid me go upon them with light step nor break the ice.

“These were my boyhood’s glories . . . Never would he suffer me to follow unwarlike does through the pathless glens of Ossa, or lay low timid lynxes with my spear, but only to drive angry bears from their resting-places, and boars with lightning thrust; or if anywhere a mighty tiger lurked or a lioness with her cubs in some secret lair upon the mountain-side, he himself, seated in his vast cave, awaited my exploits, if perchance I should return bespattered with dark blood; nor did he admit me to his embrace before he had scanned my weapons.

“And already I was being prepared for the armed tumults of neighboring folk, and no fashion of savage warfare passed me by . . . Scarce could I recount all my doings, successful though they were; now he instructs me to climb and grasp the airy mountain-peak, with what stride to run upon the level, how to catch flung stones in mimic battle on my shielded arm, to pass through burning houses, and to check flying four-horse teams on foot.

“Spercheus, I remember, was flowing with rapid current, fed full with constant rains and melted snows and carrying on its flood boulders and living trees, when the sent me in, there where the waves rolled fiercest, and bade me stand against them and hurl back the swelling billows that he himself could scarce have borne, though he stood to face them with so many a limb. I stove to stand, but the violence of the stream and the dizzy panic of the broad spate forced me to give ground; he loomed o’er me from above and fiercely threatened, and flung taunts to shame me. Nor did I depart till he gave me word, so far did the lofty love of fame constrain me, and my toils were not too hard with such a witness.

“For to fling the Oebalian quoit far out of sight into the clouds, or to practice the holds of the sleek-wrestling bout, and to scatter blows with the boxing-gloves were sport and rest to me: nor labored I more therein than when I struck with my quill the sounding strings, or told the wondrous fame of heroes of old.

“Also did he teach me of juices and the grasses that succor disease, what remedy will staunch to fast a flow of blood, what will lull to sleep, what will close gaping wounds; what plague should be checked with a knife, what will yield to herbs; and he implanted deep within my heart the precepts of divine justice, whereby he was wont to give revered laws to the tribes that dwell on Pelion, and tame his own twy-formed folk [the Kentauroi]. So much do I remember, friends, of the training of my earliest years, and sweet is their remembrance.”

from Achilleid book 2. p.96ff (Latin Epic ca. 1st century AD), by Pablius Papinius Statius

By remaining ecstatically, intoxicated with the external trappings of fame and the familiar and common paradigm of Sports Intelligence, we remain imprisoned within very limited parameters of vision.The Johnny Manziel phenomena in 2012 offered all of us the opportunity to awaken both the ancient wisdom and religion that truly represents Sports, Athletes and Heroes and rebuild a bridge to Spiritual Forces and Ethics that have stood behind Sports for thousands of years.

In other words by witnessing together the fresh and startling phenomena of Johnny Heisman, Johnny football, we were all startled and brought to a deeper revelation. That revelation is the actual hidden mystery behind our infatuation and hunger for participating with Athletic Spirituality.

Johnny Heisman certainly brought religion back to the Aggies. So how do we recover the vitality of religion and celebrate what stands behind every human being and every Athlete?  How do we recover the lost vision of the Stars and Western Cosmology (click link), along with the resurrection of the vitality of how religion is supposed to inspire us, revitalize our insights into the vivid Divine Reality of breathing into our lungs the breath of the Risen Etheric Christ Being?  It simply requires breaking with our old habits of thought and gently introducing richer, stronger, clearer insights that neither coach, nor priest, nor university has yet offered us.


‘God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.’ ~ R.B. Cunninghame Graham

We make vane, empty idols of the Athletes we worship because we fail to See behind them the deeper mysteries that are part of all of our human physical forms. An absolute Etheric fact, the foundation of our physical life itself, with both sexes,  that inspires such astonishing prowess and skills,Franz von Stuck, Amazone - Franz von Stuck / Amazon - Franz von Stuck, Amazone so that we are all able to witness and celebrate Sports and Athletes together, is in truth part of our own invisible Etheric Centaur, our own Phantom Horse.

We all carry this invisible, mirroring, inward Etheric Centaur, our Phantom Horse, in each of our Etheric bodies. It is the underlying mirroring and imitation force that expands and grows with us from our childhoods.

No matter where we were educated or at what university we have received our degrees, no one, not ever, has actually offered us a window into the inspiration of the Etheric Body and the underlying forces that make-up the secret of our physical athletic abilities, The Phantom Horse. Until now. Until the ancient window to Greek Inspiration and the Age of Chiron swung open again for our 21st century vision.

We can’t cross over into the higher mystery behind Athletics without passing through a profound medical revelation that towers above the insights of all the Professors, Teachers, Coaches, Ministers and Priests we have ever encountered in our lives. Nothing like this has ever been part of our education, that is, until Johnny Football cracked open our inner vision to the Centaur and the Etheric Phantom Horse.

‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.’ ~ Winston Churchill

The science of the rotation of the Earth, and the rhythm patterns of every breath and pulse beat that humanity relies upon is imprinted in the configuration and mathematical gestation cycle of the HORSE. There fore the PHANTOM HORSE is left in the unconscious realm. We live in the western mythology of the Horse, but long before the West donned cowboy hats, spurs, chaps, jeans (Click Link Cowboy gear) ancient Greek culture had already understood part of the deeper meaning of the HORSE. The deeper meaning of the horse, THE PHANTOM HORSE and the etheric system and hidden, esoteric secrets of how the horse and the human spirit are related, were all profoundly understood by the ancient anatomical science of the Greeks. The Greeks incorporated the hidden mystery of the horse, the Earth Sciences, and the human etheric body in the living science of Chiron the Centaur.

Since we have 12 months in a year, 52 weeks in a year and roughly 365 days in a year, we are fastidiously, genetically, and spiritually dominated by a remarkable piece of mathematics intimately connected to the Earth. So the problem with the Science of Anatomy and the foundations of Physiology is our lack of ability to connect the profound laws of the science of the Earth with the profound structure of the human being. We deliberately deny our own built in wisdom.

The ancient Greek still had the ability to see the connections in things, but we don’t. We prevent ourselves through our own disconnected education from reawakening the deeper anatomical mysteries hidden in the human being. To have a complete education we must understand the connection between things. Our failures to see the connections between things removes the spiritual forces that verify the hidden science that connects our human life to the whole vivid life of the cosmos. And we prefer to remain disconnected. We don’t want to know that there is a hidden secret behind the physiology and the perfection of the human Athletic ideal.

The average mare has a pregnancy of about 335 days, but normal pregnancies occasionally last over 365 days. The gestation period of the horse is approximately 11 months but can range from 315-340 days in ponies and 320-360 days in the horse. It is not unusual for the gestation period to extend well over 365 days. Watch your calendar. Pregnancy lasts around 340 days, + or – 30 days. Your mare may foal in 310 days or as long as 370 days. Variation of the gestation period in the individual foaling mare is important as it relates to length of pregnancy and other aspects of foaling. Mares may change their foaling habits from one year to the next. The “normal” length of gestation is 340 days; however, this is an average and there are documented cases of “normal” pregnancies ranging from 315 to 365 days. The time it takes for an object to orbit around another object is called its orbital period. Earth completes its orbital period around the sun every 365 days. The further away a planet is from the sun, the longer its orbital period. The planet Neptune, for example, takes almost 165 years to orbit the sun.

Expanding our education, the very things that are left out of our education are the very things that transform good Horse Sense into actual, vital Etheric wisdom. So here are a few things that are missing. The gestation cycle of Elephants are directly linked to the time it takes for the planet Mars to orbit once around the Sun. Therefore the Elephant carries the signature of the planet Mars when it walks the Earth. Therefore the behavior of the Elephant on Earth has much to do with the undercurrent reality of Mars. Just as the gestation cycle of the Horse and the Intelligence of the Horse is the very epitome of the wisdom of the Earth. The very living Etheric signature of the Earth is written into the substance and reality of the Horse. This is plain horse sense, science and spiritual physiology which is bound up with the study of our own Etheric Body, our own invisible Phantom Horse. We carry our own Phantom Horse with us unconsciously so that we remain unaware of exactly why the Horse plays such a powerful part in the mythology of the West.

1. How many days does it take Mars to orbit the sun?
2. What is the gestation period of an African elephant (in months)?

1. It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the sun, the gestation cycle of an Elephant. (365 days for earth to orbit the sun is the gestation cycle of the Horse).

2. The gestation period of an African elephant is 22 months 660 to 780 days is the length of time it takes Mars to orbit once around the Sun. (9 months is the human gestation period connected to Venus. The figure of 260 days is significant for various reasons. It closely matches the period of human gestation, or the completion of nine full-moon cycles ).

The complete gestation cycle of the Bee Community is based on the development of the Worker, Queen and Drone. The full development of the gestation cycle of the Bees are tied directly to the fact that the Sun, our Sun, rotates once, the Sun’s rotation takes 25 to 27 Earth days, the length of time of one Sun-Day. So it takes one Sun-Day, one complete rotation of the Sun is equal to 25 to 27 Earth days. It takes one Sun-Day rotation to complete the development of all the various Bee stages. Queen-Worker-Drone.

Rabbits take from 28 to 35 days to gestate and grow so that we know that the quick cycle of the Moon is rather directly linked to the Rabbit reproduction cycles. Duck, Geese, Turkey’s run on a Lunar hatching cycle of approximately 28 days. But the egg hatching of both Birds and Bees tend to require the Sun forces, and the 27 Earth days rotation amounts to ONE day for the life of our Sun.

Therefore when we approach the secret patterns and rhythms that make up Life and Etheric Wisdom, we come to the secret of the Horse. The laws that are imprinted into the invisible patterns of how we train ourselves to become magnificent Athletes, are revealed in the fact that at the foundation of our patterns and behavior we are SET, just like the horse is SET, into the Etheric patterns of Earth.

These Apollo laws, are the very laws of the Sun, the Logos, when we say Physiology, we are saying Physio-LOGOS, the laws of Apollo are written deeply into foundations of the human being. And as human beings we are running these rhythms unconsciously in and through us because we have within us THE PHANTOM HORSE that rules over all the blueprints and design codes that we must have to be physical human beings.These intimate, hidden design codes of the Horse, our lungs, our breathing and our pulse were understood by the Greeks as Apollonian wisdom.

Laws of the Etheric Life of the Sun, musical, guitar, lyre and Pythagorean, planetary and mathematical harmonies that Orpheus knew of are alive all through nature. These Etheric/Apollonian laws are the foundation for all of our physical life.

“Apollon’s seven-stringed lyre and golden quill led many a lovely strain. To Zeus a prelude, then sang they first divine Thetis, and Peleus.”

That is why the Centaur and Chiron taught the great heroes and Athletes about musical rhythms and harmonies,
Aggies Spear and football the Zen of Running, The Zen of throwing, running, leaping, wrestling, discus and spear for the Greeks, allowed the Athlete to rise to maximum strength, velocity and ability within the laws of gravity, levity, dynamic circumference and targeted Ziel, linear goals.

Johnny Manziel was a prime Apollonian example of the school of Chiron and the Phantom Horse. Athletes reveal in their actions a thrilling balance between Apollo and Chiron, between our quick, vivid, wild instincts and the framework of laws that hold our breathing, pulse and Athletic skills at maximum overdrive.  (Johnny Manziel CONFLICTS BETWEEN INSTINCTS AND ATHLETIC PERFECTION – click link) The human being exceeds the Horse but shares it’s gifts. Let’s find out just what Apollonian Laws are fully anchored in every human being.


Howdy is the universal Aggie greeting, and for such a small word, it speaks volumes. It says, “Welcome to Aggieland, friend.”

Aggies howdy Texas greeting

Rudolf Steiner

“Man could not be given a consciousness which is, on the one hand, strong and able to see through the cosmic rhythm, and on the other hand, uncontrolled and full of wild instincts. But the centaur’s animal nature — is tamed and conquered in the next incarnation, during his passage through the world of cosmic rhythms between death and a new birth. The foundation of our lung-system in the present incarnation appears as our physical head, although this is dulled down to an understanding limited to the senses, and what lies at the basis of our lung-system appears as an entire human being whose wild instincts are tamed in the next incarnation. The centaur of this incarnation is, in the next incarnation, the human being endowed with sense perception.Aggies athlete lungs brain coordination

“Now you will be able to grasp something else: — You will understand why I said that, during man’ s existence between death and a new birth, the animal realm is his lowest realm and that he must conquer its forces. What must he do? In what work must he be engaged between two incarnations? He must fulfill the task of transforming the centaur, the animal in him, into a human form for the next incarnation. This work requires a real knowledge embracing the impulses of the whole animal realm; in the age of Chiron, men possessed this knowledge atavistically, in a weaker form. Although the knowledge of Chiron is a knowledge weakened by this incarnation, it is of the same kind. Now you see the connection. You see why man needs this lower realm between death and a new birth; he must master it; he needs it because he must transform the centaur into a human being.”

“Let us imagine the physical organization of the headAggies left and right brain and the physical organization of the lung; from the universe come cosmic impulses that express themselves rhythmically in the movements of the lungs. Through our lungs we are related with the entire universe, and the entire universe works at our etheric body. When we pass through the portal of death, we lay aside the etheric body. We enter that which is active in our lung-system, and this is connected with the entire universe. Aggies lungsThis accounts for the surprising consonance to be found in the rhythm of human life and the rhythm of breathing.

“I have already explained that when we calculate the number of breaths we draw in one day, we obtain 25,920 breaths a day, by taking as the basis 18 breaths a minute (hence 18 x 60 x 24). Man breathes in and breathes out; this constitutes his rhythm, his smallest rhythm to start with. Then there is another rhythm in life, as I have already explained before — namely, that every morning when we awake we breathe into our physical system, as it were, our soul being, the astral body and the ego, and we breathe them out again when we fall asleep. We do this during our whole life. Let us take an average length of life — then we can make the following calculation: — We breathe in and breathe out our own being 365 times a year; if we take 71 years as the average length of human life, we obtain 25,915. you see, more or less the same number. (Life differs according to the single human being.) We find that in the life between birth and death we breathe in and out 25,920 times what we call our real self.

Aggies Sports mysteries and the Lung“Thus we may say; — There is the same relationship between ourselves and the world to which we belong as there is between the breath we draw in and the elements around. During our life we live in the same rhythm in which we live during our day through our breathing.

“Again, if we take our life — let us say, approximately 71 years, and if we consider this life as a cosmic day (we will call a human life a cosmic day), we obtain a cosmic year by multiplying this by 365. The result is 25,920 (again, approximately one year). In this length of time, in 25,920 years, the sun returns to the same constellation of the Zodiac. If the sun is in Aries in a certain year, it will rise again in Aries after 25,920 years. In the course of 25,920 years the sun moves around the entire Zodiac. Thus, when an entire human life is breathed out into the cosmos, this is a cosmic breath, which is in exactly the same relationship with the cosmic course of the sun around the Zodiac as one breath in one day in life.

“Here we have deep inner order of laws! Everything is built up on rhythm. We breathe in a threefold way, or at least we are placed into the breathing process in a threefold way. First, we breathe through our lungs in the elementary region; this rhythm is contained in the number 25,920. Then we breathe within the entire solar system, by taking sunrise and sunset as parallel to our falling asleep and awaking; through our life we breathe in a rhythm that is again contained in the number 25,920. Finally, the cosmos breathes us in and out, again in a rhythm determined by the number 25,920 — the sun’s course around the Zodiac.

“Thus we stand within the whole visible universe; at its foundation lies the invisible universe. When we pass through the portal of death we enter this invisible universe. Rhythmical life is the life that lies at the foundation of our feelings. We enter the rhythmical life of the universe in the time between death and a new birth. This rhythmical life lies behind the carpet woven by our senses, as the life that determines our etheric life. If we would have a clairvoyant consciousness, we would see this cosmic rhythm that is, as it were, a rhythmical, surging cosmic ocean of an astral kind.

[How football, stadiums and Athletic skills developed during the historical period from 1840 to 1879 is part of the Mystery of the Centaur which I will discuss below]

“…event which took place in the autumn of 1879. Now we can only lift the outer veil of this mystery; but even this outer veil is one of the most important pieces of knowledge concerning man. It is indeed a head that we bear within us as the head of a second man; it is a head, but also a body belongs to this head, and this body is, at first, the body of an animal. Thus we bear within us a second human being. This second human being possesses a properly formed head, but attached to it, the body of an animal — a real centaur. The centaur is a truth, an etheric truth.

“It is important to bear in mind that a relatively great wisdom is active in this being — a wisdom connected with the entire cosmic rhythm. The head belonging to this centaur sees the cosmic rhythm in which it is embedded, Chiron Kheiron and Akhilleus Archeology Naples Italyalso during the existence between death and a new birth. It is the cosmic rhythm that has been shown in a threefold way, also in numbers — the rhythm on which many secrets of the universe are based. This head is much wiser than our physical head. All human beings bear within them another far wiser being — the centaur. But in spite of his wisdom, this centaur is equipped with all the wild instincts of the animals.

“Now you will understand the wisdom of the guiding forces of the universe. Man could not be given a consciousness which is, on the one hand, strong and able to see through the cosmic rhythm, and on the other hand, uncontrolled and full of wild instincts. But the centaur’s animal nature — please connect this with what I have told you in other lectures dealing with this subject from another point of view — is tamed and conquered in the next incarnation, during his passage through the world of cosmic rhythms between death and a new birth. The foundation of our lung-system in the present incarnation Aggies lungs brain halvesappears as our physical headAggies lung and brain functions, although this is dulled down to an understanding limited to the senses, and what lies at the basis of our lung-system appears as an entire human being whose wild instincts are tamed in the next incarnation. The centaur of this incarnation is, in the next incarnation, the human being endowed with sense perception.

“Now you will be able to grasp something else: — You will understand why I said that, during man’ s existence between death and a new birth, the animal realm is his lowest realm and that he must conquer its forces. What must he do? In what work must he be engaged between two incarnations? He must fulfill the task of transforming the centaur, the animal in him, into a human form for the next incarnation. This work requires a real knowledge embracing the impulses of the whole animal realm; in the age of Chiron, men possessed this knowledge atavistically, in a weaker form. Although the knowledge of Chiron is a knowledge weakened by this incarnation, it is of the same kind. Now you see the connection. You see why man needs this lower realm between death and a new birth; he must master it; he needs it because he must transform the centaur into a human being.”

Texas A & M founded in 1876

Aggies original 1876

“Father of American Football”

Walter Chauncey Camp (April 7, 1859 – March 14, 1925) was an American football player, coach, and sports writer known as the “Father of American Football”. By the age of 33, twelve years after graduating from Yale, Walter Camp had already become known as the “Father of Football”. In a column in the popular magazine Harper’s Weekly, sports columnist Caspar Whitney had applied the nickname; the sobriquet was appropriate because, by 1892, Camp had almost single-handedly fashioned the game of modern American football.

English Rugby rules at the time required a tackled player, when the ball was “fairly held”, to put the ball down immediately for scrummage. Camp proposed at the US College Football 1880 rules convention that the contested scrummage be replaced with a “line of scrimmage” where the team with the ball started with uncontested possession. This change effectively created the evolution of the modern game of American football from its rugby football origins. Walter Camp is credited with innovations such as the snap-back from center, the system of downs, and the points system, as well as the introduction of the now-standard offensive arrangement of players; a seven-man offensive line and a four-man backfield consisting of a quarterback, two halfbacks, and a fullback.

Why isn’t it appropriate to have TWELVE PLAYERS on the field? What is the mythology of the TWELFTH MAN? Dana X. Bible was originator of the TWELFTH MAN TRADITION. Curious as to what the X stood for, well it stood for Xenophon (431 bc-?355 bc) M, Greek, MILITARY:
Aggies Xenophon general, HISTORY: historian; Greek general and historian; a disciple of Socrates. His other works include Hellenica, a history of Greece, and the Memorabilia, Apology, and Symposium, which contain recollections of Socrates.

Was Xenophon a student of the PHANTOM HORSE and Chiron? Well the title of one of his works tells us, yes he was. Xenophon wrote On Horsemanship; On Hunting“.  The Phantom Horse and Chiron the trainer of Athletes,
Warriors and Hunters goes way back into ancient Greek MythologyThe TWELFTH MAN TRADITION (Click Link) runs out from Dana X. Bible all the way back to ancient Greek Civilization.

In all the works on my blog I have charted and tabulated the age of 33. Numbers are very curious and the TWELFTH MAN TRADITION adds an invisible quantity to the 11 man backfield that the 33 year old FATHER OF FOOTBALL, Walter Chauncey Camp inaugurated. Firstly the age of 33 is shared by incidents and personalities of immense interest to us.Aggies Truman 33rd degree Mason

Harry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. Truman was also a 33rd degree Mason. Most Law Enforcement and military have the Masons 33 degree hidden criteria as the background for our modern as well as our more ancient human ethical behavior.

Christ was crucified at 33 and we know that Christ is the father of the the full 12 man program. “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”, was on the air for 33 years. But hardly is there a more curious name, DANA X. BIBLE, Dana Xenophon Bible (October 8, 1891 – January 19, 1980) father of the tradition of the TWELFTH MAN.Aggies Dana X. Bible (1934)

Football’s ELEVEN MAN offense set-up was founded by Walter Chauncey Camp and based on the numbers of 7 and 4, which are remarkable numbers that I deal with in most of my blogs. Twelve, Seven, Four are powerful number relationships. But to have a holy tradition of THE TWELFTH MAN, linked to the name BIBLE, DANA X. BIBLE and actualized by Texas A&M tradition, reveals a curious persistence in our human behavior to gravitate to the number TWELVE.

I have analyzed TWELVE in my evaluation of JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (CLICK LINK) and in an intense study on the Dramatic Arts and Sciences (SEE LINK). I also examine the deepest Biblical insights into the TWELVE DISCIPLES and focus a spotlight into the key destiny of the twelfth disciple and truly uncover a shattering TWELFTH MAN mystery (CLICK LINK) that has never been offered by any of our universities. So a man by the name of Bible initiated one of the most sacred traditions in Texas A&M history.

A great many things, seen and unseen were happening from 1840 through 1879 and beyond. Troy was rediscovered and excavations of the ancient city of Troy were begun in1870 with the discoveries of Heinrich Schliemann. The micro-lab for the mock battles, strategies, and intense magnifying lens for Athletes to shine forth under the proud sun of the god of combat, and football was brought into a highly controlled and efficiently designed system of THE GAME by Walter Camp.

Homer had lit with visions torch the ancient rays of Michael the Archangel of the ancient Greeks to the current battle won by Michael our current guiding ZeitGeist and Time Spirit.Archangel__St__Michael__by_CharlieCo Michael who rayed forth from the voice of the  Blind Seer Homer the sacred foundations of the history of Western Civilization around 750 B.C. shines forth for us anew as the Time Spirit, the Zeitgeist till 2234. The Spirits of the ancient Athletes that Homer saw, who possessed the Etheric body, which we all possess of the ancient wise Centaur Chiron once more begins to awaken the ancient knowledge of Physiology, Anatomy and the resurrected sciences of the hidden etheric body, the Second Being in us.

The most intense and intensive event was a shift in Education and Spiritual Insight that was won for humanity through the War in Heaven. Michael’s battle has won, for us, during this current period the remarkable resurrection of the vision, from the previous Michael Age that shone from the Greek period,  and renewed and resurrected shines forth once more from 1879 to 2234. (CLICK LINK) Vast insights into education and the human being that have been hidden since long before Homer and long before Greece had lost it’s spiritual heritage, have begun to come back to us in mighty flashes of insight. Rare moments arise in our education today when we can regain and recapture vivid and profound experiences that were once understood by humanity. This is such a moment.

“Since the last third of the nineteenth century, means and ways were given whereby that which occult schools have kept back (in an unjustified way, in many cases) becomes obsolete. This is connected with the event that I mentioned to you — the event which took place in the autumn of 1879. Now we can only lift the outer veil of this mystery; but even this outer veil is one of the most important pieces of knowledge concerning man.”

The ancient Greek was much closer to the vivid Anatomy and Imagination of the Living Anatomical laws and cosmic forces which they knew were deeply imprinted into the  heroes, Hercules,Peleus, Jason, Achilles. Every Greek child was filled with the living Etheric Pictures of actual Beings that had taught, inspired and revealed themselves through mighty heroic deeds and great Athletic skills.  And those skills were part of the ancient Greek Gymnastics, which every Greek child learned as the foundation of human-hood and the keys that invoked the inspiration of the gods themselves, that they might come alive and shine through our human form.

Advanced Anatomy the Lungs and the Brain

Aggies anatomy and physiology of the Science of Chiron the Centaur

Johnny Manziel in the 2012 football season at Texas A&M offered the opportunity to lift the veil, and reopen an ancient pathway to The Science of the AGE OF CHIRON. The ancient Greeks in the Age of Chiron couched the highest Anatomical and Physiological mysteries of the human being, in educational stories about the gods and the ancient Greek Heroes. Johnny Manziel offered an opportunity to restore the ancient science of the Etheric body of the human being, the Centaur, into current 21st century insights.

From the Texas A&M football season of 2012 A.D. a vivid glint of light shot through, like a mirror that catches a glance of sunlight, it glinted across space and time to our hearts and minds. It was a sharp spiritual light, that reflected off the bright, shimmering Etheric Body of Johnny Manziel just at the moment when we all saw something brilliant flash before our gazes.

It was magnificent, effervescent and astonishing.The glint reflected it’s powerful sheen across centuries of time, back to the Age of Chiron. For an instant the most ancient wonder from the Age of Chiron, that had burned so brightly before 2012 B.C.  – flashed for an instant through Johnny Manziel’s etheric body in 2012 A.D.   (The lens of spiritual vision and history CLICK LINK)  Ancient Greek sciences, long before Homer, knew of the operative science of Anatomy and Physiology that included the mighty Cosmic Reality of The Phantom Horse, the Apollonian sun-bright mystery of the merging of our own Etheric Centaur with the Divine science of our pulse and and our lungs.

Is it possible for such a spiritual flash to light across the centuries? Well 2012 was a unique year. However I have repeated many times that we had to be in the right place at the right moment to catch such a glint inwardly. Even to the point of having our own Etheric body, our own thought life be receptive enough to catch the shining reflection that shot across centuries of Time, lit by Apollo and the Sun-Bright forces of the Logos. In other words, it isn’t merely external sights, astronomical external events, but vivid spiritual history itself that can suddenly light up within any receptive human etheric body.

We all saw it and there was a powerful Sun Event that did arise for all of us in the year 2012. (CLICK LINK)  But we had to be in the right condition and the right sensitivity to be able to apprehend it. The inner phenomena of Johnny Manziel, his own Etheric Brightness, had opened a brief window into the ancient shining revelation of Chiron, The Age of Chiron and the ancient Science of the Centaur that had been lost and obscured since Blind Homer had last recorded it. It reappeared for a brief instant, shining with spiritual brightness that is reserved only for profound inner spiritual events, it shone through the bright glint of Johnny Manziel’s etheric body. And that, that is what we hunger for in any given season and in any given sport, to be able to literally celebrate, witness and apprehend a clairvoyant moment exactly the way the Greeks had experienced it and under the brilliant illumination of SEEING what the Blind Bard and seer Homer could vividly and inwardly see.

The ancient Greeks couched their sciences in mythic tales. But because of the different soul condition of the ancient Greeks these lost fables and tales, and fragments were once a magnificent public education system that included both the Divine Spiritual forces and the physical, material miracle of the manifestation of heroes, warriors and Athletes.

The ancient Greek understood, through Chiron, the invisible teacher of the Etheric body, what the purpose, health and Athletic ability meant to the physical and to the spiritual laws of the universe. Each Greek child, adult and student when they went to sleep at night, the living force of these myths came alive. And that cohesive, magnificent, poetic and brilliant structure was the foundation of Western Civilization long before decadent Rome came on the scene.

The Horse has the gestation cycle of the Earth herself. So the Horse represents the Lungs, and pulse of the Earth for the Horse carries the 365 day cycle of gestation. The Earth and the Horse are one. But it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the unconscious mathematical system anchored in our lungs and pulse, matches in mighty, miniature form, the entire pulse of the Cosmic System we are embedded in. Our lungs and our hearts carry Apollo’s laws. We are deeply imprinted with the Divine System that we carry in our Physiology and our Anatomy. These imprinted, etheric laws, are the literal rules of the Logos and no human being incarnates without them. We as humanity, with our Anatomy are embedded and imprinted, indeed each of us carries in our rhythms of heart and lung a mighty cosmic being that is epitomized in the solid and magnificent, visible Horse.

Our cowboy traditions in the West are certainly anchored in something vast, mystical and magnificent but they come from an ancient science that we would prefer to remain dormant and un-examined. We have had no desire to understand the Horse as a living Etheric/Physical Earth creature that carries the full Zen of a Cosmic Runner’s High and lives as Lung, hoof and pounding pulse of the mission of Earth Herself. We treasure the Kentucky Derby and Horse rearing, breeding, breaking, busting, herding and horse races, but the solid science that places our pulse and our heart-beats into sync with the laws of the cosmos, with the laws once worshiped as Apollo or Apollonian, Logos and cosmic laws, we dismiss. So we take the frill and fable of the West but have rejected the Anatomy, Physiology and Science of the Age of Chiron.

The Anatomy and Physiology of Apollo, music, math and all the laws of the Logos reveal an invisible structural body, known as the Etheric Body, which is given to each of us as preparation for our incarnations on the Earth. The science of the Age of Chiron and the science of the Risen Etheric Christ, both reveal a powerful Sun Structured Etheric Body, the Logos of Anatomy and Physiology which is held together by our etheric body. At issue is this, is it tenable that the Risen Etheric Body of the Christ Being is capable of shining with such Sun Bright Force that we could see it inwardly, reflected off our own etheric bodies?  The Greeks saw it and Homer saw it, only they called it Apollo, but St. Paul called it the Risen Etheric Christ which blinded St. Paul in the same manner that Blind Homer could see. Is there such a powerful inner light?

Our lymphatic system is the physical representation of our etheric body; our nervous system is the physical representation of our astral body; and our blood system and all of the secrets in our blood and our hearts (Study of the Human Heart Click Link) are the physical representation of the I AM, the blood identity field of the immortal human being. All that we study are the Physical body parts, but we refuse to see the cosmic forces and the invisible powers that are woven into our Physical forms.

Which brings us to the advanced comparative contemplation of the metamorphosis and transformed, trans-positioning of the form of our Brains and the form of our Lungs. We have a SECOND BEING within us, the lawful and potent rhythmic system, Lung and Pulse and drives and instincts, that appear sometimes transfigured in Athletes, Jason, Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, Peleus were all students of Chiron.

Our entire human etheric body, the un-mentioned and un-acknowledged source of the wisdom of our Etheric bodies were all gathered together, when the foundation for the striving of Western Civilization was planted deeply into the cosmic structure of every human Etheric body on the planet. We know this powerful etheric body illuminated the inner sight of Homer the blind poet. We also know that this powerful etheric body flashed into instant revelation in St. Paul. In fact we know very well that the inner illumination was so bright, that it temporarily overcame the external apparatus of vision in St. Paul. It is firmly established that our Etheric Body, the ancient Centaur, after all St. Paul was knocked off his horse by the shock of the inner light that illuminated him, even the horse felt it, our own Divine Etheric bodies are the doorways to the inner vision of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

The Foundation of our Western Civilization and the foundation of each of our Etheric Structural Systems were, in every detail, celebrated at the wedding of heaven and earth between Thetis and Peleus at the great cave of Chiron, where all the Divine Beings attended. The Divine Beings, the Gods, attended by invitation from Chiron, to the wedding of the deepest structural mysteries of the Etheric Bodies of all and every single member of humanity.

The entire structure, striving and force of Western Civilization and source for the inspiration of our Sports Heroes, Warriors, Heisman trophy winners, everything, from Homer and the Trojan War to ancient Greece and the decadent offshoot of Rome Herself all the way up to Johnny Manziel’s etheric body, all of these powerful cosmic impulses of how Reincarnation and Karma work (CLICK LINK), were all met at the wedding of Thetis and Peleus. Here our flaws, our jealousies, our gifts, our immense skills our divine Pythagorean wisdom, the Logos and the laws of the planets were all bound-up and woven together in the wisdom and functioning of the Second Being we have in us, the Phantom Horse.

“According to classical mythology, the wedding of Thetis and Peleus was celebrated on Mount Pelion outside the cave of Chiron and attended by the deities: there they celebrated the marriage with feasting. Apollo played the lyre and the Muses sang, Pindar claimed. At the wedding Chiron gave Peleus an ashen spear that had been polished by Athene and had a blade forged by Hephaestus, and Poseidon gave him the immortal horses,Balius and Xanthus  (our immortal human lungs). Eris , the goddess of discord, had not been invited, however. In spite, she threw a golden apple into the midst of the goddesses that was to be awarded only “to the fairest.”Aggies Marriage of Etheric Body gifts Peleus and Thetis Peter Paul Rubens

Our human Etheric Bodies Woven with Divine Forces, Hosted by Chiron, descends from the Spiritual World with every unique gift offered by the Gods themselves

Colluthus, Rape of Helen 14 ff (trans. Mair) (Greek poetry C5th to 6th A.D.) :

“Among the high-peaked hills of the Haimonians, the marriage song of Peleus [and Thetis] was being sung while, at the bidding of Zeus, Ganymede poured the wine. And all the race of gods hasted to do honour to the white-armed bride [Thetis], own sister of Amphitrite:

Zeus from Olympos and Poseidon from the sea. Out of the land of Melisseus, from fragrant Helikon,

Apollon came leading the clear-voiced choir of the Mousai. On either side, fluttering with golden locks, the unshorn cluster of his hair was buffeted by the west wind. And after him followed Hera, sister of Zeus; nor did the queen of harmony herself, even Aphrodite, loiter in coming to the groves of the Kentauros [Kheiron]. Came also Peitho (Persuasion), having fashioned a bridal wreath, carrying the quiver of archer Eros. And Athene put off her mighty helmet from her brow and followed to the marriage, albeit of marriage she was untaught. Nor did Leto’s daughter Artemis, sister of Apollon, disdain to come, goddess of the wilds though she was. And iron Ares, even as, helmetless nor lifting warlike spear, he comes into the house of Hephaistos, in such wise without breastplate and without whetted sword danced smilingly.

But Eris (Strife) did Kheiron leave unhonoured: Kheiron did not regard her and Peleus heeded her not . . .
And Eris (Strife) overcome by the pangs of angry jealousy, Aggies making of the etheric bodywandered in search of a way to disturb the banquet of the gods . . .
And now she bethought her of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Thence Eris took the fruit that should be the harbinger of war, even the apple, and devised the scheme of signal woes.

Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses. Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Kypris [Aphrodite], as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes (Loves). But Hera would not give it up and Athena would not yield.”

Wisdom, Power and Beauty – Athena-Hera and Aphrodite, and in our human system, our three systems of Thinking-Willing and Feeling, our profound education into Cosmic Science, Political Power and Artistic beauty all clashed together into what Homer clearly described in the Iliad and the Odyssey, as the tale of the Trojan War, all centered around a Horse.  A Horse.

Aggies Placebo false Phantom HorseThe Trojan Horse contrasted with Chiron and our real Phantom Horse, loaded with all the gifts of our human Etheric bodies, was brilliantly captured by the Symbol of a Wooden Horse. The fake, phony materialistic, mechanical,  rusted out machine worship, that dishonors our Etheric bodies, worshiped by one and all on the phony altar, bowing before an empty anatomy science is what we are taught. (Heart studies are seriously wrong LINK)   We are taught that the Heart is a pump. (Click Link)

We are taught incomplete nonsense because we dare not attempt to understand Reincarnation and Karma and how our Living Etheric Bodies are loaded with Divine forces. We dare not admit to ourselves that our materialistic science has long since replaced the Science of Chiron.  We dare not consider the treachery of our own educational Wooden Horse, our placebo, replication, we are forced to worship, against the model of our actual Living and Divine Etheric systems. St. Paul had his entire Etheric Body flash into vivid illumination, so bright it shone that he was unable to see for three days. Homer’s strong etheric body was able to see vividly all the ancient treasures that the gods had built into our Etheric Bodies. Christ blew the doors off the tomb, from the potent reconstruction of His Invisible Etheric body, so that He walked away from the tomb and could reconstruct Himself  at will, from his Risen Etheric Body, so that people could touch Him.

These three systems woven into our Etheric Bodies are part of the cosmic system we understand as Nerves and Sense system; Metabolic System; and Rhythmic system; woven together in the threefold symmetry of the very pissed off Divine Beings of Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. All of the details of our Etheric Divine system were wed and woven together and hosted by the wedding of Peleus and Thetis in the Cave of Chiron the Centaur.

The slippery, liquid shape shifter, elastic mirroring capacity of the Etheric Body IS THETIS. That defines Thetis. A potent, elastic, mirroring shape metamorphosing, impossible to catch, is the raw ingredient of the Spiritual quality of our Etheric forces. It had to be anchored down to the physical body type of the hero Peleus who was also mentored by Chiron.

Now this profound Etheric Body that resulted in the birth of Achilles reveals a stupendous set of insights. Firstly, the marriage of Thetis and Peleus reveal a gathering of Divine Beings who imprint into the Etheric substance the Prototype of every human Etheric body. Secondly, Achilles, who carries the Spear that Chiron had given Peleus, that was polished by Athena, the representative of the Divine THOUGHT forces, and was fashioned by the magic craftsmanship of Hephaestus, reappears powerfully through history. We will cover this topic at the very end. The Spear of Destiny is one of the mighty tools that follow down throughout human development.

Thirdly, that force that everyone receives in our newly minted Etheric Bodies as we approach a NEW INCARNATION, is dynamically  riddled with the karma that we each carry with us into our incarnations. It is individually stamped by the Stars that we carry and bring with us into incarnation (SEE LINK). Therefore all of the gods, realize, as a prototype, what the destiny of Achilles will be. This is not fate for us, but rather we carry in our Etheric Bodies the gift of our individual Destinies as the full force of our individual Etheric Bodies.

Now the FOURTH FACTOR, is the most astonishing. The entire shape shifting forces of the mobile, elastic Etheric Body of a Divine Being, the Christ, chooses to enter humanity and enter the model of the highest developed Etheric Body and Astral Body ever transformed, in the Jesus destiny (CLICK LINK). Christ is born for the Earth and the Etheric Life of Earth with the potent and Divinely impregnated Etheric Sun Forces that only Christ could offer humanity. Christ than reveals Himself, after His earthly body has been obliterated, as the Risen Shape Shifting Cosmic Being who now stands as the Lord of Karma. We have to only recall that Christ appeared in several different solid forms, Road to Emmaus; on the Shore with Peter and John; Before Mary Magdalene; Before Thomas. Thomas touching the solid manifestation of the Risen Etheric ChristChrist represents the absolute completion of everything that the Ancient Greeks understood as Chiron and the Marriage of Thetis and Peleus. The Risen Etheric Christ in our current reality is a very, very big deal. This was the greatest, heroic and Athletic feat ever accomplished in the history of humanity.

And Fifth, we have to marvel at the profound Sciences, couched in old Greek Wisdom, that Initiates and Seers were able to so deeply penetrate, down into the mysteries of Human Anatomy and the Science of the Etheric, that the science of  the Age of Chiron, handed down to posterity the super-charged invincible mystery of how the elastic shape-shifter, mothering and watery forces of the Lymphatic system of our Etheric Bodies, THETIS, were offered to the mighty Apollonian Logos of Love, the Christ. We have to marvel at an ancient system of thinking that cosmically dwarfs our current meager pedestrian fumblings with the study of human anatomy.

The resurrection of the Science of Chiron and the Wedding of Peleus and Thetis, which was the celebration of the making of the gift of our cosmic Etheric Bodies, has resurrected in the Science of Reincarnation and how our individual Etheric Karmic forces are woven into our Virgin Etheric Bodies when ever we prepare ourselves to Reincarnate. (Etheric Body Science and Reincarnation, CLICK LINK)

Now that means that in our Anatomy studies where we discuss the transposition of different systems in our anatomy, we understand, as an example, the position in our Anatomy of our Fallopian and Eustachian systems. I cover the Anatomical secrets of the Fallopian and Eustachian systems and how they appear in the upper and lower physiology of females and males in (this link). The mirroring and division of the etheric models of our Etheric Bodies, female and male, reveal something profound again that is completely unknown to the study of  Anatomy.

Opposite to the Centaur in the Stars, and again I mean directly opposite in the stars, is Gemini. Gemini and the Etheric body we carry as the Centaur are deeply connected. Gemini, exactly on the opposite side of the zodiac as the Centaur or Sagittarius doesn’t mean squat to us.  But it is a primary consideration in the function of our understanding the mirroring and polarity forces operative in human Anatomy. The fact that every human being is built on the Template of the Zodiac and is woven and tightly knit with the forces of Zodiac in our rib-cage, our lungs, our eyes, our ears, our two magnificent arms and legs that help define the dynamic perfection of some of our most treasured Athletes, we remain clueless as to where these design fields and forces have come from.

“In the same way, our ego is diffused in the blood that flows throughout our two lungs, two sides of our brain, two kidneys, two ovaries/testicles and all other “twoness” that have been captured in a living process by Gemini. The space within our ribs and skin is an inner-thought world where the sounds and tones of speech are not merely audible to us, but freely resound as an inner word, portending the possibility of moral development coming to realization in new “seed”. (Anatomical secrets see link)

The great transposition and transformation of our Brain System and our Lung System brings us into the secrets of the Etheric Body and the Science that once existed in The Age of Chiron. The transformation of all the forces that our Etheric life takes, in fact, the work of how each human etheric body is transformed in the breathing out – as we enter into incarnation towards the Earth and the breathing in process – as we re-enter the Cosmic System that rules in the vital Precession of the Equinoxes, imprints into the Law of our Lungs, the Pulse of our Hearts, and the Capacity of our Brains, two distinct beings.
Aggies Anatomy lungs Chiron brain, heart as future pineal and Human brain twin organsChiron and our Human consciousness.

Our lungs and heart as a Rhythmic System represent a future brain. ( Current validation click link) The Heart would develop the forces that would appear side by side in the future as our Pineal gland in our Brain, nerve and human sense system. In other words from one incarnation to another, the advance of our Hearts development, our Lungs and Pulse transform and metamorphose into our Brain and Pineal glands. The two halves of our brain structure reflect the immortal wisdom of our lungs. The two horses, Balius and Xanthus, metamorphose into the breathing in and out of Percepts and Concepts in the two halves of our brain. The intuitions we develop from our hearts become higher organs of perception in our future incarnations.

We carry with us TWO BEINGS. The cosmic forces of Chiron and our Etheric Bodies and our Human Brain and Sense system. They transform themselves in tandem between one incarnation and the next. The light that once shone in our hearts is transformed to the intuitive light that illuminates our pineal glands. Our ability to see connections and unravel the hidden value of invisible concepts and both visible and invisible percepts and our most intimate I AM cognitive thinking arises only from our metamorphosed heart and lungs. (SEE LINK FOR FURTHER STUDY).

The theory of the cosmic horse rules in the very roots of the WORD, Equine Equinox Experience.Yet it is the very laws of the stars, the formal Apollonian and Logos rhythm of our Sun through the heavens that trigger the Anatomical miracles, polarities, harmonies and literal transformation and metamorphosis of our Lungs and our Brains that are unfortunately lost to our modern materialistic science.

Therefore, by merely burying ourselves in the glitz, glitter and fanfare of ESPN, we cover our vision under an avalanche of statistical impediments, accouterments, palaver and rigmarole so that there is no possible way to see the Shining Spirit behind our most cherished Athletic Myths and legends. We have lost the ancient science of Chiron and we have lost the vision of the Etheric Second Human Being that paces with us, all through our human destiny on Earth. We not only lose the gifts of Homer, but we also inhibit the gifts of St. Paul, we lose the Divine in the Human Being and we fail to see the spirit behind our most cherished athletes.

“…that part of human nature that can perceive reality and has not attained the required maturity in one incarnation, but must be weakened in order to become man in the next incarnation. The centaur, of whom I spoke to you, who is to be found beneath the threshold of consciousness, would be able to perceive truth and reality, but the centaur cannot as yet perceive.

What we perceive is not a reality! But man can let himself be determined by that part of his being which is no longer, or is not yet, a centaur; then his actions will be those of a free being. The secret of our freedom is intimately connected with the taming of our centaur-nature. This centaur-nature is contained in us in such a way that it is chained and fettered, so that we may not perceive the reality of the centaur, but only the Maya.”

Prometheus, Chiron, St. Paul and The Etheric Christ

Having just fallen off his rearing horse, Saint Paul lies prostrate on the ground. His closed eyes hint at the blindness that struck him the moment that the Risen Etheric Christ appeared.

Aggies the horse and St. Paul

Saul is not reclining, as in other paintings on the subject, but utterly prostrate, shattered, humbled to the very ground, all his strength gone, his sword thrown down. Struck blind, he needed to undergo the death of the senses in order to see the new supernatural light.

And our problem is Chiron and how the most intense prophet of Chrisitanity was riding a Horse. The moment Chiron had waited untold Centuries for, where Horse and Rider and the Second Being in us were jolted into the Conscious Revelation of the Etheric Body, had arrived. The Horse and the Rider, the conscious human being, were both catapulted into the central mystery of the Etheric Vision of the Risen Etheric Christ.Aggies the mystical phantom horse of St. Paul  s. bernardelli

It must have been a special moment for the Horse, for it certainly was one of the most powerful historical moments where the Age of Chiron crashed into the Greek thinking of Paul. And in that moment a magnificent riddle was born. But this riddle of the Ancient Science of Chiron and the Greeks, points to who St. Paul has recently been. But I may not yet speak of that riddle.

Rather we are required to dwell on the bright inward illumination that shattered Saul into Paul. That an inner Etheric Light, a Consciousness that spoke in that Light, the literal Logos who had crafted the Etheric Body of Humanity, the Etheric body of Horses so that the Horse Etheric matched the Earth Etheric body. The Sun Logos that had crafted the Etheric body of the animals, the etheric life of all the plants and had even given the crystals and precious stones their unique character and receptivity to Light. This was the Light and Love of the world that is sensible and visible in the Etheric Body of humanity. That was the good news.

Prometheus, like Amfortas and Telephus, had a wound that would not heal. As punishment for Prometheus giving fire to man, Zeus had him chained up in the Caucasian mountains. Every day, an eagle came to Prometheus and bit him in the liver, which grew again every night. In his Prometheus trilogy, of which only Prometheus Bound has survived, Aeschylus developed him into the creator and saviour of mankind. Although he gave them fire, Prometheus took away their knowledge of the future. In the next part of the trilogy, Prometheus Unbound, Zeus allowed Prometheus to be freed. Heracles shot the eagle and freed the titan from his chains.

Every human being, bar none, is a wounded hero. Prometheus is an immortal and we as humanity are immortal, in the fact that we reincarnate through time and we carry our immortal individualities through the Spiritual World, through laws of the stars, and back into matter, the womb and the compressed forces of our New Virgin Etheric Bodies, with us.(Reincarnation Laws Click Link) We are wounded and we carry around with us the forces of death.

Rudolf Steiner

“Anyone who approaches the Mysteries to-day must. feel that he is confronting himself in such a way that he will strive after the virtues of Parsifal, while knowing that — because of the modern conditions already described and because he is a man of modern times — he is in fact someone else also, the wounded Amfortas. A man of our time carries within him this double nature — aspiring Parsifal, wounded Amfortas. That is what his self-knowledge must lead him to feel. Then from this recognition will flow the forces which out of duality must make a unity, and so should bring man a little further on in the course of world-evolution. In our Intellectual Soul, in the depths of our inner life, there must be a meeting between Amfortas, wounded in body and soul, and Parsifal, whose task is to cultivate the Consciousness Soul. And it is entirely true to say that in order to gain freedom for himself, a man must go through the “wounding” of Amfortas and become acquainted with the Amfortas within himself, so that he may also come to know Parsifal.”

Well not only the forces of death but seduction. All of us carry a disintegrating shadow that eats away at our earthly physical bodies. The character of the wounded King or wounded Queen, the character of Anfortas or sometimes spelled Amfortas, the Fisher King, is one of the most mystical parts of the Parsifal saga. It hinges the entire Mystery of the Holy Grail on the recovery of the Spear. So this Spear or Lance is a truly significant part of the puzzle of Chiron and the marriage of Thetis and Peleus. The Spear holds one of the deepest secrets of our etheric bodies. (click link)

“Hercules eventually secured a divine bargain in which Chiron’s immortality was forfeit to secure the liberation of Prometheus, who was more-or-less Chiron’s cousin, thereby granting Chiron his wish to die and consigning his spirit to the underworld. Yet even that was not to last as his universal esteem led his half-brother Zeus to intervene one last time by raising him to the celestial realm in the form of the constellation Sagittarius (sagitta is Latin for “arrow”), thereby restoring to him an immortality of sorts. In this way Chiron ultimately found his cure beyond death and, in both myth and astrology, he lies as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Amfortas, the sick, eternally dying, agonizing death and the immortality, and pain of immortality in our mortal frames, is exactly what Prometheus and Chiron so agonizingly experienced. It is exactly what the Grail King Amfortas suffered by being in constant proximity to the immortality forces of the Holy Grail.

So the wounded Queen or the wounded King is our eternal riddle. We may review that eternal riddle, that applies to everyone in the flesh here (CLICK LINK). The solution to that riddle has to do with our Etheric Bodies, our Larynx, and our sexuality. In all the polarities of the study of anatomy and our physiology sciences, our Speech forces, the HUMAN and COSMIC WORD, play a key role in the Spear and the HOLY LANCE OF LOVE.

But as we shall soon see, the most important, undiscovered, unexplored, advanced study of our etheric body and the Etheric Body of the Risen Etheric Christ has exactly to do with the polarity of the Carbon Dioxide inhalation of plants and the Oxygen exhalation of the etheric world of vegetation. This is a polarity, like the many we have studied, that is without a doubt one of the most advanced revelations of humanity.

“Plants are living things and their metabolism constantly ‘burns’ food using Oxygen and producing CO2, they do this all the time, day and night. However, during the day plant is bombarded by photons (i.e. light). The light allows the plant to photosynthesize, turning CO2 and water into Hydrocarbons for food and releasing Oxygen. The amount of Oxygen produced is surplus to its metabolic requirements and is therefore released into the atmosphere. At night photosynthesis closes down because there is no light so the plant consumes oxygen and releases CO2 like animals.”

We have studied the human lung, the breathing of the Earth, the Horse as a magnificent representative of the Earth Herself. We have studied the rhythms of our pulse, our heart beats and our lungs and how meshed and merged we are to the entire cosmic system in each of our breaths. Now we find that the world of vegetation and plant life also breaths, the Earth Herself, in all her etheric vegetation and the laws of breathing does something, that in the plant is always virginal and without sexuality.

So in effect the entire vegetation of the Earth is like a giant breathing horse. And the plant world for the moment gives humanity oxygen and we give the plants carbon dioxide or CO2. This is a commonplace mystery that has immense, stupendous, ramifications. For it leads us into the most purified regions of the Etheric Body of the Risen Etheric Christ, as a functional force that could reproduce itself without Sex.

The word parthenogenesis comes from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin“. Parthenogenesis arises as a perfected study, in the Etheric Body, of the Risen Etheric Christ Being. It is one thing to be crucified and a whole other stage of human development where from the power of our etheric bodies, (female for physical males; and male etheric bodies for physical females) we gain such purity and strength that we overcome death, that exists in our physical bodies. Our anima and animus, our etheric bodies become freed of sexual differences and sexual confusion.

Throwing the Spear, throwing a football or baseball, is an intermediary FORCE of dynamics which literally calls forth cosmic forces into our Etheric Bodies. Intermediary between what and what? Between our Speech forces, our Larynx and our reproductive or sexual forces. In most Sports we are glued unconsciously to the spectator sport of  peripheral participation, visual celebration, of human beings alchemizing before our eyes, Sexuality into Speech, WORD and Spiritual forces. These are the laws of polarity and the laws of the construction of our Etheric Bodies that open the gateways to the secrets of HUMAN SPEECH. Unconscious observation of Sports is our own Trojan Horse, our own religious substitute for failing to make the effort to consciously comprehend, IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD.

“When a boy reaches puberty, his body begins making lots of testosterone. The testosterone causes his larynx to grow and his vocal cords to get longer and thicker. Vocal cords are thin muscles that stretch across the larynx like rubber bands.

What Makes a Voice?

“Before you reach puberty, your larynx is pretty small and your vocal cords are kind of small and thin. That’s why your voice is higher than an adult’s. As you go through puberty, the larynx gets bigger and the vocal cords lengthen and thicken, so your voice gets deeper. As your body adjusts to this changing equipment, your voice may “crack” or “break.” But this process lasts only a few months. Once the larynx is finished growing, your voice won’t make those unpredictable, funny noises anymore.

What About Eve’s Apple?

“Not only do older guys and men sound different from boys, but you can also see the difference in their necks. When the larynx grows bigger, it tilts to a different angle and part of it sticks out inside the neck. You can see it at the front of the throat. This is known as the Adam’s apple.

“For girls, the larynx also grows bigger but not as much as in boys, so you can’t see it through a girl’s skin. There is no “Eve’s apple” in a woman’s neck.”

“At the wedding Chiron gave Peleus an ashen spear that had been polished by Athene and had a blade forged by Hepphaestus”

In 1849 Wagner sketched his own drama on the subject of Achilles (WWV 81). It was probably while reading about this hero of the Trojan War, that Wagner encountered the story of Achilles and Telephus (Τελεϕος).

Achilles and Telephus

Telephus, son of Heracles and Auge, was a king in Asia Minor. After nearly making the same mistake as Oedipus, of marrying his own mother, Telephus married a daughter of King Priam. As an ally of the Trojans, his kingdom was attacked by the Greeks (or Achaeans) and in the fighting, Telephus was wounded in the thigh by the spear of Achilles. After the Greeks had withdrawn, Telephus’ wound would not heal.

The Greeks had no leader who could show them the way to Troy. But Telephus, because his wound was unhealed, and [the oracle of] Apollo had told him that he would be cured when the one who wounded him should turn physician, came from Mysia to Argos, clad in rags, and begged the help of Achilles, promising to show the course to steer for Troy. So Achilles healed him by scraping off the rust of his Pelian spear. Accordingly, on being healed, Telephus showed the course to steer, and the accuracy of his information was confirmed by Calchas by means of his own art of divination.

Frazer notes that the spear was the famous one which Chiron the Centaur had bestowed on Peleus, the father of Achilles. The shaft was cut from an ash-tree on Mount Pelion, and none of the Greeks at Troy, except Achilles, could wield it. The healing of Telephus’s wound by Achilles was the subject of a play by Sophocles, called The Assembly of the Achaeans, and one by Euripides called Telephus. Aristophanes ridiculed the rags and tatters in which Telephus appeared on the stage in Euripides’s play. The cure of a wound by an application to it of rust from the weapon which inflicted the hurt is not to be explained, as Pliny supposed, by any medicinal property inherent in rust as such, else the rust from any weapon would serve the purpose. It is clearly a folklore remedy based on the principle of sympathetic magic.

It is almost certainly the myth of Achilles and Telephus to which Goethe refers in his poem Torquato Tasso:

open quotesThe poet tells us of a spear which yet Might cure the wound that it itself had dealt If friendly hand were but to place it there.close quotes

“Someday perhaps, the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Aug. 28th, 1749 – Mar. 22th, 1832)

Rudolf Steiner

“Behold the flower chalice which receives the ray of the sun, the sun calls forth the pure productive forces which slumber in the plant and hence the sun’s ray was called the “holy lance of love.” Look now at man; he stands higher than the plant, he has the same organs within him, but all that the plant harbors in itself, perfectly pure and chaste, is in him steeped in lust and impure desire. The future of human evolution consists in this: man will again be chaste and pure, and speak forth his likeness into the world through another organ which will be the transformed organ of generation. Chaste and pure without desire, without passion, man’s generative organ will be; and as the calyx of the blossom turns upward to the holy love lance, it will turn to the spiritual ray of wisdom, and fructified by this will bring forth its own image. This organ will be the larynx.”

Our Etheric bodies are destined to become stronger and stronger with an inner purity and light that shall reverse or transmute the dominating power of our physical bodies, which carry the seed of death within them. Prometheus suffered from this seed of death, Chiron suffered from it and Christ, the Solar Word, penetrated so deeply into the human Etheric Body, that Christ could reproduce Himself and regained for humanity the absolute purity of conscious parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis comes from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin“. Parthenogenesis arises as a perfected study, in the Etheric Body, of the Risen Etheric Christ Being.

So our puberty and our change of voice, centers around the organ of our Larynx. Our reproductive organs are a polarity to our Speech organs. Our genitals and our sexuality are going to shift, gradually and slowly. The massive confused powers of sexuality that dominate our Anima and Animus,  which is to say, every Etheric Body, everyone has the opposite Etheric body as that of our Physical, sexual identities. Every Etheric Body anima and animus carry the complete opposite image we see in the mirror.

How do we explain the origin, the root cause of stronger and weaker etheric forces in each of our individual structures?  Well we do know how to explain the reality better than any psychologist, but since we are referring to Prometheus, who had a hand in crafting our Etheric body systems, which is carried in our individual karma, sexual identity or confusion is dominated by the strengths and weaknesses in our Etheric selves.

