Dick Cheney, Judas and The Etheric Christ (part I) by Bradford Riley

Rudolf Steiner

“Who betrayed the Christ? He who had the 30 pieces of silver, he who is the representative of material possessions. At the beginning of the Christian era, the Divine Spirit descended. The Christ came to heal this vale of Earth and those who do not think that they themselves are called upon to assist in bringing a different age to birth, violate their deepest responsibility.

For 2000 years man had to be educated. Judas of Kariot was destined to bring the sacrifice, to deliver up the Christ to the material forces of existence, Because humanity followed the 30 pieces of silver, Christ vanished — passed away to the astral plane. The task of Christianity through 2000 years is pictured in the betrayal by Judas. But a different task stands before Christianity to-day.”

We wish to examine two specific betrayals that lead to two different yet specific results. With the Christ Event we have a very specific individual who effectively insured the Death and Resurrection of Christ through his act of betrayal (30 pieces of Silver). In a radically different form of betrayal, we have specific individuals whose aim is to prepare for the arrival of the incarnation of Ahriman.

The betrayals involved with the coming incarnation of Ahriman, reveal cutting edge prophets that range all the way back to Caiaphas and all the way up to the very singular efforts of Dick Cheney and his active free deeds that betray the entire mission of the Tenth Hierarchy.

Yet on the other hand, without Dick Cheney’s aggressive betrayal of The Tenth Hierarchy and humanity the incarnation of Ahriman as a savior and fabricator of counterfeit etheric bodies, counterfeit nature and a vast counterfeit forgery of spiritual life, slowly developed in order to eclipse the deeds of the Etheric Christ, would hardly have been possible.

With Judas and his relation to the entire Mystery of Golgotha we shall fill in gaps in our understanding of just how Judas himself was prepared and given the task to experience the full weight, the astonishing impact of the force of world historical shock of betraying a Divine Being. It is a hard, hard destiny to be the most despised (The Who -Behind Blue Eyes), tormented, rejected, hated and ridiculed human spirit in history. And here in lies where our psychological and pathological limitations encounters the shattering foundations of REAL WORLD events.

Rudolf Steiner

“It is extremely interesting to follow the soul-development of those whom Christ Jesus gathered around Him; the Twelve whom He particularly called to be His own, who, in all their simplicity, as we might say, passed in the grandest way through the development which, as I tried to show you yesterday, is gained by human souls in widely varied incarnations.

“A man must first become accustomed to being a specific individuality. This he cannot easily do when he is transferred from the element of the nation in which his soul had taken root into a condition of being dependent upon himself alone. The Twelve were deeply rooted in a nationality which had constituted itself in the grandest form. They stood there as if they were naked souls, simple souls, when Christ found them again. There had been a quite abnormal interval between their incarnations.

“The gaze of Christ Jesus could rest upon the Twelve, the reincarnated souls of those who had been the seven sons of the Maccabean and the five sons of Mattathias, Judas and his brothers; it was of these that the apostolate was formed. They were thrown into the element of fishermen and simple folk. But at a time when the Jewish element had reached its culminating point they had been permeated by the consciousness that this element was then at the peak of its strength, but strength only — whereas, when the group formed itself around Christ, this element appeared in individualized form.

“We might conceive that someone who was a complete unbeliever might look upon the appearance of the seven and the five at the end of the Old Testament, and their reappearance at the beginning of the New Testament, as nothing but an artistic progression. If we take it as a purely artistic composition, we may be moved by its simplicity and the artistic greatness of the Bible, quite apart from the fact that the Twelve are the five sons of Mattathias and the seven sons of the Maccabean mother. And we must learn to take the Bible also as a work of art. Then only shall we develop a feeling for the artistic element in it, and acquire a feeling for the realities from which it springs.

“Now perhaps your attention may be called to something else. Among the five sons of Mattathias is one who is already called Judas in the Old Testament. He was the one who at that time fought more bravely than all the others for his own people. In his whole soul he was dedicated to his people, and it was he who was successful in forming an alliance with the Romans against King Antiochus of Syria (I Maccabees, Chap. 8).

“This Judas is the same who later had to undergo the test of the betrayal, because he who was most intimately bound up with the old specifically Hebrew element, could not at once find the transition into the Christian element, needing the severe testing of the betrayal.

“Again, if we look at the purely artistic aspect, how wonderfully do the two figures stand out: the grand figure of the Judas in the last chapters of the Old Testament and the Judas of the New Testament. It is remarkable that in this symptomatic process, the Judas of the Old Testament concluded an alliance with the Romans, prefiguring all that happened later, namely the path that Christianity took through the Roman Empire, so that it could enter into the world.

“If I could add to this something that can also be known but that cannot be given in a lecture to an audience as large as this, you would see that it was precisely through a later reincarnation of Judas that the fusion of the Roman with the Christian element occurred.”

Every single human I AM is a specific and potent study in human evolution and behavior. Our usual limping, stumbling and superficial diagnosis of political as well as spiritual events in human history, remain simplistic and weaken the entire basis of human insight. Maturity only begins when we consider the I AM of each human individuality and place their destiny in depth and on a solid framework. Both Judas and Dick Cheney make for unique studies and comparisons.

Our chief dilemma in drawing such a comparison is that we have hardly ever reviewed the roots of the I AM of Judas and discovered cohesively some of the potent and shattering components of  both his deed at the Christ Event and what he endured after death, in the spiritual world from that deed and further what became of such an individual when he was once more called into incarnation.

Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot

“An early Gnostic sect argued that Judas was actually an enlightened soul, who realized that the betrayal was part of God’s master plan to save humanity by having his son crucified. So Judas, being the big man that he was, decided he could live with his soiled place in posterity if it meant everyone got to go to heaven.”

How had Judas changed? What was his death like? What had he endured after death? What were the fruits of his deed that guaranteed the Resurrection and the full events of The Mystery of Golgotha? Was he written out of Earth Evolution? Did his role in the Christ Event change Judas? But my approach is not going to be the usual well trodden, comfortable paths, but rather an expanded update from the Michael School itself.

My approach including Dick Cheney and Judas is not to condemn Judas or Dick Cheney. I shall make a comparison between the Christ Event and the coming incarnation of Ahriman. Both events had to be prepared and some very, very important work had to be done by humanity in order to prepare for these events.

“The astral body works as the enemy of the physical body and sinfulness, wrong-doing, are thereby evoked in the physical body. It was necessary for the astral body to descend and adapt itself to the physical body during the course of the last 2000 years. The Christ, too, had to descend and to be betrayed. He had to use the means whereby He could best render service to the physical body. The passions had to pour over physical life. Judas with the money-bag had to fulfill his function in order that harmony with the physical world might eventually be established.

“But the astral body has not united itself with the material world without being punished; it has sunk in the physical world. Just as human beings with their astral bodies live in the physical body, so do higher beings live with their higher spirit-bodies, in an astral body, and they can put this astral body to perverted use, just as man is able to do in the physical body. Diabolus — the Demons — took possession of Judas. This is a real fact. Judas fulfilled the function whereby the astral body was led downwards, but now we must liberate ourselves from Judas.” Rudolf Steiner

So now let us penetrate deeper into the character and life of Judas.  We know that Judas experienced the impact of having done a deed that brought the entire dark brotherhood, the black lodge that has been set into the karma of the Earth, that the Tenth Hierarchy, to have freedom must meet the full impact of the organized intent that opposes the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  Christ came to fully penetrate behind enemy lines down into the very core of darkness. To get there Christ as the light certainly couldn’t betray Himself.

Through Judas, one of the key disciples, the Christ Sun radiated, transformed and penetrated deep into the etheric bodies and astral bodies of the disciples. Christ came to penetrate behind Ahriman’s wall of death. All that the coming Ahrimanic incarnation will bring had to be checked by Christ through the deed of Judas. Judas was key to the Hebrew people and the Ahrimanic core of  the priesthood in Caiaphas. Judas had the karma of penetrating with the Christ impulse down to the core of a super-power, Rome. Without Judas the entire political and historical events of Golgotha would not have reverberated down into the foundations of Rome.

When we follow the later incarnation of Judas, which we shall, we see how the Roman church, how the entire foundations of the Church itself arises out of Rome, out of the catacombs and bursts forth crashes the Roman Empire in favor of Christianity. All because of Judas. Penetrating behind enemy lines, to death, to betrayal into the very dark chamber of Ahrimanic thought and Black Lodge brotherhoods where humanities, each and every single human beings double and shadows are attached to the most vile corruptions of truth, brings the Etheric Christ ever deeper and deeper under the skin of the dragon.

It is through understanding the path of Judas that we can comprehend the preparations for the Incarnation of Ahriman that reveal the karmic chain of events from THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER and Caiaphas and the immense Economic Global enslavement and collapse that links hundreds of thousands of Judas deeds to corporate and military betrayals, Monsanto, Pharmaceuticals, CDC, vaccinations and Ahriman’s full intent on creating a counterfeit Etheric Body for humanity and manufacturing a counterfeit and severed nature to stand against the Etheric Christ.

Christ needed the chain of events and the karma of Caiaphas to Judas and Christ also needed the relationship of Lazarus-John to Caiaphas in order to have the White Lodge Brotherhood of Grail Initiates face in freedom and clarity the Black Lodge forces of Caiaphas. These potent karmic and destiny keys are the answer to the riddle of the battle between the Etheric Christ and Ahriman.

Both the White Lodge of humanity and the Black Lodge of the Caiaphas school are fixed in the laws of the Logos. That means that the Tenth Hierarchy is placed in the world with a Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body and I AM. The Black Lodge uses coercion, deception, torture, propaganda and lies to corrupt the etheric bodies, astral bodies and the I AM of humanity.

The Caiaphas Dilemma

A long while back some of us in Spiritual Science had a lengthy discussion over the Caiaphas dilemma. If you check out the link and scroll down to the posts marked The Caiaphas dilemma, it was back in this time frame that certain connections started to take shape in my mind’s eye.

“In John’s Gospel, Chapter 11, we read:

So the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered the council, and said, “What are we to do? For this man performs many signs. If we let him go on thus, every one will believe in him, and the Romans will come and destroy both our holy place and our nation.” But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all; you do not understand that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation should not perish.”

The Caiaphas Principle — “do whatever it takes” — is the classic expression of consequentialism, the wicked idea that the end justifies the means.”

The White Lodge, via Judas, Lazarus/John, Christian Rosenkreutz, the Arche Michael and the Etheric Christ preserve and protect human freedom and pave the way for our higher spirit bodies, SPIRIT-SELF – LIFE-SPIRIT  – and SPIRIT-MAN, humanities future. Ahrimanic Black Lodge brotherhoods are opposed to the unfolding of any higher capacities of The Tenth Hierarchy and are intent on a MATRIX subversion of all potentials latent in the Tenth Hierarchy.

Ahrimanic forces wish to freeze the development of humanity and contain it, suffocate it and lock it into the parasitical region of the Intellectual Soul. The sleepers and comatose world of the Matrix is the IMAGINATION Ahriman is working from. The time frame of the Matrix series around 1999 and the time frame of Dick Cheney introducing the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) along with the other designers and signers within the time frame of 1998 and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book published in 1997 were all part of the grand plan of scooping up together in a mighty thrust, the formulations and intentions, the battle plans for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior.

The date of the surge of those historical waves of intense black lodge servants, who were given their marching orders to prepare the way for the coming of the Ahrimanic Savior, were sent in to get humanity and the globe into a position of enslavement, lies and deceptions of the grandest dimensions (Click Link Here).

The entire THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER financial world and all the different Archangel nationalities and currencies were to be dragged into a rigged global catastrophe. Finances, Wars, plagues and whole hosts of Genetically Modified nature and a new improved Ahrimanically controlled etheric body were in the works. Humanity was to be brought to their knees so that the Tenth Hierarchy would forfeit willingly their higher potentials and willingly offer their children and the future of humanity into the arms of the coming benefactor to human health, cloning, vaccines, PEACE and Universal Spirituality for everyone.

But humanity and the globe had to be rocked to it’s knees and all avenues of hope decimated so that the Ahrimanic Savior could present it’s revitalized Monsanto New improved Nature and it’s healthy, manufactured and distributed NEW IMPROVED ETHERIC body, laboratory tested and approved, globally patented, distributed at birth and pre-birth and guaranteed, and insured with universal health care from cradle to grave.

All of these amazing plans required first a global collapse of old worn out ideas. It had to be done slowly and it had to appear as if there were no real solutions to any of our most common vexing human problems. How to peacefully, medicinally eradicate violent or pathological tendencies and have humanity willingly embrace a form of Ahrimanic Possession on a global scale, that the Tenth Hierarchy would willingly choose over against the struggle, conflicts and violence of worn out Christianity was all part of THE GRAND CHESSBOARD.

All these surging and magnificent plans had to be implemented stage by stage and appear as necessary results of human errors that draw humanity toward a certain specific goals. And most of humanity, by the time these progressed designs unfolded, would seem to clamor and embrace the final solution. Perfect health from cradle to grave. Jobs and places to live and work for everyone and all wild economic surges, bubbles and collapses finally contained through vaccinations that curb selfish, pathological instincts.

All of these great gifts would be controlled by simple record keeping so that all humanity could enjoy the same equal benefits of a benign system by simply having one chip implanted with every child. After all the step by step and stage by stage collapse and hardships and the horrific history and catastrophes of humanity, Science and Sociology would finally meet a leader who recognized that human impulses, insanity, sociopaths and psychopaths could never be self-policed by our I AM. So finally humanity would accept an over all plan that would finally end the self-inflicted suffering but without all the dogmatic religious bull shit!

In the wave of Sorathian Surges that had occurred in history, a giant rhythm pattern burst forth around 1997/98/99 which had been clearly understood and predicted by St. John and had traveled on a Tsunami of Time Waves, based on highly infected schools of Ahrimanic human beings, Black Lodge’s and the Caiaphas School that had followed a pattern based on the powerful impact of the Christ Event.  St. John and every other school of insight understood that every 666 years, this giant karmic Tsunami would roll through the human Tenth Hierarchy shattering everything in it’s path.

Now these events were irrefutable through history that recorded these major events through 1998 – 1332 – 666, every 666 years a giant reverberating Tsunami would shatter the foundations of humanities failed, stale and corrupted ideals and institutes. Leaving the Tenth Hierarchy with a deadly choice. Pursue the schooling of the I AM and the Etheric Christ or assist in preparing the way for the incarnation of what Judas, Caiaphas and impotent human Christianity have longed for. A physical Savior, a return of a great leader, who won’t require humanity to suffer any more but will freely give humanity all the toys, perks and goodies but keep everything pretty much the same. That was the full layout, intent and plan of THE MATRIX SERIES, where Fallen Ahrimanic Angels would rise up from their exile and overcome the failed Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner

“…ahrimanic powers of a special kind descended from the heights of the spirit into the realm of human evolution, and specifically into the evolution of the human intellect and soul. These powers are here, they are living among us. They seek above all to take possession of our heads, of anything we think and inwardly feel. They are angelic Spirits, I said, who cannot continue their development in the spiritual world and want to use human heads to continue to develop in the immediate future.”

Mr. Smith of the Matrix Series (CLICK LINK)   was an advanced prototype model of one of the Ahrimanic fallen Angelic Beings who were exiled to the region of the Intellectual Soul of humanity. Ahriman intends to keep the Tenth Hierarchy in impotent captivity and unable to develop it’s higher spiritual capacities.

Dick Cheney has had a specific relation to the Caiaphas School of the Black Lodge brotherhoods. Judas descended and carried the Christ Impulse deep into Ahrimanic territory. The karma of the the entire world can be traced through the TWELVE DISCIPLES, Judas, Lazarus/John and the White Brotherhoods and from the other side of the spectrum all those who have prepared for the incarnation of Ahriman via the Black Brotherhoods of the Caiaphas school. The etheric body of Dick Cheney and the etheric body of Judas are on opposing sides but joined at the hip.

The Black Lodge brotherhood of the Caiaphas school and the Disciples were all subject to the same super sun Logos imprint that rocked Time off it’s hinges. When the Christ Being with the I AM of the entire cosmic system took a powerful dynamic x-ray snapshot of every player involved from Pilate to Judas, to Lazarus and the Sanhedrin, Pharisees and in particular Caiaphas himself, the entire Morphogenetic Matrix was cradled in the I AM of the Cosmic Christ.

When CHRIST Rose from the Grave with the full dynamic political and spiritual MORPHOGENETIC/KARMIC FIELD of freedom and the Tenth Hierarchy at HIS command, the unfolding forces of freedom and the destiny of The Tenth Hierarchy appeared very much like a giant CHESS BOARD (here is where we meet the most stunning picture of the White Lodge school vs the Black Lodge school with Ingmar Bergman’s most brilliant film THE SEVENTH SEAL). However playing the Devil of the Black Lodge, the chief preparer for the 1998 massive surge of the sub-Sorathian forces that lead to Dick Cheney and his symphonic conductors baton that orchestrated the global 9/11  Symphony for the Damned, was Zbigniew Brzezinski. 

Brezinski brought the dark priestly image of The Black Lodge into focus. The players of the Black Lodge got their marching orders from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s  1997  “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives” (SEE CLIP HERE).  Once again when we consider the transposition of Imaginations between the White Lodge and the Black Lodge, the vivid surge of Sorathian forces that were scheduled to appear nearing the time frame of 1998, brought some of the exterior players of the Caiaphas School of Black Lodge brothers into serious political and dynamic focus.

In following Bergman’s profound Imagination further we are led directly to Brzezinski (his entire name done in Eurythmy gets you a free pass into the Black Lodge). But the cultural Imaginations that mask the reality behind the true Sorathian Surge of 1998 also reveal the transposition of the Imagination from Bergman to THE SITH and STAR WARS (SEE CLIP) From the picture and imagination of the clip from Sith and the naming we get the nick name of Dick Cheney himself who was chosen to conduct the SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED on 9/11. Cheney offers his entire heart to the dark Sorathian Surge and the offer was accepted and Cheney was given the magnificent role in conducting the brilliant SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED on 9/11.  And like Judas, Cheney renounces his Tenth Hierarchy Heart and the black Sorathian School devours it.

Christ, out of the foundations of the Hebrew People had recognized the karmic signature and potential of a TWELVEFOLD cosmic seed model, made up of the individual unfolding intents of TWELVE Old testament  fighters for the spirit. Christ SEES the intent of Judas and sees how it will deeply force the black hand of Ahriman to the surface. Judas shall stand in a difficult position. But Christ will follow his destiny and the destiny of others like Judas down to the depths of their own spiritual betrayals.

There comes to light a curious problem that places humanity STRETCHED between various potent dimensions, which are, on the other hand all under the initial Divine Deed.


“If Thou be the son of God, cast Thyself down, for it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee: and in their hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone!”–for thus Thy faith in Thy father should have been made evident, Thou didst refuse to accept his suggestion and didst not follow it.”

The possibility of doing evil and the recapitulation of how the Christ entered into the flow of human karma and Earth History mesh together in a recapitulation of the crossing and connected fields of what we as humanity must gasp at, balk at, endure terrible and necessary failures of goodness and encounter unrepentant, absolute evil in counterpoint to goodness forces, step by step, through horrific trials to come and horrific trials planted from the past, still must encounter the intents and victories of the preparations for the incarnation of Ahriman.  We are not spared this dilemma. In fact it is written distinctly into the karma of humanity and those that Christ gathered around Him. Which brings us to some of the most disturbing problems of being a member of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner (Inner Realities of Evolution)

“While trying to penetrate the whole meaning of the picture, let us recollect those words, which are to be found in the Gospel: “Am I not able to call forth a whole multitude of angels if I wish to avoid the death of sacrifice?” That which Christ might have accepted at that moment, which would of course have been quite easy for Him to do, He rejected in resignation and renunciation. And the greatest renunciation made by Christ Jesus confronts us when, by having made it, He allows the opponent himself — Judas — to enter His sphere. If we are able to see in Christ Jesus all that is to be seen, we must see in Him an image of those Beings with whom, at a certain stage of evolution, we have just become acquainted, those who must renounce the proffered sacrifice, those whose very nature was resignation. Christ renounced that which would have occurred if He had not allowed Judas to appear as His opponent just as once upon a time, during the Sun-age, the gods themselves called forth their opponents by the renunciation they made. So we see a repetition of this event in a picture here on earth: that of the Christ seated among the twelve, and Judas, the betrayer, in the center. In order that that which makes mankind of such immeasurable value might enter into evolution, Christ Himself had to place His opponent in opposition to Him. This picture makes such a profound impression on us because when we contemplate it, it reminds us of such a great cosmic moment; and when we recall the words: “He who dips his bread into the bowl with me, he it is who shall betray me,” we see an earthly reflection of the opponent of the gods, placed in opposition to them by the gods themselves.”

In terms of Ahrimanic reality and history the offering of the Tenth Hierarchy Heart and Cheney’s willingness to step up to the plate and offer his human heart is an occult initiation that hearkens back to the Aztec altars and connects the schools of Ahriman to the dark truths hidden behind Mel Gibson’s  “Apocalypto”  (slide forward in film to 1hr 13min and 31 seconds CLICK LINK (most youtube clips disappear) So while tracing the karma and destiny of Judas we also have a profound window into the ancient school of Ahriman’s early initiation rites which are hidden under the Caiaphas School of which Cheney is given the role because of his karmic position, his willingness to offer his total devotion to the cause of paving the way for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior.

Key pieces of the puzzle and human freedom itself were vitally focused on how Etheric bodies, Astral bodies and the higher forces of the I AM unfold in the lawfulness of the Spiritual World which had given birth to The Tenth Hierarchy.

The unseen and unacknowledged aspects of the jolt and new forces that entered the Etheric, Astral and I AM systems of humanity because a Divine Being took part in human events for THREE YEARS on the Earth, brought both the Disciples, the White Lodge brotherhood and the antagonistic forces of the etheric bodies, astral bodies and I AM’s of the Black Lodge brotherhood into two vast, behind the scenes systems.

One drawing on the Risen Etheric Christ Initiation methods and the other drawing upon Ahrimanic and Luciferic Initiation methods. To be a fully conscious member of The Tenth Hierarchy, all three forces must become conscious,  those are in detail the Etheric Christ Schooling, Ahrimanic Schooling and Luciferic Schooling, all must be part of our internal curriculum, otherwise we are just a victim of circumstances.

Those gathered around the Christ were witness to such astonishing acts of intimate spiritual potency, that to doubt that Christ was the REAL DEAL would be impossible. So here we arrive at where our understanding meets the motives and intent of Judas.

Judas, not unlike Peter, wanted everyone to recognize the irrefutable reality that walking amongst humanity was a Sun Being, a Divine Being in a human form and with any amount of common sense humanity should embrace and share that which the Disciples knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, Judas knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Christ was the REAL DEAL.

Through Judas act of deception directly linked to Caiaphas, Christ the Divine Being would be brought face to face with the Roman world. The same wishful thinking of betrayal and whole armies of deluded Judases today actively  betray the Etheric Christ for Ahriman in hopes that the political Super Powers in the world and in particular the still Ahrimanic forces of Caiaphas, Israel and Dick Cheney’s mighty acts in preparation of the physical incarnation of a potent Ahrimanic entity, will physically appear as the NEW SAVIOR.

Christians in droves long and hunger, not for the magnificent Etheric Christ or the shattering acts that brought the sweeping changes of the Resurrection, or what the Resurrection of the Christ into the Etheric means, NO, Christians want and crave for exactly what Judas wanted.

Christians today in droves crave for the Super Powers of the World to have a magical physical, political King who can show everyone, without any effort on our parts, the splendor and power of Magic, Politics, and Universal Spirituality. Only like Judas and like Peter, they want it televised, headlines, not arising from the intimacy of the human soul itself, from the intimacy of the I AM, but rather, outwardly, universal Peace and Brotherhood shown and revealed physically for everyone to see.

Our ripening insights into  Christ and Judas reveals our clear cut maturity required for our comprehension into the roots of Caiaphas and the the Black Lodge Brotherhoods and their preparation now and back at the time of Christ, for the coming incarnation of Ahriman. How to prepare the globe for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior to eclipse the Etheric Christ is the aim of every Judas, Ahrimanic accomplice and Dick Cheney fan.

“Judas Iscariot had to betray Christ. One can however say: had there been no Judas there would also have been no Christianity. Judas is the first to attach prime importance to money, that is to say, to materialism. In Judas was incarnated the entire materialistic age.” Rudolf Steiner (if you wish to gain some insight and maturity this link paves the way)

Humanity must be led by humanity to willingly betray it’s own higher being and willingly embrace a cheap substitute for the Etheric Christ Being. Meaning that for over 2100 years through wisdom in medicine, pesticides, genetic manipulation of nature and Monsanto products, an unfolding plethora of entertaining media distractions and useful products, wonderfully based on the solid system of greed and avarice in the human soul, would all prepare the way for THE MOMENT.

The moment we are all waiting for where Peace and Contentment, after horrific global collapse will arise from the ashes that we frail humans caused, and a Savior appears, who offers universal spirituality and a healthy counterfeit etheric body given and developed and offered to every human being from cradle to grave is THE MOMENT of the counterfeit Christ. And it has been Dick Cheney working diligently and tirelessly as the poor front man for the Ahrimanic black lodge brotherhoods that has given us the greatest opportunity to rush to embrace this Ahrimanic Savior when he arrives.

So our comprehension of the dramatic forces surrounding Judas, why he hung himself (Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole Click Link).  What happened after death as his soul moved through the Spiritual World after such shattering events on Earth and who he was in his further incarnation, will astonish us. Because our lack of maturity to penetrate and  understand the current turmoil of our moral dilemmas, truly hinge on our growing some insight through seeing Judas in a much deeper light so we are able to see ourselves and where we stand today with a deeper Tenth Hierarchy moral comprehension.


(Some hold that Judas Iscarioth came from Khirbet Qouretein (or Queriyot), commonly identified with Carioth Hesbon, about 15 Kms south of Hebron. Another locality, Carioth (Qaryut) about 4 Kms north of Shiloh, alongside the frontier with Samaria, is indicated as the village of Judas Iscarioth. -A third opinion places the native village of Judas in Galilee, southwest of the Lake of Galilee.)

Rudolf Steiner

“There was once a couple who for a long time had no son. It was revealed to the mother in a dream (note this well) that she would have a son, that this son would kill his father and wed his mother, and bring terrible misfortune upon his whole tribe.

“In this legend we have a dream, as with Oedipus there is an oracle — that is, a remnant of the old inherited clairvoyance. The events to come were revealed to the mother in the old way. Does this suffice to give her an insight into the affairs of the world, so as to prevent the evil which had been foretold? Let us consult the legend, it tells us further:

“Under the influence of this wisdom coming to her through her dream, the mother brought the child, to which she had given birth, to the island of Kariot and deserted it there. It was found, however, by the queen of that country who adopted it and brought it up herself, she and her husband being childless. After a time a child was born to this couple. The foundling son felt himself displaced and, being of passionate temperament, slew the son of the royal couple. Thereupon, being unable to remain, he fled and reached the court of the Governor Pilate in whose household he soon rose to the rank of overseer. Here he became involved in dispute with his neighbour and, not knowing that his neighbour was his own father, slew him. Thereupon he wedded his neighbour’s wife — his mother.

“This foundling was Judas of Kariot. Then, having become aware of his terrible situation, he fled once more and found compassion in Him alone who had compassion on all who approached Him; who not only sat at table with publicans and sinners but who, in spite of His universal insight, received this great sinner also into His company; for it was His mission to work, not alone for the good, but for all men, and to lead them away from sin to salvation.

“Thus Judas of Kariot came into the environment of Christ Jesus. And now he brought the curse which had been foretold and which now necessarily came into effect in the circle round Christ Jesus; as Schiller says: ‘Therein lies the curse of the evil deed, that, continuing to generate, it must ever bring forth evil.’ He betrayed Christ Jesus.

“Fundamentally the fate which was to be fulfilled in him had already been fulfilled in the murder of his father and the union with his mother. But he remained as an instrument, we may say, the evil instrument which was to be the cause of good, in order, so to speak, that he should accomplish yet anther deed beyond the fulfilment.

“The Oedipus legend presents us one who, having become aware of the evil he has wrought, immediately loses the sight of his eyes. But the other, who has the same fate through his connection with the old inherited wisdom, does not lose his sight; in fulfilment of fate he is destined to accomplish the deed which leads to the Mystery of Golgotha and causes the physical death of Him who is the Light of the World, and who brings about the light of the world in the healing of the man born blind. But He dies through one who, like Oedipus, was to exemplify the gradual extinction of the ancient wisdom in mankind and its inadequacy henceforth to bring peace, blessing, and love to men. That these might come, the impulse of Christ and His death on Golgotha were necessary.”

The pivotal deed that Judas has been destined to fulfill crashes in on him with the full moral crushing avalanche coming down on his soul and spirit. Judas hangs himself before the drama of the Crucifixion and Death on Golgotha takes place. Never was a soul so all alone, so powerfully self cursed and self accused so dismally condemned by all the powers of mercy that run through heaven and earth, to have to be the ONE, to be THAT GUY.

It is a phrase today, I don’t wanna be THAT GUY or That Girl. I don’t want to be that woman or that man who betrays the goodness of the I AM and the Tenth Hierarchy.From the message of thirty pieces of silver to the singer Madonna and the message of the Material Girl, the message of the AGE OF JUDAS overshadows us and our humanity. Betrayed by Wall Street and the Caiaphas/Cheney military industrial complex, brings in it’s wake our global economic and moral collapse.

“In Judas was incarnated the entire materialistic age.” Rudolf Steiner

Our enslavement has been assured, insured, and outsourced to Ahrimanic Beings. But guess what? Our Luciferic nature calls forth and evokes our Ahrimanic betrayal of the Etheric Christ. From the female singers Madonna and Lady GaGA (JUDAS) comes the same message. We are that guy and we are that girl and we are those women and we are those men whom the Christ knew, KNEW we would go down to the betrayal of our own I AM, our own Light, our own Love, our own sense of Truth, we would betray our children, loved ones, and the Earth. Christ Knew it, Oedipus announced it and Judas lived it through to it’s bitter end. The Etheric Christ shattered the contract of Death and Taxes and introduced the Ascension and the laws of Grace and Karmic compensation.

” ’twas Caiaphas who first did scheme this murder of the Christ ?”

Aside from Spiritual Science, the greatest novel ever written concerning the Christ Event on Earth  “Barabbas : a dream of the world’s tragedy (1896, c1893). Author: Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924.”

” Yea, in all things, Judas was faithful. When he came first to confide in me, he told me that the chief priests and elders of the city were full of wrath and fear at the sway our Master had obtained over the minds of the people, and that they sought some excuse to kill Him. ‘ Then let us away,’ said I. ‘ Let us return unto the mountains, and the shores of Galilee, where our beloved Lord can teach His followers, un- molested, and at liberty.’ ‘ Nay !’ returned Judas in a voice of triumph ‘ Knowest thou not that if His words be true, our Lord can never die? Wherefore, why should we be driven from the city as though we were affrighted concerning His safety ?

“Resign Him to the law, betray Him to the priests ! Then will He avow His godhead with all the majesty of Heaven! We shall acclaim Him as the true Messiah, and not we alone, but every nation of the earth must worship Him!…And, at the time, it seemed both wise and just. For why should our great Lord suffer poverty and pain when empires could be His ? Why should He wander homeless through the world, when all the palaces of earth should open to His coming?

“So Judas thought, and I thought with him (PETER), for the Master being in all things glorious, we saw no wrong in striving to make His glory manifest.” The world would be a paradise, all men would be united in love and brotherhood if once the God on earth were openly revealed. Yet out of fear I hesitated to pronounce a judgment; and seeing this, Judas persuaded me to go with him…”

“Nevertheless as the rulers of the city believe Him naught but human perjurer and traitor, ye who love Him should compel Him to declare His glory. For if He be not, as He saith, Divine, ye do wrong to follow a deceiver. Surely this thing is plain ? If He be God, we all will worship Him ; if He be man only, why then ye are but blindly led astray and made as fools by trickery….

“Thou dost merely enter into a legal form of contract, which concerns thee little. ‘Tis the Pharisaical rule of honour not to accept unpaid service from one who doth openly reject the faith. Take what they offer thee, can’st thou not use it for the sick and poor? Remember thou art serving thy Master, thou dost not ‘sell’ or otherwise betray Him. Thy work prepares Him to avow His glory ! Think what a marvel thou wilt thus reveal to all the world ! Hesitate not therefore for a mere scribe’s formula.’ Then Judas, thus persuaded, went again to Caiaphas saying ‘ Truly ye have your laws with which I have naught in common, yet if it must be so, what will ye give me if I betray Him unto you? And straightway they counted from the treasury thirty pieces of silver, which Judas took unwillingly.

(Peter exclaims) “Alas, alas If he had only known ! Surely this very money was as a blind for Caiaphas, a seeming legal proof that he was innocent of treachery, but that in custom of the law, he paid the voluntary, self’-convicted traitor. Who could accuse Caiaphas of cruelty? of malice? of intent to murder ? Caiaphas was not paid! All things conspired to fix the blame on Judas, to make him bear alone that awful weight of crime, which heavier than all burdens of despair hath sunk him now within the depths of hell.”

“…he raved and beat his breast, crying aloud ‘ I have sinned ! I have sinned ! The weight of heaven and earth crushes my soul! The innocent blood is red upon my hands ! I have sinned ! I have sinned !’ Then with a sudden violence he flung us from him, and rushed furiously from our dwelling out into the night. I followed him fast, hoping to stay him ere he could have left our garden, but his was a crazed speed, I found him not. The moon was shining and the air was still, but he had gone, and since then I have not seen him.”….A gathering trouble darkened the high- priest’s countenance (referring to Caiaphas) .  ‘Tis strange,” he muttered ” ‘Tis very strange ! He hath fulfilled a duty to the laws of his people, and now, when all is done, he should rejoice and not lament.

“every deed, good or evil, that is done in this world, works out its own inexorable result. Nevertheless thou hast not erred so wickedly as thy fellow, Judas.” ” Nay, but he could die !” cried Peter, turning his wild white face to the dark heavens ” Judas could die ! but I, coward . as I am, live on I” Barabbas started violently. ” Die ?” he exclaimed, ” What sayest thou ? Judas? Judas Iscariot ? He is not dead ?”

“Peter threw up his arms with a frenzied gesture of despair. ” Not dead ? not dead ?” he echoed shrilly ” If ye do not believe me, come and see  Come ! Down by Gethsemane ye will find him, outside the garden, in a dark hollow sloping downward like a grave, under the thickest shadows of the olive-trees and close to the spot where he betrayed the Master. There ye shall behold him !” and his agonized voice sank to a shuddering whisper ; ” His body hangs from a gnarled leafless branch like some untimely fruit of hell, some monstrous birth of devils ! the very air seems poisoned by his livid corpse !

“Horrible ! . . . horrible ! … ye know not how he looks, . . . dead, . . . and swinging from the leafless bough ! He slew himself thus last night rather than face this day, would to God I had done likewise so should I have been even as he, cold, stiff” and free from torturing memory these many hours !”

In the circle of the disciples Judas has become a tabloid victim. He commits suicide. Nothing like a suicide to make the press hunger for all the dirt. A disgruntled employee shoots himself, a rock singer overdoses, soldiers putting guns to their mouths after 3 to 4 tours of duty. It goes on and on and that is the extent of what tabloid media feeds the shallow sensationalism we crave to justify our failure to follow the soul and spirit of any human being into the deeper dimensions of life after death.

“Margarita Voloschin’s husband, Max, visited her in Hamburg during that time and attended some of Steiner’s lectures on the Gospel of St. John. He asked a question about Judas, asking if whether Judas by taking on the guilt of the betrayal made possible Christ’s sacrifice and was thus the actual redeemer.
“Rudolf Steiner rejected this idea; he regarded it as unsound, unhealthy. Judas did not understand the essence of that which Christ brought the world, and expected that Christ would gain the victory over his enemies by magical powers. By his betrayal, Judas wanted to bring about the earthly triumph of Christ. Our materialistic civilization, Rudolf Steiner said, stands under the sign of Judas. Just as Judas went and hanged himself, so will our civilization destroy itself.”

To follow Judas after death is to be introduced to one of the most powerful IMAGINATIONS of the actual stages of our kamaloca and after death adaptations we endure when we find ourselves in the spiritual world, vividly alive, but without our friend and companion, our physical bodies. (KAMALOCA and After Death and suicide studies, CLINK LINK).

Luckily for us there are numerous studies now in film that we can turn to that give us substantial pictures of events on the other-side of the threshold. We mostly wish to stay with the tabloid drama, gossip and superficial trailer park tales of the flesh. However we are very, very lucky that artists have fought hard to overcome the dull stupidity of our superficial cravings to present vivid, brief and extended imaginations of what are in fact some of the experiences of life after death.

Here are a few samples.  “Hereafter” by Clint Eastwood;  “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams;  “The Lovely Bones” from Peter Jackson LORD OF THE RINGS fame;  “Made in Heaven” with Timothy Hutton and Kelley McGillis;  “Truly, Madly, Deeply” Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson; “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze;   “Always” Richard Dreyfuss, Audrey Hepburn, Holly Hunter.

The following brilliant and ancient depiction of the journey after death and the stages gone through by the human soul, after death, allows us to follow Judas through the horrific guilt and denial and suicide he experienced, which gives a little flavor of the horrific and terrible effects that suicide and murder have on the passage of the human soul after death.

Robert W. Buchanan (1841-1901)
The Ballad of Judas Iscariot

‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Lay in the Field of Blood;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Beside the body stood.

Black was the earth by night,
And black was the sky;
Black, black were the broken clouds,
Tho’ the red Moon went by.
‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Strangled and dead lay there;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Look’d on it in despair.

The breath of the World came and went
Like a sick man’s in rest;
Drop by drop on the World’s eyes
The dews fell cool and blest.

Then the soul of Judas Iscariot
Did make a gentle moan —
‘I will bury underneath the ground
My flesh and blood and bone.

‘I will bury deep beneath the soil,
Lest mortals look thereon,
And when the wolf and raven come
The body will be gone!

‘The stones of the field are sharp as steel,
And hard and cold, God wot;
And I must bear my body hence
Until I find a spot!’

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot,
So grim, and gaunt, and gray,
Raised the body of Judas Iscariot,
And carried it away.

And as he bare it from the field
Its touch was cold as ice,
And the ivory teeth within the jaw
Rattled aloud, like dice.

As the soul of Judas Iscariot
Carried its load with pain,
The Eye of Heaven, like a lanthorn’s eye,
Open’d and shut again.

Half he walk’d, and half he seemed
Lifted on the cold wind;
He did not turn, for chilly hands
Were pushing from behind.

The first place that he came unto
It was the open wold,
And underneath were prickly whins,
And a wind that blew so cold.

The next place that he came unto
It was a stagnant pool,
And when he threw the body in
It floated light as wool.

He drew the body on his back,
And it was dripping chill,
And the next place be came unto
Was a Cross upon a hill.

A Cross upon the windy hill,
And a Cross on either side,
Three skeletons that swing thereon,
Who had been crucified.

And on the middle cross-bar sat
A white Dove slumbering;
Dim it sat in the dim light,
With its head beneath its wing.

And underneath the middle Cross
A grave yawn’d wide and vast,
But the soul of Judas Iscariot
Shiver’d, and glided past.

The fourth place that he came unto
It was the Brig of Dread,
And the great torrents rushing down
Were deep, and swift, and red.

He dared not fling the body in
For fear of faces dim
And arms were waved in the wild water
To thrust it back to him.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Turned from the Brig of Dread,
And the dreadful foam of the wild water
Had splashed the body red.

For days and nights he wandered on
Upon an open plain,
And the days went by like blinding mist,
And the nights like rushing rain.

For days and nights he wandered on,
All thro’ the Wood of Woe;
And the nights went by like moaning wind,
And the days like drifting snow.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Came with a weary face —
Alone, alone, and all alone,
Alone in a lonely place!

He wandered east, he wandered west,
And heard no human sound;
For months and years, in grief and tears,
He wandered round and round,

For months and years, in grief and tears,
He walked the silent night;
Then the soul of Judas Iscariot
Perceived a far-off light.

A far-off light across the waste,
As dim as dim might be,
That came and went like the lighthouse gleam
On a black night at sea.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Crawl’d to the distant gleam;
And the rain came down, and the rain was blown
Against him with a scream.

For days and nights he wandered on,
Push’d on by hands behind;
And the days went by like black, black rain,
And the nights like rushing wind.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot,
Strange, and sad, and tall,
Stood all alone at dead of night
Before a lighted hall.

And the wold was white with snow,
And his foot-marks black and damp,
And the ghost of the silvern Moon arose,
Holding her yellow lamp.

And the icicles were on the eaves,
And the walls were deep with white,
And the shadows of the guests within
Pass’d on the window light.

The shadows of the wedding guests
Did strangely come and go,
And the body of Judas Iscariot
Lay stretch’d along the snow.

The body of Judas Iscariot
Lay stretched along the snow;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Ran swiftly to and fro.

To and fro, and up and down,
He ran so swiftly there,
As round and round the frozen Pole
Glideth the lean white bear.

‘Twas the Bridegroom sat at the table-head,
And the lights burnt bright and clear —
‘Oh, who is that,’ the Bridegroom said,
‘Whose weary feet I hear?’

‘Twas one look’d from the lighted hall,
And answered soft and slow,
‘It is a wolf runs up and down
With a black track in the snow.’

The Bridegroom in his robe of white
Sat at the table-head —
‘Oh, who is that who moans without?’
The blessed Bridegroom said.

‘Twas one looked from the lighted hall,
And answered fierce and low,
”Tis the soul of Judas Iscariot
Gliding to and fro.’

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Did hush itself and stand,
And saw the Bridegroom at the door
With a light in his hand.

The Bridegroom stood in the open door,
And he was clad in white,
And far within the Lord’s Supper
Was spread so broad and bright.

The Bridegroom shaded his eyes and look’d,
And his face was bright to see —
‘What dost thou here at the Lord’s Supper
With thy body’s sins?’ said he.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Stood black, and sad, and bare —
‘I have wandered many nights and days;
There is no light elsewhere.’

‘Twas the wedding guests cried out within,
And their eyes were fierce and bright —
‘Scourge the soul of Judas Iscariot
Away into the night!’

The Bridegroom stood in the open door,
And he waved hands still and slow,
And the third time that he waved his hands
The air was thick with snow.

And of every flake of falling snow,
Before it touched the ground,
There came a dove, and a thousand doves
Made sweet sound.

‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Floated away full fleet,
And the wings of the doves that bare it off
Were like its winding-sheet.

‘Twas the Bridegroom stood at the open door,
And beckon’d, smiling sweet;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Stole in, and fell at his feet.

‘The Holy Supper is spread within,
And the many candles shine,
And I have waited long for thee
Before I poured the wine!’

The supper wine is poured at last,
The lights burn bright and fair,
Iscariot washes the Bridegroom’s feet,
And dries them with his hair.”

The IMAGINATION above, is based on the initial facts of how it appears, how we experience our disconnection from 0ur physical bodies after death. The initial disconnection literally means that our former vehicle and our appetites, desires, habits, relationships with others, daily experiences are torn away from the physical world we inhabited and we enter the Astral world, the vague and general watered down term known as HEAVEN where we are De-condtioned and debriefed via our biographical memories.

Our etheric life tableau and the time of our deaths, in terms of the Stars and the harvest of our astral bodies special talents, are consolidated and we enter a spiritual world, astral-devachan harvesting process (See clip “Always” Audrey Hepburn’s final film with Richard Dreyfuss) that eventually leads to a wholly NEW, VIRGIN, star stamped etheric body.

But this process, this transition out of our physical bodies into the spiritual world,  immediately for approximately THREE DAYS after the death of a person, the peasant ETHERIC BODY traditions of the funeral process included a chanting around the dead person for THREE DAYS.  Using the most powerful and compassionate grandmothers of the villages, those who carried the memory of the entire village or town, births, deaths, tragedies, hidden secrets, all that lived in the local and individual etheric life and memories were woven into these peasant women, whose ETHERIC BODIES radiated a powerful warmth.

These women, in shifts, usually SEVEN at a time would sit around the corpse and chant the following dirge. It was chanted for THREE DAYS around the corpse as part of the deconditioning and preparation so the dead soul could more easily disconnect from their attachments to their physical bodies.

The following is what this Dirge or Chant contained and it has the same stages that are contained in the journey and IMAGINATION that Judas Iscariot takes in freeing himself from his highly densified materialistic deed that anchored the Christ Resurrection deep into the realm of Earth.

Judas passes through a densified KAMALOCA after death experience where the deadly weight of the materialism which he must carry as the dead weight of his physical body and our fatal, flawed and fearful clinging to our own physical bodies, has prevented us, as well, from understanding the process that occurs as we enter an Astral relationship from our Astral bodies and an Etheric relationship from our Etheric bodies. We have rather clung to our physical experiences and in clinging to them we have far more difficulty in freeing ourselves after death.

Lyke Wake Dirge – The Young Tradition (1965)

THIS ae nighte, this ae nighte,
Refrain: Every nighte and alle,
Fire and fleet and candle-lighte,
—Refrain: And Christe receive thy saule.
When thou from hence away art past
To Whinny-muir thou com’st at last
If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon,
Sit thee down and put them on;
If hosen and shoon thou ne’er gav’st nane
The whinnes sall prick thee to the bare bane.
From Whinny-muir when thou may’st pass,
To Brig o’ Dread thou com’st at last;
From Brig o’ Dread when thou may’st pass,
To Purgatory fire thou com’st at last;
If ever thou gavest meat or drink,
The fire sall never make thee shrink;
If meat or drink thou ne’er gav’st nane,
The fire will burn thee to the bare bane;
This ae nighte, this ae nighte,
—Every nighte and alle,
Fire and sleet and candle-lighte,
—And Christe receive thy saule.


The Etheric Christ treats every human I AM with a magnificent karmic  ‘I’  research and vision enhancement. This enhancement dives down into the threads, stories, compassion, intents, motivations and over all destinies of how WE humans fully experience ourselves as spiritual biographical beings.

From cradle to grave and from beyond the grave to the Midnight Hour where a new incarnation is sought in the highest regions of the Spiritual World to the Mid-day hour where we are once more dead center in the middle of our incarnations on Earth, the Macrocosmic Christ Being tracks with potent loving intimacy every detail of the symphony of  the journey of our I AM’s through the waves of TIME and back into the regions of Space and physical life.

It is a vast Macrocosmic I AM shepherding process of keeping track of the individual, unique and striking events that shape, school and impact every detail of human life.  For the Etheric Christ, as Lord of Human Karma, this intimate vista, karmic biography of each and every human life is filled with potent and heart wrenching human spiritual and karmic compassionate tales that the LOVE that the Etheric Christ carries, remains inexhaustible, and bottomless for serving the vast complexities that encompass the immense tapestry of individual incarnations over the entire Earth. Love, as the content of the Macrocosmic risen Etheric Christ I AM, from which our own microcosmic I Am is modeled, has within it the inexhaustible and bottomless wellspring of Living Compassion and Interest needed to fathom every intimate thread of the Morphogenetic field of unique and individual karma that presents itself to our higher sensitive cognition and Love.

This potent research into the field of individual human karmic history dawned with the advent of the Michael School and the beginning of the highest Christian Psychology of the I AM, the tracking and understanding of the path of each individual I AM as the greatest inauguration of sharing the karma of humanity with the Macrocosmic I AM of the Etheric Christ Being.

In other words through our higher warmth and human interest, our I AM is able to school itself in tracing, tracking, sharing and uplifting to the intimacy of I AM cognition, the delicate and profoundly stirring intimacy of what each human being, sister and brother of humanity has experienced through Time, Space and Earth evolution as their I Am experiences as both incarnated females or males on Earth or their journey’s deep into the Spiritual Worlds as I Am beings. In other words the Etheric Christ Macrocosmic I AM has opened a vast research potential into the fathomless biographical, historical, and potent Initiation Journey of every human sister and brother I AM on the planet (linked here).

When we understand the Christ Event at the mid-point of Earth evolution, we are meeting the attributes of the Cosmic I AM faculty condensed into the individual Jesus Destiny that was injected into the immense billions of karmic threads, that enables the I AM of the Christ Being, the risen Etheric Christ, to hold together the ripple of the Eye of the Core of the Event of Golgotha and the individual human spirits who were in direct and indirect association with the epi-center of the events of Golgotha.

From that super-implosion of the Cosmic I AM birth into the destiny of humanity the vast karmic rings, and the individual destinies of those who had directly participated with the Christ Event on Earth, carried a powerful ripple effect which like a slow, living shock wave of human catharsis and initiation, ripples out to every Being in the vast compendium of beings that exist on Earth. From Stones to Human Beings to Angels the resonation and rippling event horizon of the Etheric Christ Event continues to send out a shock wave that lifts wave upon wave of cognition, and conscious awakening of the I AM’s of all of humanity with the certainty of Love.

Love, Truth and I AM awakening is the food, nourishment and Living Light of the Etheric Christ that radiates out from the karma and history of the events of Golgotha. Those souls that participated with the Christ and the vast circle of souls and spirits who were impacted and played significant roles in the first dawn of the shock wave of the Risen Etheric Christ as well as the Trial, destiny and Crucifixion of a Divine Spiritual Being on the hill of skulls, including Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Israel, Sanhedrin, Scribes, Pharisees were all absorbed into the sweeping Macrocosmic Eye of the Christ Being Himself.

We not only follow Judas, the Caiaphas School of the Black Lodge and how Lazarus/John and Caiaphas were karmically bound together and how Judas was bound to materialism but we also follow those souls out to the conclusion of their biographies. How did some of these participants conclude their lives on Earth and what has become of Judas, John and the Caiaphas School for the preparation of the counterfeit Ahrimanic Savior expected to arrive very shortly?  Inquiring hearts and minds desire to know how to put the pieces of the great Morphogentic Karmic dynamic in play and in motion around the swirling EYE of the Lord of Karma, the risen Etheric Christ Being.

This isn’t just a game of geometry, it is the delicate and living experiences absorbed by human beings with I Am’s, histories, lives, deaths, births and martyrdom’s who were impacted directly or indirectly by the shock-wave of the events of Golgotha. We are looking at Judas but out of spiritual interest we may also find how some of the other disciples and those directly or indirectly impacted by the Christ Event, concluded their earthly incarnations.  Below we find the stunning research insights into how some of the other disciples and I am participants in the Mystery of Golgotha concluded their lives after the physical events of the Christ Drama.

Research in Development from ADRIANA KOULIAS’ BLOG

“John the Baptist continued to overshine the Apostle, Lazarus-John, who traveled with the Mother of God to Ephesus. After settling her there, Lazarus-John became Simon-Peter’s silent companion and traveled with him up and down the coasts of Asia minor to sow the seed of the message of Christ. The Mother of God and all the other disciples were long dead when Lazarus-John was persecuted by the Roman Caesar, Domitian, and sentenced to boil in oil. Today the round church of San Giuovanni in Oleo, constructed by Bramante, exists nearby that place where Lazarus-John triumphed over his enemies – for the oil did not hurt him. Domitian, afraid of John, exiled him to Patmos. He died at Ephesus at the ripe old age of 99. His last words to his followers were:  ‘Little children, love one another!’

“Simon-Peter, or Peter as he became known, although strengthened and full of enthusiasm after his Pentecostal awakening, only ventured out into the world ten years after the Mystery of Golgotha. He worked with Lazarus-John and together they confronted Simon the Magus in Samaria and passed a time in the jails of the Romans. In Rome, the passionate little fisherman, now full of wisdom and courage, carried the message of Christ into the very heart of Caesarean madness. Here he found a small congregation of Christians already established through the work of Simon of Cyrene, who had helped Christ Jesus to his execution. Now, the eighty-year-old Peter became the first Father (Papa) of the church for he was the rock upon which the exoteric church of Christ was later built. Finally, he was made to drink from the cup of his Lord when he was crucified on a hill now called San Pietro, in Montorio. He asked to be crucified upside down – to distinguish his poor sacrifice from the sacrifice of his Lord.

“Andrew, his brother, carried the message of Christ to those regions around the Black sea and to the islands of Greece. In northeast Cyprus, where Andrew first stepped onto land from his boat, a monastery was founded at Rizokarpasso, a small coastal township on the Karpass Peninsula. This monastery exists even today and is called Apostolos Andreas. It was at Patros in Achaea, a province of Greece, that Andrew eventually drank from the cup of his master and was crucified on an x shaped cross called a crux decussata, for like his brother, he did not wish to die the same way as his Lord. This cross is known as St Andrew’s Cross.

“Of the other disciples, Matthew Levi, the tax collector, journeyed to Egypt to proclaim the Word to the southern peoples. James of Zebedee, also known as James the Great, travelled to Spain and preached among the people of Iberia. He is said to have been martyred at the hands of Herod Agrippa I. His remains are allegedly buried at Santiago de Compostella, a city in Spain. Some centuries after Christ, a pilgrim route to his grave known as the ‘way of St James’ ran through Europe. Each year thousands of pilgrims followed this route, known to esotericists as the Alchemical Route of Inner Change.

“Bartholomew, whom Christ Jesus had seen sitting beneath the fig tree, travelled to India with Thomas the Twin, the one who doubted, and together they spread the word of Christ farther East than even Alexander the Great. Little John of Zebedee did not remain one of the twelve for he had been supplanted by Lazarus John, however he became one of the apostles living in Jerusalem and preaching the word of Christ until he was persecuted by the Sanhedrists and like his brother James was martyred in 44AD. Phillip the fisherman, took the Good News to Egypt and was martyred in the city of Heliopolis, where Yeshua was sequestered by the Therapeutae after Herod’s infanticide.

“James the Just, the step-brother of Jesus of Nazareth, became the leader of the Hebrew Christians in Jerusalem and all saw him as the reflection of Christ Jesus himself. As a stern Nazarite he saw to it that those who entered into the Christian congregation were pledged to observe the rules of the Jewish law. James met his death some time in 62 AD at the hand of the Sanhedrin who condemned him to death by stoning, ironically for breaking the law.

“James, son of Cleophas (Clopas/Alpheus) was Jesus’ cousin on his father’s side. He became known as James the Less, and has often been confused with James the Just. Not much is known of his life after Whitsun.

“Jude or ‘Thaddeus’, meaning ‘tadda’ or younger brother, and Simon Zelotes, the other step-brothers of Jesus, suffered martyrdom in Persia after taking the Good News as far as Mesopotamia.

“Joseph of Arimathea travelled to England, where he took the Mysteries of the Grail with him to Glastonbury, thus inspiring Celtic Christianity and that impulse which would later lead to the legends of the Grail. His friend Nicodemus remained a member of the Sanhedrin outwardly, though he was scorned for his support of the Christians and was eventually martyred some time in the first century. Gamaliel the teacher of Jesus of Nazareth also remained in Jerusalem and was the teacher of Saul, who became Paul.

“The Young Man of Nain followed in the outer circles of disciples and was present throughout until his death.

“Mariam, or Mary of the Matthew Gospel, the Mother of God, traveled with Lazarus-John to Ephesus, accompanied by her faithful servant, Salome. Here, on the site of the ancient sanctuary of Artemis/Diana, a small Christian congregation gathered around her. When she was of advanced age she requested to return to Jerusalem and there she lived in the upper room, the Cenacle, the scene of the last supper. Here she sat many an hour recalling her life: her temple initiation and her marriage and the birth of Yeshua; her journey to Egypt with her family and their return to Nazareth; her befriending of Mary and the pain of her son’s death; her widowhood; her marriage to Joseph of Nazareth and her mothering of Jesus; her second widowhood and her recognition of Yeshua in Jesus during her conversation with him before he journeyed to Engaddi; and lastly, she looked back on those three years, on his passion and his death, his resurrection and ascension. When she had reviewed her life in all its details, with its triumphs and failings, with its joys and sorrows, the Archangel Gabriel came to her to warn her of her imminent death. The disciples and the women were called to her bedside and were with her once more, those who were in heavenly form and those who still possessed an earthly form. She was the central force of all their souls, the living image of the twelve becoming seven – the body becoming like the soul; and the seven becoming twelve – the earthly becoming spiritual. When she breathed out her last breath her body was carried to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, which means the same as the Indian word, Bodhisattva (those who sit beneath the Bodhi tree). Here the archangel of brilliance appeared once again and gathered to him that aspect of her body which had been transfigured into spirit light and ascended with it upwards in sun-like radiation to meet its source, the sun itself; and thus does she still dwell among the great teachers of humanity, the twelve Bodhisattvas.

“The Mater Dolorosa had become the Mater Gloriosa! Eve had become Ave Maria!

“Magdalena and her sister Martha are said to have travelled with servants to France. Martha is said to have founded a cloister for Christian women. Magdalena is said to have settled in the city of Vezelay, where she lived a quiet reverence-filled life and died peacefully at an advanced age. Her image painted by a young artist in an old Romanesque church now in ruins, was the inspiration for many Renaissance artists. Here in seclusion she was preparing for her great future task when she would become the carrier of the Grail as an esoteric wisdom, the wisdom of the Bridal Chamber, the mystery of the marriage of the pure soul with God. This wisdom was eventually taken up and understood and guarded by the Templars, who revered it and lived by its unifying principal of community. This wisdom led to that initiation of Lazarus-John many centuries later, depicted in the poem, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz.

“Claudia Procula became a Christian and a disciple of Paul.

“In 36 AD, Pontius Pilate was recalled by Tiberias to Rome for reported cruelties. Tiberias, having heard of the execution of Christ Jesus was angered, for he had hoped the holy man would heal his illness. Pilate was then banished to the Lake of Geneva where it is said he committed suicide. His body was dropped into the Lake Lucerne, near a mountain which today is still called Pilatus.

“Gaius Cassius was converted, along with Abenader the second Centurion, at Golgotha. They preached the word of Christ together and years later, were martyred in Gaul. The spear used by Gaius Cassius Longinus is said to have fallen into the hands of Mauritius, the Manichean commander of the Theban legion. The story tells how the Roman leader, Maximian, massacred Mauritius and his whole legion because they would not sacrifice to the Roman gods and this is how the lance came into Maximian’s hands and then through him into the hands of Constantine, the Roman Emperor, who carried it into the battle on the Milvian Bridge, outside of Rome. Constantine’s victory led to the proclamation of Christianity as Rome’s official religion. In time the spear fell into the hands of Charlemagne and was depicted in Wolfram Von Eschenbach’s poem, Parzifal, as the bleeding spear that is carried before the Grail.

“In 39 AD Herod Antipas was charged by his brother-in-law Agrippa, with conspiracy against the Emperor Caligula. All his money and his territories were seized and he was exiled to Lyon in Gaul. Agrippa would have allowed his sister, Herodias, to retain her titles and her lands but she refused them, preferring instead to be exiled with her husband. The sword that Herodias much admired, the instrument of the beheading of John the Baptist, fell into the hands of the Romans after the conquest of Jerusalem and found its way to England and the court of Arthur, where it became the symbol of pure thought, or the imagination that is drawn out of the substance of matter, a stone, or the head, the bony skull. It is depicted in both Arthurian Myths as Excalibur and the Grail Myths as the Grail Sword.

“In 37 AD Caiaphas was removed from office and replaced by his sister’s husband Jonathan.  Ananias continued to have influence in the Sanhedrin through five sons, who all became high priests.

“Salome, daughter of Herodias, went on to marry Philip, son of her stepfather, Herod, but he died leaving her childless. She then married Aristobulus, her uncle, and they had three sons, Herod, Agrippa, and Aristobulus. Legend has it that she fell into an icy stream and was decapitated by an ice drift.

“Saul pupil of Gamaliel observed the events of the Paschal week and had not sympathised with Jesus and his followers and became a persecutor of the Christians. On his way to Damascus he was struck by a vision of Christ manifesting in the encircling round of the earth. Immediately converted by it he called himself by his Greek name, Paul. In time he became a great Christian leader and was responsible for introducing Christianity to the Gentiles.

“Jerusalem fell to the Romans, Vespacian and Titan, in 70 AD. Thus was ended the reign of the Sadducees and Pharisees, disbanding the Sanhedrin forever.

“Those events at the turning point in time, that is the times of Jesus Christ, did not go unrecorded. Simon-Peter’s pupil Mark, followed Peter to Rome. A spark of that Pentecostal fire which Simon-Peter had possessed so forcefully entered into his soul to inspire Mark. After Peter’s death, Mark travelled to Alexandria in Egypt where once had lived the Jewish philosopher Philo, whose pupil Photismos, had taught the young Lazarus at the Migdal tower. Here, Mark met a man called Ormuz, a high priest of Isis, whom Mark converted to Christianity. Ormuz taught him the secrets of Egyptian initiation and together they reformed the Isis cult into an esoteric Christian cultus. Mark rose upwards through this cultus to a vision of those events experienced by Peter in the Akasha. He saw Christ in his Cosmic significance and set out to describe His deeds as cosmic activities. Years after his death his gospel was altered and some aspects of it were removed due to their esoteric nature. The full gospel was only known in small circles as The Secret Gospel According to Mark. This Gospel has never been found but a letter attesting to its existence written by Clement of Alexandria was discovered by a man called Morton Smith in 1958 at the Mar Saba monastery. The cultus established by Mark and Ormuz would later become the basis of all Grail and Templar cults.

“Luke, the author of the Luke Gospel, was a doctor with a Buddhist soul. He had not belonged to the twelve apostles but like Mark had been one of the group of seventy followers. He became a disciple of Paul and followed him on his apostolic journeys and was with him in Rome. Paul’s Damascus experience, in which he had seen the resurrected Christ, became a part of Luke’s experience as his pupil and he grew to have an understanding of what could be found in the Akasha concerning the priestly Jesus of the Nathan line. Luke portrayed Jesus Christ as the healer imbued with soul and love and compassion.

“The Gospel writer Matthew or Matthias, should not to be confused with Matthew Levi, the tax collector. Matthias was an Essene and his mother was Mary Mark was caretaker at the Cenacle. He was elected one of the twelve apostles, replacing Judas. Through his Essene initiation, he was able to have a particular understanding for the kingly Yeshua of the Solomon line. For this reason the Matthew Gospel is the most human of the four gospels in that it does not so much direct us to the cosmic aspect of Christ but to His workings in the body Jesus of Nazareth.

“Many years after the crucifixion of Christ Jesus, Lazarus-John, now called Presbyter John, returned from exile to Ephesus where he found again the teaching of his old master Photismos in the Ephesian mysteries of Artemis. Here the mystery formula – In the beginning was the word and the word was with God – came alive again in his soul. Being the only evangelist to have experienced the full reality of Christ Jesus, both physically and spiritually, he was able through his Mother of God, that is, through Divine wisdom (for this reason he is called John the Divine) to write the most profound and accurate of the four Gospels and to place it within the context of the Mysteries of the Logos or the Word. Even today, the above formula of the Word can be used by those who have a desire to rise up to an experience in the Akasha, of what John himself had experienced.”

Appropriating  and Confiscating Etheric Entelechy Codes and Copies

Our culture today thrives on copies. We can burn a DVD, we can have instant downloads of copies. Data can be transferred in seconds. We can have gigabytes of data. I grew into this age and I began as many of my ancient artist friends had, with mimeograph and carbon copies of our plays that we wrote in the late 70’s off B’way.

Ancient scores for music were written out by hand. The preserved originals were, precious, priceless, exquisite. We merely have to remember Beethoven and Mozart, Gutenberg and all the illustrated beautiful calligraphic copies of Bibles.  They were priceless, rare and many monasteries were devoted to the task of writing and having the living flame of the WORD flow directly through the hands and hearts of human beings. Many monasteries were quietly tucked away and hidden from the sight and publicity of everyone save the Angels.

We have entered into reproducing genetic copies or interfering with the copies of seeds produced in nature and locking up certain genetic potentials so that actual nature forces, Sun Mysteries of the Etheric Life on our Earth, are being currently tampered with and edited. The Etheric Sun Life of the logos was in every stone, plant, animal, insect and human being. But now new edited and revised versions of nature and the human being are being coded before our eyes.

The ability of the Christ to enter into and raise Lazarus/John reveals the potent seed force of protecting the higher unfolding forces of Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man through the initiation of Christian Rosenkreutz in the 13th century (see link). The magnificent Etheric Sun Gardener of the human species intervened with Lazarus/John and preserved the highest Etheric Sun intentions in the initiation of Lazarus/Christian Rosenkreutz.

Understanding the Etheric foundational Sun Mysteries of the interconnected structural design codes of The Sun Evolution and how our Earth has a spread of structural design, ‘intelligent designs’ that sweep through crystal, plant, insect, animal and human, requires the actual education of the observer to see at least five interconnected links in the Etheric sweep of Nature to the higher etheric, astral and I AM codes that are part of every human being. There is a battle going on right under our noses to rob and hijack the etheric foundational codes of LIFE itself.

Five interconnected codes of etheric LIFE transit through Mineral, Plant, Insect, Animal, Human. All of these five may be clearly observed in nature and all of these five are LIFE and LIVING codes of physical, etheric, astral and I AM magnifications and enhancements. Not understanding this, science can willy-nilly fabricate, Ahrimanically corrupt and interfere with the Etheric Sun Life and Logos processes and begin to insert an Ahrimanic deception and fabrication in place of Nature’s Sun laws.

The Christ anticipated the intense attack on the Etheric foundations of nature and the human system, so He initiated Lazarus/Christian Rosenkreuz (most hidden moment in human history) and as well, preserved the Zarathustra/Jesus copies that successfully allowed the Christ, like a dove of lightening, to shiver down to the physical bones of a human being, enter and re-boot the higher etheric systems of nature and LIFE, open the astral gateways to TRUTH and become the harvester and gardener of the crop of human I AM’s who strive to blossom into Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Ahriman intends to divert, thwart and rob humanity of our higher spiritual potentials.

We can travel down those five stages or up those five stages and we can see in nature a marvelous design system which is not taught anywhere save the Michael School.  (1) Physical alone and light bearing codes exist in THE MINERAL AND CRYSTAL. (2)  Etheric codes exist in the lymphatic and the vegetation, flora, crop and plant basis of life, blooming and decay systems using physical and etheric design codes. (3) Insects are the external nervous system or astral representations of the plant Etheric system. The Insects and Plants are lock and key designed to match each other because the insects are the externalized ASTRAL or the nervous system of the plant world. (4)  Animals have gained independent locomotion, unique specialized skill sets and they exist as Group Beings, not individual beings. However in their Group Being skill sets they have components concentrated in their unique forms that reveal full functioning physical-etheric-astral unique and specialized skill sets and gifts. Which translates into physical-lymphatic-nervous system, SYSTEMS that we observe concentrated in a specialized animal forms with their unique specialized animal traits.

(5) Human Beings are the concentrated Tenth Hierarchy divine beings who represent a consolidation on Earth of a complete DIVINE INDIVIDUALITY, who bring their unique and individual skill sets into incarnation from the Starry regions into the Embryological and Etheric Sun systems of an Entelechy, in Greek Entelécheia, as coined by Aristotle. Humans have an I AM system that continuously reincarnates and bring our unique skill sets into the ongoing stream of time. A human being has a physical body-etheric (lymphatic) body- Astral body or nervous system body – And a core I AM system that is part of the I AM system of the Risen Etheric Christ community.

Naive Ahrimanic COPIES of Fabricated Life Forms

“A patented gene differs from its intracellular counterpart in that it is no longer part of a chromosome. Also, a patent typically claims only the protein-encoding part of a gene, not the regions without apparent function. “When you isolate something as it appears in its natural state you change it, even if the only change is the isolation. You have left behind the natural product and created something artificial. No isolated gene sequence occurs in nature,” says Harold Edgar, professor of law at Columbia University. In 1990, the PTO changed its regulations to include rules for filing claims on DNA sequences.

Since that time, some groups have objected to patenting DNA, focusing on its special role in carrying the information to construct a human. Dr. Mark Hanson, project director of religion and biotechnology policy at the Hastings Center, a bioethics think tank in Garrison, N.Y., explains the religious challenge to patenting genes. “DNA is considered to be so intimately related to species identity that no parts of it should be controlled by corporate interests. In the case of human beings, human DNA is unique because it is human, and therefore possessing intrinsic value of a sacred kind. As one critic puts it, DNA bears the image of God.”

A second objection to patenting genes is that DNA is a product of nature, not human ingenuity. The Council for Responsible Genetics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based organization of scientists, public health advocates, and consumers, takes this view. They have an online petition that states: “The plants, animals, and microorganisms comprising life on Earth are part of the natural world into which we are all born. The conversion of these species, their molecules, or parts into corporate property through patent monopolies is counter to the interests of the peoples of this country and of the world. No individual, institution, or corporation … should be able to hold patents on organs, cells, genes, or proteins, whether naturally occurring, genetically altered, or otherwise modified.”

