Announcing the Birth of a new Sister in 2016

Dear Friends and fellow passengers who have hitched rides with Rileybrad’s Blog;

Rileybrad's blog and Riley Brad's WorksFrom November 2015 to January 2016 I upgraded my potential capacities in Rileybrad’s Blog by improving my services through WordPress. In order to bring those capacities to Rileybrad’s Blog I had to bring a SISTER SITE to birth and into service.

It is therefore important, at least for those interested in Rileybrad’s blog, to link and become familiar with the new improved, upgraded site, which has a new look, new capacities and with more potentials for enhancement and improvement.

The SISTER SITE is Riley Brad’s Works. If you have been an interested participant in my blog, the Sister Site keeps the content of the the current Blog that we are all familiar with but adds new improved features. I was able to integrate new features only because I upgraded to a linked site that supports WordPress advanced features. So in mid-stream of my writing and research I had to interrupt and re-invent and introduce a Sister Site to support the certainty and simplicity we had already established in Rileybrad’s Blog. rileybrad and riley works

In other words the dependable old clunker still runs sweet but we can also take a spin in the new improved better mileage and better road handling Sister Site. You can look at them both side by side, kick the tires and YOU can take either of them out for a road test and a drive. Take the new SISTER SITE – Riley Brad’s Works – out for your own test drive.

The Sister Site and the upgrades make for a better experience. But of course there is nothing like the comfort and reliability of the old site. Since Rileybrad’s Blog already enjoyed YOU, as sharers and participants, I did not wish to collapse and remove what all the Search Engines over the globe had already established. riley works and riley blogSo here are the keys to the New Sister Site take it for a spin and put it back in the driveway when you’re finished. Oh and put a dollar or two in the gas tank if you can, try not to leave it on empty.

So may I ask all of those who participate with Rileybrad’s Blog, which is the site you are on at this moment, the words that you are reading now are from Rileybrad’s Blog that has been here for nearly a decade and shall hopefully continue; would you also do me the kindness of looking over the New Sister Site, take it out for a test drive. I will be adding New items to both sites. CLICK LINK TO SISTER SITE NOW.

To assist in our further adventures on the ROAD, gas, air in the tires, oil changes, brake fluid, and passenger safety, I will sometimes place an incentive for those enjoying the drive to drop a dollar or two, whatever you are able, to keep us going. As an example I may set up goals for us, like the following.

I will try to keep you updated on some of my works in progress. If you can contribute from any currency, even the smallest amount, it would be warmly appreciated. We benefit, the Michael School benefits and our children benefit by having more highways and byways devoted to Spiritual Science and the discovery of the Risen Etheric Christ in the events of our time. CLICK THIS LINK FOR PROGRESS REPORTS.

I humbly thank all those who have supported this research and those also who have devoted their hearts to Spiritual Science and the Michael School. We are on Earth, with more Souls arriving every hour, so we need hundreds and millions of diverse deeds of Michael and the Spiritual Worlds flooding the world with Light, vision and warmth of soul. The future requires it. Thank-You from my heart.

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