Aesop, Fables 517 (from Phaedrus 4.16) :
“Someone asked Aesop why lesbians and effeminates had been created, and old Aesop explained, ‘The answer lies once again with Prometheus, the original creator of our common clay. All day long, Prometheus had been separately shaping those natural members which modesty conceals beneath our clothes, and when he was about to apply these private parts to the appropriate bodies Liber [Dionysos] unexpectedly invited him to dinner. Prometheus came home late, unsteady on his feet and with a good deal of heavenly nectar flowing through his veins. With his wits half asleep in a drunken haze he stuck the female genitalia on male bodies and male members on the ladies.”

When we finally work through the dis-harmonies in our Etheric identity, we come to the realization that each person is both a complete, FEMALE and MALE, a complete I AM.  The clarity, purity and harmony of INNER and OUTER, of hidden etheric cosmic system and visible physical sexual identity brings us to sister and brotherhood.

Each human spirit will find an inviolable respect for each unique individual I AM. It will be hundreds of years before we arrive at this Virgin parthenogenetic harmony between our etheric and physical selves. Parthenogenesis defines the advanced ability of Christ to manifest from the strength of his Etheric Body, into female or male forms. And this is confirmed in the science of the Risen Etheric Christ by the XX and XY, female/male chromsome structure in males. Our parthenogenetic model of a VIRGIN, transformed and Holy Force of Reproduction, shall slowly gain power and strength the more our Etheric Bodies learn to penetrate beyond death’s door and unlock the higher anatomy and physiology sciences of the Risen Etheric Christ.

In our Larynx and Speech, our WORD and Eurythmy forces, we have the greatest affirmation ever presented of the reality of the John Gospel.  In this study, on the Aggies, Johnny Manziel and Chiron we have penetrated into only one aspect of one particular dominating Consonant. K Sagitarius Consonant Eurythmy  ”   K  ”      This Consonant and all of our consonants in every language, carry, through our Larynx and the Consonants we utter, the seed of the entire Zodiac. Nesting in our Larynx is the entire Zodiacal Seed which we have inherited as part of our anatomy and etheric body system.  As a graduate of the Goetheanum in Switzerland I had the privilege of studying some of the secrets connected with the future forces that lay in Speech. I have done intense etheric linguistic studies into the structure of language. You may find some of my studies on Language and Speech HERE (Click Link).

The consonant that has the KICK of a horse, the cock of a gun, the Kick of a football, that captures in our bodily dynamics the ‘K’ of Kheiron, the star RIGIL KENTAURUS, the force of a cannon; the muscular dexterity and lightening force that existed in the staggering impact of Cassius Clay’s punches, Kick boxing, Karate, King-Kong, crash, crunch, crush, and just before the boom, the invisible dynamic, before the boom, is KA-boom, allows us to look deeply into the one place in the zodiac of Speech Sounds and Eurythmy, where we find the ancient force of Chiron.

Ka the earliest study of the Etheric Body

Aggies Egyptian Ka arm, chest, lungs, spear Etheric bodyThe KA was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the KA left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a “Potter’s wheel” (zodiac) and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies. Depending on the region, Egyptians believed that “Heket” was the creator of each person’s KA, breathing it into them at the instant of their birth as the part of their soul that made them be alive. This resembles the concept of “Spirit”  in other religions.

The Egyptians also believed that the KA was sustained through food and drink. For this reason food and drink offerings were presented to the dead, although it was the kau within the offerings that was consumed, not the physical aspect. The KA was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate KA as double.

The constellation of Johnny Manziel.

Aggies constellation

Johnny ManzielIn Johnny Manziel, in his 19th year, at the moment when the Angel of every human being celebrates the arrival  of our 19th year on Earth, Johnny’s Angel torched like a mighty Promethean spark. Every Angel makes many attempts, numerous attempts to rouse and awaken us. We generally remain unconscious of these attempts made by our Angels. However the powerful and bright Etheric Light that overshadowed, or illuminated Johnny Manziel from within, lit up, for a bright season, everyone’s inward spiritual eyes.

In this moment, when a human being is NINETEEN and suddenly in the spotlight of the world, just when the gateway to the Angelic World is most brilliant, Johnny Manziel burst forth, and all his etheric forces were vividly illuminated. Every NINETEEN YEARS all our stars line up in such a way that not only do our own Angelic Beings that guide and nurture each of us, become most intimate for us, but at that precise moment Johnny Manziel entered his 19th year.

In 2012, the stars, Manziel’s etheric body, the national spotlight and millions of eyewitnesses observed, or could have observed and in some cases did observe, Chiron, the Centaur and mentor of heroes shining with brilliant etheric illumination through Johnny Football. The Angel Being that helped build the Etheric body of Johnny Manziel, rayed forth with such dexterity, agility and lightness of foot, that the whole western world was amazed at what we saw.

The difference between our unconsciously celebrating our football enthusiasm and our conscious ability to approach the mystery of our own Angels, our own Etheric Body and awakening and becoming conscious of St. Paul, the Phantom Horse, Chiron, our own Centaurs, and the reality of the Risen Etheric Christ Being, is the difference between the fog of unknowing and the shattering truth of awakening. The Angel of Johnny Manziel gave us all a wake up call. It flashed through our big screen t.v.s; our Sports bars; our stadiums; and rippled through the exclusive club of Sports Commentators and surged and flowed through the souls of Athletes everywhere.

Angelic revelations, synchronization of magnificent human and spiritual events will not be repeated in exactly the same way again. Heraclitus said: “You cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.” That is what makes the St. Paul event so unique or the one time event of the Resurrection, so overwhelming.

It was 2012 and the Angel of Johnny Manziel flared out, if Angels could shout, we certainly all heard the powerful, reverberating shout of a magnificent 19 year old. Aggies Winged CentaurYes, the bright and youthful forces of our Angels will continue to illuminate and shine for most souls during their 19th year and for each and everyone of us, through our thirty-eighth, fifty-seventh, and seventy-sixth year, every 19 years through our entire earthly biographies. (CLICK LINK FOR BIOGRAPHY SAMPLES)

It will be fascinating to watch the future career of Johnny Manziel unfold before our eyes. The Security and Exchange Commission is also the SEC, however for Johnny Manziel the SEC could be classified as the South Equatorial Current of the Stars of the Southern Hemisphere, where the Centaur, Chiron, casts it’s shadow over the SEC, the SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE. Texas A&M itself is located on the rim of the reverse side of the bowl of the stars of the Southern Hemisphere. There is no question that Johnny Manziel brought the Stars of Alpha Centauri, Rigel Kent, one of the brightest stars in the southern constellation of Centaurus into the SEC, SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE. Whether his star and his fame continues to burn so brightly that we rename the constellation Alpha Centauri, JOHNNY FOOTBALL, in honor of his Angel and his mentor Chiron, is, as of this writing, unknown.

Has the University of Texas at Austin anything comparable to THIS?  HERE IS WHAT U.T. had to offer CLICK LINK


The riddle of each of our Etheric Bodies, both female and male, which carries the signature of our immortality in it, is also a riddle of what Carl Jung described as the opposite of our physical sex, our visible sexual identification, Jung rightly observed that we carry an Anima and Animus invisible and powerful Female etheric if we are physical malesAggies female and male anima and animus Centaur etheric form 1 and a Male etheric if we are physical females (CLICK LINK)  . All of the science that was once part of the ancient Greeks have slowly been rising upwards again with renewed clarity in the science of Anatomy, Psychology and Physiology. The  spark that Blind Homer caught from the ancient previous Michael Period of ancient Greece around 750 B.C. now rays forth in the renewed Michael Age that has dawned since 1879.  The Anima-Animus and the Archer forces of Sagittarius see CLIP – (Click Link) are part of the resurrection of ancient wisdom that once existed but was trampled into dust by materialism.


The resurrection of Greek Mythology, THE TWELVE OLYMPIAN GODS OF THE GREEKS, the esoteric secret of how Chiron, the human Etheric body replaces Prometheus, the giver of Fire, and Freedom, that which runs as immortality in the warmth of our blood, has been transferred to the hidden human Etheric body that is carried by CHIRON.  Alcoholism affects the human liver. Prometheus had his liver gnawed upon by an Eagle. However the human liver is an organ of Jupiter because the human liver follows the same renewal of the blood every 12 hours, as the renewal of human spirituality in Jupiter that runs on the orbit of Jupiter around the Sun every 12 years.  I discuss some of the secrets of Jupiter at this link (Click Link).  The resurrection of the science of Jupiter and how the next generations are relearning the mythology of the ancient Greeks appears in entirely new and updated formats such as this – (CLICK LINK).


There’s the Ovidian question: how much of man is animalia, how much of man is human, what makes us—all of us—human.

The horse, then, with its strength and resilience, becomes the perfect symbol for such survival. The title poem approaches this horse/ human comparison most intimately–when the horse and the rider “untwine,” the rider needs to run on its own two feet.

It ain't easy in Texas

“Two legs took my trot.
And I, freed of my horse-self
who lay dead to the greening world,

“ran through the clover. On two legs

ran and ran –”

Vievee Francis

Vievee Francis – “Horse in the Dark” is largely autobiographical and recounts Francis’ childhood years in Texas. The family moved a great deal, from west to east Texas, but always in isolated rural areas. Her book has the feel of dirt, grit, animals, heat, and toughness. Some of the poems are written in traditional styles, others are brief prose poems while others are modernist. Francis makes frequent reference to classical mythology, especially to Ovid and myths involving human-animal transformation.”


A spiritual friend to Chiron, my spiritual brother Allen Pittman, works directly into the mysteries of Athletes, Martial Arts, and the deepest etheric mysteries of our bodies.Aggies Winged Centaur Wisdom of the Body is the comprehensive Physical Training Method developed by Allen Pittman to increase your skill in any other physical training you do. It is also a complete method in itself.  I happen to know Allen Pittman. He is one of the few trainers whose training and methods go all the way back to ancient Chiron. THIS IS HIS SITE, and the above is his Logo.


We have unfathomable mysteries all around us. Suppose we played a human being with Super Powers. Now just let this sink into our souls. We don’t let much sink into our souls, but we really should take into account certain things which we rarely do. Christopher Reeve went into cardiac arrest on October 9, 2004. He went into a coma the following day and passed away on October 10, 2004. He had been paralyzed since May, 1995 following an equestrian accident.  He was thrown from his horse and broke his neck.
He spent months of therapy training himself to breathe without the aid of a respirator. Reeve, who was 42 and had enjoyed a prolific screen and stage career, was thrown from his horse and landed on his head during the second of three trial events in an equestrian competition.

The UberMensch is THE SUPERMAN. Super Man and “X-Men” with Super powers came out of Friedrich Nietzsche. The Übermensch (German for “Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman, Super-human”; is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

“Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman–a rope over an abyss…What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: what can be loved in man is that he is an overture…”

Nietzsche, with his Übermensch, Clark Kent and SuperMan are staggering concepts. The American version of Nietzsche’s philosophy, is down right cartoonish. The actual destructive force of the Übermensch that was adopted by Nazi Germany was anything but cartoonish.

Immortality and the Superman principal has been worn by George Reeves, who apparently committed suicide and Christopher Reeves who died after being thrown from a HORSE. Immortality and the HorseWhich calls into focus our study of the Pauline Revelation and the Superman, the NEW ADAM that Paul met in his Etheric, Astral and most importantly, met consciously in his I AM, in the being and reality of the Risen Etheric Christ. Prometheus, Chiron, Amfortas (The Fisher King) of Grail legend and our own wounds that go all the way down to insanity, as was the case with Nietzsche, are caused by our flippant arrogance, as we snicker about Paul, Horses, Chiron, Greek myths, and the Etheric Christ. While Nietzsche went insane, his insanity was a form of possession of soul faculties that has become common place today, everywhere.

Silly, naive students in the U.S. have no idea that Nietzsche brought forth such a powerful Anti-Christ attack, that we know, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something ELSE – OTHER, other than human, was actually writing the works of Nietzsche. We have shown how Prometheus, Chiron, our structural Etheric Body and Thetis reveal the sublime revelation on the Earth of the Resurrection and the Risen Etheric Christ as a fact.  The OTHER-Being, who manifested in directly in Nietzsche’s writings, we know as Ahriman. Ahriman and Ahrimanic possession along with Ahriman authors, liars, and destructive psychopaths, now roam freely everywhere and in every soul on the planet. Ahriman certainly wants a Superman to arise, but not from the legitimate ripening of the moral and etheric forces in humanity.

“The Risen Etheric Christ in our current reality is a very, very big deal. This was the greatest, heroic and Athletic feat ever accomplished in the history of humanity.”

“…the Christ Spirit clothed Himself with an etheric body condensed, one might say, to physical visibility. So the risen Christ was enveloped in an etheric body condensed to physical visibility; and thus He went about and appeared to those to whom He could appear. He was not visible to everyone, because it was actually only a condensed etheric body which the Christ bore after the resurrection;”  (click link)


Horse Doctors, people who love horses, and have the same Goethean Insights that have been presented in this essay are rare. Dr. Sarah L. Reagan is such a Goethean Veterinarian of Horse Behavior. Invite her to come visit your ranch. Not only a Horse Whisperer but an Animal and Astral researcher in Animal ailments, and the hidden mystery of the Astral/Animal Group Soul. (CLICK LINK) her web page and bio.


Setting the record straight.  Who gets credit for Troy besides ancient blind seer Homer? Well there is a back story and the back story, for the few who are interested, (CLICK LINK).   Also this link might work

. (LINK)    Aggies addendum

Vowel ‘UH’ – SATURN – a study in Western Cosmology by Bradford Riley

100 Years of Eurythmy

“The ancients identified each of the seven original modes with one of the Planets, whose power to influence their destinies they were thus enabled through music to invoke at will, as a nation or as individuals, The Greeks of Hellas adopted the Sun or Dorian mode as the foundation of their wonderful musical system, whereas the Phrygians appealed to Venus, Lesbos to the Moon, Lydia to Mercury.

“The idea of the Planetary basis of music originated with the Egyptians and was accepted by the Greeks who connected the twenty-eight notes of the scales with the days of the moon’s rotation. The fifteen notes of the diatonic scale were related to the same number of days of the moon’s increase, The seven days were associated with the seven notes of the octave…”   Kathleen Schlesinger

Part (ONE – CLICK LINK FOR PART ONE) Introduction and Study of the Consonants

This is (Part TWO – A) starting with the Vowel ‘UH’ and a study in Saturn

Part (TWO – B) of the Vowel Studies (not completed)


“The Stars once Spoke to Man.
It is World Destiny that they are Silent now.
To be aware of this Silence
Can become Pain for Earthly Man.
But in the Deepening Silence
There Grows and Ripens
What Man Speaks to the Stars.
To be aware of this Speaking
Can become Strength for Spirit Man.”
Rudolf Steiner
Christmas 1923


“These Saturn impulses have a very special influence on men. Even the perception of them when a man looks back upon his earthly life between the fifty-sixth and sixty-third years — even the sight of the Saturn mysteries is in many respects shattering; these mysteries are in a sense alien to earthly life. And whoever gradually learns through Initiation knowledge to perceive the Saturn mysteries that are connected with this period of life, undergoes experiences of dramatic intensity, shattering experiences, that are harder and harder to bear because these mysteries strike at the very roots of life.”  Rudolf Steiner

Exploring the planets and our infatuation with a DEAD COSMOLOGY that is the inspiration of NASA, good Sci-Fi and world wide efforts to master STFF – ‘Space the Final Frontier’ in warp drive Star Trek ships and marvel at Star Wars special effects on wild untamed planets, (now here is where it gets tricky) it produces only a DEAD COSMOLOGY.

“Today the human being himself is changing from being a creature to becoming a creator. But if he clings on to the world of what has become, he releases forces of decline. Opposing this, Rudolf Steiner opened up access to the world of real creative forces. In speech as archetype of the arts, the human being still carries an image of the etheric world in himself and can consequently lift himself from being a creature to that of a creator. And so the significance which Steiner gives to speech is understandable. In speech the future is enclosed like a seed. The human being received speech on its descent into the earthly world as a precious store of provision and seed for the future. But in order that this seed can again grow into life, it has to come out of the realm of the feeling heart where it could be protected, and enter the realm of the will. ”  Martin-Ingbert Heigl

Our task as humanity is without a doubt, to become familiar with how the planets have formed us. Our job is to become familiar with how the planets intimately influence us, their ratios, orbits, weights, pulls, balances, intangible and tangible meanings but most importantly we need the freedom to become familiar with their intrinsic Personalities. The Planets have Personalities and Beings and our task as humanity is to become familiar with the family of the Planets and the Beings who inhabit them. This requires us to change our orientation and thinking. It is not merely the surface location of the planet that interests us, where we send our cameras and robots to scour the surface and send back pictures, that has been merely a Galileo Galilein, Tycho De Brahe and Keplerian  (Kepler Link Here) monumental achievement. Our intimate human task is to meet, encounter and gain insights into the Personality, position, mark points and Beings, that without a doubt, DO inhabit the Devachan region of these planets and learn HOW to see them and understand them.

“Nicholas Copernicus (1473–1543) became a Church dignitary in Frauenburg. His celebrated astronomical work, De revolutionibus orbiurn coelestium, had been dedicated to Pope Paul III, but was not printed until 1543, in Nurnberg. Although protected, to begin with, by the dedication to the Pope, in 1615 it was put on the Index of books forbidden to Catholics, remaining there until 1822, when the ban was officially lifted by the Vatican on works dealing with the earth’s motion and the fixed position of the sun.”

Galilee – Galileo and Walking on the Etheric Waters of Western Cosmology

In several instances of research I have brought forward a Living Western Cosmology (SEE LINK)  from Embryology and the Science of the Word in Eurythmy (CLICK LINK)  and the Consonants and the current exploration of the Vowels and the Planets.

We can, as well, encounter the interior of Western Cosmology in Shakespeare and his SEVEN AGES, which also taps into human biography. But to merely say human biography apparently doesn’t strike home or impress us quite enough. The Science of the Planets and Western Cosmology is also directly related to the intimacies of human biography as we shall discover by examining the Saturn Mysteries.

Standard Planetary System as it unfolds in Every Human Biography

0-7 Physical body (Moon) Will growth to Change of Teeth
7-14 Etheric body (Mercury) Intelligence towards Puberty
14-21 Astral body (Venus) early foundations of Love Adulthood
21-28 Sentient Soul \ (Sun forces) – (emotional Ego)
28-35 Intellectual Soul — (Sun forces) – (Intellect of Ego)
35-42 Consciousness Soul / (Sun forces) – (Cosmopolitan Ego)
42-49 Spirit Self (Mars) Speech
49-56 Life Spirit (Jupiter) Thought
56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

The Science of planets in the Seven Ages of a human biography

Jacques: All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,

Moon – Vowel  (ie – pie)

His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking* in the nurse’s arms.

Mercury – Vowel (EE – see)

Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like a snail
Unwillingly to school.

Venus –  Vowel  (AH – Apostle)

And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow.

Mars – Vowel  (AY say)

Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard*,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the canon’s mouth.

Jupiter – Vowel  ( O – tone)

And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon* lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws* and modern instances;
And so he plays his part.

Saturn – Vowel (UH – glue)

The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon*
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his* sound.

Excarnation – Return to Spiritual World

Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans* teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
(As You Like It, 2. 7. 139-167)

Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

“To the modern materialistic view of the cosmos, Saturn is observed merely as a body moving about in cosmic space; and the same with the other planets. This is not the case; for if we take Saturn, the outermost planet of our Universe, we must represent him as the leader of our planetary system in cosmic space. He directs our system in space. He is the body for the outermost force which leads us round in the lemniscate in cosmic space . . . Were he alone to work, we should continually move in a lemniscate.” (Click This Link for further insights)

There is an obvious failure in our education and a horrible reluctance to cohesively approach a true Western Cosmology and over come our infatuation with the dead apparatus and functioning of the Planets and Solar System.

Without effort on our parts we can stare all we want at the magnificent NASA and HUBBLE pictures of the cosmos and twiddle our thumbs and wait for more materialism to give us tourist shots of those magnificent orbs, those spinning islands rotating majestically in space; OR we can get down to awakening each of our insights into every human being we meet. We can mature and educate ourselves and learn to know the true nature of the planets shining through every human being.  We can learn to do our own spiritual space walking as explorers able to see the very Beings of the Planets themselves.

This study will introduce us to the Saturn Beings and the origin of the resonating Vowel Sound ‘ UH ‘. The Saturn Beings are alien to our mode of perception. Human Beings are unique members of the planetary community. We integrate and incorporate into our soul and physical, etheric and astral bodies the entire range of Planetary Beings. We are literally the portals and windows through which the planetary worlds shine forth and Speak. It is in the very secrets of our anatomy and in the secrets of the Vowels that we emotionally raise to art and skill in our Operas, Speech and Songs (CLICK THIS LINK).

“On The Celts, and also on the new album Watermark, Enya employs the multi-vocal technique – layers and layers of perfectly pitched and matched breathing of vowel sounds. Sometimes, she painstakingly record a sound or word hundred times over.” Cronus is Saturn, the son of Uranus and Gaea. Cronus-Saturn is the keeper of Time (CLICK LINK) and the karmic memory of humanity and the gods who created humanity. To become an independent explorer and voyager into the region of immortality, an intense course study and training in Cronus and Saturn is required.

All the Planets are operative within us. Our Lungs a gift from Mercury, our Hearts a gift from the Sun, our Livers a gift from Jupiter, arranged from center to periphery, our Bladder –  is a gift from the Moon and the tides that run through our bodies at the center; our kidneys are a gift from Venus further out; our gallbladder, ‘ of all the gall’  is a gift Mars; our  liver a gift from Jupiter and the orbit of Jupiter in years around the Sun, matches the cycle of our livers in hours within our bodies;  and finally our spleen is a gift from the  Saturn Beings, which in our anatomy and our inner organ system stands very close to the periphery of the outer region of organs. We are going to look at some of the specifics of the Saturn Beings who are the guardians of mighty Saturn which sits, loaded with mysteries for us to penetrate and unravel.

KVASIR and Baldr (also Balder, Baldur) reveal the hidden secret of Western Cosmology (See Link)

“When the AESIR and the VANIR had made a truce, and settled terms for a lasting peace, every single god and goddess spat into a great jar. This put the seal on their friendship, and because the Aesir were anxious that no one should forget it, even for one moment, they carried off the jar and out of the spittle they fashioned a man. His name was KVASIR. He was so steeped in all matters and mysteries of the nine worlds since fire and ice first met in Ginnungagap that no god nor man or giant nor dwarf ever regretted putting him a question or asking his opinion.”  THE HUMAN BEING IS THE PORTAL TO THE PLANETS AND THE CONSTELLATIONS.

We are pretty giddy with excitement when it comes to our external earth-bound sense of SEEING the surface systems of the design and lay-out of the planets. With Saturn there are several significant mysteries we have been able to detect, partly with our external NASA technology. One of those insights is the magnificent HEXAGON (click link) on the North Pole of Saturn. The Hexagon is a Life System, Earth System foundation that exist in all aspects of matter from the plant’s green blood to our human blood, DNA and crystal formations of our Earth. (Please Click on this Link and study the Hexagonal Mystery of Saturn).

Saturn and the Acoustical Mystery of the Planets

The gateways and doorways through to the planets, how we enter these Planetary Mysteries are all about the higher frequencies of Math and Tone. Sound that sounds forth through a higher vibrational frequency, when it resounds in the soul life, when we can SEE the Tone and Hear the Tone, we can follow that massive cosmic Tone out to the Planets. What was the Mystery of the 1st Goetheanum? The 1st Goetheanum, THE HOUSE OF THE WORD,  had a series of vast, carved wooden pillars running the length of the BAU, the building.(CLICK LINK TOUR OF 1ST GOETHEANUM) The WOOD of the Pillars carried Tone, with such exquisite, living vibration, that the entire building or BAU was an instrument and resonated with the Living Word.

We know the story of “The Red Violin” (Click Link). The Red Violin movie is about the creator, owners and users of a strange red violin. The film follows the violin’s journey through 7 different languages and covers a period over 300 years. It is an acoustic masterpiece of construction by a master. But it’s mystery is very much like the brilliant mystery of the Instrument of the Word that Rudolf Steiner made called ‘The Bau’. Here we know something in advance of our understanding.

Many people have commented on the considerable differences between the two Goetheanums. Shortly after the fire, Herr Doktor, never one to procrastinate started to design the new building and made a most interesting comment to a close friend. After talking about how the First Goetheanum was built with money from love and out of living materials to create an architectural/musical instrument for the human soul, Steiner went on to say: “The new Goetheanum will be built from the money the insurance companies will pay. They will hate to pay us. It will no longer be money given with love, and I must use it accordingly. The new Goetheanum will not be built out of wood, but of dead material-of concrete.”

The Red Violin (Click Link) is an Imagination that has to do with the blood that was mixed into the varnish of the violin and the mysterious journey of Love, as the blood is the I AM, the mysterious journey of the intangible science of Love, which allowed the most intoxicating, priceless, impressive journey of Sound through Time. The Red Violin  (Click Link needed Souls and Spirits to play it and when they did, it was the single most perfect acoustic instrument ever seen or played by human hands.

We are each of us such precious instruments of Tone (We are Architects of Sound Click Link) enveloped in the mystery of our I AM and our blood. And the science of the Mystery of the blood that was spilled on Golgotha by a Divine Being is a singing Instrument of the Cosmic Word that continues to journey through time. 300 years is the length of one work day of a Time Spirit, known as an Archae.

But to create the Tonal Instrument of a Building that replicated the inner tonal structure of the Temple that Zarathustra and Christ built and Christ rebuilt the Immortal Planetary and Zodiacal masterpiece of Spirit-Man in three days  –

Mark 14:56-59  “Many testified falsely against him, but their statements did not agree. Then some stood up and gave this false testimony against him: ‘We heard him say, “I will destroy this man-made temple and in three days will build another, not made by man.”‘ Yet even then their testimony did not agree.”

– to restore the  Masterpiece of the Resurrected Human Spirit – Rudolf Steiner reproduced the Resurrected Model in the magnificent Tonal Masterpiece of Resonating Pillars and Tone, the double domed cupolas that revealed on the inner ceiling of the BAU –  the higher Devachan Vision of Humanity that resounds through the Revelation of St. John. Rudolf Steiner did this during the Saturn period of his human biography. It is this Saturn Mystery in the Vowel Sound ‘UH’ and the Time Frame of SATURN in the Human Biography of Rudolf Steiner that we shall focus on.

56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

It was here and only here, at the magnificent HOUSE OF THE WORD, where the doorways to the Planetary Beings were reopened for business.  In the HOUSE OF THE WORD, created in Rudolf Steiner’s SATURN PERIOD OF HIS BIOGRAPHY humanity learned once more to SPEAK  BACK TO THE STARS, raising once again to visibility and public authenticity the clear vision of the Mission of Humanity.

Resounding through the entire building of the 1st Goetheanum were the Planetary Tones and magnificent revelation of  how humanity once more, retrains itself to become the Voice of the Heavens. Through the fact that Rudolf Steiner penetrated the depths of the Christ Mystery, he brought the reality of the Science of the Christ Event and the Science of St. John and the Word out from the darkness of time into the Light of day where all human beings in the West, who love Science, Soul and Spirit could witness and reclaim how Humanity could find the path to return to the Heavens, but not in Spaceships. Rather that each human being, each of us, are the portals, tones, and synthesis of the Heavens. That without a doubt, we, each of us, were made and represent, in our human physical, etheric, astral and I AM systems, the complete, condensed, compact vision of the Heavens. We are the riddle of the Stars, we had merely to learn to see and read how each of us are the riddle of the Stars.

“Through the relationship of the different speeds of the planets, the fundamental tones of the harmony of the spheres arise that sound through the cosmos. The School of Pythagoras was justified in speaking of a celestial harmony. With spiritual ears one can hear it. When you spread fine powder as evenly as possible on a thin brass plate and then stroke its edge with a fiddler’s bow, the powder moves in a definite line pattern. All kinds of figures will arise depending on the pitch of the tone. The tone effects a distribution of the material. These are called Chladny figures (CLICK LINK DEMONSTRATION). When the spiritual tone of the celestial harmony sounded forth into the universe, it organized the planets into their relationships.” (Occult Signs and Symbols, 1972, pp. 9-12)

There are three waves of human biography, human math, that match the orbital periods of the outer planets. Listen carefully, the Saturn Beings are the stern guardians of the outer incubation area we see with our telescopes, of the First Creation and Warmed Cosmic Embryo where Humanity was first conceived. The orbit of Saturn marks what is known as the Ancient Saturn Evolution. The Jupiter Beings are completely different and the orbit of Jupiter marks the circumference point of the Ancient Sun Evolution. The Mars Beings are an unruly lot, but their orbital demarcation around the Sun marks the extent of the Old Moon Evolution.

Rudolf Steiner brings this crisp sentence from (THIS LINK) “You will do well if you picture those outer planets as boundary marks for the limits of the ancient Worlds.”  Spiritual Hierarchies: Lecture 5

The various Pythagorean, musical, mathematical and biographical systems reveal clearly and distinctly that we as Humanity are the compendium and harmonic system of the planets and all Life on Earth reflects that.  Our entire Emotional field of Vowel Expressions are gateways to the Rainbow, the Law of the Rainbow of emotion and Goethe’s Theory of Color. Which means Humanity is truly a spectrum and prism for the many Planetary Beings who make up our Solar Community. Humans can be one-sided but they are designed to contain the full spectrum of Light that runs through our Souls, our Art, our Science and our Religion.

“Sun, Moon, and Stars, blue air, seven-colored bow

In man are offered to the worlds below.

Stone, Blossom, Beast and Earth’s great task of Love

In man are offered to the worlds above.”

Let us briefly review how the border-land of TIME and HUMAN KARMA has remained in the grip of the Saturn Beings. Before I actualize this piece of apparent Greek Mythology, it is important to get our heads on straight. To comprehend such a study as the KARMA LECTURES by Rudolf Steiner, we are required to appreciate a course study in the Saturn Mysteries.

To actually gain the capacity to be a fully conscious Karma Researcher of individual human I AM’s, tracking and tracing their journey’s out beyond Saturn, to a new incarnation, actually requires an intimate understanding, not just of the names of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but the shattering intimate knowledge of being able to bear the force of knowing ourselves to the depths of our being and sustaining Living Love – Light and Hope, through the most vivid comprehension of the tragic condition of humanity. This crushing journey into the realm of Conscious Karma Cognition requires an intimate and sobering knowledge of the Christ Event on Earth, and an unwavering familiarity with the Vowel Sound ‘ UH ‘.

Speech Sample VOWEL SOUND ‘ UH’

“The Horned Owl”  by Barry Cornwall

In the hollow tree in the old grey tower,
The spectral owl doth dwell;
Dull, hated, despised in the sunshine hour,
But at dusk he’s abroad and well:
Not a bird in the forest e’er mates with him,
All mock him outright by day;
But at night when the woods grow still and dim,
The boldest will shrink away.
Oh, when the night falls and roosts the fowl,    
Then, then is the reign of the horned owl!
And the owl hath a bride who is fond and bold,
And loveth the woods deep gloom;
And with eyes like the shine of the moonshine cold
She awaiteth her ghastly groom!
Not a feather she moves, nor a carol she sings,
As she waits in her tree so still;
But when here heart heareth his flapping wings,
She hoots out her welcome shrill!
Oh, when the moon shines, and the dogs do howl,
Then, then is the cry of the horned owl’.
Mourn not for the owl nor his gloomy plight!
The owl hath his share of good:
If a prisoner he be in the broad daylight,
He is lord in the dark green wood!
Nor lonely the bird, nor his ghastly mate;
They are unto each a pride –
Thrice fonder, perhaps, since a strange dark fate
Hath rent them from all beside!
So when the night falls and the dogs do howl,
Sing ho! for the reign of the horned owl!
We know not alway who are kings by day,
But the king of the night is the bold brown owl.

Cronus – Saturn is usually depicted viciously devouring and eating his children. We are the Reincarnating offspring of mighty Saturn. The Greeks moved the goal posts IN to Jupiter and Zeus –  because Jupiter’s actual orbit in space marks the perimeter of the Ancient Sun Evolution. Goethe’s karmic roots go all the way back to ancient Greek culture. Through Goethe humanity bought time to absorb the immense awakening of the Etheric Life of the Logos and the deed that was performed at Golgotha.

This strengthening in the realm of Jupiter and the ancient Etheric Sun forces has allowed humanity to endure, reach out and embrace the Saturn Mysteries. Goethe and the Goetheanum, and the etheric sciences, and our study of Etheric Phytology are all Jupiter/Sun Mysteries. Goethe himself is literally an honored Jupiterian Representative. Rudolf Steiner brought the Etheric Sciences of Goethe all the way to the Etheric Christ Mysteries. By resurrecting and transforming the Greek Mysteries, Steiner was able to expand further beyond the Saturn Mysteries and establish the first all encompassing Science of Western Cosmology.

Which begs the question, St. John was once the Folk-Spirit of the Celtic people wasn’t he? This Celtic Folk Spirit sacrificed his position to become the guiding Spirit of Esoteric Christianity. However, the Exoteric Spirit of Christianity was given to the Folk-Spirit of the Greek people. Goethe carried the focused exoteric SUBSTANCE of the Greek Soul. However, whoever was assigned the task of representing the Exoteric Mysteries of Christianity, was once the Greek-Folk-Spirit. So now we see two Spiritual Individualities, chosen by the Christ Being. One to represent the Esoteric Eagle Heights of the Christ Mysteries and the other to work side by side representing the Exoteric Mysteries of Christianity. I will look more closely at this question a little later.

There is no single, individual, human rhythm pattern, in one life-span of a human being, that averages 72 years, there is no pattern in human life on Earth, in biography, anatomy or human destiny, so far, that matches the outer planets orbits named Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Most importantly the human soul so far, is not designed to utter Vowel Sounds beyond the realm of Saturn.

Geistesmensch Neptun Neptun
Lebensgeist Uranus Uranus
Geistselbst Saturn Saturn
Bewusstseinsseele Jupiter Jupiter
Verstandesseele Mars Mars
Empfindungsseele Venus Venus
Empfindungsleib Merkur Merkur
Ätherleib Mond Mond
Physischer Leib Sonne Sonne

If you had the remnants of a classic Greek filter system still alive within your soul life, you would realize something profound that is crushed and degraded in EVERY educational system. The underestimation, the lack of thinking insight into the structure of Greek Thinking that is so much deeper and richer than anything we ever reduce down to a game of THRONES, even the name THRONES, Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones are being ripped away from the outstanding laws of cognition and how we approach Western Cosmology.

Cronus – Saturn is the young son of Gaea and Uranus. When we draw attention to an Alien Being and an Alien Intelligence, we are tasked to know the Saturn Beings if we would know that there is no such thing as a BIG BANG. If you entertain the aberration of the BIG BANG and have made it part of your theory of Western Cosmology 101 and prance proudly patting clever science on the back for having solved the greatest gnawing riddle of human history, than you are a victim of what I drew a link to in PART ONE.

Every scientist and university and teacher who glorifies this BIG BANG and other nonsense has been infected with the Fall of the Star Beings. We perpetuate the imprisoning of the Eurythmy and Word Beings and continue to darken our own and our children’s path through the stars because we wish to remain unconscious of certain WORD MYSTERIES. We cripple our capacity to understand the true science of Western Cosmology, Eurythmy or the Christ Mystery Itself because we never had the good fortune to study the following link carefully.

Deadly Aberrations, Abstractions, Distortions and lies in Western Cosmology (asked to study the link again, it was given in part one and is given again here CLICK LINK and study carefully)

“…it is clearly possible to see among those who fought hard against the dominion of Michael, and against whom the spirits of Michael had to proceed — it is clearly possible to see among them to this day, the very spirit-beings whom Klingsor conjured up in the Wartburg long ago against Wolfram von Eschenbach.

“But it is most significant of all to recognize this connection of abstract rationalism, abstractly clever thinking, with that which lives in the subconscious as darkened, veiled conceptions about the stars and relationships to the stars. Such things, living in the subconscious, rise into consciousness as abstract thoughts. We can study the karma of the cleverest men of the present day — cleverest in the materialist sense — and we find that as a rule in former earthly lives they had something to do with cosmological aberrations into the realms of black magic. This is a very significant connection.”

To the Greek mind Uranus did not like the Titans and Cyclops children, and again, we follow the powerful word TITANIC, a heck of a set of Consonants it has too. Just look at those strong ‘ T ‘ s. The Birth of Eurythmy and The Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 follow two different and  distinct journeys. Eurythmy rises with the Risen Etheric Christ and follows the trail of love and the resurrection of the WORD out beyond Saturn. We reawaken legitimate Western Cosmology from the TOMB that it has been sealed in.

Our Ahrimanic inspired technologies are following a path that will drag Earth and Humanity down to cosmic enslavement. The dividing line was the 1912 Birth of Eurythmy and the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. Western Cosmology rises again in the Word or sinks with Ahrimanic University dictated, taught and infected materialistic poisoning of our children’s Thoughts – Words – Insights – Ideas and imprisoning all of us into a falsified and blackened, hypnotic Western Cosmology.

With Ahriman we follow the actual immoral children of Gaea, Nuclear Energy, degradation of the Sun Evolution and Etheric Life of humanity currently in the anti-human sciences of Monsanto. Which means we tread the path of producing monsters through genetic manipulation and epidemics, radioactive chromosome infected deformity and an entire Pandora’s Play-box of plagues and Monsanto manipulation of seed and gene codes. These monsters have the shelf-life and the half-life of the vast orbital time fields, beyond human biography, of the orbital measurements of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

“The rate of decay is a fixed rate called a half-life. The half-life of a radioisotope describes how long it takes for half of the atoms in a given mass to decay.”

Well the children of Gaea, what we produce out of our Ahrimanic Inspirations, could very well release cosmic monsters. So should human beings and humanity be permitted to produce ghastly degraded monsters unfit for the future of the cosmos?

The Romans had a mid-winter festival Saturnalia in honor of Saturn. It lasted seven days around the time of Winter Solstice. Saturn was a god of agriculture and harvest. He held a sickle or scythe in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right hand. Saturn’s scythe became a symbol of the grim reaper or death, hence in astrology Saturn is considered malefic.

Cronus – Saturn, castrates with a scythe, Cronus-Saturn and the myths of killing our Fathers, from Luke-Skywalker, (Uranus meant sky) to Oedipus who kills his father and marries his mother in an unholy riddle of actual human Karma,  places our good friend SATURN as the actual guardian, and stern recorder and sifter of All Human Karma. The Great Castrater or should we call the Saturn Beings the  Circumcisers of the Planetary Community? The Saturn Beings might safely be called the Circumscribers of the Planetary Community.

“To understand karma, therefore, we must return once more to a wisdom of the stars. We must discover spiritually the paths of man between death and a new birth in connection with the Beings of the stars.” (SEE LINK)

If we had a Greek thinking capacity, we would know in our souls that the Karma Lectures by Rudolf Steiner (SEE LINK) signals one of the greatest breakthroughs in human cognition since Greek Mythology met St. John and the Saturn Beings embraced the Christ Event on Golgotha. The Karma Lectures are some of the highest manifestations of Western Cosmology ever presented. These were part of the gifts of a person who was achieving Spirit-Selfhood with heart felt enthusiasm, joy and Michael Courage. So we are tasked with getting to know the stage of human development known as Spirit-Self and learning to rejoice and share the victories and tragedies that signaled the re-birth of Western Cosmology.

The Saturn Beings are the historians of the Cosmos. Through this essay we are reviewing a few of the various experiences from reputable sources who have truly, and I make no joke about it, have encountered the Saturn Beings and are witnesses to their highly alien behavior. What is alien to us is meeting a completely one-sided, fully operative community of Planetary Beings who have a completely different task than humanity. Another startling aspect of the Saturn Beings, who are truly the peripheral guardians of the borderlands of deep space, is their memory of the origin and first dawning of humanity.

Saturn becomes a living historian of the planetary system. Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“Saturn presents himself to us as the heavenly individuality who has steadfastly participated in whatever has come to pass in our planetary system and has faithfully preserved it in his cosmic memory. He is silent about the cosmic Present. He receives the things of the cosmic Present into himself and works upon them in his life of spirit and soul. True, the hosts of Beings indwelling Saturn lend their attention to the outer universe, but mutely and silently they receive the happenings in the universe into the realm of soul, and they speak only of past cosmic events. That is why Saturn is like a kaleidoscopic memory of our planetary system. As a faithful informant concerning what has come to pass in the planetary system, he holds its secrets of this kind within himself.”

But Cosmology, true Western Cosmology stands at the threshold of an abyss of tragedy. Western Cosmology wishes to merely TREK around with our external sense perception and make no effort, expend no effort in seeing the very nature and beings who truly inhabit our planetary system. And that can be a very shocking and shattering experience especially when we personally meet Saturn Beings.

This resistance and reluctance we have to become planetary explorers ourselves, shuts off the higher stream of exploration of the planets that all of us can embark on. We should not settle for a dead science to decree to us a DEAD COSMOLOGY. We can pursue a Living Cosmology of the Planetary system but of course this creates an internal conflict. Who has actually encountered these Beings from the various planets and how do we learn to find the inner doorways and gateways to the planets ourselves? Each of us can do this, we can open the doorways and many have already done it and we can intercept their transmissions and what they uncovered. We can learn the hidden secrets and gateways that unlock the Devachan region of the inner side of the Planetary Community.

We are going to make inroads into the Inner Exploration of the Planets and Solar System and turn the tide, bend the rainbow, invert the current of our education that relies wholly on the external worship and infatuation with outer space exploration and learn how to actually meet the Beings of the Planets in the intimacy of our soul life.

We are all members of the planetary family and we all have the opportunity of stepping into the stream of exploring the planets and learning of the Beings that inhabit each of the planetary worlds. In fact Western Cosmology only remains a DEAD COSMOLOGY because it has so far been technologically infatuated with external toys instead of EXPLORING the foundations of the human spirit, where we participate directly with the Beings of the Planets.  For the sake of a true Western Cosmology let us take a few readings and observations of the Planetary Beings of Saturn.

Saturn and the Relentless Severity of our Individual Karma

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous survivors who crash landed amidst the Saturn Beings, held prisoner, and was given a message from the Saturn Beings to send out to humanity. Everyone is familiar with the front story, but we see how difficult it is to understand the back story. Victor Hugo’s human encounter with the Saturn Beings is not something we have learned to cherish. There is nothing sweet, playful, trivial or easy going about the Saturn Beings. Nothing happy-go-lucky, skipping down the road, whistling a pleasant Walt Disney tune (SEE LINK) and floating with the breeze surrounded by laughter, beauty and good company that is in any way part of the nature of the Saturn Beings. Their stamp and Personality if we meet them is sombre, weighty, grave, immoveable.

That is because as Beings, different than human beings, the Saturn Beings have the task to record, remember, hold, solidify all the events of the world and the cosmos. For them the law of Jot or Tittle is defined as every instant, movement, thought, deed, human and spiritual etheric, astral, physical and I AM, all and every minute event is recorded.

This is the appetite and life force, the hunger and living task of the Saturn Beings. They aren’t Sci-Fi fantasies. Meeting them or meeting a fellow human being who has participated with Saturn Beings is not easily forgettable.  Major, memorable, Life Changing, and Life Shattering experiences are part of our encounters, direct encounters with the Saturn Beings. And the fact is that every human being must experience Saturn Beings, some more than others. Saturn Beings are anything but frivolous, superficial, or lite and what we have experienced of them we will probably never forget. The Saturn Beings strike the core, the foundation of the world and ourselves and our deeds at the eternal I AM, literal Bread of Life, Father Forgive them, Chronos forgive them, for they know not what they have done nerve center, of our planetary system.

Matt 5:18 “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.”

“The “Jot” is the Hebrew word “Yodh” which is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also the smallest letter. It’s European or English equivalent is the letter “Y” as in the English term Yahweh or in Hebrew YHVH since there were no vowel’s used in the ancient script.

“The word “jot” itself is an English transliteration of “iota” which is the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet. “Iota,” in turn, is the nearest Greek equivalent for the Hebrew yodh.

“The “tittle” is the small decorative spur or point on the upper edge of the yodh. If you can imagine a tiny letter with a slightly visible decorative mark.

“Tittle is used by Greek grammarians of the accents and diacritical points. It means the little lines or projections by which the Hebrew letters differ from each other. One example would be the difference between the letter L and I. The difference is only one small mark. We use phrases like “the dotting of the i, and the crossing of the t,” and “every iota.”

“It is interesting that the Jewish scribes who copied the MT (Massoretic Text) of the Hebrew Bible scrolls paid the greatest attention to the minutiae of detail and such marks attached to each consonant throughout the entire text. They even numbered every letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, section, and scroll to insure that the total equaled that of the text being copied before allowing it to enter the holy synagogue.

“The meaning of the passage is very clear. Not even the smallest letter or even its decorative spur will ever disappear from the “God Breathed” Word until all is fulfilled. In fact when heaven and earth are replaced by a new heaven and earth, the Word of the Lord will have accomplished its purpose and will be fulfilled in every detail even to the very letter.”

We have all encountered Saturn Beings but failed to grasp them because we have no Western Cosmology that can refer to these beings. So in our Saturn Exploration we will examine Victor Hugo, Marley’s Ghost, from Charles Dickens and the encompassing destiny of one of the most vivid planetary explorers in recent memory to whom we owe the honor of breaking through the barrier of the Saturn Beings to the I AM forces of immortality, Rudolf Steiner.

Oh (Jupiter Vowel), and think not for one second that because we pay homage to Rudolf Steiner that he walked away untouched and unscathed by his encounter with the Saturn Beings. In fact, we are going to connect to something which I mentioned in part ONE. Everyone, without exception, meets the Saturn Beings and the term Shattering Experiences, Life Altering Experiences are not used lightly when describing THIS IS YOUR DEED; THIS IS YOUR KARMA; THIS IS WHAT YOU IMPRINTED INTO THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD.

Eurythmy, Speech and Word studies part ONE  (See Link)

“Education and Public Initiation and giving humanity the forces that strengthen and set into motion the new Etheric nature forces in Agriculture, in Speech, in each Consonant and Vowel and setting the laws of humanity that were lost, towards the good again, with the Science of Reincarnation and Karma, restoring the Greek and Human model of Truth – Beauty – Goodness through Art – Science – Religion, required a Human Being to go out beyond the shattering reefs and debris fields of the SINS OF OMISSION that are part of the Saturn Beings.

“Part of the debris field that surrounds any individual who attempts, unconsciously, to scale the Walls where Saturn stands ominously reflecting the consequences of each of us, well, put it this way, most of us cannot even glimpse the magnitude of the I AM once it passes through the karmic necessities of Saturn.”

Before we examine Rudolf Steiner and his ongoing encounter with the Saturn Beings let us briefly examine the title and the outline of something we are all familiar with. Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo reveals the relentlessness of Saturn and a Saturn destiny where from a lowly crust of bread, from a mere symbol of bread – this is my body, this is my blood – when we break bread together and learn the true meaning of THE BREAD OF LIFE, we have been crushed into humility.

Meal Blessing by Bradford Riley

Bread of Body, Soul and Spirit

Earth and Sun and Planet Powers.

Change this substance as We share it

Let Christ’s Will flow into ours.

The Saturn signature of the Saturn Beings and how Saturn itself prints itself into the karma of humanity and into the karma of individuals who have had a unique relationship with the Saturn Beings revolves  in “Les Misérables”, by Victor Hugo, around the relentlessness of  Inspector Javert in pursuit of a man who once broke a window and stole bread from a bakery and spent some 19 years in prison, the criminal Jean Valjean. It is not insignificant in our studies to note that Jean Valjean spent 19 years (see link) doing hard labor amongst hardened criminals and admits losing his humanity and becoming lower than human.

The Back Story of how Victor Hugo understood the imperfections and flaws in our human nature, that we all have and that are imprinted into the imperfection of our karma and recorded by the Saturn Beings, brings us to something in our deep down etheric patterns of behavior that fundamentally wounds the very foundations of our being. Out in the loneliest outpost of ancient Initiation Centers, long before Victor Hugo, his I AM, became Victor Hugo, he had set himself the task to isolate himself from the throngs of humanity, enter the discipline of an initiation cloister in the wayward lonely isles of Hibernia.

This is the back story of penetrating Saturn Beings from the lonely, cold outpost, once set out in the vast isolated isles of Ireland and Scotland and in an extreme penetration, of inwardness, that certainly our externalized and trivial culture of the 21st century have been programmed from birth to never endure, happened to the I AM of Victor Hugo. Out there in the ancient isles of Hibernia, before Victor Hugo became Victor Hugo, he stood shattered, crushed, before the mystery of how our deeds, our thoughts, our acts, our karma, every Jot and Tittle becomes impressed into the unforgiving,  fixed laws of eternity, of the ether memory of the ancient Saturn Beings.

Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“Now there is a personality upon whom the Initiation rites and ceremonies of the Hibernian Mysteries had made a profound impression; they had a deep effect upon his inner life and his experiences were of such intensity that he forgot the Earth altogether. Then, after this personality had lived through an incarnation as a woman, when the impulses of earlier Initiation showed themselves merely in the general disposition of the soul, he came to the Earth again as an important figure in the 19th century. He had lived out the consequences of his karma in the Saturn-sphere — the sphere where one lives among Beings who, fundamentally speaking, have no present. It is a shattering experience to look with clairvoyant vision into the Saturn-sphere, where Beings live who have no present but only look back on their past. Whatever they do is done unconsciously; any action of theirs comes to consciousness only when it has happened and is inscribed into the world karma. Acquaintance with these Beings who draw their past after them like a spiritual comet’s tail, has a shattering effect. The personality of whom I am speaking, who had at one time been initiated and had thus transcended earthly existence in a certain sense, bore his soul to these Beings who take no part in the present, and elaborated his karma among them. It was as if everything that had been experienced hitherto in an Initiate-existence now illumined with majestic splendor all the past earthly lives. This past was brought to fruition by what had been experienced through the Hibernian Initiation. When this personality appeared again on Earth in the 19th century he had now, by contrast, to unfold impulses for the future. And when, on descending from the Saturn-sphere, this soul, with its gaze into the past illumined by the light of Initiation, arrived on Earth, it presented this contrast: a firm foothold on the Earth while gazing into the future and giving expression to far reaching ideas, impulses and perceptions. This Hibernian Initiate became Victor Hugo [Note 2]. We can assess a man rightly only when we also perceive the development he underwent between death and a new birth. His moral, religious and ethical qualities then become evident to us. A personality certainly does not become poorer but on the contrary, very much richer, when viewed with the eyes of spirit.”

The conflict in Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”  is on one hand a shattering demonstration of the relentlessness of Saturn Karma and how our human spirits learn to unlock the deadly stranglehold that Chronos, the ancient Time Spirits, the Saturn Beings themselves, stand before the guardians of the universe and record every human error with the relentlessness of  Inspector Javert.

These are the facts of the Saturn Beings and there is only one way to resolve the shattering experience of what we ARE against what we SHALL BE in the perfection of time. Jean Valjean constantly is reminded of what he was when he sank below the animal in prison and what he is capable of Becoming.

Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens and Rudolf Steiner are on record with meeting and unlocking the ONLY riddle that will ever get us beyond the Saturn Beings crushing, accurate, immoveable decree locked into the eternal records of the Saturn Beings.  The answer to the riddle of the Saturn Beings requires, not if, or maybe, or can’t I bargain? Use my popularity, reputation, lie, cheat or finagle my way out of their reach, rather it  has everything, literally everything to do with our understanding the secrets of the Vowels and THE WESTERN COSMOLOGY OF THE STARS.

“Ptolemy’s Geography, a work compiled about the year 150, gives a description of Britain and Hibernia; and if it could be trusted as an authority upon the subject at issue, it would at once settle the matter in favor of Ireland being the Hibernia of the ancients. The Flaming Door, first published in 1936, is a classic work that reveals the secrets of initiation embedded in many Celtic myths. Eleanor C Merry unearths the secrets that are to be found slumbering in the sagas and legends of ancient Hibernia and Wales Eleanor C. Merry says: “Certainly an immense paradox was concealed in the symbolic presentation of the male and female statues in the Hibernian initiation; the paradox that though what appears in feminine form in the world is passive, yet the supersensible nature that lies behind it is active. On the other hand, what appears in masculine form presents outwardly the active principle, and inwardly the passive one. One must receive, the other give. But the aspect that is revealed on the physical plane is reversed on the spiritual plane. In greater or lesser degree this paradox is always present in the sexes. Every man has the woman within him; every woman the man. This is well known. But it is also a fundamental principle of world-evolution, giving rise to a kind of cosmic conflict which urges evolution onwards towards its fulfillment. The fulfillment consists in the harmonizing of these male-female principles. We find them in nations, in epochs of civilization, as in individuals – sometimes the spiritually active (feminine) and sometimes the spiritually passive (masculine) predominates. The physical masculine element, which is that of ‘Becoming’ in the evolution of man on Earth, must gradually absorb more and more of the cosmic feminine, the active spiritual principle.

“Anyone who studies the Celtic legends and traditions which are linked with the early centuries of the Christian era, will be impressed by the atmosphere of beauty that pervades them. Mingled with the fragments of an ancient Druid culture and wisdom there is the childlike purity and ecstasy of a Christianity quite unlike that which is to be found later. It is enclosed like a delicate seed within the old and dying splendor of the Great Mystery Centers of Ireland; it is a Christianity that, in its pristine purity is no longer to be found on the surface of civilization. It is still hidden in the hearts of a few, and in solitary places. More than any other writer Fiona Macleod was its apostle; and he longed for its true history to be made known through the story of (SEE LINK) Iona: ‘What a book it will be! It will reveal to us the secret of what Oisin sang, what Merlin knew, what Columba dreamed, what Adamnan hoped: what this little ‘lamp of Christ’ was to pagan Europe; what incense of testimony it flung upon the winds; what saints and heroes went out of it; how the dust of kings and princes were brought there to mingle with its sands; how the noble and the ignoble came to it across long seas and preilous countries….And how, slowly, a long sleep fell upon the island, and only the grasses shaken in the wind, and the wind itself, and the broken shadows of dreams in the minds of the old, held the secret of Iona‘. The foundations of Celtic Christianity had a peculiar and deeply esoteric quality.”

In Rudolf Steiner’s case, in Victor Hugo’s case and with Marley’s Ghost it is the case, in all of us, and anyone who finally passes through the threshing floor of the gods, it is humility itself before the awe and supreme majesty of the cosmos we inhabit that allows the Bread of Life to come into Being.

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens

`I wear the chain I forged in life,’ replied the Ghost. `I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?’

`Oh! captive, bound, and double-ironed,’ cried the phantom, `not to know, that ages of incessant labour, by immortal creatures, for this earth must pass into eternity before the good of which it is susceptible is all developed. Not to know that any Christian spirit working kindly in its little sphere, whatever it may be, will find its mortal life too short for its vast means of usefulness. {SATURN SINS OF OMISSION} Not to know that no space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused!  Yet such was I! Oh! such was I!’

`But you were always a good man of business, Jacob,’ faltered Scrooge, who now began to apply this to himself.

`Business!’ cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. `Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!’

It held up its chain at arm’s length, as if that were the cause of all its unavailing grief, and flung it heavily upon the ground again.

`At this time of the rolling year,’ the specter said `I suffer most. Why did I walk through crowds of fellow-beings with my eyes turned down, and never raise them to that blessed Star which led the Wise Men to a poor abode! Were there no poor homes to which its light would have conducted me!’

There are shattering moments of human catharsis that drill down to the very root of human destiny and reality. Something of this nature passed through Charles Dickens. Something of this nature passed through Victor Hugo. These Saturn Truths rock the foundations of the soul and spirit. We do not get by Saturn Beings with a lite, ” I gave at the office”. Our deeds and our karma are fixed and transparent and the Saturn Beings are unimpressed with our trivial slop bucket of superficial and mediocre excuses. To become the Bread of Life and carry the imponderable weight of humility allows the I AM to unlock the doors of Saturn and venture forth into the Company of the Gods themselves.

To chart the course to lift humanity to become the Mediator for the Hierarchies, Christ had to restore the entire Template of how the human I AM masters his residency in Heaven and Earth. In other words, from within the structure of our human being, from our Etheric, Astral, and our Immortal I AM, the I AM of the Christ, restored the most intimate instrument of HUMAN COSMOLOGY, that allows all of us the potential of regaining contact with the Beings of the Planets and Divine structure and Beings that stand behind the Constellations.

We are the living mediator with all the planetary forces coursing through us and we utter the mystery of each planet in the Vowels that make us alive and Word Bearers of the Constellations and the Planets.  But Christ followed the law of Immortality and the Cosmic I AM, which meant that in order to open the pathways to the heavens HE had to experience the full effects of the most crushing blow the regents of Saturn yoke humanity with.

He made no excuses. To open humanity to the Kingdom’s that created and rule the starry heavens and weave with wonder in the Soul and WORD of human beings, Christ volunteered to unlock the mystery of the Saturn Beings Themselves. Because Christ is greater than all the planetary Lords. He is the Inner Sun of the Spirit that lights the Human I. Through such a shattering sacrifice of a sinless, karma less Divine Being, the I AM of humanity are allowed, through the highest sanctions of our planetary community, to return and walk with HIM in the starry house of the gods.

To meet the Saturn Mysteries and the Saturn Beings directly and conquer Ahriman and conquer death, Christ volunteered to imprint the force of Cosmic and Human Love into the history, memory and deeds of Earth herself. With that deed humanity gained access to the realms beyond Saturn and were able to consult and meet the Saturn Beings and listen and review the History of the Cosmos so that humanity would understand completely that there was no such thing as THE BIG BANG!  Christ offered Himself so that humanity could fully comprehend itself. There was just one hitch.

13Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” 14And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, but others Elijah, and still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” 15He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Matthew 16.16-28

16Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” 17And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father in heaven. 18And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. 19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” 20Then he sternly ordered the disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah.