Nature can now be edited, already we are at the point where we can edit certain traits in the genetic and genome structure, make copies of these and produce clones. Just like auto assembly lines of Henry Ford, who brought his gifts for mass production directly out of an Egyptian incarnation which he was very aware of. We can buy and sell replicated, duplicated and personal instruments which become our extended memories and extended, deepened lives, our private interests our astral interests in higher ideals and hopes and feed our lower passions.

Now the moral and immoral aspects and privacy issues means that everything can be hacked and we are constantly under surveillance. Our tracks, trails and intimate private thoughts, if they were recorded on cameras, phone cameras, computers or written down, all can be salvaged and witnessed and reviewed with either moral or immoral intents. The reading of our entire intimate lives and our biographies are harvested upwards as we exit through the PORTAL of death.

“The period immediately following death is of great importance for the human being. It lasts for many hours, even days, during which the whole of the incarnation that is just over comes before the soul of the dead as in a great tableau of memories. This happens to every human being after death.”
Here, through other works out of Spiritual Science we can fathom how our entire intimate LIFE TABLEAU (see link) is received when we die. This harvesting is done by Angelic servants and the entire system of the heavens applies to absolutely everyone equally. We die, our astral bodies are harvested, the stars and their imprint at our exits are recorded and our higher I AM is entrusted to a vast Moral System of digestion and rebirth that includes the vast complex of the stars and constellations.

Our current petty comparisons to INFORMATION and the harvesting of INFORMATION in an Orwellian sense, a full blown Black Lodge, Caiaphas School of Ahrimanic data on Earth is directly related to the intent of achieving  through devious and occult means information that Ahrimanic beings can no longer attain from souls crossing the threshold of death. In other words THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS and the Michael Battle that was won in 1879 has thrust and exiled the entire misinformation and backdoor data systems management of Ahriman down into the immoral system of the human intellect. Here SPIN, propaganda, lies and misinformation are the current daily bread of the human psyche.

It roughly depends on the morality of the human soul and spirit, in how information is confiscated or tampered with or is spun in the Orwellian sense and the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY sense. Data and Information are priceless commodities. If the Ahrimanic beings who have been thrust out of the Heavens and out of the Spiritual World interfere, and that is currently an absolute given, we cannot remain naive.

We arrive on Earth, as souls and spirits, with our Astral bodies goals, drives and talents and our Etheric precise biographical and moral potentials. Currently the RISE of THE FALLEN SPIRITS OF DARKNESS are aiming at maximum interference in human striving of the most malignant kind.

Already the incarnation of children who bring spiritual capacities from the spiritual world into human society are willfully attacked through regiment, after regiment of militarized, weaponized vaccines (see link) and injections, which shoots round after round into the foundations of the etheric and astral systems of a child which shatters the child’s delicate higher capacities through mercury and other toxic  ingredients.

These are attacks, because like Judas, we don’t study, believe or desire to know about the spiritual world where our children have come from nor what Beings exist around us nor that we are the last line of defense for the Tenth Hierarchy and what our children bring into incarnation.

Christ anticipated that Ahriman would sweep in and attempt to take over LIFE, known as the challenge that Ahriman threw at Christ, to turn stones into bread. Ahriman is intent on grabbing the Etheric codes of LIFE while burying the Etheric Christ with lie after lie so that we as humanity would willingly become our own Judases.

Either from vaccines, torture, genetic tampering, editing out sequences in the code, deleting; OR using torture to block and psychologically damage, through unmitigated cruelty, through sadism, through addictions to potent incremental toxins; OR by making the whole earthly population dependent and obedient to an Earthly Pharma preventive plan (CLICK ON VITAL LINK FOR OPERATIONS ALREADY UNDERWAY); OR Government laws and decisions that determine the definition of LIFE, we can be and will be cut off from the Divine Spiritual worlds. These Ahrimanic intentions are working directly through human agents. Determining exactly the type of gender and physical, etheric and astral body that is safe for government tyranny tailored to V for Vendetta and Ahrimanic/Orwellian requirements (link is part of the ancient John Patmos Rosicrucian mystery) is coming up after the collapse of global economies and the consolidation of a far more disguised and virulent global tyranny.

Without ever admitting that our astral and star bodies are harvested and our talents forwarded by the Beings of the Stars themselves and that our capacities and talents are transformed into an entirely new, VIRGIN etheric body that transfers those capacities towards a new incarnation, is the medical SPIN that serves the Ahrimanic intent. And without acknowledging, understanding and worse, denying that the I AM of the human being is indestructible and sacred to the heavens and that this core of our rebirth into a physical, etheric, astral and I AM system, was safeguarded, that is, until now, the Tenth Hierarchy will fall into enslavement.

The wonderful market place of the Whore of Babylon is on it’s way, after the global collapse. This market place of Ahriman includes the insertion of Monsanto (see link) divorced etheric and GM locked and patented seeds stolen from Earth’s bounty and Ahriman’s gift of a fully fabricated etheric health system form fitted, Entelechy, fitted prior to birth and fixed with certain qualities that Ahriman will attach to every single human being from cradle to grave are all almost in place. Not quite but almost fully in place.

The Grand Inquisitor Translated by H.P. Blavatsky

“…for never was there anything more unbearable to the human race than personal freedom! Dost Thou see these stones in the desolate and glaring wilderness? Command that these stones be made bread–and mankind will run after Thee, obedient and grateful like a herd of cattle. But even then it will be ever diffident and trembling, lest Thou should take away Thy hand, and they lose thereby their bread! Thou didst refuse to accept the offer for fear of depriving men of their free choice; for where is there freedom of choice where men are bribed with bread? Man shall not live by bread alone– was Thine answer. Thou knewest not, it seems, that it was precisely in the name of that earthly bread that the terrestrial spirit would one day rise against, struggle with, and finally conquer Thee, followed by the hungry multitudes shouting: “Who is like unto that Beast, who maketh fire come down from heaven upon the earth!” Knowest Thou not that, but a few centuries hence, and the whole of mankind will have proclaimed in its wisdom and through its mouthpiece, Science, that there is no more crime, hence no more sin on earth, but only hungry people? “Feed us first and then command us to be virtuous!” will be the words written upon the banner lifted against Thee…”
“They will have no secrets from us. It will rest with us to permit them to live with their wives and concubines, or to forbid them, to have children or remain childless, either way depending on the degree of their obedience to us; and they will submit most joyfully to us the most agonizing secrets of their souls–all, all will they lay down at our feet, and we will authorize and remit them all in Thy name, and they will believe us and accept our mediation with rapture, as it will deliver them from their greatest anxiety and torture–that of having to decide freely for themselves. And all will be happy, all except the one or two hundred thousands of their rulers.
“For it is but we, we the keepers of the great Mystery who will be miserable. There will be thousands of millions of happy infants, and one hundred thousand martyrs who have taken upon themselves the curse of knowledge of good and evil. Peaceable will be their end, and peacefully will they die, in Thy name, to find behind the portals of the grave–but death.
“But we will keep the secret inviolate, and deceive them for their own good with the mirage of life eternal in Thy kingdom. For, were there really anything like life beyond the grave, surely it would never fall to the lot of such as they! People tell us and prophesy of Thy coming and triumphing once more on earth; of Thy appearing with the army of Thy elect, with Thy proud and mighty ones; but we will answer Thee that they have saved but themselves while we have saved all.
“We are also threatened with the great disgrace which awaits the whore, “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots”–who sits upon the Beast, holding in her hands the Mystery, the word written upon her forehead; and we are told that the weak ones, the lambs shall rebel against her and shall make her desolate and naked. But then will I arise, and point out to Thee the thousands of millions of happy infants free from any sin. And we who have taken their sins upon us, for their own good, shall stand before Thee and say: “Judge us if Thou canst and darest!” Know then that I fear Thee not.”

Now our exiled Ahrimanic companions that thrive in our shadows and doubles through our intellects have proceeded on a pace to have Earthly and immoral black brotherhoods, who understand how the system of the heavens works, who understand how the etheric, astral and I AM systems work, but who have been seduced to form their earthly and spiritual allegiances, who through their addictions and shadows are conscripted and compromised are literally blackmailed by Ahrimanic agents and accomplices who betray and oppose every thing to do with the higher freedom, purpose and progress of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Copies of etheric, astral and I AM systems can be made by immoral corporations on the Earth or they can be given as a result of higher human striving. The key to these copies is the nature of the Sun Being and the Sun Evolution of the Earth. With the Sun Logos of the Etheric Christ where Etheric life, human life and every system of plant, animal and human life, are woven full with natures laws of living Etheric Life, rhythms and cycles we are protected. These very foundational laws were made as the Logos was made in the early development of creation known as the Sun Evolution.

The Christ Being who walked the Earth and lived at the time of Golgotha was this Sun Logos Etheric King of Life. All that we see in nature, all that we thought we had secured of nature and life around us was made by HIM.  In HIM was life and all that St. John declared goes back to the ancient Sun Evolution that mineral, plants, insects, animals and humanity were grounded in. Therefore when this Christ lived on Earth in a human form with an Etheric, Astral and I AM of the human Jesus, transmuted and  defined by Zarathustra and enhanced and magnified by the Christ Being Himself, as HE lived as a human being for THREE YEARS on the Earth, something very strange was the result.

The result was that neither the Etheric body that did the miracles nor the Astral body that knew the Angels and knew the hearts of human beings nor the Macrocosmic I AM Sun Being who knew that He had made nature, had authored, was THE WORD ITSELF, none of these higher functioning and perfected systems disintegrated, decayed or vanished because of His crucifixion.

Our systems, codes, structures, what Aristotle would call the Entelechy had been worn and perfected by the code maker HIMSELF. HE  had perfected and transmuted the codes of the Fall and through the seed force, the literal SEED FORCE of having been the Sun Being Himself, these models, these copies were made permanent and safeguarded for our future developments.

Permanent as the Rose or endangered as the Bee, the great warehouse of minerals, plants, insects, animals and humans all function with a magnificent complex higher system and the author of that system walked the Earth for THREE YEARS and Resurrected with the full open source, free access perfected systems which could be intimately integrated into any human I AM, any human astral body and any human Etheric body.

A Sun explosion, a plethora of magnificent copies of the perfected human blueprints that re-programmed the entire complex codes of the Fall and of the limitations of  death, through the Christ Event, humanity might also re-integrate these perfected systems, learn from them and incorporate them into our present and future unfolding reincarnation, destiny and biographies.

Humanity could gradually learn to become I AM’s who could graduate, earn degrees and gain the rights to become Initiates of The Tenth Hierarchy. Gradually each human being grows into Angelhood, Archangelhood, Archehood and up to the highest levels, to the Christ Himself. Christ offered to anyone who would tread the path of the LIFE – the WAY and the TRUTH or remain true to the Etheric goodness, the path of the astral and the truth of the I AM as reincarnating immortal beings, the opportunity of gaining Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man capabilities.

Ahrimanic forces are intent on perfecting copies on Earth, through cloning sciences and Monsanto that are counting on the fact that when they finish creating the counterfeit etheric bodies and counterfeit nature to feed (see link) the counterfeit etheric bodies and create a counterfeit entertainment heaven, for fun addictive entertainment stuff , humanity will be ready to cave in and willing abnegate our Tenth Hierarchy status to Ahriman’s stones for bread bargain against The Christ Being.

By the time Ahriman brings all our little spoiled, failed, and fouled human decisions through all those Ahrimanic accomplices who betrayed themselves, murdered, tortured and greedily gobbled up the resources of the soul, the spirit and the world, then – then – then we can introduce the master of deception, fraud and good intentions himself, the earthly king, who will give us all these goodies for free. The price of admission will be our over all Judas betrayal of our Divine position within the Hierarchies. A fabricated etheric body from cradle to grave perfected and patented by earthly Ahrimanic corporations, health, entertainment, earthly instant gratification, no guilt and all you can eat buffets will seem irresistible.


Just as Monsanto has done to nature and seed products, the human etheric body will be patented and locked so that the spiritual world, the individual karma and model of the etheric body needed for the evolution of the individual I AM, will be locked, patented and secured against the full potential of spiritual capacities arising on their own.

In this way, for the benefit of humanity, Ahriman will have rid the Etheric body of illnesses and flaws that were too perplexing for materialism to solve and with all the tampered and destructive forces of bioweaponized vaccines, plagues and radioactive deformities flowing through soil, water and DNA, Ahriman will lock-in an Earthly Etheric body model that suppresses and disrupts the individual astral and I AM spiritual gifts from arising.

In other words as Rudolf Steiner indicated, thoughts about the spiritual world will be considered an illness and the cause of illnesses and Ahriman will have inoculated and frozen Earth Etheric copies and Astral systems and models at our current Intellectual levels, all for the clear cut materialistic benefit of humanity and the preservation human corporate Ahrimanic deception.

“In Greek mythology, Procrustes was the son of Poseidon, God of the deep blue seas. He built an iron bed of a size that suited him, and then forced everybody who passed by his abode to lie on it. If the passerby was shorter than his bed, then Procrustes would stretch him, breaking bones, tendons and sinews until the victim fitted; if he was taller, then Procrustes would chop off feet and limbs until the victim was the “right” size. This ancient story of “one size fits all” seems to have made its 21st Century comeback.”

But first, before Ahriman gives us these copies and we celebrate our global collapse with a new Santa as Savior who offers our spoiled souls, souls that Ahriman and our lazy refusal to measure the universe in the Image of Christ have brought us to, our future parents will solemnly repeat the tale of our full global collapse, the constant wars, the psychopaths and sociopaths, they will repeat to us as a grand, justified, materialistic fable. Then history will tell us, Revised Orwellian style history will tell us, how this nice person came and saved us all and solved all our conflicts and now we are so happy because we can have, excuse me, the whole world can have everything the same. All humans created and given Equal STUFF.

So now instead of the unfairness of the Individual I AM, and striving to become a Conscious Co-worker with Christ in the Kingdom of the I AM,  we applaud the famous distortion, ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL (SEE LINK). This will have become Ahriman’s glorious fulfilling motto. He will implement an Ahrimanically designed counterfeit etheric body where all humans are equal, by law.

Ahriman will have stolen the Sun Logos, Etheric Christ identity, the greatest example of IDENTITY THEFT in human history. Ahriman, through our abnegation of moral I AM responsibilities becomes for us the King of Earthly Life processes, by law. The gamble the Christ made on Judas will have paid off, for all of humanity will have taken the Judas path and we will have betrayed the Risen Etheric Christ for someone who could deliver bread, health, fun and a sense of common equality for a mere THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER.

Rudolf Steiner

“Just as the seed of a plant, once buried in the ground, reappears in many copies according to the mystery of number, so the copies of Jesus of Nazareth’s etheric and astral bodies were present in the spiritual world.”

“When Christ descended to the earth, He enveloped Himself with the threefold physical, etheric, and astral bodies of Jesus of Nazareth and lived three years in this sheath as Christ, the Sun-Spirit. With the event of the Mystery of Golgotha, Christ descended to the earth; but aside from what is known to all of you, something else special happened by virtue of the fact that Christ indwelled the three bodies of Jesus of Nazareth, particularly the astral and etheric bodies. After Christ cast off the bodies of Jesus of Nazareth, they were still present as spiritual substance in the spiritual world, but multiplied in a great many copies. They did not perish in the world ether or in the astral world, but continued to live as identical images. Just as the seed of a plant, once buried in the ground, reappears in many copies according to the mystery of number, so the copies of Jesus of Nazareth’s etheric and astral bodies were present in the spiritual world. And for what purpose were they present, considering the large framework of spiritual economy? They were there to be preserved and to serve the overall progress of the human race.

“One of the first individuals to benefit from the blessed fact of these countless copies of Jesus’s etheric body being present in the spiritual world was St. Augustine. When he again descended to earth after an earlier incarnation, not just any etheric body was woven into his own, but rather the copy of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth. Augustine had his own astral body and ego, but his etheric body was interwoven with the image of the etheric body of Jesus. He had to work through the culture of his ego and astral body, but when he had made his way to the etheric body, he realized the great truths that we find in his mystical writings.”

Copies of the vibrant Etheric body of Jesus Himself, the pristine mirror of the memory of Judas having touched, spoken, even KISSED the Christ in his betrayal and having been karmically connected to all of the disciples in the past would carry Judas forward into his incarnation as St. Augustine. We do not merely work on ourselves, we work for the whole of humanity by working on ourselves.

St. Augustine Of Hippo

Christ does not wish us to remain unconsciously unaware of our Karmic legacies. On the contrary the Christ works with our individual I AM and our karma as a great Artist and Gardener, but it is we who must become surprised and astonished by the hidden clues of our Spirits. St. Augustine carried as an Etheric Mirror in himself the perfected and powerful gift of the copy of the Etheric body of Jesus overlaid with his own former Judas etheric body.

St. Augustine, the great theological pillar of the Roman Catholic Church whose work flows right into the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, the direct previous life of Rudolf Steiner himself and flows deeply into modern psychology and the Anima and Animus studies of Carl Jung. Jung and Steiner both agree that the powerful problems of how our etheric bodies mirror our physical sex also influences our astral insights and the directions we pursue in our sexual orientations .

Our etheric bodies carry the opposite mirror of the sex we carry as physical human beings. Jung called it the Anima and Animus. But now we are observing and encountering that these vast inspirations sometimes light and sometimes dark that arise out of our Etheric bodies need to be examined against the mere trivia of personal sexual orientations and rather aimed at the reservoirs of vast complex wisdom that may be folded inside the kernel of our normal etheric, astral, or I AM system. In other words the Christ doesn’t care what your physical sexual orientation is as long as your orientation is towards your higher soul and spirit. Christ will be there for us as He was there for Judas and St. Augustine as an awakener.

“…with the princely generosity of a noted inhabitant of Tagasta, named Romanian, he was sent to the better equipped schools of the neighboring Madaura and later to Carthage. The schools of Carthage, though not so renowned and exceptional as those of Alexandria and Antioch, were yet among the most prominent of the Roman World. He was sixteen years of age when he was taken to this city, and after four years he had risen to the first place in the schools of rhetoric and had mastered all the branches of the liberal arts then taught. None could equal his penetration, none surpass him in the readiness of his answers or in the clearness of his expositions. The subtle distinctions and divisions of Aristotle were plain to him.

“The scholars of Carthage were anything but sober, industrious, modest, and orderly youths. They were indocile and turbulent; not only disturbing by their wild pranks the peace of the city, but interrupting by their noisy behavior and inattention the master’s discourses and lectures. It was next to impossible to preserve any semblance of discipline in the classes. So Augustine left in disgust and set out for Rome, the ancient mistress of the world. He had been enamoured by her imperishable traditions and magnificent monuments of grandeur and art, by her memories of numerous great men, their genius and their works, by her history ever rich in majesty and glory.

Induced by the consideration that he would find there the absence of unfavorable circumstances and the presence of stronger incentives to enthusiasm and high inspiration, he left his country and his mother, and in 383, with Alypius, his friend and pupil, he departed for this metropolis. But again he was doomed to disappointment. Though disciples were not wanting, and his chair was surrounded by a throng of earnest and strong students, he did not find the all-absorbing passion for wisdom and truth, for the sublime and beautiful, that he had fondly anticipated. There was not, indeed, the same degree of turbulence and disorder as at Carthage, but the magnificence and ostentation of the Roman family and life, their splendid palaces and festive orgies, could not but prove very injurious to habits of study. The youth had imbibed the venal corruption everywhere prevalent. Hence it not seldom happened that Roman scholars conspired to rob their master of his salary and desert his class in a body. Roman vileness and baseness disgusted Augustine even more than Punic insubordination. He therefore took advantage of a request made by the citizens of Milan of Symmachus who was then Prefect of Rome, that he would procure for them a professor of rhetoric. He accepted the proposal; and toward the close of the year 384 he was teaching at Milan. “

Judas had passed through kamaloca and the spiritual worlds and had been given a ‘virgin etheric body’ for his new incarnation with all the latent Judas issues still livingly working in him as part of his potent personal riddles. We all have such riddles and we all have to have help in order to solve those riddles.

St. Augustine plowed into his inner doubts and humanities issues, which St. Augustine carried in himself and broke through to the clarified etheric mirror of his own spirit having known and witnessed the actual Christ Event first hand.

Yet with all that Judas baggage, St. Augustine carried all of the most difficult questions of the soul and spirit ahead of us and through his step by step awakening and discovery of the foundations of his soul, St. Augustine caught glimpses and snatches of the cohesive Etheric light of the Jesus Etheric body awakening in him and sending new surges of life, strength and courage where only his own failures had appeared before.

If you think Judas got a free ride by being St. Augustine, you have not studied St. Augustine. The Christ wants us to discover the TRUTH in ourselves and is willing to walk with us on our long and individual roads. There is no one size fits all. We are required to EARN our individual insights through our own individual trials so that we may appreciate the journey of every individual I AM and show compassion and understanding for every Child who embarks, ever and again, on the journey of discovering their own higher being.

Part I is followed by PART II where we follow Dick Cheney into THE SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED. But as we close Part I it would be amiss if we didn’t celebrate the Golden Etheric coat of St. Augustine and Bob Dylan’s song of St. Augustine. And sometimes when I think of how St. Augustine might have appeared today, I sometimes listen to the voice and look to the rugged face of  Bob Dylan and wonder. (Youtube keeps removing Bob Dylan clips on St. Augustine so here is another one, even Joan Baez does St. Augustine her clip here)Dylan truly had captured the Golden Etheric coat of St. Augustine in his highly original Song. See ya in PART II.



“Saint Augustine” a poem in 8 books by Henry Warwick Cole Q.C. travels richly through Augustine’s struggles in a wonderful poetic style. (SEE LINK).  Judas is of course discussed but Augustine dealt with suicide and hundreds of other Etheric/Astral and I AM issues, as the New Etheric forces of the Etheric Body of Jesus rose up and penetrated his own inwardness of soul as a living nourishing MARRIAGE between his Etheric body and the Jesus Etheric body.


Music  video on The Redemption of Judas.  In a completely different visual style a second video of THE REDEMPTION OF JUDAS can be viewed HERE.


The Bob Dylan Masterpiece of Poetry, the slam dunk of exactly how the human community must recognize and stand firm against an Ahrimanic assault that was perpetuated by immense gloating military toys and the Military Industrial Complex as early as WWI to the attempts to pull off WW III. PEARL JAM lifts the Bob Dylan song, and the lyrics in the song, if you listen tell of JUDAS OF OLD. This Judas of old and the profits off death and destruction unable to buy back the soul are a JUDAS/ST. AUGUSTINE REVELATION in the very lyrics and power that Bob Dylan offered. And in fact we have to be as FIRM in our resolve as the End of the Song designates. AHRIMAN will not disappear without this firm RESOLVE.  (CLICK LINK)


This just came through – inspired by reading Bradford Riley‘s blog post on Judas!

But I Thought

I knew in my heart that He was the Son of God
But I thought that he was our military leader
I knew in my heart that He was the cure for our pain
But I thought that he had come to feed the poor

I knew in my heart that He was the Body of Love
But I thought that he came to punish our sins
I knew in my heart that He would forgive me
But I thought that he would never be caught

I knew in my heart that He needed my help
But I thought my betrayal would never be death
I knew in my heart that someone was chosen
But I thought I was furthering the good of our cause

I loved Him far more than I loved my own life
But I thought

Christine Natale

April 29, 2012


A little something to remember Judas by. CLICK LINK.

“Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Karma of Japan” by Bradford Riley

Rudolf Steiner

“Ahriman-Mephistopheles who has subjected him (humanity) to the influence of far more deadly powers and the civilizations immediately to come will see the appearance of many things connected with Ahriman’s influence. Through this influence the seeker for the spirit who does not stand upon firm and sure foundations can readily fall prey to the most terrible illusion and deception. For Ahriman is a spirit who sets out to spread deception as to the true nature of the sense-world, especially as an expression of the spiritual world. “

“1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael.”


” 66 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after this latest disaster and nuclear scare, the Japanese people are more than entitled to say to the nuclear lobby “Enough is enough! We will not go on down this path. Our nation is named after the sun. We shall not try to create an artificial sun. Instead, we shall gratefully accept what the Sun gives us and develop it in life-giving ways.”

We can view with some clarity now the general Michael Lesson Plan that has been drawn up for humanity. Our incursions into promoting Ahriman’s deception of the Age of Light against the dawn of the Age of Light that Michael ushered in around 1879 has pursued a path of calamity and catastrophe that has brought us here. The general tendency from our over all education is that our worship of materialism has created a crisis by way of our serious denial of the Etheric Christ Being. Our global choice to pursue the deadly fire forces of nuclear energy  appears very clearly in the World Karma now coming forth from Japan.

Rudolf Steiner

“…it should never so much as occur to anyone to attach an iota of guilt to the victim of such a calamity or to withhold compassion in the fullest measure. It must be absolutely clear to an anthroposophist that the karma of these individuals has nothing to do with the guilt to which the catastrophes are due and it should never occur to him to withhold help from anyone because — to put it trivially — he believes in karma and therefore assumes that this destiny was brought on by the man himself. Karma demands of us that we help human beings because we may be sure that our help means something that is written in their karma and will turn that karma in a more favorable direction. Understanding that is based upon the recognition of karma must necessarily lead to compassion; our compassion for the victims of such catastrophes will be all the greater, for our knowledge tells us that there is a collective karma of humanity from which the individual members have to suffer, that just as such happenings are brought about by humanity as one whole, so too must humanity be answerable for them; we must regard such a destiny as our own and help not only out of a spontaneous impulse but because we know that we are involved in the karma of humanity and share the guilt incurred!”

Our false pursuit of an Ahrimanic age of Light reveals a dirty dark shadow that covers our materialistic falsified worship on the altars of Ahrimanic deception from Hiroshima, Nagasaki through to Three-Mile Island,  (Must See documentary Chernobyl), through deserts loaded with poison depleted uranium dust, to Fukushima Dai-ichi.  (And you will please note ‘ichi’ and it’s relation to the I Am and the German word ICH – we have arrived at the dead-end of the I AM offered by Ahrimanic deceptions)

“Shima means “island” in Japanese. We must make sure that Hiro- and Fuku- do not remain islands in our collective experience, but rather lead to an improved and sustained nuclear safety culture.” There is no improved and sustained nuclear culture. Island, like Hamlet is the island of the cognitive I AM, the ICH in German.

The Lesson Plan from Michael, the current Arche and Time Spirit is hovering over Japan in order to freely inspire humanity in order to effectively change our negligent and destructive thinking patterns.

With the horrific events that have befallen humanity, our friends, our brothers and sisters in Japan, where, sitting on the Ring of Fire, the forces of nature emerged from the depths of the Earth to shatter once more the hard working and sincere nature of the Japanese people, we find ourselves in a mutually shared global tragedy. And we, who have cheered Ahriman’s deception and even now bow before the altars of materialism, are directly to blame for the catastrophe of our brothers and sisters in Japan. But we are too cowardly to think it all through and follow the deception of the age of light, down to the deep fiery lair of Ahriman in the sixth layer of the Inner Earth.

In this essay we will gain some IMAGINATIONS, tools, thoughts and insights that Michael has offered cognitive humanity but in general humanity prefers media lies and trivia to the living power of Michael Imaginations and the school of Tenth Hierarchy cognition. We shall in this essay gain insight into the Moral Fabric of the Earth Herself and how human morality, or deliberate lack there-of, interfaces with natural catastrophes and human hubris. Human technology continues to press ahead while conscious human understanding of how the Tenth Hierarchy is connected to the roots of the Earth are brutally dismissed.

Through the events that are still continuing to reverberate through out the world, through Earthquakes and aftershocks(see clip) of immense magnitude, the Tidal waves that engulfed whole villages prefectures and towns, including the overwhelming direct hit on Fukushima Prefecture (福島県, Fukushima-ken) we will look with Michael School insights into the problems humanity has created for itself by insisting upon radioactive, anti-Etheric, poison-etheric-corrupting radioactive light in opposition to the Etheric Christ Light that uplifts and heals all aspects of human life on Earth.

We can look at the problems and karma of the nuclear age and the specific destiny of the Japanese people. Firstly the hardships and sufferings of a society that honors the dead and the ancestors and links the honor and dignity of the dead to the stream of the living. Another aspect is the intensely hard working built in humility, order and cleanliness as well as the practical efficiency of the Japanese people.

Rudolf Steiner

“To understand what will now be said, we must realize that over and above the karma which belongs to every individual human being, there is at every stage of existence a universal karmic law. All the categories of beings have their karma — the karma of the one differing from that of the other. But karma operates through every realm of existence and there are things in the karma of mankind, in the karma of a people, of a community or other group of human beings, which must be regarded as collective karma, so that in certain circumstances the individual can be drawn into the sway of the collective karma. It will not always be easy for one who cannot penetrate to the root of the matter to discern exactly where the influences of the powers concerned lie in the case of human beings overtaken by such a destiny. An individual within some community may well be entirely guiltless as far as his own karma is concerned; but because he stands within a field of collective karma, calamity may befall him. If, however, he is entirely guiltless, compensation will be made in later incarnations.

“In the wider connection we must look not only at the karma of the past but also think of the karma of the future. A terrible fate may befall a whole group of human beings; the reason why just this group should suffer such a destiny is not to be discovered. Someone who might be capable of investigating the karma of an individual will in certain circumstances be unable to find anything at all that could have led to this tragic fate, for the threads of karma are extremely complicated. The cause of such karmic happenings may lie far, far away — but it is connected with these people nevertheless. And it may be that the whole group, while guiltless, has been overtaken by some collective karma which could not overtake those immediately guilty, because circumstances did not make this possible.

“In such cases the only thing that can be said is this: In the total karma of an individual, everything is ultimately balanced out, including what befalls him without guilt on his part; it is all inscribed in his karma and compensation in the fullest sense will be made in future time. — Therefore in considering the law of karma we must also take into account the karma of the future.

“Nor must it be forgotten that man is not an isolated being but that every individual has to share jointly in the collective karma of humanity. We must remember, too, that man, together with humanity, is connected with those hierarchies of Beings who have not entered into the physical world and that he is also drawn into the karma of the hierarchies. In the destinies of mankind in the spiritual world a great deal appears the connections of which are not to be sought in the immediate circumstances, but the karmic consequences come to pass inevitably.

“Since the second half of the Atlantean epoch, Ahriman’s karma has been linked with the karma of mankind. Where, then, are the deeds of Ahriman, over and above what is wrought by him in the bodies of men in order to spread phantoms and illusion over the world of sense? Where are these other deeds? “

Michael Lesson Plans for confronting Ahrimanic deceptions in the Age of Light

In approaching grasping and understanding how Michael operates in relation to the etheric forces and rhythm patterns of the Etheric Christ, the following particular patterns must be reviewed. The results of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the individuality of Christ on the hill of skulls at the age of 33 have set into history a powerful new Sun Rhythm into the very foundations of human life. That Sun Rhythm and Etheric Christ pattern reoccurs on 33 year cycles and remains a central mystery in the unfolding of individual human biography and the over all global karma of humanity.

The Arche Michael, our current ZeitGeist and Time Spirit, Spirit of the Age we are currently in for the next 200 and some years, serves The Risen Etheric Christ Being, the Sun Word and the Logos through the bright sun streaming of Sun Intelligence radiating through the Michael School and the Tenth Hierarchy. The Christ rhythm patterns of 33/66/99 have had a direct impact on the current crisis facing Japan and humanity. “1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael. At that time, Japan was trying desperately to remain independent”

Here we can see that 2 X 33 years, have unfolded since the horrific events of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, two Christ Rhythm phases.[NOTE LINK HERE HOW THE COMPARISON IS STARTLING] We can look for Christ rhythm phases to occur in 33 year time rhythms. On the second rhythm past 1945, nuclear power plants antithetical to the Etheric Christ have spread horrific radioactive world wide poison which reveals something that we say all the time, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

“Japan imported its first commercial nuclear power plant from the UK in 1966”

The destructive nuclear attack that initiated the Ahrimanic age of light of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has now come back round to the world and the West and Europe with the equivalent of well over two thousand (2000) 500 kiloton bombs each, and get THIS, for once again we can see a secret in the number 33, one 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and the amount of radioactivity set loose is equivalent to( 2000) 500kt bombs.

“Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United States accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!”

Japan had already experienced a bankrupting recession that the rest of the world only experienced later. We all are currently wrestling in the mud of a global economic depression of nearly 700 trillion dollars brought about with conscious Ahrimanic intent, in order to poison, wound and entrap humanity. Ahrimanic deception is currently so brutal and vicious that it would go so far to remove the Etheric Christ from the perception of humanity to the point of spinning the nuclear and radioactive issues into a (see link) medical vaccination that might cure radiation sickness but tragically make humanity immune to the workings of the Etheric Christ in our higher etheric rhythm forces which operate in all healthy human beings.

Ahriman has pulled out all the stops in it’s battle against the Etheric Christ. Japan with energy and hard work, tried to overcome being one of the first to fall into recession that has been deliberately designed to incapacitate and numb humanity. Japan’s products efficiency and ingenuity have dwarfed most American industries. The Japanese have shown resiliency and humility in facing the horrific humiliation of defeat and the spiritual energy to rebuild and resurrect.

The pivotal issue is that the Age of Michael in 1879 brought Japan into the target cross-hairs of the Ahrimanic forces of Fallen nuclear light only 66 years later, by 1945. Now we pivot away from our 1879 rhythm of 66 years to 1945 and swing to the opposite scale, that represent the Cosmic Scales of balance, represented by Michael and we arrive 66 years after 1945, in the year 2011.  We can see how Japan and the karma of the Japanese people are being devastated, while the WEST continues ignorantly and arrogantly promoting Ahrimanic social destruction, murder, WAR, along with stepped up production orders for all new Ahrimanic nuclear power plants intended to blossom over the surface and periphery of  the globe.

The conflict between the age of Light that Michael stands for and the age of light that Ahriman stands for, is crystallized in understanding that through out the globe, many, many small domed Goetheanum’s were meant to blossom over the Earth, in every country in the world and create Spiritual Science centers meant to serve the new forces of the Etheric that were rising to meet humanity. The counter-blow that Ahriman has struck that wrested certain forces away from Michael and The Tenth Hierarchy, were the belief in a materialism that allows the building of hundreds of nuclear reactors and power plants over the Earth,  that now serve Ahriman’s lethal dawn of the age of anti-human and anti-etheric radioactive light, that represent Ahriman’s counterfeit Age of Light. Steiner saw hundreds of Goetheanum’s springing up over the Earth, while Ahriman sought to chain humanity to an anti-etheric power source founded in raw materialistic greed.

Humanity has a choice and a chance to recover it’s higher common sense and thwart the Ahrimanic assaults that continue to arise out of Washington D.C. Michael has swung the scale of human justice on a 66 year pivot to counteract the Ahrimanic thrust of a falsified, destructive and doomed age of Ahrimanic light. The current ZeitGeist moment in Japan has Michael vs Ahriman writ large.(Click Link to Doctors and Physicians struggle with radioactive poison and the Fukushima disaster, while failing to grasp or understand the Etheric Body) But it is humanity that must find the courage and the will to decide to do the right thing.

Humanity is tasked with unpoisoning the well and decontaminating the ideas that have promoted the rise of nuclear reactors and a materialistic facsimile and imitation of Michael’s Dawn of the Age of Light. Humanity is tasked with demystifying the materialistic deception.

Global Contamination for Centuries to come

#1 It is estimated that there are 1,331 used nuclear fuel rods that need to be removed from Fukushima. Because of all of the damage that has taken place, computer-guided removal of the rods will not be possible. Manual removal is much riskier, and it is absolutely essential that the removal of each of the 1,331 rods goes perfectly because a single mistake could potentially lead to a nuclear chain reaction.

#2 According to Reuters, the combined amount of cesium-137 contained in those nuclear fuel rods is 14,000 times greater than what was released when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Other estimates put this number far higher.

#3 Officials in Japan admit that 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima is entering the Pacific Ocean every 24 hours.

#4 According to a professor at Tokyo University, 3 gigabecquerels of cesium-137 are flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every single day… Yoichiro Tateiwa, NHK reporter: [Professor Jota] Kanda argues government statistics don’t add up. He says a daily leakage of 300 tons doesn’t explain the current levels of radiation in the water. Jota Kanda, Tokyo University professor: According to my research there are now 3 gigabecquerels [3 billion becquerels] of cesium-137 flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every day. But for the 300 tons of groundwater to contain this much cesium-137, one liter of groundwater has to contain 10,000 becquerels of the radioactive isotope. NHK: Kanda’s research and monitoring by Tepco puts the amount of cesium-137 in the groundwater around the plant at several hundred becquerels per liter at most. He’s concluded that radioactive isotope is finding another way to get into the ocean. He’s calling on the government and Tepco to identify contamination routes other than groundwater.

#5 According to Tepco, a total of somewhere between 20 trillion and 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium have gotten into the Pacific Ocean since the Fukushima disaster first began.

#6 Something is causing fish along the west coast of Canada to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs. Could Fukushima be responsible?

#7 150 former sailors and Marines say that they now have radiation sickness as a result of serving on U.S. Navy ships near Fukushima and they are suing for damages.

#8 The Iodine-131, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 that are constantly coming from Fukushima are going to affect the health of those living the the northern hemisphere for a very, very long time. Just check out what Harvey Wasserman had to say recently… Iodine-131, for example, can be ingested into the thyroid, where it emits beta particles (electrons) that damage tissue. A plague of damaged thyroids has already been reported among as many as 40 percent of the children in the Fukushima area. That percentage can only go higher. In developing youngsters, it can stunt both physical and mental growth. Among adults it causes a very wide range of ancillary ailments, including cancer. Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish caught as far away as California. It spreads throughout the body, but tends to accumulate in the muscles. Strontium-90’s half-life is around 29 years. It mimics calcium and goes to our bones.

#9 It is believed that the Fukushima nuclear facility originally contained a whopping 1760 tons of nuclear material.

#10 It is being projected that the entire Pacific Ocean will soon “have cesium levels 5 to 10 times higher” than what we witnessed during the era of heavy atomic bomb testing in the Pacific many decades ago.

#11 According to the Wall Street Journal, it is being projected that the cleanup of Fukushima could take up to 40 years to complete. Sadly, the true horror of this disaster is only starting to be understood, and most people have absolutely no idea how serious all of this is.

Fallout researcher Christina Consolo

“We have endless releases into the Pacific Ocean that will be ongoing for not only our lifetimes, but our children’s’ lifetimes. We have 40 million people living in the Tokyo area nearby. We have continued releases from the underground corium that reminds us it is there occasionally with steam events and huge increases in radiation levels.

Across the Pacific, we have at least two peer-reviewed scientific studies so far that have already provided evidence of increased mortality in North America, and thyroid problems in infants on the west coast states from our initial exposures. We have increasing contamination of the food chain, through bioaccumulation and biomagnification. And a newly stated concern is the proximity of melted fuel in relation to the Tokyo aquifer that extends under the plant. If and when the corium reaches the Tokyo aquifer, serious and expedient discussions will have to take place about evacuating 40 million people from the greater metropolitan area. As impossible as this sounds, you cannot live in an area which does not have access to safe water.

The operation to begin removing fuel from such a severely damaged pool has never been attempted before. The rods are unwieldy and very heavy, each one weighing two-thirds of a ton. But it has to be done, unless there is some way to encase the entire building in concrete with the pool as it is. I don’t know of anyone discussing that option, but it would seem much ‘safer’ than what they are about to attempt…but not without its own set of risks.

And all this collateral damage will continue for decades, if not centuries, even if things stay exactly the way they are now. But that is unlikely, as bad things happen like natural disasters and deterioration with time…earthquakes, subsidence, and corrosion, to name a few. Every day that goes by, the statistical risk increases for this apocalyptic scenario. No one can say or know how this will play out, except that millions of people will probably die even if things stay exactly as they are, and billions could die if things get any worse. The area immediately around Fukushima is already permanently uninhabitable, and the truth is that a much wider area of northern Japan should probably be declared off limits for human habitation.”

Michael may point to and  indicate a clear cut moral direction and decision that The Tenth Hierarchy could take, but human freedom prevents Michael from making the decision for us.

The Archangelic forces of the Japanese people are now set to be one of many specific Michael hot-spots. Michael has entered to safeguard humanity against the premature horrendous marriage to sub-human, deadly etheric poisoning, by unveiling the misguided use of nuclear energy and depleted uranium in the world.  Deep immoral disturbances in the Fire layer of the Earth due to the sensitive nature of human will and the disturbed fire forces in the depths of the Earth have prematurely thrust humanity into a conflict that goes all the way back to the sinking of Atlantis.

Rudolf Steiner

Lecture given in Berlin, January 1, 1909

“… Lucifer is a Being who detached himself from the spiritual hosts of heaven after the separation of the sun, whereas Ahriman had already broken away before the separation of the sun and is an embodiment of quite different powers. The result of Lucifer’s influence in the Lemurian epoch was merely the corruption of the faculty, still possessed by man in the Atlantean epoch, to manipulate the forces of air and water. In the book entitled From the Akasha Chronicle (COSMIC MEMORY) you will have read that in Atlantean times the seminal forces in plant and animal were still at man’s command and could be drawn forth just as the forces used in the form of steam for propelling machines can be extracted from mineral coal today. I have told you that when these forces are drawn forth they are connected in a mysterious way with the nature-forces in wind, weather and the like; and if applied by man for purposes running counter to the divine purposes, these nature-forces are called into action against him.

“Here lies the cause of the Atlantean flood and of the devastation wrought by the powers of nature which led to the disappearance of the whole continent of Atlantis. But even before that time, man had lost command over the forces of fire and the power to ally them with certain mysterious forces of the earth. Power over the forces of fire and earth in a certain combination had already been withdrawn from man. But now — through the influence of Ahriman and his accomplices — he again acquired a certain mastery over the forces of fire and earth, with dire consequences.

“…the sixth stratum, the “Fire Earth”, containing as “substances” within it, forces that can bring about terrible havoc and destruction. It is actually into these forces that the primordial Fire has been banished.

“In and from this stratum the realm of Ahriman operates — in a material sense. What manifests in the phenomena of outer nature, in air and water, in cloud formations, in lightning and thunder — all this is, so to speak, a last vestige on the earth’s surface, of forces that were already connected with ancient Saturn and separated from the earth together with the sun. By what is working in these forces, the inner fire-forces of the earth are placed in the service of Ahriman. There he has the center of his activity; and whereas his spiritual influences make their way to the souls of people and lead them to error, we see how Ahriman — in a certain respect shackled — has certain foci for his activity in the interior of the earth. Were we to understand the mysterious connections of what has come to pass on the earth under Ahriman’s influence and what Ahriman’s own karma has become in consequence of this, we should recognize in the quakes and tremors of the earth the connection between such grievous, tragic happenings in nature and the power that holds sway on the earth. These manifestations are something that has remained since ancient times as a reaction on the earth against the good Beings of Light.

“Thus forces allied with the Beings who were thrust away from their connection with the earth at the time when the good Beings of light established the beneficent phenomena around the earth-globe, are active, and in a certain sense we can recognize the echoings of these fire-forces which in earlier times were withdrawn from man’s control, in what is wrought by fire in such terrible manifestations of nature.”

Michael is presenting humanity with a moral challenge and a LESSON PLAN  to wake up to the horrific consequences of awakening the Fire Spirits of the Inner Earth Core, which again places the Japanese people on the vulnerable side of sitting on the Ring of Fire, with Volcanoes and the inner activity of the Earth responding to the the evil technology of nuclear breeder reactors that feed the disturbing demonic forces of fire in the core of the Earth.

The ancient pictographic language of Japan goes all the way back to the origins of the alphabet as Atlantean PictoGraphic replications. The Archangel that has guided the Japanese Language forces reaches far, far back to the origin of Language itself. This is documented in ONE LANGUAGE SOURCE OF ALL TONGUES by Arnold Wadler. A whole potent karmic stream and Language Archangel, the Japanese Language, ancient pictographic Atlantean Picto language carry the ancient ancestor honoring, the

stream connecting the passage of souls from earthly life and family relations to heavenly or spiritual life, where the ancestors are tracked, honored and their journey and memory continued, is a traditional ritual that links the living with the long history of the departed.

Because humanity is tied together via the West – Middle – East in a Threefold Social and Spiritual Configuration and since the West opened the nuclear age of Fallen radioactive Light and Fallen Ethers by dropping atomic bombs on the Japanese people, the current catastrophe from Japan reveals a remarkable relation to the scales of balance that Michael carries for the Cosmos, the Etheric Christ and for humanity.

Akira Kurosawa

Let us follow the inner capacities of the New Christ Impulse as it has appeared in the 20th century and follow these new Christ capacities out into the 21st century and in specific the current crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reactors. These new Christ capacities that are working their way through humanity appear here and there and we fail to recognize them. But when they appear in such a vivid recurring prophetic dream, enough that a rich Archangelic representative Soul from the EAST, a soul so steeped in the traditions, history, customs and language of the Japanese people, that a future picture, a future clairvoyant dream bursts forth in this soul, we should take notice.

Make no mistake about it, these are the very future capacities, indicated that would certainly appear and when they appear they would be filled with the substance of the Etheric Christ future vision insights that were touched in the astral body and penetrated down to the etheric body of one of the greatest film makers of the East. (SEE CLIP) Akira Kurosawa’s prophetic Dream: Mount Fuji in Red is a clear cut verification of what Rudolf Steiner predicted would indicate the touch of the Etheric Christ’s gifts of future seeing capacities as it relates to the giant karmic picture of the entire Archangelic Japanese people.

An entire global picture, a snapshot into a future Etheric Christ picture that has all the substance of the Archangel of the Japanese people, the karma of the entire Japanese Soul and Language group and how the tragedy and destiny of this Archangelic group would manifest one of the key mysteries that would shatter the Ahrimanic deception of it’s false Age of Light, shot like lightening right through Akira Kurosawa.

Akira Kurosawa was a painter of light with his film work. He stood shoulders above the masses in his deep moral tales of the ancient Japanese Folk Soul. Akira Kurosawa stood shoulder to shoulder with the several other prophets and representatives of the world of film as well. Akira Kurosawa stood shoulder to shoulder with Stanley Kubrick  and Rod Serling in the WEST. ( the following Rod Serling clip takes us back to Hiroshima, but youtube cut out the example I had posted, but this is the name of the episode to really understand the higher moral Michael forces working through Serling’s Twilight Zone, episode title “NO TIME LIKE THE PAST” see it for yourself –  this is the intro to that episode which testifies to the incredible link between Kurosawa and Serling (SEE CLIP INTRO)  Through those three individuals, Kurosawa, Kubrick and Serling a Michael Intelligence flavor of the WEST and the EAST arose with stunning Michael vitality.

Federico Fellini who, like Kurosawa, painted with Light and Color from the Italian Language Archangel perspective. Federico Fellini gave flavor and coloring as well as some Middle Europe content in the distribution of EAST-WEST-MIDDLE of a threefold world as well. In the same way Kurosawa illuminated the ancient stream and Language of the Japanese people of the EAST so Rod Serling and Stanley Kubrick illuminated modern Michael and Ahrimanic problems for those who had lived in the WEST and carried the English Language Archangelic forces.

Federico Fellini painted the Italian Folk Soul and dynamics of the Language of the Archangel of the Italian folk with great vividness and humor. Just as we can study Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, who both as well carried various specific aspects of the moral contents of India and the moral contents of the West and African American etheric folk substance with clear Michael like vividness in their deeds and thoughts.

When we look at great artists and films and different languages we gain the rich experience needed to become global and cosmopolitan citizens who begin to FEEL and incorporate into our astral and etheric life, the gifts of the Threefold World and the great gifts of the various Archangels of the different languages over the Earth.

When we include the flavor and coloring of the individual Language Archangels, we have to reckon with the fact that our own unique Angels guided us to specific Archangel Language systems in cooperation with the Archangel hierarchies. And then we come to the future visionary capacities that arise within the new Etheric Christ experiences radiating through the 20th and 21st centuries.

Rudolf Steiner

“…before the middle of the twentieth century there will be people possessed of a natural etheric clairvoyance, who, since mankind has reached the epoch in which this will develop as a natural gift, will perceive the etheric body as permeating the physical body and extending beyond it. Just as man, once able to see into the spiritual world, has descended to the merely physical perception and intellectual comprehension of the external world, so he begins gradually to evolve new and conscious capacities which will be added to the old ones. One of these new capacities I should like to characterize.

There will be people — at first only a few, for only in the course of the next two or three thousand years will these capacities evolve in larger numbers, and these first forerunners will be born before the end of the first half of the twentieth century — who will have an experience something like the following. After taking part in some action they will withdraw from it, and will have before them a picture which arises from the act in question. At first, they will not recognize it; they will not find in it any relation to what they have done. In the end they will see that this picture, which appears to them as a sort of conscious dream-picture, is the counterpart of their own action; it is the picture of the action which must take place, in order that the karmic compensation of the previous action may be brought about.

Thus we are approaching an age in which men will begin to understand karma not only from the teachings and presentations of Spiritual Science, but in which they will begin actually to see karma. Whereas until now karma was to man an obscure impulse, an obscure desire, which could be fulfilled only in the following life, which could only between death and a new birth be transformed into an intention, man will gradually evolve to a conscious perception of the work of Lucifer and its effect. Certainly only those will have this power of etheric clairvoyance who have striven after knowledge and self-knowledge. But even in normal circumstances men will have more and more before them the karmic pictures of their actions. That will carry them on further and further, because they will see what they still owe to the world — what is on the debit side of their karma.”

There is a great deal more to understanding these future capacities and the New Etheric Christ vision that is slowly developing in humanity, but suffice it to say that Ahriman wishes to control anything to do with these new visions. Ahriman has already begun to develop Pharmaceutical vaccinations that will control moral perception. However with Akira Kurosawa a vivid Christ/Michael perception managed to squeeze through the full Ahrimanic roadblocks placed before our comprehension.

Ahriman is hoof and claw fighting to prevent humanity from grasping the higher Etheric forces of the Etheric Christ capacities and divert them. Just as for us, The Tenth Hierarchy, the dawn of the age of light for Ahriman was far, far, different than the dawn of the Age of Light under the auspices of Michael and the Etheric Christ. We bought Ahriman’s deception on the whole and clung to materialism and the lies and deception that Ahriman presented against the courage and veracity of the Michael School and what Spiritual Science alone has the courage to reveal.

Akira Kurosawa’s prophetic Dream: Mount Fuji in Red

The film’s second nightmare sequence. A large nuclear power plant near Mount Fuji has begun to melt down, painting the sky a horrendous red and sending the millions of Japanese citizens desperately fleeing into the ocean. Three adults and two children are left behind on land, but they soon realize that the radiation will kill them anyway.

Mount Fuji in Red script:

I: What is it? What’s happening? Has Fuji erupted? How terrible!

Woman with baby: It’s worse than that! Didn’t you know? The nuclear power plant has exploded.

Nuclear engineer: The six atomic reactors. They are exploding one after another. Japan is so small there’s no escape!

Woman with baby: We all know that. No way out. But we still have to try. No other way.

Woman with baby: This is the end.

I: But… …what happened? Where did all those people go? Where did they escape to?

Nuclear engineer: To the bottom of the sea. The dolphins. Even they are leaving.

Woman with baby: Lucky dolphins. They can swim away.

Nuclear engineer: It won’t help. The radioactivity will get them.
The clouds… …the red one. It’s Plutonium 239. 10,000,000th of a gram causes cancer.
The yellow one is strontium 90. It gets inside you… …and causes leukemia.
The purple one is Cesium 137. It affects reproduction. It causes mutations.
It makes monstrosities.
Man’s stupidity is unbelievable. Radioactivity was invisible. And because of its danger, they colored it. But that only lets you know which kind kills you.
Death’s calling card. See you later.

I: Wait! Radiation doesn’t kill you at once.

Nuclear engineer: So What? A slow death is even worse. I refuse to die slowly.

Woman with baby: Adults dying — they’ve lived long enough already. But the children haven’t even lived yet. It’s unfair!

Nuclear engineer: Waiting to die isn’t living.

Woman with baby: They told us that nuclear plants were safe. Human accident is the danger, not the nuclear plant itself. No accidents, no danger. That’s what they told us. What liars! If they’re not hanged for this, I’ll kill them myself.

Nuclear engineer: Don’t worry. The radioactivity will do that for you. I’m sorry. I am one of those who deserve to die.”

It is clear that the Dawn of the Age of Light was not to be nuclear light. The Dawn of the Age of Light in 1879 brought the consolidation of the Michael School, the focus of humanities attention to the Etheric Christ and the unfolding Etheric Christ light that has slowly spread it’s way through-out humanity, revealing ever more profound conscious and higher pathways for human maturity.

On the opposite scales of balance, as we can clearly see, 1879 to 1945 and the official Dawn of the Michael Age was immediately linked to the growth and development of Spiritual Science. However on the opposite scale, in Ahrimanic counterpoint, linked to releasing Fallen immoral Devachan technology that counterfeited and counteracted in an immoral attack, 66 YEARS AFTER 1879, the dawn of the nuclear age began our first confrontations with the horrific forces of nuclear death. Ahriman counter moved against the Michael Age, check mated Michael with the Dawn of Ahriman’s MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction- The Psychopath Structure and also look at this STUDY CLICK HERE) and the horrific first strike of two nuclear detonations in human populations. A false Age of Light had dawned and humanity has clung to it until Fukushima.

66 YEARS LATER as the Michael Cosmic Scales swung back into balance,  Japan was rocked to it’s core by one of the most powerful Earthquakes to date and the unintended consequences of this Tsunami and Earthquake opened the old wound where Michael, through an Etheric Christ Rhythm is once more offering humanity a moment to recover our higher human healthy etheric direction and review the moral maturity and moral forces that are so clearly tied to the very core of the Earth and tied most intimately to Michael’s role as revealing the Countenance of the Christ Sun.

Michael stands with the Etheric Christ in the wholesome renewal and awakening of the healthy and healing forces of our true Etheric Earth and our true Etheric Life body rhythms.

The Ahrimanic tendencies in human greed, arrogance, hubris coupled with untruths and political lies have tied much of humanity to the very opposite intentions of the Risen Etheric Christ. Michael is faced with the dilemma that humanity has tied itself to the Ahrimanic mistranslation and misinterpretation of the age of light by introducing prematurely, a horrific man made light, that can only mame, destroy, and deform the work of the Etheric in nature and how we unite these intimate etheric healing rhythms to the evolution of our higher human faculties.

This is rather heavy karma to be burdened with and Japan now sits on the Ring of Fire (interesting clip) and sits in the current cross-hairs of a vast Moral issue that reaches deep into the very core of the Earth. Humanity can choose to come back from the brink of letting premature Fire demons, Anti-Sun forces drag humanity and Earth into the abyss. At least in this essay, we are looking at how Japan has become the central moral battleground for one of humanities most profound problems. Yet at every turn we see the activity of Michael attempting to alert humanity to issues which WE, as humanity have released through our unconscious and intentionally destructive and immoral patterns of thinking and behavior.

On the other hand the Japanese are not the target of ahrimanic propaganda, the current Muslim world IS so that Japan’s FIRE crisis, Water Crisis, Earthquake crisis reflects the thrusting up from the Inner Earth the immoral use of Fire over the whole Earth by craving materialistic energy via Breeder reactor systems scattered over the periphery of the Earth.

Terry Boardman

” 66 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after this latest disaster and nuclear scare, the Japanese people are more than entitled to say to the nuclear lobby “Enough is enough! We will not go on down this path. Our nation is named after the sun. We shall not try to create an artificial sun. Instead, we shall gratefully accept what the Sun gives us and develop it in life-giving ways.”

“The reign of Japan’s first emperor Jimmu began in 660 BC.

“1945 – 2011 is 66 years. 66 years before 1945 was 1879, the beginning of the Age of the Sun Archangel Michael. At that time, Japan was trying desperately to remain independent (to keep its own Sun shining, so to speak) and to avoid becoming a western colony. To do that, Japan used its long samurai traditions and allowed itself to be directed by the samurai military class whose habits passed over into the world of business and industry. To remain free of the western imperialists, Japan’s samurai-influenced leaders decided that Japan too would have to become an imperialist nation. This led eventually to the tragedies of 1931-1945. Thus ended the first 66 years of the Age of Michael, archangel of the Sun.

“For the next 66 years Japan followed the lead of the country that had unleashed on it the power of the world’s first artificial sun – the USA, the country that had forced Japan to open to the world in 1853 when the black ships came. For 44 years, from 1945-1989, Japan energetically rebuilt seeking to copy the American Way, even to outstrip America in material and economic power. The American Dream is one of increasing material wealth, prosperity, consumerism, ownership, primarily for oneself and one’s family. In 1989, 66 years after the great physical shock of the terrible Tokyo-Yokohama earthquake, and 44 years after the psychological shock of the defeat in war, Japan was hit by another shock when its economic bubble burst, just at the time that the Showa Emperor died. For the next 21 years Japan struggled on, unable to extricate itself from the economic doldrums it found itself in, unable to recover the economic dynamism of the period 1960-1990, but STILL, its elite tried to follow the American Way, the American Dream; despite some differences in the way Japan has always run its capitalist system, still it operates this system which is grounded in a materialistic way of looking at life, death, society and economics.

“Now, 66 years after 1945, Japan has been given yet another great shock. I believe that from this shock the Japanese can awaken to a new future, one in which they should make their elite take seriously those words of Prime Minister Kan Naoto, when he said “we shall rebuild Japan from scratch”. Yes, but not just the buildings! The people of Japan can start with their energy resources, first their own personal human energy resources, to restructure the energy system that underpins the economy. Change from an economy based on dead Nature (fossil fuels and nuclear power) to one based on living Nature (solar, wind, wave, geothermal, hydrogen) – one that truly harmonizes with all that is best in Japanese tradition and culture.”

(Terry Boardman graduated in history from Manchester University, lived in Japan for 10 years and has completed a four year full-time training in the movement art of Eurythmy in which he was subsequently active for seven years.)

Vital IMAGINATIONS and Insights of the Relation between the Periphery and the Center

“These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the earth with its surface.” Rudolf Steiner, June 12, 1906

Breeder Reactors and nuclear Reactors that breed horrific radioactive fires dot the periphery of the Earth. In one aspect of the Michael Lesson Plan we must take very seriously that which we have failed to think through because of our own clinging to the destructive sciences of Ahrimanic materialism.

In any study of the Mystery of the Periphery and circumference, the surface of the Earth and the Mystery of the Center, the core, as if the core and center of the Earth were unrelated to the surface or Periphery of the Earth, we come into direct contact with one of humanities favored materialistic and ahrimanic fabrications and deceptions. We imagine that by promoting concentrated radioactive reactor cells over the surface of the Earth, that somehow we won’t invoke the very powerful and untransformed primal fiery forces of the SIXTH layer of the Inner Earth.

These primal untransmuted forces of ancient cosmic and creative fiery forces go all the way back to the Ancient Saturn Beings who first formed our immortality and designed us from their own being. We are meddling with Beings who have helped form entire worlds and some of those beings are chained in the core of the Earth (Sorathian Earth core studies link) until we arrogantly presume to release them from their imprisonment. However the secret of the Resurrection and the Etheric Christ has everything to do with how human beings can safely transubstantiate the mighty core forces locked in the center of the Earth and merge them with our emerging Lessons in Immortality.

Currently, evoking prematurely these forces in the core of the Earth reveals that human beings are only at the weak beginnings of penetrating the living Etheric forces in order to transmute and handle the mighty elemental mysteries of Fire – Air – Water – Earth. Our understanding the secrets of the Etheric, Devachan, astral worlds that surround humanity and the Earth are only just at their beginnings. And all of these forces are deliberately tangled in the chaotic thinking of human beings who imagine that the Periphery and the Center of the Earth and the destiny of the Earth Herself are unrelated to the inner development of human beings.

That is one of the only George Carlin errors that stand out very clearly to me. Here’s the clip and below the Socratic logic of Carlin, which in this case, is brilliant but wrong.

George Carlin

“The planet is fine. Compared to the people, the planet is doing great. Been here four and a half billion years. Did you ever think about the arithmetic? The planet has been here four and a half billion years. We’ve been here, what, a hundred thousand? Maybe two hundred thousand? And we’ve only been engaged in heavy industry for a little over two hundred years. Two hundred years versus four and a half billion. And we have the CONCEIT to think that somehow we’re a threat? That somehow we’re gonna put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that’s just a-floatin’ around the sun?

“The planet has been through a lot worse than us. Been through all kinds of things worse than us. Been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sun spots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles…hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors, worlwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages…And we think some plastic bags, and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference? The planet…the planet…the planet isn’t going anywhere. WE ARE!

We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks. We’re going away. And we won’t leave much of a trace, either. Thank God for that. Maybe a little styrofoam. Maybe. A little styrofoam. The planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet’ll shake us off like a bad case of fleas. A surface nuisance.

You wanna know how the planet’s doing? Ask those people at Pompeii, who are frozen into position from volcanic ash, how the planet’s doing. You wanna know if the planet’s all right, ask those people in Mexico City or Armenia or a hundred other places buried under thousands of tons of earthquake rubble, if they feel like a threat to the planet this week. Or how about those people in Kilowaia, Hawaii, who built their homes right next to an active volcano, and then wonder why they have lava in the living room.”

Center and Periphery arise in how the Heart is a Sun and the pulse of this Human sun in the center of the chest radiates out to the periphery, all the way to the surface of our skin and through living moral forces links to intimate hearts connected to us well beyond the limits of our skin, all the way to the realm of the dead who have returned to the spiritual world from whence we have all had our point of origin. Outside in the vast Zodiac and starry world, the karma and destiny of humanity (see link) gathers itself from the periphery and enters the portal of birth and cellular development. Periphery and Center operates in every precise law of reality there is.

We observe skin cancer on the surface of our bodies and discover that down to our bones we are riddled with cancer. Yet it may only slowly appear on the surface, but it is deeply connected to the core of our immortality and the very surface of our physical bodies. What we came to do on Earth and who we came to meet, our karma has also presented us with a vast riddle and roadblock that we must penetrate. Periphery and Center are always potently and powerfully linked. But apparently Ahrimanic science prefers to have nothing linked, no connections made, no interrelationships or decisions and prognosis that concretely interface with each other.

In the Mistletoe used in Cancer treatments Spiritual Science has observed meticulously and carefully that a plant parasite called mistletoe grows on the periphery of the branches of the trees. When mixed into medical potency we find that Human breast Cancer can be cured by deliberately growing Mistletoe on Apple trees and making  potentized medical tinctures from harvesting the apple saturated mistletoe. The same goes for male prostrate Cancer. Mistletoe grown on the periphery of oak trees are harvested and homeopathically prepared and designed to penetrate the etheric rhythms in either females or males, and begin a process of healing and recovery.

Our constant insulting attitude and behavior in the rejection of the immortal core of humanity, the I AM in us, and the Immortal Christ Event, the Etheric Christ event that happened in one particular human and at one particular location on the periphery of the Earth, releasing the Immortal I Am from the Fall and uniting every single detail of our human spiritual striving to the beloved and beneficent etheric forces of the Earth, are openly mocked, denied and consistently disregarded.

We have sought to create a satellite ring that surrounds and orbits our Earth, in closer orbit than our Moon, in order to follow events on the surface, to follow and pin-point movements on the surface and even to direct destructive weaponry, deadly DRONES, missiles on trajectories to various locations. That is also a form of moving and using Periphery and Center.

We have our own immortal being, our karma, our destiny and I AM tracking built into us with vast higher potentials. We relegate most of that research to new-age air-heads and refuse to study our monumental science of human immortality with any diligence or certainty.

Aristotle one of the most serious and detailed researchers in the entire world, relished every secret the Earth had to offer. When we we pay lip service and yawn at old Aristotle, that old has been, we fail to even rejoice, recognize the advancement of the detailed scientist Aristotle into the exact Spiritual Researcher, Rudolf Steiner. What happened to the capacities and diligence of Aristotle?

The laws of reincarnation and intensification reveal to us the transformed Aristotle in the quiet personality of the Spiritual Science forerunner of the Michael age, Rudolf Steiner. Look at how the immense interest and diligence of Aristotle blossomed into a conscious researcher of the depths of Spiritual Science. Do we have to be clubbed over the head to knock any sense into us? Apparently we refuse to adjust our errors in thinking before unleashing upon this good Earth the very annihilating demons we immaturely crave who were locked in the SIXTH LAYER of the fiery depths of the Earth.

What we have preferred to engage in are profit factored corporations that develop various technologies that give us short term and immediate gratification and cheap thrills, and sometimes life saving interfacing. By putting off our interest in how our I AM functions in the Core of our Being we opted for technologies that imitate our higher undeveloped and neglected inner faculties.

Yes technology that shows us detailed weather over the Earth and warns us of Water or Air, Space, Land issues and guides our surface and periphery autos and RFID chips in our flesh that can unite our health, economy, and pin-point our exact location, still presents itself, without our maturing moral participation as dangerous tools that Ahriman easily claims for his deception. We are led to believe that we are made safer and we can relinquish our inner striving and our worries and let the masters of deception provide us with free goodies. We have been presented with destructive Ahrimanic tools that will frustrate all human freedom and health on Earth with insidious lies or we use these brilliant technologies with a moral clarity that we still refuse to address in ourselves.

So far the 20th and 21st century have proved that we wish to remain gleefully ignorant of our true moral position as seeds of immortal creation growing from the Divine Outline of Earth development. We refuse to consider ourselves as members of the Tenth Hierarchy of higher beings created along with the Angels. We have in the majority embraced all of Ahriman’s political and religious prerequisites and have gladly forfeited our freedom to the silver tongued lies of Ahrimanic leaders, particularly in Washington, Israel and Great Britain. We remained glued to a Media that is designed to step around any truth in it’s path and hold it’s nose as if it were piles of cow manure. Cow Manure is far purer and sweeter than anything we get, scattered in the Periphery on the other end of broadcasting Corporate owned liars.

Not only is our humanity invested, and woven into the entire destiny of all the crystals, plants, insects, animals and humans that are participating with Earth, but our cutting edge technologies through the 20th and 21st centuries have been insisting and frustrating the point of prematurely releasing vast destructive forces that we have never yet matured enough or gained yet enough insight into them or ourselves, to slowly merge these potent destructive forces and constructively illuminate and guide our education, medicine and ripening to match our own human pace of moral development.

Hasty Ahrimanic immoral pursuit of profits and greed have thwarted and stymied the new pace that humanity could lay claim to if they chose the advance of slow immortality and insight over avarice and twisted betrayals of Ahrimanic intents. Here we mostly stand as arrogant, ahrimanic criminals and liars in every educational institute and blatantly relish our teaching of materialism, greed and Ahrimanic selfishness, devoid and with celebratory denial of the Spirit of the I AM in matter, Ahriman (Mephistopheles) is the master to all those who naively approach our decadent university sepulchers in search of wisdom for careers, futures and diplomas, sans moral and ethical foundations.

Rudolf Steiner

“In certain occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality. It has already been indicated that these are spiritual Beings who detached themselves from the evolution of the earth before the separation of the sun. “

Periphery and Center are inter-related and potently connected and linked to each other. By concentrating over the periphery and surface of the Earth, potent FIRE, demonic anti-human, FIRE citadels, vessels, nests that deliberately breed horrific Anti-Sun and Anti-Man and Anti-Christ Fire forces, that oppose the very central rhythms of the Sun, the very central forces of Agriculture and the brilliant planetary handbook of the Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner, along with the very core of how the Etheric life and lymphatic system functions in humans, plants, animals, are all tossed aside while poison monsters are bred that oppose the very core of the Resurrection.

The Molten Core of the center of the fiery Earth and the vast and intimate micro-system of humanity that incarnate and thrive on the periphery or the surface of our Earth, where we initiate destructive sciences that can stir down to the very foundations of the Earth and disrupt whole continents, presumes with full ahrimanic arrogance that there are no moral relationships between how humanity behaves on the Periphery and what happens at the Core of the Earth.

Rudolf Steiner

“From what has been said you can gather that through Christ’s Coming, Ahriman has been cast into fetters — if this expression may be used — but only, of course, for those who endeavor unceasingly to fathom the Christ-Mystery. And outside the forces streaming from the Christ-Mystery, protection in the world against the influence of Ahriman will steadily diminish. In a certain sense — and many signs proclaim it — our epoch courts these influences of Ahriman. In certain occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality. It has already been indicated that these are spiritual Beings who detached themselves from the evolution of the earth before the separation of the sun.

“Up to now we have been describing merely the terrible influence that Ahriman can exercise upon a certain abnormal process of development, one that proceeds along occult paths. But in a certain respect the whole of mankind came under the influence of Ahriman during the second half of the Atlantean epoch. The whole Post-Atlantean epoch has within it, in a certain sense, the aftermath of Ahriman’s influence — in one region of the earth more, in another less. But Ahriman’s influence has asserted itself everywhere and all the teachings given to the peoples by the ancient Initiates concerning the Spirits of Light who are the opponents of Ahriman were given primarily in order to draw these peoples away from Ahriman’s influence. It was a good, wisely led education of mankind.

