“Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Karma of Japan” by Bradford Riley

Rudolf Steiner

“Ahriman-Mephistopheles who has subjected him (humanity) to the influence of far more deadly powers and the civilizations immediately to come will see the appearance of many things connected with Ahriman’s influence. Through this influence the seeker for the spirit who does not stand upon firm and sure foundations can readily fall prey to the most terrible illusion and deception. For Ahriman is a spirit who sets out to spread deception as to the true nature of the sense-world, especially as an expression of the spiritual world. “

“1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael.”


” 66 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after this latest disaster and nuclear scare, the Japanese people are more than entitled to say to the nuclear lobby “Enough is enough! We will not go on down this path. Our nation is named after the sun. We shall not try to create an artificial sun. Instead, we shall gratefully accept what the Sun gives us and develop it in life-giving ways.”

We can view with some clarity now the general Michael Lesson Plan that has been drawn up for humanity. Our incursions into promoting Ahriman’s deception of the Age of Light against the dawn of the Age of Light that Michael ushered in around 1879 has pursued a path of calamity and catastrophe that has brought us here. The general tendency from our over all education is that our worship of materialism has created a crisis by way of our serious denial of the Etheric Christ Being. Our global choice to pursue the deadly fire forces of nuclear energy  appears very clearly in the World Karma now coming forth from Japan.

Rudolf Steiner

“…it should never so much as occur to anyone to attach an iota of guilt to the victim of such a calamity or to withhold compassion in the fullest measure. It must be absolutely clear to an anthroposophist that the karma of these individuals has nothing to do with the guilt to which the catastrophes are due and it should never occur to him to withhold help from anyone because — to put it trivially — he believes in karma and therefore assumes that this destiny was brought on by the man himself. Karma demands of us that we help human beings because we may be sure that our help means something that is written in their karma and will turn that karma in a more favorable direction. Understanding that is based upon the recognition of karma must necessarily lead to compassion; our compassion for the victims of such catastrophes will be all the greater, for our knowledge tells us that there is a collective karma of humanity from which the individual members have to suffer, that just as such happenings are brought about by humanity as one whole, so too must humanity be answerable for them; we must regard such a destiny as our own and help not only out of a spontaneous impulse but because we know that we are involved in the karma of humanity and share the guilt incurred!”

Our false pursuit of an Ahrimanic age of Light reveals a dirty dark shadow that covers our materialistic falsified worship on the altars of Ahrimanic deception from Hiroshima, Nagasaki through to Three-Mile Island,  (Must See documentary Chernobyl), through deserts loaded with poison depleted uranium dust, to Fukushima Dai-ichi.  (And you will please note ‘ichi’ and it’s relation to the I Am and the German word ICH – we have arrived at the dead-end of the I AM offered by Ahrimanic deceptions)

“Shima means “island” in Japanese. We must make sure that Hiro- and Fuku- do not remain islands in our collective experience, but rather lead to an improved and sustained nuclear safety culture.” There is no improved and sustained nuclear culture. Island, like Hamlet is the island of the cognitive I AM, the ICH in German.

The Lesson Plan from Michael, the current Arche and Time Spirit is hovering over Japan in order to freely inspire humanity in order to effectively change our negligent and destructive thinking patterns.

With the horrific events that have befallen humanity, our friends, our brothers and sisters in Japan, where, sitting on the Ring of Fire, the forces of nature emerged from the depths of the Earth to shatter once more the hard working and sincere nature of the Japanese people, we find ourselves in a mutually shared global tragedy. And we, who have cheered Ahriman’s deception and even now bow before the altars of materialism, are directly to blame for the catastrophe of our brothers and sisters in Japan. But we are too cowardly to think it all through and follow the deception of the age of light, down to the deep fiery lair of Ahriman in the sixth layer of the Inner Earth.

In this essay we will gain some IMAGINATIONS, tools, thoughts and insights that Michael has offered cognitive humanity but in general humanity prefers media lies and trivia to the living power of Michael Imaginations and the school of Tenth Hierarchy cognition. We shall in this essay gain insight into the Moral Fabric of the Earth Herself and how human morality, or deliberate lack there-of, interfaces with natural catastrophes and human hubris. Human technology continues to press ahead while conscious human understanding of how the Tenth Hierarchy is connected to the roots of the Earth are brutally dismissed.

Through the events that are still continuing to reverberate through out the world, through Earthquakes and aftershocks(see clip) of immense magnitude, the Tidal waves that engulfed whole villages prefectures and towns, including the overwhelming direct hit on Fukushima Prefecture (福島県, Fukushima-ken) we will look with Michael School insights into the problems humanity has created for itself by insisting upon radioactive, anti-Etheric, poison-etheric-corrupting radioactive light in opposition to the Etheric Christ Light that uplifts and heals all aspects of human life on Earth.

We can look at the problems and karma of the nuclear age and the specific destiny of the Japanese people. Firstly the hardships and sufferings of a society that honors the dead and the ancestors and links the honor and dignity of the dead to the stream of the living. Another aspect is the intensely hard working built in humility, order and cleanliness as well as the practical efficiency of the Japanese people.

Rudolf Steiner

“To understand what will now be said, we must realize that over and above the karma which belongs to every individual human being, there is at every stage of existence a universal karmic law. All the categories of beings have their karma — the karma of the one differing from that of the other. But karma operates through every realm of existence and there are things in the karma of mankind, in the karma of a people, of a community or other group of human beings, which must be regarded as collective karma, so that in certain circumstances the individual can be drawn into the sway of the collective karma. It will not always be easy for one who cannot penetrate to the root of the matter to discern exactly where the influences of the powers concerned lie in the case of human beings overtaken by such a destiny. An individual within some community may well be entirely guiltless as far as his own karma is concerned; but because he stands within a field of collective karma, calamity may befall him. If, however, he is entirely guiltless, compensation will be made in later incarnations.

“In the wider connection we must look not only at the karma of the past but also think of the karma of the future. A terrible fate may befall a whole group of human beings; the reason why just this group should suffer such a destiny is not to be discovered. Someone who might be capable of investigating the karma of an individual will in certain circumstances be unable to find anything at all that could have led to this tragic fate, for the threads of karma are extremely complicated. The cause of such karmic happenings may lie far, far away — but it is connected with these people nevertheless. And it may be that the whole group, while guiltless, has been overtaken by some collective karma which could not overtake those immediately guilty, because circumstances did not make this possible.

“In such cases the only thing that can be said is this: In the total karma of an individual, everything is ultimately balanced out, including what befalls him without guilt on his part; it is all inscribed in his karma and compensation in the fullest sense will be made in future time. — Therefore in considering the law of karma we must also take into account the karma of the future.

“Nor must it be forgotten that man is not an isolated being but that every individual has to share jointly in the collective karma of humanity. We must remember, too, that man, together with humanity, is connected with those hierarchies of Beings who have not entered into the physical world and that he is also drawn into the karma of the hierarchies. In the destinies of mankind in the spiritual world a great deal appears the connections of which are not to be sought in the immediate circumstances, but the karmic consequences come to pass inevitably.

“Since the second half of the Atlantean epoch, Ahriman’s karma has been linked with the karma of mankind. Where, then, are the deeds of Ahriman, over and above what is wrought by him in the bodies of men in order to spread phantoms and illusion over the world of sense? Where are these other deeds? “

Michael Lesson Plans for confronting Ahrimanic deceptions in the Age of Light

In approaching grasping and understanding how Michael operates in relation to the etheric forces and rhythm patterns of the Etheric Christ, the following particular patterns must be reviewed. The results of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the individuality of Christ on the hill of skulls at the age of 33 have set into history a powerful new Sun Rhythm into the very foundations of human life. That Sun Rhythm and Etheric Christ pattern reoccurs on 33 year cycles and remains a central mystery in the unfolding of individual human biography and the over all global karma of humanity.

The Arche Michael, our current ZeitGeist and Time Spirit, Spirit of the Age we are currently in for the next 200 and some years, serves The Risen Etheric Christ Being, the Sun Word and the Logos through the bright sun streaming of Sun Intelligence radiating through the Michael School and the Tenth Hierarchy. The Christ rhythm patterns of 33/66/99 have had a direct impact on the current crisis facing Japan and humanity. “1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael. At that time, Japan was trying desperately to remain independent”

Here we can see that 2 X 33 years, have unfolded since the horrific events of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, two Christ Rhythm phases.[NOTE LINK HERE HOW THE COMPARISON IS STARTLING] We can look for Christ rhythm phases to occur in 33 year time rhythms. On the second rhythm past 1945, nuclear power plants antithetical to the Etheric Christ have spread horrific radioactive world wide poison which reveals something that we say all the time, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

“Japan imported its first commercial nuclear power plant from the UK in 1966”

The destructive nuclear attack that initiated the Ahrimanic age of light of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has now come back round to the world and the West and Europe with the equivalent of well over two thousand (2000) 500 kiloton bombs each, and get THIS, for once again we can see a secret in the number 33, one 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and the amount of radioactivity set loose is equivalent to( 2000) 500kt bombs.

“Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United States accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!”

Japan had already experienced a bankrupting recession that the rest of the world only experienced later. We all are currently wrestling in the mud of a global economic depression of nearly 700 trillion dollars brought about with conscious Ahrimanic intent, in order to poison, wound and entrap humanity. Ahrimanic deception is currently so brutal and vicious that it would go so far to remove the Etheric Christ from the perception of humanity to the point of spinning the nuclear and radioactive issues into a (see link) medical vaccination that might cure radiation sickness but tragically make humanity immune to the workings of the Etheric Christ in our higher etheric rhythm forces which operate in all healthy human beings.

Ahriman has pulled out all the stops in it’s battle against the Etheric Christ. Japan with energy and hard work, tried to overcome being one of the first to fall into recession that has been deliberately designed to incapacitate and numb humanity. Japan’s products efficiency and ingenuity have dwarfed most American industries. The Japanese have shown resiliency and humility in facing the horrific humiliation of defeat and the spiritual energy to rebuild and resurrect.

The pivotal issue is that the Age of Michael in 1879 brought Japan into the target cross-hairs of the Ahrimanic forces of Fallen nuclear light only 66 years later, by 1945. Now we pivot away from our 1879 rhythm of 66 years to 1945 and swing to the opposite scale, that represent the Cosmic Scales of balance, represented by Michael and we arrive 66 years after 1945, in the year 2011.  We can see how Japan and the karma of the Japanese people are being devastated, while the WEST continues ignorantly and arrogantly promoting Ahrimanic social destruction, murder, WAR, along with stepped up production orders for all new Ahrimanic nuclear power plants intended to blossom over the surface and periphery of  the globe.

The conflict between the age of Light that Michael stands for and the age of light that Ahriman stands for, is crystallized in understanding that through out the globe, many, many small domed Goetheanum’s were meant to blossom over the Earth, in every country in the world and create Spiritual Science centers meant to serve the new forces of the Etheric that were rising to meet humanity. The counter-blow that Ahriman has struck that wrested certain forces away from Michael and The Tenth Hierarchy, were the belief in a materialism that allows the building of hundreds of nuclear reactors and power plants over the Earth,  that now serve Ahriman’s lethal dawn of the age of anti-human and anti-etheric radioactive light, that represent Ahriman’s counterfeit Age of Light. Steiner saw hundreds of Goetheanum’s springing up over the Earth, while Ahriman sought to chain humanity to an anti-etheric power source founded in raw materialistic greed.

Humanity has a choice and a chance to recover it’s higher common sense and thwart the Ahrimanic assaults that continue to arise out of Washington D.C. Michael has swung the scale of human justice on a 66 year pivot to counteract the Ahrimanic thrust of a falsified, destructive and doomed age of Ahrimanic light. The current ZeitGeist moment in Japan has Michael vs Ahriman writ large.(Click Link to Doctors and Physicians struggle with radioactive poison and the Fukushima disaster, while failing to grasp or understand the Etheric Body) But it is humanity that must find the courage and the will to decide to do the right thing.

Humanity is tasked with unpoisoning the well and decontaminating the ideas that have promoted the rise of nuclear reactors and a materialistic facsimile and imitation of Michael’s Dawn of the Age of Light. Humanity is tasked with demystifying the materialistic deception.

Global Contamination for Centuries to come

#1 It is estimated that there are 1,331 used nuclear fuel rods that need to be removed from Fukushima. Because of all of the damage that has taken place, computer-guided removal of the rods will not be possible. Manual removal is much riskier, and it is absolutely essential that the removal of each of the 1,331 rods goes perfectly because a single mistake could potentially lead to a nuclear chain reaction.

#2 According to Reuters, the combined amount of cesium-137 contained in those nuclear fuel rods is 14,000 times greater than what was released when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Other estimates put this number far higher.

#3 Officials in Japan admit that 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima is entering the Pacific Ocean every 24 hours.

#4 According to a professor at Tokyo University, 3 gigabecquerels of cesium-137 are flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every single day… Yoichiro Tateiwa, NHK reporter: [Professor Jota] Kanda argues government statistics don’t add up. He says a daily leakage of 300 tons doesn’t explain the current levels of radiation in the water. Jota Kanda, Tokyo University professor: According to my research there are now 3 gigabecquerels [3 billion becquerels] of cesium-137 flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every day. But for the 300 tons of groundwater to contain this much cesium-137, one liter of groundwater has to contain 10,000 becquerels of the radioactive isotope. NHK: Kanda’s research and monitoring by Tepco puts the amount of cesium-137 in the groundwater around the plant at several hundred becquerels per liter at most. He’s concluded that radioactive isotope is finding another way to get into the ocean. He’s calling on the government and Tepco to identify contamination routes other than groundwater.

#5 According to Tepco, a total of somewhere between 20 trillion and 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium have gotten into the Pacific Ocean since the Fukushima disaster first began.

#6 Something is causing fish along the west coast of Canada to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs. Could Fukushima be responsible?

#7 150 former sailors and Marines say that they now have radiation sickness as a result of serving on U.S. Navy ships near Fukushima and they are suing for damages.

#8 The Iodine-131, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 that are constantly coming from Fukushima are going to affect the health of those living the the northern hemisphere for a very, very long time. Just check out what Harvey Wasserman had to say recently… Iodine-131, for example, can be ingested into the thyroid, where it emits beta particles (electrons) that damage tissue. A plague of damaged thyroids has already been reported among as many as 40 percent of the children in the Fukushima area. That percentage can only go higher. In developing youngsters, it can stunt both physical and mental growth. Among adults it causes a very wide range of ancillary ailments, including cancer. Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish caught as far away as California. It spreads throughout the body, but tends to accumulate in the muscles. Strontium-90’s half-life is around 29 years. It mimics calcium and goes to our bones.

#9 It is believed that the Fukushima nuclear facility originally contained a whopping 1760 tons of nuclear material.

#10 It is being projected that the entire Pacific Ocean will soon “have cesium levels 5 to 10 times higher” than what we witnessed during the era of heavy atomic bomb testing in the Pacific many decades ago.

#11 According to the Wall Street Journal, it is being projected that the cleanup of Fukushima could take up to 40 years to complete. Sadly, the true horror of this disaster is only starting to be understood, and most people have absolutely no idea how serious all of this is.