21From that time on, Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and undergo great suffering at the hands of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised. 22And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying, “God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you.” 23But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”

24Then Jesus told his disciples, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it. 26For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life? 27“For the Son of Man is to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay everyone for what has been done. 28Truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”

The math of every human encounter with the Saturn Beings are very clearly imprinted into every human destiny. There is no compromise, no escape from the math because every human being must encounter each and every planetary threshold. That is the majesty and mystery of our task as humanity. We are the living Hieroglyph and the Living Seal of the Cosmology of the Heavens. We are the walking sublime integration and cohesion of all the planetary mysteries.

Human Beings are the Living Seal of the Cosmology of the Heavens

I hold the SUN in my ‘ I’
As King he leads me aloft from earth to sky.
The MOON in my being lives;
She to my form sustaining forces gives.
In me are MERCURY’S forces;
He holds the Sun and Moon
like a pair of horses.
In me doth VENUS dwell;
Without Her love I am only a hollow shell.
She unites Herself with MARS,
Who speaks my being in words that stem from stars.
That JUPITER shining bright
Illumine all my being with wisdom’s light.
And SATURN, ancient of days,
Strengthen my beings colors with warming rays.
These are the SEVEN from heaven
I am the SEVEN in ONE.
I am the earthly SEVEN.
I am the SUN.

We are stamped by the Moon every 19 years in our biographies, where we encounter a job performance review with our Angels every 19 years through out our entire biographies (see link). We meet the Saturn Beings every 29 1/2 years in our biographies. No we pay no attention, we take no interest, we have left out of our education the living reality that we are, each and everyone of us, the Walking Mystery of the Planetary system.

Every 29 1/2 years, there is no escape, Saturn comes rolling around, Saturn returns to where it first released us from the heavens every 29 1/2 years. We are stamped at birth with the precise position that Saturn was in when we were born.  That same position that Saturn held at our births, comes around precisely every 29 1/2 years and consults with us.

At that point, without exception, we get a message from Saturn. The math is called Biography. We just fail to even consider the enormity of the power of the planets themselves as part of the intimate gateways and doorways through which we, as human beings, we are STAMPED, SEALED by the planets, imprinted by them, with tonal and specific spiritual gateways that are WITHOUT EXCEPTION, part of every human biography.

Our study of Christianity and Jesus and His destiny is so marred by distortions that when it came to recognizing Saturn’s 29 1/2 year impact on Jesus, we have 98% of the world imagining that Christ was born as a baby in a stable. He was not! Christ only appeared at the Baptism and entered the Nathan Jesus Manhood at 29 1/2 years.  At 29 1/2 years the Super Human Being of the Christ entered Jesus.

The tragic moment of transition and celebration, was the moment where the supreme sacrifice of Zarathustra/Jesus leaves the GREAT WORK of creating a vessel worthy of the Christ Being, and exits, letting Christ Enter. Christ Entered at the Baptism, at the Saturn Being encounter point when we reach the gates of Saturn at 29 1/2 years. The time in years it took Zarathustra/Jesus to establish a NEW WESTERN COSMOLOGY in the restored human being of the Nathan Jesus. Once again our lack of understanding of the TWO JESUS CHILDREN collides with our lack of cognition. We owe Zarathustra the astonishing debt for restoring the entire Inner Western Cosmology and TEMPLE that is our human form, physical, etheric, astral and I AM sheaths, for Christ to Enter at the Baptism at 29 1/2 years.  (CLICK LINK)

“In the thirtieth year of Jesus of Nazareth, that Being whom we have called the Christ took possession of his physical, etheric, and astral bodies. This Christ Being could not incarnate in an ordinary child’s body, but only in one which had first been prepared by a highly developed ego, for this Christ-Being had never before been incarnated in a physical body. Therefore from the thirtieth year on, we are dealing with the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth.” (SEE LINK)

Finally those ancient Saturn Beings, those stubborn, stern task masters of concrete facts, smiled as Christ entered the Temple that Zarathustra had prepared. That Temple is the reality of what the Human Being is, as the Bread of Life (CLICK LINK) and the riddle and reality of the cohesion of the entire planetary system. The human being is the key to the mystery of Western Cosmology.

It is tiny, little and nearly insignificant to people that the VOWELS, are our own very rainbow of moods, that we utter effortlessly, constantly, instinctively, universally, all mean the same in every Language that is spoken on Earth. We are all portions and measures of the Planets themselves when we speak, gasp, sigh, groan, moan or shiver in our souls with the touch of ‘UH’. The Inner Cosmology of the Planetary System, where we have stalled in our understanding of a True Western Cosmology, shouts at us from our biographies, our Vowels, Consonants and our journeys after death into the bosom and heart of the Planetary Beings.  Our higher families in the Heavens of the Devachan worlds, where we are the Humans, the synthesis of the Planets and the Home where Christ chose to settle the differences of the Heavens, He gave to Humanity the enormous task of harmonizing the Solar System and our cousins in the Planets from the vast wealth of our souls and spirits. We are Humans, the mediators and Christ Bearers, whose lowly residence and humble home, is Earth.

Each of our Ethnic/Etheric soul colors have been stamped by the Planetary Beings before we incarnated and we carry them now in our flesh tones and the various Languages, Etheric and Ethnic locations, where we were born, from where we speak,  mingle, cavort and conceive each other in the higher conception of our Spiritual Intuitions.

Our Music and Foods reflect the great Soul Colorings that our native regions have stamped onto us. And we are all and each and everyone of us the vast Rainbow Vision Gateways that sound forth in our accents, gestures, and sound flavors and rich pigmentations of Speech and inflections that we carry from our Native Regions. Those are the gifts of the Archangels who hover over each and Every Language Group as the mighty Folk-Soul, of which, we, humble members of the Tenth Hierarchy, are each of us, the Ethnic/Etheric representatives of one of the soaring Archangel families.

Embryology is Cosmology (See Link), Biography is Cosmology and filled with planetary Doorways, Gateways, which as adults we should have comprehended to fully understand the unfolding of our children. We could learn a whole new reason for celebrating together where each and every human being crosses from one planetary mystery to another in the stages of our on going biographies.

The accuracy of how we follow and read the planets in the heavens is NOT some horoscope of our daily love life. These are decadent, useless and inaccurate. There is only one certified method to know and follow precisely the events that surge through nature, through everything, everybody and EVERYWHERE. Simply order the only reliable day by day functioning Planet and Constellation guide there is. I’m certain that Bio-Dynamics have accurate planting Calendars, but for classrooms and human experience as well as Living Functions of the plant world, THE STELLA NATURA CALENDAR (CLICK LINK) is absolutely reliable.

“When you see the forces developing in a spiral in a plant from stipule to stipule, you then have the activity of those forces which work down from the planets. And according as the forces of the offspring of the Spirits of Motion work down from this planet or that planet, does this peculiar line which puts forth the leaves vary. This gives a certain means of studying the actual orbits of the individual planets through their reflection; and when external science has once recognised this fact, it will have to correct a great deal of former astronomical systems. Certain plants are allotted to the forces of the Spirits of Motion who work from Mars, others to those who are on Venus, others to those on Mercury. They work in from the planet and according as they work in from one or the other, they impart to the plant the movement expressed in the coil of their leaves; it is the same movement which the corresponding planet makes; the absolute movement it makes in the heavens.” (The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature, 1951, pp. 170-172)

Standard Planetary System as it unfolds in Every Human Biography

0-7 Physical body (Moon) Will growth to Change of Teeth
7-14 Etheric body (Mercury) Intelligence towards Puberty
14-21 Astral body (Venus) early foundations of Love Adulthood
21-28 Sentient Soul \ (Sun forces) – (emotional Ego)
28-35 Intellectual Soul — (Sun forces) – (Intellect of Ego)
35-42 Consciousness Soul / (Sun forces) – (Cosmopolitan Ego)
42-49 Spirit Self (Mars) Speech
49-56 Life Spirit (Jupiter) Thought
56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

We should be marking and celebrating the crossing of each phase of our human biographies. We should each be having at least Nine Birthday’s and a rich sharing and celebration of each of our recollections. Our children and grand children pass through those same Planetary Portals that each and every individual human passes through.

To follow Rudolf Steiner out beyond the region of Saturn and the Saturn Beings we all have to pass through the Jesus Temple of Western Cosmology restored by Zarathustra (SEE LINK), that now shines and fills the Human Spirit with the Risen Etheric Christ Sun. When we follow the trail of Rudolf Steiner out beyond the Saturn Beings we also encounter the stern, inflexibility of the Jot and Tittle law of the crushing lessons of Saturn.

Western Cosmology and Humanity at the Threshold of Saturn Initiation

Rudolf Steiner and Humanities Saturn Moment

56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

Before we follow a series of 12 pictures that lead us to one of the greatest losses to Western Cosmology for the 20th and 21st Centuries let us stabilize our observations so we know what we are seeing. Crushing, shattering events. We can take either stand point, I’ve taken both, how could humanity have chosen to crucify Christ? What were we thinking?  Or – Without the bitter, but solid laws of Life on Earth, Death could not have been conquered.

Initiation and the birth of the Risen Etheric Christ in the realm of humanity could not have been secured without the steadfast courage of the Christ Being. Resurrection and our invitation to cross the threshold and enter the Etheric World where all Life has it’s links to the ancient Sun Evolution would not have been achieved. The gifts of the Etheric Christ cannot be grasped by sitting in the dogmatic pot hole that worships the Dead Image of Christ the way we worship the Dead Image of the Cosmos. Stephen Hawking is the Poster Boy for the Dead Cosmos.Worshiping Dead Cosmology and the Dead Image of Christ is begging the Ahrimanic and Luciferic Mafia to come and put cement shoes on us and our children and bury our humanity in the deep oblivion of the sea. And we are succeeding in doing just that.

I know what Stephen Hawking represents and I know what Monsanto is trying to do. But let me quickly review the ecstatic joy of the stage of human development that Spiritual Science students aren’t comprehending clearly enough. Rudolf Steiner was like an ecstatic butterfly of Light, that had once more reawakened on the shores of history.

Rudolf Steiner earned and was given the intensity of darkness to awaken his Spirit-Self capacities. These are underling Angel capacities. Rudolf Steiner tracked, trailed, detailed and retired the Big Bang Theory before it was hatched.

The ecstatic joy and enthusiasm of Spirit-Selfhood, translates in real terms as a human being, just exactly like us, talking, laughing, walking, seeing, but fully operating and functioning with both left and right brain systems and the Heart already awakened. The Pineal and Pituitary already tuned and operating at human/Angelic capacity.

When we think of Rudolf Steiner we should fully comprehend, with our thinking, if Aristotle ever thought of Heaven, it would have been with all the doors and windows of Earth and the Spiritual World thrown open in a celebration of Human Freedom. Aristotle’s Heaven would absolutely be, without question, Rudolf Steiner’s vast Cosmological and Human systems analysis. The two, Aristotle’s desire to know how everything material on the Earth works, his untiring quest for accurate information is only matched and fulfilled in Rudolf Steiner’s untiring quest to penetrate to the roots of existence. Rudolf Steiner would be Aristotle’s Heaven.

The transformation from Aristotle to Rudolf Steiner is truly to grasp how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. In the attainment of Spirit-Selfhood by Rudolf Steiner we have the opportunity to examine the ecstasy of disciplined cognition as the human being is set-free to be a butterfly that lives for light, the love and the freedom that is the nectar of the gods. Go, Do, be the reader of the Moral and Magnificent Creation and think with Angel insight and Intuition into all realms. Spirit-Self, we can’t say enough about this capacity standing there, staring us in the face in a human being like us.

From Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology (part one)

“You must take this in the strictest sense of the words: Folk-spirits are Archangels, they are Spirits who have finished the transforming of their astral bodies into Spirit-self or Manas, and are now transforming their etheric body or life-body into Life-spirit. Just halfway between these Beings and man are the Angels. These are Beings who are occupied in remodeling their astral body into Spirit-self or Manas, but have not yet concluded their work. At the present time man is at the beginning of this work, the Angels are nearly at the end of it, but have in no wise finished it.”

How do you get to do that? Well look, Parsifal arrived at the beginning of  this state of Spirit-Self hood. And by tracking the Son of the Widow we know that this stage of development is not so easy to attain. Parsifal did it. How did Parsifal do it? Well, frankly, because at one moment Schionatulander was killed in Parsifal’s place. Some say near to the location where the Goetheanum is today.

Tragedy is not easy but Saturn is curious about these things. Parsifal intersects with the suffering Fisher King, who has been waiting in perpetual agony from the WOUND of Amfortas which Saturn excruciates as a terrible reminder of our human weaknesses and a terrible reminder that a Grail successor has not been found. Harvesting Spirit-Self human Angels from the crop of humanity isn’t easy. Saturn never lets us forget it.

Secrets of Western Cosmology (CLICK LINK)

“What sort of time was it, then, when Parsifal entered the Grail Castle, still ignorant, not ready to ask questions — according to the later tradition taken up by Wolfram von Eschenbach? What sort of time was it when Parsifal entered the Castle, where Amfortas lay wounded and on Parsifal’s arrival suffered unceasing pain from his wound? What was this time? The saga itself tells us — it was a Saturn time. [i.e., a period when the forces of Saturn work with particular strength.] Saturn and the Sun stood together in Cancer, approaching culmination. So we see how in the most intimate effects a connection between the Earth and the Stars is established. It was a Saturn time!

…”Worldly concerns, such as were pursued at the court of King Arthur, [See Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael, lectures III and VI. Given by Dr. Steiner in Torquay and London, August 1924.] could be approached with earthly forces, but it was not permitted to approach the concerns of the Holy Grail in this way, as Amfortas had found. Anyone who attempted it was bound to suffer pain. And since the working of the stars had been permeated by the Christ, a man had to be found who had remained untouched by the controversies in the external world, and through his karma stood at a point where his soul could be approached by Christ; a man, too, who was related to the forces indicated by the symbol of the Saturn time, with Saturn and the Sun standing together in the sign of Cancer. So it was that Parsifal, in whom the Christ Impulse was still working unconsciously, in the depths of his soul, comes with the power of Saturn; and the wound burns as it had never burnt before.”

We may weigh and continue to weigh for ourselves the gifts burgeoning forth from a human being, before our very eyes, who is now in the 7th Heaven of Aristotle’s driving urge to KNOW. Apollo and Apollonian Sun forces to KNOW and KNOW THYSELF, the Spirit-Self of actual human Angel Hood gets to be earned. Humanity will tread the path to earn the rights to advance to Spirit-Selfhood. Is it hidden in some obscure legend buried in the fog of history? No, it is right out in the open, in the 20th century it was there for us to witness day in and day out in Rudolf Steiner.

We take note of the scaffolding of the science of education. The secrets of Agriculture and the redemption of the Earth. Eurythmy, the resurrection of the Etheric forces latent in the WORD. The extinguishing of the very foolishness of THE BIG BANG theory, by going to meet the Saturn Beings and being shown the history of Time, Space and the Human Riddle. But why do we appease ourselves and settle for less than The Living Cosmology of Humanity?

I can remember, in studying Occult Science, this journey of the loneliest human being ever recorded, ever. It stands like this. To journey back into the memory of the creation of humanity, the I AM, us,  to come to a place where prior to this point in the untold drama of the backward revelation of our I AM on Earth, our Astral Bodies on the Old Moon, our Etheric Bodies on old Sun and the prototype of the first model of our physical, skeletal, well actually hexagonal structural system going all the way back to Old ancient Saturn, finally the trail stops. One Step Beyond this point and WE as humanity don’t exist, no record, hint or wisp of an echo exist, no trace.

In other words the Memory forces of the Ancient Teachers and Beings of Saturn and the Memory of the Making of Humanity, our very existence can only go back to a certain point. This precipice is where Rudolf Steiner stood. He cognitively stood there. To date, Steiner’s testimony and eye witness account  is the most profound record of any traveler ever recorded on Earth. Steiner’s testimony beats the distance record so far of Voyager 1 (SEE LINK) the longest link we have to the furthest exploration of the Cosmos.

Rudolf Steiner stood at the vast cosmic precipice, where beyond that point, the I AM, the absolute ANYTHING of Human that we rely on to identify ourselves as humanity, doesn’t exist. I remember being startled that this human being journeyed back to the very Precipice, beyond which, not a scrap or trace of humanity exists. Steiner humbly and briefly described it. But what do we care? Our fall back is who cares to believe that nut-ball, that there absolutely is no possible way our universe rests on a disorganized Big Bang (Misleading Science of the Big Bang CLICK LINK). It is an insult to Aristotle, but our sloppy thinking merely flounders and then trivializes the magnificent grandeur of Human Initiation Science.

The Dawning of the Spirit-Self

“All these things are completely true of all human beings; nevertheless people are unaware of them. Every night we are required to blot ourselves out, without being conscious of it. But it is an entirely different matter fully consciously to give over to destruction and to forget one’s remembering ego — to stand in the spiritual world as a nothing on the edge of the abyss of nothingness. This is the most shattering experience one can have; one must approach it with great confidence that the true ego will he brought to us out of the cosmos. And this is indeed the case.

“We know, after we have achieved forgetfulness on the edge of the abyss, that everything we have ever experienced is blotted out, and this we did ourselves. But out of an as yet unknown world — a world I might call super-spiritual — our real ego, whose only remaining concealment has been the other self, comes toward us. Only now do we meet our true ego, whose shadow or maya as it exists in the physical world is the lower ego. For man’s true ego belongs to the super-spiritual world. All this is inner experience: the ascent to the super-spiritual realm, the perceiving of a completely new world at the edge of the abyss, the receiving of the true ego from this world.

“I wanted this description to serve as a bridge to tomorrow’s lecture. You should mull it over. We will continue tomorrow, linking up with what I have said today in regard to the encounter that takes place at the edge of the abyss.”

I was correctly and healthily awed.  Why make the effort to put Western Cosmology into perspective, understand the magnificent Vowel of ‘UH’ and take a spin on the dance floor with the Saturn Mysteries? Steiner made it clear, simple and discreet for us to comprehend. Standing at the precipice at the very beginning where humanity was made wasn’t a comfortable perch to stand upon at the end of the universe.

Such experiences are only faintly, ridiculously and sometimes humorously  reflected  in (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe CLICK LINK) OR Stanley Kubrick’s 5 star Hotel Suite (CLICK LINK), astronaut and mystical retirement residency, in the halls of memory at the end of “2001 a Space Odyssey”.

Don’t imagine that it isn’t wonderful to have a sense of humor. We need that sense of humor. But there is literally no conception, no possibility of describing standing, in all reality at the precipice, where merely one step, one tick further backward, all evidence of humanity and our grand excursion through Time vanishes.

The claustrophobia clenches at the literal ‘ UH ‘, the primal ‘ UH ‘ where all familiarity of our former understanding of  humanity STOPS. President Harry Truman used to say THE BUCK STOPS HERE, but truly our infantile imaginations and the Big Bang lunacy has nothing on the Eye witness account, from first-hand cognition, which took  us to the very brink of the beginning of the Science and Cosmology we call Humanity.

So Spirit-Selfhood linked with astonishing capacities of an I AM whose quest for the accuracy of wisdom and knowing, we have correctly branded as Aristotelian gives ample opportunity for us to deny either Lazarus or Rudolf Steiner’s metamorphosis.This graduation into Spirt-Self conscious butterfly/Angel status becomes wrought and wrung clearly from every fiber of word and thought delivered on the human breath stream as Rudolf Steiner’s living and loving gift compliments of the Christ Event. That which Freedom of the Spirit bestows and the graduation of humanity to new stages, has as recently as the 20th century stood before us. And we remain tepid.

The ecstatic new capacities of Angelhood in human Consciousness with all the crisp framework of the laws of Love as the very food of Freedom and Light awakens in a growing dismal and dark period of human history. That, I suppose, is not new to us. The gifts flourished, jubilation of the Soul and Spirit let the flood gates open and much was bestowed, freely, generously and with the understanding that we will be mature enough to appreciate the tools placed at our disposal.

The darkness, that as St. John fully understood, ‘comprehended it not’, still lingers in all our education and all our theories and all our narrow minded religious dogmas. I’m not in the least exaggerating, as you well know. It comes down to the unfathomable debt we owe the Christ first of all and the Cosmos itself for initiating plan 10 for the creation of the TENTH HIERARCHY. There is plenty to tell regarding the history of the Karma of such a Person of Interest who has stood before us as Aristotle’s higher Self.

Sharing the Leadership and Trials of ESOTERIC AND EXOTERIC Christianity (Click Link)

But I did say I would examine for a moment an extreme riddle which explains a great deal. The Celtic Folk-Spirit relinquishes the Celtic Folk-Soul and elected by Christ, a human being is chosen to represent ESOTERIC Christianity. The Greek Folk-Spirit sacrifices the entire Folk-Spirit role and elects to lift a human representative to serve as the EXOTERIC guide for Christianity.

Many of us have a fondness for the memory of Celtic history and traditions. So we are astonished to see the Resurrection of the Spirit of Celtic mythology casting it’s most powerful rays back into humanity through Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings saga and Peter Jackson the director of the film,  that were all inspired by and hovered over by the vision and Resurrection forces that once filled the Celtic Folk-Spirit.

“At a definite moment of time which coincided approximately with the descent of Christ upon Earth, the Greek Time Spirit renounced for our present epoch the possibility of rising into the Hierarchy of the Spirits of Form and became the guiding Time Spirit who then works on through the successive epochs. He became the representative guiding Spirit of exoteric Christianity, so that the Archai-being himself, the guiding Spirit of the Greeks, himself formed the vanguard of the Christ Impulse. In consequence, ancient Greece rapidly declined at the time of the expansion of Christianity because it had surrendered its guiding Time Spirit in order that he might become the leader of exoteric Christianity. The Greek Time Spirit then became the missionary, the inspirer or rather the intuiting Spirit of the expanding exoteric Christianity.

“The peoples belonging to the Celtic Folk Spirit also inhabited an area extending far into the North East of Europe. They were guided by an important Archangel who, soon after the Christian impulse had been bestowed on mankind, had renounced the possibility of becoming an Archai-being, a Spirit of Personality and elected to remain at the Archangel stage and to subordinate himself in future to the different Time Spirits who might arise in Europe. Hence the Celtic peoples also declined as a united people because their Archangel had made a special act of renunciation and had undertaken a special mission.

“This is a typical example of how, in such a case, an act of renunciation helps to initiate particular missions. Now what became of the Archangel of the Celtic peoples after he had renounced the possibility of becoming a Spirit of Personality? He became the inspirer of esoteric Christianity. All the underlying teachings and impulses of esoteric Christianity, especially of the real, true esoteric Christianity, have their source in his inspirations. The hidden sanctuary for those who were initiated into these Mysteries was situated in Western Europe and there the spiritual impulse was imparted by this guiding Spirit who had originally undergone an important training as Archangel of the Celtic people, had renounced his promotion to a higher rank and had undertaken another mission — that of becoming the inspirer of esoteric Christianity which was destined to live on further in the Mysteries of the Holy Grail, in Rosicrucianism.”

12 Steps to the Death and Resurrection of Western Cosmology.

Saturn Crushes so that Humanity shall arise and awaken in ourselves the New Cosmology of the Christ Impulse

How do we go from here 1

To Here 2

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To Here 10

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We may stand in awe and ‘ UH ‘ as we are witnesses to an Initiate, a graduate to Spirit-Selfhood, shattered by the destruction of a Living Testimony to Western Cosmology and the Human Word. We know that Rudolf Steiner gasped. Saturn had something to convey. Steiner was saddened, filled with a sorrow and he confessed wasn’t for himself, but that for thousands upon thousands of seekers in the future from the West, seeking the living cohesion of Western Cosmology, they wouldn’t touch it or hear it resound from the fulfillment of the Mystery of THE HOUSE OF THE COSMIC AND HUMAN WORD (SEE LINK).  To touch, see, calculate, measure, hear, livingly carry treasures back to every university in the west, to have known, walked through and met the cupola, the columns, the tones and the science of Sound and the Human and Cosmic reality of the Word, had been ripped away from the grasp of the West.

In Part One of this study of the Vowel and Consonants we were advised to review René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz (1887 – 1961) study of the Egyptian Temple. To put Egypt – Rudolf Steiner – the 1st Goetheanum and the mighty 20th and 21st century manifestation of the Exoteric Christ Mysteries into the framework of Initiation Science and the 1st Goetheanum. I highly recommend reviewing this link carefully. (SEE LINK)

Rudolf Steiner had to follow the trail of Zarathustra and Victor Hugo in order to unravel the riddles that keep humanity a prisoner within the a Dead mathematical-gravitational Planetary System. Our freedom to explore the planets requires us to rivet our attention on the human being, every human being and the specific human examples of those that have opened the doorways to the solid foundations of Inner, Living WESTERN COSMOLOGY can be studied in depth through this link (CLICK LINK).  It reveals the precise connections that René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz (1887 – 1961) researched, (in the paragraph above this one) that was recommended in Part One to understand the mystery basis of the Egyptian Temple in relation to the 1st Goetheanum.

The only way to enter and exit the Planetary System and become explorers and witnesses for cohesive Western Cosmology is by discovering the doorways, the keys and locks that take us to the Devachan gateways of the Planetary Mysteries. Here we meet with the alien beings we have longed to discover in close proximity to us. And the Saturn Beings who live by the fixed Memory of the Cosmos, looking back instead of forwards, are truly fixed as guardians of human endeavor.

Those gates and doorways to the Inner Planetary Mysteries requires a real education, not the tattered rags and flimsy materialism that we currently worship. It requires us to reevaluate the Mystery Temple of the Human Form and the Human Being and in that reexamination, we can without question, locate the doorways and meet some of the Beings of the Planetary Community that are indeed alien to our mode of perception.

Victor Hugo and the Saturn Beings – Full Text

“The whole human wonder, black, vague, unlimited;

Freedom breaking immutability;” Victor Hugo April 26, 1857

VISION FROM WHICH THIS BOOK AROSE (see link ) by Victor Hugo

I had a dream: The wall of the centuries appeared to me. 

It was of living flesh and unpolished granite.
An immobility made of uneasiness,
A building with the noise of crowds,
Black holes starred with wild eyes,
Evolutions of monstrous groups,
Vast bas-reliefs, colossal frescoes;
Sometimes the wall opened, allowing rooms to be seen,
Caverns where the blessed were seated, and the powerful.
Conquerors besotted with crime, drunk in incense,
Interiors of gold, jasper, porphyry;
And this wall trembled like a tree in the west wind.
All the centuries, their brows bound with towers or ears of grain,
Were there, sad sphinxes crouching on the enigma:
Each tier seemed vaguely alive;
It rose into the shadow, like an army
Petrified with its leader
At the moment it dared scale the Night;
A block, it floated like a rolling cloud;
It was a great wall and it was a crowd;
Marble had a scepter and a blade in its fist,
The dust wept and the clay bled,
The stones that fell had a human form. 
All humanity, with the unknown breath that leads it.
Undulating Eve, Adam floating one and different,
Throbbed against this wall and being and the universe,
And destiny, the black thread that the tomb unwinds.
Sometimes lightening suddenly shone
Millions of faces on the livid wall.
I saw there this Nothing we call the All; 
Kings, gods, glory and the law, the passing
Of generations downstream through the ages;
And before my gaze extended endless
Scourges, sufferings, ignorance, hunger,
Superstition, knowledge history
Like a black facade disappearing from sight.
And this wall composed of all that crumbles
Rose up, steep-sloped sad, formless. Where?
I do not know. In some place of shadows.
There are no mists, as there are no algebras,
That can resist, in depths of numbers or of heavens,
The calm, deep fixity of the eyes;
I observed this wall, at first confused and vague.
Whose form floated wave-like,
Where all seemed fog, vertigo, illusion;
And beneath my thoughtful eye, the strange vision
Became less foggy and more clear in proportion
As my pupil grew less trouble and more sure.
Chaos of beings, rising from the chasm to the firmament,
All the monsters, each in his compartment,
The centuries – heartless, hideous, unclean.
Fog and reality! Cloud and map of the world! (Click Link)
This dream was history with open doors.
All peoples were there, having for platforms, all time;
All the temples, with dreams for steps;
Here the paladins, there the patriarchs;
Dodona whispering low to Membra;
And Thebes and Raphidim, and its sacred rock.
Where Aaron and Hur raised the two hands of Moses       
On the Jews struggling for the promised land;
Amos’ chariot of fire amid the hurricanes;
All these men, half princes, half brigands,
Transformed by fable with grace or anger,
Drowned in the shelves of popular tales,
Archangels, half-gods, hunters of men, heroes
Of the Edda, the Vedas, the Romanceros;
Those whose sensuality stands up like a lance-head;
Those before whom the earth and the darkness are silent;
Saul, David, and Delphi, and the Cave of Endor
Whose flames are extinguished with scissors of gold;
Nimrod among the dead;  Booz among the sheaves;
Divine Tiberiuses, great and proud, gathered together,
Displaying at Capri, in the forum, in camps,
Necklaces that Tacitus arranged in yokes;
The golden chain of the throne ending in prison.
This vast wall had slopes like a mountain.
O night! nothing was lacking this apparition.
All was there, matter, spirit, mud and light;
All the cities, Thebes, Athens, the stages of
Romes on the heaps of Tyres and Carthages;
All the rivers, the Scheldt, the Rhine, the Nile, the Aar,
The Rubicon, saying to someone who is Caesar,
“If you are still citizens, you are so
Only up to here.” The hills rose up, black skeletons,
And on these hills horrible clouds wandered,
Phantoms dragging the moon amongst them.
The wall seemed to be shaken by the wind;
It was a crossing of flames and clouds,
Of mysterious games of clarity, of shadows
Sent back from century to century and from scepter to shield,
Where India ends up being Germany,
Where Solomon is reflected in Charlemagne;
The whole human wonder, black, vague, unlimited;
Freedom breaking immutability;
Horeb with the burnt hillsides, Pinda with the green slopes,
Hicetas preceding Newton, discoveries
Shaking their torch to the bottom of the sea,
Jason on the dromon, Fulton on the streamer;
The Marseillaise, Aeschylus, and the angel after the ghost;
Capaneus standing on the gate of Elektra;
Bonnaparte standing on the bridge of Lodi;
Christ dying near where Nero is applauded.
Here is the fearful way of the throne, this paving
Of murder, fury, war, slavery;
Herd-Humanity! howling
Committing crimes on dreary and gloomy peak,
Striking, blaspheming, suffering.
Alas! I hear, beneath my feet, in the abyss,
Misery sobbing with dull groans,
Of dark incurable mouth, ever complaining
And on the mournful vision, and on myself,
Whom I saw at the bottom of a tarnished mirror,
Immense life opened its misshapen branches; 
I contemplated the irons, the sensual delights, the evils,   
The dead, the avatars, the metempsychoses,
And in the darkness hewn from beings and things,
I watched Satan prowl, this poacher in the forests of God,
Black, laughing, his eye on fire.
What titan painted this unheard-of thing?
On the bottomless wall of the spreading shadow
Who sculpted the dream that was suffocating me?
What arm constructed with all the forfeits,
All the mourning, tears, and horrors,
This vast chain of living gloom? 
This dream, I trembled from it, was a dark deed
Between creation and humanity;
Cries gushed forth from below the pillars;
Arms rising from the walls raised their fists to the stars;
The flesh was Gomorrah and the soul was Sion.
Vast thought! It was the confrontation
Of what we were with what we are;
Beasts, by divine right, mingled with humans,
As in a hell, or in a paradise;
Crimes raged there, enlarged by their shadows,
And even the ugliness was not unbecoming
To the tragic horror of these giant frescoes.
And I saw there the ancient forgotten time.
I plumbed it. Good was connected with evil
As vertebra is joined to vertebra.
This wall, a block of funebrial darkness,
Rose into the infinite one misty morning.
Whitening by degrees on the distant horizon,
This somber vision, dark abridgement of the world,
Would disappear in an immeasurable dawn,
And, begun at night, would finish in glimmering light.
Sad day seemed there like pale sweat;
And this shapeless silhouette was veiled
With a misty spiral of starred smoke.
While I dreamed, my eye fixed on this wall
Sown with souls, covered with a darkened movement
And the wild gestures of a ghostly people.
A rumor passed beneath the murky domes.
I heard two deep noises, coming from the sky
In the opposite direction to the depth of eternal silence;
The firmament that none can open or close
Seemed about to part.
From the direction of dawn
Passed the spirit of Orestes, with musky sound;
And at the same time, from the direction of night,
Frighted black genius fleeing in an eclipse,
Fearful came the immense Apocalypse;
And their double thunder thrugh the mist
Approached  on my right and on my left; and I was afraid 
As if taken between chariots of shadow.
They passed. There was a dark agitation.
The first spirit cried: Fate!
The second cried: God! And dark eternity
Repeated these cries in funereal echo.
This terrifying passage shook the shadows;
Everything tottered at the noise they made; the wall,
Full of shadows, shuddered; everything took part; the king
Put his hand on his helmet, the idol his on his miter;
The whole vision trembled like a pane of glass,
And broke, falling into the night in pieces;
And when the two spirits, like two great birds,
Were fled, in the strange fog of the idea,
The pale vision reappeared full of cracks,
Like a ruined temple with gigantic shafts,
That let one see the abyss between its crazy quilt of walls.
When I saw it again, after the two angels
Had broken it by the shock of their strange wings,
There was no longer this prodigious wall, entire,
Where fate coupled with infinity,
Where all times gathered together joined with ours,
Where the centuries could question one another,
Without one making a mistake and failing in the summons;
Instead of continent, there was an archipelago;
Instead of a universe, there was a cemetery;
Here and there a dismal stone rose up,
Some standing pillar, no longer bearing anything;
All the mutilated centuries were stranded; without a link;
Each epoch hung demolished; none
Was without a rip, without a hole,
And everywhere stagnant shadows and pools of night
Rotted on the wreckage of the past.
And the mists where my eye fell was only
The deformed, tottering debris of a dream,
Having the vague appearance of an intermittent bridge            
Falling arch, by arch into the waiting abyss.
Like a fleet in distress that’s floundering;
Resembling a dark and interrupted phrase
The hurricane, this stutterer wandering on the summits,
Always begins without ever finishing.
Only the future continued to open
On these black vestiges gilded by a pale orient
To rise like a star, amidst a cloud
Where, without seeing thunder, one felt the presence of God.
Out of the deep, heavy impression left
By this chaos of life on my gloomy thought,
Out of this vision of the movement of humanity
This book, where beside yesterday we glimpse tommorrow,
Has arisen, reflecting from poem to poem
All this ghastly, dizzy clarity.
This book is the terrifying remnant of the Tower of Babel ,
The mournful tower of things, the building
Of good and evil, of tears, of mourning, of sacrifice,
Once proud, dominating distant horizons,
Today possessing only hideous stumps,
Scattered, fallen, lost in the dark valley;
This is the bitter, immense, broke-down epic of humanity – crumbled away. 
(Guernsey, April 26, 1857)

SATURN and the Etheric Body of a Grail Initiate (Click Reference)

©Astrosophy Research Center 2012 – ISBN – 1888686-11-1 All rights reserved. These lectures are for private use, study, and research only and are not to be reprinted for any other purpose without the written permission of the Astrosophy Research Center. THE DEATH OF RUDOLF STEINER IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLDS Incomplete and Unrevised Notes of a lecture by Willi Sucher, 30 March 1954 In remembrance of Rudolf Steiner’s death day, 30 March 1925.

“Today it is 29 years since we heard of Rudolf Steiner’s death. This time between 29 and 30 years is an important rhythm in our life here on Earth and also for the souls who have crossed the threshold. Before we go into the details, we want to consider the experiences of a soul after death. As we know, the moment of death is indicated by the separation of the ether body, astral body, and ego from the physical body. In the first three days after death, the ether body is freed to live in its element of active, creative, cosmic memory, in which the memory tableau of the life just lived is the primary experience. This is the unfolding of the ether body, in which the soul’s life experience is engraved. As the ether body is freed from its physical task, it now lives in its own element and weaves in the ether aura around the Earth—known as “clouds” in the Bible.

“As the Earth rotates during these three days, the place where the human being died passes three times through the ether aura of the sky. It is a kind of baptism, whereby the ether body adjusts itself to the cosmic ethers related to the planets in the sky at death. Rudolf Steiner spoke of this death asterogram as being much more important than the birth moment, as it provides a more exact and satisfactory result of human connections with the starry world.

The starry sky at the moment of death is like a nativity into the spiritual world, for as an embryo swims in the waters before birth, so the soul swims in the cosmic ether after death. In the depths of the universe is the fixed-star Zodiac, in which the planets are distributed in an endless multitude of possible aspects.

“Saturn is the outermost planet that is visible with the naked eye. It holds the memory of the life histories of all human beings and their experiences. As Dr. Steiner indicated, the human soul experiences its just-lived life in reverse during the first three days after death. Our researches have shown that when a human being dies, the planets are distributed to catch the memory-pictures and preserve them. There are intimate connections between the ether body and the cosmic world, with which it merges about three days after death of the average human being. In the positions of the planets in the death asterogram of a soul, we find the cosmic reflection of the individual’s life on Earth.

“There is also the possibility that a human ether body can be preserved, as in the case of a highly developed initiate. Let us think this through in connection with Rudolf Steiner’s death. I wish to give you the aspect of the sky on 30 March 1925, about 10:25 am: The Sun was in the constellation of Fishes, Venus was nearby, and Mercury was in transition from Fishes to Ram. Mars was in Bull, and underneath it was the Moon, which was rising. Jupiter was in Archer, and Saturn had set in Scales. This aspect in the sky represents the tableau at the moment of Dr. Steiner’s death.

“Here we can find a true picture of the life on Earth. Saturn leads us back to about 1896 in the life of Dr. Steiner, when he was about 35 years of age. It was a time that Dr. Steiner wrote about in his autobiography as a time of inner crisis; for although he was living in the fullness of the spirit, even his best friends, such as cultivated souls like Hermann Grimm the famous historian, could not understand what he had to say. He experienced within himself the question, “Must one forever remain silent?”, referring to his inner world.

“It was a moment when the world was faced with complex decisions. Saturn is now again in Scales, and humanity is again faced with world decisions. Significantly, Saturn in Scales can also be found in the death asterograms of astronomers such as Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler. At those times, important world decisions were also made that influenced humanity. Rudolf Steiner decided to speak, and in 1912 the original Soul Calendar was published, which contained the “imaginations of the constellations”. Leitsätze, from the cosmological point of view: the handing-over of World Karma from the Father to the Son.

“Scales is definitely connected with the Son Deity of the Trinity and with the Good Friday Events. It is like a thread through human destiny, a question of Grave or Altar (Stagnation or Transformation), and exemplifies the question of whether to speak or to remain silent. 2 Jupiter in Archer shows other aspects in the life of Dr. Steiner. It shows the birth of the deed, the capacity of the human being to bring the Idea into the Deed. Jupiter is always connected with this. This brings us to events that lead up to the year 1901-2 and the birth of anthroposophy, when Christianity as Mystical Fact was written.

“The Sun was in Fishes, which swim in opposite directions connected by a thin ribbon of stars. In the language of Fishes, one fish swims toward Waterman, the past, and the other swims toward Ram, the future. In Dr. Steiner’s life, this position leads us to 1908-9 when he wrote Occult Science and lectured on the Apocalypse. One can say that from these deeds a substance was amalgamated with the Sun in Fishes. While on Earth, we see with our physical eyes; however, when a soul crosses the Threshold to the world where we no longer use physical eyes, we only experience darkness. However, light can be produced through the will by occult training, through closing the gates of the senses to the physical world. In the darkness we experience a mirror, reflections of Imaginations of past and future events. Steiner relates these in Occult Science (especially world evolution) and in his lecture cycle on the Apocalypse. One can say that the substance of Dr. Steiner’s efforts have been amalgamated with the Sun in Fishes.

“Mercury was in transition from Fishes to Ram. Mercury represents intelligence that endeavors to lead the human being from personal intelligence to cosmic intelligence. It brings us into the time of 1910, when Steiner revealed the time of the Second Coming of Christ, the revelation of Christ in the etheric world. If an individual can penetrate the spiritual background of Ram, it will be found that Ram is connected with the descent and incarnation of the Lamb of God from the realm of the Kyriotetes, the Spirits of Wisdom, and the deeds of these Beings. Thus we find in his Ram the great Imagination of the Second Coming of Christ.

“In the opposition of Saturn in Scales to that of Mercury in Ram, we are lead to the preparation and the time of the Christmas Foundation Meeting. This is not an affair that is only for our Society, but this Meditation concerns the whole of humanity. It is the beginning of the new Christmas Mysteries, helping to bring about the experience of Christ’s Being in the human soul. In these Mysteries, the Shepherds’ and Kings’ approach from either side of our soul, opening the road to the heart and the head, and to the Spirit of the World—the Risen Christ.

“We must prepare, preserve, and work with what we were given and be responsible for it, until humanity of the future can understand this speaking of the Spirit of Christ. Both Mars and Moon are in the constellation of Bull. They are planets that are deeply connected with the realization of spirit in matter. In the Moon, when it appears as a Cup, or Chalice, spiritual-cosmic forces are gathered and then “emptied” into the Earth; the spiritual forces of creation are offered to the Earth.

“Mars is like a rock in the universe against which ancient spiritual substance bounded and broke up, to create matter—the working of spirit in plants, etc. Both Mars and Moon are connected with making spirit visible in matter. This brings us to the time of 1912-13, when eurythmy, the visible Word, came into existence, the Mystery Dramas were completed and performed, and in 1913 the Foundation Stone of the first Goetheanum was laid. A gateway was opened, as Bull is the cosmic region of the Word, and the Goetheanum was the House of the Word, a portal open to the spirit.

“In the moment of Rudolf Steiner’s death, the Twins are rising. This constellation signifies the backbone of his work, the time connected with his carving of the great statue of Christ between the twin adversaries, Lucifer and Ahriman. During this time he spoke and gave advice on how to meet the adversaries and how we can stand upright in our battle against them.

“This was the life tableau of Rudolf Steiner, which we have now chronologically descended from Saturn to the Moon. It is possible that his life body was not dissolved. From the evidence I have collected, I am almost certain that it was not dissolved but is still working there, though I cannot present my conclusions now. Saturn was in Scales at birth and also now at death. This Saturn in Scales may help us answer the question of why he had to leave then, when there was apparently still so much left to be done. The question for him was, “grave or altar?” He experienced the grave of civilization in World War I, and he made an attempt to help resurrect it with The Threefold Commonwealth. I believe his death was a necessity to give us the possibility of becoming independent.

“We who recognize him as our teacher are faced with the same question: grave or alter. The world in the last thirty years has had much of the “grave” present in it. We have also received a lot of knowledge about the spiritual world; however, unless we transform that which we have received, it will remain the “grave”. We should transform our knowledge of the spiritual world into a new power to come, as it still remains entombed. It is my belief that this experience of entombment will pass, and the future is nearer than we think, when the “grave will become the altar of transformation.” Saturn is again very near Scales today.

“We must know where we stand, for the very life, the very existence of anthroposophy depends on it. Saturn is a general reminder that decisions have to be made, decisions not to bury what we know in the “grave” of our personal intelligence, but to transform it to work through our hearts and radiate into the world. With these thoughts we may remember the death of Rudolf Steiner, which in a certain way may be a spiritual birth. [Ed. Note: Saturn was again in Scales in 1981, as it was also again there in 2011.]

91 years since Steiner’s passing 2016 and 2025 will come up to the 100 year mark.

In a book by the architect Daniel van Bemmelen dealing with the first Goetheanum in relation to other examples of sacred architecture including Solomons Temple, accompanied by numerous illustrations, he shows that one of the intentions expressed in the Goetheanum architecture was to convey an experience of the human head. He provides a cross section of the building which shows that the large cupola corresponded to the cerebrum and the small cupola the cerebellum. The location of the podium would correspond to the location of the pineal gland. The red window in the west could be seen as the forehead of the building. The foundation stone of the building which was fashioned into a double dodecahedron can be related to the human heart.  THE KEYS TO THE MYSTERY OF WESTERN COSMOLOGY CAN BE STUDIED WITH THIS LINK, (CLICK LINK).
Solomon’s Temple, The New Jerusalem & The Grail Castle (Part 2)
The beloved disciple shares the vision of this unfolding seed, which comes to expression in the cubical dimensions of the New Jerusalem and the twelve foundation stones which repeat the motif of the 12 gemstones that adorned the breastplate of the high priest. In the apocalypse we again hear of the 12 tribes, in the 144,000 who receive the seal of the living God upon their foreheads and learn the song of a new creation, fulfilling the promise “behold I make all things new!”. In a series of lectures dealing with the Temple Legend Rudolf Steiner helps to shed light on these mysteries “We enter the Temple of Solomon. The door itself is characteristic. The square used to function as an old symbol. Mankind has now progressed from the stage of four-foldness to that of five-foldness, as five-membered man, who has become conscious of his own higher self. The inner divine Temple is so formed as to enclose the five-fold human being. The square is holy. The door the roof and the side pillars together form a pentagon. When man awakens from his fourfold state….enters his inner being – the inner sanctuary is the most important part of the temple – he sees a kind of alter; we perceive two cherubim which hover, like two guardian spirits, over the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies; for the fifth principal [of man’s being] (Manas – Spirit-Self), which has not yet descended to earth, must be guarded by the two higher beings – Buddhi (Life Spirit) and Atman (Spirit Man). Thus man enters the stage of Manas (Spirit-Self) development.” (The Temple Legend Lec. 12 – 5/22/1905) Note; explanatory additions added by author.The magnificent 1st Goetheanum
As mentioned earlier the Holy of Holies embodies the head of the temple, the cube which encompasses the entire Earth, represents the three dimensional world we all live in between birth and death, during our earthly plane of existence. The alchemical trinity of salt, mercury and sulphur harkens back to the legendary thrice great Hermes Trismagistus, one of the central inaugurators of the Egyptian Mystery wisdom. Moses was familiar with this hermetic lore due to his initiation into the Egyptian mysteries, salt which crystalizes in the form of the cube was related to thinking focused in the human head. When Christ proclaimed “Ye are the salt of the Earth” he was also referring to this same mystery. With the help of the Foundation Stone meditation laid into the hearts of the members of the Anthroposophical Society by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas conference, we can grasp more clearly how the human head and our higher thinking which he often characterized as a spiritual activity could serve as a bridge to the Holy-Spirit, mediated by the Angels, Archangels and Archai who together embody the three principals of Spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man that it is our shared mission to unfold. The temple which contained the cubical chamber enveloped in darkness and covered with the sun metal gold, was dedicated to the lunar ElohimYahweh who prepared the bestowal of the gift of the human ego. It’s innermost sanctuary contained the “Light Hidden in the Darkness” referred to in the prologue to the John gospel, symbolizing the Spiritual Sun forces that Christ who embodied the six Solar Elohim would anchor to the core of the Earth through the Mystery of Golgotha.
It is during this earthly phase of development that the fourth principle, the human ego which is a gift bestowed by Lucifer on a lower level and the seven Elohim (Spirits of Form) on a higher level. This 4th member could subsequently begin to transform the three lower members which were given during the three previous eon’s (mantevara’s) Old-Saturn – Physical, Old-Sun-Etheric, Old-Moon- Astral into their higher three-fold counterpart, Manas – Spirit-Self, Buddhi-Life-Spirit and Atman-Spirit-Man. Together these three higher members form the Golden Triangle that was central to Rosicrucian esotericism and are reflected in the 5th, 6th & 7th Rosicrucians seals. The possibility of achieving this Alchemy which will reunite the human being with the three members of the divine trinity was given by the healing impulse bestowed through the Mystery of Golgotha which involved the redemption of the fall, ushering in the great turning point that would initially lead from the fourth earthly stage of human evolution to the fifth, embodied in the New Jerusalem. This transformative process comes to expression in the seventh seal which is referred to as the grail seal due to its close association to these mysteries. While in Koberwitz during the last Pentecost season that Rudolf Steiner spent upon the earth, he responded to a question from the countess Keyserlingk regarding the relationship between the Grail Castle and the New Jerusalem, he responded; “The New Jerusalem of which the Bible speaks is the eternal, archetypal image of how it will be in the future. The Grail Castle is the image of how it is now in the spiritual world.”
With the help of further indications provided by Rudolf Steiner we can develop an understanding of the secrets of occult physiology that were expressed in this seed-chamber (Holy of Holies) in which our collective higher future is concealed. “When man’s forebrain developed the organ of the” I” was [focused] into man’s head at the root of the nose……In man the I streams out of this place. But it isn’t enough that the organ of the ego is developed in man. So that the higher self can stream into him to make him into a higher being, we find the organ for this ….[in] the pineal gland. Man makes a connection with the divine self in the world through the pineal gland.” (Berlin 5/06/1906) In a book by the architect Daniel van Bemmelen dealing with the first Goetheanum in relation to other examples of sacred architecture including Solomons Temple, accompanied by numerous illustrations, he shows that one of the intentions expressed in the Goetheanum architecture was to convey an experience of the human head. He provides a cross section of the building which shows that the large cupola corresponded to the cerebrum and the small cupola the cerebellum. The location of the podium would correspond to the location of the pineal gland. The red window in the west could be seen as the forehead of the building. The foundation stone of the building which was fashioned into a double dodecahedron can be related to the human heart. A year after the fire this foundation stone was metamorphosed into the Foundation Stone meditation that was laid into the hearts of the members. The second Goetheanum made of concrete was built according to proportions that would have encompassed the earlier build and could be likened to the scull. (Das erste Goetheanum als Menscheitsbau)
Based on these contemplations one can begin to experience Rudolf Steiner’s intention to have the building serve as a bridge between the microcosmic and macrocosmic Grail mysteries. The columns, the organic and flowing sculpted forms, the painted ceilings and colored etched windows, together could convey an experience of the etheric brain illuminated by the light of clairvoyance as conveyed by the red window in the west. Gazing into the interior space from the perspective of the red widow located at the western end of the central axis we can perhaps begin to experience what Steiner sought to convey in the following words in a lecture delivered on April 20th, 1924 which was accompanied by a diagram, which showed a side view of the human head with arrows directed inwards in the forehead area. “Here is the head. Man looks outward. Now instead, he learned to look inward. But in thus looking inward he became aware of what had entered him as the pre-earthly life and being, which had entered in through eye and ear and skin etc. Of this he now became aware….This was part of the first stage of an initiatory experience, he then went on to describe a second Degree. “what did the second degree contain? It contained all that the human being perceived when he now no longer gazes into himself through the eyes, or hearkens inward through the ears, but when he actually enters into himself. At this stage it was said to the candidate: ‘Thou enterest the human Temple grove’ He learned to know the Temple….permeated physically by the forces of soul and spirit, of which man consisted before he descended into earthly life. Thus he entered into himself. And it was said to him; There are three chambers in this Temple Grove. The one chamber was the chamber of Thinking. Seen from outside it is the head. It is but small, but when one sees it from within, it is great as the universe; one learns to know its spiritual nature. …..In the second chamber the candidate learned to know the life of feeling, and in the third chamber the life of willing.”(The Easter festival in relation to the Mysteries lec. 2)

— with Ruta Hallam.

Time and the Eagle forces of St. John allows us to carry with us certain fumbled attempts to understand the Saturn Beings. The Steve Miller Band  (click link) takes us into Time. Flying like an Eagle and grasping the depth of St. John takes much more effort than this very sweet melody. Most people don’t understand that the Eagle arises out of the constellation of Scorpio, out of the death sting of Scorpio. The Bull, Taurus; The Lion, Leo; The Water Carrier, Aquarius AND the Eagle, Scorpio are the sources of the FOUR GOSPELS. St. John is allowed to pass the Saturn Mysteries of Time.

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Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology (one) by Bradford Riley

100 Years of Eurythmy

Part ONE takes up the Introduction with an emphasis on the CONSONANTS. (completed)

Part TWO will take up the VOWELS (Part TWO –  A Completed click this link)

Part TWO – B of the Vowels (not completed)

Part THREE will address aspects of the Dramatic Arts. (COMPLETED CLICK LINK)

Eurythmy was born in the year 1912. This essay honors the one hundred-year ongoing revelation of the birth of Eurythmy. Here in 2012,  where we are in the 21st Century,we are still growing toward the future Etheric Revelation of the Word. It fills and informs our Etheric Bodies and enlivens our Speech forces in every language.We are slowly recovering the Living Powers in each Word and in each Sound. Far, far into the distant future a Maitreya Buddha is on the way, on the path to consciously strengthening her/his Etheric Body to Life Spirit. The Maitreya Buddha will use the Resurrection of the Word and the Life Giving Power of the Breath to re-charge and re-awaken the deeper slumbering forces of humanities latent and potent spirituality. Our task is to bring these forces of the Word back to Life so that Language is not entombed by Ahriman.

“In Eurythmy we see this inner process manifested outwardly. In Eurythmy the entire body becomes a larynx of the Gods. Eurythmy is the visible manifestation of the art of listening to heart-speak. In Eurythmy we walk the words of the gods – that we found in our hearts and direct with our heads – into the world.” By Adriana Koulias

Rudolf Steiner (Link to following quote)

In our Embryology Studies “….we have also learned how on his way down he first gathers to him the influences of the firmament of the fixed stars, represented in the signs of the Zodiac; then, as he descends further, he takes with him the influence of the moving planets.

“Now just picture to yourselves the Zodiac, the representation of the fixed stars. Man is exposed to their influence on descending from the life of soul and spirit into earthly life. If their effects are to be designated in accordance with their actual being we must say that they are cosmic music, they are consonants. And the forming of consonants in the physical body is the echo of what resounds from the single formations of the Zodiac, whereas the formation of vowels within the music of the spheres occurs through the movements of the planets in the cosmos.This is imprinted into the etheric body.

“Thus, in our physical body we unconsciously bear a reflection of the cosmic consonants, whereas in our etheric body we bear a reflection of the cosmic vowels.This remains, one might say, in the silence of the subconscious.

“But as the child develops, forces press upwards within the body and strengthen the speech organs; these are forces that, as reflections of the formative forces of the cosmos, build up the speech organs. The more interior speech organs are so formed out of Man’s essential being that they can produce vowels, and the organs nearer to the periphery, the palate, the tongue, the lips and everything that contributes to the form of the physical body, are built up in such a way that consonants can be produced.

“While the child is learning to speak, something takes place in the upper part of his being, as a result of the activity of his lower part, which is a consequence of the formative forces taken up into the physical body, and also into the etheric body. (This is naturally not a material process but has to do with formative activity.) Thus when we speak, we bring to Manifestation what we might call an echo of the experience Man goes through with the cosmos in the life between death and a new birth during his descent out of the divine spiritual world.

“All the single letters of the alphabet are actually formed as images of what lives in the cosmos.We can get an approximate idea of the signs of the Zodiac if we relate them to modern speech by setting up B, C, D, F, and so forth, as constellations of the Zodiac. You can follow them by feeling the revolution of the planets in H (ed.: ‘H’ like in him, her) — H is not actually a letter like the others, H imitates the rotational movement, the circling around. And the single planets in their revolutions are always the individual vowels which are placed in various ways in front of the consonants.

“If you imagine the vowel A to be placed in here (see diagram) you have the A in harmony with B and C, but in each vowel there is the H. You can trace it in speaking — AH, IH, EH. H is in each vowel. What does it signify that H is in each vowel? It signifies that the vowel is revolving in the cosmos. The vowel is not at rest, it circles around in the cosmos. And the circling, the moving, is expressed in the H hidden in each of the vowels.

“Consider, therefore, a vowel harmony expressed somewhere in speech: let us say I, O, U, A. (ed.: IH, OH, UH, AH in German) What is expressed by this? Something is expressed that is the cosmic working of four planets. Let us add one of the consonants to something like this — IOSUA — let us add this S in the middle of it, and this would mean that not only the forming of vowels within the planetary spheres is expressed, but also the effect that the planets connected with I, O, U, A, experience in their movement through the connection with the star sign S.

“Thus if a Man in the days of ancient civilization uttered the name of a God in vowels, a planetary mystery was expressed. The deed of a divine being within the planetary world was expressed in the name. Were a divine name expressed with a consonant in it, the deed of the divine being concerned reached in thought to the representative of the fixed star firmament — the Zodiac.”

The Karma of Specific Instances

When we look at the trail of destiny that brought us to The Word, to Eurythmy and the investigations into Speech, and the individual sounds, we each have our specific journeys. On my journey to discover the secrets of the Word, I had no cohesive understanding of the magnitude of insight I would encounter or how it all interconnected.

I was headed for Dornach when I was twenty and twenty-one years old. I had my two children and my wife with me but I was unable to enter immediately into Dornach, Switzerland. I had met Anthroposophy in London. Became a member of the society in London, had two children in London and having appealed to Francis Edmunds and Emerson College in England, I was bumped or detoured by Francis Edmunds and an amazing International Group of actors, writers and directors, to go directly to the Goetheanum (Click Link near end of Drama study) instead of attending Emerson College. What did I know?

Francis Edmunds was a character right out of Tolkien. My wife and I loved him. I think he was an Aries. We wept thinking we couldn’t stay with this wonderful human being. A.C. Harwood was my sponsor at Steiner House and signed my pink card. But my very, very, first profound Rosicrucian connection to all of this was the Eurythmist who introduced us to the stars and came to our London flat and discussed things with us, my wife and I, amidst the two babies – was the beloved Jeane Lynch.