“But let us not forget that since that time the destiny of Ahriman has been interwoven in a certain sense with the destiny of humanity, and manifold happenings, of which the uninitiated can know nothing, keep the whole karma of humanity in perpetual connection with the karma of Ahriman.”

Ahriman has direct access to our human will and to the Sixth Fire Layer of the inner Earth. We build our reactors and intense Fire Demon citadels on the periphery of the Earth in various countries, states, and geographic locations. Our Ahrimanic lies, murder and destructive nuclear Fire Dragons, collect in breeder reactors, that breed these illicit, anti-etheric fire demons on the periphery of the Earth, but they also directly spur on and infuriate the Fire forces in the interior of the Earth. Therefore Earthquakes, volcanoes, Tsunami’s, Tidal Waves, Hurricane’s, Typhoons, Tornadoes, floods and famine all have to do directly with how human moral forces infuriate, irritate, awaken and disturb the Fire layer of the Inner Earth. Our own human WILL or WILL TO POWER, are the immoral culprits which causes such vast catastrophes like Japan, for she sits on the Ring of Fire.

Entire human personalities are currently being overshadowed and coaxed into more and more sterile intimate evil. As humanity we have voted for this evil, we have applauded it and failed to see the changing face of this evil from the point of the exile of the Titans into the Core of the Earth, to the emerging of Mephistopheles in each of our own personal DOUBLES. Our own human doubles are infected with the full glut of the materialism that has been worshiped and coddled into power, until again, and again from the Nazis to Washington D.C. and Israel we have willingly unlocked the depths of the Fire Earth, and released more and more Ahrimanic destruction into the laps of humanity.

“…if the Christ had undergone only what took place from the time of the Baptism in Jordan until the time of the Crucifixion and the Death on the Cross, then, having undergone all this, He would still not have been able to speak of the Mysteries of which He did speak to His initiate disciples after His resurrection. I must explain to you that, to the divine teachers who were able to descend to Earth, and to the initiated teachers in olden times, all Mysteries were open in the whole wide world save only the Mysteries of the interior of the Earth. The initiates knew that down there within the Earth spiritual Beings hold command, of quite another kind than the Gods Who before the Mystery of Golgotha used ever and again to descend to human beings. The Greeks, for instance, were not unaware of the Spiritual Beings in the interior of the Earth; they called them in their mythology the Titans. But Christ was the first of the Upper Gods to learn to know the interior of the Earth, That is an important fact.” Rudolf Steiner April 24, 1922

The unholy, poison FIRE forces we cultivate and breed in nuclear Reactors over the periphery of the Earth, are the embodiment of Ahrimanic churches, fortresses that connect the demonic fire forces of the Periphery to the Inner Fire forces that have slowly been released and unchained to roam through human wills and human intents that have become filled with murder, lies, torture and nightmare. Through these gates of hell, we have brought Ahrimanic forces that were once chained away from humanity, up to the surface and let them run unchecked through our human will. Unchecked we let Ahrimanic forces hunt down our children’s hearts and minds and destroy all delicate connections that could have ever existed with their intimate connection to the arising of the Etheric Christ.

It is warmth, compassion and the healing forces that arise when a child or an adult get a fever and the work of the Etheric body goes into over drive. These warmth forces are part of the immortal fire forces that human beings are given to find their way to the heart of Truth and cleanse themselves of their own lies. It is the sudden burst of shame that causes us to blush and from the center out to the periphery of our skin, we blush, we send a fire force up from the center of our being all the way out to the periphery of our skins.

For it is the very fire forces in the human being, the fever and healing fevers and human warmth and compassion that conducted the divine fire forces from the heart of the Christ Being out to every aspect of suffering and sick human creation. It is the very core of the uplifting, healing Etheric Christ being, that lawfully and beneficently streams forth to heal every aspect of suffering and sick creation. Yet we as humanity have chosen to snub the work and human strengths of the Etheric Christ and embrace the murderous destructive lies perpetuated by Ahrimanic beings who now lodge themselves in every human being and Lord it over our goodness and common sense. And to add insult to injury we placed Demonic Fire reactors that communicate directly to the inner layer of the Ahrimanic Fire demons, the Asuras, trapped in the inner Earth. All of this because we refuse to see with our eyes and with our Imaginations and connect the dots and learn to think as true members of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner


Physical science as yet only knows of the terrestrial crust, a mineral layer which in fact is only like a thin skin at the surface of the earth. In reality the earth consists of a succession of concentric layers which we shall now describe:

1) The mineral layer contains all the metals which are found in the physical bodies of everything that lives at the surface. This crust is formed like a skin around the living being of the earth. It is only a few miles in depth.

2) The second layer can only be understood if we envisage a substance which is the very opposite of what we know. It is negative life, the opposite of life. All life is extinguished there. Were a plant or an animal plunged into it, it would be destroyed immediately. It would be totally dissolved. This second shell — half liquid — which envelopes the earth is truly a sphere of death.

3) The third layer is a circle of inverted consciousness. All sorrow appears there as joy. And all joy is experienced as sorrow. Its substance, composed of vapors, is related to our feelings in the same negative manner as the second layer is in regard to life. If we now abstract these three layers by means of our thinking, we would then find the earth in the condition in which it was before the separation of the moon. If one is able by means of concentration to attain a conscious astral vision, one would then see the activities in these two layers: the destruction of life in the second and the transformation of feelings in the third.

4) The fourth layer is known as water-earth, soul-earth, or form-earth, It is endowed with a remarkable property. Let us imagine a cube and now picture it reversed inasmuch as its substance is concerned. Where there was substance there is now nothing: the space occupied by the cube would now be empty while its substance, its substantial form, would now be spread around it; hence the term ‘earth of form.’ Here this whirlwind of forms, instead of being a negative emptiness, becomes a positive substance.

5) This layer is known as the earth of growth. It contains the archetypal source of all terrestrial life. Its substance consists of burgeoning, teeming energies.

6) This fire-earth is composed of pure will, of elemental vital forces — of constant movement — shot through by impulses and passions, truly a reservoir of will forces. If one were to exert pressure on this substance it would resist.

If now again in thought one were to abstract these last three layers just described, one would arrive at the condition in which our globe was when Sun, Moon and Earth were still interwoven.

The following layers are only accessible to a conscious observation which is not only that of dreamless sleep but a conscious condition in deep sleep.

7) This layer is the mirror of the earth. It is similar to a prism which decomposes everything that is reflected in it and brings to expression its complementary aspect; seen through an emerald it would appear red.

8)In this layer everything appears fragmented and reproduced to infinity. If one takes a plant or a crystal and one concentrates on this layer the plant or the crystal would appear multiplied indefinitely.

9) This last layer is composed of a substance endowed with moral action. But this morality is the opposite of the one that is to be elaborated on the earth. Its essence, its inherent force, is one of separation, of discord, and of hate. It is here in the hell of Dante that we find Cain the fratricide. This substance is the opposite of everything which among human beings is good and worthy. The activity of humanity in order to establish brotherhood on the earth diminishes the power of this sphere. It is the power of Love which will transform it inasmuch as it will spiritualize the very body of the Earth. This ninth layer represents the substantial origin of what appears on earth as black magic, that is, a magic founded on egoism. (See diagram)

These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the earth with its surface. Underneath the solid earth there are a large number of subterranean spaces which communicate to the sixth layer, that of fire. This element of the fire-earth is intimately connected with the human will. It is this element which has produced the tremendous eruptions that brought the Lemurian epoch to an end. At that time the forces which nourish the human will went through a trial which unleashed the fire catastrophe that destroyed the Lemurian continent. In the course of evolution this sixth layer receded more and more toward the center and as a result volcanic eruptions became less frequent. And yet they are still produced as a result of the human will which, when it is evil and chaotic, magnetically acts on this layer and disrupts it. Nevertheless, when the human will is devoid of egoism, it is able to appease this fire. Materialistic periods are mostly accompanied and followed by natural cataclysms, earthquakes, etc. Growing powers of evolution are the only alchemy capable of transforming, little by little, the organism and the soul of the earth.

The following is an example of the relationship that exists between the human will and telluric cataclysms: in human beings who perish as a result of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions one notices, during their next incarnation, inner qualities which are quite different. They bring from birth great spiritual pre-dispositions because, through their death, they were brought in touch with forces which showed them the true nature of reality and the illusion of material life.

One has also noticed a relationship between certain births and seismic and volcanic catastrophes.

During such catastrophes materialistic souls incarnate, drawn sympathetically by volcanic phenomena — by the convulsions of the evil soul of the earth. And these births can in their turn bring about new cataclysms because reciprocally the evil souls exert an exciting influence on the terrestrial fire. The evolution of our planet is intimately connected with the evolution of the forces of humanity and civilizations.


1. Mineral crust
2. Negative life
3. Inverted Consciousness
4. Circle of forms
5. Circle of growth
6. Circle of fire
7. Circle of decomposition
8. Circle of fragmentation
9. Ego-centric-egoism


FALSE Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard

“It was like something out of a science fiction script – but L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claimed it was fact. “Xemu,” he called the central character. Xemu ruled the 90-planet Galactic Confederation 75-million years ago, when overpopulation was a problem. So Xemu solved the problem: He trapped selected beings and flew them to volcanoes on Earth, then called Teegeeach. He then dropped powerful H-bombs on the volcanoes. The beings were destroyed in a wall of fire. However, their spirits, or “thetans,” weren’t. Gathering them into clusters, Xemu trapped the thetans in frozen alcohol and glycol.”

TRUE Moral Imagination portrait by Tolkien of how Gandalf directly confronts an Occult ancient Fire Demon in (see link) The Balrog Initiation Imagination. Which is a true Imagination.

The Lord of the Rings moral Imagination of Gandalf’s encounter and transformation with the Balrog in the depths of the inner Earth is a true Michael and Initiation Science IMAGINATION. Tolkien presents an Imagination of one of the Sixth Layer of our Inner Earth fire demons. An entire Moral transformation, and Resurrection of super forces of White Initiation must awaken in Gandalf and likewise in humanity if we are to do battle with Radioactive Fire demons from the periphery of our nuclear reactors that send their deadly anti-human destructive forces in direct communication with the destructive Ahrimanic ancient beings who are trapped, not only in the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth, but roam unchecked on the surface in our own human Intellectual Soul substance and materialistic thinking. Humanity, through the infestation of these fallen Ahrimanic parasites in our Intellectual Souls frustrate, irritate and link our disturbed will forces to the will forces that are slowly being unsealed, that were once trapped, in the Sixth Layer of the Inner Earth.

This terrible unsealing of destructive inner Earth forces to be drawn up from the depths of the Earth to serve the destructive brain pollution of murderous political lies, murderous technologies and murderous rampages of human hubris are reverberating through the world in vast upheavals. On the surface and periphery are human will and human shadows operating unchecked with destructive Ahrimanic intent. From the center and from the sixth layer of the inner Earth these destructive forces rise up and meet on the horrific altar of darkened human will. Insanity, madness, torture, false wars for cheap political thrills and poison vapors of human hypocrisy like Volcanic sulfur rise from the depths and pollute the appetites and thinking of human beings who refuse to gain any insights into their own shadows. Hypocrisy becomes the air required to feed a whole breed of human beings who have forsaken their Tenth Hierarchy position. Rampant greed, avarice, lies and hypocrisy becomes the very food that allows Cain’s Fratricide to rise up from the central mystery of Evil and Good locked in the core of the Earth [SEE CLIP].

It is a brief but vivid IMAGINATION that Tolkien has presented in his Balrog encounter. It is primal, it is what Initiation Science grapples with when encountering the deep encroaching shadow of Ahriman as he rises from the depths and finds a friendly reception in the cravings of politicians and the deliberate destruction of global economies. Ahriman relishes the disruption of children’s astral bodies through destructive and deadly vaccinations and Ahriman relishes the corruption and weakening of human etheric bodies. Anything having to do with shifting human etheric bodies from healthy to unhealthy are part of the goals Ahriman cherishes.

False flags, deception and lies are the daily bread that now rises from the fissures and cracks of the Earth. It wafts in the storms, the volcanoes and earthquakes, in other words, these Balrog forces are being released by the very poisoned core in our own human will power. This is what Gandalf, Tolkien and Initiation Sciences understand when we as humanity reject the Etheric Christ, Gandalf the White, Michael and the true Age of Light; but rather with demonic glee pursue our shallow unconscious cognition and motives from the periphery and surface all the way down to the destructive core of the Earth herself.

Cause and Effect relationships and how Karma operates including the lessons now frustrating humanity in relation to Japan bring us clearly into the realm of the Michael School and a current karmic snapshot of humanity. Yes we can and should support technology that gives us a view of ourselves and brings human beings over the whole world together through sharing interests and information in an easy to use format. However what mysteriously disturbs the Earth’s core and seeking the cause and effect relationship prior to some Tsunami or destructive typhoon, hurricane or tornado alert, or causing earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves and later watching the warnings and watching the disaster unfold are different if we know and understand that we are also part of the cause of the disaster.

If we can show that our moral character and the very act of disruption, distortion and lies surrounding radioactive reactors over the surface and periphery of the Earth have dire and specific deadly effects; If we can show that humanity has used these destructive forces to deliberately rock the foundations of the genetic code, the chromosomes and disturbing the very form that an incarnating human being seeks, then we shall know that we are aggressively attacking the very foundations of the Etheric Christ. With our human hubris we must know that we are attacking the deed that Michael the current Arche, Christian Rosenkreuz, (an Arche level human guardian Initiated by Christ as part of the Lazarus mystery) and precisely what the School of Spiritual Science endeavors to understand, as the Science of the Resurrection; We will hopefully understand that the conflict point in this Michael era has spread all over the Earth, but we shall hopefully learn to take with humble seriousness some of the specifics related to the Lesson Plan and Karma that hovers over Japan and Fukushima Prefecture (福島県, Fukushima-ken) and inspires the highest moral impulses of The Tenth Hierarchy. (Review this Link)


“The intensified luciferic principle enhanced by Sorath through the “Lucifer-Ahriman-Asuras-triangulation”

“is expressing itself in the electrification and agitation of man, attacking the astral and the sentient soul with jolts and shocks as in fanaticism, excitement, ecstasy, thrills, recklessness and obsession. The enhanced ahrimanic principle is expressing itself in magnetization, paralysis and regimentation, attacking the etheric and the intellectual soul with dulling abstraction and static repetition as in rigid functioning, comatose routine, mechanization, machining, digitalization, blind systemic adaptation and impersonal android-robot behaviour. The released and enhanced asuric principle is expressing itself in natural and moral perversion (7th layer), atomization, “zombization” and isolation (8th layer, Fragmenter Earth, multiplying any creation in absurdum). The Asuras attack the physical body and the consciousness soul, and hence the multiplied Phantom of Christ (the prerequisite for any spiritual development, the integration of the Resurrection Body, the three higher members of man and the future planetary phases of Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan). They are behind any massreduction of man (mass killing, mass media, mass production) and modern ego-self-worship and narcissism, the false individualization based on mass produced consumer goods and entertainment. They support any kind of virtual reality, desensitization and depersonalization caused by for example synthetic materials and plastics, electromagnetic impulses and –fields and chemicals. And from the 8th layer they destroy human relationships, solidarity and brotherhood and causes alienation and segregation, so that even when people are apparently together, they are isolated in their own worlds. As demonstrated in the atomic bomb, the Asuras are in favor of splitting things and blowing them into pieces.
Karma of Japan fukushima Adam Michaelis“Finally we are sadly enough nowadays getting a feel for the spider in the midst of his evil web, Sorath. Sorath opposes the creation of man in cosmos and hence any creative quality and its preconditions like love, offering, freedom and empathy. This resentment expresses itself when the above-mentioned evil tendencies are taken to the extreme and carried over in destruction and perversion of human procreation and creativity. Take for instance when chemicals and plasticizers function as endocrine disruptors and cause sterility and malformation of sexual organs or when genetically modified and engineered organisms might influence the human genome. Sorath would like man to destroy the diversity of species and their hereditary material as well as his own – to replace the human chromosome with a polymer, figuratively speaking. He is behind genetic control, screening, testing and design and in vitro fertilization and cloning. The pornographic perversion and degradation of sexuality to the level of fuckingmachines, electric erotic stimulation and love dolls made of plastic is also Sorath’s work. To use another metaphor: Sorath wants to short-circuit the human brain with the sexual glands through the spine and invert all the higher streams of creativity and intelligence as in ritualization, animalization and intellectualization of sex combined with enhanced (chemically induced) ecstasy. Therefore he promotes kundalini-practices and tantric techniques in combination with black magic as a mocking of the creation and the Holy Trinity. And unlike the other evil powers, Sorath wants man to participate voluntarily and half knowingly in his own degeneration and selfabasement, fueled by enhanced sensualism and self-indulgence, because this is Sorath’s ultimate mockery and vengeance against the Holy Trinity – if man, created with divine love, saved by divine love, chooses his own de-creation, desecrates himself and worships death in Sorath.

“That is why Sorath wants to set up a magically inverted, pseudo-clairvoyant quasi-religion which contains no trace of confession to or faith in Christ. The ultimate triumph of the beast 666 and the final success of Sorath’s build-up of an “eight sphere” (the irretrievable downfall of man and the Earth as a creative project) is, when in this religion man believes himself to be God-like, a self-made God-man, who doesn’t need Christ, shrugs his shoulders at Christ’s passion and is in complete denial of his own evil and the evil powers.”

On this vast moral playing field, the seas, the land, the plants, the milk, Iodine, depleted uranium weapons used by the absolute moral evil and deliberate ignorance of the West, who also used the first Atomic bombs on the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through the Air, through the Waters, through the animals, through deformities and mutations caused by absolute anti-human poisons released again, and again in depleted uranium falsified war zones over the world, Michael the Arche and current Time Spirit has shaken the complacency and immoral neutrality from the sickened materialistic thinking that runs as a disease through humanity.

In the middle of this overview and Lesson Plan designed for the entire world, the question Michael poses to the free insights of humanity, places all of us on notice, as brothers and sisters over the whole Earth. We are in the cross-hairs of grappling with our greed, our deceptions, the lies of the West, and all the fragmented insights that NEWS, our Main Stream Media fails constantly and deliberately, fails in unison to cohesively bring into any moral focus.

In this research document we have brought aspects of how Spiritual Science views the current crisis and Lesson Plan on the subject of poisoning humanity, our Earth and destructively seeking to control and divert through SICKNESS and hideous deformity, through enlisting and incorporating forces from our untransformed ancient enemies, that directly confront, attack, undermine and oppose the Living Etheric Christ forces that are here to uplift and heal the tears and rips in the Etheric fabric of the Earth and humanity. The tragedy and Karma of the Japanese people have left the door open for a brief moment, so that humanity might come to it’s senses and join Michael and the global community and celebrate together the true dawn of the real AGE OF LIGHT. Unite as humanity in an awakening and celebration of our Moral Cognition and the potent power of our Moral Imagination which lives at the core of the vibrant courage of The Tenth Hierarchy.


The following Link is an absolutely must see documentary. It must be seen and understood.


Beings who have no compunction but to shatter the genetic and chromosome structure of the Sun order etheric nature of humanity have been prematurely released through human error and immoral contexts associated with the advance of Ahrimanic forces. The results are in [SEE CLIP]. Michael the Arche cannot force humanity to THINK, humanity must desire to THINK.


Dr Helen Caldicott delivers a Michael Global insight that penetrates down to the God of the Underworld. See Clip


Radiation experimentation and horrors in America, in minority communities. Watch Video clip.


Requiem for our Anti-Human nuclear ambitions and our assaults against humanity, see clip.


This clip is such a clumsy struggle between innocence and attempting to put a translation into English, that it touches even deeper into the heart because it appears so desperate and so clumsy and so absolutely sincerely correct! Get past first 10 seconds and it gets interesting, amateurish but clear. SEE CLIP.


Main Stream Media allows for a moment of reporting concerning accurate information on Fukushima (See Clip) by Arnie Gundersen.


Physicians and Doctors fail to understand the Sun potency of the Etheric body in nature and humanity, but attempt to halt all nuclear energy out of their inherent common sense. SEE LINK. Understanding the Sun Forces of the Etheric body vs the Asuric and Ahrimanic forces that abandoned humanity reveals the core reality of anti-human and anti-nature and anti-sun forces that Ahrimanic Asuric powers are comfortable in and can breed within.


Here is a photo expose on the comparison between the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the flood and earthquake damage of the 2011 tsunami. The research I have presented brings the relationship of the two events(1945 and 2011) into context and karma.

Special Note

*This note was a special call to awaken the depths of the Foundation Stone of Love*, the powerful Foundation Stone Meditation brought at a very crucial moment for the Michael School which calls upon the hierarchies so that humanity of the Tenth Hierarchy can remain connected to the divine through so severe a tragedy as that which has befallen Japan.

“Norse Mythology and Spiritual Science” (early draft) by Bradford Riley

“The ancient Norse mythology beheld this path of evolution. It saw the human god hang crucified for nine days long on the cosmic ash-tree, whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos, Yggrasilland it gives the tree its true name: `YGGDRASILL’ – ego-bearer.”




Freyja reveals a very potent mystery for us in the story of THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS. The Nordic seers foreshadowed the transformation of the endocrine system and Freyja’s new position within our biology. How were the reproductive forces latent in Speech to be sketched? What were the problems involved with her transformation? Why was it necessary to cultivate a school of Bards or Skalds?

A training of nearly twenty years as a Bard was needed before one could be initiated as a Druid. We can easily discern that the word seer and the other word sear are related. In this way, the fire involved with perception links itself to the higher faculties of the human spirit. To see and to know is like being branded with a hot iron, a deep impression is made into the etheric body.

Shakespeare was our English language equivalent to a well-trained Bard. Bardic training was the long road that could eventually lead to Bodhisattva and Buddhahood. This was not expected to be a single lifetime achievement but the work we were expected to do to earn our membership in the divine. The Nordic seers would agree with everything I have brought thus far including, and above all, the reality of Ariel and the higher magnetic field of light and love that brings the I.D. code of our ego and word together.

All of Nordic mythology confirms the connection made between Ariel, Freyja and the warmth ethers. Representing the head and thinking faculty, guarding the great tree of Yggdrasill, the Tree of Life, was an eagle. The guardian of the entire esoteric map of MAN was “an eagle who sits in the topmost branches, with a hawk perched between its eyes. The tree, moreover, drips dew so sweet that bees use it for the making of honey.”

Eagle atop Yggdrasill

“The snake Nicfhbggr lies below, by Hvergelmir, gnawing at the root.
The squirrel Ratatoskr 1 runs up and down, trying to sow discord
between the snake and the eagle who is perched aloft. The
eagle’s name is not given, he is a bird of great knowledge and
sagacity; betwixt his eyes sits a HAWK Ve&rfolnir?”

Why in heaven’s name would a hawk be sitting right between the eyes of a giant eagle? For the same reason Prospero had Ariel and for the same reason I outlined the difference between the relation of the dog to that of the loyal astral servant who begins assisting our upward quests. Under the fig tree is where Buddha received his enlightenment and that is the same spot where our own Ariel lives `under the blossom that hangs on the bough’. What information the hawk brings back must still be deciphered by the great wisdom of the eagle. What information Ariel retrieves must be comprehended and ordered by the higher spiritual faculty of the I.

Freyja, who lives in the endocrine system of our hormones and the secretions of prolactin from our pituitary glands, also has at her disposal “a falcon skin ( ) which enabled her spirit to take the form of a bird, travel to the underworld, and come back with prophecies and knowledge of destinies.” To us this simply means that Ariel is able to travel in the world of light and astral planes that are hidden from our clumsy human forms and certainly impossible for an earthly dog to navigate.

The secret of Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates of hell gives us three more reasons why we should lift our development upwards instead of letting it crash downwards below the dog. Devachanic regions of light are truer than E-mail and satellite long distance interchanges. The falcon/hawk tells us that the character of Freyja was linked to these higher mysteries when she wasn’t using her forces to get laid. Which brings us to the complications of the warmth-ethers, when raised to a vertical direction, and the story of:


“The Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new Human Word.”

uterous and Eustaschio and Fallopio“Freyja found the string-thin path that led in and down. Her eyes streamed from the cold and her tears fell as a small shower of gold in front of her.”

THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS was part of the schooling of the Skalds and Bards. In this story, the Nordic Initiates revealed that Freyja, our endocrine system, would not be satisfied just serving our hormonal system. The endocrine system is placed in our anatomy with a desire to possess a greater treasure. Freyja has heard of this greater treasure, knows of it, it is hidden in our biology and she has a desire to attain it. These unquenchable desires that feed our love life have a supreme goal, which is why they appear unquenchable.

When the warmth ethers ascend from below they become the gold of compassion and are transformed to golden dew. A change is made from very understandable climates of sentimentality, warmth and earthly sympathies to cooler regions of thought and spirit. A polarity of climate and comfort are always briefly experienced by the developing soul. This condenses as rain or mist and falls into the region of the heart. Higher altitudes differ from low-lying swamps on the equator. A different passion, a different fire is felt on the wings of immortality. Freyja’s eyes stream from the cold and her tears fall as gold.

“The goddess sidled through the dismal cave. The sound of the tapping, insistent yet fitful, grew stronger and stronger. Freyja stopped, listened again, moved on; at last she stopped, eased her way down a narrow groin, and stepped into the sweltering smithy of the four dwarfs, Alfrigg and Dvalin, Berling and Grerr.”

The use of the word groin, narrow ledge and the relation of sexuality, puberty and the change of voice places Freyja at the scene of the four parathyroid glands, above the pounding forge of the heart. Brilliantly the seers of Nordic mythology outline a road map to the place where Speech and the mighty warmth-ethers meet.Norse Myths Parathyroid Speech and the FOUR ETHERS A place where four roads meet. A crossroads and an anatomical intersection. Here something is to happen to Freyja that will shape the future of the human WORD. The Nordic initiates knew this, which makes works like these so startling. Here anatomy meets the gods. What brings Freyja here, trickling through a narrow bottleneck at the forge of the throat, the forge of the living WORD?

“For a moment Freyja was dazzled by the brilliance of the furnace. She rubbed her eyes, and then she gasped as she saw the breathtaking work of the dwarfs – a necklace, a choker of gold incised with wondrous patterns, a marvel of fluid metal twisting and weaving and writhing. She had never seen anything so beautiful nor so desired anything before.”

It takes your breath away. Something that would fit round the throat. A choker. The transformation of the entire Nordic image of Yggdrasill can be overlaid with the seventh seal of Steiner’s Occult Signs & Symbols. The four dwarfs are hammering out the strange `twisting and weaving and writhing’ form of the lower endocrine system and kundalini that will finally become the great reproductive forces of speech that lifts the sign of Scorpio back up to the eagle and finally to the dove.

Freyja might just become the gateway that leads to the dove, to Sophia. Earth love and earth girls might be easy, but cosmic love and Sophia require the entire transformation of our endocrine system and what we hold most dear. In their workshop at the parathyroid base of the throat, the blueprints and designs have already been reshaped for the WORD’S future metamorphosis and Freyja has never seen anything so incredibly marvelous. The larynx is to become the new uterus and Freyja knows full well that she deserves to be apart of that mystery. She is that mystery and she recognizes her own transformation in the work that the dwarfs are doing.

Freyja understands when she looks at this necklace that the entire reproductive forces have been changed and the new center of sexuality and love will be centered in the Speech possibilities latent in the development of the larynx. She is just the girl to wear this piece of mystery art as part of her intimate apparel. This necklace must adorn her; it was made for her. She wants it at any price.Endocrine Freya Norse Speech Seal transformation by Arild Rosenkrantz It must be a part of her destiny to be wherever the transition from hormonal sexual energy moves upwards to the magnificent swirling forces round the new cosmic reproductive center based now in the throat and the heart.

What does she have to do to get it from these gnarly Vulcan dwarfs who are always technologically crafting magnificently beautiful and profound trinkets that foreshadow the future forces of humanity? How is it that nerds like these are always attached to beauty? How is it that over developed brains are always tied to lush physical beauty?

“The four dwarfs, meanwhile, stared at the goddess – she shimmered in the warm light of the forge. Where her cloak had fallen apart, the gold brooches and jewels on her dress gleamed and winked. They had never seen anyone so beautiful nor so desired anyone before.

Freyja smiled at Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr. `I will buy that necklace from you,’ she said.

The four dwarfs looked at each other. Three shook their heads and the fourth said, `It’s not for sale.’

`I want it,’ said Freyja.

The dwarfs grimaced.

`I want it. I’ll pay you with silver and gold – a fair price and more than a fair price,’ said Freyja, her voice rising. She moved closer to the bench where the necklace was lying. `I’ll bring you other rewards.’

`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

The entire mystery of incarnation, the Devachan and the atomic table of number and weights are known by the dwarf or gnome community. They are the number crunchers of the cosmos. Genetics, in order to incarnate living human individualities must first of all, through computer chip technology and liquid crystal technology harness the silicon world of the gnomes into our computer systems.

The four dwarfs that Freyja encounters in the structure of the parathyroid know exactly how much they need, and how much they have in quantities of gold, silver and all the elements of the atomic table. Their type of nerdy accuracy depends on being exactly right in the mirroring of the material composition of matter against the blueprints of the spirit. It is especially their job and becoming our job as well to concern ourselves with a form of robbery and abduction being engineered by the human community against the higher devachan that stands behind the mystery of magnetism, electricity, vibratory physics, genetics and reproductive technology all under the guise of silicon technologies. Technological human cunning is beginning to lean dangerously close to the sacred music of the spheres. The gnome community is in serious danger.

In the music of the spheres, the planets and stars, assist the human soul in the ordering and collecting of the blueprints of the atomic table of elements around their soul spiritual being. Each individual body has a unique atomic weight and distribution of substance that cannot yet be standardized. Bodily organs are designed solely for the intended user. Electricity, intensified by computer graphics and laser technology, has surrounded our culture with stolen and intellectualized light, fragmented it; divorced it and parceled it down into commodities, from its lofty cosmic basis as wisdom. To enable humanity to do this, the dwarfs and gnomes had to be forced into human technological slavery.

The gnomes formerly used this higher spiritualized light in a legitimate distribution of cosmic effects and nourishment through the crystal strata of the earth, the plant roots etc. Humans have sucked this divine technology downward or deeper into profound dimensions of light and Devachan activity for the service of shameless egotistic and technological ends. Could we collapse the system, the finished work of the gods, into sub-natural virtual worlds? Are the gnomes being forced into this form of silicon chip slavery? If the functioning of the heavens and our incarnations are based on the harmony of the music of the spheres, could we interrupt the tonal system of nature and super nature with our disharmonies?

If just the tiniest amount of iodine in the thyroid gland is lacking or, in over abundance, an enormous change in temperament and force can impact the human being. “Make Goethe poor in iodine, and the eternally creative Olympian becomes a lazy Sybarite. If Napoleon had carried in his body two milligrams less of iodine, he would not have stormed in the ceaseless drive of deeds from battle to battle; he would not have crossed the Alps in demonic appetite for conquest, conquered the Pyramids and passed the icy steppes of Russia. He might, perhaps, have become the city commandant of Ajaccio, and the whole history of Europe would have been different. The whole history of Europe – a granule of iodine!” The gnomes and dwarfs responsible for the first teeth of the newly incarnated soul are at work with the higher blue prints that the individual has brought with them. In payment, in gratitude, we offer them the first tooth as a token of our thankfulness for assisting in the complex organization of our individual atomic, chemical and material forces.

” -Whether we draw from such phenomena the conclusion that the history of Napoleon and of the world is the result of the presence or the absence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Napoleon, of Goethe, etc., or, while admitting the significance of the presence of one gram of iodine, can say on the basis of a research into the rest of the phenomena that the presence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Goethe or Napoleon is the result of the individual history of Goethe, Napoleon, etc. This same thing is true, of course, for every single human being. The spirit of Goethe is not the product of the action of one gram of iodine, but the action of one gram of iodine results from the total spiritual-psychic evolution and the individual inner dynamics, structural forces and substances in this individual being, Goethe, determined by that spiritual-psychic evolution. The spiritual human being seeks and develops for himself the appropriate corporeality, not vice versa. …When a typical materialist observes the phenomenon `Goethe’, he ought not to forget by the side of the gram of iodine that this same Goethe came to the knowledge: `The perseverance of the individual, and the fact that a person shakes off what is not suitable to him, is a proof for me that some such thing as the entelechy exists.'”

This is the key argument involved with reproductive technology. Freyja, Speech and our cultural development are directly in the middle of these fermenting issues. The immortal individuality is not looked upon as real. Health and consensus issues of perfection with narrow egotistic motives believe fully that they can standardize and develop healthier `types’ of human beings. With liquid crystal technology and laser computer accuracy humanity expects to side step the issue of individual spiritual development of conscience and identity. This is why the dwarfs know exactly what the precious weights and metals are and more matter is not what they need. They need something else from Freyja. Analytical science needs something else to de-mystify matter and individuality.

“`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

“Freyja gazed at the necklace. She felt a great longing for it, a painful hunger.

“Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr huddled in one corner of the forge. They whispered and murmured and nodded.

“`What is your price?’ asked the goddess.

” `It belongs to us all,’ said one dwarf. `So what each has must be had by the others,’ said the second, leering. `There is only one price, ‘ said the third, `that will satisfy us.’ The fourth dwarf looked at Freyja. `YOU,’ he said.

“The goddess flushed, and her breasts began to rise and fall.

“`Only if you will lie one night with each of us will this necklace ever lie round your throat,’ said the dwarfs.

“Freyja’s distaste for the dwarfs – their ugly faces, their pale noses, their misshapen bodies and their small greedy eyes – was great,”

What’s a girl to do? This is a very peculiar situation to be in. Should she sleep with all four Beatles or just one? Will her reputation be ruined if this ever gets out? Will she be considered for eternity a dwarf groupie? Norse mythology freya and endocrine systemThe Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new human word.

How is it that something as powerful and as beautiful as Aphrodite gets hitched to Hephaestus in Greek mythology? Hephaestus was the blacksmith of the gods. In the evolution of the earth, Venus and Vulcan as well as Jupiter, Earth; Moon; Sun and Saturn play significant roles. Vulcan is just another name for Hephaestus the limping, clever nerd of the gods. Gnomes and dwarfs declare their lineage from old Hephaestus. In my MESSAGE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO the relation of prolactin and milk to the Egyptian culture was made under the linkage between Apis and Ptah. Ptah was for the Egyptians the same as Vulcan or Hephaestus. But those myths centered around one dwarf, one ugly little soot caked forge ferret. Now we are dealing with four.

I have always suspected that the whole patterning of four could be traced to the Ark of the Covenant. Why isn’t it possible that the four chambers of the human heart; the four stomachs of the cow; the four seasons; the four directions in space, and the mighty cube are all interfaced with the parathyroid glands?

Here is a mystery that Empedocles and Aristotle were very hot about. E.C. Merry, when writing about King Arthur, described how Empedocles, “was the first philosopher – in the fifth century B.C. – who spoke of the four elements fire, water, earth and air, and taught that everything that takes place in matter is caused by the mingling and commingling of these four elements in accordance with the principles of love and hatred ruling in them.” Not only Aristotle but the poet Holderlin also drew attention to the mystery of Empedocles. In 1994/95 a great stage revival of Holderlin’s work on Empedocles took place on the german stage.

E.C. Merry says, that Steiner drew attention to Empedocles by saying that, “it is he who by his wisdom specially worked to bring about important conditions of the state of Sicily, and who went about trying to lead people into a spiritual life. It is an adventurous as well as a deeply spiritual life, which we look back upon in Empedocles. Perhaps the truth of what is to be related may be doubted by some, but Spiritual Science knows that Empedocles moved in Sicily as a statesman, while at the same time he was both a magician and an Initiate, just as Hector in Troy was depicted by Homer. And in order to characterize the remarkable attitude of Empedocles to the world, we have the fact, which is true and no invention, that in order, as it were, to unite himself with all existence around him, he ended by throwing himself into Etna, and was consumed by its fire.”

To throw himself into the mighty forge of nature, to offer his bodily forces of fire, air, water and earth in the immense throat altar of a volcano is a deed that has carried a clear impact through-out history[SEE CLIP]. He proved his point and in the long run the point he was trying to prove inspired Goethe to write his Faust and Holderlin to research Empedocles. Both poets were looking into the same spiritual question of how wisdom could merge with all the elements of nature in an ethical alchemy. Both poets were laying the foundations for the Romantics and their science of humanity before spiritual science came on the scene. Empedocles was certainly a guiding star for the Romantics that spread its wings to America, inspiring Nathaniel Hawthorne in his story of ETHAN BRAND.

It would not have been difficult for Empedocles to comprehend the four dwarfs that Freyja meets. He would know instantly the meaning of their four-foldness. Empedocles and Aristotle would also completely understand the medical factors of four in biology. Anatomy and biology indicate the place where four roads meet, four forces. These forces can be understood from the powerful contribution Empedocles indicated.

“The reptilian heart has four chambers, but they are not fully separated. Whereas a mammal has a single aorta, reptiles have two aortas, which are supplied with mostly arterial, oxygen-rich blood. The pulmonary artery receives mostly venous, oxygen-poor blood, but there is some mixing in all vessels. In only one group of reptiles, the crocodiles, is the division of the heart into four separate chambers almost complete.”

The study of the four temperaments is also a division of and combination of etheric forces that make up the quality of personality we encounter in an earthly incarnation. Dominating qualities clearly allow us to observe the invisible field of etheric forces. Medical science cannot disprove that these temperaments exist; instead they have stolen the knowledge Empedocles introduced and by use of very cleverly disguised testing questions, determine how corporate human resource personnel managers can graph and chart these four etheric, temperamental forces.

By side-stepping the issue of powerful etheric forces resonating as music, as imprinted cosmic tones, into the atomic table of the individual being, current physics and medical sciences have buried the knowledge of the four etheric fields that sustain the material world. It was the Norns, the Skalds, the Bards and the Druids who heard and saw, like Empedocles, the music that sustained matter. Scientists like Keely, Tesla, Walter Russell, Dale Pond and Richard Knutson have cracked the code of this music that orders the sub-atomic structure of matter.

Freyja’s meeting with the four dwarfs, inwardly, within the anatomical hieroglyph of the human endocrine system, at the ring knot of the throat, keys four streams that meet outwardly on a line of east, west, north, and south. four seasons zodiac

“Galahad, with Bors, Percivale and Percivale’s sister, was riding through a waste forest when `they saw afore them a white hart which four lions led.’ These they followed to a chapel, where a hermit sang mass.

“`And at the secrets of the mass they saw the hart become a man and set him upon the altar in a rich siege; and saw, the four lions were changed, the one to the form of a man, the other to the form of a lion, the third to an eagle and the fourth to an ox.

“` Then took they their siege where the hart sat and went out through a glass window, and there was nothing perished or broken… When they `were come to theirself again,’ the hermit explained to them that by the four lions were to be understood the four Evangelists, and that `ofttimes or this Our Lord showed Him unto good men in likeness of an hart;…”

Bull lion eagle and angelLight ether, Chemical ether, Life ether and Warmth ether are the building forces of the cosmos. The four streams of history, which assist the cultural goals that bring about the transformation of Frejya, are needed to set the future development of Earth evolution on the right road. Parsifal or Percivale unites two of these streams into himself. Parsifal unites the Arthurian and the Grail streams, meaning that two of the powerfully streaming ether forces find in him the fuel to begin to glow. But long before there was a Grail or Arthurian stream, Freyja was already leading the human endocrine system to its new home.

Four Parathyroid seeds of the cosmic ethers rooted in the Word as the new Uterus

four-parathyroid-glands-and-the-reproductive-center-of-speechThese four little mustard seeds around the throat are the key to transforming the sexual reproduction process into the speech reproduction forces. The second half of Earth evolution, the future Jupiter evolution, Venus evolution and Vulcan evolution are needed to integrate the ethers of tone, light, warmth and chemical life back into the Tree of Life. Instead of being kicked out of Paradise, we earn our reinstatement and membership and bring the fallen body of nature, renewed and raised, with us, as a present to the Gods. Since the Angels, Archangels, and Archai have had their human phase, to become a member of the tenth hierarchy means coming through the filter process that this human phase entails.

Freyja is asked to sleep, to merge her forces fully, intimately and completely, with all four dwarfs, in order to conceive the future of her own metamorphosis. Humans will have to unfold in stages, through immense cosmic periods of time, in order to fully absorb each of the higher cosmic ethers back into their newly minted spiritual systems. The mastering of these higher forces is latent in the future of Speech development. That is the reason why Aphrodite had an affair with Mars in the first place.

Strong Mars-Speech forces are linked with hormonal forces. Vulcan, the husband of Aphrodite, catches a glimpse of how the endocrine system of Freyja/Aphrodite (Click Link), is in secret, having an affair with iron Mars. Vulcan sets up a trap and lifts up this affair to the gods, they have a good laugh. Why? Because the future of the WORD is linked both to Mars and Eros (cupid/mercury/hermes) and Vulcan. The Initiates knew that Vulcan was the place of the forge, where dwarfs crafted cunning secrets for the future, from the handsomely wrought work of the jewelled micrologos, man. To the gods, a human being is a finely crafted anatomical, biological and spiritual marvel. The gods laugh, because mysterious and humorous cosmic forces unite and combine to steer humanity towards the divine. They laugh because it is a Menage a trois in which Freyja is the key player between Mars and Vulcan.

Dan Mateescu

‎”Thor is the son of Odin. Whilst the power of Odin is present in respiration and language, Thor works in the blood, in the rhythmic pulse-beat. Blood is the physical expression of the ego in the metabolic system. Thor is portrayed in the sagas as a choleric with red blood, quick to anger, ever ready to wield his hammer Mjolnir and endowed with a powerful will. Odin’s sphere of activity is the astral body, that of Thor the etheric body.”The alliterative verse of Old Norse (the poetic Edda), Old English (Beowulf), Old Saxon (Heliand) and Old High German (Hildebrandslied) is based on two rhythmic laws — the rhythm of respiration and the rhythm of blood. A single breath corresponds to four pulse beats (eighteen and seventy-two to the minute respectively). This ratio of 1:4 is found in the long line which consisted of two half verses separated by a caesura. Each hemistich had two strongly accented syllables. Thus in the form and law of alliterative verse is reflected the relationship of Odin and Thor. The Voluspa was written in this metre known as Fornyrthislag.”

Appendix in Mission/Folk-Souls by Rudolf Steiner.

Puberty and the change of voice are biologically and psychically integrated. But at this point in Freyja’s development we begin to see how Freyja felt trapped without further possibility of future evolution. Matter was frozen in the first half of earth development with the Mars and iron forces and Freyja Aphrodite could not get past this hardened material world, even though she is married to the far distant future of the Venus and Vulcan evolution of the Earth. It is the mercurial; second half of earth development that could produce a transformation of Eros. Sexual degeneration and the end of the endocrine system stood staring Freyja in the face. Hideously it stares us in the face and we feel all the desperation that is hidden in the atrophying endocrine system. Matter could prove to be the greatest prison ever devised by Heaven. You know it, I know it, and our endocrine system knows it. Freyja’s dislike for dwarfs was great indeed:

“…but her desire for the necklace was greater. Four nights were but four nights; the glorious necklace would adorn her for all time. The walls of the forge were red and flickering; the dwarf’s eyes were motionless. `As you wish,’ murmured Freyja shamelessly. `As you wish. I am in your hands.’

“Four days passed; four nights passed. Freyja kept her part of the bargain. Then the dwarfs, too, kept their word. They presented the necklace to Freyja and jostled her and fastened it around her throat.”

These were some happy dwarfs I wager. Not seven mind you, but four. The Nordic seers have a very important message to relate. The forge of the glow of the human heart is right below the throat. Four anatomical chambers of the forge connected to the workshop of the four parathyroid glands. woman with thyroid glandLike hammers, the thunder from the Speech organs pounds away at consonants and vowels, reshaping the metals into stronger and stronger, more refined, zodiacal elements. The refinement of the ethers must be done with Eurythmy and Speech. With the bellows of our lungs blaring and the Word pounded on the anvil of our Larynx we shape and wield the new necklace for our own endocrine system. Braced around this forge are the four parathyroid glands, the dwarfs that Freyja sleeps with to gain the necklace.

Sleeping, of course, are giant acts of time. In a rhythm of four phases, by sleeping with each dwarf, Freyja manages to become the owner of the new reproductive system situated in the larynx. She manages to escape the prison of matter, which is why the gods laughed in the first place. Freyja would find a way out of the iron necessity of dense birth and death that earth has locked her into. Sex is a pure hearted and clever mistress of the divine. Love must be born upwards or die.

Pralaya is the rhythm of rest or sleep between the acts of creation. Out of each Pralaya a new phased in integration and a higher development of divine creation occurs. In our times we have use of the Warmth Ether of conscience and sympathy or empathy to investigate and comprehend. This is the importance of the Matthew gospel for our times. In this relation, during the second half of earth evolution, we are bound up with Freyja in sleeping with the first dwarf. We are rounding the bend, where the Mars hammerlock on matter is beginning to dissolve and Freyja begins turning toward her true husband.

In this development we study, with privilege, the mineral, silicon basis of word production and the force blueprints and factors involved with sounds, CONSONANTS and VOWELS. Exploring as we would the ecology of a woods, a bioregion of shapes and sounds that have the architecture and tonal history of the ancient Genius of Speech already wrought in their structures.

Acronyms and computer language severs our study of these things. Eurythmy and Speech allows us to become familiar with the amazing contours and potentials that have made LANGUAGE a living reality. That is one night with one dwarf for Frejya. The age of silicon technology and the first dwarf, or mineral kingdom, is now being slept with. That is the importance of reproductive technologies and pharmaceuticals; versus Speech, Word, and Logos integrated bio-psychic systems through the end of this century. This is the battle for the preparation of Bodhisattva comprehension. Can we imprint new etheric codes into our systems of thinking and speech development alongside our passive preoccupation with silicon technology and the Pentium processors?

When Freyja and we come out of the first Pralaya we begin our next study. From the mineral we move to how plants are prepared to be spoken in the Jupiter evolution. Animals will be spoken in the Venus evolution and Humans will be spoken in the Vulcan evolution. Freyja sleeps with the four forces and unites her warmth with their dormant creative potential. This is not something that is going to happen without our intimate artistic and hormonal participation. The Romantics were living proof of this. As humans we attempt to move upwards to Angels in the Jupiter evolution; Archangels in the Venus evolution; and Archai in the Vulcan evolution and this brings us back to square one; when we were first spoken, in Saturn evolution. Four days passed and Four nights passed in the destiny of the evolution of a goddess moving from the sexual forces of procreation to the spiritual COSMIC LOGOS forces of procreation. Our bawdy Freyja might yet become, our mid-wife to the divine Sophia.

“And what was the necklace of the Brisings (brisingamen)? These are unsettled questions. It is uncertain whether Brising is the name of some tribe or family or whether the word derives from the Old Norse BRISINGR, meaning fire… but a passing reference to the `Brosingamene’ in the Anglo-Saxon BEOWULF quite clearly refers to a necklace.”

Phosphate works directly with the parathyroid glands as a fire element. Precise chemical distributions of calcium are activated by the regular secretions of parathormone from the parathyroid. When the construction of Consonants and Vowels and speech warmth forces are generated strongly, a refined reaction of matter and mineral content occurs. The stimulation of parathormone or PTH is directly related to estrogen, prolactin and growth hormones. The building forces of the skeleton, the white milk of the breast, the white dove forces, are directly tied into chemical release signals that come from pregnancy, lactation and growth. The future stuff from which the world is built can either create stones in the kidneys or speech forms that carry the signature of our efforts as WORD-CRAFTERS.

Sunlight on the surface of the skin and the absorption of Vitamin D into the body are some of the outer aspects of the way our organism digests light and warmth in conjunction with the parathyroid and the parathormone it secretes. Inwardly however, something has begun to occur in the interior of the psyche, a sun-based light that our own Ariel is fed from, is now dawning for the consciousness of the human spirit. A new nourishment of refined etheric sunlight has intersected with the new position that Freyja has taken.

Our cardiac muscle, our brain and our nerves benefit from the calcium regulation of the parathyroid glands. In other words, nerves, bones, muscles, these four seemingly useless little glands all structurally condition the heart. Without their help our body goes into jerky uncontrollable spasms. A decrease of exterior sunlight must be counterbalanced by an increase of interior light. Idealism, warmth and ethics must feed into the great cosmic developments of Freyja. There is only one outer Sun and there is only one interior light that carries the entire nourishment of the human spirit upwards and inwards with the strength of the sun.

“At Whitsuntide King Arthur, holding his court at Cardoil, `looketh at the windows of the hall to right and left, and seeth two sunbeams are shining within that fill the whole hall with light. Thereof he marvelleth much and sendeth without the hall to see what it might be. The messenger cometh back and saith thereof that two suns appear to be shining, the one in the East and the other in the West. He marvelleth much thereat”

norse myth and sp sciience Parzival Graal WolpertWhat of the theory that only one of the glands, one of the Dwarfs are operative for us today, culturally, from the roots of our conscience and the empathy of our warmth? How does this theory play in the Nordic seers tradition of anatomy and physiology? “…Davlin may have enjoyed Freyja but he was destined to come to a nasty end. As we learn indirectly, Dvalin was arrested by the rising sun and turned into stone. The other three dwarfs are not heard of again.” Therefore Dvalin is the warmth-ether dwarf of the parathyroid gland that concerns us for the present. As we become infatuated with crystallized silicon technology we might harden ourselves too quickly. We already sense the desperation of the atrophy of the endocrine system. Love allows our warmth and spiritualized conscience to keep pace with our greed for speed. The Grail means, gradual development.

“Dvalin was a ruler of the dwarves and one of the most powerful dwarves, known primarily for having invented runes.”

Dvalin’s name reveals to us something of the direction we must take in our creative development with this ether field. `D’ gives us the flat planes of earth and the gravity and direction of earth DEEDS. ` V ‘ gives the powerful creative wave forces of sympathetic vibratory physics followed by the `AH’ of Venus, Freyja and green growing nature and the full love and content of our souls lifted to the ` L ‘ where the life ethers swirl upwards or swirl in behind the V and the AH. With the `IN’ sound at the end of the word we have tonal resonation lifted into higher consciousness and light and a descending power that enters into the depths of matter.

In Eurythmy the Da of leo, the V of aries, the AH of venus, the L of capricorn, the half- `i’ of mercury and the cosmic force of Pisces lifts the destiny from earth to heaven and binds the two, so that what is sown on earth is also sown in heaven, the warmth in our hearts becomes our future destinies. Two fires, cosmic love as water, earth, mercury (gemini and virgo) and Pisces a water sign and the final quarter of our age. The human breast as the lion, moves to the head in aries. Bathed in Freyja forces of love, the force of the knees indicate worship and devotion raised upwards and downwards to mother earth and father sky. This carried into the E and woven into the gigantic forces of cosmic wisdom and destiny and the selflessness we need to lift the lower kingdoms of betrayed nature upwards with us as the final act of the age of Pisces. This powerful decision must be apparent to humanity before we head for the cosmic north and the reproductive and incarnational mysteries of Aquarius.

Within the mouth we have two teeth placements that DV aimed as earth and fire and thought forces at the teeth line, the dramatic and astral moved forward and bathed in wonder or the warmed epoch AH, breathing wonder into the dramatic action of our lives and the creative activity we do. L is water and teeth placement and so is N filled with the light of I am.

In this coded nordic name of Dvalin we have indications that the action we take in relation to the world must be filled with the wonder of creation and carry the imprint of our deeds and words through the living light of our immortal I AM. This word looks and sounds like JAVELIN. So in conclusion we must practice SPEECH and WORD mysteries and incorporate the spear or the DVALIN in our training or else learn to play the violin. The Dv or DW always has something to do with the creative mineralogy of the gnome and dwarf kingdom and our silicon technologies. Earth/Fire projected forwards and the AH sound stretched in space, outward horizontally, and finally vertically through the L and I and N sounds we have a tri-partitioned world.

Is Freyja’s role in this story correctly interpreted?

“In the GODS AND MYTHS OF NORTHERN EUROPE, H.R. Ellis Davidson writes, `A necklace is something which is associated with the mother goddess from very early times. Figurines wearing necklaces found in the Mediterranean area date back as far as 3000 BC, and small female figures wearing them have survived from the Bronze Age in Denmark and are thought to represent a fertility deity.’ And, in a footnote, she adds, `Students of Freud will recognize the significance of a necklace for a fertility goddess. It illustrates the familiar tendency to represent the sexual parts of the body by others higher up, and by ornaments worn on these.’ Perhaps we can reasonably postulate, then, that Sorla Thattr describes Freyja’s acquisition – her sexual acquisition – of the most salient symbol of her fertility. She is the goddess of love; and she is the goddess of lust.”

In viewing history that goes back beyond 5OOO B.C. we must view the mysteries of matriarchy that are still active out of the Finnish tales of the Kalevala. A matriarchal society, only vaguely reflected through history, existed once. The mysteries of this ancient matriarchal society had everything to do with the later Nordic, Arthurian and Grail mysteries. The Finnish language was made up of twelve consonants. At the Forge of the larynx the Finnish consonants echoed the great zodiacal powers. Much of the new mysteries of the Word, the Freyja mysteries, have to do with the shift from reproductive mysteries, fertility, so named, to Speech mysteries. My first Speech Teacher at the Goetheanum, Erna Grund, introduced the English Speaking Drama group to the Kalevala.

“A primal language once bound all people together. Differentiation came with the Fall. Language became the dividing factor through which people no longer understood each other. The loss of the unifying bond led to enmity amongst nations, now divided into linguistic groups. But the unifying element continued to live in the sounds. As soon as one goes back to their ground and origin they are the same in all languages – seven planetary vowel forces and, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve consonantal powers. In some older languages we still find strict adherence to this arrangement, for instance in Finnish, which knows no modification of the vowels and does not divide the consonants into hard and soft ones.”

We shall explore in the course of these essays, an ancient knowledge that traces its roots to Genesis. Since we have lost the wisdom of the matriarchy, we lost in the process, the missing factor in biology and anatomy that clearly comprehends the dual role of the sexes. The matriarchal society was once the key to space, to understanding the mammal forms strewn in space. The connection between organic life and lifeless space was part of the mystery of the egg. Patriarchy has had the task of rediscovering the path from soulless space to ensouled space and that path is through the Freyja mysteries and the mystery of the uterus. Here, as we shall see, biology, physics, space and anti-space are the mystical treasures left over from the division of the sexes.




The Mead of Poetry

“In the course of earthly evolution, this blood passed through a process of `ETHERIZATION.’ Just as our blood streams upward from the heart as ether, so, since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the ether of the earth. etherized blood of christThe etheric body of the earth is permeated by what the blood that flowed on Golgotha became.”

Kvasir is an extraordinary portrait out of the lore of Nordic Initiation. The problem for me is that the description reminds me of someone we all know. If I had never heard of or met someone like him in my lifetime his portrait would appear highly mythological, unlikely and fantastic. But because I have been touched in my lifetime by someone very much like him, Kvasir seems familiar. Someone we should all remember if we ever happen to meet again.

“When the AESIR and the VANIR had made a truce, and settled terms for a lasting peace, every single god and goddess spat into a great jar. This put the seal on their friendship, and because the Aesir were anxious that no one should forget it, even for one moment, they carried off the jar and out of the spittle they fashioned a man.

“His name was KVASIR. He was so steeped in all matters and mysteries of the nine worlds since fire and ice first met in Ginnungagap that no god nor man or giant nor dwarf ever regretted putting him a question or asking his opinion.”

To pursue a knowledge that outlines the history of human immortality back through the history of worlds, back through ancient Moon and the drama of the Angels in their human phase; back through the evolution of the Sun with the Archangels in their human phase; back through the evolution of Saturn with the Archai in their human phase; back to the origin of our present humans on ancient Saturn, is to think large thoughts. To discover us living like computers in the flowing courage of immortality, in the silent mechanics of living mineral architecture, where we were played upon by the gods back than, as we play upon our own little computers today, is certainly thinking thoughts that span worlds. That is what the Nordic Kvasir did, he spanned worlds with his thoughts. If asked about ancient Saturn, Kvasir might pause for a moment and say:

“The physical human eye is similar to a camera, for, as with the camera, there appears within it a picture of the surrounding world. Only when one abstracts from the physical eye everything that is not to be found in the camera, does one discover what is the specific nature of the physical eye. So too one must abstract from the entire physical body everything that is not purely physical: only then does one have what in occultism is called the physical body. In itself it can neither live, think nor feel. There then remains a very wisely ordered, extremely complicated automaton, a purely physical apparatus. This, alone, was all there was of human existence at the Old Saturn stage. At that time the eyes were present only as little cameras. What was produced as picture of the surrounding world came to the consciousness of a Deva being. In the middle of the Saturn evolution the so-called Asuras (the Archai) were sufficiently advanced to make use of the apparatus. At that time they were at the human stage. They made use of the automata and the pictures as we make use of photographic apparatus in order to take pictures of a landscape. Thus the physical body of man was at that time an architectural structure of a physical apparatus operated from outside. This is the first stage of human existence.”

Kvasir might intimate how certain unfriendly Asuras have access to the interior of our unused rotting human conscience. If anything is not used from our warmth-ethers the Asuras have dibs on it. It would be their Saturnine food, the unused forces of our immortality.( ) If they have hung behind in evolution we had better move forward. But if we listened to a person like Kvasir, we would begin to understand the very strange phenomena of why we humans sit in front of our computers and order these passive creatures around. We flood their screens with pictures of laser generated light. In other words we are repeating something here that recalls an immense memory in us. We are starting something now which in future will look to us for the wisdom we fed it and the wisdom of the universe that flashed passively before its soulless eyes. We are staring into our own ancient Saturn condition.

If Kvasir related these things to me, these cosmic and ecological pictures would disturb me. Juxtapositions of how the Angels felt in their plant condition; how the Angels felt in their animal phase; how the Angels felt in their human phase; and how the present eco-system of the earth feels as it stands before our gaze; would cause me to make some humble comparisons.

How will the animal feel towards us when they are men? What will the plants feel about us when they are animals? What will the silicon minerals understand of us, when they are men? Is this the crystal ball we are looking into now with our computers? Have we had enough of the games and the stalling and diversions from our responsibilities, to grasp our cosmic position? Are we on the trail to heaven or hell?

You see Kvasir knew the answer to all these things. The Aesir had a CUSPIDOR or SPITTOON. Cusp is a sharp tooth or edge and the CUSPIDOR is where the ashes from the fire were deposited or the cuspidor is like the spittoon or great metal urn where wild west saloon keepers asked cattle rustlers and gunslingers alike, to spit their wad of chaw and saliva. Here is a Rod Serling story waiting to be developed. The Nordic initiates shaped the foundations of where the term spitting image comes from. IMAGO. Perhaps, we might be so bold as to say we are all made in the spitting image of Kvasir. We might say that all the gods got together and fashioned a microcosmic 12 fold structure that accorded in every detail with the macrocosmic mysteries using scale, variance and calibration. Would Kvasir call these fashioners the Elohim or Spirits of Form?

The spittle or saliva had been warmed in the mouth of the gods. They did not have dry mouths but an abundance of life circulated around their tongues. Their words created worlds or caused the entire drama that Milton shapes in his PARADISE LOST and is reflected in the debris of the floating astroid belt, which represents a former boasting brother planet now in ruins. The forces of each CONSONANT and VOWEL were set in motion as the anatomy and intelligence in Kvasir. The entire contract of creation was now a living breathing microcosmic poet and walked with the gods and with men, at home in all worlds. Have we known anybody like that?

Dead center in our own historical Earth evolution stands a moment that has been carried from the mighty ancient Sun evolution down to the flesh embodiment of a living breathing man. Kvasir would tell you that this was no ordinary man who walked amongst us. If asked, Kvasir would say that this was one of the gods who spat in the council and it was actually HIS warm hands that shaped the embryo of Kvasir into shape, as if from bees wax, from the peace spittle of the gods.

“4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

6 When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay…”

John 9:4-6

Kvasir could tell you who this man was. He could tell you about the light of the world vs the light emanating from our t.v.’s and computer screens. Emanating already has the word MAN in it. He could tell the whole history of how one of our human brothers began a relationship with Ahura Mazdao, the central core and crowning glory of the ancient Sun evolution, the LOGOS; and as the historical Zarathustra, Kvasir would remark that he also had the spittle of the gods, the twelve foldness of a Bodhisattva force in his veins. Kvasir could tell the difference between one man and another, between John the Baptist and St. John the Divine, between the creator and the created.

“What was his secret? It was as much in his manner as in his mine of understanding. Questions of fact he answered with simple facts. But to ask Kvasir for his opinion – What shall I say? What do you think? What shall I do? – did not always mean getting a direct answer. Sitting back in his ill-fitting clothes, as often as not with his eyes closed, he would listen to recitals of problems and sorrows with a kind, grave, blank face. He took in and set everything in a wider frame. He never intruded or insisted; rather, he suggested. Often enough he answered a question with another question. He made gods and men, giants and dwarfs feel that they had been helped to answer their own questions.”

It is hard to know what to think of a man such as Kvasir. Grateful I am for the range of history and biographies dealing with the gods and the Angels; or the number crunching gnomes that search for herds of cows, so that they might listen once more to the twelvefold symphonies of the spiritual music and chemistry of their lost homelands hidden in the cows great digestion ( ) ; or the mighty air sylphs who bathe with the Eagles in the light ether;or the singing birds who transform the astral music of nature like a tea kettle, skimming the cream off the wisdom and light spoken by humanity and sending this wisdom as song upwards to nourish heaven; Loki and Lucifer; Ahriman and the Fenrir Wolf, I am grateful for these treasures. What can we say when a man like Kvasir is real and not a myth? What can we think of such a one as Kvasir?

I should think we might try to understand why his blood was so valuable to the gods. I should think we should try to understand what is meant by the etherization of the blood. Because that is what the Nordic Initiates proclaimed in their MEAD OF POETRY. I think we should try to understand the two dwarfs, Fjalar and Galar, who cause Kvasir’s death and then drain him of his life’s blood.

“They poured honey into the jars and cauldron filled with Kvasir’s blood, and with ladles stirred the mixture. The blood and honey formed a sublime mead: whoever drank it became a poet or a wise man.”

Those damned dwarfs. Why do they want to grab something so amazing, as a human being who speaks the LOGOS and opens for all the world a universe of real names and Beings that none can gainsay?

“The stories of Kvasir’s wisdom soon reached the ears of a most unpleasant pair of brothers, the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar. Their interest soon turned to envy and their envy ( ) to energy, for they could not admire anything without wanting it for themselves.Norse Myth Spiritual Science Fjalar and Galar Slaying Kvasir They asked Kvasir to feast with them and a large gathering of dwarfs in their cave under the earth and, as was his custom, Kvasir accepted. The table was a long slab of uneven rock, the floor was grit and the wall-hangings were dripping stalactites; the talk was chiefly of profit and loss and petty revenge; the food, however, and the tableware, all made of hammered gold, were rather more pleasing.”

All people are not made the same. All individual human spirits are not equal, therefore all men are not spiritually created equal. We have shown that the smallest amount of iodine or an unstable level in blood sugar or perhaps a disposition to cancer illuminates or foreshadows the very content of the person we are dealing with. This is to say that, with most of our lives we deal with a mere tip of the iceberg of who or what a person might really be. Astonishing or shattering it becomes, when with Angelic eyes, we truly realize that before us is a human being who has been intimate in our destiny for many, many lifetimes. Kvasir was a unique, one of a kind, divine cosmic fluke of manhood. Some of the earth-spirits are intensely wise, quick, impatient and clever when confronted with such insights. Earth elemental spirits are part of the silicon conspiracy of intellectual information and data, against which, wisdom and cosmic intelligence are caught in our present information age.

Kvasir was that rare blend of poet/seer that stood for the ideal of humankind. Humanity was meant to know the secrets of heaven and earth. Humanity, in its ideal condition, was meant to understand the riddles posed by Dwarfs, gnomes or Angels. We were meant to be conversant in the mysteries of the nine worlds and actually be able to honestly answer and outline the apparent contradictions between physics and metaphysics. It is within our grand design to be the go-between, between worlds.

Earth dwarfs and gnomes have had an attitude problem since time began. It comes with the territory of being a gnome or dwarf that they enter in close contact with hazardous materials. Gold and the poison in human intelligence are distinctly hazardous to the health of certain communities of earth spirits. In order to facilitate their job of distribution, profit and loss they have had to be strict accountants of material factors. Humans have begun merging with their kingdom through silicon technology. Speed and efficiency in running technological processes, upgrades, liquid crystal and chip development have brought us right onto the borderland of these feisty hoarders.

Their treatment of Kvasir reveals a selfish greediness involved with the earth planet that is latent in the mineral technology of the very tight fisted kingdom of creators who are associated with gold, silver, lead, quartz, mercury, tin, copper, and numerous man-made alloys. Ours is the evolution of merging and mixing divine wisdom with the mineral kingdom.

Our first stop in the Necklace of the Brisings was to sleep with the first Dwarf. This is, presently, the hormonal and psychic merging with the mineral kingdom. The details involved with that merger reveals our passage from human/cosmic intelligence into the wisdom matrix of the earth. “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”. The exchange rate has much to do with Kvasir and Freyja. While cosmic intelligence has been woven into human intelligence with Kvasir, Freyja represents a much higher metamorphosis, upwards to an entire new human and hormonal reproductive model where the power of the WORD carries cosmic reproductive repercussions.

The honey sweet sap of the cosmic LOGOS runs down the cross into the Grail and drips its sun-gold onto the parched mineral plain of the solid earth.

“If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

Fjalar and Galar, as representatives of the stone and mineral kingdom, were envious of something in Kvasir that stirred them down to their greedy little cores. Human history testifies as well to an incident in which the specific blood of a human mortal went way beyond the usual blend of chemical combinations. History reveals that a three-year breach allowed the most stupendous crack of light and love to enter down into the very deepest crevices of matter. If each human being does their job and sustains cosmic intelligence into the core of the earth, it can change the entire intelligence of the mineral kingdom into something very rich and strange indeed. This, we witness, is already happening in our frantic addiction to silicon technology.

Our current cultural directive allows our clever, greedy and narrow-minded I.Q. rate to merge into a kingdom vastly wiser and cleverer than our own puny self-proclaimed Darwinian monkey skulls. Kvasir’s wisdom (different from intellect) was respected through-out all the kingdoms, on every plateau of consciousness where humans, gods and demons held political opinions or hidden agendas. It was expected, predicted, and is now being fulfilled that humanity would bring this great cosmic mix, that Kvasir represented, as its bargaining chip, to the table, in our present negotiations with the mineral world. Kvasir would probably describe our silicon neighbors in glowing words. He might say:

“Now it is true that when we find silicon present in a form like quartz, it seems – from a material standpoint – of little importance for the soil and its associated plant growth. Quartz is not soluble in water – water just trickles around it. Thus, at first glance, it seems to have little to do with the ordinary, obvious prerequisites for life. But then take the horsetail plant – Equisetum; you will find that it contains up to ninety percent silicic acid. It has the same thing that is in quartz, but in the plant it is very finely distributed.

“From such things you can begin to see what great significance silicon must have. Indeed, almost half of everything we meet on Earth consists of silica. Strangely enough, so little notice is taken of silica today that it is still virtually excluded even from those areas where it could have an extremely beneficial effect… Silica is a significant ingredient in many medications, and a whole class of illnesses is treated by giving silicic acid either internally or externally as baths. These illnesses are characterized by disturbances that show up in the senses – although they do not actually originate in them – including also the inner senses, which convey pain from the organs. The senses are influenced in a remarkable way by silicon. And silicon plays the greatest imaginable part not only in the body, but also in the whole household of nature, if I may use this traditional expression. Silicon is present not only in quartz or other rocks, it is also present in extremely fine dilution in the atmosphere. It is actually everywhere.

“Half, that is, 48%, of the Earth available for our use consists of silica. What then does this silica actually do? Let’s put this question in a hypothetical form. If there were only half as much silica in our earthly environment…”

Kvasir would say that the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar wanted the earth to become saturated with silica so that it surpassed a mere 48% and surged up to 60% or 70%. Their intention was to have silicon chip personal computers in every household. They envisioned that the human community could be dominated by silica forces up at heart and head levels. They hoped to induce contact with humanity in such a way that the intelligence of human beings could be bridged and siphoned off so that cosmic intelligence might be enslaved to the tendency already infused within the gnome and dwarf community. Misdirected greed might easily translate into avarice within the human community and divert the goal of cosmic brotherhood from happening but make it darn comfortable for the aggressiveness latent in the mineral world. Kvasir might openly spell out such matter of fact activities and dangers inherent in tendencies where human and silicon kingdoms begin to make contact, merge and overlap.