Fallout researcher Christina Consolo

“We have endless releases into the Pacific Ocean that will be ongoing for not only our lifetimes, but our children’s’ lifetimes. We have 40 million people living in the Tokyo area nearby. We have continued releases from the underground corium that reminds us it is there occasionally with steam events and huge increases in radiation levels.

Across the Pacific, we have at least two peer-reviewed scientific studies so far that have already provided evidence of increased mortality in North America, and thyroid problems in infants on the west coast states from our initial exposures. We have increasing contamination of the food chain, through bioaccumulation and biomagnification. And a newly stated concern is the proximity of melted fuel in relation to the Tokyo aquifer that extends under the plant. If and when the corium reaches the Tokyo aquifer, serious and expedient discussions will have to take place about evacuating 40 million people from the greater metropolitan area. As impossible as this sounds, you cannot live in an area which does not have access to safe water.

The operation to begin removing fuel from such a severely damaged pool has never been attempted before. The rods are unwieldy and very heavy, each one weighing two-thirds of a ton. But it has to be done, unless there is some way to encase the entire building in concrete with the pool as it is. I don’t know of anyone discussing that option, but it would seem much ‘safer’ than what they are about to attempt…but not without its own set of risks.

And all this collateral damage will continue for decades, if not centuries, even if things stay exactly the way they are now. But that is unlikely, as bad things happen like natural disasters and deterioration with time…earthquakes, subsidence, and corrosion, to name a few. Every day that goes by, the statistical risk increases for this apocalyptic scenario. No one can say or know how this will play out, except that millions of people will probably die even if things stay exactly as they are, and billions could die if things get any worse. The area immediately around Fukushima is already permanently uninhabitable, and the truth is that a much wider area of northern Japan should probably be declared off limits for human habitation.”

Michael may point to and  indicate a clear cut moral direction and decision that The Tenth Hierarchy could take, but human freedom prevents Michael from making the decision for us.

The Archangelic forces of the Japanese people are now set to be one of many specific Michael hot-spots. Michael has entered to safeguard humanity against the premature horrendous marriage to sub-human, deadly etheric poisoning, by unveiling the misguided use of nuclear energy and depleted uranium in the world.  Deep immoral disturbances in the Fire layer of the Earth due to the sensitive nature of human will and the disturbed fire forces in the depths of the Earth have prematurely thrust humanity into a conflict that goes all the way back to the sinking of Atlantis.

Rudolf Steiner

Lecture given in Berlin, January 1, 1909

“… Lucifer is a Being who detached himself from the spiritual hosts of heaven after the separation of the sun, whereas Ahriman had already broken away before the separation of the sun and is an embodiment of quite different powers. The result of Lucifer’s influence in the Lemurian epoch was merely the corruption of the faculty, still possessed by man in the Atlantean epoch, to manipulate the forces of air and water. In the book entitled From the Akasha Chronicle (COSMIC MEMORY) you will have read that in Atlantean times the seminal forces in plant and animal were still at man’s command and could be drawn forth just as the forces used in the form of steam for propelling machines can be extracted from mineral coal today. I have told you that when these forces are drawn forth they are connected in a mysterious way with the nature-forces in wind, weather and the like; and if applied by man for purposes running counter to the divine purposes, these nature-forces are called into action against him.

“Here lies the cause of the Atlantean flood and of the devastation wrought by the powers of nature which led to the disappearance of the whole continent of Atlantis. But even before that time, man had lost command over the forces of fire and the power to ally them with certain mysterious forces of the earth. Power over the forces of fire and earth in a certain combination had already been withdrawn from man. But now — through the influence of Ahriman and his accomplices — he again acquired a certain mastery over the forces of fire and earth, with dire consequences.

“…the sixth stratum, the “Fire Earth”, containing as “substances” within it, forces that can bring about terrible havoc and destruction. It is actually into these forces that the primordial Fire has been banished.

“In and from this stratum the realm of Ahriman operates — in a material sense. What manifests in the phenomena of outer nature, in air and water, in cloud formations, in lightning and thunder — all this is, so to speak, a last vestige on the earth’s surface, of forces that were already connected with ancient Saturn and separated from the earth together with the sun. By what is working in these forces, the inner fire-forces of the earth are placed in the service of Ahriman. There he has the center of his activity; and whereas his spiritual influences make their way to the souls of people and lead them to error, we see how Ahriman — in a certain respect shackled — has certain foci for his activity in the interior of the earth. Were we to understand the mysterious connections of what has come to pass on the earth under Ahriman’s influence and what Ahriman’s own karma has become in consequence of this, we should recognize in the quakes and tremors of the earth the connection between such grievous, tragic happenings in nature and the power that holds sway on the earth. These manifestations are something that has remained since ancient times as a reaction on the earth against the good Beings of Light.

“Thus forces allied with the Beings who were thrust away from their connection with the earth at the time when the good Beings of light established the beneficent phenomena around the earth-globe, are active, and in a certain sense we can recognize the echoings of these fire-forces which in earlier times were withdrawn from man’s control, in what is wrought by fire in such terrible manifestations of nature.”

Michael is presenting humanity with a moral challenge and a LESSON PLAN  to wake up to the horrific consequences of awakening the Fire Spirits of the Inner Earth Core, which again places the Japanese people on the vulnerable side of sitting on the Ring of Fire, with Volcanoes and the inner activity of the Earth responding to the the evil technology of nuclear breeder reactors that feed the disturbing demonic forces of fire in the core of the Earth.

The ancient pictographic language of Japan goes all the way back to the origins of the alphabet as Atlantean PictoGraphic replications. The Archangel that has guided the Japanese Language forces reaches far, far back to the origin of Language itself. This is documented in ONE LANGUAGE SOURCE OF ALL TONGUES by Arnold Wadler. A whole potent karmic stream and Language Archangel, the Japanese Language, ancient pictographic Atlantean Picto language carry the ancient ancestor honoring, the

stream connecting the passage of souls from earthly life and family relations to heavenly or spiritual life, where the ancestors are tracked, honored and their journey and memory continued, is a traditional ritual that links the living with the long history of the departed.

Because humanity is tied together via the West – Middle – East in a Threefold Social and Spiritual Configuration and since the West opened the nuclear age of Fallen radioactive Light and Fallen Ethers by dropping atomic bombs on the Japanese people, the current catastrophe from Japan reveals a remarkable relation to the scales of balance that Michael carries for the Cosmos, the Etheric Christ and for humanity.

Akira Kurosawa

Let us follow the inner capacities of the New Christ Impulse as it has appeared in the 20th century and follow these new Christ capacities out into the 21st century and in specific the current crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reactors. These new Christ capacities that are working their way through humanity appear here and there and we fail to recognize them. But when they appear in such a vivid recurring prophetic dream, enough that a rich Archangelic representative Soul from the EAST, a soul so steeped in the traditions, history, customs and language of the Japanese people, that a future picture, a future clairvoyant dream bursts forth in this soul, we should take notice.

Make no mistake about it, these are the very future capacities, indicated that would certainly appear and when they appear they would be filled with the substance of the Etheric Christ future vision insights that were touched in the astral body and penetrated down to the etheric body of one of the greatest film makers of the East. (SEE CLIP) Akira Kurosawa’s prophetic Dream: Mount Fuji in Red is a clear cut verification of what Rudolf Steiner predicted would indicate the touch of the Etheric Christ’s gifts of future seeing capacities as it relates to the giant karmic picture of the entire Archangelic Japanese people.

An entire global picture, a snapshot into a future Etheric Christ picture that has all the substance of the Archangel of the Japanese people, the karma of the entire Japanese Soul and Language group and how the tragedy and destiny of this Archangelic group would manifest one of the key mysteries that would shatter the Ahrimanic deception of it’s false Age of Light, shot like lightening right through Akira Kurosawa.

Akira Kurosawa was a painter of light with his film work. He stood shoulders above the masses in his deep moral tales of the ancient Japanese Folk Soul. Akira Kurosawa stood shoulder to shoulder with the several other prophets and representatives of the world of film as well. Akira Kurosawa stood shoulder to shoulder with Stanley Kubrick  and Rod Serling in the WEST. ( the following Rod Serling clip takes us back to Hiroshima, but youtube cut out the example I had posted, but this is the name of the episode to really understand the higher moral Michael forces working through Serling’s Twilight Zone, episode title “NO TIME LIKE THE PAST” see it for yourself –  this is the intro to that episode which testifies to the incredible link between Kurosawa and Serling (SEE CLIP INTRO)  Through those three individuals, Kurosawa, Kubrick and Serling a Michael Intelligence flavor of the WEST and the EAST arose with stunning Michael vitality.

Federico Fellini who, like Kurosawa, painted with Light and Color from the Italian Language Archangel perspective. Federico Fellini gave flavor and coloring as well as some Middle Europe content in the distribution of EAST-WEST-MIDDLE of a threefold world as well. In the same way Kurosawa illuminated the ancient stream and Language of the Japanese people of the EAST so Rod Serling and Stanley Kubrick illuminated modern Michael and Ahrimanic problems for those who had lived in the WEST and carried the English Language Archangelic forces.

Federico Fellini painted the Italian Folk Soul and dynamics of the Language of the Archangel of the Italian folk with great vividness and humor. Just as we can study Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, who both as well carried various specific aspects of the moral contents of India and the moral contents of the West and African American etheric folk substance with clear Michael like vividness in their deeds and thoughts.

When we look at great artists and films and different languages we gain the rich experience needed to become global and cosmopolitan citizens who begin to FEEL and incorporate into our astral and etheric life, the gifts of the Threefold World and the great gifts of the various Archangels of the different languages over the Earth.

When we include the flavor and coloring of the individual Language Archangels, we have to reckon with the fact that our own unique Angels guided us to specific Archangel Language systems in cooperation with the Archangel hierarchies. And then we come to the future visionary capacities that arise within the new Etheric Christ experiences radiating through the 20th and 21st centuries.

Rudolf Steiner

“…before the middle of the twentieth century there will be people possessed of a natural etheric clairvoyance, who, since mankind has reached the epoch in which this will develop as a natural gift, will perceive the etheric body as permeating the physical body and extending beyond it. Just as man, once able to see into the spiritual world, has descended to the merely physical perception and intellectual comprehension of the external world, so he begins gradually to evolve new and conscious capacities which will be added to the old ones. One of these new capacities I should like to characterize.

There will be people — at first only a few, for only in the course of the next two or three thousand years will these capacities evolve in larger numbers, and these first forerunners will be born before the end of the first half of the twentieth century — who will have an experience something like the following. After taking part in some action they will withdraw from it, and will have before them a picture which arises from the act in question. At first, they will not recognize it; they will not find in it any relation to what they have done. In the end they will see that this picture, which appears to them as a sort of conscious dream-picture, is the counterpart of their own action; it is the picture of the action which must take place, in order that the karmic compensation of the previous action may be brought about.

Thus we are approaching an age in which men will begin to understand karma not only from the teachings and presentations of Spiritual Science, but in which they will begin actually to see karma. Whereas until now karma was to man an obscure impulse, an obscure desire, which could be fulfilled only in the following life, which could only between death and a new birth be transformed into an intention, man will gradually evolve to a conscious perception of the work of Lucifer and its effect. Certainly only those will have this power of etheric clairvoyance who have striven after knowledge and self-knowledge. But even in normal circumstances men will have more and more before them the karmic pictures of their actions. That will carry them on further and further, because they will see what they still owe to the world — what is on the debit side of their karma.”

There is a great deal more to understanding these future capacities and the New Etheric Christ vision that is slowly developing in humanity, but suffice it to say that Ahriman wishes to control anything to do with these new visions. Ahriman has already begun to develop Pharmaceutical vaccinations that will control moral perception. However with Akira Kurosawa a vivid Christ/Michael perception managed to squeeze through the full Ahrimanic roadblocks placed before our comprehension.

Ahriman is hoof and claw fighting to prevent humanity from grasping the higher Etheric forces of the Etheric Christ capacities and divert them. Just as for us, The Tenth Hierarchy, the dawn of the age of light for Ahriman was far, far, different than the dawn of the Age of Light under the auspices of Michael and the Etheric Christ. We bought Ahriman’s deception on the whole and clung to materialism and the lies and deception that Ahriman presented against the courage and veracity of the Michael School and what Spiritual Science alone has the courage to reveal.

Akira Kurosawa’s prophetic Dream: Mount Fuji in Red

The film’s second nightmare sequence. A large nuclear power plant near Mount Fuji has begun to melt down, painting the sky a horrendous red and sending the millions of Japanese citizens desperately fleeing into the ocean. Three adults and two children are left behind on land, but they soon realize that the radiation will kill them anyway.

Mount Fuji in Red script:

I: What is it? What’s happening? Has Fuji erupted? How terrible!

Woman with baby: It’s worse than that! Didn’t you know? The nuclear power plant has exploded.

Nuclear engineer: The six atomic reactors. They are exploding one after another. Japan is so small there’s no escape!

Woman with baby: We all know that. No way out. But we still have to try. No other way.

Woman with baby: This is the end.

I: But… …what happened? Where did all those people go? Where did they escape to?

Nuclear engineer: To the bottom of the sea. The dolphins. Even they are leaving.

Woman with baby: Lucky dolphins. They can swim away.

Nuclear engineer: It won’t help. The radioactivity will get them.
The clouds… …the red one. It’s Plutonium 239. 10,000,000th of a gram causes cancer.
The yellow one is strontium 90. It gets inside you… …and causes leukemia.
The purple one is Cesium 137. It affects reproduction. It causes mutations.
It makes monstrosities.
Man’s stupidity is unbelievable. Radioactivity was invisible. And because of its danger, they colored it. But that only lets you know which kind kills you.
Death’s calling card. See you later.

I: Wait! Radiation doesn’t kill you at once.

Nuclear engineer: So What? A slow death is even worse. I refuse to die slowly.

Woman with baby: Adults dying — they’ve lived long enough already. But the children haven’t even lived yet. It’s unfair!

Nuclear engineer: Waiting to die isn’t living.

Woman with baby: They told us that nuclear plants were safe. Human accident is the danger, not the nuclear plant itself. No accidents, no danger. That’s what they told us. What liars! If they’re not hanged for this, I’ll kill them myself.

Nuclear engineer: Don’t worry. The radioactivity will do that for you. I’m sorry. I am one of those who deserve to die.”

It is clear that the Dawn of the Age of Light was not to be nuclear light. The Dawn of the Age of Light in 1879 brought the consolidation of the Michael School, the focus of humanities attention to the Etheric Christ and the unfolding Etheric Christ light that has slowly spread it’s way through-out humanity, revealing ever more profound conscious and higher pathways for human maturity.

On the opposite scales of balance, as we can clearly see, 1879 to 1945 and the official Dawn of the Michael Age was immediately linked to the growth and development of Spiritual Science. However on the opposite scale, in Ahrimanic counterpoint, linked to releasing Fallen immoral Devachan technology that counterfeited and counteracted in an immoral attack, 66 YEARS AFTER 1879, the dawn of the nuclear age began our first confrontations with the horrific forces of nuclear death. Ahriman counter moved against the Michael Age, check mated Michael with the Dawn of Ahriman’s MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction- The Psychopath Structure and also look at this STUDY CLICK HERE) and the horrific first strike of two nuclear detonations in human populations. A false Age of Light had dawned and humanity has clung to it until Fukushima.