I cannot tell you how astonished I was, a hippie with long hair, and this adventurous Eurythmist would show up on her little Scooter and take us outside and show how by stretching her one arm out, say at a full moon, than the exact math of the sun and the sign the sun was in, was on the opposite side when she stretched her other arm out, so she could directly locate each star and the position of the Zodiac of the Sun, Moon and planets, name them, and showed us some of the Sounds of Eurythmy. My wife and I were struck dumb that people talked, knew, said the deepest mysteries that we had thirsted to hear out of anyone’s lips. Yet it all had to wait until we got to England from the U.S. Bless your Spirit Jean Lynch, I never saw her again.

I was unprepared for this detour that took me away from Emerson College towards a path that led to the Goetheanum. I knew nothing of the German Language. But here is what I now consider most astonishing. I had to wait for housing, student housing and had to bide my time on my journey to Switzerland from England, through Briançon, France ( See Link).  I had to stay for six months in a place called Dormillouse in the French Alps (See Link we bathed in this Waterfall) under very, very primitive but astonishingly pristine conditions.

We had no real money or income and coming from England we had to reduce our burdens to back-packs and suitcases. I had one book that I had fallen in love with and that book is what has allowed me to, although I did not know it, allowed me to build my first foundation to Etheric studies from the foundation of intimate perception.

The Etheric studies of the Word that I would encounter through my training in Speech and Drama in Dornach, Switzerland and the Goetheanum became integrated in me, over the long run of my lifetime, from the book I used for six months, and carried with me to Dormillouse (SEE LINK), where I explored every herb, flower, berry, bush, and scrub that grew with pristine elemental glory, high above traffic, cities and life below. The book I carried with me was Nicholas Culpeper‘s illustrated Herbal Guide 1616-1654 (see Link).

It was illustrated with color drawings of every flower and herb in Europe, their planetary and zodiacal origins and virtues. I could find nearly all of these plants in the wild and learned to dry them and make tea and other beverages from them. The Earth and nature around me was an open book with the letters and words appearing in the flowers and herbs, the colors, and scents, (how we learn to squeeze Rosemary or Lavender between our fingers and hold it up to our noses, the sweet smell of chamomile – smell, sight, taste, touch, identification of knowing – activating my etheric senses to the mystery of the Earth)  and the stars were clear nearly every night high up in Dormillouse (See Link) . They were medicinal herbs and Culpeper showed the parts of the body and inner organs that they affected, doses, and remedies that could be found teaming with life all around us. It was a script that for some unknown reason I understood.

It was a language that I could see printed before me, by the native waterfalls, in sheep dung, on the edge of cliffs. Edible berries, elixirs for headaches and quiet and restful sleep were out in the library living with Etheric innocence and splendor. For some reason this book and the text of nature and all her etheric splendor, long before I got to know the Sounds of the Consonants and Vowels of Speech that also bore the same virtues of the Stars, the same curative forces that are used in Curative Eurythmy, different planetary virtues in the Vowel sounds and different forces of the Zodiac in each Consonant – long before I was enriched beyond measure at the Goetheanum, there were the elemental beings, virtues, planet and star forces written in the colorful script of nature herself.

Oh this process of learning did not occur over night. Later I would understand how the Angels, the regions, the various countries and their Archangelic Language forces wove into the Etheric tone and coloring of different peoples. I could enter into each accent and gesture of the different Languages over the whole of the Earth and it was part of my most intimate training in  drama, it was part of Eurythmy and most importantly it was part of the Etheric wisdom that we are swimming in and that comes up to the surface and flows through our being when we do Eurythmy or practice Speech. (My Seed Thoughts in forming this document SEE LINK)

The lowest body of the Angelic Kingdom, one stage above humanity, is the Etheric World. The Angelic Kingdom have as their lowest body, the Etheric Kingdom of nature. The purest expression of the Angelic Kingdom appears before our human gaze as the Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, orchards, gardens and fields of the Earth.

Rudolf Steiner, (see link)

“There could be no such thing as speech were it not for the fact that, during the natural course of his early development, the child has inherent within him the instinct to move his arms and hands. These movements are held back and become concentrated in the organs of speech; and these organs of speech are in themselves an image of that which seeks outlet in movements of the arms and hands, and in the accompanying movements of the other limbs.

“The etheric body — I can, after what you have heard in the morning lectures, (published as The Evolution of Consciousness.) speak to you quite freely about the etheric body — the etheric body never uses the mouth as the vehicle of speech, but invariably makes use of the limb-system. And it is those movements made by the etheric body during speech which are transferred into the physical body. Of course you can, if you choose, speak quite without gesture, even going so far as to stand rigidly still with your hands in your pockets; but in that case your etheric body will gesticulate all the more vigorously, sheerly out of protest!

“Thus you can see how, in very truth, Eurythmy is drawn out of the human organisation in just as natural a way as speech itself.”

The Angelic Kingdom takes the pure watery life and the pure blood or green flowing lymphatic structure of the plants Chlorophyll, and lives as a song, as an Angelic prayer of pure math in the woven beauty of the tapestry we barely understand as nature. This plant blood has the same structural composition as our human blood, save that the Etheric Plant has no I AM and no astral desires. Yet the photosynthesis of light, the digestion of light itself is not only built into the etheric realities of the plant, their leafy hands crave the light, gesture to the light and follow the path of light through the day, but our own Etheric bodies and our Speech forces carry this germinal, Etheric and Word Forming power that exists in the plant world.

Albert Steffen’s school of Schöne Wissenschaften author Isabel Wyatt (1901-1992)

The Moon-Drawn juices mount; the leaves distil
The Sun’s gold heart-beats into chlorophyll.
Out of the Plant’s green blood man’s red is wrought,
While stars rain down to gild his brow with thought.

Some plants literally fold themselves up at night and go to sleep and wake again when they sense the light that floods through their etheric floral systems. Here we literally behold in nature the same Eurythmy that exists in human speech when the flower petals open in the ‘Ah’ gesture of Venus and well being of the lymphatic system; Or close in the ‘Uh’ gesture of inwardness and Saturn as darkness approaches.

Albert Steffen ‘Aphorisms”

“Before you begin to write poetry you should say to yourself that the vowels are the soul experiences of an Angel who feels reverence in ‘AH’, marvel in ‘O’, fear in ‘UH’, and consonants are his gestures.

“Languages still require a great amount of work until they become a suitable instrument for the Word. The vowels must be purified, so that perfect feelings may live in them. What can purify them? The Angel beings who dwell upon the planets through which we pass after death – the sound and light emanating from these beings. And every consonant must acquire a contour through the fact that we learn to master our physical body.

“Speech is all the more pure, perfect, beautiful and young, the more the will emancipates it from the bodily processes and rules over them. The voice itself never grows old; it transmits something that lives beyond old age; it is the means of expression of the eternal ENTELECHY.”

It is within our human blood system that our I AM responds not only with vitamin D and outer sunlight through our skin, but an entirely pure and  transmuted Sun Light now appears from the raying in of the Risen Etheric Christ light which is the very substance and nourishment of our own I AM and carries Light like the purest plant/Etheric Chlorophyll blood.

Exquisite hidden floral ensembles arise, that if we had ears to hear, each flower, plant, blossom, stem and leaf arrangement would sound forth the wisdom of the planetary and zodiacal geometry that surrounds us in nature. Each Consonant and each Vowel and each Eurythmy form reveals an impressive human Etheric body, boldly dynamic flitting, fleeting, butterfly –  imprinted with a Zodiacal virtue and color and Planetary Vowel Soul force, yet as quick as Speech and as mobile as the watery/lymphatic fluidity of motion in the breath of the Word or singular sounds we utter for an instant, frozen in tone. And the human lymphatic and etheric system is mobile, mercurial and designed to capture the lawful quickening pulse of the Zodiac, Tone, Consonants and emotionally rich Vowels that sound forth from our souls and the very soul of Words themselves.  Each vowel contains the soul of a Word and each Consonant in a word carries the zodiacal message of that word.

The Key to the Phytology and Science of the Word (study link here)

‘Look at the plant. It grows from the seed, develops leaves and blossom. But the plant is pervaded by a mysterious force which arises in the heart of the blossom as the new seed. What surrounds the seed will fall away; but the innermost force that can be perceived in the heart of the blossom enables you to feel that a new plant will arise from the old. If you ponder on the power and the force of the Sun’s light, Feeling that in it you are beholding merely the physical expression of a spiritual reality and letting yourselves be inspired by the spiritual power of the Sun, then you will begin to understand the prophetic announcement of the Divine Fruit that is to be born from the Earth!’

The Sounds, the vowels themselves, when anyone we know and love utters one of the Vowels our hearts can become wounded, our souls may be lifted to rejoice in elation. An etheric smile radiates out from our faces or a literal frown, a color, a mood overwhelms us and we are brought to tears and troughs of intimate sadness. The Vowels themselves are OUR intimate expressions of the Planets. We are the WORD BEARING creations of the Logos Itself.

We carry in our living expression, in our tone, in our waking moods of heart and soul, in our commands and in our kindness and compassion the entire Planetary and Zodiacal Living force that centers itself in our Larynx and ripples with life through out our entire Etheric and Lymphatic system.  Our fantastic and colorful array of astral emotions, passions, tenderness, our Etheric Life in the MMMM sound when delicious food calls forth a kind of MMMM – MMMOOO that we associate with the cow, but for a moment we hum ‘MMMM’s’ as a direct revelation of our Etheric and Astral bodies immune system.

It isn’t enough to merely cruise by a word like IMMUNE system. This is exactly what Speech and the Science of the Word, the Word as Hieroglyphs raised to restored Etheric Life means. It means looking with new eyes at the ‘MM’s’ in IMMUNE system and realize just how much the Waters of Life, Aquarius and the sign of the Water Bearer means. Our Immune systems are flooded with Life. In the simple word IMMUNE there is an initial effect of Light then two ‘MM’s stir the waters into motion and resolve themselves in a Saturn like UH that goes right down to our feet in Pisces and, Pisces is the ‘N’ sound.

John Gospel 5:4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

All the Consonants were once Pictographs, full fledged living Imaginations that were also actual streaming living forces. I for one, hardly think we can live, if we are students of the Word, if we haven’t digested Cuneiform writing, invented by the ancient Sumerians around 3500 B.C. and Hieroglyphic writing, invented by the ancient Egyptians around 3200 B.C. and trace those Pictographs out to Chinese characters and Japanese Picto signs. We cannot grasp, haven’t been taught or interested enough to track down Arnold Wadler and immerse ourselves in Chapter Six, “The Origin of Writing in Picture – Consciousness”. The entire book paves the way for our journey through language, living pictures, etheric imaginations and the elastic forces of the Word used in ancient Atlantis, down through words printed in stone, to dead languages, where the pictures became merely dead letters -LATIN – to the magnificent Ascension of Language and the Word through Speech and Eurythmy, that resurrects the magic life that exists in Consonants and Vowels. Pictographs of these living streaming forces were the origins of how Language began. When we study Language, Real Language, we really must refer to Arnold Wadler’s amazing text, “ONE LANGUAGE SOURCE OF ALL TONGUES”  (SEE LINK).

We are in the AGE of the Fishes, of Pisces at this moment. However when we do enter the AGE of Aquarius, the false and true confrontation with the Human Immune system and the beneficent Etheric Waters of Life against the Ahrimanic mass manufactured Immune System will reach cultural and tragic crescendos, instead of dancing and singing ‘This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (See Clip) we might be plunged into the realm of a manufactured and counterfeit, Ahrimanic and Sunless Etheric replacement to our Immune Systems. Don’t be fooled, we are still in the age of Pisces the Fishes, but the Sixth Cultural Epoch is approaching and that age will be under the mandate of the Immune system, the Water Bearer.

John the Baptist is referred to as an Aquarius Initiation. We have waters or dipping our heads under the waters to be able to momentarily SEE into the Spirit. We also have the Washing of the Feet, of our Pisces forces, our feet, being immersed in new Etheric Waters, with the Washing of the Feet. However this coming Sixth Epoch, the Aquarius cultural epoch, is not under the Consciousness-Soul, which is where we are currently struggling.  The Sixth cultural epoch will be, and is preparing even now, for Spirit-Self or Manas. Due to Ahrimanic interference it will likely mean that our Immune systems will have been toxically interfered with and a whole new spirit force will be required to renew our Immune systems.

We are witnessing in this our Fifth cultural Epoch, the end of the Pisces Age, the invasive collapse of our Immune system directly due to Ahrimanic interference and intentionality. There is a great deal of understanding about the invasiveness of vaccines, weaponized bio-plagues, but we stand rather foolishly and ignorantly as we blindly vaccinate ourselves seasonally for flu or trustingly submit our children to between 20 to 60 vaccinations before the age of two.

I submit a link to one of the first hurdles in language you have to overcome is understanding a New York Brooklyn accent in an absolutely magnificent Doctor, who has taken a stand to inform us of the toxicity and attacks from Ahriman that have invasively overwhelmed society. (CLICK LINK)  The LINK reveals, aside from the Brooklyn visible study of  a literal etheric regional accent, the litany of attacks that Ahriman is making to control the Aquarian Mystery of our heavenly IMMUNE system. What the Doctor discusses are global attacks against the Etheric Body, just as Eurythmy awakens and stimulates our Etheric bodies. These attacks are part of the Fifth Epoch Age of Pisces by Ahriman against the very rising of the Fifth Age of Pisces that brings the awakening of the Etheric forces through Eurythmy and the Science of the Word and the great Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner.

So the Science of the Word sees visibly, a strong ‘I’ or sublimated   ‘  ‘i  ‘  standing in the hieroglyphic impression of the English word, immune system. Through this very Aquarian single word we can rise into the Time Sphere of the Zodiac, fast forward into the future, and see, literally through the Word what lies ahead.

In Mary, in Mother, in Mammary glands as the organs that, in the female mammal, produce milk for the sustenance of the young, we find ourselves loaded with the Speech Science of the MMM, three M’s. Which means that the flowing Life Forces from the cosmos, out of Aquarius and the Elemental Hieroglyph of the Eurythmy figure ‘M’ and the Cosmic force of the Stirring of the Waters, from the Cosmic Aquarius gesture used in Eurythmy acts as a restoring force in our human Etheric bodies.

How each Eurythmy figure was captured and tamed and brought from the wilds of Language and Speech into a Freeze Frame study, of what normally was never beheld, is a tale that goes all the way back to Origins of Language. Specifically the heavy finger of destiny pointed all the way back to the ancient Egyptian Mysteries. There in the depths of the Egyptian Mysteries, certain powerful WORDS were uttered by Hierophants and Initiates. Those WORDS had Elemental forces in them. Those Words were just a series of Consonants and Vowels, but with Living Elemental Beings, Spirit Beings that Lived in the trained breath-stream of Hierophants.

A Person of Interest “The Soul’s Awakening” (see Link)

“Inside the temple. The hall of initiation. The ceremony is performed on a broad flight of steps descending from the back to the front of the stage. The characters stand in groups below one another and on different steps. The drop-curtain goes up, disclosing everything in readiness for the initiation of the Neophyte, who is to be thought of as an earlier in-carnation of Maria; behind the altar and to the left of it stands the Chief Hierophant who is to be thought of as an earlier incarnation of Benedictus; on the other side the Recorder, an earlier incarnation of Hilary True-to-God; a little in front of the altar the Keeper of the Seals, an earlier incarnation of Theodora; in front, on the right side of the altar, the Impersonator of the Earth Element, an earlier in-carnation of Romanus, and with him the Impersonator of the Air Element, an earlier incarnation of Magnus Bellicosus; quite close to the Chief Hierophant, stands the Hierophant, an earlier incarnation of Capesius; on the left side of the altar the Impersonator of the Fire Element, an earlier incarnation of Doctor Strader, with the Impersonator of the Water Element, an earlier incarnation of Torquatus. In front of them Philia, Astrid, Luna and ‘the Other Philia.’ Four other priests stand in front of them. In front of all Lucifer to the left of altar and Ahriman to the right in the guise of sphinxes, with the cherubim emphasized in the case of Lucifer and the bull in the case of Ahriman. Dead silence for a while after the interior of the temple with its grouped mystics has become visible. The Keeper of the Temple, an earlier incarnation of Felix Balde, and the Mystic, an earlier incarnation of Dame Betide, lead the Neophyte in through a doorway on the right of stage. They place him in the inner circle near the altar, and remain standing near him.”

The Chief Hierophant:
The sphinxes speak — who were but images
Since e’er this rite by sages was performed.
Upon dead form the spirit now hath seized.
O Fate, thou dost sound forth as cosmic word!

I do not judge the man, I judge the deed
That will be wrought here in this holy place.
This holy mystic rite, which we perform
Hath not importance for ourselves alone.
Fate’s stream of cosmic evolution pours
Through word and deed of sacred priestly rites.
What happens here in pictures comes to pass
In everlasting life in spirit-worlds….

….The guides and leaders are themselves to blame.
Have they not learned to know the mystic force
Which penetrates in some mysterious way
With spirit, every word and sign of ours;
And ceases not from action even when
The contents of a soul are poured therein
Which hinders cosmic evolution’s course?

Initiation brought Candidates or Neophytes, prior to the Raising of Lazarus, to special schools and special trainings that brought the ripest candidates into a higher schooling and The Temple Sleep (see link). We follow this Temple Sleep and the Veil of Isis all the way to the powerful reality behind the Son of the Widow in the New Testament.  We are allowed to follow a failed stream of Egyptian Isis Initiation that included THE YOUTH OF NAIN, whom Christ personally recovered. The Youth of Nain remained through his many incarnations as the Son of the Widow, based on the failed and hazardous Initiation event experienced in a previous life through an Egyptian Isis Initiation Event.

To release the imprisoned elemental powers, to capture the flitting and fleeting elemental beings and hold them and observe them so that the forces of Consonants and Vowels, each Individual Elemental and en-souled force could be studied was a task greater than all of Shakespeare’s entire works. Shakespeare was able to identify and free Ariel, which we shall discuss later on. Shakespeare was able to free up one Elemental Sylph Spirit that had accompanied him through many incarnations. As Shakespeare evolved he was able to emancipate from his lower bodies, his astral body, the magnificent forces that each one of us has embedded in us.

What Fire – Air – Water – Earth elemental beings are embedded in us? Let’s clear up this issue so that we may grasp the magnitude of diagnosing and taming each slippery, shape shifting Consonant and Vowel and learning it’s pedigree and where it’s origin, originated from, aside from our lightening thoughts and our Speech system and our Etheric bodies. The order of magnitude of defining each sound, each dead letter, revealed in their pristine unfallen garments, their gestures and personalities stands above the magnificence, swirling through all of Shakespeare’s works.

In order for Buddha to free his Angel, to become a Buddha literally, literally entails freeing our Angel from his/her responsibilities. The Angel is then allowed to graduate to a higher level.  Before Buddha could free his Angel he had to transform all his elemental forces that held him into incarnation. Buddha had to liberate, and emancipate the entire colony of elemental beings that had served with Buddha as our Angel serves with us, until we unlock the cohesion and mysteries of our souls and Spirits and unlock Matter as the magnificent cohesion of Love and Light.

In “The Tempest” we witness, in all humility, the final play that through Shakespeare’s magnificent Symphonies of the Word, by way of the magical language forces Shakespeare used, he was able to demonstrate the freeing up of a mercurial Air Spirit, a Sylph that had served him as our mercurial Air Spirits serve our own intuitions.

Marie Steiner

“I once saw in Germany a large-scale production of Shakespeare’s Tempest. But of the elemental world and its spiritual nature, there was nothing to be perceived. There was certainly a lot of noise, temperamental outbursts and screaming. The Caliban scenes were exorbitantly overdone, and protracted in the realist manner far beyond anything Shakespeare apportioned them. And Ariel? There was nothing in him of aerial lightness and strength: a heavy, booming voice, hard as bone; the figure thick-set. There was much bouncing up and down and shrieking. But the bouncing did nothing to dispel the heaviness of that little, earth-bound, dumpy figure with its anti-halo of tousled, disheveled hair. An Ariel! Is not the word itself pure lightness and radiance – a soaring, sounding, hovering delight in the air?”

In all humility and in all objectivity of Initiation Science and Humanity, Spiritual Science has restored the entire body of language, and an entire Speech Treasure Box filled with animated mercurial Word Spirits. Eurythmy and the Science of the Word is a transcendent Portal of Initiation that lights our pathway, through the Word living in our Etheric bodies, back to the Gods.

We are now in the Age of the Fishes, in Pisces. The Egyptian Age was the Third Age and our Fifth Age, the age of the Fish has much to do with the Third Age, the Egyptian Age. Our age has everything to do with the resurrection of the Word Spirits. In Egypt the Tone and Mantric Words that called back the Astral Body of someone who lay in a TEMPLE SLEEP is the precise redemption of the Word that connects the Third cultural Epoch of Egypt to the deed of the recovery of each Sound and restoring each Sound to it’s rightful place, which is part of the karma of our Fifth cultural Epoch.

In ancient Egypt this Tone and Word power was part of the potent forces of Pictographic Language studies that we see written in hieroglyphs of stone in ancient Egypt and the magnificent research of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz (Click Link). True research and resurrection of the Word Beings is a hard job, but somebody had to take up the burden.

The Burden fell on the Karmic Intuition, and knowledge of one of the Chief Hierophants of ancient Egypt. This ancient Hierophant, was not commanded to do this or that, but the shadow of the great wings of the Archae Michael and the Etheric Christ tipped towards the deep karma of Rudolf Steiner. This time the Free Deed of Rudolf Steiner was prepared to see what the Divine Beings required and do a Free Deed which otherwise, as Freedom reveals to all of us, we look back on a debris field of SINS OF OMISSION.

We step into revelations of the most intimate karma and the most intimate free deeds that could only be intuited in the depths of the soul, that knew where it stood and when it stood there and who were the other players that stood there beside him. But for the sake of external spiritual riddles, The Souls Awakening and the Egyptian Scene Steiner wrote, can only be grasped externally by such research that R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz attempted (see link). However, when penetrating to a deeper level of Initiation Science and the revelation of the Human Word, we are required to actually penetrate the Karma of Humanity and see how our Best Human forces turned Sins of Omission from the past into Revelations for the future, drawing from deep well springs of Life Giving Spiritual Truths.

The Seven Post-Atlantean epochs

1. Indian/Hindu (7227-5067 BC) ————————————————- 7. American

2. Persian (5067-2907 BC) ——————————– 6. Russian/Slavonic

3. Egyptian (2907-747 BC) ———– 5. Anglo-Germanic (1413-3573 AD)

4. Graeco-Roman (747 B.C.-1413 AD)

Those Words and Tones that once called back the Individual Soul and Spirit from their out of body experiences, that lasted for Three Days, were once uttered with fully conscious magical Word Powers. There, back then, Elemental Beings embodied in the Power of the Word went forth into the astral worlds, the Devachan worlds, and retrieved the Travelers, the Neophytes for Initiation, and through the power of Speech and the Word, the Science of the Word, these candidates were led, escorted, back to their bodies. It was called a Temple Sleep.

This is exactly what Prospero, of “The Tempest,” commanded Ariel, to do. Ariel was sent through the Devachan and astral worlds to retrieve, ‘dead men’ which was nearly the condition of those in the old Temple Sleep. Ariel was charged with creating the conditions for catharsis and Initiation and bringing those participants and candidates for initiation back to their senses.

This was part of the precise hidden Mysteries of every ancient culture that Christ reversed, He turned the hidden Word of the Mysteries inside out. Christ performed The Temple Sleep, openly using the Word to Call Lazarus back to life, in public, before all of humanity.  For Speech it meant that Words were Intoned with fully conscious Power and Words were Spoken externally with condensed Spiritual Strength and The Time Was At Hand. Well my friends, there is World Karma in the Sounds of Speech.

So a panorama of the karma of one Chief Hierophant who arrived in the latter part of the 19th century and gets fully drenched in the storm of the Revelation of Michael bursting forth in thunderous lightening claps in 1879, opens the flood gates of magnificent New Insights into the Spiritual World. What will this Chief Hierophant discover about his incarnation gifts and his karmic path? This Person of Interest, this Chief Hierophant is brought before Goethean Science, plant and etheric metamorphosis. What ancient torch buried in our intuition and cognition will illuminate some of the riddles of this Chief Hierophant?

The torch we are discussing must illuminate the potential of the new powers of the Etheric World. If we use the analogy of the the Olympic Torch carried as the Spirit of Michael in investigating and laying the ground work for the Science of the Spirit of Humanity, then Goethe, his scientific work, his cutting edge revelation of Mephistopheles/Ahriman in our human psyche, lit a path from Greece to Germany. Someone had to see the torch that was carried and left burning. Hadn’t that same torch burned to the ground the Temple of Ephesus? Someone had to identify the torch, the light, or The Man with the Lamp, that had lit a trail from the ancient mysteries to the 20th century. Someone had to lift, raise and bring to the surface the Underground Temple that consolidated all the Mysteries of Humanity into a Christic-Michael Revelation.

In choosing to be a Scientist, in being drawn towards Goethe and finding the entire world of The Agricultural Course, Etheric Sciences, Plant Metamorphosis, Speech, and Eurythmy arising from the human etheric body to fulfill a shattering Karmic Event that goes all the way back to Egypt, well that puts a lot on someones plate.

What are the manifold and intimate reasons that the Resurrection of the Word and the awakening to Etheric Perception, the intimate forces hidden in each Consonant and in each Vowel, fell to Rudolf Steiner, is a riddle few Eurythmist concern themselves with.  Yet the Angelic forces written in the script of the plant world and Eurythmy as an answer to the awakening of humanity to the Etheric Word, points directly through Goethe, through ancient Greece, through Plato and Aristotle, from Ephesus to the 1st Goetheanum.

I look at the New Elemental forces of the Phytology and Botany of the Word, of the New Nature Forces arising from Eurythmy and Speech as an answer to the riddle of a shattering world karmic question. Millions, literally millions have been shocked by the Raising of Lazarus, but not nearly as shocked as one who felt the full impact of Saturn Karma shattering any illusions that Saul who became Paul felt or the riddles that Rudolf Steiner unraveled for the Fifth Cultural Epoch felt, in relation to all the pent up and locked up forces that sprang  at him like a lion when he recognized his Egyptian karma.

The talent to see with the ‘ I AM ‘ and bring public Initiation out of the closet into the glaring reality of the 20th and 21st century, from the ancient depths that had reverberated in the riddles hidden from public view in Egyptian Initiation, gives just a hint to us of the emotional grandeur, tragedy and complexity involved with the Destiny of Human Speech and the Resurrection of the Word through Eurythmy.

The seven post-Atlantean Cultural Ages:
Indian Age – Crab, Cancer
7227 – 5067 BC
Persian Age – Twins, Gemini
5067 – 2907 BC
Egypto-Chaldean-Babylonian Age – Bull, Taurus
2907 – 747 BC
Greco-Latin Age – Ram, Aries
747 BC – 1413 AD
Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Age – Fish, Pisces
1413 – 3573 AD
Russian, Slavic Age – Water, Aquarius
3573 – 5733 AD
American Age – Sea-Goat, Capricorn
5733 – 7893 AD

Education and Public Initiation and giving humanity the forces that strengthen and set into motion the new Etheric nature forces in Agriculture, in Speech, in each Consonant and Vowel and setting the laws of humanity that were lost, towards the good again, with the Science of Reincarnation and Karma, restoring the Greek and Human model of Truth – Beauty – Goodness through Art – Science – Religion, required a Human Being to go out beyond the shattering reefs and debris fields of the SINS OF OMISSION that are part of the Saturn Beings.

Part of the debris field that surrounds any individual who attempts, unconsciously, to scale the Walls where Saturn stands ominously reflecting the consequences of each of us, well, put it this way, most of us cannot even glimpse the magnitude of the I AM once it passes through the karmic necessities of Saturn.

Most people have no idea that we are not Science Fiction Space Voyagers in the stars, we are literally building the stages to become conscious participants in the work of the Heavens. In our real journey out beyond Saturn we will have a moment later in PART TWO – A of the Vowels (Click Link), to consider the Mystery of Saturn and the real Saturn Beings.

The Vowel sound UH carries weight, centricity, gravity, consolidation and the forces that contract the Spirit to a narrow point where the I AM slowly begins to glow under extreme compression. What Elemental Being and force has the task to contract the entire splendor of a plant, into the tiny fire chamber of the seed? Pure Goethean Science, pure Botany, Pure Eurythmy where we are introduced to a new nature being, hidden in Speech, who serves the deepest mysteries of Saturn, holds that sacred position in the realm of Speech and the Vowels.

We can see what the seed kernel of the I AM becomes and what Christ could observe shimmering in Lazarus in the darkness of the TOMB.  A word like TOMB or GLOOM truly reveals a certain elemental nature force in the new Botany and Phytology of the Science of the Word. This mighty Saturn Force rolled away the stone that covered the TOMB and our Earth is still reverberating from the Cosmic Seed Force, still gathering strength and fortitude through the upwelling power of Eurythmy,  that was released from the TOMB on Easter morning.

“The young German poet Novalis became a seer — we might almost say ‘miraculously’ — by the grace of divine-spiritual Powers. Through a deeply shattering event which made him aware, as if by a stroke of magic, of the connection between life and death, his eyes of spirit were opened and as well as a great vista of past ages of the Earth and Cosmos, the Christ Being Himself appeared before him. He was able to say of himself that he was one who with the eyes of spirit has actually seen what is revealed when ‘the stone is lifted’ (CLICK LINK)  and the Being who has furnished earthly existence with the proof that life in the spirit will forever overcome death, becomes visible.”

And what of those in Ahriman’s Army of Monsanto who lock the Seed Force and never let them out, control and regulate and catastrophically manipulate the regenerative seed force, or force humanity to pay a price to Ahriman to let any seed forces at all out of the Tomb? What if we grasped vividly that Ahrimanic Monsanto have been setting traps by tampering with the seed forces of the Etheric Life of Humanity, the Bees, and our Etheric Sun Evolution forces that are alive in the Risen Etheric Christ Being? What if we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ahriman wished to prevent all of humanity and our children from ever developing our higher Etheric potentials? That in fact a Counterfeit Etheric Body, manufactured by Ahrimanic Science is already in the works designed to prevent any higher forces of Speech, Eurythmy OR the New Nature forces of the Living Etheric Christ from becoming activated and alive within us and our children. What then?

So if we now measure three events we see the problem of the Word and the changes of the Power of the Word and the requirement to lift the Human Word back into the Elemental Powers of the Constellations and the Planets, because that was their origins and that is whom they served. Nobody has ever known, save those in the depths of the Mysteries and THE CHRIST BEING, through His Human Speech, that each Consonant and Vowel were living elemental beings who were nesting as part of the great future mystery hidden in our human Larynx.

These three events, the Raising of Lazarus through the Word; The resolution of the Egyptian Mysteries through the Youth of Nain, that had defiled the Word forces and caused immense casualties, because there were human spirits who had  Lifted the Veil of Isis with out proper preparations, caused immense shattering consequences. And finally the third factor which has caused Eurythmy to arise and the capturing of each Consonant and  Vowel and bringing each Elemental Sound back to their origins and Lift humanity through the Power of the Word, was the fact that Christ Himself spoke and imbued with life the fallen Language of all the Consonants and Vowels. In the Living Breath of the Christ Being the stream of  Speech as New Nature Forces lit up, were awakened back to life, returned as beneficent servants of the stars. They were Restored and brought back to Life because a God breathed Eternal Life back into the Living Forces of the wild menagerie of Word Beings.

The resurrection of The Bread of Life, by restoring the Word is, once again, so astonishing when we consider The Fifth Cultural Epoch we are in, and the Hierophant Christ Being, using the Twelve Constellations to re-educate humanity, and send a signal out to all those who have ears to hear, that THE FEEDING OF THE FIVE THOUSAND, with renewable Sound and renewable edible Etheric Life Forces, were a direct Signal given out by the Christ Being in the ritual of breaking the bread and gathering and re-distribution of the crumbs. This essay is part of the crumbs, each Eurythmy performance are part of  fragments of the mystery of FEEDING THE FIVE THOUSAND. Each Speech student of the living Word, each Eurythmy student is fulfilling an inner calling that went out to the Fifth Cultural Epoch, to regain the nourishment of the Word into their very Beings.

Matthew 4:4″But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Since each Consonant and Vowel have now been Captured and Restored through the  intimate and delicate research work of a person of interest who had a great deal to do with the ancient karma of Egypt we’re back on task with one of the most hidden secrets of our Fifth cultural epoch that connects to the depth of Egypt and our Third cultural epoch (See Link). The Science of the Word, the Dawning of a whole new stream of Nature Forces produced through Speech and Eurythmy are required to lift Creation and Humanity upwards through the changed soul-scape of the Etheric worlds.

The Age of Pisces and the Human Word

“The brightest star in Pisces Austrinus is Fomalhaut, associated in ancient Persia with Ahriman. The open mouth may indicate an ahrimanized or materialistic form of speech, for speech descended, became dispersed into many languages, and began to be used personally and profanely during the third cultural age (Tower of Babel). According to Rudolf Steiner, speech is to be redeemed and will again be sacred in the future, thus Pisces Austrinus continues to receive sweet water from the jug of Aquarius, sign of the Sixth Age.”

Those Beings of the Word that had once served in bringing the Soul and Spirit back into their bodies, now have the task of slowly and carefully coming into the service of refashioning the Etheric Body of Humanity, that we may join and participate in the New Cosmic Nature forces living in the revelation of the Etheric Worlds where Christ now dwells.  Math, Science, Music, Pythagoras, the Music of the Spheres, the Tonal living elemental and cosmic force in each letter and each word, are no longer Dead Language.

To plunge deeper into the problem we are addressing, it would be important to look into the so called Battle of the Minstrels (Study carefully this Link). This obscure and Real event, where Star Beings of the Word were attempted to be re-enslaved, that the elemental beings we have been discussing were brought deeply back into enslavement is not trifling.  We should take what is being offered with far more seriousness, for Starry Language Beings are being sought by Ahriman for enslavement into a counterfeit Ahrimanic and counterfeit materialistic language divorced from their Starry Origins. What follows has everything, literally everything to do with overcoming the decadent effects of the misuse of ancient Word Forces by former Initiates.

Part of the the problem of Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg and the Battle of the Minstrels (Special “Star Mysteries and the Word” – CLICK LINK)  is that it put the Word on Notice.

Human Speech and the starry forces of the Word could be enchanted down into the service of materialism. Eurythmy and Speech here described out of Spiritual Science, overcomes the enslavement of Language that Ahriman is seeking and was researched with intensity and spiritual strength by George Orwell in his “1984”. All these things are intimately connected. We are required to understand that the very redemption of the Starry Word Beings we are discussing, are being  threatened with imprisonment within materialistic language constructs that Ahriman and humanity are already locked into.

Rudolf Steiner “The Course of My Life”, Chapter XXXIV

“The evolution of the CONSCIOUSNESS – SOUL exposes the “Word” to danger from two directions. On the one hand it is made the vehicle of social understanding, and on the other it serves to communicate logical, intellectual knowledge. In both spheres the “Word” loses all value of its own. It has to be adapted to the “sense” of what it expresses. That the tone, the sound and the formation of the sound possess a reality of their own has to be forgotten. The beauty and luminous quality of the vowels, the unique character of the various consonants, are lost in speech. The vowel is drained of soul, the consonant of spirit. Speech deserts utterly the sphere of its origin – the spiritual sphere. It becomes the slave of intellectual knowledge and of a social life that shuns the spirit. It is divorced entirely from the domain of art.

“True spiritual perception is also instinctively an “experience of the Word”. Through it one learns to enter into the soul-quality that resonates in the vowel, and the spiritual power of depiction that resides in the consonant. One gradually begins to comprehend the mystery of speech and its evolution: how divine-spiritual beings could once speak to man’s soul through the Word, whereas now it is merely a means of communicating in the physical world.

“To lead the word back to its own sphere requires the enthusiasm kindled by such a spiritual insight. Marie von Sivers had this enthusiasm. Through her personality there entered the Anthroposophical Movement the possibility of cultivating the art of speech and speech-formation. Thus to the activity of imparting spiritual knowledge was added cultivation of the art of recitation and declamation, and this played an ever-increasing part in the events that were organized within the Anthroposophical Movement.”

That Power in the ‘M’ comes from the Water Bearer, the zodiacal sound offered from the constellation of Aquarius. It is so powerful, so stirring and has such an effect on the Etheric body that it was used as the vibratory end of the tone AUM or as the Speech and Drama Course by Rudolf Steiner revealed once and for all to humanity, it wasn’t just OM (I apologize in advance for this Link, I just thought you needed a break in your concentration), it wasn’t just two letters, it was Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end and the actual tonal structure used, that is still valid today is AH – O – U – M.

The ‘MMM” sound stirs our salivary etheric forces to life in smells and tastes with instinctual elemental force, even babies come forth knowing how to awaken and stimulate their Etheric Life forces by intoning  ‘MMMMM’ like a sweet and healthy symphony that the child still experiences resounding through the universe as health, Etheric Life and well being.

Through the Phytology and Botany studies of the Human Word we learn how we explore each gesture of our tongues and what our tongues can do, what our lips do, in how we meet our Karma through a Kiss. Through a KISS, how the lower and upper lips appear on each human being is an amazing study of thin or voluptuousness of lips that reveal completely different forces, readable and definable forces that appear in the Lips and help define the Soul and Spirit of the face that wears those lips.

Here we come to something so extremely astonishing, that in the structure and forces of our Lips, our blood, our compassion, our sympathy and most importantly our Hearts rise in the Lyric sounds and the Lip placement Consonants serve the soothing delicacy of our Living I AM.  The I AM lives in our blood and we meet the world with Love in the Consonants that serve Lyric Poetry and live close to our heart forces.

Lyric Poets and Lyric Poetry of such an astonishing variety works back directly into the region of our hearts and infuses the I AM with cognitive Love for the world and the Beings who are nearest and dearest to us. By practicing Lyric Poetry with a warmth close to the breath-stream and softened with the dignity of the human soul we create a direct pathway for the development of The Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart (See Link).

In the M’s and in the mood of Lyric Poets and Poetry, John Keats epitomizes the epitome of Lyric Poetry in this example that is all in the warmth of the intimate breath stream merging with the heart and Lip Placement concentration and focus. It has the making of a truly esoteric exercise and study in the Lyric forces of the I AM where the blood forces of the ‘ I ‘  and the breath-stream hover near the upper and lower lips and shimmer in the warmed movements of the intimacy of the heart. Most of the sounds of the poem lean towards the lips, caressing and holding tone, consonant and vowel into a forward placement of the Lips. A very potent example of Lyric Poetry by a most astonishing Lyric Poet.

Ode to a Nightingale

By John Keats

My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
         My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
         One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk:
‘Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,
         But being too happy in thine happiness,—
                That thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees
                        In some melodious plot
         Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
                Singest of summer in full-throated ease.
O, for a draught of vintage! that hath been
         Cool’d a long age in the deep-delved earth,
Tasting of Flora and the country green,
         Dance, and Provençal song, and sunburnt mirth!
O for a beaker full of the warm South,
         Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene,
                With beaded bubbles winking at the brim,
                        And purple-stained mouth;
         That I might drink, and leave the world unseen,
                And with thee fade away into the forest dim:
Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
         What thou among the leaves hast never known,
The weariness, the fever, and the fret
         Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last gray hairs,
         Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;
                Where but to think is to be full of sorrow
                        And leaden-eyed despairs,
         Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,
                Or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.
Away! away! for I will fly to thee,
         Not charioted by Bacchus and his pards,
But on the viewless wings of Poesy,
         Though the dull brain perplexes and retards:
Already with thee! tender is the night,
         And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne,
                Cluster’d around by all her starry Fays;
                        But here there is no light,
         Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown
                Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways.
I cannot see what flowers are at my feet,
         Nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,
But, in embalmed darkness, guess each sweet
         Wherewith the seasonable month endows
The grass, the thicket, and the fruit-tree wild;
         White hawthorn, and the pastoral eglantine;
                Fast fading violets cover’d up in leaves;
                        And mid-May’s eldest child,
         The coming musk-rose, full of dewy wine,
                The murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves.
Darkling I listen; and, for many a time
         I have been half in love with easeful Death,
Call’d him soft names in many a mused rhyme,
         To take into the air my quiet breath;
                Now more than ever seems it rich to die,
         To cease upon the midnight with no pain,
                While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad
                        In such an ecstasy!
         Still wouldst thou sing, and I have ears in vain—
                   To thy high requiem become a sod.
Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!
         No hungry generations tread thee down;
The voice I hear this passing night was heard
         In ancient days by emperor and clown:
Perhaps the self-same song that found a path
         Through the sad heart of Ruth, when, sick for home,
                She stood in tears amid the alien corn;
                        The same that oft-times hath
         Charm‘d magic casements, opening on the foam
                Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.
Forlorn! the very word is like a bell
         To toll me back from thee to my sole self!
Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well
         As she is fam‘d to do, deceiving elf.
Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades
         Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
                Up the hill-side; and now ’tis buried deep
                        In the next valley-glades:
         Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
                Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?

“Let Lips do what Hands do” touch caress, entwine with each other is again a Living Shakespeare Expression but it is also an integral part of the Science of the Word. We literally meet our Karma at our Lips through the starting points where a Mother Kisses her baby. A Mother resolves the pain and kisses the boo-boo and makes it better. All gone!  The Etheric bridge from the Mother to the Child and through the Language of the Mother Tongue magically envelopes the new born soul, now clothed in her earthly garment. Lovers leap to lavish or ravish each other, smother each other in kisses that explode with Life Forces of our Tongues that produce the very Sounds to say the names of our lovers. Their names become for us Life Forces, sometimes they become immortal, Juliet, Romeo, Beatrice and with a touch of Aphrodite and the fallen Venus mysteries we marvel in amazement at MM, Marilyn Monroe.

This was not even her original name, but what Lyric inspiration to Aphrodite and the power of Venus draws us upwards to our Lips and becomes a cultural epitome in a name? M & M melts in your mouth not in your hand (see link). It was so powerful, the force of these two MM’s of Marilyn Monroe that she found her way to Rudolf Steiner and read the Philosophy of Freedom. This is not a Joke.

“The following quote is taken from a biography of Marilyn Monroe called “Norma Jean: the Life of Marilyn Monroe” by Fred Lawrence Guiles, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York in 1969. The quote appears on pages 331-332 of the 333 page book.

“Some years before her death (in Dec. ’64), Dame Edith (Sitwell) had spent a winter in Hollywood. A meeting between the poetess and Marilyn was arranged by a monthly magazine. It was thought their ‘opposite’ personalities would throw off some journalistic sparks. No one could have foreseen that they would become immediate friends, nor could anyone have known that their deaths would be marked in an almost identical way—while their legends were growing in their lifetimes, they had been taken seriously by too few, too late.

“By the time she met Dame Edith, Marilyn had come a long way. If she had not been moving in an atmosphere— much of it self-created— so removed from her beginning, they might have had nothing in common. But when the introductions were over, these new and unlikely friends were left alone and began talking of Rudolph Steiner, whose personal history, “The Course of My Life”, Marilyn was reading at the time. Dame Edith was to remark later on Marilyn’s ‘extreme intelligence'”

“While living in Spring Valley in 1980, I had the good fortune of meeting the person who had sent Marilyn that copy of Steiner’sautobiography as well as a number of other Steiner books and lecture cycles that Marilyn requested over a ten year period from the Anthroposophical Library, then located at 211 Madison Avenue in New York City. I speak of the late Agnes Macbeth, wife of the late Norman Macbeth (author of “Darwin Retried”. Agnes worked for the library during the 1950’s, handling book requests and she vividly remembers the letters Marilyn posted asking for various lecture cycles. And although Marilyn had a reputation for tardiness and irresponsibility on her movie sets, Agnes assured me that Marilyn was very conscientious and punctual with her returns of the books.

“Marilyn Monroe was introduced to Steiner by her favorite drama teacher, Michael Chekhov (1890-1955), nephew of the playwright Anton, and fellow director with Stanislavsky in the Moscow Art Theater early this century. Marilyn was introduced to Chekhov in 1951 by one of his devoted students, the American character actor Jack Palance.  Marilyn opened herself like a sponge to water to Chekhov’s approach to theater which was so deeply influenced by Steiner that Chekhov left Stanislovski’s method behind.  And Marilyn opened herself very deeply to anthroposophy, not because she felt it would please her teacher, but Chekhov felt that it was one of the only times in her life that Marilyn did something out of her own free inner being.  The tragedy of Marilyn Monroe is that she opened herself up too much and became a slave, not only of the studio bosses, but also the expectations of a world that focused on her as such a fantasy object.  Yet deep inside her inner being, which no one in the media and our popular culture even believed she possessed, she spent the last 10 or 11 years of her tortured life cultivating the delicate plant of anthroposophy.”

Our Vowels and Consonants allow us to be the most Expressive Word Bearers that carry the law, in any language we study, of the entire Zodiac in our Consonants and all the rainbow colors of emotion of the planets in our Vowels. Every Language and every Etheric and Ethnic human being who speaks language, must use Vowels and Consonants. In agony, ecstasy or silence we feel and know the word and the elemental power of emotion that runs through us. In every instance what comes through us, through our Larynx, from our hearts are either raw Planetary Vowel Emotions or Living powers of the Zodiac that dance swiftly on the tips of our tongues in all the different Consonants.

This is how we enter into the study of Etheric and Astral Phytology, where each word, each letter, each sound, that runs in rivers from our lips, that we love, or our gestures, that are sometimes a whole language in themselves are all miniature cosmic forces we were never taught to behold. We come to know each WORD we utter and our fluid mimicry that runs etherically through our gestures as specific instances of the Botany and Phytology of the Word.

The Logos Law is new to some of you, but it is the major discovery that has been resurrected in the Word, in the fact that Consonants and Vowels were uttered by the Christ Being through Language and Sounds, means that those Sounds and those Words became immortal elemental forces of the New Nature that are arising from Eurythmy and resurrected to consciousness through the Science of Sound, Speech and the Word.

The Macrocosmic Logos that Spoke all things, that made Adam name and give etheric, astral identity to Life, that Macrocosmic Logos incarnated and used the Word and the laws of the Word, the humble human word, and breathed immortality into each Sound, each Consonant and each Vowel.

Through our Speech we partake, in miniature, microcosmic miracle, the same forces that Christ used in the Zodiac and Planets. We are the Living Logos of nature and from our Larynx, from our souls and from our spirits we produce, refined, into magic, the New Nature arising from the Living Word and Eurythmy.

In our Consonants we see the individual expressions and characters of the Zodiac and in our Vowels, the Vowels in each word, are the Soul of the Word, the soul of the moment and instant of our meaning and expression. The Consonants are the clothing, the zodiacal garments that our Souls wish to express themselves with. So that we enter into a Science of the Phytology of the Word and gradually come to know each Vowel and each Consonant and how a New Nature is being slowly resurrected from Eurythmy and the Science of the Word.

Just as the plants are fettered music and math filled with starry virtues, nutritional and etheric Sun Logos laws so is Eurythmy filled with the Sun Laws of the Cosmic and Human Word as it ripples through our human etheric bodies. Eurythmy sends a message back to the Angels that humanity has heard their prayers and understood the wisdom spread out in nature.

Our human skeletal systems manifest the frozen music of the zodiac, human beings are the Word Made Flesh. Eurythmy releases the frozen zodiac and planetary forces of nature and defines an entire new Elemental Human Kingdom of Language and the Word, a host of Consonants and Vowels in each and every Eurythmy form, has been snatched lovingly out of the ethers and richly restored as the Living Hieroglyphics that once lay frozen in the stone picture walls of ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

Rudolf Steiner

Behold the plant
It is the butterfly
Fettered to the earth.
Behold the butterfly
It is the plant
Set free by the cosmos.

Dr. Karl Konig

Behold the spoken word
It is speech
Fettered to the breath;
Behold heard language
It is the word
Set free from the head.

Clumping gnomes in the roots are Bass notes, Nymphs and undines serve the Etheric and Angel Kingdoms songs, by sending the fluids in obedience with lovely Tenor like weaving, and winding, through leaf and stem. To achieve blossom and seed the general design of the plant scales tighter, higher into Alto, as a rising Ascension written in the etheric script of nature peaks, time becomes space and the blossom would literally take flight into the Soprano.It is in the blossom where the very notes of the music call forth the sublime butterfly and winged laborer, the bee, to meet the Soprano and Alto spiral rise to the spirit.

This rising Sun Tone of exquisite music lifts the Queen upwards and upwards, and upwards where the mating with the weighty and bumbling drone male takes place high in the sunlit air. The Queen follows the Sun Tone of the highest plant symphonies high up into a stream of etheric light and tone where she mates with her consort in the Etheric Rich light, and tone unheard by human ears.

Humming birds and dragon fly’s shimmer in supersensible astral desires seeking nectar, while Eurythmy and the veritable Word finds itself in flitting Tone, in garments of tone, as Holy Spirit butterflies soaring on the lymphatic/etheric foundation that our human physical bodies offer to us. The laws of gravity are overcome, weight has been transsubstantiated to spirit. The Angel Kingdom rejoices in their flora strewn prayers uplifted in holy psalms to heaven and the human STAR FORM.

And of special concern, the Angel Kingdom calls forth from the stars themselves Homeopathic virtues distilled from each star. Spices, healing herbs, tastes to titillate and call forth our astral senses,  and awaken our etheric nutritional juices to the manna from the starry world that is woven into the unique design of each flowering herb, fruit, blossom, root, seed, stem and leaf. Each plant carries a Virtue and an Individuality and a familiar Elemental Spirit.

Literal Star virtues, healing herbs are dressed in mathematical finery, clothed with dappled colors that peek from every nook and cranny. Frozen, visible, sound, tone, Star Words that are loaded with secrets to heal our astral bodies illnesses and our etheric bodies dis-harmonies.

Luke 12:27 “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

Nicholas Culpeper was born in 1616 in Surrey, England into an old noble family.  His father died shortly before his birth; and so, his grandfather was the main formative influence in his upbringing. He did his university studies at Cambridge, where he studied for the priesthood, but his heart wasn’t in it.  Culpeper was in love with a rich heiress of whom his family disapproved, so they planned to marry in secret.  On the eve of their elopement, his fiancee was struck dead by lightning, which sent Culpeper into a deep depression.

Culpeper’s best known and loved work is his herbal, called A Complete Herbal, which has never really gone out of print since it was first published.  It gives the astrological indications of every herb in terms of planets and signs of the zodiac.  According to Culpeper, plants were able to channel and embody the subtle life energies of the planets, which were then consumed as food and medicine.  Through an elaborate system of planetary sympathies and antipathies, he found the right herb or formula to treat the patient’s illness.

Each of these flowers, their roots, their stems, their leaves, buds, blossoms, seeds, fruit are filled with secret geometric symphonies of the Angelic Kingdoms lowest body. The Angelic Kingdom sings the math of the Music of the Spheres into the manifold formations, musical themes, solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, nonets, dectets, hendectets and undectets  are woven as Goethean Science into the visible geometry(CLICK LINK FOR GEOMETRY AND TONE), color and scent, medicinal virtue, nutritional value that arises from the soil, the Earth.

We can now SEE with crystal clarity that Sound, Consonants and Vowels literally Shimmer through our Etheric Bodies with each Sound and Each Word we utter. For a fleeting moment both our Etheric bodies and the Speech forces in our Larynx meet and pollinate each other. It happens swiftly, which represents for us the immense meditation of the transition from the Mars forces of blood and heredity and the forces of the human Word Powers to the Mercurial, Conscious, swift ability of consciousness and Etheric mobility able to apprehend a single Tone, a single Sound, hear it, see and understand it in less than a twinkling of the Eye. It is truly a new Mercurial mandate that is arising from the New Nature Beings we are beholding in the effervescent Word.

This Liquid, quivering Mercurial Entity is prepared to Serve Humanity and Ahriman is petrified that it may be so. Ahriman will do everything in his power to kill the life out of these New Beings who wish to serve humanity. It takes some training, it does. It takes some interest, it does.

The Christ had these silvery or Swift Rainbow Hued Spirits at his command, to serve HIM. The entire arrangement and Colonies of Zodiac and Planetary servants embodied in our Consonants and Vowels rejoiced and were Baptized in the Living Life Ethers that we call the Fountain of Life. Speech and Eurythmy where the Etheric Christ Dwells are the Living Waters of Budhi and the Life-Spirit (study link for LIFE-SPIRIT CAPACITIES)  where these New Nature forces await the I AM of humanity to Sing them, Speak them and Dance them into service.

From Angels to Archangels

Geographical, arid, desert, jungles, forests, mountains, lake regions, marshes, islands, ocean shores are Archangelic regions where both LANGUAGE and the unique flora and fauna of specific countries, LANGUAGE BLOCKS, have specific native fruits, spices, herbs, trees, foods that are served that support the etheric nutritional Life and Etheric Language forces of various regions over the Earth.

The Archangels have as their lowest body, not the etheric, but the astral body. The Etheric and ethnic forces and the different qualities,  the Soul of different regions, their favorite cuisines and dishes, their sounds, their music, their style in dress and the peculiarities of their poets and their way of speaking, accents, lilts, brogue’s, gestures, particularly the Etheric gestures from the animated Italian of the Sentient Soul forces, The strong nasal forces of the French (CLICK LINK), snails, cuisine, wine, love;  the English language forces of Owen Barfield, Tolkien, Shakespeare and the Consciousness Soul; the sing-song of the Swedish; Chinese, Japanese, Aborigine, Native American, Cherokee, Apache, Crow, Blackfoot,  Sioux, Chippewa, Navajo, Hopi.

To be honest the Archangels that live in the gestures and forces of the WORD, that hover over a region of Flora and Fauna, that weave inside the lungs and hearts of ALL THESE ETHERIC BODIES, cover vast areas of land mass of the Earth, these Archangel Spirits give the Temperament, Soul, Foods and Flavors of the regions on Earth their Etheric Character. Our Individual human Angels negotiate through our karma with the vast Archangel Community, the Eighth Hierarchy above us for our place, our destination, our incarnation point, our karmic conditions of family life and Language that will most assist us in the unfolding of our own unique Spiritual development.

We learn through our Mother Tongue how our Thought life, can serve as the vehicle for our individual national, regional and Folk expressions here on Earth. Through the cradle of our Mother Tongue, the Archangels of the different Languages, are all of them, subservient to the Consonants and Vowels that shine forth, above the Archangels themselves, through the forces raying out from the Zodiac and our unique Planetary community. Our unique Language is the Garment of a vast Archangelic Being. The Archangels have a vast community in all the different nuances of all the different Languages scattered over the entire Earth.

Archangelic Language Beings (See Link) and the Group and Folk Soul Entities

“In a certain respect the Archangel-nature, the one which guides the people, is something which floats above the separate individual human beings. The personal things which a man experiences because he receives perceptions through his senses, are foreign to the Archangel who is guiding the people. But there are intermediaries, and it is important that we should understand that there are such intermediaries. They are the Beings we call Angels, who are between the Archangels and man. You must take this in the strictest sense of the words: Folk-spirits are Archangels, they are Spirits who have finished the transforming of their astral bodies into Spirit-self or Manas, and are now transforming their etheric body or life-body into Life-spirit. Just halfway between these Beings and man are the Angels. These are Beings who are occupied in remodeling their astral body into Spirit-self or Manas, but have not yet concluded their work. At the present time man is at the beginning of this work, the Angels are nearly at the end of it, but have in no wise finished it. Therefore these Beings come into closer contact with that which makes up the daily life of man. We may say that the Angels incline with their whole soul-nature towards what we call the astral body. For this reason they fully understand all the joy and sorrow the human personality may go through. But because on the other hand they extend much higher than the human ‘ I ’, because they possess a higher ‘ I ’, because they can take in part of the higher world, the world of their consciousness extends to that domain in which is to be found the sphere of consciousness of the Archangels. They are therefore really the intermediaries between the Archangels and the several human individuals. They on their part receive the commands of the Folk-spirits and convey them into the several souls, and by means of this agency is brought about what a single individual may do, not only for his own progress, his own evolution, but for his whole people.”