“…Fjalar and Galar asked Kvasir for a word in private. Kvasir followed them into a gloomy chamber, and that was a mistake. The two dwarfs had knives hidden in their sleeves, and at once they buried them in the wise man’s chest. His blood spurted out of his body and Fjalar and Galar caught it all in two large jars and a cauldron. Kvasir’s heart stopped pumping and his drained white body lay still on the ground.

“When, after a while, the Aesir (Angel kingdom) sent a messenger to ask after Kvasir, the two dwarfs sent back word that he had unfortunately choked on his own learning, because there was no one in the nine worlds well informed enough to compare and compete with him.”

The Mead of Poetry and THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH have much to do with how we navigate the shoals of the mineral, silica kingdom, with our newly won poetic intelligence. Living hexagonal crystal formed in darkest lightThe quartz crystal realm of silica is an hexagonal mystery. It is truly a cube when looked at in the right way. We see it when cameras catch the light in the lens at a certain angle. We see it in movies with virtual mode themes like LAWNMOWER MAN II. An hexagonal image suddenly appears formed from light.

The Bees-honeycomb is a revelation of intelligent activity raised up from the solid mineral kingdom to the waxy aspect of the plant world. The Bee creates wombs of hexagonal structure in order to form the sun-spirit bee Queen, worker and drone. The lenses on the eyes of bees and dragons flies are hexagonal and our DNA are made of specific hexagonal structures fitted puzzle wise onto the double helix. “But Fjalar and Galar were delighted with what they had done. They poured honey into the jars and cauldron (THREE CONTAINERS) filled with Kvasir’s blood, and with ladles stirred the mixture. The blood and honey formed a sublime mead: whoever drank it became a poet or a wise man. The dwarfs kept this mead to themselves. No one else tasted it; no one even heard about it.” The silicon structure is light bearing, therefore intelligence and light flow through our silicon highways.

Silica runs secretly into the plant kingdom when the bee transforms the hexagonal crystal force into the honeycomb and this crystalline system finally terminates in our bone marrow and immune system white and red blood cells. “The blood cells, especially the red and white blood cells, contain more quartz-like properties, and the nervous system contains more an electromagnetic current. The life-force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body. There are various quartz-like structures in the physical and subtle bodies that augment the impact of vibrational remedies. In the physical body, these areas include: cell salts, fatty tissue, lymphs, red and white cells, and the pineal gland. These crystalline structures are a complete system in the body but not yet properly isolated and understood by modern medicine… These properties in the body magnify the life-force of vibrational remedies to a recognizable level to be assimilated. Indeed, these crystalline properties are relay points for most ethereal energies to penetrate the physical body. This allows for a balanced distribution of various energies in correct frequencies, which stimulates the discharge of toxicity to create health. In a similar fashion, vibrations of radio-wave frequencies strike a crystal in a radio.”

“Some of the effects quartz crystals are able to have upon humans relate to a particular resonance effect that occurs with our own crystalline structures… Science has recently begun to recognize a new class of crystals known as liquid crystals. They have a structure which is partially crystalline and partially fluid. Biology is beginning to understand that many substances and membranes within the human body appear to function as liquid crystals. From a subtle-energy perspective, a number of solid and liquid crystalline structures at the physical level are involved in the attunement of subtle energies within the nervous system and the flow of the life-force through the body… Certain aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals.”

The infused cosmic intelligence and light in Kvasir’s blood is something that is going to work through the natural realms of biology and nature all the way up through our nine stages of being and development.

Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“The manner in which Odin himself worked upon his peoples in order to make speech possible to them has been preserved in a wonderful way It was described as a divine initiation. The way in which Odin gained the power to endow the souls of the Germanic and Northern peoples with languages is thus described Odin, before he had acquired this capacity, had gone through what is represented to us as the initiation by means of the Potion of the Gods [MEAD OF POETRY], that divine Potion which once upon a time in the primeval past belonged to the giants. This Potion contained not merely abstract wisdom, but it represents to us the wisdom which expresses itself directly in sound. Odin at his initiation obtained power over the wisdom which expresses itself in sound, he learned how to use it when he went through a long initiation which lasted nine days, from which he was then released by Mimir, the ancient bearer of Wisdom. Thus Odin became Lord of the power of Speech. It was for this reason that the later sagas trace the language of the poets, the language of the skalds [SKALDSKAPARMAL(Poetic Diction], back to Odin. The art of reading runes, which in olden times was thought of as being much more closely related to speech than the later kind of writing, was also traced back to Odin. Hence the way in which the soul — indirectly, through the etheric body, whilst making itself at home in the physical body — acquired speech through the corresponding Archangel, is expressed in the wonderful stories related about Odin.”

Odin the all Father is going to have to penetrate into the mystery of The MEAD OF POETRY. The Etherization of the blood becomes a concern of cosmic proportions. If it falls into the wrong hands, the entire treasure of cosmic intelligence can be wasted or frittered away by the selfish agenda of greedy dwarfs and misguided men. Intelligence that is wasted or frittered away by human beings is also part of an agenda driven power game in our battle with the giants, the multi-national titans of our so named information age. With cuddly dwarf names like Micro-soft one has to wonder if Gates is not some sort of a gate-keeper.

In bargaining for their little malignant lives, the dwarf community barters away Kvasir’s blood to the giants. Up till now I have had a problem understanding what and who these giants were until I tripped over some cryptic passages in the Ragnarök saga. In the Ragnarök saga the finished work of the gods, our eco-system and placement within the divine order of things, reaches a deadly confrontation. The giants play an important part, along with chip technology, that astonished me as I comprehended the detailed picture that the Nordic initiates were sending down to our own time.

Defining the giants role in our lives today would certainly be very helpful for all departments of knowledge concerned with silicon technology. The bigness of the giants and the smallness of the dwarfs must be something we can get a handle on. It was after all the reason why Fjalar and Galar forfeited the greatest treasure of human richness ever aged and heated in a cauldron. We can be confident that, while the Initiates were combing the horizon of their vision to see the far parameters and implications of unknown events in their future and our present, we might be able to find clues hidden in their far-reaching communications that tune us into the missing factors involved with our own present confrontation with the silicon world. I don’t think that is too much to ask for do you?

If Kvasir were asked about the impending events of Ragnarök he would be very calm and confident about the future. I on the other hand find our present social speed and density, of mixed cleverness and unethical development, a source of wild anxiety. But Kvasir knew more than dwarfs and more than mortal men like me. In fact, from the documents at our disposal it is clear that the greediest of the dwarfs and gnomes, the number crunchers of the cosmic mineral world, couldn’t really benefit themselves by becoming poets and seers. It was necessary that they give up the Mead of Poetry, but why to the giants?

Tolkien, it is said, had a conversation with the immortal shade of Kvasir the same way Dante did with Virgil and from it came the dreaded saga of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Tolkien did not present a confident and calm vision of the realm of mortal man, the dwarfs, elves and various higher and lower spirits working in the warehouse of nature and spirit. If Empedocles could have reported his findings in the elemental world after he dove into the volcano (See link to Volcanic inner Earth Mysteries), he might have handed in a report similar to Tolkien’s. His was a noteworthy report on a life and death struggle, within the neighboring elemental communities, and the psychic and demonic world that was wresting itself away from the very fabric of decency that was the finished work of the gods. But Kvasir certainly wasn’t as nervous about the divine powers that sustained him and created him from their combined peace-spittle as Tolkien was about the present hidden drama in the underbelly of spiritual history.

Kvasir would more calmly take the subject of Ragnarök and the giants in his stride and with thoughtful brow and eyes slightly closed he would recall the pertinent Initiate information handed down by Gods, Angels and Skalds. He would then compare these vast meditations with our present world and link them in a most marvelous and undreamt of manner.

First he might say that the red cock FJALAR plays a significant role in the Ragnarök saga, when it is time to wake the giants. Indeed the Earth awakens when the cock feels the Sun forces tremble through its blood. The name of the dwarf who steals the blood of Kvasir and the early warning cock who begins the break-up of the finished work of the gods is none other than FJALAR. This cocky FJALAR signals to the giants that the time is come. The roosters red comb or the Romans crest with their kin Romulus and Remus nursed by the She-Wolf, daughter of Fenrir, has awakened in the human kingdom and begins to crow. Fjalar who fancies himself cock of the roost in the dwarf kingdom would feel this mighty pulse of anti-sun-wisdom when it awakens in the Earth caverns first.

“This night before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.”

Matthew 26:34

“Thy SPEECH betrayeth thee. Then began he to curse and swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew.”

Matthew 26:73

When the final signal was given for the ecological destruction of the finished work of the Gods, Kvasir would call attention to the fact that the giants would be crammed into a great boat with many ports. The odd thing about this boat, loaded with giants to assault the citadel of the Gods and begin Ragnarök, was that the giant boat was made exclusively of chips from dead men’s finger nails. Kvasir would say very calmly that these chips continue to grow from the finger nails of dead men and women when they are laid in their graves. Finger nails and hair are silica based and continue to grow even though the body is deceased. Naturally the Skalds could see that tiny chips of silica, grown from dead mineral forces, could make the hull and body of the ship that carried the giants to Valhalla, into a most sinister weapon indeed.

If silicon chip technology could be imprinted than the dead who have had themselves wedded through and through with silica would carry specific data that could be I.D.ed and fuse the world of the dead with the living. Dead news and dead information and things still warm vs things dead that were moments ago alive would be part of the ratings war. In point of fact an entire common culture with complete educational systems could be developed on the basis of dead information. Faith in the living research skill of human spirits who merge with higher initiation would be constantly contradicted by the reports from the world of dead information. The Skalds, the nordic seers and poets pointed to a time when these signs would be apparent to all. Cosmic intelligence would be drained and siphoned off using the magic of the fallen Devachan kingdom of magnetism and electricity to oppose the source where thought and light imprints itself from the free activity of the human spirit.

In education we can clearly observe the end of the century movement that has:

a.) forced people away from the land into urban centers;

b.) created total reliance on produce and control of products that have fallen below organic and honest standards of dietary intelligence, i.e. nature was severed from its potential upward development, and, is now proceeding in a downward second FALL;

c.) Corporate GIANTS or multi-national corporations built the 9 to 5 mode of work but family life and the human spirit were betrayed for the cultural paradigm of the consumer animal;

d.) Schools declined and human spirits who could represent to the children a living, breathing example of cosmopolitan and universal values were sucked into the `web’,`net’ or deceived by the cultural consumer animal paradigm.

e.) Home schooling allowed the virtual office and work at home ideas of modem and fax to be severed from actual classroom social spirit that might have shaped the individual with a renewed dynamic psychological structure;

The Result: `X’ Generations dilemma at entering a complex established world of political, spiritual and psychological giants but society offering them only immature, video game responses with anemic if not atrophied forces of intuition.

Poetic intuition can only be nursed by meeting the community of humanity with our karma. Instead of this, a non-flesh and blood, computer generated, karmic copy has been substituted for real communities. Education and universities fell into political and sexual splinter groups, each writing and rewriting intellectual cynicism. Nature and the environment fell and jails became the new boarding houses for our failed human experiments.

Perhaps you consider that your lawn, garden and home are your isolated sanctuaries against a violent world. But pollution, crime, crud, robbery and mayhem are our leftovers either as radioactive fall-out or as social fall-out. Abnegating our power to restore nature, restore humanity and honor the least of these, our children, giving them back a world where humanity works for the recovery of the human spirit, abnegating this responsibility is a supreme act of cowardice and betrayal. What we have bequeathed merely creates a complex video theme park of a former divine world, while we, snail-like, retreat into our own consumer generated, virtual real cyberspace carapaces.

Kvasir would say that there is an odd thing about giants, they have no sense of humor, lack the eye of courage, the wit and the wisdom that spans the nine worlds. Kvasir would say humanity is an on-line spiritual bridge to the nine worlds and all their visible and invisible inhabitants. He would say, Earth is the blend of these nine worlds and humanity is the goer between. “Monstrous as the giants may be, there is a reassuring sameness about them;… But Fenrir, Jormungand and Hel are a different matter: they are Loki’s offspring, extensions of the enemy within, the only enemy that can affect and corrupt and finally destroy the spirit of the gods.” Here Kvasir might mumble something about a text written in modern words by Robert Kennedy, something about the ENEMY WITHIN.

Seeing the confused look in my eye Kvasir would adjust himself and stare upwards for a few seconds and sigh. Where would you hide those giants? Big dumb giants? Kvasir knew, all I knew was that Kvasir was a human being with intuition and wisdom pulsing in his blood. Like a bee he could search out the nectar in any question and alight on it.

Giants aren’t good for much, he might say. But they are equipped with vast dumb memories that carry all the information but none of the spirit of the universe. Vast and slow, they can retrieve things and run simple errands and follow simple commands but they can not pierce into the vast framework of the nine worlds of heaven and earth and act with freedom. They are not equipped to carry the light torch of the mighty astral thought light-beacon that can seek and focus in on, and assimilate, the history and intentions of the spirit. Face to face and eye to eye the giants have not developed conscience but are slaves to their enormous memories. Men might think that giant memories are better then their own true spirit eyes and spirit knowing, this would be a fatal error if men were to rely on the giants bounded and contained by the chips from dead men’s nails. Kvasir might say.

The data from dead men’s finger nails, silicon chips from the corpses of dead information and meaningless dislocated facts, wisps of biographies from ghosts haunted by shame and dread are not the same as the light beacon that lives in the blood of the living, wholesome human heart. The heart of the spirit that lives and breaths as a healthy revelation of humankind, speaks and carries a different imprint/ a different slant on wisdom and idealism. If men long dead can be reignited, by programs and systems they have left behind, hidden in the chips of their nails as they sailed into the regions of after-life, then truly the giants can build an empire from the dead facts of the universe. “A third cock ( ), rust red, will raise the dead in Hel.” These dead facts will truly kill the spirit of the gods.

“Our sufficiency is of God: Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

2 Corinthians 3:5

To use the giants to attack the gods is to marshall memory against the spirit of man. Living memory is linked to the identity of the single reincarnating human spirit who carries in each of his steps, in each of his breaths, in each of his heart beats, in each of his deeds and in each of his words, the ongoing courage of immortality. Dead memories are doomed minds who have fed themselves on dead theories and have cemented these theories into a global tomb. Memory is a wonderful personal history of heart breaking reality. Information showered in rains of giant piss is research pouring down on empty heads without a bucket. Kvasir might say.

Hammering data and crunching numbers however, is part of the gnome and dwarf’s life blood. They have a dishonorable relationship with giants because one is tiny and clever and the other is vast and dumb. The alliance humanity desires is neither with tiny and clever nor vast and dumb. But that is the exact definition and contract that has been struck. The tiny clever silicon chip of the gnome and the vast dumb memory system of the giant are what we have united with. It is also how the Nordic Initiates perceived the sell out of Kvasir’s blood by dwarfs to the giants.

The giant Suttung wades out into the deep ocean and drops the two dwarfs who stole the blood of Kvasir on a skull of rock called a skerry. Gol as in Golgotha and skull come from the same linguistic roots. Out at sea is no place for Dwarfs. The giant Suttung literally threatens the gnome community with becoming slaves to the human skull. The worst nightmare of a gnome is the possibility that if they fall asleep they might easily enjoy the water. To perhaps fall asleep surrounded by water, or ether, chained to the skull of human thinking might make these creatures become what they dread. Frogs! Frogs and toads are the gnomes worst nightmare. If they fall asleep in their incessant number crunching they literally croak, which is where the term croak came from. When a gnome or dwarf croaks he falls into the moony rhythms of the frog and becomes what Fjalar and Galar feared most they might become.

“…Suttung dumped Fjalar and Galar on a skerry, a sopping rock standing just clear of the water.

…`Since it has come to this’, said Galar, `we’re willing to offer you our greatest treasure.’

Then Fjalar described their mead, both its origin and power, with a wealth of words.

…He took the precious liquid straight to the mountain Hnitbjorg where he lived. Suttung hewed a new chamber out of the rock at the heart of the mountain and put his the three crocks in it. And he told his daughter Gunnlod that she had one duty: `Guard this mead by day and guard it by night.”

The alliance humanity truly requires is with cosmic intelligence and human blood not illicit enslavement to giants and dwarfs. Giants may contain cosmic memory but they cannot use cosmic intelligence. Humanity can use and contain within their intuitive, poetic and spiritual development both cosmic memory and cosmic intelligence. Humans, like Kvasir, are warmed through to the heart and have access through all realms of spirit and matter. Underestimating the value of the human spirit is done both by the giants and the dwarfs. As a society we have entered into a compact with Beings that haven’t the depth or level of development that is our own cosmic right. The mockery, scorn and increased greed and avariceness coupled with violence and sadism is coming from below not above.

Through the transformation of conscience and drama, Speech and the WORD, which comes from the heart, the wisdom of the world can be downloaded to the earth through the human. “Into Thy hands I commend my spirit” means into the hands of human ethical, living spirits who carry the reality of the Father in their actions, words and thoughts and are capable of divine metamorphosis, and carry in their hearts the cosmic power of love linked with divine intelligence.

One of our hands has already been linked with the Fenrir wolf, in fact bitten off by him. Our hands, presently, are used to tap typed computer glyphs. Carpal tunnel syndrome of bone aching hands and wrists fettered to the jaws of the Fenrir wolf also tell of our over played hand. Our blood must become THE MEAD OF POETRY. Through it the milk of the human throat, our WORD, becomes fertilized by cosmic intelligence. (Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan) This brings an upward evolutionary curve to all of creation. This allows the pollination of the Word.

Technology is inevitable. It is part of our evolution from ancient Saturn, Kvasir might say. It is not something the ancient Skalds felt they could run away from. The cosmic forces of Fenrir were mighty and dangerous, yet they were part of the great powers invested in the scope of the immortal gods. For humans to master the mineral plain and make contracts with the neighboring silicon kingdom of the gnomes and dwarfs requires wariness towards the unleashing of these mighty forces.

Contracts between giants and dwarfs must be viewed clearly for what they are. Chip technology is married to giant memory systems. The third factor is the user. Worshiping dwarfs or giants will not get humanity linked back to its upward evolution. Suttung giant Memory and dwarf chip technologyWhat such unholy unions can promote is the virtual fall of humanity into the snares of sub-nature and dark technology. Virtual worlds outside the precincts of the eco-system and built solely on psychological addictions to sub-worlds just might be where the entire population of humanity is giddily headed. Our priorities must be invested in the noble rank and cosmic blend of blood that Kvasir and the Nordic seers represented in THE MEAD OF POETRY.

The Nordic seers knew that it was a bad day for naive and trusting Kvasir when he `did lunch’ with Fjalar and Galar. Contracts, negotiations, profit and loss, all these are consumer dreams deposited as corrupt moral impulses into the lower mineral kingdom. With the advent of faster computers the stock markets moved from their sluggish hundreds and thousand during the 1920’s to their five, six or 10 thousand average daily trading levels. Our ethical or unethical qualities are imprinted directly into the silicon world. The sudden conspiracy against human intelligence that carries cosmic intelligence is reenacted every day on Wall Street.( ) Sincerity was part of the psychological make-up of Kvasir. It was in his blood.

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

St Matthew 10:16

Since it is clear we must merge with the first level of the four ethers, the first of the four dwarfs that Freyja agrees to unite with, our first stop is the silicon world, along with all the other qualities of the metals and hidden forces that chips of matter or fingernail chips can convey to us. What more concrete picture could the Nordic seers have left us, but the whole context connected with chips from dead mens fingernails. We truly have embarked on a great adventure. The Nordic seers knew this and understood that the Mead of the blood in the human being was a unique and sacred blend that needed to be cherished and preserved.

Odin realizes that this great MEAD OF POETRY, this rich blend of blood and honey has become more than it was when Kvasir lived, it has aged and ripened. That is also a secret. This blood, carried in the veins of humanity, holds the rich and eternal dreams of the old Gods for their future. Fermenting out of the old recipes for making mead requires a fermentation process to make it truly grand.( ) Dwarfs acting selfishly, have in fact, once more, served the intentions of the Gods. This etherized brew of cosmic and human intelligence has fallen into the hands of a Giant and its three great jars are now guarded by Suttung and his giant daughter Gunnlod. (The giant goddess we worship today is the giantess DOWNLOAD) The three great jars of brewed Mead sit in a chamber hewed “out of the rock at the heart of the mountain”

“In MYTH AND RELIGION OF THE NORTH, E.O.G. Turville-Petre says that there is an Indian parallel to the creation of the mead of poetry from Kvasir’s blood in which the four parts of a slain monster represent four kinds of drunkenness; and in another Indian myth, soma, an intoxicating drink that stimulates the voice and gives immortality, is stolen by an eagle from an iron fortress.”

Freyja brings us into relationship with the four ether seeds of the parathyroid with her encounter with the four dwarfs over THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS. Four Parathyroid glands and the reproductive center of Speech Four different kinds of drunkenness or inspiration are operative at the foundations of the world in the structure of north, south, east and west, but also out of the Ark of the Covenant which focused the field of the earth plain and initiation science against the background of the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Angel. Those became in the course of time our four gospels, capturing the biographical revelations of the incarnated LOGOS in the records of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On these primal foundations lay the four parathyroid glands that raise the hormonal development of the human reproductive and Speaking Being to a new cosmic prototype. We were meant to ascend from sexual reproduction to Word, Ego-imprinted, divine speech.

In order to retrieve the kidnaped MEAD OF POETRY, the blood of Kvasir, Odin must place himself as the tenth in the nine worlds. A great work of harvesting the wisdom of the nine worlds is going on now. Nine mercenary harvesters were hired to work for the brother of the giant who holds Kvasir’s sacred blood. Odin is the tenth and enters as the tenth worker, better than all the nine put together. Odin places himself in proximity to the hidden containers of Mead by offering his services to the greedy brother of the very giant who guards the sacred THREE.

The fact that nine worlds and nine psychological and biological phases of human and spiritual development are broken into three groups of three; and that there are three containers of the sacred Blood of Kvasir, are very important to the spiritual scientific researcher. One of the containers was described as a cauldron and this cauldron must be the heart region because cauldrons were used for cooking. One of the containers is named Son.

Kvasir’s blood, the fermented Mead, has now been placed in the cosmic containers of the divine triad. The blood of Kvasir reflects this triad, and can be found in three compartments. We can easily recognize the FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION drawing us toward our own transformation of blood. In our Thinking, Feeling and Willing; or in our relation to Truth, Beauty and Goodness; or as we apply these three elements culturally, in our society as Science, Art and Religion; we dip our ladles, our tongues, into the MEAD OF POETRY. In Speech Training we recognize these three portions as those of Lyric, Dramatic and Epic placements and focus.

“Nine thralls were working in a sloping field, men from Midgard with a taste for adventure and handsome reward. They were scything the succulent grass with long, slow sweeps, and seemed very weary.”

Earth is certainly interpenetrated by nine worlds. ninefold spiritual psychological system munchA harvest is underway. A gathering of collected data into upgraded and programmed systems is very much underway at present. A virtual world walk-in museum of scattered laser generated computer graphic enhanced scraps of knowledge is being offered as psychic harvest for the starving masses. A world-wide web of semi-dead knowledge is now in the process of being harvested for the world-wide dead.

Odin as the tenth of the nine represents the sharpened faculty of thinking, the eagle of our psychic development. The Native Americans and the St. John gospel would have been in complete agreement if it wasn’t for the greed and the formalized betrayals of the United States against the ecological wisdom of the Native Americans. The Native Americans had raised the fallen Scorpio forces of nature up to the Initiate vision of the Eagle. It could have been an easy step to honor that great deed and inaugurate an education of the human race that aimed for the next stage, the dove. Odin, the tenth, “drew a whetstone from his belt and began to put a new edge on the scythe, the other thralls crowded round in the hope he would hone their scythes too.”

Humanity is the tenth amid the nine worlds and the Nordic, Aztec, South American, Mexican, Mayan, Inca, Dante, Spiritual Science and the Catholic church all honored the nine worlds. This is an enormous comparative study yet to be attempted. What was the incarnating field or active differences between Nordic and South American research by initiates into the nine worlds?

Nine layers of the inner earth bring the human being into the deepest matters of life, death and evil that can be reckoned with. The tenor of moral difference between how the Aztec initiate dealt with the nine layers of the inner earth and how the Nordic seers and Initiates dealt with it makes one wonder if there wasn’t a psychic intersection where the two opposing fields struggled over the moral axis of earth evolution. Dante There is ample evidence to prove that such penetrating initiations on both sides of the equator held different stand points on what honor and fairness were to the human spirit or to the demons locked in the center of the earth’s magnetic and gravitational workings.

“In India the wisdom of the Brahmins lay at the foundation of human life. In Europe this was indeed withdrawn into the background, but it existed in the Norse Mysteries where the European Brahmins had to make good again that which had been spoiled through the betrayal in the old Atlantean epoch.”

The sinking of Atlantis and the trail of linguistic evolution that leads us to the Inca, Aztec and Mayan cultures has to do with the abuse of the oracles of Atlantis. The initiation into the gold mysteries, the aura of gold in its present form, is a catalyst for psychic greed. A stage lower on the scale and greed becomes AVARICE, which has its own animal and serpent like rewards.

Below the black school of avariceness is sadism etc., the dwarf and gnome kingdom of silica have a moral downside which the Norse Initiates warned and defended us against. Southern hemisphere Aztec avariceness is interwoven and part of the present basis of Darwinian social engineering geared to the preservation of our psychologically adapted economic consumer-animal society. On the other hand gold is the representative of the wisdom of the Sun in the material of earth.

To sit in a virtual classroom and be taught virtual lessons by a mirage or computer generated icon of the honest teacher, geared to whatever racial or preferential image sentimentality dictates, is to re-enter, once again, the ancient Atlantean conflict. The upward development of thinking that veered away from genetic and nature manipulation by use of etheric and magical forces, was the cause of the split in Atlantean culture and the basis of a common global catastrophe that linked itself to the Sphinx of Egypt. We see the mighty Pharaohs headdress and those of Bali and Thailand and we can see the virtual world of clairvoyance that was operative as an outside eye-ball or umbilical cord, visionary plug, carried from old Atlantis through the blood as divine leadership, all the way to the GOLD crown of Kings. Now down to the last death throe of the blood, we see the so-called Royal couple, Diane and Prince Charles, dry up the last dregs of that blood-line mystery. (Obvious dramatic historical and tragic events have happened since I wrote this.)

The struggle and sinking of Atlantis came from the social rift in the upward and downward development, the abuse and misuse of clairvoyant, etheric and magical forces woven in the numbers and patterns of real nature and biology. One group developed toward the Gobi desert and escaped the sinking of Atlantis in the fabled Ark. Another group went west and developed in South America.

But the main internal social conflict of old Atlantis was between those who were considered racial retards because they were developing forebrains and strong earth spines, which were the first germs of materialistic or rational thinking, and those who built blood/genetic fusions with clairvoyant manipulations of nature. In old Atlantis, conscience and the use of human freedom in the realm of lawful, divine nature, was inaugurated by reject, retards. These `retards’ were cast off from the main stream of normal black magic clairvoyant schooling that was part of the consensus consumer development and public education of declining Atlantean culture.

The main body of dark initiates wanted to manipulate the genetic and animal-human kingdoms and dislodge the laws of nature and insert their own arbitrary clairvoyant choices for the pleasure and commerce of the Atlanteans. This plan was thwarted by the sinking of Atlantis. The laws of the stars and the biological laws in nature were to be preserved as divine factors instead of manipulated and distorted out of recognition. Today we are witnessing the reverse effects of the Atlantean fall in our own time. We are once more faced with a reverse Atlantis, a sinking of all nature’s complex species and a fall into virtual worlds and genetic arbitrariness.

Virtual reality is a growing form of materialistically induced clairvoyance that is opposed to the upward development of the Word. Using Melatonin and pituitary and pineal endocrine boot enhancers, humanity is about to unplug divine creation and plug in man-made software packages of virtual detached and disconnected consumerized giddy clairvoyant deceptions. The Logos and the laws of creation were given in the lawful model of the human form which a GOD has re-programmed upwards and a away from the fall by using the bodies higher potentials and designing a new prototype based strictly on the triadic human structure and the nine-fold human and cosmic pattern. The secret of Kvasirs divine blood, infused with Solar power, ignited the upper triadic levels of higher spiritual seeds. The higher metamorphosis of Atma, Budi, and Manna from the human psychic structure.

The new Atlanteans are splintering, again, into two groups. Those who want, arbitrarily, to create manipulated nature species under the research banners of genetics and biological warfare experimentation, while mixing hormonal psychotropic drugs, and giving semblance and clairvoyant actuality to virtual reality by diverting sound human insight and morality away from the real Fall of nature and the human spirit. While the other group seeks the upward lawful contract with creation forged by the incarnated Logos who brought the etherization of the blood and the Human WORD into its divine potential. The DNA of man the higher Angelic being; and the DNA of man the virus laden fallen god; once more stand at an Atlantean threshold, only with new stakes.

As in old Atlantis, our present majority sees nothing but harmony, idealism and joy in this path to the hallucinatory solution to our upward moral and spiritual goals. On the Christ/Buddha path nature is reunited in a non-arbitrary manner to its upward cosmic destiny and begins reinforcing the health and maturity of the human spirit based on the model of the Logos. We are the image of that Logos, which was only complete enough by 30 A.D. to allow us to receive a new upward revelation of the human prototype.

The Aztecs, as well as Philip the Fair, who tortured the Knights Templar and stole the brotherhood out of international banking, used gold initiation as a method to enter the dark circles of the nine layers of the inner earth. A corrupted version of genetic manipulation and betrayal of the Sun Mysteries was the reason behind the sinking of Atlantis. Gold, greed, sadism and avarice are clearly the global banking motto to live by today. The Nordic seers apparently were forced into spiritual pay-back to help adjust the malignant mysteries which remained active through human sacrifices and the schools of dark initiates clustered around Aztec altars dedicated to Venus and gold that remained as feeble remembrances of the conflict that sank Atlantis. The psychological toll today, in those who experienced the Templar purge and torture, remain as psychic stumbling blocks to those who face the cross roads of the this 98/99 century crossing.

Odin enters the story of THE MEAD OF POETRY as the tenth worker among nine mercenaries. We humans are the TENTH HIERARCHY, the Angels belong to the ninth. Odin has a whetstone that can sharpen the dull blade of thinking. Odin sharpens the blades of the other nine mercenary harvesters and offers his prized whetstone to them, he throws it into the air for one of them to grab and in the hustle, “the thralls jostled, they stepped backwards, they suddenly swung round; and in the end, in their confusion, they all slit one another’s throats. The nine of them lay in the long grass they had just cut.”

As members of the TENTH HIERARCHY human beings have the option of freedom, love and thinking that allows us to do deeds of freedom and enables us to keep our wits sharp because of the blending of the nine worlds, specifically arranged for our observation and thinking. That is A PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM. The world arranged around us acts as a whetstone to our thinking and wits. The harvesting of the nine worlds means that human beings must play a significant role in the harvest process. To say that consumer cut-throat actions and mercenary ethics have only dull blades in their thinking system and cannot compete with an Initiate who works with the divine wisdom of cosmic intelligence is an understatement.( ) Cosmic intelligence comes to the service of Initiate wisdom and this increases the ratio of divine assistance in proportion to our integration of human intelligence with cosmic intelligence. The human being who works with the divine has the strength of ten.

We have in Kvasir and THE MEAD OF POETRY a covert rescue mission, initiated by a disguised Odin. Two giant brothers with two different dull agendas must be outwitted by Odin. One giant using the nine worlds to harvest wisdom and increase its store for the autumn and winter and his brother who seems better equipped, the giant Suttung, are at unfriendly odds with each other. The harvest will totally fail unless the earth intelligence, represented by Suttung’s brother BAUGI finds more helpers. His other harvesters of the nine worlds have just killed themselves off leaving the one divine/human spirit, with one-eye,( ) Odin of cosmic intelligence, to harvest the remainder of earth’s wisdom.

Odin does not scoot around the work of harvesting earth wisdom, rather he takes on the entire harvest by himself.( ) A ratio is established here of nine to one. One free spirit against nine unfree spirits can accomplish more through SPIRITUAL ECONOMY simply by working with reality instead of against it. Odin represents the tenth or initiated humanity.

Locking down the MEAD OF POETRY that carries the imprint of the peace agreement of all worlds, the spittle of the gods and the answer to the riddles of both gods, demons, giants and dwarfs, held in three different containers by the giant Suttung, literally means that the poetic and intuitive education and initiation of humanity is to be blocked and made immensely difficult to attain by normal means. Earth society and Earth intelligence will stand like giants against the individual human intuition.

If the two giants have their way, the etherized blood of Kvasir will be exchanged on the market slowly by supply and demand. Scientists would be hired by Suttung to evaluate the substances in this strange mead and create drugs that imitate its magical power. The actual Mead is meant to nourish humanity, for our use as mediators of cosmic intelligence. Yet it is also something we are capable of creating in ourselves, through our own spiritual efforts. It is to serve as inspiration, love and wisdom for the rest of the nine worlds. To find the source of it, salvage it and honor it, as the highest essence of earth evolution, is to comprehend the mystery of the Grail and comprehend the actions of Odin to save the Mead of Poetry.

The triad of forces that come from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as the triad of containers that contain the elixir that raises thought, raises feeling and raises will up to the highest level of inspiration, stand for the mystery of THE MEAD OF POETRY. Kvasir understood how to answer and pose the questions; what to look for and how to respond to difficult riddles of human existence or divine affairs. Luckily for us such men do exist and luckier still are those who know where to find the MEAD OF POETRY. The FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION leads one to this elixir or ichor of blood, the recipe for awakening in each of us the MEAD OF POETRY.

“Anthroposophy is the preparation for everything that will come in the future. Those who take the process of man’s evolution seriously resolve not to allow the soul’s development to come to a standstill but to ensure that its development will eventually enable the spiritual part of the earth to become free, leaving the grosser part to fall away like a corpse – for human beings could frustrate the whole process. Those who desire evolution to succeed must acquire understanding of the spiritual life through what we today call Anthroposophy. The cultivation of Anthroposophy thus becomes a duty; knowledge becomes something that we actually experience, something toward which we have responsibility. When we are inwardly aware of this responsibility and have this resolve, when we experience the mysteries of the world so as to arouse in us the wish to become Anthroposophists, then our experience is right.”

True, Kvasir is no myth. Such human beings are on the rise. We must not wait for leaders and gurus. We must take up what a living representative of THE MEAD OF POETRY has answered of the riddles of human existence. If we have understood these riddles we must continue to search for the MEAD ourselves and search for those brothers and sisters who have tasted it. It is a heady mixture of light and wisdom and not everybody is capable of sipping this magnificent brew but we of the TENTH HIERARCHY are designed, not to become drunkards but, to quietly and patiently stand as mediators in the turbulent or peaceful coordination of the nine worlds.

Honeyed words dipped in the blood of wisdom are balm for men, giants, Angels and dwarfs. The real myth is the myth we believe we live as isolated consumer-animals enjoying ourselves in a toyland of technology. By severing the community of conversation and brotherhood and replacing it with subservient silicon dwarfs and clumsy memory giants we have placed something between our hearts and our words. This also is part of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

In conclusion to our study of THE MEAD OF POETRY and our much needed work towards the attainment of the etherization of our own blood, we finally enter, through the snake, the serpent, double helix, DNA or Kundalini, the stone fortress of the great Giant Suttung.

Odin disguises his true name, while working as a harvester and travels under the pseudonym of Bolverk. Bolverk means bulwerk or as the dictionary defines it, “any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt.” Saying “During the crisis, religion was his bulwark” sets the example. So Odin uses this as his code name and we might associate the twentieth century as a time when we needed Spiritual Science as a bulwark against the attacks from materialistic science.

Penetrating the mountain fortress of materialistic science, Odin uses an auger. auger He is able to drill into the skull like mountain fortress of Suttung, with his auger, but he requires the dumb brother of Suttung, Baugi, to help him drill. Odin needs a little crack, a tiny lever, just a bead that he can use to crack the code of materialism itself and unlock the hidden Mead of Poetry that has been hidden away and distilled from the blood of Kvasir. In the dictionary the word auger descends from the word adder or viper. A hole driller that can enter like a snake into the mysteries of earth.

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

St Matthew 10:16

Odin turns himself into a serpent and using the hole made by the auger, finds himself in the inner complex of the labyrinth of the mountain rock built by the giant Suttung, who is not user friendly to Spiritual Science. Suttung merely stores and selfishly hoards Kvasir’s blood for purely utilitarian interests. But his daughter, poor thing, is shut into the inner sanctuary. Very much like the core of Mother Earth herself, Gunnlod sits in the recesses of the mountain fortress on her stool of gold merely guarding the etheric treasure that could renew the planet and nature herself. She represents the pituitary gland prior to the transformation of the heart that is achieved by listening and discovering the romance between the human soul and truth.

“Gunnlod was sitting on a stool of solid gold. And at the sight of Bolverk (Odin), Suttung’s stern warning that she should guard the mead flew right out of her head. She was not sorry to have company. She sat and listened to Bolverk’s beguiling words and songs; she wrapped her arms around him; Odin and Gunnlodfor three days they talked and laughed and for three nights they slept together. In the silent cave under Hnitbjorg, the heartless father of the gods made love to the spellbound daughter of Suttung. Then Gunnlod was drunk with passion and ready to give Bolverk whatever he desired. He asked for three draughts of Kvasir’s blood and Gunnlod took his hand and led him to the mead. With his first draught Bolverk emptied Odrorir, with his second draught Bodn, with his third draught Son. The Father of the gods held all the divine mead in his mouth.

“Then Odin turned himself into an eagle, flapped down the passage out of Hnitbjorg, and headed for Asgard.”

Everybody seems to have to sleep with somebody if they want to get something from anybody. Freyja needs to have sex with the four dwarfs to gain THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS and Odin/disguised as Bolverk needs to charm, enchant, stimulate, seduce and arouse Gunnlod the daughter of Suttung. The songs he sings are songs he learned while he hung on the Tree of Life or Yggdrasill. These songs are the archetype of the nine regions for which Christ hangs on the Tree of the Cross. Nine songs for the nine worlds were learned and these great poems, were part of the seduction Odin needed to charm Gunnlod off her golden pedestal. The etheric currents come into the hidden fortress through Odin and cosmic intelligence. These refined forces stimulate the development of the pituitary in order to release the secret of the mead. These same songs were charmed by the cunning dwarfs into the making of the nine rings that Tolkien describes in his great work, THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

These same songs are included in what Christ speaks of in the Beatitudes[SEE LINK] from The Sermon on the Mount. Grand mysterious formulas that weave, enchant and charm the nine worlds and the nine fold structure of the human being. The nine layers of the inner earth are seemingly equal to the human blueprints that make the basis for our physical, etheric, astral, sentient soul, intellectual soul, consciousness soul, spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man. The human being is meant to find the words and the meanings to all worlds. He is the soother, the comforter, the mediator and the voice by which the divine recognizes itself and understands.

These same, strange rings that Tolkien, Wagner and astronomy speaks of, are apparently of the same type as the rings Saturn has. Only the reversed image and polarity, of that which the earth has as her layered interior core. But with Saturn they appear to us as its exterior rings.

To be a Lord of the Rings means being able to penetrate the inner earth mysteries while incarnated and after death to reach the outer Saturn reincarnation mysteries. A wave-like cosmic reverberation carries the human soul from incarnation into space toward the inner earth mysteries and outwards after death to the far-point where Saturn and the gods intone their karmic response to our individual destinies.

The waters of the etheric worlds, like the water and ripples on a pond, reveal a tightly connected system that runs from earth core to Saturn’s outer rings. The borrowing and transforming of these mighty ether fields is hidden in speech and the parathyroid glands.

A Bodhisattva can make use of these ether fields, to some degree, but the Sun-Spirit-Christus is able to step up, miracle, by miracle, from water to wine; to the raising of Lazarus; to the Resurrection, the entire nine fold integration and beyond, of that which comprises the material and spiritual both as atomic table and etheric cohesion.

Here the intoning field of matter and spirit, formerly outside of the earth, has moved its resonation field to the inside of the Earth. To build a complete dove like Resurrection body requires enormous agreements or mastery within the planetary community. A Being of immense order entered the earthly matrix. Coordination between Saturn and the intimate subtle bodies and karmic structure that each individual carries will now be under the active leadership of the Lord of Karma, the new Lord of the Rings. The Sun centered field of immortality, in progress, has shifted to an Earth centered field, in progress. The new CEO is here amongst even as we speak.

All of these delicate and shattering mysteries are clearly within the seduction of Gunnlod by Odin. The sound waves that allow us to hear reveals how Odin bored into the skull, to where the solidified gold in listening, is slightly warmed by Gunnlod sitting on it. Through our ears we hear, but ear is also in the word heart and in the word earth. Gunnlod is so entranced by Odin that she warms up on her stool of gold and begins to heat up the hidden gold that connects both heart and earth to the ear.

What is so wonderful about this seduction and this heating up is that the Fallopian tube that transports the ova from the ovary to the uterus is designed in the same way as the Eustachian tube of the ear. In listening, as Gunnlod is doing with Odin, her heart and her reproductive center not only wants to hear more of Odin’s fascinating words but while listening she becomes in the mood for the entire reproductive stimulation that mating and egg production entails for the female. How is this so? How can this be true? Because Bartolommeo Eustachio (1524-1574) connected in his research both the Eustachian tube and the uterus.(CLICK LINK FOR DEEPER RESEARCH) You can look it up in the dictionary. His colleague, Gabriel Fallopius, (1523-1562 both men living in Italy) connect the uterus with the inner ear. Fallopius looked into the chorda tympani, sphenoid and ethmoid bones.

eustachionThis means that the new uterus of Freyja uses the listening ear and the warmth that penetrates the heart as a way to produce the new spoken forces. The spoken word and the listening ability, not attention span deficit, begin the actual production of new cosmic forces. Gunnlod may not yet be saying much, but she is doing a lot of listening to the rich romantic occult tales of the master storyteller Odin. For her, eggs and ova are forming and the mood to mate with the heavens, to establish and consummate a vertical relationship with the core of gold and truth that comes from Odin’s lips, are like kisses, that stimulate the passion and hormones of the endocrine system which eventually lead to either very good sex or cosmic intuition as conception. The Nordic initiates wove all these minute details into the wonderful seduction of Gunnlod guarding the portal to the chamber of the etherization of the blood. First, the initiates said, you must listen to the sound of truth till it fills your heart, later you will learn to distribute potent etheric forces that are the Mead of Poetry distilled from Kvasir’s blood.

Rudolf Steiner and the structure of the Ear

“Passing now from within outward, that which adjoins the inward portion of the inner ear, and which science calls the stapes or stirrup, appears in the light of spiritual science as a metamorphosis of a human thigh-bone with its attachment to the hip. And the little bone which science calls the incus or anvil, appears as a transformed knee-cap. Finally, that which passes from the incus to the tympanum or drum appears as a metamorphosis of the lower part of the leg including the foot. But the ‘foot’ in this case rests not on the earthly ground but on the drum of the ear. Within your ear you actually have a human member — a transformed metamorphosed limb. You might also describe it thus: First, the upper arm (only that in the arm the ‘knee-cap’ is undeveloped, that is to say there is no anvil), and then the lower arm — the other ossicle which rests upon the drum. Just as you touch and feel the ground with your feet, so do you touch and feel the drum of the ear with the foot of this little ossicle. Only the foot with which you walk about is coarsely formed. Coarsely you feel the ground with the sole of your foot, while with this hand or foot which is there within your ear you constantly touch and feel the delicate vibration of the drum.

“Let us now go farther back, within the ear. We come to the so-called cochlea or ‘snail-shell’. It is filled with a watery fluid, which is necessary for the act of hearing. What the ‘foot’ touches and feels upon the drum has to be transmitted back to this spiral cochlea, situated within the cavity of the ear. And now once more: Above the thigh we have the inner organs, the abdominal organs. The cochlea within the ear is none other than a beautiful, elaborate metamorphosis of these inner organs. And so you can imagine, there inside the ear there lies a human being, whose head is immersed in your own brain. Indeed, we bear within us a whole number of ‘human beings’, more or less metamorphosed or transformed, and this is one of them.

“What does all this signify? If you study the origin and growth of man not only with the crude science of the senses; if you are aware that this human embryo as it develops in the mother’s womb is the image of what went before it in the pre-earthly life; then you will also realise the following. In the first stages of development in embryonic life, it is above all the head that is planned and formed. The other organs are comparatively small appendages. Now — if it only depended on the inner potentialities inherent in the germ, within the mother’s womb — these appendages, these little stumps which afterwards become the legs and feet, could equally become a kind of ear. They actually have the inner tendency, the potentiality to become an ear. That is to say, man might grow in such a way as to have an ear not only here, and here, but an ear downward too. I admit, this is a strange saying. Nevertheless, it is the truth. Man might become an ear downward too. Why does he not? Because at a certain stage of embryonic development he already comes into the domain of the earthly force of gravity. Gravity which causes the stone to fall to Earth — gravity, implying weight — weighs upon that which tends to become the ear, transforms it and re-shapes it. And so it becomes the lower man in his entirety. Under the influence of earthly gravity, the ‘ear’ which tends to grow downward is changed into the lower man. Why then does not the ear itself change in this way? Why do not its ossicles change into fine small legs right and left? For the simple reason that through the whole position of the human embryo in the mother body, the ear is protected from entering into the domain of gravity, as happens with the little embryonic stumps that afterwards become the legs. The embryonic ear does not enter the domain of gravity. Hence it preserves the plan and tendency which it received in the spiritual world in the pre-earthly life. It is in fact a pure image of the spiritual worlds.

“Now we understand how the earthly world of sound is the physical reflection of the heavenly harmony of the Spheres, and how man is a product not of these earthly forces but of heavenly forces, who places himself into the midst of the earthly. Moreover, we see how he places himself into the midst of the earthly. He would become an ear downward; and if he remained in this state he certainly would not walk, but would assume another kind of movement; for he would have to move on the waves of cosmic Harmonies, even as the tiny image, the little bone in the ear, moves on the waves of the drum. With the ear we learn to hear; with the larynx and other organs that lie towards and within the mouth itself, we learn to speak and sing. You hear some word, for instance Baum or Tree. You yourself can speak the word Tree. In your ear, in organs formed and modelled after heavenly activities, as I described just now, there lives what you express in the simple word Tree. Again, you yourself can say the word. What does it signify that you can say the word Tree? By the larynx, by the organs of the mouth, etc., the earthly air is brought into such formations that the word Tree is expressed. There in reality you have a second ear, over against your hearing. And there is yet a third, which is only insufficiently perceived. When you hear the word Tree, you yourself with your etheric body — not with your physical but with your etheric body — speak the word Tree very quietly to yourself; and through the so-called Eustachian tube, which passes from the mouth into the ear, the word Tree sounds forth ethereally, going out to meet the word that comes to you from without; and the two meet, and thus you understand the word. Otherwise you would only hear it and it would be nothing in particular. You understand it by saying back through the Eustachian tube what comes towards you from outside. In that the vibrations from outside meet the vibrations from within, and interpenetrate, the inner man understands what comes to him from without.”

Wise Odin escapes the skull like fortress of the giant Suttung as an eagle and scales the halls of heaven. A shadow eagle, the giant Suttung himself, follows him. St. John is our resident eagle who sits on the high branches of the Tree of Life. In hot pursuit of the mighty mystery of the etherization of the blood comes the shadow of the sun-spirit. “Soul conflicts and trials of conscience proclaim the new Christ-nearness; for, like a shadow, the conscience accompanies the paths of Christ” while on earth we deposit our spiritual activity into the heart of the earth. The Mead of poetry was given as a solution to the conflicts of the cosmos. The human being working on the etherization of her blood understands how the blood caught by Joseph of Arimathea leads to the strange mystery of the Grail.

“…in England the Grail wanders from place to place. On this level, therefore, it fulfills the descriptive title given to Rudolf Steiner for it by the Norwegian Folk-Spirit – `GANGAND GREIDA,’ The Wandering Viaticum. In the Valthrudismal, Odin refers to himself by the name Gangradr, the Wanderer.”

This ties together the very deep connection that exists between THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS and THE MEAD OF POETRY. It is on Good Friday that the consummation of the mystery of Parsifal occurs. The wearied knight at long last returns to the holy precincts of the Grail Castle. It is in this moment when Gurnemanz, who keeps a holy hut on the edge of the Grail forest, answers the sorrowing Parsifal as to why Friday is Good. Why should humanity keep sacred a day when we slew a God? Certainly it should be considered one of the blackest days in human history.

Gurnemanz explains to Parsifal that the potent ichor or elixir of highly etherized blood fell to the earth, soaking it. This blood had become a solar power of the highest magnitude. The blood that spattered the ground from His wounds, that gushed from His side when the spear pierced Him, the same blood caught in the cup of the Grail, was received into the parched pores of the dying Earth. Nature herself, wounded by the Fall, with all her reserves from the lower kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and humanity stood, completely depleted.

PARSIFAL- How fair the fields and meadows seem today! Many a magic flower I’ve seen, which sought to clasp me in its baneful twinings; But none so sweet as here, these tendrils bursting with blossoms whose scent recalls my childhood’s days and speaks of loving trust to me.

GURNEMANZ- That is Good Friday’s spell, my Lord!

PARSIFAL- Alas, that day of agony! Now surely everything that thrives that breathes and lives and lives again should mourn and sorrow?

GURNEMANZ- Thou see’st that is not so. The repentant tears of sinners have here with holy rain besprinkled field and plain, and made them glow with beauty. All earthly creatures in delight at the Redeemer’s TRACE so bright uplift their pray’rs of duty. To see Him on the Cross they have no power; And so they smile upon redeemed man, who, feeling freed, with dread no more doth cower, through God’s love-sacrifice made clean and pure: And now perceives each blade and meadow flower that mortal foot today it need not dread; For, as the Lord in pity man did spare, and in His mercy for him died, all men will keep, with pious care, today a tender tread. Then thanks the whole creation makes, with all that flow’rs and fast goes hence, that trespassed-pardoned Nature wakes now to her day of Innocence.

The cycle of the invisible rays of light that fed the Earth and made for us the solid mineral metal light called Gold and the liquid sunlight called honey, had finally so permeated a Human Being, Jesus of Nazareth, that His blood became the very Sunlight from which it all began in the first place. The complete cycle that runs from crystal, through metal, up the stem of the plants to the hyperglycemic sugar in the sweet honeysuckle, to the bee, to the sugars that supply the energy in the human blood, had finally arrived where the microcosmic human word met the macrocosmic human Logos.

The Plant blood of chlorophyll that uses its leaves () as hands for photosynthesis in order to transform light into plant tissue now had the same nourishing sunlight on earth with them, only now incarnated as a human being. The blood and breath from this Being, breathed the very light of the sun with every exhaled breath and beat of His heart. His blood was potent, dynamic, infused solar energy. In very fact the Sun itself was breathing through a mortal frame. The clothed CONSONANTS and VOWELS were in effect newly born elemental beings of light and love, christened by the etherized blood beating in the chest of a Human Being. (In this light it is not so odd to comprehend a being like Ariel standing guard over the work of Shakespeare or absorb a powerful new language force like Eurythmy) As the Sun-Being Christ lived, breathed, spoke, fallen nature, could at last, breath a sigh of relief. The leaf sap or blood that flowed from the Cross was literally a super-sun injection of powerful rejuvenation that tsunami wise, travelled like light to every parched quarter of nature’s weary heart.

“We understand this when we turn our eyes to the Mystery of Golgotha, to the moment when the blood flowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ. This blood must not be regarded simply as chemical substance, but by reason of all that has been described as the nature of Jesus of Nazareth, it must be recognized as something altogether unique. When it flowed from His wounds and into the earth, a substance was imparted to our earth, which, in uniting with it, constituted an event of the greatest possible significance for all future ages of the earth, and it could take place only once. What happened with this blood in the ages that followed? Nothing different from what otherwise takes place in the heart of man. In the course of earthly evolution, this blood passed through a process of `ETHERIZATION.’ Just as our blood streams upward from the heart as ether, so, since the Mystery of Golgotha, the etherized blood of Christ Jesus has lived in the ether of the earth. The etheric body of the earth is permeated by what the blood that flowed on Golgotha became.”

Here THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH had arrived at its highest goal. Ahura Mazdao, as the living divine factor of the sun, had made a contract within the heart/pineal cognition of Zarathustra. The agreement targeted a ray into the core of Zarathustra, like a living laser Holograph, this sun seed would find its way with greater efficiency than Nasa could ever imagine, into the core of Jesus of Nazareth. Both Shepherds and Kings would track it to a single geographic pin-point landing, linked to the incarnation and heart of one Human Being. If we ever wished to understand precision, tracking, targeting, voice identification or thought imprinting we must understand this event. We have sophisticated ways of determining the identification of people, through credit cards, voice and retina scans, thought patterns and the greatest is the immortal tracking of the incarnating ego spirit. We all walk like needles in a haystack, but we have an identity, we have a history, we have left a karmic trace pattern that can be researched like we pull up files on a subject.

In creating a bridge to understanding how the Initiate Zarathustra could experience the Sun-Spirit as an inner contracted fact that leads him to his incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, we must compare St. Paul. The light of the Sun that shaped the eyes and tells us, were not the eye sunlike it couldn’t receive the sun, also can receive laser generated, man-made, virtual light. Thereby man-made hallucinations and computer programs can be generated from these degenerated forms of light. With St. Paul we can observe that this Sun-Being, who now acts in the etheric aura of the earth, blinds Saul, and knocks him off his high horse. His former sight is ripped clean out of him or is totally overwhelmed by the true light of the sun, so that he sees, like Zarathustra had foreseen, the arrival of the Sun-Spirit. The inner connection between Paul and Zarathustra must give us something to think about to be sure. Paul has no choice but to understand that his former identity has been completely erased, and he has acquired new eyes. His job into the future will be to build the concepts of the Christ that fit the new eyes that are developing in human beings.

Love, compassion and wisdom were so mixed and chemically potentized in Jesus of Nazareth that the miracles promised could be achieved. This fulfillment applied not only to how the Initiates had shaped the Nordic mysteries; why Odin hung on a cross; why we acknowledge nine hierarchies in christianity etc, but also Christ’s fulfillment applied to every form of written or spoken TRUTH from old testament prophets. Just as the Sun shines on everyone equally, give or take equatorial and seasonal axis shift, Skalds, Prophets, Seers, Bodhisattva’s, Buddha, brought the Destiny of Human Speech in line with the great Logos Sun-Mystery. When that Sun lived fully in Jesus of Nazareth, he uttered, walked, talked and performed the exact mythic text that was seen, read, and spoken of since the beginning.

Bio-creation made an enormous leap from the very base level of nature’s life and death power, to the achievement of nature’s highest physics reversal. The Human larynx, illuminated by the dove, using the dove blueprints, had so infused the blood of Jesus of Nazareth with its nurturing forces that the uterus could shift upwards and a man do what no man has ever done, give birth to himself. It is a highly complex question of divine bio-mechanics when we juxtapose the centripetal and centrifugal fields that constitute the external construct of the sexes. Can a male develop a uterus from the Larynx? Is this the strange key factor in why Jesus of Nazareth was a male, because of the possibility of reverse bio-physics and the procreative field in the deepened male voice?

The answer to this question is an amazing piece of medical insight. “Chromosomes,carrying genes, pair up like twin meeting twin. The chromosomes from the mother link with an equal number from the father, each pair determined by the type of information the genes carry. The two genes determining eye color lie at identical places on either side of the chromosome pair. This arrangement is true for all twenty-three pairs, save one. The differing pair determines the sex of the child. Females have two X chromosomes; males have an X and a Y. The mother passes on an X chromosome, and the father, either an X or a Y. Two X chromosomes produce a female, and the combination of an X and a Y make a male.” This powerful, shattering insight reveals to us that the male brings the potential for the Dove mystery of bi-sexuality in his chromosomes.

Basing our assessment on the accomplished dove mystery, my answer would be, women and men are able to approach this central mystery of the WORD equally. The WORD is an unbiased, nondiscriminatory, user friendly field that places the new procreative science of the WORD at the disposal of micro-logos and macro-LOGOS. It is an equal opportunity mystery for women and men alike. Apply within!

This tells us clearly that instead of sex divided on the horizontal plane of existence, the new sex is a vertical issue. The unified field of female and male crafters of the WORD can now approach an entirely new definition of discrimination. Those who are stuck in the politics of horizontal sexual differences, gay rights, male chauvinism, militant feminism, as well as transvestites and parents who seek earthly determined sexual bias; stand against those who have begun a-sexual relations in the vertical, between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Those invited to the CHYMICAL WEDDING are Grail/Sophia human beings who have been called to a new path in THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH. It is a lyrical poetic marriage of higher intuition and freedom between the Macrocosm and the microcosm. To this, each individuals heart and mind must discover the path for themselves. But the meeting ground is decidedly the HUMAN WORD.

“How can a person be born when he is already old? Can he return to his mother’s womb to be born again? Jesus answered, `Yes, I tell you this: Whoever does not come to a new birth through the formative power of the water and the breath of the Spirit cannot gain entrance into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the element of earth is itself earthly in nature; but that which is born of the breath of the Spirit is itself wafting Spirit.”

Vertical relationships draw us upwards. The sensations and moods that inspire our admiration, respect and love, come from signs, signals and joys, as we discover tips, winks and nods, even kisses of a sort. Nature and Spirit becomes our vertical affair. Divine Beings make up the essence of our contacts, but they do not require us to baby-sit their dysfunctions. On the contrary, they play in the exhalted feelings of joy and courage which awaken in us.

We discover truth as we would discover the secrets of a lover. Our interests are invigorated, and we feel as if we had been personally understood and responded to. Everyday leads us to deeper insights into the wise wonder and evident Beingness of responses that go right to the heart of our highest aspirations. We have to learn to cherish the fond higher friendships of the Spirit that are intimately loyal and fair no matter how badly we fall short of ourselves. Slowly from within our own intimate interests, Beings in nature, and Beings who love light and intelligence and love, come joyfully towards our childlike and astonished vertical investigations.

The nourishment of our own Ariel and the entire Grail mystery hinges on the etherized food that comes from our transformed blood. Our new eyes and new ears are fashioned from Kvasir’s blood or the Mead of Poetry, which takes place in the Grail or cup of our skulls. That is why the entire vintage Mead of Kvasir’s blood is stored in an impenetrable mountain fortress. That is why the Grail Castle was in such an obscure and impossible location.

The snake hole that Odin drills with his auger is the same anatomical construct as the human ear. Our ability to listen stands against the nervous disorder of attention span deficit. Can we hear and understand our formidable social issues, which loom giant like, before we are able to see? “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” The etherization of our blood depends very much on a new form of hearing and a new form of seeing. This new form of seeing and hearing evolves from our gradual, Grail-like, transformation in our hearts and our hearts blood.

“The next step is connected with warmth. Man’s activity is to be sought in what streams out form him as inner warmth. Out of what proceeds from warmth: passions, impulses, instincts, desires, wishes and so on, Karma arises. Just as the parallel organ to the ear is the organ of speech, so the parallel organ to the warmth of the heart is the pituitary gland, the Hypophysis. The heart takes up the warmth from outside, as the ear does sound. Thereby it perceives world warmth. The corresponding organ, which we must have, in order to be able to produce warmth consciously, is the pituitary gland in the head, which at the present time is only at the beginning of its development. Just as one perceives with the ear and produces with the larynx, so one takes up the warmth of the world in the heart and lets it stream forth again through the pituitary gland in the brain. Once this capacity has been achieved, the heart will have become the organ it was intended to be. There is a reference to this in words from `LIGHT ON THE PATH’: `Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.’ Then our heart’s blood streams out as today our words stream out into the world. In the future warmth of soul will flood over mankind.

“Somewhat deeper in evolution than the warmth organ stands the organ of sight. In the course of evolution the organs of hearing, warmth and sight, follow in sequence; the organ of sight is only at the stage of receiving, but the ear already perceives, for instance in the sound of a bell, its innermost being {Each etheric tone of the Bell is understood in Poe’s Poem of THE BELLS-(listen now)}.() Warmth must flow from the being itself, the eye has only an image, the ear has the perception of innermost reality. The perception of warmth is the receiving of something that rays outwards. There is an organ, which will also become the active organ of vision. This is today germinally present in the pineal gland, the Epiphysis, the organ that will give reality to the images that today are produced by the eye. These two organs, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland as active organs, must develop into the organ of vision (eye) and the organ of warmth (heart). Today fantasy is the preliminary stage leading to a later power of creation. Now man has at most imagination. Later he will have magical power. This is the KRIYASHAKTI power. It develops in proportion to the physical development of the pineal gland.

“In the reciprocal relationship between ear and larynx we have a prophetic model (vorbild). Thinking will later be interpenetrated with warmth, and still later man himself will learn to create. First he learns to create a picture; then to create and send forth radiations; then to create beings. Freemasonry calls these three forces wisdom, semblance (beauty) and power. (See Goethe’s Fairy Tale.)”

The new words to be spoken by the future Bodhisattva tell us that he/she must drink of Kvasir’s blood. But the work needed before we can feel and become supercharged by these future Bodhisattva’s words, so that we are pollinated, impregnated with the new procreative forces of the Dove must come from our approach to the mystery of the etherization of the blood. In our work we must have developed the sympathetic faculty of hearing the new nature forces that the Christ Spirit is activating through the WORD.

Normally the religious leaders of humanity, and the great intellects, who either have refused or merely do lip service to the TRANSUBSTANTIATION, have not taken these words seriously or scientifically enough.

“26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, take, eat; this is my body.

27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.”

Matthew 26:26-28

Body and Blood were ratios that would open an entire mystery into the powerful field of scale and variance in nature. Dr. Steiner took this ratio, established by the Christ, very seriously. Part of the research of the Science of the spirit came up with ratios that establish definite frequencies in nature’s warehouse. Four ratios, that I know of, have been given. The dog’s ratio of 10 parts body weight to 1 part blood was researched in the first part of the Destiny of Human Speech. The ratio of the bovine’s twelve parts body weight to one part blood, I examined in The Message of the White Buffalo. The ratio of the human being’s body weight to blood is thirteen to one. In this ratio, we have startling pictures that move the twelve of the last supper and the twelve of the round table and the twelve zodiacal forces upwards to thirteen, with the Lamb, with Christ and with Arthur at the round table. In the ratio of the Ass, a 23:1 ratio was established that gave us the concrete picture of why the Ass was considered, symbolically, the stubborn physical form, subject to death. This ratio of blood to body weight, was a key number that revealed the chromosome correspondences of the physical cell and DNA structure. This is my Body and this is my Blood is a powerful revelation to be reckoned scientifically and spiritually.

The pictures in nature that Christ reveals, are not merely symbolic systems, nor do they have to be taken in a passive, merely religiously dogmatic manner. The imaginations that appear before our senses as animals have been bargained with by the Logos, against Ahriman. A hell of a poker game, I might add. The forms we see are contracted pictures that preserve in their ratios great secrets of the stars and heavens. Christ did not want us to merely sit down passively with his powerful indications, his incredible Words and stare dumbfounded. It is His greatest pleasure along with Michael Intelligence, when humanity lifts the Sun-Being’s, Cosmic Logos utterances, diligently captured by eye-witness accounts, upwards to the Science of Mankind.

Odin presented these fabulous tales to dumbfounded Gunnlod as she sat on her golden pedestal made of solidified world warmth. Songs and Tales, so sensible and transparent that Gunnlod melted her solidified pedestal of gold. She felt the heat of Odin’s words tingle all the way down to her curled toes. The future Bodhisattva will speak directly out of the inspired world warmth contained in the Mead of Poetry. The CONSONANTS and VOWELS used by this person will have KRIYASHAKTI power able to imbue etherized life to WORD PICTURES. These will pollinate out from the human heart and conscience, and begin to fire up those dormant parathyroid glands into secretions. The solidified gold will begin to melt, because we are amazed, astonished and inspired by what we hear. We will begin to pronounce new elemental beings that will begin to mend the damaged fractures in our psychology and our ecology.

Etherized WORD PICTURES are constructed with CONSONANTS and VOWELS and breathing that dips into the lungs and receives warmth from the proximity of our hearts. In the working zone of the lung are the alveoli. “These areas consist of minute rounded air spaces surrounded by capillaries of the blood system of the lungs.” Out of the warmth of the heart, our words will become magnificent, the way Prospero commands a constellation of elemental beings through his thought-word speech.

The Bodhisattva’s words will be a tripled Prospero and enter into our conscience as we listen with our hearts. Preparation must be made for that type of quickening. If we have not learned to ignite our selves by then, he or she will fire us up like the forge where the Necklace of the Brisings was hammered to life by the four parathyroid seed dwarfs. The Bodhisattva’s words will heat us up like the cauldron where the container called Son held the Mead of Poetry, made from Kvasir’s blood. With active spiritual interest our hearts begin to simmer tenderly with every breath of compassion we breathe and every sun-lit inspiration that is brought to our minds eye by our personal light messenger, ariel. Marie Steiner, like Odin, loved to sing the songs of cosmic lyric. It is lyric poetry that raises the heart to the lips. It is cosmic lyric and cosmic thought that weaves and swims in the currents of Christ’s etherized blood.

Egyptian medical papyri dated from 2750 to 2625 B.C. revealed, “that the Egyptians regarded air itself as having a spiritual quality. Breathing, in their view, took air and spirit in through the nostrils and then via the heart and lungs. From these primal organs, it was thought that the vital spirit was distributed throughout the remainder of the body. The Egyptians knew about the air-filled Eustachian tube passing from ear to pharynx and surmised that the breath of death, counterpart of the breath of life, could enter the human body through the left ear.”

“Empedocles, a Greek physician and philosopher who lived from about 495 to 435 B.C., put this concept, with three other elements, into a formal framework. The four, which he regarded as the basis of all matter, were earth, fire, water and air, or pneuma;…he thought that breathing in and out served to cool the heart and blood. Blood itself was felt to carry `innate heat’ from the heart to all the other regions of the body.”

The forces of the parathyroid glands, P-thyroidthe four seed glands that start to release their potent energies will be activated by the fact that the Macrocosmic Logos and the ever present etheric Christ will have nursed our ears and eyes to comprehend and receive the fire from the AGNISHVATTAS, the fire fathers or Saturn forces, for the new blueprints of divine creation. It is we, ourselves, that must imagine it, with Christ or with the great Initiates who work with the Science of Mankind. The nature that we see disappearing today is not the new nature that the Etheric Christ is visualizing for his children in the animal and plant kingdoms. The words that we speak today are only beginning the new schooling to become what our WORDS will eventually become.

`Where the bee sucks there suck I’ brings us to another powerful insight into the forces surrounding the pineal gland. A light like revelation that is carried by Zarathustra(), St. Paul, Goethe, Emerson, Tesla and certainly lived as Shakespeare’s Ariel, can be awakened and schooled by us now.

“These rays of light stream from the heart to the head and flow around the pineal gland. These streamings arise because human blood, which is a physical substance, is continually dissolving itself into etheric substance. In the region of the heart there is a continual transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance that streams upward toward the head and flows glimmeringly around the pineal gland. This process, the etherization of the blood, can be shown in the human being throughout his waking life.

“…At the moment of waking or of going to sleep, these two currents meet, and in the man of low morality a violent struggle [insomnia which is the first indicator of cancer] between the two streams takes place in the region of the pineal gland. In the man of high morality and outstreaming intellectuality, a peaceful expansion of glimmering light appears in the region of the pineal gland. This gland is almost surrounded by a small sea of light in the moment between waking and sleeping. Moral nobility is revealed when a calm glow surrounds the pineal gland at these moments. In this way a man’s moral character is reflected in him, and this calm glow of light often extends as far as the region of the heart. Two streams can therefore be perceived in man – one from the macrocosm, the other from the microcosm.”

The etherization of the blood through the warmth ether, generated by conscience, nourishes ariel. Odin felt that this most valuable elixir should be part of the Harvest of Earth evolution and preserved for the future. If Kvasir were alive he might tell us, very calmly of course, that the reason this Mead must be preserved and cultivated carefully is because “…in our present age it is important that man should learn to understand that the knowledge contained in spiritual science must be received and gradually be able so to fire the streams flowing from heart to brain that anthroposophy can be understood. If this comes to pass, individuals will be able to comprehend the event that has its beginning in the twentieth century: the appearance of the etheric Christ in contradistinction to the physical Christ of Palestine.”

“And anon there came in a dove at a window, and in her bill there seemed a little censer of gold, and therewith there was such a savour as though all the spicery of the world had been there. And forthwith there was upon the table all manner of meats and drinks that they could think upon.