66 YEARS LATER as the Michael Cosmic Scales swung back into balance,  Japan was rocked to it’s core by one of the most powerful Earthquakes to date and the unintended consequences of this Tsunami and Earthquake opened the old wound where Michael, through an Etheric Christ Rhythm is once more offering humanity a moment to recover our higher human healthy etheric direction and review the moral maturity and moral forces that are so clearly tied to the very core of the Earth and tied most intimately to Michael’s role as revealing the Countenance of the Christ Sun.

Michael stands with the Etheric Christ in the wholesome renewal and awakening of the healthy and healing forces of our true Etheric Earth and our true Etheric Life body rhythms.

The Ahrimanic tendencies in human greed, arrogance, hubris coupled with untruths and political lies have tied much of humanity to the very opposite intentions of the Risen Etheric Christ. Michael is faced with the dilemma that humanity has tied itself to the Ahrimanic mistranslation and misinterpretation of the age of light by introducing prematurely, a horrific man made light, that can only mame, destroy, and deform the work of the Etheric in nature and how we unite these intimate etheric healing rhythms to the evolution of our higher human faculties.

This is rather heavy karma to be burdened with and Japan now sits on the Ring of Fire (interesting clip) and sits in the current cross-hairs of a vast Moral issue that reaches deep into the very core of the Earth. Humanity can choose to come back from the brink of letting premature Fire demons, Anti-Sun forces drag humanity and Earth into the abyss. At least in this essay, we are looking at how Japan has become the central moral battleground for one of humanities most profound problems. Yet at every turn we see the activity of Michael attempting to alert humanity to issues which WE, as humanity have released through our unconscious and intentionally destructive and immoral patterns of thinking and behavior.

On the other hand the Japanese are not the target of ahrimanic propaganda, the current Muslim world IS so that Japan’s FIRE crisis, Water Crisis, Earthquake crisis reflects the thrusting up from the Inner Earth the immoral use of Fire over the whole Earth by craving materialistic energy via Breeder reactor systems scattered over the periphery of the Earth.

Terry Boardman

” 66 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after this latest disaster and nuclear scare, the Japanese people are more than entitled to say to the nuclear lobby “Enough is enough! We will not go on down this path. Our nation is named after the sun. We shall not try to create an artificial sun. Instead, we shall gratefully accept what the Sun gives us and develop it in life-giving ways.”

“The reign of Japan’s first emperor Jimmu began in 660 BC.

“1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael. At that time, Japan was trying desperately to remain independent (to keep its own Sun shining, so to speak) and to avoid becoming a western colony. To do that, Japan used its long samurai traditions and allowed itself to be directed by the samurai military class whose habits passed over into the world of business and industry. To remain free of the western imperialists, Japan’s samurai-influenced leaders decided that Japan too would have to become an imperialist nation. This led eventually to the tragedies of 1931-1945. Thus ended the first 66 years of the Age of Michael, archangel of the Sun.

“For the next 66 years Japan followed the lead of the country that had unleashed on it the power of the world’s first artificial sun – the USA, the country that had forced Japan to open to the world in 1853 when the black ships came. For 44 years, from 1945-1989, Japan energetically rebuilt seeking to copy the American Way, even to outstrip America in material and economic power. The American Dream is one of increasing material wealth, prosperity, consumerism, ownership, primarily for oneself and one’s family. In 1989, 66 years after the great physical shock of the terrible Tokyo-Yokohama earthquake, and 44 years after the psychological shock of the defeat in war, Japan was hit by another shock when its economic bubble burst, just at the time that the Showa Emperor died. For the next 21 years Japan struggled on, unable to extricate itself from the economic doldrums it found itself in, unable to recover the economic dynamism of the period 1960-1990, but STILL, its elite tried to follow the American Way, the American Dream; despite some differences in the way Japan has always run its capitalist system, still it operates this system which is grounded in a materialistic way of looking at life, death, society and economics.

“Now, 66 years after 1945, Japan has been given yet another great shock. I believe that from this shock the Japanese can awaken to a new future, one in which they should make their elite take seriously those words of Prime Minister Kan Naoto, when he said “we shall rebuild Japan from scratch”. Yes, but not just the buildings! The people of Japan can start with their energy resources, first their own personal human energy resources, to restructure the energy system that underpins the economy. Change from an economy based on dead Nature (fossil fuels and nuclear power) to one based on living Nature (solar, wind, wave, geothermal, hydrogen) – one that truly harmonizes with all that is best in Japanese tradition and culture.”

(Terry Boardman graduated in history from Manchester University, lived in Japan for 10 years and has completed a four year full-time training in the movement art of Eurythmy in which he was subsequently active for seven years.)

Vital IMAGINATIONS and Insights of the Relation between the Periphery and the Center

“These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the earth with its surface.” Rudolf Steiner, June 12, 1906

Breeder Reactors and nuclear Reactors that breed horrific radioactive fires dot the periphery of the Earth. In one aspect of the Michael Lesson Plan we must take very seriously that which we have failed to think through because of our own clinging to the destructive sciences of Ahrimanic materialism.

In any study of the Mystery of the Periphery and circumference, the surface of the Earth and the Mystery of the Center, the core, as if the core and center of the Earth were unrelated to the surface or Periphery of the Earth, we come into direct contact with one of humanities favored materialistic and ahrimanic fabrications and deceptions. We imagine that by promoting concentrated radioactive reactor cells over the surface of the Earth, that somehow we won’t invoke the very powerful and untransformed primal fiery forces of the SIXTH layer of the Inner Earth.

These primal untransmuted forces of ancient cosmic and creative fiery forces go all the way back to the Ancient Saturn Beings who first formed our immortality and designed us from their own being. We are meddling with Beings who have helped form entire worlds and some of those beings are chained in the core of the Earth (Sorathian Earth core studies link) until we arrogantly presume to release them from their imprisonment. However the secret of the Resurrection and the Etheric Christ has everything to do with how human beings can safely transubstantiate the mighty core forces locked in the center of the Earth and merge them with our emerging Lessons in Immortality.

Currently, evoking prematurely these forces in the core of the Earth reveals that human beings are only at the weak beginnings of penetrating the living Etheric forces in order to transmute and handle the mighty elemental mysteries of Fire – Air – Water – Earth. Our understanding the secrets of the Etheric, Devachan, astral worlds that surround humanity and the Earth are only just at their beginnings. And all of these forces are deliberately tangled in the chaotic thinking of human beings who imagine that the Periphery and the Center of the Earth and the destiny of the Earth Herself are unrelated to the inner development of human beings.

That is one of the only George Carlin errors that stand out very clearly to me. Here’s the clip and below the Socratic logic of Carlin, which in this case, is brilliant but wrong.

George Carlin

“The planet is fine. Compared to the people, the planet is doing great. Been here four and a half billion years. Did you ever think about the arithmetic? The planet has been here four and a half billion years. We’ve been here, what, a hundred thousand? Maybe two hundred thousand? And we’ve only been engaged in heavy industry for a little over two hundred years. Two hundred years versus four and a half billion. And we have the CONCEIT to think that somehow we’re a threat? That somehow we’re gonna put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that’s just a-floatin’ around the sun?

“The planet has been through a lot worse than us. Been through all kinds of things worse than us. Been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sun spots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles…hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors, worlwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages…And we think some plastic bags, and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference? The planet…the planet…the planet isn’t going anywhere. WE ARE!

We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks. We’re going away. And we won’t leave much of a trace, either. Thank God for that. Maybe a little styrofoam. Maybe. A little styrofoam. The planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet’ll shake us off like a bad case of fleas. A surface nuisance.

You wanna know how the planet’s doing? Ask those people at Pompeii, who are frozen into position from volcanic ash, how the planet’s doing. You wanna know if the planet’s all right, ask those people in Mexico City or Armenia or a hundred other places buried under thousands of tons of earthquake rubble, if they feel like a threat to the planet this week. Or how about those people in Kilowaia, Hawaii, who built their homes right next to an active volcano, and then wonder why they have lava in the living room.”

Center and Periphery arise in how the Heart is a Sun and the pulse of this Human sun in the center of the chest radiates out to the periphery, all the way to the surface of our skin and through living moral forces links to intimate hearts connected to us well beyond the limits of our skin, all the way to the realm of the dead who have returned to the spiritual world from whence we have all had our point of origin. Outside in the vast Zodiac and starry world, the karma and destiny of humanity (see link) gathers itself from the periphery and enters the portal of birth and cellular development. Periphery and Center operates in every precise law of reality there is.

We observe skin cancer on the surface of our bodies and discover that down to our bones we are riddled with cancer. Yet it may only slowly appear on the surface, but it is deeply connected to the core of our immortality and the very surface of our physical bodies. What we came to do on Earth and who we came to meet, our karma has also presented us with a vast riddle and roadblock that we must penetrate. Periphery and Center are always potently and powerfully linked. But apparently Ahrimanic science prefers to have nothing linked, no connections made, no interrelationships or decisions and prognosis that concretely interface with each other.

In the Mistletoe used in Cancer treatments Spiritual Science has observed meticulously and carefully that a plant parasite called mistletoe grows on the periphery of the branches of the trees. When mixed into medical potency we find that Human breast Cancer can be cured by deliberately growing Mistletoe on Apple trees and making  potentized medical tinctures from harvesting the apple saturated mistletoe. The same goes for male prostrate Cancer. Mistletoe grown on the periphery of oak trees are harvested and homeopathically prepared and designed to penetrate the etheric rhythms in either females or males, and begin a process of healing and recovery.

Our constant insulting attitude and behavior in the rejection of the immortal core of humanity, the I AM in us, and the Immortal Christ Event, the Etheric Christ event that happened in one particular human and at one particular location on the periphery of the Earth, releasing the Immortal I Am from the Fall and uniting every single detail of our human spiritual striving to the beloved and beneficent etheric forces of the Earth, are openly mocked, denied and consistently disregarded.

We have sought to create a satellite ring that surrounds and orbits our Earth, in closer orbit than our Moon, in order to follow events on the surface, to follow and pin-point movements on the surface and even to direct destructive weaponry, deadly DRONES, missiles on trajectories to various locations. That is also a form of moving and using Periphery and Center.

We have our own immortal being, our karma, our destiny and I AM tracking built into us with vast higher potentials. We relegate most of that research to new-age air-heads and refuse to study our monumental science of human immortality with any diligence or certainty.

Aristotle one of the most serious and detailed researchers in the entire world, relished every secret the Earth had to offer. When we we pay lip service and yawn at old Aristotle, that old has been, we fail to even rejoice, recognize the advancement of the detailed scientist Aristotle into the exact Spiritual Researcher, Rudolf Steiner. What happened to the capacities and diligence of Aristotle?

The laws of reincarnation and intensification reveal to us the transformed Aristotle in the quiet personality of the Spiritual Science forerunner of the Michael age, Rudolf Steiner. Look at how the immense interest and diligence of Aristotle blossomed into a conscious researcher of the depths of Spiritual Science. Do we have to be clubbed over the head to knock any sense into us? Apparently we refuse to adjust our errors in thinking before unleashing upon this good Earth the very annihilating demons we immaturely crave who were locked in the SIXTH LAYER of the fiery depths of the Earth.

What we have preferred to engage in are profit factored corporations that develop various technologies that give us short term and immediate gratification and cheap thrills, and sometimes life saving interfacing. By putting off our interest in how our I AM functions in the Core of our Being we opted for technologies that imitate our higher undeveloped and neglected inner faculties.

Yes technology that shows us detailed weather over the Earth and warns us of Water or Air, Space, Land issues and guides our surface and periphery autos and RFID chips in our flesh that can unite our health, economy, and pin-point our exact location, still presents itself, without our maturing moral participation as dangerous tools that Ahriman easily claims for his deception. We are led to believe that we are made safer and we can relinquish our inner striving and our worries and let the masters of deception provide us with free goodies. We have been presented with destructive Ahrimanic tools that will frustrate all human freedom and health on Earth with insidious lies or we use these brilliant technologies with a moral clarity that we still refuse to address in ourselves.

So far the 20th and 21st century have proved that we wish to remain gleefully ignorant of our true moral position as seeds of immortal creation growing from the Divine Outline of Earth development. We refuse to consider ourselves as members of the Tenth Hierarchy of higher beings created along with the Angels. We have in the majority embraced all of Ahriman’s political and religious prerequisites and have gladly forfeited our freedom to the silver tongued lies of Ahrimanic leaders, particularly in Washington, Israel and Great Britain. We remained glued to a Media that is designed to step around any truth in it’s path and hold it’s nose as if it were piles of cow manure. Cow Manure is far purer and sweeter than anything we get, scattered in the Periphery on the other end of broadcasting Corporate owned liars.

Not only is our humanity invested, and woven into the entire destiny of all the crystals, plants, insects, animals and humans that are participating with Earth, but our cutting edge technologies through the 20th and 21st centuries have been insisting and frustrating the point of prematurely releasing vast destructive forces that we have never yet matured enough or gained yet enough insight into them or ourselves, to slowly merge these potent destructive forces and constructively illuminate and guide our education, medicine and ripening to match our own human pace of moral development.

Hasty Ahrimanic immoral pursuit of profits and greed have thwarted and stymied the new pace that humanity could lay claim to if they chose the advance of slow immortality and insight over avarice and twisted betrayals of Ahrimanic intents. Here we mostly stand as arrogant, ahrimanic criminals and liars in every educational institute and blatantly relish our teaching of materialism, greed and Ahrimanic selfishness, devoid and with celebratory denial of the Spirit of the I AM in matter, Ahriman (Mephistopheles) is the master to all those who naively approach our decadent university sepulchers in search of wisdom for careers, futures and diplomas, sans moral and ethical foundations.

Rudolf Steiner

“In certain occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality. It has already been indicated that these are spiritual Beings who detached themselves from the evolution of the earth before the separation of the sun. “

Periphery and Center are inter-related and potently connected and linked to each other. By concentrating over the periphery and surface of the Earth, potent FIRE, demonic anti-human, FIRE citadels, vessels, nests that deliberately breed horrific Anti-Sun and Anti-Man and Anti-Christ Fire forces, that oppose the very central rhythms of the Sun, the very central forces of Agriculture and the brilliant planetary handbook of the Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner, along with the very core of how the Etheric life and lymphatic system functions in humans, plants, animals, are all tossed aside while poison monsters are bred that oppose the very core of the Resurrection.

The Molten Core of the center of the fiery Earth and the vast and intimate micro-system of humanity that incarnate and thrive on the periphery or the surface of our Earth, where we initiate destructive sciences that can stir down to the very foundations of the Earth and disrupt whole continents, presumes with full ahrimanic arrogance that there are no moral relationships between how humanity behaves on the Periphery and what happens at the Core of the Earth.

Rudolf Steiner

“From what has been said you can gather that through Christ’s Coming, Ahriman has been cast into fetters — if this expression may be used — but only, of course, for those who endeavor unceasingly to fathom the Christ-Mystery. And outside the forces streaming from the Christ-Mystery, protection in the world against the influence of Ahriman will steadily diminish. In a certain sense — and many signs proclaim it — our epoch courts these influences of Ahriman. In certain occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality. It has already been indicated that these are spiritual Beings who detached themselves from the evolution of the earth before the separation of the sun.