The laws of Consonants and Vowels transcend every Language used by Archangel Groups over the globe

Abron | Adja | Adyghe | Afar | Afrikaans | Aguaruno | Aimaq | Akan | Albanian | Alsatian | Amharic | Arabic | Arakanese | Armenian | Assamese | Assyrian | Aymara | Azerbaijani | Azeri

Bahasa | Balcanta | Baluchi | Bambara | Banda | Bangala | Bangla | Bariba | Basque | Bassa | Baule | Bedawi | Bemba | Bengali | Bete | Bhojpuri | Bicolano | Bissa | Bosnian | Breton | Bribri | Bulgarian | Buriat | Burmese | Byelorussian

Cabecar | Cakchiquel | Calo | Campa | Cantonese | Catalan | Cebuano | Chachi | Cham | Chaouia | Chichewa | Chiga | Chilupi | Chinese | Chiquitano | Colorado | Creole-English | Creole-French | Creole | Crioulo | Croatian | Czech

Dan | Danish | Dari | Daza | Dinka | Dioula | Domari | Douala | Dutch | Dzongkha

Embera | English | Estonian | Ewe | Ewondo | Fang | Faroese | Farsi | Finnish | Fon | French | Frisian | Fulfulde | Fur

Ga | Gabre | Gaelic | Gagauz | Galician | Ganda | Garifuna | Gbaya | Gen | Georgian | German | Gogo | Greek | Greenlandic | Guaragigna | Guarani | Gujarati | Gulay | Gurma | Gurtu

Hakka | Haus | Haya | Hazaragi | Hebrew | Hindi | Hmong | Huilliche | Hungarian

Igbo | Ilocano | Indonesian | Italian

Japanese | Javanese | Jerba | Jiddu | Jola | Jula

Kabiye | Kabyle | Kalanga | Kalenjin | Kalmyk | Kamba | Kannada | Karakalpak | Karen | Kari%f1a | Kashmiri | Kashubian | Kazakh | Kebumtamp | Kekchi | Ketchi | Kgalagadi | Khmer | Khmu | Kikuyu | Kinyarwanda | Kirghiz | Kirmanjki | Kissi | Kituba | Kongo | Konkani | Korean | Kpele | Kpelle | Kunama | Kuranko | Kurdish

Lalabisa | Lao | Latvian | Ligurian | Limba | Lingala | Lithuanian | Lituanian | Loanda | Lomwe | Lozi | Luba | Luo | Luxembourgeois | Luyia

Maay | Maba | Macedo Rom | Macedonian | Madura | Maithali | Makhuwa | Malagasy | Malay | Malayalan | Malinke | Mam | Mandarin | Mandinka | Mandyak | Maninka | Manipuri | Mano | Manza | Maori | Mapuche | Mapudungun | Marathi | Maya | Mbere | Mbosi | Mbundu | Mehri | Mende | Min | Min Nan | Minang | Mingrelian | Mirandesa | Miskito | Mixteco | Moba | Moldovan | Mongolian | Moore | Morisyen | Motu | Munukutuba | Muong | Myene

Nahuat | Nahuatl | Nauruan | Ndebele | Neapolitan | Nefusi | Nepalese | Nepali | Ngoni | Niuean | Niyanja | Norwegian | Nubian | Nuer | Nung | Nyankore

Occitan | Oriya | Oromigna

Paez | Pai | Papiamcutu | Pashto | Pemon | Pidgin-English | Piemontese | Polish | Portuguese | Pular | Punjabi

Quechua | Quiche

Rama | Rapa Nui | Romani | Romanian | Rundi | Russian | Ruthenian

Saami | Saho | Samoan | Sango | Sanskrit | Sara | Scharchup | Sena | Senoufo | Sepedi | Serbian | Serbo-Croatian | Serere | Sesotho | Setswana | Shan | Shona | Shuar | Sindhi | Sinhala | Sira | Siswati | Slovak | Slovenian | So | Soga | Somali | Songhai | Soninke | Soqotri | Spanish | Sumo | Susu | Swahili | Swedish | Sylheti

Tachelhit | Tagalog | Tai | Tajik | Tamajak | Tamang | Tamashek | Tamazight | Tamil | Tarifit | Tatar | Techelhit | Teke | Telugu | Tem | Thai | Tharu | Themne | Tigrina | Tigrinya | Toba | Tokelauan | Tonga | Tshivenda | Tsonga | Tumbuka | Turkish | Turkmen | Tzutujil

Uigur | Ukranian | Umbundu | Urdu | Uzbek

Valencian | Venetian | Vietnamese

Warao | Waray | Wayuu | We | Welsh | Wolof | Wuluf

Xhosa | Xiang | Xitsonga

Yao | Yiddish | Yoruba

Zapoteco | Zarma | Zaza | Zuara | Zulu

Consonants and the Intimacy of Speech

1 st position: Feet are together, arms horizontally stretched out to both sides.

2nd position: The feet move apart slightly either in a single jump or stepping with the right foot. Arms move to the level of the larynx.

3rd position: The feet move further apart with a jump or stepping now with the left foot . The arms move to the level of the heart i.e. the line connecting the hands touch the tip of the heart .

4th position : The feet are the farthest apart, again either in jumping or stepping with the right foot. The hands are equally far extended forming a direct line with the feet .

5th position : The feet come closer together approximately as the feet were in the 3rd position or to be exact somewhere between the 2nd and the 3rd position, this time stepping with the left foot or again jumping at once. The arms move to the top level of the head.

6th position : The feet are together again, this time using the right foot in stepping, or jumping. Arms are brought parallel up above the head.


Aphorisms on the Word

By Albert Steffen

“The Tree of Life is rooted in the Word. In the Kingdom of the Spirits of Nature is speech. The Nouns of this speech of the gods corresponds to the minerals, the Adjectives to the plants, the Verbs to the animals. Human Beings are the connection of Noun, Adjective and Verb – a sentence constructed by our higher self. The inspired genius of the higher self of humanity does not only imitate the words of the gods, but may continue to form them; indeed, we may even create new words. The inner genius of our higher selves have Word Forming Power.

“Nearly every word has been let fall by the gods. Many words seem dead. Several are in danger of becoming sub-human. A few still contain WILL wherein the godhead sleeps, or FEELING where in it dreams, or SELF-AWARENESS where in it lies enshrouded.

“Into the swoon of our human self-consciousness the Word of Life, (the Bread of Life, Budhi and the Life Spirit (SEE LINK) of the Risen Etheric Christ may always penetrate like a seed into the soil of the soul and spirit.

“The revelation of a New Earth will then sound forth. Words which were once alive have become coffins imprisoning spirits. These spirits are only seemingly dead and may be redeemed. An Angel must step out of every shrine. Poets must never cease to love the Word that has overcome death, until a complete host of living God-Beings stand before us. With these hosts of Living Words we set out to fight against the beast which continues to rise from the abyss.”

HUMANITY THE MEDIATOR (Not the Terminator)

Mingled most wondrously of Heaven and Earth –
Fire, Air, Dust, Water – Adam waked to birth.
Most wondrously is still man’s being blent
Of earthly clod and heavenly firmament.
The Moon-Drawn juices mount; the leaves distil
The Sun’s gold heart-beats into chlorophyll.
Out of the Plant’s green blood man’s red is wrought,
While stars rain down to gild his brow with thought.
Sun, Moon, and Stars, blue air, seven-colored bow
In man are offered to the worlds below.
Stone, Blossom, Beast and Earth’s great task of Love
In man are offered to the worlds above.
In man meet Beast and Angel, Star and Stone.
He stands, with crown of fire and rocky bone,
His dark clay phosphored with a lambent leaven,
A Conversation between Earth and Heaven.

Albert Steffen

Than a STONE on Earth’s floor,
Because the Father-Creator,
As World-Formator,
Gave me the chance
Of an upright stance.
Than the PLANT, unconscious sleeper,
Because the Son as Heavenly Word
In the deeps of my heart is heard.
More than than the BEAST who dreams,
Because the Spirit came,
The enlightening flame,
To my head, as cosmic thought,
The brightness of thinking brought.
Myself and my fellows freeing,
Creative Community maker,
Helper, guardian and waker,
As Thinker – The Truth Behold,
As Lover – The Word Unfold,
As Actor – Do Deeds that are bold.

Rudolf Steiner (Link)

“The more interior speech organs are so formed out of Man’s essential being that they can produce vowels, and the organs nearer to the periphery, the palate, the tongue, the lips and everything that contributes to the form of the physical body, are built up in such a way that consonants can be produced.”


Consonants, Vowels and the Star Forces of the Human Word

Birth From the Stars

When from Seventh Heaven’s bliss, I leaned below,
And longed to love the lorn and languishing Earth,
The planets’ shuttles, weaving to and fro,
Wrought me resplendent vesture for my birth.
Forth the Twelve Mighty Constellations spake
Their world-creating WORD, whose thunder ran
Reverberating through the heights to make
The microcosmic majesty of man.
And singing swarms of stars, like golden bees,
Built the white honeycombs which are my bones,
And lit death’s candle in their secrecies,
Dipped them in dew, and shuttered them in stones.
So from the water-lily of the moon,
Down air’s steep escalade I made my way,
Stately with stars, in mesh of light, soon, soon
To dim my splendor with disguise of clay.
When through the darkling cave of birth I crept,
Entered my house, touched pillar, vault, and plinth,
The Stellar map of skies which o’er me swept
Was printed in my skull’s grey labyrinth.
Thus, while I wake, behind blind walls of loam,
A cataract of Stars Inhabits me;
Till, sleeping, they surge skyward, heavenward, home
To the fair tents of their nativity.


B – P – M – V – W

Build your bridges bold and bended,
Build the bulwarks’ stubborn ranks
Batter down with big bull-dozers
The budding blue-bells on the banks.
Peerless Princess proudly dancing
Tulips tall and peacocks prancing
Pansies purple, poppies red
Primrose pale with golden head
Merrily, merrily marches the Minstrel
By meadow and marsh, over mountain and moorland
Men are amazed by the magical music
Of marvelous melody made by the Minstrel.
Over wintry wind-whipped waves
The white-winged seagulls wildly sweep
Weaving, windling, wheeling, whistling
Where the wide waste waters weep.

TEETH PLACEMENT, Astral intensity, Dramatic precision super charging the Astral Body

F – V – S – SH – Z – C – TH

Fast me flit with flickering feet.
Flinging the flame fronds higher
Fluttering, fluttering, far and fleet
Fashioning flaming fire.
Victory viewed from vantage vain
Vikings versed in victim’s pain.
Silver spray and swelling seas
Swirling seek the shining shore.
Snow and ice and silvered hedges
Sleet and slush and slides and sledges.
Dance, dance, dance down the fiery lance
Prance, prance, prance watch the horses dance
Trance, trance, trance is the high romance
That Nancy’s new born love can chance.

Very Strong Astral and Dramatic Teeth Placement Exercise

From Shakespeare’s “As You Like IT”

Character TOUCH –  “I do now remember a saying: (the fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.) The heathen philosopher, when he had a desire to eat a grape, would open his lips when he put it into his mouth; meaning thereby that grapes were made to eat and lips to open…Then learn this of me: – to have is to have; for it is a figure in rhetoric that drink, being poured out of a cup into a glass, by filling the one doth empty the other; for all your writers do consent that IPSE is he; now, you are not IPSE, for I am he… He, sir, that must marry this woman. There fore, you clown, abandon – which is in the vulgar, leave, – the society, – which in the boorish is company, – of this female – which in the common is woman, – which together is abandon the society of this female; or, clown, thou perishest; or, to thy better understanding, diest; or, to wit, I kill thee, make thee away, translate thy life into death, thy liberty into bondage: I will deal in poison with thee, or in bastinado, or in steel; I will bandy with thee in faction; I will o’er – run thee with policy; I will kill thee a hundred and fifty ways; therefore tremble, and depart.


N – D – T – L – R

Now the night is nigh its noon
Nimble gnomes beneath the moon
Nine times nine the knell is toned
New Knight Knaves now kneel alone.
Down, down, down
Down in dungeons deep
Dreadful Dragons dwell
Doomed the demon
Direful daring to defeat.
Untwirling the twine that untwisteth between
He twirls, with his twister, the two in a twine;
Then twice having twisted the twines of the twine,
He twitcheth, the twice he had twined in twain.
Silks and laces for the lady,
Letters from the lady’s love.
Laughter ripples through the lattice
As she lifts a long lace glove.
Rumbling in the Chimneys
Rattling at the doors
Round the roofs and round the roads
The rude wind roars.
Raging through the darkness
Raving through the trees
Racing off again across the great gray seas.


G – K – (GERMAN) CH – NG – R

Go, go, gallant goodknight
Gallop over the ground,
Give the gift of thy great heart’s gold
Till the Grail’s gold thou hast found.
The Etheric Origins of the Speech sound ‘ K ‘ and the origins of the ETHERIC BODY itself as a root study in the physiology and science of the Centaur, the strong inner light of Prometheus and the strength of the Risen Etheric Christ may be more deeply studied AT THIS LINK.
Cold, cold the cruel King,
Cold the crystal cave.
Crafty gnomes there creep and cling
Cunning clefts they clave.
Linking the stinging, springing chain
The pang sprang from arm to thong.
His joints went ping, his joints went pong
His screaming heard a mile long
Down the echoing, sing-song lane.

Rudolf Steiner

“It was thought that when the human being has entered the planetary sphere on his way to a new birth and has been received by it insofar as his etheric body is concerned, he subsequently enters the earth. He is received by the earth. Yet, even here, people did not merely think of the solid earth. Rather, they thought of the earth with its elements. Apart from the fact that the human being is received by the planetary sphere — whereby he would be a super-earthly being, whereby he would be what he is only as a soul — it was said that like a child he is received by the elements of the earth, by fire or warmth, by air, water, and the solid earth. All of these elements were considered the actual earth. Consequently, it was thought, the human being’s etheric body is so tinged by these external elements, so saturated, that now the temperaments originate in it. Thus, the temperaments were pictured as closely tied to the etheric body, hence to the life organization of the human being.”

Goethe and the Science of the Consonants

Scorching Salamander, burn
Nymph of water, twist and turn,
Vanish, Sylph, to thy far home
Labor vex thee, drudging Gnome.
Fiery Salamander, wither
In the Red Flames fiery glow!
Rushing, as waves rush together,
Water-Nymph in water flow!
Gleamy Sylph of air, glance, fleeter,
And more bright, than midnight meteor!
Slave of homely drudgery
Lubber Incubus, flee, flee
To the task that waits for thee!
Spirit, that within the beast
Art imprisoned be released!
Kingly sway hath Solomon
Over subject spirits won:
– Forth – obey the spell and seal,

Albert Steffen

Swallow loves the Sylph so fair,
Flits with her through fields of air –
Seeks the Nymph among the reeds
And with her down-river speeds –
With the Salamander dashes
Dancing mid the lightening flashes –
Trusting that the faithful gnome
Guard her nest till she come home.
Why, O heavenly one, they ask her,
Dost thou ever earthward wing,
Not uprise to our good Master?
“Peace to anxious hearts I bring!”

Sophia Walsh introduced this to me “Overheard on a Salt-marsh” by Harold Munro

Nymph, Nymph, what are your beads?
Green glass, goblin. Why do you stare at them?
Then I will howl all night in the reeds,
Lie in the mud and howl for them.
Goblin, why do you love them so?
They are better than stars or water,
Better than voices of winds that sing,
Better than any man’s fair daughter
Your green glass beads on a silver ring.
Hush, I stole them out of the moon.
I will howl in a deep lagoon
For your green glass beads, I love them so.


Spiritual forces of Fire by Rudolf Steiner – ” I consume the fire striving force it redeems me in soul – spiritude.

Warning from the Fire Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” The will of gods gives strength to thee. Thou reciev’st it not. Thou willest with its strength and Thrusteth it from thee.”

Activation of Fire Sounds from the Etheric and Astral forces in the Consonantal System.

H – Ch – Sh – S – F – V – or W

Hark forsaken rascals these shots so sharp rouse spruce fighters.

Choleric FIERY Will forces “Meanwhile the Choleric Captain” Hexameter study in the Choleric Temperament

“Up leaped the Captain of Plymouth, and stamped on the floor, till
his armor Clanged on the wall, where it hung, with a sound of sinister
omen. All his pent-up wrath burst forth in a sudden explosion,
Even as a hand-grenade, that scatters destruction around it.
Wildly he shouted, and loud: “John Alden! you have betrayed me!
Me, Miles Standish, your friend! have supplanted, defrauded,
betrayed me! One of my ancestors ran his sword through the heart of Wat Tyler;
Who shall prevent me from running my own through the heart of a
traitor? Yours is the greater treason, for yours is a treason to
friendship! You, who lived under my roof, whom I cherished and loved as a
brother; You, who have fed at my board, and drunk at my cup, to whose
keeping I have intrusted my honor, my thoughts the most sacred and
secret,– You too, Brutus! ah woe to the name of friendship hereafter!
Brutus was Caesar’s friend, and you were mine, but henceforward
Let there be nothing between us save war, and implacable hatred!”
So spake the Captain of Plymouth, and strode about in the
chamber, Chafing and choking with rage; like cords were the veins on his
temples. But in the midst of his anger a man appeared at the doorway,
Bringing in uttermost haste a message of urgent importance,
Rumors of danger and war and hostile incursions of Indians
Straightway the Captain paused, and, without further question or
parley, Took from the nail on the wall his sword with its scabbard of
iron, Buckled the belt round his waist, and, frowning fiercely,
departed. Alden was left alone.  He heard the clank of the scabbard
Growing fainter and fainter, and dying away in the distance.
Meanwhile the choleric Captain strode wrathful away to the council”


Oh, Harken to the torrid flame and hissing fury of the pyre,
Approach the searing scarlet chamber of the fevered, furnace fire.
Oh, feel the fierce, ferocious fingers of the fell and fatal flare,
And feel the sweat and salt flow freely, smell the scent of sizzled hair.
How vain it is to flee or shout, alas, what good is frightened prayer?
Accept  the fated fury of your evil life, oh fool despair!
Go hear the howl  and horror of the villain legions ranks you swell!
Go hasten faithful servant mine, go hasten to the heart of hell!


Angel of fire,
Seraphim bright,
Kindle the pyre,
Dance in the light.
Fierce be thy spark, forceful thy fight;
Banish the dark, swordsman of might.
Strike ye the flare, stand ever still,
Radiantly fair, warrior of will.
Sweetly enfold, felicitous one,
Chalice of gold with warmth of the sun.
Wing o’er the earth,
Help us aspire,
Fill us with mirth, Angel of Fire!


‘ R’

Spiritual forces of AIR by Rudolf Steiner – ” I drink in the airy – living force. It fills me to the brim with Being Power.

Warning from the Air Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” Creative power lightens thee unbeknownst to thee. Thou feelest all its strength and dwellest not therein.

One Consonantal force of Air. Trill enhances will forces and stirs Astral force and vibrates into the Etheric

From, “The Spiritual Hierarchies and Their Reflection in the Physical World”: “The first stirring of the ‘I AM’ is expressed in speech, in sound. All sound-formation is connected in a particular way with the forces of procreation. . . . The breaking of the voice at puberty, for example, is connected in a definite way with the powers of propagation. There is a hidden relationship between them. Everything related to this sphere in man was summed up by ancient consciousness as the Bull nature of the human Being. This is how the designation of this particular zodiacal sign arose.” (Lecture VIII April 17, 1909).

Spring is an exhilarating moment of  Earth’s procreative forces, bursting out of it’s winter confinement and containment. Through plants, animals and human beings the world’s hidden forces are urged forth in Spring with tremendous inner dynamic and strength. And the startling phenomena of the change of voice and puberty in males, connected with the reproductive forces and THE HUMAN WORD, deepen the voice and awaken in the human being the connections, the intimate links between our astral and etheric bodies and our I AM. The human being is a willing and unwilling Procreative Participant in the mysteries of Sex and Speech.  We become one of nature’s high voltage walking spark plugs who are able to inseminate and call forth human life down from the Stars.

Speech and Word appears to take a back-seat to the unfolding momentum of our new sexual energies. Forces in our blood stream learn to race southwards. We learn the laws of lusty Earthy Beauty and that our desires, our astral urges and our blood, our I AM, (unable yet to waken the cognitive powers latent in our I AM) we find ourselves in the bosom of Nature and experiencing the full tidal forces of the flood of the Will of Nature through our endocrine and sexual drives.

These titanic Will Urges in the human being and will forces of nature come under the mystery heading of Mithras Initiation. Of course every teenager discovers a secret force in them that instead of having to wait for Spring, our independent sexual energies can manifest Spring anytime we feel the desire to through our urges based on our potent reproductive sexual whims and instincts.  Which means THE BULL has been let loose in the china shop. The Bull is let loose through the Running of the Bulls in Spain. The Bull is let loose in the BULL MARKET and our desires are let loose to run rampant through human culture.

So Egypt had the potent powers of the Speech Organ, the Larynx, overshadowed and thundering through it’s Life Forces, because in the Third Cultural Epoch the BULL, the central organ of Speech and the Word, our reproductive forces in our change of voice and our blood, had the Constellation of the Bull as it’s Spring Equinox awakening power.

We are currently in the Fifth Cultural epoch and our Spring Equinox is heralded under the Constellation of Pisces and the Fishes. So to gain some potent insight into the Word Forces of the Larynx and the Power of the Word that ran with full force under the Egyptian culture, we face the hieroglyphic writing forces of the Word, picture forces of the Astral body and the Living Power of the Word that was being used in The Temple Sleep.

All of these forces of the Larynx flow through the one AIR and will force generator, the Consonant we use as the letter ‘ R ‘ in every word that has a letter ‘ R ‘ in it, the raw and pure fountain head of forces that generate the entire system of Speech and channel the reproductive forces upwards into the Larynx are ruled under the Consonant we use sometimes with powerful trilling, and vibrating the ‘ R ‘ sound and sometimes a soft ‘ R ‘ but in that ‘ R ‘ Consonant the forces of the Bull, Speech and the higher reproductive forces of the I AM were sent upwards to map out the astral world of the stars and bring the forces of the Word into Writing, and bring the forces of the Word down through Human Culture.

Now it is intimate to the forces of Speech and the Word, that in our Fifth Cultural Epoch, we may now send the forces of the Word upwards, we are breaking with the ancient blood lines of Kings and Pharaohs, of royalty and the Queen of England, we are breaking with the fallacy of foolishly trying to trace the blood line of Jesus of Nazareth through “The Da Vinci Code”  or  “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”.  The path of the Word, through the larynx sends the Speech and Reproductive forces upwards through the portal of Eurythmy and the New Nature forces of Spring that have arisen under the age of Pisces and the Fishes, consciously.

Instead of the instinctive flow of the blood and reproductive forces flowing downwards and unconsciously into our sexuality, Speech and the powers in the Word are now being sent upwards. Speech and the Word are sent upwards,  outwards, pollinating through the Word, each human being who is able to Hear and Understand the new mysteries of Eurythmy and the Word.  Pollinating and lifting the Word out of the dead region of language, materialism and our blood, upwards to the rejuvenation and conscious enlivening of the Etheric and Astral forces, unfolding a new spring even now as we Speak. Now under the Spring Constellation of Pisces we are experiencing a new cultural puberty of the Word, a new channel of creative forces that releases and Frees the Consonants and Vowels from their imprisonment in matter.

Rather be merrily rally new riddles  (trilling and vibrating the ‘R’ so that the tongue vibrates.)

Ariel’s Song from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

WheRe the bee sucks, theRe suck I;

In a cowslips’s bell I lie;

TheRe I couch when owls do cry.

On the bat’s back I do fly

AfteR summeR meRRily.

MeRRily, MeRRily shall I live now

UndeR the blossom that hangs on the bough.

We have included Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in our studies and there are many things we can add to this most marvelous tale of the Word and the magical humanized Sylph Spirit Ariel.  We each have one of these Sylph Spirit hunters and retrievers who willingly, even now accepts our commands from our own I AM. Those commands that our own Sylph Spirit responds to, are wide ranging. Working with our karma and destiny and the Moon’s forces, we can request in our hearts and in our desires to know something deeper. It is like trying to remember a word and how slowly the word comes back to us. But here, we may also send our own Astral Air Spirit out on retrieval expeditions to lead us to clues we are following within our thought life, our research, our most intimate soul interests, that no one but ourselves know.

The breed of astral servant from which Ariel has arisen, is trained to bring clues and insights back from the far reaches of the world. Ah, (Venus Vowel) Ah but here is the catch. The catch is that we have to pay attention to clues that will arise when our own Sylph Spirit brings them back.

It isn’t just remembering a Word we forgot, it could be a sign in a window that triggers a thought, it could be a color, a face, a sound in the street, a smell from our childhood, and suddenly that clue that we sent our own Sylph Spirit out to find, appears like a flash – and we have to remember and take the AWE the WONDER, which is a kind of joy and something similar to a wagging of the tail in well loved dog. Our own Sylph Spirit who serves us, is as loyal,  and as intimate as the servant Prospero had in his own Tempest. But Prospero was quick and understood what Ariel brought back and could quickly and mercurially recognize and read the signature of intuition written in the astral light. We have to be just as Mercurially alive, alert and awake in our intuitions to catch the loving insights of our own Sylph Spirit.

But what we hadn’t guessed about the amazing science of “The Tempest” and the Speech Forces locked in Shakespeare’s magnificent writing is something even more peculiar. The body of Shakespeare’s work are his children, brought forth under the sign of Speech and the Word. When a Sylph Spirit is freed, when Ariel earns and gains it’s freedom from the human being, that human being, like Buddha has transformed and humanized one of the enslaved elemental servants that had been it’s companion through Times and Ages. Finally the human being has matured, conquered it’s lower nature and the potential of lifting the veil of matter and the interlinks and locks of matter that are truly only unlocked by Light and Love. When the human being learns the lessons of Light and Love, matter can no longer hold it. We conquer the riddles of matter ourselves and matter can no longer hold us.

In Shakespeare’s brilliant masterpieces the forces of Speech and the Word were crafted into tools for lungs and human hearts to behold and live with. In the intimate activity of Word Formation and the Breath the Sylph Spirits we all have, are trained, as actors, and in particular living through Shakespeare’s Words, his use of  language triggers to life the education and awakening of our own slumbering Sylph Spirits. We become quicker, more enlivened and awake.

When Shakespeare frees Ariel, Ariel has been fully liberated, trained and humanized. It is a restored Stellar Star Spirit. It has been dignified in a human breast and raised by the Word Powers in a Human Being and is available for all of our Spirits and all of the Sylph and airy Word forces we can produce out of our human larynx and Voice Box.

This is Ariel’s new job description, An Awakener and an Enlivener of the slumbering Speech forces we have nestled in our Larynx. So here is a secret that few understand. Shakespeare’s Ariel now hovers, sends herself out to any and all Shakespeare productions and in all of these productions and in all the actors and in all the lungs and all the voice boxes and in all the hearts, Ariel has been freed up to be the multifaceted Inspirer that hovers like an Angel over any group or production company, any number of people who have chosen to live into Shakespeare’s Words, there lives Ariel as well.

Ariel is now  miniature holy ghost, a mercurial servant of all our human air spirits. Ariel acts as an awakener of the living vowels and consonants that have never tasted, hoped or have yet come to life, were never returned to their starry origins. Ariel, the Sylph Shakespeare liberated in “The Tempest”, now seeks to liberate our own Consonants our Vowels and our Word Forces into light, love, laughter, drama, tragedy and comedy, whole worlds and souls and spirits and Imaginations, alive, filled with Devachan and starry astral wisdom in each sound, is the enthusiastic field of work that Ariel now pollinates in each human Larynx. Ariel helps sing forth our love of Language and the Word so our slumbering Speech Sounds return to life.


Concentrated focus on the Consonant R with heavy Trilling “Archetypal Rabbit”

O’er the prairie raced a rabbit
The coyote tried to grab it
But he missed the cloudy flurry
Of the rabbit in a hurry,
Who kept running o’er the prairie
Like a frightened furry fairy.
Till she reached the friendly furrow
Where she rested in her burrow
Nibbling grass and cauliflower
To restore her racing power,
For a journey to the farmer
Who had often tried to harm her
While ignoring that the feeding
Of the rabbit with it’s breeding
Wasn’t meant to be malicious
Not unfriendly or pernicious
But was just instinctive habit


Air Fairy by Susan Olsen

I am a spirit of the aiR,

And I dance and flit beyond compaRe,

Than any otheR natuRe being

That with me lives and works unseen;

Light and fast I tRavel with wind and bReeze,

ORRR float amidst the meadows and tRees,

I caRRRy the biRds and bees upon my bReath,

And bRing aiR to all living things on eaRth.


Sylph Chorus from Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas

We’Re weaving, we’Re thReading

The aiRy-water-suRges.

We’Re splitting, we’Re buRsting

Condensing caRefully light-poweRRR.

We wisely neutRalise fRuit-foRces

With ouR soul-body’s being,

Outflowing fRom a feeling-Radiance

Which eveR living glimmeRRRs,

That human beings living

May joy in eaRth-becoming’s meaning.

We’Re caRing, we’Re waRming,

InspiRing and foRming,

When human young, the life-foRce dimming,

And human old in eRRoR swimming,

On deeds of ouRs aRe feeding.

What child or aged men aRe needing,

In stReam of time they are Receiving,

And we eteRnally conceiving.



Spiritual forces of WATER by Rudolf Steiner – ” I am moving the water growing force it molds for me a life substance.

Warning from the Water Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” Thou thinkest Angel – doings and Knowest it not.

One  Consonantal water sound

Wallow welling willingly, Lilac Listen Luminous Luring Loosen.

Study in Phlegmatic Temperament (See Link “Galaxy Quest” Mathesar, THERMIANS are all Phlegmatic types)

“The Haughty Snail King” by Vacal Lindsay

TweLve snaiLs went waLking after night.

They’d creep an inch or so,

Then stop and bug their eyes

And BLLLLow.

Some foLks …. are ….deadLy … sLLLow.

TweLve snaiLs went walking yestereve,

Led by their fat oLd King.

They were so duLLLL their princeLing had

No sceptre, robe or ring –

OnLy a paper cap to wear

When nightLy journeying.

This King-SnaiL said:  “I feeLL a thought

Within….it bLLLosoms soon…..

O LittLe courtiers of mine…..

I crave a pretty boon….

Oh, yes….(High thoughts with effort come and weLLL-bred snaiLLLLs are aLmost dumb.)

“I wish I had a yeLLLLLow crown

“As gLLListering…. as…. the  MOON.”


The Whale by Theodore Roethke

There was a most monstrous WhaLLLe;

He had no skin, he had no taiL.

When he tried to spout, that great big LLLLubber,

The best he could do was jiggLe his BLLubber.


Liquidity of water, the glistening of dew
Enlivening the flowers, the blood in me and you
The flowingness of rivers, the pulsing of the tide,
The falling of the raindrop, the ocean still and wide,
The lifting of the comber, the rumbling of the surf,
The culing of the ploughshare, the tumbling of the turf,
 The laughter of the fountain, the plaything of the wind,
It quenches all our thirsting, it calms our troubled mind.


A Liquidy calamity:
A Jelly-Fish with sea weed-fresh,
An opulent old octopus,
In hoops he ploys his sea-weed-noose
And loops himself a jelly-goose.
A meal, ho! ho! Like doughnut role
The oooozy mess was gobbled whole!


Spiritual forces of EARTH by Rudolf Steiner – ” I take hold of the root forming force. It fashions me a form body.

Warning from the Earth forces by Rudolf Steiner – ” Thou dreamest thyself avoidest an awakening.

D – T – N – M – B – P – G – K – NG

Matter forming, deed impelling, work, will, crafts and gravitational grounding forces of the Consonantal System

Dropped dim dingles dim by dense margin sparkled dark too dark.

Melancholic Temperament Study

Melancholia (click link for example) by Fletcher

There’s nought in this life sweet,

If man were wise to see’t

But only Melancholy,

Oh, Sweetest Melancholy!

Welcome, folded arms, and fixed eyes,

A sight that piercing mortifies,

A look that’s fastened to the ground,

A tongue chained up without a sound!

Fountain-heads, and pathless groves,

Places which pale passion loves!

Moonlight walks, when all the fowls

Are warmly housed, save bats and owls!

A midnight bell, a parting groan

These are the sounds we feed upon;

Then stretch our bones in a still gloomy valley

Nothing’s so dainty sweet as lovely Melancholy.

NG Study

“What the Gray-Winged Fairy said” by Vachel Lindsay

The moon’s a GONG, HUNG in the wild.

Whose SONG the fays hold dear.

Of course you do not heart it, child.

It takes a fairy ear.

The full moon is a splendid GONG

That beats as night grows still.

It sounds above the evening SONG

Of dove or whippoorwill.


Knocking at the portal of the ponderous rocks

Hear our little hammers striking, knocks, knocks, knocks

Polishing the surfaces of crystal glass,

We’re darting in and out where only gnomes can pass,

Forming rocky boulders like gigantic gods.

Up inside the mountains to the top we plod.

Hold a little taper in our fingers rough,

We hum a little ditty with our voice most gruff:

Gold, gold, gold,

Silver mirror cold,

copper kettle old,

Iron makes bold,

Tin shines bright,

Lead will write,

Mercury will quickly disappear from sight.


“Gullveig’s Gold” by Bradford Riley


Norse Yggdrasill

Digging down in depths of darkness

Delving deep where dragons dwell

Gleeful gnomes, bright gold were gathering

Golden grain they love so well.

High they hurled their hundred hammers

Hard they hit the hidden hoard

From the sunlight they were exiled

Gold recalled their ancient Lord.

Crashing, clashing, cleaving, carving

Clefts and caves, clang in accord.

Clumping underground beneath the big green stumps,

Grumbling go the dwarves, going bump, bump, bump.

Dig they jewels and gemstones from the deep dark den,

Golden was the gossip of those goblin men.

Marching to the beating of a cracked, blue drum,

Digging with their knuckles till their hands grew numb.

Gold and silver, beryl, topaz, diamond or coal,

Greeding after minerals was the goblin’s soul,

Pitied be the bungler who obstructs their goal…

Pitied be the mortals that desire our pain

Greed would slowly come to them and eat their brain..


The Use of M, the use of the forces of the Consonants, ‘ T ‘ out of Leo and surging through as an I AM force. ‘L’ and the Lymphatic-Etheric forces and as we have studied the Immune system re-boot out of Aquarius in the ‘M’ Consonant can be studied HERE, (CLICK LINK).


Eurythmy is in Waldorf Schools in every country in the world and it brings music, math, gesture, creativity and the enormous foundations of Etheric Forces back into the life of young people. SEE LINK – CLICK HERE.


Learning through music itself, the laws of the future etheric forces, how the Angelic Community formed plants, flowers, and wove starry forces into FORMATIVE FORCES and Etheric Life. Eurythmy learns to dissolve itself into the forms that have shaped matter itself.  SEE LINK Beethovens 7th for Eurythmy.


Observe and follow the laws of math and music in this (CLICK LINK TONE EURYTHMY OUTSTANDING EXAMPLE). We LITERALLY SEE THE MUSIC. Humanity lends their Etheric discipline to manifesting the secrets of Tone Eurythmy that transcends individual Language and raises, alerts, astonishes humanity when they can see, in color and tone, in ART with Lighting, the discipline of costume, form, tone that are the LAWS of both Math, Music, Botany, and the Etheric systems of the hierarchies themselves. It is Pythagoras raised to Sacrament. Humanity can penetrate the very laws and physics of Life itself. Listen and Observe.

“Norse Mythology and Spiritual Science” (early draft) by Bradford Riley

“The ancient Norse mythology beheld this path of evolution. It saw the human god hang crucified for nine days long on the cosmic ash-tree, whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos, Yggrasilland it gives the tree its true name: `YGGDRASILL’ – ego-bearer.”




Freyja reveals a very potent mystery for us in the story of THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS. The Nordic seers foreshadowed the transformation of the endocrine system and Freyja’s new position within our biology. How were the reproductive forces latent in Speech to be sketched? What were the problems involved with her transformation? Why was it necessary to cultivate a school of Bards or Skalds?

A training of nearly twenty years as a Bard was needed before one could be initiated as a Druid. We can easily discern that the word seer and the other word sear are related. In this way, the fire involved with perception links itself to the higher faculties of the human spirit. To see and to know is like being branded with a hot iron, a deep impression is made into the etheric body.

Shakespeare was our English language equivalent to a well-trained Bard. Bardic training was the long road that could eventually lead to Bodhisattva and Buddhahood. This was not expected to be a single lifetime achievement but the work we were expected to do to earn our membership in the divine. The Nordic seers would agree with everything I have brought thus far including, and above all, the reality of Ariel and the higher magnetic field of light and love that brings the I.D. code of our ego and word together.

All of Nordic mythology confirms the connection made between Ariel, Freyja and the warmth ethers. Representing the head and thinking faculty, guarding the great tree of Yggdrasill, the Tree of Life, was an eagle. The guardian of the entire esoteric map of MAN was “an eagle who sits in the topmost branches, with a hawk perched between its eyes. The tree, moreover, drips dew so sweet that bees use it for the making of honey.”

Eagle atop Yggdrasill

“The snake Nicfhbggr lies below, by Hvergelmir, gnawing at the root.
The squirrel Ratatoskr 1 runs up and down, trying to sow discord
between the snake and the eagle who is perched aloft. The
eagle’s name is not given, he is a bird of great knowledge and
sagacity; betwixt his eyes sits a HAWK Ve&rfolnir?”

Why in heaven’s name would a hawk be sitting right between the eyes of a giant eagle? For the same reason Prospero had Ariel and for the same reason I outlined the difference between the relation of the dog to that of the loyal astral servant who begins assisting our upward quests. Under the fig tree is where Buddha received his enlightenment and that is the same spot where our own Ariel lives `under the blossom that hangs on the bough’. What information the hawk brings back must still be deciphered by the great wisdom of the eagle. What information Ariel retrieves must be comprehended and ordered by the higher spiritual faculty of the I.

Freyja, who lives in the endocrine system of our hormones and the secretions of prolactin from our pituitary glands, also has at her disposal “a falcon skin ( ) which enabled her spirit to take the form of a bird, travel to the underworld, and come back with prophecies and knowledge of destinies.” To us this simply means that Ariel is able to travel in the world of light and astral planes that are hidden from our clumsy human forms and certainly impossible for an earthly dog to navigate.

The secret of Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates of hell gives us three more reasons why we should lift our development upwards instead of letting it crash downwards below the dog. Devachanic regions of light are truer than E-mail and satellite long distance interchanges. The falcon/hawk tells us that the character of Freyja was linked to these higher mysteries when she wasn’t using her forces to get laid. Which brings us to the complications of the warmth-ethers, when raised to a vertical direction, and the story of:


“The Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new Human Word.”

uterous and Eustaschio and Fallopio“Freyja found the string-thin path that led in and down. Her eyes streamed from the cold and her tears fell as a small shower of gold in front of her.”

THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS was part of the schooling of the Skalds and Bards. In this story, the Nordic Initiates revealed that Freyja, our endocrine system, would not be satisfied just serving our hormonal system. The endocrine system is placed in our anatomy with a desire to possess a greater treasure. Freyja has heard of this greater treasure, knows of it, it is hidden in our biology and she has a desire to attain it. These unquenchable desires that feed our love life have a supreme goal, which is why they appear unquenchable.

When the warmth ethers ascend from below they become the gold of compassion and are transformed to golden dew. A change is made from very understandable climates of sentimentality, warmth and earthly sympathies to cooler regions of thought and spirit. A polarity of climate and comfort are always briefly experienced by the developing soul. This condenses as rain or mist and falls into the region of the heart. Higher altitudes differ from low-lying swamps on the equator. A different passion, a different fire is felt on the wings of immortality. Freyja’s eyes stream from the cold and her tears fall as gold.

“The goddess sidled through the dismal cave. The sound of the tapping, insistent yet fitful, grew stronger and stronger. Freyja stopped, listened again, moved on; at last she stopped, eased her way down a narrow groin, and stepped into the sweltering smithy of the four dwarfs, Alfrigg and Dvalin, Berling and Grerr.”

The use of the word groin, narrow ledge and the relation of sexuality, puberty and the change of voice places Freyja at the scene of the four parathyroid glands, above the pounding forge of the heart. Brilliantly the seers of Nordic mythology outline a road map to the place where Speech and the mighty warmth-ethers meet.Norse Myths Parathyroid Speech and the FOUR ETHERS A place where four roads meet. A crossroads and an anatomical intersection. Here something is to happen to Freyja that will shape the future of the human WORD. The Nordic initiates knew this, which makes works like these so startling. Here anatomy meets the gods. What brings Freyja here, trickling through a narrow bottleneck at the forge of the throat, the forge of the living WORD?

“For a moment Freyja was dazzled by the brilliance of the furnace. She rubbed her eyes, and then she gasped as she saw the breathtaking work of the dwarfs – a necklace, a choker of gold incised with wondrous patterns, a marvel of fluid metal twisting and weaving and writhing. She had never seen anything so beautiful nor so desired anything before.”

It takes your breath away. Something that would fit round the throat. A choker. The transformation of the entire Nordic image of Yggdrasill can be overlaid with the seventh seal of Steiner’s Occult Signs & Symbols. The four dwarfs are hammering out the strange `twisting and weaving and writhing’ form of the lower endocrine system and kundalini that will finally become the great reproductive forces of speech that lifts the sign of Scorpio back up to the eagle and finally to the dove.

Freyja might just become the gateway that leads to the dove, to Sophia. Earth love and earth girls might be easy, but cosmic love and Sophia require the entire transformation of our endocrine system and what we hold most dear. In their workshop at the parathyroid base of the throat, the blueprints and designs have already been reshaped for the WORD’S future metamorphosis and Freyja has never seen anything so incredibly marvelous. The larynx is to become the new uterus and Freyja knows full well that she deserves to be apart of that mystery. She is that mystery and she recognizes her own transformation in the work that the dwarfs are doing.

Freyja understands when she looks at this necklace that the entire reproductive forces have been changed and the new center of sexuality and love will be centered in the Speech possibilities latent in the development of the larynx. She is just the girl to wear this piece of mystery art as part of her intimate apparel. This necklace must adorn her; it was made for her. She wants it at any price.Endocrine Freya Norse Speech Seal transformation by Arild Rosenkrantz It must be a part of her destiny to be wherever the transition from hormonal sexual energy moves upwards to the magnificent swirling forces round the new cosmic reproductive center based now in the throat and the heart.

What does she have to do to get it from these gnarly Vulcan dwarfs who are always technologically crafting magnificently beautiful and profound trinkets that foreshadow the future forces of humanity? How is it that nerds like these are always attached to beauty? How is it that over developed brains are always tied to lush physical beauty?

“The four dwarfs, meanwhile, stared at the goddess – she shimmered in the warm light of the forge. Where her cloak had fallen apart, the gold brooches and jewels on her dress gleamed and winked. They had never seen anyone so beautiful nor so desired anyone before.

Freyja smiled at Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr. `I will buy that necklace from you,’ she said.

The four dwarfs looked at each other. Three shook their heads and the fourth said, `It’s not for sale.’

`I want it,’ said Freyja.

The dwarfs grimaced.

`I want it. I’ll pay you with silver and gold – a fair price and more than a fair price,’ said Freyja, her voice rising. She moved closer to the bench where the necklace was lying. `I’ll bring you other rewards.’

`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

The entire mystery of incarnation, the Devachan and the atomic table of number and weights are known by the dwarf or gnome community. They are the number crunchers of the cosmos. Genetics, in order to incarnate living human individualities must first of all, through computer chip technology and liquid crystal technology harness the silicon world of the gnomes into our computer systems.

The four dwarfs that Freyja encounters in the structure of the parathyroid know exactly how much they need, and how much they have in quantities of gold, silver and all the elements of the atomic table. Their type of nerdy accuracy depends on being exactly right in the mirroring of the material composition of matter against the blueprints of the spirit. It is especially their job and becoming our job as well to concern ourselves with a form of robbery and abduction being engineered by the human community against the higher devachan that stands behind the mystery of magnetism, electricity, vibratory physics, genetics and reproductive technology all under the guise of silicon technologies. Technological human cunning is beginning to lean dangerously close to the sacred music of the spheres. The gnome community is in serious danger.

In the music of the spheres, the planets and stars, assist the human soul in the ordering and collecting of the blueprints of the atomic table of elements around their soul spiritual being. Each individual body has a unique atomic weight and distribution of substance that cannot yet be standardized. Bodily organs are designed solely for the intended user. Electricity, intensified by computer graphics and laser technology, has surrounded our culture with stolen and intellectualized light, fragmented it; divorced it and parceled it down into commodities, from its lofty cosmic basis as wisdom. To enable humanity to do this, the dwarfs and gnomes had to be forced into human technological slavery.

The gnomes formerly used this higher spiritualized light in a legitimate distribution of cosmic effects and nourishment through the crystal strata of the earth, the plant roots etc. Humans have sucked this divine technology downward or deeper into profound dimensions of light and Devachan activity for the service of shameless egotistic and technological ends. Could we collapse the system, the finished work of the gods, into sub-natural virtual worlds? Are the gnomes being forced into this form of silicon chip slavery? If the functioning of the heavens and our incarnations are based on the harmony of the music of the spheres, could we interrupt the tonal system of nature and super nature with our disharmonies?

If just the tiniest amount of iodine in the thyroid gland is lacking or, in over abundance, an enormous change in temperament and force can impact the human being. “Make Goethe poor in iodine, and the eternally creative Olympian becomes a lazy Sybarite. If Napoleon had carried in his body two milligrams less of iodine, he would not have stormed in the ceaseless drive of deeds from battle to battle; he would not have crossed the Alps in demonic appetite for conquest, conquered the Pyramids and passed the icy steppes of Russia. He might, perhaps, have become the city commandant of Ajaccio, and the whole history of Europe would have been different. The whole history of Europe – a granule of iodine!” The gnomes and dwarfs responsible for the first teeth of the newly incarnated soul are at work with the higher blue prints that the individual has brought with them. In payment, in gratitude, we offer them the first tooth as a token of our thankfulness for assisting in the complex organization of our individual atomic, chemical and material forces.

” -Whether we draw from such phenomena the conclusion that the history of Napoleon and of the world is the result of the presence or the absence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Napoleon, of Goethe, etc., or, while admitting the significance of the presence of one gram of iodine, can say on the basis of a research into the rest of the phenomena that the presence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Goethe or Napoleon is the result of the individual history of Goethe, Napoleon, etc. This same thing is true, of course, for every single human being. The spirit of Goethe is not the product of the action of one gram of iodine, but the action of one gram of iodine results from the total spiritual-psychic evolution and the individual inner dynamics, structural forces and substances in this individual being, Goethe, determined by that spiritual-psychic evolution. The spiritual human being seeks and develops for himself the appropriate corporeality, not vice versa. …When a typical materialist observes the phenomenon `Goethe’, he ought not to forget by the side of the gram of iodine that this same Goethe came to the knowledge: `The perseverance of the individual, and the fact that a person shakes off what is not suitable to him, is a proof for me that some such thing as the entelechy exists.'”

This is the key argument involved with reproductive technology. Freyja, Speech and our cultural development are directly in the middle of these fermenting issues. The immortal individuality is not looked upon as real. Health and consensus issues of perfection with narrow egotistic motives believe fully that they can standardize and develop healthier `types’ of human beings. With liquid crystal technology and laser computer accuracy humanity expects to side step the issue of individual spiritual development of conscience and identity. This is why the dwarfs know exactly what the precious weights and metals are and more matter is not what they need. They need something else from Freyja. Analytical science needs something else to de-mystify matter and individuality.

“`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

“Freyja gazed at the necklace. She felt a great longing for it, a painful hunger.

“Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr huddled in one corner of the forge. They whispered and murmured and nodded.

“`What is your price?’ asked the goddess.

” `It belongs to us all,’ said one dwarf. `So what each has must be had by the others,’ said the second, leering. `There is only one price, ‘ said the third, `that will satisfy us.’ The fourth dwarf looked at Freyja. `YOU,’ he said.

“The goddess flushed, and her breasts began to rise and fall.

“`Only if you will lie one night with each of us will this necklace ever lie round your throat,’ said the dwarfs.

“Freyja’s distaste for the dwarfs – their ugly faces, their pale noses, their misshapen bodies and their small greedy eyes – was great,”

What’s a girl to do? This is a very peculiar situation to be in. Should she sleep with all four Beatles or just one? Will her reputation be ruined if this ever gets out? Will she be considered for eternity a dwarf groupie? Norse mythology freya and endocrine systemThe Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new human word.

How is it that something as powerful and as beautiful as Aphrodite gets hitched to Hephaestus in Greek mythology? Hephaestus was the blacksmith of the gods. In the evolution of the earth, Venus and Vulcan as well as Jupiter, Earth; Moon; Sun and Saturn play significant roles. Vulcan is just another name for Hephaestus the limping, clever nerd of the gods. Gnomes and dwarfs declare their lineage from old Hephaestus. In my MESSAGE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO the relation of prolactin and milk to the Egyptian culture was made under the linkage between Apis and Ptah. Ptah was for the Egyptians the same as Vulcan or Hephaestus. But those myths centered around one dwarf, one ugly little soot caked forge ferret. Now we are dealing with four.

I have always suspected that the whole patterning of four could be traced to the Ark of the Covenant. Why isn’t it possible that the four chambers of the human heart; the four stomachs of the cow; the four seasons; the four directions in space, and the mighty cube are all interfaced with the parathyroid glands?

Here is a mystery that Empedocles and Aristotle were very hot about. E.C. Merry, when writing about King Arthur, described how Empedocles, “was the first philosopher – in the fifth century B.C. – who spoke of the four elements fire, water, earth and air, and taught that everything that takes place in matter is caused by the mingling and commingling of these four elements in accordance with the principles of love and hatred ruling in them.” Not only Aristotle but the poet Holderlin also drew attention to the mystery of Empedocles. In 1994/95 a great stage revival of Holderlin’s work on Empedocles took place on the german stage.

E.C. Merry says, that Steiner drew attention to Empedocles by saying that, “it is he who by his wisdom specially worked to bring about important conditions of the state of Sicily, and who went about trying to lead people into a spiritual life. It is an adventurous as well as a deeply spiritual life, which we look back upon in Empedocles. Perhaps the truth of what is to be related may be doubted by some, but Spiritual Science knows that Empedocles moved in Sicily as a statesman, while at the same time he was both a magician and an Initiate, just as Hector in Troy was depicted by Homer. And in order to characterize the remarkable attitude of Empedocles to the world, we have the fact, which is true and no invention, that in order, as it were, to unite himself with all existence around him, he ended by throwing himself into Etna, and was consumed by its fire.”

To throw himself into the mighty forge of nature, to offer his bodily forces of fire, air, water and earth in the immense throat altar of a volcano is a deed that has carried a clear impact through-out history[SEE CLIP]. He proved his point and in the long run the point he was trying to prove inspired Goethe to write his Faust and Holderlin to research Empedocles. Both poets were looking into the same spiritual question of how wisdom could merge with all the elements of nature in an ethical alchemy. Both poets were laying the foundations for the Romantics and their science of humanity before spiritual science came on the scene. Empedocles was certainly a guiding star for the Romantics that spread its wings to America, inspiring Nathaniel Hawthorne in his story of ETHAN BRAND.

It would not have been difficult for Empedocles to comprehend the four dwarfs that Freyja meets. He would know instantly the meaning of their four-foldness. Empedocles and Aristotle would also completely understand the medical factors of four in biology. Anatomy and biology indicate the place where four roads meet, four forces. These forces can be understood from the powerful contribution Empedocles indicated.

“The reptilian heart has four chambers, but they are not fully separated. Whereas a mammal has a single aorta, reptiles have two aortas, which are supplied with mostly arterial, oxygen-rich blood. The pulmonary artery receives mostly venous, oxygen-poor blood, but there is some mixing in all vessels. In only one group of reptiles, the crocodiles, is the division of the heart into four separate chambers almost complete.”

The study of the four temperaments is also a division of and combination of etheric forces that make up the quality of personality we encounter in an earthly incarnation. Dominating qualities clearly allow us to observe the invisible field of etheric forces. Medical science cannot disprove that these temperaments exist; instead they have stolen the knowledge Empedocles introduced and by use of very cleverly disguised testing questions, determine how corporate human resource personnel managers can graph and chart these four etheric, temperamental forces.

By side-stepping the issue of powerful etheric forces resonating as music, as imprinted cosmic tones, into the atomic table of the individual being, current physics and medical sciences have buried the knowledge of the four etheric fields that sustain the material world. It was the Norns, the Skalds, the Bards and the Druids who heard and saw, like Empedocles, the music that sustained matter. Scientists like Keely, Tesla, Walter Russell, Dale Pond and Richard Knutson have cracked the code of this music that orders the sub-atomic structure of matter.

Freyja’s meeting with the four dwarfs, inwardly, within the anatomical hieroglyph of the human endocrine system, at the ring knot of the throat, keys four streams that meet outwardly on a line of east, west, north, and south. four seasons zodiac

“Galahad, with Bors, Percivale and Percivale’s sister, was riding through a waste forest when `they saw afore them a white hart which four lions led.’ These they followed to a chapel, where a hermit sang mass.

“`And at the secrets of the mass they saw the hart become a man and set him upon the altar in a rich siege; and saw, the four lions were changed, the one to the form of a man, the other to the form of a lion, the third to an eagle and the fourth to an ox.

“` Then took they their siege where the hart sat and went out through a glass window, and there was nothing perished or broken… When they `were come to theirself again,’ the hermit explained to them that by the four lions were to be understood the four Evangelists, and that `ofttimes or this Our Lord showed Him unto good men in likeness of an hart;…”

Bull lion eagle and angelLight ether, Chemical ether, Life ether and Warmth ether are the building forces of the cosmos. The four streams of history, which assist the cultural goals that bring about the transformation of Frejya, are needed to set the future development of Earth evolution on the right road. Parsifal or Percivale unites two of these streams into himself. Parsifal unites the Arthurian and the Grail streams, meaning that two of the powerfully streaming ether forces find in him the fuel to begin to glow. But long before there was a Grail or Arthurian stream, Freyja was already leading the human endocrine system to its new home.

Four Parathyroid seeds of the cosmic ethers rooted in the Word as the new Uterus

four-parathyroid-glands-and-the-reproductive-center-of-speechThese four little mustard seeds around the throat are the key to transforming the sexual reproduction process into the speech reproduction forces. The second half of Earth evolution, the future Jupiter evolution, Venus evolution and Vulcan evolution are needed to integrate the ethers of tone, light, warmth and chemical life back into the Tree of Life. Instead of being kicked out of Paradise, we earn our reinstatement and membership and bring the fallen body of nature, renewed and raised, with us, as a present to the Gods. Since the Angels, Archangels, and Archai have had their human phase, to become a member of the tenth hierarchy means coming through the filter process that this human phase entails.

Freyja is asked to sleep, to merge her forces fully, intimately and completely, with all four dwarfs, in order to conceive the future of her own metamorphosis. Humans will have to unfold in stages, through immense cosmic periods of time, in order to fully absorb each of the higher cosmic ethers back into their newly minted spiritual systems. The mastering of these higher forces is latent in the future of Speech development. That is the reason why Aphrodite had an affair with Mars in the first place.

Strong Mars-Speech forces are linked with hormonal forces. Vulcan, the husband of Aphrodite, catches a glimpse of how the endocrine system of Freyja/Aphrodite (Click Link), is in secret, having an affair with iron Mars. Vulcan sets up a trap and lifts up this affair to the gods, they have a good laugh. Why? Because the future of the WORD is linked both to Mars and Eros (cupid/mercury/hermes) and Vulcan. The Initiates knew that Vulcan was the place of the forge, where dwarfs crafted cunning secrets for the future, from the handsomely wrought work of the jewelled micrologos, man. To the gods, a human being is a finely crafted anatomical, biological and spiritual marvel. The gods laugh, because mysterious and humorous cosmic forces unite and combine to steer humanity towards the divine. They laugh because it is a Menage a trois in which Freyja is the key player between Mars and Vulcan.

Dan Mateescu

‎”Thor is the son of Odin. Whilst the power of Odin is present in respiration and language, Thor works in the blood, in the rhythmic pulse-beat. Blood is the physical expression of the ego in the metabolic system. Thor is portrayed in the sagas as a choleric with red blood, quick to anger, ever ready to wield his hammer Mjolnir and endowed with a powerful will. Odin’s sphere of activity is the astral body, that of Thor the etheric body.”The alliterative verse of Old Norse (the poetic Edda), Old English (Beowulf), Old Saxon (Heliand) and Old High German (Hildebrandslied) is based on two rhythmic laws — the rhythm of respiration and the rhythm of blood. A single breath corresponds to four pulse beats (eighteen and seventy-two to the minute respectively). This ratio of 1:4 is found in the long line which consisted of two half verses separated by a caesura. Each hemistich had two strongly accented syllables. Thus in the form and law of alliterative verse is reflected the relationship of Odin and Thor. The Voluspa was written in this metre known as Fornyrthislag.”

Appendix in Mission/Folk-Souls by Rudolf Steiner.

Puberty and the change of voice are biologically and psychically integrated. But at this point in Freyja’s development we begin to see how Freyja felt trapped without further possibility of future evolution. Matter was frozen in the first half of earth development with the Mars and iron forces and Freyja Aphrodite could not get past this hardened material world, even though she is married to the far distant future of the Venus and Vulcan evolution of the Earth. It is the mercurial; second half of earth development that could produce a transformation of Eros. Sexual degeneration and the end of the endocrine system stood staring Freyja in the face. Hideously it stares us in the face and we feel all the desperation that is hidden in the atrophying endocrine system. Matter could prove to be the greatest prison ever devised by Heaven. You know it, I know it, and our endocrine system knows it. Freyja’s dislike for dwarfs was great indeed:

“…but her desire for the necklace was greater. Four nights were but four nights; the glorious necklace would adorn her for all time. The walls of the forge were red and flickering; the dwarf’s eyes were motionless. `As you wish,’ murmured Freyja shamelessly. `As you wish. I am in your hands.’

“Four days passed; four nights passed. Freyja kept her part of the bargain. Then the dwarfs, too, kept their word. They presented the necklace to Freyja and jostled her and fastened it around her throat.”

These were some happy dwarfs I wager. Not seven mind you, but four. The Nordic seers have a very important message to relate. The forge of the glow of the human heart is right below the throat. Four anatomical chambers of the forge connected to the workshop of the four parathyroid glands. woman with thyroid glandLike hammers, the thunder from the Speech organs pounds away at consonants and vowels, reshaping the metals into stronger and stronger, more refined, zodiacal elements. The refinement of the ethers must be done with Eurythmy and Speech. With the bellows of our lungs blaring and the Word pounded on the anvil of our Larynx we shape and wield the new necklace for our own endocrine system. Braced around this forge are the four parathyroid glands, the dwarfs that Freyja sleeps with to gain the necklace.

Sleeping, of course, are giant acts of time. In a rhythm of four phases, by sleeping with each dwarf, Freyja manages to become the owner of the new reproductive system situated in the larynx. She manages to escape the prison of matter, which is why the gods laughed in the first place. Freyja would find a way out of the iron necessity of dense birth and death that earth has locked her into. Sex is a pure hearted and clever mistress of the divine. Love must be born upwards or die.