“So there came a damsel passing fair and young, and she bore a vessel of gold between her hands, and thereto the King Kneeled devoutly, and said his prayers, and so did all that were there.

“`Oh Jesu, ‘ said Sir Launcelot, `what may this mean?’

“This is, said King Pelleas, `the richest thing that any man hath living. and when this thing goeth about, the Round Table shall be broken. And wit ye well that this is the Holy Sancgreal ye have here seen.”

Before the Grail enters, a dove, the lost dove of Noah, returns once more from the Ark. The dove carries a censer of gold, a light, incense. Like the olive leaf brought back by the dove Noah sent out, the elevating scent of a thousand herbs preliminarily raises the psychic atmosphere before the Grail appears.

“According to Dr. Steiner, it was St. Paul, who wandered in his ministry, within the amazing epi-center field of the olive tree. The mediterranean forces, round which, St. Paul carried the light of the new Adam, genetic revelation, was the perimeter of the same etheric field that the Christ had penetrated, at that time. His cosmic love/light epi-center was rooted as the olive tree was rooted to the deep etheric forces of the earth”>According to Dr. Steiner, it was St. Paul, who wandered in his ministry, within the amazing epi-center field of the olive tree. The mediterranean forces, round which, St. Paul carried the light of the new Adam, genetic revelation, was the perimeter of the same etheric field that the Christ had penetrated, at that time. His cosmic love/light epi-center was rooted as the olive tree was rooted to the deep etheric forces of the earth. The cavities of air where nose, ears and throat are receptive to the pituitary field of warmth, sense all of nature’s greatest herbs and seasonings that automatically engages the salivary glands which produce the `MMM” sound. Right away, the dove and Freyja, get the juices flowing in the upper senses. This is what is reported when the Grail is encountered.

Between the transformed endocrine system and the warmed human blood stand the tale of Freyja and Kvasir. The dove and the Grail indicate, reveal and substantiate various genetic and anatomical mysteries that we must comprehend in order to restore the picture of our human forms and their immensely extensive potentials. Something incredible happened on earth and continues to unfold as each of us live and breath. Who would want to be the last one to know, the last one to stand wide-eyed, opposed to the upward tug of nature, our childrens future and the greatest quest of the human spirit since the Round Table broke up?


by Isabel Wyatt

“From the dead cross the living waters flow,

Sweeping stark boughs to bud and blossom-thrust.

Into the soil is spilled the Sun; and lo,

The Earth begins to glow;

A living Grail is fashioned of its dust.

Out of Earth’s frosted flask its saps divine

Into this fruit’s globed goblet drip afresh.

Therefrom I drink a consecrated wine;

Make Earth’s elixir mine.

And thus a cup for Christ becomes my flesh.

This hallowed ichor in my being stored

Into a healing cordial is distilled-

A holy love-potion, to be outpoured

To Earth’s sick beggar-horde,

Till all Creation’s thirsty vials are filled;

Till brimming are the moon’s parched silver bowl,

The stars’ gold flagons, with the heart’s red dew-

A draught of health which streams from soul to soul

Till all that ails is whole,

The Earth redeemed, and all dead things made new.”

Odin, representing our own etheric body, regains the wonderful Mead of Poetry and for us the formula for approaching the etherization of the blood remains a crafted mystery locked in the poetry of THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION. The cosmic etheric forces and the Nine worlds above the tenth, our human world, begin to be clarified through this fragment of cosmic poetry that begins to restore the deeds of Odin in our own etheric structure.

Each one of us are harvesters for the tenth hierarchy. Each one of us acts as his own Odin in the castle of the skull. Each one of us transforms, through our spiritual scientific maturity, a fermentation process that creates the MEAD OF POETRY in our thinking, feeling and willing. Each one of us begins to nurse a cosmic ariel, from our earthly intuition and intelligence. Each one of us begins our journey to Bodhisattva listening. Each one of us has the potential through the Jupiter and Venus evolutions of freeing our Angel and becoming a Buddha. Each one of us, through our understanding, gradually gains the ground of heart strung empathy and compassion to lift us to the new prototype of the Dove Mystery (CLICK LINK FOR DEEPER INSIGHTS).

It is the active Resurrected Etheric Christ who lives like the tide in all human hearts, as they flux and flow between waking and sleeping. He has won for us all the MEAD OF POETRY from the blood of Jesus of Nazareth; on the skull of Golgotha; from the Tree, on which He hung. An etheric breath that wafts and lists mysteriously as the Holy Ghost for “the wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

For the Nordic Initiates, who else but the All-Father could assemble the destiny pieces to the giant puzzle of how to distill the elixir of love from the destiny, nature and anatomy of mortal man? threefold meadSince the Mead from Kvasir’s blood was produced in our earthly world, the etheric-body of every human being who seeks the Grail has access to something that is a product both of the gods and the human genetic prototype. In naming the three cauldrons that stored the blood of Kvasir, the seers of the north named one of the cauldrons THE SON. The entire nine-worlds were woven together from this great poem of THE FOUNDATION STONE MEDITATION and with this formula we re-gained access to Asgard, the Grail castle, Hnitbjorg, the Goetheanum and the ever present Representative of Humanity, our legal guardian.

“And the gods? They had lost wise Kvasir, witness to the friendship between the Aesir and Vanir. But because of the cunning of the All-Father, they had won back his blood. Once more Odin drank some of the precious mead. And from time to time he offered a draught to one of the Aesir or to a man or two in Midgard; he offered them the gift of poetry.”

The collapse of the Finished Work of the Gods


` There are within man organs of two different kinds, those which are on the way to becoming imperfect and will gradually fall away and those which are still in the process of formation. All lower organs, the sexual organs, will fall away. The heart and the larynx, on the other hand, are organs which will be perfected and find their full development only in the future.’

“The peoples advancing from the North-East in the great migrations, encroaching on the Roman Empire, took hold of the Intellectual or Mind-Soul more in the inner life of feeling. Meanwhile, imbedded in this element of feeling, the Spiritual-Soul (Consciousness Soul) was evolving within their souls. The inner life of these peoples was waiting for the present time, when the re-union of the soul with the world of the Spirit is fully possible once more.”

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts:

pg. 215

“The old fairy tales, which are expressions of the ancient spiritual secrets of the world, have arisen because those who formed them for the world listened to those who could narrate to them the spiritual secrets. Therefore their construction and composition are in accordance with these secrets. Hence we can say that within them dwells the spirit of the whole of humanity, of the microcosm and of the macrocosm.”

Rudolf Steiner

No matter how you slice it, the rhythm of warnings comes in three phases. Ragnarok approaches in three rhythms. These rhythms and their effects were well illustrated by the Nordic initiates in order to counter act the onward rush of a deliberate, clear, reemergence of an Atlantean crisis.

Ragnarök constantly reminds me of Steiner’s last letters. It has always been eerie for me when Steiner describes how the Gods have finished placing the Beings, numbers, nature and systems of our senses, our stars, our minerals, plants, animals and the various fixtures and cosmic Beings that are operative within our FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, and left. Some translators use Accomplished Work of the Gods, I first encountered it as Finished work of the Gods and somehow that has taken hold in my mind.

Steiner relates in his Leading Thoughts how the Gods have gone on to other tasks. The making of the human being was their crowning work and with that completed they naturally went on to other tasks. They felt confident that with all the divine indicators left blinking and the city lights on, we would certainly find our way home. I think the Egyptian pyramids and tombs reflected that exact picture with all the fixtures and treasures left for eternity, the lights were on, but they had all gone, only the sarcophagus’ and the taxidermist knew where the ghosts had gone. The haunted house of our world appears empty now, except for us and the mice. In this vein it is hard for Americans to see that Elvis has definitely left the building. They cannot comprehend Graceland as a land permeated with grace, and the revelation that we live in, as the Finished Work of the Gods.

“During his physical life between birth and death man has a world around him in which even the WORKING of the Divine-Spiritual no longer appears directly, but only something which has remained over as its result; we may describe it by saying it is only the ACCOMPLISHED WORK of the Divine-Spiritual. This ACCOMPLISHED WORK, in all its forms, is essentially of a Divine and Spiritual kind. To human vision the Divine is manifested in the forms and in the processes of Nature; but it is no longer indwelling as a living principle. Nature is this divinely ACCOMPLISHED WORK of God; Nature every where around us is an image of the Divine Working.

“…Into this world that has become empty of God, man will carry what is in him – what his being has become in this present age.”

Georg Kuhlewind in his THE LOGOS STRUCTURE OF THE WORLD, enters directly into this Finished Work and what the Gods completed when they completed the bio-structure of humanity. What was this Accomplished act, this symphony, this concerto in minor/microcosm and major/macrocosm? THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH appears as the pinnacle, the highest goal of this Accomplished Work of the Gods. Kuhlewind says, “If nature still speaks to human beings, its speaking must come from beings who are themselves I-beings or who represent I-beings – if the latter have already withdrawn from their work.” Nobody else is going to be responsible for answering the riddle of the Finished Work of the Gods other than its highest representatives. Kulewind says, “…in the world the gods have created, the human is the only being through whom ideality, word, and concept as such can emerge and flourish. The Logos-world attains its first reality in the only Logos-being of this world.”

Now we live in this vast system. The gods and seers that had placed the signposts and roadmaps to get us to the Christ Being have now withdrawn. Humans faced with this colossal creation have decided to create a miniature in a bottle. Through Cyberspace humanity appears ready to institute what Steiner found highly dangerous and distasteful, sub-nature. It appears that contemporary culture, living in the vast mystery of this finished work, are lost. They cannot see behind the veneer of things, nor do they seem able to contact the operative fields and Beings who depend on us and hope to god we grow new senses to see them with.

To know the Fenrir wolf and the intentions and dangers we are breeding in a silicon universe is to understand how technical data has gained supremacy in human culture by invading the region of our intelligence.

“The Ahrimanic Powers try to prevent evolution from taking the course here described. It is not their will that the original Divine-Spiritual Powers should illumine the Universe in its further course. They want the cosmic intellectuality which they themselves have absorbed to radiate through the whole of the new Cosmos, and in this intellectualized and Ahrimanised Cosmos they want man to live on.”

When the Dwarfs kill Kvasir and the Nordic Initiates relate to us their intentions, including Wagner’s and Tolkien’s warnings, we should pay heed. Steiner and the Nordic Initiates warn us that our merging responsibility for tainted intelligence, down loaded to the silicon world, can easily become a one-sided trap. Immortal intelligence, Michael Intelligence, individual human intelligence is part of the vertical reproductive and immortal relations that the Dove and the Grail mysteries grant us.

It is truly a Pauline experience. Light rays back at us from our computers, t.v.’s, autos, and cinemas. But this is not the inner light we see in our dreams. The sparkle of enthusiasm that ariel brings into the mind and the warmth infused in the heart carry something amazing and immortal to the intelligence of the loving human spirit. “The Divine-Spiritual of primeval times no longer shines. The primeval Light appears again in the Light brought by Christ to the human ego. In the life in union with Christ this blissful thought may shine like a sun through the whole soul: `The glorious primal Divine Light is here again; it shines, although its light comes not from Nature.’ And man unites himself, while in the present, with the spiritual, cosmic forces of light belonging to that past when he was not yet a free individual. And in this Light he can find the paths which lead him aright as a human being, when his soul he unites, with understanding, with the Michael Mission.”

Zarathustra, St. Paul, John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Goethe, Emerson, Tesla, Shakespeare and Martin Luther King Jr., have tracked this inner light and have guided their incarnations by its beacon. Hitler, J. Edgar Hoover, Francis Bacon, poor, sad, Nietzsche, and countless others have guided intelligence down hill so that humanity might fail to awaken to the experience described by St. Paul. Ahriman/Fenrir is hardly concerned with whether or not we adjust our intelligence towards this beacon or we steer for a new world order based on the themes presented in THE TERMINATOR movies.

Ragnarök and the destruction of the finished or ACCOMPLISHED ecological, biological and psychological work of the gods seems inevitable. The warnings, which I shall deal with, come in threes. But the Nordic seers, St. John and his Apocalypse, the Aztecs, everybody who has had anything to say, said that in a three count we face a great decision for the human race. Whether we have countless mini-moments is certainly important, but humanity has a three-fold rhythm to contend with before calamity or collapse. We can map at least two of those rhythms and the third seems already here or at least it is right around the corner. And what decision? And in what manner of deciding? By vote, by consensus, as individuals inwardly? But what is the issue exactly?

The Nordic seers saw the twilight of the gods with all the noble literary nostalgia and heroism that a mighty fading vision can lend to the eyes, tongue and heart of a people. Steiner’s last letters reveal the summation of a fight to the finish as well. How could he sum up, in so short a time, the monumental wisdom, the tools, that he placed in humanities hands?

There was every indication that in the interval before his next visit to us again, things could unfold that would severely test mankind. We say that the Nordic Initiates looked ahead and gave their pictorial interpretation for the future guidance of the human race. We say that St. John, commissioned by Christ Himself, outlined the cosmic destiny of the Human community with Christ in it. Steiner fought a practical and desperate battle against the time allotted in one incarnation to establish a complete medical, psychological, agricultural and educational revamping of the way we perceive, reality with the Christ in it. Nothing in the world competes with the social healing forces in Waldorf education, Bio-Dynamic agriculture and the medical work of spiritual science.

But to tell you the truth, I don’t want the monumental finished work of the gods to fall into the wrong hand of misinterpretation. I’m certainly not alone there, who doesn’t want the same thing? I am mature enough to realize that something is coming, something is here, something wonderful and, on the other hand, something mean-spirited. I labored under the very false notion, once, that if human beings knew the right thing to do, or the right interpretation, they would of course do the right thing. This, of course, painfully for me, was really a matter of position and maturity. Therefore doing the right thing is generally not possible.

Well that hurts! Some of us were left looking into the complex working of this precious world and totally having to re-structure our entire destinies? It is very awkward in the American folk-soul to deal with your own interpretation of the schizophrenia of normality and attempt to deal normally in the process. The effort is of course good, but I went into this marvelous world kicking and screaming for the longest time.

It is a standard position to take that if you have discovered something astonishing and comprehensible to you, that you want to share it. From this arose countless aborted and failed efforts to communicate my enthusiasm to family, friends, the film community and anyone else who would listen. I don’t know what got into me, but I felt it was something great and wonderful. And it is. But it changes you and brings a sense of immense gratitude to all those who spoke, wrote, struggled and all those who today teach, garden, heal and work with the most astonishing revelation of the twentieth century.

So over all this hovers a new age kind of cloud. Every one must describe, film, produce and write about the personal and cosmic dooms we are all headed for. Think of our elders who endured the clear thunder of the World Wars. To them, the beasts were out, the journey had begun and the serious side of human history was at their doorsteps.

Someone actually developed assembly line, mechanistic genocide and felt fairly confident that all they needed was Nietzsche in one hand and a gun in the other. While that was going on, in America, parallel with Hitler’s development was J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover brought G-Men, F.B.I. and C.I.A. into the fingerprinting, voice identification, heat signatures, eye ball identification, D.N.A., genetic tagging and numbering business, of every human being. Statistical assessment, demographics and intelligence testing began finding new ways to survey, slice and dice the humanistic spirit. Personal and private lives were infringed upon and Ahrimanic Intelligence of the Fenrir wolf adopted the umbrella of, THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Against these apparent big guns Michael Intelligence seemed paltry and puny.

The ramifications of the SUPERMAN became a cartoon comic in the United States but was a deadly nightmare come to life in europe. Christopher Reeves and anyone connected with the superman ideal was playing with cosmic nitroglycerin, but they didn’t know that. The three destiny sisters, the Norns, sneak right up behind you and you hardly know where to trace the whack. All they know is that they have been whacked. All we knew and the press knew, is that some freak accident whacked somebody.

(written before Reeves death) Christopher Reeves is a changed man, a wonderful man. His early predecessor, in the superman saga, committed suicide. Reeves himself, a wonderful man, hurled from a horse, broke his neck and his co-star, Kidder also fell into a deep suicidal depression. Behind the superman ideal stands the psychic implosion of Frederich Nietzsche; the apocalyptic collapse of the German race; the Holocaust and more than six million ghosts who hover and haunt anyone who glibly tangles with this superman idea, but omits the Christ. Facts are facts, but people aren’t listening to facts.

Entertainment has replaced Truth and along with this realization also, I have gone kicking and screaming. Great films from international artists and directors have revealed and continue to reveal high spiritual truths,(Stephen King’s THE STAND for instance) but the general American mind wants entertainment. The apocalypse is an individual as well as a cultural decision. Ragnarök and the fight with the Fenrir wolf that eats Odin and releases Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, are staring us in the face but these are entertaining stories for children.Fenrir eats Odin Steiner translated Ragnarök as the potential collapse of the finished work of the gods due to human misinterpretation and underestimation of what Initiation Science is capable of.

The ability to begin tracking the inner sun and inner light and turn our sexuality into higher warmth and comprehend how this great ecological mystery of our Earth is the seed of an entirely new Divine Cosmos, with all the immortal trimmings, is what the Tempest, the Grail, the Norse myths, the Goetheanum, democracy and Anthroposophy are all about. On the other hand, a certain awful suffocation and doom awaits us if the Fenrir wolf succeeds in devouring not only Odin and the finished work of the gods, but also the Logos I-beings, meaning us! This was certainly not a pretty way to end the Norse myths or a nice way for Steiner to finish up his life’s work. It is like saying that the Native Americans had to be exterminated. It is like saying, the African-Americans must be exterminated. Steiner was saying, in his last Leading Thoughts, buckle up bukeroos it’s going to be a bumpy ride. He certainly didn’t leave `em laughing, as the old show business proverb advises.

So, with uneasiness and sometimes anger I felt that no matter how we tried our doom was sealed. That is until I understood that new contracts were drawn up by the Initiates and placed in the contents of THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ. In this text the finality of the Ragnarok saga had taken a different turn. The CHYMMICAL WEDDING and RAGNAROK reveal a clause, a catch 22. Vidar, Michael Intelligence and the Michael Mission, salvage two germinal human seeds that, Noah like, are carried through the catastrophe.

To antidote and counterbalance so much of the diagnosis of doom and gloom, the mysterious unearthly events of the CHYMICAL WEDDING play a significant part. But even here, the Nordic seers were dead on the money in their epilogue to the Ragnarök saga. How did they know that? How could the Nordic Initiates outline their epilogue in the Ragnorok story and tie it in so closely with a text that had not even been written yet? Unless of course, true myths and Initiates are born from a much higher text.

Because there is a CHYMICAL WEDDING text, it does not automatically remove for us the warnings Dr. Steiner gave and the advice at the eleventh hour that he urged us to remember and stand watch against. However in the CHYMICAL WEDDING, an Initiate commitment can be construed that marks a new trail upwards. At the dawn of the final act, where Ahriman becomes a real threat, beginning in the fifteenth century, the CHYMICAL WEDDING makes its very mysterious appearance. All else, I have determined in my case, is fear and egotism. As Steiner so aptly said, `what must come, must come’ and we are the caretakers, nay, we are more than caretakers, we are the active miracle of what the gods intended as the fulfillment of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

Three warnings were given in the Ragnarök saga and they certainly bear mentioning.

“Nothing escapes the red cock Fjalar; he will crow to the giants from his bird-wood. At the same time the cock who wakes the warriors every day in Valhalla, golden combed Gullinkambi, will crow to the gods. A third cock, rust red, will raise the dead in Hel.”

Loki, or our entire Luciferic Nature loki6appears as the primary cause for the collapse of the finished work of the gods. Steiner depicts Lucifer’s eurythmy costume in a reddish glow. Entertainment, movies, People magazine poster guys and dolls, Los Angeles or lost Angels has become, for the American folk-soul, our far western Luciferic Kingdom where Loki lives precariously on the fault lines. It was the children of Loki who inaugurated and brought the situation of Ragnarök to a head. Immortality is an issue for everyone. Powerful tabloid personalities who think nothing of surgical immortality enter with great sarcasm and cynicism into the forces of the etheric. Today immortality in the flesh is the life-style of the rich and famous. We are all asked to copy their egotistical example.

In a film called DEATH BECOMES HER, ancient Egyptian forces of immortality, which are really part of the new Grail mysteries, were laid bare. The priests or actors and directors knew that they were mocking the ideologies of their own Los Angeles crowd. In Hollywood a designated formula for the structure of plot, catharsis and conscience has been turned into a science that Loki would be proud of. Aristotle’s’ theory of poetics based on the ancient mysteries has been freeze-dried and reduced to a bakers formula. This formula produces great works, with box office bang for the buck. This formula allows the new mysteries to gleam through them, but since economy is tied to technology and tabloid personalities, we have a magnificent formula for Lucifer/Loki and Ahriman, the Fenrir wolf to come eat our lunch.

The consequence of Lucifer is Ahriman. Star power that moves the present world rides on the engine of cinematic technology and special effects, computer and digitalized graphics. The economy is run by the same scribes and pharisees who nailed Christ to the cross. It is not a threefold social order, it is a one horse dog and pony show pulled by the singularly selfish concept of economy and immortality in the flesh. Rarely if ever, although many writers attempt to form their stories around the miracle of vision and insight the Christ Being has brought, can a story survive a formula that relies so heavily on sentimentality and the contract between Lucifer and Ahriman. This is what people want, because the concepts of entertainment and ratings are synonymous with success and immortality. Michael and Christ do not agree with this sentiment but Loki and Fenrir thrive on it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if a culture continues to square Lucifer to Ahriman; Lucifer to Ahriman; Lucifer to Ahriman; society is going to squeeze the Michael and Christ revelation to a mere insignificant footnote on the entertainment spectrum. Social physics is involved here and it is not just violence and its effect on society. It is raw social physics but nobody is capable of conceiving that this raw social physics emanating from Hollywood and bombarding society, is squeezing the life right out of humanity. It is a mathematical problem but not a box office problem. The box office numbers reflect the J. Edgar Hoover mind-set equation of statistics. The more people caught in the cross mixing of Lucifer and Ahriman the less they will see the Christ and Michael spirit operative in the social reality of their lives. This is reflected by the escalating numbers in box office statistics.

Three warnings similar to what Christ tells Peter before the crucifixion, occurs before Ragnarök and the Finished or Accomplished work of the gods is brought to ruin by Ahriman’s contract with the Giants and the dwarfs. Somebody had to preserve the etherization of the blood. Michael Intelligence has everything to do with the etherization of our blood, the Kvasir mystery and the Grail mystery of warmth and light. In this current battle, what will survive the titanic struggle with Fenrir and Jormungand that we are unwittingly releasing now? What are these three warnings? How do they appear in real history, real time?

If we divide 1332 by half we get the number 666, if we take St. John’s advice in the Apocalypse seriously and follow the rhythm of 666 X 3 we arrive at the year, 1998. The three warnings have powerful implications and we need to substantiate what the Nordic seers and St. John alerted us to.

“…the number 6-6-6 has historical significance and refers to the sequence of impacts, which, intensifying, take place in the seventh, fourteenth, and twentieth century. The first Soratic impulse in the seventh century proceeded from the Gondishapur academy, the center of Arabistic-Islamic culture. A wave of brilliant intellectuality reached Europe. Independent research through observation of nature and systematic applications of experiments were stimulated; Arabistic spirituality laid the groundwork for modern, empirical science, when European humanity still lived in religious ties of faith. A premature intellectual development came into being; its final consequences become evident in the atrophying of spiritual faculties, for the prematurely intellectualized human being is cheated of his higher development. The second attack took a different direction. Its instrument was Philip IV of France, who, out of greed for gold, instigated the arrest and trial of the rich order of the Knight Templars and had the knights condemned to burning on the stake. Through diabolical methods of torture, confessions of `guilt’ were extorted in which the absolved trials of the disciples of the spirit were mirrored… The cosmic due-date for the third attack is the end of this century, the impending turn of the millennium…”

The growth of Ahrimanic culture was depicted in Nordic mythology by showing how the Gods attempted to put a leash on the growing Ahrimanic menace. The Fenrir wolf, as part of the family of the gods, grew in proportion to the degree the gods withdrew from their finished work. As their creative work finished, the wolf grew stronger. Fenrir grows stronger in three decisive stages.

In the last stage, the Fenrir wolf is tethered by a mere fiber optic cable designed by another set of dark dwarfs hired to assist the gods and humanity with the growing problem of Ahriman. But in the three stages of tethering the Ahrimanic forces it becomes clear that we are observing the advance of humanities technological skills, that move from the fifteenth century of Shakespeare and Bacon, through our Industrial Revolution to our present technological age. In the Nordic Initiates vision of the threefold growth of Fenrir, we can track the emancipation of more and more technological skill until for a moment, for a period of time, the last magical satellite, fiber optic line is locked onto this growing menace.

“Odin thought it would be best if the gods themselves kept an eye on Fenrir. He seemed no different to any other wolf, and all the gods agreed that there would be no harm in letting him roam around the green and golden fields of Asgard. Even so, of all the gods only Tyr, son of Odin, was brave enough to face Fenrir alone, and give him great joints – flesh and gristle and bone – to keep him quiet.

“The gods were not slow to change their minds about Fenrir when they saw him growing larger day by day. And when Urd, Skuld and Verandi renewed their warnings, and said that the wolf would cause Odin’s death, their alarm became far greater. drooling fenrir

“The wolf inspected Laeding. `It’s certainly strong, but I’m certainly stronger,’ was all he had to say as he let the gods wind the chain around his neck and body and legs, until there was only a small length left for them to hold on to.

“Finished?’ snarled the wolf. He planted his massive paws well apart, filled his lungs with air, then flexed every muscle in his body. Laeding’s links at once sprang apart, and the gods sprang back alarmed.

“The gods lost no time in making another chain. This was called DROMI, and it was twice as strong as Laeding. The links were larger than those of the largest anchor chain; no men could have even moved them. `If you can break this chain,’ the gods told Fenrir, `you will be known for your strength throughout the nine worlds.’

“Fenrir looked at DROMI. He thought it looked immensely strong, but then he thought that he too had grown even stronger since he had snapped Laeding. `No one wins fame without taking a risk,” was all he had to say as the gods wound the vast chain round his neck and body and legs.

“`Finished?’ snarled the wolf. He shook so that there was a terrible clinking and clanking and grating; he rolled over and arched his back and banged the chain against the ground; he tightened his muscles until they were as hard as the iron links of DROMI; he stood up again and dug his paws into the earth and strained and strained – and all at once, shrapnel flew in every direction. After this, the gods were frightened; they thought they might fail to fetter Fenrir.

“`But if anyone can make a fetter that will not break,’ Odin said, `the dwarfs can.’ And he sent off bright Skirnir, Freyr’s messenger, to the world of the dark elves, Svartalfheim. Skirnir went down under Midgard through gloomy, dank, twilit grottoes. There he found Nar and Nain and Niping and Dain and Bifur and Bafur and Bombor and Nori and hundreds of others, each one as horrible as the next, and promised them gold and more gold if they could make a fetter for Fenrir. In the gloom the dwarfs’ eyes gleamed like glow-worms; they whispered and schemed and set to work. They made a fetter as smooth and supple as a silk ribbon, and they called it GLEIPNIR.

“When he returned to Asgard, Skirnir was thanked by all the gods for going on this mission. `But what is it made of?’ asked Odin, fingering the fetter.

“‘Six things,’ said Skirnir.`The sound a cat makes when it moves; a woman’s beard; the roots of a mountain; the sinews of a bear; the breath of a fish; and a bird’s spittle.’

“The gods were both astonished and skeptical of GLEIPNIR’S power. `If you doubt it, as I doubted it,’ said Skirnir, `remember the cunning of the dwarfs. After all, have you ever thought why a cat makes no noise when it moves, and why a woman has no beard? You can never prove that a mountain has no roots, but many things that seem not to exist are simply in the dwarfs’ safekeeping.’

“Then a large group of gods approached Fenrir for the third time. They invited him to go with them to the island of Lyngvi in the middle of Lake Amsvartnir.

fenrir grows

“There the gods produced the silken ribbon of GLEIPNIR. They showed it to Fenrir and Challenged him to test his strength against it.

“`It’s a little stronger than it seems,’ said one.

“` It’s as well-hoven as the words of a good poem, ‘said another. `But you, Fenrir, you’ll be able to break it.’

Through the magic of satellite, fiber optics, laser and electricity, Gleipnir is holding the Ahrimanic on its final magic tether. Crushed crystal or silicon make up the fiber optic lines and totally invisible fields beam the satellite transmissions and transactions we make through the world. The Nordic seers had to comprehend what we see today and, take for granted. They saw how we borrowed the technology to tether Ahriman, and from whom we borrowed it. The problem is that, we, in the twentieth century, do not know who we borrowed our ideas from to invest our culture with silicon chip technology. For us the mineral kingdom is not a real kingdom, and that is a fatal error the Nordic seers did not make. The withdrawal of the gods by steady degrees has brought humanity to its third threshold. It coincides with a 1998 three-fold rhythm.

So in fact the gods have assisted in creating the inventions and steady stream of technological advancement, to the point of this final tentative tethering. After this and even now, bio-engineering is entering into the region of nature and organic life and Ahriman is beginning to break free of the final bond the gods and men placed on him. Odin knows that this same Fenrir wolf, will directly do battle with him and Odin will lose. Reverence for the All-Father has already been replaced by reverence for the hard-drive.

“…The Ahrimanic spirituality had no great power in the regions in which the Beings of the higher Hierarchies retained man as in their own sphere – when as in primitive ages the higher Beings themselves acted directly in man, or when, as in later times, they worked in him through their ensouled or living reflection. As long as this working of supersensible Beings within the doings of man continued – that is until about the fifteenth century – the Ahrimanic powers had, within the evolution of mankind, only a faintly echoing power, if one may express it so.”

The tethering of this titanic wolf is reflected also in the story of Schionatulander, the Grail Knight. We find the destiny and karma of one of the great Initiates of our times locked into a story that has much the same ring to it as The Binding of the Fenrir Wolf. Because it appears as a threshold experience that Parzival must cross, before he can reach the Grail, before anyone can reach the Grail, a comparison between The Binding of the Fenrir Wolf and the story of THE HOUND’S LEASH can be made. While the Nordic Initiates knew that the Binding of Fenrir was important, the study of the actual leash used by the dark dwarfs who secure him, was important to anyone approaching the Grail mysteries

“…Schionatulander became the regent of the countries which belonged to Herzleide. In all the countries of the world he had to endure adventures and knightly battles, fulfilling the ideal of a knight of the Round Table. One day he was brought the most precious gifts, sent to him from Bagdad by the Caliph. Schionatulander travelled once more, for the third time, plunging again into the world of Arabism.

“After his return something happened which has a legendary character; the story of the HOUND’S LEASH. Sigune and Schionatulander were in a wood when a hound, which was on one side cinnabar red and on the other black, with a white breast and white legs, broke out of the undergrowth following game. They caught the hound, which had a long and precious leash wound round its neck on which there was writing formed in jewels. When they caught him and were beginning to read the writing on the leash, the hound pulled itself free and dashed away. Sigune had then the one longing, to read the hound’s leash to its end. This knowledge became more important for her than anything else. For her sake Schionatulander had to set out on adventure, until he could bring back to her the hound’s leash. In these pictures we can recognize that it is a question of occult knowledge which concerns Schionatulander and Sigune. Then the angry Orilus came and killed Schionatulander.”

Orilus was a giant of a man. Parzival, in his adolescence, had just angered Orilus by accidentally stumbling upon Jeschute, the wife of Orilus. They flirted, Parzival did not know what he was doing but Lady Jeschute did. This was long before Parzival achieved the Grail, that was later in life. Orilus was in hot pursuit of young Parzival when he stumbled on Schionatulander and killed him instead of Parzival.

If Schionatulander had not been involved with the deciphering of the riddle of the Binding of the Fenrir Wolf or the curiously wrought jewels and writing on the Hound’s Leash, Parzival would surely have been killed and no Grail would have been won. This strange trail of the hound, the scent of the dog, the lost dog of the giant Orilus would lead to the solving of one of Ahriman’s most testy questions. Schionatulander eventually deciphers the riddle that binds Ahriman and as an Initiate he brought this secret to bear on Ahriman in order to establish Spiritual Science in the twentieth century.

It is not far to go now, before it is just us, Ragnarök and the Fenrir Wolf. The threefold rhythm of history shadows for us one form of confrontation. The three-fold meeting humanity has been having with Christ, is set in blood and stone at the mid-line of Earth evolution. Lucifer, who incarnated in B.C. in the chinese and oriental culture of the east is to be joined now by a third more than mortal Being wearing sheep’s clothing. The ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing is about to walk onto the stage of history that he has so carefully prepared for himself. The third rhythm where even the Fenrir wolf, walks the earth as a man, just as Christ did, is very near at hand.

“A hundred years after the daring `interpretation of the signs of the time’ by Novalis, a book appeared that develops the moral aspect of history and finishes what is missing in the Europe essay. It is the `Three Discussions about War, Progress and the End of World History with the Inclusion of a Brief Story about the Anti-Christ’ by Vladimir Soloviev. In February of 1900, the renowned religious philosopher had publicly read the `Story of the Anti-Christ’ in the hall of St. Peterburg Duma. In July of the same year he died. The preface of his last work, dated on Easter Sunday 1900, states that it is the author’s foremost intention to call attention to the deceptive mask underneath which the abyss of the Evil One is concealed. Despite obvious shortcomings of the text, the proximity of his death – so he stated – made it mandatory for him not to delay to an indefinite and uncertain period of time the publishing of this work.

“In this work too, the confluence of three different streams is evident: the tradition that knows of the appearance of the Anti-Christ, involvement in the events of the day, and the spiritual experiences of which the autobiographical poem, `THREE ENCOUNTERS’, speaks. Three times, Soloviev experiences a confrontation with heavenly wisdom, with Sophia, in visionary consciousness. From this grew his Christian power of knowledge that addresses itself to the two greatest facts of history: the God-Manhood of Christ and the bodily reality of the Anti-Christ.”

Just at the very dawn of the twentieth century we have three reports from individuals who die in the year 1900. Nietzsche outlines the intentions of Ahriman. His intentions are put into practical work during the rise of Nazism. Oscar Wilde dies, giving us the tale of Dorian Grey, the double and the twentieth century dilemma of homosexuality. Soloviev outlines the signs and events that lead to the incarnation and subsequent power play on the plane of earthly history of the mythic Fenrir wolf, he names the Anti-Christ. Nietzsche also writes his work called the Anti-Christ. All three, Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde and Soloviev die in 1900 at the dawn of the twentieth century. In fact by all reports this twentieth century has shaped up to be a confrontation between these two Beings with humanity acting as the voting body.

Steiner says pointedly; “…these Beings have sent Christ from the Sun to the Earth. For the welfare of humanity Christ has united His being with the dead part of divine-spiritual existence in Ahriman’s kingdom. Thus two things are possible for man, and through this possibility his freedom is guaranteed: – to turn to Christ consciously in the spiritual frame of mind which he possessed subconsciously during the descent from the vision of supersensible spirit-existence to the use of intellect; or to wish to feel his severance from spirit-existence and thus fall in the direction taken by the Ahrimanic powers.” But the point Nietzsche, Soloviev, and Steiner agree on is that “…Christ will be there; through His great sacrifice He will live in the same sphere in which Ahriman also lives. Man will be able to choose between Christ and Ahriman.” That is why Nietzsche is considered such a great martyr to knowledge, because he literally had the two forces on the knife edge in his immortal ego and Ahriman won against his incarnation as Nietzsche; this time.

Steiner, like St. John of the Apocalypse, drew this sword edge on which we are precariously balanced now, with Ragnarök and the FINISHED WORK of the Gods, in his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts. To witness, as Steiner did, a powerful thinker like Nietzsche go down on the wrong edge of his sword reveals to us the immense struggle that now haunts us all. Steiner said, “I can truly say that in my soul I bled, when for the first time I read Nietzsche’s writing on the WILL TO POWER…”

Imagine, if you can, how St. Paul must have felt when he realized that his own vote on the high council of the Sanhedrin had condemned the Christ to crucifixion and that his certainty, his arrogance had missed the intersection and fiddled, like Nero, as the Sun-Messiah bled out his life on the cross. The pride of Saul and the damage he had caused and the upstream battle to correct the cosmic error, he had had a hand in, might very well have made Paul’s soul bleed. This powerful spiritual moment, so insignificant to the majority of humanity, so overlooked, is the source of every great transformation, catharsis and dramatic rehabilitation.

How are we to understand our times, our twentieth century, when the fatal decisions we make can act so catastrophically? How can we truly assess what Steiner went through or comprehend what Nietzsche went through as he wrestled with issues that were truly Apocalyptic in scope? Nietzsche had no Anthroposophy to fall back on like we do. Standing next to him, was this young man and next to us in life are many young people, who are they and can we ever again underestimate the significance of one human being?

Nietzsche had Ahriman cooking inside of him. Nietzsche’s sister wanted someone to edit Nietzsche’s works. On her sick superficial soul hangs the deeds of the Holocaust. Another editor, Steiner for instance, would have antidoted Ahrimans effects on the twentieth century. But the surviving sister of Nietzsche wanted the tabloid fame and glory that she felt she was due. She suffered as so many of us do, from the fatal disease of quick fix, instant gratification. It was her subjective anti-semitism that set the stage for Ahriman’s lethal activity with the lives of six million Jews and shattered the complacency of the world. My parents never completely awoke but their generation certainly was roused from their stupor. But most of them were not capable of comprehending the catastrophe, so they quickly fell back asleep in the fifties.

Nietzsche’s sister wanted Steiner to do for Nietzsche what Steiner had completed for Goethe. Steiner had edited Goethe’s works and midwifed the reputation of the great Goethe into the Folk-spirit of the german race. But the sister did not want to steer humanity away from the current german attitudes swirling around Darwinian and Aryan racial prejudice, she wanted to capitalize on the current trends. She desired instant fame, maximum publicity, by stirring up the issues fermenting in Nietzsche’s work. She was running a public relations campaign for Ahriman using her dead brothers work. Steiner could not cooperate or even live with her dangerous people magazine style sick search for instant fame. He was caught between sucking up to this sick woman and ruining his reputation in the process or going ahead with his work. Her attitude made it impossible for truth to glimmer through. Today we have a million yuppies with the very same attitude.

Ahriman did immense harm to the twentieth century. Steiner brought immense good to the twentieth century. Two human beings, side by side and the superficial intellect of the sister of Nietzsche, that had no discernment, felt no need to weigh up how opening salvos of Ahriman could shatter humanity. If we are the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, and we lose someone like Nietzsche in the battle, would our souls be capable of weeping? Is this weeping the way Christ sweated blood before He laid down his life? Did His soul bleed?

Thinking dramatically, we have look at what Steiner saw. Ahriman looked right back at Steiner as he raised his inner vision into the core of Nietzsche’s soul and spirit. There staring Ahriman in the face was the vulnerable young man with the Michael Spirit looking directly down the double-barrel load of Ahriman’s icy mockery. Ahriman might have said to Steiner, `I can do this to the best of them, what can you bring me, in thinking or feeling in human beings that I cannot crush!’ And Nietzsche was the best of the thinkers of his time! `Young man’, Ahriman might have said, `worlds are colliding and if I were you, unless you want to end up like him and have all your sick fan club, end up like him, you had better back off while your hair is still black. I could breathe fear so deeply into your soul that your soul would turn white like frost!’ As Hamlet had warned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, it was unhealthy to place themselves between the deadly tension of two fell points. To this powerful event Steiner was not only a witness but was spotted by Ahriman and had to withstand a cosmic Being, an Archangelic force, an impact, a shock of cold, knee-knocking terror that would rip through the twentieth century. Here Steiner was Hamlet between the fell points of Ahriman and Michael.

Picture the well-respected Saul/Paul offering his voice and attitude to the rumors and misunderstandings billowing around Jesus of Nazareth. How flippant and obnoxious they all were, the high jewish council that Paul was on. As formerly trained and educated initiates they thought they were protecting the true dignity of the Hebrew Race. But with that accusation, `Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?’ he is knocked off his high Sanhedrin horse. Because of his powerful and trusted influence on the council, the horrible impacts of history have been magnified ten-fold. Now, instead of humanity turning their attention, education and authority to the greatest expected mystery of planet earth, they have turned their backs on it. Paul must take the blame for what in the future arises when the greatest minds are stymied by and refuse the staggering revelation of the Incarnate Word.

Steiner knew the meaning of such a denial, he pointed to the legend of Ahasuerus. “It leads to a man who sits at the wayside when a great Leader of humanity passes by. He however rejects the ideas of the Leader of mankind. He repulses him and thinks: `I will know nothing of thee, who wouldst guide the kernel of my being into future incarnations where mankind will be outwardly more perfect. I wish to be united with my present form.’ A man who thrusts from him such a Leader of mankind will appear again in the same form. And if this attitude hardens, then he will also thrust from him the Leader in the next incarnation.” And so on and so on until this spirit is thrust into the Jupiter evolution as an elemental being, similar to what we have now in the gnome and dwarf community. Many of these were left over from the evolution of the Old Moon and are given over to wisdom, which was the meaning of the entire Old Moon evolution.

If Speech is the sword; the tongue where in the word is wielded, studied and immersed in the etheric forces, we must see what this sword is in its microcosmic picture and in its macrocosmic picture. How does the sword of denial and the sword of truth appear from on the tongue of a WORD-CRAFTER. The macrocosm, where from, the Logos wields the sword of the Word, knocks the hot air right out of the petty conversations, prized by polite human society.

“His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire: And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. and when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead.”


This powerful impact of the two-edged sword gives the tongue and speech extraordinary relationships that whip up the fires of the Macrocosm into our microcosmic vessel. If we wish to gradually tame this powerful speech and Logos system, we must learn to balance ourselves between the forces of good and evil. This is like walking on a tightrope or the edge of a sword. How does Excalibur play into this training that must be undergone by the student of the word?

“A legend shows us the direction in which we should go to discover its meaning: On one occasion Merlin placed the sword in its white stone in the lake, and left the scabbard on the mainland. Then he built a perilous bridge of iron and steel only six inches wide, which had to be crossed between scabbard and sword. This is nothing else than the drawing forth of the fire of the Word of Inspiration and Intuition. The Word is uttered through the occult media of `Fire’ and `Water’ – the spirit and the soul. To attain the power of the Word the bridge of blood and nerves – likened to iron and steel – has to be crossed; in other words, the forces in the body which are subject to death, in the physical and moral sense, must be overcome. The Father-force – out of which man is born – bears also that opposite pole of man’s being which is destructive; but this same force in its aspect of `LIFE,’ is able to exist apart from the scabbard of the body, and can be drawn from the transmuted forces of death, the `white stone,’ as the creative wisdom of the spirit.

“The White Stone is the `philosopher’s stone’ of alchemy. Its whiteness, seen in the spirit, is the translucent light of the etheric world where the drawn sword of wisdom `flashes like the light of thirty torches.’

“Rudolf Steiner has said that the Knights of King Arthur could be called `Knights of the Sword,’ but the Kinights of the Holy Grail `Knights of the WORD.'”

With what Spiritual Science offers in Eurythmy and Speech training, KNIGHT OF THE WORD once more becomes a meaningful life question. The path to our immortality and salvaging this grand finished work of the gods and developing from it, a new seed of a cosmic system, becomes the real Ragnarök battle for each of us. The battle lines were drawn way back of course, to the misinterpretations of the Logos in the Atlantean times. Steiner says clearly that, “In India the wisdom of the Brahmins lay at the foundation of human life. In Europe this was indeed withdrawn into the background, but it existed in the Norse Mysteries where the European Brahmins had to make good again that which had been spoiled through the betrayal in the old Atlantean epoch.”

The great flood, as evidenced by the countless Noah like sagas that exist world-wide, indicates an early catastrophe that ties itself to an Omega or ending catastrophe. A catastrophe happened back in the Atlantean times due to our misuse of divine creative forces. The same intersection at a new level looms up before us now in the choice we make between two different forms of cultural seership. We are balanced precariously on the two-edge sword that swings between Christ and Ahriman. In other words, what vision and working relation will we cultivate in society to the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS? Will it be the faulty Ahrimanic version that caused the Atlantean catastrophe and faces us now, once more, in our relation to the Fenrir wolf in the Ragnarök saga?

To find out what the Atlanteans faced that was similar to what we are facing now we must look at the hands on the big cosmic clock that we live in. If we can find the hour that struck over Atlantis and find the hour that is striking now we might have a match. Here is what Newsweek Magazine says about the clock and the time and the hour of our intersection with our Atlantean ancestors. Newsweek, April 1, 1996:

Hyakutake came from the Oort Cloud, too – originally. But it’s brightness indicates that it has passed this way before. A comet `cooked’ by a previous trip emits the dust and gases that create its luminous coma, or atmosphere, later, explains Brian Marsden of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Hyakutake last came through 18,000 years ago, calculates JPL astronomer Donald Yeomans, whose 1991 book `COMET’ presents the lore and science of these celestial streakers.”

I happened to be in the exact position to view with my naked eye this incredible first hand experience of the wide flowing green tail of this comet as I visited my dear friend Brian Lynch in the north Georgia mountains. I was to arrive much earlier from Atlanta in order to load a refrigerator, washing machine and stove onto a pick-up truck I borrowed from my computer jockey and helicopter pilot Robert Mckorkle. Everything got delayed and delayed and finally I was able to arrive at 1:30 a.m. outside the house of my friend, Mr. Lynch. These delays caused Mr. Lynch and I to be in a position on his porch to see the Hyakutake comet pass right across the face of the North Star, earth axis, that is set with the conical angle of 46 degrees.

The Earth axis ego field holds its spinning twenty-four hour clock around Polaris and Vega. The axis’ spinning cone of 46 degrees, neatly divides itself into 23 degrees, and in this number we find a great mystery connected to our Chromosome structure and what the Nordic Initiates described as due North. It is no accident of course, that the Nordic peoples were in the land of the midnight sun, contemplating the amazing magnetic light that swirls around the fontanel of the earth. The aurora borealis. This position allowed them the opportunity to develop the vision needed to overcome the damaging effects of the Atlantean catastrophe.

“Every great period of civilization is connected with the currents of magnetism of the Earth. In Atlantis these currents flowed in a North-South direction. Speaking in the sense of occultism, this North-South influence is connected with the forces that built the human body… `North’ was the birth-place of Time (or Saturn) and was the source of Light, so the human head is the `North’ of the body; it is born first into the physical world and into time out of the womb; it is the place of Intelligence, or `Light.’ From this `North’ streams the spiritual substance of the bodily nature, which is then filled with the activity of the earthly forces. On the other hand the South (and this was so also in certain states of historical evolution in wars and conflicts), played its part in the slow upbuilding of man, but as the source of all darkness and oppositions.”

Steiner indicates that the ratio of blood to body weight in the Ass is 1:23. But the powerful thing is, that Christ, on palm Sunday, rides an Ass and pulls behind him the colt of the Ass as the crowd cheers him. It is here he says that if he should tell the crowd to be quiet, the stones would shout. But the meditative picture becomes clearer when we realize that the Ass always represents the foundational physical body structure. St. Francis refers to his body as Brother Ass.physical etheric astral ego The Bremen Town musicians refer to the Ass, the dog, the cat and the cock, which in their appropriate order reveal the fourfoldness of the physical, etheric, astral and ego structure. The cock’s blood-red comb and biological setting is keyed to the twenty-four hour axis of the earth/sun relationship. It must crow with the movement of the earth. The cock represents the ego structure of man that lives in unison with the twenty-four hour spin of the earth on her axis.

When the Logos road to His death on the old Ass and drew behind him the young colt of the ass, it was a literal enactment in the physical world of the new seed of the new cosmos, the one we are building now. Such a picture indicated to the men of that time a clear relation of 1:23 and the stubborn ass of the old physical form. The chromosome structure of the old human being would be remodelled and a new cosmos and a new model of the spirit-form put on the assembly line.

Luckily for us, the genetic ideal He was creating from the Dove mystery was not going to be some weird combination never before seen, it was to be built from the already existing structure, refined upwards, more innocent, before the Fall form, as the colt was more limber before the finished work of the mature ass. In His final last week on earth and with his final breath Christ would personally Initiate and impregnate a new central sun seed and cosmos from the plane of the Earth.

The FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, means for me the last words from the cross. IT IS FINISHED. The last sun-breath was infused into the new cosmic uterus, the seed was planted and the Divine I AM of Love was impregnated. This immortal Sun-Spirit, with His WORD broke the old genetic codes that had locked the old chromosome ass of the physical body. His new pregnancy shook the foundations of the world to its roots. I stood gazing at 1:30 in the morning, with my dear friend Brian Lynch, on an event that clocked in right over the northern axis of the earth. I stood observing with my own eyes the hour when the misinterpretation of the UNFINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, exacted the catastrophe that brought about the condition of the flood and created the opportunity for the lost dove that Noah released nearly 18,000 years ago.

“Christ died and was laid in a rocky tomb, and Joseph of Arimathea gathered up his blood in the crystal cup. Ancient clairvoyance and inspiration were extinguished. The spirit penetrated through and through the skeleton. The world lay dumb and blind, bereft of vision. The sun was darkened and the earth trembled. The power of the light, the power of spiritual vision, penetrated into the very depths of the mineral kingdom.”

The Atlantean era was not like our seasonal synchronicity with time and our line up with the star Polaris. Atlanteans lived in mists and waters and rarely if ever saw the stars. Nifelheim was a land of mists. The sinking of Atlantis brought the contract of the rainbow and the clearing of the sky. Twenty-Three became a highly important number to reckon with for several reasons. The “…diameter, the axis of the world, passes through the local sphere at two fixed points, the poles. One of these, the North Pole, is located in the vicinity of a star in the constellation of the Little Bear which is called, for this reason, the Pole Star (Polaris). There is no remarkable star in the vicinity of the South Pole, diametrically opposite the North Pole on the celestial sphere. Around the axis of the world, which runs from the South Pole to the North Pole, the diurnal motion occurs in retrograde direction in a sidereal day, divided into twenty-four sidereal hours. When we say that the rotation of the sphere of the fixed stars is uniform, we are implicitly assuming that we have at our disposal a uniform scale of time in relation to which we can record the rotation of the sphere and verify that it is uniform, i.e. that the sphere turns an equal number of degrees in an equal amount of time.”

The mystery of the Emerald Tablet, that gives us the sense of unity between that which is above and that which is below, makes for an interesting link with Merlin and the round table, as the tiny circle is inscribed by the earth in her northern tilt. Our little watches tick out the twenty-four hours but what we once knew, before nano-seconds and digital time, was a twelvefoldness in a circle. Human time, spun round on a miniature round table. In Fiona Macleod’s Beyond the Blue Septentrions, we gather through the vision what Arthur beholds;

“Arthur, closing his eyes, felt himself `ascend the invisible stairways of the sky’ until he stood on the verge of Arth-Uthyr, the Great Bear. There he saw with spiritual sight – the `Light of the North’- a company of majestic figures seated at a circular abyss of darkness… And then a voice that `rose and fell through the eternal silences,’ like a mighty ocean, proclaimed: `Comrades in God, the time has come when that which is great shall become small.’

E.C. Merry, in the same essay on Arthur, draws our attention to how, “Persian mythology shows the Peri Morgiana, or Morgana, who is identical with the Fairy Sister of King Arthur, Morgan le Fay, to have been rescued from the Mountains of Kaph and taken to the `new Europe’ – i.e. after the destruction of Atlantis – by Tahmurath. The Mountains of Kaph were, to the Persians, the mythical boundary of the world in the farthest North of arctic regions.” Since the Atlantean mysteries were matriarchal, embryo, and water mysteries, where biology and the rear brain, were connected to the work the Gods were doing in the biology and reproductive structures of nature, Morgan le Fay’s role makes some sense.

“The Fairy Morgan (in Welsh tales `Mary Morgan’) can be either good or bad. She is to be found under various aspects all over the world and wherever she is she creates a beautiful and glamours fairyland. Some legends represent her living in lakes or streams and luring people into the water.”

In Steiner’s COSMIC MEMORY, he says of the Atlantean, “…that the physical nature of an Atlantean was quite different from that of contemporary man. The Atlantean took into himself water which could be used by the life force inherent in his own body in a manner quite different from that possible in today’s physical body. It was due to this that the Atlantean could consciously employ his physical powers in an entirely different way from man today… An Atlantean settlement – as must be evident from everything we have described – had a character which in no way resembled that of a modern city. In such a settlement everything was, on the contrary, still in alliance with nature.” The ability to merge with nature and shape the watery forces would give us more the impression of Kudzu growth, only shaped, formed and organized consciously.

The watery mist, the rear brain activity and the nature ability, (green thumb) revealed, “…that then the cover of air which envelops the earth was much denser than at present. Whether in face of current scientific beliefs one can easily imagine such greater density of air, must not occupy us here. Because of their very nature, science and logical thinking can never decide what is possible or impossible. Their only function is to explain what has been ascertained by experience and observation. The above mentioned density of air is as certain for occult experience as any fact of today given by the senses can be.” No ancient civilization or monuments from the Atlanteans will easily be discovered. Water, the moon, the mist, made for extravagant powers of growth. Stages in the embryo can reveal far more accurately the early Atlantean than our wishful thinking on the subject. Of course, when the mist cleared, there was allot more dense water to be accounted for and allot more flooding and thickening of the waters, from the matriarchal soup.

“Equally certain however is the fact, perhaps even more inexplicable for contemporary physics and chemistry, that at that time the water on the whole earth was much thinner than today. Because of this thinness the water could be directed by the germinal energy used by the Atlanteans into technical services which today are impossible. As a result of the increased density of the water, it has become impossible to move and to direct it in such ingenious ways as once were possible. From this it must be sufficiently clear that the civilization of the Atlantean period was radically different from ours.”

We have continued to make assumptions about the biological condition of human life forms and civilization based on what we observe today, whether geologically or archaeologically. “In the early Atlantean age, man was composed of a substance no more dense than that of certain jellyfish now living in the sea and scarcely distinguishable from the surrounding water.” When we imagine culture, intelligence, life and atmosphere, more than 25,000 years ago, we get a bit of a shock. Certainly, at various points around the globe dense solidification of the human form was beginning but those Neanderthal skeletons we find are not the soft unfinished transparent forms and delicate beings that most of humanity consisted of. Hardening was faulty and haphazard but Neanderthal’s were not the basis of the advanced spiritual culture of Egypt or ancient India. Those did not arise from Neanderthal’s but from the slow densification and incarnation of highly refined, unfinished, human prototypes.

When the skies finally cleared, time, numbers, scale, variance and calibration became a religious revelation for those who had escaped the Atlantean catastrophe. The Aztec, Mayan, and even the illustrious Persian star gazers that culminated in the three Kings were obsessed with the numbers and the revelations that came from the stars. The number twenty-three revealed also the degrees that separated the summer solstice from the equator and the winter solstice from the equator. Seasonal time and the North Pole were nailed with a twenty-three degree variable.

“Similarly, the line connecting the poles, or the earth’s axis, which is perpendicular to the equator, is not fixed either, but describes in 26,000 years a cone whose axis is a line perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic ( ) leading toward the center of the sphere of the fixed stars and intersecting this sphere at two points, the north and south poles of the elliptic. The half-angle at the summit of the cone equals 23 degrees 30 minutes, and thus the North Pole of the earth’s axis is not fixed in relation to the stars, but moves along a small circle.”

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the majority of souls were employed, educated and obsessed with the inner biological clairvoyant revelation of nature which they saw through their highly developed rear brains. “In the morning when the astral body and ego draw again into the other members they make use of the physical organs and consciousness lights up. This condition of daily waking in consciousness, nightly sleeping in unconsciousness, did not exist formerly.” The hour by hour degree turns that make up our patriarchal twenty-four hour day did not exist then. A bio-psychic school of Atlantean matriarchy held the inner construct, a DNA construct, as its own mythic core.

“At that time man was still aware of the spiritual processes and spiritual beings around him, not clearly and exactly as in true clairvoyance, but with a last relic of ancient clairvoyant sight. Man lived by day in a world of hazy, nebulous outlines, in the night he lived among spiritual beings who were around him as we have the various objects around us today. There was thus no sharp division between day and night, and what is contained in saga and myths is not some fold-fantasy but memories of the experiences which early man had in the supersensible world in his then state of consciousness. Wotan or Zeus or other supersensible spiritual divinities who were known to various peoples are not fabrications of fantasy as is asserted at the council-board of erudition. Such assertions can only be made by someone who knows nothing of the nature of folk-fantasy. It does not in the least occur to early peoples to personify in that way. Those were experiences in ancient times. Wotan and Thor were beings with whom man went about as today he goes about with his fellow-men, and myths and sagas are memories of the ages of ancient clairvoyance.”

The Nordic Tree, with its twining serpent forces that loop from Asgard to Hel was the model used by the Atlanteans in their biological, matriarchal culture. The simplified version, meant to throw humanity off track and protect us from premature intrusion into the bio-ecological mysteries, was handed down to us as the serpent wrapped around the Tree, tempting Eve. Eve obviously had a strong role to play in how paradise would develop. Her role and complicity in the double helix, DNA nature mysteries, precedes the patriarchal Adamic culture of males. This serpent, in all its various forms was the double Helix.

Later, as the spine and forebrain developed, the capacity to understand the Tree of Yggdrasil, “whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos,” became the nervous system that twines around the spine or tree. The patriarchal Tree of Knowledge, tied to the rhythm of twenty-four hours was needed to allow humanity to achieve freedom, culminating in the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, as an external revelation of full mathematical wisdom in every arena of life. When the sky opened up, after the terrific volcanic catastrophes, the clear stars, the seasons and the ordered sequence of numbers became the religious obsession of those colonies of souls who had survived the Flood.

The Atlantean culture and ancient Initiates had a powerful working relation with the Unfinished Work of the Gods. The Nordic sagas are the positive reflection of that working map that the good Atlantean Initiates used. The deeds of the Nordic heroes were part of the anatomical biological work going on down in the depths of nature with the Tree of Life. Asgard, Midgard and Jotunheim contained the double Helix map of the entire spectrum of rear-brain Atlantean biology. But the Atlanteans had started playing god themselves.

After the flood the earthly ego and earthly egotism was to be managed by real-time, not mythic bio-psychic time, but by the suns rule of twenty-four hours. In this rhythm, still today, you can find how your inner clock regulates its life forces to your exits and entrances on the map of sleeping and waking. If I stay up till four in the morning, twelve hours later at four in the afternoon, I’ll start to feel my second wind. I can feel my ego dawn in me, as if I owned a personal relation to the twenty-four hour rhythm. And we do own it. After the sinking of Atlantis we became religiously serious about the festivals and seasons and saw now outwardly, in pristine space, what the Atlanteans formerly viewed only inwardly, in the realm of clairvoyant biology.

When then, we consider the Ass or the position of the Pole star and the circle cut by the earth’s rotation, it should be little wonder that our physical incarnation and reproduction is based on the peculiar number relationship of 23. Our seasons, at least in the northern hemisphere, stand as a revelation of how the 23 degree variable gives us our four rhythm count in four seasons, four chambers of the heart and four parathyroid glands.

“In the formation of sperm and egg cells the usual 46 chromosomes per cell are reduced to 23. When the egg and sperm cells fuse at fertilization they form one cell that again contains 46 chromosomes.”

The cell structure that forms the beginning to the male and female sex, regroups as a cell, with the same number of chromosomes as there are degrees that form the basis of the cone that the earth inscribes around the North Pole. The male supplies twenty-three and the female supplies twenty-three making up the forty-six of the cell. When you look at the cell under a microscope or you look at what the earth inscribes in space you see, like the cell, a wide circle and a little circle within it. Twenty-three is the Cabalistic word CHOKMAH or CHAIAH.

“The power of the Cabalistic `Father’ is the power of the second aspect of the Life Power, the Sephirah named CHOKMAH (Wisdom). CHOKMAH is named AB, by Qabalists, and the special power of CHOKMAH, the secret force of Wisdom, is named ChIH, CHAIAH, the Life-Force. This that same CHAIAH that, when multiplied by Ehben, is 23 X 53, or 1219, which in Greek Gematria is Ichhys (the Fish)-NVN, NUN, the letter corresponding to Scorpio.”

The Emerald tablet is based on the idea that there is a match between the numbers above and the numbers below. “He created His Universe by the three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters and Words.” Fifty-two weeks of the year (X) the cellular chromosome structure of a woman or a man; or the 23 degree variable that sets our seasons; or the northern circle of the cone, locks in our estimation of time and biological growth to the sacred word for the etheric body, CHAIAH. Scorpio/the Eagle Initiate John, the guardian of the Tree of Life is the result of 53 (X) 23. Numbers linked to the word appear to be the new basis for all physics issues. Hardly new, but the ancient, newly rediscovered basis. However it is here, that the Atlanteans made a fatal mistake that cost them dearly 18,000 years ago. It is here where the Noah myth takes on the dimension it was meant to have since it was first inaugurated.

“…scientists knew that each animal or plant cell contained a nucleus and that within the nucleus were a number of minute thread like structures called chromosomes. But it was not until 1903 that two scientists, the American Walter S. Sutton and the German Theodor Boveri, independently suggested that the chromosomes were the carriers of the information which offspring inherited from their parents. They said that chromosomes exist in homologous pairs, one from the father and one from the mother in each pair.”

With these pairs, two by two, Noah could escape the Atlantean catastrophe with the appropriate biological structures that would ensure the completion of THE FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS and THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH. For it is not only with numbers, but with letters and words, consonants and vowels that relink the Tree of Life to the Tree of Knowledge. Like Noah, we are faced today with a boat load of endangered species. But unlike Noah, no one is going to step in and tell us not to meddle with the divine genetic numbers or not to collapse the environmental sustaining principles that support all the species, animals and plants of the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. Because the divine work was finished with Christ, it is now up to clarified and dignified human intelligence to create the ark of integrity and spiritual insight needed to complete the work of Christ and nature.

“Thus, in terms of European mythology, the head of the human being contains, above, as it were, Asgard, the castle of the gods; in its middle part, Midgard, man’s earthly home; and, below, what also belongs to the earth, Jotunheim, home of the giants.”

The entire Nordic mythology was based on the Tree of Life model used by the Atlanteans. The Nordic seers knew how the Finished Work of the Gods, the entire realm of life, culminated in the Human form. The Gods were active inwardly and the Atlanteans could see them and name them with inward clairvoyant accuracy. But the Atlanteans started restructuring the inner codes of the numbers and distorting their relationships with the gods. The Atlantean society, unable to orient outwardly in space, unable to see the star frequencies, became rather loose in their relations to the twin serpents, the double helix that we now know as the Tree of Yggdrasill or our DNA. The Nordic seers revealed in their myths the relations to the gods that were once held by the Atlanteans. The Finished Work of the gods, was very unfinished at the time of Atlantis, when it was suddenly disturbed by a powerful Ahrimanic presence.

“…a single central power whom all followed and obeyed, a kind of spectral spirit, a descendant of the `Great Spirit’ of Atlantis, was revered. This spirit had gradually assumed an ahrimanic character because he still worked with forces that had been right in Atlantis or were already ahrimanic there.

“When the Atlantean spoke of his `Great Spirit,’ he expressed it, as we have seen, in a word that sounded something like the word `TAO,’ which is still preserved in China. An ahrimanic, caricatured counterpart appeared in the West as opponent of the `Great Spirit TAO’ but he was still connected with him. He worked in such a way the he could only be made visible through atavistic, visionary perception but whenever they desired his presence, he always showed himself to those persons connected with the wide spread mysteries of this cult so they could receive his instructions and commands. This spirit was called by a name that sounded something like TAOTL. TAOTL was thus an ahrimanic distortion of the `Great Spirit’ – a mighty being and one who did not descend to physical incarnation. A great many men were initiated into the mysteries of TAOTL but the initiation was of a completely ahrimanic character. It had a quite definite purpose and goal, which was to rigidify and mechanize all earthly life, including that of humans, to such a degree that a special luciferic planet,…could be founded above earthly life. The souls of men could then be drawn out to it, by force and pressure.”

It would be crass and silly to say that this would be PLANET HOLLYWOOD( ) but certainly such a silly idea has for its background something much greater. The aim and the intersection that we are faced with today brings us once more to the goal that was understood as Ragnarok or TAOTL by the Nordic seers and some of the Atlantean Initiates. The goal of the Ahrimanic forces that began bending Atlantean culture back then, are now in the same way, bending our culture toward it’s twisted mission, which is not the Michael or Grail mystery at all.

“The goal they aimed to achieve was to make the whole earth a realm of death, in which everything possible would be done to kill out independence and every inner impulse of the soul. In the mysteries of TAOTL the forces were to be acquired that would enable men to set up a completely mechanized earthly realm. To this end, one had, above all, to know the great cosmic secrets that relate to what works and lives in the universe and reveals its activities in earthly existence. You see, this wisdom of the cosmos is fundamentally in its wording, always the same, because truth is always the same.”

Now let us return to the actual Ragnarök text and penetrate some of the initiate’s observations. Their observations were made with the intention of piercing ahead, scouting ahead with their vision. They were scoping out for us, and for themselves as well, the coming confrontations, the ramifications of what had started with the Unfinished Work of the Gods back in Atlantis. After the Atlantean catastrophe, the Christ Being in 33 A.D., took a position opposite the Ahrimanic standpoint presenting humanity with the beginning dawn of the Sun-Revelation from within our own I Am logos structure.

If we imagine a slithering Darwinian beginning as the outward sun heated the swamps, the Christ brought the full essence of the sun into the grasp of each individual. With Ahriman, nature, ecology, biology, technology, and humanity are set on the auction block of consumer marketing. In the Ahrimanic world, conscience has been bled out of the multi-national marketing of earth’s precious resources. Humanity is caving in to a cyberspace world and letting the whole of nature become an on-line museum which we can all fondly remember.

“Then the brothers Fenrir and Jormungand will move side by side. Fenrir’s slavering mouth will gape wide open, so wide that his lower jaw scrapes against the ground and his upper jaw presses against the sky; it would gape still wider if there were more room. Flames will dance in Fenrir’s eyes and leap from his nostrils. With each breath, meanwhile, Jormungand will spew venom; all the earth and the sky will be splashed and stained with his poison.”

We have established the identity of Fenrir and he handles the surface, the corporate consuming of the entire earth and all her resources from mining to air traffic, from satellite traffic to planetary exploration. Jormungand reveals the biological and viral forces that are locked, serpent like, helix like, into the matrix and intertwining of all ecological interrelationships. As we tamper and distort the environment; as we biologically experiment and loosen the linkages of connected species and manipulate these into new and strange genetic combinations, Jormungand becomes a free agent ready to attack the human immune system.

The concept of as above so below has far reaching consequences. By unleashing, unfastening, and recombining different genetic codes below, in nature, we set off a reverberating scale and variance disturbance that begins to go upwards. The serpent power worshipped in every ancient culture as the dragon forces, the flying dragon, were clearly what the Atlantean saw in its spirit when it looked with its rear brain eye into the warehouse of nature and the gods. That was the unfinished work. Because it was unfinished and the Atlanteans started to unravel the scale and variance in the codes, the flood came crashing down on their heads.

Adam had been naming the Logos keys of the animal world from Paradise, from the roots of the Tree of Life. But Adam was tossed out of the warehouse of biology, along with Eve, tossed out because of that double helix DNA meddler, the snake. It all fell apart, when apparently Eve got blamed for saying, `lets try something different this time.’ But the Book of Adam and Enoch’s record reveals that naming, visualizing and naming, stamping the etheric impression onto new species emerging from the assembly line of the unfinished work of the gods, was part of Adams Logos structure. To achieve the perfected Micro-Word Being of mankind, nature forms had to be tossed out and off the Tree. The Tree of life, leading to the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, had numerous branches, all of them sacrificed for the ultimate finished product.

Species and nature forces were not divorced or separate from the I AM of Adam, they actually came out of him and he named them. The scale and variance of the etheric body was being reduced and maximized as the gigantic and the fragile compendium of nature was systematically removed from the Adamic body to become the body of nature. Adam was meant to represent us. Nature was spun off from us. Adam could give the names and inner identity of the things around him because they were part of him. His training, in the warehouse of biology and nature was that of the percept/concept Logos maker in training. Christ brought the difference between the Logos maker in training and the Logos I AM capable of representing the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. This is key to our understanding THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

We are living in the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, it can now be manipulated to the detriment of earth’s ecological basis. Plant, animal and mineral forms and forces can be set into shattering number frequencies that can alter all the coding on up to the highest level of the planets and stars. It is so, because of the resonance in morphogenetic fields that are interrelated, as the numbers reveal. Stars will fall out of the sky if we oscillate the infrastructure of species and genetic codes off their foundations. If we rock the foundations the house will collapse. The Atlanteans were cut short in their efforts to do just that, but we must actually choose not to do what they did, as tempting as it appears to us. Contrary to popular slang and language, let’s not rock!