“Up to now we have been describing merely the terrible influence that Ahriman can exercise upon a certain abnormal process of development, one that proceeds along occult paths. But in a certain respect the whole of mankind came under the influence of Ahriman during the second half of the Atlantean epoch. The whole Post-Atlantean epoch has within it, in a certain sense, the aftermath of Ahriman’s influence — in one region of the earth more, in another less. But Ahriman’s influence has asserted itself everywhere and all the teachings given to the peoples by the ancient Initiates concerning the Spirits of Light who are the opponents of Ahriman were given primarily in order to draw these peoples away from Ahriman’s influence. It was a good, wisely led education of mankind.

“But let us not forget that since that time the destiny of Ahriman has been interwoven in a certain sense with the destiny of humanity, and manifold happenings, of which the uninitiated can know nothing, keep the whole karma of humanity in perpetual connection with the karma of Ahriman.”

Ahriman has direct access to our human will and to the Sixth Fire Layer of the inner Earth. We build our reactors and intense Fire Demon citadels on the periphery of the Earth in various countries, states, and geographic locations. Our Ahrimanic lies, murder and destructive nuclear Fire Dragons, collect in breeder reactors, that breed these illicit, anti-etheric fire demons on the periphery of the Earth, but they also directly spur on and infuriate the Fire forces in the interior of the Earth. Therefore Earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunami’s, Tidal Waves, Hurricane’s, Typhoons, Tornadoes, floods and famine all have to do directly with how human moral forces infuriate, irritate, awaken and disturb the Fire layer of the Inner Earth. Our own human WILL or WILL TO POWER, are the immoral culprits which causes such vast catastrophes like Japan, for she sits on the Ring of Fire.

Entire human personalities are currently being overshadowed and coaxed into more and more sterile intimate evil. As humanity we have voted for this evil, we have applauded it and failed to see the changing face of this evil from the point of the exile of the Titans into the Core of the Earth, to the emerging of Mephistopheles in each of our own personal DOUBLES. Our own human doubles are infected with the full glut of the materialism that has been worshiped and coddled into power, until again, and again from the Nazis to Washington D.C. and Israel we have willingly unlocked the depths of the Fire Earth, and released more and more Ahrimanic destruction into the laps of humanity.

“…if the Christ had undergone only what took place from the time of the Baptism in Jordan until the time of the Crucifixion and the Death on the Cross, then, having undergone all this, He would still not have been able to speak of the Mysteries of which He did speak to His initiate disciples after His resurrection. I must explain to you that, to the divine teachers who were able to descend to Earth, and to the initiated teachers in olden times, all Mysteries were open in the whole wide world save only the Mysteries of the interior of the Earth. The initiates knew that down there within the Earth spiritual Beings hold command, of quite another kind than the Gods Who before the Mystery of Golgotha used ever and again to descend to human beings. The Greeks, for instance, were not unaware of the Spiritual Beings in the interior of the Earth; they called them in their mythology the Titans. But Christ was the first of the Upper Gods to learn to know the interior of the Earth, That is an important fact.” Rudolf Steiner April 24, 1922

The unholy, poison FIRE forces we cultivate and breed in nuclear Reactors over the periphery of the Earth, are the embodiment of Ahrimanic churches, fortresses that connect the demonic fire forces of the Periphery to the Inner Fire forces that have slowly been released and unchained to roam through human wills and human intents that have become filled with murder, lies, torture and nightmare. Through these gates of hell, we have brought Ahrimanic forces that were once chained away from humanity, up to the surface and let them run unchecked through our human will. Unchecked we let Ahrimanic forces hunt down our children’s hearts and minds and destroy all delicate connections that could have ever existed with their intimate connection to the arising of the Etheric Christ.

It is warmth, compassion and the healing forces that arise when a child or an adult get a fever and the work of the Etheric body goes into over drive. These warmth forces are part of the immortal fire forces that human beings are given to find their way to the heart of Truth and cleanse themselves of their own lies. It is the sudden burst of shame that causes us to blush and from the center out to the periphery of our skin, we blush, we send a fire force up from the center of our being all the way out to the periphery of our skins.

For it is the very fire forces in the human being, the fever and healing fevers and human warmth and compassion that conducted the divine fire forces from the heart of the Christ Being out to every aspect of suffering and sick human creation. It is the very core of the uplifting, healing Etheric Christ being, that lawfully and beneficently streams forth to heal every aspect of suffering and sick creation. Yet we as humanity have chosen to snub the work and human strengths of the Etheric Christ and embrace the murderous destructive lies perpetuated by Ahrimanic beings who now lodge themselves in every human being and Lord it over our goodness and common sense. And to add insult to injury we placed Demonic Fire reactors that communicate directly to the inner layer of the Ahrimanic Fire demons, the Asuras, trapped in the inner Earth. All of this because we refuse to see with our eyes and with our Imaginations and connect the dots and learn to think as true members of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner


Physical science as yet only knows of the terrestrial crust, a mineral layer which in fact is only like a thin skin at the surface of the earth. In reality the earth consists of a succession of concentric layers which we shall now describe:

1) The mineral layer contains all the metals which are found in the physical bodies of everything that lives at the surface. This crust is formed like a skin around the living being of the earth. It is only a few miles in depth.

2) The second layer can only be understood if we envisage a substance which is the very opposite of what we know. It is negative life, the opposite of life. All life is extinguished there. Were a plant or an animal plunged into it, it would be destroyed immediately. It would be totally dissolved. This second shell — half liquid — which envelopes the earth is truly a sphere of death.

3) The third layer is a circle of inverted consciousness. All sorrow appears there as joy. And all joy is experienced as sorrow. Its substance, composed of vapors, is related to our feelings in the same negative manner as the second layer is in regard to life. If we now abstract these three layers by means of our thinking, we would then find the earth in the condition in which it was before the separation of the moon. If one is able by means of concentration to attain a conscious astral vision, one would then see the activities in these two layers: the destruction of life in the second and the transformation of feelings in the third.

4) The fourth layer is known as water-earth, soul-earth, or form-earth, It is endowed with a remarkable property. Let us imagine a cube and now picture it reversed inasmuch as its substance is concerned. Where there was substance there is now nothing: the space occupied by the cube would now be empty while its substance, its substantial form, would now be spread around it; hence the term ‘earth of form.’ Here this whirlwind of forms, instead of being a negative emptiness, becomes a positive substance.

5) This layer is known as the earth of growth. It contains the archetypal source of all terrestrial life. Its substance consists of burgeoning, teeming energies.

6) This fire-earth is composed of pure will, of elemental vital forces — of constant movement — shot through by impulses and passions, truly a reservoir of will forces. If one were to exert pressure on this substance it would resist.

If now again in thought one were to abstract these last three layers just described, one would arrive at the condition in which our globe was when Sun, Moon and Earth were still interwoven.

The following layers are only accessible to a conscious observation which is not only that of dreamless sleep but a conscious condition in deep sleep.

7) This layer is the mirror of the earth. It is similar to a prism which decomposes everything that is reflected in it and brings to expression its complementary aspect; seen through an emerald it would appear red.

8)In this layer everything appears fragmented and reproduced to infinity. If one takes a plant or a crystal and one concentrates on this layer the plant or the crystal would appear multiplied indefinitely.

9) This last layer is composed of a substance endowed with moral action. But this morality is the opposite of the one that is to be elaborated on the earth. Its essence, its inherent force, is one of separation, of discord, and of hate. It is here in the hell of Dante that we find Cain the fratricide. This substance is the opposite of everything which among human beings is good and worthy. The activity of humanity in order to establish brotherhood on the earth diminishes the power of this sphere. It is the power of Love which will transform it inasmuch as it will spiritualize the very body of the Earth. This ninth layer represents the substantial origin of what appears on earth as black magic, that is, a magic founded on egoism. (See diagram)

These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the earth with its surface. Underneath the solid earth there are a large number of subterranean spaces which communicate to the sixth layer, that of fire. This element of the fire-earth is intimately connected with the human will. It is this element which has produced the tremendous eruptions that brought the Lemurian epoch to an end. At that time the forces which nourish the human will went through a trial which unleashed the fire catastrophe that destroyed the Lemurian continent. In the course of evolution this sixth layer receded more and more toward the center and as a result volcanic eruptions became less frequent. And yet they are still produced as a result of the human will which, when it is evil and chaotic, magnetically acts on this layer and disrupts it. Nevertheless, when the human will is devoid of egoism, it is able to appease this fire. Materialistic periods are mostly accompanied and followed by natural cataclysms, earthquakes, etc. Growing powers of evolution are the only alchemy capable of transforming, little by little, the organism and the soul of the earth.

The following is an example of the relationship that exists between the human will and telluric cataclysms: in human beings who perish as a result of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions one notices, during their next incarnation, inner qualities which are quite different. They bring from birth great spiritual pre-dispositions because, through their death, they were brought in touch with forces which showed them the true nature of reality and the illusion of material life.

One has also noticed a relationship between certain births and seismic and volcanic catastrophes.

During such catastrophes materialistic souls incarnate, drawn sympathetically by volcanic phenomena — by the convulsions of the evil soul of the earth. And these births can in their turn bring about new cataclysms because reciprocally the evil souls exert an exciting influence on the terrestrial fire. The evolution of our planet is intimately connected with the evolution of the forces of humanity and civilizations.


1. Mineral crust
2. Negative life
3. Inverted Consciousness
4. Circle of forms
5. Circle of growth
6. Circle of fire
7. Circle of decomposition
8. Circle of fragmentation
9. Ego-centric-egoism


FALSE Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard

“It was like something out of a science fiction script – but L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claimed it was fact. “Xemu,” he called the central character. Xemu ruled the 90-planet Galactic Confederation 75-million years ago, when overpopulation was a problem. So Xemu solved the problem: He trapped selected beings and flew them to volcanoes on Earth, then called Teegeeach. He then dropped powerful H-bombs on the volcanoes. The beings were destroyed in a wall of fire. However, their spirits, or “thetans,” weren’t. Gathering them into clusters, Xemu trapped the thetans in frozen alcohol and glycol.”

TRUE Moral Imagination portrait by Tolkien of how Gandalf directly confronts an Occult ancient Fire Demon in (see link) The Balrog Initiation Imagination. Which is a true Imagination.

The Lord of the Rings moral Imagination of Gandalf’s encounter and transformation with the Balrog in the depths of the inner Earth is a true Michael and Initiation Science IMAGINATION. Tolkien presents an Imagination of one of the Sixth Layer of our Inner Earth fire demons. An entire Moral transformation, and Resurrection of super forces of White Initiation must awaken in Gandalf and likewise in humanity if we are to do battle with Radioactive Fire demons from the periphery of our nuclear reactors that send their deadly anti-human destructive forces in direct communication with the destructive Ahrimanic ancient beings who are trapped, not only in the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth, but roam unchecked on the surface in our own human Intellectual Soul substance and materialistic thinking. Humanity, through the infestation of these fallen Ahrimanic parasites in our Intellectual Souls frustrate, irritate and link our disturbed will forces to the will forces that are slowly being unsealed, that were once trapped, in the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth.

This terrible unsealing of destructive inner Earth forces to be drawn up from the depths of the Earth to serve the destructive brain pollution of murderous political lies, murderous technologies and murderous rampages of human hubris are reverberating through the world in vast upheavals. On the surface and periphery are human will and human shadows operating unchecked with destructive Ahrimanic intent. From the center and from the sixth layer of the inner Earth these destructive forces rise up and meet on the horrific altar of darkened human will. Insanity, madness, torture, false wars for cheap political thrills and poison vapors of human hypocrisy like Volcanic sulfur rise from the depths and pollute the appetites and thinking of human beings who refuse to gain any insights into their own shadows. Hypocrisy becomes the air required to feed a whole breed of human beings who have forsaken their Tenth Hierarchy position. Rampant greed, avarice, lies and hypocrisy becomes the very food that allows Cain’s Fratricide to rise up from the central mystery of Evil and Good locked in the core of the Earth [SEE CLIP].

It is a brief but vivid IMAGINATION that Tolkien has presented in his Balrog encounter. It is primal, it is what Initiation Science grapples with when encountering the deep encroaching shadow of Ahriman as he rises from the depths and finds a friendly reception in the cravings of politicians and the deliberate destruction of global economies. Ahriman relishes the disruption of children’s astral bodies through destructive and deadly vaccinations and Ahriman relishes the corruption and weakening of human etheric bodies. Anything having to do with shifting human etheric bodies from healthy to unhealthy are part of the goals Ahriman cherishes.

False flags, deception and lies are the daily bread that now rises from the fissures and cracks of the Earth. It wafts in the storms, the volcanoes and earthquakes, in other words, these Balrog forces are being released by the very poisoned core in our own human will power. This is what Gandalf, Tolkien and Initiation Sciences understand when we as humanity reject the Etheric Christ, Gandalf the White, Michael and the true Age of Light; but rather with demonic glee pursue our shallow unconscious cognition and motives from the periphery and surface all the way down to the destructive core of the Earth herself.

Cause and Effect relationships and how Karma operates including the lessons now frustrating humanity in relation to Japan bring us clearly into the realm of the Michael School and a current karmic snapshot of humanity. Yes we can and should support technology that gives us a view of ourselves and brings human beings over the whole world together through sharing interests and information in an easy to use format. However what mysteriously disturbs the Earth’s core and seeking the cause and effect relationship prior to some Tsunami or destructive typhoon, hurricane or tornado alert, or causing earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves and later watching the warnings and watching the disaster unfold are different if we know and understand that we are also part of the cause of the disaster.