Pralaya is the rhythm of rest or sleep between the acts of creation. Out of each Pralaya a new phased in integration and a higher development of divine creation occurs. In our times we have use of the Warmth Ether of conscience and sympathy or empathy to investigate and comprehend. This is the importance of the Matthew gospel for our times. In this relation, during the second half of earth evolution, we are bound up with Freyja in sleeping with the first dwarf. We are rounding the bend, where the Mars hammerlock on matter is beginning to dissolve and Freyja begins turning toward her true husband.

In this development we study, with privilege, the mineral, silicon basis of word production and the force blueprints and factors involved with sounds, CONSONANTS and VOWELS. Exploring as we would the ecology of a woods, a bioregion of shapes and sounds that have the architecture and tonal history of the ancient Genius of Speech already wrought in their structures.

Acronyms and computer language severs our study of these things. Eurythmy and Speech allows us to become familiar with the amazing contours and potentials that have made LANGUAGE a living reality. That is one night with one dwarf for Frejya. The age of silicon technology and the first dwarf, or mineral kingdom, is now being slept with. That is the importance of reproductive technologies and pharmaceuticals; versus Speech, Word, and Logos integrated bio-psychic systems through the end of this century. This is the battle for the preparation of Bodhisattva comprehension. Can we imprint new etheric codes into our systems of thinking and speech development alongside our passive preoccupation with silicon technology and the Pentium processors?

When Freyja and we come out of the first Pralaya we begin our next study. From the mineral we move to how plants are prepared to be spoken in the Jupiter evolution. Animals will be spoken in the Venus evolution and Humans will be spoken in the Vulcan evolution. Freyja sleeps with the four forces and unites her warmth with their dormant creative potential. This is not something that is going to happen without our intimate artistic and hormonal participation. The Romantics were living proof of this. As humans we attempt to move upwards to Angels in the Jupiter evolution; Archangels in the Venus evolution; and Archai in the Vulcan evolution and this brings us back to square one; when we were first spoken, in Saturn evolution. Four days passed and Four nights passed in the destiny of the evolution of a goddess moving from the sexual forces of procreation to the spiritual COSMIC LOGOS forces of procreation. Our bawdy Freyja might yet become, our mid-wife to the divine Sophia.

“And what was the necklace of the Brisings (brisingamen)? These are unsettled questions. It is uncertain whether Brising is the name of some tribe or family or whether the word derives from the Old Norse BRISINGR, meaning fire… but a passing reference to the `Brosingamene’ in the Anglo-Saxon BEOWULF quite clearly refers to a necklace.”

Phosphate works directly with the parathyroid glands as a fire element. Precise chemical distributions of calcium are activated by the regular secretions of parathormone from the parathyroid. When the construction of Consonants and Vowels and speech warmth forces are generated strongly, a refined reaction of matter and mineral content occurs. The stimulation of parathormone or PTH is directly related to estrogen, prolactin and growth hormones. The building forces of the skeleton, the white milk of the breast, the white dove forces, are directly tied into chemical release signals that come from pregnancy, lactation and growth. The future stuff from which the world is built can either create stones in the kidneys or speech forms that carry the signature of our efforts as WORD-CRAFTERS.

Sunlight on the surface of the skin and the absorption of Vitamin D into the body are some of the outer aspects of the way our organism digests light and warmth in conjunction with the parathyroid and the parathormone it secretes. Inwardly however, something has begun to occur in the interior of the psyche, a sun-based light that our own Ariel is fed from, is now dawning for the consciousness of the human spirit. A new nourishment of refined etheric sunlight has intersected with the new position that Freyja has taken.

Our cardiac muscle, our brain and our nerves benefit from the calcium regulation of the parathyroid glands. In other words, nerves, bones, muscles, these four seemingly useless little glands all structurally condition the heart. Without their help our body goes into jerky uncontrollable spasms. A decrease of exterior sunlight must be counterbalanced by an increase of interior light. Idealism, warmth and ethics must feed into the great cosmic developments of Freyja. There is only one outer Sun and there is only one interior light that carries the entire nourishment of the human spirit upwards and inwards with the strength of the sun.

“At Whitsuntide King Arthur, holding his court at Cardoil, `looketh at the windows of the hall to right and left, and seeth two sunbeams are shining within that fill the whole hall with light. Thereof he marvelleth much and sendeth without the hall to see what it might be. The messenger cometh back and saith thereof that two suns appear to be shining, the one in the East and the other in the West. He marvelleth much thereat”

norse myth and sp sciience Parzival Graal WolpertWhat of the theory that only one of the glands, one of the Dwarfs are operative for us today, culturally, from the roots of our conscience and the empathy of our warmth? How does this theory play in the Nordic seers tradition of anatomy and physiology? “…Davlin may have enjoyed Freyja but he was destined to come to a nasty end. As we learn indirectly, Dvalin was arrested by the rising sun and turned into stone. The other three dwarfs are not heard of again.” Therefore Dvalin is the warmth-ether dwarf of the parathyroid gland that concerns us for the present. As we become infatuated with crystallized silicon technology we might harden ourselves too quickly. We already sense the desperation of the atrophy of the endocrine system. Love allows our warmth and spiritualized conscience to keep pace with our greed for speed. The Grail means, gradual development.

“Dvalin was a ruler of the dwarves and one of the most powerful dwarves, known primarily for having invented runes.”

Dvalin’s name reveals to us something of the direction we must take in our creative development with this ether field. `D’ gives us the flat planes of earth and the gravity and direction of earth DEEDS. ` V ‘ gives the powerful creative wave forces of sympathetic vibratory physics followed by the `AH’ of Venus, Freyja and green growing nature and the full love and content of our souls lifted to the ` L ‘ where the life ethers swirl upwards or swirl in behind the V and the AH. With the `IN’ sound at the end of the word we have tonal resonation lifted into higher consciousness and light and a descending power that enters into the depths of matter.

In Eurythmy the Da of leo, the V of aries, the AH of venus, the L of capricorn, the half- `i’ of mercury and the cosmic force of Pisces lifts the destiny from earth to heaven and binds the two, so that what is sown on earth is also sown in heaven, the warmth in our hearts becomes our future destinies. Two fires, cosmic love as water, earth, mercury (gemini and virgo) and Pisces a water sign and the final quarter of our age. The human breast as the lion, moves to the head in aries. Bathed in Freyja forces of love, the force of the knees indicate worship and devotion raised upwards and downwards to mother earth and father sky. This carried into the E and woven into the gigantic forces of cosmic wisdom and destiny and the selflessness we need to lift the lower kingdoms of betrayed nature upwards with us as the final act of the age of Pisces. This powerful decision must be apparent to humanity before we head for the cosmic north and the reproductive and incarnational mysteries of Aquarius.

Within the mouth we have two teeth placements that DV aimed as earth and fire and thought forces at the teeth line, the dramatic and astral moved forward and bathed in wonder or the warmed epoch AH, breathing wonder into the dramatic action of our lives and the creative activity we do. L is water and teeth placement and so is N filled with the light of I am.

In this coded nordic name of Dvalin we have indications that the action we take in relation to the world must be filled with the wonder of creation and carry the imprint of our deeds and words through the living light of our immortal I AM. This word looks and sounds like JAVELIN. So in conclusion we must practice SPEECH and WORD mysteries and incorporate the spear or the DVALIN in our training or else learn to play the violin. The Dv or DW always has something to do with the creative mineralogy of the gnome and dwarf kingdom and our silicon technologies. Earth/Fire projected forwards and the AH sound stretched in space, outward horizontally, and finally vertically through the L and I and N sounds we have a tri-partitioned world.

Is Freyja’s role in this story correctly interpreted?

“In the GODS AND MYTHS OF NORTHERN EUROPE, H.R. Ellis Davidson writes, `A necklace is something which is associated with the mother goddess from very early times. Figurines wearing necklaces found in the Mediterranean area date back as far as 3000 BC, and small female figures wearing them have survived from the Bronze Age in Denmark and are thought to represent a fertility deity.’ And, in a footnote, she adds, `Students of Freud will recognize the significance of a necklace for a fertility goddess. It illustrates the familiar tendency to represent the sexual parts of the body by others higher up, and by ornaments worn on these.’ Perhaps we can reasonably postulate, then, that Sorla Thattr describes Freyja’s acquisition – her sexual acquisition – of the most salient symbol of her fertility. She is the goddess of love; and she is the goddess of lust.”

In viewing history that goes back beyond 5OOO B.C. we must view the mysteries of matriarchy that are still active out of the Finnish tales of the Kalevala. A matriarchal society, only vaguely reflected through history, existed once. The mysteries of this ancient matriarchal society had everything to do with the later Nordic, Arthurian and Grail mysteries. The Finnish language was made up of twelve consonants. At the Forge of the larynx the Finnish consonants echoed the great zodiacal powers. Much of the new mysteries of the Word, the Freyja mysteries, have to do with the shift from reproductive mysteries, fertility, so named, to Speech mysteries. My first Speech Teacher at the Goetheanum, Erna Grund, introduced the English Speaking Drama group to the Kalevala.

“A primal language once bound all people together. Differentiation came with the Fall. Language became the dividing factor through which people no longer understood each other. The loss of the unifying bond led to enmity amongst nations, now divided into linguistic groups. But the unifying element continued to live in the sounds. As soon as one goes back to their ground and origin they are the same in all languages – seven planetary vowel forces and, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve consonantal powers. In some older languages we still find strict adherence to this arrangement, for instance in Finnish, which knows no modification of the vowels and does not divide the consonants into hard and soft ones.”

We shall explore in the course of these essays, an ancient knowledge that traces its roots to Genesis. Since we have lost the wisdom of the matriarchy, we lost in the process, the missing factor in biology and anatomy that clearly comprehends the dual role of the sexes. The matriarchal society was once the key to space, to understanding the mammal forms strewn in space. The connection between organic life and lifeless space was part of the mystery of the egg. Patriarchy has had the task of rediscovering the path from soulless space to ensouled space and that path is through the Freyja mysteries and the mystery of the uterus. Here, as we shall see, biology, physics, space and anti-space are the mystical treasures left over from the division of the sexes.




The Mead of Poetry

“In the course of earthly evolution, this blood passed through a process of `ETHERIZATION.’ Just as our blood streams upward from the heart as ether, so, since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the ether of the earth. etherized blood of christThe etheric body of the earth is permeated by what the blood that flowed on Golgotha became.”

Kvasir is an extraordinary portrait out of the lore of Nordic Initiation. The problem for me is that the description reminds me of someone we all know. If I had never heard of or met someone like him in my lifetime his portrait would appear highly mythological, unlikely and fantastic. But because I have been touched in my lifetime by someone very much like him, Kvasir seems familiar. Someone we should all remember if we ever happen to meet again.

“When the AESIR and the VANIR had made a truce, and settled terms for a lasting peace, every single god and goddess spat into a great jar. This put the seal on their friendship, and because the Aesir were anxious that no one should forget it, even for one moment, they carried off the jar and out of the spittle they fashioned a man.

“His name was KVASIR. He was so steeped in all matters and mysteries of the nine worlds since fire and ice first met in Ginnungagap that no god nor man or giant nor dwarf ever regretted putting him a question or asking his opinion.”

To pursue a knowledge that outlines the history of human immortality back through the history of worlds, back through ancient Moon and the drama of the Angels in their human phase; back through the evolution of the Sun with the Archangels in their human phase; back through the evolution of Saturn with the Archai in their human phase; back to the origin of our present humans on ancient Saturn, is to think large thoughts. To discover us living like computers in the flowing courage of immortality, in the silent mechanics of living mineral architecture, where we were played upon by the gods back than, as we play upon our own little computers today, is certainly thinking thoughts that span worlds. That is what the Nordic Kvasir did, he spanned worlds with his thoughts. If asked about ancient Saturn, Kvasir might pause for a moment and say:

“The physical human eye is similar to a camera, for, as with the camera, there appears within it a picture of the surrounding world. Only when one abstracts from the physical eye everything that is not to be found in the camera, does one discover what is the specific nature of the physical eye. So too one must abstract from the entire physical body everything that is not purely physical: only then does one have what in occultism is called the physical body. In itself it can neither live, think nor feel. There then remains a very wisely ordered, extremely complicated automaton, a purely physical apparatus. This, alone, was all there was of human existence at the Old Saturn stage. At that time the eyes were present only as little cameras. What was produced as picture of the surrounding world came to the consciousness of a Deva being. In the middle of the Saturn evolution the so-called Asuras (the Archai) were sufficiently advanced to make use of the apparatus. At that time they were at the human stage. They made use of the automata and the pictures as we make use of photographic apparatus in order to take pictures of a landscape. Thus the physical body of man was at that time an architectural structure of a physical apparatus operated from outside. This is the first stage of human existence.”

Kvasir might intimate how certain unfriendly Asuras have access to the interior of our unused rotting human conscience. If anything is not used from our warmth-ethers the Asuras have dibs on it. It would be their Saturnine food, the unused forces of our immortality.( ) If they have hung behind in evolution we had better move forward. But if we listened to a person like Kvasir, we would begin to understand the very strange phenomena of why we humans sit in front of our computers and order these passive creatures around. We flood their screens with pictures of laser generated light. In other words we are repeating something here that recalls an immense memory in us. We are starting something now which in future will look to us for the wisdom we fed it and the wisdom of the universe that flashed passively before its soulless eyes. We are staring into our own ancient Saturn condition.

If Kvasir related these things to me, these cosmic and ecological pictures would disturb me. Juxtapositions of how the Angels felt in their plant condition; how the Angels felt in their animal phase; how the Angels felt in their human phase; and how the present eco-system of the earth feels as it stands before our gaze; would cause me to make some humble comparisons.

How will the animal feel towards us when they are men? What will the plants feel about us when they are animals? What will the silicon minerals understand of us, when they are men? Is this the crystal ball we are looking into now with our computers? Have we had enough of the games and the stalling and diversions from our responsibilities, to grasp our cosmic position? Are we on the trail to heaven or hell?

You see Kvasir knew the answer to all these things. The Aesir had a CUSPIDOR or SPITTOON. Cusp is a sharp tooth or edge and the CUSPIDOR is where the ashes from the fire were deposited or the cuspidor is like the spittoon or great metal urn where wild west saloon keepers asked cattle rustlers and gunslingers alike, to spit their wad of chaw and saliva. Here is a Rod Serling story waiting to be developed. The Nordic initiates shaped the foundations of where the term spitting image comes from. IMAGO. Perhaps, we might be so bold as to say we are all made in the spitting image of Kvasir. We might say that all the gods got together and fashioned a microcosmic 12 fold structure that accorded in every detail with the macrocosmic mysteries using scale, variance and calibration. Would Kvasir call these fashioners the Elohim or Spirits of Form?

The spittle or saliva had been warmed in the mouth of the gods. They did not have dry mouths but an abundance of life circulated around their tongues. Their words created worlds or caused the entire drama that Milton shapes in his PARADISE LOST and is reflected in the debris of the floating astroid belt, which represents a former boasting brother planet now in ruins. The forces of each CONSONANT and VOWEL were set in motion as the anatomy and intelligence in Kvasir. The entire contract of creation was now a living breathing microcosmic poet and walked with the gods and with men, at home in all worlds. Have we known anybody like that?

Dead center in our own historical Earth evolution stands a moment that has been carried from the mighty ancient Sun evolution down to the flesh embodiment of a living breathing man. Kvasir would tell you that this was no ordinary man who walked amongst us. If asked, Kvasir would say that this was one of the gods who spat in the council and it was actually HIS warm hands that shaped the embryo of Kvasir into shape, as if from bees wax, from the peace spittle of the gods.

“4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

6 When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay…”

John 9:4-6

Kvasir could tell you who this man was. He could tell you about the light of the world vs the light emanating from our t.v.’s and computer screens. Emanating already has the word MAN in it. He could tell the whole history of how one of our human brothers began a relationship with Ahura Mazdao, the central core and crowning glory of the ancient Sun evolution, the LOGOS; and as the historical Zarathustra, Kvasir would remark that he also had the spittle of the gods, the twelve foldness of a Bodhisattva force in his veins. Kvasir could tell the difference between one man and another, between John the Baptist and St. John the Divine, between the creator and the created.

“What was his secret? It was as much in his manner as in his mine of understanding. Questions of fact he answered with simple facts. But to ask Kvasir for his opinion – What shall I say? What do you think? What shall I do? – did not always mean getting a direct answer. Sitting back in his ill-fitting clothes, as often as not with his eyes closed, he would listen to recitals of problems and sorrows with a kind, grave, blank face. He took in and set everything in a wider frame. He never intruded or insisted; rather, he suggested. Often enough he answered a question with another question. He made gods and men, giants and dwarfs feel that they had been helped to answer their own questions.”

It is hard to know what to think of a man such as Kvasir. Grateful I am for the range of history and biographies dealing with the gods and the Angels; or the number crunching gnomes that search for herds of cows, so that they might listen once more to the twelvefold symphonies of the spiritual music and chemistry of their lost homelands hidden in the cows great digestion ( ) ; or the mighty air sylphs who bathe with the Eagles in the light ether;or the singing birds who transform the astral music of nature like a tea kettle, skimming the cream off the wisdom and light spoken by humanity and sending this wisdom as song upwards to nourish heaven; Loki and Lucifer; Ahriman and the Fenrir Wolf, I am grateful for these treasures. What can we say when a man like Kvasir is real and not a myth? What can we think of such a one as Kvasir?

I should think we might try to understand why his blood was so valuable to the gods. I should think we should try to understand what is meant by the etherization of the blood. Because that is what the Nordic Initiates proclaimed in their MEAD OF POETRY. I think we should try to understand the two dwarfs, Fjalar and Galar, who cause Kvasir’s death and then drain him of his life’s blood.

“They poured honey into the jars and cauldron filled with Kvasir’s blood, and with ladles stirred the mixture. The blood and honey formed a sublime mead: whoever drank it became a poet or a wise man.”

Those damned dwarfs. Why do they want to grab something so amazing, as a human being who speaks the LOGOS and opens for all the world a universe of real names and Beings that none can gainsay?

“The stories of Kvasir’s wisdom soon reached the ears of a most unpleasant pair of brothers, the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar. Their interest soon turned to envy and their envy ( ) to energy, for they could not admire anything without wanting it for themselves.Norse Myth Spiritual Science Fjalar and Galar Slaying Kvasir They asked Kvasir to feast with them and a large gathering of dwarfs in their cave under the earth and, as was his custom, Kvasir accepted. The table was a long slab of uneven rock, the floor was grit and the wall-hangings were dripping stalactites; the talk was chiefly of profit and loss and petty revenge; the food, however, and the tableware, all made of hammered gold, were rather more pleasing.”

All people are not made the same. All individual human spirits are not equal, therefore all men are not spiritually created equal. We have shown that the smallest amount of iodine or an unstable level in blood sugar or perhaps a disposition to cancer illuminates or foreshadows the very content of the person we are dealing with. This is to say that, with most of our lives we deal with a mere tip of the iceberg of who or what a person might really be. Astonishing or shattering it becomes, when with Angelic eyes, we truly realize that before us is a human being who has been intimate in our destiny for many, many lifetimes. Kvasir was a unique, one of a kind, divine cosmic fluke of manhood. Some of the earth-spirits are intensely wise, quick, impatient and clever when confronted with such insights. Earth elemental spirits are part of the silicon conspiracy of intellectual information and data, against which, wisdom and cosmic intelligence are caught in our present information age.

Kvasir was that rare blend of poet/seer that stood for the ideal of humankind. Humanity was meant to know the secrets of heaven and earth. Humanity, in its ideal condition, was meant to understand the riddles posed by Dwarfs, gnomes or Angels. We were meant to be conversant in the mysteries of the nine worlds and actually be able to honestly answer and outline the apparent contradictions between physics and metaphysics. It is within our grand design to be the go-between, between worlds.

Earth dwarfs and gnomes have had an attitude problem since time began. It comes with the territory of being a gnome or dwarf that they enter in close contact with hazardous materials. Gold and the poison in human intelligence are distinctly hazardous to the health of certain communities of earth spirits. In order to facilitate their job of distribution, profit and loss they have had to be strict accountants of material factors. Humans have begun merging with their kingdom through silicon technology. Speed and efficiency in running technological processes, upgrades, liquid crystal and chip development have brought us right onto the borderland of these feisty hoarders.

Their treatment of Kvasir reveals a selfish greediness involved with the earth planet that is latent in the mineral technology of the very tight fisted kingdom of creators who are associated with gold, silver, lead, quartz, mercury, tin, copper, and numerous man-made alloys. Ours is the evolution of merging and mixing divine wisdom with the mineral kingdom.

Our first stop in the Necklace of the Brisings was to sleep with the first Dwarf. This is, presently, the hormonal and psychic merging with the mineral kingdom. The details involved with that merger reveals our passage from human/cosmic intelligence into the wisdom matrix of the earth. “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”. The exchange rate has much to do with Kvasir and Freyja. While cosmic intelligence has been woven into human intelligence with Kvasir, Freyja represents a much higher metamorphosis, upwards to an entire new human and hormonal reproductive model where the power of the WORD carries cosmic reproductive repercussions.

The honey sweet sap of the cosmic LOGOS runs down the cross into the Grail and drips its sun-gold onto the parched mineral plain of the solid earth.

“If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

Fjalar and Galar, as representatives of the stone and mineral kingdom, were envious of something in Kvasir that stirred them down to their greedy little cores. Human history testifies as well to an incident in which the specific blood of a human mortal went way beyond the usual blend of chemical combinations. History reveals that a three-year breach allowed the most stupendous crack of light and love to enter down into the very deepest crevices of matter. If each human being does their job and sustains cosmic intelligence into the core of the earth, it can change the entire intelligence of the mineral kingdom into something very rich and strange indeed. This, we witness, is already happening in our frantic addiction to silicon technology.

Our current cultural directive allows our clever, greedy and narrow-minded I.Q. rate to merge into a kingdom vastly wiser and cleverer than our own puny self-proclaimed Darwinian monkey skulls. Kvasir’s wisdom (different from intellect) was respected through-out all the kingdoms, on every plateau of consciousness where humans, gods and demons held political opinions or hidden agendas. It was expected, predicted, and is now being fulfilled that humanity would bring this great cosmic mix, that Kvasir represented, as its bargaining chip, to the table, in our present negotiations with the mineral world. Kvasir would probably describe our silicon neighbors in glowing words. He might say:

“Now it is true that when we find silicon present in a form like quartz, it seems – from a material standpoint – of little importance for the soil and its associated plant growth. Quartz is not soluble in water – water just trickles around it. Thus, at first glance, it seems to have little to do with the ordinary, obvious prerequisites for life. But then take the horsetail plant – Equisetum; you will find that it contains up to ninety percent silicic acid. It has the same thing that is in quartz, but in the plant it is very finely distributed.

“From such things you can begin to see what great significance silicon must have. Indeed, almost half of everything we meet on Earth consists of silica. Strangely enough, so little notice is taken of silica today that it is still virtually excluded even from those areas where it could have an extremely beneficial effect… Silica is a significant ingredient in many medications, and a whole class of illnesses is treated by giving silicic acid either internally or externally as baths. These illnesses are characterized by disturbances that show up in the senses – although they do not actually originate in them – including also the inner senses, which convey pain from the organs. The senses are influenced in a remarkable way by silicon. And silicon plays the greatest imaginable part not only in the body, but also in the whole household of nature, if I may use this traditional expression. Silicon is present not only in quartz or other rocks, it is also present in extremely fine dilution in the atmosphere. It is actually everywhere.

“Half, that is, 48%, of the Earth available for our use consists of silica. What then does this silica actually do? Let’s put this question in a hypothetical form. If there were only half as much silica in our earthly environment…”

Kvasir would say that the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar wanted the earth to become saturated with silica so that it surpassed a mere 48% and surged up to 60% or 70%. Their intention was to have silicon chip personal computers in every household. They envisioned that the human community could be dominated by silica forces up at heart and head levels. They hoped to induce contact with humanity in such a way that the intelligence of human beings could be bridged and siphoned off so that cosmic intelligence might be enslaved to the tendency already infused within the gnome and dwarf community. Misdirected greed might easily translate into avarice within the human community and divert the goal of cosmic brotherhood from happening but make it darn comfortable for the aggressiveness latent in the mineral world. Kvasir might openly spell out such matter of fact activities and dangers inherent in tendencies where human and silicon kingdoms begin to make contact, merge and overlap.

“…Fjalar and Galar asked Kvasir for a word in private. Kvasir followed them into a gloomy chamber, and that was a mistake. The two dwarfs had knives hidden in their sleeves, and at once they buried them in the wise man’s chest. His blood spurted out of his body and Fjalar and Galar caught it all in two large jars and a cauldron. Kvasir’s heart stopped pumping and his drained white body lay still on the ground.

“When, after a while, the Aesir (Angel kingdom) sent a messenger to ask after Kvasir, the two dwarfs sent back word that he had unfortunately choked on his own learning, because there was no one in the nine worlds well informed enough to compare and compete with him.”

The Mead of Poetry and THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH have much to do with how we navigate the shoals of the mineral, silica kingdom, with our newly won poetic intelligence. Living hexagonal crystal formed in darkest lightThe quartz crystal realm of silica is an hexagonal mystery. It is truly a cube when looked at in the right way. We see it when cameras catch the light in the lens at a certain angle. We see it in movies with virtual mode themes like LAWNMOWER MAN II. An hexagonal image suddenly appears formed from light.

The Bees-honeycomb is a revelation of intelligent activity raised up from the solid mineral kingdom to the waxy aspect of the plant world. The Bee creates wombs of hexagonal structure in order to form the sun-spirit bee Queen, worker and drone. The lenses on the eyes of bees and dragons flies are hexagonal and our DNA are made of specific hexagonal structures fitted puzzle wise onto the double helix. “But Fjalar and Galar were delighted with what they had done. They poured honey into the jars and cauldron (THREE CONTAINERS) filled with Kvasir’s blood, and with ladles stirred the mixture. The blood and honey formed a sublime mead: whoever drank it became a poet or a wise man. The dwarfs kept this mead to themselves. No one else tasted it; no one even heard about it.” The silicon structure is light bearing, therefore intelligence and light flow through our silicon highways.

Silica runs secretly into the plant kingdom when the bee transforms the hexagonal crystal force into the honeycomb and this crystalline system finally terminates in our bone marrow and immune system white and red blood cells. “The blood cells, especially the red and white blood cells, contain more quartz-like properties, and the nervous system contains more an electromagnetic current. The life-force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body. There are various quartz-like structures in the physical and subtle bodies that augment the impact of vibrational remedies. In the physical body, these areas include: cell salts, fatty tissue, lymphs, red and white cells, and the pineal gland. These crystalline structures are a complete system in the body but not yet properly isolated and understood by modern medicine… These properties in the body magnify the life-force of vibrational remedies to a recognizable level to be assimilated. Indeed, these crystalline properties are relay points for most ethereal energies to penetrate the physical body. This allows for a balanced distribution of various energies in correct frequencies, which stimulates the discharge of toxicity to create health. In a similar fashion, vibrations of radio-wave frequencies strike a crystal in a radio.”

“Some of the effects quartz crystals are able to have upon humans relate to a particular resonance effect that occurs with our own crystalline structures… Science has recently begun to recognize a new class of crystals known as liquid crystals. They have a structure which is partially crystalline and partially fluid. Biology is beginning to understand that many substances and membranes within the human body appear to function as liquid crystals. From a subtle-energy perspective, a number of solid and liquid crystalline structures at the physical level are involved in the attunement of subtle energies within the nervous system and the flow of the life-force through the body… Certain aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals.”

The infused cosmic intelligence and light in Kvasir’s blood is something that is going to work through the natural realms of biology and nature all the way up through our nine stages of being and development.

Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“The manner in which Odin himself worked upon his peoples in order to make speech possible to them has been preserved in a wonderful way It was described as a divine initiation. The way in which Odin gained the power to endow the souls of the Germanic and Northern peoples with languages is thus described Odin, before he had acquired this capacity, had gone through what is represented to us as the initiation by means of the Potion of the Gods [MEAD OF POETRY], that divine Potion which once upon a time in the primeval past belonged to the giants. This Potion contained not merely abstract wisdom, but it represents to us the wisdom which expresses itself directly in sound. Odin at his initiation obtained power over the wisdom which expresses itself in sound, he learned how to use it when he went through a long initiation which lasted nine days, from which he was then released by Mimir, the ancient bearer of Wisdom. Thus Odin became Lord of the power of Speech. It was for this reason that the later sagas trace the language of the poets, the language of the skalds [SKALDSKAPARMAL(Poetic Diction], back to Odin. The art of reading runes, which in olden times was thought of as being much more closely related to speech than the later kind of writing, was also traced back to Odin. Hence the way in which the soul — indirectly, through the etheric body, whilst making itself at home in the physical body — acquired speech through the corresponding Archangel, is expressed in the wonderful stories related about Odin.”

Odin the all Father is going to have to penetrate into the mystery of The MEAD OF POETRY. The Etherization of the blood becomes a concern of cosmic proportions. If it falls into the wrong hands, the entire treasure of cosmic intelligence can be wasted or frittered away by the selfish agenda of greedy dwarfs and misguided men. Intelligence that is wasted or frittered away by human beings is also part of an agenda driven power game in our battle with the giants, the multi-national titans of our so named information age. With cuddly dwarf names like Micro-soft one has to wonder if Gates is not some sort of a gate-keeper.

In bargaining for their little malignant lives, the dwarf community barters away Kvasir’s blood to the giants. Up till now I have had a problem understanding what and who these giants were until I tripped over some cryptic passages in the Ragnarök saga. In the Ragnarök saga the finished work of the gods, our eco-system and placement within the divine order of things, reaches a deadly confrontation. The giants play an important part, along with chip technology, that astonished me as I comprehended the detailed picture that the Nordic initiates were sending down to our own time.

Defining the giants role in our lives today would certainly be very helpful for all departments of knowledge concerned with silicon technology. The bigness of the giants and the smallness of the dwarfs must be something we can get a handle on. It was after all the reason why Fjalar and Galar forfeited the greatest treasure of human richness ever aged and heated in a cauldron. We can be confident that, while the Initiates were combing the horizon of their vision to see the far parameters and implications of unknown events in their future and our present, we might be able to find clues hidden in their far-reaching communications that tune us into the missing factors involved with our own present confrontation with the silicon world. I don’t think that is too much to ask for do you?

If Kvasir were asked about the impending events of Ragnarök he would be very calm and confident about the future. I on the other hand find our present social speed and density, of mixed cleverness and unethical development, a source of wild anxiety. But Kvasir knew more than dwarfs and more than mortal men like me. In fact, from the documents at our disposal it is clear that the greediest of the dwarfs and gnomes, the number crunchers of the cosmic mineral world, couldn’t really benefit themselves by becoming poets and seers. It was necessary that they give up the Mead of Poetry, but why to the giants?

Tolkien, it is said, had a conversation with the immortal shade of Kvasir the same way Dante did with Virgil and from it came the dreaded saga of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Tolkien did not present a confident and calm vision of the realm of mortal man, the dwarfs, elves and various higher and lower spirits working in the warehouse of nature and spirit. If Empedocles could have reported his findings in the elemental world after he dove into the volcano (See link to Volcanic inner Earth Mysteries), he might have handed in a report similar to Tolkien’s. His was a noteworthy report on a life and death struggle, within the neighboring elemental communities, and the psychic and demonic world that was wresting itself away from the very fabric of decency that was the finished work of the gods. But Kvasir certainly wasn’t as nervous about the divine powers that sustained him and created him from their combined peace-spittle as Tolkien was about the present hidden drama in the underbelly of spiritual history.

Kvasir would more calmly take the subject of Ragnarök and the giants in his stride and with thoughtful brow and eyes slightly closed he would recall the pertinent Initiate information handed down by Gods, Angels and Skalds. He would then compare these vast meditations with our present world and link them in a most marvelous and undreamt of manner.

First he might say that the red cock FJALAR plays a significant role in the Ragnarök saga, when it is time to wake the giants. Indeed the Earth awakens when the cock feels the Sun forces tremble through its blood. The name of the dwarf who steals the blood of Kvasir and the early warning cock who begins the break-up of the finished work of the gods is none other than FJALAR. This cocky FJALAR signals to the giants that the time is come. The roosters red comb or the Romans crest with their kin Romulus and Remus nursed by the She-Wolf, daughter of Fenrir, has awakened in the human kingdom and begins to crow. Fjalar who fancies himself cock of the roost in the dwarf kingdom would feel this mighty pulse of anti-sun-wisdom when it awakens in the Earth caverns first.

“This night before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.”

Matthew 26:34

“Thy SPEECH betrayeth thee. Then began he to curse and swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew.”

Matthew 26:73

When the final signal was given for the ecological destruction of the finished work of the Gods, Kvasir would call attention to the fact that the giants would be crammed into a great boat with many ports. The odd thing about this boat, loaded with giants to assault the citadel of the Gods and begin Ragnarök, was that the giant boat was made exclusively of chips from dead men’s finger nails. Kvasir would say very calmly that these chips continue to grow from the finger nails of dead men and women when they are laid in their graves. Finger nails and hair are silica based and continue to grow even though the body is deceased. Naturally the Skalds could see that tiny chips of silica, grown from dead mineral forces, could make the hull and body of the ship that carried the giants to Valhalla, into a most sinister weapon indeed.

If silicon chip technology could be imprinted than the dead who have had themselves wedded through and through with silica would carry specific data that could be I.D.ed and fuse the world of the dead with the living. Dead news and dead information and things still warm vs things dead that were moments ago alive would be part of the ratings war. In point of fact an entire common culture with complete educational systems could be developed on the basis of dead information. Faith in the living research skill of human spirits who merge with higher initiation would be constantly contradicted by the reports from the world of dead information. The Skalds, the nordic seers and poets pointed to a time when these signs would be apparent to all. Cosmic intelligence would be drained and siphoned off using the magic of the fallen Devachan kingdom of magnetism and electricity to oppose the source where thought and light imprints itself from the free activity of the human spirit.

In education we can clearly observe the end of the century movement that has:

a.) forced people away from the land into urban centers;

b.) created total reliance on produce and control of products that have fallen below organic and honest standards of dietary intelligence, i.e. nature was severed from its potential upward development, and, is now proceeding in a downward second FALL;

c.) Corporate GIANTS or multi-national corporations built the 9 to 5 mode of work but family life and the human spirit were betrayed for the cultural paradigm of the consumer animal;

d.) Schools declined and human spirits who could represent to the children a living, breathing example of cosmopolitan and universal values were sucked into the `web’,`net’ or deceived by the cultural consumer animal paradigm.

e.) Home schooling allowed the virtual office and work at home ideas of modem and fax to be severed from actual classroom social spirit that might have shaped the individual with a renewed dynamic psychological structure;

The Result: `X’ Generations dilemma at entering a complex established world of political, spiritual and psychological giants but society offering them only immature, video game responses with anemic if not atrophied forces of intuition.

Poetic intuition can only be nursed by meeting the community of humanity with our karma. Instead of this, a non-flesh and blood, computer generated, karmic copy has been substituted for real communities. Education and universities fell into political and sexual splinter groups, each writing and rewriting intellectual cynicism. Nature and the environment fell and jails became the new boarding houses for our failed human experiments.

Perhaps you consider that your lawn, garden and home are your isolated sanctuaries against a violent world. But pollution, crime, crud, robbery and mayhem are our leftovers either as radioactive fall-out or as social fall-out. Abnegating our power to restore nature, restore humanity and honor the least of these, our children, giving them back a world where humanity works for the recovery of the human spirit, abnegating this responsibility is a supreme act of cowardice and betrayal. What we have bequeathed merely creates a complex video theme park of a former divine world, while we, snail-like, retreat into our own consumer generated, virtual real cyberspace carapaces.

Kvasir would say that there is an odd thing about giants, they have no sense of humor, lack the eye of courage, the wit and the wisdom that spans the nine worlds. Kvasir would say humanity is an on-line spiritual bridge to the nine worlds and all their visible and invisible inhabitants. He would say, Earth is the blend of these nine worlds and humanity is the goer between. “Monstrous as the giants may be, there is a reassuring sameness about them;… But Fenrir, Jormungand and Hel are a different matter: they are Loki’s offspring, extensions of the enemy within, the only enemy that can affect and corrupt and finally destroy the spirit of the gods.” Here Kvasir might mumble something about a text written in modern words by Robert Kennedy, something about the ENEMY WITHIN.

Seeing the confused look in my eye Kvasir would adjust himself and stare upwards for a few seconds and sigh. Where would you hide those giants? Big dumb giants? Kvasir knew, all I knew was that Kvasir was a human being with intuition and wisdom pulsing in his blood. Like a bee he could search out the nectar in any question and alight on it.

Giants aren’t good for much, he might say. But they are equipped with vast dumb memories that carry all the information but none of the spirit of the universe. Vast and slow, they can retrieve things and run simple errands and follow simple commands but they can not pierce into the vast framework of the nine worlds of heaven and earth and act with freedom. They are not equipped to carry the light torch of the mighty astral thought light-beacon that can seek and focus in on, and assimilate, the history and intentions of the spirit. Face to face and eye to eye the giants have not developed conscience but are slaves to their enormous memories. Men might think that giant memories are better then their own true spirit eyes and spirit knowing, this would be a fatal error if men were to rely on the giants bounded and contained by the chips from dead men’s nails. Kvasir might say.

The data from dead men’s finger nails, silicon chips from the corpses of dead information and meaningless dislocated facts, wisps of biographies from ghosts haunted by shame and dread are not the same as the light beacon that lives in the blood of the living, wholesome human heart. The heart of the spirit that lives and breaths as a healthy revelation of humankind, speaks and carries a different imprint/ a different slant on wisdom and idealism. If men long dead can be reignited, by programs and systems they have left behind, hidden in the chips of their nails as they sailed into the regions of after-life, then truly the giants can build an empire from the dead facts of the universe. “A third cock ( ), rust red, will raise the dead in Hel.” These dead facts will truly kill the spirit of the gods.

“Our sufficiency is of God: Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

2 Corinthians 3:5

To use the giants to attack the gods is to marshall memory against the spirit of man. Living memory is linked to the identity of the single reincarnating human spirit who carries in each of his steps, in each of his breaths, in each of his heart beats, in each of his deeds and in each of his words, the ongoing courage of immortality. Dead memories are doomed minds who have fed themselves on dead theories and have cemented these theories into a global tomb. Memory is a wonderful personal history of heart breaking reality. Information showered in rains of giant piss is research pouring down on empty heads without a bucket. Kvasir might say.

Hammering data and crunching numbers however, is part of the gnome and dwarf’s life blood. They have a dishonorable relationship with giants because one is tiny and clever and the other is vast and dumb. The alliance humanity desires is neither with tiny and clever nor vast and dumb. But that is the exact definition and contract that has been struck. The tiny clever silicon chip of the gnome and the vast dumb memory system of the giant are what we have united with. It is also how the Nordic Initiates perceived the sell out of Kvasir’s blood by dwarfs to the giants.

The giant Suttung wades out into the deep ocean and drops the two dwarfs who stole the blood of Kvasir on a skull of rock called a skerry. Gol as in Golgotha and skull come from the same linguistic roots. Out at sea is no place for Dwarfs. The giant Suttung literally threatens the gnome community with becoming slaves to the human skull. The worst nightmare of a gnome is the possibility that if they fall asleep they might easily enjoy the water. To perhaps fall asleep surrounded by water, or ether, chained to the skull of human thinking might make these creatures become what they dread. Frogs! Frogs and toads are the gnomes worst nightmare. If they fall asleep in their incessant number crunching they literally croak, which is where the term croak came from. When a gnome or dwarf croaks he falls into the moony rhythms of the frog and becomes what Fjalar and Galar feared most they might become.

“…Suttung dumped Fjalar and Galar on a skerry, a sopping rock standing just clear of the water.

…`Since it has come to this’, said Galar, `we’re willing to offer you our greatest treasure.’

Then Fjalar described their mead, both its origin and power, with a wealth of words.

…He took the precious liquid straight to the mountain Hnitbjorg where he lived. Suttung hewed a new chamber out of the rock at the heart of the mountain and put his the three crocks in it. And he told his daughter Gunnlod that she had one duty: `Guard this mead by day and guard it by night.”

The alliance humanity truly requires is with cosmic intelligence and human blood not illicit enslavement to giants and dwarfs. Giants may contain cosmic memory but they cannot use cosmic intelligence. Humanity can use and contain within their intuitive, poetic and spiritual development both cosmic memory and cosmic intelligence. Humans, like Kvasir, are warmed through to the heart and have access through all realms of spirit and matter. Underestimating the value of the human spirit is done both by the giants and the dwarfs. As a society we have entered into a compact with Beings that haven’t the depth or level of development that is our own cosmic right. The mockery, scorn and increased greed and avariceness coupled with violence and sadism is coming from below not above.

Through the transformation of conscience and drama, Speech and the WORD, which comes from the heart, the wisdom of the world can be downloaded to the earth through the human. “Into Thy hands I commend my spirit” means into the hands of human ethical, living spirits who carry the reality of the Father in their actions, words and thoughts and are capable of divine metamorphosis, and carry in their hearts the cosmic power of love linked with divine intelligence.

One of our hands has already been linked with the Fenrir wolf, in fact bitten off by him. Our hands, presently, are used to tap typed computer glyphs. Carpal tunnel syndrome of bone aching hands and wrists fettered to the jaws of the Fenrir wolf also tell of our over played hand. Our blood must become THE MEAD OF POETRY. Through it the milk of the human throat, our WORD, becomes fertilized by cosmic intelligence. (Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan) This brings an upward evolutionary curve to all of creation. This allows the pollination of the Word.

Technology is inevitable. It is part of our evolution from ancient Saturn, Kvasir might say. It is not something the ancient Skalds felt they could run away from. The cosmic forces of Fenrir were mighty and dangerous, yet they were part of the great powers invested in the scope of the immortal gods. For humans to master the mineral plain and make contracts with the neighboring silicon kingdom of the gnomes and dwarfs requires wariness towards the unleashing of these mighty forces.

Contracts between giants and dwarfs must be viewed clearly for what they are. Chip technology is married to giant memory systems. The third factor is the user. Worshiping dwarfs or giants will not get humanity linked back to its upward evolution. Suttung giant Memory and dwarf chip technologyWhat such unholy unions can promote is the virtual fall of humanity into the snares of sub-nature and dark technology. Virtual worlds outside the precincts of the eco-system and built solely on psychological addictions to sub-worlds just might be where the entire population of humanity is giddily headed. Our priorities must be invested in the noble rank and cosmic blend of blood that Kvasir and the Nordic seers represented in THE MEAD OF POETRY.

The Nordic seers knew that it was a bad day for naive and trusting Kvasir when he `did lunch’ with Fjalar and Galar. Contracts, negotiations, profit and loss, all these are consumer dreams deposited as corrupt moral impulses into the lower mineral kingdom. With the advent of faster computers the stock markets moved from their sluggish hundreds and thousand during the 1920’s to their five, six or 10 thousand average daily trading levels. Our ethical or unethical qualities are imprinted directly into the silicon world. The sudden conspiracy against human intelligence that carries cosmic intelligence is reenacted every day on Wall Street.( ) Sincerity was part of the psychological make-up of Kvasir. It was in his blood.

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

St Matthew 10:16

Since it is clear we must merge with the first level of the four ethers, the first of the four dwarfs that Freyja agrees to unite with, our first stop is the silicon world, along with all the other qualities of the metals and hidden forces that chips of matter or fingernail chips can convey to us. What more concrete picture could the Nordic seers have left us, but the whole context connected with chips from dead mens fingernails. We truly have embarked on a great adventure. The Nordic seers knew this and understood that the Mead of the blood in the human being was a unique and sacred blend that needed to be cherished and preserved.

Odin realizes that this great MEAD OF POETRY, this rich blend of blood and honey has become more than it was when Kvasir lived, it has aged and ripened. That is also a secret. This blood, carried in the veins of humanity, holds the rich and eternal dreams of the old Gods for their future. Fermenting out of the old recipes for making mead requires a fermentation process to make it truly grand.( ) Dwarfs acting selfishly, have in fact, once more, served the intentions of the Gods. This etherized brew of cosmic and human intelligence has fallen into the hands of a Giant and its three great jars are now guarded by Suttung and his giant daughter Gunnlod. (The giant goddess we worship today is the giantess DOWNLOAD) The three great jars of brewed Mead sit in a chamber hewed “out of the rock at the heart of the mountain”

“In MYTH AND RELIGION OF THE NORTH, E.O.G. Turville-Petre says that there is an Indian parallel to the creation of the mead of poetry from Kvasir’s blood in which the four parts of a slain monster represent four kinds of drunkenness; and in another Indian myth, soma, an intoxicating drink that stimulates the voice and gives immortality, is stolen by an eagle from an iron fortress.”

Freyja brings us into relationship with the four ether seeds of the parathyroid with her encounter with the four dwarfs over THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS. Four Parathyroid glands and the reproductive center of Speech Four different kinds of drunkenness or inspiration are operative at the foundations of the world in the structure of north, south, east and west, but also out of the Ark of the Covenant which focused the field of the earth plain and initiation science against the background of the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Angel. Those became in the course of time our four gospels, capturing the biographical revelations of the incarnated LOGOS in the records of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On these primal foundations lay the four parathyroid glands that raise the hormonal development of the human reproductive and Speaking Being to a new cosmic prototype. We were meant to ascend from sexual reproduction to Word, Ego-imprinted, divine speech.

In order to retrieve the kidnaped MEAD OF POETRY, the blood of Kvasir, Odin must place himself as the tenth in the nine worlds. A great work of harvesting the wisdom of the nine worlds is going on now. Nine mercenary harvesters were hired to work for the brother of the giant who holds Kvasir’s sacred blood. Odin is the tenth and enters as the tenth worker, better than all the nine put together. Odin places himself in proximity to the hidden containers of Mead by offering his services to the greedy brother of the very giant who guards the sacred THREE.

The fact that nine worlds and nine psychological and biological phases of human and spiritual development are broken into three groups of three; and that there are three containers of the sacred Blood of Kvasir, are very important to the spiritual scientific researcher. One of the containers was described as a cauldron and this cauldron must be the heart region because cauldrons were used for cooking. One of the containers is named Son.

Kvasir’s blood, the fermented Mead, has now been placed in the cosmic containers of the divine triad. The blood of Kvasir reflects this triad, and can be found in three compartments. We can easily recognize the FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION drawing us toward our own transformation of blood. In our Thinking, Feeling and Willing; or in our relation to Truth, Beauty and Goodness; or as we apply these three elements culturally, in our society as Science, Art and Religion; we dip our ladles, our tongues, into the MEAD OF POETRY. In Speech Training we recognize these three portions as those of Lyric, Dramatic and Epic placements and focus.

“Nine thralls were working in a sloping field, men from Midgard with a taste for adventure and handsome reward. They were scything the succulent grass with long, slow sweeps, and seemed very weary.”

Earth is certainly interpenetrated by nine worlds. ninefold spiritual psychological system munchA harvest is underway. A gathering of collected data into upgraded and programmed systems is very much underway at present. A virtual world walk-in museum of scattered laser generated computer graphic enhanced scraps of knowledge is being offered as psychic harvest for the starving masses. A world-wide web of semi-dead knowledge is now in the process of being harvested for the world-wide dead.

Odin as the tenth of the nine represents the sharpened faculty of thinking, the eagle of our psychic development. The Native Americans and the St. John gospel would have been in complete agreement if it wasn’t for the greed and the formalized betrayals of the United States against the ecological wisdom of the Native Americans. The Native Americans had raised the fallen Scorpio forces of nature up to the Initiate vision of the Eagle. It could have been an easy step to honor that great deed and inaugurate an education of the human race that aimed for the next stage, the dove. Odin, the tenth, “drew a whetstone from his belt and began to put a new edge on the scythe, the other thralls crowded round in the hope he would hone their scythes too.”

Humanity is the tenth amid the nine worlds and the Nordic, Aztec, South American, Mexican, Mayan, Inca, Dante, Spiritual Science and the Catholic church all honored the nine worlds. This is an enormous comparative study yet to be attempted. What was the incarnating field or active differences between Nordic and South American research by initiates into the nine worlds?

Nine layers of the inner earth bring the human being into the deepest matters of life, death and evil that can be reckoned with. The tenor of moral difference between how the Aztec initiate dealt with the nine layers of the inner earth and how the Nordic seers and Initiates dealt with it makes one wonder if there wasn’t a psychic intersection where the two opposing fields struggled over the moral axis of earth evolution. Dante There is ample evidence to prove that such penetrating initiations on both sides of the equator held different stand points on what honor and fairness were to the human spirit or to the demons locked in the center of the earth’s magnetic and gravitational workings.

“In India the wisdom of the Brahmins lay at the foundation of human life. In Europe this was indeed withdrawn into the background, but it existed in the Norse Mysteries where the European Brahmins had to make good again that which had been spoiled through the betrayal in the old Atlantean epoch.”

The sinking of Atlantis and the trail of linguistic evolution that leads us to the Inca, Aztec and Mayan cultures has to do with the abuse of the oracles of Atlantis. The initiation into the gold mysteries, the aura of gold in its present form, is a catalyst for psychic greed. A stage lower on the scale and greed becomes AVARICE, which has its own animal and serpent like rewards.

Below the black school of avariceness is sadism etc., the dwarf and gnome kingdom of silica have a moral downside which the Norse Initiates warned and defended us against. Southern hemisphere Aztec avariceness is interwoven and part of the present basis of Darwinian social engineering geared to the preservation of our psychologically adapted economic consumer-animal society. On the other hand gold is the representative of the wisdom of the Sun in the material of earth.

To sit in a virtual classroom and be taught virtual lessons by a mirage or computer generated icon of the honest teacher, geared to whatever racial or preferential image sentimentality dictates, is to re-enter, once again, the ancient Atlantean conflict. The upward development of thinking that veered away from genetic and nature manipulation by use of etheric and magical forces, was the cause of the split in Atlantean culture and the basis of a common global catastrophe that linked itself to the Sphinx of Egypt. We see the mighty Pharaohs headdress and those of Bali and Thailand and we can see the virtual world of clairvoyance that was operative as an outside eye-ball or umbilical cord, visionary plug, carried from old Atlantis through the blood as divine leadership, all the way to the GOLD crown of Kings. Now down to the last death throe of the blood, we see the so-called Royal couple, Diane and Prince Charles, dry up the last dregs of that blood-line mystery. (Obvious dramatic historical and tragic events have happened since I wrote this.)

The struggle and sinking of Atlantis came from the social rift in the upward and downward development, the abuse and misuse of clairvoyant, etheric and magical forces woven in the numbers and patterns of real nature and biology. One group developed toward the Gobi desert and escaped the sinking of Atlantis in the fabled Ark. Another group went west and developed in South America.

But the main internal social conflict of old Atlantis was between those who were considered racial retards because they were developing forebrains and strong earth spines, which were the first germs of materialistic or rational thinking, and those who built blood/genetic fusions with clairvoyant manipulations of nature. In old Atlantis, conscience and the use of human freedom in the realm of lawful, divine nature, was inaugurated by reject, retards. These `retards’ were cast off from the main stream of normal black magic clairvoyant schooling that was part of the consensus consumer development and public education of declining Atlantean culture.

The main body of dark initiates wanted to manipulate the genetic and animal-human kingdoms and dislodge the laws of nature and insert their own arbitrary clairvoyant choices for the pleasure and commerce of the Atlanteans. This plan was thwarted by the sinking of Atlantis. The laws of the stars and the biological laws in nature were to be preserved as divine factors instead of manipulated and distorted out of recognition. Today we are witnessing the reverse effects of the Atlantean fall in our own time. We are once more faced with a reverse Atlantis, a sinking of all nature’s complex species and a fall into virtual worlds and genetic arbitrariness.

Virtual reality is a growing form of materialistically induced clairvoyance that is opposed to the upward development of the Word. Using Melatonin and pituitary and pineal endocrine boot enhancers, humanity is about to unplug divine creation and plug in man-made software packages of virtual detached and disconnected consumerized giddy clairvoyant deceptions. The Logos and the laws of creation were given in the lawful model of the human form which a GOD has re-programmed upwards and a away from the fall by using the bodies higher potentials and designing a new prototype based strictly on the triadic human structure and the nine-fold human and cosmic pattern. The secret of Kvasirs divine blood, infused with Solar power, ignited the upper triadic levels of higher spiritual seeds. The higher metamorphosis of Atma, Budi, and Manna from the human psychic structure.

The new Atlanteans are splintering, again, into two groups. Those who want, arbitrarily, to create manipulated nature species under the research banners of genetics and biological warfare experimentation, while mixing hormonal psychotropic drugs, and giving semblance and clairvoyant actuality to virtual reality by diverting sound human insight and morality away from the real Fall of nature and the human spirit. While the other group seeks the upward lawful contract with creation forged by the incarnated Logos who brought the etherization of the blood and the Human WORD into its divine potential. The DNA of man the higher Angelic being; and the DNA of man the virus laden fallen god; once more stand at an Atlantean threshold, only with new stakes.

As in old Atlantis, our present majority sees nothing but harmony, idealism and joy in this path to the hallucinatory solution to our upward moral and spiritual goals. On the Christ/Buddha path nature is reunited in a non-arbitrary manner to its upward cosmic destiny and begins reinforcing the health and maturity of the human spirit based on the model of the Logos. We are the image of that Logos, which was only complete enough by 30 A.D. to allow us to receive a new upward revelation of the human prototype.

The Aztecs, as well as Philip the Fair, who tortured the Knights Templar and stole the brotherhood out of international banking, used gold initiation as a method to enter the dark circles of the nine layers of the inner earth. A corrupted version of genetic manipulation and betrayal of the Sun Mysteries was the reason behind the sinking of Atlantis. Gold, greed, sadism and avarice are clearly the global banking motto to live by today. The Nordic seers apparently were forced into spiritual pay-back to help adjust the malignant mysteries which remained active through human sacrifices and the schools of dark initiates clustered around Aztec altars dedicated to Venus and gold that remained as feeble remembrances of the conflict that sank Atlantis. The psychological toll today, in those who experienced the Templar purge and torture, remain as psychic stumbling blocks to those who face the cross roads of the this 98/99 century crossing.

Odin enters the story of THE MEAD OF POETRY as the tenth worker among nine mercenaries. We humans are the TENTH HIERARCHY, the Angels belong to the ninth. Odin has a whetstone that can sharpen the dull blade of thinking. Odin sharpens the blades of the other nine mercenary harvesters and offers his prized whetstone to them, he throws it into the air for one of them to grab and in the hustle, “the thralls jostled, they stepped backwards, they suddenly swung round; and in the end, in their confusion, they all slit one another’s throats. The nine of them lay in the long grass they had just cut.”

As members of the TENTH HIERARCHY human beings have the option of freedom, love and thinking that allows us to do deeds of freedom and enables us to keep our wits sharp because of the blending of the nine worlds, specifically arranged for our observation and thinking. That is A PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM. The world arranged around us acts as a whetstone to our thinking and wits. The harvesting of the nine worlds means that human beings must play a significant role in the harvest process. To say that consumer cut-throat actions and mercenary ethics have only dull blades in their thinking system and cannot compete with an Initiate who works with the divine wisdom of cosmic intelligence is an understatement.( ) Cosmic intelligence comes to the service of Initiate wisdom and this increases the ratio of divine assistance in proportion to our integration of human intelligence with cosmic intelligence. The human being who works with the divine has the strength of ten.

We have in Kvasir and THE MEAD OF POETRY a covert rescue mission, initiated by a disguised Odin. Two giant brothers with two different dull agendas must be outwitted by Odin. One giant using the nine worlds to harvest wisdom and increase its store for the autumn and winter and his brother who seems better equipped, the giant Suttung, are at unfriendly odds with each other. The harvest will totally fail unless the earth intelligence, represented by Suttung’s brother BAUGI finds more helpers. His other harvesters of the nine worlds have just killed themselves off leaving the one divine/human spirit, with one-eye,( ) Odin of cosmic intelligence, to harvest the remainder of earth’s wisdom.

Odin does not scoot around the work of harvesting earth wisdom, rather he takes on the entire harvest by himself.( ) A ratio is established here of nine to one. One free spirit against nine unfree spirits can accomplish more through SPIRITUAL ECONOMY simply by working with reality instead of against it. Odin represents the tenth or initiated humanity.

Locking down the MEAD OF POETRY that carries the imprint of the peace agreement of all worlds, the spittle of the gods and the answer to the riddles of both gods, demons, giants and dwarfs, held in three different containers by the giant Suttung, literally means that the poetic and intuitive education and initiation of humanity is to be blocked and made immensely difficult to attain by normal means. Earth society and Earth intelligence will stand like giants against the individual human intuition.

If the two giants have their way, the etherized blood of Kvasir will be exchanged on the market slowly by supply and demand. Scientists would be hired by Suttung to evaluate the substances in this strange mead and create drugs that imitate its magical power. The actual Mead is meant to nourish humanity, for our use as mediators of cosmic intelligence. Yet it is also something we are capable of creating in ourselves, through our own spiritual efforts. It is to serve as inspiration, love and wisdom for the rest of the nine worlds. To find the source of it, salvage it and honor it, as the highest essence of earth evolution, is to comprehend the mystery of the Grail and comprehend the actions of Odin to save the Mead of Poetry.

The triad of forces that come from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as the triad of containers that contain the elixir that raises thought, raises feeling and raises will up to the highest level of inspiration, stand for the mystery of THE MEAD OF POETRY. Kvasir understood how to answer and pose the questions; what to look for and how to respond to difficult riddles of human existence or divine affairs. Luckily for us such men do exist and luckier still are those who know where to find the MEAD OF POETRY. The FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION leads one to this elixir or ichor of blood, the recipe for awakening in each of us the MEAD OF POETRY.