A tremendous immortal suction must occur if we do begin rocking the Noahtic boat. Meaning that human attention must be shifted to a cyberspace world vacuum where nothing really exists. Our focus is beginning to shift and beginning to create the vacuum that sucks the foundations of nature right out from underneath us. Species begin to go extinct and their animal folk-spirits, invisible behind them, become operative forces in our new virtual vacuum in cyberspace. A further betrayal of Noah, of Adam, of the Native Americans and a further crucifixion of Christ is now in the hands of our scientific community. As we alter and manipulate group-souls of animals and species of plants, all of which have futures ahead of them, that are not arbitrary, we begin a cosmic undermining of our own Finished world.

Before Christ, Zarathustra and the Nathan Jesus child completed the FINISHED WORK of the Logos Being, humanity was an Unfinished Work. The Atlantean errors would have prevented the finishing of the great work. Constantly in the course of human development, humanity tossed between Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces, needed intervention from the Sun-Spirit to keep the goal of the Finished Work on track. The Atlanteans had to be prevented from screwing up the entire ecological and genetic system that was in the process of completion. Nature would have veered way off course and our immortality would have been distorted beyond recognition.

Now we have the Sun, the light of Ariel, the light of St. Paul and a light brighter than our digital laser graphics locked into the living forces of the planet. Instead of computer access we have thought and spirit access. But this means that humanity can now go into the foundations of nature, with Ahriman’s assistance and screw up the entire ecological world. This part of the saga is just beginning. Reproductive Technology has begun to interfere with the incarnation of human spirits. A one-sided technical clairvoyance is being prepared through virtual reality and psychotropic drugs, that interferes with the pituitary and pineal glands by introducing serotonin and melatonin imbalances, giving confused people, apparent euphoric and opiated states. Remain calm folks, take some more Ridlin the worst is yet to come, no need to be nervous!

Now that the work of the gods is FINISHED, Ahriman and Jormungand can be let loose on humanity. Instead of running with open arms to the point where the new inner sun illuminates and lights an ever clearer pathway to the mystery of the Dove; the new-found freedom from the gods, has let humanity run straight for the old Atlantean dilemma. One of the greatest secrets of the Atlantean power of mass hypnosis is carried over to us in the epidemic of the yawn. One yawn can unleash a hundred yawns, unless one is conscious of ones bodily and psychic organism. Lulling us to sleep as couch potatoes truly brings on a vegetative state of soul. We can be passively shaped, by the emerging post Atlantean coma-like clairvoyance, into a virtual world, cyberspace trance condition.

“…In those days of dim clairvoyance mutual understanding was based upon a subconscious influence passing from one to the other. Especially was there still present to a high degree something we know today only in it s last misinterpreted and misunderstood surviving form, namely, a kind of suggestion, a subconscious influence from man to man, appealing but little to the active cooperation of the other’s soul. Looking back to early Atlantean times we see that a powerful effect was exercised on the other’s soul the moment any image, any sensation, arose in a man’s soul, and he directed his will upon the other person. All influences were powerful, as was also the will to receive them. Only traces of all this still exist today.

“Picture to yourself a man of that time passing another while executing certain gestures. If the observer were even slightly weaker of the two, he would have felt impelled to imitate and mimic all the gestures. The only surviving remnant of this sort of thing is our inclination to yawn when we see another person yawning.”

18,000 years ago, the comet Hyakutake did a fly by over the culture of Atlantis. A comet is one of the members of the solar community who have refused to be part of the ongoing plan of the gods. A comet has a cyanide core and cyanide is the shattering poison that can actually chip immortal pieces off our immortal prototype. The comets behave in such a way, that they remain aloof from the ordered symmetry and numerical scale and variance which has given us the solar community, the twenty-four hour ego rhythm and the reproductive forces connected biologically with our moon.

“On ancient Moon the substances which are today poisonous played the same role as do the plant juices on Earth, those juices which agree with man. But why are the poisons still present today? For the same reason that Ahriman is present. They are what has remained behind, something that has remained behind in physical forms. So we now have what agrees with man, that is, whatever has progressed in the normal way, and certain other substances which have remained behind at the Moon stage, which is now the stage of poisons.”

The comet Hyakutake has given us a wake-up call. It is a subtle cultural parallel to something that occurred when humanity was Unfinished and like the Nordic Balder, the gods were very proud when he was finally finished. In the Nordic Balder tale, it was mistletoe, a plant that made no agreements to be part of earth life, that killed Balder.

Like the comet, the mistletoe lives like a twining parasite on the tops of trees. Mistletoe is not a part of this earth evolution and because of this, the beautiful finished work, called Balder could be killed. He is killed by something outside the interrelationships established by the Sun-imbued Logos. Nestled in the branches of the stars are these cyanide cousins to earth development, the comets, who have refused to go easy on poor Balder ( ). Loki, like our entertainment world, has given a lot of good ideas to the bad guys. The adrenalin pumping as destruction, mayhem and murder, are strictly outlined in cinematic clarity. We thrive on this, but not what Loki cannot tell us.

Since we are living in the Finished work of the gods, our meddling, which had caused the Atlantean catastrophe, is now just going to harm us and the various kingdoms depending on us that go through the animal, plant and mineral worlds. Loosening the genetic codes of the Midgard Serpent now begins to unsettle the weather, the patterns of migrations and stability that the unfinished work kept us from having to face.

“The sea will rear up and the waves will pummel the shore because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury, working his way on to dry land. And in those high seas Haglfar will break loose – the ship made from dead men’s nails. The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants…”

Here we see the result as fierce waves of resonation and oscillation, are set off, from the re-setting and fixing of new genetic frequencies in nature. On top of that, the world we have created from the chips of dead men’s fingernails or silica, will be jostled free. The film STRANGE DAYS is beginning to outline what the Nordic Initiates already knew would happen. Meaning that the cyberspace vacuum we have created by shifting our compassion and loving interest away from nature to sub-nature is going to loosen the moorings on planet earth. As we lose the experience of nature we become entertainment vampires, seeking ever more sociopathic avenues of gratification.

Our planet could remain tethered to a fixed axis and be linked concretely with current chromosome and genetic fields, but once we start unscrewing the Finished work, the whole thing can collapse and we as humanity would need to prepare to download our souls into cyberspace. With the tantalizing possibility of game worlds inside of cyberspace we are being fattened to go to the planet prepared for by the Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces. Do you want this to happen? It is on its way whether we like it or not?

Think of this, “The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants.” In the last letters, Steiner describes Midgard, where men live. “Man is a being who unfolds his life in the midst, between two regions of the world. With his bodily development he is a member of a `lower world’; with his soul-nature he himself constitutes a `middle world’; and with his faculties of Spirit he is ever striving towards an `upper world.'” Not only was the Nordic world threefold, but it represented the three-fold structure of the human being. Asgard, Midgard and Hel. It stood as the chromosome DNA map of the physical and spiritual structure of the human being. If the bow, the waist and the stern are fused into high technology, reproductive technology and viral technology, all locked into the giants memory that runs our silicon world, what has become of the threefold human society? Thinking is splintered into nerd tech; Rhythm or breathing is severed and attacked through viral tech; and the will forces are shattered in repro-tech.

“The original divine humanity first descended upon the earth at the Pole, and the polar and neighboring regions formed the first habitation of mankind. The Greeks, too, describe this land as that of the Hyperboreans, a land whither Apollo, god of the spiritual power of the sun, returned again and again. Gradually, and through long ages, the human race spread from thence over the face of the earth. The other and opposite pole only later entered into the story of evolution. This occurred when the development of humanity of the earth reached the equatorial region. All this is found in the conceptions of the primeval East. When humanity had developed so far that it had attained an existence which, according to our scientific investigations, we designate that of the warm-blooded organisms, then the other side of the world began to play its part. The Germanic peoples called this other side of the world the southern `Muspelheim.’ It is the polar antithesis of the northern `Nifelheim.’ The Persians said that the Ahuras – who were gods of light like Apollo – inhabited the north, and the Devas – gods of darkness – streamed against them from the south. The beings whom the Persians called Ahuras and the Indians Asuras, were addressed by the Germanic people as Asen, and the Indian word `Deva’ (in the Persian Daeva) we find in the Germainic as Wanen (pronounced V). In the name `Wanen’ we have the human soul in dream and in presentiment or dim feeling; while the Asen of light were met with in waking life.”

Between the Aztec world of the south and the Nordic world of the north, we begin to see a mighty inner battle field between those who worshipped the Light and those who were drawn into the center of the earth with darkness. This war is the Ahrimanic war we face now. Gold and Cyanide, Zyklon B, Hydrogen Cyanide was used to decimate and gas the immortality from nearly six million jews. Here an Aztec mystery drifted far north, as the north forgot that they worshipped the light instead of the darkness. On this subject I will have more to bring later.

We have already dealt with the fact that the Nordic Initiates could only describe our current chip technology as part of a great ship. An independent ship, cut off from the great ship earth, a separate vessel that was constructed from the clippings, the chips, of dead mens fingernails. Having a fingernail torn off is not fun in the least. The Aztec’s thought it the height of cultural courage to flail and wear the face of a defeated enemy. Do we not wish to wear other men’s faces instead of our own? A planet where busy fingers and busy fingernails tap, tap, and the chips from the fingernails of dead men, with their silica imprints are used in conjunction with giant memories to run information and data against the picture of the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, was the warship described by the Nordic seers.

“…Haglfar will break loose – the ship made from dead men’s nails. The bows and the waist and the stern and the hold will be packed with giants…”

With cyberspace we feel we can embrace safely a severed field of wisdom and light that has been filtered through the labor of dead mens nails. This ship, described by the seers, is crammed to capacity with giants. Gigantic memory is crammed into this ship and linked as it were, to a whole network armed for full tilt attack mode. Our fatal error in underestimating nature is that nature is a picture, spread out in space, of our own Immortal I-Am. Like Steiner, I have distaste for the trendiness which views our wonderful and mysterious world as some sort of video game where we train our children in the fine art of mockery, cynicism and betrayal of natures profound secrets. Loki or entertainment has led the way to a world divorced from the Gods. It is not the awesome FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS but the sick and puny cyberspace world of men that has begun sucking intelligence down into a yawning cosmic sink hole.

“Loki too, free from his fetters, will take to the water; he will set sail towards Vigrid from the north and his deadweight will be all that ghastly crew in Hel.”

If deadweight can throw the axis of the earth off, it would be because of all the errors we have made and errors planned by Lucifer and Ahriman to bring the captured booty of humanity, to their new world. Our North pole axis is needed because our chromosome incarnation and immune system forms must not be tampered with. Yet who is to say that we cannot play with all this stuff in nature anyway we want to? The gods are gone, mom and dad are away, lets party! But the variable, oscillating wobble in the roots of creation is that viral spewing rascal Jormungand. Dare we take these warnings given by the Initiates lightly?

“Orpheus brought forth Eurydice from the netherworld, from which man had to take his leave when he turned his soul’s attention to the heavens, to the stars. The Orphic songs, preserved, for example, by Apollonius of Rhodes, are a description of geological events, which in their turn were a terrestrial echo of the changing constellations, the varying positions of the axis of the Earth in its relation to the fixed stars.

“Stage by stage, the universe was bereft of living soul. The first to fade away were the great pictures of the heavens and of the constellations, which at long last became dead symbols – `signs of the zodiac’ as we now know them. But in an intermediate period the planetary gods still spoke to man, until they too at length grew dumb, one after another. The realm of Chronos of Saturn fell away when Zeus or Jupiter began his reign. Thereafter came the epoch of Mars or the Titans. Comparative study of all religions will prove that the dream-picture-world of mankind drew nearer and nearer to the earth, while stage by stage the farther reaches of the cosmos faded away – their Word is reduced to silence.

“It was as though the gods descended to the earth to unite with men. And at last, the Logos himself became flesh. The cosmic distances were now unpeopled of the gods, and the time came when John the Baptist had to prophesy: `Change the way of your thinking, for the distant realms of the heavens have now come near at hand.”




“I have reason to believe that on the dissolution at death of a human being, its forces may still persist and continue to act in a blind, unconscious fashion. As a rule they speedily dissipate themselves, but in the case of a very powerful personality they may last a long time… And, in some cases…these forces may coalesce with certain non-human entities who thus continue their life indefinitely and increase their strength to an unbelievable degree.”

In this mystery fragment from Ragnarök, where Loki brings the ghosts and demons of Hel into the game, Charles Bukowski portraitwe really have another powerful image to meditate on. The archives of all the old film ghosts that have haunted the screens and hearts of several generations, have been chained to Lucifer. When Walt Disney had his body frozen so that he could be reawakened after they found a cure or could implant his soul/spirit structure into another younger model I knew there was trouble ahead. When primitive people were afraid to have their pictures taken because it apparently stole their souls, something spooky awoke in me.

When we execute a sinister and psychologically deranged criminal as portrayed in Silence of the Lambs, (of which more and more are coming) something far worse can be generated, because the psychic and intellectual cohesion of the personality does not dissolve with mere execution.

In the case of John Wayne Gacy, a mass murderer from Chicago who killed nearly 34 people
, a strange and foolish blunder was made in the timing of his execution. In May of 1994 at midnight John Wayne Gacy was sent through the gate of death by lethal injection. The actual passage and expulsion of his soul from a confined body in a Chicago prison cell to the release and expansion of the subconscious contents of his criminal psychology was timed to a total Eclipse of the Sun. It would be interesting to note the trajectory and path of the effective eclipse across north America at that time.

By examining such details and measuring our statistics on criminal surges over the next 21 years something could be observed. In any case, observing it or not, the dumping of the toxic waste of John Wayne Gacy into the cosmic field of a Solar eclipse merely sends the toxic waste back, into the psychic structure of seething seeds of potential, already latent in the subconscious of living personalities here on earth.

Unhatched intentions and incubating psychic diseases are far less lethal when the life force, life sentence, has not terminated the criminal. If the life forces, biographically and biologically are left over, if the criminal or psychopath has not died of old age, in solitary confinement, but is killed with life force still unused, the remainder goes to feed incubating psychic disease fields in others. If the life forces are still there, then the psychically charged, disturbed field seeks another or other hosts. Loki is gathering all these dynamic forces that make a new heaven and a new hell, as well as the meaning implied on the opposite spectrum of a new heaven and a new earth. We have to decide what new heaven and what new hell we would rather have. These are some of the decisions worth thinking about, when we are faced with Christ or Ahriman.

Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“…we proceed to the influence of Loki on the physical body, in which he brings about sickness and death. His third off-spring is, therefore, that which produces sickness and death. That is Hela. Thus you have, in fact, expressed in a wonderful way — in the figures: Hela, the Fenris Wolf, and the Midgard Serpent — the influence of Loki or Lucifer, in the form in which the old clairvoyance, which we may describe as a dreamy clairvoyance, perceived it. If we were to go through the whole history of Loki, we should everywhere find that these things throw light upon the matter, down to the smallest details. But we must clearly understand therein that what the clairvoyant sees is not merely an allegorical symbolical description, but he sees real entities, Beings.

Diagram 5
Diagram 5
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Now the Germanic Scandinavian did not know merely of Loki, of the Luciferic influence; he was also aware of the influence of Ahriman which came from another direction; and he knew more, he knew that the exposure to the Ahrimanic influence is the consequence of the Loki influence. You must now transpose yourselves back to the time when man did not look at the world with external physical vision, but contemplated it with the old clairvoyance, and you will then find that this myth is formed for that clairvoyance. What does the myth say? Loki’s influence has come upon man, and this is expressed in the action of the Midgard Serpent, the Fenris Wolf and Hela.”

Click on Picture for Bradford Riley’s Fourth Grade Norse Play

“Gullveig’s Gold”

Norse YggdrasillBy using the spring-board of a Solar eclipse, the moon re-ignites these unused immoral astral intentions and re-injects them back into souls on earth who carry an attraction to similar deeds in their already disturbed psychological structures. Parasitical astral forces quantum leap up to legion in no time at all. The ugly and diseased psychology does not disperse when life force is still running, rather, it rains down into already infested psychological pockets that are latent in living people. A multiplication of psychic criminal inspiration is projected and diffused over a wide territorial field. The math and physics of the soul here is called Legion, in biblical terms, the swine used by Christ to absorb the deadly psychic toxins were pigs.

If we expel and dislodge the demonic forces, as in the example of Christ and the madmen, the force and dynamic does not angle out away from the earth, on the contrary, it fuses and leaps back into the most receptive field. Using the moon to project it back into the psyche is horribly dangerous form of enhancement. When Christ used the swine, they buffered the damage of evil and could assist in absorption of the negative psychic forces. These demonic infestations appear as viral fields in human epidemiology as well as tendencies toward dark pathologies. Here lies an amazing clue that could be used medically.

In a TIME magazine cover story of September 12, 1994, titled REVENGE OF THE KILLER MICROBES, swine were depicted as an integral part of human diseases. “Perhaps the most ominous prospect of all is a virulent strain of influenza. Even garden-variety flu can be deadly to the very old, the very young and those with weak immune systems. But every so often, a highly lethal strain emerges-usually from domesticated swine in Asia.”

We have not progressed far enough to allow us to vacuum clean the incubating psychic illnesses in individual criminals and guide them into a heavy and neutral medium like that of the swine in the biblical story. It is wiser for us to consider not killing the psychotic infestations that have leached themselves onto the bodily/psychic structure of our various killers. It is better that they serve life sentences and have their life force dry up, so that what they carry may not prematurely find new hosts that are readily available in our already sickened society. It might even be suggested by means of sympathetic transfer, to inject the blood of these criminals into selected herds of swine. These of course would not be used for human consummation.

What I am saying now, about the nature of Hel, that is part of Loki’s booty from all the maladjusted disturbances from the murders, wars, ethnic cleansing and unacknowledged spiritual agony that has left its fatal mark in our psychic atmosphere, has a precedent. The initiate Algernon Blackwood has something to add to this picture.

“You do not quite gather what I am driving at; and it is not to be expected that you should, for you, I suppose, are the nominal Christian with the nominal Christian’s lofty standard of ethics, and his utter ignorance of spiritual possibilities. Beyond a somewhat childish understanding of `spiritual wickedness in high places,’ you probably have no conception of what is possible once you break down the slender gulf that is mercifully fixed between you and that Outer World. But my studies and training have taken me far outside these orthodox trips, and I have made experiments that I could scarcely speak to you about in language that would be intelligible to you… I cannot explain to you in a few minutes the nature of such things, for you have not made the studies that would enable you to follow me; but I have reason to believe that on the dissolution at death of a human being, its forces may still persist and continue to act in a blind, unconscious fashion. As a rule they speedily dissipate themselves, but in the case of a very powerful personality they may last a long time… And, in some cases…these forces may coalesce with certain non-human entities who thus continue their life indefinitely and increase their strength to an unbelievable degree. If the original personality was evil, the beings attracted to the left-over forces will also be evil... thought is dynamic, and that it may call into existence forms and pictures that may well exist for hundreds of years. For, not far removed from the region of our human life, is another region where floats the waste and drift of all the centuries, the limbo of the shells of the dead; a densely populated region crammed with horror and abomination of all descriptions, and sometimes galvanized into active life again by the will of a trained manipulator…”

This quality of Hel, can be galvanized and infested, down, into the world of cyberspace. It comes through magnetism, electricity and light. Our programs and computers all run on magnetic field and light and the astral world, not only is attracted by the disturbed emotional illnesses we produce in our psychic structure, but now they can find islands. Islands of digital discs and graphic laser illuminated violent video games and virtual reality mind benders, can all be populated on the head of a pin down into the sub-nature world of cyberspace. Loki can bring all this and more from his commitment with Ahriman to lift us out and away from this miraculous Finished Work of the Gods. They want us elsewhere and not to be reminded or bothered about all the creatures and stranded beings who are calling out to us not to betray their futures.

Medicine and the Justice system have failed to understand the eclipse factor in the moon, nor the full neutral alignment of swine biology with human biology. Medicine may view swine as incubators of viral factors but they do not link viral factors to borderland entities that might gain force from a polluted psyche like that of John Wayne Gacy.

Humanity seems not yet mature enough to consider the escalating viral fields and their relation to swine as gateways, doorways or neutralizers. Swine are themselves poison absorbers that closely resemble the structure of human beings. Blood plasma is still made from swine because of the human affinity. The Hebrews abhorred eating swine because they knew that they absorbed these intense parasitical and viral forces into their systems. There certainly is a way through injection, not lethal injection of the psychopath, but injection into animals like swine that would re-direct the parasitical astral beings into something we can control. Contained by something that demons cannot feed off of, that is, an active human psyche with immortal potential for damage.

“When he came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gadarenes, two men who were possessed by demons came out of the tombs and stood in his way. They were exceedingly dangerous, so that no one could pass along that road. And see, they called out loudly: `What is this power between us and you, Son of God? Have you come here to discipline us before the time is fulfilled?’ Far from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. And the demons begged him `If you cast us out, send us into the herd of pigs.’ And he said to them: `Depart.’ And they fled and went into the pigs. And see, the whole herd rushed down the steep incline into the sea and perished in the waters.”

St. Matthew 8: 28-33

What has been imprinted into the psychological structure of the personality dissolves after death or is condensed. To execute a concentrated psychological killer is to spawn forces into the subconscious of ten thousand potential serial killers, who, because of their affinity of disposition, attract and feed off the diseased remains in the psychic field. Adolf Hitler was gassed in world war I and suffered near fatal illness from the trenches and their unsanitary conditions. What incubated in Hitler later went unobserved and hidden for years. His example was a viral, biological warfare hazard. We have ten thousand of them coming up on us every day, including the Gulf War Syndrome victims.

When we speak of execution and the death penalty, we must be very clear what this means. Executing and thereby releasing, through their deaths, super-charged viral forces that go rushing towards the putrid immune systems and weak psychic structures of individuals, amounts to sinister sub-entity invasive virology. This is the reason why the death penalty has inherent and ghastly dangers in it. Loki and Ahriman thrive off this disturbing population and with our laser disc technology we have managed to provide mass-produced island homes for them. Devachan forces are eroding while we slowly suck down the light which belongs to a much greater mystery. Hell can truly be sucked down onto Earth and earth can be sucked clean out from under humanity.

Is death and the silica from dead men’s nails really the end of our social problems? In light of these facts we must question the sudden and premature deaths of Jeffery Dahmer, murdered by an inmate and the death of the British mass murderer, West (and his House of Horror, with his backyard strewn with buried bodies of women including his own daughter and wife). West apparently hung himself in his prison cell in England. All of these events occurred in the year 1994.

If humanity refuses to watch and stay alert, other beings will step in while the astral fizz is still crackling and popping, and crack open the shell of a person and release the toxins. For certain beings of the universe, we are beginning to look like lunch. We need to know that we are part of the dynamic Finished Work and we carry the Immortal Logos, and as such, if we refuse our mission, we become part of somebody elses food chain. We must not be too blind to see, amid the ruins of the Finished Work of the Gods, where these dynamic systems of Hel can reemerge.

This is why Christ came, to give us a fighting chance within a potent spiritual environment. This is why Steiner spoke up. Down to the details, science and present education have very much underestimated and left unprepared a society living on Elm Street. The endangered Elm tree is what the golden statue of the Representative of Man is carved from CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW. Because we are ignorant of these things, we are beginning to live in a Nightmare on Elm Street. This is what the Nordic seers saw as Loki’s Hel.

Copies and duplicates of disturbed psychopaths and their psychic structures are now available for demonic multiplication through the premature deaths of their bearers. Such copies reveal that dark forces are using cosmic techniques, on the demonic field, for incubation and hatching via the human psychic plane. That which can be used in a healing manner by the highest essence of Christ development can also be used by dark agents of Ahriman.

But even in children, so unprotected, violent forces are wandering close to their innocent cribs and for them astral beings were playfellows before they incarnated here. Now their innocent imitation can suddenly take completely unexpected turns. If what Loki can do, with the beings of Hel, and what was meant by a new heaven and a new hell frightens you a bit, we might better pony up to the present compassionate version of the Finished Work of the Gods, and cease enlisting the mighty conspirators who stand against us.

With the Finished Work of the Gods, and humanity just beginning its intercourse with the mineral kingdom, we see how these Ragnarök potentials can come up all the way to the shores of a new heaven and a new hell. The Necklace of the Brisings taught us that the pwoman with thyroid glandarathyroid glands, centered around the larynx, have a seed capability to release warmth ether, light ether, chemical or tone ether and life ether. As we are about to embark on the expedition to develop a new heaven and a new earth, who and what do you think would like to steal these ethers from us? In the future a Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution stretch out before humanity. This makes the achievement of the Necklaace of the Brisings possible for Freyja. But she must begin intercourse with the primal etheric stages, whose keys are the parathyroid glands or four dwarfs she sleeps with.

At this intersection, humanity is in the silica mineral world and our position to this world, as we crack it open, sets us up to fulfill the dreams of Ahriman and Lucifer by creating an anti-logos world, through our betrayal of the four ethers. Meaning that we allow Ahriman and Lucifer to divert these forces to create an Anti-Jupiter development and an Anti-Venus development and an Anti-Vulcan development. It would be better, in my opinion, to lift the entire Finished Work of the Gods, with Christ, upwards and lift ourselves with it.

Humanity, with the Logos christened from the plane of earth, can lift themselves and nature upwards. Humanity can lift the group souls of the animals to human; the plant spirits and insects to their rightful animal development and even move the stones upwards. By midwife assistance in the help and completion of the Finished Work of the Gods, humanity can attain the equivalent level of development of the Angels; the equivalent level of development of the Archangels and the equivalent level of development of the Archai. This can all be achieved from within the I-Am structure because the Sun will grow ever brighter from within our spiritual cores.

“Odin and Fenrir were the first to engage and their fight will be fearsome. In the end, though, the wolf will seize AllFather between his jaws and swallow him. That will be the death of Odin.

“At once his son Vidar will stride forward and press one foot on Fenrir’s bottom jaw – and the shoe he will wear than has been a long time in the making; it consists of all the strips and bits of leather pared off the heels and toes of new shoes since time began, all the leftovers thrown away as gifts for the god. Then Vidar will take hold of Fenrir’s other jaw and tear the wolf apart, so avenging his fatheVidar and Michael Fenrir Ahriman fightr.”

Here the foreshadowed image of St. George or St. Michael and the dragon is clearly illuminated from behind the veil and mists of the message of the Nordic seers. And the shoe he wears, what of that? We see how wonderfully they captured the image of Michael long before ST. George and the dragon became common. What of the shoes that he wears? Shoes are worn by souls. Feet travel to their destinies. Scraps are taken, not from the middle part of the arch, but the toes and heels. Thinking and Willing forces that have been salvaged from unused destiny, makes one wonder about the true nature of spiritual economy. Steiner gave whole lectures on Spiritual Economy and they are fine, fine works. Nothing is lost, not one jot or tittle is lost, all efforts and apparent failures assist Michael in holding the closing jaws, the closing gates of the Finished Work of the Gods, opened just enough for humanity to scrape past.Norse mythology Vidar Fenrir

As I have portrayed, is there a potential for a new heaven and a new hell created by the forces that stand against humanity? Yes indeed and we are beginning to entertain the techno-feasibility of such an anti-place. What did the Nordic seers think it might be like?

“But there will be another hall on Nastrond, the shore of corpses. That place in the underworld will be as vile as it is vast; all its doors will face north. Its walls and roof will be made of wattled snakes, their heads facing inward, blowing so much poison that it runs in rivers through the hall. Oath breakers and murderers and philanderers will wade through those rivers. Nidhogg, too, will outlive the fire and the flood and under Yggdrasill he will suck blood from the bodies of the dead.”

Magnetic north, as with magnetism, electricity and stolen computer generated laser light, gives cyberspace a look like NASTROND, a no-place on a strand of nowhere that must always face a magnetic north or it will be doomed. In cyberspace the magnetic field must be in place in order to suck the psychic forces off this, our real world. In other words a gigantic vampire field of suction is created from the existing magnetic forces. It is legitimate Devachan light that is skimmed off today to feed the illegitimate bastard son of light called cyberspace.

Nature tells us clearly that there is a learning disability for light in moths and a cosmic ability of digestion of light in butterflies. Further, nature tells us the difference between the night radar of bats and the navigating, migrating frequency of day loving birds. Even the homing pigeon can navigate intelligently, through its specialized locator frequency of day mapping, warmth, love and light.

The cyberspace junkie should study the suicidal stupidity of the moth and the dingy robes it wears, compared to the garment of light that the butterfly is dressed in. The butterfly does not fry its senses in useless computer generated glow. The butterfly is the freest, most incalculable creature in nature’s warehouse. Love and light will be the essence of the Jupiter evolution and the butterfly already lives that future.

“When in the future the Earth planet appears as Jupiter, the Jupiter dwellers will direct their gaze upon love as men on Earth do upon wisdom. …And just as we wonder at the wisdom in all that surrounds us, so he who will one day inhabit Jupiter will feel wafting towards him the love that will lie in all things. This love will stream forth from all beings and speak to us, as the wisdom speaks to us which is secreted into the Earth through the old Moon existence.”

We do not want to condemn ourselves to a world where we have been magnetically addicted to a false world of light. We want to develop in all its wonder, the ability to absorb what all the universe emits as sort of sweet and wonderful sap, sugar, which is condensed light for the butterfly. We want eyes and hearts that can digest compassion and love as if it were light, from all the surrounding universe.

One of the trademarks of the film, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, was a night moth slipped inside the mouths of its victims. But why be obscure about the deadly disposition we are encouraging today with our addiction to stolen light? Why force our children away from the incredible model of nature by forfeiting the nature that exists now for the polluted, crime infested world of night, that is invading every segment of society? We live in a MOMO ( ), nightmare and we still want to play with symbols and art and movies as if we don’t get it. If we got it, we would be more than a tad concerned, our hair would stand on end.

Do we have the capability of utterly destroying the Finished Work of the Gods? The Nordic seers fully saw that such releasing of egoism, astral poisons and manufacturing sub-standard illusionary worlds below this one, plus tampering with the scale and variance of creation would clearly be too tempting for our human brothers and sisters to pass up. In Hel the fixed position of the twenty-three chromosomes locked into the 46 degree cone of the north pole axis, without the dove, becomes the nightmare of the human race. Cell demonology replaces dove-like morphology of the human prototype. Since the ethers around the larynx are to be whored, by Freyja, than they could be marketed by the shadow of Freyja, the Whore of Babylon. The Nordic seers, standing at the summit of their Atlantean insights saw into our present and heroically said;

“The nine worlds will burn and the gods will die. The Einherjar will die, men and women and children in Midgard will die, elves and dwarfs will die, giants will die. The sun will be dark and there will be no stars in the sky. The earth will sink into the sea.”Waldorf Norse Runes and alphabet

Walter Johannes Stein in his THE DEATH OF MERLIN, adds, “The ancient Norse mythology beheld this path of evolution. It saw the human god hang crucified for nine days long on the cosmic ash-tree, whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos, and it gives the tree its true name: `YGGDRASILL‘ – ego-bearer. Humanity is crucified upon the tree that bears the ego, and indeed, only by this means attains the turning-point of individualization. But at this turning-point, the ancient gods of nature die. It is the twilight of the gods. One god alone outlives the world wide downfall, namely the god who himself took human form. By the power of the divine-spiritual WORD, which in him underwent humanity, evolution will be guided back to its divine origin, albeit this time in full consciousness and egohood.”


But there is a beautiful catch 22 in this vision of Ragnarök before the human race steps into cyberspace. Our catch 22 is a vision that is updated by the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz and brought completely into practical life by the healing insights of Rudolf Steiner. There is certainly hope. Earth and the Finished Work of the Gods is certainly worth fighting for, or they would never have sent their best Initiates into the twentieth century to assist us.

The Ragnarök saga is in full agreement with the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz. Out of the unique procreative forces of the Holy Ghost, the Dove mysteries, those same upgraded chromosome structures that we have followed from Paradise, through the Flood to the Resurrection are locked inside the very sap of the Tree of Yggdrasill as the entire Finished Work goes down. The Blueprints of the Tree of life, down to the realm of Earth, have been saved by the Christ Being.

“The two humans who hid themselves deep within Yggdrasill – some say Hoddmimir’s Wood – will be called Lif and Lifthrasir. Surt’s fire will not scorch them; it will not even touch them, and their food will be the morning dew. Through the branches, through the leaves, they will see light come back, for before the sun is caught and eaten by the wolf Skoll, she will give birth to a daughter no less fair than herself, who will follow the same sky-path and light the world.”

In the commentary on the Ragnarök story made by Kevin Crossley-Holland, he says that he, “pointed to parallels with Iranian mythology and these occur again here. An Iranian myth describes a terrible winter which will put an end to life on earth, with the exception of a few men, women and animals who will escape by hiding in a shelter built by the bisexual Yama.” We have dealt now historically with the moment at 33 A.D.where the bisexual forces of the DOVE entered and conquered the Wolf Lupa who had nursed the children Romulus and Remus.

But there is hardly anything more powerful than the link that goes back to Sophia and Soloviev, or forwards to present day Astrosophy and Anthroposophy. The last lines of the Ragnarök saga reveal something incredible. The Sun gives birth to a daughter no less fair than herself, who will follow the same sky-path and light the world. The amazing untapped inverse physics that we cannot see from our exterior perspective is clearly linked to female reproduction and the female womb. If we could see from inside the womb, the world where souls, spirits and the very truth and light that weaves behind sense reality ushers a child in, we would be in the world of the wise Sophia. To develop the new eyes, ears and thinking forces needed to gain access to this new sunlit revelation has been the reason for exploring the work of the Nordic Initiates.

In this fragment, one has to ask the question, if the Christ Spirit came from the sun, is there an androgynous sun? The Logos on one side of the visible and Sophia on the other side of the invisible, seem to represent the laws of the manifest and as yet unmanifest world. The creations of the Logos appear as percepts in the visible world, the spiritual Beings and identities, or qualities appear to us as concepts. The Philosophy of Freedom, Steiner’s master work, draws the inwardly lit world together with the sunlit world in his concept and percept alignments. The outer sunlit world is now transiting to the inwardly lit world where Ariel and the Sophia sun are awaiting the homeward journey of their children.

Could it be possible, that this journey, with the lost Osiris fragmented in the wide universe, torn to pieces as percepts must be gathered by the mourning Isis as the conceptual spirit of the inner sun? The mystery of the sexes is a mystery of Daughter, inner Sun Sophia and the outer Sun, Christ. Brother and sisters Freyja and Frey or Apollo and Artemis reflect the curious relations of light and reflected light or the relationships held between inner beauty and the outer glory of the sun.

“Long, long ago Persephone, the power of clairvoyance, had disappeared in the dark realm of Pluto. Isis, the human soul, wandered a widow through the world, filled with longing for the realm of Light and Imagination – for Osiris, her husband. The time had come when this universal realm of Light and spiritual Imagination was dismembered into so many isolated symbols. Sadness and grief spread out among the seekers of the spirit. The fair world of their dreams receded ever more, and the plain, matter-of-fact everyday world alone remained.”

The legitimate journey to an inward world of light, that allowed Shakespeare to speak of Ariel and St. Paul to speak of Christ, apparently is laid down in the foundations of the world. We must supply the concepts. Light must be drawn from an inner world, a Sophia imbued world, and a bridge built to the outer world of the Finished Logos to the inner world of Sophia. In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s PARZIVAL, the Nordic Initiates and the Grail come together with Shakespeare, Ariel and St. Paul over the bridge of light.

“These glad tidings tell of the True Lover. He is a light that shines through all things, unwavering in His love. Those to whom He shows His love find contentment in it. His wares are of two sorts: He offers the world love and anger. Now ask yourself which helps more. The unrepentant sinner flees God’s love: but he that atones for his sins serves Him for His noble favour.

“He that passes through men’s thoughts bears such Grace. Thoughts keep out the rays of the sun, thoughts are shut away without a lock, are secure from all creatures. Thoughts are darkness unlit by any beam. But of its nature, the Godhead is translucent, it shines through the wall of darkness and rides with an unseen leap unaccompanied by thud or jingle. And when a thought springs from one’s heart, none is so swift but that it is scanned ere it pass the skin – and only if it be pure does God accept it. Since God scans thoughts so well, alas, how our frail deeds must pain him!”

In the CHYMICAL WEDDING and THE GREEN SNAKE AND THE BEAUTIFUL LILY, such a cultural bridge is built out of mere fairy tales. From the Finished Logos a new birth, a higher second birth of the dove, brings the human logos being into a renewed world where Sophia lives. We emerge from our Freyja developed uterus, saturated with potent mead, drawn from our own etherized Grail blood, enriched by the Being of Light Himself. We are enriched because we lit the inner torch of our thinking. Instead of breaking the water and coming from the womb outside in, we emerge from the new uterus inside, out. Instead of traveling from Beingness into space our space has digested I AM ness and we are born into Beingness. An inversion of cosmic physics brings us into the sunlit world of Beingness.etheric christ CR


Slumbering in the darkness is nothing- She, wounded by human nothing is veil upon veil of everything. One speck of her nothing delivers worlds from agony. One speck of her nothing and the earth is made new. One nod from her, one touch from her, one moment in her embrace – And brittle-feeble human nothingness becomes a new world of infinite loving light. Now darkened we sense nothing.

Under the Bodhi Tree is where Buddha had his enlightenment. Through the leaves of the tree he traces the experiences and wisdom that brings him the gift of becoming a Bodhisattva. He is on the verge of re-entering the lost world of Sophia/Isis. He is a human being who is following the right genetic, biological and spiritual maps that bring him through the new uterus to the sunlit, inner world of Sophia, St. Paul, Zarathustra, and our own uncultivated little Ariel.

“This is most aptly expressed in the Buddha legend. It says in the legend that Buddha remained seated under the Bodhi tree until he attained illumination in order to rise to higher stages, to Nirvana. For this Buddha had to place himself under the brain, under the organ of consciousness. That means the paths he had previously traversed unconsciously he had to traverse again consciously. Under the large brain there lies, more toward the back of the head, the small, tree-shaped brain ( the cerebellum). Under this brain Buddha placed himself. The cerebellum is the Bodhi tree., This shows how what is said in such profound legends is actually taken from human evolution.”

“Under the blossom that hangs on the bough”

In the last fragment of the text, a new world, where the Sophia Sun dawns, and a new inner kingdom of the Logos is revealed, is exactly where little Gunnlod, the daughter of Suttung sat. Gunnlod sat on a pedestal of solid gold, or solidified world warmth condensed from the heart. This region of the pituitary is where Buddha received his initiation into the Sophia world. It is where the eagle sits in the Tree of Yggdrasill.

In the text, the new children of this new world, that have emerged from the collapse of the Finished Work of the Gods, see the birth of a new sun through the branches of a tree. The text says; “Through the branches, through the leaves, they will see light come back,…” By then, many of you who have read or heard of Anthroposophy will have become as Buddha became, a magnificent human Angel. Earth allows us the privilege to graduate from the school of the outer Sun, the Logos. Buddha had won through suffering and reincarnation, the degree of Human Angelic Being. He serves the Mars forces now in THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

Like Ragnarok, the goal of the Chymical Wedding is to achieve the birth of a new humanity able to exist in a new world. Christian Rosenkreuz and various initiates assist the Virgin Sophia in giving birth, through various sophisticated phases, to the higher prototype of humanity established by the Christ Being.

In the Chymical Wedding it is clear that this birth is a community effort. Certainly the rudiments of laboratory technology and higher mathematics is used in each of the phases. While our present scientists dig deeper down into matter with stronger and stronger microscopes, Christian Rosenkreuz tells us that in building the new human prototype and perfecting the design module that Christ developed, the researchers ascend.

Most esoteric comprehension agrees that deeper is higher, but this only applies if you know what higher is. But deeper can just as well mean digging our own graves ever deeper. Pisces plays an important role in the fifth epoch. One fish is positioned deep the other high, like the reversed astral mirror that presents itself as . Robert Powell says in his CHRONICLE OF THE LIVING CHRIST, “…at its present stage of evolution, is just over one-quarter of the way through the fifth cultural epoch, which is related to the zodiacal sign of Pisces. As I have indicated…the fifth cultural epoch began in A.D. 1414.” The CHYMICAL WEDDING, Shakespeare and Bacon began the contrasting counterpoints of high and low riding research beacons.

“…the possibility of finding a true relationship to the Ahrimanic civilization has escaped man. He must find the strength, the inner force of knowledge, in order not to be overcome by Ahriman in this technical civilization. He must understand Sub-Nature for what it really is. This he can only do if he rises, in spiritual knowledge, at least as far into extra-earthly Super-Nature as he has descended, in technical Sciences, in Sub-Nature. The age requires a knowledge transcending Nature, because in its inner life it must come to grips with a life-content which has sunk far beneath Nature – a life-content whose influence is perilous.”

The Virgin, the supervisor in the CHYMICAL WEDDING, is a fairly strict task master, who seems to know what she is doing and how to produce it and who to assign tasks to. Virgo and Pisces act as the healing virtues of sunrise and sunset, again two polarities, but healthy in their mutual relationships. We don’t know who this mid-wife female Initiate is except that through the constellation of Virgo is an ancient secret passage to god. We know that this individual acts as the cosmic Virgin in some mysterious manner, midwifing the new prototype Dove children. Pfeiffer, in his commentary on the Chymical Wedding, says, “It is the mission of Christian Rosenkreuz in particular to combine the Spiritual World and the outer practical and technical world.” Pfeiffer describes the Chymical Marriage as,

“…a document written by Valentin Andrea on the direct inspiration of Christian Rosenkreuz. It describes the initiation of Christian Rosenkreuz in the year 1457. This initiation took place in seven steps or seven days. On the sixth day Christian Rosenkreuz and his eight companions in the process of the initiation brought it about that the higher spirit could enter the physical body of the new or resurrected King and Queen. The King and Queen are representative of the higher ego of the human being. In their work the goal was attained that the spirit could enter the higher ego after the lower had first died.”

Historically, souls that were seeking for a central point to keep up their spiritual work, focused their incarnations on Tübingen, where this updated Atlantean document, written by Valentin Andreae first made its appearance in 1603. We learn that Andrea,

“…in 1601, when he was fifteen, his widowed mother took him to Tübingen so that he might pursue his studies at that famous university of Wurtemberg. Whilst a student at Tübingen, so he tells us, he made his first juvenile efforts as an author, on the themes of `Esther’ and `Hyacinth’, which he states that he wrote `in emulation of the English actors’, and a work called CHEMICAL WEDDING, which he describes deprecatingly as a ludibrium, or fiction, or a jest, of little worth.”

Souls of the stature of Goethe, Novalis, Fichte, and three room mates and students, who bunked together at the university of Tübingen, Hegel, Schelling and Holderlin, all sought out this new Atlantean news flash about 200 years later. The Romantics were launched from this Wurtemberg location by Schiller, Goethe and Novalis.

Andreae eventually hooked up with Comenius and Bacon, the founders of the present deductive, non-intuitive public and university based educational system. From this strange work of THE CHYMICAL WEDDING an enormous intersecting knot of karma and destiny, education, science and Art exploded. Shakespeare lay on one side and Bacon on the other. Clear lines were drawn, clear streams of individual karma and destiny sorted themselves out and inaugurated the very shattering powers that have collided in this, our own twentieth century. This seemingly insignificant work of Johann Valentin Andreae had clocked in just as the Wolf was getting really hungry, nearing the fifteenth century.

We know the wolf is hungry for light, spiritual light. Its counterfeit version, stolen and diverted off the main source in the Devachan, has come through our world as magnetism, electricity, laser and computer generated light. Humans are a rich source of this light, and it would grow stronger and stronger in the thinking and upright spiritual human being if it weren’t for the atrophy clause. Ahriman can suck the light out of us by creating an outer dependency on media driven light.

The real food is based on Gunnlod’s solid gold pedestal under the Bodhi Tree or Cerebellum where the pituitary is located. The real light, the real vampire blood, is rich mead, the etherized transformed Grail Blood of Kvasir. It is this light and this love that the Fenrir wolf is bent on devouring. In this booty lies the entire future states of human evolution and the ichor of immortality needed by such a divine menace as Ahriman/Fenrir. If humanity does not use its own higher spiritual food, Ahriman is forced to make use of it by default. Not one jot or tittle will be wasted.

Walter Johannes Stein revealed the order of contraction of the divine mysteries, “But in an intermediate period the planetary gods still spoke to man, until they too at length grew dumb, one after another. The realm of Chronos of Saturn fell away when Zeus or Jupiter began his reign. Thereafter came the epoch of Mars or the Titans.” Buddha begins the transformation of the planetary community on the same path of ascent that was described by Stein as the shrinking from the mighty active vision of the stars to the mere symbols of the zodiac to Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and at Ephesus, Diana, until the Earth received the veritable Sun. Thus began the work of outwardly civilizing and humanizing, in a Kavasir and diplomatic manner, the planetary rings, so that each member of the human race, like Christ and Buddha might become a Lord of the Rings.


In THE CHYMICAL WEDDING OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ, Ragnarök is changed to a well-ordered burial liturgy and Christian Rosenkreuz plays a significant role because, “Christian Rosenkreuz was initiated into the Jupiter Mysteries in the Atlantean Period.” In the CHYMICAL WEDDING, the old gods are solemnly beheaded and the Finished Work of the Gods and our future, within the Freyja/Aphrodite/Magdalene/Venus, Dove mysteries, proceeds in a dignified, orderly manner. The CHYMICAL WEDDING was the long awaited update to the Grail mysteries. The sub-text in human evolution, that was being carefully monitored by the Initiates, resurfaced again in the CHYMICAL WEDDING.

Christian Rosenkreuz was to remain on the job, during the second half of earth evolution, to assist humanity and the work of Christ in penetrating and preparing earth for the Jupiter evolution. Somewhere back in time, Anchises, Aeneas and Rome certainly met the Aphrodite mysteries head on. Human beings were definitely implicated, tied in to the Venus mysteries that poor Christian Rosenkreuz stumbles upon in one of the most sacred and hidden chambers described in the Chymical Wedding tale. But this hidden chamber is a mystery designated for our times. We must study it with great care to understand its significance and counter-significance.

“It is a peculiarity of Christian Rosenkreuz that he is very curious. He wants to see everything. We recall that once before he almost got into trouble through going into a room the entry of which was not permitted. Now they find a staircase to the basement. They come to a subterranean room and stand before an iron door, which has an inscription which I cannot decipher. They enter another room through this door, a room which has a very beautiful vault. The guide tells him that he is particularly blessed by fate to see what no human eye has seen but only immortal eyes, those of the Kings and Queens. There is in this vault a kind of altar. On it is a triangle and within this is a large bowl of copper. Standing in this bowl is an Angel holding in his hands a tree on which there are constantly growing fruits. These fruits drop into the cauldron and dissolve to liquid. The cauldron has three openings under which are three smaller bowls of gold. It is the Tree of Life, the fruits of which dissolve into the etheric. The Altar is supported by a statue with the forms of a lion, eagle, bull and man. This refers to the four fundamental forces out of which the cosmos was created…I referred to the Sun State where four Cherubim hold the four corners of the world. This is found in all mythologies and also in the Book of Daniel. In the Rosicrucian Teaching it is taken a step farther. On the basis of the Four Beasts there is the triangle symbolizing the Trinity of God. Within it is the forbidden Mystery of Paradise. We have in us the Tree of Knowledge, not this Tree. The Angel of Paradise holds the Tree of Life. The three golden cups are part of our human nature, they represent our thought system, our will system and our feeling system. We can say that we carry these cups in our thought system, our heart system and part of our metabolic system. This experience of Christian Rosenkreuz takes place on the Fifth Day which means early in the Fifth Cultural Period. It is a knowledge that can only be perceived by means of a study of Nature. This is why in the beginning of the Fifth Period natural science developed so greatly even though it completely misunderstood its task. We can see this by the Book of Nature. The Chymical Marriage means that later we can bring about a similar process in our own selves, as we will learn on the Sixth Day. After this Christian Rosenkreuz looks around and sees that the cauldron and Tree are perpetually heated by lights that look like stones. As a result of their fire the tree is constantly melting and in melting renews its fruits. When the Tree is completely liquid, Venus will awaken and become the mother of a new King. This will be the end of the earth state, pralaya and the beginning of a new phase.

“On the other side of the vault is a copper door to which the youth guides him. He opens it, and there is Venus in her bed, sleeping. Rosenkreuz is stunned, seeing Venus in her nude beauty, for the curious youth also lifts the cover of the bed. It is explained to him that this is a vision which no mortal eyes can have. It is something that appears to his supersensible perceptions. There is an inscription, which I believe refers to an initiation in the realm of nature…

“As Christian Rosenkreuz withdraws from the deepest secret of Nature, Cupid appears…Cupid is suspicious, because he does not want any human to see the deepest secret of Nature. Rosenkreuz tells an emergency lie. He says, ` We did not see anything at all.’ Cupid, still suspicious, takes an arrow, dips it into one of the lights to heat it, and shoots it at Christian Rosenkreuz, wounding him in the hand, so that a little blood drips out. It is interesting regarding Christian Rosenkreuz that although he is a high initiate he still has a little vulnerable spot. The day he was drawn from the tower with a rope he hurt his head, and now that he is wounded by the arrow, he tells us this old wound opened and began to hurt again.”

We understand that it is in our own age of science that Rosenkreuz penetrates to the Tree of life, Yggdrasill. We see as well that it is the crystal world of the stones that supply the continuous heat from the roots of creation. That is why the dwarf and gnome layers of reference were included in the Nordic vision of the stratum of active spiritual forces humanity needs to contend with in our alliance with silicon technology. We have no moral or ethical guidelines, if we consider the silicon-mineral realm unattended by any divine agencies. They are fully attended by the type of being Wagner, Tolkien and the Nordic Initiates warned us about and as well as those included in Steiner’s Mystery Dramas and his numerous comments. Every other culture, including the Native Americans, pay homage or respect to the stratum of forces and beings operative from this mineral kingdom.

When Rosenkreuz tells the typical Fifth Epoch lie, that every politician uses to avoid the responsibility for his actions, Cupid dips the tip of his arrow into the hot stone of the silicon world and nicks the palm of Rosenkreuz with it. Aphrodite we know was pierced in the palm in the fifth book of the Iliad and her immortal ichor of blood flowed because of a mortal. Once more a mortal is messing with Aphrodite/Venus only this time it is a mortal that is wounded, not the goddess. In the same spot where Christ was nailed to the cross, where the palm of His hand was wounded on Good Freyja’s day, Christian Rosenkreuz is also nicked.

We have seen how one of our hands was comprised when the Fenrir wolf ate the hand of Odin’s son, when he left it in the mouth of Fenrir for a guarantee. The guarantee was that the gods would release ravaging ahriman if he couldn’t break the bonds. It was a lie, because the gods wanted a way to bind the forces of ahriman/fenrir and therefore when the dark dwarfs made their fiber optic leash that held fenrir, they refused to release him and fenrir snapped off one of the hands Tyr, the son of Odin.

In the Atlantean epoch Christian Rosenkreuz was initiated into the Jupiter Mysteries. We know that Noah escaped the Atlantean catastrophe with a two by two endangered species passenger list that resembles, by description and fact, our chromosome and DNA model. We can establish fairly clearly that the double Helix is our biological map, but also the Tree of Life, Yggdrasill, as represented by the Nordic Initiates. The Jupiter mysteries have much to do with the consolidated vessel of life carried over from one evolution of the earth to its next phase, or condition, that of Jupiter Evolution. The lock, stock and barrel from animal species, plant species and mineral worlds all the way to the human kingdom, was salvaged, almost like the stolen secret plans from a clandestine initiation school, operated from its hidden base in the Atlantean culture. These secrets were carried to safety by Noah out of the dangerous political and ahrimanic intrigues that toppled ancient Atlantis.

These viral, genetic and divine nature blueprints are now the potent weapons of the Fifth Cultural Epoch. These are the very core of the Noah mystery. Christian Rosenkreuz,Christian Rosenkreuz having seen the mysteries of Jupiter evolution and the transformation of Venus, under her bed coverings of nature, must now become the guardian of the threshold for the Fifth epoch, where science begins to dig its claws into the mysteries of nature’s genetic structure.

As early as April 5th of 33 A.D. Magdalene/Freyja, in the initial hours before dawn, witnesses the etheric distillation of the entire super-structure of nature. In order to carry the scale, variance and physics field-systems, of the human form, fully over into the Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolutions, a pivotal event must occur. This event must connect from Noah, to Christ and it does, with the mystery of the dove. From the dove-milk, distilled from the quintessence of natures forces, emerges everything that Earth Evolution and the Atlantean catastrophe was about. It was all about completing the finished, calibrated, refined, prototype. This phantom prototype hovered visibly around the Christ Being in his last twenty-four hours as a man on earth.

When Christian Rosenkreuz lifted the veil of Venus, a veil that no man dared lift, natures secrets were uncovered. It was an Isis veil, Novalis deals with this in his Disciples of Sais. The `Veil of Isis’ which no mortal could dare lift without pathological damage was captured in a story written by Novalis called `The Disciple of Sais’.

“The statue of the goddess at Sais in Egypt:- `I am she who was, who am, and who shall be; my veil no mortal has lifted.’

Novalis, Paralypomena: – `To one it chanced; he raised the veil of the goddess at Sais. But what did he see? He saw – wonder of wonders – himself!’

Novalis, The disciples at Sais : – `And if no mortal, according to that inscription there, lifts the veil, then we must seek to become immortal; whoever does not will to lift it is no true disciple of Sais.'”

“Other allusions to the myth occur in Novalis’ earlier prose parable THE DISCIPLES AT SAIS: `is it not true,’ one of the disciples asks, `that stones and forests obey music and, tamed by it, submit to every will like domestic animals?’ And the enigmatic Teacher is described in these words:

`…He watched the stars and imitated their course and positions in the sand. Into the ocean of the air he gazed incessantly; and never tired of observing its clearness, its movements, its clouds, its illumination. He collected stones, flowers, beetles of every kind and arranged them in various patterns in front of him. To men and animals he gave his attention, on the shores of the sea he sat and looked for shells. To his own heart and thoughts he listened intently. He did not know where his longing would lead him. When he had grown up, he wandered about, viewed other countries, other seas, other atmospheres, stones that were strange to him, unknown plants, animals, men; descended into caves, saw how the earth has been built up in shelves and many-colored layers, and pressed clay into curious rock formations. Now he discovered familiar patterns everywhere, only weirdly mingled and combined, and in this way often the strangest objects fell into order in his mind. Soon he looked for analogies in all things, conjunctures, correspondences; till he could no longer see anything in isolation. – All the perceptions of his sense crowded into great variegated images; he heard, saw, touched and thought at the same moment. He loved to bring strangers together. Now stars were men to him, now men were stars, stones were animals, clouds were plants; he played with the powers and phenomena, he knew just where and how to find this shape and the other, to make them appear; and thus he himself drew tones and passages from the strings.'”

The simple gesture of lifting this covering, the veil, and seeing what no one has ever seen is a stinging indictment laid on Christian Rosenkreuz. But his relation to the Jupiter Mysteries of Atlantis makes him a prime candidate for assisting the Virgin through the difficult stages that require the focus of humanity to move forward, working together, on the design model and prototype that the Christ Being executed in His thermal-solar incarnation as the Cosmic Logos.

What warmth flowed from the Breath and Life of the Living Word is captured most clearly in the CHRONICLE OF THE LIVING CHRIST, by Robert Powell. On Saturn’s day, July 26, A.D. 32 Lazarus is brought out of the tomb by Christ. With his warmed cosmic breath and solar spiritual forces, “The apostles formed a circle around Jesus and Lazarus. Lazarus kneeled before Jesus who blessed him, laying his right hand on Lazarus’ head and breathing upon him seven times. Thus, he consecrated lazarus to his service, purifying him of all earthly connections and infusing him with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit…” In His warmed breath, as indicated through out this document, not only Consonants and Vowels issued forth from his breath and were shaped into life to become new elemental forces and beings, but also a genetic THERMOGENESIS occurred laying the ground plan for the future metamorphosis of nature. Lazarus is the first embryo in the new THERMOGENETIC Christo-biology.

We have prided ourselves on our thermonuclear reactions through out the middle of the twentieth century. We wanted to prove that we could produce the most destructive weapon in the universe. We had for our basis the theory that energy and matter were really locked up light. By cracking the seed of matter, like a walnut is cracked with a nutcracker at christmas, we PROVED something. Materialism always wants proof that spirit exits. Somethings are better left unproved but acted upon in the deepest reverence of the heart. This theory didn’t fly with the materialists who wanted insanity to prevail and wanted proof that energy and spirit, without moral content, without love, is the foundation of matter. With the destructive power of the atomic bomb, every little yuppie heart and materialist had a proof. It proved that by wounding matter by force we can soil, poison and annihilate nature and mankind from the planet. But what can be done with love?

THERMOGENESIS, the living Solar power of Light and Love walked the Earth. What massive effects could we expect from such a Being? We were lucky enough to have had, for so short a time on Earth, a Being who acted creatively, as the Cosmic Logos, within all the gentle and lawful frameworks of earth.

He did not come to detonate the planet and force it to submission, but rather, seeded it, in the three years of his life on Earth, with the quintessence of all nature, the completed distilled miracle of the new chromosome metamorphosed model of the future Tenth Hierarchy. The cradled new embryo of Lazarus, lay close, under the breath of Christ in the picture of the Last Supper.twelve lazarus John Schongauer The Last Supper lived alone by the sustained warmth and love of the Christ Being who gently, with the nurturing power of a Cosmic Mother, cradled Lazarus near his heart. Lazarus lay his head directly on the pulsing heart of the Living Sun-Word and with each breath the Christ Word sustained him.

With each breath, with each day, with each word, with each touch of human, animal, plant or mineral; rocks, waters, plant saps, elemental forces, gold, silver, copper, refined elements that make up nature and the human form, were alchemized and changed. The Cosmic Alchemist, the synthesizer and weaver of all natures numbers, calibration, scale and variance walked the hills, tasted the waters, blessed the food, the bread, the fishes. What detailed array of forces were consecrated and transformed through the power of His THERMOGENESIS? This is what science should ask itself everyday when it wakes. What other numbers, what other miracles, what minute details can we discover today that will reveal how brilliantly, how compassionately and how lovingly the creative Logos rewove and rebuilt our dilapidated system?

The laboratory work done by Christian Rosenkreuz and the community who rise, level by level, stage by stage, through the matrix of forces that were mapped by the Christ in building the new cosmic prototype, is based on the ingredients of Freedom and intuition. It is the joy of the Cosmic Logos to allow the intelligence of its creation to discover for themselves the logical and stunning truth behind the transformations given in the CHYMICAL WEDDING. Do these truths link to the Dove-Milk mystery of the human skeleton?

“We need more purification so that we may differentiate the true from the false, the real from the imagined, the good from the bad. This process takes all afternoon. Then on the fifth floor there is the final process of purification, so that the possibility of judgement may be implanted. This means that a purely spiritual state is reached, no longer subject to astral illusion. On this floor the bird is placed in a big bathtub with a small fire under it, a white powder is placed in the water so that it becomes like milk. This white powder is purely spiritual thought which changes the way of thinking so that it becomes modest and objective and not colored by emotion.”

“Twelve nuns came in to them, bringing Galahad. They said: `Sir, we bring here this child, the which we have nourished. And we pray you for to make him a knight.’ `Sir Lancelot beheld that young squire, and saw he was seemly and demure as a dove;”

“The new soul is not at all complete when it is born, so it is nourished with the sum of past experience and our present-day knowledge. As a result of this nourishment it loses its feathers and obtains new white ones. This is to say, the false and illusionary thought from the past is replaced by free thought.”

The intricate working together of the nine, under the supervision of the Virgin, is far more complex, detailed and wonderful than I am able to comprehend at this time. We can say, as Sergei Prokofieff has indicated in his book, ETERNAL INDIVIDUALITY that, “the zodiacal region of the Virgin is the source of all the forces of virginal purity in our cosmos.” It is indicated by Willi Sucher as either the navel or central key to the location of God. But it might just as well be the source where the blueprints that the Virgin is following, like a recipe, are located. In that case, as a Virgo, I am doubly honored to have descended to earth with some of her virtues. It would take me many, many more years to comprehend how the future forces, the upper stages of the Chymical Wedding, finally achieve the cultural ability to produce what Christ ultimately produced on April 5th, 33 A.D. Part of the answer may lie in the constellation of Virgo.

The further course of earth evolution is not just a gift, it is an adventure in knowledge that will steer the entire course of nature to a new reality. Each individual piece of the puzzle, from each individual contribution, from each mineral, plant, animal and human are needed to bring to fulfillment this staggering cultural gift. This is no free ride, mainly because it stands with humanity to choose between the two courses. This is the moth and the butterfly mysteries. Each of us must put in the time and effort to give our thinking a new white garment. Dove-White objective thinking, Logos thinking, that can stand, without all the emotional baggage we bring, before the face of nature and the mystery of humanity.

“13 And one of the elder answered saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the lamb.”

Revelations 7:13-14

The tribulation is all about who is qualified to unseal the book of nature? Will it be Ahrimanic science or Spiritual Science with its beginnings in Anthroposophy? The catastrophe that changed the landscape of the earth and nature in Atlantis was mainly due to the question of who would bring to conclusion the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS? The Finished Work or Accomplished work was brought to fulfillment on April 5th 33 A.D. It is shrouded in mystery and unapproachable unless we have the tools to decipher the moral, ethical and cosmic forces that have brought about the transformation. These tools can only be comprehended when spiritual science comes to the aid of material science. Material science alone is the doomed vessel of a severed cosmic system that must drift like a corpse away from the main body of Earth evolution.

Who is capable of unsealing the book of Nature, is certainly not Ahriman, but he is presenting a fascinating and addictive technological picture of spit and polish against the image of the divine. What is lacking is the essence, the warmth, the true human and compassionate sympathy that Christ walked the Earth with. It is friends, not profits; it is brotherhood, not military capability; it is empathy and curiosity about every detail of species and nature forces, from the stars to the depths of the earth, from the Sun and Solar System; to the variable and scaled up numbers of the Milky Way that the Mayan and Aztecs tracked. Inhumanity, deceit, disrespect to the environment, water, plants and animals and the enslavement of the silicon world, without any ethical application of technology, is Ahrimanic.

To follow the recipe and produce what is finally propagated in the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz is to gather up the entire Earth evolution and carry it to the Jupiter evolution. This is the job of humanity, Christianity and science. Transformations and changes in the material structure must follow what Goethe understood as `exact sensorial fantasy’ and we understand in Goethean Science as metamorphosis.

Each liberating match we make in the Emerald Tablet of nature allows us to complete one more step in the recipe that Christ has left for us to discover. The morphogenetic field that links things together will undergo, through our compassion and love, a THERMOGENETIC change. We must dump the concept thermonuclear and replace it with THERMOGENESIS. The new eggs of conception must roll from our listening ears to our speaking larynx.

“Approximately by the fifth millennium (that is, by the beginning of the second half of the sixth epoch), the capacity will again develop – albeit on a completely different plane – of exerting a magical influence upon the world through the word, a capacity which in the early stages of Atlantean times, and to a lesser degree even until the beginning of the third post-Atlantean epoch, had – in a completely different form – once been possessed by mankind in full measure. By this time the human larynx will have become so spiritualized that the spirit-permeated word will again be able, to some extent, to influence the processes and beings of the surrounding world, awakening in human souls now no longer abstract thoughts, as is the case today, but wholly new, moral impulses. Thus the human word will gradually become a force that can serve as a new creative element in earthly evolution. It will then, in its effect, become truly akin to the influence of the Macrologos in our cosmos, it will become a micrologos.”

But in our Fifth Epoch, we must decide which cosmic being is capable of opening or unsealing the genetic and chromosome book of nature and commence meddling with the Finished Work and fouling it up for the Beings who seek their development from humanity. Ahriman, up till now, has been the faithful xerox copy and cloner who has woven together the numbers and blueprints of the Divine Logos with the matter and material of earth. We gaze in nature, with our eyes, upon the testy agreements made between Christ and Ahriman. The array of nature beings are all imaginations wearing Ahrimans cloths, but with fairly accurate cosmic physics and numbers in their make-up.

Christ’s deed on Earth jarred the former system of nature and put Christ and a Christ-like blueprint over Ahrimans. It must never be forgotten that the foundations of earth and the solar system were actually initiated from the blueprints of the Divine Logos and Ahriman was only hired as a material bean counter. Humanity must decide either to go with the dead and faulty version that Ahriman has faithfully upheld since the beginning of earth evolution or unite with the ideal and spiritual blueprints that were always intended for us and the beings of nature. It is time for Ahriman/Fenrir to play its trump card. What does the Fifth book of Revelations, reflecting our Fifth post-Atlantean epoch, have to say about our meddling with the unsealed book of nature?

“1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

3 And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

4 And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.

5 And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

6 And I beheld, and, lo in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

7 And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.

8 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.

…13 And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.”

Revelations Chapter 5:1-13

Just as in the myth of Balder, all of creation had voiced agreement with the Cosmic I AM. This is heard by the writer of Revelations. The mystery that was enacted and created from out of our human environment, using the forces that exist from our own nature bank account, was completed here on earth. The shattering event that was so long-awaited, when Ahriman’s grip on nature would be loosened, and the Christ would assume the direction of these brand new nature forces, is agreed upon through out all worlds. It is a true Grail Mystery. It is a true dove mystery. It is an environmental mandate. It sets humanity up in our Fifth Epoch to make some shattering decisions.

If these decisions are wrong, the Finished Work of the Gods begins to collapse around our heads. Nature goes through an agonizing period of cosmic suffering and delay. Jormungand and Fenrir rip into the environment, dislodging the numbers in the foundations by creating arbitrary genetic connections.

Jormungand, further unleashes viral poisons that serve ever more awful forces that shatter the DNA and Chromosome model and attempt to freeze the human genetic model and perfect it into a simple biological machine. Forces moving through Cyberspace, by harnessing the hidden group-souls of extinct and endangered animals, plants and minerals and using pharmaceuticals to supplement human spiritual well-being, begin the kidnapping of earth.

“It is a world which emancipates itself from Nature – emancipates itself in a downward direction.”

Steiner Leading thoughts

A great portion of hell on earth, subtle psychic fields and choices that include brothers and sisters torn from one another will begin to drift apart. A writer in an Atlanta newspaper hit the nail on the head as he captured the cosmic drift away from the centered field of human spiritual activity into sub-nature.

“to swim with dolphins in a cyber sea, to imagine a future of perfect technological order, to put the imagination in the control of inauthentic images (the Virtual Cliche).. is to abdicate a genuine vision of the future. It’s like programmed dreaming or being given a coloring book that someone else has completed… I sputtered incoherently about Faustian agendas and technological theft of the soul. Mostly, though, I was aware that Mind Wave only accelerates a process that is pervasive in our society – the psyche’s abdication of control to an environment of false images. Whether through the mind-numbing assault of television or hours spent in cyberspace (my own addiction) or roaming malls for decoration, the imagination is at risk of losing self-consciousness and self-generacy… Of course, it’s totally uncool to think such things in the world of WIRED magazine readers and `Brady Bunch’ rerun watchers (who regard their hip, ironic self-commentary as an antidote to pixil-lobotomy).”

Earth and the karmic field that binds innocent ecology to the forces of the human (alchemical) atomic and psychic structures will slowly be ripped from the healthy ongoing cosmic development in Christ. Weeping and gnashing of teeth is an understatement to the world tragedy we are setting in motion during this fifth epoch of the information age.

Safe fun in Cyberspace with Cyberpunks and `puter geeks is a loaded deck and Steiner rightfully uses the word perilous to describe the addiction. All of the bundled sickness of cultural vampirism and nihilism was collected in the film ADDICTION, because there is hardly anyway to describe the philosophic death trap that will pull, rip and tear the body of creation away from its central and supreme mystery. The outer Sun flowed inwards through the reversed physics of the inner Finished Work of the Gods. From within now, the new blueprints can lift humanity and nature upwards to an ever more profound spiritual metamorphosis. This is one of the staggering revelations in THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH.

“And so in the distant future, when a more spiritual condition of the Earth has become a reality, and the final goal of both these mysteries is attained, the human being will, through the working together of the transformed larynx and heart, be able to give birth, out of himself, to beings of like nature to himself.”

Christ as Alchemist and Architect, as is His custom, has left a method and a path to the attainment of His higher spiritual Prototype. A wide Goethean path, full of mysterious connections and hidden insights, that when pulled together, the wide design of the upper worlds becomes clear under the scrutiny of our microscopes. As humanity penetrated deeper and deeper during the fifth epoch into the map of Asgard, Midgard and Hel, higher and higher patterns of the design work were revealed. Floor by floor, period by period the assistants to the Virgin in the Chymical Wedding mount higher and higher as humanity digs deeper and deeper.