If we can show that our moral character and the very act of disruption, distortion and lies surrounding radioactive reactors over the surface and periphery of the Earth have dire and specific deadly effects; If we can show that humanity has used these destructive forces to deliberately rock the foundations of the genetic code, the chromosomes and disturbing the very form that an incarnating human being seeks, then we shall know that we are aggressively attacking the very foundations of the Etheric Christ. With our human hubris we must know that we are attacking the deed that Michael the current Arche, Christian Rosenkreuz, (an Arche level human guardian Initiated by Christ as part of the Lazarus mystery) and precisely what the School of Spiritual Science endeavors to understand, as the Science of the Resurrection; We will hopefully understand that the conflict point in this Michael era has spread all over the Earth, but we shall hopefully learn to take with humble seriousness some of the specifics related to the Lesson Plan and Karma that hovers over Japan and Fukushima Prefecture (福島県, Fukushima-ken) and inspires the highest moral impulses of The Tenth Hierarchy. (Review this Link)


“The intensified luciferic principle enhanced by Sorath through the “Lucifer-Ahriman-Asuras-triangulation”

“is expressing itself in the electrification and agitation of man, attacking the astral and the sentient soul with jolts and shocks as in fanaticism, excitement, ecstasy, thrills, recklessness and obsession. The enhanced ahrimanic principle is expressing itself in magnetization, paralysis and regimentation, attacking the etheric and the intellectual soul with dulling abstraction and static repetition as in rigid functioning, comatose routine, mechanization, machining, digitalization, blind systemic adaptation and impersonal android-robot behaviour. The released and enhanced asuric principle is expressing itself in natural and moral perversion (7th layer), atomization, “zombization” and isolation (8th layer, Fragmenter Earth, multiplying any creation in absurdum). The Asuras attack the physical body and the consciousness soul, and hence the multiplied Phantom of Christ (the prerequisite for any spiritual development, the integration of the Resurrection Body, the three higher members of man and the future planetary phases of Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan). They are behind any massreduction of man (mass killing, mass media, mass production) and modern ego-self-worship and narcissism, the false individualization based on mass produced consumer goods and entertainment. They support any kind of virtual reality, desensitization and depersonalization caused by for example synthetic materials and plastics, electromagnetic impulses and –fields and chemicals. And from the 8th layer they destroy human relationships, solidarity and brotherhood and causes alienation and segregation, so that even when people are apparently together, they are isolated in their own worlds. As demonstrated in the atomic bomb, the Asuras are in favor of splitting things and blowing them into pieces.
Karma of Japan fukushima Adam Michaelis“Finally we are sadly enough nowadays getting a feel for the spider in the midst of his evil web, Sorath. Sorath opposes the creation of man in cosmos and hence any creative quality and its preconditions like love, offering, freedom and empathy. This resentment expresses itself when the above-mentioned evil tendencies are taken to the extreme and carried over in destruction and perversion of human procreation and creativity. Take for instance when chemicals and plasticizers function as endocrine disruptors and cause sterility and malformation of sexual organs or when genetically modified and engineered organisms might influence the human genome. Sorath would like man to destroy the diversity of species and their hereditary material as well as his own – to replace the human chromosome with a polymer, figuratively speaking. He is behind genetic control, screening, testing and design and in vitro fertilization and cloning. The pornographic perversion and degradation of sexuality to the level of fuckingmachines, electric erotic stimulation and love dolls made of plastic is also Sorath’s work. To use another metaphor: Sorath wants to short-circuit the human brain with the sexual glands through the spine and invert all the higher streams of creativity and intelligence as in ritualization, animalization and intellectualization of sex combined with enhanced (chemically induced) ecstasy. Therefore he promotes kundalini-practices and tantric techniques in combination with black magic as a mocking of the creation and the Holy Trinity. And unlike the other evil powers, Sorath wants man to participate voluntarily and half knowingly in his own degeneration and selfabasement, fueled by enhanced sensualism and self-indulgence, because this is Sorath’s ultimate mockery and vengeance against the Holy Trinity – if man, created with divine love, saved by divine love, chooses his own de-creation, desecrates himself and worships death in Sorath.

“That is why Sorath wants to set up a magically inverted, pseudo-clairvoyant quasi-religion which contains no trace of confession to or faith in Christ. The ultimate triumph of the beast 666 and the final success of Sorath’s build-up of an “eight sphere” (the irretrievable downfall of man and the Earth as a creative project) is, when in this religion man believes himself to be God-like, a self-made God-man, who doesn’t need Christ, shrugs his shoulders at Christ’s passion and is in complete denial of his own evil and the evil powers.”

On this vast moral playing field, the seas, the land, the plants, the milk, Iodine, depleted uranium weapons used by the absolute moral evil and deliberate ignorance of the West, who also used the first Atomic bombs on the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through the Air, through the Waters, through the animals, through deformities and mutations caused by absolute anti-human poisons released again, and again in depleted uranium falsified war zones over the world, Michael the Arche and current Time Spirit has shaken the complacency and immoral neutrality from the sickened materialistic thinking that runs as a disease through humanity.

In the middle of this overview and Lesson Plan designed for the entire world, the question Michael poses to the free insights of humanity, places all of us on notice, as brothers and sisters over the whole Earth. We are in the cross-hairs of grappling with our greed, our deceptions, the lies of the West, and all the fragmented insights that NEWS, our Main Stream Media fails constantly and deliberately, fails in unison to cohesively bring into any moral focus.

In this research document we have brought aspects of how Spiritual Science views the current crisis and Lesson Plan on the subject of poisoning humanity, our Earth and destructively seeking to control and divert through SICKNESS and hideous deformity, through enlisting and incorporating forces from our untransformed ancient enemies, that directly confront, attack, undermine and oppose the Living Etheric Christ forces that are here to uplift and heal the tears and rips in the Etheric fabric of the Earth and humanity. The tragedy and Karma of the Japanese people have left the door open for a brief moment, so that humanity might come to it’s senses and join Michael and the global community and celebrate together the true dawn of the real AGE OF LIGHT. Unite as humanity in an awakening and celebration of our Moral Cognition and the potent power of our Moral Imagination which lives at the core of the vibrant courage of The Tenth Hierarchy.


The following Link is an absolutely must see documentary. It must be seen and understood.


Beings who have no compunction but to shatter the genetic and chromosome structure of the Sun order etheric nature of humanity have been prematurely released through human error and immoral contexts associated with the advance of Ahrimanic forces. The results are in [SEE CLIP]. Michael the Arche cannot force humanity to THINK, humanity must desire to THINK.


Dr Helen Caldicott delivers a Michael Global insight that penetrates down to the God of the Underworld. See Clip


Radiation experimentation and horrors in America, in minority communities. Watch Video clip.


Requiem for our Anti-Human nuclear ambitions and our assaults against humanity, see clip.


This clip is such a clumsy struggle between innocence and attempting to put a translation into English, that it touches even deeper into the heart because it appears so desperate and so clumsy and so absolutely sincerely correct! Get past first 10 seconds and it gets interesting, amateurish but clear. SEE CLIP.


Main Stream Media allows for a moment of reporting concerning accurate information on Fukushima (See Clip) by Arnie Gundersen.


Physicians and Doctors fail to understand the Sun potency of the Etheric body in nature and humanity, but attempt to halt all nuclear energy out of their inherent common sense. SEE LINK. Understanding the Sun Forces of the Etheric body vs the Asuric and Ahrimanic forces that abandoned humanity reveals the core reality of anti-human and anti-nature and anti-sun forces that Ahrimanic Asuric powers are comfortable in and can breed within.


Here is a photo expose on the comparison between the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the flood and earthquake damage of the 2011 tsunami. The research I have presented brings the relationship of the two events(1945 and 2011) into context and karma.

Special Note

*This note was a special call to awaken the depths of the Foundation Stone of Love*, the powerful Foundation Stone Meditation brought at a very crucial moment for the Michael School which calls upon the hierarchies so that humanity of the Tenth Hierarchy can remain connected to the divine through so severe a tragedy as that which has befallen Japan.

“Etheric Christ glimpses 2” by Bradford Riley



Rudolf Steiner”Christ took this black sphere into being in the sense of the Manichean principle for the purpose of transforming it. For the angel being in which the Christ had manifested himself since the Mystery of Golgotha the black sphere caused a ‘death by suffocation.’ This sacrifice by Christ in the nineteenth century is comparable to the sacrifice on the physical plane through the Mystery of Golgotha and can be called the second crucifixion of Christ on the etheric plane.”

“O heaven–O vacant throne!
O crowned hierarchies, that wear your crown
When His is put away!
Are ye unshamed, that ye cannot dim
Your alien brightness to be liker Him,–
Assume a human passion–and down-lay
Your sweet secureness for congenial fears–
And teach your cloudless ever-burning eyes
The mystery of His tears?”   “The Seraphim” by Elizabeth Browning.

“I see
Beyond the city, crosses three,
And mortals three that hang thereon,
‘Ghast and silent to the sun:
And round them blacken and welter and press
Staring multitudes, whose father
Adam was–whose brows are dark
With his Cain’s corroded mark;
Who curse with looks. Nay–let me rather
Turn unto the wilderness.angel

Ador. Turn not. God dwells with men.

Zerah. Above
He dwells with angels; and they love.
Can these love? With the living’s pride
They stare at those who die,–who hang
In their sight and die. They bear the streak
Of the crosses’ shadow, black not wide,
To fall on their heads, as it swerves aside
When the victims’ pang
Makes the crosses creak.

Ador. The cross–the cross!”

Materialism standing alone as a belief system is illogical.  Can such an eclipsing and one sided belief system suffocate higher spiritual vision?glimpses-2-humpty-dumpty-shattered Can the predominating education from childhood to adult life become so overwhelmingly one sided that it strangles or suffocates the germinating power of spiritual intuition and spiritual vision?

Well to detail the proof of this question we can look into the entire case of Stephen Hawking. We can take apart everything that is taught at every level of public school on into university, where students from childhood to Sentient Soul and Intellectual Soul levels, from nineteen to twenty-eight years, have the cohesion of how the material and spiritual worlds are clearly interwoven and integrated, shattered into a thousands fragments of Humpty Dumpty. What is that too wide and sweeping and general for ya?

“In order to understand the Origin of the universe, we need to combine the General Theory of Relativity, with quantum theory. The best way of doing so, seems to be to use Feynman’s idea of a sum over histories. Richard Feynman was a colorful character, who played the bongo drums in a strip joint in Pasadena, and was a brilliant physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He proposed that a system got from a state A, to a state B, by every possible path or history.

Each path or history, has a certain amplitude or intensity, and the probability of the system going from A- to B, is given by adding up the amplitudes for each path. There will be a history in which the moon is made of blue cheese, but the amplitude is low, which is bad news for mice.

The probability for a state of the universe at the present time, is given by adding up the amplitudes for all the histories that end with that state. But how did the histories start. This is the Origin question in another guise. Does it require a Creator to decree how the universe began. Or is the initial state of the universe, determined by a law of science.”

Well first let me place before our eyes, and indeed placing things before our eyes, and before our pineal eyes and  before our calcite crystal brain sand eyes, we place before our eyes the unfolding logic of why this Etheric Christ Glimpses 2 should concern us, is just because of the illogical lack of cohesion of Materialism itself.

Rudolf Steiner

“In the centre of the human head within the structure of the brain there is an organ shaped like a pyramid, the pineal gland. This pineal gland, situated in the vicinity of the corpus quadrigemina and the optic thalamus

brain sand and pineal gland

secretes out of itself the so-called brain sand, minute lemon-yellow stones which lie in little heaps at one end of the pineal gland, and which are in fact the mineral element in the human head. If they do not lie there, if man does not bear this brain-sand, this mineral element, within him, he becomes an idiot or a cretin. In the case of normal people the pineal gland is comparatively large. In cretins pineal glands have been found which are actually no larger than hemp seeds; these cannot secrete the brain-sand.

It is actually in this mineral deposit that the spirit-man is situated; and this already indicates that what is living cannot harbour the spirit, but that the human spirit needs the nonliving as its centre-point, that this is above all things necessary to it as independent living spirit.”

Logically below the human community are the horizontal animal group souls and various species with their clearly highly developed specialized talents and skills. And the next placement of the phase of logic rises to the clear community of the Angels which stand one stage above humanity. In logical unfolding, including materialistic science of all stripes, we include under the most obvious laws, humanity as the tenth hierarchy with nine hierarchies of ascending and powerful stature that rise above our current media driven sense perception.

Holy Ghost
Thrones or Spirits of Will
SECOND HIERARCHY Spirits of Motion
Spirits of Wisdom
Spirits of Form, Creators
THIRD HIERARCHY Spirits of the Age (Zietgeist)
Archangels (Spirits of Races)
Angels (Guiding spirits)

With this inclusive Logic at our disposal, we have already broke the bounds and chains that bind materialism, and overstepped where all education and university schooling has fragmented, digitalized, pixelized perception, fragmented the soul life, and cohesive Intellect has been successfully blocked, from approaching exactly how the Christ Event and the Mystery of Golgotha maintain a clear cut logical pattern, from Jesus to the Angel Community.

Yet the current mental barriers and failures of logic prevent the entire swath of materialism, loaded with spoiled selfishness on one hand and shattered and fragmented logic; loaded with imploded, shattered and prevented hopes and understanding of childhood and adolescence and on the other hand to careers and Intellectual Soul age fads, fashions, trends and media hype that continue imploding and shattering any inner sense of logic as to how the human community fits into the entire scope of Creation as a system of reality.

Big babies who call themselves scientists and adults continue to breast feed the  ‘Big Bang’ in order to simplify and stupefy and dumb down the entire wave of joy in the quest for knowledge, and crash, fragment and splinter the wreckage of the cohesion and logic of the inner and outer world on the rocks of materialistic fantasy. This challenging terrain is what we call current university education.

The aim of this so called higher materialistic education, when considering the Tenth Hierarchy, is that of disinformation, disenfranchisement and substituting false idols against concrete ideals. It will be convenient for you to worship what everyone else worships. That is supposedly Money, God, Corporatocracy, and Nationalism verging on Facism. You will be far more comfortable if you exclude the reality, dynamic and intelligence of the Angelic Community. For the Angelic Community cannot square itself against materialism and in any case if there were Angels why have they let us, a part of their divine family, fall into such nightmares of deception?Etheric glimpses 2 catastrophic materialism

The purpose of the vast world of Angels and Demons tangled in the sub strata of the human soul is to place each of us in a position of choice and FREEDOM.  The game is rigged and the entire deck of cards is stacked against the unarmed soul and that is the intent, to keep the soul unarmed and undefended in itself and never gain a cohesive and solid sense of the order and vast logical system in which humanity has been placed as the Tenth Hierarchy.

This means that before we have even understood our choices we are tossed into the game and given certain preconditions. These preconditions shine a path of jobs, intelligence, sharing the same flattened, beige mental state, the same bleached out intelligence that suits the same materialism that has helped land the west in the current predicament of lies, hypocrisy, Corporatocracy and the deadly game of chicken we are playing with our own fallen Ahrimanic shadows. By excluding humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy, by dismissing the vivid trails that lead us to the vast structure of creation and help us to recognize the various participating worlds around the human psyche, we are taken like sheep to a slaughterhouse.

And every adult in order to fit in at the water cooler and at the local bar, restaurant, club, family gathering and sports event and not stand out as ‘different’ and consider themselves lucky enough to be awarded a cubicle, to have a job, just like the cubicle that fit Mr. Anderson, Keanau Reeves in “The Matrix” or the film “Office Space”, we go into debt to be allowed to get an education and a stamp of approval from the prevalent brand of Ahrimanic Materialism. We are armed with the dull thinking capacity that suits everyone around us and we are free to mock, date, drink and be accepted, because we are numbed by the sheer plethora of media into an Ahrimanic stupor.

What becomes of us, is that we are the Sleeper Cells, we are in our souls dead asleep and walking through the Maya that was depicted in the Matrix and we are shepherded by Ahrimanic thought police. Currently all idiotic talk about how America is out everywhere as an Occupation Army over the whole Earth as an Imperialistic, fascist occupation force of Coporatocracy, stems from how much Ahriman, since Ahrimanic beings were kicked out of the Heavens by Archai Michael just after 1879 and thrust down into human heads, and thrust down as an occupation army with their own set of terrorist plans to regain their kingdom through the human soul, we are hosts to a vicious occupation army that distorts and betrays our thinking so that we ourselves betray our own humanity.