“Anthroposophy is the preparation for everything that will come in the future. Those who take the process of man’s evolution seriously resolve not to allow the soul’s development to come to a standstill but to ensure that its development will eventually enable the spiritual part of the earth to become free, leaving the grosser part to fall away like a corpse – for human beings could frustrate the whole process. Those who desire evolution to succeed must acquire understanding of the spiritual life through what we today call Anthroposophy. The cultivation of Anthroposophy thus becomes a duty; knowledge becomes something that we actually experience, something toward which we have responsibility. When we are inwardly aware of this responsibility and have this resolve, when we experience the mysteries of the world so as to arouse in us the wish to become Anthroposophists, then our experience is right.”

True, Kvasir is no myth. Such human beings are on the rise. We must not wait for leaders and gurus. We must take up what a living representative of THE MEAD OF POETRY has answered of the riddles of human existence. If we have understood these riddles we must continue to search for the MEAD ourselves and search for those brothers and sisters who have tasted it. It is a heady mixture of light and wisdom and not everybody is capable of sipping this magnificent brew but we of the TENTH HIERARCHY are designed, not to become drunkards but, to quietly and patiently stand as mediators in the turbulent or peaceful coordination of the nine worlds.

Honeyed words dipped in the blood of wisdom are balm for men, giants, Angels and dwarfs. The real myth is the myth we believe we live as isolated consumer-animals enjoying ourselves in a toyland of technology. By severing the community of conversation and brotherhood and replacing it with subservient silicon dwarfs and clumsy memory giants we have placed something between our hearts and our words. This also is part of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

In conclusion to our study of THE MEAD OF POETRY and our much needed work towards the attainment of the etherization of our own blood, we finally enter, through the snake, the serpent, double helix, DNA or Kundalini, the stone fortress of the great Giant Suttung.

Odin disguises his true name, while working as a harvester and travels under the pseudonym of Bolverk. Bolverk means bulwerk or as the dictionary defines it, “any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt.” Saying “During the crisis, religion was his bulwark” sets the example. So Odin uses this as his code name and we might associate the twentieth century as a time when we needed Spiritual Science as a bulwark against the attacks from materialistic science.

Penetrating the mountain fortress of materialistic science, Odin uses an auger. auger He is able to drill into the skull like mountain fortress of Suttung, with his auger, but he requires the dumb brother of Suttung, Baugi, to help him drill. Odin needs a little crack, a tiny lever, just a bead that he can use to crack the code of materialism itself and unlock the hidden Mead of Poetry that has been hidden away and distilled from the blood of Kvasir. In the dictionary the word auger descends from the word adder or viper. A hole driller that can enter like a snake into the mysteries of earth.

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

St Matthew 10:16

Odin turns himself into a serpent and using the hole made by the auger, finds himself in the inner complex of the labyrinth of the mountain rock built by the giant Suttung, who is not user friendly to Spiritual Science. Suttung merely stores and selfishly hoards Kvasir’s blood for purely utilitarian interests. But his daughter, poor thing, is shut into the inner sanctuary. Very much like the core of Mother Earth herself, Gunnlod sits in the recesses of the mountain fortress on her stool of gold merely guarding the etheric treasure that could renew the planet and nature herself. She represents the pituitary gland prior to the transformation of the heart that is achieved by listening and discovering the romance between the human soul and truth.

“Gunnlod was sitting on a stool of solid gold. And at the sight of Bolverk (Odin), Suttung’s stern warning that she should guard the mead flew right out of her head. She was not sorry to have company. She sat and listened to Bolverk’s beguiling words and songs; she wrapped her arms around him; Odin and Gunnlodfor three days they talked and laughed and for three nights they slept together. In the silent cave under Hnitbjorg, the heartless father of the gods made love to the spellbound daughter of Suttung. Then Gunnlod was drunk with passion and ready to give Bolverk whatever he desired. He asked for three draughts of Kvasir’s blood and Gunnlod took his hand and led him to the mead. With his first draught Bolverk emptied Odrorir, with his second draught Bodn, with his third draught Son. The Father of the gods held all the divine mead in his mouth.

“Then Odin turned himself into an eagle, flapped down the passage out of Hnitbjorg, and headed for Asgard.”

Everybody seems to have to sleep with somebody if they want to get something from anybody. Freyja needs to have sex with the four dwarfs to gain THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS and Odin/disguised as Bolverk needs to charm, enchant, stimulate, seduce and arouse Gunnlod the daughter of Suttung. The songs he sings are songs he learned while he hung on the Tree of Life or Yggdrasill. These songs are the archetype of the nine regions for which Christ hangs on the Tree of the Cross. Nine songs for the nine worlds were learned and these great poems, were part of the seduction Odin needed to charm Gunnlod off her golden pedestal. The etheric currents come into the hidden fortress through Odin and cosmic intelligence. These refined forces stimulate the development of the pituitary in order to release the secret of the mead. These same songs were charmed by the cunning dwarfs into the making of the nine rings that Tolkien describes in his great work, THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

These same songs are included in what Christ speaks of in the Beatitudes[SEE LINK] from The Sermon on the Mount. Grand mysterious formulas that weave, enchant and charm the nine worlds and the nine fold structure of the human being. The nine layers of the inner earth are seemingly equal to the human blueprints that make the basis for our physical, etheric, astral, sentient soul, intellectual soul, consciousness soul, spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man. The human being is meant to find the words and the meanings to all worlds. He is the soother, the comforter, the mediator and the voice by which the divine recognizes itself and understands.

These same, strange rings that Tolkien, Wagner and astronomy speaks of, are apparently of the same type as the rings Saturn has. Only the reversed image and polarity, of that which the earth has as her layered interior core. But with Saturn they appear to us as its exterior rings.

To be a Lord of the Rings means being able to penetrate the inner earth mysteries while incarnated and after death to reach the outer Saturn reincarnation mysteries. A wave-like cosmic reverberation carries the human soul from incarnation into space toward the inner earth mysteries and outwards after death to the far-point where Saturn and the gods intone their karmic response to our individual destinies.

The waters of the etheric worlds, like the water and ripples on a pond, reveal a tightly connected system that runs from earth core to Saturn’s outer rings. The borrowing and transforming of these mighty ether fields is hidden in speech and the parathyroid glands.

A Bodhisattva can make use of these ether fields, to some degree, but the Sun-Spirit-Christus is able to step up, miracle, by miracle, from water to wine; to the raising of Lazarus; to the Resurrection, the entire nine fold integration and beyond, of that which comprises the material and spiritual both as atomic table and etheric cohesion.

Here the intoning field of matter and spirit, formerly outside of the earth, has moved its resonation field to the inside of the Earth. To build a complete dove like Resurrection body requires enormous agreements or mastery within the planetary community. A Being of immense order entered the earthly matrix. Coordination between Saturn and the intimate subtle bodies and karmic structure that each individual carries will now be under the active leadership of the Lord of Karma, the new Lord of the Rings. The Sun centered field of immortality, in progress, has shifted to an Earth centered field, in progress. The new CEO is here amongst even as we speak.

All of these delicate and shattering mysteries are clearly within the seduction of Gunnlod by Odin. The sound waves that allow us to hear reveals how Odin bored into the skull, to where the solidified gold in listening, is slightly warmed by Gunnlod sitting on it. Through our ears we hear, but ear is also in the word heart and in the word earth. Gunnlod is so entranced by Odin that she warms up on her stool of gold and begins to heat up the hidden gold that connects both heart and earth to the ear.

What is so wonderful about this seduction and this heating up is that the Fallopian tube that transports the ova from the ovary to the uterus is designed in the same way as the Eustachian tube of the ear. In listening, as Gunnlod is doing with Odin, her heart and her reproductive center not only wants to hear more of Odin’s fascinating words but while listening she becomes in the mood for the entire reproductive stimulation that mating and egg production entails for the female. How is this so? How can this be true? Because Bartolommeo Eustachio (1524-1574) connected in his research both the Eustachian tube and the uterus.(CLICK LINK FOR DEEPER RESEARCH) You can look it up in the dictionary. His colleague, Gabriel Fallopius, (1523-1562 both men living in Italy) connect the uterus with the inner ear. Fallopius looked into the chorda tympani, sphenoid and ethmoid bones.

eustachionThis means that the new uterus of Freyja uses the listening ear and the warmth that penetrates the heart as a way to produce the new spoken forces. The spoken word and the listening ability, not attention span deficit, begin the actual production of new cosmic forces. Gunnlod may not yet be saying much, but she is doing a lot of listening to the rich romantic occult tales of the master storyteller Odin. For her, eggs and ova are forming and the mood to mate with the heavens, to establish and consummate a vertical relationship with the core of gold and truth that comes from Odin’s lips, are like kisses, that stimulate the passion and hormones of the endocrine system which eventually lead to either very good sex or cosmic intuition as conception. The Nordic initiates wove all these minute details into the wonderful seduction of Gunnlod guarding the portal to the chamber of the etherization of the blood. First, the initiates said, you must listen to the sound of truth till it fills your heart, later you will learn to distribute potent etheric forces that are the Mead of Poetry distilled from Kvasir’s blood.

Rudolf Steiner and the structure of the Ear

“Passing now from within outward, that which adjoins the inward portion of the inner ear, and which science calls the stapes or stirrup, appears in the light of spiritual science as a metamorphosis of a human thigh-bone with its attachment to the hip. And the little bone which science calls the incus or anvil, appears as a transformed knee-cap. Finally, that which passes from the incus to the tympanum or drum appears as a metamorphosis of the lower part of the leg including the foot. But the ‘foot’ in this case rests not on the earthly ground but on the drum of the ear. Within your ear you actually have a human member — a transformed metamorphosed limb. You might also describe it thus: First, the upper arm (only that in the arm the ‘knee-cap’ is undeveloped, that is to say there is no anvil), and then the lower arm — the other ossicle which rests upon the drum. Just as you touch and feel the ground with your feet, so do you touch and feel the drum of the ear with the foot of this little ossicle. Only the foot with which you walk about is coarsely formed. Coarsely you feel the ground with the sole of your foot, while with this hand or foot which is there within your ear you constantly touch and feel the delicate vibration of the drum.

“Let us now go farther back, within the ear. We come to the so-called cochlea or ‘snail-shell’. It is filled with a watery fluid, which is necessary for the act of hearing. What the ‘foot’ touches and feels upon the drum has to be transmitted back to this spiral cochlea, situated within the cavity of the ear. And now once more: Above the thigh we have the inner organs, the abdominal organs. The cochlea within the ear is none other than a beautiful, elaborate metamorphosis of these inner organs. And so you can imagine, there inside the ear there lies a human being, whose head is immersed in your own brain. Indeed, we bear within us a whole number of ‘human beings’, more or less metamorphosed or transformed, and this is one of them.

“What does all this signify? If you study the origin and growth of man not only with the crude science of the senses; if you are aware that this human embryo as it develops in the mother’s womb is the image of what went before it in the pre-earthly life; then you will also realise the following. In the first stages of development in embryonic life, it is above all the head that is planned and formed. The other organs are comparatively small appendages. Now — if it only depended on the inner potentialities inherent in the germ, within the mother’s womb — these appendages, these little stumps which afterwards become the legs and feet, could equally become a kind of ear. They actually have the inner tendency, the potentiality to become an ear. That is to say, man might grow in such a way as to have an ear not only here, and here, but an ear downward too. I admit, this is a strange saying. Nevertheless, it is the truth. Man might become an ear downward too. Why does he not? Because at a certain stage of embryonic development he already comes into the domain of the earthly force of gravity. Gravity which causes the stone to fall to Earth — gravity, implying weight — weighs upon that which tends to become the ear, transforms it and re-shapes it. And so it becomes the lower man in his entirety. Under the influence of earthly gravity, the ‘ear’ which tends to grow downward is changed into the lower man. Why then does not the ear itself change in this way? Why do not its ossicles change into fine small legs right and left? For the simple reason that through the whole position of the human embryo in the mother body, the ear is protected from entering into the domain of gravity, as happens with the little embryonic stumps that afterwards become the legs. The embryonic ear does not enter the domain of gravity. Hence it preserves the plan and tendency which it received in the spiritual world in the pre-earthly life. It is in fact a pure image of the spiritual worlds.

“Now we understand how the earthly world of sound is the physical reflection of the heavenly harmony of the Spheres, and how man is a product not of these earthly forces but of heavenly forces, who places himself into the midst of the earthly. Moreover, we see how he places himself into the midst of the earthly. He would become an ear downward; and if he remained in this state he certainly would not walk, but would assume another kind of movement; for he would have to move on the waves of cosmic Harmonies, even as the tiny image, the little bone in the ear, moves on the waves of the drum. With the ear we learn to hear; with the larynx and other organs that lie towards and within the mouth itself, we learn to speak and sing. You hear some word, for instance Baum or Tree. You yourself can speak the word Tree. In your ear, in organs formed and modelled after heavenly activities, as I described just now, there lives what you express in the simple word Tree. Again, you yourself can say the word. What does it signify that you can say the word Tree? By the larynx, by the organs of the mouth, etc., the earthly air is brought into such formations that the word Tree is expressed. There in reality you have a second ear, over against your hearing. And there is yet a third, which is only insufficiently perceived. When you hear the word Tree, you yourself with your etheric body — not with your physical but with your etheric body — speak the word Tree very quietly to yourself; and through the so-called Eustachian tube, which passes from the mouth into the ear, the word Tree sounds forth ethereally, going out to meet the word that comes to you from without; and the two meet, and thus you understand the word. Otherwise you would only hear it and it would be nothing in particular. You understand it by saying back through the Eustachian tube what comes towards you from outside. In that the vibrations from outside meet the vibrations from within, and interpenetrate, the inner man understands what comes to him from without.”

Wise Odin escapes the skull like fortress of the giant Suttung as an eagle and scales the halls of heaven. A shadow eagle, the giant Suttung himself, follows him. St. John is our resident eagle who sits on the high branches of the Tree of Life. In hot pursuit of the mighty mystery of the etherization of the blood comes the shadow of the sun-spirit. “Soul conflicts and trials of conscience proclaim the new Christ-nearness; for, like a shadow, the conscience accompanies the paths of Christ” while on earth we deposit our spiritual activity into the heart of the earth. The Mead of poetry was given as a solution to the conflicts of the cosmos. The human being working on the etherization of her blood understands how the blood caught by Joseph of Arimathea leads to the strange mystery of the Grail.

“…in England the Grail wanders from place to place. On this level, therefore, it fulfills the descriptive title given to Rudolf Steiner for it by the Norwegian Folk-Spirit – `GANGAND GREIDA,’ The Wandering Viaticum. In the Valthrudismal, Odin refers to himself by the name Gangradr, the Wanderer.”

This ties together the very deep connection that exists between THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS and THE MEAD OF POETRY. It is on Good Friday that the consummation of the mystery of Parsifal occurs. The wearied knight at long last returns to the holy precincts of the Grail Castle. It is in this moment when Gurnemanz, who keeps a holy hut on the edge of the Grail forest, answers the sorrowing Parsifal as to why Friday is Good. Why should humanity keep sacred a day when we slew a God? Certainly it should be considered one of the blackest days in human history.

Gurnemanz explains to Parsifal that the potent ichor or elixir of highly etherized blood fell to the earth, soaking it. This blood had become a solar power of the highest magnitude. The blood that spattered the ground from His wounds, that gushed from His side when the spear pierced Him, the same blood caught in the cup of the Grail, was received into the parched pores of the dying Earth. Nature herself, wounded by the Fall, with all her reserves from the lower kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and humanity stood, completely depleted.

PARSIFAL- How fair the fields and meadows seem today! Many a magic flower I’ve seen, which sought to clasp me in its baneful twinings; But none so sweet as here, these tendrils bursting with blossoms whose scent recalls my childhood’s days and speaks of loving trust to me.

GURNEMANZ- That is Good Friday’s spell, my Lord!

PARSIFAL- Alas, that day of agony! Now surely everything that thrives that breathes and lives and lives again should mourn and sorrow?

GURNEMANZ- Thou see’st that is not so. The repentant tears of sinners have here with holy rain besprinkled field and plain, and made them glow with beauty. All earthly creatures in delight at the Redeemer’s TRACE so bright uplift their pray’rs of duty. To see Him on the Cross they have no power; And so they smile upon redeemed man, who, feeling freed, with dread no more doth cower, through God’s love-sacrifice made clean and pure: And now perceives each blade and meadow flower that mortal foot today it need not dread; For, as the Lord in pity man did spare, and in His mercy for him died, all men will keep, with pious care, today a tender tread. Then thanks the whole creation makes, with all that flow’rs and fast goes hence, that trespassed-pardoned Nature wakes now to her day of Innocence.

The cycle of the invisible rays of light that fed the Earth and made for us the solid mineral metal light called Gold and the liquid sunlight called honey, had finally so permeated a Human Being, Jesus of Nazareth, that His blood became the very Sunlight from which it all began in the first place. The complete cycle that runs from crystal, through metal, up the stem of the plants to the hyperglycemic sugar in the sweet honeysuckle, to the bee, to the sugars that supply the energy in the human blood, had finally arrived where the microcosmic human word met the macrocosmic human Logos.

The Plant blood of chlorophyll that uses its leaves () as hands for photosynthesis in order to transform light into plant tissue now had the same nourishing sunlight on earth with them, only now incarnated as a human being. The blood and breath from this Being, breathed the very light of the sun with every exhaled breath and beat of His heart. His blood was potent, dynamic, infused solar energy. In very fact the Sun itself was breathing through a mortal frame. The clothed CONSONANTS and VOWELS were in effect newly born elemental beings of light and love, christened by the etherized blood beating in the chest of a Human Being. (In this light it is not so odd to comprehend a being like Ariel standing guard over the work of Shakespeare or absorb a powerful new language force like Eurythmy) As the Sun-Being Christ lived, breathed, spoke, fallen nature, could at last, breath a sigh of relief. The leaf sap or blood that flowed from the Cross was literally a super-sun injection of powerful rejuvenation that tsunami wise, travelled like light to every parched quarter of nature’s weary heart.

“We understand this when we turn our eyes to the Mystery of Golgotha, to the moment when the blood flowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ. This blood must not be regarded simply as chemical substance, but by reason of all that has been described as the nature of Jesus of Nazareth, it must be recognized as something altogether unique. When it flowed from His wounds and into the earth, a substance was imparted to our earth, which, in uniting with it, constituted an event of the greatest possible significance for all future ages of the earth, and it could take place only once. What happened with this blood in the ages that followed? Nothing different from what otherwise takes place in the heart of man. In the course of earthly evolution, this blood passed through a process of `ETHERIZATION.’ Just as our blood streams upward from the heart as ether, so, since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the ether of the earth. The etheric body of the earth is permeated by what the blood that flowed on Golgotha became.”

Here THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH had arrived at its highest goal. Ahura Mazdao, as the living divine factor of the sun, had made a contract within the heart/pineal cognition of Zarathustra. The agreement targeted a ray into the core of Zarathustra, like a living laser Holograph, this sun seed would find its way with greater efficiency than Nasa could ever imagine, into the core of Jesus of Nazareth. Both Shepherds and Kings would track it to a single geographic pin-point landing, linked to the incarnation and heart of one Human Being. If we ever wished to understand precision, tracking, targeting, voice identification or thought imprinting we must understand this event. We have sophisticated ways of determining the identification of people, through credit cards, voice and retina scans, thought patterns and the greatest is the immortal tracking of the incarnating ego spirit. We all walk like needles in a haystack, but we have an identity, we have a history, we have left a karmic trace pattern that can be researched like we pull up files on a subject.

In creating a bridge to understanding how the Initiate Zarathustra could experience the Sun-Spirit as an inner contracted fact that leads him to his incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, we must compare St. Paul. The light of the Sun that shaped the eyes and tells us, were not the eye sunlike it couldn’t receive the sun, also can receive laser generated, man-made, virtual light. Thereby man-made hallucinations and computer programs can be generated from these degenerated forms of light. With St. Paul we can observe that this Sun-Being, who now acts in the etheric aura of the earth, blinds Saul, and knocks him off his high horse. His former sight is ripped clean out of him or is totally overwhelmed by the true light of the sun, so that he sees, like Zarathustra had foreseen, the arrival of the Sun-Spirit. The inner connection between Paul and Zarathustra must give us something to think about to be sure. Paul has no choice but to understand that his former identity has been completely erased, and he has acquired new eyes. His job into the future will be to build the concepts of the Christ that fit the new eyes that are developing in human beings.

Love, compassion and wisdom were so mixed and chemically potentized in Jesus of Nazareth that the miracles promised could be achieved. This fulfillment applied not only to how the Initiates had shaped the Nordic mysteries; why Odin hung on a cross; why we acknowledge nine hierarchies in christianity etc, but also Christ’s fulfillment applied to every form of written or spoken TRUTH from old testament prophets. Just as the Sun shines on everyone equally, give or take equatorial and seasonal axis shift, Skalds, Prophets, Seers, Bodhisattva’s, Buddha, brought the Destiny of Human Speech in line with the great Logos Sun-Mystery. When that Sun lived fully in Jesus of Nazareth, he uttered, walked, talked and performed the exact mythic text that was seen, read, and spoken of since the beginning.

Bio-creation made an enormous leap from the very base level of nature’s life and death power, to the achievement of nature’s highest physics reversal. The Human larynx, illuminated by the dove, using the dove blueprints, had so infused the blood of Jesus of Nazareth with its nurturing forces that the uterus could shift upwards and a man do what no man has ever done, give birth to himself. It is a highly complex question of divine bio-mechanics when we juxtapose the centripetal and centrifugal fields that constitute the external construct of the sexes. Can a male develop a uterus from the Larynx? Is this the strange key factor in why Jesus of Nazareth was a male, because of the possibility of reverse bio-physics and the procreative field in the deepened male voice?

The answer to this question is an amazing piece of medical insight. “Chromosomes,carrying genes, pair up like twin meeting twin. The chromosomes from the mother link with an equal number from the father, each pair determined by the type of information the genes carry. The two genes determining eye color lie at identical places on either side of the chromosome pair. This arrangement is true for all twenty-three pairs, save one. The differing pair determines the sex of the child. Females have two X chromosomes; males have an X and a Y. The mother passes on an X chromosome, and the father, either an X or a Y. Two X chromosomes produce a female, and the combination of an X and a Y make a male.” This powerful, shattering insight reveals to us that the male brings the potential for the Dove mystery of bi-sexuality in his chromosomes.

Basing our assessment on the accomplished dove mystery, my answer would be, women and men are able to approach this central mystery of the WORD equally. The WORD is an unbiased, nondiscriminatory, user friendly field that places the new procreative science of the WORD at the disposal of micro-logos and macro-LOGOS. It is an equal opportunity mystery for women and men alike. Apply within!

This tells us clearly that instead of sex divided on the horizontal plane of existence, the new sex is a vertical issue. The unified field of female and male crafters of the WORD can now approach an entirely new definition of discrimination. Those who are stuck in the politics of horizontal sexual differences, gay rights, male chauvinism, militant feminism, as well as transvestites and parents who seek earthly determined sexual bias; stand against those who have begun a-sexual relations in the vertical, between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Those invited to the CHYMICAL WEDDING are Grail/Sophia human beings who have been called to a new path in THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH. It is a lyrical poetic marriage of higher intuition and freedom between the Macrocosm and the microcosm. To this, each individuals heart and mind must discover the path for themselves. But the meeting ground is decidedly the HUMAN WORD.

“How can a person be born when he is already old? Can he return to his mother’s womb to be born again? Jesus answered, `Yes, I tell you this: Whoever does not come to a new birth through the formative power of the water and the breath of the Spirit cannot gain entrance into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the element of earth is itself earthly in nature; but that which is born of the breath of the Spirit is itself wafting Spirit.”

Vertical relationships draw us upwards. The sensations and moods that inspire our admiration, respect and love, come from signs, signals and joys, as we discover tips, winks and nods, even kisses of a sort. Nature and Spirit becomes our vertical affair. Divine Beings make up the essence of our contacts, but they do not require us to baby-sit their dysfunctions. On the contrary, they play in the exhalted feelings of joy and courage which awaken in us.

We discover truth as we would discover the secrets of a lover. Our interests are invigorated, and we feel as if we had been personally understood and responded to. Everyday leads us to deeper insights into the wise wonder and evident Beingness of responses that go right to the heart of our highest aspirations. We have to learn to cherish the fond higher friendships of the Spirit that are intimately loyal and fair no matter how badly we fall short of ourselves. Slowly from within our own intimate interests, Beings in nature, and Beings who love light and intelligence and love, come joyfully towards our childlike and astonished vertical investigations.

The nourishment of our own Ariel and the entire Grail mystery hinges on the etherized food that comes from our transformed blood. Our new eyes and new ears are fashioned from Kvasir’s blood or the Mead of Poetry, which takes place in the Grail or cup of our skulls. That is why the entire vintage Mead of Kvasir’s blood is stored in an impenetrable mountain fortress. That is why the Grail Castle was in such an obscure and impossible location.

The snake hole that Odin drills with his auger is the same anatomical construct as the human ear. Our ability to listen stands against the nervous disorder of attention span deficit. Can we hear and understand our formidable social issues, which loom giant like, before we are able to see? “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” The etherization of our blood depends very much on a new form of hearing and a new form of seeing. This new form of seeing and hearing evolves from our gradual, Grail-like, transformation in our hearts and our hearts blood.

“The next step is connected with warmth. Man’s activity is to be sought in what streams out form him as inner warmth. Out of what proceeds from warmth: passions, impulses, instincts, desires, wishes and so on, Karma arises. Just as the parallel organ to the ear is the organ of speech, so the parallel organ to the warmth of the heart is the pituitary gland, the Hypophysis. The heart takes up the warmth from outside, as the ear does sound. Thereby it perceives world warmth. The corresponding organ, which we must have, in order to be able to produce warmth consciously, is the pituitary gland in the head, which at the present time is only at the beginning of its development. Just as one perceives with the ear and produces with the larynx, so one takes up the warmth of the world in the heart and lets it stream forth again through the pituitary gland in the brain. Once this capacity has been achieved, the heart will have become the organ it was intended to be. There is a reference to this in words from `LIGHT ON THE PATH’: `Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.’ Then our heart’s blood streams out as today our words stream out into the world. In the future warmth of soul will flood over mankind.

“Somewhat deeper in evolution than the warmth organ stands the organ of sight. In the course of evolution the organs of hearing, warmth and sight, follow in sequence; the organ of sight is only at the stage of receiving, but the ear already perceives, for instance in the sound of a bell, its innermost being {Each etheric tone of the Bell is understood in Poe’s Poem of THE BELLS-(listen now)}.() Warmth must flow from the being itself, the eye has only an image, the ear has the perception of innermost reality. The perception of warmth is the receiving of something that rays outwards. There is an organ, which will also become the active organ of vision. This is today germinally present in the pineal gland, the Epiphysis, the organ that will give reality to the images that today are produced by the eye. These two organs, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland as active organs, must develop into the organ of vision (eye) and the organ of warmth (heart). Today fantasy is the preliminary stage leading to a later power of creation. Now man has at most imagination. Later he will have magical power. This is the KRIYASHAKTI power. It develops in proportion to the physical development of the pineal gland.

“In the reciprocal relationship between ear and larynx we have a prophetic model (vorbild). Thinking will later be interpenetrated with warmth, and still later man himself will learn to create. First he learns to create a picture; then to create and send forth radiations; then to create beings. Freemasonry calls these three forces wisdom, semblance (beauty) and power. (See Goethe’s Fairy Tale.)”

The new words to be spoken by the future Bodhisattva tell us that he/she must drink of Kvasir’s blood. But the work needed before we can feel and become supercharged by these future Bodhisattva’s words, so that we are pollinated, impregnated with the new procreative forces of the Dove must come from our approach to the mystery of the etherization of the blood. In our work we must have developed the sympathetic faculty of hearing the new nature forces that the Christ Spirit is activating through the WORD.

Normally the religious leaders of humanity, and the great intellects, who either have refused or merely do lip service to the TRANSUBSTANTIATION, have not taken these words seriously or scientifically enough.

“26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, take, eat; this is my body.

27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”

Matthew 26:26-28

Body and Blood were ratios that would open an entire mystery into the powerful field of scale and variance in nature. Dr. Steiner took this ratio, established by the Christ, very seriously. Part of the research of the Science of the spirit came up with ratios that establish definite frequencies in nature’s warehouse. Four ratios, that I know of, have been given. The dog’s ratio of 10 parts body weight to 1 part blood was researched in the first part of the Destiny of Human Speech. The ratio of the bovine’s twelve parts body weight to one part blood, I examined in The Message of the White Buffalo. The ratio of the human being’s body weight to blood is thirteen to one. In this ratio, we have startling pictures that move the twelve of the last supper and the twelve of the round table and the twelve zodiacal forces upwards to thirteen, with the Lamb, with Christ and with Arthur at the round table. In the ratio of the Ass, a 23:1 ratio was established that gave us the concrete picture of why the Ass was considered, symbolically, the stubborn physical form, subject to death. This ratio of blood to body weight, was a key number that revealed the chromosome correspondences of the physical cell and DNA structure. This is my Body and this is my Blood is a powerful revelation to be reckoned scientifically and spiritually.

The pictures in nature that Christ reveals, are not merely symbolic systems, nor do they have to be taken in a passive, merely religiously dogmatic manner. The imaginations that appear before our senses as animals have been bargained with by the Logos, against Ahriman. A hell of a poker game, I might add. The forms we see are contracted pictures that preserve in their ratios great secrets of the stars and heavens. Christ did not want us to merely sit down passively with his powerful indications, his incredible Words and stare dumbfounded. It is His greatest pleasure along with Michael Intelligence, when humanity lifts the Sun-Being’s, Cosmic Logos utterances, diligently captured by eye-witness accounts, upwards to the Science of Mankind.

Odin presented these fabulous tales to dumbfounded Gunnlod as she sat on her golden pedestal made of solidified world warmth. Songs and Tales, so sensible and transparent that Gunnlod melted her solidified pedestal of gold. She felt the heat of Odin’s words tingle all the way down to her curled toes. The future Bodhisattva will speak directly out of the inspired world warmth contained in the Mead of Poetry. The CONSONANTS and VOWELS used by this person will have KRIYASHAKTI power able to imbue etherized life to WORD PICTURES. These will pollinate out from the human heart and conscience, and begin to fire up those dormant parathyroid glands into secretions. The solidified gold will begin to melt, because we are amazed, astonished and inspired by what we hear. We will begin to pronounce new elemental beings that will begin to mend the damaged fractures in our psychology and our ecology.

Etherized WORD PICTURES are constructed with CONSONANTS and VOWELS and breathing that dips into the lungs and receives warmth from the proximity of our hearts. In the working zone of the lung are the alveoli. “These areas consist of minute rounded air spaces surrounded by capillaries of the blood system of the lungs.” Out of the warmth of the heart, our words will become magnificent, the way Prospero commands a constellation of elemental beings through his thought-word speech.

The Bodhisattva’s words will be a tripled Prospero and enter into our conscience as we listen with our hearts. Preparation must be made for that type of quickening. If we have not learned to ignite our selves by then, he or she will fire us up like the forge where the Necklace of the Brisings was hammered to life by the four parathyroid seed dwarfs. The Bodhisattva’s words will heat us up like the cauldron where the container called Son held the Mead of Poetry, made from Kvasir’s blood. With active spiritual interest our hearts begin to simmer tenderly with every breath of compassion we breathe and every sun-lit inspiration that is brought to our minds eye by our personal light messenger, ariel. Marie Steiner, like Odin, loved to sing the songs of cosmic lyric. It is lyric poetry that raises the heart to the lips. It is cosmic lyric and cosmic thought that weaves and swims in the currents of Christ’s etherized blood.

Egyptian medical papyri dated from 2750 to 2625 B.C. revealed, “that the Egyptians regarded air itself as having a spiritual quality. Breathing, in their view, took air and spirit in through the nostrils and then via the heart and lungs. From these primal organs, it was thought that the vital spirit was distributed throughout the remainder of the body. The Egyptians knew about the air-filled Eustachian tube passing from ear to pharynx and surmised that the breath of death, counterpart of the breath of life, could enter the human body through the left ear.”

“Empedocles, a Greek physician and philosopher who lived from about 495 to 435 B.C., put this concept, with three other elements, into a formal framework. The four, which he regarded as the basis of all matter, were earth, fire, water and air, or pneuma;…he thought that breathing in and out served to cool the heart and blood. Blood itself was felt to carry `innate heat’ from the heart to all the other regions of the body.”

The forces of the parathyroid glands, P-thyroidthe four seed glands that start to release their potent energies will be activated by the fact that the Macrocosmic Logos and the ever present etheric Christ will have nursed our ears and eyes to comprehend and receive the fire from the AGNISHVATTAS, the fire fathers or Saturn forces, for the new blueprints of divine creation. It is we, ourselves, that must imagine it, with Christ or with the great Initiates who work with the Science of Mankind. The nature that we see disappearing today is not the new nature that the Etheric Christ is visualizing for his children in the animal and plant kingdoms. The words that we speak today are only beginning the new schooling to become what our WORDS will eventually become.

`Where the bee sucks there suck I’ brings us to another powerful insight into the forces surrounding the pineal gland. A light like revelation that is carried by Zarathustra(), St. Paul, Goethe, Emerson, Tesla and certainly lived as Shakespeare’s Ariel, can be awakened and schooled by us now.

“These rays of light stream from the heart to the head and flow around the pineal gland. These streamings arise because human blood, which is a physical substance, is continually dissolving itself into etheric substance. In the region of the heart there is a continual transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance that streams upward toward the head and flows glimmeringly around the pineal gland. This process, the etherization of the blood, can be shown in the human being throughout his waking life.

“…At the moment of waking or of going to sleep, these two currents meet, and in the man of low morality a violent struggle [insomnia which is the first indicator of cancer] between the two streams takes place in the region of the pineal gland. In the man of high morality and outstreaming intellectuality, a peaceful expansion of glimmering light appears in the region of the pineal gland. This gland is almost surrounded by a small sea of light in the moment between waking and sleeping. Moral nobility is revealed when a calm glow surrounds the pineal gland at these moments. In this way a man’s moral character is reflected in him, and this calm glow of light often extends as far as the region of the heart. Two streams can therefore be perceived in man – one from the macrocosm, the other from the microcosm.”

The etherization of the blood through the warmth ether, generated by conscience, nourishes ariel. Odin felt that this most valuable elixir should be part of the Harvest of Earth evolution and preserved for the future. If Kvasir were alive he might tell us, very calmly of course, that the reason this Mead must be preserved and cultivated carefully is because “…in our present age it is important that man should learn to understand that the knowledge contained in spiritual science must be received and gradually be able so to fire the streams flowing from heart to brain that anthroposophy can be understood. If this comes to pass, individuals will be able to comprehend the event that has its beginning in the twentieth century: the appearance of the etheric Christ in contradistinction to the physical Christ of Palestine.”

“And anon there came in a dove at a window, and in her bill there seemed a little censer of gold, and therewith there was such a savour as though all the spicery of the world had been there. And forthwith there was upon the table all manner of meats and drinks that they could think upon.

“So there came a damsel passing fair and young, and she bore a vessel of gold between her hands, and thereto the King Kneeled devoutly, and said his prayers, and so did all that were there.

“`Oh Jesu, ‘ said Sir Launcelot, `what may this mean?’

“This is, said King Pelleas, `the richest thing that any man hath living. and when this thing goeth about, the Round Table shall be broken. And wit ye well that this is the Holy Sancgreal ye have here seen.”

Before the Grail enters, a dove, the lost dove of Noah, returns once more from the Ark. The dove carries a censer of gold, a light, incense. Like the olive leaf brought back by the dove Noah sent out, the elevating scent of a thousand herbs preliminarily raises the psychic atmosphere before the Grail appears.

“According to Dr. Steiner, it was St. Paul, who wandered in his ministry, within the amazing epi-center field of the olive tree. The mediterranean forces, round which, St. Paul carried the light of the new Adam, genetic revelation, was the perimeter of the same etheric field that the Christ had penetrated, at that time. His cosmic love/light epi-center was rooted as the olive tree was rooted to the deep etheric forces of the earth”>According to Dr. Steiner, it was St. Paul, who wandered in his ministry, within the amazing epi-center field of the olive tree. The mediterranean forces, round which, St. Paul carried the light of the new Adam, genetic revelation, was the perimeter of the same etheric field that the Christ had penetrated, at that time. His cosmic love/light epi-center was rooted as the olive tree was rooted to the deep etheric forces of the earth. The cavities of air where nose, ears and throat are receptive to the pituitary field of warmth, sense all of nature’s greatest herbs and seasonings that automatically engages the salivary glands which produce the `MMM” sound. Right away, the dove and Freyja, get the juices flowing in the upper senses. This is what is reported when the Grail is encountered.

Between the transformed endocrine system and the warmed human blood stand the tale of Freyja and Kvasir. The dove and the Grail indicate, reveal and substantiate various genetic and anatomical mysteries that we must comprehend in order to restore the picture of our human forms and their immensely extensive potentials. Something incredible happened on earth and continues to unfold as each of us live and breath. Who would want to be the last one to know, the last one to stand wide-eyed, opposed to the upward tug of nature, our childrens future and the greatest quest of the human spirit since the Round Table broke up?


by Isabel Wyatt

“From the dead cross the living waters flow,

Sweeping stark boughs to bud and blossom-thrust.

Into the soil is spilled the Sun; and lo,

The Earth begins to glow;

A living Grail is fashioned of its dust.

Out of Earth’s frosted flask its saps divine

Into this fruit’s globed goblet drip afresh.

Therefrom I drink a consecrated wine;

Make Earth’s elixir mine.

And thus a cup for Christ becomes my flesh.

This hallowed ichor in my being stored

Into a healing cordial is distilled-

A holy love-potion, to be outpoured

To Earth’s sick beggar-horde,

Till all Creation’s thirsty vials are filled;

Till brimming are the moon’s parched silver bowl,

The stars’ gold flagons, with the heart’s red dew-

A draught of health which streams from soul to soul

Till all that ails is whole,

The Earth redeemed, and all dead things made new.”

Odin, representing our own etheric body, regains the wonderful Mead of Poetry and for us the formula for approaching the etherization of the blood remains a crafted mystery locked in the poetry of THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION. The cosmic etheric forces and the Nine worlds above the tenth, our human world, begin to be clarified through this fragment of cosmic poetry that begins to restore the deeds of Odin in our own etheric structure.

Each one of us are harvesters for the tenth hierarchy. Each one of us acts as his own Odin in the castle of the skull. Each one of us transforms, through our spiritual scientific maturity, a fermentation process that creates the MEAD OF POETRY in our thinking, feeling and willing. Each one of us begins to nurse a cosmic ariel, from our earthly intuition and intelligence. Each one of us begins our journey to Bodhisattva listening. Each one of us has the potential through the Jupiter and Venus evolutions of freeing our Angel and becoming a Buddha. Each one of us, through our understanding, gradually gains the ground of heart strung empathy and compassion to lift us to the new prototype of the Dove Mystery (CLICK LINK FOR DEEPER INSIGHTS).

It is the active Resurrected Etheric Christ who lives like the tide in all human hearts, as they flux and flow between waking and sleeping. He has won for us all the MEAD OF POETRY from the blood of Jesus of Nazareth; on the skull of Golgotha; from the Tree, on which He hung. An etheric breath that wafts and lists mysteriously as the Holy Ghost for “the wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

For the Nordic Initiates, who else but the All-Father could assemble the destiny pieces to the giant puzzle of how to distill the elixir of love from the destiny, nature and anatomy of mortal man? threefold meadSince the Mead from Kvasir’s blood was produced in our earthly world, the etheric-body of every human being who seeks the Grail has access to something that is a product both of the gods and the human genetic prototype. In naming the three cauldrons that stored the blood of Kvasir, the seers of the north named one of the cauldrons THE SON. The entire nine-worlds were woven together from this great poem of THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION and with this formula we re-gained access to Asgard, the Grail castle, Hnitbjorg, the Goetheanum and the ever present Representative of Humanity, our legal guardian.

“And the gods? They had lost wise Kvasir, witness to the friendship between the Aesir and Vanir. But because of the cunning of the All-Father, they had won back his blood. Once more Odin drank some of the precious mead. And from time to time he offered a draught to one of the Aesir or to a man or two in Midgard; he offered them the gift of poetry.”

The collapse of the Finished Work of the Gods


` There are within man organs of two different kinds, those which are on the way to becoming imperfect and will gradually fall away and those which are still in the process of formation. All lower organs, the sexual organs, will fall away. The heart and the larynx, on the other hand, are organs which will be perfected and find their full development only in the future.’

“The peoples advancing from the North-East in the great migrations, encroaching on the Roman Empire, took hold of the Intellectual or Mind-Soul more in the inner life of feeling. Meanwhile, imbedded in this element of feeling, the Spiritual-Soul (Consciousness Soul) was evolving within their souls. The inner life of these peoples was waiting for the present time, when the re-union of the soul with the world of the Spirit is fully possible once more.”

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts:

pg. 215

“The old fairy tales, which are expressions of the ancient spiritual secrets of the world, have arisen because those who formed them for the world listened to those who could narrate to them the spiritual secrets. Therefore their construction and composition are in accordance with these secrets. Hence we can say that within them dwells the spirit of the whole of humanity, of the microcosm and of the macrocosm.”

Rudolf Steiner

No matter how you slice it, the rhythm of warnings comes in three phases. Ragnarok approaches in three rhythms. These rhythms and their effects were well illustrated by the Nordic initiates in order to counter act the onward rush of a deliberate, clear, reemergence of an Atlantean crisis.

Ragnarök constantly reminds me of Steiner’s last letters. It has always been eerie for me when Steiner describes how the Gods have finished placing the Beings, numbers, nature and systems of our senses, our stars, our minerals, plants, animals and the various fixtures and cosmic Beings that are operative within our FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, and left. Some translators use Accomplished Work of the Gods, I first encountered it as Finished work of the Gods and somehow that has taken hold in my mind.

Steiner relates in his Leading Thoughts how the Gods have gone on to other tasks. The making of the human being was their crowning work and with that completed they naturally went on to other tasks. They felt confident that with all the divine indicators left blinking and the city lights on, we would certainly find our way home. I think the Egyptian pyramids and tombs reflected that exact picture with all the fixtures and treasures left for eternity, the lights were on, but they had all gone, only the sarcophagus’ and the taxidermist knew where the ghosts had gone. The haunted house of our world appears empty now, except for us and the mice. In this vein it is hard for Americans to see that Elvis has definitely left the building. They cannot comprehend Graceland as a land permeated with grace, and the revelation that we live in, as the Finished Work of the Gods.

“During his physical life between birth and death man has a world around him in which even the WORKING of the Divine-Spiritual no longer appears directly, but only something which has remained over as its result; we may describe it by saying it is only the ACCOMPLISHED WORK of the Divine-Spiritual. This ACCOMPLISHED WORK, in all its forms, is essentially of a Divine and Spiritual kind. To human vision the Divine is manifested in the forms and in the processes of Nature; but it is no longer indwelling as a living principle. Nature is this divinely ACCOMPLISHED WORK of God; Nature every where around us is an image of the Divine Working.

“…Into this world that has become empty of God, man will carry what is in him – what his being has become in this present age.”

Georg Kuhlewind in his THE LOGOS STRUCTURE OF THE WORLD, enters directly into this Finished Work and what the Gods completed when they completed the bio-structure of humanity. What was this Accomplished act, this symphony, this concerto in minor/microcosm and major/macrocosm? THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH appears as the pinnacle, the highest goal of this Accomplished Work of the Gods. Kuhlewind says, “If nature still speaks to human beings, its speaking must come from beings who are themselves I-beings or who represent I-beings – if the latter have already withdrawn from their work.” Nobody else is going to be responsible for answering the riddle of the Finished Work of the Gods other than its highest representatives. Kulewind says, “…in the world the gods have created, the human is the only being through whom ideality, word, and concept as such can emerge and flourish. The Logos-world attains its first reality in the only Logos-being of this world.”

Now we live in this vast system. The gods and seers that had placed the signposts and roadmaps to get us to the Christ Being have now withdrawn. Humans faced with this colossal creation have decided to create a miniature in a bottle. Through Cyberspace humanity appears ready to institute what Steiner found highly dangerous and distasteful, sub-nature. It appears that contemporary culture, living in the vast mystery of this finished work, are lost. They cannot see behind the veneer of things, nor do they seem able to contact the operative fields and Beings who depend on us and hope to god we grow new senses to see them with.

To know the Fenrir wolf and the intentions and dangers we are breeding in a silicon universe is to understand how technical data has gained supremacy in human culture by invading the region of our intelligence.

“The Ahrimanic Powers try to prevent evolution from taking the course here described. It is not their will that the original Divine-Spiritual Powers should illumine the Universe in its further course. They want the cosmic intellectuality which they themselves have absorbed to radiate through the whole of the new Cosmos, and in this intellectualized and Ahrimanised Cosmos they want man to live on.”

When the Dwarfs kill Kvasir and the Nordic Initiates relate to us their intentions, including Wagner’s and Tolkien’s warnings, we should pay heed. Steiner and the Nordic Initiates warn us that our merging responsibility for tainted intelligence, down loaded to the silicon world, can easily become a one-sided trap. Immortal intelligence, Michael Intelligence, individual human intelligence is part of the vertical reproductive and immortal relations that the Dove and the Grail mysteries grant us.

It is truly a Pauline experience. Light rays back at us from our computers, t.v.’s, autos, and cinemas. But this is not the inner light we see in our dreams. The sparkle of enthusiasm that ariel brings into the mind and the warmth infused in the heart carry something amazing and immortal to the intelligence of the loving human spirit. “The Divine-Spiritual of primeval times no longer shines. The primeval Light appears again in the Light brought by Christ to the human ego. In the life in union with Christ this blissful thought may shine like a sun through the whole soul: `The glorious primal Divine Light is here again; it shines, although its light comes not from Nature.’ And man unites himself, while in the present, with the spiritual, cosmic forces of light belonging to that past when he was not yet a free individual. And in this Light he can find the paths which lead him aright as a human being, when his soul he unites, with understanding, with the Michael Mission.”

Zarathustra, St. Paul, John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Goethe, Emerson, Tesla, Shakespeare and Martin Luther King Jr., have tracked this inner light and have guided their incarnations by its beacon. Hitler, J. Edgar Hoover, Francis Bacon, poor, sad, Nietzsche, and countless others have guided intelligence down hill so that humanity might fail to awaken to the experience described by St. Paul. Ahriman/Fenrir is hardly concerned with whether or not we adjust our intelligence towards this beacon or we steer for a new world order based on the themes presented in THE TERMINATOR movies.

Ragnarök and the destruction of the finished or ACCOMPLISHED ecological, biological and psychological work of the gods seems inevitable. The warnings, which I shall deal with, come in threes. But the Nordic seers, St. John and his Apocalypse, the Aztecs, everybody who has had anything to say, said that in a three count we face a great decision for the human race. Whether we have countless mini-moments is certainly important, but humanity has a three-fold rhythm to contend with before calamity or collapse. We can map at least two of those rhythms and the third seems already here or at least it is right around the corner. And what decision? And in what manner of deciding? By vote, by consensus, as individuals inwardly? But what is the issue exactly?

The Nordic seers saw the twilight of the gods with all the noble literary nostalgia and heroism that a mighty fading vision can lend to the eyes, tongue and heart of a people. Steiner’s last letters reveal the summation of a fight to the finish as well. How could he sum up, in so short a time, the monumental wisdom, the tools, that he placed in humanities hands?

There was every indication that in the interval before his next visit to us again, things could unfold that would severely test mankind. We say that the Nordic Initiates looked ahead and gave their pictorial interpretation for the future guidance of the human race. We say that St. John, commissioned by Christ Himself, outlined the cosmic destiny of the Human community with Christ in it. Steiner fought a practical and desperate battle against the time allotted in one incarnation to establish a complete medical, psychological, agricultural and educational revamping of the way we perceive, reality with the Christ in it. Nothing in the world competes with the social healing forces in Waldorf education, Bio-Dynamic agriculture and the medical work of spiritual science.

But to tell you the truth, I don’t want the monumental finished work of the gods to fall into the wrong hand of misinterpretation. I’m certainly not alone there, who doesn’t want the same thing? I am mature enough to realize that something is coming, something is here, something wonderful and, on the other hand, something mean-spirited. I labored under the very false notion, once, that if human beings knew the right thing to do, or the right interpretation, they would of course do the right thing. This, of course, painfully for me, was really a matter of position and maturity. Therefore doing the right thing is generally not possible.

Well that hurts! Some of us were left looking into the complex working of this precious world and totally having to re-structure our entire destinies? It is very awkward in the American folk-soul to deal with your own interpretation of the schizophrenia of normality and attempt to deal normally in the process. The effort is of course good, but I went into this marvelous world kicking and screaming for the longest time.

It is a standard position to take that if you have discovered something astonishing and comprehensible to you, that you want to share it. From this arose countless aborted and failed efforts to communicate my enthusiasm to family, friends, the film community and anyone else who would listen. I don’t know what got into me, but I felt it was something great and wonderful. And it is. But it changes you and brings a sense of immense gratitude to all those who spoke, wrote, struggled and all those who today teach, garden, heal and work with the most astonishing revelation of the twentieth century.

So over all this hovers a new age kind of cloud. Every one must describe, film, produce and write about the personal and cosmic dooms we are all headed for. Think of our elders who endured the clear thunder of the World Wars. To them, the beasts were out, the journey had begun and the serious side of human history was at their doorsteps.

Someone actually developed assembly line, mechanistic genocide and felt fairly confident that all they needed was Nietzsche in one hand and a gun in the other. While that was going on, in America, parallel with Hitler’s development was J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover brought G-Men, F.B.I. and C.I.A. into the fingerprinting, voice identification, heat signatures, eye ball identification, D.N.A., genetic tagging and numbering business, of every human being. Statistical assessment, demographics and intelligence testing began finding new ways to survey, slice and dice the humanistic spirit. Personal and private lives were infringed upon and Ahrimanic Intelligence of the Fenrir wolf adopted the umbrella of, THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Against these apparent big guns Michael Intelligence seemed paltry and puny.

The ramifications of the SUPERMAN became a cartoon comic in the United States but was a deadly nightmare come to life in europe. Christopher Reeves and anyone connected with the superman ideal was playing with cosmic nitroglycerin, but they didn’t know that. The three destiny sisters, the Norns, sneak right up behind you and you hardly know where to trace the whack. All they know is that they have been whacked. All we knew and the press knew, is that some freak accident whacked somebody.

(written before Reeves death) Christopher Reeves is a changed man, a wonderful man. His early predecessor, in the superman saga, committed suicide. Reeves himself, a wonderful man, hurled from a horse, broke his neck and his co-star, Kidder also fell into a deep suicidal depression. Behind the superman ideal stands the psychic implosion of Frederich Nietzsche; the apocalyptic collapse of the German race; the Holocaust and more than six million ghosts who hover and haunt anyone who glibly tangles with this superman idea, but omits the Christ. Facts are facts, but people aren’t listening to facts.

Entertainment has replaced Truth and along with this realization also, I have gone kicking and screaming. Great films from international artists and directors have revealed and continue to reveal high spiritual truths,(Stephen King’s THE STAND for instance) but the general American mind wants entertainment. The apocalypse is an individual as well as a cultural decision. Ragnarök and the fight with the Fenrir wolf that eats Odin and releases Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, are staring us in the face but these are entertaining stories for children.Fenrir eats Odin Steiner translated Ragnarök as the potential collapse of the finished work of the gods due to human misinterpretation and underestimation of what Initiation Science is capable of.

The ability to begin tracking the inner sun and inner light and turn our sexuality into higher warmth and comprehend how this great ecological mystery of our Earth is the seed of an entirely new Divine Cosmos, with all the immortal trimmings, is what the Tempest, the Grail, the Norse myths, the Goetheanum, democracy and Anthroposophy are all about. On the other hand, a certain awful suffocation and doom awaits us if the Fenrir wolf succeeds in devouring not only Odin and the finished work of the gods, but also the Logos I-beings, meaning us! This was certainly not a pretty way to end the Norse myths or a nice way for Steiner to finish up his life’s work. It is like saying that the Native Americans had to be exterminated. It is like saying, the African-Americans must be exterminated. Steiner was saying, in his last Leading Thoughts, buckle up bukeroos it’s going to be a bumpy ride. He certainly didn’t leave `em laughing, as the old show business proverb advises.

So, with uneasiness and sometimes anger I felt that no matter how we tried our doom was sealed. That is until I understood that new contracts were drawn up by the Initiates and placed in the contents of THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ. In this text the finality of the Ragnarok saga had taken a different turn. The CHYMMICAL WEDDING and RAGNAROK reveal a clause, a catch 22. Vidar, Michael Intelligence and the Michael Mission, salvage two germinal human seeds that, Noah like, are carried through the catastrophe.

To antidote and counterbalance so much of the diagnosis of doom and gloom, the mysterious unearthly events of the CHYMICAL WEDDING play a significant part. But even here, the Nordic seers were dead on the money in their epilogue to the Ragnarök saga. How did they know that? How could the Nordic Initiates outline their epilogue in the Ragnorok story and tie it in so closely with a text that had not even been written yet? Unless of course, true myths and Initiates are born from a much higher text.

Because there is a CHYMICAL WEDDING text, it does not automatically remove for us the warnings Dr. Steiner gave and the advice at the eleventh hour that he urged us to remember and stand watch against. However in the CHYMICAL WEDDING, an Initiate commitment can be construed that marks a new trail upwards. At the dawn of the final act, where Ahriman becomes a real threat, beginning in the fifteenth century, the CHYMICAL WEDDING makes its very mysterious appearance. All else, I have determined in my case, is fear and egotism. As Steiner so aptly said, `what must come, must come’ and we are the caretakers, nay, we are more than caretakers, we are the active miracle of what the gods intended as the fulfillment of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

Three warnings were given in the Ragnarök saga and they certainly bear mentioning.

“Nothing escapes the red cock Fjalar; he will crow to the giants from his bird-wood. At the same time the cock who wakes the warriors every day in Valhalla, golden combed Gullinkambi, will crow to the gods. A third cock, rust red, will raise the dead in Hel.”

Loki, or our entire Luciferic Nature loki6appears as the primary cause for the collapse of the finished work of the gods. Steiner depicts Lucifer’s eurythmy costume in a reddish glow. Entertainment, movies, People magazine poster guys and dolls, Los Angeles or lost Angels has become, for the American folk-soul, our far western Luciferic Kingdom where Loki lives precariously on the fault lines. It was the children of Loki who inaugurated and brought the situation of Ragnarök to a head. Immortality is an issue for everyone. Powerful tabloid personalities who think nothing of surgical immortality enter with great sarcasm and cynicism into the forces of the etheric. Today immortality in the flesh is the life-style of the rich and famous. We are all asked to copy their egotistical example.

In a film called DEATH BECOMES HER, ancient Egyptian forces of immortality, which are really part of the new Grail mysteries, were laid bare. The priests or actors and directors knew that they were mocking the ideologies of their own Los Angeles crowd. In Hollywood a designated formula for the structure of plot, catharsis and conscience has been turned into a science that Loki would be proud of. Aristotle’s’ theory of poetics based on the ancient mysteries has been freeze-dried and reduced to a bakers formula. This formula produces great works, with box office bang for the buck. This formula allows the new mysteries to gleam through them, but since economy is tied to technology and tabloid personalities, we have a magnificent formula for Lucifer/Loki and Ahriman, the Fenrir wolf to come eat our lunch.

The consequence of Lucifer is Ahriman. Star power that moves the present world rides on the engine of cinematic technology and special effects, computer and digitalized graphics. The economy is run by the same scribes and pharisees who nailed Christ to the cross. It is not a threefold social order, it is a one horse dog and pony show pulled by the singularly selfish concept of economy and immortality in the flesh. Rarely if ever, although many writers attempt to form their stories around the miracle of vision and insight the Christ Being has brought, can a story survive a formula that relies so heavily on sentimentality and the contract between Lucifer and Ahriman. This is what people want, because the concepts of entertainment and ratings are synonymous with success and immortality. Michael and Christ do not agree with this sentiment but Loki and Fenrir thrive on it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if a culture continues to square Lucifer to Ahriman; Lucifer to Ahriman; Lucifer to Ahriman; society is going to squeeze the Michael and Christ revelation to a mere insignificant footnote on the entertainment spectrum. Social physics is involved here and it is not just violence and its effect on society. It is raw social physics but nobody is capable of conceiving that this raw social physics emanating from Hollywood and bombarding society, is squeezing the life right out of humanity. It is a mathematical problem but not a box office problem. The box office numbers reflect the J. Edgar Hoover mind-set equation of statistics. The more people caught in the cross mixing of Lucifer and Ahriman the less they will see the Christ and Michael spirit operative in the social reality of their lives. This is reflected by the escalating numbers in box office statistics.

Three warnings similar to what Christ tells Peter before the crucifixion, occurs before Ragnarök and the Finished or Accomplished work of the gods is brought to ruin by Ahriman’s contract with the Giants and the dwarfs. Somebody had to preserve the etherization of the blood. Michael Intelligence has everything to do with the etherization of our blood, the Kvasir mystery and the Grail mystery of warmth and light. In this current battle, what will survive the titanic struggle with Fenrir and Jormungand that we are unwittingly releasing now? What are these three warnings? How do they appear in real history, real time?