“The nine enter the seventh floor. The four who came by way of the staircase are asked to work with the ashes of the bird. The ashes were moistened with the Water of Life, heated on the fire until they melted and then poured into two moulds to be cooled. The others who had to climb from the sixth floor were meanwhile stoking the furnace, blowing air into it, etc., all the time considering themselves to be the preferred ones. These were still in the material realm. When the forms were opened they were seen to contain two beautiful images of the male and female state of man. Those performing the process now looked at the primeval image, out of which man was created. That is, if we reach a purified state our own image will be shown to us, namely we will see the ideal of the human state. These images were only four inches high but perfect. Now the blood of the bird in the golden bowl was given drop by drop to the images. This is the life blood of knowledge. They grew rapidly and visibly. Now white velvet was wrapped round them. White velvet is the new etheric substance.”

The blood of Kvasir, the Grail blood, the etherized blood is the substance that feeds these miniatures from our X and Y Chromosome structure. The Dove-Milk that we have cultivated from our transformation of the Freyja forces of our endocrine system are ignited on the four ether burners of our parathyroid glands. We gain reproductive, magical forces, as a preamble to the growing forces that are lifting themselves free of our atrophied sexual organs.

As we purify, socialize and stabilize the forces of nature, the beings already developed from the imprinted Christ Words spoken daily, and thought by Him as light messengers on earth, find new nesting places in our hearts. What warmth and knowledge, such as biodynamic agriculture achieves, is felt throughout the body of nature as warm infused, collecting and harmonizing qualities, inviting the elemental elves, Tree Spirits, stone wizards, water undines and air-sylphs to rejoin our etheric feelings, our light transformed objective thoughts and our fiery-salamander wills into a reunited, magnificent and Christ directed scientific harmony focused in the WORD.

Nourishment, plant and vegetarian refinement suitable for true human consumption; an elevation of sensitivity to the reception of inner light; the sound and form of words that carry truth to the inner ear, will all be strengthened and reawakened from their slumber and atrophy. Instead of brute force and power as the ruling patriarchal qualities we cultivate, forces of synchronicity and coincidence that reverberate throughout the fiber of nature, will respond to our needs.

Medicine would change, Agriculture would change, Astrology to Astrosophy would begin pulling in the wayward physics marauders and tie the higher worlds back together in number and word to the middle Kingdom of humanity. We can find the secret companion to each bug and flower, each favored sister plant to each brother plant. We will know the reproductive numbers that reveal the hidden codes of where to search for the Animal-Group souls.


Earth 365 days horse 360 days

Moon 28 days rabbit, 28 days

hare, rat

Venus 584 days two cows 292 X 2 days

Mars 780 days Elephant 780 days

I want to know about the Milkweed plant. Who sends the Monarch to the Pine tree as a messenger to ask the immortal Pine, who is ruled by ancient father Saturn, to convey to the Monarch the dream that sustains the plant world? What does the Monarch say to the mother MilkWeed, be patient humans still sleep? How is the airborne pod of the Milkweed seed related to the flight strength of the Monarch, allowing it to travel over 2000 miles? What are these mysteries? Is the Milkweed the mother cow of the plant world? Is the Monarch the living visible bio-heart and intuitive organ of the plants? Why was the Indian, Hindu version of Venus, pulled in her chariot by two cows? I want to know these things.

Since Buddha has entered the solar system as a Mars savior is it not odd, that The Indian god Indra, feared as a god of war, is said to ride an elephant. The two moons of Mars are named after the mythical horses of the god Mars. What is the truth behind the idea that the ear is the form of the human being as he was curled up as an embryo in the womb? Are thick long ear lobes the sign of stored spiritual light from past incarnations? Is the focus on Buddha’s ears due to the transformation of Speech that makes the Eustachian tubes and the pituitary the new source for the eggs of light that were once the work of the Fallopian tubes, source of the eggs of the human spirit form? Is Buddha revered for his long ear lobes because of the Elephant or does the identification go much, much deeper into the Indian culture and its relation to the transformation of Mars forces.( )


The Earth weighs in at 6 sextillion tons and it takes 333,000 earths to fill the Sun. This number of 333,000 is the same variable that brings the 33 1/3 or 3 1/3 years that Jesus and Christ entered the karma strewn field of Earth evolution. Since His incarnation on the Earth the 33 1/3 years that runs through history and the intensification periods of 3 1/3 years, when the Christ walked the earth and imprinted His own rhythm, have served ever since then, to signal humanity of the Etheric intensification and the presence of the Christ Being in the culture and Karma of humanity.

“Rudolf Steiner spoke of the resurrection as the `birth’ of Christ Jesus as the Risen One, and referred to the importance of the 33 1/3-year rhythm of the life of Christ Jesus leading up to this `birth.’ The time interval of 12,173 1/4 days is 33.329 years and is therefore almost exactly 33 1/3 years. The exact period of 33 1/3 years equals 33.333 and thus the life of Christ Jesus differed from this by only 0.004 years, which amounts to 1 1/2 days – that is, the exact length of the life of Christ Jesus from birth to the resurrection was 33 1/3 years less 1 1/2 days. Rudolf Steiner pointed out that, in addition to the various cosmic rhythms (the one-year rhythm of the Sun, the 29 1/2-year rhythm of Saturn, and so on), since the beginning of the Christian era a new rhythm – the 33 1/3 year rhythm of the life of Christ Jesus – has become one of the most important rhythms in the unfolding history of humanity and the Earth.”

The volume and weight of the earth is placed as a ratio, with the Being and Destiny of the Christ Being, against the weight of the Sun. Remarkable as it appears, Christ was on the clock, by the book, running on schedule and passing through the human events of the Trial and Crucifixion with deliberate cosmic steps. This was no accident. Even more remarkably, this body, this person, this living and walking Sun Spirit, in the flesh, now acts with the power of a planet. In effect it is an alchemical equation that has set a new standard rhythm above Saturn’s.

Based on the raising of Lazarus, we would expect that Lazarus would be maintained as a kind of anchor point on earth as a new cosmic being solely sustained by this new rhythm. Lazarus was raised so that the base point within the system could be anchored. In the CHYMICAL WEDDING, Christian Rosenkreuz is weighed and we find out that he weighs in heavily and surprises everyone. In Egypt the soul was weighed by the feather of Mut.

“Two hundred Knights come into the hall and erect a scaffold with a large pair of scales and seven weights. Only the person who was heavy enough to balance the seven weights passed the trial. One after the other they got on the scales. Some of the clever people who had told of their experiences did not pass at all, but were lifted up with very light weights on the other side. Very few really passed this examination. It is humorously described, the people there had a lot of fun out of it… There is quite a symbolism of numbers involved in this scene. The seven weights correspond to seven properties of the soul which are a hindrance to spiritual development…There are 126 combinations of weights and 126 people who are tried for admittance. There are seven who do not pass the first weight, twenty-one who do not pass the two weights, thirty-five the three, thirty-five the four, twenty-one the five, seven the six, and one who did not pass the seven weights. The companion of Christian Rosenkreuz passed in the fifth group to be weighed, Christian Rosenkreuz passed in the eighth group…”

The seven mighty planetary forces and a frequency of numbers is indicated in the weighing in. Saturn weighs heaviest in the personal destinies of each human being, but now a new Lord has broken the Omega gate of the Saturn vice grip. The Native Americans were the Saturn race and now another race above the Saturn race is being formed. A monumental new, cosmic pattern that places its formal frequency just above Saturn’s is the foundation for the new Lord of Karma. The Christ Spirit is literally the new Lord of the Rings. Formerly Saturn rang heavily on the karmic slate reflecting the weight of tragedy that existed in the old cosmos. This formal rhythm of Saturn is still intact, but now a new rhythm, above and beyond the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, evil terrorist style justice of Saturn, is now being managed and regulated by the Super-Human Christ Spirit.

As history and destiny have moved forward in time, the seemingly insignificant, the fairy tale, the myth, THE GREEN SNAKE AND THE BEAUTIFUL LILY kept an attentive humanity abreast of the passage and incarnation of the transforming community of the Grail family. We must know where our friends and relatives are. A new race founded on the 33 1/3 year cycle is developing slowly. All of humanity is invited, but not everyone is ready. The Grail community has always formed itself out of both the historical factors around Arthur and the Round Table, the twelve individualities connected with the Last Supper and their widening karmic circle, as well as the mythic interconnections with the Grail Castle and communities centered around England, France and Spain.

Everything described in this section of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH has been merely catching glimpses of the updated vision of the Grail mystery. The CHYMICAL WEDDING embodies an enormous update to this mystery. The entire body of Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science is a realignment of our earth sciences, through Aristotle, over to the blueprints of a new humanity and nature inaugurated by the Christ Sun Logos as he lived and spoke as a human being from the core of planet Earth.

“Today a Message alights upon the Gral governing its highest virtue, for today is Good Friday, when one can infallibly see a Dove wing its way down from Heaven. It brings a small white Wafer to the Stone and leaves it there. The Dove, all dazzling white, then flies up to Heaven again. Every Good Friday, as I say, the Dove brings it to the Stone, from which the Stone receives all that is good on earth of food and drink, of paradisal excellence – I mean whatever the earth yields. The Stone, furthermore, has to give them the flesh of all the wild things that live below the aether, whether they fly, run or swim- such prebend does the Gral, thanks to its indwelling powers, bestow on the chivalric Brotherhood.”

The reach, that sets up a constant rhythmical center, in inner proximity with the etheric forces of the Earth, off sets a terrible alchemical process that the Nazis and the present field of repro-technology have introduced. The robbery and abduction of the psychic forces of the human community and the group-spirit-soul development of plants and animals is underway. This activity is made less feasible with the Christ-Spirit on internal, inner etheric duty. Saturn, as the bearer of lead, weight and karmic error, like the pitiful state of the Native Americans from their former grandeur, could be slowly transformed to gold through an alchemical spiritual change brought about by the Christ Being.

In the Ahrimanic picture of the universe, without Christ, the gold of immortality, compassion and substances in the atomic table of the human being, controlled by the gnome and dwarf community at the incarnation of an individual, would become of supreme importance. Like Gunnlod, we sit on powerful solar forces. In a manner of speaking they lie frozen, unused, within our inner anatomical and psychic field. If the Ahrimanic forces keep us centered on the external trappings, the supplemented and exteriorized media, cyberspace and virtual worlds, than the gold can be psychically mined from the human shell.

If on the other hand, humanity begins to listen, to learn, to see, to generate the compassion and brotherhood that stirs these inner transformations around the larynx, pituitary and pineal organs and actually begins to feel and see the working relation with the etheric Christ Being, this gold will flow back into creation. A great new inner circulation would be enlivened that would penetrate every corner of creation and rebuild, through the active Solar forces of the Sun-Word of Christ in the etheric, the karmic damage, weight and lead that is accumulating and poisoning the destiny of humanity and the solar family. The Ahrimanic forces and actual Anti-Sun forces see gold as something externally representing the Sun.

The Aztec’s knew how to use the avariceness and sadism that is stirred into life by external gold, as a counter-point to the compassion and active listening and learning that leads to the inner-sun gold of Paul. Greed, avariceness and sadism have done terrible alchemical damage to the earth. By hoarding and creating solid gold bars and by generating forces with one-sided economic mandates, deep into the body of society, by creating a false and selfish struggle for survival instead of a generous sharing of spiritual and social wealth, we have tarnished our inner gold.

In all this cyanide plays a major role. The ability of hungry cyanide to dissolve everything but gold or distill gold, reveals a powerful poison, an Ahrimanic force, that wills to devour, hoard, conserve and lock out the true gold from which the Sun is only the outer symbol. The true gold, is the wisdom and love that walked the Earth for 3 and 1/3 years.

A science, that when unleashed, was capable of production line, socially engineered, genocide, using the chemicals of hydrogen cyanide to actually distill the cosmic and immortal gold out of mortal human beings, came with a global, sticker-shock, price tag of millions dead from World War I and II. This was the nature of Zyklon B, used to gas the race that produced the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. The same type of cyanide based gas was used in the subway bombing in Japan. Since comets have a cyanide core, we must be clear, why humanity would be suffocated in just this manner. By using ahrimanic cyanide against the sun-gold in the human being, the Nazis began to play with the Sun, Saturn and Earth as an alchemical mystery. This was not an Alchemical Wedding but rather an Alchemical nightmare.

While writing this section of the book from Atlanta, during the Olympics, a commentator compared the pipe bomb made of lead piping, used in the Centennial Square bomb blast and the quest for the Gold. He contrasted lead and gold and the striving of humanity for the gold and all that that concept means to the human spirit. Gold represents the sun and lead represents Saturn. Bullets and newspaper print were made of lead. Saturn is also the graveyard of distilled and dead substance, in that, uranium, actinium and thorium, as the three families of decayed light and matter, finally terminate in non-radioactive isotopes of lead.

Saturn was used as a shield against radioactivity. Without the new rhythm of 33 1/3 being inserted, our apparently dead solar system, could be played like a roulette wheel. If humanity remains sealed within the dead system and image of the solar family, with only the outer fields of the sun-earth-saturn and the planets, Ahriman will distill our denial into his own golden brew.

Before Christ introduced His new cosmic pattern into the system we were trapped within a dying cosmic body. Saturn was the spiritual place where humanity terminated its expansion into the spiritual hierarchies, where all its inner spiritual elements were completely and finally absorbed. Out of this, a distilled karmic future was decreed by the powerful metaphysics of the reincarnation of matter. Recycling has always been part of the inherent alchemy of this material/spiritual mystery within the planetary family. Now the same vast system remains functionally intact but a new cosmic outlet, a valve, a system loop in the helix, takes humanity upwards, like the the story of the CHYMICAL WEDDING, moving ever upwards, to higher levels.

Steiner had described how the ancient Egyptians knew about a point where the Earth crossed into and through, where the Sun had once been. There was a spiral dance, a helix like spiral lift point, where the earth, passed through the same space that was once occupied by the sun. In Walter Russell’s work such a helix like spiral not only exists in the elements of the atomic table but acts like a an incredible fountain that spills, dish, by dish into the lower fields of matter. The rhythm of 33 1/3 years now allows us to pass through the wake of the etheric sun.

The Grail knights had a great problem with the dark forces of Sicily. Wagner brought this up in his opera on Parzival. All the GODFATHER series deals with the Sicilian forces of anti-brotherhood and anti-sun. One of the greatest opponents to the Knights Templar was none other than the anti-sun spirit, who runs his own rhythm every six hundred and sixty-six years. This same spirit leaped with glee into Philip the fourth or `The Fair’ as he is known in history. Torture and Sadism were the key to his reign of terror, which lead to the hostage of the Catholic Church and the voyages of gold glut that headed into South America. As the invasion commenced the entire poisons of a viral infested europe were unleashed on the unsuspecting Incas and served as the first model of biological warfare. These anti-sun forces powered up around 1332, they are now powering up again for the year 1998.

It was the terrible weight of earthly karma that flowed directly out of Saturn that crippled Anfortas, the Grail King. It was a wound in the groin or scrotum that agonized the Fisher King. On the other side of the spectrum, the Sicilian, Klingsor had an equally traumatizing experience that made him as sinister and dark a magician as Empedocles was an Initiate of the white forces. Klingsor and the Grail knights were Shadow and Light to the constant forces that centered around the endocrine system and the reproductive forces shrouding the Grail in myth and mystery.

Of Anfortas we can understand how the mystery of love and Freyja played out against the background of the Grail story in no uncertain terms.

“When my father Frimutel lost his life, his eldest son was summoned to the Gral as King and Lord Protector both of the Gral and its Company. This was my brother Anfortas, who was worthy of the Crown and its dominion. At that time we were still quite small. But when my brother approached the age at which the first bristles begin to show, Love assailed him, as is her way with striplings – she presses her friends so hard that one may call it dishonorable of her. But any Lord of the Gral who seeks love other than that allowed him by the Writing will inevitably have to pay for it with pain and suffering fraught with sighs.

“As the object of his attentions my lord and brother chose a lady whom he judge of excellent conduct – as to who she was, let it rest. He served her with unflinching courage, and many shields were riddled by his fair hand. As knight-errant the charming, comely youth won fame so exalted that he ran to risk of its being surpassed by any in all the lads of chivalry. His battle-cry was `AMOR!’, yet that show is not quite right for humility.

“One day- his nearest and dearest did not at all approve – the King rode out alone to seek adventure under Love’s compulsion and joying in her encouragement. Jousting, he was wounded by a poisoned lance so seriously that he never recovered, your dear uncle- through the scrotum.”

The youthful forces of courage and sexuality are not meant to be squandered or wallowed in past their appointed time. Responsibility for Grail or Dove insights, today in men and women, requires an ability to see the seriousness of reality. We who attempt to follow the new revelations of the Grail must see the seriousness of the world as well as its beauty.

Beauty and love must not come as blunted dogmas into the power of imagination and joy with which the new virginal forces begin to awaken the inner light and compassion in us, when we begin working as Prospero did. We must joy and command in ourselves the fugitive forces that Love lets loose in order to direct them and recognize the new transformation of Freyja and the first inklings of the dove. In Christian Rosenkreuz’s enthusiasm and intensely kindled interest in Venus, his eyes had intercourse and his knowledge awoke, and for his karmic relation to the Jupiter Mysteries of Atlantis, Cupid, justifiably, snaps an arrow at him.

With the shadow side of our nature we are subject to the forces that befell Klingsor, the sworn enemy of the Grail. This Shadow of us is our own magnetic double. In the story of the Grail, we have the reproductive center of two males that are wounded, each embroiled in a real mid-life crisis of the blood. The conflict between the atrophy of the endocrine system and its transformation to the Necklace of the Brisings and the seed, the male chromosome factor, that bears all of Saturn’s human karma and error in it, opposes the normal instincts of man, family, brotherhood and bonding.

Both Anfortas and Klingsor have these urges. But in our male bonding, echoed in the activity of the mafia, we have a continuation of blood and instincts that have refused to take up a new position and a new revelation to our blood that only the Grail can satisfy. Therefore the selling of drugs, and drug trafficking, trading destructive weaponry, biological warfare and technologically sinister arms deals, are now the publics, open mystery of Klingsor.

“His kinsman Clinschor did as follows. His capitol was Capua. The paths he trod in pursuit of honour were so lofty that honour did not elude him. The name of Duke Clinschor was on the lips of men and women till disaster overtook him – in this way. There was a King of Sicily called Ibert, and the name of his wife was Iblis. She was the loveliest person ever weaned. Clinschor became her Servitor till she rewarded him with her love. It was for this that the King put him to shame. If I am to tell you Clinschor’s secret it must be you good leave, since it is improper for me to name the circumstances in which he turned sorcerer. – With a cut he was made a capon.

“…Clinschor suffered this supreme humiliation…up in Kalot enbolot, famed fort its strength. The king found Clingschor with his wife, he was asleep in her embrace. If his was a warm bed, he had to leave a deposit for it – he was levelled off between his legs by royal hands, the sovereign deemed it his due. The king trimmed him in his body to such effect that he is unserviceable to any woman today for her sport.

“…-it was in a place called Persida that magic was first contrived. Clinschor repaired there and procured the means of bringing to pass by enchantment whatever he fancies. Because of the dishonour to his body he no longer bears good will to man or woman, I mean those of worthy disposition, for it gratifies his heart to deny them any happiness he can.”

One unanswered question that haunts me in this study is the spear that pierced the side of Christ, the lance, that allowed a gush of blood to pour out of him. This lance appears connected to the wound that Anfortas suffers from. My question pertains to the issue of blood that marks the menstrual cycle of women.

In Anfortas a cycle that has to do with Saturn brings him into something that is much more than cramps, more than agony, as if all of creation rested on the agony of Saturn and the groin of Anfortas. Indeed, the closed system of Saturn’s former cosmic rulership has been breached. Instead of the 29 1/2 year rhythm of Saturn the new 33 1/3 year rhythm of Christ, begins once more to pull creation back towards the matriarchy. Anfortas is stuck with an open wound that cannot be healed, while Klingsor, on the opposite side has locked down, and cut off any exit to the new divine rhythm through castration. It is as if Anfortas caught between the transition from patriarchy to matriarchy while serving the Grail, suffers intensely as if he had acquired a portion of the matriarchal cosmic mystery while in his male body.

“Now tell me, did you see the Lance at Castle Munsalvaesche? We knew from the wound and the summer snow that the planet Saturn had returned to its mark… The advent of certain planets which stand so high one above the other and which return at different speeds, gives the denizens here great sorrow; and the change of the moon, too, is bad for the wound.”

“…never before or since has the King been in such pain as when the planet Saturn thus announced its advent, for it is its nature to bring great frost. Laying the Lance on the wound as had been done before failed to help us, so this time it was thrust into the wound. Saturn mounts so high that the wound sensed it before the other frost that followed;”

Pain was excruciating for Anfortas because he could not die, even though he begged the knights of the Grail to kill him and end his misery, each sight of the Grail sustained both his agony and his life. The shields and armor of the Grail community are marked with TURTLE DOVES as their sacred emblem. The bleeding lance and the suffering Anfortas was the key to the great question. The great question has to do with the ability of a person to awaken in themselves the sense for the suffering that is felt in creation. Each person is now in a position to ask why the situation here on Earth is so desperate. You would have to recognize that as a fact and not be in a state of denial before the question would come from your heart to your lips. You would have to have some hope in your heart that there might be an answer to that question.

Today we would have to be blind not to see the condition of our earth, as the Finished Work of the Gods, no longer as a haven of woodlands and forests filled with nature’s many marvels, but as an eroding nightmare with nothing in society getting better, except the band aids and excuses we make. The earth should be loaded with millions of Parzivals all asking the unasked question. But you see from this work, that the pieces of the puzzle have to be put together and made sense of and even then the staggering reality of Solar physics in each human soul as well as in nature is hard to believe. It is easier to simply not ask, not seek, and whine complacently to authorities who have not asked and who seek not nor believe that they can become effective.

Writing appears on the Grail cup. Words, concepts, riddles, names, appear on the Grail. This makes me tend to believe that it is an internal, interpretive, intuitive and emotional field that lights up within the mind’s eye. A question we carry intensely becomes answered through the interior medium of light and gold that we consciously carry in our development. In the Grail community, unconsciousness, un-thought, unasked doesn’t count. It is what you weigh up inwardly and how much you weigh up inwardly that determines your association with the Grail community and the rhythm of 33 1/3 that has established itself as a new reality through the Christ.

Poets, like myself, have a new mission. Both science and art must compliment our intuitions in order to catch the Christ Spirit. It is not a world of vague feelings, left over from the middle ages, that can satisfy me anymore. Only my colleagues or my own conscious and growing discoveries in this new world can bring me closer to the rhythm that now exists and is establishing itself as a new race. Bit by bit and not always byte by byte we are gathering new knowledge to take with us over to this new creation. It is we who must gather the mysteries and the clues to load on board for the Jupiter evolution.

Christ, and His most loyal divine defender, Michael, an Archai, made so, through the ascension of Buddha from human to Angel, raises the most noble feelings and lets one know in so many different ways, what Frank Capra described in It’s a Wonderful Life. A mood, like a bell or an inner light and warmth, that sounds like what ZuZu said at the end of the movie when the christmas tree bells tingled. ZuZu’s petals, were the ROSE petals that saved Jimmy Stewart’s or George Baily’s life. It is the task of Christian Rosenkreuz rose cross meditationto do just that, pull individuals back from the brink. It is a Rosecrucian mystery and it is the continuous job of the guardian of the threshold to dramatically throw the opportunity out to join the Grail Community.

“The Fountain of Life was placed in the center, and all were standing around in proper order. The Virgin opens the box. It contains a globe wrapped in green cloth. This is the earth in springtime when the plants start to grow. It is also a symbol of the Holy Grail at springtime. The Holy Grail was a half-globe of green color. Only when it was filled with spiritual substance, did it become transparent, red. The cup shown at Valencia, Spain, which was used for the celebration of mass by the Knights of the Grail in their castle in the Pyrenees in the sixth and seventh centuries, was considered traditionally to be the cup used by Joseph of Arimathea. It is of green, semiprecious stone.”

In the CHYMICAL WEDDING the mysteries of the Grail continue to surface. This is not the sixth and seventh centuries but the fifteenth century. The CHYMICAL WEDDING continues to work powerfully into the undercurrents of the growing industrial age and scientific age that came rushing upwards in human evolution. Spiritual Science clocks in as the twentieth century dawns. Anthroposophy carries all of the ancient mythologies and the seeds of the new sciences and the new creation that contains the Christ blueprints in them. Humanity, now in the twentieth century, is mature enough and must comprehend a scientific world that has in it incredible new biological miracles, because of the Christ event. How do those miracles sound in the DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH? They sound the way Sergei Prokofieff outlined them in his work, ETERNAL INDIVIDUALITY.

“This high ideal of a future, purely spiritual means of reproduction, that is, in the highest sense, of `immaculate conception’, was from the early Middle Ages always represented in the mysteries of esoteric Christianity through the image of the Holy Grail. In later times, the knowledge of this occult mystery, which has so fundamental a significance for the entire future evolution of mankind, passed over to the Rosicrucians. In their mystery schools the goal of human evolution, referred to above, was spoken of in the following words: `See how the plant inclines its calyx innocently towards the Sun, how the sunbeam kisses its blossom. This was called the chaste kiss of the sunbeam, the holy lance of love. In the chaste kiss of the sunbeam, the holy lance of love, to which the calyx of the plant opens, there was seen to be an indication of the ideal of a future age, when man will again lead the evolution of his organs towards the chastity of the plant. In our time, man is evolved to the stage where he is permeated with desires. His evolution will continue to unfold to the point where he has transformed his desires, where he is once again kissed by the spiritual sunbeam, where he brings forth his own kind at a higher level, where the power of reproduction is spiritualized; in the mystery school this was called the Holy Grail. The true ideal of the Holy Grail is an organ that man will have when his reproductive power is spiritualized.

“This new organ of reproduction, called her the Holy Grail, will, however, as we have seen, be made up of the activity of two transformed organs: the heart and the larynx. Rudolf Steiner speaks about this as follows: ` There are within man organs of two different kinds, those which are on the way to becoming imperfect and will gradually fall away and those which are still in the process of formation. All lower organs, the sexual organs, will fall away. The heart and the larynx, on the other hand, are organs which will be perfected and find their full development only in the future.’ In another lecture he speaks about this with full clarity: `Above all there will be a transformation of the larynx and the heart. In future, they will be the organs of reproduction.’ The heart and the larynx are the new spiritual organs of reproduction whose interaction, in the far future, `will bring forth beings similar to man.’ It is they that are engraved, as symbols of the future evolution of a humanity which has overcome earthly birth and death, in the imagination of the Sun Chalice and the lance of love, the transformed heart and larynx.”

We can take our evolution in the Gradual sense, as Walter Johannes Stein indicated. “The word `GRAIL’ is derived from the Latin word gradalis, signifying a gradual or step-by-step descent.” We can pursue, slowly and carefully, what is indicated by Freyja. She must sleep with four mega-phases of evolution, each releasing a potent key in order to perfect something very profound that has to do with sex, reproduction and Speech. We now know something of this mystery, but we should enjoy the possibility of learning everything we can about these “ascending seven steps to a `source of wisdom’, the `highest architect of the world.'” The CHYMICAL WEDDING forces us to look into this ascending potential that has for its end the production of a new human race and a new nature.

We can go the other route, which is not wrong, the Tantra route, but not exactly on track either. That is we can focus all our attention on sex and conclude, with our new-found twentieth century faculty of “Instant Gratification” that keys itself off sex, that all we need do is to cultivate that cultural prerogative. After the sixties, when it became too dangerous to enjoy sexual gratification without guilt or fear, consumer gratification came into society as metamorphosed lust. You can have it all! Now. This is really a form of sublimated sexual drives, refocused and aimed directly into our consumer driven society.

Sex twists around in many forms, but for Ahriman, it is well positioned in the market place and at the mall. We can gloat, we can charge it, we can play in world that feels full of gold, and loaded with material desires. These political and cultural impulses were all prepared ahead to divert the culture of the nineties and the sixties from continuing the true course that love and brotherhood leads to.

“This could be interpreted as meaning that the rose of perfection can only be plucked when mastery of the sexual force has been attained.

“Whether any Europeans practiced anything akin to Taoist alchemy is difficult to establish, but it seems unlikely that the tradition of sexual alchemy was completely unknown in the West. If anything of the kind did exist in Europe it would account for the extreme care with which alchemical secrets were guarded from the profane – for the use of sex in this way would have been regarded with almost universal abhorrence in Europe until recent times.

“Very often we find a sexual dimension to Rosicrucianism The Comte de Gabalais speaks of `marriage’ with elemental spirits. Elias Ashmole and Thomas Vaughan appear to have used sex in a magical way, and later Paschal Beverly Randolph was to do the same. All this leads to the conclusion that there was a sexual strain in Rosicrucianism which was stumbled upon by some, though not all, of its practitioners.”

The problem of course is that way back with the Nordic Initiates, the pitfalls and pratfalls of Freyja were known. They shared, with Freyja and with humanity a vision that the sexual organs would atrophy and that Freyja must do something different and perhaps unpleasant to her normal sense of erotica.

Freyja desires a piece of jewelry, THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS, isn’t that quaint. Ahriman conceived of the idea of moving desires up a notch into a form of consumer addiction. After all Freyja had to move upwards in some manner and the sixties generation had the peace symbol of the dove and we all know where that leads. Freyja and the factors in our own endocrine systems must sleep with four misshapen cosmic dwarfs who were pivotal, if not disgusting, in order for us to attain a new position over sexual idealism. Ahriman said, to hell with idealism, Freyja wants to look pretty, in her pretty new necklace and is willing to pay any price to get it. Sex therefore translates, for Ahriman, into consumer lust and it is indeed a downward step.

The Nordic Initiates knew that we would have to have sex with the mineral kingdom first. Our culture today would have to have sexual relations, become seduced, and begin a long process of intercourse with the silicon world. While this was distasteful to Freyja it was the only way Freyja could lift herself free of the impending atrophy merging with the future human endocrine system. This seduction is part of the last half of earth evolution but most importantly in the rhythms of three, we must look to the final temptation of Christ in the wilderness, where Ahriman presses Christ to answer the riddle of how to make STONES into BREAD. This matter merits closer attention because this is the mystery of our own information age.




“Sweet Honey and the Rock”( )

Our work in this part of the DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH is to come into direct contemplation of the entire silicon-mineral conspiracy and extract its most intense and powerful implications. We are making enormous amounts of bread, money, drachmas, dinero, from hi-tech silicon systems. We know that in the human realm, humanity has been shy to examine the moral codes that exist in this silicon world.

These codes have been delivered in myths and fairy-tales and for this reason humanity, and good protestants sail along with a lot of Biblical vagaries that scarcely touch the mystery of our information age. Therefore, without conscious clarity on the subject, humanity can go to church on sunday; and on monday dive back into the shark pool and feeding frenzy with very little reflection on their true ethical position. In other words, the church has given very little ammunition to humanity, so that we might stand tall in the midst of the oncoming tidal flow of the information age and not have our reality, morality and the entire genetic structure of nature and mankind be swept away. If they knew this was at stake, if good spirits knew that this was the decision of our time, in our age, from now till the year 2047 we must culturally answer what Christ was asked by Ahriman; they would have a key to this cultural enigma.

“2 And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungered.

3 And when the tempter came to him, he said, if thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Matthew chapter 4:2-4

Before we obey any silicon seduction, any technological mandate, humanity is obliged to obey the path of the WORD. The path of the WORD is what I have sketched here and others, of greater learning, have also sketched before me. But in this temptation, Jesus, the high initiate, remembers something that has been written about this very subject, before him, and knocks Ahriman flat with it. We must learn to hit ahriman in the head with his own facts. Where was this written?

“3 And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live.”

Deuteronomy chapter 8:3

The above tells us things about hunger, about economy, about truth versus lies, about putting technology above the revelation of the divine. These issues are tightly bound together with this visitation by Ahriman. But this visitation multiplies exponentially as we move with the Christ rhythm through time and arrive, exactly where the first seed of this encounter was met with the full force of the I AM.

The seed of this encounter was laid in the soil of time but it has now arrived in the cycle of rhythms that places humanity head on with the intensity of the issue of; upon whose blueprints will we lay our foundations? Upon whose blueprints will we base our new universe? Will Ahriman be our foundation, the foundation of our new world order, our new Atlantis, our new genetic genie? Will the Christ, as the WORD, and all that the WORD entails be able to support humanity through this very harrowing cosmic question? foundation stone studies Sia La Luce 1903Is the Christ authorized to be the foundation stone? First of all, we have to see the question and slip our thoughts into the stream of time.

We have attempted in these essays to enter into new master physics of the ethical Christ Sciences. We have established that the Christ has become Lord of the Rings, by placing a rhythm into the center of the earth, that reverses and bends the karmic pull and weight that Saturn held on the human spirit. Now a force, totally humanized and emanating with the strength and love of the Sun, able to transform the poisonous forces of karmic error we have accumulated, has set a rhythm pattern of 33 1/3 years within the earth. With this new rhythm, greater than Saturn, but wisely mature, an entire new race and a new nature field is being taken on board a new Noah vessel. Indeed Lazarus/John is asked to stay here on duty, until the fulfillment and return of the Christ Being. In the CHYMICAL WEDDING of Christian Rosenkreuz we saw that the new prototype of the new human race was clearly underway.

Robert Powell, in his work called, CHRONICLE OF THE LIVING CHRIST, outlined what the Christ Being set in motion as he entered our history with the mighty spiritual and human forces of the Sun. To understand this, we might be able to grasp the concept that a new planet or dense cosmic pattern is now moving through the earth plane on a thirty-three and one-third year cycle.

To understand this we have only the myths and the sagas of the ancient gods, Zeus, Odin, Aphrodite, Apollo, to indicate to us what the possibility of such a strange planetary event might mean. In THE DESTINY OF HUMAN SPEECH, we must stand within this new myth as the Greeks stood within their ancient world. Through Spiritual Science we must once more converse in the terms of matter, anatomy, spirit and the gods. Our DNA, the Tree of Life, Yggdrasill, the north-pole axis and the cellular structure must all agree, sensibly and scientifically.

We need also to know that, as the Christ Being walked the Earth for 3 1/3 years, the living penetration into the Earth’s aura of his deeds and life, could still be observed, shimmering in the etheric, like the wake of a great boat caught in the golden splendor of a sunset. We might compare it to a host of gold coins dropped in a rushing river, as the Christ moved, step by step, and Word by Word through his journey on Earth. The coins, metaphorically, were impressed into the stream of time.

In the case of Christ, Heracleitus of Ephesus ( ), was wrong. Heracleitus said something to the effect that you can only cross a stream the same way once, because the water and the pattern would never be repeated. But the steps Christ took, were each sealed into the stream, like a yellow brick road, because He was the stream and the etheric. The coins are still there but the waters of our culture have disturbed our vision of them. Anyone who is trained and follows the trail can make an identification of the COSMIC WORD as it walked as man. We proved that Mary Magdalene made voice identification, even though the Being she heard speak to her at the tomb, did not resemble the one she had known on earth.

I AM identification, is the last line of defense for the human spirit. Fingerprints can be traced, voice patterns can be identified and traced, handwriting can be traced, credit card numbers and social security numbers can be traced. Eyes can be clearly used as identification. Our heat signature can be used as identification. In computer games and programming even our thought signature can be identified. This type of identification told the Nordic Initiates that chips of dead men’s nails, loaded with the biographical data of the human being, like his DNA pattern, could as well be used for both information and tracking of the human being. Lastly, but pre-eminently, identity of a human I AM, who carries a specific identity through time, can be traced consciously, without the use of hypno-therapy or past life regression. I reiterate this because the gospel writers could still read the imprint that the Christ left in the world. Up to a certain time after Christ, there were still a few men and women, including Anne Catherine Emmerich, who were able to see this sun-trail through the earth.

The faculty to read this trail and follow the ever-present and living Architect of the new cosmos, the Builder, is what the etherization of the blood and the Grail were all about. The ability to read this for ourselves and not depend on the church and not depend on faulty, frail materialists, to do our reading for us, as is their scanty and limp custom, but develop ourselves concurrently along with the actual tide of the true path that leads creation back to the Father, through His Son’s sun-gold wake, is why we are here on earth.

“We are now in a position to reflect further on the question of the significance of the Saturn time equation in relation to the future. Once again, thanks to Rudolf Steiner, it is possible to grasp something of what this means: for on numerous occasions, Steiner spoke about two streams of time. Every human being stands in a flow of time extending from the past to the future. This has to do with the etheric body, which is the bearer of the memory and biography. The second stream flows from the future into the past and has to do with the astral body, which is not only the bearer of passions and instincts, but also prophetically guides a person to the fulfillment of his or her destiny. Against this background of the two streams of time, it is evident that, whereas the 33 1/3-year rhythm is that of Christ Jesus’ etheric body, the 29 1/2-year Saturn time equation has to do with Christ’s astral body.

“…Historically – that is, `biographically’ with respect to the Being of Christianity – we are still today living in the period that correlates to the forty days in the wilderness and are, in fact, even now moving towards its climax. Christ Jesus spent the forty days in the wilderness on a mountain east of the Dead Sea – a lonely, deserted, and barren place. Here he fasted and was tempted three times. Indeed, the entire forty days was a period of trial leading up to the `three temptations’ – culminating in the third temptation, representing Satan’s final, concentrated onslaught.

“Now, the forty `embryonic days’ signify, historically, forty revolutions of the planet Saturn or 1,180 years (40 times 29 1/2).( ) Adding this to 869, we see that the end of the forty days, projected historically, will occur in the year 2049 (more precisely 2047, since Saturn’s exact orbital period is slightly less than 29 1/2 years). Clearly, then, we are now living near the close of the historical correlate to the forty days in the wilderness; in fact, we are in the last two `days’ of the temptation! Two `days’ only -two Saturn cycles- remain.”

It is the obligation and necessity of Fenrir/Ahriman to play a game of poker with the Christ Being, alone and in true Bergman style, over the fate of the human family. Ahriman/Fenrir can turn stones into Bread. He can take the body, which is really called the Bread, the substance of the Logos, and use this etheric value, robbing it of its living Freyja qualities and channeling this etherized blood and body into lifelessness. In fact Ahriman can take bread and turn it to stones or through silicon technology and genetic engineering turn stones into bread. Facing the Sun-Spirit was the question that is now hitting us all with such force. Does the WORD have forces and potential in it yet undiscovered, unused? We know this is absolutely true, but it remains unheard and unused in our present seduction with the silicon world. We are busy, like Freyja, having intercourse with one of the dwarfs, the first one.

But are we busy, assuming Freyja is at the mall, shopping for goodies in a fit of consumer addiction? This is not what Freyja is doing but this is what Ahriman and Lucifer have placed as a cultural plot of glut and lust before our eyes, as the boon of the mineral/silicon world. Americans are surrounded with more luxuries than have ever been produced on the planet. This glittering, shining thing is not the Necklace of the Brisings, this is the numbing of our sense of ethical discernment on a grand cosmic scale. This is external gratification without torching up the inner burners of our own spiritual forces.

We are surrounded by an externally induced form of clairvoyance perpetuated by an ever-deepening addiction to media-technology. Our inner ability to Love does not have to be fueled up, we can rely on mere externals, we coast along with the slowly atrophying forces of the Finished Work of the Gods. We inwardly atrophy, while externally culture and technology seem to outstrip our humanity, and they have. Einstein’s greatest worry was that our technology would overtake our humanity, and it has. This was the theme of the wonderful film, called POWDER. Jeff Goldbloom uttters this profound truth. If we were deprived of our unethical technological toys, we would whine hysterically. The third world is condemned to eat our left overs, the scraps off the masters table, after we have polluted, imprisoned and glutted ourselves on the remaining resources of the world.

Because we are super-physics constructs, having immortal components linked to our bio-psychical forms we are subject to the food chain of the gods. Higher, more frightening, devastating Beings can come and insinuate themselves into our psyche’s as parasites and begin feeding off our immortality. But for those who want to plunge deeper into the anatomical and biological stimulants, opiates and relaxants that take over the work of our pituitary and pineal, there are great addictive drugs, like melatonin, coming down the pike.

“Melatonin helps to set and control the internal clock that governs the natural rhythms of the body. Each night the pineal gland produces melatonin which helps us fall asleep.”

“Melatonin accentuates dreams. If an individual’s dreams are usually pleasant, they will continue being so, but more intensely. If dreams are normally unpleasant, then it is possible they will be worse.

“…For a detailed approach to mood improvement and enhancing the quality of life, thus more pleasant dreams, please refer to my book BE HAPPIER STARTING NOW.”

The fact that, through the work of listening with the heart and hearing the WORD, comprehending bit by bit the stimulant of compassion and truth that is generated through the ear, we awaken the Grail forces in us and we begin to melt the golden pedestal that Gunnlod was sitting on. This means we grow to comprehend and see the etheric Christ. I watched a man, read aloud, everything to his child, so that it annoyed his wife. I asked if he also read fairy-tales and stories to his child. She said he did. I said to her, attention span deficit would be less of a problem with the child that learned to listen.

It was known, statistically, that in America only 5% of family life was spent talking and listening to one another. The media and the T.V. and computer do all the social interaction for us. Speaking, reading and listening have become so devalued that an atrophy and suffocation of hearing is presenting pathological problems. The future organs of the uterus, in the Eustachian tubes, are being deprived of their inner transformation. Frejya has a goal and she does not want to be deprived of achieving her goal because of a lazy anatomical and psychological conceit. We produce Ridlin to counteract the cosmic numbing we have grown to accept. Stress and fatigue syndromes are unconscious barometers of our denial.

To not acknowledge our anxiety and nervous fears underlying the grave and awesome decisions we are caught in, between Christ and Ahriman, creates a need to sleep better at night. But this anxiety is real not imagined. Nervous anxiety illnesses are racking our children so severely that well over fifty percent of them must go around, through their childhood, with a pharmaceutical medicine cabinet attached to their necks. By activating visual opiates dream stimulants, we are beginning to induce a deeper level of hypnosis and psychosis into the social body.

The Hong-Kong, British Opium wars had severe karmic effects for humanity and our social life. These effects have been registered through Saturn. How is it registered? The simple life god has given us, is a sacred part of the equation of the universe. The Opium addicts spent 3/4 of their lives in Opium dens. The karmic effects of having lived in the sunlight, leading a humble fishermans life, raising children, enduring the squabbles and stresses of existence, feeling the rhythm of the sun and moon through ones heart, mind, digestion and absorbing all the fine details that make a human being equipped for love and admiration, were lost. Instead, dark dens, exactly like our video-game dens, cut themselves away from the light and forced another form of light into their anatomies.

Opium eaters, that go back to the Odyssey of Homer, are now entering as an epidemic of the former Atlantean period through the advent of our media addictions. These culturally accepted, `lite-addictions’ have betrayed the cosmic potential of Freyja’s thermogenesis. Our mild and severe opiated addictions require stiff penalties. Saturn consequences are required, which we would rather not think about, because they have planetary implications that wound our whole planetary family.

We don’t want to become socially mature in America, we want to be comfortable. Camp Hill Villages were the Christ answer to a human karmic error that satisfied the financial greed of the British empire. Heroin, opium or the stepped up addiction between media and psychotropic drugs has an historical precedent, only we avoid looking at the cosmic implications of reincarnation and the atrophy of our spirits that reveal themselves when we follow the logic of the Logos all the way through the cellular structure and the karmic psychic toll or talent cooked up in the mix.

Today in films like TRAINSPOTTING, heroin has become idealized by casualties of the punk and rock world. It is not only hip but it is the height of sheik social copy-catting to rush out to your neighborhood junkie and get the same mix that some rocker O.Ded on. Heroin use is climbing rapidly back up the social ladder as the coolest method of sticking your thumb down against the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. It is the perfect way to give god the finger. The film, ADDICTION, has already been mentioned, as the philosophical black-hole that young people are given as an education today. The needle that seeks the vein is the perfect anti-Grail mystery, but for the wasted and the lost, reading or hearing something like this is inconceivable.

Parallel with the development of technology and virtual worlds, alongside comes the pharmaceuticals that step in for our own inactivity in the pineal and pituitary region and thus repossess our dormant faculties and begin steering them far from the Grail or the dove.

The ancient Atlantean clairvoyance, which was not individuated, but under the supervision of THE UNFINISHED WORK OF THE GODS, forced us to pretty much go along with the whole. It was only later that the journey to individuation and freedom forced us to claim our individual immortal destinies and biographies. Through our individuation, we have had to develop a time sense that we are rhythmically learning and growing in a reincarnating, complex system. The system itself and the Christ spirit requires us to penetrate into the whole structure. Our freedom would be a joke if this were not the aim of the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS.

Ahriman requires us to let somebody else do the research, let somebody else do the grunt work, let somebody else create a cushy universe for my children to live in and this literally translates into building anxiety that we are being dragged back towards a mind-soul made of techno-clairvoyance and media isolationism.

Ahriman’s universe does not, and will not supply the THERMOGENEIS that is created, partially from the compassion with all of creation that grows in our hearts, and partially reinforced by the actual new Sun-Being who can generate, from within our anatomy and psyches, the Bread of Life. The Christ etheric forces are designed to carry us to the higher metamorphosis of the Word. The blueprints of our immortality and the planetary system, with the role of the outer sun, have not been revealed in our information age. Ahriman is not designated by God to be the foundation stone of the new cosmos. If in this temptation we face now, we slide back to our standpoint as babies of the unfinished work of the gods, and do not play our cosmic role in the drama, nature and humanity and our world will gradually be ripped, both psychically and ecologically, apart.

Through this eye of the needle, eustachian and larynx transformation of our endocrine and SPEECH system, we are active in the warmth and compassion that is the bonding agent of the universe. We have the ability to hear and speak this new world warmth. We have the ability to be players in this new THERMOGENESIS. Matter is not merely light and a toy of thermonuclear babies, it consists of love. Our human love, quantumly raised by the literal force of Cosmic Love, invested within the earth as an actual rhythm and planet that is greater than the force of Saturn. A literal Bread of Life has been made available to us.

We are capable of feeding more than five thousand with this knowledge, but in feeding the five thousand, we again have to do with our Fifth epoch and the Words that launch us into it. We live by the WORD, art, drama, speech, poetry, myth, anatomy, from the CHYMICAL WEDDING, Shakespeare, Bacon and the entire documentation of the WORD that has revealed, globally, the great swath of history from the sinking of Atlantis to the year 2047.female-zodiacal-norse-mythology

“…They had eaten the bread without the physical act having taken place. Hence Christ Jesus could later throw light on what had occurred by saying,

`I am the bread of life. (6:35)

“What, then, had the people eaten? They had partaken of the power of Christ’s body. And what could remain? Only the power of Christ’s body; and the effect of this was so strong that afterwards one could gather something up.

“According to occult teaching, every body consists of twelve members. The one uppermost is called the Ram; the adjacent one, the Bull; the one with the hands, the Twins; the chest is called the Crab; everything in the region of the heart is the Lion; below it-the trunk- is the Virgin; the hips, the Scales; below this, the Scorpion; and still farther down: the thigh, the Archer; the knee, the Goat; the lower leg, the Water-Carrier; and the feet, the Fishes.

“The human body, then, is divided into twelve members – and with good reason. Now, if the fragments were to be gathered up after the power of Christ’s body had been used to satisfy hunger, they would have to be gathered in twelve measures.

`Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten. (6:13)

“They had not eaten the barley loaves. They had partaken of the power emanating from Christ. They had been satisfied by the power that radiated from Christ through His thanksgiving when He appealed to the Spheres from which He had descended…”

The only way Ahriman can sustain and merge with what already exists in the human community as the divine Finished Work, is by robbing the foundational substance of the etheric forces from humanity. Instead of humanity building upon, including and adding to their weak forces, a mighty force that was and is the sustainer and creator, the life giver of the cosmos, we withdraw our account from the divine order of the universe. This means depositing our frail and weak cosmic forces into a no interest account. We gain nothing by this. Christ in a parable talks about burying the talent that we have in the ground, making nothing of ourselves and not adding anything new or wonderful to the existing universe.

Christ is an interest bearing account for the human community. If we have a small amount of THERMOGENETIC material, belief or a mustard seed, we can plant it in a Christ Science centered universe of our anatomy, and our abilities and our joys will prosper twelvefold. Because, as stated much earlier, the Finnish language consists of twelve consonantal forces. These forces and their nature will be discussed in the third part of this book, but for now we must have an ability to discern the WORD as more powerful than the stone. The pen more powerful than the sword. That is a silicon mystery, but it also requires us to look more carefully into the meaning of the stone.

Ahriman claims to be able to tempt us to rely on a system, cyberspace or virtual worlds, that consists of nothing but a silicon mirage. While the actual Foundation Stone of the World consists of the architectural and structural reality of the etheric blueprints that merged in a human being as THE FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. This is where the Foundation Stone, must be discovered, not in the mirage of techno-productivity that is, with great commercial fanfare, proclaimed as superior to man. The computer is superior to man. The camera is superior to the eye. The body is a machine… These are Ahriman’s favorite slogans and are much cooler to mouth than the ones where the shattering decisions around the destiny of nature and humanity must be uttered.

Courage and truth, versus being cool and a liar, are all part of Ahriman’s pronged cultural attack. Young people are bombarded and overwhelmed in the debris field of consumer trash. To this day, in the year of 1996, centered in Atlanta, with the powerful global and cultural force of the Olympic’s rushing in, remembering the wisdom of the Greeks, our educational institutes have failed to produce a profound and intimate link between the external world of space and the tiny world of the atom. These were ancient Greek problems. Science is riddled with so many half-truths that students come out of our universities with no-truth and no way to link the entire system we live in back together. When our students graduate we give them the Humpty Dumpty degree of a shattered universe.

The Grail was called a stone. The place where the Mead of Poetry was hid, was a giant rock mountain. The two dwarfs who killed Kvasir are taken out to a lone rock in the middle of the sea by the giant Suttung. The mystery of Golgotha, as the John gospel rightly says, “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: where they crucified him…” Even Odin had to penetrate the rock fortress, where the Mead of Poetry was hid.

We are, with the end of this century and the beginning of the next, in the fatal position of culturally sharing the last temptation of Christ in the wilderness with Fenrir/Ahriman. It is due to the proximity of the Christ and the cosmic rhythms He imprinted in His life on earth, that we have these powerful rhythmical waves of human/cultural tests. The 3 1/3 years, and all that it entails, have been magnified into the entire history and destiny of earth and humanity. It was here and it is here on this earth that these mysteries were planted as powerful sun seeds.

We must decide on what stone we build this kingdom. Shall we abuse the silicon world of the mineral kingdom and foul up the goal of Freyja? Shall we leave the Mead of Poetry to rot inside our heads, as they blindly do in present universities? Shall we let the Finished Work of the Gods, the Word that was in the beginning with God, the foundation stone of existence, slip from our grasp? Will we inaugurate a counterfeit heaven and a counterfeit hell and allow this substitute to replace nature and human life through our abuse of the silicon world?

“Now, in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the words of Jesus Himself are reported as comparing Himself to the `Stone rejected by the builders,’ mentioned in the twenty-second verse of the 118th Psalm. In Acts 4:11, St. Peter tells the Jewish rulers that Christ is this Stone, and the same thought is repeated in the second chapter of St. Peter’s first Epistle… Rauch Elohim, the Spirit that brooded over the deep at the beginning, and a central point of Christian doctrine is that this same Spirit is one with Christ. Also published in 1609 was THE SOPHIC HYDROLITH, an alchemical text that declares:

“This tried, blessed, and heavenly Stone Jesus Christ was longingly expected from the beginning of the world by the Fathers and Holy Patriarchs; God-enlightened men prayed that they might be accounted worthy to see the promised Christ in His bodily and visible form. And if they rightly knew Him by the Holy Spirit, they were comforted by His presence in their lives, and had an invisible Friend on whom they could stay themselves, as upon a spiritual fulcrum, in trouble and danger even unto the end of their life.

“But although that heavenly Stone was bestowed by God as a free gift on the whole human race, the rich as well as the poor (Matth. 11:6); yet to this very day comparatively few have been able to know and apprehend Him. To the majority of mankind He has always been a hidden secret, and a grievous stumbling block, as Isaiah foretold in his eighth chapter: `He shall be for a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence, a gin and a snare, so that many shall stumble and fall, and be broken, and be snared and taken.’ The same was revealed to the aged Simeon, when he spake thus to Mary, the Mother of the Corner Stone: `Behold, He shall be for a fall and a rising again of many in Israel, and for a sign that shall be spoken against.’ To this St. Paul also bears witness (ad Rom. 9.): `They fell from the Stone of offence, and the rock of stumbling. He that believes in Him shall not be confounded.’ This Stone is precious to them that believe, but to the unbelieving `a stone of offence and stumbling, seeing that they are broken against the word, and believe not in Him on whom they are founded (Eccl.43).’ In all these respects the Precious, Blessed, and Heavenly Stone agrees most wonderfully with our earthly, corporal, and philosophical Stone; and it is, therefore, well worth our wile to compare our Stone with its Heavenly prototype. We shall thus understand that the earthly philosophical Stone is the true image of the real, spiritual, and heavenly Stone, Jesus Christ. stone of the wise leonardo dodecahedron

“…Jesus is also called the Stone at the head of the corner, or the Stone at the summit of the angle. This is just what is suggested by the union of the hypotenuse of the Pythagorean Triangle with the upper extremity of its vertical side.”

In their language in 1609 the use of biblical references apparently still created the obscurity of meaning that makes comprehending our silicon struggle such an obtuse impossibility. They use the word `prototype’. We have no model or prototype of the universe, with our current university sciences, that works comprehensively and culturally in a healthy manner. We have nothing in our current external cultural medical work that includes the bio-psychical and anatomical mysteries of the human body. We have not developed a comprehensive education that can center the hopes and dreams of incarnating human beings on the sacredness of our planet. Yet we intend to take our half-baked prototype and our silicon system, that is practical, yet useable, fit only for the level of economic prostitution we are comforted by, and build from this a second heaven and a second hell. This is a big, big issue; a big, big question; and a big, big mistake. How do the comments of 1609 compare with those of 1996?

“…In the sequence of three temptations, the archetype of which is to be found during the forty days of temptation in the wilderness, it is the temptation `to turn stones into bread’ (Matthew 4:3) that is the keynote of the counter impulse during Period 3, extending from February, 1996, to September, 1999. This is the temptation to substitute lifeless matter, or stones, in the place of living substance, or bread; this applies not just on the physical level but also on other levels. The whole phenomenon of virtual reality, for instance,is a clear example of this: lifeless, computer-generated images are substituted for living reality. All in all, at the close of the twentieth century an exceedingly powerful temptation is being presented to humanity by the powerful means of technological science. In part, this temptation opposes – directly and also indirectly – the central thrust of the new Christ revelation, which is concerned with unveiling the living being of Nature…”

In the twentieth century we have endured three powerful temptations and we now face the last. As Robert Powell has projected, this twentieth century has been an ordeal in the wilderness and we are at the point of the third temptation.

“Period 1: June 29, 1929 – January 8, 1933

Period 2: October 27, 1962 – May 9, 1966

Period 3: February 24, 1996 – September 6, 1999

“…In Period I (1929-1933), Christ was working to inspire an awakening to the Divine Presence within each human being and to usher in a new era based on this awakening. Instead of awakening to the Divine Presence within, a temptation came from without, in the form of the FUHRER (leader), who promised the German people everything, `If you will fall down and worship me’ (Matthew 4:9). This was the temptation of the `will to power.’ “

The forces of the Word, condensed in Hitler, as demonic shadows to the words uttered by the Christ Being. A cosmic being attached itself to the personality of Hitler that was well below the Sun-Rank of the Christ Being, but managed to tear down and poison the entire spiritual strength of the German race. Prior to this anti-word force impacting an entire race, Steiner had countered the shadow demon of the words of Hitler with his own conscious coining of language, and Spiritual Science, brought in by the Michael Spirit. Steiner offered through Eurythmy and Speech the anti-dote to the demonic words that came through Hitler.

In America, we had J. Edgar Hoover, who ran parallel to Hitler’s development, whose insidiousness, we failed to see at the time. Hoover’s work was much more in preparing the mind-set of our culture to be impressed with external data and to become so enchanted with statistics and false identity, that we would lose the true inner name and being we carry. His was the age of the secret agent. Hoover’s twisted psychology clung to his job through three or four presidents. When the sixties finally came the Kennedy’s, which had all the earmarks and the feel of the Arthurian, Camelot mysteries, that should have led to the Grail quest in the nineties, was partially extinguished through the background machinations of Hoover.

“In Period 2 (1962-1966), the Etheric Christ was active in awakening love and community between people. This was the time in the 1960s when `flower power’ was born. At the same time a new and powerful temptation arose in the shape of the drug culture. This temptation can be characterized as that of `casting oneself down from the pinnacle of the temple’ (Matthew 4:5). It is the temptation of a hedonistic self-surrender to instinctual urges, often with the help and powerful inducement of intoxicating substances, to obliterate the clear light of conscience and reason (`pinnacle of the temple’) and to cast oneself down by abandoning ego consciousness in favor of subconscious drives and impulses.”

Counter to Hoover, came the words of Martin Luther King Jr., speaking as the Spirit-Word of the African Americans. John F. Kennedy, entered in support of the Spirit-Words of Martin Luther King Jr.. Kennedy entered in support, as well, of a new Civil Rights view of society and fairness to all and lent the Identity of the American Nation its twelvefold sense of the Round Table. His were Profiles of knightly Courage and a chance to join the Peace Corp. instead of the Marine corp. At the very moment when southern racism, and evil as usual, was about to quietly kill Martin Luther King Jr. in the rural south, the president of the United States, stepped in from the North and opposed, the social forces of betrayal encouraged by Hoover.

The melting pot of races, the brotherhood of Philadelphia, were unified by Kennedy, along with his brother, Robert Kennedy, against the dark and sinister background forces of Hoover. The youth of the sixties felt the power of courage running through a thoughtful and heroic, if not imperfect man. A trinity, Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, along with the Beatles four, a sevenfold force that included John Lennon in the mix was opposed on the field by Hoover and Nixon.

Massive poetic idealism, Woodstock and tremendous forces of community awoke in the young people of America. Each person, with their long hair and hippie communal life-style, felt the model of the Etheric Christ underscore their gentleness. The Arts and Artists flourished in this renaissance environment. The Kennedy’s of the north, like today, were either loved or hated. Technology had not overcome our humanity yet. Our humanity, witnessed in the Cuban missile crisis of the Kennedy era, with the Russian Kruschev, caught up with our technology in a delicate state of global balance.

In the sixties the Arthurian twelvefoldness of the Round Table or the community of the free and open disciples that formed the twelve of the Last Supper, twelve and thirteen grail-round-tablewere all richly reinvigorated through the powerful sixties. Kennedy made the fatal error of challenging our economy to eat, like the Wolf of the nordic saga, the moon. Technology, under economic pressure, and Kennedy’s imperfections and our own social immaturity, allowed technology, to once more overtake our humanity. It was a difficult beast to ride and we were lucky we didn’t annihilate ourselves and the planet with the legacy of Einstein. Global extinction was a severe pressure to live under during the sixties. Drugs seemed an alternative an escape, a further place where we could mingle our sleeping psyches with the wonderful flowing forces of the Etheric Christ. But we were not meant to sleep through these times. Nobody incarnates to sleep through his age, his crisis.

In the sixties there was an echo of the commune and free love ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. There was an echo, in the sixties, of the flip-side of the French Revolution. The horror and disappointment, the let down of the disastrous French Revolution developed a counter point, a flip-side. The scales swung in the opposite direction as souls from that period, with their enthusiasm and political intelligence, incarnated back in the 1960s.

It was the Count St. Germain, who was born in Transylvania and was active in the forces surrounding the French Revolution that really was responsible for the sixties in American culture. In effect, to focus a whole idealism of a period of culture, on something that failed, gave the opportunity for those souls, disappointed by the French Revolution, to achieve it’s true spiritual ideal, when the next rhythm of time occurred. Christian Rosenkreuz knew these rhythms and swung culture and focused it, not on the failure of the French Revolution, but on the gamble that the sixties would counteract the third temptation that would face humanity. By then, humanity would be ready to live up to the ideals of Fraternity, Equality, and Liberty. Thus overthrowing the cultural temptation to turn stones into bread through politics and technology. The martyrs of the sixties and seventies were meant to awaken us, not to put us back into a social coma.

It was the Count St. Germain, as Christian Rosenkreuz, who has worked consistently with the cultural awakening of humanity to the etheric Christ. It was during the sixties that our struggle was the most intense, between technology and our humanity.

“Another alchemist active at this period was the mysterious Comte de Saint Germain, who became so much of a legend that it is difficult to disentangle fact from fiction in the reports of his life. After travelling around Europe under a number of pseudonyms – including the Marquis de Montferrat, Chevalier Schoening, Comte Soltikoff and Graf Tzarogy – he ended up as a permanent guest at the castle of the Landgraf Karl von Hessen-Kassel, where he died in about 1780. He was reported to have possessed an elixir which had kept him alive for 400 years, and when he was in Dresden his coachman was asked if this were true. The coachman replied that he did not know exactly, but in the 130 years he had been in his master’s service the count always looked as he did now.”

The Mead of Poetry, made of the etherized blood, the transformed blood of the Christ Being allows Christian Rosenkreuz to weigh so much in the scales. It is a potent cosmic mix. Someone had to remain as the anchor point, in our environment, as the solid weight of the Christ Being. This someone, we understand, was Christian Rosenkreuz. But what we haven’t understood was that the Transylvanian Count Dracula was the shadow image, a convenient cultural myth, designed to disguise the etherized blood and historical revelation of the true Christ Being in the background of history.

It is in fact, the Count St. Germain, who was this strange and mysterious person, who acted very ardently during the time of the French Revolution. He worked at the time of the French Revolution, in order to seed into the cultural forces of our time, the power needed for the sixties and the nineties. cr-st-germain-1784All of our counter-Grail images, our anti-word forces, anti-sun forces have focused on the undercurrent relations of the Dracula mysteries, the vampire mysteries, pitted against the Dove and Grail mysteries. How odd that it is not Vlad the Impaler alone who hails from Transylvania but also the mysterious and eternal figure of the count St. Germain or Christian Rosenkreuz.

“…Period 3, extending from February, 1996, to September, 1999. This is the temptation to substitute lifeless matter, or stones, in the place of the living substance, or bread; this applies not just on the physical level but also on other levels.”

This is why the Nordic Ragnarok warnings came in waves of three. Why Peter denied Christ three times. Why three cocks crowed. This pattern of numbers has impacted as historical factors. The Aztecs measured up a time frame for the universe that runs from 3000 B.C. to the present time. We have indicated that the rhythm of 666 has impacted history in the most severe manner through 1332, when international banking was stolen by Ahriman, and now 1998, when creation and humanity can be stolen by the unleashing of Jormungand, the Fenrir wolf and the programming of a new heaven and a new hell.

These rhythms are close to our own cultural responsibilities that weigh in for the nineties. The opening question of, whether we could decimate the FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS and cause the final betrayal of this magnificent ecological system and build our own puny vampire community in a parasitically infested cyberspace silicon mirage, is now squarely facing us.

So far the seduction of humanity against the WORD, against the Bread and against the etherization of the blood, the Dove and the Grail mysteries are an already settled economic mandate. Our frozen leaders are caught between a rock and a hard place and they haven’t the education nor wonder left in their hormones to stop this bad music and step into harmony with the new etheric technology available to them.

There is a way, through sympathetic vibratory physics and technology, to develop a beneficial relation to the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms. But each of us must have understood, as Parzival was painfully made aware of, that there is a horrible exile in store for us if we fail to ask the obvious question. That which Parzival failed to ask when his hormones brought him to the Grail Castle, had to wait and wait for an answer and a solution that would only come later, through his maturity and after much suffering. Why is the emperor not wearing any cloths and why must I get a degree from a university that qualifies me to be one of the soldiers and kings men, who cannot put Humpty-Dumpty together again?

Bacon looked into the future of the perfected human race and saw a market place called THE NEW ATLANTIS. “This was the kind of Utopia visualized by Bacon, Andreae, Comenius and others.” Anthroposophy first started making its appearance in 1650, Thomas Vaughan, who continued in the traditions of Robert Fludd, published a work under the pseudonym of Eugenius Philalethes. The work was titled, ANTHROPOSOPHIA THEOMAGICA.

Immediately he was attacked by Henry More (1614-1687) the Cambridge platonist in a work entitled, OBSERVATIONS UPON ANTHROPOSOPHIA THEMOMAGICA. The sides had to be drawn clearly, Bacon or Shakespeare. From the fifteenth century, as Ahriman began to loosen his bonds, science and history began to reflect the actions of two opposing forces. Science involved with the Christ mysteries under the flagship of Michael and Steiner’s Anthroposophy, or; Arabistic science, under the flagship of every university in the country, from MIT, Yale, Harvard, Oxford, all considered by consensus, as the best schools in the world.

In the mid-century of the twentieth century Robert Powell and I had a chance to attend the Goetheanum together. There was a wonderful group of international survivors who had gone through the sixties and were now washed ashore at the Grail School. We were to become Knights of the Word. But only now can I see, with the help of my colleagues, how the Arthurian sixties should have led to the Grail forces. It has taken many, many years, in the quest, for me to comprehend the mysteries of the Dove. The Christ Being was far too big a picture and one which I knew I could not hold together in my pea-brain. I still can’t. Glimpses and stunning insights that rock me off my metal continue to steer my soul towards this remarkable science of the soul.

Either THE CHYMICAL WEDDING or the divorce of heaven or hell are at stake. The choice for schools of thought are Christ and the Science of the Spirit or Ahrimanic cosmic severance. The great Initiates are very aware of the dilemma and the dilemma is now rather personal. Each of us must look carefully over the issues and spin nature and mankind back on course. The other choice is to turn the other way and pretend that the Christ event did not happen on this planet and if it did who cares, or, as the slang runs, whatever!

Now the X-generation, the Doom Generation, the clueless generation faces the onslaught of the mighty forces that can, in and of themselves begin to dismantle the Finished Work of the Gods. The real thing, or the reel thing, cannot be distinguished from the lie these days. Navigating the rapids of the information age can leave one addicted to non-light and non-truth. Atrophy and vampirism is rapidly creeping up as cyberspace suction is extolled and trumpeted by the same morons who gave you your diplomas. Educators who haven’t the ability to weave sincerity and truth, from the chaos of technology and humanity, are wrapped up in political and sexual schisms that are meant to tie the soul in knots and make the nineties generation beg for relief with some new opiate.

Each generations decisions and actions in the courage of their era help and have helped to wage a mighty war on a counterfeit demon. A new heaven and a new hell is in the making. A deadly betrayal of creation and humanity is being asked of this generation. Why they must face this storm-cloud of glossy mis-information and data sludge must mean that they have in them the power to see through the illusion, the silicon mirage and hang onto the majestic mystery of THE FINISHED WORK OF THE GODS. Silent creation, that has no words of defense against this titanic onslaught is in silent terror of the outcome. Whole worlds of gradually endangered species and plant forces, whole complexes of nature and the very parasitical attack of criminal psychic forces are waiting in the wings and slowly surrounding the once grand, epic mystery, called Mankind.

“Nuclear Attacks on the Etheric structure of Humanity” by Bradford Riley

“Heisenberg, Bohr, Boggs and Oppenheimer would have been pupils of Rudolf Steiner in Munich if Steiner’s magnificent Christic Physics of how Love and Light make up the body of matter itself would have been placed in Munich as Steiner had intended in the first place. The great symphony conductor, the WORD, the Logos and the Etheric Christ weaves into every crevice and cranny of matter from the most distant stars and galaxies to the the intimacy of the human I and our blood.”Nuclear attacks Dodechedron 1


“I once said, and this was truly not said rhetorically, but out of the deeper knowledge of the soul: Until our physics, our mechanics, the whole of our external science, come to be permeated by the Christ Impulse, science will not have reached its goal… A truly Christian science will not seek for atoms, not for atoms and their laws, nor for the conservation of matter and of energy; it will seek for the revelation of Christ in all the phenomena of nature, and these will thereby reveal to men their sacramental character.” Rudolf Steiner

We are going to enter into an understanding as to why the United States of America was chosen by Ahriman to introduce poisoned etheric light, destructive incinerating nuclear weapons, introduce historically into Earth evolution Anti-human and Anti-Christ light, depleted poison uranium shells to be spread around the world. (click here to the tragic confession of Oppenheimer. His failure to call back the Beast that he gift wrapped for Truman. CLICK LINK) Depleted Uranium dust carried by the wind and explosions, swept into diverse foreign conflicts and countries where they now cause genetic defects for generations in Americans who have served in overseas conflicts. Genetic damage will be passed on for generations to come in human beings residing in areas where depleted uranium shells have been used that have entered into the soil and dust of a country. Why?