Terrorism is the current brand name to mask the Wests fall into Ahrimanic enslavement by losing their intrinsic humanity. It is not if, but when we don’t recognize and face Ahriman in ourselves we lose our humanity to cliches, sound bytes and catch phrases that merely stir dead embers of patriotic puppet behavior. All the while Ahrimanic beings are inside us pulling the strings that we are dancing to.

Rudolf Steiner

The Mephistophelean nature is strengthened by all the prejudices and limitations of materialism, and a future can already be perceived when everyone will be born with a second being by his side, a being who whispers to him of the foolishness of those who speak of the reality of the spiritual world. Man will, of course, disavow the riddle of Mephistopheles, just as he disavows that of the Sphinx; nevertheless he will chain a second being to his heels. Accompanied by this second being, he will feel the urge to think materialistic thoughts, to think, not through his own being, but through the second being who is his companion”

What happened to John Nash and what is happening through materialism, is the densification of the shadow or Ahrimanic double that accompanies humanity. Schizophrenia and a system of abstract equations that represent a REAL universe in “A Beautiful Mind” becomes a Mephistopheles our shadow and double bound to usmind game plagued by the incessant whisperings of a shadowy Ahrimanic double. This unreal and impossible shadow will densify the longer humanity remains frozen in the clutches of immoral, abstract materialism that justifies our inhumanity and finally makes it into law. In such a current and arising psych-ops culture to think otherwise would require the immediate thought police.

The reading of our gestures, and psychological profiles are the early beginnings of creating the Shadow thought police that become the secret intelligence services of Mr. Smith in the Matrix. We are in the process of densifying and solidifying these Ahrimanic forces in us so that a real shadow will grow out of us and continue to whisper lies, until the lies about our humanity become the daily bread of sustaining the Ahrimanic shadow attached to each and every one of us. And this Ahrimanic Shadow is already here.

We are numbed into slumber and forgetfulness of the logical reality of the Angel Community and our own Spiritual Scientific entrance of our astral bodies and I AM’s into the stream of etheric heredity and physical incarnation from the inner laws of the stars themselves, into the biological laws of our bodies.

These specific studies and insights have been neglected, betrayed and discarded. Not because there is an error, but because Ahriman works to undermine and deceive any other brand but itself in psychology, economics, medicine, education, agriculture, political science and covert Ahrimanic Central Intel.

The very fact that we disavow the reality of Mephistopheles and Ahriman, as real forces and discount our Angels and refuse to include etheric, astral, and I AM systems or that we shun investigating the Nine Hierarchies above humanity should tell us clearly how our logic has been hijacked.  We happily disavow and dismiss, to our peril, our very own Angels as dynamic inspirations of human intuition. “There’s the Rub….”There’s the Rub”.

We are forced in our FREEDOM into a pale, mouse like nihilism which cannot determine what is inner and what is outer or what is subjective and what is objective. We force ourselves to accepthttps://rileybrad.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/hamlet.jpg?w=300 half-lies about religion and the Christ event, which should clearly bring a deepened Science of humanity.  And that is the bind and the true state of Hamlet’s Ahrimanic Nightmare. We find ourselves unable to embrace the phase of the Consciousness Soul[Spiritual Soul] that we are currently in.

With that written as the ground rules to Etheric Christ glimpses 2, we can now grapple with the Christ Event of Golgotha and how it has logically progressed through time. Which means we follow out the well laid out plans of Logic, not miracles, not submerged one sided theories of materialism, not hijacked words like ‘intelligent design’ but actual design by intelligent cosmic beings.

Not creationism, but overcoming our little narrow brain dogmas and following the line and magnificent construction of the Divine with our wonderful humanly endowed reasoning. We have managed to avoid gaining a wider picture of the universe by failing to review “Occult Science an Outline” because we prefer not understanding the brilliant super structure of creation and how humanity fits into it. A secondary back up to the research of “Occult Science an Outline” is the remarkable research work of Kees Zoeteman’s “Gaiasophy“. Time and human evolution, the planning and systems where humanity has arisen, remains intimately logical against the arbitrary theories we are fed at university.

If we include the Nine Hierarchies above humanity and the groups souls of the animals and the realm of the etheric plants and silent stones, we find a vast system of logic in creation that would demand that we re-evaluate our entire educational haphazard conglomeration of  a primitive mud god idol that we worship, having tossed together, slapped layer upon layer of mud and shaped it into a straw and mud figure we call humanity. We want to be fed simple materialistic fairy tales so we won’t be shattered by the stunning logic of the Divine.

How convenient, how cowardly and how so easily brainwashed into the  fallen Ahrimanic mockery of humanity we’ve become. Nobody learns the true IMAGINATION of humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy. The historical events that caused the entire educational system to be plunged into the darkness of the Ahrimanic Imagination of the position that humanity holds with the Christ Event and amidst the higher worlds is the running picture of nihilism and Nietzsche’s nightmare.

Only in Nietzsche’s nightmare, Ahriman managed to take over the functioning brain of Nietzsche in a horrific act of possession that is now the nightmare that every student must face, as every university teaches the debauched and debased Image of Humanity that Ahrimanic Beings have offered. The entire Ahrimanic educational system mocks humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy and rebukes, suffocates, murders and crucifies for a second time, the very Angel that is carrying the Christ upwards.

“Now and then there arises in human beings of our time a kind of foreboding of what will come about in the future. I do not know what meaning has been read into the chapter in Thus Spake Zarathustra, where Nietzsche writes of the ‘ugliest man’ in the ‘valley of death.’ It is a tragic and moving passage. Nietzsche, of course, had no concrete perception of the valley of death into which existence will be transformed when the spidery brood of which I have spoken spreads over the earth. Nevertheless, in the picture of this valley of death in Nietzsche‘s imagination there was a subconscious vision of the future, and within this valley of death he placed the figure of the ‘ugliest man.’ It was a kind of foreboding of what will happen if men continue to cultivate shadowy thoughts. For their destiny then will be that in hideous shape they will be caught up by the forces of the moon-existence as it comes down into the sphere of the earth and will become one with the brood of spidery creatures of which I have been speaking.”

In order to follow the Christ further and recognize the new IMAGINATIONS that are arising out of the cultural and artistic visions of humanity we need to comprehend the transition from Jesus the human being to the Angel community who have carried upwards the revelation of the human events of Golgotha, into the neighboring and intimate world of our own Angels and how our own Angels bleed their experience of the Christ Event for humanity, back into the inner life of our own human sphere.

Rudolf Steiner

“Reference shall now be made to the event in the higher worlds which has led to this altered state of affairs, to this time of a renewal of the Mystery of Golgotha. When we look back we remember what came to pass at the Baptism by John in the Jordan, when Christ revealed Himself in a human form, visible on the earth among mankind. Further, we will fill our souls with the thought of how, as regards His outer form, Christ then united Himself with the Hierarchy of the Angels and has since that time lived invisibly in the sphere of the earth.

“Let us remember what has been said — that in the invisible worlds there is no death. Christ Himself, because He descended to our world, passed through a death similar to that of human beings. When He again became a spiritual Being, He still retained the remembrance of His death; but as a Being of the rank of the Angels in which He continued to manifest Himself outwardly, He could experience only a diminution of consciousness.

“Through that which since the 16th century had become necessary for the evolution of the earth, namely the triumph of science at higher and higher levels, something which has significance also for the invisible worlds entered into the whole evolution of mankind. With the triumph of science, materialistic and agnostic sentiments of greater intensity than hitherto arose in mankind. In earlier times too there had been materialistic tendencies but not the intense materialism that has prevailed since the sixteenth century. More and more, as men passed into the spiritual worlds through the gate of death, they bore with them the outcome of their materialistic ideas on the earth. After the sixteenth century more and more seeds of earthly materialism were carried over, and these seeds developed in a particular way.

“Christ came into the old Hebrew race and was led to His death within it. The angelic Being, who since then has been the outer form assumed by Christ, suffered an extinction of consciousness in the course of the intervening nineteen centuries as a result of the opposing materialistic forces that had been brought into the spiritual worlds by materialistic human souls who had passed through the gate of death. This onset of unconsciousness in the spiritual worlds will lead to the resurrection of the Christ-consciousness in the souls of men on earth between birth and death in the twentieth century. In a certain sense it may therefore be said that from the twentieth century onwards, what has been lost by mankind in the way of consciousness will arise again for clairvoyant vision. At first only a few, and then an ever-increasing number of human beings in the twentieth century will be capable of perceiving the manifestation of the Etheric Christ — that is to say, Christ in the form of an Angel. It was for the sake of humanity that there was what may be called an extinction of consciousness in the worlds immediately above our earthly world, in which Christ has been visible in the period between the Mystery of Golgotha and the present day.

“At the time of the Mystery of Golgotha something took place in a little-known corner of Palestine, something that was the greatest event in the whole evolution of humanity, but of which little notice was taken by the people of that day. If such a thing could be, need we be astonished when we hear what conditions were like during the nineteenth century, when those who since the sixteenth century had passed through death, confronted Christ?

“The ‘seeds of earthly materialism’ which were increasingly carried into the spiritual world by the souls who went through the portal of death since the sixteenth century, and which caused more and more darkness, built the ‘black sphere of materialism.’ Christ took this black sphere into being in the sense of the Manichean principle for the purpose of transforming it. For the angel being in which the Christ had manifested himself since the Mystery of Golgotha the black sphere caused a ‘death by suffocation.’ This sacrifice by Christ in the nineteenth century is comparable to the sacrifice on the physical plane through the Mystery of Golgotha and can be called the second crucifixion of Christ on the etheric plane. This spiritual death by suffocation, which brought about the extinction of the consciousness of the angblack sphereelic Being is a repetition of the Mystery of Golgotha in those worlds that lie immediately behind our world. It took place to make possible a revival of the Christ consciousness which was earlier hidden in human souls on earth. The revival becomes clairvoyant vision of humanity in the twentieth century.

“Thus the Christ-consciousness may be united with the earthly consciousness of men from our time on into the future; for the dying of the Christ-consciousness in the sphere of the Angels in the nineteenth century signifies the resurrection of the direct consciousness of Christ — that is to say, Christ’s life will be felt in the souls of men more and more as a direct personal experience from the twentieth century onwards.

“Just as the few who once were able to read the signs of the times and in contemplating the Mystery of Golgotha were able to realize that Christ had descended from the spiritual worlds to live on the earth and undergo death in order that through His death the substances incorporated into Him might pass into the earth, so are we able to perceive that in certain worlds lying immediately behind our own a sort of spiritual death, a suspension of consciousness, took place. This was a renewal of the Mystery of Golgotha, in order to bring about an awakening of the previously hidden Christ-consciousness within the souls of men on the earth.

“Since the Mystery of Golgotha many human beings have been able to proclaim the Name of Christ, and from this twentieth century onwards an ever-increasing number will be able to make known the knowledge of the Christ that is given in Anthroposophy. Out of their own experience they will be able to proclaim Him.

“Twice already Christ has been crucified: once physically, in the physical world at the beginning of our era, and a second time spiritually, in the nineteenth century, in the way described above. It could be said that mankind experienced the resurrection of His body in that former time and will experience the resurrection of His consciousness from the twentieth century onwards.

“The brief indications I have been able to give you will gradually make their way into the souls of men, and the mediator, the messenger, will be Michael, who is now the ambassador of Christ. Just as he once led human souls towards an understanding of Christ’s life descending from heaven to the earth, so he is now preparing mankind to experience emergence of the Christ-consciousness from the realm of the unknown into the realm of the known. And just as at the time of the earthly life of Christ the greater number of His contemporaries were incapable of believing what a stupendous event had taken place in the evolution of the earth, so, in our own day, the outer world is striving to increase the power of materialism, and will continue for a long time to regard what has been spoken of today as so much fantasy, dreaming, perhaps even downright folly. This too will be the verdict on the truth concerning Michael, who at the present time is beginning to reveal Christ anew. Nevertheless many human beings will recognize the new dawn that is rising and during the coming centuries will pour its forces into the souls of men like a sun — for Michael can always be likened to a sun. And even if many people fail to recognize this new Michael revelation, it will spread through humanity nevertheless.

“That is what may be said today about the relation of the Mystery of Golgotha which took place at the beginning of our era and the Mystery of Golgotha as it can now be understood. From time to time other revelations will be given and for these our minds must be kept open. Should we not be aware that it would be selfish to keep these feelings exclusively for our own inner satisfaction? Let us rather feel that the solemn duty we have recognized through Anthroposophy is to make ourselves into willing instruments for such revelations; and although we are only a small community in mankind which is endeavoring to comprehend this new truth about the Mystery of Golgotha, to grasp this new revelation of Michael, we are nevertheless building up a new power that does not in the least depend upon our belief in this revelation but simply and solely upon the truth itself. Then we shall realize that only a few of us are adequately prepared to declare the following to the world, in so far as the world is willing to listen.

“From now onwards there is a new revelation of Christ; we will be ready to acknowledge it; we will belong to the few who will help it to become more powerful, to become lasting; we will base ourselves upon the inner strength of such a revelation, so that it may spread among mankind, for this knowledge will gradually be shared by all.

“This is what we call wisdom and some may call folly. To stand firm we need only remind ourselves that this is the time of the second Michael revelation, and remember what was said by one of the early Initiates at the time of the former Michael revelation: What often seems folly to man, is wisdom in the eyes of God.”

Let us translate this insight into a base and solid understanding. The entire Science and Logic of humanity has been narrowed to a dangerous eclipse. Humanity in the world of nature stands as the Tenth Hierarchy. The Angels are at the Ninth Hierarchy. Let us look carefully at the Logic. Stone is the lowest visible kingdom in nature. Plants and foliage are the next visible kingdom, and both the world of stones, metals and precious stones and their families and plants, their forms and their virtues are two separate but evolving kingdoms, each rich with the insights of physical science and etheric sciences. The Animals and their groups and their specialized abilities combine physical, etheric and nervous system designs in mobile entities. The animals include specialized studies of the astral body.

                          astral      astral
             etheric      etheric     etheric
physical     physical     physical    physical
mineral       plant        animal      man

With the film “Temple Grandin” we understand the very region of the astral body that humanity has failed to comprehend. The difference between the damaged astral body and the healthy astral body is understanding the nature of the astral body and understanding that in the delicate beginnings of human childhood, if certain injections with mercury are forced into the forming of the higher senses of the tiniest child, “this that we do to the least of these, we do to the Christ in ourselves as well” we can bring about a disruption of the cohesion of the astral body as a thinking and organized sense system.

The film about “Temple Grandin” and her relation to autism and millions of cases of autism are specialized studies in higher capacities of the astral body that the Angels had created for the divine model of the human being. Autism reveals a special study of the distortions of our very own higher capacities, savant and genius level capacities that can be disrupted in the organization of the astral and nervous system.

In particular the starry design of the twelve fold nervous system, known as our TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES, are our specific navigational astral body maps that we have brought with us from the stars. Each child brings with them into their biological development and their brain development, a particular overlaid star map that form fits itself into the Twelve Cranial nerves and develops slowly as the astral body is inserted from 7 to 21 years.