If we divide 1332 by half we get the number 666, if we take St. John’s advice in the Apocalypse seriously and follow the rhythm of 666 X 3 we arrive at the year, 1998. The three warnings have powerful implications and we need to substantiate what the Nordic seers and St. John alerted us to.

“…the number 6-6-6 has historical significance and refers to the sequence of impacts, which, intensifying, take place in the seventh, fourteenth, and twentieth century. The first Soratic impulse in the seventh century proceeded from the Gondishapur academy, the center of Arabistic-Islamic culture. A wave of brilliant intellectuality reached Europe. Independent research through observation of nature and systematic applications of experiments were stimulated; Arabistic spirituality laid the groundwork for modern, empirical science, when European humanity still lived in religious ties of faith. A premature intellectual development came into being; its final consequences become evident in the atrophying of spiritual faculties, for the prematurely intellectualized human being is cheated of his higher development. The second attack took a different direction. Its instrument was Philip IV of France, who, out of greed for gold, instigated the arrest and trial of the rich order of the Knight Templars and had the knights condemned to burning on the stake. Through diabolical methods of torture, confessions of `guilt’ were extorted in which the absolved trials of the disciples of the spirit were mirrored… The cosmic due-date for the third attack is the end of this century, the impending turn of the millennium…”

The growth of Ahrimanic culture was depicted in Nordic mythology by showing how the Gods attempted to put a leash on the growing Ahrimanic menace. The Fenrir wolf, as part of the family of the gods, grew in proportion to the degree the gods withdrew from their finished work. As their creative work finished, the wolf grew stronger. Fenrir grows stronger in three decisive stages.

In the last stage, the Fenrir wolf is tethered by a mere fiber optic cable designed by another set of dark dwarfs hired to assist the gods and humanity with the growing problem of Ahriman. But in the three stages of tethering the Ahrimanic forces it becomes clear that we are observing the advance of humanities technological skills, that move from the fifteenth century of Shakespeare and Bacon, through our Industrial Revolution to our present technological age. In the Nordic Initiates vision of the threefold growth of Fenrir, we can track the emancipation of more and more technological skill until for a moment, for a period of time, the last magical satellite, fiber optic line is locked onto this growing menace.

“Odin thought it would be best if the gods themselves kept an eye on Fenrir. He seemed no different to any other wolf, and all the gods agreed that there would be no harm in letting him roam around the green and golden fields of Asgard. Even so, of all the gods only Tyr, son of Odin, was brave enough to face Fenrir alone, and give him great joints – flesh and gristle and bone – to keep him quiet.

“The gods were not slow to change their minds about Fenrir when they saw him growing larger day by day. And when Urd, Skuld and Verandi renewed their warnings, and said that the wolf would cause Odin’s death, their alarm became far greater. drooling fenrir

“The wolf inspected Laeding. `It’s certainly strong, but I’m certainly stronger,’ was all he had to say as he let the gods wind the chain around his neck and body and legs, until there was only a small length left for them to hold on to.

“Finished?’ snarled the wolf. He planted his massive paws well apart, filled his lungs with air, then flexed every muscle in his body. Laeding’s links at once sprang apart, and the gods sprang back alarmed.

“The gods lost no time in making another chain. This was called DROMI, and it was twice as strong as Laeding. The links were larger than those of the largest anchor chain; no men could have even moved them. `If you can break this chain,’ the gods told Fenrir, `you will be known for your strength throughout the nine worlds.’

“Fenrir looked at DROMI. He thought it looked immensely strong, but then he thought that he too had grown even stronger since he had snapped Laeding. `No one wins fame without taking a risk,” was all he had to say as the gods wound the vast chain round his neck and body and legs.

“`Finished?’ snarled the wolf. He shook so that there was a terrible clinking and clanking and grating; he rolled over and arched his back and banged the chain against the ground; he tightened his muscles until they were as hard as the iron links of DROMI; he stood up again and dug his paws into the earth and strained and strained – and all at once, shrapnel flew in every direction. After this, the gods were frightened; they thought they might fail to fetter Fenrir.

“`But if anyone can make a fetter that will not break,’ Odin said, `the dwarfs can.’ And he sent off bright Skirnir, Freyr’s messenger, to the world of the dark elves, Svartalfheim. Skirnir went down under Midgard through gloomy, dank, twilit grottoes. There he found Nar and Nain and Niping and Dain and Bifur and Bafur and Bombor and Nori and hundreds of others, each one as horrible as the next, and promised them gold and more gold if they could make a fetter for Fenrir. In the gloom the dwarfs’ eyes gleamed like glow-worms; they whispered and schemed and set to work. They made a fetter as smooth and supple as a silk ribbon, and they called it GLEIPNIR.

“When he returned to Asgard, Skirnir was thanked by all the gods for going on this mission. `But what is it made of?’ asked Odin, fingering the fetter.

“‘Six things,’ said Skirnir.`The sound a cat makes when it moves; a woman’s beard; the roots of a mountain; the sinews of a bear; the breath of a fish; and a bird’s spittle.’

“The gods were both astonished and skeptical of GLEIPNIR’S power. `If you doubt it, as I doubted it,’ said Skirnir, `remember the cunning of the dwarfs. After all, have you ever thought why a cat makes no noise when it moves, and why a woman has no beard? You can never prove that a mountain has no roots, but many things that seem not to exist are simply in the dwarfs’ safekeeping.’

“Then a large group of gods approached Fenrir for the third time. They invited him to go with them to the island of Lyngvi in the middle of Lake Amsvartnir.

fenrir grows

“There the gods produced the silken ribbon of GLEIPNIR. They showed it to Fenrir and Challenged him to test his strength against it.

“`It’s a little stronger than it seems,’ said one.

“` It’s as well-hoven as the words of a good poem, ‘said another. `But you, Fenrir, you’ll be able to break it.’

Through the magic of satellite, fiber optics, laser and electricity, Gleipnir is holding the Ahrimanic on its final magic tether. Crushed crystal or silicon make up the fiber optic lines and totally invisible fields beam the satellite transmissions and transactions we make through the world. The Nordic seers had to comprehend what we see today and, take for granted. They saw how we borrowed the technology to tether Ahriman, and from whom we borrowed it. The problem is that, we, in the twentieth century, do not know who we borrowed our ideas from to invest our culture with silicon chip technology. For us the mineral kingdom is not a real kingdom, and that is a fatal error the Nordic seers did not make. The withdrawal of the gods by steady degrees has brought humanity to its third threshold. It coincides with a 1998 three-fold rhythm.

So in fact the gods have assisted in creating the inventions and steady stream of technological advancement, to the point of this final tentative tethering. After this and even now, bio-engineering is entering into the region of nature and organic life and Ahriman is beginning to break free of the final bond the gods and men placed on him. Odin knows that this same Fenrir wolf, will directly do battle with him and Odin will lose. Reverence for the All-Father has already been replaced by reverence for the hard-drive.

“…The Ahrimanic spirituality had no great power in the regions in which the Beings of the higher Hierarchies retained man as in their own sphere – when as in primitive ages the higher Beings themselves acted directly in man, or when, as in later times, they worked in him through their ensouled or living reflection. As long as this working of supersensible Beings within the doings of man continued – that is until about the fifteenth century – the Ahrimanic powers had, within the evolution of mankind, only a faintly echoing power, if one may express it so.”

The tethering of this titanic wolf is reflected also in the story of Schionatulander, the Grail Knight. We find the destiny and karma of one of the great Initiates of our times locked into a story that has much the same ring to it as The Binding of the Fenrir Wolf. Because it appears as a threshold experience that Parzival must cross, before he can reach the Grail, before anyone can reach the Grail, a comparison between The Binding of the Fenrir Wolf and the story of THE HOUND’S LEASH can be made. While the Nordic Initiates knew that the Binding of Fenrir was important, the study of the actual leash used by the dark dwarfs who secure him, was important to anyone approaching the Grail mysteries

“…Schionatulander became the regent of the countries which belonged to Herzleide. In all the countries of the world he had to endure adventures and knightly battles, fulfilling the ideal of a knight of the Round Table. One day he was brought the most precious gifts, sent to him from Bagdad by the Caliph. Schionatulander travelled once more, for the third time, plunging again into the world of Arabism.

“After his return something happened which has a legendary character; the story of the HOUND’S LEASH. Sigune and Schionatulander were in a wood when a hound, which was on one side cinnabar red and on the other black, with a white breast and white legs, broke out of the undergrowth following game. They caught the hound, which had a long and precious leash wound round its neck on which there was writing formed in jewels. When they caught him and were beginning to read the writing on the leash, the hound pulled itself free and dashed away. Sigune had then the one longing, to read the hound’s leash to its end. This knowledge became more important for her than anything else. For her sake Schionatulander had to set out on adventure, until he could bring back to her the hound’s leash. In these pictures we can recognize that it is a question of occult knowledge which concerns Schionatulander and Sigune. Then the angry Orilus came and killed Schionatulander.”

Orilus was a giant of a man. Parzival, in his adolescence, had just angered Orilus by accidentally stumbling upon Jeschute, the wife of Orilus. They flirted, Parzival did not know what he was doing but Lady Jeschute did. This was long before Parzival achieved the Grail, that was later in life. Orilus was in hot pursuit of young Parzival when he stumbled on Schionatulander and killed him instead of Parzival.

If Schionatulander had not been involved with the deciphering of the riddle of the Binding of the Fenrir Wolf or the curiously wrought jewels and writing on the Hound’s Leash, Parzival would surely have been killed and no Grail would have been won. This strange trail of the hound, the scent of the dog, the lost dog of the giant Orilus would lead to the solving of one of Ahriman’s most testy questions. Schionatulander eventually deciphers the riddle that binds Ahriman and as an Initiate he brought this secret to bear on Ahriman in order to establish Spiritual Science in the twentieth century.

It is not far to go now, before it is just us, Ragnarök and the Fenrir Wolf. The threefold rhythm of history shadows for us one form of confrontation. The three-fold meeting humanity has been having with Christ, is set in blood and stone at the mid-line of Earth evolution. Lucifer, who incarnated in B.C. in the chinese and oriental culture of the east is to be joined now by a third more than mortal Being wearing sheep’s clothing. The ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing is about to walk onto the stage of history that he has so carefully prepared for himself. The third rhythm where even the Fenrir wolf, walks the earth as a man, just as Christ did, is very near at hand.

“A hundred years after the daring `interpretation of the signs of the time’ by Novalis, a book appeared that develops the moral aspect of history and finishes what is missing in the Europe essay. It is the `Three Discussions about War, Progress and the End of World History with the Inclusion of a Brief Story about the Anti-Christ’ by Vladimir Soloviev. In February of 1900, the renowned religious philosopher had publicly read the `Story of the Anti-Christ’ in the hall of St. Peterburg Duma. In July of the same year he died. The preface of his last work, dated on Easter Sunday 1900, states that it is the author’s foremost intention to call attention to the deceptive mask underneath which the abyss of the Evil One is concealed. Despite obvious shortcomings of the text, the proximity of his death – so he stated – made it mandatory for him not to delay to an indefinite and uncertain period of time the publishing of this work.

“In this work too, the confluence of three different streams is evident: the tradition that knows of the appearance of the Anti-Christ, involvement in the events of the day, and the spiritual experiences of which the autobiographical poem, `THREE ENCOUNTERS’, speaks. Three times, Soloviev experiences a confrontation with heavenly wisdom, with Sophia, in visionary consciousness. From this grew his Christian power of knowledge that addresses itself to the two greatest facts of history: the God-Manhood of Christ and the bodily reality of the Anti-Christ.”

Just at the very dawn of the twentieth century we have three reports from individuals who die in the year 1900. Nietzsche outlines the intentions of Ahriman. His intentions are put into practical work during the rise of Nazism. Oscar Wilde dies, giving us the tale of Dorian Grey, the double and the twentieth century dilemma of homosexuality. Soloviev outlines the signs and events that lead to the incarnation and subsequent power play on the plane of earthly history of the mythic Fenrir wolf, he names the Anti-Christ. Nietzsche also writes his work called the Anti-Christ. All three, Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde and Soloviev die in 1900 at the dawn of the twentieth century. In fact by all reports this twentieth century has shaped up to be a confrontation between these two Beings with humanity acting as the voting body.

Steiner says pointedly; “…these Beings have sent Christ from the Sun to the Earth. For the welfare of humanity Christ has united His being with the dead part of divine-spiritual existence in Ahriman’s kingdom. Thus two things are possible for man, and through this possibility his freedom is guaranteed: – to turn to Christ consciously in the spiritual frame of mind which he possessed subconsciously during the descent from the vision of supersensible spirit-existence to the use of intellect; or to wish to feel his severance from spirit-existence and thus fall in the direction taken by the Ahrimanic powers.” But the point Nietzsche, Soloviev, and Steiner agree on is that “…Christ will be there; through His great sacrifice He will live in the same sphere in which Ahriman also lives. Man will be able to choose between Christ and Ahriman.” That is why Nietzsche is considered such a great martyr to knowledge, because he literally had the two forces on the knife edge in his immortal ego and Ahriman won against his incarnation as Nietzsche; this time.

Steiner, like St. John of the Apocalypse, drew this sword edge on which we are precariously balanced now, with Ragnarök and the FINISHED WORK of the Gods, in his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts. To witness, as Steiner did, a powerful thinker like Nietzsche go down on the wrong edge of his sword reveals to us the immense struggle that now haunts us all. Steiner said, “I can truly say that in my soul I bled, when for the first time I read Nietzsche’s writing on the WILL TO POWER…”

Imagine, if you can, how St. Paul must have felt when he realized that his own vote on the high council of the Sanhedrin had condemned the Christ to crucifixion and that his certainty, his arrogance had missed the intersection and fiddled, like Nero, as the Sun-Messiah bled out his life on the cross. The pride of Saul and the damage he had caused and the upstream battle to correct the cosmic error, he had had a hand in, might very well have made Paul’s soul bleed. This powerful spiritual moment, so insignificant to the majority of humanity, so overlooked, is the source of every great transformation, catharsis and dramatic rehabilitation.

How are we to understand our times, our twentieth century, when the fatal decisions we make can act so catastrophically? How can we truly assess what Steiner went through or comprehend what Nietzsche went through as he wrestled with issues that were truly Apocalyptic in scope? Nietzsche had no Anthroposophy to fall back on like we do. Standing next to him, was this young man and next to us in life are many young people, who are they and can we ever again underestimate the significance of one human being?

Nietzsche had Ahriman cooking inside of him. Nietzsche’s sister wanted someone to edit Nietzsche’s works. On her sick superficial soul hangs the deeds of the Holocaust. Another editor, Steiner for instance, would have antidoted Ahrimans effects on the twentieth century. But the surviving sister of Nietzsche wanted the tabloid fame and glory that she felt she was due. She suffered as so many of us do, from the fatal disease of quick fix, instant gratification. It was her subjective anti-semitism that set the stage for Ahriman’s lethal activity with the lives of six million Jews and shattered the complacency of the world. My parents never completely awoke but their generation certainly was roused from their stupor. But most of them were not capable of comprehending the catastrophe, so they quickly fell back asleep in the fifties.

Nietzsche’s sister wanted Steiner to do for Nietzsche what Steiner had completed for Goethe. Steiner had edited Goethe’s works and midwifed the reputation of the great Goethe into the Folk-spirit of the german race. But the sister did not want to steer humanity away from the current german attitudes swirling around Darwinian and Aryan racial prejudice, she wanted to capitalize on the current trends. She desired instant fame, maximum publicity, by stirring up the issues fermenting in Nietzsche’s work. She was running a public relations campaign for Ahriman using her dead brothers work. Steiner could not cooperate or even live with her dangerous people magazine style sick search for instant fame. He was caught between sucking up to this sick woman and ruining his reputation in the process or going ahead with his work. Her attitude made it impossible for truth to glimmer through. Today we have a million yuppies with the very same attitude.

Ahriman did immense harm to the twentieth century. Steiner brought immense good to the twentieth century. Two human beings, side by side and the superficial intellect of the sister of Nietzsche, that had no discernment, felt no need to weigh up how opening salvos of Ahriman could shatter humanity. If we are the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, and we lose someone like Nietzsche in the battle, would our souls be capable of weeping? Is this weeping the way Christ sweated blood before He laid down his life? Did His soul bleed?

Thinking dramatically, we have look at what Steiner saw. Ahriman looked right back at Steiner as he raised his inner vision into the core of Nietzsche’s soul and spirit. There staring Ahriman in the face was the vulnerable young man with the Michael Spirit looking directly down the double-barrel load of Ahriman’s icy mockery. Ahriman might have said to Steiner, `I can do this to the best of them, what can you bring me, in thinking or feeling in human beings that I cannot crush!’ And Nietzsche was the best of the thinkers of his time! `Young man’, Ahriman might have said, `worlds are colliding and if I were you, unless you want to end up like him and have all your sick fan club, end up like him, you had better back off while your hair is still black. I could breathe fear so deeply into your soul that your soul would turn white like frost!’ As Hamlet had warned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, it was unhealthy to place themselves between the deadly tension of two fell points. To this powerful event Steiner was not only a witness but was spotted by Ahriman and had to withstand a cosmic Being, an Archangelic force, an impact, a shock of cold, knee-knocking terror that would rip through the twentieth century. Here Steiner was Hamlet between the fell points of Ahriman and Michael.

Picture the well-respected Saul/Paul offering his voice and attitude to the rumors and misunderstandings billowing around Jesus of Nazareth. How flippant and obnoxious they all were, the high jewish council that Paul was on. As formerly trained and educated initiates they thought they were protecting the true dignity of the Hebrew Race. But with that accusation, `Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?’ he is knocked off his high Sanhedrin horse. Because of his powerful and trusted influence on the council, the horrible impacts of history have been magnified ten-fold. Now, instead of humanity turning their attention, education and authority to the greatest expected mystery of planet earth, they have turned their backs on it. Paul must take the blame for what in the future arises when the greatest minds are stymied by and refuse the staggering revelation of the Incarnate Word.

Steiner knew the meaning of such a denial, he pointed to the legend of Ahasuerus. “It leads to a man who sits at the wayside when a great Leader of humanity passes by. He however rejects the ideas of the Leader of mankind. He repulses him and thinks: `I will know nothing of thee, who wouldst guide the kernel of my being into future incarnations where mankind will be outwardly more perfect. I wish to be united with my present form.’ A man who thrusts from him such a Leader of mankind will appear again in the same form. And if this attitude hardens, then he will also thrust from him the Leader in the next incarnation.” And so on and so on until this spirit is thrust into the Jupiter evolution as an elemental being, similar to what we have now in the gnome and dwarf community. Many of these were left over from the evolution of the Old Moon and are given over to wisdom, which was the meaning of the entire Old Moon evolution.

If Speech is the sword; the tongue where in the word is wielded, studied and immersed in the etheric forces, we must see what this sword is in its microcosmic picture and in its macrocosmic picture. How does the sword of denial and the sword of truth appear from on the tongue of a WORD-CRAFTER. The macrocosm, where from, the Logos wields the sword of the Word, knocks the hot air right out of the petty conversations, prized by polite human society.

“His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire: And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. and when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead.”


This powerful impact of the two-edged sword gives the tongue and speech extraordinary relationships that whip up the fires of the Macrocosm into our microcosmic vessel. If we wish to gradually tame this powerful speech and Logos system, we must learn to balance ourselves between the forces of good and evil. This is like walking on a tightrope or the edge of a sword. How does Excalibur play into this training that must be undergone by the student of the word?

“A legend shows us the direction in which we should go to discover its meaning: On one occasion Merlin placed the sword in its white stone in the lake, and left the scabbard on the mainland. Then he built a perilous bridge of iron and steel only six inches wide, which had to be crossed between scabbard and sword. This is nothing else than the drawing forth of the fire of the Word of Inspiration and Intuition. The Word is uttered through the occult media of `Fire’ and `Water’ – the spirit and the soul. To attain the power of the Word the bridge of blood and nerves – likened to iron and steel – has to be crossed; in other words, the forces in the body which are subject to death, in the physical and moral sense, must be overcome. The Father-force – out of which man is born – bears also that opposite pole of man’s being which is destructive; but this same force in its aspect of `LIFE,’ is able to exist apart from the scabbard of the body, and can be drawn from the transmuted forces of death, the `white stone,’ as the creative wisdom of the spirit.

“The White Stone is the `philosopher’s stone’ of alchemy. Its whiteness, seen in the spirit, is the translucent light of the etheric world where the drawn sword of wisdom `flashes like the light of thirty torches.’

“Rudolf Steiner has said that the Knights of King Arthur could be called `Knights of the Sword,’ but the Kinights of the Holy Grail `Knights of the WORD.'”

With what Spiritual Science offers in Eurythmy and Speech training, KNIGHT OF THE WORD once more becomes a meaningful life question. The path to our immortality and salvaging this grand finished work of the gods and developing from it, a new seed of a cosmic system, becomes the real Ragnarök battle for each of us. The battle lines were drawn way back of course, to the misinterpretations of the Logos in the Atlantean times. Steiner says clearly that, “In India the wisdom of the Brahmins lay at the foundation of human life. In Europe this was indeed withdrawn into the background, but it existed in the Norse Mysteries where the European Brahmins had to make good again that which had been spoiled through the betrayal in the old Atlantean epoch.”

The great flood, as evidenced by the countless Noah like sagas that exist world-wide, indicates an early catastrophe that ties itself to an Omega or ending catastrophe. A catastrophe happened back in the Atlantean times due to our misuse of divine creative forces. The same intersection at a new level looms up before us now in the choice we make between two different forms of cultural seership. We are balanced precariously on the two-edge sword that swings between Christ and Ahriman. In other words, what vision and working relation will we cultivate in society to the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS? Will it be the faulty Ahrimanic version that caused the Atlantean catastrophe and faces us now, once more, in our relation to the Fenrir wolf in the Ragnarök saga?

To find out what the Atlanteans faced that was similar to what we are facing now we must look at the hands on the big cosmic clock that we live in. If we can find the hour that struck over Atlantis and find the hour that is striking now we might have a match. Here is what Newsweek Magazine says about the clock and the time and the hour of our intersection with our Atlantean ancestors. Newsweek, April 1, 1996:

Hyakutake came from the Oort Cloud, too – originally. But it’s brightness indicates that it has passed this way before. A comet `cooked’ by a previous trip emits the dust and gases that create its luminous coma, or atmosphere, later, explains Brian Marsden of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Hyakutake last came through 18,000 years ago, calculates JPL astronomer Donald Yeomans, whose 1991 book `COMET’ presents the lore and science of these celestial streakers.”

I happened to be in the exact position to view with my naked eye this incredible first hand experience of the wide flowing green tail of this comet as I visited my dear friend Brian Lynch in the north Georgia mountains. I was to arrive much earlier from Atlanta in order to load a refrigerator, washing machine and stove onto a pick-up truck I borrowed from my computer jockey and helicopter pilot Robert Mckorkle. Everything got delayed and delayed and finally I was able to arrive at 1:30 a.m. outside the house of my friend, Mr. Lynch. These delays caused Mr. Lynch and I to be in a position on his porch to see the Hyakutake comet pass right across the face of the North Star, earth axis, that is set with the conical angle of 46 degrees.

The Earth axis ego field holds its spinning twenty-four hour clock around Polaris and Vega. The axis’ spinning cone of 46 degrees, neatly divides itself into 23 degrees, and in this number we find a great mystery connected to our Chromosome structure and what the Nordic Initiates described as due North. It is no accident of course, that the Nordic peoples were in the land of the midnight sun, contemplating the amazing magnetic light that swirls around the fontanel of the earth. The aurora borealis. This position allowed them the opportunity to develop the vision needed to overcome the damaging effects of the Atlantean catastrophe.

“Every great period of civilization is connected with the currents of magnetism of the Earth. In Atlantis these currents flowed in a North-South direction. Speaking in the sense of occultism, this North-South influence is connected with the forces that built the human body… `North’ was the birth-place of Time (or Saturn) and was the source of Light, so the human head is the `North’ of the body; it is born first into the physical world and into time out of the womb; it is the place of Intelligence, or `Light.’ From this `North’ streams the spiritual substance of the bodily nature, which is then filled with the activity of the earthly forces. On the other hand the South (and this was so also in certain states of historical evolution in wars and conflicts), played its part in the slow upbuilding of man, but as the source of all darkness and oppositions.”

Steiner indicates that the ratio of blood to body weight in the Ass is 1:23. But the powerful thing is, that Christ, on palm Sunday, rides an Ass and pulls behind him the colt of the Ass as the crowd cheers him. It is here he says that if he should tell the crowd to be quiet, the stones would shout. But the meditative picture becomes clearer when we realize that the Ass always represents the foundational physical body structure. St. Francis refers to his body as Brother Ass.physical etheric astral ego The Bremen Town musicians refer to the Ass, the dog, the cat and the cock, which in their appropriate order reveal the fourfoldness of the physical, etheric, astral and ego structure. The cock’s blood-red comb and biological setting is keyed to the twenty-four hour axis of the earth/sun relationship. It must crow with the movement of the earth. The cock represents the ego structure of man that lives in unison with the twenty-four hour spin of the earth on her axis.

When the Logos road to His death on the old Ass and drew behind him the young colt of the ass, it was a literal enactment in the physical world of the new seed of the new cosmos, the one we are building now. Such a picture indicated to the men of that time a clear relation of 1:23 and the stubborn ass of the old physical form. The chromosome structure of the old human being would be remodelled and a new cosmos and a new model of the spirit-form put on the assembly line.

Luckily for us, the genetic ideal He was creating from the Dove mystery was not going to be some weird combination never before seen, it was to be built from the already existing structure, refined upwards, more innocent, before the Fall form, as the colt was more limber before the finished work of the mature ass. In His final last week on earth and with his final breath Christ would personally Initiate and impregnate a new central sun seed and cosmos from the plane of the Earth.

The FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, means for me the last words from the cross. IT IS FINISHED. The last sun-breath was infused into the new cosmic uterus, the seed was planted and the Divine I AM of Love was impregnated. This immortal Sun-Spirit, with His WORD broke the old genetic codes that had locked the old chromosome ass of the physical body. His new pregnancy shook the foundations of the world to its roots. I stood gazing at 1:30 in the morning, with my dear friend Brian Lynch, on an event that clocked in right over the northern axis of the earth. I stood observing with my own eyes the hour when the misinterpretation of the UNFINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, exacted the catastrophe that brought about the condition of the flood and created the opportunity for the lost dove that Noah released nearly 18,000 years ago.

“Christ died and was laid in a rocky tomb, and Joseph of Arimathea gathered up his blood in the crystal cup. Ancient clairvoyance and inspiration were extinguished. The spirit penetrated through and through the skeleton. The world lay dumb and blind, bereft of vision. The sun was darkened and the earth trembled. The power of the light, the power of spiritual vision, penetrated into the very depths of the mineral kingdom.”

The Atlantean era was not like our seasonal synchronicity with time and our line up with the star Polaris. Atlanteans lived in mists and waters and rarely if ever saw the stars. Nifelheim was a land of mists. The sinking of Atlantis brought the contract of the rainbow and the clearing of the sky. Twenty-Three became a highly important number to reckon with for several reasons. The “…diameter, the axis of the world, passes through the local sphere at two fixed points, the poles. One of these, the North Pole, is located in the vicinity of a star in the constellation of the Little Bear which is called, for this reason, the Pole Star (Polaris). There is no remarkable star in the vicinity of the South Pole, diametrically opposite the North Pole on the celestial sphere. Around the axis of the world, which runs from the South Pole to the North Pole, the diurnal motion occurs in retrograde direction in a sidereal day, divided into twenty-four sidereal hours. When we say that the rotation of the sphere of the fixed stars is uniform, we are implicitly assuming that we have at our disposal a uniform scale of time in relation to which we can record the rotation of the sphere and verify that it is uniform, i.e. that the sphere turns an equal number of degrees in an equal amount of time.”

The mystery of the Emerald Tablet, that gives us the sense of unity between that which is above and that which is below, makes for an interesting link with Merlin and the round table, as the tiny circle is inscribed by the earth in her northern tilt. Our little watches tick out the twenty-four hours but what we once knew, before nano-seconds and digital time, was a twelvefoldness in a circle. Human time, spun round on a miniature round table. In Fiona Macleod’s Beyond the Blue Septentrions, we gather through the vision what Arthur beholds;

“Arthur, closing his eyes, felt himself `ascend the invisible stairways of the sky’ until he stood on the verge of Arth-Uthyr, the Great Bear. There he saw with spiritual sight – the `Light of the North’- a company of majestic figures seated at a circular abyss of darkness… And then a voice that `rose and fell through the eternal silences,’ like a mighty ocean, proclaimed: `Comrades in God, the time has come when that which is great shall become small.’

E.C. Merry, in the same essay on Arthur, draws our attention to how, “Persian mythology shows the Peri Morgiana, or Morgana, who is identical with the Fairy Sister of King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, to have been rescued from the Mountains of Kaph and taken to the `new Europe’ – i.e. after the destruction of Atlantis – by Tahmurath. The Mountains of Kaph were, to the Persians, the mythical boundary of the world in the farthest North of arctic regions.” Since the Atlantean mysteries were matriarchal, embryo, and water mysteries, where biology and the rear brain, were connected to the work the Gods were doing in the biology and reproductive structures of nature, Morgan le Fay’s role makes some sense.

“The Fairy Morgan (in Welsh tales `Mary Morgan’) can be either good or bad. She is to be found under various aspects all over the world and wherever she is she creates a beautiful and glamours fairyland. Some legends represent her living in lakes or streams and luring people into the water.”

In Steiner’s COSMIC MEMORY, he says of the Atlantean, “…that the physical nature of an Atlantean was quite different from that of contemporary man. The Atlantean took into himself water which could be used by the life force inherent in his own body in a manner quite different from that possible in today’s physical body. It was due to this that the Atlantean could consciously employ his physical powers in an entirely different way from man today… An Atlantean settlement – as must be evident from everything we have described – had a character which in no way resembled that of a modern city. In such a settlement everything was, on the contrary, still in alliance with nature.” The ability to merge with nature and shape the watery forces would give us more the impression of Kudzu growth, only shaped, formed and organized consciously.

The watery mist, the rear brain activity and the nature ability, (green thumb) revealed, “…that then the cover of air which envelops the earth was much denser than at present. Whether in face of current scientific beliefs one can easily imagine such greater density of air, must not occupy us here. Because of their very nature, science and logical thinking can never decide what is possible or impossible. Their only function is to explain what has been ascertained by experience and observation. The above mentioned density of air is as certain for occult experience as any fact of today given by the senses can be.” No ancient civilization or monuments from the Atlanteans will easily be discovered. Water, the moon, the mist, made for extravagant powers of growth. Stages in the embryo can reveal far more accurately the early Atlantean than our wishful thinking on the subject. Of course, when the mist cleared, there was allot more dense water to be accounted for and allot more flooding and thickening of the waters, from the matriarchal soup.

“Equally certain however is the fact, perhaps even more inexplicable for contemporary physics and chemistry, that at that time the water on the whole earth was much thinner than today. Because of this thinness the water could be directed by the germinal energy used by the Atlanteans into technical services which today are impossible. As a result of the increased density of the water, it has become impossible to move and to direct it in such ingenious ways as once were possible. From this it must be sufficiently clear that the civilization of the Atlantean period was radically different from ours.”

We have continued to make assumptions about the biological condition of human life forms and civilization based on what we observe today, whether geologically or archaeologically. “In the early Atlantean age, man was composed of a substance no more dense than that of certain jellyfish now living in the sea and scarcely distinguishable from the surrounding water.” When we imagine culture, intelligence, life and atmosphere, more than 25,000 years ago, we get a bit of a shock. Certainly, at various points around the globe dense solidification of the human form was beginning but those Neanderthal skeletons we find are not the soft unfinished transparent forms and delicate beings that most of humanity consisted of. Hardening was faulty and haphazard but Neanderthal’s were not the basis of the advanced spiritual culture of Egypt or ancient India. Those did not arise from Neanderthal’s but from the slow densification and incarnation of highly refined, unfinished, human prototypes.

When the skies finally cleared, time, numbers, scale, variance and calibration became a religious revelation for those who had escaped the Atlantean catastrophe. The Aztec, Mayan, and even the illustrious Persian star gazers that culminated in the three Kings were obsessed with the numbers and the revelations that came from the stars. The number twenty-three revealed also the degrees that separated the summer solstice from the equator and the winter solstice from the equator. Seasonal time and the North Pole were nailed with a twenty-three degree variable.

“Similarly, the line connecting the poles, or the earth’s axis, which is perpendicular to the equator, is not fixed either, but describes in 26,000 years a cone whose axis is a line perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic ( ) leading toward the center of the sphere of the fixed stars and intersecting this sphere at two points, the north and south poles of the elliptic. The half-angle at the summit of the cone equals 23 degrees 30 minutes, and thus the North Pole of the earth’s axis is not fixed in relation to the stars, but moves along a small circle.”

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the majority of souls were employed, educated and obsessed with the inner biological clairvoyant revelation of nature which they saw through their highly developed rear brains. “In the morning when the astral body and ego draw again into the other members they make use of the physical organs and consciousness lights up. This condition of daily waking in consciousness, nightly sleeping in unconsciousness, did not exist formerly.” The hour by hour degree turns that make up our patriarchal twenty-four hour day did not exist then. A bio-psychic school of Atlantean matriarchy held the inner construct, a DNA construct, as its own mythic core.

“At that time man was still aware of the spiritual processes and spiritual beings around him, not clearly and exactly as in true clairvoyance, but with a last relic of ancient clairvoyant sight. Man lived by day in a world of hazy, nebulous outlines, in the night he lived among spiritual beings who were around him as we have the various objects around us today. There was thus no sharp division between day and night, and what is contained in saga and myths is not some fold-fantasy but memories of the experiences which early man had in the supersensible world in his then state of consciousness. Wotan or Zeus or other supersensible spiritual divinities who were known to various peoples are not fabrications of fantasy as is asserted at the council-board of erudition. Such assertions can only be made by someone who knows nothing of the nature of folk-fantasy. It does not in the least occur to early peoples to personify in that way. Those were experiences in ancient times. Wotan and Thor were beings with whom man went about as today he goes about with his fellow-men, and myths and sagas are memories of the ages of ancient clairvoyance.”

The Nordic Tree, with its twining serpent forces that loop from Asgard to Hel was the model used by the Atlanteans in their biological, matriarchal culture. The simplified version, meant to throw humanity off track and protect us from premature intrusion into the bio-ecological mysteries, was handed down to us as the serpent wrapped around the Tree, tempting Eve. Eve obviously had a strong role to play in how paradise would develop. Her role and complicity in the double helix, DNA nature mysteries, precedes the patriarchal Adamic culture of males. This serpent, in all its various forms was the double Helix.

Later, as the spine and forebrain developed, the capacity to understand the Tree of Yggdrasil, “whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos,” became the nervous system that twines around the spine or tree. The patriarchal Tree of Knowledge, tied to the rhythm of twenty-four hours was needed to allow humanity to achieve freedom, culminating in the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, as an external revelation of full mathematical wisdom in every arena of life. When the sky opened up, after the terrific volcanic catastrophes, the clear stars, the seasons and the ordered sequence of numbers became the religious obsession of those colonies of souls who had survived the Flood.

The Atlantean culture and ancient Initiates had a powerful working relation with the Unfinished Work of the Gods. The Nordic sagas are the positive reflection of that working map that the good Atlantean Initiates used. The deeds of the Nordic heroes were part of the anatomical biological work going on down in the depths of nature with the Tree of Life. Asgard, Midgard and Jotunheim contained the double Helix map of the entire spectrum of rear-brain Atlantean biology. But the Atlanteans had started playing god themselves.

After the flood the earthly ego and earthly egotism was to be managed by real-time, not mythic bio-psychic time, but by the suns rule of twenty-four hours. In this rhythm, still today, you can find how your inner clock regulates its life forces to your exits and entrances on the map of sleeping and waking. If I stay up till four in the morning, twelve hours later at four in the afternoon, I’ll start to feel my second wind. I can feel my ego dawn in me, as if I owned a personal relation to the twenty-four hour rhythm. And we do own it. After the sinking of Atlantis we became religiously serious about the festivals and seasons and saw now outwardly, in pristine space, what the Atlanteans formerly viewed only inwardly, in the realm of clairvoyant biology.

When then, we consider the Ass or the position of the Pole star and the circle cut by the earth’s rotation, it should be little wonder that our physical incarnation and reproduction is based on the peculiar number relationship of 23. Our seasons, at least in the northern hemisphere, stand as a revelation of how the 23 degree variable gives us our four rhythm count in four seasons, four chambers of the heart and four parathyroid glands.

“In the formation of sperm and egg cells the usual 46 chromosomes per cell are reduced to 23. When the egg and sperm cells fuse at fertilization they form one cell that again contains 46 chromosomes.”

The cell structure that forms the beginning to the male and female sex, regroups as a cell, with the same number of chromosomes as there are degrees that form the basis of the cone that the earth inscribes around the North Pole. The male supplies twenty-three and the female supplies twenty-three making up the forty-six of the cell. When you look at the cell under a microscope or you look at what the earth inscribes in space you see, like the cell, a wide circle and a little circle within it. Twenty-three is the Cabalistic word CHOKMAH or CHAIAH.

“The power of the Cabalistic `Father’ is the power of the second aspect of the Life Power, the Sephirah named CHOKMAH (Wisdom). CHOKMAH is named AB, by Qabalists, and the special power of CHOKMAH, the secret force of Wisdom, is named ChIH, CHAIAH, the Life-Force. This that same CHAIAH that, when multiplied by Ehben, is 23 X 53, or 1219, which in Greek Gematria is Ichhys (the Fish)-NVN, NUN, the letter corresponding to Scorpio.”

The Emerald tablet is based on the idea that there is a match between the numbers above and the numbers below. “He created His Universe by the three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters and Words.” Fifty-two weeks of the year (X) the cellular chromosome structure of a woman or a man; or the 23 degree variable that sets our seasons; or the northern circle of the cone, locks in our estimation of time and biological growth to the sacred word for the etheric body, CHAIAH. Scorpio/the Eagle Initiate John, the guardian of the Tree of Life is the result of 53 (X) 23. Numbers linked to the word appear to be the new basis for all physics issues. Hardly new, but the ancient, newly rediscovered basis. However it is here, that the Atlanteans made a fatal mistake that cost them dearly 18,000 years ago. It is here where the Noah myth takes on the dimension it was meant to have since it was first inaugurated.

“…scientists knew that each animal or plant cell contained a nucleus and that within the nucleus were a number of minute thread like structures called chromosomes. But it was not until 1903 that two scientists, the American Walter S. Sutton and the German Theodor Boveri, independently suggested that the chromosomes were the carriers of the information which offspring inherited from their parents. They said that chromosomes exist in homologous pairs, one from the father and one from the mother in each pair.”

With these pairs, two by two, Noah could escape the Atlantean catastrophe with the appropriate biological structures that would ensure the completion of THE FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS and THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH. For it is not only with numbers, but with letters and words, consonants and vowels that relink the Tree of Life to the Tree of Knowledge. Like Noah, we are faced today with a boat load of endangered species. But unlike Noah, no one is going to step in and tell us not to meddle with the divine genetic numbers or not to collapse the environmental sustaining principles that support all the species, animals and plants of the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. Because the divine work was finished with Christ, it is now up to clarified and dignified human intelligence to create the ark of integrity and spiritual insight needed to complete the work of Christ and nature.

“Thus, in terms of European mythology, the head of the human being contains, above, as it were, Asgard, the castle of the gods; in its middle part, Midgard, man’s earthly home; and, below, what also belongs to the earth, Jotunheim, home of the giants.”

The entire Nordic mythology was based on the Tree of Life model used by the Atlanteans. The Nordic seers knew how the Finished Work of the Gods, the entire realm of life, culminated in the Human form. The Gods were active inwardly and the Atlanteans could see them and name them with inward clairvoyant accuracy. But the Atlanteans started restructuring the inner codes of the numbers and distorting their relationships with the gods. The Atlantean society, unable to orient outwardly in space, unable to see the star frequencies, became rather loose in their relations to the twin serpents, the double helix that we now know as the Tree of Yggdrasill or our DNA. The Nordic seers revealed in their myths the relations to the gods that were once held by the Atlanteans. The Finished Work of the gods, was very unfinished at the time of Atlantis, when it was suddenly disturbed by a powerful Ahrimanic presence.

“…a single central power whom all followed and obeyed, a kind of spectral spirit, a descendant of the `Great Spirit’ of Atlantis, was revered. This spirit had gradually assumed an ahrimanic character because he still worked with forces that had been right in Atlantis or were already ahrimanic there.

“When the Atlantean spoke of his `Great Spirit,’ he expressed it, as we have seen, in a word that sounded something like the word `TAO,’ which is still preserved in China. An ahrimanic, caricatured counterpart appeared in the West as opponent of the `Great Spirit TAO’ but he was still connected with him. He worked in such a way the he could only be made visible through atavistic, visionary perception but whenever they desired his presence, he always showed himself to those persons connected with the wide spread mysteries of this cult so they could receive his instructions and commands. This spirit was called by a name that sounded something like TAOTL. TAOTL was thus an ahrimanic distortion of the `Great Spirit’ – a mighty being and one who did not descend to physical incarnation. A great many men were initiated into the mysteries of TAOTL but the initiation was of a completely ahrimanic character. It had a quite definite purpose and goal, which was to rigidify and mechanize all earthly life, including that of humans, to such a degree that a special luciferic planet,…could be founded above earthly life. The souls of men could then be drawn out to it, by force and pressure.”

It would be crass and silly to say that this would be PLANET HOLLYWOOD( ) but certainly such a silly idea has for its background something much greater. The aim and the intersection that we are faced with today brings us once more to the goal that was understood as Ragnarok or TAOTL by the Nordic seers and some of the Atlantean Initiates. The goal of the Ahrimanic forces that began bending Atlantean culture back then, are now in the same way, bending our culture toward it’s twisted mission, which is not the Michael or Grail mystery at all.

“The goal they aimed to achieve was to make the whole earth a realm of death, in which everything possible would be done to kill out independence and every inner impulse of the soul. In the mysteries of TAOTL the forces were to be acquired that would enable men to set up a completely mechanized earthly realm. To this end, one had, above all, to know the great cosmic secrets that relate to what works and lives in the universe and reveals its activities in earthly existence. You see, this wisdom of the cosmos is fundamentally in its wording, always the same, because truth is always the same.”

Now let us return to the actual Ragnarök text and penetrate some of the initiate’s observations. Their observations were made with the intention of piercing ahead, scouting ahead with their vision. They were scoping out for us, and for themselves as well, the coming confrontations, the ramifications of what had started with the Unfinished Work of the Gods back in Atlantis. After the Atlantean catastrophe, the Christ Being in 33 A.D., took a position opposite the Ahrimanic standpoint presenting humanity with the beginning dawn of the Sun-Revelation from within our own I Am logos structure.

If we imagine a slithering Darwinian beginning as the outward sun heated the swamps, the Christ brought the full essence of the sun into the grasp of each individual. With Ahriman, nature, ecology, biology, technology, and humanity are set on the auction block of consumer marketing. In the Ahrimanic world, conscience has been bled out of the multi-national marketing of earth’s precious resources. Humanity is caving in to a cyberspace world and letting the whole of nature become an on-line museum which we can all fondly remember.

“Then the brothers Fenrir and Jormungand will move side by side. Fenrir’s slavering mouth will gape wide open, so wide that his lower jaw scrapes against the ground and his upper jaw presses against the sky; it would gape still wider if there were more room. Flames will dance in Fenrir’s eyes and leap from his nostrils. With each breath, meanwhile, Jormungand will spew venom; all the earth and the sky will be splashed and stained with his poison.”

We have established the identity of Fenrir and he handles the surface, the corporate consuming of the entire earth and all her resources from mining to air traffic, from satellite traffic to planetary exploration. Jormungand reveals the biological and viral forces that are locked, serpent like, helix like, into the matrix and intertwining of all ecological interrelationships. As we tamper and distort the environment; as we biologically experiment and loosen the linkages of connected species and manipulate these into new and strange genetic combinations, Jormungand becomes a free agent ready to attack the human immune system.

The concept of as above so below has far reaching consequences. By unleashing, unfastening, and recombining different genetic codes below, in nature, we set off a reverberating scale and variance disturbance that begins to go upwards. The serpent power worshipped in every ancient culture as the dragon forces, the flying dragon, were clearly what the Atlantean saw in its spirit when it looked with its rear brain eye into the warehouse of nature and the gods. That was the unfinished work. Because it was unfinished and the Atlanteans started to unravel the scale and variance in the codes, the flood came crashing down on their heads.

Adam had been naming the Logos keys of the animal world from Paradise, from the roots of the Tree of Life. But Adam was tossed out of the warehouse of biology, along with Eve, tossed out because of that double helix DNA meddler, the snake. It all fell apart, when apparently Eve got blamed for saying, `lets try something different this time.’ But the Book of Adam and Enoch’s record reveals that naming, visualizing and naming, stamping the etheric impression onto new species emerging from the assembly line of the unfinished work of the gods, was part of Adams Logos structure. To achieve the perfected Micro-Word Being of mankind, nature forms had to be tossed out and off the Tree. The Tree of life, leading to the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, had numerous branches, all of them sacrificed for the ultimate finished product.

Species and nature forces were not divorced or separate from the I AM of Adam, they actually came out of him and he named them. The scale and variance of the etheric body was being reduced and maximized as the gigantic and the fragile compendium of nature was systematically removed from the Adamic body to become the body of nature. Adam was meant to represent us. Nature was spun off from us. Adam could give the names and inner identity of the things around him because they were part of him. His training, in the warehouse of biology and nature was that of the percept/concept Logos maker in training. Christ brought the difference between the Logos maker in training and the Logos I AM capable of representing the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. This is key to our understanding THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

We are living in the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, it can now be manipulated to the detriment of earth’s ecological basis. Plant, animal and mineral forms and forces can be set into shattering number frequencies that can alter all the coding on up to the highest level of the planets and stars. It is so, because of the resonance in morphogenetic fields that are interrelated, as the numbers reveal. Stars will fall out of the sky if we oscillate the infrastructure of species and genetic codes off their foundations. If we rock the foundations the house will collapse. The Atlanteans were cut short in their efforts to do just that, but we must actually choose not to do what they did, as tempting as it appears to us. Contrary to popular slang and language, let’s not rock!

A tremendous immortal suction must occur if we do begin rocking the Noahtic boat. Meaning that human attention must be shifted to a cyberspace world vacuum where nothing really exists. Our focus is beginning to shift and beginning to create the vacuum that sucks the foundations of nature right out from underneath us. Species begin to go extinct and their animal folk-spirits, invisible behind them, become operative forces in our new virtual vacuum in cyberspace. A further betrayal of Noah, of Adam, of the Native Americans and a further crucifixion of Christ is now in the hands of our scientific community. As we alter and manipulate group-souls of animals and species of plants, all of which have futures ahead of them, that are not arbitrary, we begin a cosmic undermining of our own Finished world.

Before Christ, Zarathustra and the Nathan Jesus child completed the FINISHED WORK of the Logos Being, humanity was an Unfinished Work. The Atlantean errors would have prevented the finishing of the great work. Constantly in the course of human development, humanity tossed between Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces, needed intervention from the Sun-Spirit to keep the goal of the Finished Work on track. The Atlanteans had to be prevented from screwing up the entire ecological and genetic system that was in the process of completion. Nature would have veered way off course and our immortality would have been distorted beyond recognition.

Now we have the Sun, the light of Ariel, the light of St. Paul and a light brighter than our digital laser graphics locked into the living forces of the planet. Instead of computer access we have thought and spirit access. But this means that humanity can now go into the foundations of nature, with Ahriman’s assistance and screw up the entire ecological world. This part of the saga is just beginning. Reproductive Technology has begun to interfere with the incarnation of human spirits. A one-sided technical clairvoyance is being prepared through virtual reality and psychotropic drugs, that interferes with the pituitary and pineal glands by introducing serotonin and melatonin imbalances, giving confused people, apparent euphoric and opiated states. Remain calm folks, take some more Ridlin the worst is yet to come, no need to be nervous!

Now that the work of the gods is FINISHED, Ahriman and Jormungand can be let loose on humanity. Instead of running with open arms to the point where the new inner sun illuminates and lights an ever clearer pathway to the mystery of the Dove; the new-found freedom from the gods, has let humanity run straight for the old Atlantean dilemma. One of the greatest secrets of the Atlantean power of mass hypnosis is carried over to us in the epidemic of the yawn. One yawn can unleash a hundred yawns, unless one is conscious of ones bodily and psychic organism. Lulling us to sleep as couch potatoes truly brings on a vegetative state of soul. We can be passively shaped, by the emerging post Atlantean coma-like clairvoyance, into a virtual world, cyberspace trance condition.

“…In those days of dim clairvoyance mutual understanding was based upon a subconscious influence passing from one to the other. Especially was there still present to a high degree something we know today only in it s last misinterpreted and misunderstood surviving form, namely, a kind of suggestion, a subconscious influence from man to man, appealing but little to the active cooperation of the other’s soul. Looking back to early Atlantean times we see that a powerful effect was exercised on the other’s soul the moment any image, any sensation, arose in a man’s soul, and he directed his will upon the other person. All influences were powerful, as was also the will to receive them. Only traces of all this still exist today.

“Picture to yourself a man of that time passing another while executing certain gestures. If the observer were even slightly weaker of the two, he would have felt impelled to imitate and mimic all the gestures. The only surviving remnant of this sort of thing is our inclination to yawn when we see another person yawning.”

18,000 years ago, the comet Hyakutake did a fly by over the culture of Atlantis. A comet is one of the members of the solar community who have refused to be part of the ongoing plan of the gods. A comet has a cyanide core and cyanide is the shattering poison that can actually chip immortal pieces off our immortal prototype. The comets behave in such a way, that they remain aloof from the ordered symmetry and numerical scale and variance which has given us the solar community, the twenty-four hour ego rhythm and the reproductive forces connected biologically with our moon.

“On ancient Moon the substances which are today poisonous played the same role as do the plant juices on Earth, those juices which agree with man. But why are the poisons still present today? For the same reason that Ahriman is present. They are what has remained behind, something that has remained behind in physical forms. So we now have what agrees with man, that is, whatever has progressed in the normal way, and certain other substances which have remained behind at the Moon stage, which is now the stage of poisons.”

The comet Hyakutake has given us a wake-up call. It is a subtle cultural parallel to something that occurred when humanity was Unfinished and like the Nordic Balder, the gods were very proud when he was finally finished. In the Nordic Balder tale, it was mistletoe, a plant that made no agreements to be part of earth life, that killed Balder.

Like the comet, the mistletoe lives like a twining parasite on the tops of trees. Mistletoe is not a part of this earth evolution and because of this, the beautiful finished work, called Balder could be killed. He is killed by something outside the interrelationships established by the Sun-imbued Logos. Nestled in the branches of the stars are these cyanide cousins to earth development, the comets, who have refused to go easy on poor Balder ( ). Loki, like our entertainment world, has given a lot of good ideas to the bad guys. The adrenalin pumping as destruction, mayhem and murder, are strictly outlined in cinematic clarity. We thrive on this, but not what Loki cannot tell us.

Since we are living in the Finished work of the gods, our meddling, which had caused the Atlantean catastrophe, is now just going to harm us and the various kingdoms depending on us that go through the animal, plant and mineral worlds. Loosening the genetic codes of the Midgard Serpent now begins to unsettle the weather, the patterns of migrations and stability that the unfinished work kept us from having to face.

“The sea will rear up and the waves will pummel the shore because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury, working his way on to dry land. And in those high seas Haglfar will break loose – the ship made from dead men’s nails. The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants…”

Here we see the result as fierce waves of resonation and oscillation, are set off, from the re-setting and fixing of new genetic frequencies in nature. On top of that, the world we have created from the chips of dead men’s fingernails or silica, will be jostled free. The film STRANGE DAYS is beginning to outline what the Nordic Initiates already knew would happen. Meaning that the cyberspace vacuum we have created by shifting our compassion and loving interest away from nature to sub-nature is going to loosen the moorings on planet earth. As we lose the experience of nature we become entertainment vampires, seeking ever more sociopathic avenues of gratification.

Our planet could remain tethered to a fixed axis and be linked concretely with current chromosome and genetic fields, but once we start unscrewing the Finished work, the whole thing can collapse and we as humanity would need to prepare to download our souls into cyberspace. With the tantalizing possibility of game worlds inside of cyberspace we are being fattened to go to the planet prepared for by the Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces. Do you want this to happen? It is on its way whether we like it or not?

Think of this, “The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants.” In the last letters, Steiner describes Midgard, where men live. “Man is a being who unfolds his life in the midst, between two regions of the world. With his bodily development he is a member of a `lower world’; with his soul-nature he himself constitutes a `middle world’; and with his faculties of Spirit he is ever striving towards an `upper world.'” Not only was the Nordic world threefold, but it represented the three-fold structure of the human being. Asgard, Midgard and Hel. It stood as the chromosome DNA map of the physical and spiritual structure of the human being. If the bow, the waist and the stern are fused into high technology, reproductive technology and viral technology, all locked into the giants memory that runs our silicon world, what has become of the threefold human society? Thinking is splintered into nerd tech; Rhythm or breathing is severed and attacked through viral tech; and the will forces are shattered in repro-tech.

“The original divine humanity first descended upon the earth at the Pole, and the polar and neighboring regions formed the first habitation of mankind. The Greeks, too, describe this land as that of the Hyperboreans, a land whither Apollo, god of the spiritual power of the sun, returned again and again. Gradually, and through long ages, the human race spread from thence over the face of the earth. The other and opposite pole only later entered into the story of evolution. This occurred when the development of humanity of the earth reached the equatorial region. All this is found in the conceptions of the primeval East. When humanity had developed so far that it had attained an existence which, according to our scientific investigations, we designate that of the warm-blooded organisms, then the other side of the world began to play its part. The Germanic peoples called this other side of the world the southern `Muspelheim.’ It is the polar antithesis of the northern `Nifelheim.’ The Persians said that the Ahuras – who were gods of light like Apollo – inhabited the north, and the Devas – gods of darkness – streamed against them from the south. The beings whom the Persians called Ahuras and the Indians Asuras, were addressed by the Germanic people as Asen, and the Indian word `Deva’ (in the Persian Daeva) we find in the Germainic as Wanen (pronounced V). In the name `Wanen’ we have the human soul in dream and in presentiment or dim feeling; while the Asen of light were met with in waking life.”

Between the Aztec world of the south and the Nordic world of the north, we begin to see a mighty inner battle field between those who worshipped the Light and those who were drawn into the center of the earth with darkness. This war is the Ahrimanic war we face now. Gold and Cyanide, Zyklon B, Hydrogen Cyanide was used to decimate and gas the immortality from nearly six million jews. Here an Aztec mystery drifted far north, as the north forgot that they worshipped the light instead of the darkness. On this subject I will have more to bring later.

We have already dealt with the fact that the Nordic Initiates could only describe our current chip technology as part of a great ship. An independent ship, cut off from the great ship earth, a separate vessel that was constructed from the clippings, the chips, of dead mens fingernails. Having a fingernail torn off is not fun in the least. The Aztec’s thought it the height of cultural courage to flail and wear the face of a defeated enemy. Do we not wish to wear other men’s faces instead of our own? A planet where busy fingers and busy fingernails tap, tap, and the chips from the fingernails of dead men, with their silica imprints are used in conjunction with giant memories to run information and data against the picture of the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, was the warship described by the Nordic seers.

“…Haglfar will break loose – the ship made from dead men’s nails. The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants…”

With cyberspace we feel we can embrace safely a severed field of wisdom and light that has been filtered through the labor of dead mens nails. This ship, described by the seers, is crammed to capacity with giants. Gigantic memory is crammed into this ship and linked as it were, to a whole network armed for full tilt attack mode. Our fatal error in underestimating nature is that nature is a picture, spread out in space, of our own Immortal I-Am. Like Steiner, I have distaste for the trendiness which views our wonderful and mysterious world as some sort of video game where we train our children in the fine art of mockery, cynicism and betrayal of natures profound secrets. Loki or entertainment has led the way to a world divorced from the Gods. It is not the awesome FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS but the sick and puny cyberspace world of men that has begun sucking intelligence down into a yawning cosmic sink hole.

“Loki too, free from his fetters, will take to the water; he will set sail towards Vigrid from the north and his deadweight will be all that ghastly crew in Hel.”

If deadweight can throw the axis of the earth off, it would be because of all the errors we have made and errors planned by Lucifer and Ahriman to bring the captured booty of humanity, to their new world. Our North pole axis is needed because our chromosome incarnation and immune system forms must not be tampered with. Yet who is to say that we cannot play with all this stuff in nature anyway we want to? The gods are gone, mom and dad are away, lets party! But the variable, oscillating wobble in the roots of creation is that viral spewing rascal Jormungand. Dare we take these warnings given by the Initiates lightly?

“Orpheus brought forth Eurydice from the netherworld, from which man had to take his leave when he turned his soul’s attention to the heavens, to the stars. The Orphic songs, preserved, for example, by Apollonius of Rhodes, are a description of geological events, which in their turn were a terrestrial echo of the changing constellations, the varying positions of the axis of the Earth in its relation to the fixed stars.

“Stage by stage, the universe was bereft of living soul. The first to fade away were the great pictures of the heavens and of the constellations, which at long last became dead symbols – `signs of the zodiac’ as we now know them. But in an intermediate period the planetary gods still spoke to man