We will examine why the 33rd President of the United States, Harry Truman, who won the Consciousness Soul and Etheric Christ bingo award for being the 33rd President and forced to decide like Pontius Pilate if the 33rd President of the United States should stand in judgment of the Etheric Christ Light. Should Truman press the human race forward to the crisis of the difference between poison ahrimanic light and Etheric Christ living light? Or was Truman’s common sense and reason still as stunned and stunted as Pilate’s was when he had to judge the Christ by standards of the Roman world? Was America just another Rome and Truman just another Pontius Pilate?

Christ was crucified at 33 on Golgotha and ever since then the number 33 in the rhythm of historical time in 33 year blocks, in particular 3 X 33 etc has been a stable indicator where challenges to humanities ignorance of the Etheric Christ always arise with particular tensions. Harry Truman’s number as POTUS # 33 brought us face to face with the anti-light that directly opposes the healing and living light of the Etheric Christ radiating from the Etheric worlds. It is only Michael School Intel that can sort out such Tenth Hierarchy historical studies.

“The test of the first atomic explosion in history was conducted at the Jornada del Muerto trail (Journey of Death) at the Alamagordo Bombing Range in New Mexico at 33 deg. 40′ 31″ North latitude, 106 deg. 28′ 29″ West longitude (33.675 deg. N, 106.475 deg W). The device was called Gadget, the whole test operation was code-named TRINITY.

In this cut of Hendrix’s “All along the Watchtower” Hendrix refers to 1833. (youtube mysteriously pulled the clip). However the discussion can be illuminated by understanding one of the key world events of 1833 that has been hidden from humanity.

‘In this live performance of all along the watchtower (bob dylan), he [HENDRIX LINK] says “this songs about the year 1833, and I think its still pretty true today”?’

Hendrix played his music with the same originality and virtuoso as Steiner delivered his magnificent shattering lectures. But for Spiritual Science the entire destiny of Europe hinged upon the strangest of events in the mystery of Kaspar Hauser (See Link) — in particular, there were claims that he was the heir to the house of Baden. In 1833 the mystery deepened when Kaspar Hauser was assassinated. This one assassination plunged Europe and 20th century history into a destructive course that eventually eclipsed the rise of the Etheric Christ event in 1933. With assassinations key players through out the 20th and 21st centuries could be eliminated, cut short, and history and The Tenth Hierarchy once more thrown off course and diverted into deception.

In this essay we are going to evaluate how the Consciousness Soul, Spiritual Science and the I AM are related to the mechanics and physics system externalized in the technical creation of the atomic bomb.

In this essay we will evaluate how Spiritual Science, Carlo Pietzner, the Foundation Stone, the dodecahedron and Camphill Villages were brought together with the designers of the atomic bomb. For there is a line of karmic and destiny evaluations that shall pin-point where and how Rudolf Steiner’s research and the cornerstone of Spiritual Science, the Foundation Stone draw us into the REAL core of the I AM as it sits in the center of the 12 cranial nerves and sits as the central core of the inner eye of light at the pineal gland.

Elizabeth Boggs served on the Boards of Camphill Village Copake and Kimberton Hills and was instrumental in creating the Camphill Association of North America, serving as its second President. But what Carlo Pietzner and Hagen Biesantz knew about Elizabeth Boggs was never brought into understanding or interior grappling within the school of Spiritual Science and the higher fields of I AM cognition.

That Ahrimanic forces had designed a horrific, destructive, external and technical model of something that profoundly deals with the inner intimacy of light within the core of the I AM as it pertains to conception and perception within thinking, was never adequately comprehended by Anthroposophists and the School of Spiritual Science. For it was Elizabeth Boggs that was instrumental in creating the interior implosion lens of the atomic bomb.

This implosion lens designed by Elizabeth Boggs

nuclear implosion device takes us right to the core of the Dodecahedron and the core of how the I AM functions within the 12 cranial nerves of the brain. How the pineal functions as a receptive, recessed eye that is sensitive to interior light of the inner I AM and how the Christ Being could collect and manifest Himself within a TWELVE DISCIPLE core that matched the TWELVE FOLDNESS of the Zodiac was never deconstructed to see how Ahriman had snatched up and mimicked this process in a matter poisoning destructive technical device that produced an overwhelming flood of fallen, anti-etheric poison light.

To understand the direct attack on the etheric nature of the Earth and humanity it is important to watch the acceleration of nuclear detonations and the increase through out the globe, at a stepped up pace, as countries rush to gain nuclear capabilities. Watch this video in order to grasp the Ahrimanic assault against the etheric structure of humanity and the explosion of research, money and personal who are absorbed into a pattern of human betrayal of The Tenth Hierarchy.

“As a cynical token of “good will”, the US helped reconstruct the Fallujah hospital, in which many women now give birth to deformed babies, deformities caused by illegal weaponry used by the occupation forces during the assaults: white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and other chemical and uranium weapons. With a half-life of 4.5 billion years, DU and NDU amount to a permanently available contaminant randomly distributed into the environment. An eternal curse on humanity, inflicted by the “Champions of the Free World”.

Humanity rushes into the arms of the Ahrimanic sciences and increases the political lies and strengths of politicians who now use, the mushroom cloud, and a mass of media and political lies to support the full frontal attack on the actual metaphysical vision and reality of the Etheric Christ.

In other words, how the Cosmic I AM of Christ entered and submerged Himself with living etheric forces into the subjective interior of a single human being was technically mimicked in the making of the external atomic bomb. The human being is a constructive light bearer, a Christophorus (Click the Link to study the Etheric Christophorus), who was made to receive and give divine light and offer uplifting devachan light, back into creation. The human being is a conscious, organic, living light receiver and light giver and brings etheric wholeness and heals the rends and tears in the fabric of creation.

Rudolf Steiner

“We are going forward to an age when, as I indicated recently, men will understand what the atom is, in reality. It will be realised — by the public mind too — that the atom is nothing but coagulated electricity. — The thought itself is composed of the same substance. Before the end of the fifth epoch of culture, science will have reached the stage where man will be able to penetrate into the atom itself. When the similarity of substance between the thought and the atom is once comprehended, the way to get hold of the forces contained in the atom will soon be discovered and then nothing will be inaccessible to certain methods of working. — A man standing here, let us say, will be able by pressing a button concealed in his pocket, to explode some object at a great distance — say in Hamburg! Just as by setting up a wave-movement here and causing it to take a particular form at some other place, wireless telegraphy is possible, so what I have just indicated will be within man’s power when the occult truth that thought and atom consist of the same substance is put into practical application.

“It is impossible to conceive what might happen in such circumstances if mankind has not, by then, reached selflessness. The attainment of selflessness alone will enable humanity to be kept from the brink of destruction. The downfall of our present epoch will be caused by lack of morality. The Lemurian epoch was destroyed by fire, the Atlantean by water; our epoch and its civilization will be destroyed by the War of All against All, by evil. Human beings will destroy each other in mutual strife. And the terrible thing — more desperately tragic than other catastrophes — will be that the blame will lie with human beings themselves.

“A tiny handful of men will make good and thus insure their survival in the sixth epoch of civilization. This tiny handful will have attained selflessness. The others will develop every imaginable skill and subtlety in the manipulation and use of the physical forces of nature, but without the essential degree of selflessness.”

All nuclear weaponry serves the very opposite of what the I AM in the Tenth Hierarchy was designed to do. This is how Elizabeth Boggs arrived on the doorstep of Camphill Village and Kimberton Hills with Carlo Pietzner. Elizabeth Boggs karma with Carlo Pietzner and Camphills in America had to do with the birth of her son in August 1945 and her involvement in the dropping of Fat Man on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Elizabeth brought a secret back to the School of Spiritual Science but the School of Spiritual Science never shared her secret until now.

Elizabeth Boggs-Camphill Village Copake-Kimberton Hills

“The idea of explosives lenses appears to have originated with M. J. Poole of the Explosives Research Committee in England. In 1942 he prepared a report describing a two-dimensional arrangement of explosives (RDX and baratol) to create a plane detonation wave. This idea was brought to Los Alamos in May 1944 by James Tuck, where he expanded it by suggesting a 3-D lens for creating a spherical implosion wave as a solution to making an implosion bomb. A practical lens design was proposed separately by Elizabeth Boggs of the US Explosives Research Laboratory, and by Johann Von Neumann. The Boggs proposal was the earlier of the two, although it was Von Neumann’s proposal who directly influenced the Manhattan Project.”

“Whereas the ‘Enola Gay‘  had had a relatively uneventful journey to her target at Hiroshima, the same was not true for the plane picked to drop the next atomic bomb – ‘Bockscar’. Both ‘Bockscar’ and ‘Enola Gay’ were B29 Superfortress bombers. The crew of ‘Bockscar’  gathered for their takeoff at 03.40 hours, August 9th, at Tinian Island. The flight commander, Major Sweeney, found that one of the fuel pumps on the B29 was not working. 800 gallons of aviation fuel had to sit in its fuel tank – it could not be used for the engines but the plane had to carry its weight and get nothing in return from the fuel.

‘Bockscar’ carried an atomic bomb that differed from ‘Little Boy’ carried by ‘Enola Gay‘ for the Hiroshima bombing. ‘Fat Man’ was not a gun-type bomb but used the implosion method; it had a circle of 64 detonators that would drive pieces of plutonium together into a supercritical mass. ‘Little Boy’ had used Uranium 235. ‘Fat Man’ weighed about 10,000 lbs and was 10 feet 8 inches long.dodecahedron inner implosion Fat Man device It had the explosive capacity of about 20,000 tons of high explosives. By the time ‘Bockscar’ got near to its primary target, Kokura, it became clear that the weather had saved the city. The city was covered by cloud. Sweeney made three runs over the city but could find not break. With lack of fuel an issue, he decided to move to his only other target – Nagasaki. Sweeney only had enough fuel for one run over the city and not enough to fly back to Tinian. He would have to land at Okinawa.

“The weapons expert on ‘Bockscar’ was Commander Ashworth. Sweeney had been ordered that only a visual run was allowed – not a run guided by radar. Ashworth told Sweeney that radar would have to be used if Nagasaki was covered in cloud – it was. Most of Sweeney’s bombing run was done using radar but at the last minute a break in the cloud was found by the bomb aimer. He targeted a race track and at 28,900 feet, ‘Fat Man’ was dropped.

“As Nagasaki had been targeted in the past, people in the city had become blasé when the air raid siren sounded. The same was true on August 9th. The irony was that Nagasaki was well served with good bomb shelters and far fewer people would have been killed or injured if the air raid sirens had been listened to. The surrounding hills had tunnels dug into them which would have been very effective for the people who could have reached them.

‘Fat Man’ was a very effective bomb. Its blast was bigger than ‘Little Boy’s’  but its impact was reduced by the natural topography of the city. Where the bomb blast hit at its peak, massive damage was done. An area about 2.3 miles by 1.9 miles was destroyed but other parts of the city were saved from the blast. Curiously, the city’s train service was not interrupted and the fire damage that followed Hiroshima did not occur in Nagasaki as many parts of the city were broken up by water. The fires simply could not cross these gaps and they burned out.

“However, considerable damage was done to the city. The horrific injuries suffered at Hiroshima were also witnessed at Nagasaki. The city’s medical facilities were not totally destroyed by ‘Fat Man’ as at Hiroshima – but nobody was capable of coping with those who were injured in the blast.

“One survivor, Sadako Moriyama, had gone to a bomb shelter when the sirens sounded. After the bomb had gone off, she saw what she thought were two large lizards crawling into the shelter she was in, only to realise that they were human beings whose bodies had been shredded of their skin because of the bomb blast.

“Death and injury in Nagasaki and the surrounding areas, depended on where you lived. People who lived on the Koba hillside, just three and a half miles from ground zero, were protected from the blast by a mountain. People caught up in the blast came to Koba for help and Fujie Urata, who lived in Koba and had seen a large flash, could not believe what she was seeing. She described people with great sheets of skin hanging off of their bodies; grotesque swollen faces; torsos covered with large blisters.

“As in Hiroshima, many in Nagasaki died after the immediate impact of the bomb had gone away from mysterious ailments which we now associate with radiation poisoning. No-one, understandably, knew what to do to help the victims of this newest of illnesses.”

In the Consciousness Soul era, where we are today, we have the converging and colliding forces and players in history, science and art, and through the Consciousness Soul we begin to lift up vast and specific patterns of history, sort out the players and see for ourselves the I AM incarnations of individuals who have participated in history.

With our Consciousness Soul, that includes focused and sharpened observations of ourselves and our friends and how our I AM’s and others around us have discovered the secret patterns of our biographies, that reveal to any objective observer, part of the architecture of human experience from cradle to grave that are realities of the Cosmic objectivity of human biography. The subjectivity of materialistic dogma and indoctrination in education stands against the intimate objectivity of the Cosmos. Our subjective forces of pride and power as well as laziness stubbornly fight against the illumination and Etheric Light of the Logos from entering warmly as Cosmic wholesome Tenth Hierarchy objectivity.

The Consciousness Soul begins to see with clarity the individual human I AM, the Etheric Christ Being and vast cancerous Ahrimanic clusters of beings growing out of the human intellect. This vast and intimate conflict, of the politics of nuclear proliferation, places us each as global members of the Tenth Hierarchy, in a position to deny the Etheric forces of Light and defend, driven by our fear of cosmic objectivity, and our shadows need to cling to indoctrinated materialism to defend the whole web of current nuclear political lies. The Consciousness Soul brings the objectivity of the Cosmos and the Spiritual World into the subjectivity of human logic by illuminating our illogical subjective behavior.

When you know the truth, the truth shall set you free because it impacts the interior and subjective core of the I AM where we understand with our own thinking, and see consciously our own motives, we suddenly see with inner realization the true constructs of reality. Our struggles over all today are with cramped and narrow dogmas of materialism obstructing our observation of the objectivity of the Cosmos and the position of humanity as The Tenth Hierarchy.

Because Spiritual Science is accurate and because most of us cannot stand to concentrate or study for more than 3 minute chunks, if that, you’re going to have to follow something that may seem distasteful to you. You are required to return to the tip of the iceberg of the Uncertainty Principle, exactly where the Consciousness Soul first really made significant landfall. We are going to have to touch upon Shakespeare’s Hamlet once again, but from a totally different angle of how the Consciousness Soul awakens in us.

The play Hamlet and Shakespeare’s entire body of works in the English language reveal the most intimate observations and uncertainties that the Consciousness Soul encounters as it gains cosmic objectivity. Hamlet stands in the middle of the first wave of Consciousness Soul uncertainties where the objective spiritual world ruffles the reality of soldiers on guard. All along the Watchtower the dawning light of the Consciousness Soul breaks forth in Hamlet’s soul as it must break forth in every single individual human beings heart.

Nuclear America and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty

“Heisenberg comes to Copenhagen to seek Bohr’s assistance in stopping all efforts at nuclear research in the service of the war effort, that Heisenberg comes to Bohr seeking ethical advice about his participation in the Nazi atomic research project, that Heisenberg deliberately sabotages the Nazi program to keep the bomb out of Hitler’s hands”

Heisenberg and Bohr and in particular Heisenberg had vast uncertainties, sitting in the middle of Nazi Germany with the potential nuclear, incinerating, annihilating option in his hands. Heisenberg had at least as much uncertainty or more than Hamlet had at stake. The stakes for Heisenberg and Bohr and the overshadowing Consciousness Soul timing of when, if and who should gain possession of the most insidious Anti-Light and Anti-human etheric enemy to light, a weapon that shifted the moral dilemma and the timing of how humanity would cope with the dilemma of a Super Power, vaster, bigger than Germany, is left for the Michael school to evaluate.


by Tom Mellett

(First published in the
Journal for Anthroposophy,
Number 59 Fall 1994 issue, pp. 5-15)

“If Francis Bacon were alive today,
Incarnate as an astrophysicist,
Would he be prone to worship and to pray?
To find the God that Albert Einstein missed?

The God who never plays a game of chance
Who never lets the universe run down,
Who hides his hands behind the cosmic dance,
And masquerades as sub-atomic clown?

What are the proper questions then to pose?
Do we create our own reality?
Or does the seed contain the unseen rose
That overturns the law of gravity?

If Bohr and Einstein could agree on this:
The world bestows the ignorance of bliss.”

In treating vast complex forces of Beings including the Tenth Hierarchy as players in an interesting cosmic drama, the Ahrimanic dilemma that the Consciousness Soul war could take place in such a vast and dull human setting, like America, was wonderfully challenging for a cold calculating being.

Perhaps the Ahrimanic group egregore could win over a larger section of the population of America with terror and brainwashing like they did with Nazi Germany only improved, more subtle, less obvious, more lethal, addictive and more devoted to deception. If America acquired the bomb instead of Nazi Germany Ahriman could once and for all, as a world being, stand face to face, light to light against the Etheric Christ. (CLIICK ON LINK OR PICTURE  BELOW FOR UNDERSTANDING THE TRANSUBSTANTIATION OF MATTER)

Light Sphere of the Christ

Perhaps the Ahrimanic forces, once the nuclear nightmare was shifted to America’s vast economic engine, larger than Nazi Germany and with whole hosts of yet to be discovered scientific discoveries in cloning, vaccines, and products to falsify the etheric, astral and I AM, perhaps if the nuclear option shifted from Nazi Germany to America, Ahriman could take down 3/4 of the Tenth Hierarchy and even infect the Angelic community. Of course Michael’s great trust and confidence in humanity and the Etheric Christ has deliberately placed humanity into this position of sink or swim.

For when humanity entered the Consciousness Soul or as another description describes, The Spiritual Soul, than humanity each and everyone would be forced to deal with the exiled band of disenfranchised Ahrimanic beings who were sentenced to a sub-sensible world within the pathetic human soul.(The entire Fall of the Spirits of Darkness lectures gives you the source of all terrorism and assault on the human psyche) And from America, the great idealistic land of freedom, Ahriman could inflict not only damage to the Consciousness Soul but to the gods themselves for having imprisoned their vast contingency in the secret subjectivity of the human soul.

In our human soul, the key to overcoming the exile of the Ahrimanic beings was hidden in the untold fortunes of addicting the West and America to a materialism that would make the Tenth Hierarchy forfeit their highly placed humanity for propaganda, terror, fears and thirty pieces of Wall Streets finest silver and gold.

One of the key problems of Shakespeare’s Consciousness Soul investigation of Hamlet, was the overshadowing awe of the Spiritual WorldConsciousness Soul Intuition that revealed itself objectively in the crisis of the dead in Hamlet’s Father’s ghost awakening cosmic intuition and the hidden selfish subjective motives of his mother the queen and his uncle who killed his Father. The suspicion of the murder and the cover up of the murder and the conspiracy behind the murder and how to verify the objectivity of spiritual insight becomes no less dramatic in the drama of Hamlet than it has with the real history of if JFK was killed by a magic bullet.

It was the witness, the objective witness of the Zapruder film and Oliver Stone’s painstaking research that revealed that the Warren Commission like the 9/11 Commission was a loaded Ahrimanic hoax and placed the uncle and the queen in Hamlet in the same betrayal costumes as both the historical lies of the Warren and 9/11 commission. They were rigged for a naive and easily deceived American culture.

2 seconds before

The Spiritual World, intuition, thought and insight mingled into the observations of dead materialism and Hamlet’s Father’s ghost and uncovering the hidden motives and actions behind reality plant the seed of doubt in dogmatic theories of materialism so the Consciousness Soul age can be ushered in. Even if the Consciousness Soul is ushered in under the cover of ahrimanic darkness and loaded with conspiracies against the Tenth Hierarchy. Conspiracies are all rooted in the unseen conflicts hidden in the ahrimanic and luciferic motives that resist the Etheric Christ and the value of humanity as The Tenth Hierarchy.

Thus Heisenberg has just enough of an uncertainty principle to shift and pivot the terrible weapon of nuclear death over to the self-satisifed giant of materialism in the West. And that is truly the crux and threshold of how Cosmic objectivity reveals the hidden subjective motives of moral and immoral standpoints, murder, torture and politics that have forced the Tenth Hierarchy, to come face to face with it’s own shadow.

“In the Spring of 1924 the young German physicist Werner Heisenberg went on a walking tour with the great Neils Bohr in Denmark, Bohr’s homeland. The following is Heisenberg’s account of what Bohr said when they came to the Kronberg Castle. ‘Isn’t it strange how this castle changes as soon as one imagines that Hamlet lived here. As scientists we believe that a castle consists only of stones, and admire the way the architect put them together. The stone, the green roof with its patina, the woodcarvings in the church, constitute the whole castle. None of this should be changed by the fact that Hamlet lived here, and yet it is changed completely. Suddenly the walls and ramparts speak a different language. The courtyard becomes an entire world, a dark corner reminds us of the human soul, we hear Hamlet’s “to be or not to be.”

Here we have scientists who are looking at the brick-work of matter and somehow it dawns on them that a human spiritual being, Hamlet, actually lived here and that an enormous karmic drama, an historical event had rocked this castle, but had the living vibrations of the being of Hamlet and the events of Hamlet’s destiny imprinted themselves and left a devachan memory of itself within the stone and matter framework? Or did the struggles of the human spirit and the Consciousness Soul disappear as if Hamlet never existed? What was the nature of matter? What was the nature of the brick-work and matter, the very atoms that housed the spirit of Hamlet? Where did his Spirit and his struggles vanish to?

But even more shattering for the School of Spiritual Science was the crippled and final year of 1924, where the Initiate and Seer Dr. Rudolf Steiner brought to fruition his mighty Karma lectures, his Speech and Drama Course, where at the very moment that Heisenberg and Bohr, heirs to the fallen world of light, discuss the mysteries of Kronberg Castle, Rudolf Steiner, Bohr and Heisenberg were altogether penetrating the destiny, character and tragedy of Hamlet. For Steiner literally recites portions of Hamlet and discusses him in 1924 in The Speech and Drama Course as his life forces flame out.

It is in 1924 that the very last heroic efforts of Rudolf Steiner’s destiny are cut short and he concludes a biography that we know and understand as a human being who stood one stage above the Consciousness Soul at the stage of Spirit Selfhood. Steiner than summed up the very highest quintessence of all the Consciousness Soul mysteries of thought, matter and insight that he would have graciously brought as the most magnificent Christic Physics from Munich, and would have changed the entire course of Nazi Germany if he had been allowed, as he had planned, to build his Spiritual Science School in Munich instead of being pushed out of the way, to Switzerland.

Heisenberg and Bohr would have been pupils of Rudolf Steiner in Munich if Steiner’s magnificent Christic Physics of how Love and Light make up the body of matter itself would have been placed in Munich as Steiner had intended in the first place. The great symphony conductor, the WORD, the Logos and the Etheric Christ weaves into every crevice and cranny of matter from the most distant stars and galaxies to the the intimacy of the human I and our blood. Heisenberg, Oppenheimer, Boggs and Bohr would have understood a completely different foundation of matter than what is taught today. Instead of the degradation of matter and the etheric worlds, humanity would have grasped clearly the logic of how the Etheric, Astral and I AM function in the incarnated human being, and as well in the reality of stone, plant, animal, human and higher Tenth Hierarchy agencies.

These mighty destiny events and an Initiate who understood the mighty core of matter, light and love as no other human being ever had were concluding themselves in 1924 just as Bohr and Heisenberg wandered around Kronberg Castle. An initiate who understood LOVE & LIGHT both as a science and as a scientist and as a conscious incarnating I AM, who knew the core of the I AM; and knew the core of what the I AM mystery was in matter; and in the human soul and spirit who clothes himself in matter, returns to the stars and once more seeks the germinating ground of the I AM and Earth in the bosom of the Etheric Christ. All this and the very highest psychological research in tracing the incarnating human being through past lives, culminated in the most exquisite pure flame of his final Karma Lectures in 1924.

Rudolf Steiner

“Now let us consider such figures as these in accordance with the methods of spiritual science. First of all we know that these individualities will appear again; we know that such souls will return to life. We shall not pay any attention to their intermediate incarnations but look for them in the post-Christian era. We then see something of the change brought about by time, something that can help us to understand how the Mystery of Golgotha intervened in human evolution. If we say that such figures as Hector and Empedocles appeared again, we must ask how they walked among men in the post-Christian era. For we shall then see how the intervention of the Mystery of Golgotha, the fulfillment and beginning of a new age, worked on their souls. As serious anthroposophists assembled here together we need not shrink from the communications of true spiritual science, which can be confirmed by external facts.

“I should now like to turn your attention to something that took place in the post-Christian era, and perhaps again it may be said that the person concerned was a poetical personage. But this poetical personage can be traced back to a real individuality who was once alive. I direct your attention to the character created by Shakespeare in his Hamlet. Anyone who knows the development of Shakespeare, insofar as it can be known externally, and especially someone who is acquainted with it through spiritual science, will know that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is none other than the transformed real prince of Denmark, who also lived at one time.

“I cannot go into everything underlying the historical prototype of the poetical figure of Hamlet, but through the research of spiritual science, I can offer you a striking example of how a man, a spirit of ancient times, reappears in the post-Christian era. The real figure underlying Hamlet, as presented by Shakespeare, is Hector. The same soul that lived in Hamlet lived in Hector. It is just by such a characteristic example as this, and the striking way the two different souls manifest themselves, that we can interpret what happened in the intervening time.

“A personality such as that of Hector stands before us in the pre-Christian age. Then comes the intervention of the Mystery of Golgotha in human evolution, and the spark it kindled in Hector’s soul causes a figure, a prototype of Hamlet, to arise, of whom Goethe said, “This is a soul that is unable to deal with any situation and is not equal to its position, who is assigned tasks but is unable to fulfill them.” We may ask why Shakespeare expressed it in this way. He did not know. But anyone who can investigate the connections through spiritual science knows that behind these things forces were at work.

“The poet creates in the unconscious; before him stands, so to speak, first the figure which he creates, and then, as in a tableau of which he himself knows nothing, the whole individuality with which the figure is connected. Why does Shakespeare choose particular qualities in Hamlet and sharply emphasize them, qualities that perhaps Hamlet’s own contemporaries would not have noticed? Because he observes them against the background of the era. He feels how different a soul has become in its transition from the old life to the new. Hamlet, the doubter, the skeptic, who has lost the ability to cope with the situations with which he meets in life, the procrastinator and waverer, this is what Hector, once so sure of himself, has become.”


Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen is set in an undisclosed location, with no mention of sets, props, costume, or scenic design. (In fact, the play does not offer a single stage direction – leaving the action completely up to the director.)

The audience learns early on that all three characters (Heisenberg, Bohr, and Bohr’s wife Margrethe) have been dead for years. With their lives now over, their spirits turn to the past to try to make sense of the 1941 meeting.

In 1941, German physicist Heisenberg paid a visit to Bohr. The two spoke very briefly before Bohr angrily ended the conversation and Heisenberg left. Mystery and controversy have surrounded this historic exchange. About a decade after the war, Heisenberg maintained that he visited Bohr, his friend and father-figure, to discuss his own ethical concerns about nuclear weaponry. However, Bohr remembers differently; he claims that Heisenberg seemed to have no moral qualms about creating atomic weapons for the Axis powers.

Incorporating a healthy combination of research and imagination, Michael Frayn contemplates the various motivations behind Heisenberg’s meeting with his former mentor, Niels Bohr.”

I AM functions in Percepts – Concepts and Intuition

What Elizabeth Boggs brought back to Spiritual Science was the externalized Ahrimanic model of how the I functions when it bridges, through light, the Eureka of discovering the Concepts that reveal the hidden mysteries behind Percepts. The I AM manual for breaking down the process within the human thinking organism, has been Rudolf Steiner’s “Philosophy of Spiritual Activity”. But Ahriman’s direct assault on the interior process of thinking and what each thinking spirit can do to change the structure of matter has been reverberating in humanity since the first test bombs at Trinity New Mexico.The essay that is the companion to the one your are reading now can be found here (CLICK LINK) > “Trinity New Mexico and Trinity at Golgotha” .

The entire interior implosion lens device that Elizabeth Boggs experimented with along with one of Ahriman’s best friends, John von Neumann is a spirit-less, raw, mechanical, ripped from the occult structure of the human I AM, device, toy, that reveals just how Light and Matter penetrate Percepts and how Concepts are illuminated in the brain.

People used to depict when an idea occurred in their brains, a little light bulb was illuminated. See the simplification light bulbHowever what was discovered was that if you rip out this process of thinking that is outlined in Rudolf Steiner’s “Theory of Knowledge” and his “Philosophy of Spiritual Activity” or “The Philosophy of Freedom” you get the precise model of the first atomic bombs and how the implosion device that Elizabeth Boggs worked on operated. Ahriman’s fury that Rudolf Steiner had found the core of how the I AM functions is met with everything we see and understand as nuclear incineration, etheric poison, depleted uranium waste that, when used in weapons and as weapons penetrate all the way down to the genetic codes of the human spirit.

MASSIMO SCALIGERO“Thought seems sufficient, when it is logical and penetrating, or subtle, and to the extent that it gives explanations for the world, things, beings and for oneself, for feeling states , memories and thoughts themselves. But this is not yet true thinking: it is not yet that thinking which has no need for topics or objects to be concrete, having its own foundation in itself: a foundation looked for through itself in other entities: thought entities, without any consciousness of having them only as thought. Facts, things, beings, the world, demand not the knowledge with which man organises them – even if this knowledge is necessary at a certain level – but knowing: that which, usually alienating itself as their form, is their initial being. The existing world is the spiritual world, unnoticed: its being is denied in the thought which, in order to be ordinary thought, extinguishes its own being, and therefore does not penetrate the world, and does not realise itself as the power that thinks the world, the transcendence of the world. It does not know that its own Logos is the Logos of the entities. Mankind does not yet truly think, to the extent that it believes that thinking has been given it to explain the world, events and itself to it. But this is a matter of indifference to the world, as it is indifferent for the spirit. Mankind must be able to discover that it thinks the world, things, and itself, only so that it can be stimulated to identify the thought that penetrates the world: to notice the thought that is never noticed, because it is always mixed up in things, and used to fill the empty shell of perception. Whilst the true content, as can be directly experienced, is pure thinking, from which the thoughts which weave the form of ordinary experience, external and internal, spring.”

What this implies for thinking, is that human thinking and the human spirit and the Human Christ Being could penetrate well past the genetic structure of humanity and penetrate with the human I and the Cosmic I AM into the deepest core of the XX and XY chromosome structure to produce not only the Phantom Body but a tangible consolidation of matter that even Thomas could touch. Matter that could vanish and appear again at will by the directed forces of a new Cosmic I AM that was born from Golgotha.

The Resurrection was not a game, nor was the Phantom Body a game, but the term “Beam Me Aboard” is the attempt at an Ahrimanic joke of an actual higher process. If nothing else mockery and Ahrimanic gimmickry are constantly being introduced as special effects to stimulate and divert the imagination and thinking from an actual real process. In fact it is so hard to understand the events of Golgotha and introduce them, just because of mimicry and gimmickry that appeals to nerds, who easily dismiss that humanity are the actual Tenth Hierarchy and this is not a game.

Can we take Joe Blow or John Doe, science, and no moral development at all, and introduce the dead abstract concepts of Science into the stream of human cognition and imagination and thereby divert human spiritual understanding from actually penetrating the spiritual complexity of the events of Golgotha? That is the full thrust attempt by Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces to make every effort to confuse reality, biography, birth, life and death with a game. Detract, demean, mock, divert, deceive and oppose the true reality behind humanity and The Etheric Christ are just some of potent goals used by Ahriman to cripple all Michael Intelligence. Reincarnation, human initiation and the Science of Golgotha are not games, yet Ahriman would prefer that we thought of it all as an abstract game removed from The Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart.

But when we look at the deformities that are caused by radioactive nuclear decayed light, decayed light that arises from the fallen Devachan light from the higher worlds, we also are visibly shocked by the results of depleted uranium, where Ahriman and the Ahrimanic forces have poisoned and deformed the deep genetic material of the human being into a mockery of the divine human form.

In the illumination of intuition and the forming of concepts the human I as a functioning and thinking process reveals a miniature mushroom cloud that is contained, and that is also key to our discussion, contained within the human skull is a process of light absorption and light transubstantiation that Ahriman has ripped out of cosmic evolution and placed before our eyes as the dreaded mushroom cloud.

John von Neumann continued on the darkest path of ahrimanic matter until he felt the full eclipse of his spirit as it was absorbed by Ahrimanic forces near his death. He had partnered together with Elizabeth Boggs, who ended up on the doorstep of Camphill and Spiritual Science because she knew, most of the world and certainly Spiritual Science didn’t fully know, but Elizabeth Boggs knew that while she was pregnant with her son, David, that she had helped prepare the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki and she had helped thrust and force human cognition to the threshold where humanity would have to reexamine and reawaken exactly what a Dodecahedron was. What was the Foundation Stone? And above all else why had Dr. Steiner consistently pointed to his “Philosophy of Spiritual Activity” as a work that would outlast all others?

Elizabeth Boggs had a child that was born, a child named David who was in her womb, at the time of her withdrawal from the work on the implosion device. She knew, Elizabeth Boggs knew in her heart and soul that she was in part responsible for introducing via the Nagasaki bomb, a whole new wave of deformity, and fear that would sweep into the world. But what Elizabeth didn’t know and most of the School of Spiritual Science didn’t know was that Steiner had penetrated as Boggs had, into the secret structure of the I AM and that part of that mystery was the Dodecahedron and Foundation Stone and the most important part was that only within Spiritual Science would her hidden destiny, within the Michael School be understood. And it hasn’t yet been understood even by the Michael School.


Trained for a life of scientific scholarship in an era when

this was unusual for women, Elizabeth Boggs’ life plans

were changed by the birth of a son, David, in 1945, who

experienced a major illness in infancy that led to severe

developmental disability. She became a leader of advocacy

for people with disabilities in the U.S., participating

in the founding of the national Association for Retarded

Citizens, advising national policymakers, drafting landmark

legislation, and creating the model for state Developmental

Disabilities Councils over a 40-year career as a

volunteer, “Washington insider,” and adviser to a host of

groups seeking to improve the services to and prospects

of people with disabilities.

Elizabeth served on the Boards of Camphill Village Copake

and Kimberton Hills and was instrumental in creating the

Camphill Association of North America, serving as its

second President. The first symposium on developmental

disabilities, held 25 years ago in 1976, was spearheaded

by Elizabeth Boggs. CANA recognizes her contribution

by awarding in her name annual acknowledgments

of significant contributions of others to the Camphill

movement in North America.”

David, Elizabeth Boggs son, born within the near time frame of the dropping of the Nagasaki bomb, appeared to be ‘challenged’ not exactly whole. A heart breaking, heart rending discovery. And what lives in such a discovery? Not all of us are given the opportunity to develop and be supported via John F. Kennedy the entire foundation of those that are impaired and handicapped through-out America. But Elizabeth Boggs felt the need to do something powerful in response to what she knew, and few others guessed, what she knew and a select few in government knew and some in Spiritual Science knew, that Elizabeth Boggs and the birth of her own son David, had touched a vital, vital current, a vital nerve in her soul and spirit. A vital awakening that brought her into relation with Camphill and the only place in the entire world, where both the core research of her work on the atomic bomb and the moral tidal wave of the implications of Ahriman’s assault on the Etheric realms could be grasped.

Elizabeth Monroe Boggs was born in Cleveland in 1915, and moved with her family to Rye, New York as a young child. She received her bachelor’s degree from Freemont College in 1935, winning a scholarship that enabled her to study in Europe. She went to Cambridge University in 1935 intending to stay briefly, but remained until 1939, completing her doctorate in theoretical chemistry and mathematics just as war was breaking out in Europe. Despite anxious pleas from her parents to return home, Boggs, who was engaged in war related research would have stayed, save for the fact that England, flooded with refugees and fearing spies, barred foreigners from all work on war related projects. Boggs returned to the United States in December of 1939 and reported to the research project at Cornell where she had been scheduled to begin the previous September. Her laboratory space had been given to a graduate student in her absence, and she soon found herself sharing lab space with Fitzhugh Boggs, her future husband.

They were married in 1941, and the following year, moved to Cleveland to continue work on war related research. So top secret was some of their work, that Elizabeth found at times she could not mention the arrival of European colleagues to Fritz, for fear that he might guess what type of research was going on. (Elizabeth’s division was helping to design the implosion device for the Atomic bomb).

David, the Boggs’ only child, was born in 1945, several weeks after the close of the War. Healthy at birth, her baby ran an extremely high fever in the neonatal period and by ten days of age had suffered profound brain damage. Ironically, if he had been born only a few weeks earlier, it is probable that he would not have survived. The close of the war, however, allowed newly developed antibiotics, previously reserved for military use, to be distributed to the civilian population. The Boggs’ son was among the first to receive the new drugs, although not in time to prevent his permanent disability.

The extent of David’s injuries however, were not clear for some time, and they initially assumed that he would not have problems. A short time after the birth of their son, the Boggs moved to New Jersey where Fritz was scheduled to begin a job. Elizabeth planned to take a short break from work as she cared for their new baby and coped with the immediate post-War housing shortage. Months turned into years however, as it became increasingly apparent that David was not developing normally. Moreover, the answers the Boggs sought from physicians and educators seemed more and more unsatisfactory. In the late 1940’s virtually no programs existed for the care or education of retarded children, particularly those who had more severe forms of mental retardation, and parents, often fearing that they would be cut off from those few programs and professionals available. were reluctant to openly advocate on their children’s behalf.

Boggs, a well trained scientist, was keenly aware that the answers she was getting were unsatisfactory and unfounded. She became increasingly active and aware. To better fit herself for the task, she returned to school while her son was still a toddler to take classes in special education and social work administration. She began to help organize classes for her son and others in her own home and in locally available church basements and boy scout halls. She and her group were trying to provide education to over fifty retarded children, their ultimate goal being to get them registered at public schools.

Her involvement locally led quickly to her involvement nationally, and a growing interest and full time volunteer involvement in issues of legislation and public policy. She was one of the founders of the National Association of Retarded Children in 1950, and in 1958 became its first woman president. She served on its Governmental Affairs Committee from 1965 to 1979.

She was a member of President Kennedy’s Panel on Mental Retardation in 1961-62, of the National Child Health and Human Development Council (NIH) from 1967 to 1971, and of the President’s Committee on Mental Retardation from 1975 to 1976.

Boggs was a leading national and international figure within the world of mental retardation advocacy and research and a key liaison with others in the disability rights and independent living movements. She regularly attended meetings, spoke at public forums and before Congress. Boggs was also instrumental in moving legislation forward for mentally retarded children and adults both in the United States and within the United Nation systems. Her early interest in education grew to include issues of independent living and group homes, the status and rights of adult mentally retarded men and women and to issues of guardianship for older mentally retarded individuals whose immediate family is no longer alive.

In 1988, Boggs became the Acting Director of the Office of Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities for the state of New Jersey. Her job was to coordinate public education campaigns and to promote expanded services and research.”

Elizabeth had come face to face with one of the most interesting problems of the Ahrimanic. On one hand by ripping out the I AM process into abstract geometry and physics, how to reproduce a 3 or 4 dimensional wave that could instantly be effective and surround the nuclear contents of a bomb, like the lens of an eye, a focused lens to surround a potent field of fallen matter, she had ventured into black occultism against Steiner’s very clear White occultism. There she met John von Neumann who was an excited, passionate, highly complex abstract thinker, like John Nash (CLICK LINK FOR NASH) only with all of Ahriman’s brilliance focused on the cutting edge of computerized materialism. In this school of Ahrimanic thinkers, there are many, but for our present considerations we can easily list John Nash, Stephen Hawking, Fredrich Niezsche and John von Neumann, who all end up with the same Ahrimanic symptoms that severs the Tenth Hierarchy from the great mystery of the Michael School and The Etheric Christ Being.

Thinking with the Spirit and Thinking without the Spirit

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail,” said Hawking. “There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” Stephen Hawking

John von Neumann-John Nash-Stephen Hawkings-Fredrich Nietzsche

” John von Neumann’s version of the theory, games could definitely be used for strategic military analysis. Indeed, he insisted that all human activity could be predetermined by mathematical analysis, because, as he put it, the human individual is nothing more than “an efficiently organized, large natural automaton.”

“He advanced the theory of cellular automata, advocated the adoption of the bit as a measurement of computer memory, and solved problems in obtaining reliable answers from unreliable computer components.

During and after World War II, von Neumann served as a consultant to the armed forces. His valuable contributions included a proposal of the implosion method for bringing nuclear fuel to explosion and his participation in the development of the hydrogen bomb. From 1940 he was a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee at the Ballistic Research Laboratories at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He was a member of the Navy Bureau of Ordnance from 1941 to 1955, and a consultant to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory from 1943 to 1955. From 1950 to 1955 he was a member of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project in Washington, D.C. In 1955 President Eisenhower appointed him to the Atomic Energy Commission, and in 1956 he received its Enrico Fermi Award, knowing that he was incurably ill with cancer.

Eugene Wigner wrote of von Neumann’s death [18]:-

When von Neumann realised he was incurably ill, his logic forced him to realise that he would cease to exist, and hence cease to have thoughts … It was heartbreaking to watch the frustration of his mind, when all hope was gone, in its struggle with the fate which appeared to him unavoidable but unacceptable.

In [5] von Neumann’s death is described in these terms:-

… his mind, the amulet on which he had always been able to rely, was becoming less dependable. Then came complete psychological breakdown; panic, screams of uncontrollable terror every night. His friend Edward Teller said, “I think that von Neumann suffered more when his mind would no longer function, than I have ever seen any human being suffer.”

Von Neumann’s sense of invulnerability, or simply the desire to live, was struggling with unalterable facts. He seemed to have a great fear of death until the last… No achievements and no amount of influence could save him now, as they always had in the past. Johnny von Neumann, who knew how to live so fully, did not know how to die.”

Since I went to the Goetheanum and graduated from the School of Spiritual Science, I had the good fortune to know Georg Unger, son of Carl Unger at the Goetheanum. Being very young then and now much older, I remember asking Georg about the issue of nuclear and atomic energy and why it seemed we had so few answers. In our discussion, he brought out that the sphere of thinking and percept and concept illumination and intuition were a similar process as the mushroom cloud form. Now the reason I was able to discuss things with Georg was because while at the Goetheanum I had to take odd jobs to support myself and one of them was trimming the hedges of Georg and Frau Unger’s rose bushes. Imagine that. So periodically we would run into each other and if nothing else I was craving to know and understand where Spiritual Science stood on many complex issues.

Georg Unger, Ph. D.

February 1992

Dornach, Switzerland

“Even the hectic search in the forties of this century for the properties of uranium-235 and of plutonium — both didn’t even exist in weigh-able quantities — was still straightforward experimentation of the known type even though refined e.g. to purity of ingredients unthinkable up to then. But compared with them, the more recent experiments at Livermore, CERN, Dubna have completely different goals, quite aside of their difference in method. They do not handle any longer material substances and do not investigate properties of such, they are directed to hypothetical particles like “quarks.”

These, often enough, do not “exist” in a form similar to that of a physical solid, they exist “virtually”; they are thought of first and “produced” afterwards — and by that their outcome verifies a theory or, as to that, refutes it if the particles in question do not turn up, let us say, in predicted numbers. But coming back for a moment to pure mathematics. What is said in the first lecture about the certainty of mathematical knowledge is today far more evident than in those days when still one could believe that mathematical concepts were abstracted from Nature (like John Locke’s contention that concepts are only percepts stripped of unnecessary details). Today, we know with absolute certainty that mathematical concepts are free creations of the human mind.

The problems, it is true, connected with the foundations of mathematics have raised some doubts about its “certainty” by questioning whether mathematics is absolutely exempt of contradictions. But for all scientific purposes mathematical reasoning still stands as a model of exactness. [1]

Steiner really does not just pay lip service to the scientific method of Natural Science. In this book one will find very brief and concrete descriptions of the step from the ordinary approach to knowledge to the mathematical — and from there to “Imaginative Cognition.” It is discussed how one can proceed from the study of the eye as a physical apparatus to an entity permeated with life and to form an Imagination of the etheric body in the eye. “Through imaginative activity one has grasped the etheric nature of the human being in the same way as one grasps the external inorganic world through a mathematical approach.”

With the destiny of Elizabeth Boggs I had a chance to review the global, human consequences that had torn through humanity. I was born in 1949 so I had been on the otherside of the threshold of birth, at the time of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events. I knew that and I knew as well that I had carried this question to Earth with me and had some hidden experiences of what were the results of poison and incineration as well as etheric degradation and my soul was lucky enough to encounter the School of Spiritual Science where these pieces of a giant puzzle could slowly take shape during my life’s course.

Dodecahedron and the Implosion Lens

early nuclear bomb case

Brain case and nuclear implosion sphereFinally we are faced with the abstract apparatus of the nuclear bomb and it’s relation to the inner core of the I AM. How the internal field of the human brain and heart together create a contained and beneficial etheric effect, which is a magnificent reactor built into the physiology and structure of the divine human form. It is no joke and no abstraction that humanity is built to penetrate into TRUTH that lies behind matter. If we see a human being before us, we have the objective cosmic ability to understand and penetrate to the hidden mystery that can trace their and our incarnations through actual history of ‘A’ particular I AM seed. A particular tone, note and identity is coded to each individual I AM.

Rudolf Steiner

“Within man matter is annihilated, and so are all the laws of nature. Material life, together with all the laws of nature, is thrown back into chaos; and out of the chaos a new nature is able to arise, filled through and through with the moral impulses we ourselves lay into it. As we have said, this center of destruction is below our memory-mirror. So that when we let our gaze penetrate deep down below this memory-mirror, there at last we observe it, though it is always within us. A man is not changed by knowledge: he merely comes to know what he is like, what his normal condition is. And he must learn to meditate upon these facts.

“When we are able to penetrate into this inner core of evil in man, and are able also to become conscious of how into this evil, where matter is destroyed and thrown back into chaos, moral impulses can find their way, then we have really found in ourselves the beginning of spiritual existence. Then we perceive the spirit within us in the act of creating. For when we behold moral laws working upon matter which has been thrown back into chaos, we are beholding a real activity of the spirit taking place within us in a natural way. We become aware of the spirit concretely active within us, the spirit that is the seed of future worlds.


[George MacDonald in his “Lilth” and “Alice through the Looking Glass” pass below this MEMORY MIRROR. Initiation and higher education requires clues, breadcrumbs, because the Intellect stubbornly refuses to explore it’s own deepest mysteries. Spiritual Science gets humanity through the Memory Mirror, to the other-side.  This Initiation Memory Mirror is described by George MacDonald and it is suggested here for a reference. The Instability and the Uncertainty on which our rational thoughts cling are well placed as MacDonald goes through this Mirror. FOLLOW THE SHORT STEPS TO THE MIRROR AND THROUGH THE RAVEN WITH THIS LINK]

Rudolf Steiner continues – “How is it then, in the last resort, with a man who has completely absorbed the modern natural science way of thinking? How is it for him, when this way of thinking has been grafted on to him from early childhood? He learns that out there in the world are phenomena which arise and pass away, but that matter persists, matter is the indestructible thing. The earth may come to an end, but matter will never be destroyed. Certainly (he is told) a time will come when the earth will be one vast cemetery, but the cemetery will be composed of the very same atoms as are already there to-day. A man thus trained in thought centers all his attention on what is passing away, and even when he studies that which is coming into life, he really only studies how the dying plays into it.”

Thinking and the Transubstantiation of Matter

Thinking and our ability to have this nuclear reactor operating as a powerful Time Sweeping, cognitive potential in us, as a tool of our I AM’s, that allows us to be at one with both Nature and the Gods as well as our Angels, is not some game or a trick. The human brain system contains within itself a mushroom like form that represents the Goethean observation of the mushroom of destructive, matter annihilating force we see when we tremble before Ahriman’s PRECIOUS immoral revelation, extracted from the intimate divine I AM containment structure of our brains, that Ahriman has externalized into an arbitrary incinerating, murderous weapon. Humans midwifed this externalized Ahrimanic nightmare weapon of the empty, imploded I Am, under the tutorship of people like Oppenheimer, 33rd President of the United States, Harry Truman and John von Neumann.

“The development of the casing that held the explosive sphere together progressed independently from the work on the design of the implosion system itself — it was taken for granted that whatever the final design it would be high explosive sphere sized to fit the 59 inch case. A complex early design designated the “1222” model involved 12 pentagonal sections of the aluminum alloy duraluminum (dural), inside an icosahedral steel shell, the assembly of which required 1500 bolts. This was abandoned in the summer of 1944 in favor of a much simpler system, the “1561” model. This consisted of a spherical shell made up of two polar caps and five equatorial segments of machined dural castings, which required only 90 bolts for assembly. The overall thickness of the aluminum was 1 inch. This sphere was enveloped by an ellipsoidal shell of steel attached at the equator, with the tail bolted to the ellipsoid.”


“A) Warhead before firing; primary at top, secondary at bottom. Both components are fusion-boosted fission bombs. B) High-explosive fires in primary, compressing plutonium core into supercriticality and beginning a fission reaction. C) Fission in primary emits X-rays which channel along the inside of the casing, irradiating the polystyrene foam channel filler. D) Polystyrene foam becomes plasma, compressing secondary, and plutonium sparkplug inside the secondary begins to fission, supplying heat. E) Compressed and heated, lithium-6 deuteride fuel begins fusion reaction, neutron flux causes tamper to fission. A fireball is starting to form.”

trigger nuclear implosion

All of this was done, not in the name of the Etheric Sciences and the Etheric Christ Being, all of this was done in the name of using humans, smart, clever, cunning little monkeys, Ahriman inspiring and using humans like guinea pigs to betray the foundations of their own immortal structure and foundation.implosion The Tenth Hierarchy foundation and the all too REAL, human ideal of the living Etheric Christ that had shattered the mid-point of the dynamic curve of the destiny of humanity and brought through to all of us, through the great efforts of both Buddha and Zarathustra, the Earth shaking events of Golgotha. Humanity, outside the Michael School, just can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that this is not a game.

And So Elizabeth Boggs brought back to Spiritual Science the wonderful mystery of the Dodecahedron and the Foundations Stone. Last SupperWhy even Salvadore Dali grasped the mystery of The Dodecahedron and the Foundation Stone.

Rudolf Steiner

December 25, 1923

10:00 am in the morning

“…let us seek the power of thoughts from the heights which enable us to let shine forth in fitting manner this dodecahedral Imagination which has received its form through love!

“The proper soil into which we must lower the Foundation Stone of today, the proper soil consists of our hearts in their harmonious collaboration, in their good, love filled desire to bear together the will of Anthroposophy through the world. This will cast its light on us like a reminder of the light of thoughts that can ever shine toward us from the dodecahedral Stone of love which today we will lower into our hearts.

“…we carry forth into the world what shines towards us through the light of thought of that dodecahedral Foundation Stone of love which is shaped in accordance with the universe and has been laid into the human realm.”

Every Christian Community Altar painting and the ceiling of the 1st Goetheanum and artists everywhere understand that a TWELVE FOLDNESS runs through the system of not only the skeletal structure of each human being but that the very Urns where the ashes are kept of those who have participated in the Michael School, are kept in Dodecahedron crystal structures. That the actual Foundation Stone of how the 12 cranial nerves function in the compression of light and the enhancement of thought and the focus of how percepts, concepts and ideas pave the way, through this compression of light, into super-sensible schooled cognition are all part of the magnificent mystery of Rudolf Steiner’s “Philosophy of Spiritual Activity”.

for the hard-nosed philosophical and scientific thinker, the critical, analytical mind, namely The Philosophy of Freedom (GA 4; written 1894, initially translated as Philosophy of Spiritual Activity as recommended by the author).

This book has absolutely no supernatural content whatsoever; it provides the philosophical and epistemological foundation for everything Steiner gave out through his lectures later: Humanism, empiricism, and monism, with Charles Darwin’s natural science as point of departure. This is the most important of all Steiner’s works. 30 years later, when asked which of his works would be best remembered by posterity, Rudolf Steiner answered without a moment’s hesitation: “The Philosophy of Freedom will survive all my other works.”

The Philosophy of Freedom, often referred to as the PoF for brevity, is quite a heavy digest, however, and may need several re-reads, at least some of the chapters. For this approach, I would recommend first reading Wahrheit und Wissenschaft, Vorspeil zu einer Philosophie der Freiheit, translated as Truth and Knowledge and Truth and Science (because “Wissenschaft” means, interestingly, knowledge as well as science.) This is Rudolf Steiner’s doctoral thesis, published in 1892 (GA 3) as an introduction to The Philosophy of Freedom.”

All these attributes met at the cross roads to the creation of the atomic bomb, just so Ahriman could play King of Fallen Devachan Light. King of failed Devachan and decayed Devachan light in order that Ahriman could at anytime override the Tenth Hierarchy and the Michael School of humanity and pull into the environment of Earth unfiltered, arbitrary light. Not in any way the type of light that can be focused for healing, uplifting or altering the complexities of Karma by a Word or a touch, because the Cosmic I AM of the Christ could SEE the efforts of a Youth of Nain or could see the intimate karmic tension between a woman with an issue of blood and another young girl that Christ healed.

“And it came to pass, that, when Jesus was returned, the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him. And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue: and he fell down at Jesus’ feet, and besought him that he would come into his house: For he had one only daughter, about twelve years of age, and she lay a-dying. But as he went the people thronged him. And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched.“

(Luke VIII, 40–44.)

“How can the twelve-year-old daughter of Jairus possibly be healed, for she is at the very point of death? This can only be understood if we know that the girl’s physical illness was connected with another phenomenon in another person, and that she cannot be healed independently of that other phenomenon. When this, child, now twelve years old, was born, a certain connection existed with another personality — a connection deeply grounded in Karma. Hence we are told that a woman who had suffered from a certain illness for twelve years, passed behind Christ and touched the border of His garment. Why is this woman mentioned here? It is because she was connected karmically with Jairus’ child! This twelve-year-old girl and the woman who had suffered for twelve years were deeply connected! And it is not without reason that a secret of number is indicated here: the woman with an illness suffered for twelve years approaches Jesus and is healed — and only now could He enter the house of Jairus and heal the twelve-year-old girl who was believed to be already dead.”

These were focused healings that humanity will also be able to do. Humanity can grow into the ability to focus conscious cognition to such a force that it changes the Etheric Structure of the Heart. But that is part of the great secret, that humanity must make strides in moral cognitive development against the mockery, deception and debasement that Ahriman is constantly manufacturing.

Primary course correction in thinking and important rejection of Stephen Hawking. (SEE VIDEO) Be lucky and watch it all the way through to learn how to start to think and to get, your very own get out of jail card.


Oh we are madmen and monsters in more ways than 1


The son of Man and Humanities unfortunate Son. See Video


Human hubris, arrogance, insanity are measured in the comparison charts of THIS LINK. This link shows the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb payloads against the payloads of madness, the utter insanity of a humanity that worship only the mighty military budget that Ahrimanic beings sing with glee about. (CLICK THIS LINK)  and look for yourself. If we were preventing an Asteroid from destroying the Earth, we might have some of these on hand, for the just in case, last effort scenario. But NOT for the ongoing use against any, any enemy we could imagine on Earth. A large portion of the human population are clinically insane.

“Squalene and Attacking the Mount of Olives and the Immune System of the human being” by Bradford Riley

“Your immune system recognizes squalene as an oil molecule native to your body. It is found throughout your nervous system and brain. In fact, you can consume squalene in olive oil and not only will your immune system recognize it, you will also reap the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

Squalene and the reactions caused in Gulf War Syndrome, reveal a terribly interesting occult and medical revelation. For science and particularly the science of the etheric forces of the earth, Olive Trees and Olive Oil have deep, deep roots that go down to the very basis of the Earth’s etheric body and the nutritional forces and healing forces that strengthen the etheric lymphatic system in human beings. Olive Oil, virgin and extracted Oil used in so many, many nutritional foods is also part of the deepest insights into the core of the Christ Event.

The Christ Being stood in the great garden of Gethsemane and stood where the Sermon on the Mount of Olives:

“Olives Trees in Gethsemane

Adjacent to the Church of All Nations is an ancient olive garden. Olive trees do not have rings and so their age can not be precisely determined, but scholars estimate their age to anywhere between one and two thousand years old. It is unlikely that these trees were here in the time of Christ because of the report that the Romans cut down all the trees in the area in their siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.”

The Drama of the ancient Olive Groves whose deep roots penetrated into the etheric healing forces of the Earth, brought the Christ Being into the dramatic and potent center of The Mount of Olives. There are reasons that the powerful 12 FOLD SUN BEING as the 13th stood radiating His Mighty forces out from the most powerful healing balm of Olive Trees that encircled the entire Mediterranean region. The actual living etheric forces also were the perimeter field out of which St. Paul could plant the seeds of the mighty new etheric Christ Being as the potent forces of the Sun and the New Adam. Christ with his disciples used the radiating core of Olive Groves to plant the Christ impulse deep into the central warming core of the roots of the etheric earth.

“Geographically, too, the world is full of secrets. And the region of the Earth where the olive tree flourishes is different from the regions where flourish the oak or the ash. Man as a physically embodied being has a relationship with the elemental spirits. In the world of the olive tree the rustle and movement, the whisper and gesture, are not the same as in the world of the oak or the ash or the yew. And if we want to grasp the connection of the Earth-nature with human beings, we need to pay attention to such peculiar facts as this — the fact that Paul carries his message just as far over the Earth as the domain of the olive tree extends. The world of Paul is the world of the olive tree.”

This just happens to be the core battle of the immune system when it comes to attacks on the integrity of our etheric immune systems via vaccines and injections using squalene. The vaccines and Gulf War Syndrome immune system attacks, were directed against the potent possiblilty of the Etheric Christ event arising in any given human by sapping and attacking the etheric oils and foundations that liberate a healthy etheric immune system.

Consciously? Oh conscious conspiracies of this nature are only possible in the think tanks of black lodge brotherhoods. Execution of tactics and reasons to fight some inflated pandemic scare and The World Health Organization and Global and U.S. National Security concerns that the collapse of many aspects of the world might threaten the forces of Ahrimanic greed, (read Mephistopheles) doesn’t mean anyone is conscious of the over all Ahrimanic deception that they are engaged in.

Conspiracies or theories of conspiracy are merely how to detect a vast Ahrimanic intention roving through the soul life of humanity without their understanding even an iota of the full nature of how we carry these shadows in our own human doubles. These forces are underfoot and mostly humanity is hardly soul Mobile enough to track their own Ahrimanic intentions.

Nightmarish Ahrimanic intentions? Yes I’ll show you the Nightmarish Ahrimanic Intentions. These Intentions are directed against the human immune system which had been etherically safeguarded, but no more. I will now show and reveal to you just the precise Garden of Gethsemane gruesome occult practitioners view of the Risen Etheric Christ. Here is where the monsters pop out of the box and we really have to shiver in awe at the immense attacks that strive through the military, the church, all the Catholic mind sets, Protestants, Baptists, here is the Etheric Christ, the result of violence, arrogance, lies, nightmare and occult manipulation that is craved for by all our so called Institutes. These are the very intents of the Think Tanks that lead the way to the destruction of humanity and key to that destruction is the destruction of the human Immune System. Pericle Fazzini sculpted one of the most striking images within the Vatican.

“Fazzini’s attempt was to capture the return of Christ, rising from the crater of a nuclear explosion: “I had the idea of depicting Christ as if He were rising again from the explosion of this large olive grove [Gethsemane], peaceful site of His last prayers. Christ rises from this crater torn open by a nuclear bomb; an atrocious explosion, a vortex of violence and energy.”

CLICK HERE to understand the Mystery of Trees and The Representative of Humanity carved by Rudolf Steiner

Naturally we come wishing to know about our medical problems. However our medical problems are rooted in the massive monstrosity of nightmarish manipulation and occult deception that our ‘little’ religious fantasies cannot comprehend. We refuse to comprehend that the military knowingly injected hundreds of thousands with a debilitating toxic brew of untested chemicals because they needed guinea-pigs.

The attack on the human Immune System is a full frontal assault.  It is an invasion of vaccines into our children’s lives, it is our brainwashed trust in getting flu shots. It is everywhere but especially where our ignorance stands in denial that in reality a nightmare is hovering around the sweet voice.  Placebos are standing guard, instead of our human critical thinking. We kneel and listen to the  cherubic worship, go to church, trust your doctor. Certainly our Military believes in protecting human life don’t they? The word is Expendable or just Collateral Damage for bigger Political Ambitions.

Gulf War Syndrome and Autism and bio-plague weapons of the ANTHRAX SCAM on 9/11 tell us the true story, but we don’t dare look there. The proof of the altar at which these souls worship the Nightmare of how the Risen Christ rises from the crater of a Nuclear blast which depicts Christ rising again from the explosion of this large olive grove [Gethsemane], peaceful site of His last prayers.  This is madness and WE absolutely and resolutely refuse to see it right before our eyes.  It is the essence of THE SQUALENE topic we are discussing. It is the essence of bull-dozing and burning Olive Groves with ancient Trees.

Therefore we have to look into Squalene and how the immune system reverses it’s very internal and lymphatic support and healing mechanisms and reduces the vaccine victim to a slow withering depletion of their etheric life forces. Squalene has to be considered in the matter and from both the higher Occult Christ and Christ in the Etheric stand point and from the medical and science as well as the political Ahrimanic or Mephistopheles POV.


The reason introducing this chemical without the required safety and efficacy testing is so objectionable is that both of these proprietary adjuvants contain squalene.

The horrific effects of vaccinations and transferring the same mandatory mass vaccinations from the military to every child who wishes to attend school, reveals (CLICK ON THIS CLIP) a full frontal attack on the immune system of children everywhere. A warfare centered and aggressively carried out to shatter the higher etheric integrity of children, disrupt their astral system and throw their spirits to the wolves is semi-consciously underway. The unfolding spiritual capacities and immune system, nervous system cohesion are attacked via political public school mandates. The delicate nature of each unique human beings spiritual gifts are not assembly line ahrimanic standardization issues. There is a subtle spiritual splendor in each different human being and regimented assembly line vaccinations are aimed at destroying, corrupting, invading and shattering the individual splendor of what a child has brought with it to incarnation and earth life.

Oil-based vaccination adjuvants like squalene have been proved to generate concentrated, unremitting immune responses over long periods of time according to a 2000 article in The American Journal of Pathology.

A 2000 study published in the American Journal of Pathology demonstrated a single injection of the adjuvant squalene into rats triggered “chronic, immune-mediated joint-specific inflammation,” also known as rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers concluded the study raised questions about the role of adjuvants in chronic inflammatory diseases.

What happens when Squalene is injected into humans?

Your immune system recognizes squalene as an oil molecule native to your body. It is found throughout your nervous system and brain. In fact, you can consume squalene in olive oil and not only will your immune system recognize it, you will also reap the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

The difference between “good” and “bad” squalene is the route by which it enters your body. Injection is an abnormal route of entry which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant.

Your immune system will attempt to destroy the molecule wherever it finds it, including in places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system, according to award-winning investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto, who explains there is a “close match between the squalene-induced diseases in animals and those observed in humans injected with this oil: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.”

“There are now data in more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from ten different laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, documenting that squalene-based adjuvants can induce autoimmune diseases in animals…observed in mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has demonstrated that squalene alone can induce the animal version of rheumatoid arthritis. The Polish Academy of Sciences has shown that in animals, squalene alone can produce catastrophic injury to the nervous system and the brain. The University of Florida Medical School has shown that in animals, squalene alone can induce production of antibodies specifically associated with systemic lupus erythematosus,” writes Matsumoto.

We got our first hint at the dangers of these proprietary adjuvants when they were secretly tested on soldiers during the Gulf War.

Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) received anthrax vaccines which contained squalene. MF59 (the Novartis squalene adjuvant) was an unapproved ingredient in experimental anthrax vaccines and has since been linked to the devastating autoimmune diseases suffered by countless Gulf War vets according to data published in the February 2000 and August 2002 issues of Experimental and Molecular Pathology.

The Department of Defense made every attempt to deny that squalene was indeed an added contaminant in the anthrax vaccine administered to Persian Gulf war military personnel – deployed and non-deployed – as well as participants in the more recent Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP).

However, the FDA discovered the presence of squalene in certain lots of AVIP product. A test was developed to detect anti-squalene antibodies in GWS patients, and a clear link was established between the contaminated product and all the GWS sufferers who had been injected with the vaccine containing squalene.

The Pentagon never told Congress about the more than 20,000 hospitalizations involving troops who took the anthrax vaccine from 1998 through 2000, despite repeated promises that such cases would be publicly disclosed. Instead, generals and Defense Department officials claimed that fewer than 100 people were hospitalized or became seriously ill after receiving the shot, according to an investigation by the Daily Press of Newport News.

A study conducted at Tulane Medical School and published in the February 2000 issue of Experimental Molecular Pathology included these stunning statistics:

“ … the substantial majority (95%) of overtly ill deployed GWS patients had antibodies to squalene. All (100%) GWS patients immunized for service in Desert Shield/Desert Storm who did not deploy, but had the same signs and symptoms as those who did deploy, had antibodies to squalene.

In contrast, none (0%) of the deployed Persian Gulf veterans not showing signs and symptoms of GWS have antibodies to squalene. Neither patients with idiopathic autoimmune disease nor healthy controls had detectable serum antibodies to squalene. The majority of symptomatic GWS patients had serum antibodies to squalene.”

According to Dr. Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., a former principle research scientist for the government of Australia:

“… this adjuvant [squalene] contributed to the cascade of reactions called “Gulf War Syndrome,” documented in the soldiers involved in the Gulf War.

The symptoms they developed included arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhoea, night sweats and low-grade fevers.”

Clearly bypassing the FDA requirements for safety testing of these new adjuvants and the vaccines which contain them puts the entire population at risk for serious, possibly life threatening side effects, particularly any of the 12,000 trial paid trial participants (6,000 children) who are unfortunate enough to be randomized into the adjuvant containing groups.

Still, on July 23, 2009, the FDA announced, “Currently, no U.S. licensed vaccine contains the adjuvants MF-59 or ASO3. It is expected that a novel influenza A (H1N1) vaccine manufactured using the same process as U.S. licensed seasonal inactivated influenza vaccine but administered with MF-59 or ASO3 will be authorized for emergency use only.”

And that, “Two of the manufacturers (Novartis and GSK) have proprietary oil-in-water adjuvants (MF-59 and ASO3, respectively) which have been evaluated in a number of clinical studies including studies with influenza vaccines. These manufacturers will include an evaluation of the utility of the adjuvant for dose sparing and enhanced immunogenicity in their clinical studies. While there may be exceptions, in general, studies which include an adjuvanted arm(s) to evaluate dose sparing and enhanced immunogenicity may be conducted concurrently in the adult and pediatric age groups in order to have timely immunogenicity results to guide pediatric dose recommendations.”

The same document indicates that vaccines containing the un-approved adjuvants will be given to 100 children 6 months to 3 years old, 100 children 3 years old to 8 years, 100 individuals 18 to 64 years old and 100 individuals 65 and older in each of the multiple clinical trials. In addition, 700 individuals in each trial will be given non-adjuvanted vaccine.

Since the government has recruited 12,000 paid “volunteers” for the trials, it would be possible that as many as 10 trials could be conducted simultaneously.

Oddly, 60% of the world’s confirmed cases have occurred in people age 18 or younger, yet this age group (between 8 and 18) have been excluded from the clinical trials, with the results for this age group to be extrapolated from the other study data.

Given the fact the U.S. currently owns 268 million doses of the non-approved, non FDA tested adjuvant, the vaccines that contain this novel chemical will likely be found to be completely safe in these industry run trials. Unfortunately, the effects on the soldiers that experienced injury sometimes appeared long after the planned duration of the current trials.


The Military are constantly and illegally experimenting on U.S. Soldiers. Gulf War Syndrome was an experimental catastrophe. Soldiers go forward in time and forget, and forget and forget that injections and mandatory medical intrusions and infecting human beings, or children with foreign and potentially dangerous, epidemic hosts and covert medical disease bearing substances, instead we simply bury and forget that any unsuspecting group of human beings, forced to take injections can easily be subject to biological warfare experiments that have been proven in this essay to destroy the immune system from within.  AND from the hidden source of spreading H1N1  (H5N1) or more lethal plagues into the human environment, without the knowledge of the Soldiers, our children or those without a shred of insight who crave vaccinations the second a propaganda hype arises of a manufactured flu or manufactured pandemic lie from our own research. This was done with the phony, U.S. designed Anthrax letters that were blamed on a foreign terrorists. (Click Link) Medic who refuses to inject those under his charge, approximately 300 soldiers with a wild card, undocumented, experimental injection. (Click Link for his interview)