“…our Desire Body (that aspect of the astral body which responds accordingly) is to be likened collectively to one great empathetic nerve. Our condition of being in preparedness, or in response, is active and taut; it is sensitive to life itself and familiar with, resonating up and down that nerve to all that awakens its liveliness. For this part of the astral body – as opposed to the uppermost astrality which empathically resonates with the starry body of Christ as mirrored in the Zodiac – this part of the astral body knows and measures life by such responsive due; for this is what it does and is. “

What this means is that the pressing in of the astral body our ability to reproduce children, to have a monthly menstrual cycle and to have the etheric body receive the particular forces of the personality and unique astral forces of the soul, our media life, through our disjointed and bad education and our materialistic parenting instincts we have forced the astral body to enter prematurely. Menstruation sometimes begins in girls at age eight or nine.

These disturbances in the environment and in the astral body disrupt the healthy setting  and the placing of the gemstone of the higher personality into the prepared setting of what the parents and environment have supplied as heredity and a living life situation. After the numerous injections from our Ahrimanic medical community have compromised the immune systems of the children, giving them say between 20 to 60 childhood injections before the age of three, we come to another warning that Steiner placed how the Christ Himself attempts, through our human intelligence to guard all children to arise, stand, walk and begin speaking, Christ prepares all human children, while we destroy the immune system and nervous system of those very children. Than, when the damage begins to show itself the adults force the child into Pharma dependency. The new Pharma dependency damage creates a pseudo ‘normal’ warped personality that do not show the obvious radical cracks that have been created in the astral and nervous system.

“Such a feeling as can live in our souls when we see a little child learning to stand upright and to walk has most certainly a deep religious background. We should often call to mind why the child walks and realize how we must thank the Christ-Impulse for it. Then we have enriched our conception of the world through Spiritual Science and acquired a feeling for our environment which we could not possess otherwise. Through Spiritual Science we take note, as it were, of the protectors and guardians of a child’s growth and development and see how the Christ-Force radiates around his being.”

There are clear cut attacks underway to disrupt, distort and shatter the healthy cohesion of the astral body because of the fact that our relation to our Angels, (for it is they that had designed our Nervous systems in the Old Moon evolution), it is our relation to the Angel Community that now carry the forces that are revealing the cultural and intimate IMAGINATIONS, films and media that reveal super heroes with distorted higher powers, eternal vampires, Archangels, Angels, and Angels and Demons, elemental beings and clairvoyant capacities. However these creations and interpretations of the Angelic Community come through the distorted thought and picture process of human beings who are catching higher waves of insight they cannot bring into healthy order in themselves.

The Angels were always called The Sons of Twilight. We are now being challenged via a back door channel of black romanticism, the occult romanticism of having immortal vampire lovers and an entire Vampire fan base that has linked everything about the Angelic Community to the astral development of silly sensual attractions of our immortal Dark Lovers. “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, like so many other fads, like Michael Jackson’s fan club has opened themselves to seeking some immortal dark fairy tale of themselves that allows them to keep their youthful sensuality, but does not allow them to see into the real spiritual history of humanity and gain insight into the true Angelic Lovers that we have that now are forced to appeal to our lowest instincts because our higher Intelligence has been thwarted by bad taste and fatal flaws in human courage and education.

Looking from man upwards to higher kingdoms, we have to begin with three kingdoms which interest us. In accordance with Christian esotericism, we call the kingdom immediately bordering on the human the realm of the Angels they are also called Spirits of Twilight. Then there is a second kingdom, higher than the Angels, the kingdom of the Archangels; they are also called the Spirits of Fire. Lastly there is a still higher kingdom, that of the Archai (Original Forces or First Beginnings), called also the Spirits of Personality. These are the three kingdoms next above man.

“When we observe a man of the present day clairvoyantly we see that his astral body really consists of two parts, namely, the part that is already under the control of the ego and the part he is not yet able to control. This latter is still filled with lower forces and impulses, and when the ego drives these out all kinds of powers are added to the astral body. In order that the astral body should not be destroyed by the lower forces it must always be permeated and suffused by higher beings who control it in the same way that man will control it in the future when he has attained the goal of his evolution. The beings whose task it is to control that part of the astral body which is still uncontrolled by man are one stage higher than he is, they are the Angels, or Spirits of Twilight. In fact one such Spirit watches over every human being, and this Spirit has power over the astral body; it is therefore no childish idea, but profound wisdom, to speak of guardian angels. These guardian angels have a great duty to perform.”

Being awash in such uncharted regions sets humanity adrift with no ability to center themselves on just what in the intimacy of our own quiet lives allows us to read the intimate script of our Angels as they and WE are caught in the swirl of the ZeitGeist and the Archai Michael. etheric christ glimpses 2 mud god idol of materialismAll of which is considered merely fantasy by materialism, which is in itself, as materialism, a complete failure of logic.and in itself a decadent mud idol thrown together by Ahrimanic beings.

It is humanly logical to include the events in the Angelic Community since the Christ experienced events of the Crucifixion in and through our very own Human Community, and experienced the Resurrection and his rising into the Angelic Community through the fact that Christ wore a human form. Christ has taken all our human experiences with Him, so the intimacy of the Angelic Community is now rayed through with all the values of our higher humanity.

However, we as humanity, are still trailing way behind in our logic. We are still teaching in every medium of education an Ahrimanic Imagination of the human being and nowhere in this piecemeal ahrimanic fantasy is the revelation of humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy.

The tragic consequences of how materialism eclipsed and overwhelmed the Angel that held all our divine human experiences gathered by Christ from Golgotha is now repeated through countless human tragedies, until such time as humanity catches up to the current workings of THE ANGELS WORK IN THE ASTRAL BODY OF HUMANITY.

Currently in particular the Vampire Saga, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is directly in line, directly on line, directly dead center on the study of THE ANGELS WORK IN THE ASTRAL BODY OF HUMANITY. In order to understand the current of unconscious black romanticism that has been sucked down into the lack of understanding that humanity refuses to take hold of, we have to go over with a fine tooth comb the stirring study called The Angels Work in the Astral Body of Humanity. This will help anyone who is still forcing the Angelic and higher worlds to be pressed down through the density of dark human understandings of immortal beings and TWILIGHT and SONS OF TWILIGHT and distorted, darkened insights into the occult to gain an accurate perspective of the true workings of The Angels in the Astral Body of Humanity. It is essential to gain a clear understanding or our intelligence and human understanding will continue to sink.

The point is that we can be flooded with imaginations through films, flicks and cinema that will indeed reveal fragmented pictures and distortions of  The Angels Work in the Astral Body of Humanity, but it is our own human destinies and our own lives and the intimacy of the laws of the logic of the advance foundations of Spiritual Science that can antidote and clear up the facts from the fantasies. Without Spiritual Science logic in the mix a healthy relation to the Angelic Community is in horrific jeopardy and this jeopardizes the deeds the Christ has accomplished for the whole of humanity.

We can study at universities and come away with a dense eclipsed vision of materialism, that will precisely push us into the experience of hopelessness and vacancy, soul death and eclipse that the Angel Community experienced as Christ passed through their region. This is something that is better experienced consciously than unconsciously. However the  Christ carried with Him all the human living, and wrenching forces that only this Super Divine Being, a Sun Being could bring to the hierarchies.

It is Christ who won for humanity and who created the model of the immortal I AM for humanity, restructured the fall of humanity to make way for the unfolding of higher stages of development that starts with the human I and unfolds transforming Spirit Self-hood of the astral body into the Angelic Community; transforming Life-Spirit of our etheric bodies into Archangel cognition and finally at the very base of matter itself, transforming Spirit-Man, transforming the physical body itself into a higher Divine Being.  All these cosmic facts and Spiritual Science transformations were wrought on Earth by the Christ Being and carried up into the Angelic Community by the Angel who bore the Christ Being.  Just as our own human Jesus bore the Christ in the realm of humanity so after Christ had suffered the extremes of Earth life and death, he entered with his human experiences into the Angelic Community.

etheric christ glimpses 2

This is just the advanced logic of coming to terms with the shocking reality that there is a foundational order in the universe, from stone, plant, animal, HUMAN, to Angel, Archangel, Archai and that we have miserably failed holding up our end of the bargain.  We are failing in developing the depth and vision of the Consciousness Soul[Spiritual Soul] enough to expand the dysfunctional borders we have created through our materialistic fantasies that literally imprison ourselves behind a wall of self-satisfied and self-created materialism. This imprisoning and eclipse magnified a thousand fold is not only what autistic children experience as hyper torture of  their sense systems, but these hyper experiences of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and hundreds of nervous disorders are just a glimpse in human terms of what our Angelic Community is experiencing.

But because Christ has taken our Human and Divine experiences from the Earth with Him upwards into the Angelic Community, humanity will be forced to experience the horrific tragedy that we inflict by our ignorance through out the human, natural and divine worlds.

What our Angels and the Angel Community experienced of the eclipse of the Christ Being’s Angel, humanity is experiencing spread out a hundred fold in tragedy, in covert Ahrimanic Pharmaceutical attacks on our children; in vast Luciferic distortions of true human moral clarity and courage; and in the undermining and brutal Ahrimanic occupation of our Intellectual Souls by fallen Ahrimanic beings.

3-fold 9-fold 7-fold 4-fold
SPIRIT Spirit Man Atma future stages /
angelic consciousness
Life Spirit Buddhi
Spirit Self Manas
SOUL Spiritual Soul Ego Ego
Intellectual Soul
Sentient Soul Astral body Astral body
BODY Soul Body
Etheric Body Etheric Body Etheric Body
Physical body Physical body Physical body

These Ahrimanic beings were exquisitely represented by Mr. Smith in the entire Project for a New Ahrimanic Century or better called Project for a New Ahrimanic Humanity offered by the “Matrix Series”.

The Ahrimanic forces are working to undermine the entire healthy understanding of the Intellect and Consciousness Soul region of humanity by presenting every distortion of materialism, nationalism, racism, genetics and horrific inhuman and terrifying weaponry in it’s arsenal, through disinformation, shills, lies, torture, murder…it matters not, the Angels message of the Christ Being must not get through to humanity in a healthy logical form. That is the mission of the Ahrimanic invasion force and appropriate cosmic terrorists that occupy the region known as the human Intellectual Soul. And to the fantasy of materialism, there is no such region as the Intellectual Soul, therefore there are no such beings, ahrimanic beings, who have leeched themselves into our souls as cosmic parasites.

If we as humanity took the healthy vision of the Etheric Christ and the logic of the Angelic Community that is absorbing the Christ in it’s realm now, and waded out into the Science of the Spirit to meet them, we would know how to SEE Ahriman in the workings of the soul of humanity and in our individual soul structure and be able to antidote it. This could be easy, fun and without a doubt, given the conditions today, dangerous.

Because in the case of Ahrimanic infringements into human freedom, Ahriman can only act and disrupt and cause the tragedy it causes in humanity because humanity refuses to face Ahriman in itself and face-off with our own Ahrimanic double and literally look at it, even if it is us, and say wisely, Get Thee behind us Ahriman, for humanity comes first before lies. We must learn to know the liar that we are and the lies we continue to disseminate and realize that even that mature confrontation in ourselves prepares us to hold our humanity through the dark passage that our Angels and the Christ Angel has already passed through.

The fatal error, as with all Spiritual Science facts, is that by thinking that Christ removed the sins of humanity at His Crucifixion and Resurrection in the realm of Earth, and that the Angel of Christ has already suffered suffocation and eclipse due to Ahrimanic materialism, that all humanity is required to be is complacent. On the contrary, humanity is living through and recreating the very errors that will cause the tragedy to engulf us further because in fact we have Intel into the Angelic Community events and we have Intel that vast Ahrimanic legions of forces have been thrust into the human intellect and now operate within human Intelligence as a mimic and deceiver of human intelligence. And this is confirmed every single day in every media event and every encounter we have.

If you really dwell on this in your soul, you will be able to give due consideration to two aspects which will be extraordinarily important for the future. Remember we said yesterday that in 1879 ahrimanic powers of a special kind descended from the heights of the spirit into the realm of human evolution, and specifically into the evolution of the human intellect and soul. These powers are here, they are living among us. They seek above all to take possession of our heads, of anything we think and inwardly feel. They are angelic Spirits, I said, who cannot continue their development in the spiritual world and want to use human heads to continue to develop in the immediate future. It is therefore particularly important that this line (blue line in Fig. 11a) of secret, hidden soul development is given due attention. As I have told you, many people probably do not want to give it conscious attention; they would far rather it stayed down below, so they need only concern themselves with material things. If it is not given attention, those ahrimanic powers will take hold of this very process of growing inwardness. This is one thing we must take into account. We must be ready to face the danger soon to come in the evolution of civilization, and stand guard in our most holy, inner human reality against the influences of ahrimanic powers.”

Finally, because this updated Intel has been given to humanity, humanity is now responsible for damage control and adjustments. Humanity must critically review education, religion, science and most of all Art and the Imaginations that Art and inspiration send vividly coursing through the veins and life blood of humanity. Education must become an Art, and topping the list, humanity must study what the Angels goals and dangers are in relation to the unfolding of their mission and our mission. Once any serious understanding of humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy is maintained than the serious position of humanities ethical and moral education to our fellow human beings becomes acutely clear cut. Humanity does not live by bread alone but by the very inspirations, imaginations and accurate Intel of the Science of the Spirit in the ongoing development of the Christ Revelation and our job as the Tenth Hierarchy is to revise and review the new Intel that places us currently under the Archai Michael’s Zeitgeist systems organization.

The Seraphim by Elizabeth Browning

Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush with the intimacy of the Angelic World


[It is the time of the Crucifixion: and the Father of the Crucified has directed
towards earth the angels of His heaven, of whom all have departed except
the two Seraphim, Ador the Strong and Zerah the Bright One.
The place is the outer side of the shut heavenly gate.]

Ador. O SERAPH, pause no more!
Beside this gate of Heaven we stand alone.

Zerah. Of Heaven!

Ador. Our brother hosts are gone–

Zerah. Are gone!

Ador. And the golden harps the angels bore
To help the songs of their desire,
Still burning from their hands of fire,
Lie without touch or tone,
Or canopy of angel wing,
Upon the glass-sea shore.

Zerah. Silent upon the glass-sea shore!

Ador. Instead of sounding, glittering
In the shadow from the throne–
The shadow without form, that meets
The edges of the crystal sea–
Awfuller than light derived,
And red with all those primal heats,
Whereby all life hath lived.

Zerah. Our visible God, our Heaven! and we
Go thus!


“Flix, Flixsters and Features of our sub-surface shadows” by Bradford Riley

Facing the lower guardian and facing the higher guardian!

Bradford comments;

As students of Knowledge of the Higher worlds it is suggested that we encounter and read Zanoni. A fascinating tale of Initiation and facing the lower guardian, our own shadows our own doubles. It is a humbling experience when you see some of the things that truly make up your hidden instincts and desires. These untransformed FORCES, forces in the human soul that we have not fully acknowledged or penetrated, truly place before the student of Spiritual Science something to study carefully as we review the powerful dictum KNOW THYSELF.

“The moment he awakes, the normal man of to-day sees nothing of his astral body. He would indeed be horrified if he did, that is if he perceived the sum of the instincts, desires and passions that have accumulated in him in the course of his repeated earthly lives. Man does not see these. He would not be able to endure the sight. When he does dip down into his own nature, into his physical, etheric and astral bodies his attention is at once deflected from this to the external world; he there beholds what beneficent Divine Beings spread over the surface of his sphere of vision, so that it is in no way possible for him to sink into his own inner nature.

“We are correct therefore when in speaking of this in spiritual science we say: The moment a man awakes in the morning he enters through the door of his own being. But at this door stands a watcher, the “little guardian of the threshold.” He does not permit man to enter his own being, but directs him at once to the outer world. Each morning we meet this little guardian of the threshold, and anyone who on awakening enters his own nature consciously, learns to know him. In fact the mystic life consists in whether this little guardian of the threshold acts beneficently towards us, making us unaware of our own being, turning our ego aside so that we do not descend into it, or permitting us to pass through the door and enter into our own being. The mystic life enters through the door I have described, and this in Buddhism is called “sitting under the Bodhi tree.” This is nothing else than the descent of a man into his own being through the door that is ordinarily closed to him. What Buddha experienced in this descent is set before us in Buddhistic writings. Such things are no mere legends, but the reflections of profound truths experienced inwardly — truths concerning the soul. These experiences in the language of Buddhism are called “The Temptation of Buddha.”

“Speaking of this Buddha himself tells us how the Beings he loved approached him at the moment when he entered mystically into his own inner being. He tells how they seemed to approach him bidding him to do this or that — for instance, to carry out false exercises so as to enter in a wrong way into his own being. We are even told that the form of his mother appeared to him — he beheld her in her spiritual substance — and she ordered him to begin a false Askese. Naturally this was not the real mother of Buddha. But his temptation consisted in this very fact, that in his first evolved vision he was confronted not by his real mother but by a mask or illusion. Buddha withstood this temptation. Then a host of demoniac forms appeared to him, these he describes as desires, telling how they corresponded to the sensation of hunger and thirst, or the instinct of pride, conceit and arrogance. All these approached him — how? They approached him in so far as they were still within his own astral body, in so far as he had not overcome them at that great moment of his life when he sat under the Bodhi tree. Buddha shows us in a most wonderful way in this temptation, how we feel all the forces and powers of our astral body, which are within us because we have made them ever worse and worse in the course of our development through succeeding incarnations. In spite of having risen so high Buddha still sees them, and now at the final stage of his progress he has to overcome the last of these misleading forces of his astral body which appear to him as demons.”

Now all who pursue higher knowledge and the path of objective Initiation must slowly learn to catch sight of this encounter with our lower guardian and examples from literature and film help. These examples help but of course not knowing or comprehending that such potent facts exist in every individual and that literature speaks also of the truth of these events, we treat film and literature as mere entertainment, not indicators of our own powerful cultural ZeitGeist schooling.

However if we are attentive we can catch glimpses of real occult and spiritual schooling and know what we are seeing in terms of seduction and cold forces of power.

our shadows and doubles

With that in mind we can place “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wilde as a portrait of elaborating the infection of our double
Our doubles are not as pretty as we think we areand our shadows and how they slowly can take us over.

Also for our consideration as well we can place Prospero’s relation to Caliban in Shakespeares’s “The Tempest”. Flix, Flixsters, Caliban and the Prospero doubleWe can place the model of the fully enhanced occult decision of some alternative world to follow the forces of the double, and enhance the forces of the lower guardian, in the special effects of “The Chronicles of Riddick”, which has created special effects toward the enhanced relationship of a world where our doubles dominate.

In “The Matrix” we observe how our strictly Ahrimanic doubles have inserted and superimposed their own world over the lost human paradigm. “The Matrix” series is one of the most advanced outlines of the intents of the Ahrimanic double to overcome the mission of humanity and our Angels. And because we constantly fail to see the hidden mystery in plain sight before our eyes, we dismiss the entire depth of grasping our own Angels and we fall right into the trap that is being set by the Ahrimanic doubles weaving in all human souls as a latent kingdom.

In “The Fisherman and his Soul” also by Oscar Wilde, we can place a clear encounter and the full dynamics of what it means that the shadow becomes severed and roams freely from the moral and ethical training of the heart and mind. We can place “Phylos the Tibetan” there and dozens and dozens of themes of the current trendy, “Black Romanticism”.

“The Revenge of the Sith” reveals two different lodge groups like two different political parties that oppose each other in refined occult points of direction. One following Yoda, designed from our experiences of Buddha as we passed through the Mars devachan before incarnating on Earth. Yoda, supposed higher initiate adviser of the Jedi, like Odhin/Buddha now resides in the mars Deavachan. The same twelve chairs of the Jedi council and those of the Knights of King Arthur, the signs in the zodiac and the disciples around the 13th, Christ reveal all the underpinnings of traditional initiation insights but without some potent updates. These are the same twelve streams and twelve chairs Steiner brought into the first true Initiation center and university of the Consciousness Soul age, the 1st Goetheanum.

“Rudolf Steiner characterizes the Lesser Guardian of the threshold as that being whom we perceive at the threshold of the spiritual world, barring our way and preventing our entry into that world when we have developed faculties of clairvoyance.

He is said to be a being of Angelic nature, an Astral being that lives in close communion with the human being and carries the sum total of all the human being has made of him or herself, all the good and the evil through all his various incarnations. This being can then be said to safeguard the memory if you like, of the past Karma of the individual human being and the reasons for the ‘blows’ of destiny which he or she suffers. The human being however does not see this Guardian angel until the threads that connect thinking, feeling and willing – three aspects of the Soul that live in the finer Astral body and Etheric body – begin to loosen and become independent as a result of esoteric training. Until then whenever the human being approaches the threshold, either at death or on falling asleep he or she will not see this guardian, but will fall into a condition of sleep.

The point is that this being is there whether or not the human being perceives him.

In life this condition of sleep occurs in the evening as we fall asleep.
In the evening the Lesser guardian prevents us from entering the spiritual world, with full consciousness, because before we can do so we would have to pass through our own being, that is, what we have ennobled of our Karma during the day and what we are yet to ennoble in the future. This is a ‘memory’ of that which is imprinted in the Etheric body or body of memory.

Let us look at this more closely.

When we fall asleep our Astral body and Ego begin to lift themselves up out of the Etheric body and the Physical body on the bed. The Astral body and Ego lift up firstly from the Etheric body and then from the Physical body. In ordinary life we perceive the world through our physical bodies, that is through our physical senses, our brain, and we are only able to remember these experiences because we have an Etheric body – life and blood. These two bodies Physical and Etheric are integral to Ego consciousness of the physical world and all its phenomena. When we fall asleep we leave these behind and if we are to perceive and remember, we need other senses.

We cannot rely on the Physical and the Etheric bodies in the spiritual world so we must build for ourselves Astral organs of sense, that is organs in the Astral body through which the Ego can experience the spiritual world. At the same time we must develop Etheric currents, which ‘light’ up these Astral Organs. The Ego builds these organs and harmonises these currents through moral spiritual training and insofar as these are fashioned and harmonized spiritual perception in the spiritual world can begin. This fashioning of the organs of sense occurs when the Ego works to perfect thinking, feeling and willing in the Astral body, when this is achieved these three aspects of the soul begin to loosen from each other and from the finer aspects of the Physical and Etheric bodies. It is then only the power of the Ego that can keep the human being from losing all connection between them. This means the Ego must be morally strengthened through spiritual exercises to prevent the imbalance of the human personality. Before now, spiritual beings were responsible for keeping these three aspects connected, now the Ego itself through training will need to create the thread that binds thinking, feeling and willing in everyday life.

This process of building up spiritual organs, this ennobling of the Astral body by the Ego can be described in hermetic terms as a process of ‘rarefaction’. When we perfect the Astral body, insofar as this is achieved, we rarefy thinking, feeling, and willing, into higher organs of sense, what is left behind from this process of rarefaction is what might be called the condensate, the sludge, the imperfect aspects of the three soul members. The object is to rarefy, or spiritualise all of thinking feeling and willing in order to create healthy organs of spirit and therefore navigate the spiritual world with a degree of certainty, in the same way that healthy physical senses make it possible for us to navigate the physical world.

What happens to what we have not redeemed?
What we have not redeemed, the condensate becomes an obstacle to our spiritual striving. What do I mean by this? It clouds our spiritual vision, literally, like a fog.

These freed, condensed aspects of thinking, feeling and willing are a measure of how far we have to go before our Astral bodies are perfected, that is before we have ‘clear and unobstructed’ vision. To become cognizant of this fog, which is of our own creation, is wonderful for our progress because once we recognize it we can do two things: we can recognize what we have created that does not meet our highest ideal and this makes it possible for us to know how to go about redeeming it. This cognition of what I call the ‘personal occult fog’ is facilitated by the Angel guardian of each individual and in this context he is called, the Lesser Guardian of the threshold – that is the guardian that stands at the portal to the lesser spiritual world.

The moment the human being begins to rarefy his soul aspects into organs of spiritual sense and the Etheric currents begin to move somewhat harmoniously through them, the spiritual environment begins to ‘light up’ – literally, for the student of spiritual science. What is usually darkened or hidden behind physical existence begins to delicately show through – that is the physical layer is penetrated to what is behind it. This is the Etheric world. This Etheric world is met by our Etheric Currents, in the same way as the physical world is lit up by the sun. Our inner sun therefore meets the outer spiritual world and lights it up. What we must remember is that this world is always perceived through the spiritual organs we create and the currents that are our own, through organs that are fashioned by us (perfectly or imperfectly) and through our inner light, which is projected out clearly, or through a fog.”

the lower guardian
Pop culture trends provides us with the training of the double in a descending line and also ones that produce cartoonish re-makes of the Knights of King Arthur and the Initiates of the Round Table via the twelve chairs of the highly trained and ethical Jedi Knights. But all these wide flung insights are left scattered and relatively useless because we really have had no higher education that can bring these stray insights together. Except with the entire body of Spiritual Science itself.

All of the things we watch, have watched and failed to penetrate much deeper are spin offs, knock offs of actual Spiritual Science Schooling, which has become watered down Pop culture. Pop culture that fizzles out when it meets the reality of true spiritual schooling and in depth real human history. No one wants to open and take seriously the actual sub-surface complex contents of every single human spirit. But film looks at these awful human contradictions and higher potentials and outlines IMAGINATIONS and systems that an attentive and serious student of the soul can work with.

In facing the Higher Guardian of the Threshold, one has also to pass a kind of test. The Test for Buddha and the failed or misunderstood Eastern traditions is that there is a state called Nirvana that puts the schooling and the occult unfolding of human development undergone on Earth behind one. Buddha had to face that test because as a Bodhisattva he had completed his earthly schooling and faced a kind of graduation from earthly karma.

The test that Buddha who had followed humanity down from the Old Moon as an Angelic Being, as Odhin (see Norse Mythology link) and the term Boding or Buddha (YODA)…Buddha had to face the test of the higher guardian of the threshold if he wished to cash in his chips and sever his ties with humanity. Having achieved Human Angelhood by participating with human karma and human evolution the Buddha could have left town with no forwarding address.

OR would He volunteer in freedom to continue to work with a Being who only requires Freedom and Love of Freedom and asks nothing of the human being save that perhaps, Love and Wisdom become the cornerstone of raising humanity back to the family of the Divine, would Buddha continue to work for humanity and the Christ Being?

Buddha chose door number two, humanity and the Christ Being. (see link to Buddha/Jesus) He chose not only to participate and offer his highly lynphatically and etherically sound higher spiritual body, but carried the unfallen Adamic principle..volunteered to work with Christ and Zarathustra to advance humanity. He continued the work of the cosmos and the lifting of humanity after he had completed his most advanced schooling.

It makes one wonder, does it not? Of course I wonder very different things. You probably wonder what in the name of Buddha am I writing about? Well education and opportunities to grasp higher initiation schooling, don’t happen every day and consider yourself lucky enough to read this at this moment and that you study further and connect to the links I left in this piece. Links to far reaching cohesive insights.

It makes me wonder and I have good reasons for wondering this, but it makes me wonder where St. Francis was in all this if St. Francis was also once a pupil of Buddha? It makes me wonder if St. Francis hadn’t also sought an incarnation to be near one of the Jesus children… The question would be open as to if St. Francis was there, he was the most devoted follower of the Buddha, and even what sex was he, that he/she might have been there as well is an interesting question in itself.

In any case, Buddha, when tested by how to proceed with the Higher Guardian, decided to work on a larger project dealing with the humanization of the Planetary Beings themselves and challenge and transform something of the Mars forces into the Mercurial forces by literally pivoting and embodying his karma into the Mars forces and thereby transforming Mars from within the Devachan. And it is only within Spiritual Science, David Spangler and our research here that anybody can focus on just how the inner aspects of Mars are being transmuted due to the deeds of Buddha and St Francis.

Yet when faced with the dynamic temptation of the higher guardian, one of the clearest recent examples of the MIRROR – MIRROR effect, and the whole new paradigm of how to face the full Power of becoming a God or Goddess because you have earned it…and what happens if you choose or have this temptation before you? The Higher Guardian temptation has been strikingly presented and accords with Knowledge of the Higher Worlds studies in the example of Galadriel and Frodo in “Lord of the Rings”.

Galadriel, and the Galahad factor of the Grail reveal this higher guardian temptation. Galadriel reveals this temptation powerfully and clearly within an Artistic medium of film and Literature and with an accurate use of special effects to capture the moment.

Now we know in speech that EL at the end of a name shows a higher power and divine indicator. GabriEL, MichaEL, RaphaEL, UriEL a shattering confronation with the Self at a Higher Guardian level. A magnification of the forces latent in the soul arise when we are faced with the Higher Guardian of the Threshold. Such a confrontation and threshold experience has been offered in the character of Galadriel.

As far as Earthly examples, so far none are better than the moment in “Lord of the Rings” between Galadriel and Frodo, when Frodo offers the Ring to Galadriel. This scene reveals one of the most potent and striking pictures of how we confront the temptation of the Higher Guardian on the path of Initiation and open our understanding to the deeper roots of our being through indications from Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. It is simply outstanding.

“At this point, Frodo offers to give her the Ring, if she would ask for it. He comments that it is too great a matter for him. In a way Frodo is being tempted – to pass the Ring on to a person of power. But the real temptation is for Galadriel. She could wield the Ring, and preserve her domain. Essentially her wish would be granted, for she could guard the Ring. She confronts the challenge, analyzes her desires and rejects them. She demonstrates the consideration and weighing up of choices and the exercise of free will, even although the course of ultimate good will cause her personal diminishment.”


‘I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired to ask what you offer. For many long years I had pondered what I might do, should the Great Ring come into my hands, and behold! It was brought within my grasp. The evil that was devised long ago works on in many ways, whether Sauron himself stands or falls. Would not that have been a noble deed to set to the credit of his Ring, if I had taken it by force or fear from my guest?

And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!’

She lifted up her hand and from the ring that she wore there issued a great light that illuminated her alone and left all else dark. She stood before Frodo seeming now tall beyond measurement, and beautiful beyond enduring, terrible and worshipful. Then she let her hand fall, and the light faded, and suddenly she laughed again, and lo! she was shrunken: a slender elf-woman, clad in simple white, whose gentle voice was soft and sad.

‘I pass the test,’ she said. ‘I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel.’ “flix flixters and the Higher Guardian of the Threshold Galadriel


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